James Corbett: “The Pandemic Is A Test Run” For Your Enslavement

by | Sep 23, 2020 | Headline News | 6 comments

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    The globalist agenda to enslave humanity continues to go forward and James Corbett is calling the scamdemic hoax what it is: manipulation to “crackdown” on people for totalitarian control of everyone on Earth.

    If there is one thing we should all keep in mind, it is this:

    The death cult that wants to suppress humanity has issued their warning: the lockdown of the world in the name of the global scamdemic is not the end of this madness. It is only the beginning.James Corbett, YouTube

    Corbett goes deep into the issue of the scams rolling out, as he dissects the latest attempt to leverage the climate scam on the back of the COVID-19 scam, and how both of these distractions are being used to indoctrinate the public into the death cult.

    “This is not just happenstance. This is part of an agenda,” says Corbett of the coronavirus scam. “It is the continuity of an agenda.” They want you to “give up all your rights.”

    “There is a death cult that right now is trying it’s best to suppress the human population and to twist the technologies that could be used to achieve such incredible and amazing things, for us as individuals using those technologies instead to limit us, to suppress us, to surveil, control, track, database and otherwise regulate our every move, our every transaction, interaction, on a daily basis. Everything you do controlled for the rest of your life. That is the sentiment that is being pumped through these purveyors of mainstream accepted ‘science is settled’ opinion.  And it is up to us to not just say ‘no’, but ‘HELL NO!’ –James Corbett, YouTube

    The term “brace yourself” seems inadequate at this point. All governments are in on this scam. Anyone who seeks power over others is going to abuse it, as history has repeatedly shown.  When will humans wake up and stop allowing others to rule them?

    It seems like this is all a last chance to get humans to subjugate themselves to the New World Order. Many continue to wake up, but until more do, we can expect things to get even darker on this planet. It is a death cult, Corbett says.


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      1. “Enslavement” related to violations of the Constitutional Bill of Rights regarding Breonna Taylor. The natural right of a Citizen to be “….. SECURE IN THEIR PERSONS, HOUSES,….” enshrined in the 4th Amendment has been violated. What kind of idiot judge authorized a 3:00 A.M. “NO KNOCK WARRANT” ? The natural right of Citizens enshrined in the 5th Amendment were violated. “….., nor be deprived of life, liberty, or …..”

        Let’s revise these “NO KNOCK WARRANTS” so they don’t happen in the middle of the night, have the correct address, and do NOT violate the rights of a Citizen in his home.

        Folks that frequent this sight know I support the police but I also believe a Citizen has a right to protect his family & home.

      2. It is not only a dry run for people control; it is also a dry run to see how effective the virus is – Next mutation is China to make it more lethal ie Abola!

      3. This man totally gets it. Don’t be a sheep. They all get sheared.

      4. I will be blunt in my words. Just as Obama made clear when he addressed African students, there just isn’t enough resources on this planet, nor is it desirable, to offer an American way of life to every person. This despite the fact that everyone on the planet is sold the American consumer dream through TV, advertising etc.

        Because it is neither possible or desirable to do this a decision had to be taken. Yes, we have amazing science and technology that will take us to the galaxy’s planets, but do we really want human scum to come along for the ride? Just as putting 1st world technology into the hands of primitive people is always a disaster (think of the ‘skinnies’ with their AKs across Africa), putting 21st, 22nd, 23rd century tech into the hands of the sort of morons who are part of the BLM riots, or your average turd world urban low IQ wretch, would be a very bad idea.

        So with this in mind, we need to go to the stars with the best this planet can offer. And that means genetically modified human 2.0 as well as selecting the best mental and physical specimens we have.

        And with population exploding in all the wrong places, countries that can’t govern themselves, we need numbers in balance and fast.

      5. You are absolutely right.
        My question is are we headed for CIVIL WAR 2.0 or are we in it now ????

      6. ?

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