Leading Astronomers: Oumuamua Is ‘Alien Probe With Broken Engines,’ Could Have Hostile Intentions

by | Dec 14, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Experts, Headline News | 56 comments

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    A leading astronomer studying the origins of the space object known as Oumuamua has come out declaring it’s an alien probe with broken engines.  Dr. Jason Wright claims that Oumuamua’s movement is that of a craft that has lost power to its engines.

    Right now, leading scientists are studying the odd “cigar-shaped” object which originated outside of our solar system.  Teams lead by renowned physicist, Stephen Hawking, are attempting to discover whether or not Oumuamua is alien or natural. If a radio signal is detected later today, scientists will “proceed with caution.”

    Professor Avi Loeb, Professor of Astronomy at Harvard University, sais: “My recommendation, as in any dialogue, is that we first listen and do our best to understand what we are hearing. Once we figure this out, we can decide how to respond,” he said.  “Overall, I am an optimist. I believe that a very intelligent civilization will be peaceful, and we could save ourselves millions or billions of years by learning from it. But there is also the possibility that such a civilization will have hostile intentions and risk our existence, so we should deliberate carefully in any future contact with them.”

    According to the Daily Mail, Dr. Wright from Penn State University is already declaring it a spacecraft.  Oumuamua is about a quarter of a mile long, 260 feet wide, and currently traveling at 196,000 mph. Rather than moving through space like other natural space rocks, astronomers believe that it is “tumbling” through our solar system.


    ‘”Such derelict craft would, if they are not traveling so fast that they escape the Galaxy, eventually ‘thermalize’ with the stars and end up drifting around like any other interstellar comet or asteroid,” Dr. Wright wrote in his blog. “In fact, since they (presumably) no longer have altitude control, one would expect that they would eventually begin to tumble, and if they are very rigid that tumbling might distinguish them from ordinary interstellar asteroids… and in fact, just because their propulsion is broken doesn’t mean that their radio transmitters would be broken.”

    Wright suggests that the object could be a “Von Neumann probe,”  a theoretical self-replicating spacecraft that visits star systems. “Such a discovery would imply that there are lots of these things in the solar system at any given moment (even if they are deliberately targeting the sun, they are hard to spot and we’ll miss most of them), and so lots of opportunities to study them,” Wright assessed.  Wright also previously suggested the mysterious dimming of star KIC 8462852  (also known as Tabby’s Star) could be caused by an alien megastructure called a Dyson Sphere (a hypothetical structure which encompasses a star and uses harnesses its energy.)

    Wright’s assessment comments come ahead of a project later today in which scientists will use high-tech scanners to discover if Oumuamua was sent by an alien civilization.

    Another oddity is that Oumuamua is flying very ‘cleanly’, without emitting the usual cloud of space dust that astronomers observe around asteroids. Scientists say this suggests that the object could be composed of metal, rather than rock.


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      1. Take another hit off your Bong Bro, you really need it…

        • We should ban penis shaped space rocks because they’re offensive to the snowflakes.

      2. So…. they are smart enough to make this advanced craft, but not put in anything more than a Ford Pinto engine.


        • I did some calculations. If “they or it” came from the nearest star system travelling at the speed mentioned above; they’ve been underway for 15,000 years.

          I’m betting the warranty on that engine ran out. And will any repair shop on earth even take their credit card?

      3. I’m prepared, got my tin foil hat and Buck Rogers decoder ring.

        • I just added another layer of tin foil, made it cover my ears too,,,,,,,

      4. What ? No nay say from the science denial crowd ?
        Or does it make you think, hmm…

        • “Or does it make you think, hmm…”

          It definitely makes me think hmmm…
          I think hmmm… about the article, the “science”, the theories and a host of other subjects.
          Without a doubt, hmmm…

      5. Stephen hawking is long dead. So they start out with a lie. Everything else is also probable lies. It looks like a hunk of rock to me. I cant see any thing that looks engineered. it appears layered like sedimemtary rock is.

        • haha alien probe with broken engines. that is a far fetched as the NRA wants to protect freedom lol

        • Hawking’s is still alive. You are probably confusing him with Christopher Reeve who became a quadriplegic after getting injured in an equestrian competition..

          • I read somewhere that the real SH died and they have a duplicate person in the wheel chair posing as him. The site showed a picture of the real Hawking and then a pic of the one now and they look very different and the 2nd one looks much younger. So i don’t know….

      6. Never bought the BS that we were alone in space or that there is a supreme being looking after humans. Just do the math: there has to be thousands if not millions of civilizations out there. They operate on a different paradigm to us and thus all our belief systems have as much validity as the nonsense native Americans believe in, or the thousands of ‘gods’ the Hindus believe in.

        We are about to have our minds blown as the alien presence will go mainstream. And the hidden space program becomes public knowledge.

        • Someone who knows a thing or two… a rarity!

        • Everything is a matter of perspective.

          Problem is the 7.6 (est) perspectives ongoing just among humans!

          William Bradshaw’s “Pink Kush Theory” YouTube vid gives a cogent probable explanation of the Old Testament God, angels and Giants. By means of translations of Sumerian texts and the effect of cochcichine upon cell division.

          As to God of the Universe:

          It has always astounded me that any person could believe that the Lord God Almighty, Creator of Heavens and Earth, would set up a system requiring His Creation to police. Lol

          Creatures more powerful than corporeal beings playing God(s)? Powerful creatures playing God(s)? All with rules to make Them top dog? Oh yeah….

          There’s this thing though, perhaps you can help puzzle it out. It’s based upon an assumption that the general evolution of a species abilities is based upon usage of them. This regards the human brain.

          As a species, our human brains apparently clock in at 400 billion bps, 24/7. Cool beans, right? No worries. Except that researchers can’t prove we are accessing more than 22,000 bps.

          So who, or what, put the “parental controls” in place?


          • Liberal’s brains run at a much slower clock speed.

            • Liberal’s brains run at much slower cock speed

        • I would like to know, why you brought the “nonsense native americans believe in”. Or I want to know what you say what this “nonsense” is just to clarify the statement.

      7. Blow it out of the sky. Shoot first, then ask questons.

      8. Like yesterday.
        E.T. Phone Home. Try to get close to earth for a phone tower.


      9. Their odometer broke and they ran out of fuel. It’s a rock.

      10. Methinks Dr. Wright has been watching too much Dr. Who while smoking too much you-know-what.

      11. I still haven’t heard a logical explanation of the thousands of objects in space around the tether in a past mission, those flat circular wavering objects with a hole in the middle and a notch on the outer edge. There are small examples of this exact shape found on Earth.

        • What you describe as “those flat circular wavering objects with a hole in the middle and a notch on the outer edge” is a feature any amateur astronomer with a Newtonian telescope can easily reproduce. It is an artifact produced in the telescope by severely de-focusing a distant point light source. If you have ever tried to collimate a Newtonian, you know exactly what I am talking about.

      12. Scientists refuse to believe in God…
        So they believe in Bullshit!

        • Scientists believe in facts, not fiction. Bible is pure fiction.

          • Sorry moe, theories are in fact fiction. Hate to break it to ya, most scientists especially astronomers believe in fictions.

      13. 2 problems – 196,000 mph….. going to be hard to catch up to. Our fastest space craft to date has been 36,373 mph – the New Horizons was launched on January 19, 2006. Short of getting into Oumuamua’s course path and having it slam into our’s…. Which leads to the next question. What is the orbital time of the next pass along the current elliptical? A small possibility is in the article – can it be taken over remotely via some digital means if indeed it has a form of computer control that is able to be accessed? “Black Hat Hackers Wanted” will be the next NASA employment opportunity posted.

      14. Anything to relieve boredom. An alien invasion intent of conquering earth and destroying/enslaving humanity would make all the political discussions mute. Everything will seem unimportant. Sure, bring it on.

      15. Now how does one even think this is possible!

        “I believe that a very intelligent civilization will be peaceful, and we could save ourselves millions or billions of years by learning from it. But there is also the possibility that such a civilization will have hostile intentions and risk our existence, so we should deliberate carefully in any future contact with them.”

        We humans won’t even listen to our parents who try to pass their life’s wisdom to their children….just saying.

      16. OMG!!! They’re going to turn us into paperclips!

      17. Lol I think this was a setup to lure hcks back or maybe they finely came to pick him up.

      18. Math says the odds of us being the only sentient life in the universe near zero. It’s a near certainty that sentient life exists somewhere else.

        The universe is so big that math also says the odds of alien life ever coming here are infinitesimally small. So to say it’s “really unlikely” that we’ve ever been visited by aliens doesn’t do it justice.


        The Earth was seeded with life by an alien civilization billions of years ago and they occasionally come to check in on our progress (or lack thereof). Then it kinda makes sense.

        Anyway – if this really is a ship and it’s derelict then it’s probably a zillion years old and everything on it is (hopefully) dead. Contact between races that have signficant technological differences haven’t ended well for the ones on the short end of the technological stick…and that’s us

      19. Why can’t you all accept the truth when it shines it’s light right into your seeing eye? jeez-Louese!

        My own observation concurs significantly with these highly trained Astronomers.

        Our next topic is –Where do we run to? Where should we all hide? Do we sacrifice young virgin girls by placing them in a circle, naked and wanting? Should we try a 1st strike offensive attack?
        Ok, don’t nobody panic; Let me think…

        • In order:
          Because photoshop
          No where
          There is no hiding
          That sounds like a good idea. Make sure to video.
          If they’re advanced enough to get here then they’re probably advanced enough to shrug off our attacks.

          Thinking is not allowed. Obedience is.

      20. Quick, erect a huge billboard saying,


      21. Nothing to worry about

        They are here TO SERVE MAN

        • It’s a cook book! It’s a cook book! Run.

      22. “Hostile”? wtf?

        Might as well say “they have come to invest in bitcoin” too…

      23. Continually trying to push their anti-God agenda. Ufo’s are fallen angels and mainstream science has tried multiple strategies to force the false theories of the big bang and evolution into the unconscious minds of the masses. Modern genetic chimeras should be all the evidence needed to link mythological creatures and the false gods(fallen angels) of pagan deities.

      24. Pelosi will be wetting her panties! A new crisis not to waste!
        There is ZERO chance of finding out what this thing is with it moving by at that speed. At the speed it is going we CAN’T DO ANYTHING AT ALL but watch it quickly move by. It will be long gone even before we could get a rocket big enough to get in its way ready to launch. I’m not even sure Hubble can be maneuvered to get a high resolution shot of it, even if the people that now have projects on the telescope would give up some time. This is a ZERO event.

      25. Is that the best picture you can find?

      26. You can’t get there from here. At least not with a human body. You might have to create yourself on a chip and attach your full DNA sequence. When you get to where you think you wanted to go, your computer 3d prints you using your DNA and installs the you that’s on the chip. Damn I’m imaginative. For an old fart.

      27. Another excellent artist’s rendering. Compliments of the New World Order, single democratic world government coming soon LOL by 2025 using a block chain in which the record will be so long that a super computer will have to take weeks to complete a ChumpCoin transaction to buy pickles on eBay.

      28. The entertainment industry and science fiction have now even fouled up scientists.

      29. So a rock people created a rock spaceship, and we should be worried. The only thing that worries me, is we call them experts.

      30. Could it be trying to act and look like a rock?

      31. Simple basics, all purchased at the local grocery store.

        How to stock an emergency food pantry for less than $60.00

        Off The Grid News dot com

      32. This must be the prelude for the Fake Alien Invasion to frighten everyone into the ONE WORLD ORDER be microchipped and turn in their guns for Lazer rifles that only work when They say so. Oh, and the vaccines against the alien super bugs which will kill 95 percent of the vaccinated.

        Who needs the Old Testament gods when we have politicians and mega corporation monsters to fear?

      33. This must be Stephen Hawking v.3.1 leading the team as he was given 2 years to live over 50 years ago and has had multiple faces over the years. An act by the Church of Science to delude us all.

      34. Perfect regularity would tend to be a sign of intelligence (particularly if it was some pattern, like prime numbers or geometrical formulae).

        Tabby’s star was supposed to dim at a *random rate, of hwich were aware.

        Now, you’re telling us that Oumuamua is drifting around like any other interstellar comet or asteroid.

        I think, if this is a meritocracy, it should have some nameable benefit, to the stakeholders, within the foreseeable future.

        Otherwise, it is ephemera, in a free marketplace of ideas. Free, like the talk which is cheap. Theoretical and origins sciences compete with fantasy and religion, which are abstract ideas, like any other. It doesn’t mean I want to burn you at the stake.

        • Edit function would be nice, btw.

      35. Where did this bogus picture come from? There is no attribution. You can’t find this picture anywhere else.
        Dr. Wright from Penn State University says it is not an
        alien spaceship. Someone is having a little fun with “artistic license” here. Others might consider it to be
        fake news!

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