Late Hour Attempt To Provoke Russia Into War: “What Else Is Planned Before Trump Takes Office”?

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    This article was written by Daisy Luther and originally published at

    Editor’s Comment: The attempts to sanction and shame Russia over alleged hacking activities are really nothing more than a desperate attempt by the establishment to hold onto power and make the system as it stands seem relevant.

    Whether Trump represents a true substantial change from status quo policies or not, the deep state and military industrial complex powers that be aren’t taking any chances. Instead, they’d prefer to escalate things to a crisis point in order to instigate a war footing, and other heightened crisis states where they are best poised to hold onto to power regardless of who is in office – or what the people want. Stay vigilant, and beware of the potential false flag events that could take us there before, or just after, Trump takes office.

    Washington Warmongers Make 11th Hour Attempt To Start a War With Russia

    by Daisy Luther

    In the final days of Barack Obama’s presidency, the warmongers in Washington, DC are hell-bent on causing as much chaos as possible. If they don’t manage to start a war with Russia before Donald Trump is sworn in, it won’t be for lack of trying.

    The Military Industrial Complex stands to profit by billions of dollars if this comes to fruition. War is very profitable for politicians and their corporate cronies, but for the rest of us, it would inflict a heavy toll. (If you haven’t read it yet, I strongly recommend picking up a copy of the anti-war classic, War Is a Racket by General Smedley Butler.)

    Today, 35 Russian diplomats were expelled from the US for their alleged part in tampering with the election:

    The US has expelled 35 Russian diplomats as punishment for alleged interference into the presidential election.

    It will also close two Russian compounds used for intelligence-gathering, in Maryland and New York, as part of a raft of retaliatory measures.

    President Barack Obama had vowed action against Russia amid US accusations it directed hacks against the Democratic party and Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

    Russia has denied any involvement.

    The US State Department declared the 35 Russian diplomats from the Washington DC embassy and the consulate in San Francisco “persona non grata”, giving them and their families 72 hours to leave the US.

    The Russian government is expected to respond in turn by expelling US diplomats.

    Sanctions have also been announced against nine entities and individuals including the GRU and FSB Russian intelligence agencies.

    Two Republicans, John McCain and Lindsey Graham, and a Democrat, Amy Klobuchar, all voiced their support for action to be taken against Russia for “meddling with the presidential election” in November. The three are currently stirring up trouble on a tour of NATO countries near Russia’s western border.

    McCain, Graham, and Klobuchar are claiming that there is support from 99% of both Republicans and Democrats for actions against Russia, and particularly against Vladimir Putin personally.

    Speaking to CNN, Graham said:

    “There are 100 United States senators. Amy Klobuchar is on this trip with us. She’s a Democrat from Minnesota. I would say that 99 of us believe the Russians did this and we’re going to do something about it,” said Graham, who is planning a hearing with McCain on Russia’s interference with US elections. “We’re going to put sanctions together that hit Putin as an individual and his inner circle for interfering in our election, and they’re doing it all over the world — not just in the United States.”

    The claims of Russian interference were brought forth by the CIA, but are unsubstantiated. The FBI rebuts the CIA’s claim and says there is no evidence to support that Russia tinkered with the election. President-Elect Donald Trump called claims of Russian interference “ridiculous.”

    Russia will not take this lying down.

    If the three members of Congress are successful in stirring up conflict, Russia has said they will take action against the US.

    Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova responded in a statement: “If Washington really does take new hostile steps, they will be answered.

    “Any action against Russian diplomatic missions in the US will immediately bounce back on US diplomats in Russia.”(source)

    The European Union still has sanctions in place against Russia for its 2014 annexation of the Crimea peninsula. Those sanctions target arms exporters, banks, and any individuals the EU blames for the invasion of Ukraine. According to the EU talking heads, the sanctions have exacted a hard economic toll on Russia, but the Russian government denies this emphatically.

    The current crew in DC seems intent on creating as many problems as they can for President-Elect Trump to inherit.

    Should we be worried about the Russians or our own government?

    As an un-named source told the BBC:

     “These are the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction”.

    When Lindsey Graham accuses the Russians of interfering around the world, it sounds a bit like the pot calling the kettle black, don’t you think?

    The US government seems to believe that they have the right to step into any arena they choose and that the world at large must accept it. But at the same time, they lecture other nations and impose sanctions, even when there is no proof of wrong-doing.

    You have to wonder what else is planned for the last 21 days before Trump takes office.

    This article was written by Daisy Luther and originally published at


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      1. Remember that it is not only obummer doing this crap but turds like Mckane and the rest of these fookers, they are all turds in the toilet bowl called DC

        • @ Nailbanger, do you or any of the other posters ever wonder just why and how that McCain ever got reelected in 2016 ? I personally do not believe that it was just a coincidence, that during the election, that one day Mc Cain is losing the election and the very next day he is winning the election . Something sure as heck smells awful fishy and stinks even worse. Ever wonder how Mc Cain keeps getting elected each and every time, yet at the very same time and IMHO,iam very,very sure that the voter’s in ARZ. are not that dumb or even that naïve not to know the type of person that Mc Cain is capable of being, especially from his past history while being in office ? IMHO,i truly believe that Mc Cain, just like Lindsey Graham and about99.99999999999999999999% of the rest of the politicians (on both sides Dem.& Rep.)in our American government are all bought and paid for by the Israel government, the lobbyist and the big Wall Street VIP’s and their Companies ? You can say what ever you want, but that is just my own personal opinion. As a VN veteran I used to respect John Mc Cain,but over time I have come to find out more and more the type of person that John Mc Cain really is and not the person who he is trying so very, very hard by deceiving people into believing that he is supposed to be. For that reason and that reason a lone, I have lost a lot of respect for the man and even more so as a Senator. To me he is not a veteran but just another war monger (war hawk)that he really is. He is just another Washington DC wolf in sheep’s clothing, so to speak.

      2. Where’s Cyndi Sheehan and the anti-war protesters when we need ’em?? Guess the same place the Occupy Wall Street types were when the Goldman Suchs candidate Hilary ran, or the feminists as Slick sexually assaulted over a dozen women.

      3. -Obama is a Traitor to America.
        -Obama-Hillary-NWO camp HATES America and the American people.
        -Obama should have been IMPEACHED and removed from office 6 years ago, mid way through his first term.
        -Obama issued a Fake Birth Certificate as his proof of citizenship. Obama was NEVER ELIGIBLE to hold the office of President. Sherif Joe Arpio can be trusted with his conclusions.
        -Obama is an EXTREME Threat to world Peace and Stability.
        -Obama is a Clear and Present DANGER to America’s National Security, as long as he occupies the office and poses as president.

        If Obama tries something stupid, I believe US Military Personnel will take charge of the situation.
        -Obama will NOT be Allowed to start WW III. Military will NOT follow his orders.
        -Obama is HATED by most of US military. Obama will NOT be obeyed.
        -Obama is hated by most sane people that Love America.
        -Obama is a vindictive psycho. Mentally and emotionally unstable. He is a threat to your family and world peace.
        -Obama will do as much damage as possible before leaving. He does not want to leave. But he will leave. ****Peacefully or by FORCE. But Obama will leave. No matter the nonsense he cooks up. Obama is OUT.

        Hillary LOST. Accept it or have Civil War.
        Donald J Trump is President of the not so United States of America.
        Obama is out in the streets shortly. SOONER the better.
        The US Media is a corrupt enabler of the TRAITOR Obama. I will NEVER forgive them. The US Media are Boycotted in my home.
        –I do NOT support TRAITORS.
        –I do NOT support those that do support TRAITORS, like the US “main stream” Media. COWARDS. TRAITORS.
        –I support advertisers on sites like this. Suggest you do the same.

        Hell is upon us. There is no time to rest. Prepare for the absolute worse imaginable. That is what the Obama-Hillary-NWO-Banker PSYCHOPATHS have worked towards. Their agenda might be slowed, but they NEVER give up. NEVER. They are SICK radicals out to destroy America and MURDER humanity with a Nuclear War. One day they will likely succeed. Prepare. Get out of USA as soon as possible.

        • Good Comment!! need more people who think like YOU!!

          • Beside taking out obama and his goons we need to take our mccain and graham, for wanting to start a war that we don’t need at this time. it would be the wrong move. our men need to get re-supplied. you would think that these post military men would now this– and to put our men at this kind of risk at this time is insane— their action tells me that they are part of the globalist and the un in taking over this country. we don’t need the likes of them.!!!!!!!!!

        • Excellent, New Sherif in Town!
          As you said, Obama was NEVER ELIGIBLE to hold the office of President.

          I might add that the reason he was allowed to occupy the Oval Office in the first place and never impeached, was because of the corrupt, criminal, COMPLICIT enablers dwelling in the putrid swamp of DC!!!

        • New-

          GREAT post and as far as I can tell, all true. People need to get ready for what is coming. Spiritually, Physically and Mentally.

          And this is all coming upon us because Gods people have not stood against it! Our inaction is what brought us to Obama and the rest of the vile leaders.

          I started to prepare when Obama came upon the scene, I know who he is. As for Me and my house, in 2017 we will step up our game plan on all 3 fronts.

        • New sherif——-Amen, thanks for saying what a lot of us are feeling

          • @russ,i also agree.

        • You all for got two things : obama was and is a Muslim. He swore in on the Koran behind white house doors before using the Bible in public. And he hide from everyone that he is a gay man married to a transgender. It is all on line so look it up for your selves. Funny how Joan Rivers turns up dead two days later after an interview stating this very thing.

        • I totally agree with New Sherif….but you left one thing out…Obama is a fag!

      4. Obama said he wanted to talk man to man about this …. so Putin told him ok, put Michelle on the phone

        • hahahah! you mean Michael his crossdresser lover

        • Oh, that is so funny Enemy of the State….you made me laugh and i can’t laugh cuz i got a bad cough and when i laugh i cough more…so funny! Good one!

        • @Enemy, I agree with your post and your comments, I enjoyed the way that you expressed your comments. Funny but true, how about this one ? Do you or any of the other posters think that maybe, just maybe that is the very same reason that HRC does not like Putin ? May be when HRC, tried talking to Putin, he told her the same thing” put a man on the phone or someone with some authority and with some knowledge of the subject matter, that is authorize to discuss these type of thing’s?

      5. Please Russia if you respond take out D.C. and leave the rest of us alone.

        I think Putin should meet Obullshit on a island in the Atlantic and have a boxing match. I would love to see that.

        Obullshit is trying to start something and Putin is taking the high road and not responding. Putin is smart he knows he has only 20 some days to put up with Obullshit’s shit.

        Only one thing worries me about all of this. If Putin isn’t responding. Will Obullshit pull off a False Flag??? I would put anything past this POS.
        Stay very frosty my friends. Because Obullshit could do something to get things very HOT.


        • Sarge, the ape-in-chief and his minions had better watch their steps. “Accidents” do still happen on occasion. Jan. 20th can’t get here soon enough. I don’t like the way things are looking either.

          • @ Braveheart, while I do agree with your post and your comments about “Accidents” do still happen, are you referring to the Clinton clan and anyone who crosses them or goes against their wishes ? Just like so many others before that has taken place? I do like the things that has been taken place either, but at the same time they do not surprise me either, knowing how some of the politicians operate. Oh, and by the way, while we are talking about Obama, do you or any of the other poster’s remember about Obama signing an executive order into law, just a couple of weeks before the “National election” that stated, who ever lost TPOTUS National election, would have to leave the country with in 24 hours after the winner was announced? Out of ALL the different web-sites that I have been on since the election and all of the different poster’s and their comments, i have yet to see or read about anyone commenting on it and I keep wondering why? IMHO,I believe that the only reason that Obama signed that Executive Order in the first place, is because him and 98.99999999% of the other American citizens, politicians and voters thought that HRC had already won the election and it was their way of trying to get TRUMP out of the country and out of their way. There are still 2 unanswered questions,(1)why is HRC still in this country ? (2)Why is NOBODY,yes nobody, even discussing it or even talking about it ? WHY ?

        • @ Sgt.Dale, while I do agree with your comments, I also believe this even more. I personally DO NOT believe every thing that the so called Western Media has been saying about Russia. IMHO, i believe that the whole Western Media is very, very bias toward both Putin and Russia, just like John Mc Cain and Lindsey Graham, plus there are other VIP politicians in our American government that are also very bias when it comes to Putin and Russia. Do not get me wrong, I am not saying that Putin or Russia either one are squeaky clean, but what I am saying is, I do not believe nor do i think that Putin or even Russia is/are as guilty of all of the many different things that the very bias Western Media, John Mc Cain, Lindsey Graham and other government VIP politicians are accusing them of doing. Think about it this way, the media, John Mc Cain, Lindsey Graham, HRC, the WH and the whole Dem. party has to come up with some kind of reasons, in order to get the American citizen’s and the American public to buy into this whole mess. Just like all of the other times that the American government, the WH,the (very bias) Western Media,the Washington DC politician’s,along with HRC and others that has either accused, lied, made up things and then used a lot of spin and propaganda to sell their “Fake News” to the American public ? Just how many other times has the Western Media,the government and its politicians have been caught spreading false rumor’s before ? So what makes this stuff that is being said about Putin and Russia any different? IMO and from the many different articials that I have read on many different web-sites and not just by posters or their comments either. The FBI,CIA and the DOJ, have ALL came forward in the last couple of years and they have all said the very same things and even agreed, that the biggest threat’s to the hacking into American government computer’s concerning files and docoments has been the so called “Good old Boy’s” and America’s so called best friend and allie the Israel government. That is not me saying these things, it is our own CIA,FBI and the DOJ, that are saying these things, but all you hear from the politicians, like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, HRC and Obama in Washington, it is always Putin and Russia (alone) that are doing all of these so called bad things to America, so where is their proof ? The CIA and the FBI keep saying it isn’t true, so my question is just who do you believe?

      6. I seldom agree with you, sgt, but you hit the nail on the head this time…



        • What a bunch of pansies! “Please Lord Putin, please leave us alone! It’s not us, we’re not to blame! It was those nasty people in DC – go nuke them.”

          You’re all a bunch of snivelling dementing cry babies – of course it was your fault! This crap happened on your watch!

          All political parties/classes are the same! They’re out to enslave you – Republicans, democrats, socialists, communists – they’re all the same! Different prisons, same masters. And you lot fall for the same lies every 4 years and stamp your feet like spoilt 4 year olds when, surprise, surprise, you find you’ve been lied to!

          Kruschev once said “The difference between the democrats and republicans is the blink of an eye.”
          You’re conveniently forgetting Putin was a senior communist party member!

          Nothing will change in January. You bunch of old people will still be whining though!

          • You are real tough guy Anon. Guess you can stand up to nuclear weapons? Right?
            Russia is a Nuclear State with ICBM capability. Do you get that?
            If there is a war, Russia will use their nukes. That is their doctrine. Read that again.

            Russia does not play at war like the USA does.
            No limited kills. No limited hills. No rules of engagement.
            Kill the enemy, that is rule. Destroy the enemy. That is rule.
            If you as a Russian soldier die. No worries. There are more.
            If a spetsnaz is injured/wounded during operation. He is killed by his own.
            If the commander does not kill injured man, then someone kills commander and the man. Men do not matter. Death does not matter. The mission is ALL that matters.
            Win the fight. Win the fight with every means available.

            If Russia loose half their cities. If Russia loose half their troops.
            They don’t care. As long as they win the fight.
            Read Russian history. Become an educated man instead of a blow hard putz hiding behind a keyboard running his mouth about things you know NOTHING about.

            By the way. Obama imported Russians into the USA. !0,000 troops last I was aware of.
            And these Russian special OPs have PERFECT American midwest flat accents when speaking english.

            Obama is a Traitor. These troops were in Colorado and Midwest. Colorado is home of NORAD and Air Space Command. Translation. Command and control of Nuclear Weapons.

            And Obama allowed these Russians into USA. Then he makes a show of kicking out diplomats. WAFJ. Fraud. Treason. Obama is America’s worst enemy. The enemy within. The traitor opening the borders. The traitor importing Muslims into Nebraska and other parts of USA.

            • Well put

      8. They absolutely are ready to pull off a false flag event. (Reichstag Fire….look it up). Blame it on either the Russians, or as Hitler did, his biggest enemy at the time, the Communists. (Obamas biggest enemy is the right wing, patriots, tea party, and trump). This is the most dangerous time America has ever faced. Never before in our history have we had an outright traitor as POTUS. We likely are on the brink of the apocalypse.!!!!

      9. Ain’t no war gonna get started over expelling Russian diplomats or placing sanctions on them. Here we go with more sky falling bullcrap. The Hawaiian tree limb swinger has got neither the kahunas nor the smarts to accomplish kickin’ off a fight.

        • Hopefully when he gets his dirty ass out of DC he’ll head out to California and some street cop will mistake his cell phone for a weapon and fill him full of lead.

          • Or get run over by the Rice-or-Roni streetcar

            • No. Obama in CA is most likely to be killed by another AfroAmerican.


          • PO’d Patriot, LOL! Good one. At least we can still dream and hope.

            • @Braveheart,could not agree more.

          • Last I heard was that Obama and family are planning to remain in DC so that the children can complete their education and graduate from high school. Don’t know the exact area in DC where they plan to move but there are some pricey neighborhoods in NW that they may deem suitable.

          • Hahahhaha….that is so funny!

        • Never underestimate your enemies. Never put anything past the poser pretend president O. O was radicalized against America by the founder of the Weather Underground. Do a wiki search on it.

          O is not an American, he is CIA-NWO-UN-Bankster-Anti American puppet.
          These traitors and O will do anything to remain in power.
          They will do anything to bring harm to America or destroy the American people.
          A long twenty days are ahead of us. God Speed.

          Pray for America. Pray for Safety and Security from the enemies within.
          There are factions within the US government at war with each other, within America.

          Pray for President Trump to bring Peace, for Donald Trump to find God of Jesus Christ. Only The Lord God of Jesus Christ can save you.
          Trump is only a man. Men fail. Men Lie, Deceive, Make Mistakes. Men let you down.
          God is your only hope. Put your Faith in God of Jesus Christ. Nothing else.
          Men in Foxholes are seldom atheist. You are in a serious situation now, so Pray.
          Have Faith. God is Hope. God’s will be done.

      10. Obama just put tanks on the border, inside Europe. The CFR appointees who tell Obama what to say are possibly going to nuke you and me. Take potassium Iodine/Iodide now. It is the most dangerous three weeks in human history. This is more volatile than the Bay of Pigs. Get your preps now. We could get nuked by our own government, our own ZOG, in another prelude to war. WW3 is in the making. The Banksters are playing all or nothing game. If you don’t believe they are ruthless enough to nuke us, then go to YouTube and watch “Hitler’s War, What The Historians Don’t Tell You” or “Hellstorm, The Bombing of Dresden” or “Hitler, The Greatest Story Never Told” or “Communism By The Back Door” or “The Secret Behind Communism” or …..


      11. I’m not surprised at all as this election hacking by the Russians is a false flag for Obama/ Clinton/ Progressives attempt to Start WWIII. Obama will DO ANTHING TO RETAIN PRESIDENCY. The CIA/Brennan is in cohorts and the illumination as well. I am praying they will fail as all Americans are facing a death penalty if they succeed . Martial law, FEMA camps, Mass murders may be our future. I am armed and will put up a hell of a fight. I’d rather die standing on my two legs rather than submit and live on my knees. We are in greater danger than we were during the Cuban Missle Crisis. Only moderation on Russia’s part will save this great country!

      12. Fukushima has reached the US West coast. US citizens are fooled as their government didn´t warn on this. Last summer there were warnings in Europe to stay indoors with windows closed. Same time there were nuclear bombs projected by NATO terrorists in Syria. Gaza has been white phosphored. The Twin towers were nuclear attacks. The Antartic scientist say all will be over in 2030. Whether Fukushima was intentially or not, the governments must know the danger has no frontiers. De-population programs, even through slow cancerigious economically beneficial by-products will some day hit home too. TiPP was a way to get toxic food sold around the globe. If they all know this, why the race about the wealthiest, the smartiest is still on? Why to persue a NWO? If we can all see the fatal danger of nuclear disaster, not through a coming war, but as an already existing Truth, we have all the rights around the Globe to fight to our most dignified and peaceful last generations on Planet Earth. All ego tripping is useless in the face of the non sellective disaster we will all face. Can we, the people be able to stop war? We are many. Anyhow its the End. Lets love and be wise. Nuclear disasters come home sooner or later. Its our INTERNATIONAL RIGHT to have a say on that. At least.

      13. Hi from South Africa to all you caring, patriotic Americans!
        Wishing you all and your country a stress free and prosperous future.
        South Africa and the US both have the same problem. A malicious Jew infestation that from behind the scenes tries to organize total Jewish control over everything while using their control over the mainstream news media to make the sheeple think everything else,including the race question and Russia, is the problem. The “Protocols of Zion” will widen anybody’s insight who have trouble understanding this.
        You had a traitor and felon running your country for the past eight years. Our deepest sympathy with you all.
        We had traitors like Flat Wheel de Klerk and Jacob Zuma brought to power in this country. De Klerk handed over to a convicted Communist terrorist and helped to steal 3000 tons of gold from state coffers. This Zuma had 800 (yes, eight hundred) pending cases of fraud against him when he was installed as president of the RSA, and they are still being postponed indefinitely. You can imagine what their regimes was like.
        It is in the interest of all patriots in all countries to pray for the wellbeing of the US of A and its people. May God bless all you true red, white and blue patriotic Americans.
        May America under mr. Trump become more Christian and greater than ever before!
        May America and Russia have everlasting peace and may we all benefit.

      14. Just read The Drudge Report about Hannity’s interview with Julian Assange. Good to know he’s still alive, and what he’s saying about Obama. Assange is saying, again, it is not Russia hacking the DNC and Podesta. He also states that Obama knows this and is trying to delegitimize Trump’s Presidency. Also stating again the obvious that everyone has been stating about no one has been saying it was lies, but trying to make everyone believe Russia did the hacking. This is probably what Trump meant when he said that he knew more than others did. And again here go the Democraps saying things about Trump that is really pertaining to themselves……the only illegal president here is Obama, the Kenyan. Obama was not born in these USA, and he is a communist, and he is a Muslim. It was one of their own from the DNC that was giving info to Assange.

        • I have always believed that Obama is a Communist and a Muslim yes you’re right.

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