James Woods SLAMS Twitter CEO: ‘If You Want To Kill My Free Speech, Man Up And Slit My Throat’

by | Sep 24, 2018 | Headline News | 32 comments

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    Actor James Woods has bashed Twitter’s CEO after he was banned from the social media platform for not towing the socialist line. Woods was banned from Twitter for a tweet he sent out months ago, and he’s taking aim at those who are following in the footsteps of the Nazis and threatening the free speech others.

    Woods is refusing to delete the tweet that got him banned:

    In the tweet, Woods admits that it is “not likely” that the meme could be real, but Twitter banned him anyway citing the potential to affect the outcome of an election.

    “The irony is, Twitter accused me of affecting the political process, when in fact, their banning of me is the truly egregious interference,” Woods said, according to Fox News. “Because now, having your voice smothered is much more disturbing than having your vocal chords slit. If you want to kill my free speech, man up and slit my throat with a knife, don’t smother me with a pillow.”

    The email from Twitter said Woods can use his account again if he deletes the tweet but would he would be suspended from the social media platform permanently if there are repeated abuses. Woods told The Associated Press Sunday he interpreted the message to mean he’ll be allowed back on Twitter only if he decides to to say what Twitter wants him to say.

    “Free speech is free speech — it’s not Jack Dorsey’s version of free speech,” Woods said, referring to Twitter Chief Executive Jack Dorsey.

    Woods said if he deletes the tweet, it would force him to watch his step with everything he says in the future, chilling free speech, and so he refuses to do so. In response, the tweet has been making its rounds on Twitter after Sara Miller, Woods’ girlfriend retweeted it so far, it’s been retweeted over 14,000 times since Sunday.

    Miller also tweeted the email Woods sent detailing the reason he was banned.

    Woods told AFP that he wants open discourse and called the situation a dangerous one for free speech. “I wish this were about an unknown Twitter user so that I could be even more passionate about it,” Woods said. “This is not about a celebrity being muzzled. This is about an American being silenced — one tweet at a time.”


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      1. We are winning this war on America and the libs are going insane trying to put a finger in every hole they see in the dike. We the people are coming (again) in November and not a damn thing they can do about it!

        • Just like the drop in NFL ticket sales/viewers, late night ratings and CNN viewers, people are going to avoid these social media sites. The vast majority of people in this country have not gone insane (contrary to what you see and hear on the above) . Big dogs don ‘t bark, they don’t need to. BUT, THEY DO VOTE!!!!

        • “…trying to put a finger in every hole they see in the dike.”

          ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

          Please…go on

      2. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Woods wakes up one morning with his throat slit. The intolerant left has gone full retard.

        • If I were James Woods, I would avoid being in a room with Jim Carrey; just saying……..lol

          • Woods would kick Carey’s retarded ass.

      3. “the STASI mentality lives on”

        The STASI were the Communists in Russia

        Why then does this article compare to Nazis who opposed Communism?

        “We have moved from a culture of critique to a culture of the holocaust.”
        Kevin Macdonald
        “The Culture Of Critique”


        • Well B, they may have been enemies but only because they were competing leftist, totalitarian regimes. ANTIFA was also in competition with the NAZI’s. Unfortunately, it seems that Adolf left that job unfinished.

          Keep in mind though that the confusion is on the part of the author of this article – not Mr. Woods.

          • Stuart:

            Woods is a genius. There is not much that confuses him. His IQ is close to Einstein’s. I believe Woods’ is a little bit higher.


            • B from CA

              He quit MIT for acting. The fact that he was accepted to MIT speaks volumes for his intellect. As I understand it unlike Harvard or Yale who have the politically connected, (think GW Bush) MIT stands for excellence. Regardless James Woods was a commoner before he made it in acting. He got in on merit.

        • Just saying, the STASI were East German CIA/FBI/ETC. Stasi is short for Staats Polizei, or “State Police.” Much the same as GESTAPO was an acronym for Geheime Staats Polizei, or “Secret State Police.” Enjoy!

      4. Twitter, Facebook et al. Are private sites. They can censor as they see fit. Sites like this one although set to be for disaster planning (but seems to be increasingly political) would be a good a good springboard for a “Conservative/Libertarian” Twitter.
        Time and people like Mac will find the market.

        • Twitter, FB, et al have grown to the point where they have become somtehing akin to public utilities. I believe that ultimately they will regulated as such. They will have nobody but themselves to blame.

          • Stuart

            While I don’t know if that will happen but regardless it should. They have become, for all intent and purpose, a public utility and need to be regulated as such.

        • Go to gab.com for free speech.

        • rellik

          “Are private sites. They can censor as they see fit.”

          Your presently 100% correct. These private sites have monopolistic market share. Google is the internet gate keeper. The US will break up this trust or force them to be inclusive of the 1st Amendment or we become a fascist version of the USSR. This idea is not off base. Think Ma Bell telephone’s network, a private company with a monopoly censoring phone calls. Would it be tolerated? The answer is no. So why should this be acceptable?

        • Firms are not private…are public corporations….regardless….it is illegal…we have free speech in this country. a private bakery is forced to bake a cake against religious freedom but public companies can discriminate and deny
          1st amendment rights/????

          • bungee

            You are both correct and incorrect. The firms are private but as you accurately point out the constitutional rules they must abide by are very selective. They cannot discriminate in regard to race, religion or sexual orientation (even if the person in question doesn’t know what gender they are), however they can censor speech according to their own “guidelines”.

            • The other problem is with a small bakery there are other small bakeries to patronize. With something as monopolistic as Twitter, there are few alternatives.

              Back in the day before electronic forms of communication, people might write a letter to the editor voicing their opinion on something. True, it would have been a smallish local audience unless writing to a large nationally read paper. However, the editor may or may not publish the letter; it would have been his (or her) judgement at the time. Now it’s done with how the software is written.

              I’m not advocating for suppression of free speech. Hardly. I’m merely pointing out that public expression has always had hurdles. Editors did get fired for putting too many letters in the circular file if the newspaper owner didn’t agree with how the position was handled. Maybe the editor went on to publish his own version of news and maybe it was successful or perhaps not. Either way, there was no big brother looking over their shoulders determining what could or could not be said. Back then, PC was likely referring to the Peace Corps or Panama Canal. And people generally had more manners to be socially correct. (There are polite ways to tell people to eff off without being crude.)

      5. James Woods has a recorded 180 IQ. Hope he runs for office. Or Trump picks him up.

        • Politics isn’t about knowing what’s the right thing to do; it isn’t calculus, its courage.

      6. So the censorship of the internet was the plan all along, can’t have people discussing free speech publicly. Conspiracy theories may be proven as facts to a greater audience.

      7. I choose not to use these platforms will use any freedoms I have left to fight the system. Its slow and tedious but its what I choose to do.

      8. If someone wants to kill my free speech that have to go through me first. Lotsa luck with that idea.

        • The Deplorable Renegade

          Unlike the USSR or China you’ll be able to speak freely. Of course you won’t have access to real news so your views would be formulated around a false narrative. Your ability to translate thoughts and words into political action would be neutered. Imagine King George having access to every letter and conversation of Thomas Jefferson and all of his friends. He would know in real time their present location with a very high probability of where they would be a week from now.

          “Free” speech becomes nothing more than a vent for you and neon sign for them so they can focus on who to watch.

          • Kevin2,

            I think what you said is all true yet most people can’t hide their beliefs from tptb. They are too hard wired into our lives. Amonng other things the squelching of free speech serves as device to make it clear who the boss is and who the slave is and to further dehumanizing humanity. The results of the loss of freedom are just too encompassing to cover here but as Americans we have never wittnessed the exercise of radical tyranny like this before with regard to the first amendment.

            • ss

              “make it clear who the boss is and who the slave is and to further dehumanizing humanity”

              They function using logic. They prefer letting the masses believe that they have a say when of course we know they do not. This is why the illusion of two rival political party’s exists that squabble over made up non essentials thus having no room for the important issues like war and who controls the economy. TPTB through incessant media bombardment in Goebbels plan make their ideas the peoples ideas. The best way to keep slaves is let them believe that they are free. Your now free to marry the same gender, free to switch genders and free to get stoned among other things.

      9. True… Farse Book is a private site.
        But…..those who use it don’t know what that
        site does with their info…..or that they discriminate.
        A few years ago I spoke to a “call center” about a
        problem with a TV. unknowingly in Vietnam.
        Somehow the conversation came to news programs.
        I asked him where most people there got their news
        and he said, “most everyone gets it from Farse Book”
        to which I replied, “oh my.. that is a communist site
        if there ever was one “.

        One American News Network (OANN)
        is my favorite….. but rarely is it offered by most
        networks…because it is mostly right wing news and the
        stations “charge more” to have it , if at all.

        Fox news is…. meh….ok…. but is a little left of center.

        Like Hitler philosophy……”You don’t know what you don’t
        know…..if you don’t know it”.

        People on FarseBook don’t know ……and are too dumb to care.

      10. Been thinking about this censorship issue off and on as it now comes up so often. The reason I quit watching tv is because I found so often it to be offensive in so many ways. The old liberal argument was always that if you don’t like it you can change the channel or turn it off. Why does this argument suddenly not apply to the Internet? If I go to Alex Jones’ YouTube channel for example, I pretty much knew what I would see and had a choice about whether or not to return. I’ve never used Twitter but I feel that if I went to James Woods page I have an idea of what the content I may encounter there could be like. On the Internet the easiest thing to do is not go to a site, not return to a site, leave a site and etcetra. Why is it Libtards can’t figure this out? Or is it that they want all channels of public communication controlled by Libtard authorities period?

        • Ss, I agree with you. There are more choices than the ones THEY give us to choose from. It doesn’t have to be so hard. We can make our own choices. The laws that govern these sites are irrelevant to the choices we make.

          Also, I personally feel James Woods is a human being of great integrity. He is a role model to others to follow their personal truth.

          • Thanks Beth, Yes we gotta keep on thinking free.

            I will always remember James Woods for his magnificent performance as a reporter in the movie El Salvador.

            He must have really struck nerve with that meme. Its as If they are terrified. As If putting words to a pictures scares the daylights out of them. He must be laughing his azz off.

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