Kent State Graduate Poses With AR-10 Rifle To Make A Point About School’s Gun Policy

by | May 16, 2018 | Headline News | 51 comments

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    A Kent State graduate decided to stir up controversy with leftists by posing for a photo with an AR-10 rifle.  She completed the imagery with her graduation cap adorned with “come and take it.”

    The photo of Kaitlin Bennett has now gone viral.

    Bennett’s comment about “4 unarmed students” refers to the May 4, 1970, shooting of students during a Vietnam War protest. Members of the Ohio National Guard opened fire on the students exercising their human right to free speech and protest and killed four.  The Ohio National Guard also wounded nine others.  Horrifically, people now want censorship of everything and gun rights gone, so that people may do no more than beg in the face of tyranny and submit to their own slavery.

    And even after all of the backlash Bennett received, she’s standing by her statement that as a human being she should have the right to defend herself. 

    Bennet has not only received hate messages and been called every name one could imagine, her life has been threatened.  Does the left not realize that threats against someone’s life are exactly why those of us who carry do so in the first place? Common sense is not a flower that grows in the left’s garden.

    Kent State’s website said the university has rules forbidding students, faculty, and staff from carrying “deadly weapons.” The university told Refinery29 that Bennett, now that she’s a graduate and no longer a student, is within her rights to openly carry her rifle.

    “Graduates are no longer considered students and would be permitted to open-carry, per the university policy,” said Eric Mansfield, the school’s executive director of media relations.

    Bennett also took the liberty of notifying university police of her photo shoot ahead of time, Mansfield told the online publication, likely so she’d avoid confrontation with them. Gun owners are usually very aware of their surroundings and understand the state of the political climate being forced on us against our will.



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      1. Good for her. Don’t let anybody tell you different sweetheart.

        It’s you’re right!

        • She looks better from the back

      2. God damn! Well god damn good for Her – you go girl!!!! Rock out sweetie.

      3. Mow the lawn, La Baye!

      4. That’s one young lady I would go the extra mile to stand up for. Many kudos to her. I wish her the best.

      5. If she needs any help dealing with libturds, I’ll offer my services.

        • Hell BH all you would do is head to north Ga to the BOL and grab your 22lr.

          • Damn it Tacoma…

            Don’t get my cuz all riled up!

            He ain’t got no time to deal with y’all. He’s getting ready for them burr heads who loot and scoot. They already stole him blind once already.

            And, one other thing… Dat 22lr has a hell of kick in it’s recoil that my cuz has learn how to finally control.

            Now…. who’s picking da banjo here.

            • NGIC, it’s been awhile since I heard from you also. But no I’m not ‘riled up’ over anything.

          • Tacoma, it’s been a awhile since I heard from you. And I’ll only respond if she requests any help. Otherwise, she can probably handle it herself.

            • BH.I really believe hickey is a hesheit.

        • That twern’t me Cuz thats somebody tryin to sneak in on the family. He be using short capitol letters in his name, sides that we knows you use a 30 cal. carbean not a 22. You got my respect Cuz, I ain’t botherin you no more.

          • NGIC, you can come back all you want. Not bothering me at all. Actually I’m glad to know you’re still alive. Take care.

          • I’m the Lil’ cuz.

            You still da Big Dog. 🙂

            • Lil’cuz where you been hidin, me, you’uns and Cuz are gonna have to have a reunion in Memfus and find them mellon eaters what stole his stuff, and show em us Gawga boy’s ain’t no body to mess with. Cuz il have a whole nuther load to take back to the BO location.

      6. Now THAT’s something to smile about.

      7. You’ve seen one Kaitlin, you’ve seen them all.

        Nice dress, kid.

        Kent State 1970: those were the best of times; those were the worst of times.


      8. I’m in love!

      9. The actor Michael Keaton gave the keynote address. Nothing against Keaton, but she should have given it!

        • Keaton is a member of the hive. He’s very anti-gun and very vocal about it.

          • And that is why all of “them” deserve to HANG!! I am sure it is painfully obvious they want to obliterate OUR individual, damn Constitutional Rights. How is it okay or legal for an individual or a group of individuals to pull such a thing? That is tyranny and I for one will not stand for it and I have ZERO intention of surrendering not a damn 1 of my firearms period.
            The Constitution is supposed to be the Law of the Land and the 2nd Amendment is what it is god dammit! We must be capable of defending ourselves against tyranny, against the Gov’t to be exact – the Framers knew how vile and cruel and powerful the machine can be so to speak.

      10. Its good she already has her diploma in-hand, otherwise the university could have found a way of withholding it from her. She can expect not being included in the future list of honored alumnae.

      11. And didn’t even bother with .223
        Went for .308. That’s what I like. Someone who thinks for herself.

        • NOW THATS A WOMAN!!!!
          She should make a 12 month calendar and sell them.She would probably get enough money to help pay off her student loan(if she has one).

      12. Jim in VA, I saw her first! LOL!

        • Somehow I don’t think she would be interested in moving into your mothers house with you.

      13. First 1, then 10, and then 100.

      14. Why would the University allow this photo shoot unless it served some alterior motive. You guys are deceived.

        I may be in error, and if so, I am sorry about that. But this picture is probably a young male. Check it out.

        Deep set eyes wide apart.

        High cheekbones. Square chin.

        Wide shoulders.

        Straight legs.

        Hips camouflaged by flaring skirt.

        There is a 70% chance you guys are looking
        at a male to female transvestite or transsexual.

        Not that there is anything wrong with that. Or, is there?

        If men are trained to lust after other men, and they are, the goal is extinction.
        All that blond hair doesn’t fool me.

        A real woman is soft, with an extra layer of fat.
        Men have long necks, long torso, an adam’s Aapple.

        You can’t see the front of the throat or the shape of the neck.
        “Her” leg is positioned inward which covers the gap in the inner thigh.

        Her name is Kaitlin Cocks, I mean Kaitlin Ox.

        Damn good try, but no cigar.

        _ still as she said, she is a human being with a right to self defense

        _ girl or boy, either way, Carry On


        • Naw, she’s all girl. Just gotta be. And one nice girl-next-door a’lookin’ one at that. And good for her for taking this stand.

        • Sorry B from Ca. Look at the muscle tone in her arms and the bone structure of her fingers verses their length. That is NOT a guy. Considering what runs around CA I can understand your mistake.

        • You are a weirdo, what tranny would sport an AR-10?

          • I would, I’m trans and very pro gun

        • ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm NO…….she’s 100% girl………watch her in the video. She’s the stuff young men’s dreams are made of……..

          • BofC sounds to me like you got a Jealousy issue.

      15. She definitely needs to be taken to a re-education facility or psychiatric ward. These are the type of radical misfits that a tolerant and diverse society does not need. These kinds of military style weapons are for only one purpose. To kill. All guns, including hunting rifles, need to be eliminated. We need to all live in peace. Turn your weapons into plowshares, and live with your brothers in peace. COEXIST. Then we will be truly free.!!!!

        • Yeah, that’s what Stalin said right before he murdered 20,000,000 of his own people. Drop some more MDMA, Lenny, and keep dreaming of that utopia.

          Oh… and speaking of radical misfits… don’t be surprised when the muggers and burglars eagerly take advantage of your “enlightened” decision to forgo personal self-defense.

        • Sounds like you know a little bit of the Bible (very little), but you don’t know much history! The Bible also says my people perish from lack of knowledge. Do a little research about Stalin and the Ukrainians Holomodor. Just before every Socialist/Communist take over, including Hitler’s Germany, the government took away all the guns so there were any dissenters, no freedom speech and the people couldn’t protect themselves. I want to love my fellow man and I want to live in peace, but be realistic. There will always be EVIL people in the world; that will never change. So while I’m living in peace, if one of them tries to take away my peace, I WILL defend myself and my family!!!

      16. Damn,,,,
        Sweet, wish i were about 30 years younger!

      17. Hey, I would love to “come and get it”…………..

      18. The National Guard was called out after 3 days and nights of burning buildings and riots. Then did not disperse when told to do so.Thats why they were shot.

        • southside

          They burnt no buildings. They protested, no looting, no riot. They threw rocks at National Guardsmen and were replied with 67 rounds of 30.06. It was in essence a modern replay of the colonial Boston Massacre.

          Interestingly the Pentagons own study from 1967 showed the “War” to be unwindable. It was labeled classified. Fortunately the US media wasn’t completely controlled then or the USSC bought off and it was released as The Pentagon Papers. Regardless if we “won” (which was impossible) what would we (you and me) obtained? More US industry to the 3rd world decades earlier eviscerating jobs at home?

          Criminal war from a criminal government.

          • They burnt the campus ROTC building down and looted that and other buildings

      19. There is hope for America after all! Go girl!

      20. The Kent State murders of the protesters were set up and provoked by the National Guard. I can’t remember the exact details of how they did this, I need to look it up and see if that info still exists. Nixon likely signed off on this action. This happened exactly two weeks before I was drafted with a draft number of 122 out of 365 birthdates.

      21. Now folks, that right there is 1 BAD ASS female!!!! And she didn’t even use the typical AR-15, went .308 (most likely). We need more women like that not all of these God forsaken fruit-loop, bleeding heart, manipulated, progressive shit bag whores that deserve to HANG!! NEVER surrender not 1 damn firearm people or we will ALL suffer the consequences when Big-Brother decides to finally drop the Hammer on our heads (and I think that day is right around the corner by the way).

      22. A brave and noble woman. She has my admiration, and thanks. When the Natl. Guard was shooting protestors( the order to fire was not given by the way) I was in the Cambodian invasion nearly dead from dengue fever. I thought the folks back home had lost their minds. With young ladies like this one, part of the next generation, our country at least has a chance. And I did not see, “Write my own purple heart recommendation” John Kerry while I was in Cambodia.

      23. Hot chicks will shoot chi-coms If they start shit in America. She has nice legs and a big strap on with .223/5.56. Let this be a stern warning to left wing liberals and you jihadist supporters.


        Women, gotta love em.

      24. HCKS, agreed. Let me add to your last sentence, GOOD women and I’ll do anything I can for them.

      25. Great ass, too! lol

      26. Go Kaitland! Good for you girl! Wonderful to see a strong intelligent woman standing up for what is right! NO to taking our freedom of speech and NO to taking our guns!

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