Kim Jong-Un: “Time To Prepare For WAR!”

by | Apr 11, 2024 | Headline News | 0 comments

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    North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-Un has said it is “time to prepare for war.” Pyongyang must be ready to fight and win against all enemies, Kim has said.

    “Now is the time to be more thoroughly prepared for a war than ever before,” Kim told students and staff during Wednesday’s tour of the facility. “The DPRK should be more firmly and perfectly prepared for an actual war – which should be won without fail – and not just a possible war,” he added according to a report by RT. 

    North Korea is known for its rhetoric and so far has not followed through with threats.

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    Kim claimed the unstable military and political situation in North Korea’s region is getting worse. He also described the international situation as being “seriously aggravated due to ever-escalating violence and armed conflicts.”

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    Photos released by KCNA showed Kim and army officials inspecting the “operations study room,” which featured a scale model of the South Korean capital, Seoul, and maps of the Korean peninsula marking the locations of United States troops.

    If the US and South Korea opt for military confrontation, “the DPRK will deal a deadly blow to the enemy without hesitation by mobilizing all means in its possession,” overpowering the enemy with “ideological, mental, militant, moral and tactical superiority,” Kim said.

    The Korean peninsula has been split between the DPRK and the US-backed Republic of Korea since the 1953 armistice ended the combat phase of the Korean War. No peace treaty was ever signed, however. Almost 30,000 US troops are still based in South Korea.

    So far, North Korea has been all talk with no bite. That could change, but if they haven’t decided to strike yet, it’s unlikely that they will.


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