Kentucky Prosecutor Looking Into Criminal Charges Against Lunatic Leftists Who Made Threats Against Covington Students — Isn’t It Time to Arm Teachers?

by | Jan 24, 2019 | Headline News | 94 comments

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    This article was originally published by JD Heyes at

    Leftists who have lost all ability to be rational due to advanced stages of Trump Derangement Syndrome took to Twitter — as usual — to denounce the Covington Catholic High kids wearing MAGA hats after scores of mainstream media (MSM) outlets falsely reported they harassed a Native American elder named Nathan Phillips.

    Subsequent reporting and videos posted to social media correctly documented the fact that the Kentucky students who were in Washington, D.C., for the annual March for Life demonstration did not confront Phillips, but rather he confronted them.

    By then, however, the fake version of events had spread like wildfire, triggering perpetually offended Lefties who still can’t accept POTUS Trump’s election victory. But rather than merely spew their usual vitriolic trash, many of them actually made threats against the students, despite the fact that they had done nothing wrong. (Related: Catholic leaders dump all over their own youth to appease the lunatic Left… the truth no longer matters to the Church.)

    The threats reached such a volume and level that Kenton County (Kentucky) prosecutor Rob Sanders felt the need to intervene. 

    Arming teachers is a more practical solution

    “We’ve got multiple investigations into numerous, numerous threats,” he told local media earlier this week.

    “There’s probably a dozen law enforcement agencies, if not more involved in this — it’s growing, it’s spreading, there are other jurisdictions now involved in this,” Sanders. 

    Specifically, the violation is “terroristic threatening,” Sanders said which, in his state, “is a felony offense punishable by one to five years in prison” when such threats are directed towards “an educational institution.”

    These are not simply people tweeting “nasty things,” he added. They’re making bona fide threats and that’s a problem.

    These threats, by the way, come on the heels of a recommendation from a commission in Parkland, Fla. — site of the horrific Marjory Stoneman Douglas school shootings about a year ago — that teachers be allowed to carry concealed weapons on campus. 

    While it’s good that Sanders and other law enforcement officials in Kentucky are being proactive in probing Leftists making unhinged threats against Covington students, this is yet another opportunity to push an idea whose time has, unfortunately, come. We can no longer trust that idiots won’t be idiots, especially at a time when rational thinking on the Left is at a premium.

    Read more about how school shootings and other incidents of mass murder at 

    Sources include:


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      1. What is the next step?

        I asked that of my wife when we were discussing this issue. The Democrats and liberals have total control over the propaganda machine and they sick their minions onto whoever they think represents Republicans or white people.

        If you speak out, then you are fired. If you speak out, then you receive death threats. If you speak out, then your school is closed do to threats.

        So what is the next step? What comes next in this evolution of hate?

        There is another step coming, the question is what is it? KKK style lynching? Nazi Brown shirt Antifia going door to door burning and beating?

        • Florida has “Stand Your Ground” laws; the “door to door” thing won’t work.

          And, as anyone with a lawn sprinkler system and a pressure tank knows, “burning” can go both ways. My personal favorite is a mixture of “Mocassin Joe’s Skunk Scent” and blue food coloring:

          I call it Smurfing a perp! Kinda stands out in a line up.

          • Burning and beating can go both ways. As long as the thugs avoid me they’ll be just fine. If not, then…..

          • I like how you think. Outside the box.



        • The marxtards have free reign. They are not “nazis”, btw, they are communists, huge difference. And, people need to stop calling them “liberals”; they are not.

          It will not stop, because White people are too terrified to stop them. Even standing up for Western Civilization, is now considered “racist”.

          You had your chance at the last “elections”. It truly is over. The United States of America exists in name only.

          Many years ago, while having a conversation with someone inside the belly of the beast, I mentioned that “it looked like America was dying”. He laughed, then said “Oh, no. It’s not dying, it’s been dead a long time. What you see now, are the maggots feasting on the corpse”.

          As far as the left is concerned, you are dead already. They can talk with impunity about stuffing White kids into wood chippers, etc. They can talk openly about White Genocide, killing all the White males, etc. And, no one will stop them, because that is what the parasites want.

          They want you dead, and them running global communism.

          • JustMe, the commies won’t have any ‘free reign’ with me. Let them come to me looking for trouble and they’ll find it. It’ll be the last thing they ever do.

            • I forewarned my wife yesterday that when the government comes to seize my guns I was going to shoot it out with them.

              It is terrible that the conversations have come to this, but America is collapsing. One of the first steps to tyranny is gun control.

              • +1
                I will fight without fear or hesitation
                The Lord is my shepherd,,,,,

              • I don’t have to say anything to mine. She already has asked me which gun was hers.

              • John,

                I do not think you have to worry.
                Once this so called gun seizure happens if it happens.
                You will see actions like our forefathers did against the British.

                Yes I think Law Enforcement, and Military will realize it would not be a good idea regardless of what equipment they have.

                Because Conventional Forces can not win in a Guerrilla War REMEMBER Viet Nam, unless they use these SLAUGHTER BOTS.


                How many gun owners are in the U.S.?
                I would be willing to BET a lot more then the Police, and Military combined, and most of them are gun owners too.

                I think you will see mass (Defections), and ORDERS not being followed, by GOOD COPS, and PATRIOTIC MILITARY/NATIONAL GUARD.

                Then (Watch) the anti gun groups, and politicians beat feet if the balloon goes up, they know what’s going to happen to THEM.

                Use a little common sense .

                The anti gun politicians will run to there aircraft, and go to there islands or fortresses that have been paid for or stolen by taxpayers money.

                The anti – gun snowflake people will change there tunes real quick because they have no place to run to the sniveling little twinkle toe SHI-S they are….

                So do not sweat this Fear Porn.

                STAY FROSTY, but I will say (Stay Vigilant), and use Clear, and Coherent thinking.

                If you no longer have Gun Shows or Gun Dealers you know what’s up.

                When the Constitution is SUSPENDED then ITS ON !!!! DANGER ! DANGER !!!! Will , and Penny Robinson ( THE ROBOT FROM THE LOST IN SPACE TV SERIES 1960s ).

                If you start seeing National Guard Troops from other States other than yours I might worry.

                If you see UNITED NATIONS TROOPS, REALLY WORRY !!!!!

                I do think the way we are headed, we are going to be in a CIVIL WAR or a WORLD WAR, its just when.

                I feel this is unavoidable, but a cleansing or making things right again one way or another is in order.

                That’s just my opinion.

                So everyone of you Real Americans out there keep your Radar Up, and your Powder Dry.

                A Public Service Announcement.

                Brought to you by FREE SPEECH FOR NOW.

                Peace, and Love if it still EXIST.

              • I got a phone call long ago. The caller said that the gov. wanted my guns. I said that they could have them… when I run out of ammo. 😎

          • when i read your comment it made me think of empathy and an empathy based system. is this rhetoric suggesting that there are very few nationalities that can feel empathy? would that explain alot

            • You are right Kevin

            • The lower the IQ, the lower the tendency for empathy. The higher the IQ, the higher tendency towards not just empathy, but a truly infantile level of suicidal altruism, and/or neurotic mentality and actions.

              But, beyond that, empathy or not, what you are witnessing in the fall of the United States, is the end result of a century of marxist infiltration, subtle conditioning, and all levels of propaganda. You know the propaganda is effective when White people are calling for their own racial extinction.

              The facts and the math about the topic are brutal. Save your empathy for those you love most. The rest not only could’nt care less about you, most want you dead.

              • I don’t have empathy for strangers and I have tested well for IQ….

          • Rush today called the Dems “Stalinists”. He’s never used that term before.

            The Democrats have morphed from “Progressive” to “Socialist” to “Marxist” to “Stalinist”. They aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. Rush today said that the Dems could even kill if they got total power again. They especially hate us Christians.

            My guess is they will suspend the constitution and ban guns. I just hope that more than 3 percent of us resist.

            One thing you will need is bullets, and lots of ’em. They won’t be sellin’ ’em then.

      2. If Chief Nathan was so intent on restoring calm to this situation, why didn’t he go get in the face of those ni**ers that were shouting profanities and beat his little tomtom. Trekker Out

        • Nathan Phillips is a known Marxist provocateur and moron. It didn’t just “happen” that the cameras were rolling next to this “incident”. He should personally be held responsible for any acts of violence against the students.
          Somebody should point out to old Nathan that the Injuns are 1 – 100 in the Pale Face Bowl. It wouldn’t be too hard to make it 1 – 101.

          • really stuart? really? i am ashamed that i am loosely associated with that attitude! Why doesnt the other see its the other side of the same coin? i choose that other path, the one i never hear anyone speaking to. Yeah, the sound of silence… not from the song

        • Chief Bag Of Bones wanted the kid to knock out his last 3 teeth so he could get dentures.

      3. If confrontation was not planned, then how did “Chief Nathan” just happen to have his drums with him?

      4. This is just the beginning. Come this Spring when the EBT cards go blank and Obama phones get turned off expect riots leading to a Right/Left Civil war here.

        While the good old USA is tearing Itself apart, expect China to take Taiwan, North Korea to take on South Korea, Iran/Turkey to attack Israel, and Russia to add to Her Ukrainian real estate.

        Let the games begin!

      5. I think someone should have been around to do something about that black preacher who was talking in such a provocative manner. These where kids in high school. Isn’t there something called child endangerment. He surely deserves to be held responsible for threats he made. This could easily have become a murder scenario or one where these kids were severely beaten.

        Arrest the Indian pounding a drum next to the kids face.

        What is wrong with people. These two bastards are the ones who need to go to prison. How would you feel if it was your kid?


        • Honeypot, those black Israelites are just another black criminal organization that need to be dealt with.

          • funny, aint it? even the leftist mouthpiece the SPLC classifies the “Black Israelites” as an out and out hate group.

            so… a hate group threatened and bullied a group of schoolchildren on a field trip for hours… yet thats not the reported news here. REALLY tells you volumes about the media when they immediately own hate group bad/no violence against children at any cost/bullying is bad/etc dialogues simply because of politics (and by extension, Trump).

            • sorry, that should read:

              “…tells you volumes about the media when they immediately abandon their own hate group bad/no violence against children at any cost/bullying is bad/etc dialogues…”

      6. Hopefully they will prosecute everyone of them, send them to prison and also make them pay a hefty fine. If prosecutors begin making examples out of these lunatics a lot of this nonsense will cease.

      7. The only way to slow this down, I doubt that we can get the Democrats to act rationally, is to fight it. Prosecute them all.

      8. Pissed if it were my child

        • PERHAPS THEY NEED TO SPEND SOME TIME AT CAMP! Maybe visit zee oven too! Vee have ways of making you pay….

      9. I expect the SHTF this Spring after the snow melts. If Trump declares an Emergency the Left will riot and call him a Dictator and if he does nothing there will be riots of unpaid Government employees. Also those who’s EBT cards are dead. The Cities will burn!

        I believe that this will grow into an asymmetrical type war much like the Missouri/ Kansas border war prior to the first Civil War. If I’m right, all hell is about to be let loose on American soil.

        • Hmmmmmm. Here’s a question.

          Was it a good idea to buy thousands of guns and millions of ammo for government employees, and then not pay them?

          What could go wrong!

          • Nothing. You could buy it all up at firesale prices! 😛

            • What an outstanding idea. Sell the excess firearms and ammunition to keep the government going.

        • Wait until the end of March when the Debt Ceiling kicks in.
          The Government only gets to spend the money it takes in with taxes. (After it pays the Interest on its debt)
          Guess who gets to choose what gets funded. 🙂 I can see all the useless pet liberal programs will not get funded. (Like Food Stamps, Planned Parenthood (the States can pay them if they want) and with a bit of luck the 9th Circuit court)
          There is going to be Mud, Blood and Beer all over the ground in DC. NYC and California.
          It is going to be better that the Super Bowl. The good thing is they won’t stop for commercials.

      10. Can anyone say Communist coup? and bye-bye Constitution!

        • you can say it…but not without a fight. I’m 68 and grew up in a golden age and I’m not ready to give it up to yahoos who will turn this country into Venezuela.

      11. May be time to buy that binary trigger for your AR +1
        Night vision +3

        You know, just in case.

        • Nobody will ever regret buying green-goggles. Bad people like to do predawns, In Shtf, Patriots should be up from 3 am to 8pm.

      12. Defending Christianity and the Constitutional Republic of the USA and dying to preserve these are so worthy and noble endeavors that I cannot imagine a better way to graduate to the Kingdom of Heaven.

        • That level of fanaticism cannot be defeated. That is what it will take to defeat the Luciferian cowards.

          • Amen Brother. The Luciferians should be treated as witches. Many of them outrightly are. You know what Deuteronomy said what to do about witches and necromancers and those with ‘familiar spirits’.

            We’ve suffered outright rule over us by witches and wizards, calling themselves Democrats. This is why we suffer. God is with US, NOW is the time!

        • ???

        • Heaven and hell are imaginary delusions. The Christian religion is a weapon that is being used against you. You don’t like to think this, but consider it for a while and you’ll see.

          • Well if it is an imaginary delusion, then as a student of psychology then prove it.

            You should have no problem.

            Tell me, do you believe that nothing whatsoever created the infinte mass of up to two trillion galaxies? That is an atheist believe.

            That sounds like an imaginary delusion.

            • an atheist belief…

      13. How about a DNA test to prove where those boys (thugs) Really came from?

      14. Well now there are strange wackos filming outside the Covington high school filming, one supposes to dox them.

        I would think stalker laws should be in effect. It’s getting creepy. They are stalking teenagers just because they are Christians who smile.

        “I am triggered by your smiling”.

        • htt ps://

      15. voMW-P9bU8I
        Bill Clinton (1991) “Make America Great Again.”

        • You see, obviously Bill Clinton was a Nazi brownshirt white nationalist racist homophobe.

      16. Isn’t It Time to Arm Teachers? No! It is time to do to schools what corporate America did to office buildings.

        Active shooters didn’t start with schools. Remember all the postal and office shootings? First came the postal shootings (late 80s) which is where “going postal” comes from. Then came the office shootings (90s). That is when most every office building switched to controlled access with security guards. Ever since then I have worked in buildings where there is one entrance requireing key card access, sometimes with metal detectors, and armed security.

        The building I work in now has a keycard turnstyle that scans and automatically locks if it senses something or if more than one person tries to go. And on the office side is two armed guards.

        Have not heard of a single office rampage since the 90s. At least not inside.

        The problem with arming teachers is that is a direct translation to arming leftists. It’s not going to happen without a ton of push back. And why? If corporate America solved the problem, why go that route which would have to follow the controlled access anyway.

        • There are plenty of (smart) schools that have already done that. They even have signs posted at the door.

          Guess what. Not one problem at these places! The bad guys avoid these places..

          • and by done that, I am talking about arming the staff.

            could be teachers, office people, food workers, or the janitors.

      17. um5yzha8EUw

        Take the time to watch this video. You are being manipulated by the Illuminati. They are everywhere as they are no longer interested in hiding. When celebrities started openly convincing people to reject Christianity, that was the red flag.

        And it’s working as young people are emulating the Luciferians.

        Do you think I am overreacting? Did you watch the video where she shows how often young people are innundated by occultism?

        The antidote is salvation by faith through grace in Jesus Christ.

        More and more, you will be aware of the Christian persecutions that now are not in far away foreign lands, but right here in America.

        • This is the religion of the Left.

          Why do you think it’s called the left hand path?
          It’s mockery of the parable of the sheep and the goats, where the goat are on the left and bound for Hell along with Lucifer and the demons.

          This is the religion of humanism.

          This is satanic atheism.

          This is Lucferianism.
          htt ps://

          “Luciferianism is a belief system that venerates the essential characteristics that are affixed to Lucifer. The tradition, influenced by Gnosticism, usually reveres Lucifer not as the devil, but as a liberator, a guardian or guiding spirit, [1] or even the true god as opposed to Jehovah . [2]”

          “Though associated with Satanism, a philosophy based on the Christian interpretation of the fallen angel , Luciferianism differs in that it does not revere merely the devil figure or Satan but the broader figure of
          Lucifer, an entity representing various interpretations of “the morning star” as understood by ancient cultures such as the Greeks and Egyptians. [26] In this context, Lucifer is a symbol of enlightenment ,[27] independence, and human progression and is often used interchangeably with similar figures from ancient beliefs, such as the Greek titan Prometheus or the J_ewish Ta_lmudic figure Lilith .”

          Their goal is banish ideas of good and evil and for all to “do are thou wilt”. This is straight out of Aleister Crowley, once called the most evil man in England. He was a perverse person who endorsed sexmagick and tried to summon demons.

          • These Luciferians are among the politicians especially the DNC.
            Practically all of Hollyweird are Lucferians.
            Almost all of the music industry.
            Almost all of the banking industry.
            Almost all of the investment industry.
            Almost all of the news media.

            We know that in the seventies, the Temple of Set secretly infiltrated the US Military and now there are openly chaplains there in place.

            You are not just facing leftists.
            You are literally facing the minions of Satan, the Accuser, Lucifer the morning star (Venus), Helel ben Shahar in the Hebrew as his angelic name.

            We are in the End Times and the Great Apostacy that Jesus warned us about in Matthew 25 is here.

            • 1 Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins, which took their lamps, and went forth to meet the bridegroom. 2 And five of them were wise, and five were foolish. 3 They that were foolish took their lamps, and took no oil with them: 4 But the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps. 5 While the bridegroom tarried, they all slumbered and slept. 6 And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him. 7 Then all those virgins arose, and trimmed their lamps. 8 And the foolish said unto the wise, Give us of your oil; for our lamps are gone out. 9 But the wise answered, saying, Not so; lest there be not enough for us and you: but go ye rather to them that sell, and buy for yourselves. 10 And while they went to buy, the bridegroom came; and they that were ready went in with him to the marriage: and the door was shut. 11 Afterward came also the other virgins, saying, Lord, Lord, open to us. 12 But he answered and said, Verily I say unto you, I know you not. 13 Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.
              Matthew 25:1-13

              Jesus is coming soon. Are you prepared?

              • I wish he would hurry up !

        • Of course Christianity can’t be false. We know this because the basis for it is found in a book in leather binding with gold letters on the front of it. And no preacher would ever lie to us just so he can make a comfortable living by passing a collection plate among us. It’s ridiculous to think so. No one else in history was ever said to be a god or was described as having been born of a virgin. And the fact Jesus walked on water proves he was holy. You can’t walk on water if you’re not holy. So there. That’s the end of the argument. The Christian religion is as true and pure as it can be.

          • What do you believe is truth? Or are you the kind of troll that just criticizes others?

          • Writing a comment that the Earth is flat by your decree does not make the Earth flat.

            Try harder than snide comments.

      18. In my reading about an Antichrist, when you really break the word down, with a ancient, foreign language dictionary, he is a substitute or a counterfeit, with the outward appearance of a lamb, and understanding of ‘dark sentences’ — I guess, passive aggressive, double entendre, intended to make you look flowery. I bet, he’d be passable, on church tv.

        Republican antichrists are using a… very… thin veneer of Christianity to exercise petty control over others. I mean no offense toward genuine Christians, whose faith is expert and intentional.

        Schooling already uses the same crowd control methods as a prison intake, here. The architecture looks like a prison, from the outside. It was populated by bastards (*not using the term, loosely) whose elder siblings were in prison (boy and girl prison), and teaching their younger brothers and sisters to run the school as prisoners run the prison. (Use your imagination. We had all the same things going on, in there.)

        Our teachers were cruisy, druggy, embedded radicals, leftover from the disco days, in my case. (Oversized polyester shirt collars, real afro hairdos, and hippy daisies were the least of their problems.) They shouldn’t have been given dry erase boards, let alone guns, God help us.

        And, finally, this Communist institution (Do the Bellamy!) is paid-for a by a tax on peoples’ homes. Look at an areal map of your developed area. Is it fit to support life, within comfortable walking distance? You can be exposed to the elements, and to homeless laws, if you don’t pay into this sub mediocre, robotic, conformity factory.

        Not that people are mentally capable, to raise their own kids, but why can’t you raise your own kids, without bothering others. If history goes on, this should be remembered in the same light as the Dickensian workhouse, orphanage, or bread line, where the desperate poor had no better option than to subject themselves to mental abuse. That’s who you’re in a hurry to arm.

        “Conservatives” (whatever that really means to you) never believe that they are subject to the same Draconian punishments as everyone else. You imagine yourselves as the authoritarians, when the authorities have not shown any discernible loyalty to you, so far. You are equally suspect, according to these people, who you want to arm. You are Tiny Tim.

        • If you will actually read your Bible, and read it carefully, with your brain engaged, instead of only referring to it like a babbling idiot, you will see that according to the story of Jesus as told in the Bible there has never been a messiah. The Hebrew criteria were never met. The word ‘Christ’ is an ancient Greek word that means the same thing. Therefore there cannot be an anti-Christ, because there has never been a Christ for anyone to be against.

          • I suggest you read your post aloud while looking in the mirror and emphasizing “babbling idiot”.

            • I mainly intended to use “antichrist”, in the sense of an insult. (Lower case ‘a’, not a proper noun.) ie. Republican antichrists.

              Unfortunately, many of my relatives will probably believe that the first, white horseman — a messianic figure — will fit the description of the true Jesus.

              Again, I believe that The Antichrist will probably be one of the nicest, and nicest looking, people you could ever meet. You will be glad. It’s gonna feel right.



              Also, most RINO’s are mostly irreproachable, for prettymuch all intents and purposes.

              We should arm them, to the teeth, for our own good.

              • They found Beto ORourke in a Illuminati goat costume with his band in a video. He’s trying to do damage control.

                • LuPU3-ldD58
                  Apparently the leftists keep taking them down.

                  • For some reason, the dark prince o’ skinny flab is treated like Elvis and the Beatles. Should exercise with Obama.

      19. Due to the outrageous abortion up to birth bill passing, Pro-Life Catholics called on the Diocese to excommunicate Cuomo. Then he issued this statement that Pro-Life citizens are nt welcome in NY and should LEAVE.

        htt ps://

        Stuff is coming to a head like a errupting carbuncle of infected pus.

      20. We don’t need to arm teachers. We need to allow teachers to be armed if they qualify the same as anyone else in a similar position and allow those who are of legal age and otherwise allowed to possess a firearm to arm themselves.

        It’s silly to say we need to give every teacher a gun. There are plenty of teachers who either don’t have the ability nor desire to help themselves nor those around them, so they don’t need to be handed a firearm.

        • No, our kids should all be pulled out of the public schools, en masse.

          The teachers are the greatest threats to the kids, brainwashing them and driving religion and faith from them. The teachers are the frontline of the left, indoctrinating the next wave of stalinists.

      21. There is a preliminary list of celebrities and journalists who are being supoenaed that is floating around.

        It’s likely going to change based on retractions.

        Supposedly the list is quite long.

        • There are five law firms defending the students and they all have proven track records. The initial supoena list is in the HUNDREDS and might certainly grow.

      22. I am saying this, rhetorically. I have no children, in the Communist school system. I don’t attend any of their functions. I am not realistically going to be there, ever again.

        In rural towns, there was nothing controversial about a shot gun rack, in the rearview window of a pickup. Nothing could be more “square”.

        Reproductively-mature students might have quit school to start a family, and would have found remunerative labor, possibly in military service. They were at least old enough to sign up for ROTC and even the draft. Neither them nor their parents — friendlies, participating in good faith — are afforded the right to self defense.

        Only the administrators.

        That’s how it works in leftist societies, where arms are kept in communal lockboxes, and lent out, to apparatchiks. Arch mega leftists are so comfortable, around loaded guns. Federales are seen with them, everywhere, at all times.

      23. It’s so disgusting what happens in a partial birth abortion that I hesitate to even post the video. Yet the situation is now WORSE and more MALEVOLENT and is just purely SATANIC at this point.

        Every Christian should be writing comments and discussing the ramifications of the NY state decision.

        Inevitably this means a challenge to Roe v Wade. The NY decsion was timed to coincide with its passage in 1973. This is extreme leftists evil orchestration.

        Why? Because Ginsberg is leaving and their sacred child sacrifice rituals to Moloch and Baal will likely be ended.

        • 0htVXjPH_9M
          This is what happens. How are you ever going to plead innocence when facing YAHWEH if you are Pro-Choice?

          • E3nvMkj0BGc
            Right this second, after begging YAHWEH to forgive your sins, then follow these directions.

            Otherwise you are going to Hell if you are Pro-choice.

            • MYNyaNNq8Xg
              Jane Roe of Roe v Wade has repented of her sin of assisting the passage of Roe v Wade though she never had an abortion herself. And she has accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior and now is Pro-Life and fights against abortion.

      24. The Luciferians first mixed up women to be empowered by living alone.

        Then fostered promiscuity and equated that to liberation.

        Then fostered lesbian-relationships.

        Then applauded out of wedlock chikdren.

        Then applauded multiple sexual-partners at once.

        Then encouraged straight people to try homosexuality.

        Then encouraged people to come out of the closet.

        Then encouraged adult sex-change operations.

        Then encouraged child sex-change operations.

        Now they are encoraging genderless children from birth.

        Is it any wonder people have identity issues? When you consider that these were once routinely considered deep seated mental problems of poor coping and often linked to various kinds of abuse, were they wrong?

        The normalization by extreme leftists has NOT produced normalcy but even more persistant suicidal-ideation!

        Lucifer wants to destroy as many as possible. He doesn’t care how. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the womb or later.

      25. rk_UiTt61sc
        The death of the American constitutional republic and the rise of a Luciferian despotism indicates Biblical end time prophecy.

      26. 7rHn0CMDJiY
        The Luciferians and the Illuminati since ancient Sumer.

        ht tps://

        George Washing discusses infiltration by the Illuminati into Freemason lodges in a letter in 1798.

      27. f-EqJVmaXLM

        They sell their souls to Lucifer for brief fame and fortune. And what always happens? They are destroyed by drugs, alcohol, divorce, their children fall to tragedy, they are ruined financially, then discarded as garbage.

      28. pWVyZ3RYNOs
        Hollyweird is shameless. Here Bill Mahler actually jokes about pedophilia.

        • OHBpLMwCor0
          They are not hiding the fact that they are Luciferians. They want you to know and laugh along with them.

      29. caCXGjjHWMs

        Why do the Luciferian Illuminati push abortion? It is about the human-sacrifice of innocent babies to appease demons in exchange for power. The more innocent the subject, the more that is gained.

        • ht tp://

          The Ordo Templi Orientis created by Aleister Crowley are the most malevolent pure evil creatures of the Luciferians. Here is what they believe from their own texts.

          “For the highest spiritual working one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force. A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence…”

          This is why they push horrendous unspeakable acts up to and including abortion up until birth which is now legal in New York state.

          What would be next but open child-sacrifice?

          • ht tps://

            Some feminists are pushing for infanticide that would be legal up to two years of age due to a variety of issues like economic inability or an inability to deal with societal.pressure.

            Two years of age!

            Do you think I am making these disgusting things up?


            htt ps://

            Here is one saying six years of age would be a legitimate cut off for legal infanticide.

            ht tps://

            These Luciferians are PURE EVIL.This is your enemy. This is who you will battle and who we are battling right this moment.

            • ht tps://

              “On Jan. 22, New Yorkers discovered that One World Trade Center had been turned pink to commemorate the passing of the state’s historic Reproductive Health Act. But the words “reproductive health” didn’t appear in many headlines or on Facebook feeds — because a controversial update to the abortion law, coupled with Gov. Cuomo’s capricious decision to light up a landmark that belongs to all Americans, regardless of faith and party, overshadowed the good in this act.

              For the sake of full disclosure, I am an independent. I am pro-choice, though my stance on abortion is mostly libertarian and I feel that if a woman chooses to make this difficult and painful decision, It should be one made between her, her doctor, any partner involved and, if she is faithful, her God.”

              It’s just a Luciferian ritual to signify the deepest commitment to Moloch and Baal.

      30. Think about the article. Isn’t it logical that the Luciferians will try to attack schoolchildren as then that terrorism and human-sacrifice gains them power from demons?

        Isn’t it common sense to arm teachers?

      31. ht tps://

        There’s a video of a partial list of who has been supoenaed. There already has been retractions. It’s the same old has been actors who claimed they would leave if Trump became POTUS.

      32. ht tps://
        Oath Keepers are standing guard outside the high school starting 1/30.

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