King Flashback: “If I Lived In China, Or Russia, Or Any Totalitarian Country Maybe I Could Understand Some Of These Illegal Injunctions”

by | Jan 16, 2012 | Headline News | 125 comments

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    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his I Have Been To The Mountaintop speech on April 3, 1968.

    He was assassinated the following day.

    All we say to America is, “Be true to what you said on paper.” If I lived in China or even Russia, or any totalitarian country, maybe I could understand some of these illegal injunctions. Maybe I could understand the denial of certain basic First Amendment privileges, because they hadn’t committed themselves to that over there. But somewhere I read of the freedom of assembly. Somewhere I read of the freedom of speech. Somewhere I read of the freedom of the press. Somewhere I read that the greatness of America is the right to protest for right. And so just as I say, we aren’t going to let any injunction turn us around. We are going on.

    Martin Luther King, Jr.

    References: Full text of speech


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      1. The world is a much sadder place without him. I was still a baby when he was killed. I have seen video of his speeches and I wonder where we would be now if he had not been killed. I like to think that we would be better than we are now. He was, and still is, an amazing inspiration to me!

        • Is being true to what you said on paper, similar to being true to your wife and your marriage vows? Somewhat hypocritical in light of the fact he was cheating on his wife shortly before being killed.

          • True that, Truth Be Told. He had mistresses ALL over the South. As great and inspiring as he was – he was still just a man of flesh and blood. I don’t see him as any sort of “redeemer” – just a damn good freedom fighter.

            • Also famously cheated on his Ph.D. dissertation.

            • Agreed;

              Should we define a person solely on his past insurrections and then disregard all his achievements that have gave us all something to think about.

              MLK was not a killer or a rapist. If I was held to the standards of high morality.., I wouldn’t pass the test.
              …………… WOULD YOU PASS THE TEST? 🙂

            • Eagledove – to be honest. No. I would not pass the test. But then again, Im not a reverend OR a freedom fighter. Just a plain old parent to my kids.

            • How can someone who is a Christian minister, who preached in chuches all over the south, and as you say had mistresses all over the south, preached the ten commandments and claimed to live by them, be considered an example for others to follow?

            • “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

              Does character count?

            • NunJobizness; Hopefully you did not take my statement as an insult to you….This wasn’t pointed toward you. I apologize if you feel insulted by my statement.

              I agree with what you said on your post..


              I am confused by all the thumbs down I got.

          • Truth Be Told: So, a person must be perfect in order to be taken seriously, no personal flaws what-so-ever. Wow! I guess you have a real problem then because every human being that you have ever met has had his or her errors in judgement, including professional ones such as doctors and engineers. Since everyone is fallable and fallen short of your need for personal perfection and purity, you won’t be able to trust anyone, ever. I’d hate to be in your shoes, always affraid that someone will let you down. He who lives a glass house should never throw stones.

            • No they must not be perfect. Everyone of us makes mistakes. We are all flawed. Living a lie for years, knowing that it is morally wrong and against everything you teach as a minister of the gospel, is situational ethics.

          • I am an open-minded individual–but as I started reading that today sent via email, I thought it was trash and deleted it.

          • The founding fathers were adulterers,rapists,slave holders both Washington and Jefferson fathered children with their slaves(quite commonplace in those times.)
            Jefferson was a Christian of sorts! The Jeffersonian bible was one where he ripped out the pages he didn’t like and created his own.(
   These are just a few of their sins, but they are still viewed as “Great men” faults and all!So when using this selective standard fairness would demand you examine JFK-adulterer,FDR-adulterer,Nixon-unrepetant Liar!George W.-Alcoholic and drug user! Sinners one and all!! Now if you have never sinned in your heart or looked a lustful eye at a woman. Well my friend, please walk on water, cause your better then most of us! So please examine all leaders of America equally,not just the ones you view as your political opponents.

            • the big difference is our founding fathers didn’t want to take from me to make things better for those THEY deemed worthy, humoungous difference…andn BTW, yeah, we know all about the fathers indiscretions but nary a peep about MLK’s thanks to my “political opponents” Politics is an extension of politicians plans to rule your life, politics affect EVERYTHING!!!!

            • sinning in your heart or casting a lustful eye is degrees more saintly than sinning with your pecker or having your lustful eye buried chest deep in your mistress

            • Well then, maybe we should all learn to quit deifying people. Seriously, when King was killed, only 33% thought he was a good person. Now, his history has been purged (and also sealed by the FBI), and 94% believe he is just so darn swell. Time has a way of creating a cult around a martyr. And when I see people clamoring over each other to compliment his white-washed “memory,” I see what resembles a cult.

              Plus, your founding fathers comment is a straw man. I *don’t* deify them, and even if I did, that doesn’t take away from the fact that King was an immoral, rude, and lying hypocrite.

      2. This and Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech are the reasons he was taken from us. May God have mercy on our souls if Ron Paul is not elected and allowed to live.

        • More than mercy, I believe we need INTELLIGENCE, COMMITMENT, AND CONFIDENCE. Ron Paul states that Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks are his personal heroes because they believed in civil disobedience, which is possible with a belief in Liberty.

          Paul is the most important candidate to run for the presidency since Lincoln. Unlike the latter, he would never attempt to destroy the country through eternal warfare, and the violation of your liberties until the present day, where now the military is beginning to encroach upon civilians! You lead by example, and not provoking hostilities and getting blowback.

          Here in South Carolina, Paul has won the endorsement of Tom Davis, a key Tea Party representative, since he believes Paul to be the most serious candidate when it comes to conservative principles of having a balanced budget, no taxation without representation, and the exclusive role of government to defend your civil freedoms.

          I believe Ron Paul’s message has such HUGE APPEAL that it will be difficult for him not to win the presidency. As a president, he will do everything in his power to return this country to the values that once made it great. Ron Paul has the understanding and honesty and consistency (a very RARE combination) to make it happen.

          People have to make a choice. Do they want secret gangsters always hiding the truth to run the show? Or are they sick and tired, and wanting to kick their politician asses out of town? If so, then put your money where your mouth is. Every dollar is a vote against the EVIL FRAUD called our government and the “Establishment.”

          Have you contributed a dollar?

          • Nice take on things… Lincoln was indeed the first Imperial President. Nobody talks about the strong anti-slavery movement in the South or the many thousands of free black men in the South at the outbreak of the Civil War. Many historians believe that slavery would have ended in the South within 10 to 20 years by the stroke of a pen (meaning by legislation). Instead, Lincoln brought us 100 years of social strife, 600,000 dead, and a massive Federal government.

            However, the Tea Party is full of fake conservatives. When I read how a majority of supposed Tea Partiers voted to extend the Patriot Act and Obama’s funding for Afghanistan back in ’08 or ’09, I knew the fix was in.

            • @Toomanyfakeconservatives

              Nice point about the Tea Party. If they converged around the Paul presidency, I would give them credit. Yet it turns out they seem too nebulous and/or weak to do that (until now).

              I’m glad more people know about Lincoln Unmasked. Ft. Sumter is not far from where I live, and that’s where the hostilities began. The guy just created an all-out scorched earth policy of war for that little skirmish. No negotiation at all. For the cognoscenti, we know Lincoln is very responsible for the murder of the Republic. We continue to deal with the sickness of the concentration of power in a singular State and its belief in continual warfare at the expense of all individuals.

              I don’t think general people realize how dangerous he has made things in the country down to the present day. Every dictator, including the current one, uses his cult as justification for his empowerment, regardless of party affiliation!

              This is not just something known in the South either. Many intelligent people all around the country are recognizing the destructiveness of the cult of Lincoln and the philosophy of totalitarianism it espouses.

          • My hubby and I contributed $100 today. We believe in Ron Paul and we believe that he NEEDS to be our next President!!!

            • @Turtlemama

              You and Turtledaddy are STARS!

        • the door to the balcony section of the theatre for negores…

        • @MoneySmoke

          Your comment makes me think: do you have a suggestion on how to get Ron Paul elected?

          • Patriots, gun owners, and personal liberty lovers should join your local Repub Party now, and vote for Ron Paul in your States Repub Primary.

            He can’t get elected President if he can’t win the nomination of his party.

            90 million gun owners in this nation hold the future of America in their hands. Click the button, pull the lever, or be prepared to squeeze the trigger.

            • @durango kidd

              You should have been there when RP was talking about the Golden Rule, and there were thugs in the crowd who were actually booing. If that doesn’t make you feel like preparing the trigger, nothing will.

              Every dollar counts. Every dollar contributed is an act of defiance and automatic vote against the fraud and totalitarianism of the military industrial complex and its corrupt banking cronies.


      3. When do we wake up and march on Washington? Or when the chaos starts is it another race war? Where is the leadership that is needed for the changes going to come from I wonder. Or do we enlighten few all prep up and hide out until the storm passes. Lets get involved with the process and give it one more try because it may not be too late. Maybe. Thanks MS for this site and forum – peace be with you all.

        • fiftyfiver
          i agree with you completely, really there is no other choice but to hope that this time can be different. because the alternative is not palatable any longer to any sane individuals.
          let this just show that we must always prep as if the governments can screw up this badly on just managing what theyve created…. imagine if/when we have a natural disaster larger than weve ever seen before?? these powers that be and government twits would be useless, they would probaly die in the wreakage due to their naieve thoughts of slef grandeur… essentially they are bloody idiots and useless in most every way.

        • July 4 has a nice ring to it.

        • Freedom is not an event. It is a process. Prepare for the long haul. Victory belongs to those who refuse to yield, until victory or death.

          Think many elections, not one election. This next election is just a step in the right direction, but it is a good step.

          Dig in. Dig deep.

        • March on Washington? That would interfere with our TV schedule! We The People are truly to busy at home to bother with trivial things like freedom. Sorry; my sarcasm comes out sometimes.

          What would happen if ten million Americans simply went to Wash, DC for a visit. All on one 3-day weekend. Smile, be polite, visit your elected officials just to say, “Hello.” No protests, no marches, no violence. Just millions of true Americans showing up, clogging the streets, the offices of Senators and Congressmen like sardine cans. Smiling, trivial talk, non threatening. I think that one simple act would have a profound effect on our elected criminals. That would be the nice wake up call…

      4. If Mr King were alive today, he would oppose the direction our government is taking this country.

        • King would support Obama 100%. Period.

      5. From George Carlin:
        You know what’s interesting about assassination? Well, not only does it change those popularity polls in a big f**g hurry, but it’s also interesting to notice who it is we assassinate. Ya ever notice who it is, got to think who it is we kill? It’s always people who’ve told us to live together in harmony and try to love one another. Jesus, Gandhi, Lincoln, John Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, John Lennon – they all said, “Try to live together peacefully.” Bam! Right in the f**g head! Apparently we’re not ready for that. Yeah, that’s difficult behavior for us. We’re too busy thinking around, sitting around trying to think up ways to kill each other.

        • malcolm x? what the hell? peaceful? wtf?

        • Easy for you to say. Good thing I knew how to swim.

      6. First?

        Truley a great man.

        • I get a negative rating for saying he was truley a great man? WOW

          • My guess would be because you called out first….its guaranteed to draw thumbs down.
            Just saying….

            • I wrote first? meaning to the guy who wrote first! that none of us give a crap.

      7. Am I first?

      8. It won’t be long till we will have a Barak Hussein Obama day, won’t that be peachy.

        • Why? To celebrate the first mulato president? Don’t be calling him black, cause he’s not. His mother was whiter than mine.

          • …or maybe you meant to commomorate the most damaging president?
            …the most ineffective foreign policy?
            …the most vacation time taken?
            …the ugliest… oh, nevermind.

            • Yeah, you got it. At least the pigeons will know what to do on his statue.

            • Don’t stop now…..

            • @ Highspeedloafer;

              The pigeons will know what to do on his statue, because Barry-O’s been doing the same thing on this country.

        • That day already exists. That is the day WE roll OUR garbage cans out to the curb for pickup.


      9. I have a new found respect for Dr. King. I feel like there is still prejudice and bigitry (Sp?) in the world and we should be completely past this. My wife and I were blessed with a little boy only two days old. 363 days later we adopted him on his 1st birthday. (He is African Amereican.) The looks we got from folks from his heritage were the absolute worst. Hopefully in the new world we can put all of these feelings behind us, but I doubt it. Sorry for the rant.

        • Rant on, brother, rant on!

          My county is about as white as one can be. The biggest problem people have is with the television. The lamestream media paints them a certain way and that way isn’t good, be they brown, black, yellow, red or white.

          My daughters boyfriend is one of the finest men my daughter has dated. He’s also very black. They know they have my blessing. I expect and look forward to wedding bells soon. My future grandkids might have some problems, but, don’t be calling them black. They’ll be mulatos and thats just fine with me. I will love them because they will be my grandkids.

          Good people come in all colors. So do bad. The lamestream media tries to paint [insert skin color] people and [term for part white and part something else] people as bad. It just isn’t true. The color of ones skin and their genetic background has little or nothing to do with how good or smart they are. The fact is that its the culture and anyone can be sucked into bad culture.

          I’m a Christian. If a man is good, then he is good. If a man is evil, then he is evil. If he lies, he’s a liar. If he steals, he’s a thief. If he murders he’s a murderer. I see no reason to specify the color of their skin. Jesus doesn’t. Why should I?

          I hope things have turned out well for him.

          • Ranger,

            What do you say about those who believe themselves to be serving good while actively serving evil?

            • Some men are deluded. Some call it brainwashed. Some more willingly than others. What do I say about them? Here is what I say, “Lord, please show them the evil of their ways so that they may turn from them.”

              But, I would say that there are those that really, truly believe they are serving good but are simply mistaken. They are blameless as little children are.

              However and also, there are people that *SAY* they are serving good so that the good comes to them but they know, in their heart, they are serving evil. May God have mercy on their souls. They will be held accountable.

      10. I do not yield my Sovereignty to the agencies that serve me.

      11. Once took a flight from Atlanta to Chicago with my parents back in ’63. I was a young lad. My father flew for the airlines so we got to fly 1st class if the seats were available. There were two black men in first class on that flight. Seemed to be some commotion about one of them. As a naive and curious youngster sitting in the seat across from them, when the flight landed, I got up just as these black fellows did and I looked at the man and smiled and I touched his hand. He smiled and I walked off the plane next to him. There were cameras and reporters everywhere to greet this man named Mr. King.

        Times seemed so innocent back then for me.

        • Brought to you by the people who want to reduce the world s population to 500 million (agenda 21)

          • Joe,
            It’s a video about how fucked up this world is that even a 14 year old girl can see it.

        • Don’t be afraid, you’re just stupid. You’ll get used to feeding off the lies of the frightening media elites.

        • Aaahhhh, the wisdom of a 13 year old, how poignant. She is just another of the indoctrinated by the left. So what? Once she gets old enough to understand what it takes to make a living, keep her kids alive and stay alive herself here on planet earth maybe then she will change her tune and think for herself. (That might be a switch) Right now she is conveying nothing but the utter brainwashing she has received. I am not moved by her statements at all; quite conversely I am more appalled and discussed by them. This clip falls into the realm of cute kitty and puppy stories you see every night on the local MSM. A worthless and a waste of six minutes of time.

          • Nail on the head. Thank you.

        • WOW great propaganda speech for the proponents of the NWO, agenda 21, man made global warming or (wait I believe they call it climate change now) alarmists, and enviro-nazi’s etc. she blames mankind for the hole in the ozone layer….a naturally occurring vent. Holy crap animals and plants are going extinct everyday…not like that hasn’t been happening for millions of years before mans existence. Lets adopt worldwide socialism….that will fix it all!

          Another mind lost to leftist indoctrination… sense of personal responsibility, liberty, or critical thought. Lets just blame somebody else and task government to take care of it all. Sad!

        • Sadly, she spoke the truth. And even sadder, is the fact that to this day, particularly in America, the waste and environmental destruction goes on unabated.

          This speech has been portrayed as NWO propaganda, and to that I call bullshit. It is amazing that the damage to Earth’s environment has been politicized to the degree it has. She must now understand that truth does not often trump willfull ignorance.

          She may not have understood the issues that got the world to where it was when this vid was made, but she certainly understood where it is all going.

          • @ justme and disector What, she is portraying willful ignorance by going along with all the things happening to this planet is mankind’s fault, and permanently you are as well.
            Does mankind pollute? yes, does mankind waste resources more often than conserve? Yes. Has mankind caused some plants and animals to go extinct? Yes.
            But I’m sorry, long before the biped known as Homo Erectus and then later Homo Sapiens walked these lands.
            Plants and animals came and went by way of extinction, and the climate has gone through many changes as well.

            We humans weren’t here for that, so we ain’t to blame…and in our short little time on this planet especially considering we have only been industrialized for a short time It is garbage to believe that all the environmental woes are because of us.
            Sorry, I don’t buy into the liberal, NWO, agenda 21, climate change, environmental NaziGuilt trip.

            Have we made mistakes? Certainly…can we do better? certainly…is it all our fault….certainly not.

            Buy into the propaganda if you want…when they tell you you can’t live in a rural area, because all rural areas are now nature preserves don’t cry to me.
            When you can’t have fossil fuels cause they tell you its destroying our planet don’t cry to me.
            Instead remember that you bought into the propaganda….

            Yeah we humans ain’t perfect, we have fucked some shit up, but I ain’t gonna take on a guilt trip because some little indoctrinated girl read a speech at a summit of supposed leaders that want complete and utter control of everyone’s life.

            Let me see Al manbearpig Gore living in his 10,000 sq. ft. mansion, uses more fossil fuel in one year than I have in my entire life….but I’m supposed to feel guilty for fucking up this little girls future?
            Ted father of 5 children Turner, said “A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.”

            Well I don’t have any children…can you off one of yours Ted to offset my carbon footprint?

            “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.”
            David Rockefeller

            Sorry dave, I ain’t falling for it!

            I could give you dozens more quotes from the people that brought you the propaganda you seem to want to buy into, but instead I’ll give you another example of how they manipulate our lives.

            Ever here of the Montreal protocol? It drastically effected the average joe. It centered around…oh know those dastardly CFC’s are making a hole in the ozone layer….We gotta get rid of them, mankind is again fucking up the planet.
            I’ll just cover refrigerants, since I am an HVAC guy but CFC’s were also used as propellants in paint cans, etc.
            First to go was R-12 in 92 If I recall, used nearly exclusively in automotive, and super market low temp systems. Once production was capped, the price of R-12 shot up over 400%, it was now law to be licensed to purchase, and work with refrigerants, (pay fees) all refrigerants now had to be recovered and recycled(expensive additional equipment and additional time/labor) price of course passed on to the consumer yeah you guys.

            Next to go R-22 the most common refrigerant in the world, production faze-out of equipment using it 20110, cap on manufacturing it 2030 I believe. Both R134A and R410A as the two go to replacement refrigerants are inferior in performance to their predecessors, but hey going green is fun right?
            Now mind you there is no conclusive scientific proof that these steps needed to be taken, none…but there was plenty of propaganda….When I started in HVAC in 87 we charged $12 dollars per pound for R-12, today the average retail price is $70.00 per pound, all because people fell for a boogeyman story with no scientific backing, but boy the DuPont family sure made a killing.

            Long post, I know sorry for that but sometimes it is needed to discern the truth from the propaganda.

            • @RWSlll
              Is it true that the base material for refrigerant is Propane/Butane?

            • chlorodifluoromethane, is the most common, but there are many many others, several of the new supposedly green refrigerants are mixes of two or more.

              Butane is an absolute awesome refrigerant, except for that annoying flammable explosive aspect. To bad because its boiling off point is excellent for refrigeration.

              So as far as I know, its not a base element of modern refrigerants, because they are all non flammable, nut it has and can be used as a refrigerant, but it is not without risks.

              Funny side note supposedly R-22 depletes the ozone layer if you want to buy into Al Gore groupies data and therefore the EPA police can fine me, take away my license( privilege) and imprison me if I vent it into the atmosphere rather than capture and recycle it, yet its replacement that is eco friendly non ozone depleting, totally green, has the same requirements….Hmmmm

            • I hear what you are saying but am not picking up what you are putting down. Ask any native of this country and they will tell you we fucked this place up. Yes I have all the modern day things including this computer. However I do live in a rural area and try to leave as small a footprint as I can so there is something for the next generation. No I don’t buy into global warming as it is a natural occuring earth cycle. I do get what you guys are saying about using this child as a tear jerker for the masses but what I got out of it was we need to think before we act. I guss that slipped past the majority of the commenters on this site. Sorry you all want to hate because I rather enjoy the comment section of this site. Sorry I offended anyone buy trying to share and it won’t happen again.

            • RWS,
              I understand very well the propaganda coup attempted by that vid. Sorry, but she was telling the truth, wether she meant to hand the Left a weapon or not.

              In our local river, our fish (the live ones) are cancerous, and mutated. Our forests look pretty good from the road, and are a clear-cut moonscape on the other side of the hill. I could go on.

              I have seen some really bad environmental damage first hand, working in the oil-field. Do you know how much damage is done to the Earth to give you a gallon of gas? Here in America, people don’t want to hear that oil, and gas drilling is destroying the fresh water aquifers, they want to hear “Drill baby drill!”

              I understand the extinction process you described, and yes, many species have come and gone without our help. But we have carelessly destroyed way too many on our watch.

              The saddest irony here is that Americans have allowed the Left to politicize environmental issues. The so-called “Right-wing” refuses to think long-term, and as long as they are making money, it’s OK to rape the Earth, and leave a Superfund Site behind. The “Right” largely refuses to accept any scientific evidence that gets in the way making money.

              And, geuss what…the environmental damage we see today was predicted a century ago. And blind, money-grubbers have allowed the issue to be highjacked by the Left.

              The NWO-crowd did’nt need that girl to give that speech. Their agenda is in motion anyway.

        • Really! A video about a girl having the oppertunity to tell the UN she is concerned about what the adults are doing to her future? There is something wrong with a great many people on this site.

          • No, no she “read” a speech to the UN. Portraying herself, at the urging of adults, to be some kind of concerned enviro messiah. If she wrote that speech, I’LL KISS YOUR ASS IN THE BIG BROWN EYE!!!

            • Please keep you sexual tendencies to yourself.

      12. People say lots of things and never mean it. I’ve grown up my whole life hearing lies and more lies. It’s never gonna change. Black, white, green or red, color don’t matter. Christian, Catholic, God fearing or God hater. Doesn’t matter. It’s never gonna change. Mobama has taken it a step further than I ever imagined. Gotta wonder what ole Martin Luther would say about his black brother in the white house.

        • Bill I would guess he would be as embarrassed of his black brother as you and I are of Bush JR. Clinton, Bush SR,

      13. fear leads to anger….anger leads to hate…..hate leads to the dark side of the force.


      14. The easiest way for someone to feel better ABOUT themselves is for them to feel they are better THAN someone else.

      15. all the more reason to disengage from the on-going collapse.

        america is NOT going to hold true to what’s on paper. this should be very obvious by now to everyone.

        “…one day this nation will rise up, live out the true meaning of it’s creed.”

        NO, IT WON’T. that time has passed. 230+ years of ‘voting’ has solved nothing.

        King himself solved nothing.

        obama has solved nothing (nor is he ever going to).

        voting will solve nothing.

        prepare prepare prepare.

        the dustbin of history is littered with stories of collapse. find them, read them. get used to it. it’s here. forget about voting. the constitution is meaningless now.

        go plant a garden. let go of human industrial civilization. it ain’t so civilized.

        and it’s collapsing. let go of it else it takes you down.

        no fear, no hate. just accept it all for what it is and let it go.

      16. Let’s see. Speak the truth and get it out to the masses and poof, you’re dead. Go back into history and see what bucking TPTB will get you. look at the assasination attempts with Jackson when he was out to oust the central bank of his day. Look at Kennedy and his executive order with silver. Look at Lennon and his peace mission. Look at all the successfull assasinations in history where they all bucked TPTB. Look at the skulduggery of the creation of the federal reserve in 1913 and the profitable wars ever since–to them. The creation of the tax system to create the income. Look at the recent wars. What about Iraq. What was the reason there? It looks to me that some of the blogs may be on to something with Saddams plans to sell his oil in Euros. This bucks the Federal Reserve and the US dollar. Poof, he’s gone. How about Gaddafi and his plans for a gold backed dinar? This bucks the Federal Reserve system and poof, he’s gone. How about Libya and the quick creation of a central bank by the rebels??? A central bank that is run by the west is now in control. Can’t have any new ideas that threaten TPTB. How about Iran. Their central bank is autonomous as well, (one of the few that is left) which is the real reason, in my view for the attack on the books.
        Power and control. In 1776 Rosthchild said “give me control of a nations money and I care not who makes its laws” . TPTB have almost all of the control of the worlds money, except a few hold-outs.

        As Jefferson said so many years ago and his warning about the consistent attack on your freedoms means there is an agenda. The acceleration of this agenda is mind-boggling at the moment. The Patriot act, the war on terror, now NDAA and SOPA. No difference in the political parties in that the agenda does not change. Can’t wait for the next false flag attack and what new laws come out of the sewage pit.

        Follow the money. Wars? Who profits? The Fed and the banks. Bubbles? Who profits? The Fed and the banks. The silencing of all opposition—who profits? the Fed and the banks.

        The agenda and all of the enablers( the press, politicians, and the big trillionaire names behind them) are all in full force. The only thing that will stop it, in my view, is getting the agenda out there in the open. We need to show the history showing the consistent attack through-out all administations in turning us into serfs. The veil is lifting, the curtain is coming back, to reveal to all who are behind this abomination of power and control. If I am getting a glimpse of the rabbit hole and where it goes, others will too.

        Knowledge is the way we will get our power.


        • Great post AL all very true, but it looks like a banker read your comment and thumbed ya down for it….they have when the truth gets out.

          It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.
          Henry Ford

        • Al


          is the key word to all that exists..before,now, and after.

          You’ve taken my thoughts exactly to precision

          Thank you..

          Look forward to more posts and comments..


      17. Much of what MLK said in 1960 still rings true today.Many of the tactics used in protesting then are still being used today.Whether you agree with OWS or not, they are using these same tactics of non violent protest.The difference is they have no stated leader that can be bumped off by the corp. Look for more and bigger protests come spring that will tie up more and more corp manpower. I wish them the best of luck, for if they cannot succeed, it comes down to inevitable violence.

      18. Our founding fathers, great former Presidents and folks like ML King would not even recognize America today. It’s a hideous shell of it formerly great self.

        Stand tall my friends and do everything you can to restore it.

        • Heck, Mr. granny who passed in ’89 wouldn’t recognize America today!!!

      19. Here’s a question just off track from the MLK subject, but wanted to get your thoughts. If Romney gets the Republican nomination and runs against Obummer this fall, who do you vote for? Ron Paul is the only candidate in my opinion and my vote would 100% go to him. But a write in or 3rd party candidate is not going to win.

        My question is if a vote for Ron Paul a vote for Obummer?

        Republicans and democrats say everything they can to get elected, then when elected they spend $$TRILLIONS$$ and pass horrible legislation. IMHO if anyone other then Paul gets elected, we can look forward to more of the same with maybe a little less if a Republican gets into office. If Paul doesn’t get elected God help us all, but I also don’t see such a polarizing person getting the nomination. Republicans will more than likely eventually stay with the flock and nominate Romney. A write in vote for Paul would give me clear conscience, but I would eventually be one of the 4.2% that voted for him as a write in and that 4.2% may just be enough to push Obomination back in for a 2nd term.

        If Obummer gets re-elected the only difference between our country and the Titanic is that the Titanic had an orchestra playing when they went down.

        Just wanted to see what your thoughts were in the event that Romney gets the Republican nomination.

        • I will no longer vote for the lesser of 2 evils. Ron Paul gets my vote no matter what. Romney is just another bought off POS just as Obama is.

          • AZ Ready: You have nailed it. The Left/Right Republican/Democrat Paradigm is just another con by TPTB to keep the sheeple in line. Romney or Obama, they win either way. Look at what they do, not what they say.

            Look who caused this economic mess, the Banksters. Look who the Banksters are supporting, Romney.


            This isn’t a football game where people are loyal to their team. Romney=Obama. Democrats=Republicans. To believe any diferent means you have been fooled again.

            If Ron Paul is not on the ballot, we will write him in. If this causes the Republicans to lose the election, maybe they will realize they should start listening Ron Paul’s ideas.

          • also in Az., I will write my ballot for Ron Paul! With a crayon if I have to! If everyone did the same, if nothing else, a great message would be sent to the District of Criminals! That is, …. IF the media whores will REPORT the news and not opine on the airwaves. Remember, if Romney gets elected, nothing changes. Another way of putting it is, “I didn’t vote for Obeyme or Romney but all I got from them was HYPE and a couple pennies for change”.

            • LRD, NO MORE COMPROMISE! I am f…ing done with the BS of voting for the “other” guy because this guy is “better” than that guy. Yeah right! They have ALL turned out to be POS. I voted for Paul 30+ years ago and I will again. I will write it in as you do if I have to. Clear conscience. Anyone says to me you just wasted your vote, F off. And to all those worthless POS out there who don’t vote, F off as well. I know the system “seems” to be rigged but you still have the right, responsibility and duty as an AMERICAN to vote even though it may be rigged. At least honor those that have paid the ultimate price by doing it for them. Alright, I done, where’s my beer?

        • norseprepper
          you are wrong… only a vote for paul is a vote against obama…you just dont see it…yet. if you think about it, no one else is electable and if they ever did , it would be like obama or worse. I am envisioning paul and obama debating…. and my moneys on , obama looking dumber and more desparate every time he opens his mouth…. i believe after a few months of pain , if paul is allowed to be the republican candidate, paul can get close to 70 percent ratings because i believe obama is going to get more pain here as europe collapses going into the election… things will get better with paul! its impossible not to ,if he is elected and is allowed to implement his “agenda” which is freedom, peace, liberty and capitalism and the constitution… if you think about it you will realize im right.

          • eeder, you hit the nail on the head “if he is elected and is allowed”

            One I do not see him getting elected, and two even if he is, nothing will change, he will NOT be allowed!

            Dude I truly do admire your passion and I am not trying to be a jerk, but come on, our government was long ago hijacked by power mad lunatics, that are not gonna relinquish that power.

            As much as I don’t want to see violent revolution, I see no political resolution.

            Let’s say for the sake of argument I am wrong on the first count and he does get elected POTUS.

            Then what? How is he gonna restore “freedom, peace, liberty and capitalism and the constitution” with a congress that’s not going to work with him, which is the least of his problems, because the international oligarch or men behind the curtains have a policy…its called do as we say or…..

            • rws
              i hear you and realize that what you say may come to fruition… i think its worse than what i thought as far as moral of the people.
              what i think is that they are losing grip… they really cant stop the momentum if it gets going… i see this all worldwide and i see people getting angry… i just pray that this RON PAUL snowball can get a little more momentum, because i do believe it can becoem unstoppable under the right condidtions
              if you think about it , the alternattive is not at all something i can sit down and take quietly…. hyperinflation, communism, nuclear fallout, and many bad things .. and anyone is willing to not stand up to this so long as life on earth exists???? sorry rws, not this guy… not this guy…. for christs sake guys…. you need to get up and fight…. the alternative is just not something any of us can really be prepared for… i mean its one thing if i die in a natural disaster…. but to let these bastards just come and get you .. and not stand up???> give me a break… youre just cowards if you dont…. truly.

            • just heard poll results head to head
              romney is one point ahead of obama
              paul is only 2 points behind obama
              these are both statistical ties…
              this is romneys celining though… he will be in very tough against obama and will probaly not win… and it would be romney!
              ron paul is essentially tied with obama now and would make obama look so dumb that even many libtards will vote for ron paul…. if you let the ball roll you might be surprised what COULD happen… it is possible.. even if still unlikely.

            • romney 48
              obama 47

              obama 48
              paul 46

            • eeder, I prep, I fight to wake souls, I study history since it so often repeats itself, I research, train and build new skills for the days that lie ahead.

              But I have just seen to many elections and the hopes that come and go with it, to believe that the next one…the next guy will fix it.

              Sorry, I hope I am wrong, but in being honest I just believe we are passed fixing it with the ballot box.

              And I am not going to get my hopes up, just to witness more of the same shit different suit.

              I hope your right…I truly do….I hope whether he gets elected or not, he sparks a fire under enough American asses to get up and make things happen….because in my mind that is what it will take.

              But again, because I know the system is rigged, I’m gonna keep putting my energy into preparing for what I see as an inevitable consequence of failing to stop the problem when it was easily fixed before it grew out of control.

              You and I are on the same team, were just fighting with different tools…either way lets win!

          • eeder- “only a vote for paul is a vote against obama”….. in my opinion, not quite correct. this may become MORE votes against obama because I know several DIEHARD dems that are NOT voting this year. consider if we wrote in Paul’s name on the ballot! ALL people who believe in Dr. Paul.

        • The Electoral College chooses who will be the next POTUS. Learn the process, and understand the Electors do not always vote with the popular vote. You are not really voting, the electors are.

          This is as brief of an explanation of how the process works as I could find.

          The presidential electors are usually selected in each State at the same time that each political party in that State determines its presidential candidate. That is, when a State party selects its presidential nominee it also designates a slate of electors. These electors, along with the party’s nominees for president and vice-president, are submitted to the chief election official in the State. Thus, in each State there is a slate of Republican electors, Democrat electors, Green Party electors, Reform Party electors, etc., and the candidate that wins the popular vote in that State will have the electors from his or her own political party cast the electoral votes for that State.

          Since the Constitution directs that Congress shall set the time that the electors shall meet to cast their votes, federal law currently stipulates that electors assemble following the presidential election on the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December. On that day, the electors for each State gather in their respective State capitols and each elector marks a ballot indicating his choice for president and his choice for vice-president. These ballots are certified by State authorities and are then transmitted to the President of the U. S. Senate (the Vice-President of the United States), who will open and tabulate the ballots before a joint session of Congress.

          If a presidential candidate receives an absolute majority of electoral votes, that candidate becomes the President and will be sworn into office on noon, January 20th. If no candidate receives an absolute majority, as happened in the 1824 election when the electoral votes were split among four candidates, or if there should be a tie (if, for example, two candidates each received 269 votes), then the House of Representatives chooses the President from among the top three contenders, with each State being allotted only one vote on behalf of its State, regardless of the size of its congressional delegation. The Senate chooses the Vice-President in a similar manner.

          I hope this has been informative and helpful.

      20. I am just another idiot on this site with stupid opinions just like you. blah blah blah. Drrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Mr King…dooooorrrrrrrr. they took our jobs.

        please insert more stupid comments below and thank you in advance:

        • They say opinions are like assholes…everyone’s got one….I’m guessing you got two?

      21. Another person killed by mans most famous invention -good for only one thing-putting a hole in you!

      22. We are all humans regardless of our color of skin, or relgion, or culture. We need to work together to keep us all from being flushed down the drain of Statist, totalitarian governments.If the SHTF does happen many of us are just as responsible as those that take our freedoms away. Many of us are letting them strip us of our rights and we say nothing. Dr.King had the Balls to get up and say this enough. He acted, and made the world better for it. We should all do the same. He may of been speaking for blacks at the time, but his message is really for all of us.

      23. The liberal civil rights movement has hijacked his agenda. He said he wanted his children to be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.

        You have to remember that King couldn’t have been a man of God. A true man of God doesn’t carry on multiple affairs when he’s married like King did. There’s reason to believe that King was a Marxist who hated America. There’s a reason government records about him have been sealed. The MLK that’s presented isn’t the real man.

        • I have to agree, there’s alot of CIA documents that are unreleased due to the admitted fact they would greatly discredit him, what a man who does in the dark is still a measure of whom he is in the light. MLK Was human and as such not perfect. I don’t mind him having his day, I however with my lowly private sector job still went to work. Id like to see the documents when there released however I’m thinking the CIA won’t be around to do it with all that’s comming down the pipe. Be safe!

          • DieselDan: MLK’s FBI file has been sealed until 2027 by a liberal federal judge.

            The question is, what are they hiding?

            • I had heard something to that extent. I just wonder whats is in them. I don’t think this government has till 27. I’d give them 3 years tops. The economy will crash and burn along with their way of governing. If king obamer takes over he won’t release the files.

          • I agree. 2027 is a long way off and our problems are within the next few years.

            If the government can release the Nixon tapes, files and papers, why can’t they release MLK’s?

            I am not trying to diminish his civil rights accomplishments, I am a believer that the government should tell the whole truth.

      24. All we say to America is, “Be true to what you said on paper.”

        Well, if that’s the case, tptb certainly are. They are writing reams and reams of stuff on paper. All of the stuff that is written on all of those papers has created the Fed, taken away the civil liberties of this country, endebted millions, left millions unemployed with little to no hope of finding work becaus their jobs are now overseas, and gives the gov-corp the ability to use our Constitution and Bill of Rights like toilet paper.

        I know some here will say our liberties come from our creator, and I agree. Lets be honest, how will that work out when someone is detained, imprisioned, their “case” heard in a kangaroo court, no call to anyone, and they sit there and rot because someone in power decided they pose a “lone wolf terrorist threat” for storing food, having religious beliefs, express belief in the constitution or any of the other bullshit that makes a wo/man a terrorist according to all of that lovely paperwork.

        The gov-corp is being true to what THEY wrote and it just disgusts me.


      26. Good stuff Mr. Slavo. You keep surprising me and I really like what you’re about.

      27. Martin Luther King was a good man that wanted American blacks to become something to the best of their ability. The American government had different plans for these people. They wanted blacks to become “slaves” to a system of hand outs and special programs, basically for their votes. They even gave them a special name – “African American”! Since the early 1970’s we’ve seen three generations of blacks adapt to being used by the government. I firmly believe that the U.S. government had Dr. King killed so that this mission could be accomplished!

        • Do not people have minds of their own? They (blacks) have every chance as everyone else to make the correct choice. Of course they have chosen the easy route.

          And do not forget this: they see the government handouts at every level as their way of getting back at “whitey”.

          Want some good humor that says it all, look up on youtube swipe yo EBT.

          • “getting back at “whitey”.”

            I have personally heard this from the horses mouth. Long story short, some years ago while making a delivery to a store in Phoenix. While I am waiting to get paid, a black guy walks in and pays with food stamps. Owner behind the counter is visibly irratated with the guy and tells him this is the last time he can use the food stamps in his store. Black guy looks aver at me, turns to the owner and says, “what do you care man, it’s only whiteys money man, it’s only whiteys money”.

            Have heard the same attitude from the Indians where I reside now.

      28. Mac

        You are on top of it all..precise..exact..and documentation to boot..

        The others should take note..

        and I see you are linked to the alt media on a regular well you should..

        Ever consider a you tube or other moniker to showcase your point of view?

        Whatever,,please continue this is phenomenal..



        Gee, I wonder why that is?

        stupid F_-Ks will never get it until it hits ZERO and that is exactly where they been at with me for a long dam time..lets take it to Zero and than lets take out the trash!


        lets not do that again.and lets pass a law(we can we are their boss) that in 2012 new house new senate , new congress, and let it be that way every 4 dead weight..if they prove not to be in the citizens best interest..4 years in prison and no more political positions ..period

        and if they are acting upon us against our founding papers..treason and term…

        i hear git-mo has buildings and a nicely fenced in yard, and most of the other terrorists are almost all gone..perfect place to house treasonous gov. bastards

        be for the people by the people or GTFO

      30. Net ranger I’m with you man. I’m 69 and lived and as a southern rCatholic suffered when my black friends had run down schools, poor almost laughable band and football uniforms, and segregated facilities. And they got ever stronger as a result. The had intact families and strong conservative social values. Until the Great Society made that culture go away. Anybody who wants to read the definitive book on this should read’White Guilt’ by a Black Stanford professor in the Hoover Institute Shelby Steele, along with Condi, Thomas Sowell, Milton Friedman and others.

        I don’t really understand how White Guilt perpetuates other than as a way to make money by black leaders. Most of those that had anything to do with unfair treatment are long dead. We should feel guilty about what our social programs have done to this great culture.

      31. There are only two Fed holidays that I am aware of that celebrate the birth of two men. One of them is Jesus.

      32. Not only was he a liar and cheated on his wife, his P.H.D. was phony, was a Communist, and a member of the Black Panther Party. No sorrow felt here.

      33. I cant help but be amused by the holier then thou attitudes displayed on this page. I can only imagine that those attempting to diminish the impact Dr. King had on this country are either blatant racsists, morons, or more than likely, both.

        The fact is many of the commentors deriding Dr. King for being a fallible human being will never amount to much of anything. Perhaps it is the role of the peons and insignificants to attempt to tear down those who live wih conviction and purpose.

        Sad thing really, but I guess the world needs ditch diggers too.

        BTW most welfare recipients are po white trash.

        • Thank you!

      34. Wow. What a bunch of racist, hypocritical, ignorant assholes on this site. Get over yourselves, you self-righteous pricks.

      35. Sorta puts a better perspective on Herman Cane, who I considered a great candidate. Clinton was far worse and was elected twice. That’s why we never get good people as leaders….As far as MLK, isn’t it amazing everything being covered up. Very few know about these shortcomings. If he was a republican and especially conservative, he would have been crucified.

      36. I also see anyone disagreeing with the status quo thinking (or not) are again subject to name calling with the usual racist attacks….so who are the morons ?

      37. I am anything but a “po” white racist (again the usual retard comments)….You might want to learn how to SPELL “racist” before expounding on others intelligence.

      38. You guys use the word “racist” so often you would think you would have learned how to spell it.

      39. Socialist “Saint” – Martin Luther King
        The New American ^ | February 11, 2002 | William Norman Grigg
        Posted on Friday, January 24, 2003 16:12:52 by Tailgunner Joe

        Revered as a virtuous American hero, the real Martin Luther King, Jr. colluded with Communists, plagiarized his doctoral thesis, and led an immoral lifestyle.

        Fifty years ago, a black preacher’s speech captured the dream of a nation from which racial turmoil had been abolished. “We, Negro-Americans, sing with all loyal Americans: My country, ‘tis of thee, sweet land of liberty; of thee I sing. Land where my fathers died, land of the Pilgrims’ pride. From every mountain side, let freedom ring!”

        “That’s exactly what we mean,” continued the preacher as he built to a dramatic climax. “From every mountain side, let freedom ring. Not only from the Green Mountains and the White Mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire; not only from the Catskills of New York; but from the Ozarks in Arkansas, from the Stone Mountain in Georgia, from the Great Smokies of Tennessee and from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia — let it ring.”


      40. MLK’s only legal name is Michael King.

        He plagiarized over 50 pages of his doctoral thesis directly from the previous work of a white male doctoral student. Not errors of citation. No, he took 50 whole pages of another man’s work and passed it off as his own.

        So let’s remove the “Dr.” from the front of Michael King’s name while we’re at it.

        The FBI has extended the seal on Michael King’s records so as not to tarnish the myth of MLK in America. In truth, he was a drug abusing typical inner city negro, fond of prostitutes. To even say he had “mistresses” all over the country is a lie. He has whores that he would pay for sex, all over the country.

        MLK is a myth built up by the Baby Boomer generation to mollify their sense of white liberal guilt. Younger generations of Americans have no trouble whatsoever seeing blacks as what they largely are – violent savages that are 100% responsible for their own problems in this country. The liberal Boomer meme is that racists are “ignorant.” I say anyone that isn’t a little wary of blacks is ignorant, and clearly hasn’t spent much time around them. Direct experience with the violent savagery of blacks creates new “racists” every day, world wide.

        There was no segregation in America in my life time. I went to school and interactions with blacks turned me into a “racist” by the age of 10. Young Americans feel no sense of white liberal guilt. All Boomers, even “conservative” Boomers, are liberal when it comes to race. Political correctness is a product of Boomer’s sense of white guilt, a guilty conscience that young Americans do not share.

        America’s new Mexican majority has no sympathy for blacks and will brutalize them in ways that the panty wetting Boomer’s will be thankful to not live to see.

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