LA Mayor Warns Immigration Crackdown Could Spark Riots: “That’s A Very Dangerous Situation”

by | May 31, 2017 | Headline News | 77 comments

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    It’s been 25 years the since the Rodney King riots, and it seems like another wave of civil unrest in Los Angeles has never been more likely. Even LA Mayor Eric Garcetti thinks that his city could be a “tinderbox,” ready to blow. During a recent interview with Latino USA, he admitted that he thinks President Trump’s tough immigration policies could spark LA’s next riot.

    On Friday’s NPR’s “Latino USA” podcast, Garcetti said it is dangerous when “ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] calls themselves police,” adding that “it’s bad for ICE and it’s bad for LAPD” because “people open that door expecting to see LAPD.” He said “if something goes wrong” when ICE agents try to deport illegal immigrants, “I fear a tinderbox out there, where people will suddenly say no and try to defend… keep that person from being taken. That’s a very dangerous situation.”

    “We just commemorated 25 years since the urban unrest and we know how quickly things can explode,” Garcetti said, referring to the 1992 L.A. riots.

    Obviously, Garcetti is seriously biased here. He’s a liberal mayor who is highly sympathetic to illegal immigration, and he wants to preserve his city’s sanctuary status. But I don’t think we should take this statement as a shallow attempt to scare voters away from Trump’s immigration policies. Regardless of how you feel about Garcetti’s politics, it’s still very likely that we could see riots stemming from Trump’s immigration crackdown.

    Garcetti painted a scenario for how this riot could be sparked, based on an incident that happened in March when an illegal immigrant parent was taken by ICE after dropping his daughter off at school.

    “Imagine a parent who’s dropping off their child. As we’ve seen, ICE officers, ICE agents take that parent away, and it’s videotaped. Imagine if that’s on the sidewalk and students start swarming, and they’re teenagers. It’s dangerous for those agents. It’s dangerous for our city.”

    Of course, there’s one fact that Garcetti is leaving out. Because he’s so sympathetic to the sanctuary city status of Los Angeles, he doesn’t want to admit that the vast majority of illegal immigrants who are being detained by ICE under Trump, are dangerous criminals.

    Garcetti’s criticism of ICE comes after the agency recently announced more than 41,000 arrests during President Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office – a 37.6% increase from that same period last year. According to ICE, nearly 75 percent of those detained “are convicted criminals, with offenses ranging from homicide and assault to sexual abuse and drug-related charges.” ICE agents were also part of a recent operation in Los Angeles targeting MS-13 gang members – some of whom have links to the Mexican Mafia. 50 predawn raids on May 17 resulted in 44 arrests. More than half of those detained were in the country illegally.

    So we have to ask ourselves, will Trump’s immigration crackdown cause riots in LA, even if most of the immigrants being deported are violent criminals?

    The unfortunate answer to that question, is yes. Even if 99% of the illegal immigrants being deported were violent criminals, we could still see a riot in LA. When people are emotional about a subject they tend to ignore statistics, and LA is a very liberal city that hates Trump and his policies. All it will take is one controversial ICE operation, caught on film, and the people in that city will jump on it, statistics be damned.

    And that’s the sad reality of our current situation. We now live in a country where the president can work toward enforcing the law and deporting criminals who came here illegally, and his lawful actions will result in riots.

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      1. Let them riot and see where the chips fall…

        • @John K…

          Right on. Let the illegals riot. Roundup every one of the rioters and put them in cattle cars and send them back across the border.

          • Cattle cars yes; but use them for a new breakwater in LA harbor.

            • Well white people took their land once, we will do it again?

            • illegals should donate blood…..ALL of it!

              • Back in my day if illegal invaders rioted and refused to obey law and order then we called that an invasion ?

          • The Fourth Turning’s Neil Howe Warns: We Are In The 1930s, “Winter Is Coming”

            “Worldwide, people are losing trust in institutions… When was the last time we saw these changes and the rise of right-wing populism? …The 1930s.”

            “The critical thing to remember about the current crisis period is that what comes next will be an era in which there is a new order.

            According to the Strauss-Howe generational theory, as this new order takes root, individualism declines and institutions are strengthened.”

            ht tp://

        • Camp Pendleton is just down the road. Send in the Marines to shoot rioters and looters on sight. Cull the herd !!! 🙂

          • that’s ONE way to “reform” them…

        • A bunch of filthy scum illegals and rioting hooligans all bunched up together! Snipers dream come true.

          • I’m getting a hard-on….

          • Yeah, but the Feds are so brainwashed they would be shooting the property owners trying to protect their own business from looters and drug dealers. I guess that makes sense though because the Feds have been looting taxpayers and train to destroy hard working amerikans?

        • It’s not like they should’nt even be here illegally, anyway. This is a product of Cloward-Piven, swarm the country with third-worlders, drain the system, and create an unbeatable socialist “voting block”. That is what “sanctuary cities” are all about.

          If The United States of America is to survive, this must be dealt with, no matter whose feelings get hurt. Just one more thing that needs to be undone, or it’s over.

          • JM,

            Excellent point about the creation of an unbeatable socialist ‘voting block’ to be exploited by the Demonrats and the MSM globalist Oblosers. It must be dealt with ASAP as part of the process of ‘draining the swamp’ if America is ever to be Great Again!

            Louisiana Eagle

            • Republicans today are more like the democrats of 1960’s. Democrats today are more like less the communist NAZI of 1933

            • Let them riot, they’ll be in one place and easier to round up…….

          • These non-Whites flock to USA to live in a first-world country they are unable to create themselves.

            A country imports millions of turd-worlders, and it becomes a turd-world country. Who’d a thunk it?

            I was sure these low-IQ savages would instantly become civilized as soon as they set foot on American soil.

            “People are all the same! Our diversity is our greatest strength!”

          • Re: Immigration…

            With Trump Away On Foreign Trip, State Department Quietly Drops Rules On Refugee Limits

            “The Department of State quietly decided Thursday to drop a rule limiting the number of refugees allowed into the United States.

            Although the Trump administration has notably opposed an increase in the influx of refugees, the State Department moved in full opposition to his plans while he is out of the country, The New York Times reports.

            Refugee advocates say that the number of refugees streaming in could move from 830 per week to 1,500 per week by June as a result of the State Department’s Thursday decision, which was sent out by email to various organizations around the world that assist refugees in completing paperwork to enter the U.S.

            According to the email, organizations will now be able to bring people in “unconstrained by the weekly quotas that were in place.”

            ht tp://

          • The federal government (American taxpayers) pays to support refugees for the FIRST YEAR. After the first year, STATES (state taxpayers) must assume responsibility to support refugees.

            Allah commands that faithful (Muslims) have many children. With limited job skills, many of the Middle Eastern refugee men find it difficult to find high paying jobs that will support their large families.
            Many of these refugee families remain on government assistance.

            According to government records, “most foreign workers compete directly in the construction, service, and manufacturing industries where unemployment is the highest.”

            “ALL REFUGEES ARE ELIGIBLE FOR LIFETIME GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE and can draw funds from Social Security and Medicare at Americans’ expense.

            “More than 90 percent of recent Middle Eastern refugees are on food stamps.”

            “As soon as they arrive on U.S. soil they are placed on a fast-track to becoming full, voting citizens.”

            A parting “gift” from Obama…

            Leftover (Secret) Obama Refugee Deal With Australia
            “In mid-November, just after Donald Trump was elected president, the outgoing Obama administration reached an agreement (which was kept SECRET) with Australia to resettle hundreds of refugees to America.”

            Due to Australia’s immigration laws, thousands of immigrants from the Middle East were sent to offshore detention centers on the Pacific island nation of Nauru and Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island.

            Thanks to Obama, refugees viewed in Australia as a “possible terrorist threat” are now headed to the U.S.
            The Obama administration did NOT inform the public of his plan nor even consult Congress about it.
            *Obama knew the plan would NOT take effect until AFTER he was out of office.

        • Great! Let’s do it and then I will see stacks of dead illegals piled sky high.

          Just toss on some fluid, light a match and let them burn, bulldoze the bodies and smolder, then flush the ashes down the sewer.

          Happy days are here!!!!!

          • That would smell bad though?

        • Eric Garcetti is the first Jewish and second Mexican mayor of Los Angeles.


      2. Cornered by politicians, now the Mayor knows how the Confederate Gen. Pierre Beauregard felt when forced into the first shot at Fort Sumter, we all know what happened next.

      3. Guess they better get their riot gear on then. It’s time we stop letting leftists and illegal aliens intimidate us.

        • The Freeshit Army of Lefties are running out of other people’s money.

          Trump just dropped a bombshell onto the lefties.


          • This welfare/EBT has grown into a monster under Obama. Change is never easy. Cleaning out a closet means stirring up dust and for a while there is a bigger mess than before the project started. Perhaps a State by State implementation of Welfare reform so that National Guard can be called out if problems surface. A Countrywide attempt to get welfare mothers away from babies may not be the best place to start, either.

            Those on general assistance who are male could begin the process of welfare to work, followed by single women, women whose children are older than five years, then women whose children are older than 2&1/2, then women whose children are older than six weeks.

            The idea being that it is one thing to say something, and it is entirely another matter to actually implement it. To be successful. Start slowly and like the frog, the public gets used to the slowly rising temperature. People might actually become more responsible and realize they don’t want a hand out.



        • Sounds like you need an antifa bicycle lock attitude adjustment.

          • Gandhi:

            You are no Gandhi. Trying to cause infighting. I doubt your claim to be a senior citizen. You are too immature to have lived long enough to get old. I was hoping to be challenged by someone expressing the logical reasons for a more agressive approach; not a childish remark like the one you just made.


      4. Get them all out of here, NOW. If we become frightened of what happens if we don’t enforce the rule of law & sovereignty of this country, then its only going to get worse over time. If we don’t enforce now, what will it be like in 10 years, or 20 years when we enforce? And while your enforcing the law (i.e, immigration raids & arrests by ICE), you back up ICE with the national guard & state police with orders that “RIOTERS WILL BE SHOT ON SITE”……this all must be stopped now, or we will become foreigners in the land that our fathers conquered, fought, and died for. And eventually we will be so outnumbered, that there will be a genocide of whites. GET IT.!!!!!!!!

        • I’ve been saying, warning about this since the 70s. Liberals will never understand that minorities mostly hate whites, including them.

          Minority students are trying to oust an ultra progressive white professor at Evergreen University. This professor is too dumb to realize that he is a victim of his own liberal/progressive philosophy – whites are the oppressors and nonwhites are the victims, always.

          If Hillary had been elected we would have half of the third world trash crossing our borders by now. Thank god Trump got elected.

        • That is the plan J, they want to destroy Amerika, they won’t stop any of this foreign occupation. Amerika is for sale, always has been.

      5. That sounds like a threat. When will the USSA break up? Sooner rather than later. Bring it on and dump southern Commifornia first.

        • Its gonna be one HOT Summer of fun, and imagine all bundled up in Heavy Black Riot Gear. lol… Suckas..

      6. Globalism marches on at a quickened pace. Peons by the billions is the future, no stopping the inevitable. I would say it’s better to be older but obviously that is just wishful thinking.

      7. That’s ok. Let the riot and burn their homes down. We will make America white again.

      8. Now we know how Powhatan in Virginia and the Naragansett tribe in Massachusetts felt when they tried to deal with illegal immigration! Leave or be scalped!

      9. Garcetti’s “imagination” sounds more like inciting a riot to me.

        • That’s what I was about to post Rick, the mayor is fueling the fire!!

      10. T.R.E.

      11. SWAMP MUSIC

        Goin’ down to the swamp
        Goin’ watch me a hound dog catch a ‘coon
        Well, I’m goin’ down to the swamp
        Goin’ to watch a hound dog catch a ‘coon
        You know the hound dog makin’ music
        On a summer night by the light of the moon

        • Nomadic,

          Perhaps some of our Cajun and Zydeco musicians could come up with some fiddle music to those words since we live in the swamps. ‘Buffalo Gals’ might could be adapted with a few changes, I am going to need to think on this one a bit!

          Louisiana Eagle

      12. You got Rich off of those “coons” payback is coming esau

      13. While LA may have a riot,do not believe will be over illegals,hell,legal immigrants do not want them,so,that leaves those cruising for their votes,pols riot,eh.

      14. Bring it, you bastards! The race war has been coming for a long time. Time to fill up those FEMA Camps! As a bonus, maybe we can take out some of the race card pimps like Fat Al and Jessie Jackoff! Let SoCal burn!

        • MR,

          Good points, but, I have got family in SoCal and know a lot of great folks down there. It is a pretty big area to burn!

      15. I’m surrounded by veterans that seen real combat at Normandy and Inchon. The Vietnam guys are just starting to move in.

      16. Let’s not exchange one set of problems for another.

        If we take Latino people out and replace them with legal Middle Eastern Muslims, we loose cheap laborers and gain a solid voting block for corrupt anti-white politicians. Blacks and Mexicans are not great at showing up at the voting booth. Muslim’s are told who and what to vote for and they do show up to vote. That is why the politicians prefer them. Too much apathy by white people is causing many to also stop voting. If white people are to survive, we must, absolutely must keep this administration from bringing in Muslims and building mosques. I hate to say by any means necessary because some people jump to the conclusion that that is a call to violence. Rather I believe in activism. Making it impossible for politicians and legislators to ruin America any more than they already have.


        • Jesus whipped some money changers , is that not violence? Beat your plows into swords , or a shotgun? Tie a milestone around their necks. How many countries with equal race populations are not at civil war? We are not quite equaled yet? But it’s coming?

          • Jesus was murdered by the Feds of the day a few days after he whipped the money changers, keep that in mind slave.

        • Excellent point!

      17. tough shit amigos

      18. Seems like the longer we delay the inevitable the worse it will be?Lets get it over with now ,while we still have a chance?

      19. Not surprised. People in L.A. will riot about anything.Which is the reason I left 9 years ago

      20. You cannot let the threat of burning and rioting stop you from enforcing the law. If you overlook illegal immigration then it will be some other law someone else wants to break, and they will say “Well, hell we just have to riot and burn and they will give in to us like they did to the illegal aliens.” It’s like my Dad, the MSGT, used to tell my mother, “Don’t tell a child to do something if you’re not going to see that they do it. You might as well not tell them at all.” In other words, say what you mean, and mean what you say. I also learned by working in the correctional system that when you make a decision, right or wrong, don’t change that decision because then you look weak. The laws are the laws until someone changes them legally. If you don’t enforce them then you look weak, and you are weak. Like someone said Camp Pendleton is there, use the marines to help if riots take place. When they see you mean business they will think twice about riots. You cannot let law breakers control this country.

      21. Are you kidding me??

        The illegals in this country ran from violence in their own country to riot and fight with us here?
        Where was their loyalty to their own country?
        How hard can they fight?

        What am I missing?

        If they are so willing to fight, point them towards home and remind them of their own lands and heritage, and send them home to fight.

        Rioters,,,You do not, I repeat, do not want us to engage you in combat,, you would lose.
        This is our country and we are actually willing to fight tooth and nail to keep it. Not run away to another country like cowards.

        • Templar, I am glad you want to fight to remain an amerikan tax slave

          • If we got rid of the illegals, put to an end to the multi-generational welfare state and all the bogus Washington BS, then yes I wouldn’t mind a few bucks in taxes to maintain a Constitutional government and a strong Military.

      22. You good folk still living there – get out! Let the house of cards collaspe!

      23. “I fear a tinderbox out there, where people will suddenly say no and try to defend… keep that person from being taken. That’s a very dangerous situation.”

        No, that’s interfering with an officer and against the law. If they didn’t attempt to obstruct an officer in the regular course of their assigned duties it wouldn’t be dangerous at all.

      24. Good let them riot, watch them disappear in a flash when ICE turns up to arrest them.

      25. Go right ahead. This is why we invented tanks.

        You crushed the shit out of it last time. I remember, I was there.

      26. Bring it on!

      27. This time maybe the rioters won’t burn their own area like during Watts or Rodney King.

      28. Let the morons destroy their own city. Assuming they’re illegal, round’em up and fly them out to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and let them swim back to Mexico.

      29. Reality is that he just told the illegals to riot if the law is enforced. They will throw a tantrum if the law is enforced. Like s spoiled kid when mommy says no. Oh well get it over with and move on. The drug cartels have mtns of money to buy off politicians Everyone has his price. Time to clean out the stables of the gods

      30. Then Garcetti has no option but to explain to his constituency that America reserves the exact same rights as Mexico and Canada. That is we have the authority to control immigration into this country and Congress can call forth the Militia of the Several States to repel the invasion. (see Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15 US Constitution). Our efforts to control immigration are no more xenophobic or jingoist than Canucks or Mexicans.

      31. Whatever the law says has to be enforced! When you fail to enforce the law, people lose respect for all laws. If you feel that a law is unfair, fight to change it through the legal process. The excuse that it will cause conflict only indicates a loss of control or backbone. Man up and get ready!

      32. I say turn off the spigot, no more immigration allowed until these problems are all resolved. Period. End of Story…

      33. I think it’s great! Bring on the riots. And bring ICE to arrest all the rioters. Obviously, they’re all either criminals or illegal aliens, so no harm/no foul.
        My personal opinion is no level of force is too excessive for a riot. Peaceful nonviolent protest is a right, but violent rioting is not. Riots place people in mortal danger and destroy private property, so no holds barred-Light em’ up.

      34. JUNE 1, 2017 What Hope for Liberty?

        Is the future of liberty in America bright, or in peril? A special live episode filmed at the Cato Institute, EconTalk host Russ Roberts welcomes David Boaz, PJ O’Rourke, and George Will inthis week’s episode.

      35. round em up and move em out .

      36. I hope the leftists all get their skulls cracked open if they riot.

      37. Easy for all you ignorant commenters. Lots of white people depend on these people to work for them. Lots of white people have married them and have family’s intwined with them. Lots of white people want them here. Just look at the backbone of Texas and you will find illegals working there too! There has to be a way to keep the good ones here. Also there are plenty of white trash that I wish would get deported, but instead the are kept by the rest of us through welfare programs.

        • Don’t break the law, come here legally. Do you think an American can enter Mexico illegally? The correct answer is NO! There is no country on this earth that allows illegal immigration. It’s alright to come here on a work visa, but when time is up renew or go home. If you married an illegal alien then you created your own problem, should have considered the consequences of that choice. At least the “white trash”, as you call them, are here legally. And do you think the Mexicans are not on welfare? These illegals are braking this country financially. We, the USA, simply can’t keep supporting the unending flow of illegals coming here. It will break us. We have to think about our own citizens first.

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