James Yeager Uploads the Full “Fighting Pistol” Video Course to REAL.video

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    This report was originally published by Lance D Johnson at Natural News

    As YouTube takes aim at firearm instruction videos, Real.video is giving firearm enthusiasts a platform to speak freely and share valuable knowledge!

    The full version of the Fighting Pistol video course, by firearm expert James Yeager, has been published at Real.video. This comprehensive course is a must-watch for anyone who owns a pistol, or is considering firearm ownership. This video provides valuable tips for concealed carry permit holders or anyone who wants to sharpen their self defense skills.

    The course teaches discipline and hits on four rules-of-thumb for firearm safety:

    1.) Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target and you have made a decision to shoot. Any flinch or reflex could be fatal if your finger is hovering over the trigger.

    2.) Never let the muzzle cross anything you don’t intend to destroy. Never point a firearm at another person, even if it is unloaded.

    3.) Treat all guns as if they are always loaded.

    4.) When you go to shoot, be sure of your target and what’s beyond it. Bullets may ricochet and/or can penetrate multiple targets. In a gunfight, be aware of all targets in the vicinity. Innocent people can be injured or killed by stray gunfire.

    The course also covers tips for personal safety.

    • It’s important to always wear eye and ear protection at the shooting range.

    • Stay focused. Finish the drill. Don’t be deterred by hot brass when it burns your skin.

    • When you draw your pistol and slip, or the pistol catches on your gear, let the pistol drop and hit the ground. If you try to catch the firearm, you may accidentally grab the trigger and shoot yourself.

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    The course also covers mindset, vocalization, and focus, which are crucial in a fire fight.

    • Mental focus, alertness, decisiveness, aggressiveness, coolness, and ruthlessness are important mental and personality aspects that determine outcomes during a confrontation.

    • Mental tactics are used to maximize one’s opportunity to take shots at the enemy and minimize the enemy’s opportunities to shoot back.

    • Practice re-holstering without looking. Looking down for even one second could cost you. Everything changes when you lose focus.

    • The course covers accurate follow-through — which means looking down the sights, before, during and after the trigger is pulled. The bullet will travel where you direct it.

    • The course also teaches you to practice your vocal response when confronting a threat. Vocalization can either heighten the deadliness of the circumstances or calm a situation.

    • Being covert-ready is important before confronting a threat and instructing them to “stop.”

    The course also covers questions that one must ask themselves before, during, or after a fight, including:

    • Do I need to fight?

    • Do I need to fight the person anymore to fully stop their threat?

    • Do I need to fight anyone else to stop the threat?

    • What should I do to prepare to fight again if the threat re-emerges?

    Firearm expert James Yeager covers these topics and more at TacticalResponse.com.

    Check out the full Fighting Pistol video course at Real.video to perfect your shooting and increase your chances of winning any fight.

    Sources include:




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      1. Now I can be real Youtube keyboard warrior!

      2. #1. Keep your finger off the trigger

        Well, no shit…..

        • I have taught college credit math and the use of power tools. From my perspective, most of the gun stuff, online, is never intended to give you a whole new understanding of reality; it shows you they aren’t magic.

          You’re saying it’s common sense. Some very, very timid people need to know what is common sense, with this noisy and dangerous tool. Make it plain, then.

          This approach — stuff your parents might tell you, with your first bb gun — is arguably more practical than when they are shut down with gunsplaining trivia.

          The gun store is usually owned by an aggressive praetor, trying to justify his state monopoly on the use of force. He’s philosophically biased against empowering the pleb. It goes against the purpose of private gun ownership and probably costs him lots of sales.

        • Except…one of the first things new shooters and stupid liberals do after picking up the gun is jam their finger in the trigger well and rest their finger on the trigger.

          When people learn to drive they aren’t stupid enough to jam their foot down on the gas pedal, but for firearms, they seem to always go full retard.

          • So you don’t point your car at anything you don’t want to run over and don’t point your gun at anything you don’t want to shoot.

            Particularly, when someone is just learning to drive or to shoot, you have already assumed that it’s going to go off, at some inopportune time. You’re in a wide open space and you’re not standing in front of that person.

            There is nothing counterintuitive about this, or where fireworks are legal, or those people who own a dangerous pet. Everything happens for an intuitive reason, once you know how it works.

          • Preach brother preach.

            I actually blame this on liberal whackjobs. They love to use firearms in films to make money, use firearms to protect themselves with bodyguards, but then revile the common people who own firearms and actually use them for home defense and to hunt. How bizarre is that? Freakin’ aristocrats! That is what these liberal dopes create.

            So then when a new person buys a firearm, they look at it as something alien, have never been around one before, and then in a worst case scenario, start up horseplay with a loaded gun.

            People are totally disconnected from the skills our ancestors had.

            Anthropologists who visting isolated tribes were shocked to find children using sharp tools, yet they had few accidents. Why? Because they used them daily and used them with safety in mind, for if they got cut, they could get infections and die.

            That is applicable to firearms. They are just tools like an ax. You don’t ever see some moron playing around with an ax and putting the sharp edge around people, do you?

            But the very first thing some idiot does is put their finger near the trigger. Why? Because they saw some actor do it.

        • JS, damn right. Keep your finger OUTSIDE of the trigger guard unless and until you are ready to shoot. That’s a better SAFETY than what comes on the weapon itself.

          • You may have heard it before, but it doesn’t matter if you’ve hear it a hundred times. Never Never Never put your finger in the trigger guard until your read to shoot. Trekker Out. Never!

          • DR your statement is so true because many compact conceal carry guns now come without a Safety. Trekker Out

            • America is Winning Against the Globalists. Here is another Win for the people.

              Louisiana Bans BofA, Citi From Bond Sale Over “Restrictive Gun Policies”
              08-17-2018 • ht tps://www.zerohedge.com, by Tyler Durden

              Louisiana’s state’s bond commission voted 7 to 6 Thursday to ban Bank of America and Citigroup from working on its upcoming debt sale because of the banks’ “restrictive gun policies,” the state treasury said in a statement, according to Bloomberg.

              As states begin using the bond market in retaliation against Wall Street and to stick up for the Second Amendment, Bank of America and Citigroup – the two top-ranked underwriters of long-term municipal debt – stand to lose millions in muni revenue.

              “I personally believe the policies of these banks are an infringement on the rights of Louisiana citizens,” Treasurer John Schroder said in a statement. “As a veteran and former member of law enforcement, I take the Second Amendment very seriously.”

              ***KUDOS to the Louisiana State Bond Commission. Time to get rid of the American hating lefties. Post these 6 POS bond commissioners traitor’s names and let the public deal with them. I’m thinking rope and light poles.

              • Anyone who believes in the 2Nd Amendment and has any type of account with these banks need to close their accounts and move them to a locally owned bank or credit union. Here in Wyoming of all places, Bank of the West is now pulling this same crap on any company that tries to get a loan for any type of oil or coal operation. It’s time people stop complaining and and start acting and get out of these banks. No savings account, no credit or debit card through these banks and make no loans through these banks and it would put THEM out of business. Trekker Out

                • I agree with everything you said, but with maybe one small difference. If your like me, and you pay off your credit card in full each month, then why not use their money for free each month?

                  • That’s great TallMan, but you can do that with Banks other than these that are our enemies.

      3. #2 Never let the muzzle cross anything you don’t intend to destroy. Never point a firearm at another person, even if it is unloaded.

        mmmmm i’ve heard that before….

      4. #3 Treat all guns as if they are always loaded.

        Ok…..Now I remember….. I learned that in kindergarten.

        • Kind = child (German)

          Kindergarten = garden of children

          So, John, is it not a good idea to teach children gun safety. And if one has not had the benefit of instruction from one’s parents, don’t you think a course like this is a start.

          Children in our neighborhood could use the rifle range, but only after taking a course on gun safety.


          • When training children, Lesson Number One: “Do not even show your best friend how your dad taught you to hold a pistol.”

          • My parents use to pack their little 10-year-old boy’s fanny (my sister’s too), off to “Y” Camp (Camp Yokohantas), for two-weeks so they could rediscover why they had ever had kids to begin with.

            I got to walk in the woods, sleep in an open cabin to the sounds of the night. Travel within the camp on well-worn paths through the woods. I ate camplike food, cooked out of doors, in quantities sufficient to feed about 50 hungry mouths and a staff of about ten camp counselors. I was introduced to “bug juice.” Went on canoe trips. When I wasn’t cooling off in the creek with my fellow canoe paddlers, I swam everyday in the camp pool. They kept us really clean. Discovered all kinds of wild life. Went on snipe hunts. Sat around a campfire talking about UFOs and Revelations while cooking marshmallows and eating Smores.

            The highlight of my two-week camp stay was taking shooting lessons at a very well organized and completely stocked rifle range, dug into a hillside, with .22 bolt-action rifles. If we were lucky, we were allowed to clean the rifle afterwards, always under close one-on-one supervision by a camp counselor. That was a “man day” for me.

            The biggest surprise came after the first week with Parents’ Day; where I couldn’t quite figure out how a fully-independent little boy could be reduced to a sobbing, weeping baby, realizing just how much they missed their family.

            My mom and dad would show up and take me into town for lunch. You would have thought I had never eaten food. I can still remember every detail of their visit and how closely I stood next to them the whole time they were there.

            That Christmas I got a 1962 .22 Palomino lever-action rifle. One of the best Christmas presents ever — along with one, and one (1) box of Winchester ammunition.

            • Your post brings back fond childhood memories.

              Nowadays, communication with parents is often limited as is meeting with the parents as it makes too many 3rd grade and younger kids so homesick.

              Some crazy parents expect their kids to have their phones and send texts and snapshots! Just insane diversions that take away from the whole point of a summer camp experience.

              I hope everyone send their kids to camp. Some can’t afford it, but generally there are partial and full scholarships especially for well behaved disciplined achievers who would like to come to camp but are financially broke. Some churches have donors who specifically give for this purpose.

              One thing that really surprised me was entirely inappropriate swimwear and kids showing up who honestly never learned to swim. Of course camps have several lifeguards, and some will take the time to teach them, but it’s not fair to the rest of the kids.

              Some genuinely devout college age counselors practically donate their time for very little pay as they could easily get far better summer jobs. In the past, several counselors in training lost first chair in high school bands because they would end up missing part of band camp because serving Jesus first as ministry was far more important.

              Lots of adult volunteers donate a week of their time, including RNs and physicians, which is remarkable.

              Quite a lot goes into planning and carrying out a summer camp program.

          • Any parent who fails to teach his children gun safety should be beaten senseless by the neighbors!
            Screw the damn govt. they have NO business in our personal GOD given rights to begin with.

      5. Real Video ‘s format leaves a lot lacking, IMO, such as no way to go full screen (an important feature for longer video’s, especially for older people or those with vision problems) and there is no way to download the video and/or watch it on your own player since it is in that broken up non standard format).

        The shorter video’s are OK as long as yo don’t need to see them in greater detail on a full screen format.

        • Real.Viseo is less than a month old in it’s infancy to produce a video upload product.

          Boy you MacDonalds Drive Thru dumbFcks are sure inpatient. Why don’t you go get your eyes fixed or buy some glassed Ahole. Take some personal responsibility whiner. sheesh..

          • Oh my goodness. We agree on something. There is hope yet.

            When youtube first came out, it was very limited. Often youtubr
            videos were badly made at very low resolution and went in and out of focus (due to autofocusing) and were limited to ten minutes of duration. And the Internet was slow to stream.

            People are so impatient. We should be grateful there’s an alternative for conservatives.

          • I appreciate the display of intelligence of those who can only respond to constructive criticism with obscene and personal insults.

      6. John, I have taken several of James’ classes before and you can never stress the safety basics enough. if nothing else it reminds class members to think about safety..

        One would think that the 4 principles of firearm safety would be known and done by adults, but I have seen many wild things at public ranges.

        While you make think it basic and fundamental, many people are negligent in handling firearms. in my newspaper today a grown man negligently shot a 4 yr old in the foot.

        It still counts if you shoot yourself, someone you love or the girl scout that was behind the bad guy you just took down! These principles cannot be emphasized enough!

        • This state requires people under a certain age to take a hunter safety course before getting a license. THEY NEED to make them pass a marksmanship course too! Freakin’ retards can’t shoot for shit! Wounded animals all over the place because ELMER FUDD’s have no business hunting. If you can’t shoot at least a 2 inch group at 100 yds. and a 4 inch group at 200 you cannot get a license. If they are so stupid they injure themselves then too bad but letting the masses of morons loose on the animal population to wound at will really pisses me off!

      7. Your little pea shooters and ANY other man made weapons will DO YOU NO GOOD against the evil vile Satanic PSYCHOPATH Fallen Ones straight out of the bowels of hell, who are in COMPLETE CONTROL of the collapsing Police State hell on earth of damned and doomed New Babylon America…..YOUR ONLY PROTECTION AGAINST THESE EVIL VILE PSYCHOPATH FALLEN ANGEL MONSTERS CONTROLLING THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION GOVERNMENT IS THE FULL ARMOR OF THE LORD!!!!!!….Repent and get saved by the blood of the lamb, or you belong to Lucifer and the Fallen Ones…it is that simple!!!!

        • You’re misunderstanding what that is.

        • If it bleeds you can kill it.

          • Sarge, that’s right. Bullets work on anything and everything that bleeds.

            • Know who bleeds really easy and a lot? Those squatters in Palestine who market their hebrew bandages all over the world. They need to bleed a whole lot more, for all the chaos and genocide they create.

              Here is more US Foreign Policy disaster that is creating and backfiring again. NATO Chaos and US Financial sanctions and tariffs against Turkey. Another refugee crisis about to hit Europe.

              Turkey’s Collapse Could Send “Millions” Of Refugees Flooding Into Europe
              08-17-2018 • ht tps://www.zerohedge.com, by Tyler Durden
              Over 3.5 million refugees now live in Turkey after having escaped the brutal conflict that has continued for over seven years in neighboring Syria. At the same time, there are at least half a million refugees from other parts of the Middle East and Northern Africa also living in the transcontinental country.

              Many of these migrants settled in the country because of a deal Ankara struck with the European Union in 2016. -Newsweek

              “There are 4 million refugees in Turkey. Even though they haven’t integrated into Turkish society, they have benefited from a welcoming government. Erdo?an says he’s spent $20 billion of unbudgeted funds on these people. It’s quite clear these are unbudgeted expenditures he’s been willing to spend. But if you add another million on top of that, who knows,” Bulent Alizira, director of the Turkey program at the Washington, D.C.–based Center for Strategic and International Studies, told Newsweek.

          • And when you kill it, the entity that has consumed what you killed will now be free to enter you unless you have the full armor of the Lord. This battle ahead is not for the STUPID or the unsaved unrepentant COWARD, because these Fallen Ones will devour your soul if you are not covered by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

        • Ron, tell ya what – you pray for me. Thanks. Meanwhile, I’ll have to be content with a ballistic vest, a scary bunch of black rifles, some ammo and lots of practice. Deal? You pray, I’ll keep firing. Way I see it, we both might do one another some good.

          • Heartless, that reminds me of an old song from WW1 called “Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition”.

          • Ever hear of SITUATIONAL AWARENESS????? It is one of the first things you learn as a Peace Officer. When you are “firing” at a demonic entity or Fallen One with your pea shooter and the demon laughs at you, then you will understand the “situation” you are in, and it will not end well for you if you are not covered by the blood of the lamb.

      8. Hunter safety was once routinely taught in my state in 3rd and 4th grade.

        I wish every article on firearms would discuss eye dominance and targeting. I know it seems repetitive, but the author of articles has no idea who is reading them and just about has to discuss fundamentals.

        And it’s highly possible that one might be wounded and have to shoot using your other eye that is often wildly inaccurate.

        • In the military I had to qualify shooting both right and left handed and eyed. I’m definitely slower using my “Off” hand and eye but am quite accurate.

          • Yep. The problem though is the average American NOW doesn’t shoot or even take lessons or routinely go the range.

            That’s why the articles now are often about fundamentals.

            That wasn’t the case in the old days though as even young boys had a .22 rifle as well as slighshots and bows and arrows.

            Did anyone ever read Pistolero back in the early eighties?

            • Articles and video’s on the fundamentals are more important now than ever with the increase in new gun owners since the fundamentals of marksmanship and gun handling are no longer taught in public schools the way they were when I was a kid.

            • I purchased my first .22 from a mail order house in 1967.
              I grew up with a wrist rocket slingshot. I could hit dragon flies with it( I missed more than I hit but think about it) and I used to hunt with a bow before I could legally hunt with a gun. I had a Daisy target BB gun from age 8. I once killed a sparrow with the BB gun, my grandfather made me clean it, Grandma cooked it, and Grandpa made me eat it. I learned a lesson, and I’m sure my grandparents had a good laugh.
              Kids probably can’t or aren’t allowed to do things like that anymore.

              • Oh yeah! I had a wrist rocket as well. The whole point d’s it had better take down power for hunting rabbits and reducing varmits.

                I recommend a slingbow which is a slingshot with a whiskerbit (like on bows and arrows) as that is a way to shoot arrows from it. People have taken down deer with them plus put on fishing line and spear fished with them.

                • Before I confuse people with redneck clipped jargon, it’s technically called a whisker biscuit.

              • Rellik those were the good old days, I ordered my Model 70 Winchester out of the Spiegel Catalog and the mailman delivered it right to my front door. Don’t remember no school shootings back then. Trekker Out.

                • Oh yeah. As a kid, we never went to town to buy anything, and I would love it when the catalogues came in to see what new contraption you could buy by mail order.

                  It was just a more innocent time when you could get thrilled from seeing some new rifle or heck even just when the seed catalogue came in and all the marvelous varieties. Or fishing gear. Or tents and camping gear. All that stuff was expensive when you were buying cast off from rummage sales or making something by hand.

                  I was plum goofy the first time I went into a real sporting goods store and it was small with bad lighting and owned by a mom and pop.

                • School shootings didn’t happen back then because there was no rap music, violent video games and movies, single mom or gay parent families, and mind altering prescriptions. I had guns in my room at 16, so did many of my friends and schoolmates. No shootings ever happened back in the good olé days.

                  Make America Great Again.

        • I took a hunter safety course when I was 14 I believe, and was deer hunting at 14 or 15. 30-30 and kept the rifle in my bedroom on the gun rack I made myself in 7th grade Jr high wood shop class. You think wood shop class’s in todays dumbed down public school system, would allow kids to make wooden gun racks? WTF? Our culture has been destroyed.

          Its like over in Italy, kids drink wine as children as its part of their culture. And they know how to drink, and don’t become drunks when they hit 18 YO like so many kids here in the US. Dumb laws, dumb rules turn out dump people.

          • Every boy should be REQUIRED to take a bonafide carpentry class ie “Shop” class. They used to teach basic practical electricity as well. It used to be taught in 7-8th grade. Here in Kentucky, some kids really take a shine to it and are natural carpenters and made honestly beautiful furniture even in high school. Stuff with a mirror finish that just gleams with inlaid pieces and beautiful joinery.

            What happened was snobbery in which practical vocational training was dismissed as stuff for the lower class. That is absurd as it’s more useful than botany. Learn BOTH.

            Meanwhile they learn satanic garbage in public school now about how white men are inherently evil and how you should suck up to transexuals.

      9. Wouldn’t have much of a need for guns if this government wasn’t such evil murderous bastards who are only interested in protecting their own wealth and power. I know it is what it is, carefully manipulated to distract from the real enemy to divide and conquer all Americans and other people of the world. Consider war combat veterans who are denied a proven remedy to PTSD and relief from catastrophic injuries, that being natural cannabis which has helped many vets to lead more normal lives and slow the suicide rate that has been constant for decades for returning servicemen. What kind of thugs deny such compassionate use of something that actually works? Whose interests are being served? The answer is those holding big pharma stocks, this criminal government and its invested backers. Schedule 1, what a fucking ignorant joke!

        • aljamo,
          Regardless of government, there are many bad people in this world that want inflict harm on you and your loved ones. There will always be a need for defense firearms!

          I fear the virtues of cannabis are wildly exaggerated. It may have some health benefits to a few people and only get others high.

        • CDC Report: Opioid overdose in 2016 = 64,000. In 2017 that number is 72,000 people. 2018 numbers will be higher for sure.

          On the other hand, Cannabis has killed 0 (zero) people.

          Two reasons why Big Pharma and Big Government like this opioid epidemic.

          Money & Population Control – That is what modern day America is all about. [ BUSINESS ]

          • People killed by illegal use of drugs are not victims, they deliberately chose to endanger themselves by using drugs illegally.

            If you don’t use drugs they don’t kill you. I have little sympathy for those that choose to use them when they receive the consequence of their choice.

            • Anonymous

              When the CDC reports on opioids, they are not referring to illicit drugs such as Heroin. They are referring to the Pharmaceutical Company’s drugs, most notably their Pain Medications.

              Most of these deaths are deemed “accidental”. Some of these drugs don’t work well with others, which put patients in more harm. Sure, some are self-induced from addicts who consume too much to get their fix.

              For the most part, modern day Medicines are poison. When a certain drug may help a person in a certain area to get them functioning, yet comes with a large list of side-effects is not Medicine. It is simply a concoction labeled as Poison.

              Drugs are drugs, and who and what deems these things to be Legal & Not Legal? I care not what a person injects or swallows into their bodies. It’s not my place, and it certainly shouldn’t be the Governments place either.

              Drugs..drugs are bad Mmmkayyy

            • Anonymous, you nailed that one. When people choose to use those drugs and have already warned of the dangers of doing so, I can’t have any sympathy for them either. They made their own bed so they can go lie on it [LITERALLY].

      10. Carfentanyl is being slipped in to morphine and heroin, both to keep the price up, and increase the high. Carfentanyl is also unfortunately a deadly poison, even in tiny doses. 20 micrograms is fatal. It’s being manufactured in China, where it is prohibited for use, but it’s legal for manufacture. The Toronto shooters’ brother had 42 KILOS of this stuff in his basement, enough to kill everyone in North America, several times. Made in China. Real video may have some faults, but they’re new, and at least an alternative to go to.

      11. Race is part of a person’s identity.

        James Bond is a fictitional (some say he is real) English hero who is a prolific womanizer. This white Anglo-Saxon character in the movies will now be portrayed by a black actor. I guess this means race doesn’t really matter. Gag. But, black lives matter; at least they do in the movies. The Hollywood propaganda never ends. If you want to see a black man having sex with white women (criminal) go see the new James Bond movie. If this shocks and repulses you, it means you still have survival instincts.

        The white race is being ethnically cleansed. It is a soft genocide. But there are aspects of a hard genocide brewing. Enough poison to kill every man, woman, and child. Immigration from Europe to Israel by ethnic 3ews is happening at lightening speed. The “new immigrants” are persecuting them. First they lead the process of swamping Europe with Muslims, blacks and Middle Eastern “refugees” then they run away to Israel. And where are the indigenous people of Europe supposed to run? Where are we, here in the USA going to run?


        • I grew up watching 007 movies, for the most part they went downhill after Sean Connery left the scene. I have not watched any new Bond films since the mid 80’s. I still watch Dr. No, Gold finger, Thunderball, from Russia with love, et al. I’ll probably never see Casino Royale and beyond.

          • John Wick.

          • Yeah, I liked Sean Connery while he was the antithesis of everything Christianity stood for. You really should watch Daniel Craig, because in my opinion, and this sounds like heresy, he’s better than Connery.

        • BOA,
          “Race is part of a person’s identity”.
          I disagree with you. Culture overrides race.
          What you and I find offensive about the Amish is
          cultural. I find liberals to be very offensive
          and I dislike them mating with any woman.
          Even in Japan, notorious for being racist
          will accept a non-Japanese mate if they are
          culturally correct.
          Culture is the thing that makes us different.

          • Rellik:

            On this topic we will have to agree to disagree.

            From my point of view, culture manifests from a genetic pool.

            Culture is fluid. It can morph from one thing then back to the original.

            Genetics however are irreversible.

            This is basically the age old debate. Is it nature or nurture. Most legitimate
            non-politicized scientists will tell you: nurture is very important, but nature
            is by far the most important factor. A cat will meow, a dog will bark, a human will speak.
            That is genetics, not culture.
            All humans share certain genes. But genes in certain families make them look more alike than
            the family next door. The character and personality, as well as intellect are influenced by genes.


            • BOA,
              Cats, dogs, humans are very different species.
              I doubt you could tell the difference between
              my genes(CA born and raised) and a New York white liberal.
              You point is well taken and respected.
              However I insist that culture is predominate.
              Have a good weekend!

          • The Japanese started out as a warrior culture and turned into a disciplined samurai culture…
            …and now is a meow culture. I have never seen a culture implode so fast.

            As soon as they ended the samurai under Meiji, they destroyed themselves. Actually, as soon as Tokugawa sort of united them after Sekigahara, he turned honed samurai into restless bureaucrat clerks! It really screwed their minds up.

            Go back in history to like 1250, and you have a samurai who was an educated man, literate in every way in religion amd philosophy, but had to be able to fight with a sword, a bow and arrow, ride a horse, use a spear and lance, etc. He knew fortifications and tactics. He had to know engineering. He had to know agriculture. He had to foster trade and art. It’s sort of an amazing life and alien to us now, yet with some parallel to rare knights in Western Europe like William Marshall.

            Then after Meiji, crazy levels of nationalism made them outright insane for empire building. This culminates with soulcrushing loss postHiroshima and Nagasaki.

            They never recovered. Now, they most often are manginas.

            I look at American Millenial men and I shudder for in forty years, they could be just as perversely bent as the Japanese men are now.

            You might even rescue a Japanese lady from her doom because she has no future in Japan.

      12. Sorry, but I find these sorts of videos tiring and tedious. I was fortunate enough to learn all of it early in life and have no need of anyone reminding me to keep my finger off the trigger and not look down the barrel to see if it’s loaded… Sadly, there are many, many who have no knowledge of firearms and no one to teach them.

        If you’re a shooter, take a non-shooting friend or colleague with you next time. It’s easy to convert even anti-gunners who have no basis to draw from.

        Watching this stuff online is like watching a dog lick himself.

        Kudos to real.video though. I look forward to bailing on and watching youtube spiral out of existence because of their anti-American stance.

        • Apologies. Watched the video. Not as dry as I imagined. Skipped past the blatantly obvious safety stuff and found some interesting points. I’d say ‘worth while’ for anyone ramping up their martial arts training and getting started with incorporating a firearm as a tool.

          Nicely done.

      13. Some churches start men’s ministries. Typically shooting at the range is part of it. They take them fishing and canoeing and often white water rafting.

        The goal is to foster ancestral skills. Lots of guys want to learn but had no opportunities growing up. If you know some valuable skills and are a Christian, look up ministry videos on youtube on this subject.

        There are LOTS of guys wanting to learn to hunt, but you have your cut out as they generally don’t know ANYTHING even basic camping. You have to be really patient and assume they know squat.

        Heck, teach the ladies as well. They need to learn too.

        Generally these and not co-ed as their needs are different.

        There’s lots of lists of ancestral skills and you can just check them off, one by one, with some prayer and Bible study, and eat together.

        It’s a good chance to grab guys who haven’t found a ministry and to later do a service project together. Then you have a core group of dependable guys at church.

        • Maranatha the church I go to has what they call “Center Shot” it’s archery shooting. It’s a great program, lots of kid come to this that don’t come to church, but they learn how to shoot a bow and some safety practices. Trekker Out

        • My Father in law was drafted into the Korean Conflict in the 50’s,the boys drafted from the local area were mostly in the same platoon. He told me the city boys did not last very long not having the opportunity to be raised hunting and shooting. Squirrel hunting seemed the best training he figured.

          • On a side note, in history, rural hunters using firearms would “bark” a squirrel. The squirrel was darting around nervously and makes a difficult target. So by aiming at the bark, it often would stun them even kill them, whereas if they had aimed at the squirrel, the might certainly miss.

            And remember how inaccurate early firearms were as they lacked rifling and early ammunition was not uniform nor was powder strength and no sights to speak of. This is why remarkable shots in history are so amazing. Not to mention doing all of that while on horseback.

      14. I knew a navy seal point man that told me the story of what cured him of using automatics. Another seal accidentally hit the mag release just enough to not kick the mag out. How many times has that happened to me? A 357, 44 special, has more power getting through car doors , corners. And pretty much guarantees you at least 6 full power shots. Speed loaders are more reliable then magazines? And slicing a two liter bottle and tucking it in there gives you a low dollar ,low decibel option? I wonder if only a considered hunting power cartridge, should be considered for self defense? Expecialy if the huntee has an AK.

      15. I wonder if all that politically correct safety stuff goes away when your going down an alley in Felujia? Shouting code words and recon by fire? Determined not to be killed by one of those rats? You forget to yell the code , recon by fire. Change the predetermined code every hour on the hour ,and weapons free.

      16. SUPER! That is wonderful.

        If every Christian, who knows ancestral skills, just volunteered in such ministries for a week, it might turn things around.

        You teach a young boy or girl ancestral skills, and this gets in their soul and acts as a catalyst. That is how YHWH intended human beings to be. Liberalism is a social disease. It especially is when it denigrates ancestral skills as pragmatism is what sustains us.

        Such a young person is then easily saved by the grace of Jesus Christ. It’s the indirect method. I don’t know any young person who I worked with hiking who didn’t believe in YHWH and Jesus Christ after being immersed in nature. They intuited that this world is NOT an accident as intelligent design is everywhere in nature.

        This is the easiest way to witness. Sometimes you are planting seed that doesn’t sprout for years though. YHWH is there, patiently waiting. Jesus is literally knocking on their door and finally they surrender.

      17. News article Breitbart “Government Admits AR-15s Are Not Weapons of War”
        News article L A Times “U.S. appeals court says 2nd Amendment allows the open carrying of guns”
        They are semi automatic sporting rifles. And YES they are used for hunting. Bruce Mitchell is a gator hunter in Louisiana, just one, of many.
        I have done an exhaustive study on gun control & self defense from a Biblical perspective. Click here<a href="http://freesites.ourchurch.com/a/AncientHebrewScriptures/?page_id=86

      18. Seems in this age of Kevlar, center mass shots without a FMJ 357 or 44 mag might be problematic? Head shots on a moving target under pressure? Always wondered why I’ve thought a soft thin copper jacket would dramatically increase the penetration. A super hard cast buffalo bore 357? Don’t they make 8 shot revolvers now ? Coonans? 30 tokarev, Mauser ? 10 mm necked down to 9? 10 mm Dillon? 357 SIG? 357 mag , hard cast bullets , 6 inch barrel , speed loaders?

      19. Best thing I like about a revolver , is the functional ability to have a snake load or even pull out the load and have a blank as first round , to eliminate accidental discharge , or , he got my gun and I got one chance.

      20. Read many times of people practicing at range and not dumping mags in dirt , or empty brass from revolvers. Using cover first, shooting second. Moving first shooting second . The Walmart two team second undercover shooter behind first . Hesitation is sometimes bad ? Droping in the mud in your 3 piece suit . Crawling instead of walking. Split second disitions. I can’t spell worth shit.

      21. Want a 5 shot 44 mag. Read a in good physical condition man can take a hit in the vest and still return fire. So most can’t?

      22. The s African black gov. Has ordered the turn in of guns. That will happen here ? Seems ours aren’t much different then there’s. Or at least 99% of ours? It’s getting more obvious by the day. They won’t let us live in peace?

      23. ENOUGH WITH YOUR BULLSHIT WINDOW TO SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        aND YOU WONDER WHY VIEWERSHIP IS DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      24. FUCK YOU AND THE HORSE YOU RODE IN ON AKA DAISY. YOU, ALONG WITH THE REST OF THE FUCKING SHITHEADS IS WHY WE ARE SAYING FUCK YOU, WERE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Is that better? Do we have your attention now????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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