Large Cities All Over America Are Degenerating Into Gang-Infested War Zones

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    Large Cities All Over America Are Degenerating Into Gang-Infested War ZonesLarge U.S. cities that the rest of the world used to look at in envy are now being transformed into gang-infested hellholes with skyrocketing crime rates.  Cities such as Chicago, Detroit, Camden, East St. Louis, New Orleans and Oakland were once bustling with economic activity, but as industry has fled those communities poverty has exploded and so has criminal activity.  Meanwhile, financial problems have caused all of those cities to significantly reduce their police forces.  Sadly, this same pattern is being repeated in hundreds of communities all over the nation.  The mainstream media loves to focus on mass shooters such as Adam Lanza, but the reality is that gang violence is a far greater problem in the United States than mass shooters ever will be.  There are approximately 1.4 million gang members living in America today according to the FBI.  That number has shot up by a whopping 40 percent just since 2009.  There are several factors fueling this trend.  Unemployment among our young people is at an epidemic level, about one out of every three U.S. children lives in a home without a father, and there are millions of young men who have come into this country illegally and have no way to legally support themselves once they arrive in our cities.  Gangs provide a support system, a feeling of “community”, and a sense of purpose for many young people.  Unfortunately, most of these gangs use violence and crime to achieve their goals, and they are taking over communities all over America.  If your community is not a gang-infested war zone yet, you should consider yourself to be very fortunate.  If nothing is done about this, the violence and the crime that is fueled by these gangs will continue to spread, and eventually nearly every single community in the United States will be affected by it.

    Let’s take a closer look at some of the large cities all over America that are degenerating into gang-infested war zones…

    East St. Louis

    East St. Louis has a national reputation for being a city that you want to avoid.  The following is from a recent Bloomberg article about the growing crime in that community…

    Dodging open manholes where thieves had swiped cast-iron covers, Stephen Wigginton drives the crumbling streets of his hometown, East St. Louis, Illinois, pointing out new landmarks in America’s most violent city.

    There’s the shopping mall where a police officer was shot in the face, a youth center that saw a triple homicide in September, and scattered about the city of 27,000 are brightly lit gas stations that serve as magnets for carjackers, hit-and-run robbers and killers.

    “It’s the Wild West,” said Wigginton, the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Illinois.

    Today, the murder rate in East St. Louis is 17 times higher than the national average, but financial problems have forced huge cuts to the police budget.  The number of police patrolling the streets of East St. Louis was reduced by 33 percent between 2008 and 2011.  Police in the city admit that they are outgunned and outmanned, but there is not much that can be done about it.


    Camden, New Jersey is another city that has experienced huge cuts to the police budget.  Their police force shrank by about a third between 2008 and 2011.  Today, Camden is considered to be one of the most dangerous cities in America and it has a murder rate that is about ten times higher than New York City.

    The gangs have a very strong hold over Camden, and kids kill kids on a regular basis in the city.  The following is a brief excerpt from a recent article about the horrible violence that is plaguing Camden

    At the vigil last week, residents prayed that Camden would simply find peace and that the masked gunman who killed Jewel Manire and Khalil Gibson would be caught.

    As it grew darker, Michael Benjamin stood toward the back of the crowd, his son huddled even closer now, and shook his head.

    “I’ve known at least 45 kids who’ve been killed in my lifetime,” he said, the boy holding his finger. “I stopped counting in 2004, though.”


    In recent years there have been massive cuts to the police budgetin Chicago due to financial difficulties.  At the same time, gang activity has dramatically increased in the city.

    As a result, Chicago has become known for murders and violence.  The murder rate in Chicago was about 17 percent higher in 2012 than it was in 2011, and Chicago is now considered to be “the deadliest global city“.

    If you can believe it, the number of murders in Chicago during 2012 wasroughly equivalent to the number of murders in the entire country of Japan during 2012.

    And the primary reason for all of this violence in Chicago is the gangs.  As I have written about previously, there are only about 200 police officers assigned to Chicago’s Gang Enforcement Unit.  It is their job to handle the estimated 100,000 gang members living in the city.

    Approximately 80 percent of all murders and shootings in the city of Chicago are gang-related, and as the gangs continue to grow in size the violence in the city is going to get even worse.  If Barack Obama wants to do something about violence in America, perhaps he should start with his home city.


    I write a lot about Detroit, but that is because they are a perfect example of where the rest of America is headed if something dramatic is not done.

    Detroit used to be one of the greatest manufacturing cities the world has ever seen, but over the past several decades the economic infrastructure of Detroit has been gutted and now there is very little industry left in the city.

    Over half the children in the city live in poverty and a sense of hopelessness hangs in the air.  At the same time, financial problems have forced the city to lay off huge numbers of cops.  Back in 2005, there were about 4,000 police officers in Detroit.  Today there are onlyabout 2,500 and another 100 are scheduled to be eliminated from the force soon.

    Meanwhile, crime in Detroit just continues to get even worse.  There were 377 homicides in Detroit in 2011.  In 2012, that number rose to411.

    Things have gotten so bad that even even the Detroit police are telling people to “enter Detroit at your own risk“.

    New Orleans

    New Orleans was a crime-infested city even before Hurricane Katrina hit it in 2005, but life has never quite been the same since that time.

    The gangs have a very strong presence in the city, and there simply are not enough financial resources to keep crime in check.

    If New Orleans was considered to be a separate nation, it would have the 2nd highest murder rate on the entire planet.  There are some areas of New Orleans that you simply do not ever want to venture into at night.

    Meanwhile, the police force has been such a mess in recent years that the federal government finally decided to step in.  It is hoped that the “reforms” will mean less crime in New Orleans in future years, but I wouldn’t count on it.


    Today, there are 626 police officers in Oakland, California.  That is about a 25 percent decline from the 837 police officers that were patrolling the streets of Oakland back in December 2008.

    Predictably, criminals have stepped in and have taken advantage of the situation.  At one point in 2012, burglaries in the city of Oakland were up43 percent over the previous year.

    If you can believe it, more than 11,000 homes, cars and businesses were burglarized in Oakland during 2012.  That breaks down to approximately 33 burglaries a day.


    Police cuts in the city of Stockton, California have been so severe that the Stockton Police Officers’ Association ran a billboard advertisementwith the following message at one point: “Welcome to the 2nd most dangerous city in California: Stop laying off cops!”

    At the same time, crime in Stockton continues to get even worse.  there have been more than 250 gold chain robberies in Stockton since the month of April, and there is no indication that crime in the city is going to slow down any time soon.

    So what is the solution?

    Should we have everyone turn in their guns?

    No, that would just make the problem even worse.  The gangs aren’t going to turn in their guns.  The only people who would turn in their guns would be law-abiding citizens.  That would just make them even more vulnerable to the violence and crime that are starting to spread like wildfire all over the nation.

    We don’t have a gun problem in America.  What we have is a gang problem.

    In 2006, the Justice Department’s National Drug Intelligence Center reported that Mexican drug cartels were actively operating in 50 different U.S. cities.  By 2010, that number had risen to 1,286.

    Many of these gang members run up long criminal records, but our overcrowded prison systems just keep releasing them back into the streets.  The results of this philosophy have been predictable.  The following is from a recent article by Daniel Greenfield

    A breakdown of the Chicago killing fields shows that 83% of those murdered in Chicago last year had criminal records. In Philly, it’s 75%. In Milwaukee it’s 77% percent. In New Orleans, it’s 64%. In Baltimore, it’s 91%. Many were felons who had served time. And as many as 80% of the homicides were gang related.

    Chicago’s problem isn’t guns; it’s gangs. Gun control efforts in Chicago or any other major city are doomed because gangs represent organized crime networks which stretch down to Mexico, and trying to cut off their gun supply will be as effective as trying to cut off their drug supply.

    This is not a time to take away the ability of law-abiding American families to defend themselves.  Instead, people need to put even more emphasis on self-defense as police forces all over the country are cut back.

    Just recently, the city attorney of San Bernardino, California told citizens living there to “lock their doors and load their guns” because the police force in that city is being cut back again.

    And that is good advice.  As the economy continues to decline and as millions more Americans fall into poverty, the violence is going to get even worse.

    What would you do if a desperate criminal broke into your house and started searching through your home room by room?  That is the horrifying situation that one young mother down in Georgia was recently faced with

    She quickly retreated to an attic crawlspace with the children, but not before she also picked up her handgun.

    The burglar, whom police identified as Paul Ali Slater, did a room-by-room search of the home, and when he reached the attic, she was ready.

    Walton County Sheriff Joe Chapman told WSBTV: ‘The perpetrator opens that door. Of course, at that time he’s staring at her, her two children and a .38 revolver.’

    She reportedly fired all six rounds, missing only once. The other shots hit Slater about the face and neck.

    Sheriff Chapman told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: ‘The guy’s face down, crying. The woman told him to stay down or she’d shoot again.’

    What would have happened if she had not had any way to defend herself and her children?

    That is something that we all need to think about.

    For the last couple of decades, we have been fortunate to live in an era of falling crime rates.  Unfortunately, that era is now over.  Large cities all over the country are degenerating into gang-infested war zones, and what we are seeing right now is just the tip of the iceberg.

    After the economy collapses, millions of people are going to become incredibly desperate and things are going to get much, much worse than this.

    So what are you seeing in your area of the country?  Please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts below…


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      1. And they want to take our self defense away from us????????????

        • Crazy

          • Bad part is I live 5+ miles from the Ga incident…

            • I used to live not too far away. I moved. UGH.

              This also tells me not to put too much stock in a .38 (not that it would have ever been my first choice). Five rounds to the face and neck and he’s not dead? Wow.

              • Gun Control equals shot placement…

                • Thats why 45acp is the prefered choice. Shooting twice is just silly.

                  Or when in doubt…… Shotgun it out.

                • What is controle?

                • Excuse my ignorance but what is “controle”?

                • The fact the T.R.’s negative comment has over 50 thumbs up says a lot about the trash that populates this site.

                • This is to T.R. 1009175

                  While there may be some truth to your racist comment——there are many good and bad people among all races. Old white boy that I may be, I grew up in a time that : Eeny meeny miney mo, catch a Ni**er by the toe was a common rhyme. I no longer remotely resemble that era at all.

                  I have many wonderful black friends, I have a “hispanic” wife. Woe be unto you for disparaging people for their looks. I have come to believe that Dr. Martin Luther King was a truly GREAT man.


                  There are a lot of worthless pieces of SH*T out in the world. I refuse to judge them by how they look! I will judge them by how they act.

                  SHAME ON YOU!

                  • You’re not a boy. You’re a man.
                    Adult black males don’t call themselves, “black boys”.

                    Michael King, Junior (MLK) was not a saint.
                    He even plagiarized his doctoral dissertation.

                    You keep your shame to yourself.

                • T.R.,
                  While I recognize the demographic that commits the most crimes, I have black friends I would trust more than some of my white trash relatives. My black friends also have a better work ethic than my white trash relatives so around our house, we reserve that n-word description you used for the non-working white relatives!

                  • Well the Obama administration has unleashed 800 viper squad members throughout the US to deal with those people they fear the most. It would appear that the two men who have been murdered in the past week were murdered by our government.
                    Seems like our government has gotten extremely brazen at killing anyone they want to kill. Even killing scientists in droves so that they can’t talk. This is beyond horrific. Nd the sneaky bass turds who do the killing are SOB’s that are so sneaky you would have a very hard time knowing who it is.
                    Well, they will get theirs……eventually.

                • The bumper sticker on my SUV reads:

                  GUN CONTROL means using BOTH hands.

                • Darwins theory. Let em kill them selves.

                • Shooting twice may be silly but shooting through your neighbors house is even sillier.

              • I would have to have to bury all of the people put to sleep by the old .38 Special.

                In Korea and Vietnam many of the Grunts carried one as a personal backup weapon.

                Many Leo’s I know still carry a snubbie .38 as a backup or off duty gun.

                The Gold Dot 125g and Winchester PDX-1 130gr bonded ammo makes it as effective as any other bullet.

                The Airweight in your pocket is better than the Sig that you left at home.

                • I would hate to bury, dam I can’t type worth a sh*t.

                • @RG: I agree but I’d op for a snubbie 357 that way you have both worlds in one hand.

              • she should have reloaded and plugged him 5 more times..just sayin

                but yeah..shot placement..and larger cal…but chances are with women having smaall hands, being able to control shot placement of a .45 might have not been good..

                Home defense I cannot stress it enough should be done with a shot gun..a nice pump shot gun with 5 shells or more..and use them all, he would not have walked away from that

                • When guarding a few children you need a free hand. A handgun is the best choice. If you need to use a flashlight at the same time a handgun is best. When you answer the door to an unknown a handgun in hand beats a shotgun 3 ft away.

                  If you know the bad guys are coming and your stationary by all means the shotgun is the choice.

                • To be honest, the kick on a .45 ACP isn’t that bad… I’ve known some very petite women who could use one fairly well.

                  One of the biggest problems most folks (male or female) have with the M1911 frame is the very narrow grip. That can be fixed by getting an inexpensive Pachmayr (or similar) grip which adds some width, which in turn actually does wonders for the recoil (the cushioning helps a bit too).

                  • Couldn’t agree with you more, Odd Q, there are a lot of nice and effective pistols but none so complete as the good old 1911. I’ve fired a 1991 but don’t see the value in spending the extra money for an attempt at a remake.

                    Whether it’s the small frame, large frame, standard grip or special…at the end of the fight whatever you hit with that weapon is stopped. I say, if you have to use a weapon at all you want to have it end quickly. The .45 ACP just “does the job well”.

                • Women are NOT concerned with placement or what size bullet—but they ARE concerned with that blood splatter…one big shotgun blast or 5 little pings to his throat??
                  We are definitely going with a spot on the carpet vs. painting an entire wall!!

                • .45 can is a good gun but is about 7 pounds, strongly suggest a .40. You got knock down power and lighter weight. Plus that is the round mostly bought by the government.

                • She should of dropped the empty revolver and pulled out her second full one and finished the job. Colonel Rex Applegate carried two “Fitz” thirty-eight specials, one in each pants pocket. These were modified snubbies done by the legendary J.H. FitzGerald. Google up “Fitz specials” and you’ll see what I mean. Or pick up the book:The Snubby Revolver, by Ed Lovette. (A good read). I keep all four of my snubbies in different areas of the house and property to be able to reach them on the short run. They’ll help me fight my way to a carbine. All of my snubbies are loaded with Gold Dot HP, 135 grain+P which were specifically designed to expand from a short barrel.

                  • Nevermind what you think she should HAVE done.
                    She saved her children and herself.

                • JayJay

                  Speak for yourself. I want what’s going to put them out my misery, even if it means taking the whole wall out (safely for my family).

                • scout motto

                  if its moving shoot untill it stops,,,,,,


              • Not one a one placed too well obviously but I’ll give her an A for effort!

                • Bet the twins won’t backtalk Mom anymore…
                  If they did in the first place, they have a new found respect for her. Glad my girls can shoot good, and they know where to go in the house to hide if needed.
                  I give the lady a multi thumbs up…

                • @Kevin2 — not to mention the hilarity that will ensue when that piece of shit finally gets out of the hospital and goes to prison. “Who’s the new fish?” “Oh yeah, he got shot in the face by a woman. 5 times” “Beeeeeyotch!”

              • Wow! Just yesterday I wrote on a post here that Uncle joe said Angelo use large caliber such as .44 magnums due to their heads as thick as a coconut! but I also said looks as if we still need wait to see if uncle joey was correct on this like he was on his Other advice!

                Wow! only had to wait 24 hrs to find out uncle joe was a Genius!

              • “About the face and neck” Doesn’t say how many of them were just grazed. She panicked and was aiming at his head. Proper shot placement, aiming for center of mass, would have had more effective results. Either way, he was down and she lived so it did it’s job.

            • This is unbelievable! That guy needs a gun to protect himself from someone wanting him out of the picture. What a ignorant asshole.

              • He’s not ignorant, he’s a TYRANT. He wants the guns for himself and his cronies, and fuck all the people

          • what can you expect from a society that removes morality ,accoutbility ,and personal resposability ,and replaces it with a anything goes motto ,even our president excepts no personal resposability for any of his actions ,”the teflon obom” ,good news ,there is a way to fix this problem ,even though we may have compation for a rabbid dog what do we do with them ,right we shoot them ,declare open season on this scum like they did in the 30’s with bonnie, clyde, dylinger ,etc. ,get rid of our PC mentality and run this scum back in the hole they came out of ,i am blessed i live on the edge of the everglades and if this kind of thing ever comes to my area i will be glad to give them a guided tour of the nearest gator hole

          • That was “TR”.

          • Lasik surgery really works, look into it, since TR is the wordmaster. Are you really that kind of person that jumps on others, when you cannot even read simple sentences? Take a look at your other diatribe on this board, too bad you hide behind a keyboard to cut others to shreds. Trolls like you make this site not worth reading sometimes. P.S. not all men are equal. Hope you get yours.

            • Says a troll hiding behind a key board.

          • Is this what you’ve convinced yourself?

        • Why yes, yes they do,,
          after all, all you need to do is dial 911 and someone will come and save you…

          insert picture of me showing finger and with the caption MOLON LABE

        • Yes, I think they do!

        • “””And they want to take our self defense away from us????????????”””

          How else can the criminals be protected?

          • Good to see you back

        • Yes, Be Informed, they absolutely do. The only way to make themselves masters is to enslave the rest of us.

          And they can yoke the power of the gangs and unions, the entitlement zombies, our mindless drones of uneducated and unemployed youth, and their corporate cronies to do it to us for them.

        • Another great article by Michael Snyder. Michael you only missed one fact, but a very important fact.

          The drug business these gangs in the inner city are fueled by, flow from the CIA and Mossad who have been managing the drug trade in America for decades: which is why it has been impossible to win the Drug War.

          This is how they fund their operations in support of Globalism across the globe. This is the “Shadow Government” spoken of by Sen Daniel Inoeye (sic) with their ?own army, air force, navy, and sources of funding”.

          And this is why American taxpayers are on the hook for $500 million to build a dam in Afghanistan to provide water for the poppy farmers.


          • Very astute observation and post DK. Unfortunately, many will never believe it. And thus the future “red thumbs” from MORONS that still can’t grasp the fact the THEIR government is not only corrupt…but actually out to enslave them.

            Instead, you, me, and other “like minds” will be interpreted as “PARANOID”. Personally, I willingly accept that designation as AWAKE!

            • Didn’t Britian control the drug and slave trade for centuries?

              • Yes they did, for example, with the Opium Wars in which they attempted to destroy and humiliate China at the behest of the British East India Company, surprise surprise, which had a monopoly on the trade and wanted to force China open for commercial exploitation.

                • And the Main opium trade Family in kontrol back in east india co era(still today probobly) was the “Sassoon” Family…Many folks today will recognize the name as Vidal Sassoon, the head Billionaire owner of hair care products etc.

                  Same sassoons family and oh also full members of their “tribe” aka Khazers zios.

                  The Dope-Slave trades-Banks was/Is all run/owned majority wide by the same khazer tribe includeing todays White slavery aka Forced into prostitution of white women lured by false model job promices!

                  And per capita-per sq mile areas-The worlds largest conglomorate of prostitute houses aka red lite districts is located in TEL AVIV! Isreal!

                  Most everything whites been blamed for was done by Them Khazers who look “white” unless you are khazer-wise…Then they always back out exit stage Left prior to exposure and leave real white folks to get the full blame.

                  Todays black hatered of whiteys for centurys ago slavery is a Prime example. Proof galore exists on all this stuf…Do your own homework and research it all. Wake up to Truths formerly well hidden. Now widly avail online.

                  PS: the very First us supremes ct case they agreed to hear, regarding ownership of slaves as property owned.

                  Was a case broyght forth by a BLACK MAN slave OWNER! he won his case too! Supremes agreed that BLACK SLAVE OWNER Man owned HIS Slave same as his home he owned outright!

                  PSS: the Souths owner of the MOST slaves Owned by a single person was a BLACK WOMAN Millionaire located in I believe it was Atlanta GA…That BLACK woman Slave OWNER owned nearly 300 slaves!!!

                  So all together now! lets BLAME WHITEYS!! oh wait! perhaps Not!..Hmmmm…Stuff ya never gets taught in Public schools eh….Research this also! its there online.

            • Too bad that all of us who are awake can’t just get together and live in one part of this country. Let the gang scum,the political scum, the white trash lazy assed scum, the drug running CIA scum, and all the rest of the scum LIVE SOMEWHERE ELSE.
              I jam personally so tired of the above scum I could vomit every time I think of them.
              Anybody else interested?

          • That’s correct, and when guns are banned they will add those to their black market inventory.

            • Anyone interested in learning more about this subject, read Michael Ruppert.

          • It is hard to deny your premise DK. When we do not destroy the opium fields in the middle east that supports the extremist there has to be some reasoning fo it. And that is what you are basicaly saying.

            • I seen a video of a MSM news report from Afghanistan where a US Army officer of if I remember Major or Lt Col rank say that we can’t stop the poppy farmers because it’s their lively hood.

              No one cares or questions; Games on get me a beer. Oh at half time they have a 30 second discussion about the gun amendment thing and came to the conclusion that no one needs those movie type guns and season tickets are too high.

              The new wave band DEVO was right.

            • Another reason is that the opium trade in Afghanistan directly fuels the availability of heroin in Russia, which is as big a problem for their social structure as it is profitable for the Mossad and CIA. So there is some strategic leverage applied to their advantage

              The Saudi Intelligence Service also participates in the Drug Trade of the Muslim countries of Central Asia and use Bahrain, the UAE and Dubai in particular to wash their profits and buy gold.

          • Bingo
            Back in 95 i had the misfortune of whitnessing an event that brought to light something very unpleasant, in a large city in the south there was a nightclub, and from this nightclub heroin was dealt, one evening i witnessed a police cruiser pull up and begin shining it’s spotlight into the front windows of said nightclub, a form of harrassment, immediatley a low flying military style helicopter came in and buzzed the police cruiser and the police sped away.
            Now the question’s are who fly’s helicopters in a major american city at street level harrassing the police,and why do the police not follow it until it reaches a uninhabited area shoot it down and drag out the bodies and determine who they are ?
            Unfortunately most people are blind to the evil that exists every day right around them.

        • @BI….would be interested in new insight to latest earthquake activity…


          • @ Feisty Old Broad. Still at least a 75% chance of a second big earthquake by Jan.20 in the comment on the article About American most killers……. on Jan.5 in which I gave a few locations to look out for. These locations are still in danger. California, especially the central part is primed until the 14th or 15th. Just look at all the ‘different locations’ that have been hit with small to moderate quakes since the Alaskan earthquake.

            • @BI….thx for the input…I try to keep up with usgs but I do not have the knowledge to put all the puzzle pieces together….still very concerned New Madrid….
              Thank You for all you do


        • Yes…. and here is a place that I would like to see go VIRAL…SPREAD THE WORD PEOPLE.

          Advertises as “GUNS FOR THE GOOD GUYS”

          Yeah, if you have a permit. This is a disgrace.
          Please post anywhere you visit.
          Direct link to follow.



              NEWINGTON CT


        • Breaking News!!! Just in……Rmemember this line?? “you’ll have to vote for the law to see what’s in it”

          Well, “they” just found one “what” and it’s rich!!!

          Affordable Health Care Act. BO’s signiture legislation.

          Senate Ammendmant 3276. Section 2716, part C. “Protection of 2nd Ammendmant Rights”

          ” Government cannot collect:….. any information relating to… (A) The lawfull ownership or possesion of a firearm or ammunition.”

          Thanks… tata.da… Harry Reid. Slipped in at the last minute to placate the NRA and keep them at bay, and help Harry’s re-election.

          Their f^cking heads are exploding!

          • I’m loving it Rick!!!! Thanks for the intel!!!

          • They had to do that since as of 1986 or so it was against fed law for any feds or agents or agencys or fed own stuf or buidgs etc to keep or list or compile lists of gun or ammo owners at all. Its called the Firearms owners privacy protection act of 1986(or 84?).

            Thats good its in health care too!!…But finestien will no doubt try pass new laws to skirt this by adding more health reasons or pills or whatever to list of forbidden to own a gun stuf.

            I pray every day 24/7 that God will yank her ticket asap!

            Along with the rest of her antigun evil bolsheviks tribe members. Otherwise its up to us. Agents of the Lord awaiting orders!!…

            Wow an answer so fast! he says we can bury them types out back on the back 40 acres and grow corn crops to hide their graves!….See.. ask and You Shall recieve!

            • The Lord works in mysterious ways, don’t He?!!

          • Thanks Rick. Outstanding!

          • Thanks for the heads up on that

          • Rick….I searched the actual wording in the amendment and, as usual, it’s all in the language they use. It states that none of the authorities under the Affordable Care Act may collect data on the lawful ownership or possession of a firearm or ammo or refuse coverage on the basis of lawful ownership or possession. It still leaves them the “out” for another agency to collect the info. It also leaves the “out” for them to decide what they consider “lawful”. More empty bullshit lawyer doublespeak. Thanks for the heads up on this.

          • @Rick:) :

            BRILLIANT !!!

            thumbs up, Sir, to infinity !!

          • Rick:) – they will do it anyways. When has a law the govt doesn’t like ever stopped them. Kind of like the ATF destroying documentation of instant background checks on gun buyers after 6 months, riiiiiiiiiight!!!

          • Well this doesn’t matter Biden has said that he and Obummer will use executive rights and powers to solve the gun problem
            and every one knows Biden is a F&*king genius
            Harry Lying shit bag Reid will back pedal on that one too
            He needs the NRA in Nevada to get him Re elected so of course he will lie. why else did he spend 10 million tax dollars to build a shooting park that is about a million in the hole in debt every year.
            senile old shit head should be in a home

            Flying trunk monkey

        • While testifying in court, the victim of a rape attempt, was asked by the judge why she shot the perpetrator 6 times.
          She said, because, Your Honor, when I pulled the trigger the 7th time, it just went click!

          Gotta be a Texan or Louisiana gal.

          • Niiice..I need to remember that line

          • JayJay
            one other thing it could have been,,and folks this IS a DAMN blond joke,,do i need to say more????


        • You think it’s bad now? Wait ’til the gangs start hitting homes looking for food and water!

          • I’ll give’em something to chew on… hope they’re hungry for 00 buck

        • Be Informed: Right on the money. The old saying goes; when seconds count, the police are minutes away. Take the case of Sarah McKinley in rural OK who shot two men who broke into her home. Her husband has died the week before from cancer and she was home with her infant son (Dec.31, 2011). She repeatedly called 911 and after 20 minutes the Sheriff still hadn’t arrive, due to her remote location. The 911 operator told her to do whatever she needed to do to protecte herself and her son. When the men finally enter she shot both of them, killing one of them. The had a large hunting kinfe and were after the dead husband pain meds. These types of cases are repeated thousands of times over every year in this country.

        • Fresh off the press”:

          One U.S. Marine was more than a little displeased with California Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s draconian gun control proposal , which includes an assault weapons ban and provisions on handguns and even “grandfathered weapons.”
          The letter, written by U.S. Marine Joshua Boston, was titled “No ma’am” and was first posted on CNN iReport on Dec. 27. The letter has since gone viral and has been shared extensively on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, as it seemingly has resonated with a segment of the American population.
          Read Boston’s entire “No ma’am” letter below and then share it with others:
          Senator Dianne Feinstein,
          I will not register my weapons should this bill be passed, as I do not believe it is the government’s right to know what I own. Nor do I think it prudent to tell you what I own so that it may be taken from me by a group of people who enjoy armed protection yet decry me having the same a crime. You ma’am have overstepped a line that is not your domain. I am a Marine Corps Veteran of 8 years, and I will not have some woman who proclaims the evil of an inanimate object, yet carries one, tell me I may not have one.
          I am not your subject. I am the man who keeps you free. I am not your servant. I am the person whom you serve. I am not your peasant. I am the flesh and blood of America.
          I am the man who fought for my country. I am the man who learned. I am an American. You will not tell me that I must register my semi-automatic AR-15 because of the actions of some evil man.
          I will not be disarmed to suit the fear that has been established by the media and your misinformation campaign against the American public.
          We, the people, deserve better than you.
          Respectfully Submitted,
          Joshua Boston-Cpl,
          United States Marine Corps

          • Amen to that i am a veteran as well but was too busy maintaining the supposed evils that I own


          • I will not be fingerprinted or have my mugshot taken like I’m a criminal. I will not consent to a second background check. I will not pay an additional tax of any kind on guns I already own… not one red cent

        • Even doe the streets of Chicago is ten times safer now, then the 90’s. I wish the shooting would stop, but these gang go way back in family tradition stopping gangs in chicago is going to be a hard habit to quit.

        • It’s to our advantage if Obama/Biden use an Executive Order to remove liberty by force. That would be a blatantly illegal action, un-Constitutional on its face. Any violent resistance by the people against such an act, would be “correct” in terms of ethics, morals, and politics. America is the location of the last-stand against global tyranny. Most of us would much rather spend our time watching football, doing some back yard BBQ, and going to a regular job during the week. But we are being forced into a situation where the most responsible activity is to get ready. We’re training, we’re equipping, we’re building networks, we’re monitoring the enemy, we’re learning emergency medicine, and we’re spending more time in the gym and at the range. It doesn’t get much more obvious what is coming. The only thing more obvious would be more American homes on fire just like in Waco. We DO need to wait for the enemy to make their first violent moves against us before we respond. This both to ensure we don’t act too quickly, and to make sure we are on the right side of history. But again, the way I see it, the end-game has already been put into motion. The enemy cannot undo what it has started. They cannot accomplish their global goals without disarming Americans. Their goals REQUIRE they do what they are doing. Negotiation is therefore futile. There’s no way to avoid what’s coming. Retreat locations outside the US are very few (I’ve looked, I know). We’re going to have to stand and fight whether we want to or not. They are coming. Get ready.

          • Is anyone looking to have a nurse join their group? I am very well able to deal with many emergency situations. However, what I do not know is how to find a group to join. I know that the PTB do monitor these sites so you have to be are full not to give out your info.
            I am pretty new to this site and to this reality. I only realized 11 months ago what has really been going on behind the scenes.
            Suggestions would be appreciated.

      2. Your stories about Detroit make me sad….I grew up in Pontiac in the 60’s-70’s. Think of Bob Seger’s song “Making Thunderbirds”–the world was so much different then, bustling economy, mommas being at home with their babies hanging laundry out and having coffee klatches:) Now…Pontiac is Detroit Jr., a hood, a hellhole, the block I grew up on has drug dealers, drive bys, and one in three houses is condemned. Thank God I live in the quiet midwest….jokes about it being 20 years behind the times? Well GOOD! You couldn’t pay me enough to move my family from this sustainable, small community!

      3. P.S.> while I’m reminescing…(sp?) another thing from the good old days that was very important to our family was SCOUTING! What a shame Scouts is so socio-politically riddled with so much scandal. I think they teach skills and virtues that are 1 million percent lacking in today’s youth!

        • I won’t say it’s a specific conspiracy, but I will say that there is a huge tendency among the leftward-leaning folks within media and politics to demonize organizations like scouting, churches, and the like. This means taking any incident and blowing it up way out of proportion.

          Certainly the causers of said scandals should be locked up and never allowed to see free daylight again. However, the way the media has handled it has cause two problems:

          * it ignores the far, far larger problems lurking out there. A child is most likely to be molested by a family member or a very close family friend, than by any outside influence.

          * it refuses to recognize that among any other organization out there, both churches and scouting have taken huge strides in insuring that such people never get near a child. **

          Tangent aside, the overarching logic here is that if you can destroy the more traditional institutions, and more importantly, to destroy faith and reliance on anything that isn’t governmental, it is easier to make you reliant on government.

          They’ve been doing this for decades now, and the results are unfortunately starting to show. :/

          ** I can definitely speak for the latter, since I teach religious education in my spare time. I went through quite a few background checks before even seeing that classroom, and we were all required to go through classes on how to spot and eliminate any potential for abuse. Even the parents are requested to go through a similar class, and we do encourage them to, since it may help them spot anything awry at home. We go as far as never having any single adult alone with any child (or group of children), having classroom doors open or having doors with glass panels in them, and we strictly regulate where a child can go, and who picks them up. I defy any left-leaning organization in the area to prove that they do anything similar.

          • OQ: Of course it is a conspiracy and that’s is why they create THOUSANDS of NGO’s to funnel government grants to their propaganda machine.


          • And these nuts INSIST that BSA should have to have gay scout leaders.

        • Unfortunately, the Boy Scouts have consistently lost membership at about 1.5% per year for the last couple of decades. Many point to the re-affirmation of the anti-gay stance, the strong emphasis on Christian religion only, etc. However, the Girl Scouts declared a more “accommodating” stance some years ago and their numbers have also declined. I think people just don’t want to do anything that takes effort.

          It’s too bad.

          • I was in Boy Scouts growing up – from Cub Scouts to Eagle (best accomplishment of my youth). I never had a pedophile experience, or some gay tent time with any of the guys.

            The Freemasons are also experiencing dramatic declines in numbers. The Left doesn’t want organizations that can compete against the government in any fashion and this includes religion. Dependence IS control.

        • Scouts? Really?

          • Yes, scouts. Is something wrong with scouting in particular? You can find many leaders who were Eagle Scouts. You don’t really find a lot of the residents in Sing Sing who were Eagle Scouts. It’s been nothing but a positive experience for my boys and I can’t think of another thing that replicates that in the same way.

            • Just a bunch of scout masters in sing sing. Wee blows.

          • Wow, you are an idiot…

        • spot on Beth, I’m an Eagle Scout, so is my dad and my brother, it’s sad to see the way most people view scouting now, not only did it shape me as a man, but i had so much fun and it kept me out of trouble as a kid… I dream of the day when I have a son and can get back into it..

          • I was a Cub Scout packmaster or whatever it was called for 5 years when my son was that age.
            I never cared for the overly religious aspects of it.
            The boys in our pack seemed to have a lot of fun, while learning some useful stuff.
            I was also a Girl Scout Troop leader when my daughter was involved in that. Yes, a MALE GS troop leader.
            The girls seemed to have a lot of fun, while learning some useful stuff.

            When the Cubs were to be receive their pocket knives (and all the stuff that went along with that), we had to have the meeting at my house instead of the school where we usually met, since having “weapons” on school property was a no-no.

      4. Including Camden NJ is really not fair to the ranking because that city got a 40+ year jump on decay with the loss of manufacturing back in a day before the term “Free Trade” was even coined. Having that jump start to hell does give a pretty good insight into where the de-industrialized cities are headed with the late comers rapidly joining Camden into hades.

        • I agree, but I continue to wonder if local demographics comes into play also. A review of the cities listed tends to reinforce my suspicions.

          • Yes, demographics do seem to trend in a certain direction in the worst of our cities. Unfortunately, the media has self-censored in order to never mention such things. The responsibility to make changes lies within the members of said demographics but, sadly, the honorable men and women therein are outnumbered and ostracized for not being ‘demographic’ enough. (that is, having a job and not being in jail)

          • The demographics changed when the job base fled and homes significantly dropped in price. Granted the demographics tended to accelerate the demise. It’s kinda like a bacterial infection tagging along with cancer.

      5. I can get a pizza to my house quicker than I can get a police officer to my house.

        • Tell the pizza boy to bring a .45 with that large pepperoni!

        • It doesn’t matter how fast the response time is, its still just a RESPONSE. In other words, 90% of the time, LEO are showing up after you are maimed or dead

      6. It’s always interesting to visit friends in northern Michigan, and family in Oklahoma. We have to circumnavigate Detroit and Flint and veer over to Lansing, back over and up, adding around 200 miles to the trip.

        To get to western Oklahoma, you have the choice of going south into Kentucky, around Paducah and (maybe) over the river. One of the bridges is out and has been for a long time. This area is none too savory, particularly at night. OR, you can try your luck on I-70, more or less going over East St Louis and fighting for position to hook into I-44, OR go through Iowa and St. Joseph, MO., down through Kansas and into Oklahoma which is the safest route, but about 400 miles longer. It is, literally, your (gas) money or your life.

        • Speaking of which, that reminds me of Hwy 71 south-bound going through Kansas City. One wrong turn, and you better hope the sun doesn’t drop before you get out of there…

          • I drove through 18 blocks of the KC ghetto looking for a gas station off the interstate one late night, I got out alive, nothing happened, kept my neck swivel working, but was certainly glad to get $10 in gas and out of there.

            • Vicky, OQ, and Smokey-
              Not to disagree, but I drive thru E St Louis and Kansas City all the time. And I feel perfectly safe. Of course, I’m in the Freightliner, gears grinding, jake brakes howling and air horn blasting constantly! Maybe that has something to do with it!

              • Smokin Okie: How many fully arrmed folks can you fit in a 53ft van trailer, with the canvas side curtains that roll up along entire side of trailer?

                Picture That as a new form of ghetto gang kontrol!

                I bet you can fit in comfort, at least 100 arrmed persons all hidden from sight untill the Curtain goes Up and it is…Showtime folks!!

                Nothing less will suffice to rid america of this mennace to society at large eh.

                Once all 100 begins to open up and unload on gangs and bangers on any street large ghetto city usa, them fools would turn white as casper the ghost from fright!

                Which would last meere seconds till a bullet found home.

                And the remaining good folks there would greatly thank us.

                Ok all we now need is a driver and truck!

                • And enter ” MLK Boulevard” in the gps. When the gps asks for city/ state, close your eyes and pick one, doesn’t matter.

                • I was taught (in the Catholic church) that Jesus was crucified under Pontious Pilot, his death demanded by the Jews. Pontious Pilot said “I can find no fault in him”, but execution was demanded by the Jews.

                • Please put armor plate up at least half way..mmkay?

              • Teddy Conway: Where are you going Mr Hull?
                Hull Barret: I’m going into town
                Teddy Conway: Ain’t that kinda dumb after what happened last time?

                • Bob…Yes me also, but that was before 1965 when the vatican agreed to adopt thier “VaticanII(vatican jew) crap.

                  Don’t know if its true yet?..But I read an article a couple months ago said recent meetings between head isreali rabbi’s and the Pope, in isreal, were held to get pope to agree to RE write various new testement sections so as to Remove All references that are negative towards jews…As in Rev ch 2 vs 9 and rev ch 3 vs 9 and John ch 8 vs 44 etc etc…

                  This agreement by the pope seems to have been agreed to just after he did his obligatory(per rabbis) Bang Forehead against Wailing Wall(appropriate name no? nobody can Wail/snivel like they can eh).

                  And several tour visits to get pope to pay honors to the many holohoax memorials(which You usa taxpayers pays for!).

                  Can’t wait to see the popes new bible version.

                  Example: Jesus says in Rev ch 2 vs 9…”Therefore brethrens Always worship jews especially fake khazer types so as to hasten Your quick kommies demises! and never ever question Anything jew related…Because they is self chozens and special folks” yeah outta be along those lines I rekon if pope lets jews RE write it all eh.

                  • Pope Benedict has attended the Bohemian Grove annual sex fest , so if he is a whore with Isreal, well, that would be in keeping with hs character.

      7. So glad we got out of the city. Moved to a rural area about 20 miles away from cities of 150 k +. Still not far enough out as far as Im concerned, but it was a compromise. Just hope with all the new taxes coming up that we can continue to afford it and keep up with our preps. So much to do.

        Never in my life have I been so apprehensive – wondering if we will still even HAVE a home or an income in another year. At this point, if something comes up that we need at a good price and can afford WE GET IT. Putting money away in savings seems to futile now.

        • Nunjobizness, know exactly how you feel. But I keep putting one foot down in front of the other. Its all I/we can do.

      8. >>>”We don’t have a gun problem in America. What we have is a gang problem.”<<<

        Yes and these gangs are part of 0bammy's constituency.

        Hee's not going to have them disarmed. All he has to do is give the word and they will willingly become his private army.

        • Tomahawk, You are right. Also how these gang members and their families can protect their EBT cards along with their free phones? They really need to keep their stolen guns. For the rest of us who are paying for their free stuff, no need to be armed.

        • and nobody in these news pieces ever, EVER mentions the part that most of the firearms used in these crimes are reported stolen or are old or undocumented smuggled firearms, no amount of legislation is going to stop this stuff,, if anything it will make it climb,
          There are literally thousands of “assault weapons” here in the islands, you NEVER hear of any crimes that these are the weapon of choice, perhaps its the Local media squashing it so it doesnt sound like we have crime, tourists you know,,, but I would bet that we never hear about them because they are not an issue! more people get their heads beat in with beer bottles and fists than anything else.

          • KulaFarmer.

            “more people get their heads beat in with beer bottles and fists than anything else”.

            Hawaiian Rednecks. Priceless!

            • Aloha, y’all!

        • Wrong, we have several gun problems in the US. You priced a good 1911 lately? $600 Bucks for an M1 Carbine, Lake City 30-06 almost unavailable, it’s awful out there!

      9. I live in Memphis, supposedly one of the 10 most dangerous cities in the US, according to FBI statistics. Things are very tough here, but it’s not like Chicagowhich had 500 gun-related deaths for 2012 alone. Chicago isn’t even on that FBI list and gun ownership is banned there. I’m not giving up any self-defense items i own, NEVER, PERIOD! Any law restricting self-defense is unconstitutional and illegitimate. Nobody has any obligation to follow them. Anyone who forces their way into my home dies, PERIOD! Once the economy collapses and TSHTF, it’s going to be “anything goes, no holds barred”. Any good people who get confronted by anyone who has bad intentions toward you, get out of that situation alive. Do whatever you think is necessary to win. Don’t worry about what some unconstitutional law says. You have to be alive before someone can hold you accountable for your actions. If anyone tries to punish me for self-defense against a criminal, they’ll get a dose of the same medicine. Best wishes to all. Braveheart

        • “Get ready to rummmmmmble”.
          Nothing new here. Been this way for a few years and most of the country does not want to admit there is this decay. Get out and take a walk around your neighborhood. That is if you live in a gated community otherwise you might need an armored car. See the drugs the prostitution. The cattle housing and no jobs. Where the rims on your car are worth more than a persons life. If you think that people were not crazy trappling each other over Christmas gifts, you just wait when it all goes down. Obama has a Division in each decayed city,

        • Braveheart said: “You have to be alive before someone can hold you accountable for your actions.”

          Exactly. It’s better to be judged by twelve, than carried by six.

      10. They are Democrat voters, folks, and Democrats take care of their own. Taking weapons from law-abiding citizens makes their criminal activity easier and safer. It probably hasn’t reached the quid-pro-quo level, but I fully expect it to do so by 2016 election cycle.

      11. Tomahawk, I couldn’t agree more. I’ve always suspected the gangbangers will be part of any force put together for gun confiscation. They don’t have any problem kicking in people’s doors to go after guns or anything else. If they kick in my door their day will be ruined permanently. Braveheart

        • Sounds like a page out of the Turner Diaries…

          • Only the other guys are doing the ass kicking. There is almost zero hope that the present day white population will ever resist and defend itself. The left knows this and will act accordingly. Just consider the anti white racist rhetoric being spewed by the likes of Jamie Foxx and Samuel L. Jackson. Don’t think these guys don’t speak for alot of blacks. It is payback time coming up and Obama put the idea in their heads.

            • John W, well this “Saltine” will never go down easy.

        • Yes just the Cheka that Lenin used to subdue any dissenters.

        • I bet gang bangers would make great moving target practice!!! I need more ammo….

          • MX: petition for new Fed Laws that Require ALL gangbangers to wear those tennis shoes with LED lites which lite up Brightly every time a step down puts pressure on it.

            That way even moving target Night shots or incase bangers try to run into heavey treed wooded areas you can still spot em…LED shoe lites makes for Outstanding point of Aim reference…Simply aim aprox 5ft above blinkin lites!

      12. Actually, there are only about 2000 Detroit Police officers. And dozens are retiring each month. The DPD(and Detroit Fire) are OLD. Most officers and fire firefighters are in their later 30s and 40s. They haven’t hired many new officers in a long time. The pay and work conditions are so bad, no one wants the job.

        • some of them even got a better deal in Toledo, so they packed up and rolled 45 miles south..not that Toledo is much better..but they followed the paycheck

      13. Localized metropolitan areas may be increasing in crime rates, but the national average is going down (as of my last check).

      14. If you turn in your guns or re register them.

        As a man you have affectively signed your death warrant because you are goind to get rounded up and dumped in a mass grave with a bullet in the back of your head.

        Your wife and childeren are going to The Rape Rooms so the goons that put that slug in the back of your head can get their jollies off.

        Thats the raw uncut version of whats going to happen if your willfully disarm.

        Your First obligation is to your Creator Your Family and Person.

        Laws be dammed that conflict with your abilty to defend any of them.

        Are we clear?

        • Cristal

          • Crystal

        • Some preppers put together groups, mainly for their own safety-in-numbers in a SHTF situation.

          I’ve seen some based somewhat on hippie communes.

          I’ve seen other based on paramilitary structure.

          Mine is based on 18th Century american frontier methods, such as those employed not only by my native american ancestors, but also groups such as Rogers’ Rangers, Brady’s Rangers, and the french Coureurs Des Bois.

          Big city predator thugs who make their way out here after the S hits the F expecting to roll over a bunch of old farmers by wearing their pants to their knees and waving their piece of junk glocks around sideways better reconsider.

          • Hey now watch your mouth about my Glock.

          • Tomahawk
            now you arev talking preach on brother,,can he get an amen out there??


        • Could not have stated it better.

        • Twisted Titan,you said perfectly and indeed I am clear with your message. We have a fundamental constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Once that right is lost we will never ever regain it. And without that right, every other one of our constitutionally guaranteed rights is in jeopardy. Do not allow our politicians to trade that sacred right for the hollow, ineffective promise of reduced crime through a restriction of that right. We must heed the admonition of Benjamin Franklin who said, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

          God Bless the Republic and the Constitution of the United State of America.

      15. what does anyone expect when we have a drug dealer as Dictator, er…I mean President.

        Having been a victim(s) of violent crime(s), Myself and my Family will never be unarmed. We may be dead, but We’ll still be armed!

        Sen. Feinstein, Gabby Gifords, Sarah Brady, Mike Bloomberg, and Barry can take that to the bank!

      16. I remember when the world used to look to East St. Louis with envy…….wait, what??

      17. Those who are in urban zones won’t be able to bug out when the SHTF. That’s the nature of the SHTF. They’ll need to bug-in for 3 months or so. that’s when disease, starvation, and violence will have pretty much run their course. Those urban centers will get it the worst, ironically.

      18. ” If Barack Obama wants to do something about violence in America, perhaps he should start with his home city.”

        Barack’s former right hand man, Rahm Emanuel a native born Chicagoan , now mayor of Chigago has not done anything to make the city safer. Hillary is really getting old. If they are not successful at overturning term limits for the president so that Barack can run again, and we still manage to have another presidential election after Barack reeks his havoc for these next four years, I wonder if we will see Rahm on the democratic ticket?

        This excellent article on the dismal state of America’s cities makes me question the sanity of those who want to disarm law abiding citizens.

        Perhaps, along with Piers Morgan, all of those demanding gun control should be banished to these cities bad side of town and be forbidden from possessing firearms and any personal security. Then if they somehow manage to survive, we can see how they feel about the gun issue.

        These people living their sheltered lives remind me of someone who has never been married trying to tell a married couple how to fix their dysfunctional relationship.

        • he wont go back over there,,they would do away with him


      19. Any one see a common ground here with the cities listed? Just saying.

        • That’s rayciss

        • You mean all those pesky Amish troublemakers?

          • No, the “hampsters”

        • Detroit,1963 Ground Zero(I was age 10yrs)….

          Alz wez be axin fo iz da chanzez ta proves it! Alsz we be needz is fo dem white honkys ta gives uz colored folks da chanz ta proves we kinz runz detroit as goodt or evens betta den dem whiteys krackerz is a doinz!

          Dats alz wes bees a axin fo is da damn chanzes iz allz.

          Fast FWD to 2013, 50 yrs…1/2 century later…Add in every large city in lower 48 states. We now see the Proof is in!….They got their chances!….And Ruined america beyond repair…

          Liberal dems solution?…Stick an exact duplicate monky into the whitehouse! TWICE!!!

          Wake Up Whiteys folks! ASAP! or wish you had soon!

          A Former Ground Zero Detroiter…It aint poverty-jobs-loss of industry etc..Oh yeah, that stuf counts also…But they destroyed detroit Long before factory jobs left.

          Began in 1963 and was burning it down within 5 yrs later! Long before poverty etc set in…I reject all such excusses as I was born and raised and spent 43 yrs in detroit…Seen it with my Own Two Eyes!

          Now after $10 Trillion dollars spent for tons of black projects-affirmative actions-welfares-$$$$$ Galore again and again to “Improve” what negroes fucked up and look at the mess….All dey wuz axin fo is da chanze ta proves dey kin runs it betta den whiteys does!

          Yet 1/2 century and yet zero admitions of total failures by dems and africans!….

          I moved…Now I am located at Whack em, Nuke em, Smoke em, Burn em, and Good E. Nuff….

          • @Angelo….With all due respect, we are done–we just dont know it yet.

            Social unrest and civil war will start locally first. That is parts of Detroit will be fighting other parts of Detroit. The same with LA and Oakland and so on.

            Smaller cities will be somewhat immune at first, but they will have problems too.

            In rural areas, farming will have its troubles with the economy and with people wanting food.

            Then comes FEMA Camps and the UN Peace Keepers to help us out. Free Soup!. The drones will lower dissidents that do not participate, and the Peace Keepers will decide who stays and who goes. Those that go for some reason never come back?

            Then we are vulnerable. Bad stuff. Hopefully it doesnt start until 2055, but I have a feeling it could be far closer like 2016?

            All I can say is prepare (2013 is it) and be peaceful and be watchful and be ready….And, most important, Pray to the Lord !!!!

            • Hey Ugly. I have a little problem with your UN troops theory. And it’s an important point that folks should remember. Most countries don’t have enough troop numbers in their armies for their governments to offer to the UN as “Peace Keepers” to deploy to the US in enough numbers for a long sustained period. Let’s look at 3 Nations who contribute soldiers on a regular basis towards UN Peace Keeping Missions to prove a point. Three of our closet friends and Allies.

              Britian. 130,000 soldiers (Regular and Territorial. Territorials are National Guard equivalent) so they could sustain 35-45,000 troops in an area from say, Maine to New York.

              Australia. 30,000 Regular Force soldiers with 8 infantry Battlions, and a couple Commando Battalions. So to deploy half their field force (4 Infantry Battalions and 1 Commando Battalion they’d be lucky to keep the lid on one average sized US city.

              New Zealand. Two Regular Battalions and 3 Territorial Reserve Battalions. They would struggle to deploy one full Battalion and an 2-3 extra Rifle Companies from their reserves to get enough numbers to deploy and hold the ground in a rural County in Oregon or Montana!!

              I won’t count Canada as they’d be stretched so thin across the Border Between the two countries, that you wouldn’t even realise they were still their!!

              So let’s face it. The UN theory just wouldn’t be possible. The back lash in the home Nations would force any contributing Governments to concede even before troops could be deployed.

              The only possibility however are all the Private Security contractors who have worked in Iraq and Afghanistan for more than a decade now. A conservative estimate would put their numbers at well over 250,000 (probably much more) from dozens of countries. Even if they aren’t playing in the sandpits any more, all of them have already been vetted by the US Dept of Defence. All of them have DoD IDs and most would jump at the chance for a big contract to fly to the US for work. $1000 US tax free a day getting paid fait money. A dream army for Obama. No training or vetting required. That’s what you should be concerned about. Especially as many non US security companies actually have TRAING Facilities ….. In side the US already!!!

              • Let them come here to Maine, not enough gang bangers for good target practice!!! I still need more ammo…

            • Yes ugly and recall the Lord said he will have a remenant still alive that will be caught up Alive along with the dead in Christ who procede those still alive in Christ!

              That means some of Us will resist and remain free and alive. Plus somehweres on the earth must be a location for them to head for the hills litterally…

              So far america looks as if it is the logical nation for such a place no?….ps do not confuse that with what many todays pastors claim means isreal and jews will flee to safty due to antichrist man etc…

              That already happened back in 70 ad when the jews second temple was destroyed by Romans. It was the christians back in 70 ad who fled to mountains and safty since only They believed Christs prophecy of “Not one stone will remain standing when This temple is destroyed” etc.

              The 1/2 in jersulem who fled to safty was christains while romans whacked most evil jews then.

              So there has to be somewheres Today for christians slated to remain as a remenant eh!…..Lets make that america..if not all of usa?…Then as much of usa as we require…And Any liberals/jews or blacks who dont like it? Screw em! we Must survive even if means They die.

              Remember, They started this fire…Not us. They did it.

      20. Military-pattern firearms are obviously protected by the Second Amendment. Therefore any restrictive legislation on military-pattern firearms or on military design elements of other firearms, is completely contrary to the word and sprit of the second Amendment and is therefore flatly UNCONSTITUTION.

        [U.S. v. Miller, 307 US 174 (1939) completely supports this.]
        Brian Puckett

      21. Key point is if you think the S will HTF get out of the big cities!!!

        • @ Norse prepper: Irrefutably sound advice. If it means a “pay cut” do it anyway. For those that absolutely cannot “get out”…study every single reference on this site and consider it your “bible” to survival. Some basic preps and defense will still place you far ahead of the “herd”.

          Starting TODAY is better than not starting at all. No one knows the absolute DAY, but MONTHS is stretching the timeline. Just do it.

      22. Gun control disarms the citizen. A disarmed citizen is a victim. Gangs thrive on victims. Gangs create disorder and chaos. Disorder and chaos leads to demonstrations. Demonstrations bring the people to the point where they will cry out for military assistance. Military assistance leads to martial law which is what the gun control advocates are actually looking for. Therefore, as far as the anti 2nd Amendment folks are concerned, things are turning out exactly as they hoped they would.

      23. I am unfortunate enough to live near SHITCAGO and the reports that get out of the city is nothing compared to what gets “kept quiet”. The media also rarely reports on the “black cancer” that has spread to all communities within 50 miles of the city. When you see what the entitlement wildebeasts are capable of, above and beyond gun violence, it is plain scary. In spite of reports that overall crime is down in the country, whoever is reporting that bullshit needs to do some digging into the crime in the collar counties of SHITCAGO. Take my guns?? Yeah right!!

        • I am from a burb in the NW. We are being overtaken by swarms of Mexicans. Not even joking. While the Blacks kill and rob, they blame the “white controlled” city council. SHIT, these Apes – do this to themselves. I really dont understand it.

          I am moving down south, soon hopefully. But, I’ll still be stuck in IL

          • Andrew. Please don’t be an ignorant slob. You really need to find Jesus and quit calling people apes. This blog is getting stupid.

        • BRW

          E and E south southeast,,head my way,,have a 4 bedroom 2 bath elephant trap for ya,,,,,


      24. Fargo looks like Mayberry next to most towns, even ones of similar size. That’s been slowly changing since I was a kid and you’ve gotta be careful late at night downtown on weekends, but I’d still walk it alone and not worry today. That’s not something I would have done while living near Minneapolis in the 90s. There, it was best to pull everything inside and lock your doors and windows shortly after dark, and leave it that way until morning. And don’t make extended eye contact with any male you see that you don’t know.

      25. Fox News had a story written by well known Historian Arthur Herman on Jan. 3rd. Titled: “We’re now one step closer to America’s coming civil war”.

        In it he compares the crime and food riots taking place in Argentina with what he sees coming in the U.S.

        His prediction of an American Civil War, which he made in July of 2012, builds on conditions such as in this article.

        In the state where we live, the White farm kids are just as likely to be making/dealing Meth, or growing Pot as the city gangs.


        • Oh, yeah. I grew up in a lily-white small midwestern town of about 4,000, and I swear maybe 50% of the farm kids had pot patches on their folks’ property. And half the town kids had patches down in the woods along the river.

          Bumpkins, maybe, but nobody ever said bumpkins don’t like them some dope and some ‘shine once in awhile.

      26. Be informed,

        A couple of smaller quakes in the Pac NW today. And in the last 30 minutes a couple of medium ones on the SW (4.7) and SE (5.5) of Alaska. Is the area being primed for a big one?? 🙁

        • @ Todd. Yes the area is being primed, right now the entire planet’s crust is kind of in a type of inhaling process. Just look at all the different new spots of earthquakes that are popping up since the Alaskan quake. ANYTIME there is a 7.5+ the entire planet is rung and feels it even a little bit. Those two earthquakes southeast and southwest of Alaska are aftershocks. The one quake that gives me concern is the one on the Mid Atalntic Ridge east of Buenos Aires, Argentina, as this one shows the push of the South American plate aimed towards Peru, Chile and western Argentina area.

          Look for a big earthquake south of Cascadia Fault, around Northern california and Southern oregon area. IF this happens, and it is also over 7.0, then honestly I don’t see what is holding the Cascadia from breaking other than it would be so locked that something bigger or the shear breaking point of the rock finally gives way. Either case I feel that there is about 9.0-9.2 energy locked up there, and it would not surprise me if it broke with up to a 9.4.

          There characters want to ban assault weapons, but I will bet after the Cascadia fault breaks there are going to be lots of people so thankfully that they didn’t.

          • What do you think about the aergan sea? Sort of an anomaly?????

      27. Back in 2008 we heard: “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

        He is building his legacy on a daily basis. What Mr. Hope-N-Change will leave behind just gets worse and worse…

        Get your SHTFPlan ready!

        • He told Putin..just wait and see what I do when i get my second term..and we are supprised?

          • He shared his plans with the Russians, but didnt share them with Us…what does that tell you?

            • I don’t believe that Barry shared his plans with old Vlad. Instead I believe that he got his next set of orders from the ex-KGB Chief.

              The Russians have been saying that the U.S. is heading for a civil war for almost a decade now. Wishful thinking on their part if you ask me.

              • You guys is wrong on russia. Russia has been rebuilding orthodox christian churches at a rate of over 200 per yr.

                40,000 churches were destroyed and blowed up during russian revolt of 1918 era till it ended in 1990.

                Only sinagogs were never harmed during it all. Putin Booted yid bankster khazers Out along with whatever crime boss Yid billionaires he wasn’t able to throw in prisons.

                Yes russia still has crime and problems…But they only been rebuilding for 20 yrs aprox now.

                Russia was Vastly Looted big time after 1990 kommie fall. And most russian mob honchos who aint in prison there came to usa and england. NY is filled with jew russian mob bosses since that era.

                They stole Hundreds of Billions of cash and devestated the resources prior to Putins clean up efforts…By the way Putin has rejoined his birth religion of Orthodox christianity and is a devout man now.

                He’s done more for good since 2000 when became pres than anyone else since 1918.

                If russia is so bad?…Why has so many Brits and others moved there permanantly?

                Perhaps because although russia is largest nation in world(3 times size of usa!) with over 150 million people, whever you look from one end to other end all you see is WHITES!…Aprox 75%+ are white christians…The rest are other religions or none.(not sure but total white pop is probly 90+%…Like usa Used to be eh!)

                Besides mainly whites theres also several indiginous eskimo type tribal folks who been there for eons.

                Moscow is a vast huge metro city of I think, 13 Million!

                And as modern as vegas here is. Whats been acomplished in russia in 20 yrs since 75 yrs of worlds absolute worst bloodshed, and mass genocidal deaths, thanks to what bolshevik jew kommies done is remarkable to say the least.

                Stop believeing Fox or MSM tv news that show russia in bad light always.

                And putin televised the last election cycle last summer, with 2.5 Million camaras tied into all international TV-Cable and satalite tv Plus Internet Live feeds along with Over 1/2 Million election observers, with over 100,000 observers from many other nations includeing usa.

                They used PAPER ballots-Showed ID to vote! and used Clear tuperware plastic large bins to drop Paper ballots into while tons of observers-observed it all…And a couple Billion tv live viewers watching it all be done.

                If America did that, Monky Hobammy and many dems would NOT be in office today gareenteed!

                Say what you will on RT russia tv news…yes its slanted leftist like our tv news is here…But also aprox 90-95% of RT news reporters etc are Brits Not russians(not sure why?)…

                But no matter what you cannot discount the Facts that when RT tv shows documentarys and 1/2 hr specials highlighting russias vast lands and beaauty and citys and different type peoples everywheres….That aint faked or spun…Video shows it as it is.

                At this rate in another 10 yrs russia will be as america Used to be 50 yrs ago except modern high tech.

                If I was 35-40 yrs younger?…I would definatly consider a move to there. 10-20 more yrs and whatever small problems left will be done away with.

                And most of russia is exact same as alaska and westrn america mostly it seems…Amazing lands and folks too!

                You cannot fake the videos of so many folks always smiling and happy etc…Thats 100% Real. Its also reason a full 68% voted Putin back in again and did so Fair and square with eyes of world watching elections.

                What You usually see on tv here of russia is what is still left over of the Old soviet kommie political party base crowds…Mostly they are jewsih still there and total number is aprox. 160,000 if I recall right(?). Along with others who are like lib dems here aka leftists.

                But nearly 70% are conservative and christians and whites. The other aprox 20% of whites are mixed up into about 16 more political partys…Or perhaps its 65 seperate partys?…Cant recall for sure now(?).

                Picture americas 68% whites as ALL one base and most christians as it was before(50 yrs ago here)! Thats was usa at its best.(for modern times anyways, cowboy era is still best era ever I think). Russia today is alot like that.(Russia is now the Top vacation destination in All european lands). TOP Paycheck tax is Flat tax of 14%!!

                Massive farms and ranches sprouting up in open land areas. With more to come soon as various laws or rules are relaxed more(still some left over from soviet era being changed rapidly to better for all)

                Hillery is one of the “few” who refuses to admit to this….That figures eh!

        • I am waiting for the day he feels so secure and arrogant that he simply arrests and disbands congress. At least the Stupid Party members.

      28. I live in a bedroom community about 25 miles south of East St. Louis and St. Louis proper….They are both unbelievable H**lholes. The punk gang-bangers are now congregating at the malls in South and West counties perpetrating crimes on the regular citizens. The newest craze is for these animals to kidnap elderly citizens, put them in the trunk of their vehicles and then it set it on fire while the victim is still alive. Give up firearms?????

        • The Mall of America has a very active gang culture. You have to be careful how you dress….they have colors and if you wear the wrong article of clothing in the wrong color you could piss someone off unintentionally, especially if you’re between the ages of, say, 13 and 20. Male and female both….once when I still lived down there there was a couple of gangs of girls that rumbled with chains and knives. A single handgun could have broken that one up before anybody got hurt….but I seem to recall that the Mall is a “gun-free zone”. Feh.

        • Wasn’t it st louis where a beautifull 18 yr old white girl Beauty Queen girl was Gang Raped then tossed in a car trunk and set on fire while still Alive?!

          Go look at pictures galore of many such black on white crimes by savage beast apes. check out online at Incogman .org or it is ,com?

          Yes it is a staunch Pro white site…So what? I am pro whitey also! somebody has to be right?…

          And yes post comments tell it as it is about blacks and jewsih type folks…Again so what?…Truth is all what matters anyways eh…

          If you prefere then don’t bother reading it simply LOOK at his Vast aray of pictures and articles highlighting what MSM WONT ever show you!

          MSM wont even mention if perps are blacks or mexicans usually…Incog does!

          Big time articles full of color pictures that shows massive trauma and injuries done by savage brutal africans against white folks and gang raped innocent women galore…I mean white men and teen boys with faces smashed in by 25 full blows to face with a huge BRICK! done at the hands of 6-8 to even 40 savage animal ape like blacks.

          But BEWARE!! If You are a Normal Human being?…You probobly will get so pissed off, you definatly will desire to load guns and head out the door pronto and begin hunting such animals till you can find and destroy their kinds…..then again…Perhaps Thats exactly whats needed today eh?

          For their sakes I hope none ever infiltrate my home areas…God have mercy upon them then as I probobly wont be able to. Sherrifs and state cops(mich) and local cops a couple yrs ago held meetings up here(north mich) and had to move meeting to much larger place as so many folks attended.

          Them cops meetings brought Detroit Gang squad detectives with massive gang perp picture books aka Mug shot books to show everyone.

          And pictures to show how to ID various gang graffitte symbols. Them cops said the very moment first see Any gang signs?…ACT! and gather together citizens and cops/sherrifs to NIP it in the Bud!

          we will Nip it in the bud alright!…Nobody back in the hoods will ever know what became of cousin tyrone if they do such violence here.

          Go look at Incogs articles and pictures if any here doubt these atrocities are occureing to whites today. Dont eat first if have weak stomachs!

      29. This is why we need gun control. Look at the UK. 32 gun deaths vs our 30,000 gun deaths in the USA. I hate to say it, but I support a gun ban. As a gun owner myself I do see that we should wake up and follow suit.

        How many more deaths do we need to witness and bury before we say enough is enough. it’s not the 1700’s anymore. We dont need to protect ourselves from indians. People with more than 5 guns are a little suspicious. I’ll give up mine when the gun bill passes. I’ve already contacted my senators with support for a complete ban. I’m waiting to hear back.


          Theodore Roosevelt

          Gun registration and confiscation have preceded EVERY modern genocide in history! BTP

          To you Sir good luck in the near future, you’re going to need it. (funny how government trolls are trying to say we don’t need guns). PR

        • I live in the UK finx where we have strict gun laws, and have to call you out as being a total fool.

          Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6 is a VERY common refrain in London when discussing self-defence against violent crime. (Our laws on self defence are equally strict as “reasonable force” is a legal term designed to criminalise the victim, when interpreted by British Judges).

          Not every law abiding citizen is a 6 foot 5 male martial arts expert at the peak of physical fitness, many are petite women, ashmatics, elderly etc. Thugs tend to travel in packs and pick on Mums pushing prams & Grandmas, and the obviously disabled. Being able to carry even a glock is peace of mind for the infirm and vulnerable individual who does not want to be a victim as they go about their daily life.

          Just because you may fancy yourself as hero of some Jackie Chan fantasy, (or have a suicide wish) doesn’t change the fact that back in the real world, good people get hurt, maimed and murdered even when gun ownership is severely restricted.

          Gah! You REALLY can’t fix stupid.

          The following is aimed at those with 1/2 ounce of common sense ONLY:-

          On a prepping note if shtf many of us are painfully aware that many people will not be able to obtain anti-pyschotic meds for family members who are schizophrenic Valeriana officinalis could be a substitute in the absolute last resort for these individuals.

          (Please note I am referring to white Valerian, native to the UK rather than the more common red variety, native to the American continent)

          As it is addictive, reacts badly with existing medication etc, etc, please only use this once all existing supplies of anti-pyschotic meds have been exhausted forever. It is NOT as effective as modern prescribed drugs but I personally haven’t come across any alternatives. I do suggest very, small doses at first in case it causes severe adverse reactions in the individual concerned.

          It is also a powerful anti-anxiety med (It is believed Hitler used it in his last days), but again should only be used as a last resort. Try all other anti-anxiety remedies first.

          The root is the most potent part of this plant.

          I think if you have space in your herb garden it may be worth cultivating a small amount, (or storing some seeds) as none of us can yet predict which of our loved ones may suffer permanent mental breakdown as a result of the trauma of shtf.

        • @finx….I wish you and your family well….don’t come knocking at my door if the need ever arises…


        • finx I think you and your like minded friends should give up your weapons. Then when your worst nightmare kicks in your door you can wait for the police to show up while you reason with them as to why they shouldn’t rape and kill you and your family. You are floating on a liberal cloud totally uneducated on the way animals function in our society. I hope God continues to keep his hand of protection on you and your family, because you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

          • Yep, getting my door kicked in and family raped and killed happened to me three times last week. Should have followed your advice.

        • @finx

          “We dont need to protect ourselves from indians”.

          Now that is a hoot, but we do have to protect ourselves from politicians. ;0)

          • Just ask any American Indian.

            • As well as asking members of the First Nations, ask the descendants of the Black Share croppers during the era of the KKK. Often the shotgun over the mantlepiece was the most valued family possession in an era of lynching.

              (Not that the “Black History” curriculum ever mentions the role of the gun in protecting law abiding Christians of colour against persecution, those inner city schooled kids are indoctrinated to be dependant victims NOT self-sufficient free men)

              “All men are created equal” – means ALL should have equal rights to self-defence against tyranny, and be in possesion of a fully developed sense of ADULT responsibilities. The buck stops with parents not the “gubberment”.

        • finx

          “People with more than 5 guns are a little suspicious.”

          GTFOOH…Your more than a little “suspicious”. Your hoping to get someone to argue with you and say something stupid.

        • Well, finx, you just invited rapists to your house for your wife and daughters..or mother.


        • you do know rape and assault rates are twice as high in jolly old england as the us finx?…\couple other interesting facts

          England total crime 6.5 million population 63 million
          USA total crime 11 million population 311 million
          perception of safety walking in the dark
          UK 70% rank 12th USA 82% rank 2nd
          Just as well as we know there is no England now.

          All the stories have been told
          Of kings and days of old,
          But there’s no England now.
          All the wars that were won and lost
          Somehow don’t seem to matter very much anymore.
          All the lies we were told,
          All the lies of the people running round,
          They’re castles have burned.
          Now I see change,
          But inside we’re the same as we ever were.

        • Finx

          I have to disagree. There were 58 deaths last year, still not a huge number but they are increasing. Individual hospitals are seeing 100’s of gunshot wounds each year, the maimed,paralysed and blinded are not shown in those statistics. Gun crime is high here, maybe they are just bad shots. The thing is, the law abiding people don’t have them, the gangs and criminals already have them. Things are very one sided. I have no deterrent that can match an Uzi which is one of the favourites of gangs here. My dog and a kitchen knife can’t match a .38,.45 or even a .22.

          If I were in a country where I was allowed to hold a gun legally I would NEVER give it up willingly.
          Now before you tell me I don’t know what I am talking about I can shoot, and held a licenced firearm until I moved counties. No it wasn’t big, or flashy and never had the stopping power of an Uzi but my bolt action .22 rifle was fit for purpose and a shot to the chest will in general stop a person intent on doing harm to me and mine.

          I am relocating soon, and the area I am moving to I have chosen specifically due to the amount of gun clubs and legally owned weapons due to gun club membership, a requirement for licencing here…..oddly they have less firearms related crime than the rest of the country I wonder why? Could it be the gangs know that people will shoot back?

          A gun is just a chunk of tooled metal, no harm in it at all, rather like a car or skillet, all three are dangerous and possibly deadly if used with malice a forethought.

          I WILL be armed again even thoughi am having to I’ve house to do so. As a semi disabled individual sport for recreationis not an option…shooting as a hobby is and I intend to make full use of the facilities available to improve my skills as soon as I have unpacked in my next home.

          Take care

        • finx
          peckerwood come on down to my neighborhood,,,,talking gun control,,,you may go home alive but hairless,,one other thing what kind of guns do you own???bring them i`ll give you a fifty $50.00 wal mart gift card for each one,,,,,


      30. Observation : the overwhelming majority of the people creating the violence and crimes in these areas ………..are not white . Just sayin

      31. sorry to be off topic but ALEX JONES intended to get into ” GROOM THE STOOL ” (google that term if you don’t know what it is) with piers morgan and wanted to ask piers if he was ready for his role as the QUEENS official BUTT-WIPER but they got scared and cut the 3rd segment because ALEX was RAPING THE DAYLIGHTS out of poor piers and would have raped that pathetic lawyer that came up next ( oh yes..alex was slated to debate him in the 3rd segment that never guess is the lawyer saw piers getting verbally TARRED & FEATHERED and backed out) OMG ALEX kicking that lawyers ass too would have been PRICELESS !!!

        Back on topic…our large cities are ALL war zones….some much worse than others. The ones mentioned above are only a small percentage of them. EVERY LAW ABIDING CITIZEN HAD BETTER ARM THEMSELVES…..NOW !!!

        • bwahhahahaha

        • Preach on, puppydog! Well said.

      32. It’s time to replace police officers with PT paid resident militia members. For the price of one unioned cop with defined benefits the tax payers can’t afford we can hire, train and support 20 resident militia members who will put in 3x as many hours as the one cop, won’t cost a dime in retirement or health benefits. No overtime and plenty of people to call up when SHTF.

        • Jim

          Given responsible government that looks out for the best interests of it’s own people not Wall Street globalization at their expense most of our problems would not be there.

          There is no need for a huge police presence be it paid or civilian. Most crime is born out of poverty and globalization at our expense aided by both political party’s, business and the MSM that was the root cause.

          • ~~~ Most crime is born out of poverty ~~~

            Bulls**t—ask any gang member if he wants cashier for $7.25 or sell dope.

            • Both poverty and wealth magnify character. Many of the people you are referring to have not been taught better at home; or school, and have been targeted historically by the Drug Traffickers to fill the prisons they own.

              By and large they do start life with a severe cultural handicap. Some escape that trap, but unfortunately, not everyone can be a sports or rap star.

              That doesn’t excuse their behavior but it does explain it. OUR entire education system needs to be scrapped, the curriculum re-written, and military funding rerouted.

              Its tough to beat the odds when you don’t understand that the odds are stacked against you from the get go.

              Its a vicious circle. But its a perpetual money machine for the lawyers and bankers.

              • Completely rational, humane and logical conclusion. No excuses for them but also a clear acceptance that if WE had been born in the same circumstances, we wouldn’t the same people we are, either.

                I don’t know why folks feel threatened when you acknowledge the reality of our situation. You can’t fix something you won’t admit to.

            • $7.30 /hr is the start and finish pay.

              Camden NJ was a good city when NY ship, Campbell Soup and RCA employed the population. Allentown Pa, Detroit MI the goes on and on.

            • @JJ:

              dope would not be illegal in a free society.

      33. If a wave of revolt rolls across the country,

        if it is carried by the air,

        if many people join us,

        then in one last, powerful effort,

        this system can be shaken off.
        The White Rose

      34. It’s not only the large cities- the midsize ones are getting just as bad. We left Orlando last June to head to NC because of the increase in crime. It’s sad when even the home of Mickey Mouse has shootings and home invasions every day. Hopefully our small town will be less of a target for the criminals.

        • Dee in NC

          Watch out for JoeInNC. ;0)

      35. Expect more of this elsewhere throughout our country. It will soon begin to creep into lower middle class neighborhoods and eventually throughout all middle class areas. As rising energy, food costs coupled with higher taxes and subsequent less take home pay take it’s toll on the back bone of our country people will become more desperate. It’s the beginning of the end for the middle class as designed.

      36. I see that sign in the picture above…..the one with the line at the bottom that says “Stop Laying Off Cops”….and I want to add, “Stop Disarming Citizens”.

        Because that’s the real issue here. Not cops being let go….but people not having the capacity to defend themselves.

        Because when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

        I try to stress to people that the job of the police is not to protect you….it’s to show up after a crime has been committed, pick up the pieces and make an arrest. That’s not because the police don’t want to protect you…it’s because they can’t. It’s physically impossible to have police on every corner. And I don’t think we want that anyway do we? That would be a police state.

        So far….when it comes to these mass shooting situations like the one at Virginia Tech, Tucson, Aurora and Newtown, the police were completely unsuccessful in preventing citizens deaths. The same goes for Columbine. And in fact, about the only time police have been successful in these kinds of situations, is when it was a plain clothes officer off-duty.

        • We should have mandatory firearm training during mandatory military service. If you choose not to serve, then no welfare or free college.

          • Traffix

            Read “War Is a Racket” written by two time MOH Recipient Major General Smedley Butler and rethink that mandatory military service.

            Every war since WWII has had dollar bills wrote all over it and most wars before WWII too.

            • I just want them to know what it’s like to work instead of having babies for a living. There is a vast number of our youth that have no problem making children with no job and then sticking the taxpayer with the bills. I don’t want to send them to war either, but we need to realize the greatest war we face is at home with our fellow countrymen, if we can call them that.

        • Walt
          here is one for ya,,,STOP period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!make the banks cough up the stemilus,,run the FED,,and IRS out of thei country,,put the money that was borrowed by congress back in SS, fire old bummer,,,,along with congress and lats start over


      37. Wow, just watched a clip of former general Stanley McCrystal today calling for serious legistlation for gun control becasue soldiers should only hold weapons chambered in .223!! Absolutley shocking to think this man who swore an oath to the constitution can be so fickle minded when it comes to the constitution.

        Hopefully there are many more generals who view the constitution as their ultimate authority of law and won’t under orders enforce legislation to do away with it. If not we’re in trouble folks…

        • Then the SKS and the AK47 will become symbols of Freedom instead of Communism. Screw him. How ironic.

          • I would like to own a Mini Thirty. Not going to happen though. All gone.

            • i got a mini 30 shot it last weekend….nice gun

            • I’m selling mine this weekend Stainless too with 21 mags.

              • FbP, Is that a -14 or -30 you have?? What will you be asking for it? Can you say what state you are in ?


                • I have Mini 30 and Factory Tac Mini 14, ARAK and more. State of Washington only. Private face to face sales only at shows. I still have one of the 3 50 left also.

                  And all the OPSEC guys the ATF knows me. They hate me but they all ready know me. The key to keeping them off your back is to do everything legal. You would be amazed at all you can do that bugs the shit out of the government and never even come close to breaking a law.

                  And all that saw a earlier post. I am well on the way of a new CL 600 with a super charger. I am also selling enough to afford my name to be put in to the custom soft baby leather custom seats. If I can get it imported I might bump up to the 16 cylinder monster.

                  Private Gun sale are just crazy and no one thought ARs would go for 4000 a piece again.

                  People bitch about the liberals. I was a slumlord during Clinton. He created so many poor. I got rich. Obama is doing it even better. Maybe I should be one again but the stress ain’t worth another billion.

                  But Obama is making Gun guys rich too even the guy with just an extra can have a very nice payday if he wants.

                  • I certainly would not brag bout being a slum lord. Seems to me you are no better than the assholes that are trying to screw the rest of us.

          • Great, I have both!!!!

        • The current issue M4 and M16A2 are 5.56mm NATO, not .223.

          The two rounds are close, but not exactly the same.

          • Very true and DO NOT USE 5.56 in YOUR 223 it will work a few times but sooner or later it will go very very bad.

            If it is all you have to defend your self is one thing. But think ahead and check your barrels. Its what the barrel says not the receiver.

          • Uh what? I bought a Colt AR in the early 1970S (expensive $215, new in the box) Bought a bunch of surplus Gov ammo, and a bunch more of Gov Brass reloads, (Hollow points, from a CIA front Co,long gone) Maybe I’m like the guy that just kept working cause they didn’t tell him he was dead but I’ve had no problems at all. I know the new rifles have a different twist because they have changed the bullet weight, but, no problems here boss?

        • Stanley was eyeball deep in the Pat Tillman cover up

          hardly a patriot in my opinion

          • Stanley also looks the other way while opium poppies are being grown too. I have little doubt that “Air America” or it’s modern recreation is back in business transporting dope in Afghanistan.

            Dope good, guns bad. Good call Stanley.

            • MacCrystal trying to get a talk show host gig on MSNBC. He’ll start out sitting between Joe and Mika (mmm..Mika).
              If she kept her mouth shut, what a…. well anyhow.

              The good General is still zonked on letting the commies bump his ass out of the service. A 4star general getting his ass handed to him by a chicken-shit reporter for rolling stone, and then groveling to the Commie in Chief.

              He should have committed hari-kari.

              I really do feel bad for him. 4 stars, and out like this?

            • Just one more that will be hunted with dogs when this all shakes out.

            • Kevin
              they never went out of business,,,,bus as usual


      38. As a last effort to turn the tide of losing the war the nazis also made the prisons their recruiting grounds the criminals were then formed into special service battalions one of them was the 36th waffen ss panzergranadiers (Dirlewanger) who drank their way through Warsaw raping, mass murdering, stealing destroying absalute slash and burn maybe there is a reason behind the very obvious cultivation of gangstarism in the US cities

        • Something to think about with the high prison population of the USA.

          • Sling shot: Thats what I was meaning in my commit about using our turned in guns being used to arm them.

            • Never even thought about that, take our guns give them to the criminals to create even more havoc.

      39. I live in a high income relatively safe area and there are cops everywhere. Way over-policed. I have no idea why people put up with it. When I go overseas I can travel around for days and not see a single cop, and people behave just fine. Economic misery and loss of jobs will be the cause of riots and rampant crime in USA, when people have no job and not much to lose they will resort to crime.

        • Ha! the cops are there because its safe..catch my drift?

      40. Even when I was a teenager,growing up in the mts.of VA., I’ve always considered cities to be giant rats nest,especially large cities! Decay is bound to happen when the economy slows and (CERTAIN)people move in!!! I’m still movin slowly back to where I had all that freedom as a youth,and hopefully I won’t run into a FEMA ROAD-BLOCK before I get there!! KEEP-A-WATCH……

      41. What is the common denominator in these areas? It rhymes with trigger.

        • Bigger?

          • That’s what his wife and daughter said when he slid it in.

        • agreed….if they all went back to their mother country I would give up at least ONE of my guns…..that rusting 60 year old .22 Marlin to be exact.

        • Find Jesus?…Why is He Lost?…Or did them jews run Him off again trying to Recricify Him?

          Perhaps it is YOU that needs rid self of such White Guilt complex issues…Unless you are an african black?…If so then rid self of such evil hatred of whiteys.

          Disclaimer: I aint saying there not exceptions to every rule…Just that its always the Bad 95% blacks whos makes it so bad for the remaining Good 5%….But That 5% good it is up to Them to alert us to who they are Prior to any hot war scenarios since they most all look the same to us Honkys.

          If they refuse to speak out against the bad?…Why so?…Whos not For me Is against me…J.C 32 AD.

          • You. are a profound thinker. Profoundly retarded. I too will pray for you Angelo. You are going to hell. You hate filled bitch.

      42. Ha ha ha… I have a 6′ mountain lion that prowels around here. He must weigh 180 by the look of the tracks. No way I am giving up my shotgun. No gang members though. They would find it mean pickings around here.

        • me thinks a 30-06 would be a better gamble..shoot that sucker out 200 or more yards..that shot gun aint going to reach out and touch him til hes too dam close, feeling his breath as you squeeze the trigger would suck


            • ahh read his comment ..he said a 6’Mountain Lion!

              wake up!

      43. How dare you suggest that we in the freest nation on earth live in TYRANNY?
        Bill Clinton- May 5, 1995

        (America is merely the healthiest patient in the cancer ward, that all. That “Freest Nation on Earth” stuff is just an ECHO of when we didn’t suffer from PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS LIKE YOU.) BTP

      44. BRW, I can well imagine what kind of crimes are kept quiet in Chicago. We have the same problem in Memphis and I’m sure all other cities do too. I would leave memphis ASAP if I could just get a mortgage to buy a BOL somewhere, but unfortunately I can’t, so i will be in for “interesting times” whenever the balloon goes up here. There’s certain parts of Memphis you don’t go into during the day let alone at night. The neighborhood I’m in is still pretty quiet and peaceful, but that will change eventually. Anyone who comes to my place to take anything and think they have nothing to lose, think again, you do have one thing to lose; your life. If you value that, then don’t do it. Comprende? braveheart

        • braveheart, God Bless your Patriot heart! This country is turning into a sewer under the watchful eye of the black messiah. His goal is to put the white man on the run because he feels like we have had it too good for too long. This country has turned into some weird-ass bastard child that is ultimately the laughing stock of the world. PRIDE is becoming a rare commodity in this age of entitlement but some of us still have it. I am immensely proud of the bravery that won this country and all of the wars that followed..too bad not many of us have it today. When the day came that I heard I should support some guy wanting to fuck another guy in the ass, I knew we were heading for trouble, and now we have arrived.

      45. There doesn’t seem to be much affect in Idaho. I do notice people using those government debit cards once in a while, but other than that crime is not that much of a problem.

        Unfortunately that’s now, while there are still jobs and the government checks are still being issued.

        I live in probably the worst area of this part of Idaho. There has been some hispanic gang incidents in the past, but I think the real trouble will start with the collapse. But I’m prepared to defend with lethal force. I just have to get my neighbors on board, the problem is, if I talk to them, will they become a threat or will they work with me?

        I am starting to think it may be a better idea to wait until things get bad, then confront them, this way I can tell what kind of person they are when the shtf.

        • I also notice the affects in Idaho..but we don’t have many people of color here. (I think they remember tha past), so no gang activity. Now, if you cross the state line, thats another story – gangs and crime out of this world. A friend of mine found 2 (YES, 2) dead bodies behind their house in the same day. Crimes NOT RELATED to each other!
          The only crime we seem to have here is the occasional nut bag freaking out on someone, and home robberies. These are still very few and far between. I do see alot of people on the EBT card, jobs are scarce, and times are tough..especially in the winter.

      46. On CBS News. The NRA is going to meet with Vice President Biden to discuss ideas on how to reduce gun violence. The NRA is going to sell us down the river. You watch. I say no compromise. Pass the gun ban bill and have a civil war for I would rather fight them now than later.

        • they better not sell us down the river or they will also be concitered part of the problem..hope they are smarter than that, because that would be the kiss of death to their membership and thier funding

          • VRF

            They will chip away, again and again at the 2ndA. The NRA makes nice,nice with the gun grabbers and we come out on the crappy end of the stick with some new law or restriction. BULLSHIT! Then the NRA says it’s a good deal and we keep paying them more money so they can do it again the next time the want to make new laws.
            Remember they want us disarmed.
            I bet you the NRA says, “It could have been worse”.

            • Sigh..yeah..I know….how well, I know

              • You know nothing. Reality is reality and you would have only legally have a BB gun it it wasn’t for the NRA-ILA.

                NJ in the late 80s early 90s was a political trench fight. As bad as it was it was going to be far worse. The assault gun ban in 1994 EXPIRED in 2004 thanks to the NRA in 1994 and their muscle in 2004. Carry permits in 43 States? A huge victory.

                You have no idea what goes on and how it happens. Look up “Hands Across NJ”. Nuff Said.

                • I do not give a hoot about the the past. It is what is happening now. Are you just mad at me for attacking the NRA. I use to be a member. They are going to comes after our guns till they all die. NEVER ENDS!

                • I’m with you Kevin. Concealed carry has blossomed thoughout the country.

                  Unfortunatley, I live in commie Md. Need “a good and substantial reason” to exercise your right.

                  Md has lost in court. Stay during appeal. Oral arguments have been made, and we’re waiting for the judgement.

                  Meanwhile, I have a Florida CCP, and don’t risk carrying here in Md, because it would prohibit me from EVER getting a permit, should the state be forced to comply with the Constitution. SHTF, fuck-em.

                • Used to be an NRA Member?

                  They are going after our guns all the time. That is the very reason for the NRA. Without them we would have been the UK.

            • first rule of gun club…nuff said.

        • NRA and Boner are birds of a feather. The Jews for the preservation of firearm ownership are the real deal.

          • Than Just Where the F are they than?..I dont see them in this fight

            • Not Me: They don’t walk with the government like NRA dose. They are there fighting harder than you might think or see.

              • Fight harder? How? No vote base no political power. JPFO was great with research but has no political power even among “their own”.

          • JW: You have it JPFO all the way for me.

          • The NRA has the political muscle and they must operate in the real world. It’s certainly time to rally the wagons around them. They carry votes and in politics that’s the only thing that counts.

            JPFO has done terrific research, the best. Aaron Zelman may he be known for good rest in peace. Aaron and Jay Simkin put together the Genocide and Gun Control information. Those charts you see recording the Nation, Number of Deaths of Civilians, Years and Gun Laws were compiled by these two, read, translated and published. They are now established as indisputable fact.

            • Kevin2
              The only thing I am interested in, is having the NRA representative tell Smiling Joe that any such restrictions will be met with revolution and let Joe choke on that for awhile.

              • slingshot

                Soap Box, Ballot Box thats where the NRA operates. The NRA is Sinn Fein not the IRA.

                • Kevin2
                  You are as passionate as I am in this fight. I am just worn thin and I consider the gun grabbers as the bully on the block. You can not reason with him. You have to fight him.

                • The fight is on the soap box and at the ballot box. Advocating anything else jeopardize both.

        • Slingshot: I’m with you 110%, on your take of NRA.
          After their meeting they will all go out for drinks and dinner and say well we fooled them again.

        • If they do I will be turning in my Life Membership…..

      47. Crappy Wi-Fi at Denver Int’l, must be short:

        Cities degenerating for four reasons:
        1. Liberal overlords have abandoned God
        2. Welfare
        3. Minorities taught they can never succeed in ‘racist’ USA (and remain slaves in their inner city hellholes)
        4. Dads largely absent from inner city homes (Dad is unknown or in jail).

      48. Gotta say it:

        Every single one of these cities has been (ruled) governed by liberal progressives, sometimes for decades.

        Now, the same economic/cultural/social forces that destroyed these cities over several decades will be unleashed in a firestorm under the Obama Regime 2.0 and soon all of America will look like these places.

        Also, this list left out – Los Angeles, Atlanta, Baltimore, Philidelphia – basically all the big BLUE cities from the last electoral map.

        If you live within 100 miles of any of these places, now would be the time to MOVE AWAY.

        • and not to mention their catch and release programs that have allowed these predators back out on the streets with you and your families

          Judges, Lawyers and Prosecutors heads need to roll for this..

          they are not up holding their duty to the citizens that have empowered them with these positions, pay, and perks

          And another thing..when do we get all the dam Lawyers out of Politics and positions in our government? Huh? wanna solve this bullshit we are in..Clean house(although probably to dam late)..No BAR assoc members to hold positions in government..period Forever!

      49. It will not be much longer before all the cities with financial issues collapses, the LE reductions continue, and civilians will be required to protect themselves. The LE will appreciate any assistance they can get. The criminal minded individuals, single or gang, will become moving targets for practice. Once the people decide that enough is enough, and the penalties fit the crime as in other countries, the criminal types will begin to dwindle. As an avid shooter, both hand and long, practice makes for more accuracy thus more dwindling of the EVIL types. To many people have become used to the violence. By starting to make a stand to require your rights, the lesser human life will become more extinct.

      50. Kenya will look like paradise when the Kenyan Pretender gets through with us.


      51. If all you Jesus freaks would do your job of making desciples instead of pissing and moaning and criticizng, maybe these situations would not develop.

        • Shoo, you flea. We haven’t time to play with addle-brained nitwits today. Maybe tomorrow, when you get off the short bus from ‘school’ we’ll let you join the ball game. You can be first base. But for now, skeedaddle.

        • Funny, and typical, once again. You godless socialists destroy perfectly good cities with your insanity, and then blame those that both warned about and tried to prevent the destruction.

          Would be hilarious (if people weren’t suffering and dying because of your kind.)

        • Awwww, no “Idiots” or “Morons” at the end of your post? You’re slipping Joe….

      52. I took my wife to the range recently to see what she wanted to carry concealed. She shot .38, .45, 9mm. and .380 auto. I thought she would go revolver or 9. She did best and felt best with the .380 Bersa CC. This is just fine with me. I just want her to shoot what gun she can feel good about and can hit something with. No one wants to be shot by any bullet regardless of size. I’ll bet that nobody volunteers to have someone shoot them with even a .22LR in the chest?

        Things in my area of NC seem to be seeing more crime in general lately. Across the board more robbery, theft, murder, general crimes. Expect more as the poverty rate increases. Good luck out there.

        • The .22, with supression, is probably the most useful gun in SHTF/WROL.

        • The same where I live. Small business shutting down, crime going up. Food banks short on stuff for the poor, couples in their 20’s using snap cards at the food stores.

      53. Just raise the rents fucking very high…
        Drive out the scum.

      54. So…
        we have Murder city to the North of me, Rape fest to the South.-here I am stuck in the middle with,, No defense?. yeah like hell if Im playing this game.

        Lock and load

        • clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right.
          stuck in the middle with you –Stealers Wheel

      55. Never mind the murder rate in Chicago and most of the rest of the country is 1/2 what it was in the eay 1990s. Chicago had slightly more than 500 murdeds in 2012. But in 2002, Chicago had 600 murders.

        • The projects were still up then, hence the high (600) murder rates. Those were torn down, and the
          residents moved to scattered section 8 housing in Chicago suburbia and all kinds of crime increased in all those suburbs. Chicago is rapidly getting back up in those numbers once more.
          Incidentally, 8 days into the new year
          Chicago stands at 50 shootings and an even dozen homicides. That’s a 200% increase over the same period last year.

          On top of all of that, more bad news for gun liberty in Illinois.

          Today Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan filed a petition asking the full 7th Circuit Court of Appeals to review a December ruling that struck down Illinois’ ban on the concealed carry of handguns in public.

          The move is aimed at challenging the decision by a three-judge panel of the court, which ruled 2-1 that the state’s longtime ban violated the Second Amendment. If the court accepts the petition, the case would be re-heard by all 10 appellate judges. If the court rejects the petition, Madigan would have to decide whether or not to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

          “In ruling that Illinois must allow individuals to carry ready-to-use firearms in public, the 7th Circuit Court’s decision goes beyond what the U.S. Supreme Court has held and conflicts with decisions by two other federal appellate courts. Based on those decisions, it is appropriate to ask the full 7th Circuit to review this case,” Madigan said in a statement issued today.

          Lawmakers were given six months to draft legislation allowing for concealed carry in Illinois, and that timeline is not impacted by Tuesday’s action.

      56. We are looking at a perfect repeat of the Bolshevik Revolution where the military and police, (under orders from the Bolshevik Jew Commissars/Politruks), like the sycophants they were annihilated their own people to curry favor from their master and collect their thirty pieces of silver. They are no different here.–abuse-1/arizona-police-officer-executes-man.html–abuse-1/border-patrol-nowhere-near-the-border.html


      57. On Drudge. It is now New York State that will have a go at massive gun control. Gov.Cuomo is hell bent on passing something.
        Let’s see. If nothings happens we still can depend on the Great State of Massachuettes or maybe New/Jew Jersey.

        • OR ILLINOIS

      58. “No Rothschild is English… No Baruch Morgenthau, Cohen, Lehman, Warburg, Kuhn, Kahn, Schiff, Sieff or Solomon was ever born Anglo-Saxon. And it is for this filth that you fight. It is for this filth that you murdered your Empire. It is this filth that elects, selects, your politicians.”

        – Ezra Pound, March 15, 1942 radio broadcast

      59. thank you .. for not allowing my writing I know
        —- fear of the jews—

      60. YOU CAN SEE IT COMING a mile away…

        For in the aftermath of Sandy Hook with all the Jewish-driven clamoring for tighter ‘gun control,’ we can now expect the rolling out of a greatly expanded role for Homeland Security and its grope your groin arm…the TSA.

        The propaganda for even more Jewish control over our lives AND our private property, especially guns, is now in full swing…and the Jewish-owned press is exploiting the massacre of young children to advance its manipulation of the minds of the masses.

        In an OpEd on NBC News, (Jewish-owned), an “Israeli model” for gun control is being hyped, plugged, and expectantly swallowed by zionist dupe, Jew-loving, ‘evangelical’ christians.

        The deceptively titled article, “Conn. massacre: Lessons from Israel, Where Guns Are a Way of Life,” penned by Jewish journalist (why, of course, a Jew!) Paul Goldman, would have the reader think that it’s a piece that all advocates of the 2nd Amendment would applaud. NOT SO.

        Goldman throws his Jewish curve ball quickly, enthusing for Israel’s policy of gun checks of cars and personal belongings at Israeli cafes, movies theaters, public buildings and malls.

        • Stop with the ignorant anti-semetic rants already. YOU are the one who has an unfounded hatred and fear of the Jews. Satan smiles upon your gullability and he appreciates your helping push his agenda. Are there rotten Jews? Sure, just as there are rotten . Is your life miserable? Might be because God said He will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse them. I would want to be standing on the right side of that one, if I were you.

          • Gahhhh – was supposed to say “just as there are rotten ..insert race here..” .

        • STFU, Nazi faggot.

      61. Keep a “Burka” survival suit to change into if you break down in the hood.

        • Can hide quite a few ARs under those jihabs…thanks lol.

          • couple o buckets of KFC too, lol.

        • Burkas????….Dont you mean Gorilla costume suits?

          If you want to blend in?…Go Gorilla everytime!

          For small kiddies try Chimp suit costumes! make it a family affair!….Remember to do the Fist Pump while at a slight crouch with big ass poking out back…Then kinda move slightly up and down while fist pumping and make sounds such as a real ape makes.

          For expert visual lessons watch any TV hollywood or Rap star awards shows!….Then practice till can blend in swell in any hood.

      62. Member of Biden’s Gun Control Task Force Has a Son Convicted of Planning School Mass Murder

        President of the National Assocation of Police Officers and Boston Police Officer Thomas Nee is a member of Vice President Joe Biden’s gun control task force, which was created by President Obama in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Nee’s son, Joseph Nee, was convicted in 2008 for planning to commit mass murder of students and teachers at Marshfield High School in Massachusetts, similar to that of Columbine in 1999. After spending nine months in prison, Nee’s conviction was upheld by the Supreme Judicial Court.

        Nine Months? Nine months I cant get my mind wrapped around this..see like i said before the Judges, prosecutors and lawyers need to lined up and prosecuted. giving this psycopath a walk out, is why we have these problems..wrong message..these types need to drawn and quarterd in the town “special favors” because his dads a good C*cK S^ck#r
        Niiiice…were surrounded by idiots..the martians were right, there is not intelligent life here

      63. We are only “governable” while we choose to be

        Good night

      64. All of this is just fear mongering propaganda! No way these cities are that dangerous, no way. I mean, Chicago where there are not guns because the citizens are disarmed means that they are much safer. Since those laws disarming the citizens of Illinois are in effect the murder rate and gun crime rate must be virtually 0, right?

        Gun Grabbers would have you believe that if you can just outlaw those damned killing machines called “guns” then you can get rid of all this crime, as such, isn’t Chicago the banner city for this?

        I think all this information is propaganda since it doesn’t fit what the socialist/statists tell us. They would never lie to us. They love us and want us to be happy…

        BBBBBBBBLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! (…oh, crap, I just puked allover my keyboard and it came out like you see above. Very strange.)

        The more hellhole the city, the more you will find that citizens are discouraged from legal carry.

        I don’t give a flying rats ass about “legal” carry. Color of law spit upon paper is akin to the paper you use each morning to wipe your backside right before flushing.

        Cities are toilets. It will be fun to watch the fireworks when the government money stops. Government money created the problems we’re discussing here. When they take it away, it will get much worse for a while until the degenerates kill each other. Wish we could fix it but, unfortunately, we can’t. So, pop some popcorn, get a beverage and pull up a chair.

        • NetRanger

          “It will be fun to watch the fireworks when the government money stops.”

          The money will continue. It’s the value of money that will significantly decline. That’s a decline in the purchasing power of everyones money and it most certainly won’t be fun to watch.

          • @Kevin2….

            The Govt has to keep printing now. There are no budget cuts, fiscal policies, or even debt ceiling reductions. They must print now because they have to.

            Before the fiscal meltdown, there are 3 things to watch.

            1. Interest rates. Right now very low, but when the economy is no longer responding to the free money, interest rates will go up and destroy everything from home loans to car loans.

            2. Inflation. This is going up anyway. But inflation of 14-15% will hurt everyone, especially the welfare people and the people earning low salaries.

            3. The US Dollar Index. At one time the dollar had no problem in the 95-105 range. The meltdown of 2008, it fell to 71. Lately it has been 78-82. If this starts slipping into the sub-78s, trouble could be fast approaching.

            As with BI’s stuff, those are the three seismic activities of the dollar. If you see all three happening at once, then the Big One will hit. It will be just a matter of weeks or months, no longer in years.

            • Ugly

              The increase in interest rates is old school pre QE economics. Interest rates were raised so more funds were available to the government to borrow and to slow the velocity of money. Neither applies today. They get money by direct injection through QE.

              The new economics has a lot in common with banana republics.

          • That’s what all the drones are for: laser shots from 20 – 30,000 feet and the flash mobs won’t know what hit them.

      65. As someone mentioned above, it is not just the large metro areas becoming unsafe. My town has about 20,000 folks. South of Main Street is a complete hellhole. North of Main, nice homes, landscaped lawns, tidy sidewalks.

        When SHTF, I’m bugging out. Got my location picked out. Won’t be safe even in a town this size.

        • KySSG—

          Bugging out to secret spot? Take your iphone or iPad and push maps when you get there. Then push satelite view. That is the same view the drone has too. Only the drone or other satelite is much, much better.

          every square foot of USA is mapped and is being mapped daily.

          hopefully your bug-out spot is a cave.

          • The drones keep flying only as long as rivers of cash flow to DC.

          • Yup, and my advice to everyone i care about is when the curtain goes stuff that cell phone into some hamburger and feed to the wolfs..get friggen rid of it

            I had mine in my hand in my living room..Blue dot blinking..walked out my back door to my own private range ( yeah I know jealous aintcha?)thats a pretty dam good walk..and whata know that freakin blue blinking dot stayed right on me the whole way.

            personal trackin device , that you know they can monitor..and everyones got one, and they love them and play on them all day..they sure got us suckered

            • Kewl beans! I’m gonna go see if I have one of those blue light specials! I’ll take mine out to our range, too. But first I’ll put it in my back pocket when I go into the goat barn. They can sit and ponder what someone might be doing in a small outbuilding same time every day…..Gotta keep ’em busy and all that.

            • not jealous….just comin’ over…got 45-70…lol.BA:)

        • KySSG
          I have a “friend” that works in a position I cant disclose its not government(your gonna have to trust me on this one but I think you of all people will believe this)

          He was in a meeting with a long table and many men around it when they turned on a large Flat screen TV..A view came into focus and it was the parking lot of the facility they were in..

          slowly the view focused and zeroed in on a Quarter a US minted Quarter 25 cents..close enough for that quarter to fill the screen

          Yes the 25 cent piece was placed in that parking lot before the meeting, and the Lat. Lon. co-ordinates were recorded..this Satilight was able to bring its camera right on that Quarter

          this guy has no reason to lie to me.I have known him for more then half my life and as a matter of record has never lied to me.

          my blood ran cold. I have put this up once before on this site..Im not going to do it again..Im getting to the point where I dont want to raise too much awareness about me or what I know..Ive talked enough on this site already

          • Whatcha worried about? God is already watching us.

            • Theoretically God is just, and is not a psychotic. Can’t say that for certain folks with an agenda to push.

          • In the 1980’s the could already read license plates from satellites. Notice how some areas in Google Maps can’t zoom in though. We’ve got Augustus with ultra-advanced techology. Let’s pray Tiberius, Caligula, and Nero aren’t coming next.

          • I do believe it, VRF. I’ve heard similar things myself. Mostly the cellphones, but just about all electronic devices have some sort of tracking software. Reminds me of that movie, “Enemy of the State.” I can tell you I won’t have any with me.

            Slightly off topic: Once I have my family secure in the bug-out location, I’ll have more options as to joining up with like-minded individuals. That’s the only way, folks. One person, alone, has about a zero chance of survival.

            If and when it comes down to it, I hope it is some type of EMF or solar event. Knocking out the satellites will put this on a near-equal footing. I say near equal, because I’m certain TPTB have a few other tricks up their sleeves that the population hasn’t even heard about. But maybe taking out the satellites will be just enough.

      66. If the representatives of the people betray their constituents, then there is no resource left but in the exertion of that original right of self-defense which is paramount to all positive forms of government, and which against the usurpations of the natural rules may be exerted with infinitely better prospect of success than against those of the rulers of an individual State. In a single State, if the persons entrusted with supreme power become usurpers, the different parcels, subdivisions, or districts of which it consists, having no distinct governments in each, can take no regular measures for defense. The (State) citizens must rush tumultuously to arms, without concert, without system, without resource; except in their courage and despair.
        Alexander Hamilton; Federalist Paper #28

        The price of freedom is the willingness to do sudden battle, anywhere, anytime, and with utter recklessness.
        Robert A. Heinlein


        • Even if he was NRA A+ rated, I would never even consider voting for that idiot.

          • Cuomo was rated F I believe and got that rating well deserved.

      67. @ Kevin2

        If the NRA and Joe make a deal, what happens six months from now, (God Forbid) another false flag or crazy shooter comes to light? The possibility is there.

        • @slingshot….The deal is probably in the making. Maybe the NRA Prez just got his first experience of waterboarding?

        • Slingshot

          What happens if it occurs and a “deal’ is made or not?

          The battle is in the court of public opinion, victory or defeat will lay there.

      68. BRW, you’re right on target [no pun intended]. We’re headed straight down the slippery slope to a police state like my wife left in Cuba back in 1967. John W., have faith in the white community. Their patience with all this crap has wearing a lot thinner than you think. There are more than you can imagine will rise up against it all. Smokin, what you said in #1010174 is correct. Blacks have been so brainwashed against us it’s inevitable there will be major conflict between black and white. I feel sorry for the good blacks, the “Uncle Toms”, who go out of their way to live right; i have no problem standing up for them. i never have any problems with them. OQ, everything you said in #1009227 is true and it’s definitely a conspiracy. i don’t even recognize this country anymore. hard to believe it’s the land of my birth. Yes, the cities will become the biggest hellholes in post-SHTF. if my survival plan goes right, I’ll outlast all the trash. braveheart

      69. Nothing to do with caliber, everything to do with shot placement. Yet another story that proves “knock down” calibers are a myth. The FBI judges calibers based on the performance vs a .38 special. I love the .45 guys that think bigger is better. I would love to see the look on your face when you realized you could have did the same amount of damage with 125 grains that you did with 230.

        • @ Jace
          I have family that work in E.R’s and O.R.’s and I have friends who are leo’s. Both will tell you that a .22 short in the right place will kill a person just as much as a .45.

          If caliber size was so important, a 8 inch ice pick to the heart would not kill, but I does.

          Modern .38’s and 9mm’s go deep enough and expand well enough to do the job. This is why some “cop shops” are dropping the .40 and going back to the 9mm.

          • there was a “domestic disturbance” here some months ago

            the guy shot his wife in the head with a 22

            the bullet bounced off her head

            and boy
            then she was really pissed !!!

            • Yes, and I’ve seen .22’s kill and do great damage as well, so what’s your point? Should we all just carry shotguns loaded with 1oz. slugs?

              If we had an old fashioned “gun fight” at high noon. You with a .45 me with a .38 and we both drew and fired at the same time hitting each other in the head, would I be “more” dead than you?

              • just an amusing anecdote

                don’t get yer panties in a twist !!!

              • …no…but satori would be a prettier dead…lol

              • Well, I’ll hang on to my Glock .40 and pump twelve with double 00 a bit longer. They feel pretty good in my hands.

      70. Just one more thing.

        I want those politicians to worry about starting a revolution. As I have to worry about them passing laws that will make me a criminal and pay massive fines, jail time and Tax Stamps for the weapons I have acquired legally. And they have all the protection in the country.

        You should not need a CCW in our country. You are paying a Tax for the Right you already have.
        That is the way I see it.

      71. JoeinNC, the pharmacy called. Said they made a big mistake on your meds. The pills go in your mouth and the ointment is for the other end. Ooops.

        • Ha Ha Ha, absolutely classic!!!

      72. my so cal suburb.

        past 3 months. 1 block radius from my home. 5 home invasions. at least a dozen drive-by shootings resulting in 4 deaths. one non fatal right next door.

        it doesn’t matter. F*ckstein or Gangbangers. you want to come get some within the few months i have left in this hell hole?

        ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ

        • Pack it up and leave. We moved to NC – first RTP and then Charlotte. Pretty sure Chapel Hill, NC has two public Chinese immersion schools so must have a large asian population. Love to see more asians here. Grew up with lots of Koreans in Columbia, SC.

          • Was in Torrance before RTP area. Not bad but no place to thrive.


      74. ■Amid Federal Land Grab in Brazil, Whole Towns Evicted at GUNPOINT!!!
        Strip Americans of their guns?? Not gonna happe.

      75. We got a new dog! Well, new to us. He’s about the ungliest, scroungiest dog you ever saw. Looks like he just busted out of doggy san quentin. Probably doing time for panhandling and vagrancy. Or maybe passing bad doggy checks. He just has that look about him. Confused, not too smart and totally unreliable. So, of course I immediately took a liking to him.
        He got dumped in the neighborhood and found his way here. Wife said we had too many mutts already, so I took him to the pound. They wouldn’t let him in. It’s a dog pound, but they do have standards, after all.
        He’s a mixed breed, medium sized pooch. No tattoos that I’ve found yet, so I don’t think he’s affilliated with any doggy gangs. He does look mighty shifty, though. Been here less than a week and he already knows how to steal the cat’s food and then hide in the barn, pretending to be asleep while the wife screams at him.
        He follows me when I walk to the back forty. I say he’s getting to know the farm. Wife says he’s casing the joint for further theft. Either way, he’s good company. We understand each other. I even have imaginary conversations with him, while we walk. Well, his part is imaginary, but I just guess at what he’s saying.

        “So, pooch, we need to give you a name. What’ll it be? How about Homer, since you were homeless when you got here?”
        Do I look like a Homer to you? Gimme a break.
        “Okay. How about Ranger? That’s a nice, respectable name?”
        Oh, suuuure! Ranger! Soon as you become a lawyer and I turn into a German Shepherd! What are you gonna do? Get me some forged AKC papers to go with it?
        “All right. Ranger is out. How about Skippy?”
        Do I look gay to you? You call me Skippy and I swear I’ll sneak into the house and pee on the carpet every chance I get!
        “Well, alright. What do you want to be called?”
        (He chewed on a piece of straw, holding it like Clint Eastwood did those little cigars in the westerns, and trying to look a lot tougher than he really is) Why not just call me ‘the dog with no name?’
        “Tell you what, we’ll think about a name for you later. Now, let’s get better acquainted. Can you fetch? Here boy! (I tossed a stick) Go fetch it!”
        Huh? Why did you throw that stick?
        “Can you sit up? Here boy, sit up!”
        You got any food with you?
        Then I ain’t doing parlor tricks for you. Besides, I got other things on my mind.
        “Like what?”
        For starters, what’s the combination to that lock on the shed door where you keep the dog food? And who’s the cute lab-mix girl dog next door? Is she single?
        “You better stay away from her. I, uh…I don’t think you’re her type.”
        Okay then. How about the collie dog that stays on your front porch? Is she single? Why is she such a snob? Won’t even talk to me. Is it my breath?
        “I think she just needs to get to know you better. Besides, she’s more of a guard dog than anything else. She doesn’t socialize much.”
        Just as I suspected, a snob. Hey, why don’t we go back to the house and eat? Is it meal time yet?
        “You seem to be preoccupied with food and sex. Is that normal?”
        Hey, I’m a dog, remember?
        “We still need to find you a name. What did your last owner call you?”
        Owner? Am I your slave? Do you really want to OWN me? Why are you humans so bent on posessing things? Can’t we just be friends?
        “Okay. I don’t own you. But what did other people call you?”
        Some called me a mangy low-life mutt. Others have called me ‘Get Outta Here!’ and this one old guy once called me ‘Martha Quick Get The Shotgun So I Can Shoot That Son Of A B-‘
        (I interrupted him) “That’ll be enough! We don’t use that kind of language here!”
        Suit yourself. I was just answering the question.

        As we walked back to the house, I pondered a name for him. Let’s see… he’s shifty, unreliable, probably totally dishonest. He won’t do anything he’s told. Won’t do anything useful. Only wants food and sex. And he seems to think he’s handsome, even God’s gift to girl dogs. When in fact, his looks aren’t much and his personality makes him the most repulsive mutt in town. What should I call him?
        My wife was standing on the front porch when we got back, and she solved the problem for me. “Did you and Charlie Sheen have a nice walk?” (at least I think she was talking to me and not the dog)

        • SHUT UP BIG MOUTH!

      76. You can believe this or not, but I was talking to the head of a municipal IT department the other day. This is not a huge city, less than 175,000 I guess. While America disarms against street gangs, he said this one city has FIVE cops that are on full-time ‘anti-terrorist’ assignment funded by Homeboy Security grants. That’s all they do,no patrol, no gang or drug detail. Just play at the terror game. I was told there has NEVER been any indication of terrorist activity and that these clowns make all sorts of asinine service requests to “cloak” their activities from “terrorists.” They are even dumber than patrol cops, who are at least street savvy. And this goes on all over America. No wonder the War On Terror is so important. You’ve got a lot of hungry mouths at the teats of the federal government… and they’re not all welfare slugs.

        • yes, they are welfare slugs.

        • I see them in my area sitting in trucks door to door ( probably passing contraband) for a full 8 hour shift..never moving from thier dock position..than when shift change comes they all start up move out and drive 10 min back to base..and it repeats with the next shift..

          Oh yeah I did take a few days off work just to record this..and have seen them continue this process thru my travels in my area..I know of the few spots where they congegate and they are always there when I go by..
          from 2 to as many as 6 trucks window to window..doing absolutly nothing//our tax dollars at work, or should I say Our wasted tax dollars at play

      77. It gives me cold shivers to think how fast some of the democrat-supporting inner city blacks, mexicans, muslims, impoverished immigrants and gypsies in Houston would turn on whites if all guns disappeared today.

        Houston is safer than urban toilets like Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis and Oakland specifically because the thugs have to guess whether or not that white dude is packing heat or not….whereas in the democrat-run declining urban killing zones mentioned above….the thugs already KNOW you aren’t armed because of the consequences.

        If the bangers and thugs are present in our cozy Houston suburbs it’d because they are here to visit successful family members, to deliver narcotics to clients, to oversee marijuana plantations in formerly foreclosed McMansions, or to oversee their urban vice operations from the secure and anonymous setting of a white-dominated suburban golf-course setting.

        Fact is…they behave themselves to keep their profile low.

        Now, if they go all LA roits ‘n shit over some event that has yet to happen, the Texas’ burbs, especially here in Houston, are bristling with LEO’s retired LEO’s, military, retired military, gun-afficionados and big-game hunters etc. They WILL annihalate any element of urban unrest that tries to cross into the suburbs.

        Let’s all just remember that after the dust settles that we will all be held accountable for the laws we break, not the laws we followed during the crisis (Katrina anyone???) so always exercise good judgement and restraint in any confrontation until push comes to shove.

        • I thought their idea of turning the foreclosed McMansions into marijuana plantations was pretty clever. Who’d suspect that kind of activity in those manicured neighborhoods and expensive homes? The news pics were pretty impressive. It is frightening though, how much criminal activity all throughout Texas now is attributed to the Mexican drug cartels. They are all around us now and probably even greater in number than we can imagine. You better believe their guns aren’t registered or traceable!!!

      78. “So what are you seeing in your area of the country? Please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts below…”

        No violent gangs in my neighborhood. Seattle, way down south, has its fair share, I suspect. The economy in this neck of the woods still “seems” rather robust. Frankly though, I don’t get it. Gazing out my homes windows, life looks quite lush and wonderful. Could be 1955 out there. And yet, every week I add more ammo to the small arsenal snuggly hidden away, out of sight. The gang I’m most concerned about are those who supposedly have formed to “serve and protect”.

      79. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I seriously believe that even if by some miracle registration leading to confiscation actually survived the congress that there would be no way the feds could implement it.

        Once the first dozen or so tactical teams get half their agents killed or wounded on seizure raids the federal gun grabbers are going to have a hell of a time putting their crews together to more raids. Plus, once agents begin ending up in body bags, their tactics will become even more aggressive and militaristic which will eventually appall the tree-huggers and liberal hippy-shitz who are now cheerleading gun control.

        Let’s not forget about raids on the wrong addresses with fatal results, or how about setting up the democrats on your personal “asshole list” and ratting them out to the feds if they have weapons and still support gun registration / confiscation. (registration works both ways amigos)

        I seriously recommend everybody just ignore whatever final product the federal mandarins in D.C. settle on if it is not what you like. By the time they start trying to enforce it, the fiat economy might have already collapsed and they won’t even be able to answer their fucking telephones (we the gun owners can help that situation along as well with a massive tax boycott)….think about it!!!

        resist through non-compliance and wait for this debt-financed beast to starve itself while we selectively withdraw our financial support of the banks, corporations and agencies that lobby the federal government for greater gun control.

        • I hear you loud and clear.

          Mom always said ‘never put all you eggs in one basket’.
          So I had several bank accounts. 1 for internet money. 1 land based locally and 1 other for misc.

          Well last year when banks started this whole fee crap again. I immediately puled the plug on them. The bank CSR asked me why I wanted to close my account. I said that I will NEVER pay a fee for a bank to make interest off on my money. If your bank is to stupid to make enough interest off of my money then your not bright enough to be able to handle my money. Her mouth bout dropped…

          I now use 1 credit union for free and the rest is, lets just say liquid…

          Imagine the statement it would send if 70% of the populace didn’t file/pay taxes…

          I always make money off of uncle sam so I for 1 would be stupid not to receive my money from him… 2 words people, credits and deductions… Learn how to handle your money are you WILL part with it..

        • “Let’s not forget about raids on the wrong addresses with fatal results, or how about setting up the democrats on your personal “asshole list” and ratting them out to the feds if they have weapons and still support gun registration / confiscation. (registration works both ways amigos)”

          How about setting up the democrats on your personal “asshole list” and ratting them out to the feds even if they DON’T have weapons and support gun registration/confiscation.

          Can you imagine the egg on the face after they’ve raided people that don’t even have guns? Or suppose they are typical liberal hypocrites and actually DO have guns? That would be poetic justice right there.

          • I’m keeping a list of liberal democrats I know personally who own “assault” weapons and are tax/entitlement program cheats. They are about to get exactly what they voted for.

          • This is why I say the Newark mayor will fail in his effort to buy snitchers for $1000.
            1) neighbors desperate for cash will plant $50 guns in houses to turn in
            2) when the thugs discover your deceit, they will come after you
            3) the word WILL get around that you snitched and thugs WILL be looking for that $1000

      80. You know, I’ve accrued a lot of thumbs up for my posts on this site. I’ve never verbally assaulted anyone and I’ve always posted what I believe to be true. I don’t ask inappropriate questions and I never spam you…

        So perhaps someone can tell me why this site and the daily sheeple have blocked my IP. What happened to “free speech here. or does that only apply to the anointed few?

        I am a hacker, so attempts to block me will always fail, but I’d at least like the courtesy of someone adjusting their sack and telling me to my face why I’ve been blocked from ever READING here, much less posting.

        If this is really a private blog, just tell me and I’ll go post somewhere else, but don’t disrespect me by slamming the door in my face without so much as an explanation, or even a warning.

        If THIS is how you build community support between like-minded persons in this battle for our rights, perhaps I’m better off elsewhere.

        …but just SAY SO…I’m not your bitch.

        (AKA) A. Lambert

        • Sixpack, I don’t think you have been singled out. It has happen to me on occasion here as well. I think the site(script) just gets stuck on stupid from time to time.

          Hey, I’m with you, you couldn’t keep me out on your best day.

          I had some Russian wanna be hackers deface a site I had once. Well I tracked them back to a forum where they were bragging about it. Guess they didn’t think I could a)find them and b) translate what they were saying.

          Anyway long story short I injected a lil script on there site that would post gay explicit sex pics every 2 minutes and would register new names every 20 minutes which would in-turn post more pictures. Well after a few days of this you couldn’t even find a REAL forum post through the pics… Oh it was beautiful…

          • can you do that to the Brady Bunch website….oh wait, their membership would probably quadruple.

          • I’m not one of those kinds of hackers. I don’t hurt people with knowledge, ever. I hope you are right, it has been almost a week I’ve been kicked off. My intention in bringing this up is to draw attention to it. Perhaps our illustrious government is playing games on these sites and if that is the case, people should know. I haven’t analyzed the data because I frankly don’t have permission to access servers that aren’t mine, but someone might be redirecting traffic from Mac’s server(s). He needs to know. It effects all of our rights to free speech. That is the main reason I’m bringing this up. I’ll live without SHTF, but I’ll miss the important info from it. I’m going offline for a few days to check MY OS and see if there’s anything on my hard drive that could cause this (think, bug or virus).

        • Shutup, faggot!

        • Its Moderated..Take a chill pill and wait like the rest of us.
          Mac doesnt censor unless you get way out of hand and start personally getting in someones shit..and even than he tries to clean it up..

          And as you see..Heres your, it wasnt all bad now was it?

          Patience Grass Hopper

        • @sixpack….

          Chill dude. Like Gokill said…it’s not a personal thing. My IP has been blocked several times. Just drop contact Mac on the site from another computer and he can fix it for you.

      81. Has anybody heard about an attack on Roanoke, Va with electron beams? Knocked out a NEXRAD station. Before It’s News has a story on it from a couple days ago. Did I miss something? What is this and when did we start shooting beams at cities? I’d really appreciate it if somebody could bring me up to speed on this.

        • I leaned back on my radio
          Some cat was layin’ down some rock n roll, lotta soul, he said
          Then the loud sound did seem to fade
          Came back like a slow voice on a wave of phase
          That weren’t no DJ, that was hazy cosmic jive

          There’s a Starman waiting in the sky
          Hed like to come and meet us
          But he thinks he’d blow our minds
          There’s a Starman waiting in the sky
          Hes told us not to blow it
          Cause he knows it’s all worthwhile

      82. Most of those places are negro towns aren’t they?

      83. I don’t see why this is a surprise to anyone. I was raised in the NOLA. My parents were divorced, so because of lack of money we moved too the HOOD.

        My role models were pimps, drug dealers and gang members. Is there any doubt I joined a gang at age 13, wtf else was I gonna do? Get jumped daily? I was lucky enough to get out with my life and no felonies.. A few nice scars though.. Not many of my associates were as lucky as me.

        When you let your children listen to crazy music, watch stupid shit on tv, etc., etc. how do you expect them to act? People need to take responsibility…

        The fact is, the cities in this country have been cesspools for many years. This is nothing new. NOLA was the murder capitol of the country in the 90’s.

        I always knew it would come to a tipping point some day.

      84. Ive seen plenty of other races that fit this mold..its not a race problem..its a mindset problem..a liberal problem and a Judicial problem..because re-offenders are put back out on the street to re-prey on us after they already have preyed on us..

        One way to clean up that mess make any lawyer that gets a ciminal off, has to house and be responsible for him for 10 years, any Judge that lets a rapist off or out, needs to allow him to live in his home with his daughter and wife

        We have a HUGE Lawyer problem in this country and people just wont admit it

        Look at all the politicians, what are they or were they?..Lawyers

        what are all the judges and prosecutors? Lawyers..

        This Ciminal Justice system is just that Justice for the criminals but not the Victims..if this dont change quickly ..we are all in danger..Ooops..too late were already there, thanks to all the liberasl Judges, Lawyers, Prosecutors and Politicians..Do you all get it yet?

        • “R” key stuck dammit

        • so far 2 lawyers have chimed

          • vrf:

            and they are gonna charge you by the hour…lol.BA:)

      85. Louis Farrakhan should be our president. He is our hero.
        He would fix this mess you white folks caused.

        • louis farrakhan is a white dude posing as a shit skin to rouse people probably a gov.troll.Lmao @ u turd head.

          • Mac, thanks for the reply..this is what I tried to copy to send to you.

            for some reason it would not accept my post or my “Name” so I became anonymous..strange

      86. I watched NATGO “doomsday preppers” last night. this is the third time I watched this show, plus I viewed last seasons shows at a friends house.
        I don’t think I want to be associated with preppers after reading some of these comments and watching the shows. I really think that most preppers are dysfunctional along with their families. A lot of societies drop outs is what they are. In other words, loosers. Sure there are some normal preppers, but far and few between.
        Sorry, but that’s my preception. I will continue to prep on my own. but i will keep it to myself in fear of being affiliated with the likes of you all.

        • I Agree with you New Prepper Lady!

        • Precisely what the controllers of NATGO want you to believe. Unplug the damned mind control machine and take a look around. Most preppers are good people who love their families, friends, and our country. They want a future that freedom ensures…and most of them will be very happy if it turns out they are incorrect about the obvious direction this country is taking. By the way, I am a beginning prepper and left my job working for a mega-monster bank at the age of 54. Since, like most people, I can’t afford to be unemployed, I went back to college (which I paid for myself) and became a Registered Nurse. I don’t view myself as dysfunctional. My children are in the process of finishing their college courses and their ages range from 30-40. They have taken this on at a non-traditional age and are succeeding admirably in their efforts. They are either prepping or espousing the concept. I daresay they are not dysfunctional either. You’ll find many preppers are the kind of people who get things done. Good luck with your prepping-you are displaying a native intelligence in so doing!

        • NPL, sorry that you have such a bad perception of preppers. For myself, I disagree over the statement you made about most preppers being dysfunctional. I for one am a functional man, holding down a good job, a low-level leader in my community and online, and an analytical thinker.

          Being prepared for something is wisdom being applied. It does not mean someone is running around screaming that the sky is falling. It means one is thinking ahead, and weighing future possibilities. My name comes from the boy scout motto – be prepared.

          As for gaging this on shows such as Doomsday Preppers, I advise you apply wisdom and not cast most preppers in the light of that show. For you to continue doing so is not wise.

        • Hummmm. . . . so you are a prepper, eh? Must mean you are dysfunctional too. I think the huge majority of us on here have perfectly normal lives and careers and social lives. You could interact with us out in the world and not give us a second thought. Our words are passionate but we are sane – perhaps some of the only sane and awake folks around. We are NOT that dumb TV show, either. You sure are making some severe judgements on people you dont know. How many preppers do you actually know?

      87. @Braveheart:
        That government, being instituted for the common benefit, the doctrine of nonresistance against arbitrary power and oppression is absurd, slavish and destructive of the good and happiness of mankind.

        Tennessee Constitution, Declaration of Rights

        I for one will stand by your side anyday! Got your Six covered.

      88. A major point about all of these cities is they have some of the toughest gun control laws in the nation, and the idiots in washington are going to continue to dance in the blood of the victims to ram through any number of draconian gun control laws.

      89. I received a “response” from the White house about some of the petitions that have been goign around about gun control. What are you thoughts folks?

        The White House

        When Discussing the Second Amendment, Keep the First in Mind Too

        By Jay Carney, White House Press Secretary

        Thank you for participating in We the People to speak out on an issue that matters to you.

        Let’s not let arguments over the Constitution’s Second Amendment violate the spirit of its First. President Obama believes that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to bear arms. However, the Constitution not only guarantees an individual right to bear arms, but also enshrines the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press — fundamental principles that are essential to our democracy. Americans may disagree on matters of public policy and express those disagreements vigorously, but no one should be punished by the government simply because he or she expressed a view on the Second Amendment — or any other matter of public concern.

        We recognize that the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, sparked an intense, and at times emotional, national conversation about the steps we can take as a country to reduce gun violence. In fact, your petition is one of many on the issue, and President Obama personally responded by sharing his views on this important issue.

        Watch the video

        In a recent press conference, President Obama also addressed the Second Amendment and the important perspective that law-abiding gun owners bring to the public conversation on this issue:

        Look, like the majority of Americans, I believe that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to bear arms. This country has a strong tradition of gun ownership that’s been handed down from generation to generation. Obviously across the country there are regional differences. There are differences between how people feel in urban areas and rural areas. And the fact is the vast majority of gun owners in America are responsible — they buy their guns legally and they use them safely, whether for hunting or sport shooting, collection or protection.

        But you know what, I am also betting that the majority — the vast majority — of responsible, law-abiding gun owners would be some of the first to say that we should be able to keep an irresponsible, law-breaking few from buying a weapon of war. I’m willing to bet that they don’t think that using a gun and using common sense are incompatible ideas — that an unbalanced man shouldn’t be able to get his hands on a military-style assault rifle so easily; that in this age of technology, we should be able to check someone’s criminal records before he or she can check out at a gun show; that if we work harder to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people, there would be fewer atrocities like the one in Newtown — or any of the lesser-known tragedies that visit small towns and big cities all across America every day.

      90. We all know that the U.S. Patriots have to be disarmed along with everyone else that own firearms, before the Elites in this world can have a free reign over the masses.
        My deepest gut feeling is they are going to go HELL BEND to do it SOON. More and more of them are showing their hands and if they fail do disarm us now; they know it will be a very long time before they can start the process again.
        They see that more and more of the peons are awakening to their agenda, and they must stop it now. I give at the longest to MAY before the great struggle begins, at the longest. Some I have talk to say it will hold out till the next Mid-Term elections, but you will not see me holding my breath.
        They are prepared and what PISS’S me off so much is that they are using our money do to it. We must at all possible stop FEEDING THE BEAST. How to is up you, stop spending on unimportant things like going out for the evening, no pro sports (who laugh at you while they go to the bank), no movie nights out, etc., you can get the picture. Get out of the markets, out of the banks, whatever your in and they control.

        Yes my family has done just that.


        MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU- Time grows short oh so short.

      91. The following is a repost, the first apparently did not make it…

        @ All,

        The large spot group I alluded to previously has rotated into full view at this time and is just that, large. At this point the magnetic complexity is fairly low but the most recent HMIB(C) movie suggest that this area is both growing and becoming more complex, though at what rate is not yet clear due to the relatively short time same has been fully exposed. NOAA has enumerated this region as NOAA 11654 and it and NOAA 11652 constitute the largest regions on the visible solar face at this time.

        This spot has effectively ‘appeared from out of nowhere’ as it were, inasmuch as the SECCHI beacon did NOT give any clear representation of it’s presence pre-facto. Alternately, this spot may have manifested very rapidly growth just prior to rotating into view around the eastern limb. If the latter is the case then I would suggest that this would be cause for some concern as this would suggest “explosive growth”…time will tell.
        For those here who watch all things solar I would suggest stopping by over to look at last night’s Solar Terrestrial Analysis ( to specifically look at the lead graph at the header on the page. The Penticton flux has abruptly jumped to levels we have not seen since December of 2011 and also the BOAA sunspot number has rocketed to levels not seen at any point during 2012.

        In summary, ‘something is afoot here methinks’…keep an eye on the NOAA 1-minute flux regularly, it is possible that we’ll soon see something out of the ordinary with respect to Solar Flaring.

        Finally, the X-Flux has just successfully sustained a C-1+ level of emmissions for more than 12 consecutive hours for the first time in months….Eyes open here all.


        A footnote here: Per a recent communication with Mac, he has indicated that the “Earth Changes” Perma-Forum will likely be operational within a week or so…I know this will come as a relief to some few here as once it is things will be a little less crowded hereabouts for all. Apologies for my absence lately, family matters do take precedence occasionally I’m afraid …a big “Hi” to all!

        2nd Footnote: Since the time of the original posting of this missive the solar X-flux has risen steadily and is now averaging C-3.1….something’s coming from this one folks, soon.

        • That makes alot of sense. Yesterday’s earthquake numbers were the highest I’ve seen in a while. I definitely think there’s a correlation between the sun and earthquakes. Nothing big yesterday but alot of weird spots that aren’t normal.

          THANKS JOG!!!

          • @ you don’t need to know. I don’t know what happened to my warnings about the Carlsberg Ridge earthquakes, 13 of them in the past 21 hours. This is a SWARM not seen in this area in all the recording keeping. The Australian and African plates are on the move, BIG TIME. If I was in China right now, I would be REAL worried. I did some calaculations since I tried to post a comment earlier and CHINA is in the direct crosshairs this time for a very large earthquake, 7.5+. I would say there is at a 50% chance on this in China or maybe India Pakistan area by Jan. 24.

      92. All major urban centers are nothing more than toilets now, waiting to be flushed. God’s hand is on the handle. It’s only a matter of time. Get your preps in order. My guess is the S will HTF soon. I live in central Texas about 40 miles outside libtard island. Wish I lived further out, but we all have to work. Kind of off-topic, but the emotional jerks running cap city here are proposing banning all gun shows…even if its on private property. If this can happen in TX, watch out!

        Been reading this site for about a month now. Excellent resource of like-mindedness. Thanks Mac! Good to read people in this country who actually have a brain and some stones.

        • had to post under this name because my regular name did not work said I was posting to fast when I was just posting once.Any way The ethnic gangs know no bounds.They do not care about prison hell they got family and friends there.White people will never understand there thinking nor they ours.We will always owe them and since the 60’s they are taught we are the devil and they must breed us out.Kill whitey kill whitey kill whitey.Oh yeah turn in your assault rifles and go to work so we can tax you to keep the thugs feed and housed.You white devil you.Dont you just love our America.Btw you can call me a hater but show me what I said to be inaccurate.

      93. what about all the corrupted cops out there, that cant really help either, i dont have a statistic, but im sure most of them are corrupted,

      94. This is why I feel like I’m living in the “twilight Zone” or Backwards land lately!!! ‘Criminals are commiting crimes and killing so let’s make the good people turn in their weapons so the criminals have an easier target’ WHAT THE F$%$?????? And the masses are buying into this crap!!! What the hell happened to this country??????????? Can you hear the sucking sound?? We are getting closer to the drain!!!!

        • Magillagorilla,

          This is the new normal, the sane ones are outnumbered so the nuts are running the nut house. The only problem is that the nuts in charge are psychopaths who have evil intentions.

        • EXACTLY!!!! The CT shooter didn’t buy the gun he used and his mother was in the lengthy, time consuming process of getting him committed for his mental issues. So the answer to this shooting is to put stricter laws on purchasing? Are we going to pass legislation that says if I think you are crazy we can quickly lock you up in a padded room? The bottom line is that these mass shootings are terrible but rather small in number compared to the population and number of guns in America. Oh, and let’s punish honest, law abiding citizens further by publishing their names and addresses in the local paper if they are a gun owner. SHEESH!

      95. Gang members shooting gang members… hhhm, sounds like a “self correcting problem”.

      96. Only the white cops are corrupted asshole

        • Hey Joe from NC/Louis/Troll?

          You’re just looking for a fight? As Christ said, “Blessed are the Peace Makers”.

          Oh wait, you are a Black Muslim, so I guess the phrase should read, “Kill all the White Peace Makers”….right?

        • Louis,

          I won’t spell what you use for your last name on my computer because it stands for filth. Can’t you make a complete sentence dumbo? Is this how you get your jollies? No one could possibly take you seriously, you remind me of a slimy litttle creep.

      97. Good Day All!

        At some point you need to decide if your life is more valuable than a “good job”.

        I would rather live like a pauper in a small, rural local, then be a millionaire in or around a major city.

        Even if the “crunch” never happens, the continued downward spiral of society caused by lack of desire for self sufficiency and reliance on government will make life in a major city HELL on earth.

        I am not a racist, but I have to believe, based on statistics, that a city that has an increasing number of black / brown minorities as a large sector of the population will experience a greater level of Hell.

        The unemployment ratio of young black /brown men is continuing to trend upward, and you know the old saying about “idle hands”

        It’s easy to say, and hard to do, but If at all possible Wally Say’s ….GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!!!

        There is work in the Western States, if you are willing to bust your ass and truly “EARN” your pay.

        There are wide open spaces with cheap land and good work:

        Current unemployment in a few.

        ND 3.1%, NE 3.7%, SD 4.4%, IA 4.9%, UT 5.1%, WY 5.1%, OK 5.2%, KS 5.4% for example.

        Cheap land??

        I recently purchased 20 acres of nice ”Hay Ground” for 20K in a sparkly populated Western State, and I am in negotiations for a quarter section(160 acres) of irrigated “Corn Ground” across the road.

        I will rent the corn ground if I can get it purchased, and I am currently winter grazing the hay ground.

        You won’t get rich, but you own something.

        My point is, it is truly a choice to live in a metro area, the question is what are you and your family willing to sacrifice for security and peace of mind.

        Good luck, and stay thirsty my friends!!

        • How are honest ethnic minorities treated in these areas of the US that have cheap rural land available? From what I’m witnessing on this forum, tonight, the honest prepper of colour faces the toughest challenges of all.

          Preppers need to truly consider whether they believe the constitution applies to ALL decent American citizens on an equal basis; or whether ye ol British trick of “divide & conquer” means that the true pyschopathic criminals at the top of the food chain will escape scot free for their crimes against humanity YET AGAIN.

          When will people “get it”? tptb plan a GLOBAL plantation in which we are all enslaved to the corp. Equal opportunity suffering and pain regardless of ethnicity and lives of pure misery awaits our grandchildren. The ONLY way for our children to escape this fate is for the current generation to UNITE against tyranny.

          (Lord knows there are few truly God fearing individuals left of any ethnicity and that common sense is in even shorter supply!) That starts with educating ourselves so that we can in turn educate our youth.

          • Any honest person who becomes part of the community, is going to be treated just fine. It’s character, not color.

        • WallyDog

          “I am not a racist, but I have to believe, based on statistics, that a city that has an increasing number of black / brown minorities as a large sector of the population will experience a greater level of Hell.”

          Your analysis reminds me of the movie Apollo 13 when Jack Swagart told Jim Lovel that they were coming in too shallow (which they were). Lovel replied, “Jack they got half the PHDs on the planet working on this; How did you come up with that”? Swagart’s rely, “I can add”.

          The numbers don’t lie.

      98. Precursor Earthquake Alert. In the past 19 hours there have been “13” earthquakes of 4.6-5.0 on the Carlsberg Ridge. A swarm this large has NOT happened in this area in the recorded history. 90% of the time when this area has a 4.7 or larger a big earthquake follows within 15 days. The ONLY areas hit were Vanautu, Indonesia, China, Kermadec Islands, and Chile/Peru area. This is the boudary between the African and Austrailian Plate in which already south of here has been moving.

        I give a 98% chance of an earthquake of at least 6.5+ in the next 15 days. A 90% chance of a 7+, a 70% chance of a 7.5, and a 50% chance of a 8+. Reason? Never has there been such a swarm like this on top of the other areas that showed that the Australian plate is going to cause some real motion to occur with ANY of the plates. The Australian plate does this. The African plate is also in motion as shown by the recent Nid Atlantic Ridghe quakes and the quakes in the Greece area.

        Swarms like this are Mother Nature telling everyone that the planet is getting ready to move, SEVERELY.

        • BI: Thank you so much for your work on earth-quakes. For what it’s worth I saw today at 10:00 am CST., a boat on the Wabash River with big white letters U S G S, why are they in a boat in the Wabash River. Roughly 50 mi. north of where it goes into the Ohio River.

      99. I live in a suburb of Denver (not Aurora). I have to wonder how long I would be safe staying where I am at. Denver itself has problems, but it doesn’t have the level of crime other cities have.

      100. Mac,

        What gives man??? Your comment is awaiting moderation.

        Been coming here for 3 yrs now same e-mail addy but now I get thrown into the waiting games???????


      101. @ justoneguy…thanks for the information as always…you are a true asset to this site.

        • Howdy Sligshot,

          It’s nice that someone here noticed my absence, thanks for the compliment…while I’m here I’ll thank kimintn too as she was the other person who did so. I’m having IMMENSE problems getting a ‘secure’ line in to ‘post’ for weeks now….my router has been under nearly continuous assualt each and every time I do post here…efforts to ameliorate this are ongoing. Again T’anks for the compliment Freind,
          till later brother/sister/friend. 🙂

      102. You may herd of the frog in the pot, slowley raise the the tepeture on the water till it boils and the frog is cooked. Looks like the frog is cooked in the pot, The water has bioled dry & burt to a crisp.

      103. all I know is that WTSHTF….the darker-skinned guy with the face tattoos who is in my neighborhood wearing homie gear and carrying an AK is getting a .308 to the head from a well-concealed shooting position.

        His friends too.

      104. “So what is the solution? Should we have everyone turn in their guns? No, that would just make the problem even worse.”

        And yet, this is EXACTLY the kind of bass-ackward thinking that appeals to the lefto-communists we have allowed to live among us.

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