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    The 11th Commandment

    I certainly wasn’t there when the Israelites received them at Mount Sinai as Moses showed the tablets of stone to people.

    I was also not present in Nazareth at a time when rabbis added dozens of complimentary rules to live by to the ten commandments, and one person said that they were redundant because if you love your brother and your creator, you’ll automatically fulfill all other laws since you have love in your heart.

    Would Jesus have considered taking part in theft, robbery, or violence? How could he have gone against any of the commandments if his heart and soul were filled with love? This is what is meant by the saying, “Love fulfills the law.”

    Today’s publication is not a theological one, but I do want to address an issue that I believe can accompany your life and serve you well throughout your experience on this planet.

    Call it the 11th commandment or a life principle, but I guarantee that if you understand its significance and importance, your life will be so much better.

    Here it is…


    There is nothing to fix but your own attitude towards everything else. If you truly embrace this notion, you’ll never judge, criticize, or look at others as disappointments, failures, or lost souls but as individuals on their own path towards growth, which you have nothing to do with.

    If someone wants your help, give it, but never anoint yourself to be their judge and moral compass.

    The attitude that stops its need to control, divert, explain, or curtail the behaviors and the beliefs of others is the only one I know that generates inner peace or poise.

    You’ll live life a thousand or a million times better if you don’t preach unless your “preaching” is just the constructive way in which you live your life unassumingly.

    If you really take to heart what I just laid out, you’ll never condone, condemn, or criticize anyone again while knowing that it is far better to spend that time and energy improving yourself!

    We do not get to live any moment twice, so every wasted breath spent on trying to rearrange society is a moment you’ll never get back, and it doesn’t help the world in any meaningful way.

    If you want to be part of the advancement forward, all you have to do is lift yourself up. If others are inspired to follow, so be it, but that’s all you can do! Take any responsibility for “correcting the wrongs” of this world off your shoulders and just call it quits on your psyche every time you think something has gone astray…

    It didn’t. Nothing is wrong unless you classify it as such.

    So, how can you raise the level of the human experience? What can you do in practice?

    1. Pursue your constructive goals: nothing can help your family, friends, loved ones, coworkers, or others more than to see you deliberately focus on achieving a worthwhile goal!
    2. Maintain excellent health: nothing can be more important than living with the energy and vitality of an upbeat person.
    3. Express love: nothing can help this world more than those who show their core being is filled with gratitude and appreciation for the miracle of life.

    If you can rise to this occasion, you can do anything.


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