Leaked Military Report: UFO ‘Rendezvoused’ With Something Big Under Ocean

by | May 30, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 84 comments

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    An in-depth government report “prepared by and for the military” and obtained by a Nevada newsroom, details a 2004 incident involving an alleged “UFO” sighting recorded by the US military off California’s coast 14 years ago. Dubbed the “Tic Tac” incident, the unidentified flying object “rendezvouses” with a huge underwater object.

    So named for the white, fast-moving, mint-shaped object that was involved, the video’s release made waves last year when it was first revealed by the New York Times. Over the course of two weeks in 2004, a 13.7-meter-long (45-foot-long) Anomalous Aerial Vehicle (AAV) defined as “aerodynamic” with “no visible means to generate lift” was detected by US naval ships in short glimpses.

    According to IFLScience, based on the recently leaked report, the undated document suggests there may have been something in the water as well. F-18 aircraft were called into the area after the USS Princeton wasn’t able to lock on to the AAV (Anomalous Ariel Vehicle.) The report details the moment a pilot noticed a disturbance under the surface of the water resembling a “barely submerged reef or island”. As the pilot flew away, the object reportedly disturbed the water underneath it in “frothy waves and foam” resembling water that was “boiling.” The unidentified flying “Tic Tac” object was potentially rendezvousing with the massive underwater one, according to the report.

    Earlier this year, the Department of Defense released three separate videos showing an encounter between a Navy fighter jet and an unknown object. For years, the department’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program was kept secret until last year when the Pentagon announced its then-defunct program never gained evidence of alien life visiting Earth.

    “The AAVs would descend ‘very rapidly’ from approximately 60,000 feet down to approximately 50 feet in a matter of seconds,” the report noted.  Pilots also indicated there may have been something in the water as well. One pilot detailed a disturbance up to the size of a football field: “The disturbance appeared to be 50 to 100 meters in diameter and close to round. It was the only area and type of whitewater activity that could be seen and reminded him of images of something rapidly submerging from the surface like a submarine or a ship sinking.

    A submarine in the vicinity did not detect anything unusual underwater. If an object was indeed in the Pacific Ocean, “it would represent a highly advanced capability given the advanced capability of our sensors.”


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      1. Anyone who does not believe we have beeen and are being visited by supeior alien beings are not really thinking.
        My hope is that when they feel we humans are ready they will engage us and help us.
        We are such a primitive specie and need all the help we can get. – We just are not ready.

        • They are fallen angels that were thrown out of Heaven with lucifer. Definitely not our friends.

          • Agreed. Jacques Vallee came to a similar conclusion (they are not space-aliens) in his book “Dimensions”.

            Another good read is John Keel’s “UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse”.

            • If Vallee said that, it doesnt mean its 100% true. Aliens& extradimensional beings have been present here since the very beginning. And they keep leaving traces. For those who see/want to see of course.

          • Agree, Menzo.

            When analyzed through the lens of biblical prophesy and nephilim, it really starts to come together.

            God bless


            • Religion = cancer of humanity, alien Trojan horse. Yeah, keep believing in god(s), u have no clue what is all about. And if u think Jesus (another alien deceiver anyway) will save u from aliens, u can already consider urself part of SNL, too funny indeed!

              • Who do you think the gods are? Paging Zues or Odin, please phone home.

          • FAKE NEWS!! I told everyone on here weeks ago, that Space Aliens will be the DEEP STATES new Boogie man.

            First the boogie Man was Communism and wars happened and less freedoms for the populous.

            Then they used Terrorism as the new boogie man, and that BS is wearing off because most terrorism is state sponsored false flags, much of it by our own government to take away more freedoms. Like 9-11.

            And now as this article confirms, and as I have said, watch out now for Space Aliens invading us bogieman, so we again keep the war machine propped up flush with cashola and more of our rights and freedoms will be taken away.

            You see there is no need for a massive military unless they have a boogie man to blame to justify these massive budgets bankrupting us. They create the boggie man threat and space aliens are the newest fictitious boggie man.

            Its ALL BS!! Fraud!! Deception!! Propaganda!! Fake!!

            • Yeah, keep fooling urself!

            • Nah. Those F-18 couldn’t have done anything to that craft if they had wanted to. The technological difference here is F-35 vs a Sopwith Camel or worse.

          • Fallen angels = also aliens. Get ur info rite.

        • True, and its not getting any better.
          Demographic trends seem to indicate people groups with an average IQ of about 70 are out breeding those of us with over 110 by 5 to 1.
          The movie “Idiocracy” was supposed to be a comedy, but more and more its seems prophetic.
          Through advances in agriculture, and health we have made it too easy for folks to survive and reproduce.
          in 40 years there will be proportionately so few folks who can process complex tasks, and/or develop or maintain complex systems, that the world will have to become a much more simple place, or the infrastructure will just collapse.
          The elites refer to some of us as “useless eaters” and cruel as it sounds, there is some merit to the derogative nomenclature.
          i have been pro life most of my adulthood. But once when debating this topic with someone else, the woman pointed out, that all I was saying about the pro-life viewpoint was true, But look at the demographics of who in society tends to get vast majority of those abortions, and would i want 50 million more of “those people” in America Today?
          I had to admit, she had me on that one.

          • Amen, bro. Everything you said did absolutely true.

        • jakartaman — Your logical and common sense thinking is right on. Why do arrogant Earthlings believe we are the only intelligent beings in the Universe. We are a little bitty dot in a galaxy of billions of dots in a Universe unfathomable. If the government would drop their hypocritical statements and fess up to the American people the amount of proof they conceal regarding UFOs (AAVs) we would understand that superior Aliens do exist. Stop the fake news and give us Americans the truth!

      2. Three thousand years ago the Egyptians were performing brain surgery.

        Five hundred years ago Leonardo Da Vinci drew a diagram with exact dimensions for a workable helicopter.

        During ww2 German’s created the bell and disk shaped anti-gravity flying saucers.

        Believe in creatures from outer space if you so choose. But, I believe mankind is far ahead technologically than tptb let on. I also believe tptb are planning a false flag to terrify people into accepting global government control. I call bs on this here article.

        Give me Liberty or I give you death.


        • you are correct

        • Where do you think that technology came from? There are factions of different E.T.s out there. Some friendly, some indifferent and some hostile. When/If disclosure takes place, you will be amazed at what people had wrong about them.

          I know I sound crazy, but have I ever steered anyone wrong here? There was once an Azrael here a long time ago, that wasn’t me, but I’ve been around a few years and you can easily see the difference between us. Go look up what info I have provided. Also go look up what my name means.

      3. The biggest problem I have with aliens
        (without getting into religious comments)
        is they have to have figured out how to go
        faster than the speed of light.
        In our space and our physics that is the
        speed limit. If you know how to exceed that
        limit why bother to mess around in our oceans?
        Are we the only water planet in existence?
        I doubt it. There are billions of Galaxies with
        trillions of stars and potential solar systems.
        Our closest neighbor Galaxy Andromeda is 2.5 million years
        away at the speed of light.
        Our galaxy is about 100,000 light years across
        and has up to 400 billion stars.
        Anybody that can bop around space that large we should have a
        healthy respect for.

        • Even if you could travel near the speed of light the distances between galaxies and even various stars within a galaxy are so large that it would take forever to transit the universe.

          In a word: “wormholes”. 🙂

          • Worm Holes? You mean Hyperlink travel tubes in space.

          • Look up gravity wave technology. We already did it at the small level. Bending space is not the same as moving thru space. Vast distances are covered in mere moments. Soon, we will be the aliens

        • Watch out for the fake laser space ship holograms the Government will start shining up onto the clouds and sky at night to make it appear its real, to scare the ignorant masses. The Majority of the Lower IQ humanoids here in America are sucking all this up, as Fact, just like the phony religious BS. Its all FAKE!! ALL BS!! FRAUD!!! All Tabloid.

          My Tarot Card Reader said her Palm Reader’s cousin said his Magic Crystal Ball Gypsie neighbor said, we need give up all your freedoms, money, dignity and self respect to believe what ever we are told as fact.

          That’s what Church Preachers do to their congregational sheep. Believe everything I tell you as Fact or you will burn in hell. BTW/ The Pope Francis a month ago admitted publically there is NO Hell.

          No Hell means NO Fear. Go out an sin folks. Its all fake.

        • theyre interdimensional my friend

        • What better place to hide? In a HUGE ocean. It would be harder to find them out there.

      4. They must be warping space, bending it, “space time”. Its all way above me but on an interesting side note Barry Goldwater requested access to the “Blue Room” from his friend AF Chief Of Staff Cutis LeMay. LeMay according to Goldwater went into a age telling him “Don’t you ever ask me that again”. Either Goldwater is fibbing or there is something being hid from us. I lean to the latter.

        • Kevin:

          Sure something is being hid from us. The obvious plan for an alien out of space attack against planet earth humongous lie. I’ve been expecting this false flag since President Reagan spoke of how we divided earthlings would unite to fight an enemy from outer space.

          Our enemies are right here.

          Reagan was spokesman for General Electric and the darling of Hollywood elitist ((($$$))).


        • I only have one of Hawkins books on the Warping of space and weird time theories. He does a good job explaining it. Keep in mind he is a theoretical physicist.
          Practically speaking we live in a “Womb” once you get outside it, space is really a nasty place. Gama radiation, rocks flying around at hundreds of miles per second. Stars sucking you in to their cores. You have to miss all those things when you pass through. No one can even tell you what causes Gravity. Hawkins certainly never tried.
          So if you think you can safely go from one end of the universe to the other, I’m not convinced. I enjoy Star Trek but as an engineer I think it was all BS.
          I believe in God, supposedly he made the place,
          but not Aliens.

          • Watch this youtube video and tell me again that you don’t believe in aliens. 🙂


            BTW enlarge and look closely to see the tall grey

            • Another one, in Beijing. The other was Germany. Check how the tall grey descends at the end of the video.

              Either Uber China already has flying cars driven by clowns in alien suits or aliens are real. 🙂

          • But God instead made us pestilent little violent monkeys and trapped us on a mudball in space……but yet there is no other aliens out there…

            Umm…yeah okay..sure. makes perfect sense from a hugely naïve and simple minded point of view. there is ONLY u, as we kill one another over colorful paper printed bills…but GOD thought ONLY of us…..so so human centric minded its no wonder we cannot and do not travel on our own planet with anything remotely technologically savvy, much less mentallymasturbating the idea of travelling outside of the Van Allen radiation belts (never mind surviving passing through them)……but hey , God chose wisely by only creating US……ummm sure….

      5. Who cares? If UFO/Aleins land on Whitehouse lawn tomorrow. Nothing changes.
        Off to work you go. You owe, you owe. You still have to pay mortgage. Government will continue taxing you until you must move from that home. Taxes are up 150% over ten years. INSANE. Government are CRIMINALS. Forced to move because we can’t pay the insane high taxes. We are being VACATED from our homes due to TAXES. UFO landing will change nothing.

        After UFO lands you still have to replace tires and change the oil in the truck. Take kids to school. To school where they may be INJURED or worse. They protect Politicians and banks with armed security but REFUSE to protect our children. Then those Police hired to protect are COWARDS that do not engage nut jobs gone mad with violence. Are UFO landing going to change this? No.

        You still must pay for toll roads. Even though state takes fees after fees and taxes you. All new roads are toll roads. State roads are full of pot holes that will swallow a Prius. And roads are jammed with traffic. Try driving in Houston Tx. UFO lands, traffic still horrendous.

        The kids will still need hundreds of dollars for extracuricular sports. Because even though you pay INSANE school taxes. You still have to pay for any sports. There are always fees fees fees. And all trips for away sports for kids have more fees.

        UFO lands. Nothing changes.
        Just more Free Loaders wanting to TAKE away a civilization that our forfathers sacrificed for.

        How many “dreamers” served in WW I, WW II, Vietnam, Iraq?
        How many NFL Pros served in military uniform? And the spoiled dirtbags take a knee. Pissing on the sacrifice of brave men.

        UFO/Aliens will be just another self centered ENTITLED group that wants to TAKE what they have NOT EARNED.

        How did it work out for the Native Americans when the Takers with superior technology paid a visit and decided to stay? You better think on that. It will be same for us when Visitors with superior technology decide to stay.

        Next thing you know we will be put in reservations, our cars up on cinder blocks. Stray skinny dogs running around. Trash everywhere, a mess. Drunks leaving kids in the car in dead of winter as Native ma and pa go in bar for drink.

        Call me “biased”. No. That is how it is. And UFO/Robots will not end well for you. Remember. I told you.

        Out of all the happenings with the collapse of American civilization. Commies in Washington trying to Impeach an ELKECTED president…….this article is best SHTFplan can come up with? Really? My post addresses issues YOU REFUSE to touch. Your country is being TAKEN from you by the influx. look at the demographics. I DARE YOU.
        Aliens would just be more entitled class TAKERS.

        Lefties will welcome Aliens with open wallets and YOU will pay for it, pay more taxes, go to work. There would be Alien EBT card within a week.

        • The very MINUTE they reveal that aliens not of this planet are among us…..everything you listed MEANS NOTHING…absolutely nothing, as does rule of law..means nothing….and then what do you do with a planet full of violent little morons when nothing means anything anymore and they polar bear hunt because of the pigment color of your skin, or you whoreship some other fake invisible god that they don’t believe in or gives them license to rape pillage and kill…Then what? Maybe now you see the reasons why more intelligent people admit nothing that would shatter the glass globe of collective reality the 99.9999% of the humans live in because they would implode and self destruct immediately once that globe shatters.

        • Anon

          “UFO lands. Nothing changes.”

          Quite to the contrary; everything changes. It would be the biggest event psychologically for the masses in history. Everything that unifies people comes into question, markets crash, governments fall.

      6. There is NO WAY any aliens will want to deal with us. We are far too stupid.

      7. rellik

        “Keep in mind he is a theoretical physicist.”

        So were the people in the Manhattan Project up until it went BANG when theory went practical. Mankind has just scratched the surface of science in the last hundred years or so. I can’t say either way but infinity is by definition LARGE. Probabilities, percentages become meaningless, it defies logic that we’re the only guy in an endless neighborhood. Applying that logic it defies logic that we’re the most advanced. A tad over 500 years ago those in positions of authority knew that the world was flat.

        • K2,
          I really like your comments.
          The guy that taught me how to build boats
          was an mechanical engineer/machinist on the
          Manhattan project, he was at Tinian
          for the loading and launches of Enola gay
          and Box car.
          He is very dead so I’ll tell you his name,
          Hervey Cornell.
          There was NEVER a question of if it would work
          it was always how to make it work.
          Mathematics is your friend.

          • They KNEW the Uranium bomb would work, but weren’t sure if they had the precision on the Plutonium bomb, so they exploded one in the New Mexico desert to see. Yep. Good to go.

        • Actually, by the Middle Ages, it was generally accepted among the educated that the world was round – Aquinas mentioned so in his writings. The progressive vandals and their communist allies don’t want anyone to think that human thought was doing quite well before they came along, so myths like that continue to persist.

      8. Not to worry…that was congressman Hank Johnson making an undersea rendezvous with space aliens. His plan is to use their advanced technology to prevent Guam from tipping over.

      9. Aliens would have nothing to do with us. We are too stupid.

        • just like the ant farms when we were kids…that is what we are less than to aliens. We don’t even have entertainment value for them to torture.

      10. “There was NEVER a question of if it would work”

        There most certainly was a question. It was theoretical, its just a question of going back more years. Sailing around the globe was theoretical at one time. By the time the actually Manhattan Project was started they were reasonably sure it would work.” Go back before E=Mc2 and it was beyond theory. Now It Can Be Told”, by BG Groves was a fantastic book and showed what can be dome IF they really want to do it.

        Someone at the US patient office prior to 1900 said, “Everything that can be invented has been invented”. In reality present technology is barely beyond harnessing fire in comparison to what is ahead. Can’t and impossible are words of the present, not the future.

        • K2,
          “Can’t and impossible are words of the present, not the future.”
          Argument granted to be possible.

      11. What a dead site. Nobody leaves comments

      12. If you accept the Darwinian-Satanic explanation for the origin of life, then of course the universe must be teeming with life.

        But if you accept the biblical account, only the earth contains life. The laws of physics were altered by the fall of man in what we call the Edenic Curse. They may also have been altered again at the time of the Noahic Flood, when the evidence points to gravity increasing from its pre-Flood levels. What has this to do with the alien question? Well, if the universe’s laws have been altered by God in respone to the sinful actions of early humanity, then humanity is the highest creature native to this universe, thus excluding any possibility of there being advanced aliens.

        Devils may masquerade as aliens, however. And wicked governments may plant fake evdience of alien visitation, or even put on a show to convince us. But the doctrinal position is clear and should serve as a robust defence against strong delusions about ETs.

        • Hi;
          I’m the king of off topic. I was talking to a friend today and Micheal Shoemacher came up. Please pardon my spelling. He was world champion formula 1 driver I believe 7 times. Coolest guy of all time that never lost his head or displayed bad temper. After retiring just over 4 years ago he was skiing with his son in France and crashed hitting his head. He has been in a vegetative state since. Think you own the world? Look out. He was the real deal and if any of the usual negative posters here say oh, he was rich and deserved it, let me say in advance piss off! I try to wake up each day and feel good and thankful.

          • Anon, sad to read that.
            “Tomorrow is promised to no one.”

        • Alien life is a statistical certainty. Use the DRAKE EQUATION plug in your own variables. 🙂

          • Look at the Fermi Paradox too.

        • I attended a Christian Bible College. My mathematics professor – a former Oak Ridge employee, supposed one day that Jesus’ parable of the lost sheep might have been a hint. What shepherd, having 100 sheep, doesn’t go look for the one that’s lost? Does that mean God created 100 “earths”, and we were the only one who went astray? Something to think about…

        • Where in the Bible does it say only the Earth has life? I missed that one. Was it Second Opinions 2:1?

          • Exactly.

      13. When I was living in California,I would always hear rumors of UFO’s coming up from the waters around Catalina. Just sayin’.

      14. When I was living in California,I would always hear rumors of UFO’s coming up from the waters around Catalina. Just sayin’.

        • Not one person in a million attempts to interact with such things, proactively.

          Has it really happened, and why does it require state intercessor, in the tradition of ‘take me to your leader’.

      15. Has anyone considered the possibility that aliens from another
        planet have landed millions of years ago and travelers have passed
        on fheir knowlege, of physics, geometry, space, etc., to the first
        people on Earth to colonize. Suppose the John Glenn types coming from
        various other planets (who may have escaped from a nuclear planet
        destroying wars) Colonists bred with apes, unable to curb desire for
        That set back technology a couple thousand years and may
        continue today with various species of “forbidden fruit”.
        Also, possible inbreeding desroyed 80% of first human brains in the first few
        million years. Travel was limited, wives were numerous, offspring….who knew??

        Now we have the same things… except Demoncraps deliberately
        dumb down our species with craplogic in school.

        Here in America we were pooping behind our tent, while Rome was
        pooping in porcelain flushing toilets, had ceramic bath houses, and
        homes had plumbing….
        and that was year 79 AD.
        Could even have been during the life of Jesus!!
        Possibly long before his time!!!

        • Yeah, It was way more advanced back in Jebus’s time, he could feed a thousand sinners on 2 loaves of bread, turned water into wine, and even parted the seas, cause they had no need for stinkin bridges.

          Amazing, just amazing.

          Today just 1 loaf of bread feeds just one person a week of sandwiches. Times sure changed, eh??

          I been working on the turning a stick into a snake trick. Any suggestions?

          • Actually, atheists no longer bother to criticize any myths, anywhere, no matter how obscure or fantastical. You and yours have decided to retrofit religion, with a materialistic cause, from Paul Bunyan to the Tooth Fairy.

            t says, “Any suggestions?”


            Stick into snake, water into wine, feeding the multitude?

        • k says, “Colonists bred with apes, unable to curb desire for

          What in your opinion, is the sexiest example of primate? (Name anything other than human.)

      16. Not extraterrestrial

        • Both aliens and extradimensional. Whoever denies one or both variants, needs mental healing.

      17. Antichrist comes with lying signs and wonders and will even make fire fall from the sky. The catholic church runs an observatory with a telescope that they call LUCIFER that is used to look for extra terrestrial life. There is so much deception in the world these days, especially in churches. Read your bible daily so you won’t be deceived.

        • LMAO, too bad u fail to realize how ridiculous u are! Religious nutter, nuff said.

      18. Thanks to all who commented on the article, very interesting ideas and directions. Just an FYI years now I have been learning from the posters here on this site and do appreciate. Myself I have had a unexplained experience that I will not go into but it did change the way I think about UFO and after much research and praying I lean more towards the fallen angel theory. Be Blessed!

        • I just bought “Alien Intrusion” by Gary Bates on amazon. It is a very well researched book on the subject that shows just how demonic it is. It was based on years of research and interviews with “abductees”. Highly recommended for anyone with an intetest.

        • Aliens are separate and distinct from Fallen Angels … ie demons. Demons are real, spiritual beings (and tangible in the spirit to those who have or can experience their own spiritual self) but they occupy a dimension in the spiritual realm.

          Aliens are physical beings from another physical world(s) as the two UFO videos I posted above, attest, and manifest. Demons (and Angels) do not manifest in this way, with physical craft, when they project into the physical.

          Those who push the “Fallen Angel Theory” for aliens have never experienced their own spiritual reality or they could not say that physical aliens are Fallen Angels and thus Demons.

          If the Tall Greys viewed in these videos were “demons” they would desire to interact with, over power, kill, or and possess the souls of human beings.

          While some contactee experiences might suggest a less than benign motive by some alien species, consider how humans, a native conscious species, interacts with other living creatures on earth when examining and interacting with them.

          Bottom line, these are separate and distinct phenomena. 🙂

          • Demons are fallen angels and angels do appear in physical form. The angels that visited Lot, the wheels in the sky in ezekial, the angels in the tomb on the morning of the resurrection to name just a few. God does not allow confusion when it is clearly of God and representing Him. Demons are restrained but God allows their activity because the bible says he sends strong dellusion to those who reject Him. The bible says in the last days deceptions will be so even the elect can be deceived if they are not in constant communion with the Holy Spirit. How will the antichrist be able to get millions of atheists to voluntarily worship him as god? Wouldn’t a demonic alien deception reveling god as a higher power from an advanced civillization do the trick?

            • Yes Angels can appear in physical form as you describe the visitation to Lot; but they very rarely do unless on a direct mission from God. Their density of form is much different from a living physical being as they manifest into this dimension.

              I experienced every known spiritual manifestation possible, including full materialization and miraculous healing based upon descriptions in historical records (except levitation), by the time I was 22 years old.

              Angels, Demons, and Aliens are not the same phenomena. If the Tall Greys were demons their activity would be much different given their superior technology. Demons HATE human beings and attack US at every opportunity as sin opens the door. 🙂

            • “The bible says in the last days deceptions will be so even the elect can be deceived if they are not in constant communion with the Holy Spirit. How will the antichrist be able to get millions of atheists to voluntarily worship him as god?”

              How does anyone believe the constant propaganda spewed by CNN ??? Yet many tens of millions of people accept that drivel as gospel. Consider the “elect” in the Catholic Church who worship Satan, sacrifice children, and believe sex with kids is OK ??? How could THEY above all others become entwined with Satan ???

              God is Spirit and is to be worshipped in spirit and truth. Sin blinds humans to the Truth and as a Natural Law opens the door for demonic activity if a person remains in their sin. People remain in their sin if they fail to renew their Relationship & Companionship with the Lord on a timely basis. This is how people will be deceived by the anti-christ as they watch his “miracles”.

              Thus we are admonished by Paul to “renew our minds”. The more TIME that we spend in companionship with the Lord through prayer and contemplation the closer we become with Him and the closer we come to Him the greater sweet peace, joy, and revelation that will manifest into our lives; with the fruit of the spirit naturally manifesting the gifts of the spirit into our lives.

              In this way we “add to ourselves the kingdom of God” and we will not be deceived by the anti-christ. The Lord YEARNS for our Companionship as a Lover yearns for his Beloved. Take the TIME.

              Time is the protocol by which God catalogs eternity. Use your time here to prepare a place for you there, when being allowed into the presence of the Lord is all the reward you need.

              Cultivate His Presence now and everything else will take care of itself. 🙂

            • Angels, gods, saints (some of them) = aliens. The rest is religious/new age-ist bs in order to appease ur conscience, in case u have one. The deception runs very deep, u have no idea.

              • Ignorance does not become a woman of quality. 🙂

            • Demons are NOT Fallen Angels. Angels, Fallen or otherwise can manifest their own body, Demons on the other hand must occupy a body by possession.

          • d said, “Aliens are separate and distinct…”

            Isn’t your premise based on angelic life having no palpable, solid presence?

            • “Isn’t your premise based on angelic life having no palpable, solid presence?”


              Angelic life has a “palpable, solid presence” (but it is much different than the solid presence of two physical (third dimensional) beings.

              Angels do interact with US and MINISTER to US all the time (if we cultivate a relationship with the Lord) but they are typically unseen, unheard, and not felt by humans who have not consciously developed their spiritual senses; which are not unlike the physical senses of touch, taste,etc.

              Remember we are spiritual beings first and human beings second. It is the spirit which animates not body, not the other way around. So it is natural that we would have these attributes in our spiritual body.

              Angelic life can be seen, heard, and felt by those who cultivate their relationship with the Lord, meditate upon his WORD, and seek to embed that WORD into their lives by developing the “fruit of the spirit” in their lives.

              The “fruit of the spirit” will NATURALLY manifest the “gifts of the spirit in our lives over time and we will become sensitive to our own spiritual nature in ways that can only be grasped by experiencing that awakening for yourself.

              Cultivating your relationship with the Lord over time makes a person more sensitive to spiritual forces which are around and about US … ALL … the time. That contact requires a mutual desire to interact between humans and angelic life. It takes great courage and a sincere desire to know and understand your Creator to take a leap of faith to transcend this world to experience the Spirt.

              The aliens in the videos do not seem that interested in contact with human beings for reasons of their own I suppose, but if they were “demons” they would very much want to interact (destroy, injure, and lead astray) with humans because they HATE humans. That alone should clarify the difference between physical aliens and spiritual demons. 🙂

      19. Exopolitics is akin to physical mediumship, and science is intended to measure that.

        When people talk about “them” and “they”, it is spiritual, imo.

      20. Those so called green mars men. They do not travel here from outer space. The Van Allen belts prevent organic life from leaving or entering earth. Those travelers come from other Dimensions. Just like thousands of signals can travel thru fiber optics and not become mixed. The Planet has several dimensions. There are likely portals the allow travel between dimensions. Or I could be full of shit. Any road it doesn’t really matter if something is true or not. If its worth believing in then go ahead and believe in it.

      21. In the absence of other info, we can only resort to simplistic logic. For instance:
        * for any species, survival is job #1
        * an act of friendship is a proactive one, requiring interaction
        * humans have not, cannot, and will not, be able to control the universe around them
        * the general public’s knowledge of alien life, is mostly zilch
        * human information technology had advanced to a point that capturing events is more commonplace…it doesn’t necessarily mean alien activity has increased
        * governments are consumed by maintaining inertia and any chance they get to obtain the upper hand, they’ll keep to themselves

      22. It’s all bs. We are being prepped for a very fake alien invasion. Project Bluebeam.

      23. Come on, they were rendezvousing with the Russians, everyone knows this.

      24. I believe nothing, but I’ll think about it.

        • Watch They Live movie. Its not entertainment, its the truth.

      25. Government contrived malarkey.

        • Ever heard of Dulce files? Research them, moron!

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