LEAKED: Read The Full Draft Of Trump Executive Order Restricting Muslim Entry Into USA: Total Ban On Syrian Refugees, Biometric Tracking Systems, More…

by | Jan 25, 2017 | Headline News | 166 comments

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    Limiting the immigration of individuals from Muslim countries with ties to terrorism was a tenet of Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign. To shouts of racism and xenophobia Trump held his ground throughout the election season and promised action within his first days in office.

    This morning, the President confirmed that construction of a southern border wall will begin within months.

    The American public has also been anticipating Trump’s next move on immigration from Islamic countries. We now know what these new restrictions will look like.

    A leaked document purported by the Huffington Post to be a draft of Trump’s next Executive Order has been uploaded online. Key points in the document are detailed below:

    • Block refugee admissions from the war-torn country of Syria indefinitely.
    • Suspend refugee admissions from all countries for 120 days. After that period, the U.S. will only accept refugees from countries jointly approved by the Department of Homeland Security, the State Department and the Director of National Intelligence.
    • Ban for 30 days all “immigrant and nonimmigrant” entry of individuals from countries designated in Division O, Title II, Section 203 of the 2016 consolidated appropriations act: Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen. These countries were targeted last year in restrictions on dual nationals’ and recent travelers’ participation in the visa waiver program.
    • Suspend visa issuance to countries of “particular concern.” After 60 days, DHS, the State Department and DNI are instructed to draft a list of countries that don’t comply with requests for information. Foreign nationals from those countries will be banned from entering the U.S.
    • Expedite the completion of a biometric entry-exit tracking system for all visitors to the U.S. and require in-person interviews for all individuals seeking a nonimmigrant visa.

    Full report via Huffington Post

    You can read the full, leaked draft of the Executive Order below.

    Via Scribd:


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      1. about damn time.

        • Yes!! Great decision.

          Next, deportation.

          How you like them apples, ya Dem Libs!

          • WOW, the Ship Finally Found a Captain. Obama abandoned the ship and shall be considered the Vacation President. Now we actually have a working President who’s working for $1 a year. Trump has done more in less than 1 week than Obama accomplished in 8 years.

            RE: India’s Cash Ban, They are skipping right over the digital Currency and Moving right to Biometric Transaction Processing, meaning you won’t even need a debit card. Just look into the camera, and you get approved for your purchase and your money is digitally deducted from your Mark of the Beast Account.

            Currency Fiat creators are depressing Gold and Silver to help keep their paper IOU’s in favor over the real money of PM’s. Thus the low price they can hoard up the Physical PM’s. So you too Horde the PM’s. The Globalist are loosing their grip and fake paper currencies based on thin air IOU promises.

            Demand from your employers to be paid in Physical Silver for your wages, or at least half your wages. That will be your best retirement plan out there.

            • One of the greatest benefits by Quitting the UN and kicking the UN out of the United States, is, that it eliminated Foreign Nationals from Diplomatic Immunity. They can no longer fail to pay parking tickets, commit child molestation, and break many other then get full Diplomatic Immunity.

              Remember this scene: Mel Gibson – Lethal Weapon 2 – Parking Ticket

          • All seems good to me. About time we left the twilight zone on such matters and actually deal with it all. Let the pigs squeal as loud as they want. DT did not create this nightmare, BHO and crew did, so let them take any heat ! How many have came here already and committed bad acts ? and who is responsible for all of them in the last 8 years ?

            Boston, Ft Hood, Orlando, San Berdoo, Ft Lauderdale and many others, some with heads chopped of or attempted. And FBI, CIA under BHO and crew knew about all of them before they happened. So who is bullshitting who in this zoo ?

            DT is simply redefining our laws as they should be from the BHO era, were they were only enforced selectively and politically if at all, to serve their agendas ! Phck em.

      2. Good–get some biometric confirmation on these Islamists and cartel butchers trying to enter. If you are not a citizen with a US passport, then I want proof you are who you say you are. Many of the muslims and Mexicans have 4 or 5 aliases–let’s tag them and give em ankle bracelets too…fuck em.

        • As long as biometrics STOPS with refugees and immigrants. That can be a dangerous path if it goes further.

          • It WILL go further. It always does. It will be labeled as “discrimination” if it doesn’t apply to everyone. The Sheep will welcome it…

          • Exactly.

            I just went to my eye Dr. for routine exam. They asked for my identification when I checked in !?

            I asked why did they need identification for an eye exam.

            We were told to ask for it the gal said. That was the only reason she could give.

            I politely declined to show my ID.

            Of course they already had it from the last time I was there about 4 yr ago.

            • of course they also had all my eye pics and scans.

              guess I’m doomed.

              • Off topic… You know what the most worthless piece of shit good for nothing antivirus is? WEBROOT! What an absolute pile of worthless dogshit! In the year that I have had it both on home and laptop comps it has NEVER detected a threat! I got malewarebytes and the home comp had 70 fuckin’ thretas and the laptop had 2. If you ever think of getting webroot RUN AWAY FAST! It never stopped a gdamn thing and I still had funky issues. Malewarebytes has cleared my stuff up and you can get a 2 week free trial.

                • Genius, you made the right choice with Malwarebytes. I have that on all my computers and never had any complaints about it.

                • I use Malwarebytes and it Works damn good. Some say it doesn’t but I call that BS. I also use Kaspersky. They compliment each other in protection. It does slow things down a little but not enough to warrant getting rid of either one. peace

                  • I use Trend Micro. It was recommended by a company tech several years ago and that is all I’ve used since. Never had a problem.

                • Genius, I do IT work for 40% of my income. The best antivirus is free – Antivir by the Avira corporation. German. I’ve used it for over 15 years – zero infections. Less intrusive as long as you only install just the AV; not the additional offerings. (just uncheck boxes during install). Malwarebytes is good as a ‘crescent wrench’ tool to use to clean up existing systems. The auto-run, pay as you go, version is good; but,…. I’m a cheap S.O.B. and pay for nada when it come to computers (including the computers). My other 60% of income is marine electronics (nav., comm, sonar, radar, autopilot, sat comm/IO, IR systems…. all the goodies). To all here – if anyone has sat-up/dn links – go with great care as to viral protection. As the signals do not pass through a land-based server enroute to the rx system, piggy-back stream attachments possible. IP’s easily decoded and additional data sent to follow or in parallel with streams.

                • malewarebytes has been my choice for a longtime and will take care of most threats

              • I just got my drivers license renewed. They required me to come in for a photo. I was required to remove my glasses. I recognize the camera as the same one used by US customs the last time I traveled to St Thomas which is actually part of the US. Even so don’t forget your passport?

                I suspect the big immigration show I got from customs, coming in from the US Virgin Islands was just that, show. Obama wanted the stupid sheeple to feel protected while they gathered high resolution photos for absolute top quality facial recognition data.

                The DMV camera is extremely high resolution and produces pictures suitable for facial recognition and even retinal ID. That’s it, they have me on file now!

                Even with extreme plastic surgery I would have trouble avoiding my identity being confirmed now.

            • Read a story couple weeks back where a fellow took a puppy to the pound and they asked to see his I.D. and he declined. He got into a heated discussion after he refused and they called the cops. Two police arrived, the situation escalated and the female officer shot and killed him. He was totally unarmed and never made a play for any of the officers weapons. The county sheriff refuses to release any other info on the matter.

              • But voter ID is a bad idea… sarc/

              • Good news…

                President Donald Trump has reportedly stopped the payment of $221 million in U.S. taxpayer funds to the Palestinians, and the State Department is now reviewing the decision to transfer the money.

                In the last hours of his presidency last Friday morning, President Barack Obama overrode congressional objections and decided to release the funds.

                Outgoing Secretary of State John Kerry informed Congress of the administration’s decision, and the public learned about the transfer this week.

                ht tp://www.breitbart.com/jerusalem/2017/01/25/change-trump-state-department-holds-reviews-obamas-221m-palestinians/

                • Now Trump can also Cut off the $38 Billion Military Aid Package to Israel permanently, and tell them to start paying America 5 Billion a year for us selling them weapons. US Tax Payers are currently funding this conflict, genocide and hate, and it all needs to be ratcheted down. Take all the Nukes back and No F-35’s or F-18’s or F16’s. Cut off all funding.

                  Here is your property line, build 2 walls and DMZ in between and don’t cross it. End of story.

              • POP,
                It’s all about demanding people produce ID anywhere at any time. If people refuse the next step is being manhandled by Law Enforcement. An attempt to treat law abiding citizens like criminals and invade privacy. It’s a dangerous mindset all the way around.

            • grande, you also need to demand from your doctor’s office that all your Social Security Numbers be removed from all documents and destroyed. Dr Office’s are ripe for Identity theft. All those paper records sitting on the shelf for all employees to have access too, selling your info to hackers for $5 an identity. Those young chicks working in Dentist and Dr Offices also work for their boyfriend hacker. These offices just don’t have the security to manage identity theft.

            • Seems logical to provide some type of proof as to who you are when you go for a medical appointment.
              My eye exams are covered under my health insurance and I don’t want some illegal or uninsured person making appointments under my name and insurance- which would be easy to do without providing a peak at some ID.

              • Yeah. we have insurance and must prove it’s us to receive bennies on glasses coverage.

              • Take a peek at your ID?
                They are scanning the bar code which includes your SSN unless you ask that it not be included when you applied for DL.

            • Years ago, I had to show ID(and they copied it) AND the clerk photographed me for a doctor visit–many years ago–..at the time, I didn’t complain…today, I would walk out.
              It was for insurance fraud..many families using the same ins. card.

          • Genius, the whole plan sounds great except for the “biometric tracking”. If biometrics can be used on foreigners……well, I think you get my drift. No tracking device for me ever!

            • There’s already one on your car/truck, phone, smart TV, Ipad, Ipod, Fitbit, Apple watch, etc…

          • It may one day be the “proof” that one is not a terrorist. Very slippery slope…

          • You lost me at Huffington post !

          • It is already in full use all across USA on a grand scale in case you did not know that.

        • this is so strange he kept all his promises except one .hmhm,iwonder which one .every one know it but no body talking about it.god bless you all.

          • Lock up the HILLHAG!

          • He might not, but there’s no Attorney General in office yet, either.

      3. LEAKED: Read The Full Draft Of Trump Executive Order Restricting Muslim Entry Into USA: Total Ban On Syrian Refugees, Biometric Tracking Systems, More…

        Restricting Muslim Entry: Agreed ✔

        Ban on Syrian Refugees: Agreed ✔

        Biometric Tracking Systems: Fucking Wrong ✘

        If this is the “new” America, then it has to be done the right way. Until we vetted the incoming, and the ones who are already here under the radar – it has to be done the right way.

        Biometrics/Tracking Devices is not the way to do it – if they plan on doing this to them … then a day will come … they will be doing it to us.

        Anyway a person looks at it … it’s fucking wrong!

        • Ya that was a concern for me that trump would usher in some bad police state stuff. We need to get rid of ALL refugees that have come here in the last 8 years. Maybe we can send the snowflakes to syria, that will fix them!

        • There is no other option that is a good choice, people coming here have been giving bio metrics for 15 years or more

        • FTW! I agree wholeheartedly on the biometrics. Not the way to go at all. That part sounds like something the hildebitch would’ve done had she been elected. No biometrics, period!

        • For every Syrian refugee coming in we should trade out one liberal. Let San Francisco be occupied by Syrians. Let Syria become polluted with liberals. That will be fun to watch.

        • Exactly, it won’t take too long before biometrics is required of all Americans. Police militarization is a direct effect of middle east invasions. People cheered when the ME were target of US troops, and now they find that the guns have turned inward, with SWAT raids for minor things.

        • I think this is OK for Illegals: – Biometric Tracking Systems

          Trump is not targeting Americans Just the Criminal Illegals who keep returning time and time again, to commit more crime. This system will help lock up these POS for 5 years if they re-enter again. I say third time Death Sentence. I would like to be a member of the Militia Firing Squad. Maybe we can break out the Guillotines.

          From a Blog:
          I heard something about the Government purchasing 30,000 guillotines, 15,000 of which are in Georgia.

          Origins: An item about the U.S. government’s supposedly having purchased 30,000 guillotines after receiving

          The information we received is that 15,000 are currently stored in Georgia and 15,000 in Montana.

          So ask your State under the FIOA – Where are these Guillotines? And what are they going to be used for? FEMA CAMPS? some speculate.

        • You do know that fingerprinting immigrants coming into the country is a “biometric tracking system” right?

          • You’re on the money. I think many of the folks in here are thinking of a tracking chip and that’s not what it means “Yet” Copied from a lookup on definition of bio-metric tracking-Biometrics is a scientific term that means anatomical or physiological data by which a person can be uniquely identified. At your biometrics appointment, USCIS will collect your fingerprints, take your photo, and have you sign your name for electronic capture. https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&rlz=1C1RNNN_enUS346&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=bio+metric+tracking

        • It is already in use full scale here in USSA today. Do you have a drivers license ? Do you have photo of yourself in your computer or phone ? NSA already has all of them Thanks to Google and others who have complete access to all of your devices and PC.

          I do not agree with any of it , but it is already in full swing.The answer is very simple. Do not have an I-phone or any such device that is easily accessible by them. And only put on line what you want seen by others and that can still be some very serious and important matters. also it is very easy to defeat Facebook as well and still have an open acct and get your word out there. Just don’t play by their rules exactly, simple stuff. Most sites always play by Google and FB rules, this one as well. It is all about click bait and nothing more. That is how they set it all up so they can control it all and you as well ! Nothing new at all, but many Americans are still fat dumb and lazy and have no idea how they are playing into all of it willingly and paying for a phcking ? They don’t even recognize the beast even exists ? much less how to defeat it and some are right here playing into the same game over and over, like lemmings.

      4. There are always unintended consequences. The mark of the beast will be a reality one day. Bio-metrics lead down that dark ass road.

        • Bio-metrics one day will be considered the “norm” one day … this I can agree on … but … I will not comply with such a system, and I would hope many would follow suit as well.

          Fk ‘da dumb shit – let and the leave the people alone – I will no longer be a slave to the system anymore!

          • FTW, I’m with you all the way on that. No mark of the beast shit for me ever. It will be party time if that happens.

            • mark of the beast is not required. they can use finger prints or iris or facial recognition. you don’t have to agree to any of it they just snap a photo and have you …

            • The reason that those marked are considered hellbound by God is because a person must SWEAR ALLEGIANCE to the Beast to receive the mark–it is not the technology or “ID system” that is the transgression…FWIW.

          • If any of you have a drivers license with a photo ID you are already in the system, get over it. Every photo ID is just a lesser form of Biometrics. Same with your eye color, height and weight on your drivers license.

            When a Cop pulls you over, and you hand him your drivers license he goes back to the squad car, swipes your drivers license in the system with the track 2 magnetic swipe on the back. Poof, ALL your info comes up in a few seconds on his monitor including Outstanding Warrants. You are already in the Biometrics system. Breath test? You put your lips on the tube and they got your DNA and cross check it in the FBI Data Base for outstanding crimes.

            How many of you still lick your monthly bill envelopes? Poof they got your DNA. How many of you Lackeys complain of Biometrics here, then skip over to Facebook and plaster all your info on Facebook including your updated digital facial recognition and GEO Tagged mug-shots of you and all your friends mug shots. Stupid is, stop complaining.

            Trump is not targeting White Working Americans. All Blacks need to be Biometric entered in the system since they commit 75% of the crimes and shootings. That’s a fact, and they all look alike so DNA is also required to distinguish the guilty from the innocent. lol

      5. “Biometric entry-exit tracking systems.”

        Think of the possibilities! Automatic door locks. Early warning systems for increased heart rate and elevated brain function. Lie Detection. Drone target acquisition. Someone smart enough to hack the above for their own nefarious ploys. Ohhh goodie!

        I also see a market for Faraday wearables.

        • Is a Faraday Wearable a Tinfoil Hat? Could be a real wealth builder, low up-front manufacturing cost, market-driven end pricing, and no need for a brick-and-mortar store.

          • Hmm. We could name the company “Foiled again”.

      6. Biometrics is already in place. Maybe not at a sophisticated level yet….but it is there and is happening. Can u say fingerprints? Face recognition? Voice recognition? DNA analysis? These r all biometrics

        • K , Totally true,like the commercial,check your ancestry!Just send us your DNA !$
          Are you fuuking kidding me!Thats it give them your DNA,sheers
          Maniac out

        • and all those pictures and scans of your eyes at the eye Dr.

          I had to sign a paper about privacy that said the Eye Dr would not release my info to anyone but whom I designated..


          any law enforcement agency could come and get my info any time and they, EyeCare Plus, would give it them.


          • Grandee, the last time I went to an eye doctor was in 2007. I was getting some blurred vision checked out when I was told I had cataracts in both eyes and had to get laser surgery to get them removed. It took 2 trips to the eye surgeon to get them done. They can only do one eye at a time. I used to wear prescription glasses for driving but not anymore. I can see so good now I don’t need them for driving anymore, although it’s still listed on my drivers license. Insurance covered 80% of the cost but I still had to cover the remaining 20% out of pocket. That was before biometrics. I just hope I never have to go back to the eye doctor.

          • Military has your DNA for identification in death. Also your fingerprints. Eye scans for top secret entry?

            Hospitals a using electronic palm prints and the city can scan your drivers lic. when you vote.

      7. HUFFPOST commenters ready for war.

        • HUFFPOST commenters are brain-dead zombies who can only complain on the internet, OR, when in huge numbers loot and riot whenever possible.

        • CW

          Are they armed? ;0)

          • Yes with little rainbow flags on a pointy stick.

            • BlackMoe


      8. “Damn the torpedo’s, full speed ahead.”

      9. 9MM and .308 ?

      10. No biometrics. Keep them out.

        Repeal the 1965 Immigration Act


        • B from CA, AMEN to that!

      11. Just read Enoch Powells Rivers of blood speach. Or watch . Esoteric Truth The coming days. Super good video.

      12. The white South Africans are being murdered. Try helping white people for a change.

        Trump is working toward a better, greater America. It is a good thing. He needs to stop being concerned with being called racist, just bare in mind that American Republic was founded by white Europeans for themselves and their descendants. All these other people of the world have their own Countries. Let them stay there. Stop being apologetic for refusing to be suckers. If they don’t like it, too bad. The same goes for the cries of Islamaphobia. Really?? Phobia means “fear”. Just because you are afraid, doesn’t mean they don’t want to kill you. They do!!!!


        • These white europeans invaded the land and killed the natives in furthering their goals. These europeans also had their own countries, so by your logic, they should also go back to Europe.

          • Mojo:

            Europeans predate “Native” Americans. Archeological finds prove this fact.


            • This statement is pretty objective: Europeans predate “Native” Americans. Archeological finds prove this fact.

              Country people were in the country before City Folks, and City Folks were in the Cities before Country folks. Who cares? Then they comingles, and some fared better than others.

              People were everywhere, and before that Monkeys were everywhere, you were all baboons before people. Some are still baboons. Welcome to the Jungle!!

          • The smaller tribes allied with the Europeans to stop being butchered by the larger tribes. Almost all of Puerto Rico were canibles . The wonderfull Iroquois would capture and torture members of other tribes for entertainment. Sakajewea was kidnapped and sold to another tribe and that was considered normal. We have been wiping out savage cultures forever. What else should we do ? Talk . We saved some got rid of some?

          • Mojo sounds like one of those antiwhite morons. Move along, sonny.

          • Would you like us to take the wheel, books, hospitals, clean water, farms, computers, grocery stores, and all those other signs of western civilization with us?

            You may want to become acquainted with Neo-Lithic Culture, sounds as if you want it to be your friend.

      13. Islam, the Religion of Pieces.

        HUMAN pieces, that is.

        • THIS piece being the head, THAT piece being the torso…

        • TEST, you mean POS [PIECES OF SHIT].

      14. The mark of the Beast. The Mark of the Beast.

        Well I have been hearing that for an eternity.

        The Anti Christ will solved the worlds problems.
        The Anti Christ will survive a mortal wound. O.K.
        Then The J3ws third temple will be built and after 3.5 years of peace he will go inside turn on the world and THEN he will issue the proclamation that all worship him and take his mark.

        I did not forget about the Rapture either. So we have plenty of warning. Or am I wrong?

        Until then don’t sweat the small shit!

        • You can look at biometrics a few ways, in realty they will reduce crime, i have heard all the conspiracy theory dide of it, but if you cant use a credit card without proper biometric coding, or drive a car without it etc,, thats a good thing in my mind, even accessing a computer, if you dont have the biometric signature you cant turn it on,,, your home, all sorts of stuff,
          Biometrics dont always mean an implant, it could be but it more often than not is a wearable.

          • Nailbanger, I can’t see anything good about biometrics from where I stand. I won’t compromise on that issue. Better Dead Than Red, like I used to hear back when I was a kid.

          • Hackers WILL find a way…

      15. The Mark of the Beast can take several forms.

        Do NOT take the Mark in WHATEVER form it is presented.

        Stay vigilant– don’t ever surrender your faith, your gut, and your intelligence.

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • better sand off your finger prints and gouge your eyeballs out then because you already have all the marks they need to get you into their biometric database…

        • Even if one doesn’t “believe”, then one should at least understand the implications of control such a device will present.

          When you read the fine print, the Devils in the details. 🙂

        • RISE OF THE BEAST: Scientists grow embryo part-pig, part-human. ‘Chimera’ Advances…
          Creepy! We should NOT be doing this.

          Human-pig HYBRID? Scientists hoping to create part man, part pig organs
          “Scientists from the Salk Institute – a biological research organization in California – have taken cells from pigs and people to create an embryo that was then inserted into a female pig.”

          ht tp://www.express.co.uk/news/science/759162/Human-pig-HYBRID-organs-transplant

          New Prospects for Growing Human Replacement Organs in Animals
          “For the first time, biologists have succeeded in growing human stem cells in pig embryos, shifting from science fiction to the realm of the possible the idea of developing human organs in animals for later transplant.”
          ht tps://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/26/science/chimera-stemcells-organs.html?_r=0

      16. On or off topic, depending on how you look at it. We were watching a news story about how we didn’t have to return illegals to their point of origin but only where they came from prior to US entrance, ie. good Ole Mehico. THAT means, Mexico gets to handle all these South American nomads… bingo. Si Signor, we will pay for that wall.

        Anyway… I was thinking of a couple ways to return them, as I am sure Mexico will resist their return. One, is to give all single males a bottle of Aquafina, a can of Spam and a parachute and launch them out of a military transport plane. Another, is to build a very tall slide on our side and give them a thrill ride back to Mexico.

        • Yeah a water slide. Pump the water from the Rio and use it on the slide. They’ll return smelling better and clean. What’s not to like?

      17. There ain’t no mosques down here in Hillbillyville. Anyone ever noticed when Glenn Beck
        starts talking about economic collapse it always leads up to a Goldline commercial?
        Just saying……

        • Beck’s a fool-tool.

      18. Stop them all, before the war starts here on US soil. Because you know once they get enough people/animals here they will strike over and over again. Until they figure out they are now playing Cowboys and Muslimes. They should take note of the wild wild west, WW1 WW2.
        Oblullshit isn’t in charge anymore and they are not going to get a free pass from The Donald!

        • One time there was a cowboy, a native, and a muslim sitting together in a bar. The native spoke up and said “Once we were many but now we are few”. The Muslim spoke up and said ” Once we were few but now we are many”. The cowboy spoke up and said ” That’s because we haven’t played cowboy’s and muslims yet!”.

          • Hubby and I were just talkin’ about playing cowboys & indians. He has a vintage toy 6 shooter, never used, what should he do with it.

            If kids played that now days, swat teams, choppers and MRAPs would descend on the neighborhood and boldly take out the children with flash bangs, tasers, and such.

        • And me bets The Trumpster has a few tricks and real good lawyers up his sleeves.
          He will make these idiots like McCain miserable, and the dems pull their hair out, the reality is that Trumpster can play by his own rules as he pretty much doesnt care what the other guys rules are.

      19. Lone Ranger, I hear you loud and clear. No mark for me under any circumstances. I’ll die standing up fighting first.

        • as i mentioned in previous posts, you already have the mark, finger prints on both hands (and your feet). and unless you where a mask 24/7 you have a face that can be photographed and they have the technology to use that as a mark as well…

      20. Biometric identification is the only way to know who some of these people are. They can buy a genuine passport and create any identity they desire for a bargain price. Their home countries have no central records, or honest civil servants we could rely on for vetting.

        Even the Mexican illegals can have several sets of identification, just pick who you want to be when you get the DUI.

        • Smokey
          You are right about that, but they only have one set of finger prints. Ill all DUI’s have to be finger printed.

          • DUI’s here, too.

            Just gums up the system and takes time to verify who someone really is, I’ve heard of folks getting through the arraignment and bail process only to be discovered to be someone else a day later.

        • Biometrics IMHO could be a useful tool for many reasons, 1. Your an immigrant/refugee,
          You werent born into our system thus you need to be monitored,
          2. Your a criminal, by being a criminal you waived your rights to privacy and freedom, were watching you always.
          3. You are collecting government benefits such as SNAP, EBT, Wellfare, its for our due dilligence in protecting integrity of the programs

      21. Just watched .Ambrose Kane Finnish man scolds filth Muslems . Great video. Tide is turning . Trump is giving hope to Europeans . We haven’t lost yet? Keep the faith.

        • Sorry. Live leak Finnish man tells Muslems what they are. Must see video. Very must see.

      22. The President needs to add no immigration from :

        Haiti, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Brazil,
        Zaire, Argentina, Venezuela, Korea, China, India, Bolivia, Botswana,,Burundi, Central African Republic,Chad ,Comoros
        Côte d’Ivoire,Djibouti,Egypt,Gabon,Gambia,Guinea-Bissau,
        Madagascar,Malawi,Mali,Mauritania,Mauritius,Morocco,Mozambique,Rwanda,Sao Tome and Principe,Senegal,Seychelles,Sierra Leone,
        South Africa,South Sudan,Sudan,Swaziland, Trinidad and Tobago….

      23. The attitude of the Muslims that I have seen is “We’re here now so this is how things are going to be. They can take Sharia Law and go the Hell! Take any moronic liberal who preaches cultural tolerance with them!” The idea that you can sexually harass or rape a woman who is wearing makeup and showing skin is totally wrong! Look at the Native Americans who had “open borders” as their policy and see what happened. Squanto and Pochahantas may be heroes to Americans but ask the Indian survivors how they see them. Ask them about Tonto too! If “Kemo Sabe” doesn’t mean “sh*thead” or “white devil” in his native tongue, he was a total sellout!

        • Kemo Sabe translates to dick sucking butt hole buddy!

      24. This is an excellent start but much further needs to go. Obama’s treason on this matter is epic and everyone can now see how Muslims were flooded into every corner and crevice of the West during his eight years in power.

        Europe is a big risk for the US. No use tightening up the US if Europe is wide open and clueless as to who is wandering around within its borders. As has been proven, it is possible to sneak into Europe, cross all the countries by rail or road, then take the Eurostar train to Lille, switch trains and you are in the UK within an hour without showing any passport or identification. Just get your accomplice to buy a ticket to the US and provide fake ID, and you are in the US in less than a day. Biometrics is absolutely essential.

        If Europe could prove all its welfare measures were keeping Muslims peaceful, that would be one thing, but instead Europe has witnessed horrific attacks and sees on a daily basis crime and unrest of unprecedented proportions from these migrants. It is a failed strategy and it does not matter what Merkel says, she is a loser.

        There is a ray of hope: the US has the private companies and the experience to aid Europe in round-ups and removals. With a contract with the EU, it would be possible to clean up this mess in a 6 months. Now that the President is allowing a re-opening of the highly effective rendition facilities, it will be possible to screen and interrogate properly and get on top of the problem of Islamic terrorism.

        Heavy lifter aircraft can be provided by Russia and the removals can be efficiently done in large numbers.

        • Well until the meek and the weak Europeons grow a pair and do what we did on Nov.8, they’ll continue to be stabbed, shot, blown up, raped and mashed by big trucks.

          • You are, sadly, right. There are still too many SWJ dopes in Europe who believe it will all settle down and Europe will turn into Canada circa 1989.

            • Yes and the everyday ‘rude awakening’ never materializes.

      25. You dont suppose they will use the fema camps as storage for the illegals they are about to gather up cus there is gonna be way too many to just fly or bus back to mexico and s america and dont forget about the illegal muslims cus you can only fit so many on a plane.. has this been planned all along and we were wron as to what purpose the fema camps were created for. Or is it gonna be a trial test run and use the illegals as the guinni pigs

      26. Then there is these safe haven cities like chicago. I can see where thats headed and it will give anarchy a whole new meaning. As it escalates it can easily become a war zone and use of the national guard and them haveing a hard time at it then full blown military being utilized. So what to do with all the resistors? Not nearly enough jail or prison space so perhaps thats the fema camp plan. And take in to consideration chicago would be a small to start with city with only north south west exits cus east is lake. A small controlled one to start with then move up to bigger challenges like new York then Los Angeles. And im not talking about illigals but (criminal ) sweeping due to all the shootings in chicago. Either way it will turn into war zones.

        • Well if all the blacks are killing each other in Chicago maybe the muzzies will follow suit.

        • I know this is the case for France. They long ago realised it would require the military to physically eject the radical Muslims out of the country and have been quietly making preparations for this and awaiting Le Pen to become the leader. Most of the police and military support her. The same in Germany as they get ready to get rid of Merkel.

          Trump will probably have to do the same because they won’t be going without a fight. They are far too entitled and protected by lawyers. Many have also been training at camps throughout the US and arming themselves.

          Once gathered in the US camps, they need to be taken to camps in Saudi Arabia, where they can reside under Islamic law and culture. This can be paid for with the oil money taken from ISIS. So it is self-funding and would not cost the American tax payer a dime,

          The sanctuary cities is a joke: under international law all that is required is for refugees to be placed in a safe place near to where they come from. This can be a refugee camp under UN supervision. There is no obligation to actually let them into cities and give them welfare.

          • I’ve heard the same about the Dutch military, which is composed of liberal citizens. They’re not pleased, either.

      27. I truly hope and pray that all that is being done is with good intentions. But then again the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Not to be a nay sayer but always ask yourself “then what”.

        • So far Trump appears to be doing what he proposed. Until more time has passed I’ll still keep him at arms length. Not sure why I continue to have this nagging feeling about the man. Maybe because once another leader rose to power in almost the same fashion.

          • Your nagging feeling is likely instinct. Most folks when you really see their true colors disappoint us. Very rare is the person the Genuine article. Most of our politicians have betrayed the Republic and shafted the citizens. However Trump isn’t a Politician or a Lawyer. Lets hope he is the real deal & can turn the tide. But I will never blindly trust him. I believe in DTA. Don’t Trust Anyone. There was a Crusader leaving his castle to fight in the Holy War,s. So He gave the keys to his wife and daughters chasity belts to a most trusted servant. He got about a mile down the road. The servant came running out of breath. The servant exclaimed You gave me the wrong Keys. We better keep prepping our adversarys are still a very dangerious bunch.

          • We’ve all been lied to by politicians, but I do think Trump is not a politician. He’s a citizen of wealth who has spent years watching a great nation go down the sewer, and said “Enough”, then put his money where his mouth was, and ran for the bosses’ job.

      28. There are other methods of ethnic cleansing, besides deportations!

      29. Trump needs to end all of LBJ’s “Great society” programs,as well as school busing. Time to end all of these programs that were supposed to be temporary, and “uplift the negro”, and did neither! The working people have been taxed into poverty supporting this crap, time for the free rides to end.

      30. I wish he could stop Puerto Rican imigration.

        • That’s a tough one. Best thing to do, give them independence as a new nation and hope the ones here return.

      31. Just watched . Live leak Finnish man tells Muslems what they are. The Trump effect?

      32. Biometric Tracking Systems – this is “the wall”.

      33. Since The Election many people are running scared, Why? First they know very little of the Constitution. Second they are afraid they will lose their “Free Shit” and might have to work again. Third they have figured out we are not going to put up with their communist shit anymore.
        President Trump will now put Judges in the Supreme Court that support the Constitution. If he is doing that then why would we worry for him to turn into a Hitler. Understandable that the misuse of troops and the installment of Martial Law is of concern. Which in major disasters can be happen.
        Now President Trump is a Businessman and NOT a politician. He understands what the people require for him to do. He is Not a Good Communicator compared to the slick politicians were are use to hearing. All I want is for him to keep his campaign promises and get the job done.

        As with Bush Senior’s “No More Taxes”, “Lock Her Up” will be remembered if President Trump forgets that
        promise and he can kiss a second term goodbye.

        • Yes and no,,
          IMHO if even half of what he is proposing comes to fruition and he manages to turn this place around he will have tons of support. The left is making an ass of themselves so watch for them to bleed moderate supporters.

          • Nailbanger

            This is a major topic for me. I want Trump to show the bastards we are tired of them making money off of us and stealing our freedoms. If he don’t act on that promise it shows he is one of them for sure and these crimes will never be corrected. They need to be held accountable and show they are under the same Rule of Law as we are.

            I Have to tell President Trump to, Prove It!

            • Obstruction,, its basicly the status quo in DC, our rep has said this, if you dont play the way they want you to you will get pigeon holed, really sucks, but thats why term limits are a huge huge issue

      34. President Trump just put President Andrew Jacksons portrait in the Oval Office.

        Thats a message. He knows.

        Andrew Jackson
        You are a den of vipers and thieves. I intend to rout you out, and by the grace of the Eternal God, will rout you out.

        Andrew Jackson
        I am one of those who do not believe that a national debt is a national blessing, but rather a curse to a republic; inasmuch as it is calculated to raise around the administration a moneyed aristocracy dangerous to the liberties of the country.

        • What does it mean that he has also put up a portrait of Alexander Hamilton in the Oval Office?

          Playing on both sides?

          • There’s one of Teddy Roosevelt, too.

            We can make up all kinds of symbolism about the paintings, but it’s just his choice of what to look at, when you get down to it.

      35. Over on gateway pundit and weasle zippers I just finished watching the cops hand the sjw’s azzzez to them. It felt good to watch!
        Then a few reader vids of citizens using their vehicles to clear the street. That felt good to watch, too.

        Finger prints are good enough. These folks are probably on FB which does implement biometrics, anyway; unbeknownst to most members/users.

        I am waiting for round up of elites like soros and co..

        • Facebook is a major piece in the facial recognition research, it is a well known fact that it has been used extensively for research and development of all biometric programs, it ties in nicely with the fingerprint to open your device program too, its all part of it, so your device is traceable and searchable, your facebook contains photos etc,,, and it all ties in, good techs can write code to sniff out the entire picture of who you are, where you go, what you buy or do, who you know etc etc,,, so its funny when people whine about biometrics but then have a facebook account with their entire life story complete with photographic evidence and their devices are linked to them by finger prints and retinal images,,,,
          Tell me again how exactly your not already known entity?

      36. What Obama should have done. Thank you Mr. Trump!

      37. I like what TRUMP is doing, but he’s not going far enough. We gave him the mandate to kick ass. What bothers me is when he speaks of Obama, Hillary, and other traitors, he uses words like beautiful, fantastic, great people, etc…why doesn’t he call them what they are, Traitors. He could have the Justice Dept hand down indictments on 100’s of these bastards for what they’ve done to this country. We screamed “lock her up” at his inauguration….we did not scream to call her “a Fantastic, beautiful lady. Hey Trump; news flash. You should at least say “no comment” when asked about those bastards….not praise them. In any event, if we don’t see indictments in the next 6 months, then there is still no rule of law, and clear to me that these criminals are still above the law….and this is not what the country needs. It needs a complete Enima.!!!!!!

        • If he had done so, he would not have been elected.

      38. Apparently, some Muslims in the US are getting worried. Worried that their scams might come to an end. After sowing terror, murder and mayhem across the planet in the name of Allah, they are now whining that maybe some action might be taken to put some distance between their crazy faith and the rest of the population.

        They always like to bring up the Jews in WWII as the equivalent to themselves. Some big differences, however: Jews never flew plans into buildings, ran mass rape escapades, chopped people’s heads off, tortured and massacred young people at a concert, blow up innocent civilians on a mass scale, killing gays, women, girls etc. The behaviour of Muslims isn’t akin to the Jews; it is akin to the Nazis and their atrocities, dogma, and brutal assault on human freedom. People are not suffering from ‘Islamophobia’: they are suffering from scared sh#tless and have had enough.

        • Those j*** maybe never did some of the things you mentioned? I wouldn’t bet on it. That bunch is just as evil as Hellery.

          • You’re an idiot.

        • Read up on the holomodor . And who financed and carried out the maybe worse genocide in history?

      39. Yup, its about time they bad those pieces of garbage.

        I think SHTF has suffered a troll collapse on this site. Looks like they don’t come here much anymore. Trump will be cutting out all the troll hiring, shutting down troll jobs, etc.


      40. The trolls are out here. Waiting for one of those Gotcha! Moments, where they make a mountain out of a mole hill. No substance only bullshit.

        Can you imagine how loud they would be if SHTFPlan had audio? I’d be punching the screen.

      41. From what I remember reading, out of the 1.2 million student visas that were given out(middle east). Either 58 or 57 thousand of those so called students never returned to their home land. That in itself is something that concerns me!

      42. Speaking of trolls. The other day I heard two women arguing at WallMart.

        One kept calling the other one a Biotch (minus the o).(you know if you use the word you get mediated) She most have said it 10 or 12 times. They were starting to get a crowd around them. I started walking over to break it up when the women getting called a Biotch finally responded with “I hope you don’t kiss your mother with that mouth CUNT!!! the cheers went up, and the display of stupidity was over.

        I’ll have to remember to use this the next time I’m called a biotch. One of two things will happen it will be over, or the stupid SOB will throw a punch and then it will really be over.

        By the way. The one woman getting called Biotch was wearing a “Make America Great Again” shirt. I think that was what started the name calling.


      43. We don’t need to let any refugees in. Let’s give them a protected sand box to live in, in their countries and they can fight for their own countries. We are the fools giving them refugee status,Free healthcare, welfare, education, cash, housing and yet when its time for vacation they go back to their own countries. Yes we are really that stupid.

        • Way cheaper, no matter where you go, there you are, is the same for EVERYONE,,, contrary to progressive belief.

      44. Albright apparently isn’t so bright as she does not understand the definition of the word Immigrant. She says that she will become a Muslim to be included in President Trumps banning of refugees from Syria. If she does the following she will qualify.

        1. Move to Syria being refugees from Syria lived in Syria.

        2. Renounce your US citizenship. This should just be an easy matter of paperwork because philosophically your not an American.

        3. Working along with the insurgents would be a plus

      45. Sarge, that’s some crazy stuff. Being American and showing it is now offensive to liberals to the point that they are starting shit with Trump supporters in a Walmart. What is this country coming to? The woman is being attacked for wearing a Trump shirt. WTF?


        Civil & revolutionary war delayed 2017-2020..

        WW3 2017-2018? … Pending

        • There’s some footage of a guy in Trump hat being choked by the throat during the D.C. ‘protests’.

          In Seattle, a guy wearing the Trump hat shows up for a lecture at the University. His hat is stolen from him by leftist punks, he is physically attacked, and shot one of his attackers, who is being called a ‘protester’ by the local Bolshevik media.

      46. Wow!! He’s actually going to do something to HELP our country (as opposed to his purse)??! That’s weird!

      47. Well, Cypress, I saw a young, black girl wearing a “Trump for president” shirt before the elections. End of story.

        • I saw three . Including ET Williams . So we can get rid of the rest?

      48. I’m just waiting for the shooting to begin.

        • Watch . Esoteric truth the coming days. And see what will happen?

          • just watched…..yikes! take care, CC

        • I think your right, these illegals have been told for several decades that have the RIGHT to be here. Then we have some unhappy muslims, and the free shi- army……

          • Pre-positioned Muslim agitators from the Obama years are now kicking into action. From London (mayor) to Europe to Canada (immigration minister) to America, you will notice they are all in rage and acting unison. In their belief system, their loyalty is to the ‘umma’, a universal Muslim identity over any nation state.

            They are deliberately seeking to rip apart the Western, Atlantic alliance. They are trying to stop the British from actually hosting the US president. It suits them to see this come down because they can then pick away at individual states and impose Sharia to their eventual goal, the global Caliphate. This is how they think.

            It is crucial people become informed about this 4th generation warfare they are doing and how it manifests.

            Think about it: if America genuinely needed this labour, then there are plenty of places in the world you could import people from that would not come with these problems. Just go to Southeast Asia, and you could replace all the Muslims with happy, hard-working migrants within a month.

      49. “Back us or we’re taking names.”

        Trumps ambassador to the United Nations


        • Nikki Haley, envoy to the UN


      50. “and he shall causeth all both great and small, free and bond to take a mark on his right hand or his forehead and they are not allowed to buy or sell unless they had the mark.”

        sounds like a cashless biomentric system. Thing aren’t always exact, but its very similar.

      51. Trump needs to interview this Dr in regards to all the illegal mind control assaults on unsuspecting citizens across North America today!


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