Its Official: The Health Care Bill Is Really Wealth Re-Distribution

by | Apr 1, 2010 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    The following article has been contributed by NetRanger for your reading pleasure.

    Well, now we have our answer! If you wondered why there wasn’t anything in the 2,700+ page garbage heap known as “Healthcare Reform” that actually made health care or health care insurance better, now you know why!

    I know it may come as an extreme shock to your system, but THEY LIED TO US!!!
    I know. I know. First time for everything, right? (Ouch! It hurts when I put my tongue THROUGH my cheek!)

    So, lets see what one of the leading traitors-to-their-oath said.

    According to, Max Baucus, (D) Montana said:

    “Too often, much of late, the last couple three years, the mal-distribution of income in American is gone up way too much, the wealthy are getting way, way too wealthy and the middle income class is left behind,” he said. “Wages have not kept up with increased income of the highest income in America. This legislation will have the effect of addressing that mal-distribution of income in America.”

    Isn’t that just wonderful? Funny how that never came out before so we really knew what they were voting for. How can we not set idly by while people that are traitors to their oath continue to collect nearly $200,000.00 per year. Remember this article when you hit the polls this fall.

    Can we believe anything these traitors say?

    2011 needs to be all about repeal. We’ll probably have a couple more horrendous bills to repeal by then. The passage of the health care has made matters worse. Coming: National Biometric ID card and Immigration “REFORM”.

    God Help Us! More “reform”. You know what that’s a keyword for!


    Try to keep the violence and the ugly rhetoric to a minimum. The only ammunition we should be expending is our votes in the elections. Vote for Constitutionally strong candidates that will be fiscally responsible. If we had been doing this all along, we would not be in this shape!

    This article has been contributed by NetRanger for your reading pleasure.

    Author Bio: Farm Boy, OffRoader, Internet Security Officer, Small Arms Ammunition Reloader and Marksman, Prepper, Guardian Of The Republic


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      1. Good stuff NR. Thank you for contributing your thoughts.

        This really boils down to an ideological stand-off at this point.

        One group of people, as VP Biden said, does not consider this to be redistribution of wealth, but rather, just being “fair.”

        The other group believes it is a violation of the unalienable rights of a free individual for the government to take, literally, the time and energy spent by said individual through the threat/use of force to give to another.

        When government has the power to determine what is fair, i.e. who “has too much” and “who deserves more,” we have a system of mob rule rather than the rule of law.

        The problem with the 40% of Americans who are turning to socialism is that they have absolutely ZERO idea of what the end result will look like, nor do they care to consider it, because they want their free gas, mortgages, student loans, and health care RIGHT NOW!

      2. Comments…..It amazes me that these politicians feel justified in taking from the rich and distributing it right into their own pockets.  There is NO distribution of wealth below their own levels. 

        I have nothing against the rich, middle class or poor people in America.  You get out of life what you put into life.  I am happy where I am.  Many people work hard for the dream of wealth in America.  Now that dream has many Americans playing the part of Co-Dependent for the Americans who  wish to participate in the Nanny State System.  And the worst of it is, there will still be no middle class when the Democratic Party is through .

      3. Comments…..A Roman emperor sent his advisor to ask a great philosopher about what he can do to control his citizens, as some are getting out of control. So the philosopher took the advisor into a corn field and every time he saw an ear of corn sticking up more than the other he would take his sword and chop it down to the same level as the others. Then he said to his advisor go tell your master what you saw, and he will know what to do.

      4. Sam, I loved that one on the cornfield.

        “Let me get this straight. We’re going to be gifted with a health care plan written by a committee whose chairman says he doesn’t understand it, passed by a Congress that hasn’t read it but exempts themselves from it, to be signed by a president who also hasn’t read it and who smokes, with funding administered by a treasury chief who didn’t pay his taxes, to be overseen by a surgeon general who is obese, and financed by a country that’s broke. What the hell could possibly go wrong?” –origin unknown

      5. the lower and middle classes are getting too nuch wealth in america and far too many unearned benefits such as unemployment bebefits, food stamps, social securiity, medicaid and medicare. we need to enhance trickle down economics by drastically cutting taxes on the highly productive upper class while simultaneously eliminated all those unearned benefits.

        SARAH PALIN 2012…

      6. I’m embarrassed that the man is one of my state representatives.  How on earth do we keep re-electing that imbecile? 

      7. There are three things wrong with Re-Distribution of Wealth:

        1) Its fertile ground for corruption to grow. The “re-distributors” always take a cut. In the case of the US Government they take a BIG cut. It can be used in conflict of interest situations such as what we have now with congress buying off large sections of the electorate by promising more unemployment. Its just dirty.

        2) It teaches people to be lazy and rewards them for being unproductive. The subsequently become dependent on the system. Of course, the progressives LOVE this! But, do we really want a large section of bottom feeders being manipulated by welfare funding? The progressives answer: YES!!! They see the dependent class as a ticket to power.

        3) Progressives accuse me (us) of being uncharitable. Look, I work hard for my money. In most cases Less Fortunate = More Lazy. I’m as charitable as the next guy. More so. But, as soon as someone I’m helping starts depending on something I’m giving them, I yank it out from under them. I want to help people but sometimes too much helping isn’t helping at all.

        Another thing that irritates me is that the progressives, in lust for power and control, accuse people like me (us) of being greedy. If we are greedy and should give stuff up, why can’t the poor give some of theirs up too? But wait! They wouldn’t be able to manipulate the voters that way.

        The fact is, its not about the haves and have nots. Its about the haves and the WON’T haves and the corrupt enablers. Its not that they can’t earn it, they just don’t have the drive. Now, its one thing to tax me so a poor family can eat, but, its quite another to tax me to make up for the lack of drive of someone else. Disgusting!

      8. It doesn’t surprise me in the least that there was a Young Eagle’s Field Trip to the Voyeur Club… I have long grappled with the insidious, pathological theme that runs through the Republican membership, from the highest ups to the lowliest of flag-wavers…

        It is what psychology calls “No thread of Continuity…” and is the ability to completely disassociate thoughts from actions, with no recall or desire to search for connection to past events. They see no connection between events in their lives, nor the impact they can have on later events. Hence, their ability to follow blindly after Gen Beck, Sarah Palin, even John McCain who clearly has deteriorated of late.

        When I look at Republican’s in general, I see shallow souls, only marginally concerned with the needs of others, selfishly taking all they can get and railing against others who feel for and help those around them. They have an immature, narcissistic view of the world, assuming everything someone else gets is an immediate reduction in their own stores, be that material or emotional. 

        Most dramatically, I see them as never-matured Fraternity Assh@les, still egging houses, still having keg parties, still driving a car daddy bought them, but most of all, never having developed a rational brain that would advise them against their iconically selfish, mercenary, and destructive beliefs and behavior. Perhaps the fact that so many of them NEVER stopped drinking is a clue to that behavior. 

        Hell, even Mary Matalin knew enough to marry a Dem!

      9. Comments….. hey 9:18, What the hell are you talking about? Why do you bring REPUPICS into this.  This is about more TAXES, to feed the BEAST we call the fed. May god have mercy on us for allowing the commies to take over! Our children will spit on our graves! 98% of office holders need to go!

      10. Wow… I’m SOOOOOO sick of people on all these blogs coming on here and blasting a single party.

         (ie people boasting that the Dems are the way to go b/c a blanket statement of repubs are all drunk bastards that are rich etc etc… and sometimes vice versa). 

        It’s funny b/c the kennedy’s are VERY wealthy and you can say that about any leader of any party…

        I grew up in a very liberal area and what I saw (keep in mind i vote for whoever i believe is the best candidate ignoring party so I feel like I try to look from the outside as much is humanly possible) the liberals (dems) where im from ALWAYS threw mud on the repubs bc they were rich and power hungry.  Usually the argument was against religion and how Christians were’nt being Christian and helping people. 

        The funny thing is, most Christians don’t go around publicizing what help they give to people b/c it goes against their beliefs to get publicity for doing good deeds.  That said, most liberals i’ve had experience with say take from the rich republicans b/c they [are Christian] (vast majority of Republicans are Christians) and greedy and don’t want to help through government programs so they must be hypocrites.

        I feel like the repubs are one step ahead of the dems bc it seems they realize that EVERYONE in power right now is bad and it’s not just boiled down to a party.  The DEMS HAVE NOT DONE ANYTHING GOOD since being in power the past few years, it’s all the same.  What reform?  It’s all adding EVEN MORE to the debt and unfairness, especially with government sticking their nose in and saying “you worked hard but that can’t be yours anymore.”  Essentially somebody else needs to ride your bike bc they don’t have one even though they had the same opportunity to work and get one. 

        I grew up relatively poor (not on welfare bc my mom felt others needed it more).  My mom was a substitute teacher growing up (not rich) and we ate hot dogs for meals and sometimes nothing.  I didn’t feel it was right to have somebody give me something for nothing. 

        I came out fine.  Whatever happened to “give a man a fish, feed him for a day.  Teach a man how to fish, feed him for a lifetime?”

        I think it’s funny when liberal ideas are to create bigger government (power hungry) so that a smaller few can regulate the ever vast majority.  Our system was never set up for BIG GOVERNMENT, just look at the revolutionary war and how the states cooperated and such.  Everyone was pretty sovereign… even individuals. 

        Granted, government has to regulate certain things, but to have them go in and topple an entire industry (healthcare) with their so called reform just changed the entire dynamic of government.  

        Government can now say, hey this industry whether it’s banking or automotive or service based or manufactoring, etc needs reform and then swoop in and overtake it.  I’ve NEVER seen government run anything right.  I’m sure Dems would say the military isn’t run right, so WHY IN THE WOLRD DO THEY WANT MORE GOVERNMENT?! 

        I just don’t understand the blanket hatred on repubs.  Everyone in power needs to be getting the same treatment as everyone else.  If they had to have that health care bill for themselves or pay the taxes we have to pay, etc inequality would not be growing.

        You can never have a fair form of government when the leaders don’t live in the same system.  Why do you think revolutions throughout history occur and not just the American revolution?  Wake up people… stop being sooo ignorant and ripping on one party.

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