It’s Getting Crazier: Oregon’s Governor ORDERS Masks Be Worn OUTDOORS

by | Aug 25, 2021 | Headline News | 13 comments

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    Oregon’s tyrannical dictator governor has ordered the slaves of the state to wear their ritualistic shame muzzles outdoors. Kate Brown has announced a statewide mask mandate requiring most Oregonians, regardless of vaccination status, to wear masks outdoors.

    Does that mean the “vaccine” that’s not even a vaccine doesn’t work? Or is this simply about seeing which of the slaves living in Oregon will comply with the draconian demands of the state’s dictator? But don’t worry. The COVID virus is so intelligent, it knows when to attack.  The mandate doesn’t go into effect until Friday, even though Brown said it was to “protect” Oregonians.

    So why do the “vaccinated” need masks then?  Didn’t the Food and Drug Administration fully approve this gene therapy drug that Pfizer has no liability for even if someone dies from it? If the vaccine works, why does anyone, vaccinated or not, need to mask up? If it offers immunity, those who took the jab are fine and aren’t supposed to be able to get it in order to spread it to those who haven’t taken it.  We know they are lying.  This doesn’t make any sense at all anymore, and they just don’t care.  They are likely seeing which slaves will comply.

    Some of the slaves in Oregon are exempt, however. Homeless people, children under five, people actively eating and drinking, or people playing competitive sports will not have to comply.  Because this is the most intelligent virus ever invented by the ruling class.

    The mandate will apply in all outdoor settings where people are unable to consistently maintain physical distance from each other. People walking alone or with family in open parks and on trails, for example, will not have to mask up.

    More than 55% of Oregonians aged 18 and over are fully vaccinated against Covid-19, and over 60% have had at least one dose of a vaccine. These people will have to wear masks regardless.

    Despite the high uptake in vaccination, Oregon is currently experiencing higher weekly Covid case numbers than at any time during the pandemic to date, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. Deaths, however, remain lower than they were at the beginning of the year, with the seven-day daily average currently standing at 11, compared to 28 in mid-January. -RT

    Are Face Masks & COVID Rituals Occultist Symbols For Submission?

    Trust The Science? CDC Considers Mask Mandate For The FULLY “VACCINATED”

    This is beyond ridiculous at this point. Continue to use critical thinking. This won’t end until we are permanently enslaved or figure out we don’t need to be ruled.  There will be no gray area this time. Our choice is freedom or slavery and the illusion of freedom we lived under until 2020 has been shattered. This is still ramping up. So stay aware and alert and make any last-minute preps before winter.


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      1. FWIW, I haven’t been in an area where masks are required outdoors so it hasn’t been much of an issue for me, but last year there was severe fire smoke where I live and I tried wearing a mask to mitigate it (I’m really sensitive to fire smoke) and had to quit -it didn’t do much good anyway- since it interferes with my lower peripheral vision and makes me stumble and trip over things (like curbs and landscaping features and such).

        The outdoors just isn’t as nice and smooth and even as most of the indoors is.

        Anyone else have that problem or am I unique about it?

        • The masks won’t help w/ smoke because the material has gaps that are too large for the particles to be blocked. It’s the same as for a virus, except smoke particles are much larger than virus particles. The whole mask thing is a joke. The burning us out is on purpose though, they want to depopulate rural areas altogether and burning the forests was and is one of the methods to do so. I’ve been here for a long time and it was not like this before commies took over this state w/ mail in voting. The national cheating happened after it was proven to work in Oregon.

      2. Regardless of whether you believe these “vaccines” are poisonous, irreversibly modify your DNA and do massive damage to your body (which based on what we’ve seen so far, they do)
        Even if (a big if) that wasn’t
        true – why would anyone take these things if you STILL have to social distance, avoid others, and still wear a mask
        wherever the fuck you go????
        As you have mentioned many times, logic dictates that absolutely NONE of this b.s. is about our health.
        Oh, I also wanted to mention something about the ones who already got injected with
        “the whatever it is” . I read somewhere that the people who’ve already been jabbed are now marked in more ways than one. They will be the first ones they go after for the “boosters” since there
        is already a record of them having taken the first shots.
        The sheep who fell for this bullshit from the beginning best be prepared for a non-stop barrage of neverending
        “boosters” ?

      3. Thank you for saying that this is the most intelligent virus ever INVENTED by the ruling class because that
        is exactly what phony 19 is.

        covid noun
        an illness
        that does
        not exist

      4. I don’t know if you or my fellow readers have seen this but it’s a must see. It’s a very short video someone made about what’s happening in Australia. It would be funny
        if it weren’t for the fact they are really going through this:

      5. This is happening in ALL sates that are RULED by tyrannical Democrat scum!

        • And will soon be dictated to all States by the Federal government regardless of who rules them.

          Watch and see.

      6. If you think you are free…..let me add in fleshly terms…we have always been merely “free range” humans….now let that term sink in…

        Now lets address freedom or slavery….

        Freedom is a fallacy….for those who say they believe in the Lord God Almighty, those who have been redeemed by Christ and bought with His blood…you were once a slave to sin and now you have been freed from sin and enslaved to God….yet those who deny Christ are still slaves to the devil and sin.

        From Slavery to Slavery – Romans 6:20-22

        For when you were slaves of sin, you were free in regard to righteousness. Therefore what benefit were you then deriving from the things of which you are now ashamed? For the outcome of those things is death. But now having been freed from sin and enslaved to God, you derive your benefit, resulting in sanctification, and the outcome, eternal life (Romans 6:20-22).

        For those of you who do not know the Christ as Lord and Savior….you by this very verse, still enslaved to sin….

        Even your so called freedom in this physical world… is an illusion. You are a slave to something …try quitting your job, try not paying the car or cc payments…even if you quit your job and stop paying your bills and live on the street, you are a slave to your body…for you must eat and drink…and if you die and don’t know the Lord Jesus in faith, you will die in your sin and be cast in to hell…

        We are all slaves to something….as the old man Bob Dylan once said…ya gotta serve someone….

        Deny the above, for it makes no difference to me.

      7. Smart feller

      8. This Oregon governor is also a murderer as she authorized the killing by State police of Lavoy Finigan, These Dem’s are corrupt and power hungry scumbags.

      9. The masks are needed to try and maintain a high viral load and make sure people get sick.

        People almost never wear them right, change them often enough, or dispose of them properly.

        Plus there’s still loads of unsold inventory.

        Vitamins D,C, K and zinc are the immune system’s best friends, vaxxed or not.

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