“Jesus, Let This Baby Breathe!” – Watch Dramatic Footage Of Heroes As They Save Children In Flooded Truck Overturned During Texas Tornado

by | May 1, 2017 | Headline News | 21 comments

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    While disasters and emergencies may bring out the worst in people struggling to survive and acquire resources, there are still heroes out there willing to risk their lives for others.

    Several tornadoes over the weekend devastated North Texas towns and caused extreme weather conditions in the region, including flash flooding. As one man attempted to avoid a tornado, his truck flipped over and was partially submerged in the raging flood waters with his two young children strapped into their safety seats.

    Passing motorists saw the incident unfold and selflessly rushed to their aid.

    The following video captured the potentially deadly, highly stressful moment when numerous motorists jumped into action:

    Rescue workers immediately administered CPR after they kids were taken out of the vehicle.

    The children’s’ father, Phillip Ocheltree, updated the public via his Facebook account and both the baby and his toddler are recovering:


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      1. Awsome !!!!?


      2. A good reminder that we are all the “first Responders” when an emergency occurs. It may be awhile before the trained responders arrive.

        Do your family a favor and get some training and get prepared for the unexpected.

        • Its like everything else in life, YOU are the responsible for your family and when an EMERGENCY of any kind arises, YOU become the very first responder. You should get the needed training for emergency medical response and criminal response because the EMT’s Fire Department and Police are ALWAYS MINUTES away when seconds count. The very first rule of Prepping is get the knowledge,TRAINING and practice you need, BEFORE YOU NEED IT, for your own person and your families lives. Nothing in life is 100 percent guaranteed, but your can pull the odds to your own favor by doing these simple things.

        • The true “first responder” is the first guy on the scene who can help. You don’t have to wear a government-issued uniform to care about your fellow man. In fact, you probably care a lot more about your fellow man if you DON’T wear a government-issued uniform.

      3. That is truly much better advice than to waste time on false hope and prayer that Jeezuss is going to save anyone.

        • Bullshit. Prayer to the ONLY GOD, JESUS CHRIST, is where and when miracles happen. If you’re an atheist, Muslim or non-believer, then tell that to the man upstairs when you time comes.

          • There are no atheist in a foxhole………

        • One more thing Mr. Wong, I am a survivalist who lived through hell in a ME war,fighting urban warfare, house to house, off the grid for 3 years trying to protect my family with no running water, lights, hunted for food, and when I ran out of ammo, I was forced to hand fight to death. I did see REAL miracles happen on the front lines. Being a Christian paid off when I prayed big time. Otherwise, I would not be writing on this blog.

        • Except for, maybe, those 45 people in that Texas Church that was totally destroyed with them inside and came out unharmed?

          Pray for God’s will to be done in your life, and at least try to cooperate with it when it is, instead of praying for God to do your will like some Harry Potter magic spell and you’ll find your prayers answered.

          God has a personal will for you, just for you, seek it above all other things and he will guide you in finding it. None of us are perfect, and God doesn’t expect us to be, that’s why he came to us through Jesus to offer reconciliation with him.

        • The real reason atheists don’t believe in God is that they hate the idea of a moral Creator they will have to face one day.
          Atheism is just as Satanic as every other false religion. It has more blood on its hands than even Islam.
          How many tens of millions did the atheistic regimes of Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot etc. murder?
          Atheists try to tell us that religion causes all the problems in the world, but they ignore the fact that because atheism is a faith-based system, it is therefore also a religion.
          Pray like it all depends on God and work like it all depends on us.

          • Nope. Islam killed about the same or more. But atheists seem to like it even thought they kill atheists. They just like to kill and rape anything decent.

          • What ever happened to the fearless atheist leader Madelyn Murray O’Hare? Oh wait. I remember now.

          • Atheism is the precursor to moral relativism. The Ten Commandments do not say “Thou shalt not steal unless there is a government law that allows it.” Moses’ Top 10 also doesn’t say “Thou shalt not murder unless your government commands it.’ To a moral relativist/atheist ZOG is their deity and ZOG shalt be obeyed in all things.

          • “Pray like it all depends on God and work like it all depends on us”. Amen… because that is EXACTLY how it works

        • There really is sum think wrong if you do not know the the difference between salvation’s saving and the physical, the almighty God is watching and waiting for you to realize what the truth is I pray it won’t be to late, but I will pray for you!

        • Sum Ting Wong,
          What you believe or don’t is irrelevant. You can worship a dung beetle for all I care. Just keep your snide ass comments about GOD to yourself.

      4. Video been removed.

        But I trust Jesus to do His part when we do ours.

        • amen

        • “G”
          1000% in agreement with you. AMEN!!!!


      5. Texas does not fool around when it comes time to take of of business. Much respects for TEXANS!

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