Japan Has Sent A Massive Monetary Shock Wave Across the Planet: “Will Create A Big Upward Price Adjustment In Gold And Silver”

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    In what appears to be a strategy designed to keep their financial system afloat when fiat currencies around the world collapse under the strain of trillions in quantitatively eased debt, the Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM) has now shifted their operations so that all trade settlements can be completed in physical gold. The move follows the opening of the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE), which is the East’s answer to decades of manipulated precious metals prices by a concentration of inside players. It’s an open secret that western central banks and cooperating financial institutions have controlled the price of gold for years. The opening of the SGE and Japan’s TOCOM shift should be a clear signal that eastern governments like China, Japan and Russia are no longer willing to play a rigged game and that they are preparing to allow gold to be freely exchanged on the open market in its physical form.

    As highlighted in the SGT Report video update below, these developments coupled with supply-demand fundamentals and the massive of shift of capital into precious metals as a result of worldwide economic uncertainty, suggest that gold and silver prices are set to explode to the upside. Citing financial and economic experts, SGT Report notes:

    The Japanese have recently sent physical gold shock waves around the planet with the implementation of physical gold trading at their TOCOM commodity exchange… The news of this even was largely muted in the Western financial media… even the alt media blogosphere largely seemed to overlook the news… but this is a highly significant development because it signals a subtle shift in Japanese economic and monetary focus from West to East… it will also create a bug upward price readjustment in gold and silver.

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      1. After 2 decades of no growth, they will try anything.

        Be well all…

        • “They” will try anything to maintain he status quo, I agree. But the Easterners, namely China and Russia, are fed up with the bullshit. They have been playing this chess match for decades and the end game is afoot.

          We are in the midst of a paradigm shift. Americans may not realize it, but they need only look around and see what our country actually produces… All of our wealth now exists in the form of debt. We are a consumption economy through-and-through.

          Eventually we are going to run out of other peoples’ money.

          • Two weeks ago, met up with a lady I worked with in’97. Guess what she remembered about me?

            That I was a prepper…
            Funny what people remember, but she is a prepper for the last decade. Never know who you can influence with time…

            • Good for you Eppe, keep up the good work!!!

            • I think you are full of Shit eppe, The word or term “Prepper” only manifested itself in the last 10 years. So that’s 2005, not 1997. You been hitting the sauce again? Bigger than life eh big guy?

              Preppers: History and the Cultural Phenomenon
              by Lynda King “Copywrited in 2015”

              The word ‘prepper’ seems to have burst onto the scene within the last 10 years, and has increasingly become associated with “fringe” extremists. They have been labeled by some as “domestic terrorists.” But is prepping a new phenomenon? Or is it a manifestation of a growing collective psyche that has learned, from traumatic events throughout our history, that preparedness is critical to human survival?


              • She knew me as a survivalist, but once the prepper name came about, that is what she labeled me.


                • My comment stands. Back in 1997 we were in the strongest economy our Country has ever seen and you were talking about being a Survivalist? That’s when I was Knocking down $180K a year. Survivalism for me was taking monthly vacations and eating out 4 to 5 times a week and buying $400 boxes of Cuban Cigars and a 29 ft boat at the Marina. Survialism was not a subject back then unless you were the freaky Unibomber. You need to quit digging your hole eppe. I still say BS..


                  • Considering your 2 ex wifes figured out you were a prick, what can one say.
                    Wasted alot of cash with toys. Sad…

                    • Figuring you were stuck with a fat, ugley wife hating life, you needed to survive in your hidey hole of your liquor bottle. Drunk everyday, surviving for you meant another drink, and blowing your OPSEC even back then too.. You sound jealous as usual as well.

                      ~WWTI… Oh yeah you were a Prepper in 1998. BS Liar, it was not even a word term used then. Your time line is delusional like everything else you spew here like sucking the host off daily, to pump up your ego. Just tell the truth, and you won’t have to defend yourself. Because I will call you out every time. And you hate that.

                  • The strongest economy this country has ever seen was the post-war prosperity of roughly 1955 to 1965. America was on top of the world and seemed invincible.

                    From the mid-60s to the mid-70s, our society started unraveling and becoming less stable.

                    By 1979/1980, interest rates were a crushing 19% and Jimmy Carter would soon embark on bumbling his way through a foreign crisis by attempting a “love thy enemies” policy with fanatics who wanted to destroy us; meanwhile, OPEC had been turning the screws for 6 or 7 years with no end in sight, and jobs had already started to flow overseas. There was a lot of uncertainty, and I remember guys talking about moving to remote locations and disengaging from the unstable supply lines, even back then. Precious metals prices were rising dramatically and a lot of the people interested in the metals were also interested in self-sufficiency.

                    I often would bike over to the house of a close friend and discuss self-sufficiency with him back during the years from 1990 to 1994 (at which point I moved to another town). We talked about gardening, being off the power grid, having your own well, storing lots of food, all that sort of thing. The word ‘prepper’ wasn’t used, but the concepts were exactly the same.

                    Your lack of awareness about survivalism and associated topics is less a statement on its existence than it is a statement on your own complacency. It is facile to trot out a generalization such as “survialism was not a subject back then” just because YOU were not into it. Others were well aware of it.

                    Perhaps one is less attuned to the worries of the average working man, and his musings regarding possible remedy, when one is lounging around on the yacht and smoking expensive cigars.

              • au contraire, DONTKNOWNUFFIN, throughout the history of the world, MORE people than NOT were “preppers”. be assured that your great grandma had food stored up to last through tough times…they thought ahead, and had stuff to get them through hard times….only in the last couple generations did the gub-mint start “taking care of”(arguably making them dependent on) the people….no, you are DEAD WRONG about preppers only being a phenomenon of the last ten years….there’s ALWAYS been preppers, and there alway WILL be preppers, even if you call them by some other names….it’s just that NOW, it’s dead-obvious that the people DO have to fear the gub-mint….the government we have NOW, is the REASON we have a second amendment….and why IS it that you keep attacking one of our valued members on here? it DOES seem you wasted a lot of money in the past….could THAT be why you are so bitter? my ex was good at spending money before it was earned. she inherited 400 thousand dollars when her dad died, and in less than ten years, she had pissed it all away. so i kicked HER to the curb….i think it’s time eppe kicked YOU to the curb, BTW.

            • Excellent information. Thanks.

            • yup. since i got serious about prepping, i’ve seen MANY preppers “reborn”. a bunch more people i won’t have to fight off at my door….a couple of them can likely be counted on to fight by my SIDE.

          • Hey Mac,
            I must be doing something wrong,
            the only money I have is what little
            is mine. I guess I’m not a thief.

          • Amen, Mac!

          • it;s not an “end game”, but it will be a radical shift…things will get worse before they get better…much worse.

          • Eventually we are going to run out of other peoples’ money.

            Not as long as stooped people keep believing in “God We Trust.” And with an unlimited paper supply to print the worthless IOU’s. In Reality, it costs the same to print a $1 bill as it $100 Bill. What do you think they will print more of, to keep their leveraged scam going?

            We will reach a point that the people will not pay the IOU’s and massive collapse takes place. If I worked for an employer, I would be asking to be paid in physical Silver Rounds for my paycheck, not digital IOU’s that gets deposited in a Phony Bank Account.

          • No sorry we build many things just get out and drive you will find all kinds of small shops we do not need walls or tariffs we our doing fine. So hit me with the numbers and one liners but you find what you look for. But you have to look for the people that work,at work not sitting on there butts and whinning .

          • It seems apparent that Japan has run-out of worthless-paper in which to invest, and that it has realized just how “worthless” the paper was to begin with. You wouldn’t know it, though, when speaking to the average Japanese person. I mean, sure, they know their country is in serious s#%#, http://www.transformtofreedom.com/working-in-japan/ what boggles the mind, however, is why none of them will, apparently, do anything about it. But, this enters the realm of cultural ambiguities, and dare I touch that with a ten foot poll?
            Okay, screw it, I will:
            Henry Breakspear resides now in Macau in China.
            Many of the Papal Bloodline heads now live in Asia and India. What does that tell you?”
            The Japanese have never been anything but feverishly single-minded when it comes to “love that cash, baby”, or have they been, at the base-social level? They allowed their government (yakuza) to steal everyone’s pension money, and then – by way of explanation – say “whoops, we don’t know where the data went”, and to then steal 29 million bucks – from the tsunami relief fund, and give it to their (yakuza) mates in the waling industry, while thousands are still homeless, and desperate in Fukushima.
            Perhaps, Fulford was right when he said, “if you want to know how global finance really works, you have to talk to gangsters. They’re the only ones who really knows what going on”.
            Excerpt From: Sabino, Elliot. “Transform to Freedom Book II.” iBooks

        • Thanks Mac, for a place to vent and share ideas…

          • Thanks for venting! It wouldn’t be the same without ya’ !

            • I like this place as you can toss something out there for discussion and get opinions …wanted or not.

            • Amen mac, Amen. to bad we got haters on here like dontknownuffin that attack our GOOD people….glad YOU are here too.

      2. If for once PM’s are going to be a free and open market, I might invest in them. I don’t see prices going up to more than 10% above the cost of production.

        • Someone just discovered if you mix Titanium with Gold the Titanium gets extremely hard. New industrial use for gold. Replacement joints.

          • If gold goes to the moon, then not only will gold teeth get ripped out of people ( I’m not dead yet! ) , but granny would get clubbed like a baby seal before a hip would get ripped out too.

            • Ever wonder how many Undertakers rip the gold out of dead people teeth, or their Titanium hips or Fake breasts, steal the jewelry before they are buried for more profit?

              That would be a great 60 Mins Undercover show.

              You think Dying is traumatic? You have no idea what Trauma the human body goes through at the undertakers Lab before a funeral. They manipulate, drain the fluids, steal the PM’s, stitch the eyes closed, reform the face, paint it all up, to massage the living’s fail egos. “Oh Johnny looks so peaceful.” Hell he was just brutalized, sodomized and beat up hours before the funeral, even more so, than the act of dying. He is stuffed with so much unnatural embalming chemicals to preserve the flesh for the stooped families. Hell you could go hang Johnny on the wall at home and he’s be around as long as the 10 Pt Buck hanging above the mantle.

              There is NO Friggin way I would ever be buried in a locked casket, dumped in the ground full of BS chemicals. No frigging way. Just incinerate me and dump my ashes in the ocean on an outgoing tide. I would at least, have a chance to become a new life n a new form.

              Religion is the cause of all this BS Funeral, Ego Massage, weak BS people with false morals. And nobody ever gets ever lasting life, John 3:16, so that’s all BS too. And many people and relatives, show up to give their last respects, when they ignored the SOB the last 2 decades when he was alive. Its all BS Fakery. Caskets costing $10,000 with the inlayed wood polished up like a limo. And the dead guy, just going along for the BS Funeral ride because he is dead.


      3. I’m in the air on way to vancouver and I felt my balls tingle when this posted! BAM

      4. Explode! I’m not getting any younger.

        • I still think Mining stocks are pump and dump scam. Its all Paper IOU’s and what happens when they can’t find anymore Gold in the Mines? They are abandoned and go bankrupt and your stock portfolio goes to zero. Reminds me of the Tech Bubble. Its all fraud. Miners can distort and lie on their balance sheets, and projected harvesting. They run out of Gas or external expenses rise like gasoline and there goes their cost to mine and produce it. Way too many external potential problems and mishaps, besides human fraud distorting the facts. The Silver in my Hand does not lie.

          If you can’t hold it in your hand you don’t really own it. Having a paper stock IOU’s in your hand is not real. Ask the employees of ENRON, who were duped and lost everything. If you want to set aside a small 5% portion of your wealth to Gamble go ahead. Get out before it goes belly up.

          I would rather Short the High flying Stocks that can drop 100 Points in a week, to gain wealth, than buy Pump and dump penny stocks. What is the P/E ratio of these stocks? You know fundamentals? Did you do your home work? WOW the Guy bought $1400 in Mining stocks. WHoooHoooo… That’s what I spill in beer annually, and hardly a Buy Position. He sounds like an armature, pumping up the BS Thick and Smoke and mirrors.

          Silver should be trading right now at about $28 an Ounce. I predicted $26.50 when it was less thank $16 months back. Its still being manipulated by Paper shorters to keep the suckers in Fiat Cash. Paper money is like paper stock IOU’s.

          Rather be smart and Invest in hard assets, like Land, Water, Food, Guns, Ammo, Physical PM’s, beans, rice, Gasoline, Solar, Building materials, nails, screws, hand tools, tractors, plows, cattle, chickens, Rabbits, gardens, housing, pluming supplies, timber, and education. Always invest in yourself with training and education. Your greatest asset is your Brain. Feed and nourish it daily, then use it, NOT to make stooped decisions. Remember every decision you made daily over the years, got you to where you are today. Good or bad that’s reality.


          • /stands up/

            /claps slowly/

            /sits down/

          • No need to mine when a nation is a corporation insolvent and in bankruptcy. I think its reversing.

      5. Look out Abeson another earthquake coming your way!

      6. I would not pay much attention to conventional economic thinking. This ‘crisis’ about Japan is a nonsense. Think about where you would rather live: Japan, where they have one of the world’s most sophisticated and healthy food cultures, where they also have one of the most polite societies and one where daily hygiene habits are drilled into the people, and where you see EVERY day the most beautiful and healthy women, OR, live in much of the US, surrounded by the homeless open defecating, angry blacks hoovering up junk food and constantly protesting and complaining, crumbling, third world infrastructure, the highest crime and murder rates in the world, and where the majority are obese and most women are butt ugly?

        • Nothing to do with money or bankers then, it’s just the people that’s at fault.

          That mud under your feet that you own is being sold to you at a huge mark up plus interest by the bankers if it has any planning permission to build a humble home on.

          Where i live none of our youth even with jobs can afford to buy this mud that also comes with rent payments for said mud.

          Some slaves might be fooled into working hard for some real meat in the chicken soup but others won’t and will just suck them bones and who can blame them when you are the owners of nothing and won’t play the game.

        • Frank, you aren’t talking America, but what goes on in the larger metros (for the greatest part). For instance, there are no “angry blacks” within 160 miles of me (as the crow flies), so there is never any local trouble from black people (especially as compared to a ‘screaming metropolis’ like Chicago or LA. THAT’s where you see the “sights” you are describing.

          Also, are you aware there are all manner of animals pissing and defecating in our woods and forests? Nationwide?

        • Hey Shinny – nice to see you here!

        • Live in Japan? On the most tectonic volatile region on the planet, plus active volcanoes? The whole of Japan makes the San Andreas fault seem like a knee trembler!

          A year and Japan will be hit by another catastrophic event. Frankie, once again, your stupidity knows no bounds.

      7. Oil was supposed to keep going up as the world kept moving close to war, any excuse seemed to work but it crashed over the last three years as we moved even closer, and crashed big time.

        The same with gold but you guys want it both ways and say that the markets are fixed and then want to use real world events,anything to feed your dreams of making a killing on your stack.

        Sorry but the fix held when silver was at $48 so why would it brake now at under $20 Oz or do you think that the bankers are just doing some profit taking and are selling high before they crash the price again to buy reserves back up again.

        You are being played and if i ever buy more silver again then the price on paper silver will be below $12oz

      8. Off topic but hillarious. Got probs with Dam Beavers? Check out what this idiot town tried to do to a resident. Mind blowing stupidity…

        ht tps://www.truthorfiction.com/beaverdam/

      9. Am I missing something or will gold value fall as it did in ancient times. salt and some spices were more valuable than gold. When they had the camel caravans what did they carry? Food and salt and spices and silk. All were more valuable than gold. Gold was used because of its beauty but you cant eat it. If we have an EMP event over America we do have sub’s that will not be effected. they will retaliate and the world will now fight with sticks and stones. The rich and powerful can only store and protect so much food. What will they have when its gone? What will they have when they come out? Yes we will have about 90% dead. The rest will be survivors who will take what you have. Go to your spider hole in the mountain for we will weld it shut when you close the door. besides if you caused this event what a world you inherit. How many of you have the skill to survive.

        • ‘ello Gramps, I’m thinkin’ gold is gonna be a tad more dependable as a main stay currency than a fist full of fiat dollars… A little heavier in the pocket perhaps but more convenient than a camel train of salt ‘n’ spices.

        • Yes, and they were paid in Gold!

        • Thank you all for these wonderful comments…lots of good info & insights.
          I’m definitely learning LOTS from the wise posters over here at SHTFPlan. 😉

          Very sorry to hear about Eppe. Found out from lurking other pages.

          I don’t comment much over here (been super BUSY with work the past year or so), but I browse this site ALWAYS — especially when on public transport.

          As always, the comments left on these pages are worth their weight in gold. Unfortunately, most of my friends and family are fcukin ASLEEP. They will have a rude awakening when the shit hits the fan….

          ….AND I’M gonna say “I TOLD YA SO!!” 😉

      10. How many warnings does it take until it happens?

        How many more warnings do we have to endure?

        When it does happen will we believe it? The absence of
        noticeable failure because of an incremental approach, has produced a false sense of security. It will never fail!

        So, how many of you want to give up? Go back to the Normal Bias of yesteryear. Everything is fine attitude.
        Sell all your gear and take a nice vacation or buy that new truck with all the bells and whistles. No doubt there are many that are tired of ranting about problems we have little control over.
        Could the person who has a couple of guns and a few thousand rounds of ammo with a months food, be better off than those who have stockpiled for a year. After all it only takes one bullet to finish it. The world might not be so hospitable too.
        I have invested much time and effort into preps and have educated myself on many subjects I would have normally never pursued. Some that I would not have prefer to learn for the only value they have is in war.
        Age has a factor as I must maintain gear. No spring chicken. So what are they going to do, Kill Me! I hope I could take a few with me.
        So how close are we to the spark that ignites the keg?

        I would say that when bad news is non stop. Not weeks apart of events but days and it could be hours. No time to absorb the event before the next one happens. When Normal Life is forever disrupted.

      11. Don’t worry about Japan. Japan will fare much better in a/the collapse because their culture is homogenous for the greater part. My son lives in Kyoto and although the people are friendly towards foreigners, it is very difficult to stay in the country if you don’t have a good reason to stay. Whining is not part of their culture- and they are not afraid of progress. They are meticulous about their appearance, their food presentation, their manners. Their group think has good and bad aspects, but they make the most of what they have. I had a baby octopus the first night at our Kyoto hotel, sitting on the floor with the best table service I ever had in my life. They live in a room by day and put out their beds in the same room at night. What Americans call hardship is a normal way of living to them…. their closets are very small. They own a few nice changes of clothes, use excellent public transit, walk and bike. They are some of the biggest savers in the world right now… NIRP is designed to make them shake loose a little of their personal money. On the Shinkansen train, we looked out at garden patches in the city and country too. Makes me so mad that we have ignoramuses around here trying to block high speed rail in Texas. All simply because the train won’t stop in Podunkville (yet) … it simply makes sense to do this now when that land is undeveloped. They argue that it will make it hard on farmers to have the line run through… we saw plenty of egress points in Japan on the line. The rail was built in a very porous fashion.
        Yeah, anyway. The two cultures are different as night and day. WROL would look very different in Japan because they still govern their internal souls and core values… one of which is public quietness.

      12. I remember reading recently that a method to turn lead and other metals into gold is being researched and experiment’s are taking place and have had success in doing just that.

      13. Alright folks gonna try this again,you HAM operators is there a channel on a CB that crosses over? Busted out the old Cobra 25 LTD,300 gray box ,what channel,upper or lower SB,thanks
        Maniac –out

      14. Boy Scouts of America 1910
        Be prepared

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