John McCain Is Pushing For War With Russia: “What Has Been Set Into Motion Is Still In Motion”

by | Sep 30, 2017 | Headline News | 46 comments

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    The “Founding Father” of Ukraine
    Could only be Senator John McCain
    As Civil War splits East and West
    Johnny smiles and takes a breath
    (A few brain cells short) …nonetheless,
    His plans unfolding once again.

    What has been set into motion is still in motion and coming around for a second lap.  The consortium of John McCain (the ringleader with the Soros connections), acted with the “authority” of Barack Hussein Obama II and “independently,” aided by Victoria Nuland (commissioned by Hillary Clinton, also acting on behalf of Soros) and Lindsay Graham (a ventriloquist dummy in the hands of McCain).  What a team!  Arseniy Yatsenuk quacked and chirped under orders, until it was determined that he was too weak.

    Yatsenuk couldn’t stem the tide of fighting between the self-proclaimed autonomous Eastern districts of Ukraine and the Kiev government.  The IMF had offered to pay the Gazprom bill of $9 billion to Russia, and Ukraine was well on its way in 2014 to becoming a part of NATO and another IMF puppet of Europe.  The Separatists had other plans, though, and Russia aided them and offered to support them in the manner of South Ossetia in the Georgian War of 2005.

    The IMF realized that Yatsenuk was not strong enough to hammer down the Separatists, and guarantee the enslavement with interest to pay the $9 billion.  The IMF realized that under Yatsenuk, perhaps the entire country would either revolt, be permanently split, or that the Russians might come in.  Soros had a vested interest in all of this: Soros wanted to purchase billions of dollars-worth of contracts, leases, and buy options for the paltry sum of $50 million.  US interests (and hence Soros’ interests indirectly) and those of the IMF were falling by the wayside.  The kicker was when Russia took Crimea after Crimea’s election (or invitation, if you prefer) …because they were not going to have Sevastopol and their Black Sea Fleet’s base yanked out from under their feet.

    Yatsenuk (Yoda) was then demoted, and in came Petro “Willy Wonka” Poroshenko, chocolate magnate and multi-millionaire as Ukraine’s US and NATO Hegemony-Approved leader.  The problem here is that Poroshenko marched in step with the US interests; however, some of his measures created more problems for the US than was realized initially.  See, Poroshenko (indirectly through and with the help of Maidan) enforced a blockade on coal coming from the Eastern Provinces, the self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Lugansk.  Maidan was a Soros-supported and funded organization from the beginning…even before the ouster of Yanukovych, the duly-elected leader under the Constitution of Ukraine.

    That coal blockade was a bad move that backfired and is affecting the US now.

    Here is an article released by CNN on August 14, 2017 about a missile plant in Ukraine that bears reading:

    “Washington (CNN)A US intelligence official knocked down claims that North Korea may have used illicit trade networks to purchase powerful rocket engines once produced by a Ukrainian factory that were instrumental to the Soviet missile program.

    We have intelligence to suggest that North Korea is not reliant on imports of engines — instead, we judge they have the ability to produce the engines themselves,” the official told CNN on Tuesday in response to new analysis from the International Institute for Strategic Studies that was first reported by The New York Times on Monday.  Pyongyang’s mysteriously rapid development of an intercontinental ballistic missile — particularly after a string of failed intermediate-range flight tests in 2016 — has exceeded the expectations of US intelligence agencies, and evidence outlined in the global security think tank’s analysis suggested North Korea might be buying advanced propulsion technology for their Hwasong-14 and Hwasong-12 rockets from Russian or Ukrainian black markets.”

    Of course, the US intelligence official “knocked down” the claims…the Poroshenko government is a creation of the US!  If they (the Ukrainians) had knowledge of this, they could implicate the US.  The significance of this is clear, and goes back even further to 2012 with more of a twist.  In that year (prior to the ouster of Yanukovych), this happened:

    This revelation [of potential North Koreans having Ukrainian rocket systems] comes via classified documents from US intelligence agencies and an analysis by Michael Elleman for the International Institute for Strategic Studies, in which he notes the “astounding strides” of North Korea’s missile program, including its upgrade from medium-range missiles to a Hwasong intermediate-range missile and ICBM in just two years’ time—which he says no other nation has ever done. Elleman says it seems Pyongyang was able to pull off this feat with a rocket engine based on Soviet RD-250 engines, which only a few Soviet plants made.

    The state-owned Yuzhmash factory that’s being eyed is in Dnipro, a plant the Times describes as “awash in unpaid bills and low morale.” What Elleman says lends credence to his theory is that two North Koreans were busted six years ago trying to swipe data on these types of engines from there. The Yuzhmash website notes it “will not [participate] in any cooperation involving the transfer of potentially dangerous technologies outside Ukraine,” though Elleman doesn’t buy that. “It’s likely that these engines came from Ukraine—probably illicitly,” he tells the Times. “The big question is how many they have and whether the Ukrainians are helping them now. I’m very worried.” No one’s sure how the engines would’ve made it to North Korea, which the Times notes would indicate a “broad intelligence failure” on the part of all countries keeping an eye on Pyongyang”

    Look to Ukraine for N. Korea’s Missile Engines, by Jenn Gidman, Newser Staff, 8/14/17

    If they were spying, there was no possible way, except through an ambassadorial position in the North Korean embassy to Ukraine that they were smuggling plans of missiles out of Ukraine.  North Koreans at a Kiev airport would have immediately come up under the Sesame Street “One of these things is not like the others” guidelines, and the plans would have been found and seized.  If they were spies, they undoubtedly sent out photos while infiltrating the site (when they took them).

    No.  The Ukrainian government “backdated” the two North Koreans arrested for espionage charges and then fast-forwarded it to cover the lapse (unintentional or otherwise) in security under the Poroshenko government.

    The key to all of this: the Kiev government (at the very least) caused all of this with the coal blockade.  There is an excellent article on the condition of the plant by Reuters and World News entitled Ukraine plant sucked into North Korea missile row has fallen on hard times, dated  August 18, 2017.  The article covers the low wages of the Eastern Ukrainian missile plant, formerly a Soviet missile factory.  Workers make less than $130 dollars a month and may only work one or two days in a month.

    The coal blockade hurt everything economically, and as a result a situation arose where private citizens have been buying and selling on the black market.  The Obama administration turned a blind eye to what was happening.  Now the North Koreans appear to have advanced their missile program.  McCain has been pushing for war with Russia at every opportunity in this attempt to completely control Ukraine and turn it over to Soros to carry out his plans through NGO’s and shell-corporations for the deliberate looting of resources in Eastern Ukraine.

    So why now?  Why is all of this being mentioned?  How about because of this, as released by Reuters World News on September 27, 2017:

    “A military arms depot in Ukraine caught fire on Wednesday prompting more than 28,000 people in the Vynnystsya region to evacuate.   A video caught several explosions and rockets going off which could be seen for miles exploding over the countryside. The video is eerily similar to another Ukrainian arms depot that exploded in March of this year, officials determined that explosion to be an act of sabotage.   There is no indication this most recent arms depot was sabotaged but it is early to tell. Explosions at the munitions depot went on for hours, it is reported that 188,000 tons of munitions were stored there.”

    Is this a legitimate accident?  Or is it the work of agents for the Kiev government trying to pin sabotage charges onto the Russians.  Is it a false flag attempt to get the war going over Eastern Ukraine between the US and Russia?

    They already named a destroyer after McCain…the one that crashed into an oil tanker off Singapore last month.  McCain just destroyed the last chance for a repeal of Obamacare.  McCain has been behind the troop buildups in Eastern Europe.  Soon we’re going to send weapons to Ukraine (approved by Congress before Obama left office), and McCain was behind this action.  This man caused the coup in Ukraine and has been pushing the US toward war unrelentingly for the past several years.  Undoubtedly, he has been enriched by Soros and others: bought and paid for to continue his destructive actions…actions that will not be checked by anyone and that he will not be held accountable for.  Just business as usual, at the expense of the US and the American people…business that has enriched Senator John McCain.  The “Keystone Cops” of the FBI and the puppet American Congress will never reveal it…and are most likely tied into it, if not approving and enabling it outright.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. I have more in common
        with most Russians, than with most
        American Democrats.
        Perhaps it is because my Paternal
        great grand father was a j3w carpenter in
        the Russian Imperial army.
        I worked with Ukrainian PHDs for many years.
        I can sit down and visit comfortably with a
        Ukrainian or Russian.
        I can’t sit and visit comfortably
        with a Black American or liberal White

        • Oh so the midget Tranasuras with baby arms swinging wildly in the wind wants war eh? The f@cking traitor ratted on other POW’s in Viet Nam. He needs to be shot for treason. Then shipped off to the Russian front to go fight them himself. We so badly need term limits for these self serving useless assholes.

          • John McStain, one of the biggest traitors in American history, needs to go away.

            • McCain spent 7 years in a Vietnamese prison just how is he a traitor?

              • He spilled his guts, when his fellow prisoners died rather than be traitors.

                He also had a hissy fit on a carrier and directly caused the deaths of fellow sailors, all without any punishment at all.

                He should be in prison.

          • I don’t agree with a lot that you post and my only disagreement on shooting Juan McCain is that it needs to be done with 22 cal rifles, at 75 yards, starting with his bare feet. Then his shins. Then his knees. Then his hands. Then….

            • POA, I’ll volunteer for that job with my Ruger 10/22 and a 25-round mag.

              • come come now, you two…..why not a death of a thousand cuts? yes, that would be MY(And a few others?) preference. and when you’re done, make sure you bury him DEEP. because DEEP DOWN, he’s a good person.

        • I agree, rellik, Russians are much more preferable over democrats.

          I like Black Russians and despise black liberals.

          Black Russians Matter

          • I prefer White Russians over Black Russians. I am speaking about the cocktail drink. ha.. There are actually only a handful of black people in Russia. Less than 1/10th of 1 percent Blacks in Russia’s total population. They don’t have the shit pile of left over useless eaters the US has and they sure don’t reward failure like the US does. Like giving them more money for breading more useless eaters and joblessness. Oh and also why the Black Woman refuses to marry the black guy because she will get more baby momma benefits in single parent households. That race to the bottom program subsidized by tax payers needs to end also.

          • you know what they always SAY, once you go black, you just committed yourself to a lifetime of single parenthood.

            • I knew a black guy many years ago who said that if you could be black just one Saturday night, you wouldn’t want to be white again.

      2. McCain needs to prepare his will, and fade far away into the sunset.

        • I ask……. ‘is it wrong to hope his brain cancer is quick, painful and final? & As soon as possible?’ . Okay, I don’t ask…. I hope.

      3. The destroyer was named after his father, who was a 4 star Admiral, his son’s boss during VN. (BTW, his grandfather was also an Admiral).

        • Roscoe, McCain’s father was also in charge of the coverup over the USS Liberty affair.

          • Yep Dep BH. Very true. They are a family of Rat Bassturds. All evil. And after the US overthrew the democratic leader of Ukraine. They installed their 3ew puppet and it was game on. Russia never fired a single shot walking into Crimea to secure their Naval Port which they have a 40 year lease. Then Israehell shotvdown MH-17 with a python air to air missile in a false flag to again blame Russia. That backfired bigtime as Rusdia had the entire incident on satellite film and presented the facts to the world. The US is full of psychopaths like McCain Graham Hitlery, Soros and all deserve death by firing squad. Ammo dump explosion? All the work of US Special Operations. Another band of traitors and thugs. And all will be sent to the burning flames of Armageddon for their evil ways. Karma will bite them back twice as hard.

            • CSS, why not just parachute McCain into Russia? I’m sure the Russians would LOVE to have the SOB to play with.

        • The first USS McCain was named for his grandfather. The current USS McCain is named for both grandfather and father.

      4. One of the most incredible oddities of our time! I challenge you to find a single flattering image of this guy. He is so strange in personality, and looks, that it is impossible to fathom how Arizonians would vote for him! He is all the proof we need that politics attracts the strange and unusual, the narcissists and megalomaniacs!

        I am a conservative, and have lived in Arizona for more than 30 years, and not one of those years did I think mccain was a good guy!

        • if god meant for us to VOTE, he would have given us CANDIDATES!

      5. McCain is overdue with his date with the grim reaper. Treasonous ISIS enabler as he is right along with the neocon controlled military complex. War with Russia huh, no wonder he lost to Obama. Well that and Sarah Palin. How long can you self serve the US corrupt establishment once implanted into office? Until you croak it seems. It’s Howdy Doody time.


      7. I held my nose and voted for him for President but I am ever grateful he was defeated even by the traitor who won. McLame could have been much worse as President. Hope is is gone soon.

      8. FYI, I know ya’ll don’t want to hear this but it still needs to be said: Donald Trump, Ivanka Jared are all Democrats. Even if you think they are not, they still are. You’re all talking up a storm about Dems (no, I am a Repub) but that is essentially who you voted in.

        If you think Ivanka and Jared aren’t liberal Dems running the country along with dad, (they’re both Special Advisors to the POTUS) think again. Don’t kid yourself, they are both VERY involved and VERY influential in critical decisions. And they are all Democraps masquerading as Republicans, not too mention these two Millennials lack ALL of the experience and proper qualifications and have no business in the WH in their self-assigned roles.

        The fact that those two are totally unqualified to be Special Advisors in the WH doesn’t seem to matter to the majority of Republicans. But it matters to me because the Trumps are not Republicans. And Dem/Libs Ivanka and Jared are not Republicans. I just told you the truth. Believe what you want or what is most convenient for you.

        Whatever you decide you’ll see by the end of Trump’s term there will be no changes to legal abortion, instead of a Wall there will be excuses for not having built it, and we will feel that we might as well have voted in a Democrat (except Hitlery) and that we were duped.

        • Jared is a dirty filthy 3ew and funded by G Soros for Millions of dollars. He needs to be slapped around and rope around his pencil neck and dragged through the strerts of NY, then hanged and beaten like a Mexican pinata’. 100% Evil.

      9. I think McCain voted against the repeal of Obamacare twice because the insurance companies are happy with the presently grossly inflated pricing, which will be only going higher. Therefore his two thumbs up in the above pic.

      10. Anyone who can serve more than two terms in Congress and have any moral integrity left, should be nominated for sainthood. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely, but only serving in Congress can turn you into wormfood!

      11. Trump is also pushing for war but with NK because he wants to be the War President. No one who really wants to keep the peace taunts a psychopath like he is taunting the psycho NK leader.

      12. Are McCain and Gramm delusional in the belief that they’re immune from the destruction of war with such a power or just so greedy that its worth the risk?

      13. I suspect there were Russians involved in McCain’s interrogation in Vietnam hence his antagonism towards anything Russian.
        Russians were tight with the North Vietnamese during the war.

      14. Dear God, please ensure that John suffers for his traitorous bullshit as he dies! Sorry, but this IS the way I feel.

      15. Term limits for all these politicians. No way should there be senators in there for decades. Same for Supreme Court. Our founding fathers would be shaking their heads to see this

        • how is term limits going to help anything?????????? the minute they get elected, they get money shoved in their faces to do the WRONG thing for america(ns)….actually, the money is given BEFORE they are elected. i am convinced the only way to get back to enforcing laws is to bring out the pitchforks… the MILLIONS…..examples need to be made of some of these scum……that is if there’s anyone LEFT in america that agrees with me.

          • Bcod. I agree. But we’d have better chance of getting people in office that want to do good instead of slugs wanting a paycheck forever. There are around 8 lobbyists for every member of congress if I’m not mistaken. There’s the cancer right there. Even if you went to d.c. With the best intentions you got people shoving goodies in your face all day to vote a certain way. This whole system needs to burn down

        • Term Limits? Havent you realized by now there hasn’t been. isnt now. And Never will be any viable Political or ballot box solution. The politicans will never allow term limits to be implemented. There isn’t any real difference between the political partys. Voting is a exercise in futility. Face the facts we are a nation in decline rotten in the core spoiled and stinking. All they actually can do is keep propping up the Petro Dollar no matter how many innocent lives are lost.

      16. Undoubtedly, he has been enriched by Soros and others: bought and paid for to continue his destructive actions…!!!!Even if we (the American People) had 100% X’s 10 proof of this nothing would ever be done because Rule of Law and regulations only apply to the slaves, Not the Masters. The Clintons are a good example of Justice being ignored.

      17. Need to kick AIPAC and all the American hating 3ews out of the US and our Government like Russia did. They dont have a dysfunctional government like the US. Hyjacked by Israehell. $38 Billion for what? To fund AIPAC to undermine our democracy, foreign policy and destroy us from within. Stop Feeding the Beast!!! Cut the 3ew cable Lie TV cord for starters. Its all propaganda.

      18. Pushing for war with Russia? Arent they planning to sell oil for currency other than the petro dollar? War with Venezuelia? Arent they planning to sell oil for currency other than the petro dollar? War with North Korea Arent they setting on a vast amount of minerals and ores and would rather eat a plate full of shit before selling any of it for petro dollars? Its a dog and pony show. Whatever force is necessary will be used to protect the created out of thin air digital Petro Dollar.

      19. The legislation supported by McCain and proposed by New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen is designed to pay for Afghan Special Immigrant Visas for those who have helped the U.S. soldiers as translators and interpreters.

        In order to collect the money needed for the visas, Congress has made the decision to cut health care benefits for veterans and increase their co-pay for the pharmacy.
        Thanks, assholes!!

      20. I was born and lived for nearly forty years in the Soviet Union (RiP than God). So I have seen a lot of russians and communists. Unfortunately I meet a lot of Russian lovers these days. Mr Jeremiah Johnson the author of this and some other articles on SHTFplan site is one of these guys. maybe he is paid by RT or simply is a fool.

      21. Yes, I knew Trump and his family were demoncraps, as Trump said in early on campaign, his children could not vote for him as they were registered demons. Still better than Hitlery!!
        We had choices between wishy-washy, “buy my vote”, RINO’s…and NWO Communists.
        Trump is probably tied to the “establishment” puppet masters, because he knows they hold all the power over him.
        (Watch the documentary, THE ENEMY WITHIN).
        Know who the enemies are and purge them!
        I would vote for Mark Meadows if he would run…….but who in an insane world would take that thankless job?
        Mark is the “True American, Home and Country” deal….. but probably doesn’t have a death wish.

      22. The only winner in a war with Russia is China with its huge manpower resources it would take over the world. Perhaps Soros is working for China with the promise of ruling Europe you only have to look at WWII Russian front to get an idea of the huge loses we would have in a war with Russia the American public has shown it would not support such loses Mc Cain knows reality of war with Russia yet he touts it like a demented parrot. Stalingrad alone cost about 700,000 counting both sides. The fist day of the battle of Kursk the Russians lost one aircraft a minute all day long A gigantic battle bigger than Verdun. how many such battles can we support across the Atlantic

      23. F*** JOHN MCCAIN! It is no wonder why he didn’t win the presidential election in 2008. Some f***ing maverick he turned out to be. The war with Russia would be a disaster. Napoleon learned it the hard way that harsh snowy weathers in Russia can bring down even the strongest army. Russia can also use mini nukes to pound ground forces. The supply lines will kill the US Army first. Russia’s size will take the entire US Army to invade it. That means the US will risk losing the west. They can’t hold both sides. The Russian Federation can use the environment in its own nation for defense. To be honest I have more respect for Russia.

      24. There is not a country in the world he does not push for war in. Killing others will not change the reality of his own military record. He sold us out them and hasn’t stopped since. A disgrace to the uniform his own party and the country in general. A sellout to the utmost degree. A traitor then and now.

      25. Let’s send in John McCain.

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