Jill Stein Raises Over $4 Million For Recount That “Could Put Hillary in the White House”

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This article was written by Kurt Nimmo and originally published at BlackListedNews.com.

Editor’s Comment: According to Open Secrets, Green Party candidate Jill Stein only raised about $3.5 million over the course of her entire presidential campaign (as of reports dated Oct. 28, just 10 days before the election), yet she has now raised over $4.5 million AFTER the election ended i order to fuel recounts that she is pursuing in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania – by coincidence, the three states that Hillary would need to pull a “win” after the fact if indeed recounts are done, and election results are altered. Stein received less than 1% of the vote in most states, and received no electoral votes, yet money is pouring into her campaign now. Gee… I wonder why?

More to the point, what would happen IF a recount changed the results of the election and the race was declared for Hillary after all? There was too much fraud and shadiness to suggest that Hillary ran any kind of legitimate campaign (clearly the DNC rigged the primaries to give her a red carpet), but no one would discount the importance of transparency, fair elections and verification. Theoretically, Hillary is something like 50,000 votes away (in those 3 key states)  from triumphing. Vote fraud is repugnant, and no one including Donald Trump should benefit from it.

Nonetheless, IF a scenario were to play out where Trump was stripped of the win, and Hillary instead took the Oval Office – and perhaps that is a big if, but it isn’t inconceivable – there is little doubt that a restless and angry population – confused and torn on all sides – would take to the streets. Civil unrest, riots, protests, and the response of martial law would appear to be inevitable. This country is unstable and poised for collapse. Stay vigilant… no one can say for sure what will come of this.

Clinton May Demand a Recount, Blame the Russians for Election Loss

by Kurt Nimmo

Hillary Clinton and John Podesta are playing wait-and-see after a group of voting rights experts and computer security buffs claimed the election was hacked in favor of Donald Trump.

“Hillary Clinton could have been robbed of the presidency by hackers, a group of experts claims – and now they’re calling for her to demand a recount,” the Daily Mail reports.

The group says votes in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania may have been hacked to lower Clinton’s numbers. The experts believe she may have been robbed of around 30,000 votes.

On Tuesday New York magazine reported the group of “prominent computer scientists and election lawyers” described as activists had called for a recount.

The academics so far have only a circumstantial case that would require not just a recount but a forensic audit of voting machines. Also complicating matters, a senior Clinton adviser said, is that the White House, focused on a smooth transfer of power, does not want Clinton to challenge the election result.

The Russians and Vladimir Putin have yet to be directly accused, although this should be expected if Clinton demands a recount. A lot of effort went into the Democrat concocted propaganda campaign to portray Putin and Russia as meddlers determined to skew the election in Trump’s direction.

On November 9, Alexandra Chalupa, a DNC worker, went on Facebook to blame the Russians.

“Russians have heavily influenced this election for the past six months and have successfully hacked into the election systems of more than half the states in the country,” Chalupa wrote.

She also said the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security “teamed up with a group that is part of Anonymous based in Washington, D.C. called ‘The Protectors.’ This group saw a lot of activity during Election Day from the Russians and believe that the voting results projected don’t match the internal and public polls because the voting results were manufactured in favor of Trump in heavily Republican counties in key states, and voting results may have been decreased for Clinton in key Democratic counties via malware that was placed by the Russians when they hacked the election systems of more than half our states.”

Zero evidence has been presented to back up the claim. Democrats began using the unsubstantiated claim when it became obvious Trump would pose a serious challenge. The establishment propaganda media now treats the accusation as fact.

In response to the unproven accusation, Obama considered tougher economic sanctions on Russia, revoking the diplomatic status of its envoys in the US, and deploying cyber weapons.

“It seems that where ever you turn nowadays, someone in Washington is issuing a threat against Russia. Are US-Russian relations really that bad, or does this trend have more to do with the defense industry and power struggles within the US?” writes Patrick Henningsen.

Moreover, the idea the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security would cooperate with Anonymous is absurd. Or is it? Some say the shadowy hacker group works with the CIA to take down activist websites. If this is the case, cooperation between the DOJ, the DHS, and Anonymous would be a natural.

The move for a recount is picking up steam. On Wednesday Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate who received one percent of the vote, called for a recount.

“After a divisive and painful presidential race, reported hacks into voter and party databases and individual email accounts are causing many Americans to wonder if our election results are reliable. These concerns need to be investigated before the 2016 presidential election is certified. We deserve elections we can trust,” Stein said.

Stein did not directly blame the Russians, although NBC made sure to mention Russian hackers in a story on the failed presidential candidate’s call for a recount.

This article was written by Kurt Nimmo and originally published at BlackListedNews.com. Visit Kurt Nimmo’s website Another Day in the Empire and support his work.

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    1. Old Guy

      No recount will happen. If theres a honest recount and they kick out the fraud votes for hellery. Ole Cankles will lose the popular vote by several million. Hellery and tribe will not take the gamble.

      • smokey

        A recount just counts the ballots, valid or fraudulent, it doesn’t matter once they are in the hopper.

        The left’s plan is to flip the 3 states, and then get a few Electors to switch their vote to Hillary. Voila ! 270+ Electoral votes.

        I don’t think the left realizes what will happen if they pull it off. They’re dreaming of deluded sheeple if they think we’ll just let them steal an election and install the loser in a quasi-legal staged coup.

        • Menzoberranzan

          Right. The rifles will come out and all these monkeys and commies will die by the tbousands in their own neighborhoods as we are coming to kill them if this comes to pass. They think they can win that race war they keep talking about! We outnumber and outgun the feds and they will be running or dying too.

          • Zeus

            Its Now OFFICIAL- India Now Bans Rupies Cash Swap In denominations similar to the $20 Bill and larger. And maximum withdraw amount per day from an ATM, is like $36 total. Get ready Folks, the Tsunami is a coming here too.

            Those in India can no longer swap the high denomination Rupies for lesser currency. Their only option now to try and redeem any value left of this worthless paper, is to Physically Deposit Only into a Bank. Which will trigger Tax Audits for all this unexplained cash. India cracked down since they claimed only about 1% of the population pays India Government Taxes, the rest of the population cheats on the black market to avoid taxes to the Indian Government.

            So what is the real reason for Banning Cash? This is a massive crash on small businesses and people dependent on cash and the medium of trade. The End is Near, Australia in banning large bills now too, the US is next in line. Are you prepared with PM’s? Do you have all your Barter items in place. Pints of Vodka, Firewood, skills, special tools are all good barter items besides precious metals.

            This is how it works folks before our very eyes.

            Read this entire Article.

            Demonetization tightens: No more exchange of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes, Centre announces – Times of India

            Amid swirling rumors of a Gold import ban, and already realized of a crackdown on cash itself, the India Times reports that banks are no longer doing currency swaps on the eliminated 500 and 1000 Rupee bills. They are now accepting them as deposits only. The usual excuses are being made for this outrageous tightening of floating currency: “Less exchange demand”, and people need encouragement. Note the following quotes blatantly stating the government needs more money out of mattresses and in their control. India’s economic freedom is being destroyed and they don’t even have to lie about it

            “It has further been felt that people may be encouraged and facilitated to deposit their old Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes in their bank accounts. This will encourage people who are still unbanked to open new bank accounts. Consequently, there will be no over the counter exchange of old Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes after midnight of 24.11.2016”

            Once that money is deposited, do you think it will be able to be withdrawn so easily? We are witnessing in real time a country herding its population into financial serfdom. Bear in mind these note denominations are less than $US 20.

            ht tp://www.marketslant.com/articles/indias-latest-end-cash-deposits-only

            • Zeus

              Also if you are curious what your Junk Silver is worth, Coins, check this site out. Current Values etc.

              • yourdaddy

                Neither Trump nor Hillary will be inaugurated as the next POTUS.

          • vocalpatriot

            we’d be targeting blue hats before too long….suits me fine…

          • apache54

            YUP!!! WAR WILL HAPPEN if the female dog wins!!

        • Rand G DesRosiers Sr


          • JustCause

            You need to get your facts straight. Soros does not own the voting machines any more than he owns Trump Towers.

            • Unknown

              You read that crazed paragraph and THAT’S the fact you think that person (Rand Desrosier) needs to get straight?

          • wayne

            If they think that Killery is going to win we the people of the United States have news for them. The U.S. thinks there is riots now, if they pull something like this off look out U.S. Civil war will break out and you illegals better run real quick as well as Washington D.C. and who all that caused this. So I would be very careful not to do a recount. Hillery is so in trouble if she tries and pull this off.

          • BlackMoe

            That ALL CAPS hurt my eyes, I couldn’t finish reading it.

        • BlackMoe

          They must want a civil war, because thats what will happen if they pull off this “recount” or otherwise succeed in switching the results of the election.

      • Stephen

        But a recount is indeed happening. Kinda makes you wonder how many truckloads of absentee ballots will we ~found~ as it goes.

        On another note, they are pointing at Russian hackers as being the cause of this. Wisconsin uses paper ballots. The Russians hacked them how, exactly?

        This whole thing just reeks of corruption.

        • smokey

          Those sneaky Russkis also hacked Hillary’s server and put all those emails on Humedin’s laptop. That’s after they falsified them, of course.

          We should hire these guys, they’re good.

          • T4R2

            They’ve already got a gig with one of the alphabet agencies.

        • NorseMan

          The paper ballots are often ‘counted’ by optical scanning machines. The thought is that the ballot totals are hacked and do not show the correct totals.

          • smokey

            That’s the idea, but the vote counters have already counted them twice, the machines are calibrated and checked before and after the counts, kept securely, and the number of paper ballots has to equal the machine count.

        • syl oliver

          He w well I agree with you too
          And we all need to support Hillary. Need to really recocountnthe ballots and see once and for all now while still timebtomdomsom
          Never know for sure if don’t find out

        • JustCause

          That’s not completely true. Some Wisconsin counties use paper ballots.

      • Freeillinois

        The Democrats have had 2 weeks to alter ballots now they get to make their re-count.

        This stinks to high heaven!

      • Equorial

        I was under the understanding that Putin had been cleared of all accusations (as what he was supposedly doing to influence the election was a big, fat lie).

        Demo’s are superb at lying – must be a special “Gene-Trait” or somethin’….

        • Zeus

          Funny watching all the Lefties and the MSM go through all their mental steps and stages of Post Election Grief:

          *Delusional- Hillary is ahead by 10 points.
          *Discomfort- Its closer than you think.
          *Denial- Trump is now ahead
          *Depression- Hillary lost, the world just ended.
          *Anger- The Russians Hacked the election.
          *Bargaining- This is when they say Trump needs to be inclusive of all people.
          *Acceptance – That’s on January 20th When Donald J Trump is inaugurated the 45th President and Hillary goes on Trial.

        • smokey

          It was always a lie.

        • JustCause

          Your understanding is wrong the investigation is still in process.

      • Not Good

        Why is a candidate who garnered less than 2% of the vote allowed to request a recount when no matter what they find she cannot win? If Hillary wants her recount, let her campaign be the one to request it. At least then we would know why they were allowing it.

        • JustCause

          It’s state law. Anyone can challenge the vote as long as they pay for the challenge. Are you trying to re-write state law?

          • smokey

            Some states require that cause for a recount be shown, in a courtroom, and the candidate must have legal standing, meaning a probability of turning 1% of the votes into 50.1%.

            He’s making a perfectly valid point.

      • Jeannie

        Tell Stein to give those fraudulent millions back to those foreign billionaires and stop trying to interrupt the election process in the United States of America.
        American patriots want their country back !!

      • JINH

        The idiocy of it all. Hillary and all the skeletons in the Clinton closet did the best thing on election night: congratulate Donald Trump on his victory. It’s her basket of deplorables who continue to riot, bicker, loot and protest. They’re the only ones with time to continue their thug behavior and low mentality. Give it a rest; your gross mentality is getting old.

        • Sally Koller

          Hillary’s so-called supporters who are rioting are probably being paid by George Soros and Planned Murderhood. If Hillary becomes president instead of Donald Trump she’ll see some real rioting and rage. How can anyone support that lying criminal psychopath? No one is more deplorable than she and her husband. Both of them only want money and power. They care nothing about America or Americans.

    2. Whatever Works

      He already won Michigan by over 10,000 votes. You have to wonder why Ms. Stein is even doing this or how she got so much money so fast . Wonder what the Clintons have to do with all of this, don’t you ? I guess that slick deal Trump made to get her concession isn’t working out quite as well he had hooped.

      It’s all conjecture of course. And they won’t be able to overturn it either of course. But I hope this opens Trump’s eyes . The Clintons have more arms than a Greek mythical monster . He’s a fool if he made any kind of deals with them at all . He should play the same game with them they’re playing with him right now . So he won’t prosecute Hillary over the emails? No problem the Attorney General will . The man knows how to play dirty and I hope he remembers that once he’s in office as far as dealing with the Clintons .

      • Sarge

        According to Anonymous:
        “Election Recount Going to Happen;” Soros Responsible for Funding the Effort

        Who could have even imagined in their wildest dreams that assturd soros could possibly be behind it all!

        • JustCause

          Where’s the proof that Soros or the Clinton Foundatuom is funding the recount? Foundations funding the recount is a Trump trick. Trump has already admitted to this. Don’t know why he is only being fined and not thrown in jail.

          • smokey

            You’re loony tunes, bud.

        • Sally Koller

          Because Soros controls Obama and Hillary. Read some books. There are about 20 books about their dangerous liaisons with Soros

      • Equorial

        Perhaps The Clinton Family has just realized Trump is only waiting for next year, when he can THEN nail BOTH THEIR ASSES to the wall, and dismantle their bullshit charity as well (which is just a money laundering/tax evasion/pedophiles-R-Us creation for TPTB).

        Now, how are they going to face us knowing WE know that they are all child molesters?

        Perhaps it IS time to “clean the barn” really well?

        • Zeus

          Think about all that Hundreds of Millions of Dollar in Bribe money the Clintons got, and now they can fulfil their promises, and all these aka: Donators and Dictators now want their money back, and hunt the Clintons down, for Hundreds of Millions in fleeced Bribes. There may not be any need to imprison the Clintons, as being on the outside of a Prison will be Poetic Justice, as the Clintons will caught by their Victims and be dragged through the streets and beaten like Momar Gadhafi in Libya was.

          The Clintons Came, they Fleeced everybody, then they died!! Bwhahahahahahahaha

          • JustCausethr

            The foundation is doing real charity work unlike the Trump Foundation.

            • tim

              the foundation is doing real charity work ? LOL Your one dumb liberal. The money the foundation is working with is as illegal as a drug dealers money !! 95% in clinton pockets 5% Charity. don’t be a dummy all yo life

            • smokey

              Try and sell that line of bullshit in Haiti.

              Deluded moron.

      • Paul Powell

        Remember that the electors are also being threatened to change their votes, a few are also being bribed to do just that, if the electors change their stance then they should be sent to prison for 10 years or so to teach them a lesson. Also remember that hitlery has said that when she gets in she will punish all those that voted against her, talking about a very sore loser, and a witch too boot.

        • JustCause

          And I guess you have proof of that? Right!

          • smokey

            Apparently, you are ignorant of the several mainstream media articles describing how the electors are in fact being threatened, by phone, fax, email, text, and tweet.

            Tell us why the opinions of someone who is so grossly ignorant of current events should be considered.

          • Emily

            Get back under your rock, troll

      • JustCause

        The emails on Hillary’s server were all a political stunt by Comey. Everyone knows it. It was as fishy as they come.

        • WADE

          What are you smoking?? I think you need a brain scan.

          • nuckinfuts

            No scan without brain. Ignorance at its best.

          • Pablo Schmidt

            There is no brain found to scan…lol Another LIB troll uninformed and uneducated…

        • smokey

          Right, the FBI did it. Or was it the Russians? Maybe it was little green men from Mars, they used to be active.


    3. Asshat

      Just got back from b lowes and picked up a 12 inch dewalt mitre saw for $199 reg $299. Figured it will make building stuff around here much faster. Thinking of getting a food saver machine too.

      • Warchild Dammit!

        Ass,is it the slide/dual compound,if so a great saw.I would though for finish work get a nice Diablo 96 tooth blade,well worth the money,buy off net for savings,save stock blade for more framing/quick multi cuts ect.

        • Zeus

          And do you have your multiple power sources to run the saws? Grid down, then what? Do you have at least a gas Generator, which means storage of a lot of extra gas to run it. Solar is jamming, and with a good battery bank you will power up everything. No Utility taxes with your own system. Sun is Free, 100% Return on Investment. .65 cents a watt for panels now. Get like 4 to 8, 300 watt panels, controller, inverter for 12V to 110 and your battery bank to store it. Run that from your inverter to your households fuse box. Then get more efficient, using all low wattage LED lighting, and appliances and reduce your on the grid sloppy demand and stop getting beat up with needless grid taxes.

        • Equorial

          Hard to beat DeWalt – – way to go! (My only 2-cents is to remember to get some “brushes” for it before they cease making them). That way it should last forever.

    4. Ron Ahrens

      Good, anything to rock the insane programmed indoctrinated world of the Trumpbots right now is a good thing, even if another demon psychopath is given keys to the White House by the Globalist Fascist puppetmasters.

      • Stephen

        I live and work and play and think about things, just as every other human does. Occasionally I will read something like this and it puts a big smile on my face. I’m not nearly as screwed up as others are out there. Thanks for that!

        • Equorial

          Hey there Steve. I think it is more like LOTS of people “swear” they’ll do this or they’ll do that, yet when it actually got down to nut-cutting, they’d be the first to flee the area.

          It’s the quiet ones you have to keep an eye on. 🙂 (Right now Hillary is being as quiet as a mouse, so I doubt they intend on winning anything).

      • Bandit

        So you would rather have a murdering liying hag running the country, one that wants to finish what bamba boy started, if so this country us in for a world hurt. hildabeast will break this country into many pieces and then hand the remains over to the un. That was the clintoonishes plan back in the 90s when they were in the first time, that did not go too well for them. Stop and check how many skeletons they have in the closet, there are at least 70 or 80 perhaps more.

        • Ron Ahrens

          I would rather have a Constitutional Republic that I spent 32 years of my life defending controlled by actual FREEDOM AND LIBERTY LOVING BRAVE REAL HUMAN BEINGS, instead of a Corporatist fascist criminal genocidal psychopath controlled POLICE STATE hell on earth, inhabited by dumbed down, disease ridden, depressed, drunken, Big Pharma pill popping, mindless entertainment and violent sports driven, useless materialistic garbage consuming, GMO toxic fake food gobbling, soda poison sucking, toxic dump COWARDS, who could give two shits about the future, health, and freedoms of the children the COWARDS should of NEVER had.

          • Unknown


        • JustCause

          If you want to count skeletons, Trump has a thousand in his closet.

          • tim

            you big dummy shut yo mouth

          • smokey

            If you want to count brain cells, you have none.

      • Bob

        The White House Occupant is nothing more than a sock muppet.

        The script is the same.

        Having said this, I do prefer Trump as opposed to hildabeast due to the screech factor – and NO other reason.

    5. waiting

      Why would anyone need to recount Michigan when they already took two weeks to certify the win for Trump. Looks like two weeks should have been plenty of time, since other states took less time to count more votes than Michigan had. They probably were using that two weeks to tamper with the votes themselves. There’s no way in hell Hillary the crook won the electoral vote or even the popular vote. Face it you crybaby liberals nobody likes HRC. As close as some of the votes were, there is no way anyone could figure out how much exactly to manipulate the vote. That’s why the liberal idiots lost it for Hillary, because they could not figure it out—- wasn’t enough time. Stop wasting everyone’s time and money and except the inevitable.

      • JustCause

        No one is wasting your time and money. It’s funded through donations. There were anomalies that were unexplained and the count and review of the voting machines will either confirm or reject the results. If rejected, the US will have to do a better job of ensuring the security or operation-ability of the voting machines. It’s the only way that voting is done fairly. If there is truly an issue, it needs to be corrected otherwise Democracy had not spoken.

    6. TEST

      Let’s see…. if we don’t count

      a.) the 8 gazillion illegal votes for Hilary
      b.) the 9 gazillion felons voting for her
      c.) more of the Al Franken votes “found in a car trunk”
      d.) All of the votes from the People’s Thugocracy of IL.
      e.) Throw out all the votes of the Low Information Voters of the left

      …. well, then, Democrats would have NO votes at all.

      Wonder how much money Georgie S. gave Stein. I will certainly remember this scam of hers, and make a point to actively oppose this vile fraud, and her BIG GREEN MONEY party. What a disgusting, despicable, vile person this jerk is.

      • Equorial

        Stein is absolutely no different than the rest of the self-acclaimed “seated” Better-Than-Thou folks in D.C.

        They ALL JUST KNEW this election was “in the bag” …now they are moving closer to a noose on a daily basis.

        I think this is where you start seeing lots of resignations and stuff…

      • JustCause

        How about all of the dead people voting fir Trump or the altered voting mschknrd swinging the ballots inTrumps favor and the absentee ballots thrown out by right leaning voting administrators. Trump would have a negative vote count.

        • smokey

          You’re projecting the voting patterns of the Democratic Party, clearly you are delusional.

          Tell us just how a negative vote count is even possible. Moonbat.

          • Shroom

            How do people like JC even find this site?

        • Shroom

          Wow, here’s another straw. you can reach it. Here ya go, just a little further..ah ah aaah. Too slow.

        • Pablo Schmidt

          Why oh why can there not be a IGNORE button on this site?? To ignore your stupid uninformed comments…

    7. TEST

      “‘…prominent computer scientists and election lawyers’described as activists had called for a recount.”

      Says it all. WHO are these people? Who called them “prominent?” WHY are they prominent? How many are card carrying Marxists? And “election lawyers?” What are election lawyers? Aren’t they just the level below pond scum on the biological scale?

      The more I am around the left, more I see how utterly evil and downright VILE they are in everything they do.

      • Bandit

        They are not called demon-crats for a reason, they follow the teachings of satan. hildabeast would NOT be a good person to lead this country, because of what she/it wants to do, she/it has already said that the very first thing that it will do is strip this country of its rights, the only thing we would have after that is done is the country as a whole would have a DICTATOR running it, as if we don’t already have one in action.

        • JustCause

          And you’re called Repukes for a reason. Because nobody can keep anything down when around you. We would be ruled by a fascist with the Repukes running the country.

          • Sally Koller

            Hillary is a fascist. If she was president she would take all your savings and give them to the illegal aliens.

      • smokey

        The ‘prominent computer scientists’ are some collegiate types that actually think they are prominent computer scientists instead of glorified code writers. The election lawyers are just that, lawyers versed in election law, such as recounts. So they’re shilling for their own employment, who’da thought a lawyer would do that, eh?

        Not a single one of these people have offered an iota of proof to their flimsy allegations.

        • JustCause

          And of course you have proof of all that NOT!

    8. The Deplorable Braveheart

      Menzo, I’m with you. The libturds need to back off and get a life. I won’t accept the libturd BS. The Stein bitch needs to drop this plan.

      • JustCause

        Why are you afraid that they may find out that absentee ballots registered as Democrats were being thrown away by right leaning voting administrators as was the case in Virginia during the last Congressional election Repuketard?

        • BlackMoe

          JC you’re a moron. Can’t fix stupid. Please move to Mexico idiot.

    9. sam

      I’ll bet We patriot’s Could Raze 10 Million To Hire a Hit Man to Grease Jill Stein Good end To Bad Rubbish Alol

      • john stiner

        This is just Jill Stien’s way of staying in the spot light.

        Nothing will come of this.

        • Zeus

          Most likely the Clinton Foundation or George Soros is funding Jill for this commie recount. The Commie Lefties need to keep the hate and venom flowing, as it is all they represent anymore. LOSERS!!

          One Nutjob from the Southern Law Poverty Center claimed that Trump’s “Drain the Swamp” comment is “RRayyscist.” I guess they now represent the swamp goons too.

          • The Deplorable Braveheart

            The juden at SPLC can kiss my GENTILE ass!

            • Equorial

              Isn’t all of this shit being done just to keep things “heated” between now and Jan 20th?

              Isn’t it a foregone conclusion “they” are seeking a war on American soil? (But who exactly has decided to have us shoot at ourselves due to an election disagreement)?

              Since they won’t “go for it” perhaps now WOULD be a great time for America to “Divide Permanently” into two Nations, at war with each other (on the civil levels).

              Or perhaps we should just divide as in “ALL CIVILIANS AND NO GOVERNMENT” – – that would shut the mouths causing all the problems immediately.

      • J B

        >>>I’ll bet We patriot’s Could Raze 10 Million<<<

        The Feds are expert money razers

        completely destroy (a building, town, or other site).
        "villages were razed to the ground"
        synonyms: destroy, demolish, raze to the ground, tear down, pull down, knock down, level, flatten, bulldoze, wipe out, lay waste
        "the old library will be razed on Saturday"

    10. Chunk

      Steal the election away from the duly elected 45th president of the United States, Donald J. Trump?

      That would be a real SHTF scenario!

    11. The Deplorable Braveheart

      Wonder what the hildebeast offered to Stein in return for a successful effort?

      • The Deplorable Braveheart

        Stein! Isn’t that a tribal name?

        • smokey

          No, that’s Fronkensteen!

          Frau Blucher look-a-like, though.

          • The Deplorable Braveheart

            Smokey, if I had to wake up to someone who looked like her every morning then I’d rather stay asleep!

            • Equorial

              Yo Braveheart! (you deplorable sob you…). lol. Hey, what you are speaking of is BIG DEAL in the Navy man.

              Hell yeah, you know how the girls all get prettier at closing time at the bars of course, so let’s say you take something home for the fun of it, and upon awakening first you realize what you have done.

              She is called “Coyote Ugly” (which means you’d rather chew your shoulder off than move your arm and take the chance of awakening her again!


              • The Deplorable Braveheart

                Equorial, I DEPLORE that! LOL!

    12. Brian

      I’d love to know who gave her the 4.5 million dollars. Unlike campaign donations, there are no limitations on donations from individual donors.

      • JustCause

        A taste of your own medicine, hey? Citizens United post election.

        • smokey

          Thanks for coming on here and showing the world what an ignorant and petty little deluded fuckwit you are, dude.

    13. B from CA

      Know when to walk away
      Know when to fold

      • B from CA

        The other side, the Clinton’s don’t want a recount. They don’t want an investigation. If there was one, it would uncover voter fraud on their part. This is a strategic move to put the Clinton’s and their financial backers into a public appearance of being on the offensive, as opposed to their true position which is inDefensible.


        • Bill

          Speaking of Hillary…
          SHE sure is quiet the past couple of days.
          MAYBE her disease got her down to where she can not make any public appearances OR maybe she just kicked off and her staff doesn’t want it known yet.
          Who knows?
          Only the SHADOW knows.

          • Francisco Machado

            Fidel Castro died. Hillary’s in mourning. Her passionate myrmidons are independently carrying the torch. Unless the overthrow efforts are succeeding, there’s every reason for Hillary not to be manifestly associated with them given the current Trump non-indictment stance. If he’s not overturned and he changes his “They’re good people” opinion…..

      • vocalpatriot

        That’s “know when to walk away, know when to run..”

        • Equorial

          I was country when country wasn’t cool; and also am lucky enough to still be a pro-singer, guitar picker, steel-guitar picker and enough fiddle to get by with:

          You got to know when to hold’em
          Know when to fold’em
          Know when to walk away, know when to run

          You never count your money, when you’re sittin’ at the table
          They’ll be time enough for counting, when the dealin’s done.

      • And I Quote

        “And knowing is half the battle.”
        ~ GI Joe

    14. anon

      This shit will never end till we are fighting in the streets.

      • Equorial

        Anon, that is PRECISELY what Obama is hoping we’ll do. Fight and kill each OTHER on the streets. (…that old quote, “There will be no law on the streets.” <—that is something we are entering into on a daily basis in many areas with many more to follow.

        Very simply it will be the people with guns and ammo against those without guns and ammo.

        • JustCause

          I will be eating popcorn and watching the show. You right wing fanatics will be badly outnumbered.

          • smokey

            It figures a keyboard commando like yourself wouldn’t dare crawl out of Mama’s basement and die on the barricades like a man.

        • Unknown

          Why on earth would Obama want people to fight and kill each other? You realize, either way, he’s only in office another month? Smh

          • Plan twice, prep once

            53 days 14 hours to be precise.

            Many see Obama as a cornered animal and think he will use a false flag attack or election recount event to stay in power, or to hand off the communist revolution to Hillary. Obama certainly displayes psychotic behavior, and the irrational is what many expect from Obama.

            After Trump is sworn in and the door hits Obama where the lord split him, I’ll break out the really good whiskey and pour a double and put my feet up, Until then, I’m very uneasy about the plans being hatched in DC.

    15. Jim in Va.

      Michigan was already certified and Trump won by over 10,000 votes.

      • Plan twice, prep once

        You realize Michigan has already had two recounts over the original count. In the original count Trump lead by 200,000 votes!

        I find it amazing that whenever there are recounts, magical Democrat vote ALWAYS appear out of thin air.

        Al Frankin’s election to the Senate is a classic example in “Recount Ballot Stuffing”.

    16. Jim in Va.

      If God had run the Dems would have claimed fraud.

    17. The Deplorable Braveheart

      Jim, Mickey Mouse could have run and they would still claim fraud.

      • smokey

        Micky Mouse is registered to vote in a majority of states.

        • JustCause

          They’re all in the Midwest.

    18. Zeus

      Maybe more illegals are voting again. You know the missing ballots all for Hillary suddenly found. As Jill Stein was promised VP by Hillary if she could over turn the election. Hillary must be at her wits end by now. Frazzled and fried.

      Hillary lost the election because about 10% of the black Vote did not go out and vote for her. Or moved over to Trump as he gained about 6 points.

    19. charlie2dogs

      its time to begin trying people for treason, judges, lawyers, politicians, bankers and corp ceo’s

      • The DeplorabIe Braveheart

        Agreed. Or, perhaps, not.

      • DiMarco

        Treason, Sedition and foreign agents (dual citizens) commiting espionage and sabotage.

        Bring back Hemp (rope….nooses) and lets make the FOUNDING FATHERS PROUD.

        • Equorial

          DiMarco; For what little I know of it, at least ONE midwest farmer planted NOTHING BUT HEMP despite the laws and everyone in government is leaving him alone – – as he’s threatened it would be his life or the officers sent to haul him off.

          Next year even more farmer’s that have been totally cut off are going to be raising the same, because they need to get some bills paid down a bit.

      • Zeus

        And if these Government Shills are not working for the American People, or dead wood, they deserve to be fired. Way too many self-serving thieves in Government cushy positions doing nothing but to enrich themselves and grabbing power at Tax payers expense. Remember everybody is replaceable.

    20. Wolverine

      She should buy ammo with the first half…

    21. The DeplorabIe Braveheart

      Hey! Jill! Over here.

    22. The DeplorabIe Braveheart

      It’s a fools errand.

      • The Deplorable Braveheart

        This f#$%in’ imposter just had to come back posting under my name. Don’t ever let me meet you in person. You wouldn’t like it.

        • Equorial

          Believe me when I say there is no doubt as to what you write and do NOT write – – so “Mr. Imposter (or Mrs?), ain’t too bright.

          • Braveheart1776

            Equorial, I’m glad someone here can tell the difference between my posts and the bogus SOB that comes on here.

    23. Boise bob

      The recount idea is complete bull. Brought to you by the same people who said Bush wouldn’t leave the whitehouse after his second term. Brought to you again when people were pissing their pants that Obama wouldn’t leave after his second term. Fueled by the media and by paranoid nuts who actually think a recount will happen and it would change the outcome.
      Now run around and look for a different way to get giddy with fear.

      • smokey

        Bob, the recount is happening, and the stated intent is to flip 3 swing states.

        Nothing happens in a vacuum.

        • Equorial

          If you are 100% correct, then America will be at FULL CIVIL WAR (AND) REVOLUTIONARY WAR by the end of next week.

          All anyone needs to do is “suggest” it on TV and America will “rip apart at the seams” – – and TPTB know this for a fact.

          Pushing bullshit like this onto “we the people” would be the stupidest thing, and last thing, they ever did. We would just have to kill them all, like The Constitution says. Every lamp-post.

          • Unknown

            She won by over 2 million votes

            • smokey

              No, the relevant truth is that she lost by over 65 electoral votes. The popular vote total is entirely meaningless in a representative republic, except as a sop to the deluded denial monkeys of the left.

            • Plan twice, prep once

              The electoral college was a brilliant invention by the founders,

              Without it, elections would be controlled by the ten to twenty largest cities in the US.

              This year NY State is a perfect example. Trump carried the state less NY City by a 70% margin. NY city with its huge population over rode the rest of the state and caused all NY electoral college votes to go for Hillary.

              California with its huge 56 electoral votes is controlled by just two cities, LA and San Francisco.

              The rest of the people in those two states, outside those cities, wasted their time even bothering to vote.

              • smokey

                Same in Washington state. Seattle seals the fate of the entire state.

    24. Anonymous

      Never underestimate a Clinton.

      If you do, you lose.

      Or die.

    25. vocalpatriot

      we need to investigate shrillary clinton first, then prosecute, convict and punish…throw her worthless ass in the slammer for good…. THEN we can talk recount.

      • nuckinfuts

        Hiel Hillary is good for one thing only, her voice would be useful if you have a rodent or roach problem on your premises.

        • smokey

          That would make a great Christmas gift for an urban liberal. The Hillary Screech Owl, guaranteed to drive rodents away. Just turn it on and the on-board chip will start screaming some of her choice sentences.

    26. Zeus

      All these post election distractions. Whatever,.. blah blah… Wait till Jan 20th when Trump kicks the chump out of the WH.

      GOT SOLAR POWER??? Check this out. Tesla on a Samoa Island.

      SolarCity and Tesla: Tau Microgrid
      VIDEO- ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZjEvwrDXn0

      This Islands previous Power Generator Burned 300 Gallons of Diesel Fuel per day, or 109,500 gallons per year to power the island. They no longer need to purchase this pricey Diesel fuel plus shipping costs. This new Solar System installed, can go 3 days with providing power to the entire island, without charging from the sun. And can be fully recharged in just 7 hours of daylight.

      That’s Amazing, and where we need to go to get off this Oil dependency, wars, pipeline wars, raping the planet poking holes in the crust and creating earthquakes.

      This is what you want for your House and Property digs like an island.

    27. Chris Kranyak

      This might be a way to threaten trump into making promises he would rather not.

    28. Chris Kranyak

      Like not prosecuting Hell airy.

    29. Illini Warrior

      if you were around during the Florida re-count of the “hanging chad” debacle – you can eazily see why the DemoCraps want to get their hands on those ballots that are locked up ….

      Michigan got decided by a little over 10,000 votes – the DemoCraps could have 30,000 phony ballots secreted into the count rooms in a matter of a few hours – those are DemoCrap dominate held states they want to re-count

    30. ln

      mich has certified the votes there the witch did not win in mich.

    31. Warchild Dammit!

      I suppose between this and attack on the real media if pushed would cause uncivil unrest and thus,martial law.I doubt this will get to that point but the govt. has pulled a lot of very shady bullshit in the past.

    32. Sarge

      I remember reading this in the “American Thinker”
      (“The sound of stealing” December 17, 2004):

      The Republican candidate for governor of Washington State won, a recount was demanded by the demoncraps, Republican candidate won again on the second count, then ballots were ‘found’ and a third count gave the victory to the demoncrap candidate.

      “When they are still short at the end of the count, they have a recount, and find some more that need to be counted. When that still fails to put their candidate over the top, they demand and pay for a statewide hand recount, and ‘find’ some more. The process, as in Florida in the 2000 Presidential race, is to keep counting and finding votes until your candidate eventually takes the lead. Then you stop counting.”

      • Equorial

        That’s how they “worked” FL so that Bush could take the WH.

        • Gabby Johnson

          Nice try. Bush won Florida. Stop telling this idiotic lie.

          People who have won from this? Think Al Franken over Coleman for Minnisota. TOTALLY FRAUD.

          Or the Sanchez sisters from SoCAL. MORE FRAUD.

      • smokey

        Washington state remembers that all too well. Three boxes of ballots ‘found’ in the trunk of a poll workers’ car. They should have never been there, no chain of custody, it’s a felony to remove a ballot from its’ place of custody or fail to place them in custody, and should have never been tallied, but the leftist Supreme Court for the state ruled that ‘every vote should be counted’, and there it was. One stolen election, in broad daylight.

    33. NorseMan

      Three traditional Democrat states – and while the voters may have went Trump, the ‘Party’ still remains in the administrative positions. Hillary knows the vote totals she needs – a huge advantage. So what does she do? You can’t risk too many people getting involved, so you instead go to a few very loyal people in key districts or areas and hand then a box of filled in ballots to add to the pile. These are the people that are in charge of storing the paper ballots, who have the keys, and who have the access. Then the recount pulls out all the ballots and ‘funds’ 10,050 more Hillary votes. Watch for the pattern – 100 counties match perfect with the original votes, but five ‘black’ counties duscover they were under counted.

      • smokey

        That’s exactly how it works.

    34. Gabby Johnson

      Go to ZERO HEDGE; Tyler Durden sez he has documented proof that the money for the recount is coming mostly from a large pay-bot depositing the same amount every 6 hours. He tested this theory and it seems to be holding.

      Not sure if anyone cares.

      But if you think this is a grass roots well…yer an idiot.

    35. syl oliver

      Need to find out for sure what these states have to say
      Need to recount the ballots

    36. Arizona Don

      I guess we know which one the fraud perpetrating party is don’t we. Proven when Wikileaks released the DNC emails about pushing bernie out of the race.

      This is how it goes every time a law breaker gets caught and not punished their next illegal act is always worse. The clintons have been breaking the law for decades and nothing ever happens to them. So they will continue their criminal ways until something is done to punish them.

      If something like what happened in Minnesota happens in three states and hillary is thrown into the white house there will be a price to pay and it will not be a bargain it will be very very high!

    37. Anonymous

      I have fully expected the cry of “hacking of the voting machines” from the DemoCommies…the public was primed for it before election day…all the screeches about Russians hacking votes to favor Trump!!….once the public expectations of vote hacking are created , this action of recount is accepted …( and you can bet there IS hacking being done by The DemoComms since the election in prep for the Recounts !! )..and if I, an average aging citizen am outraged , then there are the millions like me and there will be anger and revolt…but Jill Stein is a just a Shill for the EPA …and could Gore have had a slick hand in the massive donation this week? He is mightily enriched by the Green agenda that he adopted since his political Loss….These two people who stood to gain by Hillary now see their power shrink under Trump…..Nothing Noble Of Intent By these NeoCommies , only Power Hunger….

    38. mushroom

      Stein sure raised all that money in a BIG HURRY.

      I wonder where her $600.000 vacation home will be?

      Under the table is sure a helluva huge place…

    39. Doppleganger

      Trump could write a check and contest Nevada, Virginia, Minnesota, New Hampshire and Washington State.

      Lets see how THOSE recounts would look and watch the VA governor explain how Hitlery got more votes than there are registered voters.

    40. Dan

      Seems like the big problem is with Wisconsin, are they for Trump or for Clinton who should be in prison. As for Michigan it is very clear who they want which is TRUMP2016

    41. Chris

      Jill Stein is a footnote in the election. She’s defrauding the American people out of millions to boost her next feckless campaign. How in American can you possibly be?

    42. jake

      what a waste…all that money could be given to those that really need it…cancer centers…build shelters for the homeless…put seat belts in all school buses…put people into paying jobs created by this jerk…guess she has nothing to do but cause a problem…when helping others really makes you feeling great and would make great headlines…share this extra money!!!

    43. David

      Don’t be suprised when several thousand previously uncounted ballots are found in the trunk of some poll watcher’s car or in some back room someplace, All Hillary votes of course!

    44. Thedot

      Everyone remember that a couple of weeks before the election there were articles put out that George Soros was supplying the electronic voting machines to the 11 I believe states that were considered swing States and those machines were called into question… about their ability to be hacked… of course some of those hacked machines would have been found out in those states that have a paper trail… some states did not have a paper trail but a direct electronic vote with no record and those states are a part of this Jill Stein recall… it’s a setup all right and the Demo-NeoCommies (DNC!)were prepping for thI All Along by starting to scream the Russians are going to hack…!!

    45. Anthony S.

      Why would anyone want a recount to put crook Hillary Clinton in the White House. Donald Trump has already one. Hillary will ruin this country worse than what it is. Jill Stein should worry about using that money on Hopsitals than pocketing the people’s money. There will be no recount, and the people who donated all that money will lose out. Jill Stein is trying to raise money to pay for here compaign balances she owes, I bet on it. Jill Stein is as conrupt as the Clinton Foundation is.

    46. Freeordie

      The lefty progressive communists led by Killary think they are seeing unrest in the streets now? Ha! If the corrupt dens pull this off, they need to know something. Free patriots in this Country greatly outnumber all U.N. troops worldwide. We will defend our freedoms against all enemies, foreign and domestic!!

    47. Leslie Johnson


      …They could not swing the electoral college even with violent threats, so now team Hillary pinch hitter Jill Stein has opened the door for the final steal. Stein… has nothing to gain from this recount. And it is all based on false claims, because Michigan CANNOT BE HACKED. Michigan has a CERTIFIED VOTE. There is NO WAY THIS IS LEGIT. And that means ONE THING – there are liars doing it, powerful liars who know in advance they are going to find what they are looking for.The only beneficiary is Hillary Clinton and she indeed will steal the election if we permit it.

      1. Six electors DID NOT switch away from Trump, they switched away from Hillary.
      2. Trump DID NOT say he would not prosecute Hillary, he in fact said the opposite and the MSM lied again, to undermine Trump’s support.
      3. A bot paid for the election recount… How did she raise 4.5 million for the recount on THANKSGIVING DAY which is among the slowest internet days of the entire year?

      Jim Stone

    48. swinging richard

      Will she just go away.

    49. J

      Trump needs to get a special prosecutor, and bring indictments for treason with Obama and Clinton at the top of a rather long list. I want them in Ft. Levinworth where they belong. Pardon our soldiers for doing their job a little too well in the M.E., and make room for hundreds of these traitorous bastards.!!!!

      • Old Guy

        Trump Isnt president yet. He cannot get a special prosecutor or do anything until he takes office. And Obummer can pardon hellery before then.. And even after Trump takes office its the job of the DOJ not the president. Now the best route whould be for the military to go after Hellery for the E mails and bengazli. And the DOJ to go after the klinton foundation.

    50. Mindy Robinson

      I see some are saying there will be no voter recount. Hope they are right because there is enough hard evidence that shows us, if there is, hillary and her party of nazis will be stealing the election. hillary should be in prison and those in the dnc should be preparing to stand in front of a judge for the voter fraud and election theft they were caught red handed in. We , the people, are letting their crimes against this nation go, they are openly and blatantly engaged in establishing a totalitarian regime.

    51. Bill Moore


      Jill Stein has no hope of winning the election.

      She is raising money for a recount, will spend some of it for a bogus recount, and then put most of it in her pockets.

      Jill Stein has learned how to game the system.

      Bill Mooe

    52. Bob

      There never was any REAL money given to Stein.

      Remember, it’s all bits in a DB record. Nothing tangible was exchanged.

      • T4R2

        And with the MSM giving the free advertising, she is well on her way to counting.

    53. Stuart

      Why would the “Green Party” candidate demand a re-count for the competition?
      Also, the amount they “need” to raise seems to go up rapidly.
      Taken together, this spells scam.

    54. Lone wolverine

      I was wondering what event could cansell trump as president? A Jericho TV movie event 25 nukes going off in major cities? Maybe? A EMP event ? More likely? A Muslem assassination? Probably? Or all three? I’ve often thought a strike on New Year’s Eve would be most effective. When everyone is yelling peace and security. Happy new year. Almost everyone far away from home in there high heels in the middle of winter. A 30 minute drive to a party is a 30 mile walk home in the middle of winter in your party clothes? And the highways and roads are empty at midnight. Good for troop transport. New Year’s Eve or Christmas mourning are our most vulnerable times ? That’s when we should expect it? But we are most at home Christmas mourning. But maybe that would be better for the enemy? Washington crossed the Delaware on Christmas Eve to surprise attack the British. I think now a days New Year’s Eve would be better?

      • Freeordie

        Nothing can cancel Trump being president. This recount ıs a Clinton ploy. She won’t succeed. People underestımate the capabıiıtıes of the United States. There ıs no longer a mutually assured destructıon. We are so far above the Russıans and the Chınese. And the Daesh Faggots will soon be annıhalated.

      • RobinHood

        If I was ‘Them’, that’s exactly what I would do.

    55. Freeordie

      Jıll Stein ıs showıng her true colors as a Clinton Foundation agent. Why would a person that only got 2% of the vote call for a recount that could only hope to get the communıst party leader, Kıllary, ın to the whıtehouse? They are ın cahoots! Trump won the election Fair and Square!!

    56. Viper

      The deadline for a PA recount has already passed. The results in PA can now only be challenged if fraud can be proven in court which has to be sufficient amount of fraud proven to overcome a 70,000 vote deficit.

    57. Brian

      How do we know that the election results weren’t tampered with since the election was over? I wouldn’t put it past the Hillary people.

      • smokey

        They’ve had over two weeks to place pre-positioned ballot boxes where they need them.

    58. swinging richard

      I am told that Jill gets to keep the money if there is no recount.

    59. Sgt. Dale

      Just one Commi B!tch backing another Commi B!tch.

    60. The realist

      If they think the democrat protests were large … just imagine if this Whore bag Clinton slithers into the White House over a BS recount ? All that is true is a lie … all republicans that voted in trump made no difference ..

      I’d give it all up if she’s successful … this country and its core values would no longer matter to me and I’d leave this country I most and do love ..

    61. Dan

      It’s so hypocritical for the Clinton camp to join Jill Stein’s efforts to force recounts in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. Donald J. Trump won fair and square and we need your help to get as many people as we can to sign up at http://www.migop.org/recount to help us fight back.

    62. Lone wolverine

      Let me take a wild guess. Jill stein is Jewish. Hilary deleted how many E mails after being told to release them at court.? The Bolshavic communist Jews murdered the entire Romanov family . You think they would have trouble doing the Trump family? Donald Trump might be one of the bravest men in modern times. Would you put your family in this situation for money you didn’t need and power you already had? The guys gotta be nuts. Or a true crusader?

    63. Daniel

      It is just another con game like everything else. Their brainwashed believers like sheep will send in millions and it will disappear into the pockets of those running the con.
      In my humble opinion.

    64. Jimbob 327

      After 8 years of obama, I have doubts that Any of you are going be in a hurry to break out the firearms if hillary (somehow) gets in the white house.

    65. Bill

      If the recount occurs, then I demand of the “So Called” Green Party that, each and every voter be identified by name, social security number, permanent address and that the person be e-verified that they are in fact Natural Born or Naturalized American Citizens. Any other method is unacceptable.

    66. Hard Times

      Where were all the Hilary fans back in 2008 when she lost in her first attempt at becoming POTUS?..Why didn’t Hilary supporters protest,attack innocent people,burn buildings and go around holding signs stating “Obama’s NOT my President” after he defeated her in the 2008 Presidential election? Why didn’t anyone raise money for a recount after the 08′ election results? Could it have been that a lot of Hilary fans today simply were too young just 8 years ago to really do anything about it,Or could it have been because a lot of Hilary fans today simply were not even here in the USA in 08′,OR could it have been because even they knew as poor a candidate as Obama was/is,he was still a better choice than Hilary? Surely it couldn’t have been because Hilary fans were scared of being labeled a racist? Hmmm.i wonder what it was..

    67. Frank Thoughts

      If I was to go 60-plus, I would definitely go Jill Stein. She is extremely sexy and well preserved.

      Though having said that, my rule is to not go with any woman over 40: most just do not age that well.

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