Japan Can’t Figure Out Why COVID Deaths Are So High When Triple Vaxxed Rate Is At 91%

by | Jan 16, 2023 | Headline News

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    Japan’s population is largely triple vaccinated against COVID-19. Yet, even though 91% of its population has taken 3 injections, the COVID-19 death rate is still alarmingly high, and the “experts” can’t figure out why.

    COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

    Japan has administered far more boosters than countries that had far more coercive vax campaigns.

    Japanese over 65 have done their best to reduce Japan’s 612-million-dose stockpile of mRNA jabs, with 3rd, 4th, and 5th jab rates of 91%, 82.5%, and 56%, respectively. But unfortunately, Japan has started 2023 by reporting its highest-ever daily Covid death tolls. During the booster era starting in early 2022, each wave has been noticeably higher than the last, according to a report by ZeroHedge. 

    The cause of the rise in Covid deaths is *hard to explain,” said Takaji Wakita, chairman of Japan’s Covid Response Advisory Board. Dr. Satoshi Kamayachi, director of the Japan Medical Association, said: “There’s a lot we don’t know, and we don’t have evidence.”

    Dr. Kamayachi claimed that the rapid spread of Covid infections as one reason why the triple vaccinated are dying. He explained that the majority of those who died were over 60 and many had underlying medical conditions that could have caused their death. The direct cause of death is often heart failure or kidney disease, and he said that “thorough analysis is needed.”

    What else has been causing heart damage lately? Is it COVID itself? Or possibly the “cure”?

    New Peer-Reviewed German Study Provides Direct Evidence: Vaccine-Damaged Hearts

    Although there’s no good news here for Japan’s vaxed-to-the-max elderly, there is for Japan’s medical establishment: high numbers of Covid deaths mean the publicly funded Covid gravy train will keep going, according to a report by The Nikkei.

    On 11th Jan, experts offered their views on reclassifying Covid-19 under the Infectious Diseases Act. In light of the current situation where the number of reported Covid deaths per day is the highest ever, the experts called for the government to continue to provide a certain amount of financial support to cover treatment and hospitalization costs and for securing hospital beds. –The Nikkei

    The money will keep flowing to big pharma and the ruling classes of the globe will continue to take control over everyone else while those naive enough to follow order to be injected will continue to succumb to random “unexpected” and “sudden” deaths.


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