Jim Rogers Warns: “You Better Run for the Hills!”

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    Well known investor Jim Rogers, who made his fortune during the 1970’s crisis by investing in commodities like precious metals, has long-warned about the calamity faced by, not just America, but the world as a whole.

    Rogers understands that we are living in perilous times, and that actions by governments, finance ministers and officials across the globe have left us on the brink of a very serious collapse that will end with currency turmoil, food shortages, panic, social unrest and a total shakedown of average citizens.

    Now, with Europe having taken the unprecedented step of seizing private funds of depositors, Rogers suggest that time is running short and that those with the means to do so should get ready for the worst:

    It’s pretty scary what’s going on in Europe…when they start taking money out of people’s bank accounts. I, for one, am making sure I don’t have too much money in any single bank account anywhere in the world.

    Now there is a precedent…The IMF has said loot the bank accounts. The EU has said loot the bank accounts.

    So you can be sure that other countries, when the problems come, are going to say… let’s do it too.

    …They’re going to go crazy the next time around.

    It’s going to happen. Of course it’s going to happen…

    It’s politicians who are telling you it’s a special case… oh, don’t worry, don’t worry, don’t worry.

    What more do you need to know?

    When politicians are saying ‘You don’t have to worry’…

    Please, you better hurry, you better run for the hills. I’m doing it anyway.

    I want to make sure that I don’t get trapped.

    Think of all the poor souls that just thought they had a simple bank account. Now they find out that they are making a ‘contribution’ to the stability of Cyprus. The gall of these politicians.

    Don’t trust any government. If you’re going to listen to government, you’re going to go bankrupt very quickly.

    Source: Interview CNBC

    Like his friend and colleague Marc Faber who has recommended farmland and hard assets to protect oneself, Jim Rogers says it’s time to head for the hills. The fact is that Rogers has been a proponent of personal self reliance and farming since before the start of this crisis, having once argued that in the future it’ll be farmers who will be driving Ferraris, rather than Wall Street bankers. Like Faber, who lives in the remote hills of rural Thailand, Rogers also owns property outside of major cities and says hard assets (commodities) will be one of the few safe havens during a major crisis.

    As students of history and economics, both Rogers and Faber understand that major cities are not the place to be when modern-day financial and convenience delivery systems fall apart.

    Be as far outside of the blast radius as possible. It’s gonna’ get ugly.


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      1. “It’s gonna’ get ugly”. The theme most of us are prepping for. The gov’ts are hoping (by following the politicans words) that most of the populace are in a state of apathy.
        Been helping mnay for years to get out of the banks.

        Next month, I’ve been invited to give a survival group a class on survival tips and tactics. Have enjoyed the past 3 months of quietly sitting and listening to their once a month gathering. The info has been spot on and I suspect some are on this site.

        On this Good Friday, have a great weekend folks and Mac, Thanks again for tolerating us all and keeping this site going.

          • And the Cyprus bail-in is costing those with 100K Euros or more 80% and not 40% which was thrown around.

            • In USA retirement accounts (401(k), etc) are where the money is. A manufactured crisis that sends the masses begging to be saved will occur. My smug friends that brag about their 401(k) balances can switch to bragging about their brand new GRAs (guaranteed like SS!).

              • there are actually people who brag about there 401k holdings? bwaha, blahhaha,bw, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

              • Yo Bob –

                A company funded pension plan is a relic of the once proud past of the United States. A relic of the days when our country was the Manufacturing/Industrial Giant of the entire world. As a relic of that past myself, I still get a small one of those company funded pensions each month; it transfers to my wife should I die first.

                The 401k, etc. so-called “retirement plans” available to the young, working adults of today are nothing more than “digital-money”, printed out and mailed to you every so often, that are supposed to represent actual “money” that you are supposedly “saving” for a so-called retirement. Your fucking “Golden-Years”, or so they say.

                Irregardless of the fact that this so-called “money” doesn’t really exist, other than out there in an electronic ‘la-la-land’ invented by the banksters; there are simply TRILLIONS of digital $ worth of various IRA & 401k type of plans out there.

                How about a new law passed late at night there in D.C.??? Something to the effect that ALL of these retirement plans MUST hold at least 50% Treasury Bonds. Methinks that our gooberment is already casting lust-full eyes on all this “money” just sitting there as I write.

                The PTB will do simply ANYTHING at all possible to keep on kicking the ‘can’ of financial responsibility just a little bit further down the road.

                Please get as far out of the “SYSTEM”, financially speaking, as you possibly can. That 3% – 5% that your company is/may be matching won’t be there for you to retire on anyway. But in the here and now of things, that money will add up quickly in terms of the depth of your pantry and other areas of need. You may or may not be able to get your hands on the money, but you CAN quit contributing anytime that you elect.

                God Bless & good luck to all.

                • Goods are wealth which you HAVE….money is a mere claim on wealth which you DON”T HAVE.
                  Learned that here.(smiley face inserted)
                  I’m having a great Resurrection Dinner today with that wealth.
                  Hope all here are enjoying the same.

                • How can you drop the f bomb and say God bless in the same sitting ~ makes me uncomfortable. But it is your first amendment right…

                • You’re too late with that idea. There’s already been bills prepared for the last 5-6 years that require about 40% of retirement accounts to be invested in government bonds. This idea is to take the risk out of saving for retirement. Yes, there’s the added benefit of all those who are now “forced investors” into the government Ponzi scheme, but that’s just a side benefit – sure.

              • Bob, this is exactly why I withdrew money from my 401k to pay off my house and vehicles. Though I suffered a 10% penalty for doing so, I now own the deed to my house and land and the titles to my vehicles.

                Worst case scenario, if I’m wrong, I might have to work a couple of extra years. But if I’m right, I would have lost a good percentage of it, anyway.

                • Many have lost sleep over that decision. You made the secure decision.

                • If they can take your bank account they can also take your house and cars. hell they take peoples kids on a whim.

                • Matt, how could you lose?
                  That monthly mortgage/car loan money is now invested in your retirement instead of interest-bearing loans to mortgage company and banks.
                  It is yours now–you can actually see it and hold it.
                  Right?? It’s not some digital number mailed to you quarterly.

                • 10%? No, more like 25%. I assume you were just making a point, but in case others follow the advise, the figure is 22-30%. It is the fee of 10% plus taxes at the end of the year… Just be sure to holds enough over to pay our Federal Gubermint.

                • Matt;
                  That was a smart move in my book. Our house has been paid for many, many years. When we moved to the country we used the money on the sale of our previous house to pay cash for this one we are in now. Not big or fancy but it has served us well. Our SUV and my husbands work shop, truck, his mobile shop and all we own is paid for. I owe $112.00 on my credit card for a bucket of Wise Food Storage I just purchased.
                  When the bill comes in that will be paid. I too am taking out money a little at the time from my emergency fund
                  My husband has twice what I have i an IRA but won’t touch it.
                  I wonder if the saying derived from “two heads are better
                  than one even if one is a sheep’s head” from such a situation.

                  4 year prepper

                • Sorry Matt, you don’t own anything in this country…Don’t believe me?.. Stop paying taxes, and see what you will own after that!…
                  I hope you will never find the answer to that!…May be devastating…to anybody…
                  Welcome to U.S.A. aka lately as United Slavery of Amerika…

              • The only guarantee, is that there is no guarantee. I have relatives, who when discussing 401k’s and such, mention that in crisis times, the law will protect their accounts. What a bunch of crapola. Didn’t do the Cypriots any good did it?. History is on my side, not theirs. Crashes have happened before, and they will happen again. The Law didn’t protect them then, it won’t protect savers now.

                • Law is not made by lawmakers to protect you, the voter, usually is to stick it in your eye, the voter , and tell everyone ” You see how much work we did in your behalf?…We lost nights to reach the best deal for you, my dear sucker…awwww, I mean voter!…Please considering electing me on my next term!…”
                  What they are not telling you is HOW THAT NEW LAW WILL BE ENFORCED!!!…Why? Because they don’t care, as long as they are on the top of the pye.
                  You think an investment on Apple or Google in 2001 would make you rich? Try being a career politician: you spend 200-300k of other peoples money, aka OPM, all of them from donations, not a cent of your own, manage to get elected, and that’s it! You get instant access to TRILLIONS of dollars, which you can use to reward your contributing buddies, doesn’t matter on what business they are…usually not very succesfull, but heck, that’s why word subsidies is so wideknown this days…You do the best show you can provide for the next few years, carefull to not piss of your masters, but you have to push for some meaningless law, or to oppose an equal meaningless one, just to show “your base” how valuable you are, and , just in case your stunt doesn’t work one more time, you’re set for life. Pension,separate health care plans, and , yeah, those insider tips from your former buddyes, Congres, Senate, State Departments. Afterall, you supervised them at some point and made sure the taxpayers tit doesn’t run dry!!!…And that’s the worst scenario for the mofo…He/she can even be hired by big corporations (which, actually put he/she in elected position)as “legal advisors” and give them “a seat on the board”…Usually that ends in a mess, because the so called “lawmakers ” have no ideea what that law they were voting on actually contains…It happend over and over again. Starting with creation of Federal Reserve,which was a Treason Act by the fucking Wilson, but nobody impeach him then, despite A Law called US Constitution existed,should tell everybody what the LAW means this days…Want protection?… Sure, just tell us what you have, and after we’ll take it, a FEMA camp will suit you…
                  Don’t like it?…
                  No problem, we we’ll come after you anyway, it’s “just a matter of better good”…
                  Is this “THE IDEEA OF AMERICA FAILED”, or just the reality?….
                  Please wake up people. God gave us ten rules to live with …And were only TEN!!!…
                  Why the US tax code has to be 110,000 pages long???!!!…
                  That was supposed to replace God’s whish?!!!…
                  howdy- dowdy,I just hope you will have a soul when your stupid friends will start scratching on your front door, and beg.At least then they will figure out charity is not a “right”…
                  My heart goes with you.
                  Anyway, remember, a beggar cannot be a chooser,but allways can kill you,if you’re not allert…

          • KY Mom,
            You’re right about Canada. Keep in mind that that document has been undergoing preparation for months and therefore the plan to steal money from depositors in Canada has been under consideration for months as well. Cyprus was a beta test to see how it would work out for the banksters. They know not to try another taxpayer TBTF bank bailout (theft).

            • Before the FDIC people actually had to look into a bank’s practices before deciding to trust them with their money. The FDIC is just another mechanism for people to shrug off personal responsability. If a bank does fail it takes “premiums” from the other solvent banks to cover the bad one. I usually bank with credit unions and even then I only keep low balances. Leave them little to steal.

            • yes, our “conservative” government, who are actually cut out of the same cloth as the Bushes, have alot of sinister plans for us. It seems they are getting so scared now though , that they are starting to turn on their own. Stephen Harper will wish he never had the job of leading Canada, if he hasn’t already come to this realization.

              • All I can say is good luck this summer Mr. Harper. Idle no more is not over by a long shot pal. My advice to any of our American visitors or potential visitors. Stay home. You have caused enough chaos here and we need to sort this out by ourselves now thanks.

                • The funny thing about this to me as a fellow Canadian is that the only reason you ridiculous people were Idol in the first place is because you have been practically spoon fed by Canadian taxpayer money your entire life. If you really are “Idol no more”, then get of your ass and go find another country too bleed dry. GOOD RIDDANCE.
                  As for my American friends, we love you very much but unfortunately our best bet right now is to climb into bed with China.

                  Sincerest Apologies,
                  A Canadian.

                  • chimo, you numb nutted fool. i am not a native. how about you get out. fucken stupid turd.

          • Also keep in mind, the timing of the budget was before the Cyprus final decision on bail out conditions.Which,by the way completely bypasses the Cypriot parliament because of hidden language in their laws designed to protect the banking system basically neutering any public input and thus “Democracy” as we know it. (Conspiracy? No. Pre- planned and now a reality? Most definitely.) Gov.Deposit Insurance here in Canada does not mean a thing when the interpretation of what constitutes the “business” relationship between a depositor/lender actually means.If you are willing to accept a meager sub 1% interest on your deposits in order for the banks to gamble/invest your money away,then you are in fact in ‘business’ with your bank.As you will undoubtedly start to hear in the msm is language like “systematically important” ie: too big to fail.Published in the bus. section of the edmonton journal this Thursday 28 Mar.2013,by the way.Keep in mind that cdn. banks were also ‘bailed out’in 08(with us dollars no less) and to my knowledge it has never been paid back despite record profits during these troubling times we find ourselves in.To my fellow awakened canadians and like-minded brethren to the south,you would do well to take the necessary steps sooner rather than later to fire-wall you and your loved ones.The enemy has always been within,the catastrophe that they have orchestrated is now at our door steps.

          • Think that Canadian banks are somehow better than their U.S. counterparts? Think again! December 1991 saw the phasing out of the reserve requirement, over a three year period, that the Canadian chartered banks were supposed to have on hand, in relation to the amount of chequebook money loaned into existence.
            It is bad enough knowing that money is borrowed into existence, leveraged to a small percentage of deposits in a vault. That leverage is now left at the sole discretion of the banks operating in Canada. The way this economy works, this iniquitous system of things, doe not allow for keeping and enjoying the fruits of your labour without having the government and the bankers taking 50% and upwards away from you. Think about it! They have absolutely no skin in the game concerning your employment or your business, but they nonetheless take a good sized chunk of what you payed for with a portion of your time and efforts. We are all part of the problem. Those who invest in paper assets, holders of RRSP’s/401(k)’s, everyone who borrows money into exsistence via mortgages, loans, and credit cards,
            home equity credit lines, etc., I have read a few blogs about tiny house and fulltime R.V. lifestyles and that seems to be the best kept secret to living way below one’s means. I have done it myself as an oilfield work
            camper, in my own motorhome. As it turned out, I wanted for nothing, and I felt the most happiest I have ever felt in a very long time. I have reached the end of supporting an economy that is always conspiring to take from me, and am working toward getting rid of my McMansion, and out from under this economic morass, for good. After living in that motorhome for free, in my customer’s oilfield equipment shopyard, I experienced a far better way of living than what I have beeen doing for far too long. I can travel to where the work is, and live way below my means, and can pick and chose whether I want to work, or not. The money, from working on oilfield hydraulics, far exceeds any month to month living expenses that I ever had, living in the motorhome.
            Free power, wifi, water, 24/7 access of shop facilities and equipment. Living like this in a Class ‘A’ diesel pusher that’s paid off! What’s not to like?

            • Orgorsky- Also here in the states we have many campgrounds at the state and county level. There is a campground by me here in Pennsylvania that you can rent a cabin for up to two weeks for only $14.00/night!….just a though if some of the RV’ers wanted to get out of them for a few days.

            • @ Mr. O’gorky; There are also many campsites here in the U.S. at the state,county and private level. There is one park near me in Pennsylvania that you can rent a cabin for up to two weeks at only $14.00/night!…..Just a thought for some of the RV gang out here.Best wishes to everybody here, the truth of reality today is stranger than fiction.

            • @ Slobesky – Now that’s the kind of lifestyle I’ve always dreamed of in the past 12 years! Back in 2001 I told my friends I was going to sell my house to get out from under all the BS in Homeownership as a widow & buy a Holiday Motorhome. The Homeowners Insurance has gotten so HIGH it’s literally unaffordable, but without it I feel vulnerable, esp. with all the new sinkholes cropping up. Anyway, friends & family talked me out of it. Boo Hoo! Never should have listened to them. So here I am, still trapped. Just paid to have 14 yds. of mulch put down on the property & a bunch of plants replaced in preparation for a “For Sale” sign eventually. I think I’m going to rent for a while. Who knows …..

              ~~~ gardenia

              • If you don’t have an official address–not PO box– but a real place to live, you cannot get car insurance. And if you have no car insurance, then you can’t get tags renewed, the cops can tow your car, you could end up in jail. TPTB have everything in your life covered– they want IT ALL!

                Furthermore, everything– car insurance, your address, the car itself–all, have to be in the same state. So you can’t give them a relative’s address who lives somewhere else. TPTB want EVERYTHING YOU HAVE!!

                And if you’re lucky enough to own land and house, that’s really not yours either because you have to pay taxes every year or TPTB will come take that away from you too. And if you can’t afford taxes, they don’t care. They will come steal your house which you’ve worked your whole life to pay for. They say EVERYTHING IS THEIRS!

                • Not true Grasshopper. I have lived on my boat for a number of years now here in Florida. A physical residence is not necessary, you just have to explain in writing why you do not have a physical residence. I have a car, boat and enough supplies to sail away for several years when no if the time comes.

                  Additionally I know for fact that in Texas you are allowed to use a P.O. Box as your official residence. This is true in several states, no law yet exists which says you must live in the state your drivers license is from.

                  Get a passport, fry the RFID chip in it with a microwave or simple hit it with a hammer a few times to break it. Now you have a 100% untraceable ID. Get dual citizenship, it is easier than you think. Should the fuzz ask you for your ID give them your second (or third) passport and any address you want.

                  • @MegaYacht—

                    Micorowave DOES NOT disable that chip, and second, it is a crime punishable by up to TWENTY FIVE YEARS to tamper with a passport in any way.

            • WOW! you guys up there don’t have driver’s licenses, vehicle registration fees, vehicle licensing fees, car insurance or gas taxes? You can park the thing for free and access the water/sewer services for free?

              Of course you do. NOTHING IS FREE my friend. The governments will take from you one way or the other. If everyone could live for free by owning an RV, we’d all be in one. But we all can’t.

              If you don’t pay property taxes, you pay vehicle registration. If you don’t drive, you pay sales tax, taxes out of your check for something or the other.

              If you don’t work, well then, you pay for that in a different way.

          • Well if they have the balls to do this they better prepare the army because here in quebec canada we don’t care about the queen and her bankster.and i will be in the front line for sure.they rape us with they’re taxes and so on THAT’S ENOUGH.

            • Furthermore, if you find a tiny house and its especially small, and someone reports you, you will have to move from that too. There are certain requirements. Read the book, “12 by 12”.

              As far as the car insurance, the address (where you pay rent or taxes), etc, I know this is true from personal experience from dealing with the DMV and all their bull s– for the past year and half. They have us cornered, boxed in, no way to escape. You have to be part of their system. Period. Until things collapse…

              • You don’t have to be a part of THEIR system. You aren’t boxed in and you aren’t cornered. There is always an escape route or a way out. You make a choice to be compliant. If its really that bad, then leave. Get a passport, sell all your stuff and move to a decent country. There are many Americans who live outside the “walls” living and working, creating lives for themselves and their families.
                I wouldn’t recommend moving to Europe right now, but countries like Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand or some place in the Carribean or Pacific. There are so many countries better off than what you’ve got. Safer too!!! You can pretend its going to get better. Pretend even that you 401k will be waiting for you in years to come.
                I was only renting and didn’t have much to loose. Had lost my job, so instead of waiting to loose everything, I applied for visas, sold up what I had, took over a couple boxes of personal gear to a relative for safe keeping and moved country with some money I’d saved.
                Been gone two years now, have a job and share a place with a girl from Texas I met here. She manages a bar. Im an auto electrian. There are plenty of others here too.
                Just remember, you’re only trapped there cause you want to be. You need to make a choice.

                • What country are you in?

          • And yet I should feel guilty if I ever go bankrupt. Banks get our money if they shit the bed and do not feel guilt. The system is coming down but lets not accept some bullshit new currency from some new dictator! Here in Canada we have been told that our banks are the best in the world. If this is true the world is F’d!

            • Retirement savings are next!

          • Jim Rickards reported that enterprise (software) manufacutrers for central banks are putting in 1-click deposit haircuts… More Cyprus’ are in our near future. I still believe the US will simply print. A lot easier to extract a stealth tax..

        • Well said DRD. Keep prepping everyone, but also enjoy this weekend and lets not forget this weekend isn’t just about easter eggs and bunnies

          • The Risen Savior prepped a way for all of mankind to escape the power of darkness(sin) as He went before us to prepare a place for us in His Father’s mansion.

            May His Peace and Grace be with you all. Leaving work now.

          • Don’t get over concerned about this stuff. Just look at the advice we’ve been given the last time around:

            “This crash is not going to have much effect on business.”
            – Arthur Reynolds, Chairman of Continental Illinois Bank of Chicago, October 24, 1929

            “[1930 will be] a splendid employment year.”
            – U.S. Dept. of Labor, New Year’s Forecast, December 1929

            “While the crash only took place six months ago, I am convinced we have now passed through the worst — and with continued unity of effort we shall rapidly recover. There has been no significant bank or industrial failure. That danger, too, is safely behind us.”
            – Herbert Hoover, President of the United States, May 1, 1930

            • The thing is, a ‘crash’ isn’t so much the problem as what the govt does next. Unfortunately, Our govt doesn’t even know the meaning of capitalism, let alone what a free market solution is.

              The difference is Calvin Coolidge and the depression of 1920-21 that noone has ever heard of and FDR’s GREAT Depression that lasted 10 years and then STILL requried a WW to get out of.

          • All my eggs are under the tree. The bunny is on the spit!

            Preppers, Patriots and Veterans should heed Jim Rogers advice and move to the mountains where there is food, fuel, and water.

            Leave the MEGA cities. Find a nice town out West. Arizona is a good place. Come.

            • @DK:

              I like bunny with fried ‘taters and peas, cobbler for dessert, and a cold pilsner.



              …takin’ it to the streets…..BA.

            • @ durango kidd; I live in the high country west of Seligman,AZ off of the grid and I LOVE it! Nearest store is 28 miles away. There’s elk, deer, pronghorn antelope, wild burros, wild horses, and lots of other critters. When the SHTF, I have plenty of food literally right out of my back door.
              I left the city several years ago and don’t regret it one bit! It’s nice looking at a night sky that’s truly dark!

              • Sounds like you have a 40 acre spread in the Peacock Mountains with some good elevation. I was bragging about that location to BigB a few posts back.

                Probably more than 300 days of sunshine a year too; not to mention the GOLD!

                • Yes and you can drink the Gold when you are dying of dehydration out there…. and paying to have your water tank filled… IF you can get any.
                  Good thing you have all those animals available to you out there, cause you sure will need a GF and no woman in her right mind would live out there…

              • RickE,
                Do you live in Sierra Verde ranch? Good elk hunting on the state lands. Lots of deer and range cattle which you can’t shoot. I have one of the places there. Just named the street, Greenhorn Rd.

                • I did not mean you can shoot range cattle. Unless of course you own them.

            • kidd, please don’t miss lead them. Don’t move to the Mountains, there is no food and very little water, and what fuel! And you would’nt like it here, it’s cold in the winter, and, No Golf Course, No Malls, and No Mickey D’s. So PLEASE stay in the Suburbs where you have all of the conveniences of life. If it gets much rougher, I’m leaving these Mountains and going back to Town. Mountain Trekker Out.

              • Forgive me Lord. Is it ever alright to lie? Trekker Out.

                • Were your fingers crossed behind your back??
                  Then you are okay!

                • I knew you were fibbing from the start!

                • I promise you that no prepper believed a word of that. Grin

                  • 🙂

                  • 🙂

              • Well MT, in my neck of the woods, the game will disappear quickly if there is ever a mass exodus to the mountains i live in. Hate to say it, but I will be killing and canning like a wildman. I’ve fed and protected the edible animals around my homestead for 30 years. If anyone is gonna eat them it will be me and mine first.

                About the only thing city slickers are gonna find is some water and tree bark, and maybe a few varmit animals. There is a black panther that lives in the rock cliffs about a mile from the retreat, so if they get lost, things could get very scary and very fast. From the size of some of the Bobcats and coyotes I’ve seen, they may need more than a butter knife to protect themselves also.

                • Mt is awsome,,hunted the bob Marshall wilderness ,,I think it’s 500,000 acres of beutiful and dangerous mountains….but even that would get crowded very fast in a shtf event….
                  My advice to you sir,,if you see people comin your way,,shoot the guy in the suit first!

                • Yeah, but your so tough that none of them bother YOU, don’t tread.

              • Mountain Trekker: Come here to Washington DC There is milk and honey flowing in the streets! Everything is free! You can just pick it up and take it! Barak told me so, it must be true!

            • Hey, all you doubters and naysers, please stay East of the Mississippi, for Op-security, for those of us already set up in the western mountains!

              Almost prepped, really locked and loaded, and have the garden beds tilled and peas, carrots, and onions in the ground.

              Already replacing the wood used during the last winter, gotta be ready.

            • Arizona is NOT the place to be… there is no above ground water here.Phoenix will be a rathole… Tucson will be a shithole… well it already is. All the progressives are moving into the southern part of the state and making a mess of things. There are already too many people here for the amount of water available. Tucson has its water drawn off the Colorado River, 600 miles to the northwest in an OPEN canal… then once it passes Phoenix it has to be pumped uphill. If there was a power loss, no water. You cant grow anything here… and even if you could it takes a huge amount of water. Not much grows in 110 degree sunshine without lots of water. Stay away from here… Tucson I mean. Head for places north… Im heading to Montana!

              • Curly Bill: There IS water in Arizona if you know where it is at, and there IS lots of ground water in certain locations. Some foothills are sponges. I won’t mention where here, but enough for preppers, patriots, and veterans. Zombies from California will fill the FEMA Camps in the desert built just for them.

                Phoenix will be underwater. Tucson will be a port.

                There WILL be lots of water in Tucson, but it will have to be desalinized; or extracted from the moisture in the air during summer monsoons with the latest technology.

                The future of growing, everywhere, is urban aquaculture. The water is recycled. Everyone should be doing it at home now. It is the future of safe, secure, organic, non-Monsanto food production.

                Good luck in Montana! Take your long johns with you or buy some along the way. You will need them. 🙂

                • I love Arizona and lived in Phoenix for several years back in the late 80’s…..but, I must say that I think many from urban areas will head south…for the warmth and the perceived ideas that there will be food there due to the warm temps….I personally believe that the safest places (if there WILL be any safe place) would be N.Dakota, Montana, some parts of Idaho and Colorado and Wyoming….the hoards will not go where there is great hardships to survive….they will go where they THINK it will be easy. Just my opinion and probably not the opinion of the multitudes 🙂
                  May we all stop for a moment and reflect on Easter and what Jesus suffered for us….
                  May God continue to Bless US…..

                  • North Dakota, parts of Montana, and Minnesota will be under Lake Dakota; which will be a vast inland sea according to Cayce.

                    As the Arctic melts the low lying inner plains of Canada and the northern plains of the US will be submerged. Find some high ground in the foothills of the East or West Cordillias.

                    If you live in California, get above 5,000 feet. Anyone attempting to migrate during the Aftermath, after the fact, will perish along the way. Can you say, “road kill”?

                    Be there to get there. Be there to get there.

                  • Don’t forget about Washington state. Lots of rain (drought … what drought), conservative people (except Seatle and when SHTF the rest of us will just eat them), several big rivers full of fish, hudge elk, good growing season (mmmmm apples and blackberries), hydro power, wood… lots of wood, masive wheat feilds, winerieys, no income tax, great beaches (aww those razer clams), Pretty free gun ownership ( well Seatle can be a chalange but remember we will just eat them). Keep preping and stay safe. Later I will post my recipie for Baked Liberal with Blackberry sauce…. mmmmmm tasty….

                • I live in Tucson and have been scouting various areas while growing up here. I agree Tucson is turning into a cesspool of villainy but there are many outlying areas with close water tables and good fertile soil and not to mention great solar insolation. Look to north of Catalina, around Patagonia Sonoita, the Dragoons etc. There are hundreds of ranches and off-grid folk that have been surviving since the 1800’s. I worked in the Solar field and have installed many a solar array, wind turbines and solar water collectors on these lands plus, if you harvest rainwater and utilize solar properly you can live well and see them coming for miles. One last thing, the Tohono O odam people have survived off the very same land for hundreds of years. It would behoove Southeastern AZ preppers to learn from them. Just my 2 cents.

                  • JC: You are correct and I have been looking at some good land available there with water as you suggest. When energy supplies are cut the zombies will not have wheels. Neither will WE.

                    Be there to get there.

              • I live in Northern Az. I grow a garden year round. Myself and my neighbors (10 city blocks away) all have pigs, goats chickens etc. I have access to a well. I have fruit trees, grapes, berries etc. solar and wind power and I don’t have to freeze my ass off in winter. 45 minutes until a sheriff would come to ‘protect’ me so i’ll take care of my own. But your right, without years to prepare as I have, it would not be a good SHTF bugout location. I’m not running.

              • CurlyBill: You’re right about Arizon, it’s a death trap like most of the west but it’s one of the worst because of its large population. But before relocating you’d better check the drought charts. With the exception of the pacific northwest, the entire west, in fact every thing west of the Mississippi, ranges from moderate to severe to extreme drought conditions for now and the foreseable future. Western Montana is o.k. because there are so few people and snow from the mountains to sort of make up for it. But the rest of ther west is skectchy at best. Good luck.

            • Not much water in Arizona. My choice is the Pacific Northwest where rainwater collection provides enough water for all but a couple months of the year. I think filling a pond would do the rest for watering a garden. Use cold frames for early starts and winter vegetables. And lots of wood for fuel.

              • The Pacific Northwest is a cataclysm waiting to happen. The Earth has moved into a new period of plate techtonics and vulcanism; the mass and gravity of the Earth is changing as the poles are drifting; while gigantic molten plutons are moving like a lava lamp under the Earth’s crust.

                Tucson will be geologically stable according to Cayce. BYOB!

                • That’s the ticket. Plan your life according to the prophecies of Edgar Cayce. Sure thing.

                  • John: W: No, I don’t live my life according to Cayce, but I have read many sources regarding the End Times; and WE are in the End Times for however long they last. Those sources include the biblical prophets and Revelations.

                    Any Christian who has ever read the verse “… the Earth shall stumble to and fro like a drunkard…” should recognize that WE are facing pending, massive Earth Changes. These predictions, when coupled with scientific research and current events, should give any fool a reason to pause and reflect.

                    Must a present day prophet live in a cave and eat honey and locusts for the Lord to show him His plan? I think not. The Lord does as He wills.

                    So whether one reads Cayce, Shipton, Scallion, Zeta Talk, Nostradamus, or the prophets, one can learn something if one is willing to keep an open mind. They all provide their particular perspective of future events, and only a fool would not recognize the similarities between them.

                    The Lord has given US a spirit of discernment to evaluate life’s mysteries. Accept what resonates with you and leave the rest for others to evaluate on their own. I suggest you read:

                    SHTF Earth Changes for a new perspective.

                  • If the plates along the San Andreas fault start shifting(on a huge scale), and there is time; there could be 50 million people plus,from California, making a mass exodus towards Phoenix and eastern Nevada/Utah. Not a good area to be camped out in.

                    The ones that get through and have the means, could eventually make it to the western foothills of the Rockies. I for one, would be heading in that direction.

                    The western Appalachians could face the same scenario from a New Madrid event.

                    Anything having to do with a huge Sunami and Atlantic Ocean levels rising could cause a mass exodus towards the eastern foothills and mountains of the Apps.
                    That is a scenario I plan for and dread.

                  • California only has about 36-38 million people. That’s still a lot of bodies, but if they aren’t here before the BIG ONE hits, they won’t need a place setting at the table.

                    Be here to get here.

                  • I just go with the bible… oh and my house is made of concrete and tridi panel…. a Cascadia at 9.4 is a 7 at my place in the mountains…. nothin but basalt under me and Mt Saint Hellans is east of me… I get to watch it all with my budies while we grill.. ( the deck is concrete to..)

                  • I live about 50 miles from the summit of Mt. Hood as the crow flies. I’m at the edge of the nat’l forest, about 3 miles. I’ve already scouted out some old paths and logging roads close by, I could get there on a bike. I could walk that far if necessary. I know where I’ll be going if it gets bad here.

                  • DK: Yes, magic and all magic is B.S. Nothing more than slight of hand to fool the weak minded and children. So you see what you want to see. When I was a young evangelical I was told that the Bible was the one true source of knowledge but
                    your’e quoting lots of other sources as well which is regarded as the devil’s work. So are you a christian who believes in end-time biblical prophecy or just a general fear monger who tries to piece it all together from any source possible? You can’t have it both ways pal!

                  • Gregory8: I am a Christian that believes End Time prophecy according to Scripture, but I suspect that you “…see through a glass darkly …” and are unable to grasp that you do not have a monopoly on the Truth of Jesus Christ; or the events that are sure to come, as you have been indoctrinated.

                    Many, many good people, some Christian, some not; have experienced visions of future events as they are filtered through their particular perspective. The Lord decides for His own purposes to whom He will reveal His Truths.

                    I believe in Jesus Christ because I have been out of the body and in the Spirit and face to face with Him. I know that He yearns for US a a lover yearns for His beloved. I believe in Jesus Christ because He heals me when I am sick, inspires me when I am discouraged, and guides me when I am uncertain. I have a personal relationship with my Creator. In the day, when I call, He answers me speedily. My God is an awesome God.

                    While I know that the devil exists, because I have been face to face with him too, I do not dwell upon him, or define everything in life by him; as you apparently do.

                    Congratulation on your ministry, but there are many men of the cloth, even scholars, who do not know Jesus because they have never met Him. I suggest you spend less time converting people and more time in prayer getting to know the Lord face to face; so that your testimony can be a true witness of the spirit rather than repeating the same, tired phrases, originating within a specific belief system.

                    I also mentioned the scientific evidence that points to the coming Changes; and if you were to do your homework, you would know the truth of what I speak. The many that are lost may not listen to a religious interpretation of coming events, but they may be open to a secular presentation that might lead them to a better understanding of scripture and then conversion.

                    Don’t be a pointy headed bureaucrat. Christ is risen!

                  • Man on the inside. There is no way on earth you have a high level job. One thing I can say about the government people is they can write. Aside from your spelling ( hudge is huge, chalenge is challenge, wineerieys is wineries, seatle is Seattle. The post you made below is equally as terrible. It is not hellans is Helens. To should be too as in also. To the store and can I come too is a good way to remember it. People will take you seriously when they don’t have to read your post with a phonetic translation.

                • @durango….which cayce book(s) are you referring to?

                  • Read them all, long ago and far, far away. Read SHTF Earth Changes if you have not been to that site.

                  • JQP; I do too and He cannot come soon enough for me. Until he does, God’s work on Earth must truly be OUR own.

                  • DK: If you read any other books on end-times/prophecy besides the Bible then you’re either not a christian or a serious backslider. Ask any evangelical preacher and they’ll tell you those others (Cayce, Nostradamus, etc.) are all false prophets sent by Satan to mislead the chosen. Beware!

                • DK: No one but the weak minded and children believe in magic. Cayce was a fake just like the rest.

                  • Magic? What is “magic” but the Manifested Action of God In Creation? 🙂

                    Where the mind and the heart and the life are one in Christ Jesus, miracles occur.

                    Feel free to quote me. 🙂

                  • Gregory, if you’ve never experienced Magic, then I feel very sorry for you. Just because you’ve never experienced something, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist; it simply means you’ve never experienced it. Have you ever experienced being gang raped? Have you experienced giving birth? Have you ever experienced eating a mango, fresh from off the tree? Have you ever experienced a trip to the moon? Just because you’ve never experienced something, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Stop being so closed minded and materialistic; you’re limiting yourself.

                  • So how come all those other books and “false prophets” happen to say the same things the Bible says? I bet you don’t know that even economists who base their recommendations on historical cycles say the same things. I’m a psychic and I say the same things. On Saturday (before I read about Jim Rogers) I told a friend that real estate was the place to be. If you limit your world to only a specific type of Christian, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

                  • ” I’m a psychic ”

                    There it is. That’s why you’re a nutbag. I’m, sorry, if you were really psychic, you sure as hell wouldn’t be the hard left moonbat you are.

            • Planning a trip to the Payson area next month.

              • Don’t miss the lakes off the beaten path along the Rim to the East. The first one is 20 miles out just past the fish hatchery on 260.

              • Grasshopper: Magic is for fools and children. Since you don’t seem to be a child then you must be the other. Say, I’ve got some magic beans for sale-interested?

            • I prefer the Appalachian Trail. Large Area. Easy to Vanish.
              Plenty of wild foods, water, and shelter.

              Easier to move unseen and to keep your AO floating.
              from Springer Mountain in Georgia to Mount Katahdin in Maine.

              Have only hiked about half of the trail. Started in NY went south but not the whole way. Spent a bit more then three months hiking, much fun.
              and to mt trekker, LOL your right the mountains suck no one should head there 😉

              • I think everyone should go to Washington, Arizona, and Montana… Stay away from the Appa and Smokeys, there is CRAZY people living there. That’s what they call us…

                • The Dueling Banjos are running through my head right now.

                  • Looks left …looks right…then slowly behind…
                    listening…always listening …

                  • Paddle faster …. I hear banjo music.

                  • Yep Walter Mitty. The banjos and the scene where they make the man squeal like a piggy. Then Burt shot him with the arrow. Flood the valley. Oink oink.

                  • Sorry Anon…

                    My shirt say’s “Reload faster… I hear banjos”. 🙂
                    I’m to old to paddle, guess I’ll just have to shot cousin Billy Joe Jim Bob.

                    He got him some purrty lips dar Virgil.

                    Being in the foothills of the appalachian mountains brings a quiet to our souls, would not want to be anywhere else.

                    Y’all play nice… 🙂

                    hillbilly SC

              • 300 MILLION people in the USA and YOU think you have it all figured out and will be the only one skipping along the Appalachian trail?
                Be sure and pick some wild blueberries… they are excellent!

            • In a desert? Seriously? Water should be top priority.

              • AZ has plenty of water if you know where to look. The well that supports our community is 600ft. Many underground streams and aquifers (did I spell that right). If you know where to look and have 4 wheel drive, no problem.

                • Depends on what part of the state. up around the Grand Canyon the wells are five thousand feet deep to hit water. Over by Seligman it can be found at less than 250 feet.

          • As a child, I was all about the baskets of colored eggs, new clothes for church, and the candy. Oh yea the candy. Hyped up (more than usual) from the candy, the egg hunts after church were fun. Egg hunts at the grandparents house with the cousins were fun. The whole event was fun. This thing called easter.

            Later in life, the real reason for the celebration was beginning to set in. The crosses draped with purple and scarlet. The Communion service at church. The story of the Crucifixion. The rising from the tomb and the last days of Jesus Christ on earth.

            Then the period where most people are today. No church, no story about Jesus and the Crucifixion, no Communion. Just easter as another commercialized celebration and colored stuff for kids. In fact, most people see it as a time/excuse for having a party or big dinner for the family and that’s all. Some, are like I was for twenty years or so; Just another day on the calendar, with possibly a day off from work, and better yet if it was a paid holiday.

            Now, as an older adult it has become Passover to me. Passover, as a celebration of Jesus and his life, death and Resurrection. Passover, as biblical truth and reality of the humbleness, compassion, and love that came from that ultimate Sacrifice, for each and every one of us. More so than anything else, it was an act of love from our Heavenly Father by giving us the best He had to offer to us, His most precious gift, His only Son. With that gift came the opportunity to have an eternal life of love, peace and a monthly renewing of spirit and love from our Saviour in that eternal kingdom; whom once gave all He had in this worldly life, for our redemption of sin.

            The way i view and celebrate this Passover Celebration, the Highest of annual Sabbaths, is best summed up by the words of a song:

            Three Ole Rusty Nails

            He came from Galilee
            A Carpenter by trade
            Came to build His Father’s Church
            On plans they had made

            His destiny was Calvary
            His mission would not fail
            He would build this Church on a rugged cross
            With three ole rusty nails

            This Church is still standing
            And it will never fall
            Bloodstain is it’s foundation
            And Faith holds up it’s walls

            Though the world may come against it
            But they will not prevail
            He built this Church on a rugged cross
            And three ole rusty nails

            Bricks and stones on themselves alone
            aren’t everything it takes
            to build a church that will stand so strong
            when this old world begins to shake

            Who may build this building tall
            But it will be so frail
            Compared to this Church that Jesus built
            With three ole rusty nails

            I know that this Church is still standing
            And it will never fall
            Bloodstain is it’s foundation
            And Faith holds up it’s walls
            Though the world may come against it
            But they will not prevail
            He built this Church on a rugged Cross
            And three ole rusty nails

        • I for one am not going to get caught short this weekend. The North Korea deal is getting out of hand very quickly. I don’t believe that little rat bastard can keep his troops on razor edge for very long. Nor do I believe at this point he has the food to sustain them at this point of readiness.

          If he is going to act it will be this weekend. I would say between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM PST tomorrow which would be early Easter morning in Korea. Just makes sense, moon will be a 1/4 moon and to hit us while we are asleep on Easter morning is his best bet at surprising us.

          This is all speculation on my part but some thing to watch for. I would not be surprised either if Iran hit Israel at the same time. To top it off I would also be looking for a very major cyber attack to knock out our power grid and banking at the same time.

          Again, I am just speculating but am preparing for the worst. Fill up the gas tanks, propane tanks, have cash on hand to purchase chicks (baby chickens smart asses) and 5 or more rabbits from the lady down the street who is selling Easter bunnies at $10.00 each. Already have the feed and cages for both. By the way you can get a great deal on dried corn and rolled oats at the feed store not to mention the antibiotics that are also available.

          Welcome to my mind.


          • BigB: The “Dear Leader” hasn’t got the food or fuel for a war. He knows it and so do we. He loves western culture but can’t just surrender with many of the die-hards still there. To save face he’ll start a war, get the living crap kicked out of him and his country and then get aid from the victors, although we are streched thin now. He’ll negotiate a deal for himself as head of the transitional government for the re-unification of Korea. As for Iran, there’s a joke. They couldn’t gain one inch of ground against Iraq in eight years of war even though Iran is three times the size of Iraq. Read petroleum reports and you’ll find that up until a few years ago, Iran has been consuming more of their oil (40%) and therefore exporting less for profit, so they were on a mission to develope nuclear power to ease internal consumption because this growing consuption was hurting their economy. Iran is another paper tiger, always has been and always will be. Besides, Isreal has nearly 300 nuclear warheads and could literally wipe them off the map. The one problem Iran could cause all of us is sinking a few ships in the straights and cutting much off the world’s oil supply.

            • Hard to say what happens with Korea, but I can’t agree about Iran.

              I did 6 years in the Marines as a Farsi translator, and it was Iraq that invaded Iran on the heels of the Islamic Revolution when Khomeini had purged most of his officer corps and the US had cut off supplying parts for advanced weapons systems. Iran threw Iraq out of Iran and attacked across the Rud e Cameroon in some of the nastiest fighting since the First World War. Iraq was supported by the GCC states and the west, to keep the Islamic Revolution away from the Kuwaiti and Saudi oil fields.

              The first gulf war had more to do with getting some payback from Kuwait than anything else.

              Two of my instructors at DLI were former Iranian military, one had Khomeini in his tank’s crosshairs but never got the order to fire from the Shah and went into exile rather than an early grave.

              Iranians tend to think in shades of gray, rather than the black and white thinking of Americans. There is a huge demographic of young, overeducated, underemployed people that might respond with favor to better relations with the west. The desperate failing hardliners won’t allow that and it will eventually get messy. Our growing involvement in Syria helps them deflect some internal resentment our way. Tough to say what happens there.

              Israel is another issue. Remember Osirak? Israel will not tolerate nuclear neighbors. Iran is close enough for Israel to hit them hard to pre-empt any nuclear adventure. That is a very dangerous scenario.

              • Best explanation I’ve heard in a while, concerning Iran.

                • I concur …a true understanding of the neighborhood…

                  Well stated J Roy…

                • @ J Roy and dt,

                  dt, I concur…whole-heartedly,

                  “Best explanation I’ve heard in a while, concerning Iran.”

                  J Roy…Thank You! It is just such as this type of ‘Boots on the Ground’ analysis that makes this p[lace such a valuable asset to us all. Many here have grasp of that which is beyond most people’s day-to-day life…the sharing of which makes s ALL more cognizanrt of ‘The World as it is’, not what the MSM would try to have us to beleive…

                  …Thanks Again! 🙂


              • BigB; Dear Leader has NK on pins and needles because he has a treaty with Iran to attack the US when Iran is attacked and vice versa. Its that Axis of Evil thing.

                Soul will be destroyed by his artillery. One US cruise missile sub with 500 high explosive weapons can suppress the threat from the North rather quickly once the first shot is fired. After that it will be a “war game” scenario much like Iraq.

                Iran is a different story.

            • I think North Korea is more likely to hit South Korea and, possibly, Guam. Kim Jong Idiot the Younger is throwing a huge temper tantrum, but his people are starving and China seems to have gotten tired of being his nanny. He has to do something to save face, but has a limited number of options. Whatever he does will be crude and bloody, but the most pressing question for us is, what will O’Bimbo think he can get away with during this very convenient crisis?

          • i serious about my preppin’, but you just need to go to get physiciatric help. help not meds. i repeat help….not meds

            • troll

          • I wonder if anyone truely knows exactly what this lil nutbar actually has in the way of weapons? He is dangerous, no doubt, and I would wager that he will do SOMETHING as he has, this time, put himself way out there on the limb…..

            • He has ten thousand long range artillary pieces trained on Seoul. If he fired the first shot and started to shell the city, he could reduce it to ruble before a serious response and counter attack could be launched.

              A surprise first strike of missiles could cause severe damage to US bases in SK with the loss of many US lives, but the response would relieve Dear Leader of any further management responsibilities.

              Intelligence briefings that I read suggest that he will limit an attack to SK islands rather than the SK mainland; generating a tit for tat response from SK.

              He may be crazy, but he is not insane.

              • I remember an interview with Madeline Albright regarding NK’s efforts to weaponize nuclear material. She said something to the effect that there are 10,000 North Korean artillery pieces pre-sighted on Seoul and any attempt at a military strike would invite brutal NK retaliation against the south.

                NK is tolerated for the sake of South Korean relations, and because China acts as sort of an embarrassed older brother when NK gets out of hand.

            • The problem is that Seoul is so close to the border that artillery can reach it quite easily. Rumor has it that NK plans on unloading around half a million rounds on Seoul and sending troops across. Hot good.

            • That’s been my thoughts for the entire week, right up until today’s declaration of war.

              How can he threaten this, and not follow through, without looking like a huge wimp, because, apparently with this generational dictator, image is everything.

              Makes me think he may really try something stupid.

              • He sure has painted himself into a corner where he is going to have to either do it or be the laughing stock of Asia and the Middle East. Because unlike here in America where our politicians have no ethics, convictions or morals over there they pay attention to that kind of thing.


                • Yea, I agree with that assessment. The only way he, KJU gets out of this idiotic move on his part, and save any semblance as a leader; he gets the UN to offer some type of reward or treaty as a deterrent to his threats.

                  If he gets some sanctions dropped or an aid package with food and medicine at the forefront, he will be seen as the victor by his people. Otherwise it could spell the beginning of the end for this porky pig character.

                  I don’t see any way for the world to see these actions by NK as anything but; an attempt by one of the “Axis of Evil” trying to hold the world hostage, and looking for a ransom.

                  The part/scenario I fear most, is if the little porker Him Dung Un, does unleash missles, and SKorea unleashes it’s full fury; the huge amounts of radioactive poison that will once again find it’s way to our shores. There is simply no alternative but to take out his/their nuclear capability once and for all, in the event of all out war. All that radioactivity has to go somewhere.

              • Don’t forget …even with hugo Chavez out of the picture…
                The threat of a tanker with an EMP Shahab-2 or 3 approaching the Texas coast is not out of realm of possibilities…
                Iran has tested, in the Caspian Sea, just such a delivery system…

          • I may get some chickens. But no need to get rabbits. I have them all over, not to mention the turkey that came through my yard yesterday and the doe that was here a couple of days ago.


          • Well? Still waiting.

          • BigB
            I am raising 4 baby rabbits right now. My dog found the nest under my back porch. After crawling around under there to search, for it in my pamagas, short sleeves in 29 degree weather to rescue them and spending $30 dollars for powdered milk, bottle and food for when they are big enough to eat——! WELL
            These little guys will NOT be anyones dinner if I have a say so.

            I have named them EEnie,Meenie, Miney, Moe. I don’t touch them except for feeding time, because I want them to stay wild so as not to wind up on your dinner plate.
            They are precious and I cannot see how anyone can eat
            something so cute. Eat a chicken.

            4 year prepper

            • @4yearprepper,

              That cracks me up. I know exactly what you mean. When I first started raising sheep I bought two black faced twin brothers, named them Beavis and Butthead. When it came time to butcher them we had to have a family meeting. My youngest son who was about 13 at the time thought we should keep them around because they were part of the charm of the farm. They died about 10 years later from old age. They were pets. Learned a valuable lesson from then on, don’t named what you are going to eat. Worked well until the pig we raised thought his name was Pig. Butchered him anyway. A 300 pound plus pig is not a pet. I cried till I had a piece of bacon. Then I thanked God for his bounty.


              • Amen BigB
                I was raised on a farm and had a pet of each animal we raised. My aunt and uncle game me a hen and rooster (Road Island Reds I think) and I named them after them—–Francis and Elmer.
                My Dad killed one of my pets by mistake. Mama fried it up and no one at the table would eat any of it. I was small and crying alligator tears..
                Those two would roost on my shoulder. I had made them a house out of a cardboard box with doors, windows. What a hoot.
                He also butchered my pet cow “Queenie”
                Thanks BigB. I will take your advice and not name anything eatable again. Gets too personal.
                God Bless. Have a great day.

                4 year prepper

                • I completely understand where you are coming from 4yearprep.

                  When i was about 7, my Dad decided to raise a pig. We went to the neighbors and bought a piglet. We named her Susie and built a lot with everything she needed. Dad kept a path mowed to the lot and my little brother would ride his tricycle there and hang out. He disappeared one day and we went crazy looking for him. We found him, on his tricycle, asleep with his arms hanging inside her lot. She was now a hog.

                  That winter they had her slaughtered. I will never forget the first meal of tenderloin. I didn’t think twice about it, but Dad and Mom would chew until the pieces got bigger and bigger in their mouths.

                  Needless to say, the whole thing stayed in the freezor until it had to be thrown away.

                  Lesson learned; don’t make pets out of animals you intend to eat.

        • Rogers last line on the cnbc interview..priceless..

          ‘if you listen to the government..you will go bankrupt very quickly..”

          Pretty much sums up what we’ve all been saying all along.

          How apropos..


          • It has now be verified that both Canada and the US DO have provisions written into their respective “banking acts” that allow confiscations of our monies as well to prop up the failing banks..how frigging quaint!
            The DODD FRANK Act clearly states such between the lines.

            We are “supposedly assured” that the FDIC will cover any losses under 250 k..however they hold only 9 billion cash and 50 billion in credit lines to cover potential losses in the 100’s of billions combined savings and checking..

            Way too many trusted experts in the financial world are saying this is a trial balloon..son to expedited here as well once the derivatives exposure of 90 trillion dollars starts to unravel..all it will take is one major major player to unwind ..and all hell will break loose.

            Perhaps that is why dhs has procured close to 2 billion rounds of hollow point…


            • 10.8 Trillion in U.S. banks in deposits; 33 Billion in FDIC account.
              What could go wrong??

        • Jim Rogers evidently hasn’t priced a combine or other farm equipment. The Framers need the bankers and always will.

          Its also funny that everyone screaming RUN FOR THE HILLS, hasn’t…….. they are jus hangin around sellin shit.

          • Allie. I am selling all my shit and I am putting all my money into tin foil futures. I am going to make a killing off walter and sterling. I suggest you do the same. Want to get married and have smart reasonable babies?

        • Look, Samson is a Black Man according to the History Channel!

          My wife is Black. I am White. Our Children are the same ethnicity as POS Obama.

          I teach my children the truth…


          PS: Prove the Bible wrong…

        • Bourne theory (Fed Treasury). That’s all I got to say.

        • Yeah…Jim Rogers says ‘Run for the Hills”,,,,,, but be sure and buy LOTS of gold from me first.
          The guy is like a psycho…. look at his face when he talks.
          I bet he enjoys bouncing little children on his knee.

      2. Better restock the wood shed. Because its comin!

          • What the almighty fuck????

            Right… sure… because constitutionalists really dig on having an Islamic Theocracy at home.

            Sarcasm in the extreme.

            This is assenine.

        • Still waiting. What’s a comin. What is it. Is it THE it or a little it. I don’t know what the hell that is. Don’t stick your tongue on it…you don’t know what it is. You kids stay away from it. What the fuck is it?

      3. I love it when the naysayers say, you worry to much, leave the fear porn alone and get on with your life.

        And here you have financial experts who are boldly proclaiming the shit is going to hit the fan at anytime now. Look what’s happened in Cyprus. Yet the media and their puppets keep saying stop worrying over nothing…sheesh.

        • There are 2 types of naysayers.
          1. The ignorant
          2. Those with an agenda.

          Yes, what is happening in Cyprus will come to our shores. Cyprus was the guinea pig.

          When the backlash isn’t too bad, they’ll move to Greece, Spain, Italy…then the UK will step up to the plate.

          Then it will be our turn. First they’ll go after our 401K’s. They’ll start with the “wealthy” and work their way down. Then they’ll hit our bank accounts. Then they’ll come for our land – for the public welfare of course……you wouldn’t want kids to starve because all of your land isn’t being properly utilized would you?

          Our day for this is coming but I think it’ll play out in Europe first. Gives us time to get our own financial houses in order.

          • Precisely, Mr B. Europe will happen first, I concur. Whether it hits us all in slow steps or in quick and major “Pearl Harbor” type catalyst events, it’s approaching. Hell, it boggles my mind how people CAN’T see the pattern right now! It’s already underway. History is repeating right before our eyes….but who cares, right??!!! There’s more booze at the bar!

            Gold Leader standing by.

          • The government will require retirement account managers to buy treasuries. Your whole 401k will be filled with worthless government debt. The media will probably sell the idea as a way to protect 401k’s from the stock market by putting them into something “safe”. Like government debt that will never be repaid.

            • Barn Cat and Mr. Blutarsky: An economist named Teresa Ghilarduci suggested that 401ks be managed by the government back in 2007 or 2008, just before I retired and got me to thinking about what I could do to void that. Now the Investor’s Business Daily, a great paper, has reported that democratic members of congress see our ‘wealth’ as unfair and some would like to put a stop to business sponsored plans in favor of a government run plan. All existing plans would be assimilated into this, including Roths. The reason they’ll use is the unfairness of those that don’t have a plan and the volitility of the markest along with ‘saving’ us from all those unnecessary costs of having our accounts managed. Yeah, right! They’re going to use the money to bailout their public sector union supporters whose plans are all unfunded. It’ll be the old switheroo. Just as Obama screwed the bond holders at GM, he used that money to support the union’s pensions and benefits, he’s going to do it again on a national scale. I just started to take money out of my plan and it looks like I may have to accelerate my withdrawls before it’s gone into ‘government securities’. As a side note: that may also be one of the reasons they want gun control so that when they take our money there won’t be as many armed citizens looking for targets of this outrage. But then again, maybe I’m just a bit paranoid. Just a thought.

              • List of Programs Fedgov has co-oped, for our mutual benefit;
                * mortgages, Fannie may, Freddie Mac
                * student loans, now gov managed
                * healthcare , ,obamycare, Medicare,medicaid.
                * autos, cash for clunkers, electric and ethanol subsidies
                Short list, off the top. They WILL go after, co-opt private retirement.

          • For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. Ephesians 6:12

            Not even the Christians know what this means.

          • I agree Mr.B.

            The runs on EU banks, and rising Unemployment in those countries is a forerunner to what is coming to our shores.

            I will guarantee one thing, there are at least ten men and women for every one that is speaking out now; that will come out with a vengeance if the gov starts coming after their money, guns, and land. I know quite a few “good ole boys and girls” that walk and talk softly (or not at all) and carry a mighty big stick.

            We will not lay down and play stupid like the folks in GB and Austrailia did. We will not let a few, determine the outcome for the many. Yea, there will be segments, especially in and around the cities where it will be hell, and many will give up or give in; but the masses of rural folks will ban together until the great one comes on the scene to make everything all better. Then the dividing begins, as to who has studied and learned the Word, and those who have not. The dividing will be of those that believe in the fake, and those that know better. Then there comes into play that little thing called the mark of the beast. So subtle and charming like a snake with a little bird, and then WHAP! he’s got them by the throat.

            Too late to turn back now! I believe, I believe their falling for a lie.

            Not this daddy rabbit. I know who comes first. I’ll either be dead or hiding in the hills with the animals. Waiting on the arrival of He who was arisen from the tomb.

            • You said it Brother!

            • Don’t underestimate Aussies, Tread. More guns have been legally sold here since the buyback than were removed from the system, and that does not include the ones that got lost on that canoeing trip. They never took our guns off us, just made us register the ones we had. The ability to remove all of those guns in a single action does not exist, and the second they start i expect there will be the biggest spate of burglaries ever seen.
              There is a recalcitrant streak and lack of tolerance for bullshit here that runs very deep, and we lack the brown shirt agencies like TSA and DHS.

              Our next election could be interesting. I here a lot of people will be marking in a new option, NONE OF THE ABOVE, and ticking it.

              • Good to hear it Eagle eye. Stay strong, and watch out for those danged dingos. I finally saw the movie, just this weekend, about all the mess created towards the family that had the baby carried off by a dingo in 1980. A Cry In The Dark.

                We have jokingly used the phrase (in our best Aussie accent) many times over the years if me or the wife have misplaced something; “maybe the dingo ate it”.

                We now have a new addition to the family, a Rat Terrier, we fondly named Dingo.

                Keep ’em straight, downunder mate.


      4. I’m already there!

        • Mac– “the blast radius”
          That is really good, thumbs up on that one!

        • There aren’t any hills or mountains in the Great Plains. at least there isn’t a major urban city with over 500,000 for at least 5 hrs drive. I Love Iowa.

          • Aren’t you kinda close to the Minuteman fields in Nebraska and downwind too boot.

            Don’t forget that B-1 base out there too.

            How about those B-2 bases in Missouri, hope you are upwind from there too.

            Hope you have your bug-out shelter prepped, those preps won’t do you much good at home.

            Lock and load them the devil is at the door..

            keep your powder dry,

            Cherokee kid

            • On this Good Friday many years ago, the war was won. Not scared of the first death. God Bless Jesus.

              • Amem brother……….amen!!

            • saw 2 B-2’s headed west to east on thursday over eastern Mt. hadn’t seen the news in several days and just became aware of what was going on in korea…

              probably returning home.

        • AZ Ready are you a police officer? If so what sort of sense do you get from the local law enforcement around here?

          • OMG, me a cop? Are you shittin’ me (no offense to LEO’s on this site)? No I am not a LEO.

            As for the LEO’s where I live, I would trust a couple as I have known them for several years. The rest however I would trust as far as I could throw them, and that isn’t very far.

      5. Happy Easter everyone.

        Y’all Beware! Save those eggs!

        • Bunny and eggs associated with the god of fertility. Not the God of Jacob.

          • Thank you!!

          • You go with yours, I’ll go with mine. I’ll take a date with a Bunny over over a date with God any day

            • You don’t agree? Stuff your pockets with lead shot and go swimming, you will meet your God. The very fact you are still alive means you agree with me. Whether or not I wish to meet God someday is immaterial, today I’d rather meet Miss November, the Bunny

              • Whatever happened to Miss September. Tina Russell. An old bag now, but she was sure hot back in the early seventies..

              • Idiot… No wonder you’re paranoid. You better be.

            • Hate to tell you this Paranoid. But one day you will have a date with God, as we all will. Hope you will have changed your heart and mind before then. Trekker Out.

          • Correct. The god of Jacob is associated with animal sacrifice, endentured seritude, marshal law and extra-national usury.

            • I was just thinking about how “American” the thumbs up / thumbs down, green thumb / red thumb thing is. I can render my opinion annonomousy, with no messy arguments of the facts, and then stroll on with my head held high as if I’m justified in my beliefs, no matter how unfounded they are.

          • Yeah, but we are talking about bunnies as efficient prolific meat producers and eggs for eating or hatching into chickens.


      6. And when you run make sure you have an M1 Garand and 4 bandoleers full of 8 round en-bloc clips. Have supplies cached in the hills. A pistol belt with 2 canteens with cups for cooking, with the belt supported with an H harness.

        If you can run you can handle a Garand. If you can’t run find a friend who can.

        Semper Fi

        • @Semper Fi.

          “Gonna Run Thru The Jungle”, by CCR.
          Picked up a used Woods Master 742 and found some 8rd metal mags. Adjusted the mags taking out the slop in mag well. Ran a combat shoot and all worked fine. No bayonet lug;0(
          Could not afford a Garand but this Woods Master is close enough. Lite web gear is the way to go.

        • HI Fi: I’ve heard the term En-block in regard to M1 ammo/clips for years but nowhere else. Do you know where it came from?

      7. Yes sirree,

        Just keeps getting better by the week…don’t it?

        Oops, and don’t forget THIS is a recovery!

        IF you beleive that, then I’ve got some beach-front property in sunny Arizona I’d like you to consider… 😉


        • Hey JOG….Happy Easter to you and yours! Had to take a break for a few days, as I felt like I was becoming traumatized with all the info, and what is going on all over the world!

          Dicided to take a chance and cross the border into the USA, as heard the stores are open on Good Friday(everything is closed in Canada today as it is a holiday) I am already checked into the Hotel and am heading to Auldi to do a little “stocking up”…..Only had to wait at the border for 1 hr, as lots of people were crossing today…..

          Hubby needed a mini vacation anyway,and is able to drive for an hour or so, think it gives him a feeling of independance too! All is good!!

          Just noticed North Korea doing a little “posturing”, sure hope nothing happens there, as the last time the boarders were closed was during 911…..I was here then, and could NOT get home for a few days……think the lineup at the boarder then was in miles!

          You must be very busy getting ready for the “big move”, but kinda exciting for you!! Wish you all the Best!!take care, CC.

          • That was supposed to be “BORDER”……..not boarder! ):

          • Reposted…again…

            Happy Easter CC!

            Never forget; it’s ALWAYs the keyboard’s FAULT…bad, BAD Keyboard…whip cracks, sound of smarl followed by a whimper

            GLAD to hear that you and hubby got out O’ the cabin for a spell….the ‘fever’ is terrible, ain’t it? 😉

            No thinking person amongst us fails to be affected by the ‘All that we see’ around us these days…Chin up, a New Dawn WILL come Hon! In the meanwhile look into the abyss for the shortest periods you can…it looks BACK into you as well and therein lies the problem…look away whenever you need to, others HERE are watching all the time. 😉

            The NK thing is less of a concern to me than many several other things I can think of, for a couple of reasons. First, the NK’s simply don’t have, or will – before that poor place and it’s people are starved to death – the neccessary technical EXPERTISE to do as many fear. Secondly, – to my knowledge – there are something on the order of 14 Aegis-class cruisers in the Pacific. Each of those can accurately eliminate incoming missles up to 640 miles away…even in the orbital phase. Hence, no real threat.

            What is possible is that since the minds of those there work a little bit differently than do our’s with respect to a loss of ‘Face” it is the case that “Lil Round Boy” appears to be boxing himself into one very tight little corner. This does make the situation for South Korea somewhat perilous. I read something this AM that indicated – via a SK liason – that NK was capable of laying down 500,000 artillery shells on Seoul in two hours time. IF they don’t do something at this point I’m almmost thinking that the ‘Dear Leader’ might have a sudden fatal ‘accident’…sponsored by the Military General Staff of course. It’s just HELL being a tin-horn Dictator these days don’t you know… 😉

            All here is well, though a small setback occured; the unit I was contracting for was taken off the market so now I’m back to finding another suitable Class A Diesel, preferably a ‘tag’ axle unit in the 42′ class…the one I was shooting for was an Alpha…sweet, right price too!

            Hey, just a thought here…Mac indicated to me that the PM system MIGHT be up this weekend….maybe. IF so, I’d love to ‘jabber’ at you….and several others here before I depart. Drop me a line if so (or I’ll drop YOU a line 🙂 ) Oh, and YES, I’m VERY excited!!

            Till later Friend…Adios’ Muchacho’s Andele, ANDELE!!


            • Gett a room.

              • Lol, seriously.

      8. Now you see who’s going to survive.

        Rich people. Like these two guys.

      9. Don’t run to Colorado, Colorado is full of Stalinist commies. Don’t buy anything in/from Colorado. Colorado just passed uncostitutional gun control laws. Cancel all contracts with Colorado. Don’t ski, hunt, fish, or travel in Colorado. Boycott the bastards.

        Revoke all gun control laws, with predjudice.

      10. No way am I going to head for the hills; I’m already part way up the mountain. Why would I go back down?

        • Already live in the mountains of East TN. Took an inventory of ammo yesterday — looking OK. Working on food stock and plans for remaining isolated. The wife went to the bank today and took an additional 5K out to put in the gun safe. We’ve been doing that for a while. The teller talked to her and expressed her concerns that we are headed to the same action as Cyprus. We are going to start moving large sums out to invest elsewhere.

          • Greetings From Mid TN, sounds like a good idea to me.

            • Hey 006 where are you from in mid tenn.

          • im just watching in the shadows wonderinng what inthe hell to do! if we have retirement in a puplic employee acc. & draw so much a month can we draw it all out at one time or we gonna lose it?

          • Yep, East TN the place to be. We have been doing the same thing with our funds.

      11. Pondering pulling out all my 401k and IRA to pay off my land. Own it free and clear. It’s a ten hr drive from where I live, but my goal is to build there and move by spring 2015. I’m prepping away, but so ambivalent about giving up 40-50% of my retirement in taxes to pay off land. I feel that in a few years those accounts won’t be worth anything, but at the same time I still have some hope that maybe I’m wrong. I don’t want to pull the trigger too soon, but at the same time I could wake up tomorrow to find the govt has done something tyrannical with my finances.


        • I’ve seriously been considering getting the rest of my retirement out of the investment house it’s in.

          I say ‘the rest’ because in jan 2008, I got alot of it out and unfortunately, I’m still making payments to the IRS because of it.

          I’ve been thinking about consulting a lawyer this time.

          • You might as well get a lawyer because the system is rigged. I am caught up in a tax quagmire right now. I had no choice but to give it to a tax specialist. he ain’t cheap either.

          • Lawyers? Hmmmf.

            I tried suing 4 of them for egregious legal malpractice that even the trial court recognized, but since one of them was the brother of a state senator/State Supreme Court justice, the trial court agreed to change the court’s opinion on the pretrial motion for summary judgment in favor of the defendants who motioned for a “clarification” of the court’s opinion from “having reviewed the record and the depositions and making all reasonable inferences, the court concludes the attorneys were negligent” TO:”assuming for purposes of discussion the attorneys were negligent…” and then the court made the biggest stretch of comparing apples to oranges and compared my case to an old case law, superceded by more recent law and precedent and from a higher authority, the State Supreme Court, and threw my case out, after the lawyers cost me over 1/2 million.

            Only in Kentucky. Huddleston et al.

            So, how would you like to go to a doctor who is held to no standards of care, and for whom you had no recourse, even if you had an acute heart attack and the doctor elected to treat you by the medieval practice of blood letting? (My attorneys legal malpractice was that bad) and then the lawyers’ defense is that your losses are “speculative” and therefore you have no case, even before you can introduce your evidence into trial because the court has argued that is “speculative” that you would have survived if the proper medical treatment had been rendered. The court throws the case out on summary judgment in favor of these 4 attorneys. Apparently, trying to sue lawyers, you can not get a trial by a jury, and I suspect this is what will happen with the government in the future. Truly, a WROL situation.

            That is why I would not recommend going to an attorney. You could just as well be paying for bad, or even disasterous advice.

          • You can pay the lawyers/accountants or you can pay the government.

            Either way you lose, because you must pay for the government’s incompetence, lying, and wild spending and their banking cronies’ greed, bad investments and theft.

        • Incremental withdrawals? Hedge? Does it have to be all or nothing?

          • I think what you’re going to have to do is ‘invest’ it into something that will ultimately and actually put the money into something you control.

            Something like a REIT. I dont think there’s a way for you to grab the cash and put it in your hand. You may be able to get it into some actual physical property that you can put yourself on tho.

            I think consulting an accountant will only give you the ‘higher income bracket, the govt is gonna take half’ crap. Seeing a lawyer will cost you more up front, but it’ll also prolly save you MUCH more on the back.

            I think that’s my plan.

        • I looked in to that with a tax person and was effectively going to lose about half of what was in the account. Not only that it was going to throw me into a higher tax bracket where they would take even more.

          Either via Taxes or direct confiscation, they pretty much have it all already.

          It’s a hard decision. Good luck.

        • Same concerns about current value of small IRA account.. Don’t want to give that up in taxes and penalty, However, I also foresee a Dow 7000 around the corner. This would give it up for me. We are considering a pull out or patial pull out as well. Already in process of pulling all of savings accounts at this point.

          • I don’t know the specifics on IRA/retirement programs, but you may have some options. I’ll plug one of our advertisers here and recommend that you give them a call about their IRA gold offerings: http://www.jmbullion.com/ira/ . Hopefully they can provide you with some ideas.

            • @Mac I’m hesitant about owning PMs I can’t take possession of. But I’ll look into it anyway. There are so many ways to hndle this. And taking all the money out would definitely screw me in the tax bracket department. I just recently stopped all ontributions to the 401k to get more scrap silver and bullion.

              I really appreciate all the feedback.

                  • sorry for the duplicate

                  • It was worth saying twice.

                • Almost true statement. Very close, though
                  If you can’t take possession of it AND defend it, it isn’t yours. Remember all that you have or have not, others will be after.

              • There’s over 100 times more paper gold than gold that ever came out of the ground. When it’s gone it’s gone.

                Silver might be a better deal. Going by historical price charts it looks like it’s typically 1/16th the price of gold which would mean by today’s standards it is extremely undervalued. Besides that silver is very rare. There is many times more gold than there is silver out of the ground. Just my 2 cents.

                • Silver as 1/16 the value of gold is a historical paradigm which no longer applies, and was artificially set based upon their respective occurrence in nature.

                  A gold to silver ratio of 50 to 1 is more likely based upon MARKET demand, as the rich flee to gold in times of crisis.

                  Silver is most useful as an industrial metal (which is why the price is manipulated) because just a little bit makes really cheap plastic valuable as an electronic device.

                  Silver is not rare and is mined in Mexico where there are large silver deposits and cheap labor. Silver is a by-product of copper production.

                  No one should expect to get rich speculating in silver; but all preppers should own silver, and as much as they can reasonably afford after their other preps are assured.

                  Just my two cents.

                  • without silver, todays technology would be non-existent.

                    no computers, no iphones, no high tech military industrial complex, no high tech medical, etc, etc, etc.

                    and look when it all began to excalate…about 1964…

                    when they took silver out of our money.

                    …ahh just another coincidence.

                  • LMS: What you say is true, but new technologies will be replacing silver in electronics in the not too distant future. What happens to silver’s price elasticity then?

                    Big Mining will want silver coins again but the gangster banksters will want digital. Who do you think will win THAT battle?

                    Invest in gold, speculate with silver, and hoard your lead. They won’t be making any more of it after the Changes.


                  • BTW, Rogers is FILTHY rich. If he isn’t going to have excess money in any one account, what do you think he will be doing with his CASH position?

                    US Treasuries. 🙂

                  • dk…I hear you. My prayers are that alot of tech just goes away. No digital, no nothing.

                    As far as who wins, I’m for getting rid of the gangster bankers once and for all.

                    AS far as your final statement…I also concur.

                    I am absolutely engaged as patiently as possible at this moment.

                    My ultimate plan is to “don the full armour of God” and engage the sob’s relentlessly until my creator decides I have fullfilled his wishes.

                    “don’t go down without one helluva fight.”

                    Happy Easter to you and all here at shtfplan.

              • PenCRNA,

                Consider rolling over into a self-directed IRA, then self-direct the IRA to purchase the land. From what little I understand about this, you technically can’t use the land until you retire, but at least the ‘IRA’ is solid. I would suggest discussing this with a financial advisor.

                • Shrug your shoulders and say “I don’t know who put that shack there”.

            • If you are 59 1/2 you can roll over your 401(k), 403(b), 457, into a Gold/Silver IRA with no penality. My wife did it.

              We started taking possession of the PMs last year and are paying the taxes as we can affod them.

          • Just pulled all of my 457k…40% off the top went to tax withholding….On our IRA or 401k it would be 40% plus a 10% penalty….
            Half of what is your is better than nothing…and I can spend it now on preps


            • The government “LOVES” you . Keep up the good work for them.

        • Thoughts you ask? My drive is about half of yours. Hope you have a close network there, if not time could be running out to establish one. So think network!

          Prestage your supplies, yea those are the obvious suggestions I know.

          I know many who closed their 401’s over the last few years. I made sure I delegated enough gold or silver to pay for at least three years worth of property taxes, my acreage is paid off.

          • I live in wonderful greater suburban area in New England. I really don’t foresee being able to bug out. Would love to ditch this place ASAP, but son 16 still in school and doesn’t want to leave his friends. I do have a small network of friends, and will continue to work to build connections with folks I think will contribute to the effort as opposed to leeching everyone else’s effort.

        • In some european countries the taxation on farm land has been raised more than 300% of what it used to be, i dont know if in the US you must pay taxes on the land you farm. But here i do and some farmers are considering the idea of selling their land and just rent it. So very rich people are now buying thhe land of farmers who cant afford to pay all the taxes signing 15 years contracts on it to keep farming at a reasonable price. Yes but 15 years from now will the rent still be reasonable? Basically we are going back 200 hundreds years when a few aristocracts were owning all the land and the people who worked on it.

          So consider also land can be taxed so high you wont be able to own it anymore.

          • Not to worry. If O’bummer wrangles a third term, or a majority in the House and Senate in 2014, land will be redistributed to the peasants.

            Engage your employees or be enslaved by them.

            • I have been thinking about it.
              I visited Argentina shortly after the crisis, in 2002, with one euro you could pay a whole dinner. A lot of people looked hungry, i saw very old cars running in the streets with broken parts. You know who had brand new cars and a fat belly under clean clothes? Cops.
              At the end if i should give an advice to someone who wants to know how to survive in hard times i would tell him to join the police, better at state or federal level. They will be the last ones the goverment stops paying if it runs short of money, and anyway the only ones who will be allowed for sure to go around armed.
              But if serving the Beast goes against your moral principles then the essential thing to have is firearms and ammo. And a big family, people with blood ties you can trust 100%.

            • Re Land distributed to the peasants… during the “great” land reform of 1938 in Mexico is was the opposition party’s n land that was redistributed.

              • It would be this time too because the zombies and the grazers do not own any land: they only occupy space and consume resources.

                But don’t worry, they would not be willing to work the land and would sell it back to you on the cheap to get another high.

                Just saying. 🙂

        • PenCRNA,
          Everyone is different so you’ll have to pray and do the right thing for you. For me, it no longer made sense to keep my “retirement” investments going. I stopped contributing beyond the company match years ago. When the market hit all time highs, I pulled the trigger. My reasoning? I’m 41 – I’m never going to retire so I removed any illusion. More importantly, the market could easily collapse more than the 40% I lost by shifting the money. Finally, I got taxed when I took the money out. But I have NO doubt that if I waited until I “retired” that taxes will be higher than they are today. I can’t time the market – if I could, I wouldn’t be worried about the crappy little amount I have. I can however lock in my “winnings” and try to hold inflation at bay. My cash sits in my bank while for the next few days while I prepare to wire it out for something shiny. Hopefully I don’t lose it in a boating accident. If not, I’ll use that toward a land (and home) purchase in a state other than Florida. Whatever you decide, make up your mind quickly and act. Don’t put it off. Good luck.

          • Tony;

            I “woke up” in January, liquidated my largest 401k and have been buying weapons and supplies since then. I have been trying to convince my wife to leave Tampa for my home state of Oregon. My family owns property on an island and that is about as good a shot as there is to ride this out in relative safety.

            She won’t leave her folks and I can’t either. If it were up to me I would foreclose my home to get out of it and leave in the next month. Because others must be considered…I must be more patient in my preparations.

            I am looking at silver, water collection, storage and purification. Florida is going to be a bad place to be when the economy collapses.

            I’m 44, a former Marine and have a degree in emergency management so I have a pretty good skillset. I just wish I had woken up 6 months ago, or 2 years ago…

            I can’t do anything about that now, I can just try to do the best I can with however much time remains.

            Only one of my friends takes this seriously. If you are in the bay area and looking to compare notes shoot me an email.

            • I’m in Okeechobee, how do I email you?

        • The same issues here. if you have been lucky enough to have money in the stock market, you’ve had a good ride the past few months and could be very well getting out near the top, offsetting the early withdrawal penalties and the higher marginal income tax bracket.

          One thing for sure, I am not putting another dime into an IRA/401k or any retirement vehicle that has a government wrapper around it at age 58, and especially with the run up we’ve had in the markets, although I got out in 2007 before the crash and have been sitting in money markets ever since. You have to make 2 or more correct calls now (very difficult to do) instead of just one correct one to time the market to dodge the BS the government and Wall St are throwing at you. I missed getting back in the market at the bottom…because I just could not believe the FED would be able to goose the markets the way it has with the fundamentals so obviously degrading.

          The problem is the market is so screwed up you can’t be a saver anymore, just a gambler which means you get whipsawed by what the government might do next. You can’t save in the traditional sense, which formerly meant living beneath your means and saving(investing) the rest.

          Liquidating the IRS/401K does take some balls because you essentially are going through a divorce, with the government getting that dreaded “HALF.”

        • PenCRNA, consult w/ an accountant AND attorney who is savvy about this first — Use the retirement funds in a self-directed IRA to purchase either a parcel of land or a small home that can be rented out. You cannot use the property since it belongs to the “fund” and is titled to the IRA Custodian, though. There are other criteria that must be met, but at least the money would not be in a bank, sitting, waiting to be thieved!

          You must have enough remaining money after said purchase to cover any additional expenses that crop up in the future — taxes, repairs, etc. So if you bought a parcel of land, there would be no repair fees unless the land was improved.

          The land would be your retirement investment and would need to be sold at some point — maybe age 70 (and maybe sold to you from your retirement fund). It could also be transferred/bequeathed at time of death.

          Search for more on buying real estate with an IRA and you can decide if it appeals to you.

          • Zoltanne,

            I guess I should have read a little further LOL.

            Great minds, and all that…..

          • Great post and one that illustrates the idiocy of some posters on this board. There is absolutely ZERO need to take a tax hit of 40-50% as a result of liquidiating an IRA. By creating a self-directed IRA, and purchasing hard assets (and perhaps domiciling the title of those assets OFFSHORE), one can accomplish the same benefit as “liquidating” a 401K or IRA to cash and paying a huge penalty. Yes, there are restrictions–such as you are unable to use the property purchased by a self-directed IRA for one’s own benefit, UNTIL retirement, at which point it must be purchased or sold, but it beats taking the huge hit. educate yourselves, people. Don’t act rashly and stupidly, but deliberately and sensibly.

        • You can’t get o your 401K if your still employed with the company that sponsored the 401K. You can however transfer some of the money you put into your 401K into an IRA. You can get to the IRA funds below the age of 59 1/2 if you pay the normal tax rate and pay the 10% penalty.

          Taxes if your married including penalty should be about 33% on the first $75,000 withdrawn with 20% including penalty on the first $17,000.

          • My company agreed to terminate and rehire me so I could get at my 401K. It was fairly painless.

        • Here’s the issue. Yes, the FRN’s will soon be useless (they are already, most just don’t know it), but you cannot own the land in this country. You can only own the real estate. This is a color-of-title issue. The US is a corporation opporating under bankruptcy. All “property” has liens on it.

        • Look into the self-directed IRA thing. It may help you avoid the tax hit. Some reader on this site may be able to guide you.

        • You can convert to an annuity and avoid the taxes while using the income to pay off the land. Not the best choice with interest rates so low but it will help save on taxes up front. At least move to a state with no income tax to save the state part when cashing out the 401K..

        • “…and banks have to wind down their loss-making operations”

          I love that one.

          • I heard people all over the globe are pulling their funds just to teach the bank a lesson for being thieves.

            If you don’t…that send a message of approval they can do whatever they want.

      12. We are traveling in a very desolate land now, and have come to a cross road. Behind us on the road we have been traveling on, there is a fierce storm on that horizon with a large cloud of dust billowing up in front of it.

        Our fuel gauge says empty, so we look down the road to the LEFT and see nothing, then we look RIGHT and it’s the same, nothing. Straight ahead down that road nothing to the horizon either, what do we do, where do we go?

        If we go LEFT or RIGHT down those roads, we know that we will be fighting what looks to be very strong and tricky cross winds, so the only way we have left is straight ahead, at least we will have a tail wind to push us along. As we take one last look in the rear view mirror, we see that the storm is not making that dust cloud up in front; Its FOUR HORSE’S with RIDERS and they are fast approaching.

        Keep the FAITH

      13. What shall it profiteth a man to inherit the wohole world but lose his soul.
        Say as uou will, but I for one will put my trust in the one that is above all.
        It is coming and there is not a lot we can do to prevent it.
        Continue to pray for the best.

        • I received this in an email. Hope you all have a great weekend.

          Dear Lord, I thank You for being so kind, so gracious, and so merciful.
          Thank You for loving me, and allowing me to be able to see and to hear this morning.
          I’m blessed because You are a forgiving God and an understanding God.
          You have done so much for me and You keep on blessing me.
          Forgive me this day for everything I have done, said or thought that was not pleasing to you.

          Please keep me safe from all danger and harm. Help me to start this day with a new attitude and plenty of gratitude.
          Let me make the best of each and every day, to clear my mind so that I can hear from You.
          Please broaden my mind that I can accept all things.
          Let me not whine and whimper over things I have no control over.
          Let me continue to see sin through your eyes and acknowledge it as evil.
          And when I sin, let me repent, and confess with my mouth my wrongdoing, and receive forgiveness for my trespasses.

          And when this world closes in on me, let me remember Jesus’ example — to slip away and find a quiet place to pray.
          It’s the best response when I’m pushed beyond my limits.
          I know that when I can’t pray, You listen to my heart. Continue to use me to do Your will.

          Continue to bless me that I may be a blessing to others. Keep me strong that I may help the weak.
          Keep me uplifted that I may have words of encouragement for others. I pray for those who are lost and can’t find their way.
          I pray for those who are misjudged and misunderstood. I pray for those who don’t know You intimately.
          I pray for those who don’t believe.
          But I thank You that I believe.

          I believe that You can change people, and that You can change things.
          I pray for all my sisters and brothers. For each and every family member in their households.
          I pray for peace, love and joy in their homes that they are out of debt and all their needs are met.

          I pray that every eye that reads this knows there is no problem, circumstance, or situation greater than You are.
          Every battle is in Your hands for You to fight.
          I pray that these words be received into the hearts of every eye that sees them and every mouth that confesses them willingly.

          This is my prayer.
          In Jesus’ Name,

          • Nice!

          • Thanks KY,

            I had to step away from the keyboard to get a ‘wipe’ after that. As you say,

            “I know that when I can’t pray, You listen to my heart. Continue to use me to do Your will.”

            It is not hands that do, or lips that speak…but the SPIRIT that abides within that He placed into us that he knows us by….”He that made Me knows me, better than even I know myself.” Thanks Hon. 🙂


            • JustOneGuy,

              You are welcome!

              I read above you are moving. I hope all goes well with your move.

              Take care!
              KY Mom

          • Thanks for posting this prayer. Forwarded this prayer to my list. This is very comforting to read.

          • The first words on my lips each morning is “Good morning God”
            You are ushering in another day
            untouched and freshly new,
            so here I come to ask you God if
            You’ll renew me too?

            Forgive the many errors that
            I made yesterday,
            and let me try again dear God,
            to walk closer in Thy way.

            But Father, I am well aware
            I can’t make it on my own.

            So take my hand and hold it tight
            for I can’t walk alone
            Helen Steiner Rice, author

            This is taped to my bathroom mirror with a beautiful picture of Jesus above it. This is the start of each new for me.

            God Bless all of you on this Easter Sunday. He is risen from the dead. Amen
            @KY Mom

      14. Prices at the grocery store are unbelievable! Even Beans & Weenies are getting expensive! And food costs almost as much at the grocery store as it does in a restaurant!

        And restaurants, even the fast food crap is $10 bucks a person – throw in a beverage and tip and it costs $50 bucks for a family of four to eat at a modest place.

        $100 at the grocery store will not buy much these days!

        THIS is how they are going to get us. You work out your budget, looks good in your mind, and WAMMO! You under-guesstimated about the BUDGET BUSTER grocery store!

        Groceries or the mortgage?

        “Private Equity” aka Bernanke and the Banksters buy almost HALF of the residential home sales these days. No mortgages. Cash. QE Quantitative Easing CASH!

        Our own government is out to BUST OUT the middle class!

        I so totally “get” the French Revolution!

        • yup

          the French Revolution had a LOT to do with the price of bread

          just like the “Arab Spring” was also about food prices

        • well said Beans

          • I just wanna say, I really love your name. 🙂 The movie from where you got it was so ridiculous and funny.

            • I am Mclovin! Jigga-Jigga Yeah!

            • Comedy movies are stupid.

              • Ever found anybody who gives a flying fuck what you think?

                • I give a flying fuck. Put me down for one flying fuck.

              • Eisenkreuz

                your nothing but a Phoney neo nazi occupy wall street wanna be

                GO Away or i will be forced to taunt you a second time

                Troll Killer

        • THAT is why they are ordering all that ammo my friends!

        • So do THEY; which is why they have purchased thousands of gilloitines to install in the FEMA Camps. Just saying. Consider this warning as a “head’s up”.

          Engage your employees or be beheaded by them.

          • heads up or heads off so to speak.

        • Our local Food Lion had hams on sale for 79 cents a pound. I bought some and had the butcher cut them all into ham steaks. I now have a whole lot of ham steaks in the freezer at a much cheaper price than the store was charging. They wanted over $4.00 a pound for ham steaks.

          Being ahead on groceries means that you can buy things only when there’s a really good sale.

        • Love the handle!And yeah,a hondo does’nt go to far at the store anymore,big difference between today and 5 years ago.

        • Beans and Weenies at savealot store– if you have one –were .79…so we tried them and they were great.(his words, not mine)
          So, I stopped by savealot to get a case(or two)and they were .85 now.
          But, they are good.
          I noticed most beenie weenies are over around $1.25 here.

          • Proper “Beans and Weenies” should be made with love. Home cooked. There is no such thing as a “great Weenie” that comes out of a can. Ever. That’s just a fact of life.

      15. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/mar/28/sikh-in-california-uses-religion-to-challenge-fire/

        A basic precept of the Sikh religion is that they must be armed at all times and stand ready to fight injustice in the world. They have given many lives to fight for the freedom of religions that they aren’t even a part of. The Sikh temples in the east are islands of freedom in a cesspool of Islam. Sikhs are very decent people. They are the good guys.

        • You dont know what you are talking about.

          • Explain.

            • This is a public forum. I cant say too much. It is about their ethnicity not religion.

        • eisen; “in a cesspool of Islam”
          I’M WITH YOU 100%. The world is turning into a cesspool of Islam. If someone tells me Islam is a religion of Peace, I loose respect for you.

        • A Sikh killed Ghandi

          • Ghandi was part of the British war machine in WWI. He held a good deal of racism against blacks in SA.

          • I’m pretty sure Ghandi is alive and well and works the Technical Support Call Center at Dell.

        • I rarely agree with your rhetoric, but I am with you on this. Anyone who knows anything about the Sikhs knows they are the good guys.

          Ignorant people assume they are muslims and treat them accordingly. They can be formidable enemies.


            WORDS DON’T.

      16. Rogers can go frack himself. He and his buddy Soros were instrumental in the destruction of this country through deindustrialization. I’m tired of seeing his little halfling like form with a bow tie harping about the decline of America and gloom and doom, much of which he was complicit in bringing. Asian nations said to he and his buddy Soros, “Come on over and invest for short term gain. But as you do we will rob your nation while you invest in us through the use of co-developments schemes, industrial espionage, and disrespecting intellectual property laws. You can make money but we China and others will use traders like yourselves to steal technology at the expense of the United States citizens.” Soros and his partner Farber and many like them said, “No worries, frack the United states. We have no loyalty. Let it be destroyed and we will move all the production we can to Asia so you can steal all you want. Just make us rich.” Frack that little bow tied hobbit. I’m not going to let him assume a little guru prepper title. Dude is an arse. Many others have long said the same warnings that he has, I’ll listen to the those who were ether non or less complicit in the destruction of the western world before I would ever listen to that hobbit.

        • I must admit that I have particular distain (?jealousy?) for people like Soros, Rogers, Romney, etc etc., who now preach to us when they themselves have gotten rich at the expense of the middle class investor, and have done no useful, productive, value added work. Rather, by default, i.e., by not doing any useful work, they have been freed up to perfect their parasitic ways to game the system while everyone else does all the work for them, from feeding them, to supplying gas and motorcycles for Rogers round the world motocross trip etc.

          Quite hypocritical that after gathering everyone else’s hard earned income, they now tell them to run for the hills.

        • He hasn’t spoken to Soros in decades. Rogers is a very decent man.

        • No that was George H.W. Bush who cut the deal for his buddies with China. Then his son, GWB stuck the knife in OUR backs and allowed 42,400 factories and 60 million jobs to be off shored; gutting the middle class. get your facts straight.

          Imagine what the next Bush will do if he is elected POTUS.

          • Clinton gave China Most Favored Nation status…just FYI. Both parties are controlled by big interest, don’t get in the blame Bush blame Obama blame Clinton mindset. Blame them all.

            • I do blame them all. But it was the Bush boys who put the nails in OUR coffin. O’bummer is just throwing dirt to fill in the grave.

              GWB is a FUCKING TRAITOR who should be indicted and hung!

              • durango kidd

                We been down this street many times. Bill Clinton twisted arms to get NAFTA, signed China Free Trade and the demise of Glass-Steagall which allowed the financial fox to feed upon the Wall Street / Financial chicken coop. 83% of US Senate Republicans voted for China Free Trade while 80% of US Senate Democrats did likewise including Kerry, Edwards, Kennedy and Biden.

                Clinton did what both GH Bush and GW Bush were incapable of (but desiring) doing.

                They are all responsible.

                Anything else is revisionist history.

                • K2: Did 42,400 FACTORIES and 60 million jobs off shore under that swine Bill Clinton? Or did they leave during the GWB administration?

                  Bush? Yes or No? Just answer the question. Yes or no? Don’t wait for the translation. Just answer the question! 🙂

                  • Clinton signed NAFTA which is mostly responsible for the flood of illegal Mexicans. They could no longer farm for a profit after NAFTA.

                  • Yes the jobs left under George Bush as he wanted them to do. Who put their signature on the agreements that guaranteed for it to happen a few months before leaving office?

                    While not stopping the crime does not equal the guilt of committing it everyone at the Presidential level of successive Administrations regardless of political Party did everything they could to facilitate the abomination of “Free Trade”. Bush would come before labor and have stones thrown at him while the very same ignorant fools embrace Clinton still listening to his advice.

                    Pass a bad check and it’s the guy who signed it that is convicted.

                  • Coolidge and Cleveland were the only decent presidents we ever had.

              • along with hw.

            • Blaming Bush or Obama is like blaming the guy re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic. He certainly hurt us, did not help us, but it was going to happen anyway thanks to the decline of values and lack of national will.

              “Death before inconvenience!” is the war cry of modern America.

          • If the next election gives us the choice between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton…what can I say?

            • Convert to libertarianism.

      17. “partner Farber” should read “partner Rogers”.

      18. We’re on a ridge near the top of the mountains and we’re not going down ’em to hill country. 🙂

        I truly believe people must leave urban areas. Doesn’t matter what city or what state — the concentrated population has poor survival odds. The suburbs have a few things going for them but with the probability that there will be an influx of urban-manics, the burbs will best succeed with strong community ties, cooperation amongst one another, and gardens everywhere. The odds aren’t great but they’re better than urban areas offer.

        Heading for the hills, per se, is the best advice and those who can get out of a concentrated population and into a rural area will do the best. Of course, there are many life changes that go with a migration from urban/suburban into rural or countrified-burbs.

        But this article morphed from getting into the hills into getting into real estate, ie farming. There are a few issues I have with the claim that farmers are going to be wealthy businessmen and landowners. (For this readership, we’re pretty much talking about American farmland/rural property.)

        Here in the US, there are only a few classifications of farmers in today’s America: corporate farms (not farmers, just CEOs and Boards), large ranches (all are Central or Western states with various grazing, mineral, and water rights), small farms with 1-3 crops, and market farms with diverse crops for the retail trade. Are any of these farms producing “wealthy” people? Yes, the top tiers are: corporate farms and large ranches. And one of these will grow bigger and more powerful and the other one is destined to die by the hands of the Feds.

        The Federal farm subsidies are almost exclusively given to corporate “big Ag” farms. No “wealth” for the little guys, the Big Ag boys get that cash. Both the large ranches and the small farms (over 50 acres, less than 500acres) will be gone in the near future due to the inheritance taxes. It’s part of the plan to destroy these large land holdings. So unless there are legal loopholes to protect rightful heirs from these larger parcels (perhaps the only salvation will be through family corporate farming), the lands will be sold in whole to corporate farms or divided into parcels for development or smaller farms. Not very promising for a ‘get rich quick’ scheme….

        Then there is the onslaught of Agenda 21 which has a stronghold in most states (covertly wrapped up inside the Comprehensive Planning regs). One of the money-laundering, land-grabbing schemes of Agenda 21 is through “TDRs” which are Transfers of Development Rights. A TDR is a cash payment to a farmer from a developer (or government) to have the exclusive development rights to his land upon sale or death. It is speculative land grabbing and zoning redefinition, and is EXTREMELY dangerous. Implementing the TDRs into comprehensive planning will force all of those wealth-hungry, unsuspecting farmers into killing their farm for that money up-front. You might wonder why farmers are so interested in TDRs in the first place — well, money for a written promise is so easy to do….Hmmm, maybe those farmers aren’t “wealthy”. And maybe that proves how dumb the advise is to buy farms to get “wealthy”.

        Let’s get real. Forget making big wads of money right now — keep investing wisely in yourself and your own. Preserve what you have, take necessary steps to shore up your base, and get ready to hunker down. JOG had an excellent post in the last article about the New Dawn. So very appropriate!

        When the “S” hits hard and people want to buy food, grain, or hay for animal feed, where will they go? Will these people really get the resources they need through State-run farms or Big Ag? Or will they get their resources from a local source or from their own small plot of land? Those small community farmers with 50 acres or less will do exceptionally well, provided they’re not raided or seized.

        The best bet is to find a small parcel and start working your own land (unless you already are). It isn’t about making wads of money. It isn’t about getting dollar-rich from farming. It’s about changing the mindset that defines “wealth”. To do that, first define what is truly important to you and yours. The rest falls into place.

        Rather than trying to get wealthy by making major farmland purchases or becoming a land baron in Thailand, it’s about small scale. It’s being a smallholder. It’s homesteading. It’s within reach of many, especially those who decide to team up with others in the family or a small group. Doing this gives a different form of “wealth”, yes, but it’s not measured in USD.

        Time to move forward and accept these changes we’re so damn angry over. It’s here. It’s not going to go away over night. Learn how to adapt to the changes that are about to strangle you/me/us/America. As it has been said, “Shit or get off the pot.” If you’re on the fence with a few decisions, think about it over the weekend and ask yourself how YOU will feel if your own savings were stolen by the Marxist regime. PLAN ACCORDINGLY. “They” have planned. Get ready to counter with Zoltanne’s Revenge: Get a small parcel of decent land in the country and become self-reliant. The “wealth” in currency is quickly becoming a mirage and is no longer measured in dollars or whatever “currency” a product or service demands. The real “wealth” is satisfaction in knowing you and yours have simplified your life, unplugged from the rat race, not been tempted by evil, and lived well despite the odds.

        If I can do it, you can too.

        • Well spoken!

        • wow…

        • Great post, Z.

          I really want to get out of Tampa and back to my family in Oregon, but my wife and her folks are not crazy about the idea.

          I think cities will be the wild west when it all falls apart and the best chance is in smaller, more remote communities.

          Great advice, hope there is enough time left to follow it.

          • Crazy but not about the idea. I think you misspoke.

          • J. Roy, Tampa? Yikes!! Work hard to convince your wife that the time is drawing near. There are enough articles and videos on the WWW to help illustrate your point. Any chance of a trip to look at property? Even if it’s rental property, it’s getting out and away from ‘the masses’.

            • Z, the big sticking point is her parents. She doesn’t want me to talk to them about this so I don’t scare them and is in no hurry to do so herself. She won’t leave them and I can’t either, even though I should. What kind of a man would I be if I deserted them?

              She did mention the idea that she brought it up after Easter service and he didn’t say yes or no. It is maddening to be thwarted by my own wife’s normalcy bias. She is a woman of many virtues but cannot imagine a change to the current paradigm.

              We are upside down in our house but I have a little money and a few essentials in storage. I am confident about our chances once we hit the road. The trick is to get out before anyone else does. There are only 2 arteries out of the state, very easy to shut down either because of traffic/accidents etc, or deliberately.

              • J.Roy, find some of the alternate routes as a backup plan to GOOD if those 2 main roads were closed.

                And it wouldn’t hurt to get good detail maps and the topo maps surrounding a destination if you plan to leave quickly.

      19. Jom Rogers says to run for the hills- I live in the hills this is a warning-don’t run for the hills, that is a good way to end your days on planet earth…
        I love you all, but there is a limit to who enters my hill.

      20. $ 12,000.00 an AC Farm land %^&#^!!!
        Most of my life, land avg 800.00 – 1,200.00 an ac.
        This is scarrier than we Know!

        Just sold a farm in Iowa !!! Talk about BUBBLES!!!
        We live in interesting times!!!
        30 yrs of great times , will turn too 30 yrs of bad!! I FEAR
        Ying & Yang!!;-))
        Smile & Happy Easter!!!!

        • Investors who are paying $12,000 per acre for farmland are not buying the farmland. They are buying the water rights and the oil and gas potential.

          That is why farmland in North Dakota for example, is up 30%.

          • Idiot

            • You obviously know nothing about the highest price farmland in America which is in North Dakota. The BEST farmland is in Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana. I grew up in farm country.

              Some coal in Illinois, but very little oil & gas in Iowa and Indiana.

              • The best farmland was in Southern Calif. It is all paved over now. What a waste to put up Mcmansions and malls no one needs.

                • Here in NW Washington we have the best farmland in the country, deep soils you won’t see anywhere on earth except the Ukraine podzhol, their famous ‘black earth’. We are busy paving it over for used car lots and Californian refugees.

              • It depends on what you want to grow. I happen to like cows. And that means Pennsylvania.

                • Yeah,I’ll bet you REALLY like cows boy!

                • The best milk cows are in Wisconsin. Ask a Cheesehead!

                  • Haha yeah, not so much little buddy.

                  • California Cows are happier, just ask one. 🙂


              • @DK, I just want you to know how much I appreciate the heads up on the AZ land. I am working on the Sierra Verde Ranch land as I write. Excellent suggestion. I would like to get down there in the next 2 weeks and firm up the whole thing. 10 hours driving time from my place. Thanks again.


                • Here’s a link for you:


                  Might want to check the forum out. I would want to know the depth of the water table and the flow rate for most wells that have been drilled.

                  This is pinion pine country. Indians use to eat the seeds. Fire can be a hazard here. Give that some consideration with construction plans. I think I would want a south facing site along and into the side of a hill for a home site, above a creek or arroyo that I could dam. Dredge the pond every Spring for nuggets.

                  I get hunting and prospecting privileges right? 🙂

                  • DK, thanks again, already had it book marked. Yes on the hunting privileges and 50/50 you do the work on the gold. 🙂 Kind of excited about this. We will see how it works out. Need to find out about VA facilities and a couple of other things. I hate snow! Lived in MN for a year as a kid.


                  • BigB; There is a VA Hospital in Prescott which you can access via South 89 that runs between Seligman (on I-40) and Prescott. Maybe 60-70 miles from Seligman.

                    You will get some snow there and the nights are cold for fruit trees; more so with elevation. But its a DRY snow. 🙂

                    It is a four season climate and maples and birches will grow for syrup with water. And the sun does shine more than 300 days a year.

                    A greenhouse of some kind IS recommended. Good luck.

        • I hope it was the one that recently sold for $21,500 an acre. Probably more to the sale than just the land but I don’t know.

          • That comment was for netnut on the sale of the farm in Iowa.

      21. There is no reason on Earth why marijuana needs to be illegal. We lock up more of our people than any other country in the world. 50% of drug arrests are for marijuana, a substance which is completely harmless. Cost to the taxpayer is about 14 billion per annum.

        • The only reason is that the “war on drugs” is a huge industry. Think of the cops, lawyers, judges, police equipment suppliers, etc. .gov won’t upset THAT apple cart. If one or the other should be illegal, it should be alcohol.

      22. The reasons cities became big and people left farms for the cities was industrialization. Industrialization was driven by energy; it only began about 400 years ago when we figured out how to exploit underground coal deposits and then accelerated when we discovered oil.

        Today much industry has left the US because of cheaper wages abroad, and the destructive and costly effects of government regulation. What industry remains depends heavily on the continued flow of energy to fuel it, and that is a serious question given that the amount of energy expended to acquire more energy is growing at a compound rate, leaving less and less each year out of what is produced to fuel the economy. In the last decade total production of oil has flattened out so we can no longer compensate for the energy loss from the exponential growth of cost by increasing total production.

        The consequences of failing to produce enough energy will put an end to the industrial age and force us back to pre-industrial agriculture which means food production will plummet. Instead of 150 bushels of corn per acre from industrial farming, we will be forced back to the days where 30 bushels per acre was more normal, and even then 20% of the land was needed to raise feed for draft animals.

        This is unfolding during our lifetimes and unless you are in the last quarter of your life, will have a dramatic effect on your chances for survival. Live rural or die will describe the future.

        • I believe your analysis does not take into account the revolution in seed and farming technology that took place about 1970 or the development of fracking technology.

          A great amount of energy usage is for pleasure purposes in the developed world. Sufficient fuel will be available for farming. That being said the cities especially in bad climates do not serve the needs they originally intended as manufacturing has fled. Camden NJ is decades ahead with this progression from productive to dependent.

          • What you site as the revolution in seeds was just a change to strains that were more heavily dependent on fertilizers and pesticides, but of which require large inputs of fossil fuels. Talk to farmers who raise corn and they will tell you that they get increased production, but also have greatly increased costs, which is just another way of saying that it take more energy input. That is the problem; we are essentially eating oil and natural gas, and this won’t work when net energy production can’t be increased.

            Fracking is a flash in the pan. First of all it takes a huge input of energy to produce oil from these wells. That is the problem; they use up considerably more energy that a conventional well. The “low hanging fruit principle” says we take the easiest to find and produce, cleanest, most energy dense, most profitable deposits first and leave the rest for later, and tight oil is what we left for later, which turns out to be now. It takes a price of $90 a barrel to make them break even, and like all oil operations, we go after the best fields first, so the jump in US production from fracking tight oil won’t be sustained. And these wells deplete very rapidly; you are talking just a few years before they are no longer practical to keep producing. And the kicker is the amount of energy in tight oil is far below the energy in conventional oil. This is because it is made up of short chain hydrocarbon molecules; anything larger won’t fit in the rocks that contain this type of oil. (Not every barrel of oil has the same energy content.)

            This is a major problem which will force us to give up much of what we consume. Luxuries, advanced medical care, and higher education are already under great pressure from the inability of the economies of the world to advance. You are correct that food (and shelter) will be the last to go, but go they will. The world population 400 years ago was about 3/4 of a billion people; that is what renewable energy will support. Today it is 7 billion and what drove that exponential explosion in population was the exponential explosion in acquiring energy stored in fossil fuels with a small contribution from hydro and nuclear. Without this energy input the world’s human population must fall because it is mostly the output from the energy driven industrial age that supports the present population.

            The cake has been eaten, and the party is over.

            • Actually oil from fracking is selling for $65 per barrel. Because of this low price it’s economically viable to rail car it to oil refineries on the east coast where it’s problem is it’s too easy to process because of it’s viscosity and lack of sulfur. The depletion is open for debate as huge areas show significant resources and we’re just scratching the surface. The more they look the more that their surprised that they find.

              • Fracking is horrible for the environment and should be banned. The government should tax gas to make it $7 a gallon like in Europe. We’ve got to stop these asshole Americans from destroying the Earth. You don’t need to have these giant SUVs. They should be banned as well.

            • Great post. The idea that the population explosion in the industrial age was due to energy is an interesting one. I think technology in general, and improvements in medical technology in particular, had more to do with that population explosion than energy.

              Not exactly sure what fracking is. It sounds like something college kids do while playing quarters. Extracting shale oil (I think fracking has something to do with that) is nothing new. The Nazis did that in WWII because they had limited access to oil. It was expensive and inefficient.

              Still, the idea that cheap and plentiful energy is one of the main crutches of the modern way of life is undeniable. You make very good points but I think cheap and plentiful energy is an ancillary, rather than primary cause.

              Have you ever heard Corb Lund? “When the oil stops, everything stops, nothin’ left in the fountain, nobody wants paper money, son so you just best stop countin”…Pretty solid analysis for a Canadian cowboy…

              • Fracking is upstream in the oil industry which is exploration & production, downstream is marketing & refining (where I know a little). The NAZIs were converting coal to gasoline which is a downstream function.

                Abundant and therefore cheap energy (coal, oil, gas, nuclear) and the ability to make it conveniently available to the masses (electricity) put the M in in modern society. The fuel to useful energy machines that powered the industrial revolution were 8% (not 80%) thermally efficient. The conventional automotive gasoline engine was 15% efficient and recently achieved 22% efficiency.

                Because the raw energy is there and technology has been improving efficiency (remember 10 MPG) the probability of increasing efficiencies will significantly compensate for a decreasing energy input. Technology has been finding more and more energy too.

              • J. Roy, most folks tend to associate/correlate increased technology with longevity but this factor alone cannot explain the exponential population growth. In fact, without energy, much of our technology would have not been created/invented.

                Many look at Rachel Carson as the person who first wrote about sustainable resources, population, and the impact that people have had on nature/resources. I think, though, the “peak oil” theorist, M. King Hubbert, furthered the correlation of cheap oil and its impact on humans.

                • Good points. I love this website. A year ago I would have laughed at the idea that I might become a member.

                  I appreciate the insights and feedback of all even if I do not necessarily agree.

                  • Membership? Yes, membership has its privileges. Send me $49.95 and I will send you a SHTF Decoder Ring and FREE! official SEAL Team America decal to put on the window of your truck. and I will throw in a used SHTF America T-shirt.

                    Ya, gotta love that!

                    Credit cards, Paypal or Bitcoin approved, but the coin of the realm is preferred. 🙂

                • Exponential population growth? That happens because the Satanic Catholic Priesthood encourages young, uneducated, Hispanic girls to have 9, 10, or 12 kids on the taxpayer dime, who they cannot afford to fed, clothe, educate, or shelter.


                  More than 51% of ALL Hispanic households receive some form of government assistance; while the Satanic Catholic Priesthood urges the rest of US to give to the poor and uneducated, whom they continue to urge have more children; while they siphon off the donations and receive government grants to perpetuate their perversions.

                  Now Pope Francis is urging US to “consider the poor” : meaning donate money to Catholic Charities to perpetuate pedofilia throughout the Church.

                  Thankfully, he is the Last Pope and judgement will be coming upon the Vatican in the due course of time. I for one will not morn but cheer when iyt goes up in smoke and God’s wrath.

                  Happy Easter! 🙂

                  • Happy Easter to you too! Thanks for that, I needed the laugh..

            • Yep, that’s what I keep saying… When it costs more and requires more energy to extract the oil than what they get in return– that is, when its no longer profitable to extract the oil– then “its over”. The party is over.. the cliff occurs. Fracking is just scraping the bottom of the barrel, so to speak, searching for the last remaining drops of oil.

              Of course Peak oil has occurred. Would they be doing off shore drilling (dangerous and expensive) or fracking (energy intensive, costly, and takes tremendous amounts of energy)– would they be doing these things if there was still a lot of conventional oil left (that comes shooting up out of the ground)? Of course not. The party is over and we better adjust accordingly.

              • oops… I meant to write that it requires tremendous amounts of water for fracking.

                also, concerning huge increase in human population since industrial revolution– all you have to do is look at the graph of human population. Its quite obvious! the jump in human population occurred when the industrial revolution occurred. Before that, it was a constant since time of Christ– around one billion or so. just look at the graph! go to Michael Ruppert’s latest video and you’ll see. at collapsenet.com

        • Agenda 21 aims to congregate people in the cities and prevent homesteads in the country under 20 acres. When I moved to the small rural town I am in now, it was battling the State Growth Management Act over this issue. Did not want to let our town develop beyond a 2 block area, subdivide land smaller than 20 acre parcels, change any business to anything other than what it was since 1993 or some date I don’t exactly recall. I had Mastered in Third World Development Projects so helped the town write its own proposal fighting those restrictions. We won our case, but a lot of nearby towns and cities did not and are becoming ghost towns, unable to change or develop. So it is not just industrialization that is to blame. It is the UN population management agenda.

          • It’s a big UN shit sandwich and we’re all going to have to take a bite.

            • Naw…just toss it in the compost..let the worms eat it!

            • No, We do not have to “take a bite”. Arizona has a bill pending in its Senate that repudiates Agenda 21 and makes it ILLEGAL in Arizona.

              Engage your employees or be enslaved by them. Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

              Let your Barnhardt out!

              • Yeah? And the Feds will take it to court and ram it down their throats. There is absolutely no law anymore. We are now a Third World nation of men, not law.

      23. I can just feel something bad is on the horizon.

        • It could be that “March Madness” thing.

        • Yea, it will be “somewhat” bad for everyone for a while.

          But, it will be “real” bad for those not prepared in every facet of their lives.

      24. Zoltanne, thank you so much! That was an excellent post! I have been so stressed out lately, could hardly sleep last night (indecisive about what to do and very discouraged). Your comments make a lot of sense and are very welcolmed! I copied everything you wrote! ; )

      25. Funny thing about money: if it didn’t exist, we wouldn’t need it.

        • True that

        • Not true. That’s why people invented money. They needed a mobile store of value, medium of exchange, and fungibility! Fiat is fungible.

      26. Watch out for a huge false flag with North Korea. All of the lame stream media is controlled by the government and CIA period. A “wag the dog” scenairo could be upon us and we would not have a clue. There are no reporters in North Korea. So… If you can convince a population that airplanes brought down building 7 then you can easily launch missiles at the US and have the sheep believing that a fat assed crazed North Korean dictator did it. He is the perfect scapegoat. Then you have your martial law, gun confiscation and a collapse of our economy. Ushering in the NWO and one monetary system. Digital of course. I rest my case.

        Keep your powder dry

      27. You never really own “your” land. You will always owe taxes and if you don’t pay them “they” will confiscate it. If you have a mortgage on your property you are in double trouble. Then there is the situation with the federal reserve taking possession of $40 billion worth of mortgages every month through QE3! Do you not see that they are setting up mortgage holders just as they are bank account holders?! How can you pay a mortgage or taxes without an income or a vast amount of “their” currency? Only the wealthy/connected will retain their wealth. All others will be subject to confiscation of any assets. Think it won’t happen? Yeah right!

        • think it will happen? try it. it aint gonna happen to me pal. anyone stupid enough to come down my road and start taking things from anyone on this road, best bring alot of tanks, alot of men and alot of guts.

          • They will…

            • it still won’t assure them of anything chickenlittle.

      28. “Be informed” is right
        Way too much emphasis here being put on extracting every
        last penny from a retirement account or the reluctance
        to move away from that cushy job and palatial estate in
        the suburbs.
        If the move to safer ground isn’t being made right now
        the chances of pulling it off later are rather slim at
        best. Waiting until the ground starts rumbling beneath
        them is probably not the wisest tact to persue.

      29. Here is another approach. Think about all the Federal checks, that goes out. Each and every month. Why not attach a 10-30% on them. All the different Social Security,SSI, disability, retirement and uneployment.
        This would be an easy way. Call is a cost of living for the Gov’t.

      30. A farm in the country would be nice. Unfortunately, Obama has given himself the power to control everything, including farmland and anything it might produce…I’m afraid the Govt plans to take away the land and chase citizens to big cities. (Agenda 21).


        • Please don’t be discouraged in thinking a small farmette or homestead isn’t attainable. Just be careful with the Zoning plans and the property you are interested in, making sure it’s zoned according to your needs. There are many tiers of rural and/or agricultural zones and many have restrictions.

          The land grabs and population management by the UN was established long before Obama. We can blame Obama for loads of crap, but this isn’t his claim to infamy.

        • yes, he has given himself the power. the question is , will he be stupid enough to act on those said powers? If he thinks you are as cowardly as I think you are, he likely will.

          • Eeder The Coward often snips at the heels of another, then runs back into anonymity. With nothing gained and nothing but ignorance to show for his effort, he cowers, waiting to do it again.

            How does it feel to know you have contributed nothing here? How does it feel to be regarded so poorly by your peers at SHTF?

            • How does it feel? I simply do not care a whole lot. I do care about the truth and I do care about cowards who call me out. If you like , we could discuss it?

              • Oh yeah, Eeder …. showing that streak of brilliance once again, we see.

                (And FWIW, us gals aren’t “faggots”.)

                • stuff it up your ass you fithy sociopathic cunt. go fuck yourself.

                  • It’s “filthy”, Eeeder, not “fithy”.

            • tell me zoltanne, how does it feel to be a liar, a coward and a faggot?

        • That’s true, but the Agenda 21 plan is scheduled to be complete around 2050. That means if you’re young, you have time to move and live there many years, including riding out the crash before elements of their plan force a move back to the cities. If you’re older, you may never have to move back to the cities.

          • Have time?

            What universe are you living in?

        • I would also like to encourage you and anyone else to go for it…dont allow the fear of some possibility to keep you from independence….its not a perfect life and its full of hard work and dissappointment but its one ofthe last most free lifestyles left….besides theres alot of good eating you just cant buy! Be a rebel…grow something! 🙂

      31. once when I was very sad and went to my doctor crying, he looked me straight in the eye and said, what do you WANT to do and before I could think I blurted out “I hate my job and want to quit” and he said then that’s what you must do, go with your gut instinct, so if you think you should cash out your 401k, do it now, if it turns out all this was just an illusion, you can always put it back in later–

      32. Jim Rogers and Dr. Faber are the real experts and always true to their own cause.

        Excellent article, thanks.


        • I was trying to be the 100th posting,and someone beat me me to it. Whoever that person was, do you really have to to that????

          Man, I’m always one second too late for everything.
          But Im still trying.

      33. The title seems alittle early to tell the people to head for the hills now….

        For now, if you live east, prepare like you would a heavy rain or snow storm, live in the mid, prepare for a tornado or like weather conditions, live in the north, prepare like always for the winters, live in the south, or west, buy AMMO! I’m not downplaying the events currently going on, I’m just saying, heading for the hills if you don’t have a place is a one time shot! If your bunker down, maybe spend some more time there..

        You must keep your mental bearings intact… Any true prepper I feel will know when to head for the hills.

        As others have said, enjoy this weekend with family and friends and try to forget about all the bullshit that’s going on in this world.

        Puff puff pass

        • The most commonly used word in the English language is “ear”. The word usually follows a deep inhalation that is held–“EEAR!”

        • A true prepper is already in the hills… We’ve had a derecho and snowmaggeden as dry runs for the future. Seems like God is giving us here in Virginia some practice for no ‘lectricity and gas… I never skipped a beat with my preps. The situations never lasted long enough to have to purify water or break out the freeze dried stuff…

      34. Greg Hunter, with Weekly News Wrapup..

        10.8 Trillion in U.S. banks
        FDIC has 33 Billion to insure that 10.8 Trillion

        If you still have money in any banks, why???

        • Immaculate…

          …Game, Set and Match JayJay! 🙂


      35. I can hear the thunder,….there’s a storm coming….

        • No it ain’t thunder, you got your suppository and your hearing-aid switched up again.

          • BTW, thats why when somebody says something you keep lifting your leg saying, “huh?”

          • I hate when that happens! Now, where’s the q-tips?…

      36. @ BigB. I agree that little fat rat in North Korea could attack someone around Easter. He is likely just like a hormone hyped of peacock trying to spread out the feathers as wide as possible though. The issue though about North Korea is very frightening for the world. Any country that has been preparing for war for decades like this has some of the worst biological weapons you can imagine. If they can make a nuke, they can certainly make a missile with a warhead full of Marburg spliced with some other virus. It is extremely likely they have smallpox, as this virus was still quite rampant up until the late 1960’s.

        Aside from the biological horror, it should be understood that it is also likely that North Korea has many more nukes than just 8-10 like the mass media tells everyone. The mountains of North Korea are rich in uranium and they have almost certain gotten to the point of uranium enrichment to the point of weapons grade. I would not be surprised if North Korea had more nukes than India. Getting those nukes to where they want them is the problem. If their missile program was more like the USSR in the 1950’s and 60’s, then the U.S. would be real worried. Their missiles though are almost like a scud with more scuds strapped on them to make them fly further.

        Here is something to consider with missiles getting out of North Korea, it is only 46,000 square miles, the same size as Pennsylvania. That is about 215 miles by 215 miles, small area. Most missiles could be intercepted because of this. Missiles launched from Russia, 6.6 million square miles, China 3.7 million sq miles, FORGET IT. Even Iran is the size of Alaska at about 635,000 sq. miles would be really difficult to knock down before they reached space to come back down on U.S. territory. I am far more worried about the bio threat would could kill hundreds of millions or billions for some very contagious doomsday type virus depending on just how nuts Porky is over in North Korea.

        • Evening BI,

          As it happens…

          there are consistantly about 14 Aegis-class Missle cruisers on station in the Pacific at all times. The missles are quite capable of targeting anything within about 640 miles of launch…up, down, right, left…yep, they’re fully capable of catching incoming in the orbital phase also. S’OK Friend…this week! 😉


          • JOG, BI and all, I don’t think that little crazy bastard has any idea of what would happen. Nor do his generals. He at least has been out of his little country but those generals know nothing other than what they have been taught. Three generations of extreme indoctrination of an ideology with no outside influence. That cannot be good. Even the Chinese think he is crazy at this point and it looks like they have no control over him.

            In a world of a box of matches all it is going to take is one incident to throw everything into a tail spin and spark a conflagration this world has ever seen. To top it all off I am not so sure that it and other scenarios have been engineered by TPTB.

            This impression I and others on this board have is rapidly expanding to people all over the world. Strangers in the market are talking about some thing bad is going to happen in the very near future. I don’t believe there has ever been another time in our lives where so many are becoming so aware.

            As I have said before I thank God every morning for another day without the SHTF which on turns gives me and others such as the people on this site to prepare.


            • Howdy BigB!

              Sorry I didn’t get to your post sooner…the lasr few days have been a bit of a mess.

              I AGREE with your observations…completely. A waking-up IS occuring now…but almost I FEAR that inasmuch as IF the ‘Invisibles’ on the top ‘see’ such then they will almost CERTTAINLY act. May God have Mercy on us ALL. As Smokin has noted below, “Happy Son-day” Friend!


              • Happy Easter to you and all as well.


        • I think that if you peeled away some layers of subterfuge, you would find that the little fat rat is running a con for China.

      37. Back in the period of Sep. through Oct. 2012 the GAO did a “finance & records” survey of personal retirement of US citizens. They found $1.7 billion. With this flap going on in euro-land, how long do you think before our fearless leaders try to tap into this cache due to some “emergency”?

        • $1.7 billion? That wouldn’t buy the FEDS coffee and donuts for more than a week….. just saying. They don’t think about billions anymore.

      38. Sorry to get off topic everyone but I have a question that only y’all on this site can answer. I’ve heard that having a HAM radio scanner/receiver is good to have in a SHTF scenario. Was wondering what any of you think of this and can you recommend an inexpensive unit? Don’t know anything about them and was wondering how hard they are to operate. Any comment would be appreciated.

        • I heard the same thing; in emergencies when all other forms of communication are down, ham works. I did just get my operator’s license, the basic one is called technician. Check out arrl.org, the official site for amateur radio league. You can buy one and just listen but you need a license to transmit. Yaesu is considered a good brand, made in Japan while many others are made in China. I got a mobil unit, FT250 for $99 after the rebate. It doesn’t work inside my house but does in the yard; I need to get an antenna. See if you can find a local ham radio club in your area, they would be helpful.

          Of course you are going to need electricity to charge it so you should get an adapter to charge it in the car.

          I’m new to this and would love to hear more feedback from others.

        • In Short Wave Receivers you get what you pay for. The rock solid mid priced radio that is proven is the Icom R-75.

          A radio is only good as it’s antenna. The least expensive high performance antenna is a Dipole antenna. This is essentially a long wire. Something like the DX-Ultra is a inexpensive antenna that will give good performance.

          • AND…a proper ground.

      39. I’m a working man with a family of 3. I know of 1 person in my life that has more than 10,000 in a bank account. I’m lucky to have $60.00 spending cash in my wallet after bills on pay day. If you believe taking 10% of my life savings for a total of $500.00 is going to prevent this collapse, bang on! I have no sympathy for the people who are crying foul because your about to take 10% of their $100,000. THIS IS NOT REALITY FOR THE AVERAGE WORKING MAN LIVING PAYCHECK TO PAYCHECK.

        • That’s funny. Not really. I’m in the same boat. What’s half of nothing? Nothing lol. If this collapses we will be ahead of the power curve. I’m ready for a change. I’m sick of living just above the poverty line. I’m ready to either get fired or just quit so I can live the same way as if I was working. I can live off cheep food. I do it now. Lets get the battle started now.

        • If your talking about Cypress, it’s not 10% its 80% of any account with over 100,000 euros. I know it’s hard to feel sorry for such evil rich people because everyone knows they must have stolen that money anyway right????!!!
          Once those evil rich people lose there money, they will pull what is left to use on the survival of their family and your 60.00 spending money a week will drop to 0 or more likely less.

          • @jimb
            Pretty moronic post. Let ‘s talk about evil rich people. I am a small business guy. I keep well more than 100k in my bank account. This is working capital for the business, that buys raw materials for the goods we make, and pays the salaries for my employees. So take it from my evil hands, and guess what? I am out of business, and my employees don’t get paid. Punish me, the evil capitalist, and you really punish yourself.

            Guess what? My little company makes millions annually, but by the time I pay everyone and pay for all of the costs of doing business, there’s not a lot left over, just enough for an average middle class income. Yet I am the guy who takes all of the risk.

            Now Cyprus: In short order, we will see a cascading failure of businesses there, leaving most of the citizens unemployed, homeless and starving. That’ s what happens with this punish the rich scenario.

            I was once a wage slave like you, barely getting by. My take? If a person is fed up with their miserable life, get up off your ass and do something about it, rather than whining and complaining about how unfair life is. There are a million ways to make money and start a business, even if you have little money to begin with. It will take a hell of a lot of hard work, and it always involves risk. And that’s why you, sir, are still siting on our ass griping about the evil rich, because you are either unwilling to do the work, or unwilling to take the risk.

            All this said, there is no question hat über wealthy central bankers and mega corporations have rigged the system. And there is no question that this system is coming apart. I’ve seen it coming for years, and have researched this to death. But no way I will use this as an excuse to shut my doors and give up. I fight it every day of my life by growing my business and making sure the members of my business family prosper in spite of everything, and I make sure they understand they better prep along with me for the day when our Cyprus moment comes.

            So if you want to lie down, give up, whine, blame et al, have at it. When the collapse comes and your fat, lazy ass is steamrolled on the pavement, I’ll be shedding no tears.

        • I really hate to be a party pooper, but what business did you have fathering three children if your income level was insufficient to securely care for and raise three children? And let me guess, your wife works and the kids are actually being raised by daycare workers. Am I right?

          Don’t come crying to me about not having financial security after having had more children than you could responsibly afford.




          FUCK HIM.

        • Anonymous, I am a working man with a family of 4. I don’t have more than $10k in any account anymore. What I do have is weapons, food for 6 months and the money to get more. I have kept one 401k but may liquidate that very soon as well.

          Don’t be intimidated. The fact that you are here shows your head is in the right place. It doesn’t cost anything but time to educate yourself and start planning your preparation and response when the collapse comes.

          There is a wealth of useful information on the net to help you get started. I was overwhelmed when I woke up and am just now starting to get a handle on things. It was hard to resist the impulse to run out and buy buy buy solutions and spend myself into the poor house.

          If I can do it, so can you. Best of luck.

        • anonymous,
          So you think that ordinary working people do not have a right or ability to have saved up 100,000 without it being stolen? People like you are why the rulers are always able to appeal to human envy to divide and oppress the population. You sound like Obama and it “You did not build it?, nonsense. I believe that a word that describes you best is loser.

      40. Sadly, I am not in a financial position to relocate…..I plan on staying where I am and, hopefully, I can be of assistence to others….

        • Helping other people in SHTF is suicidal. People who have lived through it say so.

          • I don’t think you should be getting red thumbed for this statement. People are obviously doing it without thinking. And I’m sure you threw it out there to get everyone fired up because it doesn’t go along with this article.

            Anyway, my reasoning. The first thing to do in an emergency is access the situation. Never try to help or save anyone without thinking first if you will die or drown in the attempt. In a shtf scenario, it would be wise to sit back and think.

            As the chaos unfolds many could die, but if you as the good samaritan is one of them, how does this help your family, friends, or yourself?
            molon labe

            • DROWNING MEN PULL OTHER PEOPLE UNDER THE WATER. I’ve done everything humanly possible to warn people and been nothing but ridiculed for my trouble, even when showing the plain evidence in black and white. Now when SHTF if you knock on my door you’re going to have a problem.

              I try to get you guys to be realistic about things. The red thumbs brigade doesn’t have too much in the way of critical thinking skills.

              • No you are ridiculed because you treat other people like dirt. Same reason you better never need a life ring, most of us would throw you a rock

              • But they are damn good at spotting a multiple personality nutjob when they see one……

              • re: Industrial accidents

                60% of people who die in a confined space are would-be rescuers.

                E’s position is not without merit. Don’t just think about whether you CAN help, weigh whether you SHOULD. If ou hava a family, weigh the potential impact on them. Sadly, we are all going to find that we can’t afford to be as generous as now. I have friends from eastern Europe who can attest to this fact.

            • @Eisenkreuz, I know what you are saying is true to a point. The problem I see with it that if I survive I have to live with myself. If I cannot give to others till it hurts as one author stated then what is the point of being a human being.

              I guess my question for you is who are you doing the prepping for? You and yours alone? The question I think everyone should ask themselves is “What have I done with my life that was not centered around my own selfish needs and desires? If you can’t come up with at least several examples of truly giving to others then what was the point of your living?


              • My life has given ME a lot of pleasure. I don’t need to subscribe to communism to be validated as a human being.

                • Whippersnapper, I’ve tried hard the last few days not to chastise you. Even thought a time or two I saw maturity developing in you. And it may be so. Still, I must reluctantly take you to the woodshed on this one.
                  First, self-preservation and selfishness are not the same, even during a shtf event. There WILL be opportunities to show mercy and generosity at such times. And to do it without endangering one’s own safety. We’ll rely on our own best judgement to make that call, when, and if, it comes.
                  Secondly, the most obvious sign of maturity among human beings, is UNselfishness. Not done in a foolish or compromising way, but, none the less, acting for the benefit of others. With no thought of gaining any beneficial return for ourselves. That’s true maturity. From war-time generals, to kindergarten teachers, no leader, in ANY situation, ever lacked this quality. If he did, he was no leader. Probably not even a very good follower. With the exception of a few tyrants and criminals, history has forgotten the names of every one of these.
                  Thirdly, communism and sacrificial giving are not the same thing. Not even remotely related. Communism uses force to achieve it’s ends of supposed equality. Which ends are a lie, used merely to justify the force used by the tyrants who exercise it.
                  Unselfishness, even to the level of sacrificial giving, is quite the opposite. The motivation comes from within. Or, if one is so disposed to believe, from the Higher Power that guides us. Either way, there is no design on gaining power, or any kind of self-gratifying return in those who practice such unselfishness. They don’t really even do it for the feeling of satisfaction (which may or may not result). They do it because it is the RIGHT thing to do.
                  Right motivation. Right means. Right ends. Nothing has to be justified. Or excused. Or covered by a lie. It simply is what it is. And it IS the right thing to do.
                  Lastly, to say “My life has given ME a lot of pleasure” (emphasis yours), is to demonstrate a profound lack of maturity. And if you truly have found ‘validation’ as a human being in pleasure, as it relates only to self, you have, sadly, settled for a very weak substitute for the genuine article.
                  I still believe you can achieve more. You can BE more. Will you? Time will tell….

                  • BRAVO…Bravo Senor’ Smokin!

                    A masterful response Sir. I – however – think it to be much the same case as ‘casting pearls before swine’.

                    Eiz, there IS a REASON that Humankind has become the APEX species on this planet…cooperation and mutual defence are components of that. The ability to be ’empathic’ is a NECCESSARY aspect of being in near proximity to others, Eh?

                    We are – literally, as group – “Greater than the SUM of our parts.” Perhaps one Greater than I will show forth to you wherein you lack…I hope so. What I have said before I MEAN. Also, REMEMBER THIS…He has way of “Redeeming us” when we least expect it…and the MORE we resist the WORSE the process of that Redemption will always be. I AM living proof of that VERY statement and so yes, “DO AS I SAY…NOT AS I DO!”

                    There are ONLY three kinds of People;

                    The Stupid – those who DO NOT learn from thier mistakes,

                    The Smart – those who DO learn,

                    The Wise – those who LEARN from OTHER people’s MISTAKES!

                    SO CHOOSE…and Profit or Be Damned by your choice thereby.


                  • To add to Okie’s beautiful, thought-provoking post..

                    I Timothy 5:8….Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

                    Where does it say ‘provide for the community moochers’???

                  • Bullshit. I’ll be NOT thinking about that as I’m in my sailboat screaming “SUCKERS” at the top of my lungs drinking Bud Light Platinum “redneck champaign” with my pile o’ gold and cackling, cracking up watching the sheeptards starve to death in the big one.

                  • Ah, whippersnapper, I feel the hatred within you. The real question is, are you Annakin or Luke? Don’t give in to the Dark Side! (and, no, i’m NOT kidding)

                • And you can be a libertarian Genus and still be an ass.

                  • He’s not libertarian in any sense of the word.

                  • Ok, he’s just the ass part then.

          • Probably true for someone like yourself whose own family left town and never told you where they went. Notice how people run when they see you approaching? Ever wonder why that is?

      41. as i said a little over a week ago, my wife and i have begun divorce procedings from our banking institution… all non-digital payment cash has been removed and digital payments are being reduced… snail mail using mo’s or hand-delivering cash is taking the place of auto-withdrawls…

        a few unsupported reports are pegging some of the robbery of Cyprus accounts at 40% to 80% of holdings… Canada has now written language into their laws to do the same… think hard folks… still believe it won’t/can’t happen here..?? yeah, yeah, “but dis ain’t canada man…” have it your way, if you must…

        yes, we both have the means and basic abilities to protect any cash on hand… btw, who said we kept it “on hand” anyway…………..

        pray for the best, prep for the worst


          • That’s right, if you want to play directly into the hands of the communists and voluntarily give them a bank run on a silver platter so that they can step in at the height of the mayhem and take total control of the country, while painting themselves as the all-benevolent rescuers.

            Don’t any of you people have any background in Communist theory and tactics?? It’s all available at your local library for free. Lots and lots of reading material is available to familiarize yourselves with how communists operate. They haven’t changed their tactics or goals — just the titles they apply to their activities.

            Get with the program and educate yourselves so that you know when you’re being baited.

            • Just a short while ago you posted that it was alright with you if those with money lost it to the govt. since you did not have any. make up your mind. Where do you stand as to personal property?

        • Good move, Preacher. No need to leave ourselves vulnerable to the sticky-fingered tyrants. At least not any more than necessary. Wife and I have held less than $100 in our bank for a couple of years. Just enough to keep acct active and allow her to cash our paychecks. Everything else is in tangible assets (not much of them, but they’re tangible)
          We opt not to have direct deposit. Instead, each payday, my employer loads my pay into an account with Comdata. I call her, she fills out a blank check from Comdata (to herself) and cashes it. Once it leaves my employers posession, our money is tied up in the system for no more than 30 minutes, then she has the cash in hand.
          Not a perfect system by any means, since things could crash during that half hour, or the boss’s electronic transfer system could stop working. But, until we fully unplug and go Amish, I guess it’s the best we can do…

      42. Steve Bullock says:

        Hi my name is Steve Bullock .

        I’m the Governor of Montana and I love to suck Zionist Marxist Commie Schlonges .

        I just love em’ !

        ~Steve Bullock – Freemason and MT Traitor

      43. Ham radio is a must in my preps. I have been a Ham for 35 years. I would stay away from anything made in China. American, Japanese or German manufacture for reliability. Yeasu Icom or Kenwood. HF radio with general coverage receiver. I just looked on e-bay and you can have a nice set up for about 350.00.

        Hams, by their nature are preppers. Their motto is when “All else fails we get through” Look on the ARRL website and find a club close to you.They will provide all of the materials that you need to get started. Ask some questions. They dont look at you sideways when you say “just in case”, because that is what they do. Provide emergency communications when all else fails. They do an annual field day in June, where they practice operating in the field. They also have a weather spotter school if that is a concern in your area.
        Solar,generator, or whatever means they can get power. Find a club, mark the date on your calendar, and offer to provide the donuts and coffee.

        It was the original world wide web. As a kid, I spent many hours talking to people from all over the world. In a grid down situation, pandemic or whatever, you can find out what is going on by just listening. Almost all radios operate on 12 V so easy to power them. I will answer any questions that I can Feel free to ask

          • That is a great little rig. Has all of the features that you could ask for. I usually don’t recommend a tri-band just for the fact, if the radio goes down, you are off the air. That being said, Yeasu’s are great, and bullet proof. Its like anything else,the more you spend, the more whistles and bells it is likely to have. I would like to see everyone at least get a basic set up. Sure would be nice to have some contact with the outside world,in case you had to bug in for a long time. Imagine the world goes dark tomorrow, and you have no way to find out what is going on. No internet,no ipad,no smart phone.

            • “I usually don’t recommend a tri-band just for the fact, if the radio goes down, you are off the air.”

              Can you explain this in greater detail, please? I just got my tech and I’m working on my general. Would be nice if we had a SHTF band plan.

              • I have an HF rig. A VHF ( 2 meter) and a UHF. All seperate that way if something happens to one band I can still get one of my buddies attention on another radio if need be. That radio in the link has all bands in one radio. It is cool and tiny but if it goes down and you dont have a back up then what.

                I also have a QRP, rig runs about 3 watts on CW (morse code) and I talk to my dad in WA every weekend. Runs on a 9 volt battery to a full wave dipole antenna. AS far as a band plan there are all kinds of emergency nets as well as just rag chewing hams. Get an HF rig and tune around on 80 meters and you will find out what I mean.

          • I have the Radio Amateurs Handbook from 1923. talk about seeing how far technology has advanced.

        • Hey Clyde, glad to see some one with radio knowledge on board. I have a Vertex Standard VX-454 UHF 400-470 Mhz older model. What makes this different than a base model? Also want to know more about antennas like the wire one and can I rig this up to my radio? If so does that mean I can broadcast farther or does it mean I can receive farther away? I bought this radio for talking to my off road race car buddies during a race and it works real good for that. I also have just scanned and listen in but the farthest I think I have heard from was from one coast to the other. Thanks for any info you have.


        • 14 years ago when I worked for the city of Stockton, Ham radio was real popular. Now everyone relies on cell phones….big mistake. I might get a ham myself. I worked with a guy named Clyde who was went to the round ups etc. When everything (comm) is down… ham is up.

          • Jump in and get started. Hams are happy to help. Cell phone s and i pads only work if everything else does. Grid goes down due to whatever, and you are in the dark, with no way to communicate. At least I will be able to keep in touch with all of my family members. Get info from emergency responders and such.

      44. It is quite possible that someday we pay penalties to have money in the bank. I should say more penalties though. Interest on funds does not begin to keep up with inflation. Every time a new federal reserve note is printed it makes the one you have in the bank worth less. Same for your IRA, 401K, and SS. They take a little everyday, from our children, grandma – all of us.

        Top at Bragg advised to beware of false flag event. It is hard to believe what I see with my own eyes. It is like living in a movie, trying to be the good guy while most of the population is deceived. Wanting, wishing for the happy ending – I am more afraid of our President, his henchmen and those like him in congress than all of North Korea.

        De Oppresso Liber – I never thought we would be the oppressed.

        • De Oppresso, already been there and done that. Had a checking account in Mo. before I moved to the Mountains, so I just left it there, didn’t write any checks or for that matter pay much attention to my statements, had about $900 in the account, then I noticed they were charging me $3.50 per month. Long story short. Closed the account. Trekker Out. Get it while you can!

      45. If you want to get money from an IRA “early” without penalty, look into the 72(t) rule distributions. Google can find info for you.

      46. I would expect 90% fatalities in the first 60 days..It will be beyond anything thinkable. Anyone with medical issues, or old will be the first to go. Secondly,little kids,and very depend people will be next..Beyond that, all types of assults will be the thing most dreaded…armed robberies will be likely the less brash event. Snipers during the daytime hours will be a common even too. You will likely be off-grid so literally nothing but word of mouth will prevail. You can expect armed intrusions. Then you can expect to see the global police raiding your supplies and be carted off under arrest for owning a few boxes of oatmeal and dry milk. Nowhere in USA will be a safe hide out…The heat seeking drones will find us..Map our location and send a teams of “goons” to raid our location in the foothills of South Dakota…Self defense will only be a temporary thing as it would take many ready healthy men to defend a position together….Optimism would be in one of the southern islands of the Philippines…Or maybe northeast Queensland, Australia…for sure the locations globally will be very limited…We must remember that we will have no place to hide in western hemisphere …wrong place to be.. Europe will be worse as we see already

        • NO; get a grip, laws of thermodynamics apply to politics also. They cannot and will not, send a tank battalion to confiscate you Wheaties in Montana. Or cop cars to raid your apartment for Twinkies in New York. They will have way to much to do, it isn’t profitable. Keep your mouth shut and your head down. Will your next door neighbor, yes. The New York Cops already refuse to send out a cop for a robbery less than $2-3,000. Look at TV news, when they do raid something they use 10 cars and forty guys. When it got ugly, all the cops in S Cal were after one guy, there are millions of us.

      47. Today’s News Headlines

        Justin Bieber was traveling in Germany and his pet monkey was quarrantined. The agency, I think it was the Ministry Of Loony American Pop Stars And their Primates, decided to hold the monkey for observation. Bieber himself, was given a banana and sent on his way. The next day, an embarrasesd Ministry Spokesman explained, “We made a horrible mistake. We thought he was travelling with Lady Gaga.”

        Obama’s popularity continues to slip. Latest polls show his approval rating at 47%. The White House has responded by announcing that an additional 3% of Americans will immediately be added to the food stamp rolls.

        A prostitute in Zimbabwe, presumed dead, aparrently came back to life and leaped from her coffin. Shocked bystanders fled in fear. One local citizen remarked, “It seems the most morally bankrupt among us have found a way to cheat death.” There’s a raging debate over whether that’s true, but 16 aged and ailing US Congressmen have flown to Zimbabwe to find out for sure.

        In a shocking video, a Planned Parenthood official argues for parents to have the right to ‘post-birth abortion.’ The next question would be: How long after birth can the ‘abortion’ be done? At first glance, that seems outrageous, but I’m withholding opinion on it til we learn the exact age of the official.

        Well, this sounds fair enough to me- Texas is demanding it’s gold from the feds. Washington isn’t willing to deliver. Government officials, who likely don’t have any gold to fork over, have said “Why not take some of these lovely bonds and t-bills instead? They’re just as good.” Texas sent a furious response to the offer, “Next winter, looks for some heating oil certificates. They’ll be right there in the pipeline where the actual oil used to be. Don’t worry, they’re just as good.”

        • Smokin….Thanks for the update on Justin Beiber. I had to cancel subscriptions to National Enquirer and People Magazine due to economy.

          Haven’t heard much from Bobby Sherman, David Cassidy, or Donny Osmond lately.

          Question to the men: If stranded on a island from shipwreck….Who to choose stranded with: Ginger, or Mary Ann?

          Ugly chooses Mary Ann….She is now in Idaho about 70 minutes from Pocatello, area called Driggs.

          • Definitely Mary Ann!

      48. “Next winter, look for some heating oil certificates. They’ll be right there in the pipeline where the actual oil used to be. Don’t worry, they’re just as good.”

        Now that’s funny…!!!

      49. Bahamas are really nice at this time of year, plenty of fish, good people, some uninhabited islands…

      50. I would like to discuss the true dangers of North Korea in regards to biology attacks in a little more detail and why we all need to be worried. AND we all need to be fully prepared at home with what we need so we don’t have to expose ourselves trying to purchase what we don’t have at home while some super panademic is going on. This of course includes WHEN nature does it without any help from humans.

        First of all because North Korea is so secretive a simple one or two person bio-attack would be extremely difficult to trace to whom released it. The U.S. and other countries will absolutely blame someone and that could be North Korea, Iran, Syria, China, or many others including the mad bio-scientist that decided humanity was too sick to continue. This gives any country hell bent on taking out most of the world the advantage of spreading a very contagious virus anywhere and then blaming someone else, even nature on it. It is difficult to trace and would the U.S. nuke North Korea or someone else while the entire world is sick and dying?

        It is is extremely easy for a terrorist or a foreign enemy to spread a doomsday virus, obtaining the virus is the problem. North Korea could have ONE person or a few individuals do this in any crowd. A frightening book to read talks about this: “Living Terrors, What America Needs to Know to Survive the Coming bioterrorist Catastrophe”, by Michael T Osterholm, Ph.D, M.P.H. and John Schwartz.

        A fictional story in this book talks about a ex-Soviet worker at Vector bio-weapons plant in the USSR and how he immigrated over to the U.S. and brought with him a tiny portion of the smallpox virus in a ballpoint pen hollowed out to keep it contained. The story goes on how he was able to incubate and grow it in regular chicken eggs. It goes into how this one nut made a miniaturize battery operate atomizer (micro-aerosolizer) that would continuously spray a very extremely fine mist of the smallpox witch’s brew in a gaseous state until it was exhausted of its fluid. This psycho wanted money for this and was paid to attack Chicago’s Water Tower Place during the before Christmas sales. He attaches this to near an air circulation unit, leaves it and comes back a couple of days later and trashes the empty unit. About 2 weeks later tens of thousands have smallpox and the virus spreads all over the country and world thereafter.

        Some agent from North Korea could do the same thing, or some muslim terrorist working for North Korea. Someone could simply have a similar device that sprays this type of gaseous fluid from something a lot worse than smallpox. They would not have to place such an object anywhere, they could literally walk around in crowd after crowd and have a much more sophisticated unit that releases this through the fabrics of many types of clothes. The old saying that certain clothes breathe would be that type. Would it be visible, such a fine mist? Probably not. All the thug working for North Korea would have to do is simply visit high density crowds and person after person would be contaminated later to become ill and further contaminate the entire population.

        This is hardly science fiction, as the mere fact that such an event was written in a top selling book means that this type of scenario is already all the drawing board for a country like North Korea that has almost every bio-weapon known to man and wants to destroy their “enemy”. Would Porky in North Korea consider such an attack? Absolutely, because Porky would think he could get away with it. Porky would even sacrifice many of his own people catching it to show the world that his country is a victim also.

        This is why when they talk about North Korea launching some ICBM with an EMP device destined to hit the U.S. I say maybe, but probably not. When I think of a super secret hermit country launching a bio-attack that is difficult to trace back to them, to destroy the world’s civilization that has “all” turned on North Korea, I say absolutely possible if not likely. IF North Korea is attacked I would almost certainly say that days later all sorts of strange sickenesses are going to pop up all over the place. As a prepper/survivalist this is something that MUST be considered and planned for by avoiding exposure to others at all cost, especially if war does break out on the Korean Peninsula.

        • Be informed
          We can’t expect less from such a sociopathic nation.
          The North Koreans would march straight into the jaws
          of hell if it would stroke their ego a bit to do so.
          Their people are willing to starve for the “cause” of
          the “Butterball turkey with a head” that leads them.

        • BI

          Spot on, great piece on realistic scenarios. NK and Syria have been “allies” for many years. Pretty much everyone acknowledges that the Syrians have the largest bio-weapons stockpile in the world. Im pretty sure they would have shared that information, but not certain. I watched the MSM news, and the talking heads never mentioned once the threat that little round ball may have some nasty things in his arsenal. Maybe he sold some of the nuclear material to the muslim terrorist for a dirty bomb ?? Lots of different ways for this to play out, but Im with you, keep your eyes on this crazy situation.

        • BI…You are spot on. The fact that we haven’t seen a chimera of biologics raise its ugly head does not mean it does not exist. There are so many nasties out there that most people are not aware of that could easily be weaponized (hell, have been weaponized).

          Not only could a handful of well placed, infected persons do the trick, but our water supply is unbelievably vulnerable to pathological invasion, especially on the viral/RNA/prion level.

          The problem is there is no solid place to go online to get straight facts about outbreaks compliments of MSM only reporting when they are given info, which could be days or weeks after the fact. I would put a 90% certainty that if a biologic is released, we won’t be told shit until it is well underway. USAMRID, CDC and numerous other institutions are all under govt control and I would put a 90% certainty that if a biologic is released, we won’t be told shit until it is well underway.

          If a biologic is on the horizon, I would encourage everyone to get masks, nitrile gloves, bleach, and ethyl alcohol….then avoid contact with outside people at all costs at the onset. Remember, most pathogens have an incubation period in which the person is asymptomatic but extremely contagious. Bleach, alcohol and fire are effective for most pathogens, not all. All of your preps are worth nothing, if you don’t have the basics of first aid.

          Be safe…and happy Easter to all.

        Read more at http://investmentwatchblog.com/u-s-department-of-homeland-security-has-told-banks-in-writing-it-may-inspect-safe-deposit-boxes-without-warrant-and-sieze-any-gold-silver-guns-or-other-valuables-it-finds-inside-those-boxes/#E3HKG6z0xHfBZOHc.99

        • Sometimes people do things that cannot be undone. It’s usually something the person thinks is small, but it’s heaped on top of so many other things, it’s the straw that tumbled the tower.

          And that’s when things are over…permanently. The door is closed and locked. Don’t knock on it again.

          May we both get exactly what we deserve.


          • @Karma

            As the cia puppet prez barry sotoro said to his gay boyfriend in a city of shitcago gay bathhouse just prior to killing him and two other male gay prostitutes .

            blow me .

            Steve Bullock a Freemason an NWO Zionist Schill

      52. Don’t know if anyone has posted this yet– been outta pocket due to the kiddo with a severe allergic reaction to an OTC medication this week..


        This is so many words says that depositors– aka unsecured creditors, will have to take a loss along with shareholders in the event of a bank going under the US..

        Its coming folks– as the document says they’ve basically stuck it to taxpayers all they can…

        • Can you give the page numbers of interest? Thanks.

        • Howdy CL,

          Sorry to hear about that ‘reaction’…hope it’s all well.

          Those who have abasic grasp of what’s been going on in th world at lasrge are getting MIGHTY nervous about what we’ve been seeing of late to be sure. Has ANYONE here have suggested – as little a s year ago, seriously – that any such as you mention was going to COME here they’d have been laughed off the board – not so much as a ‘chuckle’ now. This is not going to ‘improve’…THAT’S not the ‘game plan’ here folks. If you would like to get a preview of what’s coming see the post below…at the page bottom…


          • OOPS!

            Tired…can’t even get my own ‘handle’ right tonight. ;(


            • We know who ya are, and we love you anyway! Happy Son Day, JOG. The tomb is EMPTY.

              • YES, IT IS!!

                Thank God!


        • Taxpayers should have all the government protections afforded to other minorities.

      53. Hey, does anyone know how secure the fed government TSPs are? Some of my guys are deeply invested in their TSPs for their retirement.

        • Regardless what Uncle Sam has for investments like T Bills your going to get your money. The problem is what value does the money have when you get it? There lay the problem and everyone is looking for an investment vehicle to keep up with inflation / currency devaluation. Even if an investment supposedly tracks the CPI the inputs into the official inflation rate are cherry picked so the output is obviously inaccurate.

          Good luck finding something and if you come up with some ideas please share them.

        • EXACTLY as safe as all the rest. You think they can default on 50 million people on food stamps, or 11 M on disability, or Social Sec, or whatever and still do TSP? Don’t be stupid; it’s ALL good until it isn’t; then it’s all bad. If the Gov goes bad; no stock, bond, bill or cash is worth anything. How can it be any other way? It’s all just printed.

        • It’s as safe as all the other savings accounts in this country.

          I’m taking a distribution now, month by month, just to get it out of the fund where the gov’t can’t touch it.

      54. @ Don’t Tread. There is so much pressure built up right now on the southern San Andreas that WHEN it snaps there will be absolutely no time for most anyone to make an exodus until after the shaking stops. I really feel that when the southern end goes so with it the central part, meaning a 8.1-8.4. IF this jumps the creep zone to the north and most if not all of the faults breaks, close to a 9.0. The Cascadia fault will follow if it has not already broken. Most people will have no chance of getting to a safe place east of california and will likely be set up into horrible refuge type FEMA camps in the desert regions of southern California. Others will fight for escape from LA type condtions.

        Same conditions in the New Madrid fault zones as most cities throughout the regions are linked by bridges that will become rubble in the old Mississippi River. Likely most people will remain and die where they were during the start of the shaking unless they have some serious survival training and the means to bug out to a safer location. Those that have taken precautions to be ready for some serious shaking to their home and has lots of supplies and good self defense will fare much, much better and probably make it.

        It sure feels like the end times mainly because of not just one SIGN, but many. The planet and the solar system goes through cycles as durango kidd has many times mentioned. The mere fact that so many different events are unfolding together is something that by mere chance does not really happen too often. You have not just the earthquakes, but increases in vulcanism, the war footing of so much of the world, the economy sucks, the population has exploded to over 7 billion and resources are being depleted rapidly (especially food and clean water), the very way people are behaving and the decay of society and civilization as a whole, space and the solar system with the increase of comets and meteorites, and other minor indications.

        What is so interesting to me is that only 1% see fit to prepare for this, and the other masses are even more buried in the sand than ever before. I mean growing up that number of people preparing was at least 10-30% as I can’t really remember the exact number, but people took prepping seriously. Now people just know that nothing is going to happen. They really believe this with little left that their minds have, that nothing bad enough is going to happen that will not be fully recoverable by their friend the government. Just the stupidity of so much the of the population should be an indication of end times as stupid people don’t live too long.

        • And God sent them strong delusion, that they might believe a lie…

          • Thank God, I’m not in any direct line of those faults, BI.

            If i were, and had been following your posts, my shit would have been already moved.

            Keep up the good work, and stay strong.

      55. Just one little part from RUSSIA’S KGB Massive Play Book.

        To change the perception of reality of every American to such an extent that despite of the abundance of information, no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves, their families, their community and their country.

        It’s a great brainwashing process which goes very slow, and it is divided in four basic stages. The first one being demoralization. It takes from 15-20 years to demoralize a nation. Why that many years? Because this is the minimum number of years it takes to educate one generation of students in the country of your enemy.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Righto you are! A perfect example of demoralizing our students are these high school “projects” in which the students must, as a graduation requirement, design and implement a community service project. So many of the students now come from homes that value neither education nor community volunteering that most of them are unhappy about being forced to “be nice” and work without pay. It makes them one thing and one thing only: cynical and demoralized. As it turns out, this community service nonsense in just re-warmed, one hundred year old socialism. The students learn nothing from it, they resent having to do it, they see it as childish, they manipulate it and expoit it to look good for colleges, and some even use it to steal donations made to their “projects.”

          Sincere volunteerism and altruism comes from one source and one source only: the family. If the family values giving back to the community, then the child learns it from the parents and continues it as a value and tradition with their own future families.

          Socialism has permeated our school system to such a degree that there is no longer effective learning of reading, writing, and arithmetic taking place. There are classroom parties taking the place of learning phonetics and the alphabet in the lower grades, along with classroom and all-school movies being shown on an almost weekly basis. How can any learning take place when the available time is spent on entertaining, disciplinary problems, teaching experiments, self-esteem building, and environmental field trips to pick up other people’s garbage?

          The schools have replaced parents to such a degree that the schools now feed, entertain, watch over, console, counsel, and babysit students virtually from the time the child makes their way to school until they drag home long after traditional “supper” time. This phenomenon is unhealthy, destructive of the family unit, and destructive of our free society as a whole. In other words, precisely what the KGB hopes to achieve.

      56. Well, BI, I took my canned goods in mason jars off the new shelving and put them back in their cardboard boxes–on the closet floor– against walls– and stacked only 3 high.
        Easier than building a riser around the new shelving.
        Not as easy to get to, but minus the glass and food mess if we survive a Madrid earthquake.
        Have a nice Resurrection day, everyone.

      57. IT’S ILLEGAL TO BE A 8 yr old CHILD IN ISREAHELL (Isreal).

        Your billions of Tax Dollars at work AmeriKa pay for the Isreahell IDF Army Troops to terrorize CHILDREN and Imprison them for months in Solitary Confinement JUST FOR WALKING TO SCHOOL and being Palestinian !?

        WTF AmeriKa !?

        Oh it can’t happen here ? in AmeriKa ? Guess who’s Now Training AmeriKan Police Dept.’s , Across AmeriKa in NWO Police Terror Citizens Techniques WITH DHS $$$ GRANTS – ISREAHELL !

        Aged eight, wearing a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt, and placed in Israeli custody
        27 Palestinian children never made it to school this week; IDF troops lay in ambush for them on the streets of Hebron.http://desertpeace.wordpress.com/2013/03/30/its-illegal-to-be-a-child-in-palestine/

        Steve Bullock a Freemason an NWO Zionist Schill

        • Now you see why 6 million jews got killed.
          Hey…it did not happen for no reason.
          There must have been some reason the German people were so eager to get rid of these people.

          I’m not saying it was right….but I’m just saying… How you treat others….it comes back at you 100 fold.

          • Now we see why you won’t survive the first week of SHTF. Every time you approach your neighbors about prepping, they’re all, like “Um, gee, no, we’d rather not wear those swastika armbands; they’re just not our thing, you know? Aryans are the real victims? Uh, no, that’s all right, we gave at the office, see ya!” (Then they slowly back away…)

            Then, when SHTF, and they’re all huddled together considering what to do now: “Say, wasn’t that Nazi freak down the road always going on about how he was prepping against the day when Zoglomites or whatever the hell he called ’em were coming to take his stuff? I bet that guy’s sitting on a huge hoard of supplies that he has no intention of sharing. It’s him or us, right? And we never liked him anyway for being such a racist nutbag, did we? Let’s go sneak up on him–he can’t stay awake all the time–and take him out. Then there’ll be one less Nazi in the world, and we’ll all live another day, and we can use his place as a guest house for your relatives who’re on their way here.”

            Then, since you really are as hateful and un-neighborly as they claim and therefore completely isolated, there’ll be no one to rescue you or even avenge you when they all break into your house and stab you to death in your bed and chop up your corpse and feed it to their pets because there’s no point in letting all that free meat go to waste just because they’re not cannibals. Just to rub it in further, they’ll get away with murdering you because nobody likes you anyway, and you’ll be stewing in your hatred in Hell for all eternity because Jew-hatred is and always was a displacement of God-hatred and therefore you’re no Christian whatever you pretend and God doesn’t like you either.

            • Insha Allah’

              Praise Allah the Merciful

              an Thanks Be to Mohammad the Prophet I’m a Born Again Muslim then .

              ;0P pssszzt

        • You know, it may not be illegal to be a retarded Nazi faggot on here, but that doesn’t mean we’re obliged to listen to you.

          • FUNNY, you are a slave to the jewish bankers and don’t even know it. I feel sorry for you ..drinking the liberal cool aid.

            • Funny, you’re sucking the Indonesian Kenyan usurper’s cock by supporting his policies toward Israel even as you pretend to boycott his economy. I’m sure you know how that Nazi leftard Kool-Aid tastes, since you guzzle a gallon of it freshly squeezed from his cock every day. He’s in bed with the banksters, no doubt about that, but you’re the ones who are his catamites and, by extension, theirs.

              And did I mention a lot of those banksters are actually fat sweaty Southern guys these days? It’s like Deliverance all over again with you, except that they wear much more expensive clothing while telling you “You can do better ‘n that! C’mon, boy, squeal: EEEEEEEEE!!!” You racist retards deserve each other.

          • @rte

            nazi ?

            i’m scottish not german .

            and i’m of royal blue blood stock .

            i’m more a pacifist naturalist monk than a nazi genocidal war monger .

            MAYBE ITS YOU WHO’S THE NAZI as you seem to have no problem with what da’ isreahell jews are doing to innocent defenseless children in palestine THE childrens OWN HOMELAND OF 2000 YEARS now stolen by armed force by the jews ! unlike the jews who have only been there for the last 60 years .


            i rest my case .

      58. Greeting Everyone!
        “Things are for a certainly getting damp around here…”
        Reported to have been said by a passenger in steerage as the Titanic kept taking on water after the “iceberg thing” happened.
        There are too many things going so very wrong that it’s impossible to predict what’s gonna happen NEXT.
        Change is in the air.”Heading for the hills” may just get you death in form or another.I fear that whether by war,sickness,natural events or just plain human stupidity,the future looks bleak Earth-wide.I do wonder however,what TPTB have planned.So many CEO’s,CFO’s,and general overall head honchos have decided to “retire” it makes me say hummm.Not unlike what the Wealthy passengers did in the early moments of the Titanic’s disaster.THEY were given berths on the few lifeboats,sometimes only a few people to a boat(they didn’t want to feel “crowded” as they went to a safe distance to watch the horrors unfold!).I’m guessing we’re gonna see similar “events” coming soon.

        I could be wrong(it would be a nice turn of events!)and we’ll ALL reach harbor nice and safe after the storm.
        HOWEVER I’ve got my “towel” ready.
        What about ya’ll?
        No need you say?
        Well,Bless your heart,sweetie,Jesus still loves you!
        Nevertheless,I have only ONE towel dearie!
        And I’m using it for Me,myself and I(and that’s two too many!

      59. Interesting, while looking for gas masks, it looks like maybe the DHS has been buying all these up as well. The top end ones I was scrolling through were all out of stock.


      60. @Durango Kid ~ I have Cayces books, I have Scallions map of the U.S. after the earth changes, and I have studied and read many prophecies, including the bible. Remember what Cayce said about Japan? He said that the greater portion of Japan must go into the sea. I believe we are living in the earth changes. As the West and East coast, as well as the states along the Mississippi collapse, the people that are left will be driven inland. I am glad I am among the 1% – 3% that prep, as well as everyone here on this site. There must be a plan, a reason why we are all living during this timeframe. I do try to be grateful and stop and look at a beautiful sunrise or sunset.

        • I have mentioned Cayce’s statement here a number of times.

        • Emily–I think like that about us too…there must be a plan that 1% of us are preparing for …whatever.
          Only He knows.

          • I live on the eastern seaboard and still have my chestwaders. Let it rock!

      61. Ever noticed how on Easter Sunday and Christmas Day the planet calms down and kind of rests? Did some checking on major earthquakes on either of these days for the past 40 years. 6.5+ earthquakes on Easter or Christmas:

        Easter Sunday:

        April 15, 1979- 6.9 Yugoslavia
        April 3, 1983- 7.1 Costa Rica
        April 23, 2000- 7.0 Northern Argentina
        March 31, 2002- 7.1 China
        April 4, 2010- 7.2 Northern Mexico/California border region

        Christmas Day:
        1975- 6.6 New Guinea
        1978- 6.5 Malaysia
        1995- 7.1 Indonesia
        2003- 6.9 Vanuatu, and 6.5 Costa Rica
        2010- 7.3 Vanuatu

        Tomorrow it will have been 21 days since a 6.5+ has hit the planet, this is a long time. With all the activity on so many plate boundaries something quite large is building. Maybe the planet will wait until April Fool’s Day to let loose something massive. In 2007 there was a 8.1 in the Soloman Islands, 1998 had two, one in Indonesia 7.0, and 6.7 in Chile, and 1987 a 7.0 in Souther Bolivia on April Fool’s Day. It really can’t go much longer, something large enough to affect most plate boundaries of the world the past 3 weeks is coming.

        • @ BI,
          Thanks for the thoughts and stats.

          I just saw on Drudge that Australia, notrmally an ally of the US just set up a deal with China to trade not using the US dollar. Country after country are setting up the same agreements. This will continue to speed up the upcoming economic collapse. Cyprus, Euro troubles, US debt, countries moving away from the US dollar, Syria, Iran, North Korea being powder kegs, earthquakes of massive strength, the US government and DHS preparing for domestic war…the list is long and seemingly never ending.

          All of these factors contributing to the upcoming collapse. Any of which could trigger it.

          Please prepare as fast as you can people. It may take a year or it may happen this week. Don’t be caught with your pants down when it happens.

          On a day like today where we celebrate Jesus’s gift to us on the cross I can’t think of a time in history where we need that gift more.

          God bless you all and Happy Easter!


      62. Morning BI,

        Thanks Friend…an interesting ‘read’ as it were. In truth I’ve never stopped to think about such! I’ve been wondering about what we’ve been NOT seeing lately, I share your concern – broadly. We are now 16 days since the last GRB….which MAY play into what has not happened lately.

        Inasmuch as the PM is still absent and that which I had tried to communicate to you via ‘back-channel’ (and thought had been…erroneously) I’ll be forthright here as to such.

        Some very recent specultions on the DEEP Earth go as follows; Aside from the long-accepted notion that the ‘core’ is a mass of Iron-Nickel it is know being considered that it may have additional constituent elements. Specifically, it is known that Iridium – though extraordinarily rare on the surface of the Earth except for the KT boundary – is plentiful extra-terrestrailly. Where then is all the Iriduim that SHOULD be here on Earth? As it happens same has a noted affinity for anything related to Iron. The surmise then goes that at a much earlier period in the Earth’s develoment when all was significantly more a homogenous mix and same was still molten that the bulk of the terrestial iron compounds ‘sank’ to form the core. The reason I inclusded the mention of the Iridium is that Iridium is HEAVY…the densest element at room temperature known to man, heavier even than Osmium (determined through X-ray crystallography).

        Iridium is NOT the only very dense elemnet in the ‘zoo’ however…most of the trans-uranics are also nearly as dense also. To be sure we see large deposits of those distributed across the world…accessible to mining techniques, but it is frequently the case that these don’t (as compounds) have quite the density of the parent elemnts. Still, it begs the question, “Are there more in the terrestrial make-up than we know?”

        THIS is where a certain conjecture had it’s start (partially) as well as the oddity which is the Earth’s strong, life-sustaining magnetic fields. Several physical models for that field have been proposed but none have been validated especially well. Another ‘oddity’ at hand is the observed internal temperature of the Earth…some several thousand degree’s (extrapolated to extreme depth’s). It is the case that – like most of the other rocky planets in the solar system already have – the Earth should have cooled over time, over the 4 billion years, through simple heat loss. As a ‘whole thing’ we simply DON’T have a good explanation for all three of these things as a tandem.

        UNLESS, we consider that the TU’s I mentioned above – to some as yet unknown extent – also ‘sank’ during the history of the early Earth. The surmise currently is that there might WELL exist a very small ‘sub-core’ within that which seismology tells us is at the center of it all, the 800 mile-wide Iron-rich ‘core’ we knmow of, which might be only 3-10 miles wide and which could be LOADED with TU element’s. Were THAT so, then the anomalous temperatures which we observe today would have a ready explanation….nuclear generated heat. Yes, the surmise is that the tiny core at the center might well be a ‘natural nuclear reactor’…similar to what the South of Africa was about 1 billion years ago.

        The point of ALL the proceeding is this; I have over time – in a cursory way – watched the activity we see here – seismically – rise and fall with the occurance of the stronger variety’s of the GRB’s we note…but not in tune with them. Instead COUNTERPOINT to those occurances. The more the GRB’s happen the less seismic we seem to see…the LESS GRB’s, the MORE seismic we seem to observe. Whew! Friend, I would give much to be able to converse with you directly…this is NOT where I would prefer to ‘hash this out’.

        Consider that if the core of the Earth heated- ever so slightly – then what would result? We can easily see that the effect of such (without too much thought) would be a tendency for expansion yes? Were that so, then the Plate boundar’s would see a LESSENING of the pressure’s they would normally see. The contrary is true as well…a cooling would engender a state of affairs such that a ‘shrinkage’ – however slight – would occur in the body of the planet which would FORCE the edge’s of the semi-rigid plates against each other MORE forcefully, Eh?

        The point is that with the RECENT observations that radio-nucleiides here on Earth ‘know’ when a major solar flare is about to occur…a change in the observed half-life’s (something IMPOSSIBLE in light of Physics as we know it) then it could very WELL be that case that the waxing and waning we see in the broad cycles of seismicity – broadly – MIGHT be associated therewith, with the occurance of MEASUREABLE GRB’s by a reasoning not dissimillar. ‘SOMETHING’ occurs…this we know and since – at the root of ALL phenomena in nature – it is the case that gravity is regnent then eventually we are going to find that there ARE particle interactions – as yet unkwown to us – that stand as the sources of what we see…perhaps a neutrino burst, perhaps a manifestation of ‘dark matter’…we simply do NOT now know….food for thought here Friend. Well, it’s late and I am weary this eve…till later.


        PS: Forgive me any typo’s herein, therefor…Oh, and the Sumatra thing was associated with an extraordinarily powerful GRB..perhaps a simple ‘trigger’ as it were.

        • Herr Dr JOG,
          Hope I’m not butting in, but I must say-
          Fascinating theory! Admittedly, I had to read it more than once to get the gist of it. This might be a platform on which to build later, more detailed, explanations of many of things which still elude us concerning the blue marble on which we reside. The earth does appear to live and breathe as a unit. A full explanation of its stretching and groaning is still quite a mystery to many of us. Most especially certain okies of the tribe. 🙂

          • SMOKIN’!!!!

            What the Hell you doing up so LATE? 😉

            Good Morning Friend, I AM NOT disturbed by your intrusion… I always have time for those who are ‘mindful’ 🙂

            To be sure…THERE IS MUCH that we do NOT know. I had previously asked Mac to forward somesuch to BI…but it appears that our good friend is VERY ‘shy’ about all such…with GOOD reason, obviously.

            To this day there remains MYSTERY in the World around us. Most of the Time I am content with what I DO know…at other times I ‘chafe at the bit’ as it were. THIS is one such time. I can ‘see’ something going on but cannot quantify it anywhere near suffuciently well. To be sure…I would require a HUGE amount of ‘horsepower’ to even make a dent in any such…many, many databases of data…well beyond me…and time grows short (see below).

            I have mentioned – many times – that I AM grateful for your wit Friend….to a HUGE extent. You are ‘one in a million’ Sir! I will remember you and many others here till I draw my last breath. I have been Honored to make the acquaintence of so many of the “Great-Souled” of the World here…in such a small place! My Thanks therfor…

            Tis late Friend, I must bid you ‘Good Evening’

            “Peace be upon Thee and Thy House, Forever. Amen.”


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      64. Good Morning All,

        Time grows shorter every day now…soon I will be absent from you. There are VERY many here I wiss miss: BI, DK, Daisy, BPD, Kindle…and a host of others…also sweet Emily!

        In the course of time my opinions as to what is to come have changed radically. Up and to 2009 I beleived that it might yet be possible for the oncoming train-wreck to be avoided…no longer. As a rational ADULT then my rsponsibilities become centered on the preservation of those whom I love – as well as myself – from the Hell which will soon come. Being rational – which means being able to THINK – means that I must do ALL that I can DO to effect that end…such now nears it’s final stages before the actual activation of my response’s. The detail’s of that series of response’s are naturally private…I will discuss nothing related thereto with anyone here…or elsewhere…be so advised.
        Don’t ask…I WON’T tell…

        It is my fondest hope to someday meet some of you, in the ‘flesh’, as it were. I hope that what is coming now will be long-passed if such happens so that we can sit comfortably in Peace and Safety and speak in simple friendship. Tonight is not ‘good-bye’, I will for some few weeks be hereabouts…mostly watching. If any here need to bespeak me, do so and I will respond as I can.

        I have thought long and deeply on what is transpiring sround us today, what we see broadly. I am unable to conclude that Humankind will swerve drom the path it has – seemingly – chosen…so be it. I AM not reponsible for the nightmare which has become America as we see it now…I WILL NOT be ‘put to the sword’, NOR WILL ANY of ‘mine’ when THAT time comes. With forethought comes solutions…good luck to you with those you have crafted for yourselves, I Truly hope for the best for each of you who have prepared.

        “May the Lord Bless and Keep Thee, and Thine as well.”


        What follows is a carefully considered bit of thought about ‘What Is Coming’…you might wish to read through it, it is – IMHO – a fairly close description of the possibilities which are becoming manifest today. I debated as to whether to post this ‘open-forum’ inasmuch as it is rather long…forgive me if it seems excess; I have waited till the end of an active forum to post it herein. My final thought before posting it was simply …to give warning – explicitly. Thus,

        I’m rapidly begining believe that ‘finality’ is fast approaching, for a
        variety of reasons. Here’s a good question to ask oursleves at this point;

        “How does one steal, say, a trillion dollars and live to tell about it?”

        As everyone knows, you might successfully get away with stealing
        100,000 or more and get off without getting caught…even you might do it
        for a billion or two (Jon Corzine and all the fallout thereafter).
        But a TRILLION?

        All know that beyond a certain point ‘THEY’ WILL find you…one way or
        another. The hell of it is that I’m seeing some real quantifiable stuff
        going on – NOW – that would fit the exact pattern one would neccessarilly
        HAVE to employ were such thier actual intent…think about it: How would
        YOU go about stealing a trillion (or more), some very SPECIFIC things would
        have to happen were you to have any chance of actually getting away with it.
        One of those steps would have to be – near the end – a vast accumulation of
        ‘money’ in various institutions from which same could be effectively
        ‘vaporized’; without a clear trail as to the specifics, the actual “Wealth”
        long before having been removed previously to ‘islands of safety’. January’s
        H,6 from the FED shows a huge buildup of cash at Wells-Fargo, which is more
        technically a Bank in the proper sense than some monstrousity like JPM or
        GS, and as such must still conform to the relevant standards and reporting
        which underlies the H,6. By ‘vast’ what I mean specifically here is 180+
        Billion in excess deposits (money unloaned out and accumulating) over the
        course of only 60 days!?!?!?! In a word, “Im-fucking-possible.”

        I watch a wide variety of things and though not expert (in most) I am
        versed in many things which most are not. That said – and I have already
        alluded to this in forum – “What are we missing here?” The entirety of the
        current gun-grabbing effort is beginning to strike me as wholly contrived
        and assiduously so. Our attention IS being diverted wholesale from
        EVERYTHING else, EVERYWHERE else…isn’t it?

        So then, back to the question,

        “How would I – or anyone else – steal such a sum…the ‘Wealth’ that is?”

        A probale sequence of events which would HAVE to occur, follow:

        1) Become placed so you are most directly in the deepest revenue stream
        available. (Direct Buyers of the FED)

        2) Neutralize any regulatory mechansims such that their efforts towards
        you ARE futile (Mary Shapiro, SEC, FTC, CBOT)

        3) Acquire rights/holdings ‘beyond’ the reach of the judiciary of the
        intended target (they are not making any more LAND are they?)*

        4) Cautiously move – over time – the real wealth (tangibles here,
        including PM) to those ‘secured’ locations

        5) Create – again slowly – a circumstance of plausible deniability
        such that the fingers aren’t pointed at you post-facto (The system
        is SO Complex, HFT did IT!!!!…on the NANEX everyday now, courtesy
        of ZH.)

        6) Arrange for a stalling in the flow of money in Institutions over
        which you have effective control but no public stake (Wells-Fargo
        and others, the rabbit hole goes VERY DEEP here…as I have alluded
        to previously.)

        7) Set in place a variety of mechanisms to effectively obfuscate the
        actual “Wealth” transfers involved in preparation for the magician’s
        ‘trick’, the vanishing act at the very end…not the MONEY… the
        WEALTH Remember here; the trick at the end is always a two-part
        affair, the ‘sleight-of-hand’ that draws the observer’s attention
        AWAY from the actal trick followed by the ‘trick’ itself. ( I am
        worried that this is the current point which we are nearing in the
        ‘Game’ now…Gun-control, EO’s NDAA…).

        The last stage of this troubles me the most, for it is here that we
        are confronted by a terrifying fact: NO ONE can steal so much and
        NOT GET CAUGHT…eventually when the theft is known – and as it is
        effectively a theft from EVERY living person on Earth – where are
        the thieve’s going to run to…Mars?

        The forgoing are ALL associated with GETTING the “Wealth…the LAST
        is assocaited with KEEPING it.

        actual, later discovery of the Truth…

        At this last point you have two – and only two options, make NO
        mistake as to this last point – either you successfully render
        those from whom you have stolen incapable of acting against you
        (forcibly) by the removal of the means to to so……..or you DO
        something ‘ELSE’. In light of mankind’s current grasp of genetic
        engineering I find the existent trends we see all around us RIGHT
        NOW to be BEYOND sobering….I HAVE mentioned the relocation of the
        CDC’s premier class IV facilities to Manhattan, Kansas recently?

        Additionally, there are ‘modifiers’ potentially existent in the
        foregoing; To wit, if you can ACTUALLY disarm those from whom you
        are stealing then it might be the case that you can – through force
        of arms later- effectively retain what you have stolen, else……
        what then? This plays into the 3rd point listed above and modify’s
        it accordingly…it is however contingent on point 7 above being
        effectively implemented and a failure thereat means a neccessary
        reversion to “ELSE”

        ‘Prep’ like your life depends on it…I beleive it DOES.


        • You seem to be rather full of yourself. You also seem to be cherry-picking certain pieces of publicly available information and assigning to them a sinister intent without any actual proof. Are you jealous that you are not part of the typically quite noble segment of our country that keeps the rest of us safe and secure while we sleep? I question whether you have ever actually known any of the unsung, quiet heroes who keep this country safe and functioning.

          Are you an agent of influence for the Russian intelligence service?

          • Hah!

            Are you?…

            Normally I don’t trouble myself to respond to an “Anon” handle (unless the thought is very GOOD) for the simple reason that in order to be OF a COMMUNITY one must be KNOWN.

            Hiding behind the Anon and asserting any such as you have is a simple act of cowardice…on several levels. IF you are a Person of Substance then come here,…to ‘See’ and to be ‘Seen’…else return from whence you came, you’ll find no community here to participate in for you do not understand what it means to ‘commune’ with your fellows. Good day Sir, or otherwise, as the case may be..And God’s Grace ‘pon you!

            Entirely ‘Nuff Said…


            • Right,and just one guy really tells everybody about yourself. What difference does it make? they’re both phony stage names,if you don’t use your real name than you’re as big a coward as those you accuse of being.

            • JustOneGuy,

              Thank you for all the info and insight you have shared with us. I am so sorry to hear that you will be leaving. You will be missed.

              But, I wish you and your family the very best. May God bless and guide you!

              KY Mom

        • JOG,
          Time does grow short. I don’t believe the train wreck can be avoided, maybe slowed down or prolonged, but not stopped.

          I have been in heavy reflection and ponderence of the times we find ourselves in. There was a time in my life where I would not say “goodbye” to someone I had come to care about. Goodbye’s always had a way of tearing me up so I simply refused to utter the words.

          Over time, I came to be able to say things like “until we meet again or see you on the other side.” There is always hope that we might one day meet up somewhere, somehow. I choose to believe that we will be able to recognize one another even if we have never formally met in the flesh.

          Thanks for all your wonderful posts, knowledgem friendship, compassion and humor. We all must walk the path that is before us. We carry the words and memories of those that have been in and have drifted through our lives. They can warm us and give us pause on our journey.

          Take care and see ya on the other side,

          • I was pondering on the right words to say to JOG, in light of his upcoming departure. Since you have said it so well, Kindle; I will just say to JOG, these are my sentiments exactly.

            We all must sail our own ship, and do what we feel is best. Whether right or wrong, we won’t know for sure until we get to the other side.

            Wishing you a safe journey;

          • Howdy Kindle!!

            Mt ‘fledgling’! 😉

            I am FLATTERED at the response that you all have brought forth today…I am humbled to feel so appreciated Friends…ALL of you!! How goes it for you this fine SON-Day? Well, I hope!!

            “We all must walk the path that is before us. ”

            Truer words were never spoken Friend, there is MUCH wisdom in such as those. I too am loath to leave such good company but it is time to begin to respond to what we see about us. Yhose that depend upon me do just that; It is my mandate to be the shield in front of them should any horror comes our way…l WILL stand in the FRONT RANK if that is the fate He assigns to me. My worry is now more – actaully – for those who remain here. There IS safety to be had – True Safety – but it does not lie near to the dwellings of Man…REMEMBER this please…should the mopment come when you must needs decide ‘pon such. Little else can I say here for the obvious reasons. I am saddened that we could not have gotten p the PM here in time to speak further… THAT is NOT in any wise to be taken as a ‘slight’ upon Mac! I KNOW how busy he is running this marvelous place for us all and how musdh work it requires.

            Yay Mac, Keep on Keepin’ On Brother!!! My eternal Thanks Bro!!

            BI and I – BOTH – are of ONE mind on the ramifications of what MIGHT come…I do not assert here that it will come in a week or even a month or more…BUT it will come. Mankind STEADFASTLY refuses to ‘look within’ to see the Truth; whenever it happens that Truth is DENIED Horror will follow…it has ever been so, forever more will it be. Thus, now, I fear more for thee and thine than I do for me and mine.

            WATCH, WAIT…Think Thrice…Only THEN ACT.

            That is the single and sole advice I can leave to you all here…pay attention to your instincts…your first impressions are nearly always correct in my estimation!

            You – and All the others here who are also of the better nature will be in my prayers, wherever I go, forever…


        • ~~In light of mankind’s current grasp of genetic
          engineering I find the existent trends we see all around us RIGHT NOW to be BEYOND sobering…~~

          OMG…I have been saying this to my dh for months!!!
          It MUST be the plan—why bother destroying the world with any destructive means like nuclear??–just eliminate the problem, humans.
          Disposing of millions of bodies is lots quicker than restoring contaminated soils.

          • Howdy JayJay!!

            “The rabbit hole goes DEEP here…”

            I have dwelt ‘pon this for some time – as apparently have you! I cannot see how the rapidlty dwindling, easily accessible resources can be parceled amongst Humanity in any equitable fashion that would be satisfactory to all…therefor WAR. The “invisibles’ which rule the World have known of this for a very long time by the reasoning I described some several forums ago. Knowing that – for as long as they have, probably over 40 (or more) years, what would be thier response?
            THAT is a horrifying question to answer…for me at least. Might you should read ‘back a bit Hon… CAREFULLY. The logic of this is – IMHO – inelluctible. Thus and so, I DO as I must. At this point waiting for the literal ‘Sign from Above’ may be tha Doom of many…

            I will be about for a bit yet – as said – mostly watching. Fare Well Friend…Thou art also in my prayers!


        • Everyone has gotta do what he sees in his heart as the answer…whatever your plan is,right or wrong you have my support and understanding(not that you need it or even want it,its just my way of saying I get it)I pray its the correct choice and in the end it works out as you intended and you and yours are safe and prosperous in the long run!I have my plan and you yours and others theirs…whos to say who is right and who is wrong when it comes to a mans/womans plans…Im sure youve thought all this through and have weighed the pros and cons…as Ive read your thoughts over time I conclude that you are a thinker and not given to rash actions…I raise my proverbial glass to yours and to your success! 🙂

        • That does it. I am putting all my money in tin foil.

      65. Whew-Boy…here we go,

        The prelude to the ‘End-game’,


        Aside from the fact that any value the market may have had to INVESTORS is long expended in the run to the top we have seen, it is the case that those who had SUNK themselves into the market previously had NO exit… until ‘Mom and Pop’ jump back into it. Hold onto your hats Folks…it’s going to be a bumpy ride…SOON!
        Yep, THIS IS the trigger that we’ve been holding our breath’s over…the clock is ticking now.


        • Relax JOG; No one is going to steal a T. Lots of reasons, two biggest. 1. To steal that much, most of it has to be in paper. These are the same people that print all the paper, why steal it. 2. The Bankers are the only ones that could do it. They already got it. There isn’t a T worth of anything, useful to them, they don’t have. Unless they want to mow my yard there is no point in stealing my mower.

          • Howdy Para!,

            As I suggested to JayJay above…go back a bit, read CARFULLY what is there…a hint here, it’s NOT the money! Take care Friend!!


            • I never thought it was a money issue–but once the ‘money’ or what ‘they’ call money is centralized, then ‘they’ have total ‘control’– now, that is the end goal, not having all the money.
              Insight anyone?

              • Evening JayJay,

                Hope you day went well! 🙂

                Ours here in Missouri was truly delightful…sunny and warm, very much Spring a’comin’

                It has ALWAYS been about power over others…the ability to grind one’s fellows into the ground at whim…
                …does anyone here believe otherwise? It is – in rough terms – an ego-manaical megalomania, overwhelmingly so. One almost wonders how BAD the childhoods of most of those were to turn out such piss-poor excuses for Human beings, No? Look at Morsi in Egypt…Pathetic. He no sooner gets into office and what does he do…he instantly all but tries to declare himself a ‘Pharoh’ as in olden days…for those with this malady there is no point at which ‘perfection’ has occurred…it never ends.

                I have said here – repeatedly – that a new Dawn will come…your comment prompts me to here, tonight show forth something that I have LONG withheld from view…
                something I think you may wish to see…the first rays of that Dawn, of a change in Human thought. What follows here is a fraction of a much larger thing…a thing which Mac will HAVE in his possesion after I have left. A NEW thing, a NEW thought…this, by way of my anonymity is simply a ‘Gift’ to my Fellows (and Fellowettes), I am Just One Guy…no more, no less and neither WANT nor NEED anything in return for this, no recompense…no notoriety, Nothing. Accept this in the spirit in which it is given….in HOPE and JOY.

                “Where did the Founders Err?” Let that start the train of thought which leads onward from this point. To be sure, there IS a Human component to this…a group of nothing BUT the ethically ‘challenged’ cannot HOPE to have a coherent, functional civilization which is NOT based on Force and Tyranny….is this NOT so? What is below is in the style of Mr Jefferson…Thomas whom I have ADMIRED since first I read his writings…


                On Power and Authority:

                Whensoever it has been the case in the long history of
                Humanity that one or more people have been given Authority over
                any other person or group thereof – for any reason whatsoever –
                that given any length of time beyond the shortest imaginable,
                that ABUSES have occurred. History is so effugently replete with
                the multitude of examples of this that there can simply BE NO
                question EVER of the preponderance of this outcome in the ‘World
                that is’. In summa, this may well be expressed as, “Authority,
                which is ‘Power over Others’ leads to Corruption. As such the
                preponderance of ALL evidence being as it is, the logical
                conclusion must be that unlimited Authority, otherwise known as
                Unlimited Power must invariably lead to complete or total
                Corruption of the intent of Nature’s God.

                Responsibilty and Authority can not, Must not EVER be
                seperated: They are NOT two seperate things, but instead two parts
                of the same whole thing, as are the facets of a diamond, or the
                two sides of a single coin.

                The central truth of this is found in the examination
                of those circumstances where one exist absent of the other. In
                the case of Authority without neccessary Responsibility one
                immediately obtains to the circumstance of the creation of a
                Tyrant. For in this case no matter the actions of those
                exercising the Authority it is plain that without Responsibility
                – which here is to be taken as synonymous with Accountability –
                then there exist no natural inhibition upon those exercising such.
                Absent any natural inhibition said Power will be exercised more
                and more frequently till all such actions are effectively
                Coercion, and thus Tyranny. Additionally, the brunt of all such
                Coercion upon those so acted upon immediately qualifies them as
                Alternately, in the event that one bears Responsibility
                yet has no personal Authority over one’s own actions then it is
                the case that those – all else who possess the Power to direct
                one’s actions and which themselves are not thereafter held to be
                liable for such direction – again have the form of Tyrants, and
                those ‘directed’ by them are again seen as Slaves Hence the truth
                of the indivisbility of Authority and Responsibility is seen.

                So it is. From this mayhaps a New Beginning could occur for those who were moral, ethical. Many voices would need to take this up, to contemplate it before it would become useful to ALL…it must needs be so, of MANY…NOT merely a few.

                Ask yourselves this one question:

                “What will WE DO after such as we fear has come and gone? Will WE repeat the mistakes of the past…ot DO something DIFFERENT?

                Look for the Dawn!! It is NOT far from coming!

                PS: I HOPE the formatting comes through here, else it is much a waste.


                • Yes, but how many will follow..or a bigger question—who will lead??

                  ‘May love be the light that guides us through the darkness.’

                  • Long time ago a guy said: “My wife and I have split up the decision making, I decide all the big things and she decides the little ones; Because of all the effort, I also let her decide which is which.” I could care less what the PTB decide. I raise my own tomatoes, they keep their fingers off or else, beyond that who cares. Read Voltaire’s Candie.

                  • Howdy JayJay,

                    Gee, I think that’s about the ‘happiest’ monicker I’ve ever heard, it just ‘rings’…I reaaly DO like it Hon…and have since the first time I read it here. I have extended some ‘invitations’ to some few here, those who are “Great-Souled”…I consider you to be onesuch as well. 🙂 Thusly, and also therefor, to you the same is extended…supposing that Mac CAN get the PM up here ere I depart, Friend.

                    Per your question…abide, tarry thou a bit yet…we shall see what comes in the next forum up…a Holy Fire has seemingly come upon me….more will be put there, soon….


      66. JOG , why are you getting all philosophical and weird on us here. Man, you need to go have some beers and smoke something and chill. We already know all of this. There is no big secret either. It is called desperate times and desperate measures. They are like caged rats. Get over yourself for a minute and snap out of it buddy. enjoy the show and just be glad you do “know” , which you do. There is no big secret anymore. Only if one cannot handle the truth.

        • Morning Eader,

          “…why are you getting all philosophical and weird on us here?”

          Oh, I dunno…we all have our DAYS don’t we? 😉

          Most of what I put forth above is, in essence, ‘preaching to the choir’…I am aware of this. Still, perhaps at times it serves to have what is rolling aroind in the backs of our minds – unspoken – laid forth…bare and clean, Eh? Such is that above. Time WILL tell ‘pon all such…my resposnisbilities compel me to begin winding things down ‘here’ so as that I can go ‘there’; what Friend would simply desert his fellows (or fellowettes) and not tell them so? Not I. What I would have to happen in the world and what will come are entriely two, seperate things. I would have that ALL here…even the trolls…be SAFE from harm and have LIFE abundant. Such WILL come…but a Darkness will must needs be gotten through first. I hope to see everyone here on the other side of that…at a great Bar-B-Que with Smokin’ telling jokes (of which I’M SURE he has a million) whilst we all eat what the wonderful Ladies here have conceived and concocted…in Peace and without threat, from ANY direction.

          Such as that does not lie within MY purvue, but instead, only within that of ‘Higher Authority’ I must content myself that that ONE knows better than I. Still, I fear for all of us…every Man, Woman and Child upon this Earth…I fear what the ‘reptilian strain’ among us is capable of…

          Enough for one day, for this day! Happy ‘Son-day’ per Smokin’, to All,

          Guten Tag und Auf Wiedersehen Sie!


          • JOG,

            You must have created your own mini-black hole. A black hole is about the only way to escape.

            We have just one planet called earth, and we all must live in it including the commies and central bankers. Whether one bugs-out under a rock somewhere or stays put in rural areas, we will all see the disaster coming and has been foretold in Daniel and Revelation.

            The Earth is small now. With chemtrails and drones no-one can trully hide. The chemical weapons of today will make napalm look like vitamins. When SHTF, the NWO could easily wipeout forested areas with nerve gas and kill the living from wildlife to folks and leave the forest well alone.

            Sickness will come from the air. It won’t be a virus as that is hard to control. Simple chemtrail sprays are best because they can dissipate after they do their job from cities to forests.

            Jesus warned us. He said that in the Tribulation, nobody would survive if he did not come back during that time period. He said distress unparalled like none other in earth’s history.

            What can we do? Live, pray, and be ready the best we can. We cannot stop evil and the events coming. Satan is alive and he knows his time is short.

            Good luck to all. Live today. Pray for tomorrow. Stop and smell the roses. Life as we know it is changing daily, maybe even hourly. Hug your fellow human being. Go for a walk. Have a beer. Be prepared.

            • Howdy UG!!,

              Sorry I didn’t get back right away Friend, “Holiday obligations”!

              Friend, in many respects you are correct…but NOT completely. Given that OPSEC/SIGSEC CANNOT be abridged here in open forum I will say only this; study the air currents, everywhere, Globally…such will point the way.
              More than that I will NOT say here. I am – like you – one who BELEIVES…yet for all that there is MORE at play than even such as us have considered, again…go back…

              I suspect that BI could put the ‘Ol thinking cap’ on and come to the proper conclusion in short order. It’s a ‘puzzle’ Friend… 😉


              • @JOG…Hey, got back safely from the USA…but was great to get away for a couple days, you were correct about the “cabin fever”…..

                I have been “racking my brains” and “thinking back” to one of your threads a couple months back….sure it was U that said you were aware of something, and would post more info at a later date….just wondering maybe something in the sky? Sunflares? EMP?…..this for sure is a puzzle, one that i’m not sure we can “put together”….

                BTW, I did hear on MSM this a.m. that there is a concern by many that if NK does set of bombs, could possibly cause an EMP, which would cause problems for us all! Your thoughts?

                If we don’t get the forum, you have my permission to get my email address from Mac…..until then, take care of you and yours, CC

                • I am Honored CC,

                  I WILL take you up on that!:)

                  What I was refering to actually begins all the way back to the night of the elections…do you remember that? slingot does…he reposted that later – in forum – to reference it.

                  ‘Pon that eve I realized that Humankind is standing on the edge of a precipice…that of a transition from Childhood, and a ‘Puberty’ of sorts to something else…
                  a Human Maturation…Human Adulthhod. Just as we see upheaval and discord among youth when passing through that time so too, here, now we see the same in Humanity broadly…All feel this, All know this…Is this NOT so?
                  Look ‘inside’ and see what is there, honestly.

                  I have refered to a new Dawn to come, look to my post above, to JayJay….and HOPE.


                  • JOG, thanks for being here. Keep the faith and I wish you well…….If we ever meet up, the first one’s on me.

          • i hear ya.

      67. do you know where your money is ?

        read this …

        Who’s Next? Italy’s Monte Paschi Admits To Billions In Deposit Outflows http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-03-30/whos-next-italys-monte-paschi-admits-billions-deposit-outflows

        Risk – It’s Not Just A Board Game http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-03-30/risk-its-not-just-board-game

        “Betray Your Bank Before Your Bank Betrays You” http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-03-30/betray-your-bank-your-bank-betrays-you

        On Governments Behaving Badly http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-03-30/behaving-badly

        “I Went To Sleep Friday A Rich Man, I Woke Up Poor” http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-03-29/i-went-sleep-friday-rich-man-i-woke-poor

        Russia Is Next In Line To Restrict Cash Transactions http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-03-28/russia-next-line-restrict-cash-transactions

        then go to your criminal controlled bank and close your account .

        • I hope it all collapses. Let the armed people of the world take it all over. That’s us folks.

          Screw all this kumbya crap.

          Time to be a hard core one.

          NO…I don’t care about the poor in the ghetto.
          They don’t care about me…and while they sleep and watch TV..
          I work 15 hour days for decades.
          That hardens you off and you just don’t care.

          I’m hiding all my wealth.
          Fuck interest, fuck “dividends”.
          I’m better keeping all I earned in silver…then sell it on the back market…
          Zero tax. That offsets the lack of compounding.
          yet they are still trashing the dollar.

          Get ready for a mad max life in your old days…..
          Millions of lazy fucks want to steal all you worked for…
          FACE THIS FACT.

          Keep all your funds out of the economy….
          zero records.
          cash only.
          convert to silver
          be armed, stocked and alert.


          come and find it bitch!
          Better yet…come and try and take it all.

          I am now embracing my hate for all these lazy socialist and it’s sport to watch them all suffer.

          They had MORE opportunity than I did.

          Yet I did it all on my own.
          Non stop work for decades…eat sleep work.
          I’m nearly done….

          Now…I’ll sit back and watch the globe descend into communism.

          ps. Last week…I paid my Dr. in Silver…he happily accepted it.
          I also paid the local garage in it.
          I also paid the farmer for food in it.




      68. I’m not running. I’m circling back around to get myself into a better firing position.

        • It’s happening already. The breakdown of civilization in the cities, and the media can’t keep a lid on it anymore.

          Crowd estimations of 500 unruly ‘teens’ attacked pedestrians and took over downtown Chicago.

          Described as mischievous of course.
          In reality, these savages were armed with box cutters, knives and padlocks. With no fear.

          This activity was planned weeks ago through social media.
          Community activist, Andrew Holmes witnessed some of the problems, while shopping with his family.

          “You had a group of teens, close to maybe 500. They assaulted a Chicago police officer that was mounted on a horse and all of a sudden they assaulted a citizen walking the streets, just a normal citizen shopping and enjoying the weather,” said Holmes.

          Later that night, a man was attacked around 10:45 p.m. while walking near Chicago and Dearborn. Sources tell us he was jumped and punched in the face by a group of teens. He was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

          In a separate incident, a group of women say they were attacked by a mob of girls on the CTA Red Line. The women reported a robbery once they got off the train at the State and Monroe station.

          Eleven females were arrested—10 juveniles and one adult—and charged with battery. Two of the teens were charged with strong- armed robbery.




      69. I have a question for all. Has anyone noticed an increase of goods being shipped from the East acrossed the Mississippi River lately? Along with less coming from the west to the East. Just wondering.

        Keep the FAITH

      70. Human beings only have two ways to deal with one another: reason and force.

        If you want me to do something for you, you have a choice of either convincing me via argument, or force me to do your bidding under threat of force. Every human interaction falls into one of those two categories, without exception. Reason or force, that’s it.

        In a truly moral and civilized society, people exclusively interact through persuasion. Force has no place as a valid method of social interaction and the only thing that removes force from the menu is the personal firearm.

        Keep the FAITH

      71. What have we Learned from the Twentieth Century?

        LESSON NO. 1: If a bureaucrat, or a soldier sent by a bureaucrat, comes to knock down your door and take you someplace you do not want to go because of whom you are or what you think — kill him. If you can, kill the politician who sent him. You will likely die anyway, and you will be saving someone else the same fate. For it is a universal truth that the intended victims always far outnumber the tyrant’s executioners. Any nation which practices this lesson will quickly run out of executioners and tyrants, or they will run out of it.

        LESSON NO. 2: If a bureaucrat, or a soldier sent by a bureaucrat, comes to knock down your door and confiscate your firearms — kill him. The disarmament of law-abiding citizens is the required precursor to genocide.

        LESSON NO. 3: If a bureaucrat tells you that he must know if you have a firearm so he can put your name on a list for the common good, or wants to issue you an identity card so that you are more easily identified — tell him to go to hell. Registration of people and firearms is the required precursor to the tyranny which permits genocide. Bureaucrats cannot send soldiers to doors that are not on their list.

        LESSON NO. 4: Believe actions, not words. Tyrants are consummate liars. Just because a tyrant is “democratically elected” does not mean he believes in democracy.
        And just because a would-be tyrant mouths words of reverence to law and justice, or takes a solemn oath to uphold a constitution, does not mean be believes such concepts apply to him. Reference Barack Obama, among others.
        The language of the lie is just another tool of killers, but it is true that not all political liars are would-be tyrants or killers—watch them closely, but keep your rifle handy.

        LESSON NO. 5: Our constitutional republic as crafted by the Founders is the worst form of government in the world, except when compared to all the others. Capitalism, as well, is a terrible way to run an economy, except when compared to all other economic systems. Unrestrained democracy is best expressed as three wolves and a sheep sitting down to vote on what to have for dinner. The horrors of collectivism in all its forms — socialism, communism, National Socialism, fascism — have been demonstrated beyond dispute by considerable wasteful trial and bloody error. Leaders such as Barack Obama who view the Constitution as inconvenient and ignorable are harbingers of tyranny.

        LESSON NO. 6: While nations do not always get the leaders they deserve, they always get the leaders they tolerate. And anyone who tells you that “It Can’t Happen Here” is whistling past the graveyard of history. There is no “house rule” that bars tyranny coming to America. History is replete with republics whose people grew complacent and descended into imperial butchery and chaos. Dictators count on the assistance of people who are complacent, fearful, envious, lazy and corrupt. While there is no “Collective guilt” to the crimes of a regime (all such crimes being committed by specific criminal individuals), there is certainly “collective responsibility” — especially for those who watch the criminals at work without objecting or interfering.

        I don’t know who Authored this, just passing it along.

        Keep the FAITH

        • This could get real ugly real quick. LEO arresting an LEO over following a state law? Then the State LEOs arrest the Federal LEOs. What’s next? Federalizing the State NG Units?

          This is one dangerous road. The indirect fallout is massive world financial instability as people reconsider the “relative” (I use that word sparingly) safety of the USD in times of crisis. The direct fallout could escalate into a fragmentation of the US.

          “May you live in interesting times”. All I desired is an easy comfortable retirement.

          • cops arresting cops? hey, works for me!

      72. Happy Easter,
        all you Preppers.


          When things get bad….I buy many eggs..they land a long time.

      73. @ JOG

        I’m with Eeder on this one. All this crap can do a number on you if you let it. All of us have set the time to, “Go to Ground”. I do not think it is time but we are not far off considering all the misdirection.
        Remember also that there are very few ways to communicate vital information and you contribute much to our preps.
        Like I have said before, “I was crazy when I got here, But I’m All Right Now!”.

      74. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/03/30/slow-mo-video-peeps-and-cadbury-easter-eggs-vs-50-cal-rifle-bullet/

        AH PEEPS….
        AH 50 cal…

        AH….a day at the range.

        Maybe we need to make this a new easter tradition…anything that does not get eaten from the baskets…the kids get to shoot up.
        What a great way to get kids into fire arms training.


        The right to bear arms and take out peeps shall now be infringed! ha

      75. silngshot!!

        Goodness…it’s a PARTY this morn!

        GOOD MORNING to you Friend!
        All is well, actually…as I explained to Eeder above, there is simply a time when any ADULT must – I repeat, must – act as rational being. Given what we see about us now it is difficult – impossible – to beleive that the fools which run the World will succeed in averting the calamity which lies ahead, therefor…

        I remember all the way back, almost a year ago, when I first ‘came out’ here…it’s been quite a year since, has it not? My Hopes and Prayers for all here…I was glad to know you Friend…none knoweth the hour nor the day…still I hope to see you all again, on the FAR side of this that comes…here, in Life. Again, a Happy ‘Son-Day” to All!!


      76. For JOG’s long-winded post: Pretty much incomprehensible. (But then again I didn’t understand very much of Revelation when read as a child.)

        If you can obtain the total wealth of the universe, what does it profit you? Can you purchase your youth? Can you buy health? Can you obliterate loneliness? Can you buy “things” that will fulfill you? Who does not understand that this is a dead end street?

        I simply cannot understand such an unattainable goal. For what purpose?

        • “For what Profiteth it a Man to gain the whole World…
          …and yet lose his own Soul?”


          Howdy Anita…I apologize for proposing something so ‘thick’, thus forgive me. sometimes, there are moments of unusaul clarity and I find it best to write what comes then, as opposed to later…it is as it is Hon. The emphaisis which WILL be the overiding thought in most people’s minds in the future will become, “Are MINE safe, AM I safe to defend them…” Beyond that not much more can be said. Have a GOOD Day…it is you know!


      77. @ justoneguy…..I think you are right to put your plan into action….I see a lot of the same things you are seeing and it’s VERY DISTURBING. It does seem like we are entering the final phase of a very diabolical plan here doesn’t it? I wish you and yours nothing but the best if you are about to ” batton down the hatches” so to speak. I have said all along the BIOLOGICAL threat is by far the most dangerous we face and your points about that fact are right on target. I really enjoy reading your posts and will miss reading them if you choose not to post anymore ( which I understand… if you notice I haven’t been posting much lately either) :>) but I have been reading everyones posts.


        • BPD!!,

          Howdy Young-um!! We are of like minds on this thing, to be sure. Those who have garnered the entirety of the output of the World WILL NOT give that up…such is not in thier nature, thus…

          Should such as we all fear come to pass, be FAR away frrom EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE. Also, the carrion eater’s will spread such as well…a grim thought I’m afraid. SEEK your own solutions based thereon. I will – as I’ve said – be about for a bit yet, less than 60 days. I’m trying to get out as MUCH as I can here before that time. After that, well, the area I’m setting up in is primitive…to say the least…and fully folloes on the convention I mentioned a few lines up. Our current form of government, an “Ineprocracy” will be of NO help in the future…frankly all they seem able to do is count money and walk, not neccessarily at the same time. Look to yourself Friend…. ALL of You here, look to yourselves…you gave none other to look to! Till later bpd!!


          • JOG, Which state have you decided to “move” to? I am new to the internet forum and have just been figuring things out for myself by what has been going on around me. I left Ca last summer (retired) and moved to the very northern part of Idaho. You used the word carrion, is that like a zombie or something I see on the ammo web sites?

            • Good Day Dave B,

              As a start here, it is considered ‘Bad Form’ to ask questions which would violate someone else’s basic OPSEC. Inasmuch as your question,

              “JOG, Which state have you decided to “move” to?”

              strikes directly to the heart of that – for me – I would ask you to forgive me for not answering that…at all. Each of us must – based on the specfics of or OWN lives – determine a path and a reponse to what we are seeing about us…my counsel is to THINK, long and hard on your specific circumstances and then to act/adjust accordingly. Please do not take this as ‘slap-down’…it is NOT. It is an explanation…and yes it does make ‘things’ insanely difficualt for those who are now ‘waking’.

              Some several of those here are my FRIENDS…and it shrivels my soul that I cannot say to them – here – Look, this IS where to go!…to have safety, Eh? The doing of that would thereafter pollute the very environ I have spent SO much time locating…. I DO NOT wish for a huge number of others – prepared OR otherwise – to suddenly show up in that place where I will go…I am going THERE to place a distance between myself and the World…for safety’s sake. To be sure some few of those here I would INVITE to ‘come hither’ but in this – an open forum – then the action would defeat my basic purpose….would it not?

              I wish you well Friend – and I qualify you as that here not knowing any different – but the only assistance I can give you is that I give above. THINK, then ACT.
              The time of each of us making THESE individual decisions is soon at hand…for a time – perhaps a long while – it will be te case that each will survive on their OWN merits and by way of the plans that they have made for themselves. Good Luck Brother…

              Oh, in answer to your question about the ‘carrion eaters’, go back a couple of forums to another piece I put there – Which one escapes me for the moment, it is not too far back I think, certainly less than a week – there I give a ‘read’ on the WHY of all such…


              PS: IF you have any other questions which do not ‘ring’fence’ my own OPSEC I will be happy to answer them. Most here are very open on such things…most here WANT others to survive and thrive, and thus WE are different – categorically – from the ‘others’ of the World…

          • Forgive me my typos today Friends…I has SO many to respond to…I think I burned off at least a half-inch or more off of my fingers getting it all done…

            BTW that was…

            …..’INEPTOCRACY’…a system where the least competent among us aspire to steal the greatst amount of wealth possible befoe being DISCOVERED and HUNG. 🙂


      78. Their now talking about smart guns. Folks, their not going to stop. Most of you already know this.

      79. @ JustOneGuy. You really got me to thinking about solar activity and the lack of it in regards to tectonic activity. I checked back on some of the largest flares that I could find on record and here is what happened.

        Carrington Event 1859- no very large earthquake, MIGHT have been some isolated quakes as records this far back are spotty.

        Quebec event March 13, 1989-nothing big until April 6, 1989 in Vanuatu 6.9

        Bastille Day flare- July 14, 2000- July 16 New Guinea 6.6, July 30 Japan 6.5

        Super flare of Nov. 4, 2003- Nov. 6 Vanuatu 6.6, Nov. 9 Central Africa 6.6, Nov. 17 Auckland Island region 7.8, Nov. 18, Philippines 6.5, on Oct. 31 Japan had a 7.0

        Large flare Dec. 5, 2006- Dec. 26, Mariana Islands 7.1 and 6.9.

        5.4 X flare March 7, 2012- March 9 Vanautu 6.7, March 14 Japan 6.9, March 20 Mexico 7.4, March 21 New Guinea 6.6

        6.9 X flare July 6, 2012- July 26 Bolivia 6.6

        I could not find records of times when the sun was extremely quiet to see about increased quake activity. It is interesting to note that some of the time when there is a big flare that earthquakes drop for several weeks. However maybe you help me understand why this is not always the case such as the super flare of 2003. Is this because it was not totally Earth directed like the Quebec event of 1989 or the Carrington super hit in 1859.

        I was thinking also about the contraction of the planet from being cooled off and instantly what came to mind is sinkholes. Not only would the crust be more rigid and more prone to movement that did not settle, but collapses into voids of dead space below the crust.

        Expansion though from a lot of additional heat you would think that this would be catastrophic also. That heat would have to go somewhere and volcanic action would increase dramatically, especially super volcanoes. Not only this, but you would have the plates moving a lot faster and colliding as elasticity would also increase. It would almost like oiling up an engine that was having trouble moving its gears. You would have massive mountain building all over the place and tremendous uplift everywhere as the heat continued to cause expansion.

        Either way any real temperature change within the insides of the planet means bye-bye civilization. The same holds true if the planet increased its elliptical orbit, the climate would blow humanity away. There is only less than 2 million miles between the apogee and perigee. Can you imagine if that was 10 of 20 million miles?

        Here is the thing about less earthquakes with increased solar activity and more earthquakes when the Sun is quiet. Do you have a listing of dates I can check this out and compare it with? I so much enjoy correlations that I can use to further narrow down the earthquake forecasting for everyone. By the way, Happy Easter.

        • BI, was watching a program on space weather last night and they talked about the flares having polarity, with one polarity (i missed which way round, my son would not shutup)being much more damaging to the earths magnetosphere. Could this difference in polarity explain the differing behaviour?

          Incidentally they talked at the end about an experiment where they heated the atmosphere to see if they could prove it expanded as a result of solar flares. What they did not say is how they did that. HAARP, perhaps.

      80. Reagan’s former budget director

        David Stockman: We’ve Been Lied To, Robbed, And Misled


        at least some of us have figured it out !

      81. This Thing about North Korea.

        There’s more to this than meets the eye. If it’s just saber waving then it will die down in a few days. But it looks like N.K. is ready to dance. If it is, then they obviously know something we don’t, I think they have a trump card some place. If South Korea were over run fast enough a U.S. response would be a lot of smoke and mirrors. Especially if China and Russia put their weight behind the move. The U.S. would be checkmated and have no room to maneuver.

        This isn’t the 1950′s the U.S. population is reeling from a prolonged recession and a divided country politically. China holds more than a trillion dollars in U.S. debt any aggressive move would send the fragile U.S economy into a tailspin. The Russians have a strangle hold on Europe; gas and natural resources, that would keep The Eurozone out of it.The U.S. will be forced to back off and I think N.K. knows it.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Like for instance they know they’ve got a HEMP in orbit?

          Yeah so that thing with our submarine firing codes. I’m thinking you might want to put that back into the hands of the sub commanders, kinda.

          Short term at least.

      82. can anybody make change for my BitCoin?

        • I have some bit change I printed off my computer.

      83. Hyperinflation is coming…per John Williams…economist.


        Your next prep is this… Stock up on garden supplies.
        If you live in the north… Then you need to build some code frames.
        Some links below… Google images is handy for ideas.

        I’m going to build a hotbed with a heated soil cable in it
        and wax pistons to vent it.

        Fresh veggies, then get some rabbits…some chickens.
        If you stocked powdered milk…you’d be all set.

        Next year I’m going to look into raising fish in a barrel.

        The socialist will steal our retirement.
        So get out of debt and be able to supplement your life with self sustaining things.

        Think for yourself. There’s no law against this.


        • Just want to encourage you to go ahead and do it!….I have veggies going year round now in hoophouses and fish tanks set up for the aquaculture part of things…it can be as cheap/simple as you like or expensive as you please…cheap/simple works just as good as expensive :)….anyhow good luck to anyone wanting to cut the middleman out of your food supply…not to mention monsanto!

      84. HAPPY EASTER!!!

        Oh God of new awakenings, we confess that we would rather stay asleep. We are afraid to hope and have our hopes shattered. We are afraid to dream and find our dreams deferred or worse, shattered. Almighty God, You have called us to the light, and yet at times we are blinded by our own darkness. You have led us into freedom, and yet we are often trapped in tombs of our own making. Help us to roll away the stone that keeps us from living the life that You intend for us. Turn our mourning into dancing. Raise us, with all your people, to a newness of life. Break us open like the tomb, so that new life may push forth. Give us the faith to believe, to hope, to dream anew. Grant us your peace, and astonish us with the Easter story once more. Amen

        JOG…you will be missed.

        • @ Prepped in CT,

          Thank You…what you have posted through that post was
          ‘profound’. I HAVE copied it to my Quotes File…to be remembered!


      85. It is really quite interesting to see what is happening right now with earth movements happened in a similar cycle from 1950-1965. A mega quake is normally classified as a 9+, and a great earthquake is 8-8.9. Extreme destruction and catastrophic tsunamis seem to have a 8.3 level or more. There have been 33 recorded with instruments or by damage in the past several hundred years. Since 1950 there have been 17 or those 8.3+ earthquakes, ONLY 63 years. Look at the time brackets.

        August 15, 1950- Tibet-8.6
        November 4, 1952- Kamchatka- 9.0
        March 9, 1957- Andreanof Islands- 8.6
        November 6, 1958- Kuril Islands- 8.3
        May 22, 1960- Chile- 9.5
        October 13, 1963- Kuril Islands- 8.5
        March 28, 1964- Alaska- 9.2
        February 4, 1965- Rat Islands, Alaska- 8.7

        Average size: 8.8

        2001 to now.
        June 23, 2001- Off the coast of Peru- 8.4
        September 25, 2003- Hokkaido, Japan- 8.3
        December 26, 2004- Sumatra-Andaman Islands- 9.1
        March 28, 2005- Nothern Sumatra- 8.6
        November 15, 2006- Kuril Islands- 8.3
        September 12, 2007- Southern Sumatra, Indonesia- 8.5
        February 27, 2010- Offshore of Chile- 8.8
        March 11, 2011- East cost of Japan- 9.0
        April 11, 2012- Off cost of northerm Sumatra- 8.6

        Average size 8.62

        As one can see this is the beginning of the 12th year of this increased earthquake cycle, while the other cycle lasted 15 years. This could be just a cycle or an indication of something larger. If this cycle is ending then it could be decades before it awakens again. Note that between 1965 and 2001 there were no earthquakes of 8.3 or larger. I would say if there is another 8.3+ within a year, or something much larger like a high 8 range or higher then we all are in for some very perilous times thereafter. My bet would be much more.

        By the way the USGS, to not scare the Midwest too much, rated the 1811-1812 New Madrid earthquakes between 7.5-7.7. Some more typical government lies based on politics. These were likely all 8+, low 8 range.

        • Howdy BI,

          Thanks for the read on the NM…it DOES have a strong chance of affecting my local area in the event of…an ‘event’.

          I was jst over – momentarily – at the El Hierro site, apparently they’ve had a big upswing in activity over the last week…and multipole mid-4’s as well. Two things here I would ask of you: One, what does it mean that there is now a much larger amount of CO2 emmisions from that area – larger than seen at any point previously and Two, The western end of the Island appears to be deforming UPWARDS by thier estimation, to the tune of 11 cm.

          Setting aside your personal views thereon – I KNOW your proclivities there! 😉 – what do those two things mean…in a general sense, in tandem? My curiousity is piqued here…again I AM not a savant in the geo-physical! Explain as to a child… 😉


          • @ JustOneGuy. Let the quakes at El Hierro start getting up into the range of 5.3-5.7 range before the volcano is ready to blow. Also look for the water tables in the area to start to fluctuate and vary a lot and possibly start to get large amounts of sulfur in it. CO2 emissions don’t always mean that an eruption is going to occur, as sometimes it is just the volcano breathing. Deformation of the land is something to really watch as this is something in Yellowstone that they watch closely.

            The two have a link to the New Madrid and the Mid Atlantic Ridge as many times volcanoes are a result of the plates moving. The Mid Atlantic Ridge is the boundary between the African plate and the North American, Caribbean, and South American plate and is spreading away from each other. The fact that the El Herrio area is active is probably from this movement of the African plate away from everything to the west of it. This means that more pressure is directed on the Mid Atlantic Ridge which affects the New Madrid. This on the Canary Islands is just a simple indication of what is happening with the plates. The African plate collides with portions of the Asian plate and the Arabian plate and cab be traced back on a globe to the increased pressure on the Canary Islands.

            The African plate moving like this means that the New Madrid is affected from the Mid Atlantic Ridge and a sign that the North American plate is also on the move and not as locked up as many think. Everytime the North American plate moves, even a fraction, it puts stress on the New Madrid. You can trace smaller events such as this to much larger events going on.

      86. Happyy Easter all. I had a great day in the woods yesterday and today. Called in four gobblers yesterday. Two came in this morning and had their version of SHTF.

        • Howdy ed,

          A ‘Turkey-pokalypse’ , Eh? We are gathered here today…

          🙂 Looks like you had a GOOD day!


      87. DISCLAIMER: THIS IS PRIMARILY FOR BI..if you don’t want to be ASSAULTED
        VIOLENTLY with Science…skip to the next POST!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!! 😉

        There..is THAT sufficient warning?

        Howdy BI!

        The natural tendency of the action of Solar related effects on the
        planet SHOULD nearly always be a general trend to increase in the
        observed seismicity inasmuch as energy is being added to the system in
        a somewhat haphazard, random fashion. Having said that, it is also the
        case that the EXACT path, pattern and distribution of any mass of plasma
        directed towards the Earth and thereafter interacting with it, determines
        UNIQUELY the spectrum of interactions possible. Imagine standing out in
        a field while the breeze is blowing. At any given instant the breeze may
        be against your face, from the side or even from behind…all the while
        varying in intensity.

        The Solar wind is principally similar but many, many orders of
        magnitude faster, more energetic. It is possible for an ejected mass
        to interact with the terrestrial magnetosphere such that VERY little
        effect is noticed – on balance, or alternately that for a given
        intensity that a HUGE diference is noted…it all depends on just HOW
        the mass passses by (or impacts against) the magnetosphere. To wit,
        IF the IMF polar angle is directed Far to the North then even
        relatively severe conditions may do little to us here. IF, on the
        other hand it were the case that B(z) was directed almost wholly
        southerly then even a relativelty small CME might have VERY large
        resultant effect here. That is only one relatively coarse aspect of
        the ‘HOW’ of an interaction. There are several others.

        Also, consider that – as with ANY physical system – there is
        NERCCESSARILY a ‘lag time’ between the moment when an impulse begins
        interacting with something and the time for that to produce an
        observable effect…”Latency” as it were. Here’s where it gets
        THICK; IF the ‘Core’ is – in fact a hyper-fluid ball of molten Iron
        (and ‘other’ things) then we ARE dealing with “Fluid Mechanics”…a
        segment of Physics that is particularly non-linear (read as,
        IMPOSSIBLY DIFFICULT) in it’s behaviours even at room temperatures,
        let alone multiple thousands of degrees. Thus the problem becomes
        multi-staged at a minimum in the following wise.

        Firstly, the matter which would actually be displaced within
        the core would naturally be THAT comnponent which is DIRECTLY
        susceptible to the action of a magnetic field. This is NOT to
        say that the sun’s magnetic field ‘reaches into’ the Earth, but
        that instead the local field within the core is compressed (or
        rareified) in response to the interaction of the fields far out in
        space. This is much the same as the circuitry in the walls of your
        house when at the moment you ‘flip the swtch’ and the light comes
        on it is NOT the case that an ‘electron’ flew through the wall and
        (nearly instantaeously) lights the bulb…not quite. Instead, what
        happens is that the action of the switch sends a voltage pulse
        through the circuit – which does move at nearly the speed of light –
        while the individual electrons in the wiring are – in fact – moving at
        at most a few centimeters per second (which would actually be a
        ferocious current!). In short the effects are of a similar sort
        …don’t forget, we DO call it electro-magnetism… and for a
        reason.In any event there would then – in the hyperfluid – be
        torque generated and that would generte a turbulence, THAT
        turbulence would thence move through the body of the mass and AT
        THE interface with the deep mantle interact.

        Extrapolating one futher step the next interface would be that
        of the mantle/crust. Once such had wormed it’s way through ALL that
        then we would be subject to it’s effects as seismic events, Yes? So
        …how does that differ from what I posited previously in post?

        Per the whole heating thing (mentioned previously) the effect
        on the core, would be a microwave type, thorough heating throughout
        the core…without a corresponding TORQUE, a very unifom heating.
        Inasmuch as we are talking here about something that is – by
        definition – at the center of the Earth then – IMHO – the liklihood
        of a concomittant change in the torque of the core – grossly – would
        be minimal…for any ‘small effect’ unlike the effect produced by an
        electro-magnetic effect – which is ALMOST sure to have a non-zero
        torque component. As stated before, an increase in the volume of
        matter of the Earth would tendd to LESSEN the stress/strain at the
        crustal boundary’s. This is simply understood as in the example of
        a balloon covered in paper mache’. IF the ballon is inflated further
        then the action is to cause breaks in the overlying material…fault
        lines OPENING ever so slightly. The converse would also be true…in
        reverse. There, fault lines would COMPRESS, stress/strain would rise

        So, the premise I have ascribed to this is this: The effects – in
        terms of the energy transferred by any GRB/gravity wave – would be
        negligible, however, as a known component of General Relativity it IS
        the case that any strongly fluctuating gravity field WOULD tend to also
        cause a corresponding fluctuating electro-magenetic field as well. This
        too would not be central to the argumant at hand. Instead what is
        germaine is this; For some time there has existed – as a part of the
        “Standard Model”, in laymen’s terms…’ALL WE KNOW’ – that the ‘Weak
        force’, that which controls radioactive decay is actually a
        manifestation (as is electro-magnetism as well) of a single underlying
        schema refered to as “Electro-Weak” theory. THIS has been verified to
        an extraordinary precision and is ACCEPTED as ‘What IS’…not subject
        to debate. Whew!!….GETS THICK…don’t it? 😉

        Wrapping this up then a gravity wave might WELL be able to ‘trigger’
        the release of energy from a mass of radioactive material…such as MIGHT
        be at the very center of the core of this Planet. BEFORE ANYONE runs amok
        here screaming “WE’RE AL GOING TO DIE…A NUKE IS UNDER OUR FEET!!!” NOPE,
        Uh-uh…not quite. Remember that you have about 4000 MILES of matter
        underfoot…that’s QUITE a bit of ‘terra’ for your ‘firma’, OK?

        There is MUCH that we don’t KNOW about the ‘World As It Is’, the
        greater world…the Universe. There is also MUCH that we DO KNOW…but
        perhaps I’ll save that for another day…this piece is EXCESSIVELY long
        as it is. Were it the case that the PM was up here and running Thee and
        Me could have had SOME WILD conversations Friend, Alas…

        Your notion about sinkholes is one I had not considered..at first
        glance I beleive it has merit! Oh, and the heating thing, heating-up
        would – I think – only come into play if a truly HUGE amount of energy
        was openly evolved into the spaces therein. Therefor unless Eta Carinae
        ‘Blew-up’ I think we’re OK.Your other points are all spot-on I beleive
        …climate is a delicate thing, No? We might be able – with the ENTIRETY
        of all terrestrial recordset’s, to find the defining factor else this
        remains wholly in the realm of academmic speculation.

        WHEW, ENOUGH of that for one day!!! 🙂 Keep a watch on the ‘below’
        and I’ll do the same for that ‘above’ and we’ll keep at LEAST that much
        covered Friend….we’ll have to rely on others – like Satori – to keep
        us abreast of the Human lunacy daily…


        Till later then Friend…


        • JOG:
          What the hell are you talking about?????? Way above my pay grade. “My God”

          • Commrades,

            I hef told zu DAS IST ZIENCE! JA?

            Howdy guys, Hey I WARNED everyone…Really, I did!
            Suffice it to say that THIS is the DEEP end of the POOL!

            You know me here…IF you REALLY WANT to know…ask, you know I’ll answer…but I might HAVE to SLEEP tonight!!!

            First! 🙂 😉


            PS: the Last line IS something of a small joke… something I heard in a movie…somewhere…where was that now?….. 😉

        • @JOG, didn’t understand a 10th of that. 🙂 Just don’t disappear with out saying goodbye won’t you please. I would miss your wit and insight more than you can guess. You are a rock in a churning sea that has few safe harbors.


          • Good Evening BigB,

            Friend, “Friends do NOT leave without saying goodbye.”

            So it is…but NOT quite yet. How goes it in the Peoples Socialist Republic of Kalifornia today? I know, I’m rubbing it in here (just a little, wee bit…small)
            WE DO worry about you out there, Gee…how well do bees do in NORTHERN CLIME I wonder…You could be a handy guy to have AROUND! 😉

            It will be a couple months (roughly) before all is final Friend. I will need to exit to ‘there’ in the vicinity of earliest June – at the latest..there is much to do! I have to say this though…I have NEVER so looked forward to anything in all my days…my only regret is not being able to speak with you all here as we do. Mac has actually succeeeded here in forming a Community, one that thrives and lives and is vital…I stand awed at that acheivement! Anywho, tis been a long, good weekend..tonight I’m turning in EARLY. Take care Brother…


            • Good night JOG. Glad to hear this is not an immediate move. Still don’t understand why you will be off the air unless, well I am sure you have your reasons and will wish you well when the time comes.

              All is well here in Kali tonight. Checked on the bees just yesterday and they are happy and busy as, well you know. 🙂 At the end of April I am moving one colony into a new home. They have been in a hive continuously for over 13 years and the box’s are rotting out. In fact it is so bad after this winter that I don’t know how much honey I will be able to get out.

              They are going into a super hive, brand new, 4 boxes high which should increase production by two times. 60 pounds of honey each harvest, twice a year. Can’t say for sure because don’t have any experience with a hive that big. If it works out I will maybe start another one before August.

              If I do get that property in AZ I will start another down there depending on the fresh water availability so I am not the only person they will be dependent on. The new hives I noticed are all stamped with an ID number and a metal plate with the same numbers. I guess it is for theft or maybe just a way for ID’ing whose hives belong to who.

              After this harvest I am going to experiment making honey butter and a honey/maple pancake syrup. Maybe the honey will give the butter and syrup a longer expiration period being that the honey has all the anti bacterial enzymes. Don’t know but will be fun to play with. Going to try some bees wax mixed with paraffin and see what the lighting performance / non smoke effect will be as well.

              Might also try an idea I have for infusing a small amount of honey into band aid pads and see how that works out as well.


              • Many tests over years show the vast majority of medical properties of honey are from two issues: 1. It has a small amount of Hydrogen Peroxide in it. and 2. sugar is a mild antibiotic for a lot of things. Far easier to buy a quart of hair bleach Peroxide, 20X stronger, Dilute it. And a good topical like Neosporin(SP)

        • @ JustOneGuy. This is exactly what I thought and why I asked about why certain solar flares that came in contact with the planet would affect the interior of the planet, the magnetic field, and thus Earth movement. What I was trying to get at was RAW NUMBERS that can be plugged in to figure out what to look for as a harbinger of increased or decreased earthquake activity.

          To everyone out there, I and others want to be able to turn on spaceweather or some other astronomy site and look at the conditions of the Sun and say that this means that geophysical activity is on the rise in form of earthquakes or volcanoes or other. Or be able to look at one of these sites and say that because of activity and a CME, coronal mass ejections that is due for impact on the planet that earthquake probability is reduced. We all want to see if for example if it is more of a radiation storm what this means. In short, what should I and others look for?

          Like I have ‘attemepted’ to show everyone what to look for in regards to the New Madrid fault, by watching the Mid Atlantic Ridge at between latitudes 14 and 20 degrees north especially, and 54 and 60 north, what in your opinion should I and others be on the look out for another big geological? You mentioned the lack of anything from the Sun impacting the planet. Is there somewhere with records and raw numbers that I or someone else can plug in to this and come up with a more detailed means of figuring this out? So we can say, bingo that means that a certain fault or the whole planet is at increased danger.

          To everyone else that didn’t understand what JustOneGuy was explaining. Just think of the plasma or the solar winds that cause the Auroras, and that impacting the planet or not. When that impacts that planet, the liquid rock or magma becomes more active or less active and this can lubricant the faults like greasing up an automotive’s joints or other movable parts. This incresed fluid movement can increase or decrease the pressure on faults and plates of the world.

          In regards to what JustOneGuy talks about gravity waves has to do with heat deceases or increases depending on that liquid rock moving around under the crust. Think of the way boils form and collect in certain areas. Anytime you have an area of increased fluid or mass, you have an increase of gravity from the density of this. As any object increases in mass, so does the gravity. Family Guy cartoon did a joke about this how fat Peter had become that objects began rotating around him.

          When JustOneGuy talks about the torque of the core, he is simply referring to the engine effectiveness, just how how much thrust the core is exerting on the crust and planet just like the torque ratings that a car is given in regards to horsepower. The more the magnetic core is interacted with from a much bigger object, the Sun, the more that engine (the core) is either going to accelerate or deaccelerate and affect the planet as a whole.

          Also affecting this is the radioactive decay rate of inside the planet. This decay is contained much like a massive nuclear reactor and what gives the planet its heat. Without this heat the planet would shrink in size and you not only lose the crust to this sinkhole effect, but the very magnetic field of the planet would be lost. As decribed once on the Weather Channel, this would mean the loss of what holds the atmosphere down. what would happen would be similar to Mars in which the atmosphere and moisture would literally boil off into space and the world would be left dry on the surface and a thin atmosphere like that of Mars. We need that magnetic field to live.

          Finally an easy way of thinking of gravity waves can be thought of what goes on with an electromagnetic motor that drives so much of what we use in everyday life. Elevators for example use this principle.

          I hope this makes it more down to Earth explanations for everyone as JustOneGuy is a true genius that has a hell of a science background in understanding what is going on with space and the planet itself. Hope everyone had a nice Easter.

          • third time lucky, my posts are not making it past moderation.

            BI, the plasma waves have a polarity, and it is not always the same. If it is the same as earths the magnetic repulsion effect keeps them from reaching the core, if it is opposite then our core gets slammed.

            Got that from something of the tube about space weather last night. It could be what you are missing.

          • BI, thanks for the response to JOG. I only had to read his above post once (which is rare for me!) to get the thrust of it. Your response helped clarify it a lot more. I greatly appreciate what you guys are doing here.
            Now, a question- Concerning the effects of solar energy, and its potential to affect plate/crust movements by its interaction with the core.
            If there is indeed, a torque effect, as well as expansion/contraction of the molten material at the earth’s center, do you think it possible that much of that movement is mitigated by large open cavities deep, DEEP, below the surface, thereby giving the material a place to move into, and out of, as it reacts to torque effect or the heating(expansion) and contraction (cooling)?
            It seems that this would greatly reduce the effects it would othersise have on the plates, depending on the location of the cavities and the amount of movement in the molten core. If this were so, it would surely add another variable into the mix, making predictions of quakes all the more difficult. Unless, of course, there is already a reasonably accurate understanding of the size and location of the deep cavities.
            Or, is the question itself just a sign that I understand even less of this than I think I do?! Either way, the stuff you two discuss fascinates me! 🙂

            • @ SmokinOkie. When there are earthquakes seismologists can detect dead spots in and under the crust, much the same is done in mining by setting off low yield charges to help map the underground. IF cavities do develop we are all in big trouble and this is exactly what happens with sinkholes where water undermines the stability above. Up to now, at least what we are being told, cavities like this are not widespread. There are of course eddies of cooling and hotter magma, but for cavities and dead spaces to develop under such extreme pressure and heat would show symptoms of something a lot more serious.

              I have speculated for example of a way that California could fall into the ocean, since California slides on pretty much a horizontal plain, strike slip fault. IF one of these cavities did develop under California then you could have a sinkhole type effect occur and thus California goes crashing into the ocean. Again, with earthquakes scientists can map the insides of the planet. This is one reason why the hollow Earth theroy is science fiction, because if it was hollow then earthquake waves could not be detected on the opposite side of the planet. Earthquake waves have to paas through something at least in a semi solid state to travel to another spot on the planet. Earthquake waves would stop at any area that was a dead space without at least liquid rock in it.

              By the way you know plenty and I respect very much your insight and knowledge on many subjects and your sense of humor.

              • So would the billions of barrels of oil that we have pumped out of the ground in the middle east leave big voids underground, causing huge sinkholes to develope? Or maybe it would create a weak spot in the crust allowing volcanic activity where they was none before ?

                • Ironic wouldnt it be, if after all that oil is pumped out that all that sandy surface just settled into a void and the middle east simply fell into a giant sinkhole?

                  • Yes it would be. We get sinkholes where I live in and they say it is because of water being pumped out of wells. There must be huge voids in the ground where the oil deposits were. I know some of them fill in with salt water, but not all of them do. Wake up one morning and Saudi is not there anymore. Vanished into a big sink hole.

        • JOG
          Are you saying that solar energy/flares that affect the magnetic field of the earth can also affect earthquakes by compression and expansion of fault lines.

          • Howdy slingshot!


            Imagine the ‘core’ of the Earth…a spherical ‘ball’ of metal – probably Iron-Nickel (and more, heavier) – Spinning at what is likely, a few RPM. 800 miles WIDE spinning at a couple RPM…much faster than the 24 hour a day rotation of the crust ‘pon which we stand…’terra firma’ as it were. The reasons for supposing that it – in fact – spins thusly are COMPLEX, we beleive that it is so. No one has EVER been there though so it’s a ‘surmise’ based on a number of things we’ll ‘skip-over’ here…S’OK?

            Alright then, the masgnetic field of the Earth stretches out an UNLIMITED distance from the Earth itself…though it is the case that as with both of the ‘infinite range’ forces, Gravity and Electro-magnetism (THERE are others….the nuclear ‘STRONG’ force and the nuclear ‘WEAK’ force that are NOT infinite range in thier effect) that the effects diminish rather rapidly with increasing distance…specifically the reciprocal of the distance squared, but it is the case that for many ten’s of millions of miles that ANY rapidly moving mass of HOT gas (and yes, the efflux from the sun is HOT!! multiple millions of degree’s HOT) that such as that is a CONDUCTOR…think the sodium ‘vapor’ lamps in the Wal-Mart parking lots…most gases at room temperature DO NOT conduct…but heat them to incandescent and it’s another story…Yes? But I digress here..

            ANY moving conductor in the presence of a magnetic field WILL cause by that motion an ADDITIONAL magnetic field to be generated..such is but a simple application of Maxwell’s Laws of Electro-magnetism…this is PRE-Relativity…NOT the REALLY complex stuff, classic physics…WE KNOW this like we know ‘the backs of our hands’ as it were…NO debate’s here, in summa.

            The magnetic field of the mass of hot gas ‘couples’ to the magnetic field of the Earth exactly as we saw playing with magnets when we were kids…two magnets either attract or repel according to HOW they are placed in relation to each other, Yes? so it is. Here’s where it ‘thickens-up’ somehwat…Bear with me, I am striving diligently to NOT drift in to the ‘deeop end of the pool’ as it were!

            The core of the Earth IS rotating. as I said…it IS magnetic, as I said…it is an extra-ordinary fluid, as I said…everybody on-board so far?

            Good, here’s where it all happens then…

            The core is ‘pushed’ on by the coupling of it’s own magnetic field to that of the CME/Solar Flare. If you have read through the previous posting to BI on this you’ll know that the effect is ctitically depenedent on the EXACT charaterisitics of the incoming mass…to include speed, angle of approach, density, time varying density and time varying velocity as well. THIS is why it is the case that ONLY NASA/NOAA caan give ‘adequate’ reads’ on this sort of thing…you and I do NOT have the telemetry to evalaute such or the computer HP to do so. But, in truth, NEITHER do they…it’s all a series of approximations based on what is observeable…which is, ummm, a little difficult, to say the least…

            Being that the core is fluid then as the ‘torque’s’ I mentioned act against it the pattern of flow within it changes and some – if not all – of that flow works it’s way to the interface (physical boundary) between the CORE and the surrounding MANTLE…some of that ‘sheds’ energy into the mantle and causes flow therein…or at least a ‘push’ against it (the mantle vary’s from fluid (deep) to ‘thick pudding’ ~30 miles below our feet. The pressures of which I speak then ‘push’ against the CRUST beneath our feet…HERE is where ALL seismicity originates (with a few unexplained ‘oddities’ like why do earthqaukes occur 500 MILES deep at times…we don’t KNOW that…how do you have AN EARTHQUAKE IN A FLUID?!

            DOH!…Me NOT know… 😉

            Anywho, the rest is much as I laid out through the forum here…does that explain things sufficiently well Bro? If not ‘shout-out’ and I’ll hit it again! 😉


            PS: Friend…Thee, I have known since MY begiining here, in this place. Should Mac get the PM up and running here before I leave…I would be delighted to ‘speak’ with you..from the first I have seen a kindred spirit in you and your thought. I name you “Friend’ with deliberation. Till then, If it should come to pass…

            • 10-4 JOG

      88. I will gladly give my bullets …one at a time at high speed!!! if they want us to turn in our ammo. ha.

        You know something’s going on when the ghetto gangsters are talking about hyperinflation and prepping. Don’t sell these guys short…they are getting armed, are pissed off and if there is a revolutionary war…they’s make great soldiers and they already hate the govt.

        ha Just a thought.

      89. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oU9Q1p3IUAU

        They don’t have the gold they say they do.
        That means…Obama will do a Roosevelt… and nationalize gold I bet.

        Better have silver.

        If they ban owning silver…
        I’ll melt it down into a bumper, paint it and drive it to another country then recast into bars.

      90. You have changed your name Canada girl.

      91. JOG, sorry to hear about you leaving our wonderful little community here. Things won’t be the same without you. your updates on solar activity, etc. are no less valuable than BI’s updates on seismic activity. But I do understand that a man has to do what a man has to do. I wish you the best. I feel as you do we’re in the final stage before the balloon goes up. My feeling of impending doom has been getting stronger lately. Just like anyone else here, I don’t know when it will happen but I do know I’m going to stand up and fight the NWO. Take care and see you on the other side. braveheart

        • Hi Anita,

          JOG here…I hope you don’t mind an ‘intrusion’…sometimes Mac is very busy and I know it can be frustrating to wait for him to respond!

          A couple of things here; the site’s filters are a little picky as to a few points. Firstly, if you CHOOSE to not provide an email address (and it RECOGNIZES you based on that!) then your post will automatically go to DEEP moderation. Therefor, use the EXACT same email addy every time, without fail. Those who end up in moderation Hell are usually the newb’s here (but usually ONLY for a short period till the system LEARNS ‘You’) and those who use an excess of profanity, threaten others, or post links to ‘questionable’ material.

          Lastly, the INLUSION of ANY link will throw your post to moderation; since Mac is here the publisher…he is LIABLE for any such here on the site…think of somebody sabotaging this place by putting ‘child porn’ links in here…Mac would be criminaslly LIABLE in the eyes of the law…hence ALL links, no MATTER whothey come from are so screened…EVERY ONE of them.

          Welcome to this place…I didn’t recognize your monicker as beiing here before (I think…it is HELL gettin old….where is that DAMN mouse, where did I leave it…Oh DAMN, I’m USING IT…. 🙂

          Thus and so, again “Welcome”


      92. here’s something regarding survival not mentioned
        on this blog: AQUAPONICS…surprised nobody knows or
        talks about it.

        • G’Day jimmy,

          ‘Aquaponics’ …it is a fascinating comcept, is it not?

          My understanding of it – on balance – is that it is a relatively ‘sensitive’ system to manage. I’m not damning it here..just noting that as with any closed loop eco-system it is uniquelt sensitive to a variety of inputs and therefor requires a significant amount of over-sight, mangament. Still, yes, it IS a marvelous idea, isn’t it?!


      93. wanna know what governments are capable of ??

        including our own???

        educate yourselves


        and while your at it
        look up Operation Northwoods

        and this is just the stuff we know about….

      94. Obama Signs Executive Order to ‘Nationalize’ Elections

        “President Barack Obama signed an Executive Order Thursday establishing a Presidential Commission to deal with “election administration” that critics say is an attempt to nationalize the country’s elections for partisan advantage.”

        Breitbart dot com

      95. To Mac: It may be exasperating to have forgotten more than most people know, but to have to sit in moderation for two days whenever I post is extremely trying. How about a little respect for your elders? Isn’t that where all of this went south in the first place?

      96. My thought is, they won’t pull a cyrpus here … but instead, nickel and dime everyone through inflation and raising interest rates … it’s easier for them that way, and “looks” less intrusive (if you are not paying attention).

        • $25 gun tax to pay for crime in Cook County.

          On Drudge.

          • 23 shot in Chicago over weekend. Nice.
            400 teens harass people on Mag. Mile.

            Box cutters and locks in the socks.

            They are all GOOD CHILDREN. What do they call it now? Wilding.

            Coming to your area Soon!

            • @Slingshot. You notice in the article you read how many of those people were shot in the legs?

              Instead of the Magic Mile they ought to call it the Magnum mile.

              Ahhh, Chicago, The place for people from Detroit to vacation. 🙂


              • @ BigB

                Even in my news area there have been shootings over Easter. No place is exempt. No Holiday is exempt. The combination of the Gangster image and the impact of unemployment has taken over and I do not see it ending anytime soon.

                • Me neither. It can only escalate from here. I think it is because the middle income families are shrinking and more people are getting desperate. And the already poor are having to be more aggressive to make what they used to make because of easy pickings. If that makes sense?


      97. Be Informed,
        I’ve got a hypothetical ponder for you concerning NK, nukes, & earthquakes:
        So our gov’t and MSM say that NK does not have the missle tech to reach the continental US.
        (Which I’m not sure I believe…seems more of false reassurance rhetoric to calm the masses).
        However, there’s that picture that’s all over the web of Kim & generals in a room with a map showing strike lines into the US at California, DC, and Texas.
        Perhaps the lines aren’t flights paths of missles but instead just pointers to target zones.
        My question is: if nukes were smuggled into the US and detonated underground near fault lines, could this trigger a massive break and quakes around the country?
        Kinda like in the plot of the James Bond film “A View to a Kill”.
        The thing I’m trying to figure out is why on a map would they specifically target Texas near Austin?

        Or…if missles with nukes were smuggled into the country and set off in the air above those locations, could that cause an EMP strong enough to knock out the grid?

        NK is crazy but they’re also kinda sneaky. If they can’t successfully nuke us from the Korean Penninsula, perhaps they plan to nuke us within our own borders with weapons which may already be hidden here somewhere.


        • @ afterthefallpa. To set off a fault with a nuke, you would have to likely dig quite deep down as most faults are at least 6 miles down. A very large hydrogen bomb, several megaton range might do it near the surface. IF Porky was to smuggle a nuke into the U.S., the worst thing I could think that would happen would be if the nuclear bomb was SALTED. This means encasing the nuke in cobalt or other material that would become highly ionized when exploded and create an extremely radioactive death dust for huge areas of land. It has been estimated that 300 cobalt bombs detonated with the power to get above about 10 miles in the atmosphere (medium size H-bomb) would kill off most life on the planet.

        • Doesn’t the Bush family live around Austin? He’s probably still carrying a family grudge with them. No other reason I can think of! 😀

      98. The assault weapon ban is nothing more than political porn for the left to distract you from the real issue, crushing poverty with little to no chance of getting out.

        Look up how many people are murdered on average each month in the US and then add up all the assault weapon shooting spree victims for the last 30 years, the numbers aren’t even close. The vast majority of those are committed with handguns, not assault weapons. You just don’t hear about the others because they mostly involve the inner city poor.

        Guns are not the issue, poverty is. Fix the poverty problem in this country and the number of gun deaths per year will plummet and the left and right in this country will need to find another issue to get their supporters whipped up about

      99. One thing that we need to remember when considering the actions of NK is that you’re not dealing with a conventional military leader who went to a school like west point and is versed in tactics and military history.
        Lil Kim is a 29/30 year old guy who spent most of his life at private schools in the west…probably doing the same thing other young guys in their 20’s do: watching movies and playing video games.
        So we need to consider that Lil Kim’s military tactics might very well be based on what he has learned watching bad action movies or while playing Call of Duty on Xbox.

        That is probably the scariest thought of all because it means that anything is possible, no matter if it made zero sense to traditional military tactics or ideas.

        …I hear that he is going to stage a fake terrorist hostage situation in L.A. at Nakatomi Plaza on Christmas Eve so he can loot their vaults.

        …don’t put it past this kid.

      100. Lots of ways for the SHTF. Nuclear/bio war, economic collapse, and natural dissasters. I think that I must also reference the bible (revelations) to really prepare for what is about to happen. That said, it don’t look good.

      101. The North Koreans have 60 of those little subs that are very hard to detect, especially if they travel in the shadow of large surface ships. The Chinese used this tactic to get one of their subs within sight distance of Los Angeles, and then lauched a ballistic missle from the sub. It supposedly landed in China somewhere but the point is, they can get close and are hard to detect. I dont see this guy backing down, and although we have lots of cool toys and technology, all it takes is one of them to get through with the right kind of bio-weapon on the end of a missle. So maybe he cant hit the mainland from North Korea but thats not to say he cant launch one for the deck of a container ship or from a sub.

      102. @ BigB.
        One subject that is not fully discussed is threat indentification. All generations express themselves in different politics and image to separate themselves.
        Long hair, bellbottoms, beads, moving onto facial tattoos, hoodies, low wearing of pants and even laugage distortion accompanied by high animation of body parts.
        How does one determine that it is only a expression and not a intrusion of a deviant culture and attitude. Especially one that inflicts violence within its own community.

        • @Slingshot,

          I don’t know. I do think you are on to some thing though. If you look at the late sixties and early seventies you have the emergence of the beatniks followed by the hippie generation. I think the liberalization of our society during that era of which I have to admit being part of, allowed maybe a free thinking generation that started to accept alternative life styles.

          That being said I some times think we as a nation started to discard the moral, ethical, religious and political beliefs we were brought up with. That was seen as a weakness by the zealots who always believed that our society needed “social re-engineering”. And there you have the slippery slope that just keeps getting steeper and steeper every day.


          • O.K. BigB

            How do we fix it?

            I have read how other countries deal with crime. One that I thought inovative is caneing, where the punishment was determine by the crime committed as to the amount of strikes/hits with a cane pole across the buttocks. The offender was stretched tight upon a sawhorse with his butt in the open air. A Martial Arts professional administered the punishment.
            Today jail is a joke and they have more rights than the person on the street. Many do not fear the return to jail and in so commit more crime. Also they learn how to commit more crime from long time crimials.
            I know that this may be cruel and unusual punishment. Yet, what other way to instill fear to the point that you may express yourself in a culture but when that culture preys upon the people it is time to set new standards of punishment.
            Inhouse jail crime, IMO, would deminish for how many would be able to, while they recover from said punishment.
            To be sure many would tell others in their group, “You don’t want that to happen to you”.

            • Restitution or execution. You can pay back what you have stolen, or if the crime fits, then you are executed. No more costly prisons. No more victimless crimes.

            • @Slingshot, again I don’t know. Maybe as some suggest it is time for a re-set and start all over in the hopes that we remember the mistakes we made. Maybe we are doomed to repeat all of it over and over again. It could just be in our genetic make up. I really don’t know with how far we have gone down this road we can recover unless some thing biblical occurred that was irrefutable?


            • How do you fix it? You teach your children. There is NO LAW that can fix stupid. You wouldn’t want it anyway!

        • Howdy slingshot, BigB, et al,

          I just stumbled over something – at, I think it was FoxNews – a bit ago. It went something like this;

          Have you ever heard of the Code of Hamurabi? That’s OLD stuff…3500-4000 years OLD. Well, the Saudi’s have just adjudcated a case where a 14 year-old was convicted of ‘paralysing ‘ his best griend through a knife blow to the spine…the sentence, “Paralyzation”. The method by which they intend to do this was not specified…but it does make one think…

          “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”

          such as that is from where THAT came from originally,

          Just ‘peekin in’ here…


      103. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYTyluv4Gws

        The financial crisis.

        This is why I only by Silver and Gold now.

        I say to Wall St….


        You are nothing to us.

      104. “The best way to pull off a heist is to make it so nobody blows the whistle or calls the authorities. Better yet is to arrange things so the authorities are in on the job. Best of all, of course, is when the authorities do the job.

        And that is exactly what has happened in Cyprus.” ~ Franklin Raff

        • Precisely, Shootit, and that’s in the article I posted last night by Doug Hagmann. But, my post was in moderation so long, probably no one saw it.

          • Reposted…

            Hi Anita,

            If I may intrude here…

            There are a variety of things which can land one in “Moderation Hell’ as it were…Yes, I saw your post to Mac above this. Frequently he’s awfully busy and perhaps I can answwer some points about moderation as it were.

            ANY link forwarded to Mac WILL be seen by him or one his moderators (yes, there are more than one) BEFORE it is posted. The reason for this is that Mac is – here – a ‘Publisher’ and that implies certain specific LEGAL things. First of those is that Mac is resposible for the content on this site…LEGALLY. If someone places a link to ‘child porn’ here Mac takes the fall on it…hence, ‘due diligence’ is required of him here…in the legal sense. There are a LOT of posters here…especially lately, we have a HUGE amount of NEW traffic here at the site over the last few months and so perhaps you can understand what’s involved here, Yes?

            Also, it is the case that IF you DON’T use the same ‘Handle/Email’ – EVERY time! – that you post will end up in “Hell”, as it were. The same applies to any ’email blank’ posts here as well. Some of what the board does electronically is to look for repeater’s here and ‘cut them’ a little slack in getting posted. Anything which doesn’t quite ‘fit’ the board’s filter’s is automatically sent ‘to the Nether-regions’ for a time…till someone gets to it.

            Hope that explains things a bit..it’s not MY board, but I do have a notion of how these things work. IS IS Mac’s board and IF he chimes in take HIS word as Law here
            …because, fundamenatlly, it is! 🙂


            • I expected to be in moderation for a link, but that doesn’t explain all my other posts that go to limbo.

      105. Disaster Preparedness: Are Americans heeding the second amendment more than disaster management experts?


        by John Longenecker

        For months now, DM/EM experts – the disaster management planners and policy makers – have worried aloud that their message is not getting out. Various articles wonder why the American public is not heeding them.

        As I have posted, the problem does not lie with the electorate, but the professionals. I can certainly see that civilian preparedness measurements might as well be herding cats, but an attitude of elitism with an unabashed snobbery doesn’t help the condition.

        This is not true for the entire DM culture, as some experts have suggested polling laymen in a function the experts describe as crowd wisdom. Not a flattering title, but it recognizes the importance of polling the people one serves instead of wondering why one in a bubble is not heeded. Getting feedback – and taking it seriously – is praiseworthy, and helpful to both the image and success of the disaster management profession.

        Called crowdsourcing, the practice of tapping into this wisdom for disasters is at the core of mustering volunteerism. This is one locus where recognition of volunteers and volunteers themselves intersect. It is long overdue as standard policy, and it must be reinforced and taught. It must be embraced as the value of personal independence as a survival value.

        Any affirmation of volunteers with a place in any disaster management must include volunteer input in the early planning stage and throughout. Where the complaint has been exclusion from planning – resentment of the armed citizen, for instance – it seems that a correction is on the way.

        But make no mistake: a place at that table cannot merely be a tolerance for citizen input; It must take their word for it and heed it. This cannot be a give and take; it is going to be one-sided at times in favor of the citizens. Citizen input for volunteer involvement means to listen to and to heed the will of the very people one is pledged to serve, the ultimate beneficiaries of the entire profession. On many issues, there will simply be no two sides, only one. The people.

        Objections so far have been the belief that citizens don’t know what they’re doing; that’s planner ego talking. Professional pride. The findings of more objective endeavors are that citizens are more than reasonable, they are able, they are interested parties, they are willing, they are smart, even experienced, they are in large numbers, and citizens are boots on the ground.

        Reports of armed citizens are most important in how interested persons – people who have a stake in the community, that is – will act in their community’s best interests and have, resulting in optimal outcomes following the disaster’s worst effects.

        Are more citizens heeding second amendment values than disaster preparedness action?

        On many levels, Yes. It is because citizens are already experienced with the system’s indifference. As more news reports and disaster victim updates emerge, this perspective becomes more cemented. TIt is so much more than food and water.

        [Since 2008, ten million more Americans joined the rolls of American gun owners, raising the probable count from 80 million to 90 million adults. When individuals make such a choice, one is practicing a preparedness paradigm, one which rejects centralization as best for them, choosing instead, personal independence as being best for their household. It is my analysis that they choose to get the upper hand when facing danger instead of suffering the crime only to be mistreated by the system after that! Instead of being victimized twice, the household elects not to be a victim at all.]

        Citizens do heed good advice. Being armed is a very significant endorsement of heeding preparedness and survival values and actions. It is only that second amendment authorities make a more germane case which resonates with households in terms of effectiveness, authority, safety, and a measure of a shrewd personal control of a dangerous incident; when services are interrupted, a citizen may act resonably when first resonders are mong the interupted services.

        The likely reason for this disparity is that second amendment authorities – bloggers, instructors and liberty enthusiasts – endorse personal independence while the EM/DM community seems to emphasize centralization. Up until recently, that centralization does not merely centralize relief efforts, it excludes personal individual action. It excludes anyone else’s version of how to prepare to survive.

        Who would you listen to: someone whose policies cannot be present when needed most, or one who educates and advocates your own freedom to act and survive when needed most?

        The DM community has lost sight of one important reality: that if one is resented for conflicting values fundamentally, one will not be listened to for even the very best information, irrespective of how correct, important, or vital it is.

        One of the very best steps the EM/DM community can take is beyond the crowdsourcing; to prefer personal independence, especially with a professional respect for the integrity, purpose and sovereign authority of the armed citizen. Disaster management cannot be the realm and purview only of the profession: that elitism gets in the way of the mission. Preparedness, management and recovery cannot even begin until the experts understand that everyone has a part to play, especially the spirit and values of the ubiquitous armed citizen.

      106. @BigB & @Slingshot:
        I was having a conversation the other day with someone concerning things like this. Granted, I’m only just a hair under 40 but I was still brought up with the morals and general way of thinking of my parents and my grandparents. However, the liberalization and “PC-ing” of our society has made the world a very different place today than what it was even just 20+years ago.
        In a way, the idea of a justice, freedom, and leading a moral life (not necessarily religious but generally moral) have become dinosaurs in the minds of many in today’s society.
        To get a better understanding of the current ways of thinking, we have to try to mentally put ourselves in the mindset of the youth of our country and the world as it is today.
        It seems that the “younger” generation (people from teens to around 30) have no grasp of the concepts of what the rest of us have been brought up with for generations. They are the generation where everything is pc, easy, should be given to them for free…there seems to be the biggest generation gap ever in history between people born between the beginning of time and the early 80’s and people born after around 1985.
        I think part of it is that after WW2 we evolved too fast technologically and in too short of a time.

        Combining those thoughts with the whole NK problem: Lil Kim is basically a child of priviledge with his own million-man army, a nation of blindly loyal & brainwashed followers, weapons of mass destruction, the attention of the entire world…and he is a child of a morally and ethically bankrupt generation. You take someone like that, give them all the power in the world, combine it with the crap that is fed to young people from Hollywood, and what you get is a wackjob world leader that none of us will ever understand because we still think in traditional ways.
        Lil Kim will not start a conventional war. He’s from a different generational mindset that is probably going to do things more like Dr.Evil from Austin Powers, or some campy bond villain, or friggin Cobra Commander.
        His father and grandfather were wackjobs but they were still from an old-school state of mind and knew what war is and what it meant.
        This kid is from a generation who thinks that they deserve and can get away with anything. They think they’re smarter than the previous generations because you know, computers.
        …and they have no concept of conscience or “what if”….
        If you or your people die you still have “extra lives” and if you get in trouble there is always some way to get out of it.
        In many ways, our world is doomed.

        • @Anita, afterthefallpa, JOG, Slingshot and all,

          Pretty messed up situation. Take a look at the new article and see the Chicago situation which started this thread in the first place. That one you mentioned JOG about the eye for an eye is so harsh that when I read the article a while ago all I could think of was that humanity is out the door in that place. And who knows maybe that is the solution Slingshot and I have been discussing.


        • I like the photo on the ‘net showing a bomber with its load of bombs laid out in front of the plane.

          The caption reads, “Lil Kim won the coin toss. He elected to receive.”

      107. NOW is the time to utilize rope and the street lights!
        The “Banksters” MUST go !

      108. Oro, Putaz !

      109. What in the world will it be like for our babies in 15-20 years? It kinda makes me sick to think about it.

        I guess by then TV will have made most everyone into Sheeple.

      110. On 911truth.org, not one hijacker was from Iraq nor Afghanistan but 15 of the 19 were from Saudi Arabia. Under GWB watch the national debt went from $5 to $12 trillion dollars from 2001 to 2009 according to the congressional budget office to the General accounting Office. The same GWB told Al Gore during the presidential debate in 2000 on budgetary matters ” it’s fuzzy numbers.” GWB should never have been voted. I voted against him it was moral thing to do when he wasn’t as qualified as Dan Quayle on how could’nt spelled ” potato.”

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