Keith Olbermann Calls For “Economic Civil War” To Institute Gun Control

by | Feb 18, 2023 | Headline News | 2 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge. 

    Keith Olbermann, generally considered a washed-up “journalist” with a modicum of his former influence, is nonetheless a prominent voice of madness within the easily led leftist fold.  People like him should be considered a valuable litmus test for what the political left is really thinking, including the kinds of sentiments they rarely say out loud.

    The subject matter of his recent podcast should raise some eyebrows among anyone concerned about constitutional integrity or the 2nd Amendment, as Olbermann proudly suggests that Democrat-controlled blue states should engage in an economic civil war with red states in order to destroy conservative support for gun ownership.  

    Olbermann’s theory is based on the assertion that blue states “have all the money” and that red states are somehow destitute and reliant on the good graces of rich Democrats.  This idea often stems from a common progressive assumption that all conservatives are poverty-stricken “rednecks” trapped in “flyover country.”  It just confirms what we have long known – Progressives live in a regional bubble and rarely venture out of the hive mind they rely on daily.

    It’s a bizarre notion considering Americans have been leaving major blue states by the millions over the past few years due to economic decline, high taxes, and draconian covid mandates.  This mass migration has been well documented, so it’s odd that Olbermann is unaware of it.  It’s not just individuals, but also businesses that are fleeing leftist areas and moving to conservative havens.

    In 2021, there weren’t enough U-Haul trucks to accommodate all the people trying to escape California.  What were the destinations movers were going to?  Florida and Texas topped the list.  The California state government was so desperate to stop people from leaving (and desperate to maintain tax revenues) that they tried to pass a law requiring that former residents continue to pay taxes to CA for up to 10 years.  How they plan to enforce such a law is unknown, but the legislation reveals a panic among Democrats which is palpable.

    The mass exodus was not limited to California, though, and included states like New York, Illinois, and New Jersey.  In terms of raw data, blue states make up the vast majority of the most indebted places in the US, and a list of the 10 most fiscally stable states is majority red.

    In general, the biggest problems red states have in terms of economic disparity or crime are caused by Democrat-run cities within their borders.  Wherever progressives manage things, disaster follows.

    Olbermann’s call for an economic civil war is delusional and impractical, but it does reveal a certain level of anxiety that leftists have about gun owners.  Not in terms of gun violence – They don’t actually care about gun-related deaths; they only care about how such tragedies can be exploited for political gain.  What they do care about, it seems, is the fact that shooting events are not giving them the social leverage they used to get.

    In the past, the corporate media could run with a single mass shooting for many months in an effort to create hysteria over gun ownership.  However, gun ownership is rising among some Democrat and moderate voters.  And, concerns are increasing over economic instability and exploding crime in the US.  What leftists are realizing is that they are never going to get the guns because the public is realizing how much they need tools for self-defense.  The citizenry is beginning to understand that gun control is a means to punish law-abiding people for the actions of a handful of criminals.

    Not only that, but an armed populace is a hard-to-dominate populace.  The goal of every authoritarian regime has been to first disarm their political enemies so that they can’t fight back. Leftist intentions are clearly based on a desire for control that compels them to obsess over gun rights.  They are even openly talking about extreme measures, including civil war, as a vehicle for gun control.  This is a good sign because it shows how close the anti-gun rights lobby is to defeat.


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      1. How will “economic civil war” stand up against “Shall not be infringed” in the SCOTUS?

      2. Let’s see how long their “civil war” lasts when we stop shipping food to the cities.
        Free Upstate [NY]!

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