Las Vegas Cover-Up Continues: Video Shows Three Extra Missing Windows On West Side Of The Mandalay Bay Hotel Around The 29th and 30th Floors

by | Oct 8, 2017 | Headline News | 97 comments

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    This report was originally published by Shepard Ambellas at Intellihub


    Video footage of the Mandalay Bay’s exterior captured the morning after the massacre proves that three windows on the west face of the building were knocked out in addition to the two windows the media reported to be broken in the shooter’s suite and the adjacent room.

    (INTELLIHUB) — Exclusive footage captured by Ruptly TV and uploaded to YouTube on Oct. 2 shows a detailed view of both the west, north, and east face of the Mandalay Bay, all of which have broken or missing windows.

    According to the official story, the alleged shooter, Stephen Paddock, 64, fired out of a window located on the north wall of his suite, room 32-135, and out of a window on the east wall in the adjacent joined-room onto the crowd at the Route 91 music festival, killing 58 people. And yes, both of these windows were reported by the media to be broken. However, there may be more to the story than meets the eye.

    In addition to the 2 broken windows on the north and east walls of the 32nd floor, 3 windows appear to be missing on the west wall.


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      1. Nope, Bull. Fake.

        • It was Colonel Mustard in the kitchen with the knife. There!, now we cattle should be satisfied and move on with our lives.

        • WHATDOESITMEAN,the truth is out,A CIA OPERATION,from start to finish,everyone involved was CIA,or russian mafia,maybe ISRAEL mafia too,BUT THE GOVERNMENT ADMITS,they knew about it a week before it happened,THE HERO’S in all the police gangs knew about it to,AND THESE FILTH ARE THE HERO’S OF AMERICA????

      2. Fake Video. I seen others with the windows in.

      3. How can one man do so much damage? Why did he do it? The official narrative just does not add up! The big smokescreen is ‘gun control’.

        • Sorry so long but worth the read. Dave Hodges at the Common Sense Show Nails this one.

          MGM’s Jim Murren and George Soros Are Co-Conspirators In the Mandalay Bay Massacre

          The parallels between the Gulf Oil Spill and the Mandalay Bay Massacre keep mounting by the moment. In the latest revelation, the facts are stating it is Peter Sutherland all over again. Further, this article will explore the emergence of two co-conspirators in the massacre. First, the Gulf Oil Spill parallels continue to mount.

          Peter Sutherland

          Who is Peter Sutherland? Many have asked if there was a central figure who coordinated this conspiracy of the Gulf Oil Spill? The answer is yes and the parallels to the Vegas event are stunning. It is a case of the globalists following the same basic script with only minor variations.

          Globalist named Peter Sutherland was the mastermind fof the Gulf Oil Spill false flag event. Peter Sutherland is an insider’s, insider. He is on the steering committee of the Bilderberg Group, he is an Honorary Chairman of the Trilateral Commission (2010-present), he was Chairman of the Trilateral Commission (Europe) (2001–2010) and Sutherland was Vice Chairman of the European Round Table of Industrialists (2006–2009). Sutherland was also the former head of the World Trade Organization and the related GATT. Sutherland is the ultimate insider.

          More to the point, from 1996-2009, Sutherland was the CEO of BP. In 2009, he resigned from BP and assumed a “non-executive” CEO position with Goldman Sachs, less than a year before the Gulf Event.

          Sutherland was in position to know how to manipulate this event and further, he would have been the one at Goldman Sachs who was in charge of the dumping of BP assets prior to explosion and to have orchestrated the cover-ups of Transocean and Halliburton. In short, Sutherland was moved to Goldman Sachs from BP so he could coordinate the operation and was in charge of stock-dumping prior to the Deepwater Horizon oil rig going up in flames. And all the co-conspirators from BP to Haliburton to Transocean to Goldman Sachs made a lot of money while advancing the globalist agenda. Andd where was the FBI and the SEC through all of this? Well they were in the same place that they are today, sitting on the sidelines trying to perpetuate the mytho of a lone-nut gunman in Vegas despite overwhelming odds.

          Jim Murren of MGM Resorts International Is the Modern Day Peter Sutherland

          MGM owns the Mandalay Bay Hotel. Murren is the CEO of MGM Resorts. And just like Peter Sutherland as well as the CEO of BP, Jim Murren, and their affiliated organizations dumped their stock in the weeks leading up the Mandalay Bay Massacre. As it was with the Gulf, this demonstrates clear foresight of what was to come.

          Does a CEO have a right to involve shareholders, employees or customers in his own personal and very radical politics? Jim Murren is affiliated with the darkest groups in America. Murren put MGM in business with an organization with ties to Islamic terrorism, namely, the Southern Poverty Law Center and its creation, Antifa.

          Yes, you read the above paragraph correctly. I just got off the phone with an ex-CIA operative, whom I have known for several years and he told me that Murren and colleagues are deep into Antifa (George Soros and the Southern Poverty Law Center). I have another ex-CIA operative, Robert Steele, coming on my show on Sunday evening who will be exploring these links more fully. Now we are finding that there is some documentation that is publicly available to support the allegation that Antifa is making good on its promise to start an American civil war. Further, seven full hours before I went on the air last Sunday evening, I was told by a source that Antifa had joined forces with MS-13 and ISIS. I produced a podcast about this affiliation. Now, it is clear that this association and planned actions are much further along than what I was told. ANTIFA IS BEHIND THE MASSACRE IN VEGAS. And one man, that we can identify to date, knew what was coming and his actions with dumping his stock and his political affiliations make him the modern-day Peter Sutherland.

          CEO Jim Murren has previouysly announced that his MGM company (and therefore) donations to extreme leftist groups, some contributed by controversial radical Marxist George Soros. Of course it is an established fact that when one identifies the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), we are talking hard core radicalism and GEORGE SOROS. SPLC lists Americans who have questioned or criticized radical Islam as hate groups in an America that has been turned upside down.

          The following revelation will no doubt come out in a very public manner. Please consider the following:

          More Proof of the Complicity of Murren Who Has Surfaced as a George Soros Stooge

          As I said yesterday, very soon, the Independent Media will catch up with I am being told behind the scenes. Consider the following from Townhall in a stunning report that could have been and possibly was authored by one of my sources:

          “Jim Murren is donating MGM shareholder money to CAIR. They were named by the Justice Dept. as “an unindicted co-conspirator to Muslim terrorism.”

          The FBI produced charts showing CAIR was created to support the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas.

          CAIR advises Muslims not to cooperate with the FBI. Many CAIR officials and associates have been convicted on jihad terror charges.

          But don’t take my word for it. Liberal Democrat Senator Charles Shumer said, “CAIR has ties to terrorism and intimate links with Hamas.”

          There Is More

          Although this has not surfaced yet in the Independent Media, I have information from the same source that the FBI is in stand-down mode, as is Homeland Security, with regard to a similar action which will take place in early November in Times Square where the loss of life will be even more horrific. I want to be clear that I am not making a prediction, I am repeating what I was told and this source has already been proven to be correct. I called this association between these radical groups six days ago BEFORE the massacre.

          The association for the Vegas Massacre is George Soros-Antifa-MS-13-ISIS. And of course as we all know ISIS has repeatedly taken credit. In addition, DHS was conducting an active shooting drill in Vegas last weekend. How many times have we seen a “snap drill” go public? Well, we can name the London Subway bombing, 9/11, and the Boston Marathon bombing just to name a few. And of course many will remember the articles I wrote which were criticizing Obama for appointing several radicalized Muslims, with clear Muslim Brotherhood associations, to DHS. This is how these criminals are getting away with a mass murder and only the patsy gets blamed.

          Oh, did I mention that Murren is on the DHS Security Council? He gives money to SPLC AND Antifa. He is a known gun runner and this started back in 2006. These revelations about the modern day Peter Sutherland, Jim Murren, will be revealed in the Independent Media in the near future.

          Ask yourself a question, why do you think Google is banning all videos that don’t promote the official Vegas narrative?


          There is no conclusion at this point. The Independent Media is just getting warmed up. My hope, by listing Times Square as the next target, this will cause these radicals to pull back. However, we living what I predicted a year ago. We are witnessing a TET Offensive of terrorism that has inside help and the cooperation of many or our nation’s Benedict Arnolds’. There will be many more revelations that are more shocking than what is revealed here. One teaser, Murren has very close ties to an ex-President.

          Link: ht tp://

          • While I listen and read Dave Hodges occasionally, and do believe his heart is in the right place, he has built his business on fear porn that makes Alex Jones mainstream. Hodges has been wrong on more of his content than anyone else in Alternative Media.

            Remember Jade Helm 15? He built some incredible steam leading up to those drills, and while they did occur, the outcome was nothing even remotely near what he claimed. And without missing a beat or reflecting on his erroneous conclusions, he moves on to the next one without skipping a beat.

            I don’t think Youtube should ban or censor him, he has his right to make any claims he wants, and anyone should have the right to believe them. Thats not my point. I’m just saying that when he comes out with secret “sources” and repeats their sensational and alleged claims, we should hold him accountable in the future through our reactions to what he peddles.

            • I agree with your analysis of Hodge’s warnings. However, is it possible that his broadcasting of these alleged plans may have caused them to be changed?

              It seems that the ones that blindside us are the ones that we are never warned about. Some of these false flags are as tight as a tick on a dog – very compartmentalized.

              We have a rough road ahead of us and we need to be singing off the same sheet of music if we are going to defeat these neo-Bolsheviks. We also need to be wary because every pro-America movement gets infiltrated by these psychopaths, be they antifa or jihadis or drug thugs.

              • BTW, when was the last time you ever heard of the FBI solving a crime and disclosing the ALL facts, not just their neo-con/globalist claptrap?

                Remember, for 8 years the previous administration salted every government agency with Muslim Brotherhood and other anarchist groups. If you think our government is here for We the People, there a bridge I would like to sell you.

          • :yawn:

          • This is pure bull. This is an Active Shooter Drill and nothing more. They want us all scared and worrying when the next attack is going to be. Calm down already!

        • Rule No. 1

          Repeat: It makes absolutely NO SENSE for Paddock having all those weapons in his room. None whatsoever. Maybe 2, maybe 3, in case of weapons failure. Not 23 weapons, or whatever the official count is now. Why would he take the chance in transporting all those weapons into his room over a few days, if all he was going to do was be a “Lone Wolf” gun-man, shooting from the 32nd floor, into the crowded concert grounds?

          Continue: It makes ZERO sense. And I am extremely dubious about the claim that Paddock set up a bunch of Security Cams… THAT WEREN’T WORKING, as they claim. Now, why else would someone want Security Cams? Maybe the f**king FBI/Intel? Why else would someone want a 2nd room? Maybe the f**king FBI/Intel? Can you think of any reason AT ALL why the FBI/Intel would want Cam’s and a 2nd room? It is not quantum physics folks.

          All the “evidence” points to “normal guy”. But wait! Leak after leak after leak are now telling us he was not just a “normal guy”! He was CRAZY. He had RAPE FANTASIES with PROSTITUTES. He would lay in bed SCREAMING and MOANING. He was on a sedative-hypnotic drug called Diazepam. He talks to IMAGINARY people. He had a SECRET life.


          Tactical Misdirection. Deception.

          • All that information is hearsay. Show us the hard facts. Until then, those putting out these claims are liars.

      4. Obviously the truth is shocking. I think it will like in the next few weeks.

      5. Seriously? That video is your evidence?

        Was this guy in a suite that took up the whole floor? So how does he break out windows in rooms unconnected to his WITHOUT THE FUCKING HOTEL NOTICING?

        If he had an accomplice firing from other windows than in his suite, then how come no mention of any reports of shots fired from those windows, or reports of debris left in those rooms?

        This is bullcrap. Stop with the clickbait nonsense.

        • Anyone with any firearms experience can tell several things by listening to the numerous videos floating around. There was more than one shooter. There were weapons of more than one caliber. The automatic fire was not from an AR with a bump stock. The rhythm of the fire was too smooth. It is hard to find and keep that rhythm with a bump stock for any period of time. Plus, it only takes a few seconds to fire a hundred rounds (largest magazine available) in full auto mode, assuming the feed of the magazine is reliable. He would then have to either change weapons or magazines. Firing an AR, AK or SKS in full auto mode for any period of time is going to cause a red hot barrel. I know, I accidentally grabbed a barrel after firing less than 50 rounds on semi-auto. The concert was at or close to the max range for an AR, AK or SKS. Yes, the shooter(s) was shooting fish in a barrel, but 4 to 5 hundred yards is a long shot for either weapon. The bullet loses a lot of velocity at that range (especially if you are using .223 Wal-Mart ammo) and has a lot of drop. Plus, we still have not been told what caliber rounds they found in the victims. We also have not been told how many were injured by gunfire and how many were injured by the stampede. Believe what you want. It’s a free country. My belief is we are not getting the truth from the “official” story and probably never will.

        • You fail to understand the nature of conspiracy theories.

        • I read another article that said the windows were removable for cleaning( which makes sense), so if one knew how to take it out, no need to break it.

          • There are no high rise windows made to be removable just for cleaning.

            OSHA and other regulations would prohibit it and it is unlikely anyone would put out that amount of specialized labor to do it that way when stages and ropes make it a much cheaper process.

          • I read that these windows are removable/replaceable from inside. From a construction/maintenence standpoint, it makes no sense at all to require removal from outside. It would cost a fortune to replace one bad window.

        • Look closely at the video. The windows are in @37 second mark.

        • Why would they tell us the truth? I’m not saying anything except that maybe they are lying to us. There could have been multiple shooters & they the MSM wouldn’t tell us.
          Watch the movie American Made & listen for the Clinton reference. Makes things more clear now doesn’t it. See the film. It’ll explain a lot. There’s a reason it is as released now.

      6. Calls from police to dispatch reacting to the shooting said they were in route to the 29th floor and the 32nd floor. Also said a security guard was shot in the leg.

        • I’d like to hear recordings of those calls, along with all the others made at nearly the same time before and after.

        • Yeah, a security that was released from the hospital with out removing the bullet. If he had been shot by any of those guns his leg would be gone.

          Active Shooter Drill people. Even people that do not believe in conspiracies are catching on.

      7. There were vidios of rifle flashes from three different locations! But with our not let anything out news it will be covered up. But Superman was able to shoot by himself all three locations!

      8. Hilary Clinton, the Democrats, the MSM, and the “Powers That Be” (George Soros) want to take it all. They obsess about this gun control. They plan. They contrive. They take out front page editorials on the “New York Times.” Guns, in the hands of civilians are not part of their one-world, one-country, globalist world. Neither is legal immigration, Constitutions, Bill of Rights, Second Amendments, or any amendments of any kind.

        They staged these “worst mass-shootings.” They staged Las Vegas.

        They are blaming it all on the “bump stock,” something practically everybody did not know about until Las Vegas. Why? Because it is something attached to only weapon legally available to American Citizens since 1937 — in the form of the “Assault Rifle” AR-15 — and the weapon these people hate, hate, HATE the most.

        The “bump stock” is a toy, made out of toy-like material — plastic. It wouldn’t hold-up for 5-minutes on a real battlefield. The “bump stocks only works for as long as your finger holds out.

        Funny how the “worst mass-shooting in U.S. history” just happened to take place when this “silencer” bill was about to come to a vote.

        I think we can expand the circle of “Suicide by Hillary Clinton” to include despicable and deplorable Country Western Music and Country Western music concert-goers who are gun-lovers, and Trump supporters.

        You got to hand it to Hillary. No messing around in Las Vegas. Her operatives showed-up with machine guns. But we are supposed to believe that it was the AR-15, again. What’s next if they don’t get their way? M1A1 tanks? Bazookas? Hellfire Missiles? Maybe a tactical nuke?

        Even before the dead and wounded were counted, Hillary Clinton, the Democrats, and their operatives (like MSM, the “New York Times” and the “Washington Post” and CBS), are back right back pushing gun control and bump stock bans. They are going to get the silencers, too. They are going to get it all. Not bad for exploiting a mass-shooting for your own agenda.

        These people are compete sociopaths. They have no pride and no shame. Why do you think it is always the innocents dying?

        If I could say one thing to all these mass-shooters out there: Please. In the future, please think about having these mass-shootings in Washington, DC. Face your tormentors. Leave the rest of the country alone.

      9. Many reports were made of shots fired in other casinos during the main event, Bellagio, New York New York and at least one other.

        • Nut no reports of casualties in any of them.

          If they were true, you would expect at least one casualty.

        • I live in Vegas. We all know it was more than one shooter

        • The people saying that are young people with cell phone video. I checked the websites for those hotels and no mention of trouble. Checked with Vegas PD they denied their was trouble at other hotels.

          Only explanation is that this was an Active Shooter Drill.

        i don’t know about all that, but i DO remember cnBS had a special a couple years ago called “america’s gun: the rise of the ar15″…..right there in the title, they say all that needs to be said….it’s AMERICA(ns) gun…’s easy to shoot, very little recoil, accurate, easy to get parts for…..LEAVE MY FUKEN GUN ALONE! it’s our favorite gun, and you won’t…..nor should you WANT, to take it away.

      11. SWAT team enters Tropicana after Las Vegas Strip shooting




      12. Gun owners had better continue stocking up on what they need and ASAP. No question this was a false-flag. Just when we thought the 2A was safe for awhile an incident like this takes place, you hear the usual BS from the anti-gun crowd, and even Trump becomes open to the idea of gun control. Looks like gun dealers’ business is about to increase again. Gun show in my area Oct. 14-15 so I’ll be stocking up.

      13. Where’s all the blood?

      14. The many rifles found in the shooters suite gives plausible deniability to a multiple shooters theory from gaining traction. Broken windows seldom do. Follow who took and what happens to the evidence. Ballistics has seldom been more at play. I was alive to witness 1963. No more magic bullets.

        • I remember too where I was on that day. In High School in a drafting class when it was announced to the class. LHO was just a patsy.

        • Twenty three rifles they say. Even if you were worried about accuracy from barrel warp due to mod full auto, why the other twenty rifles? Is a limit on guns owned in the works? Anyone here know what the other rifles were?

      15. So many false leads to keep the conspiracy theorists running around in circles like ants. PLEASE people take a breath. Yes, there were very few shell casings on the floor of the hotel room. YES the whole thing looks staged. That doesn’t mean Soros was behind the whole thing. CEO’s don’t massacre people for stocks. They don’t want to spend the rest of their sorryass soft as dumpling lives in federal prison. They care about themselves most of all.

        Let everything come out in time. Scared white folks just don’t want to believe another frightened white guy would go over the edge. Lots of mentally ill people out there (Aurora, Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech). Mix mental illness, psychotic drugs and lots of guns you get DEATH.

        There are not Men in Black behind every door. Just dust and emptiness ….

        • There was a story about the hooker he often Used as an escort in Vegas who said they drank and gambled. His hair cutter said he often smelled of alcohol, the casino he stayed in said he didn’t drink? Huh! No two parties in this can get straight stories.

          This stinks of deep state.

        • Sandy Hook did not happen as advertised. Too many inconsistencies, starting with 26 killed and 0 wounded. What are the odds against THAT? Police shoot people at very close range all the time, and most don’t die. The school closed and then bulldozed? Never heard any more about the guy in camo pants the cops had spread-eagled on the ground in the woods near the school. A news chopper got it on video. On camera threats against anyone questioning the official story. It goes on and on…

        • Or it was an Active Shooter Drill and this guy is sitting the Bahamas with his Asian girlfriend laughing his ass off right now along with all of the Crisis Actors.

      16. CSS:
        Thanks for the article. Where did you find it?
        I have followed all the credible news about Goooggle, Mussy Brohood, CAIR,
        Georgie $oreass, Acorn (Antifa), and all communists connected to NWO since
        before the Arahab Spring…before 2001… before our first muslim president 1998.
        Before 1996 when Illinois had a Gay Bathouse muslim senator who was
        illegally “organizing” and campaining in Kenya trying to overthrow the election
        there for a Sharia loving Communist to get elected.
        Once elected as our president, Obozo installed communist, czars, spy’s, gun runners,
        representatives, and agitators throughout our gov.
        And has yet to be imprisoned for anything anti American, treasonist activities.

      17. You can’t see it, but I am showing my “shocked” face, not really.

        the stage and people were 400 yards away and this guy with no training was hitting it well.

        as any army trained vet as most all of them, shot 400 yard targets in training and 300 yards is not an easy shot; but this guy was accurate at 400 yards to just hit people ?

        not buying it.

        something smells bad.

        • It was spray and pray.

        • Lena, I have long maintained that “The NWO can be eliminated overnight and at 500 yards”, because as a Marine Corp Recruit at the rifle range, I consistently and repeatedly shot pinwheels at 300 and 500 yards with the iron sights of an M-14.

          So much so in fact, that a number of officers and NCO’s were watching me. My DI came over to me on the 500 yard line and asked to see my weapon.

          I handed it to him and he inspected it, then he set the butt down on the ground next to me and spun the windage knob, while saying quietly under his breath so only I could hear:

          “Many more of these bulls eyes (his favorite name for me) and the Marine Corp will give you a sniper rifle and send you out into the jungle on your own.”

          I only hit one other bulls eye after that as it took me a number of additional rounds to readjust the weapon; and only received a sharpshooters medal rather than the expert badge. I had never shot anything more than a BB gun before the Marine Corp Rifle Range. BTW the Sharpshooters Badge was much better looking than the Expert Medal so I didn’t mind too much.

          That said, with today’s technology I have no doubt that he could EASILY do what he did. And if there are no rifle ranges with evidence of his visits to practice, there is still the open desert, and lots of it in Nevada. 🙁

        • When I drive to my sons house, the light before his turn is on a grassy knoll 1500 yards, just under a mile away. Sitting at that light I can barely see the light at his turn, yet I know most trained snipers could shoot the bulb out on that stoplight. When I arrived at college the ROTC opened the range to freshmen, ten best shots wins a prize. I not only won, I broke the rifle teams record best score, a perfect 100 without even using a sling. I won free lunch. So yes, I agree on some of the points.

          I’m aware of this guys attempt to hit the fuel tanks, to try to make them explode. He apparently only hit the tank 3 times and only one round penetrated. They say he had tracer rounds, but didn’t use them in the tank attack. I smell amateur.

          That said, this guy just sprayed a tightly packed crowd with rapid fire. We still don’t know the type of weapon used, or the count of used brass. I’m thinking any idiot could done as well. Listening to audio of the attack, there were long pauses when stitching magazines or weapons. It smells of he was poorly regulated.

        • Lena,

          I was thinking the same. It is not easy to shoot to kill and maim so many people from that distance and that height even with sniper scopes and high powered guns! Something does not meet the smell test.

          Louisiana Eagle ?

        • I assume that when you mean it’s not easy you are talking an Ivan the Terrible man silhouette at 400 meters? Because the target area he was shooting at was the size of a football field. It was packed with living human beings, who instantly lay down on the ground thinking that it was close in fire. As you have trained yourself, get low, get down, become the ground. However from his elevated position all the crowd managed to do was carpet his target area. He did not need to aim just get rounds down there. I want it to be multiple shooters too, unfortunately I still think that it is possible that he could have acted alone. One man in a target rich environment using a (Idon’t care about the terms, bumpfire fullauto whiffle bat whatever), can take down many. There are millions of graves overseas that can attest to superior firepower and what it does to opposing forces. In the first battle of the Somme there was over 50 000 casualties in the first 20 minutes. The damned British officers made the men march in line right into enemy fire. If memory serves me correctly the German wounded could be counted on two hands. Simply because one side used machine guns and the other were retarded.

      18. UK, the only way you’re getting out of the EU is when you send in your military and destroy Brussels and capture the EU leadership and force them to sign Declaration of Surrender. Until then, you are slaves to the richest elite on the planet.

        • Owch!

      19. So looks like our “fearless” leaders have caved again…..!!

        This one (HR38) is a lot more important to “ALL” gun owners (D or R) that do any state to state traveling than some bump stock BS.

        My 2 main issues are “national reciprocity”, and “hearing protection act”, that’s it. Lets get it done Republicans, stop bending, there will always be yet another “incident” that will and can be used to attempt to create more idiot laws to turn normal tax paying people into instant felons, and that will end up creating more SHTF stuff down the road if it continues.

        Self defense is a normal reaction to adverse or aggressive conditions, weather animal or human. We (humans) just don’t have the claws, fangs,stings or poison skins that they have with then at ” all times” .

        We (humans) have to develop other means to protect our endow-skeletal soft tissue bodies. So why should this “privilege” “only” be for those that posses badges. Or per this Kane, even for “retired” LEO here in VA. I guess he felt the retired military, that contribute a hell of a lot of state support and wore a uniform for 20 to 30 years weren’t worth considering in that bill.

      20. I read that Google, Youtube, Facebook and others are removing content that disagrees with the official narrative in the Vegas incident. Another lone gunman gone berserk is now cemented and no other analysis will be given consideration. Wash, rinse and repeat. What are you some kind of wacky conspiracy theorist. It works every time. One thing is certain, most if not all mass murders were committed by people on big pharma drugs, that has been established. Of course the msm never mention that truth, in fact they only go out of their way to hide it. Top down tyranny with every angle covered to prevent truth being exposed. The perps have big laughs among themselves at the gullible public pathetic powerless citizens who go along like sheep in a crowded corral

      21. Rule No. 1

        It makes absolutely NO SENSE for Paddock having all those weapons in his room. None whatsoever. Maybe 2, maybe 3, in case of weapons failure. Not 23 weapons, or whatever the official count is now. Why would he take the chance in transporting all those weapons into his room over a few days, if all he was going to do was be a “Lone Wolf” gun-man, shooting from the 32nd floor, into the crowded concert grounds?

        It makes ZERO sense. And I am extremely dubious about the claim that Paddock set up a bunch of Security Cams… THAT WEREN’T WORKING, as they claim. Now, why else would someone want Security Cams? Maybe the f**king FBI? Why else would someone want a 2nd room? Maybe the f**king FBI? Can you think of any reason AT ALL why the FBI would want Cam’s and a 2nd room? It is not quantum physics folks.

        All the “evidence” points to “normal guy”. But wait! Leak after leak after leak are now telling us he was not just a “normal guy”! THAT IS CALLED BURNING YOUR ASSET.

        Why would you BURN your asset folks?

        Pay attention folks. They are burning their asset and misdirecting.

        • Actually it makes perfect sense he went back and forth between Windows and just swapped out rifles. Sometimes a minute between Burt’s. This guy was a sick f*** and highly intelligent. Unless the casinos are lying he made quite a good living playing video poke. It can be done but takes discipline.

        • It makes perfect sense if he believed so strongly in gun control that he would kill himself to make a statement that would horrify the world so much. He did not need that many guns, you know, I know =, everyone knows it. And all the guns laid out like some movie directors idea of an arsenal ready for battle. I did not see mags stacked deep or even one single charger. The 72 minutes waiting bothers me, even the police must have been asking themselves WTF? this is too cut and dried. Ask yourself this though, IF, If this guy was Antifa or really a Never Trump guy, is it smart for the police to tell everyone that Yes the snowflakes are gunning up to get you? Nothing good will come from this no matter how you look at it, one way the country will burn, the other it will smoulder.

      22. Wow we really wound ol’ hcks right up lol.

        Hcks , if I may, your not being attacked some of us have different opinions it doesn’t mean we’re trolls agency ass clowns ect. You get yourself I’m trouble here because you go too far with your insults. Calling people stupid , not cool.
        I’ve had people attack me on here and you know what if you don’t respond NEITHER DO THEY.
        And your niburu retoric coupled with date setting……
        We’ve all tried to treat you with respect but when asked the simplest of questions you turn all snowflake and start calling us trolls.
        Like “what is your scientist buddy’s field of expertise?
        And then there is your grandstanding
        About how your an expert martial artist bodybuilder business man and all around saviour of our women.
        Your constant my being stalked by foreign agents that openly threaten you.
        Now if your going to flap off about such things be prepared to answer questions respectfully smearing your posts with profanity and insulting some of our longer posters is Not the way to make friends and or influence people.
        Don’t get me wrong I personally come back here and your posts are the ones I look for first just don’t be so combative.
        Tips and hints for you
        1.) Ignore the attacks do not respond
        2.) Stop setting dates for disasters
        3.) Stop swearing so much
        4.) Stop attacking people.
        5.) Add constructively to the thread
        6.) Stop puffing out your chest
        7.) Learn to bite your tounge (french spelling)
        We all know your not really leaving this site it’s your only escape it’s your crack you can’t leave this site anymore then you can stop breathing air so stop threating to leave and the last time I saw someone ask for a popularity vote I think I was in grade 5-6 (do you like me check this box.
        When you do stuff like that it makes you look weak and weakness getts attacked that’s a hard and fast rule in all of nature.

        • ab… a very heartfelt, honest well put together note…the only thing your not correct about is it was 4th grade…do ya love me do ya want to be my friend…

        • Angry Asshole: Who made you King Shit on Turn Island?

        • AB,
          HCKS isn’t even here and you are still trolling him.

          Yes, everyone else sees your bullying.

          • PTPO, I don’t think Ab was trolling. He’s spot on about HCKS. I never even believed everything HCKS was saying.

      23. Angry Beaver, AMEN. You said it much better than I would have. I didn’t have any problem with HCKS until he attacked one of the oldest and I consider most respected posters here. HCKS destroyed his own credibility with the very things you mentioned. I never really accepted EVERYTHING he said. We’ll see if he comes back. I’ve already decided to stop getting into ‘pissing contests’ with the people who attack me. Let them believe what they will. I don’t owe them anything. I know I speak the truth and that’s all that matters. No one is driving me away from here.

      24. California Hepatitis A Outbreak on Verge of Statewide Epidemic

        “The California hepatitis A outbreak is on the verge of reaching statewide epidemic status, as cases have spread through homeless tent cities from San Diego north to Sacramento.

        California health officials have reported that at least 569 people have been infected with the hepatitis A liver disease and 17 have died since a San Diego County outbreak was first identified in November. Cases have migrated north to homeless populations in Los Angeles, Santa Cruz, San Francisco and Sacramento over the last 11 months.”

        “The highly-contagious hepatitis A outbreak may have taken root because of the City of San Diego’s efforts in the run-up to Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game held at Petco Park in July 2016 to push the homeless, and the rampant drug and prostitution trade among them, out of the downtown tourist venues.

        Those effort included locking public bathrooms and essentially relocating the homeless to the congested tent city encampments that stretch for blocks east of downtown near freeway onramps.”

        ht tp://

        • Also check out this other article: Planning war against white males, FBI or any other fed agency? NOT a smart thing to do.

      25. This may have been covered here if so I apologize for posting it. A black on white hate crime. Why is this not on the news? And why is no one talking about it?

      26. if somebody was going to do a false flag operation to get the gun control debate kickstarted JUST IN TIME FOR MIDTERM ELECTIONS it wouldnt look significantly different than this:

        the bump fire stocks

        the ultra high capacity mags

        the dozens of semiautomatic rifles

        the thousands of rounds of ammo

        the tannerite

        its got all the hot button items the democrats demonize in one event

        • SA,

          Agreed. I am thinking all this gun control stuff may be a smokescreen for something even more sinister. The points you made about the issues for gun control are just too obvious. Something has gone awry. Something aweful is happening!

          Louisiana Eagle ?

      27. Sound awake, they want to ban everything related to guns even if it means banning items one at a time. I’m not giving up anything. I don’t care what bills they pass. It’s all null and void to me.

      28. I got to my gun show this weekend, I heard few conversations about Vegas, but those I did hear were suble, people just shaking their head over the stupidity.

        I actually saw bump stocks for sale, usually for sale between $125 to $150, the two guys selling them wanted $700 each. Ouch! I looked early and late and they actually sold one or two at that price. Some people just need that forbidden fruit, and for no other reason than it’s forbidden.

        I spent the day there. Sales were brisk, the philly steak and cheese was to die for, but sales weren’t crazy like some years when Obama was emperor. Show management were talking to vendors about keeping it open an extra hour.

        There were no shortages of anything. During the Obama years pistol reloading powder was unobtainium, and I never saw a functional reloading press for sale. Not a problem. Lots of powder, 22LR and even some well worn reloading presses and supplies.

        Aside from the bump-stocks I saw no price gouging. In fact prices of AR’s, 22LR ammo and reloading powder were quite good.

        I saw a record number of African Americans, and they were there to buy. A few seemed a bit angry in a creepy way? Most people at the show were relaxed easy to talk to, friendly and very polite. I really enjoy gun shows, nice people. I relay got a lot of good vibes. Moral was several points higher than when Obama was emperor.

        I picked up a couple goodies. My best find at the show I think, was a single use suture stapler and a suture staple remover for my prepper med kit. A suture stapler is the easiest most painless way to quickly close a gaping wound that requires stitches, and a suture stapler does not require a prescription, but you should watch a video or two on how to use it if you buy one.

        • PTPO, there’s a gun show in my area next weekend. At the top of my list is some 9mm and 12-ga. ammo. A few more pieces of gun cleaning supplies won’t hurt either.

        • saw 22lr at walmart yesterday …550 rounds of federal for 22$…..that’s 4.1 cents a round. i asked if there was still a limit? nope….i got about 100 boxes, how many do you want?….22lr is back, and it will be LESS Than 4 cents a round SOON!

      29. I like this video as there is so much to learn from this Thanks for sharing this

      30. Im certain the 5 million in one year in gambling profits is a lie. So why should I believe anything of the official story? Like I have stated before. Don’t believe anything you see on TV & on the internet and read in newspapers. and only 1/2 of what you see first hand with your very own eyes. DTA don’t trust anyone.

      31. Never believe what you hear from the media or the government.

      32. Is a window also missing from the middle section of Hotel?

      33. Now I’ve seen comments that no victims were taken to hospitals and it was a mass casualty drill. Soon we will have the theories including the “crisis actors.” The “alternative media” is now worse than CNN & Fox.


      34. All that drone footage of the crowd and not one operator thought …. hmmm maybe I’ll zoom the 32nd floor and see who the fk is cracking off rounds? ….yeah right

      35. Mac, why am I still in moderation from yesterday? All I’ve done is change my email account.

        • Sorry, I couldn’t get to a computer yesterday!

      36. Some folks in one of the Casinos claimed they saw a ‘security guard’ being chased by other security guards down a hallway.

      37. Nomadic;
        It was too dark. Shooters only in shadows.
        Pretty sure shooter(s) were hit men for CIA ops promoted by MGM,…G. Soreass, Hitlery,
        Illegitimate (x-pres), also, (“aided” by some jihadi mooslimes) to pass gun control and eliminate the Constitution, so the NWO communits can then over-take this “disarmed,” drugged up country. These communists are already systematically poisoning our food, water, and air with chemicals. Once disarmed, they will have complete control of every Powerless American. They will then genocide the usless unproductive eaters. They are now the “Slave Masters.”
        Game over!!

        • htt tps://

      38. Just found out MGM stocks owned by Soreass was sold several days before the murders.
        He was selling before the murders. MGM will no doubt hit poverty level. Who tipped him off?
        Insider trading? You bet. Every day.
        It is noted that CAIR (the terrorist’s of M.E.) are funding terrorisum with CASINO money.
        Where the he!! are these FBI agencies working, and for whom? This is not new news.
        They say “we have no reason for the murders”. The reasons are, “Wall Street insider traders” making billions dumping and buying stocks, controlling the market. Additional bonus is…..getting rid of white, republican, Trump supporters, while ramping up support of muslim terrorist’s to invest in MGM.
        No wonder they are isolating Trump from outside contacts and news!! Those commies don’t even hide the fact.

      39. Only those in the know know. And they are not telling.

      40. It’s pretty obvious the gun shots heard in the many videos are from multiple different types of weapons.
        The report of a belt feed weapon is very distinctive in the vidoes and it doesn’t match the slide fire stock narrative.
        Is it possible the people involved in this were shooting blanks?
        And why no mention of night vision or thermal optics?
        Why did the suspected shooter wait until night time to shoot when he had better visibility earlier in the day?
        I have only seen one video that shows victims dead or injured, but the person filming is careful not to let the viewer see too much of anything.
        The film was recorded in portrait mode and the camera is kept pointed towards the ground.
        In an age where everyone carries smartphones capable of recording HD video the videos shown do not make sense.
        In one video there is a guy standing and panning his smartphone filming everything. I have not seen this video uploaded yet.
        And how does a guy carry loads of weapons and ammo up to his hotel room in Las Vegas known for high surveillance security?
        I believe this incident will never be officially solved just like 9-11, Sandy Hook, and Aurora.
        The people behind this don’t want anyone to be sure of anything. And the information overload of the now extremely popular truth movement may be part of the PSYOPS to keep people searching in different directions.

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