It Will Take 6.25 BILLION “Man Years” To Pay Off Federal Government Liabilities: “A Mathematical Impossibility”

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    We often hear government officials and mainstream financial pundits throwing around numbers like a billion or trillion. To most Americans these numbers are indiscernible. They are so incredibly enormous that we can’t even imagine what one billion dollars actually looks like, let alone what it takes to generate such capital. And a trillion, or better yet, the $17.9 Trillion that is our national debt? Forget about it! That’s so much money that we’re talking piles of cash the size of skyscrapers.


    But even a visualization like this makes it difficult to understand how much money this actually is.

    Ann Bardnhardt, who in 2011 shut the doors to her investment firm and urged her clients to withdraw their money from all markets because she says the entire system has been utterly destroyed, will blow your mind in her most recent blog post.

    It turns out money the way we were taught to understand it in school isn’t really how we should be valuing economies or debt. Instead, we need to be looking at what that money represents.

    How do we define the sizes of economies?  In dollars?  Nope.  These systems should be measured in terms of a transcendent, invariant unit.  Currencies are, by definition, variant, because they are constantly changing relative to one another.  This includes the dollar, which is itself measured against a BASKET of other currencies.  I propose that GDP should be measured in the unit of MAN HOURS or MAN YEARS.  $20 per hour average wage.  2000 hour average work year.  Because the buying power of an average man hour or man year shouldn’t change much at all.  Think about it.

    So, if we take the latest bee-ess GDP for the former US of $16.8 trillion, and if we use an average wage of $20 per hour, or $40,000 per year, we get an economy of 840 billion man hours, or 420 million man years.

    Puts a different spin on it, huh?  Now, you really want your mind blown?  Do that same calculation with the debt (now $18 trillion).  Now do it with the unfunded liabilities of the FEDGOV (conservatively $250 trillion).

    450 million man years, and 6.25 billion man years respectively.

    Source: Notes for Apres la Guerre Part 2: Banking and Financial Market Theory

    So, when we talk about trillions of tax dollars being spent on banks or infused into shadow investment houses around the globe, we’re actually not just talking about money being stolen from one group of people that’s being distributed to another. What we’re talking about is the literal theft of our lives – our time and energy.

    The unfunded liabilities are estimated at $250 trillion, or as Barnhardt noted, 6.25 Billion man years.

    To put that into perspective, it will take roughly 139 million Americans working non-stop for 45 years just to cover the government’s unfunded liabilities at their current levels. 

    Currently there are about 144 million working Americans with about 100 million not in the labor force for various reasons. So, just to pay off those liabilities, every single working American would have to spend the next 45 years of their lives sending 100% of their income to the government.

    That’s how bad of a situation this is.

    The arithmetic is clear: Repaying our national debt and unfunded liabilities is a mathematical impossibility. It will never happen.

    Bardhardt understands the frustrations of many Americans who are fed up with having their livelihoods stolen on a wholesale basis by government, as well as business leaders who claim they are doing God’s work. She has a solution:

    Since you’re probably sitting there thinking that people need to be executed for this mess, let me throw out an idea for how to go about meting out justice for these massive financial crimes after the war.  I would simply say that the amount of a theft should be converted to man years, and if the man years-equivalent of what was stolen is in excess of the average working life of a man, say 50 years, then the offense would be a capital offense and execution would be on the table.  For anything less than that, the man years conversion would inform the judge or jury as to incarceration terms.

    So, just pulling a completely random number out of the sky, say $1.6 billion, and converting that to man years at an average wage of $40,000 per year, that is 40,000 man years, which equals exactly twelve feet of rope, which happily, can be reused an almost unlimited number of times.

    Over $1.6 billion in shareholder deposits were vaporized at MF Global under the watchful eye of Former New Jersey Governor John Corzine (left). He served no prison time.

    We’re talking massive amounts of time and energy here that have been pillaged from the American people, as well as tens of millions of others in Europe and Asia.

    As Ann Barnhardt notes in her post, the end result can only come in the form of widespread warfare and a total collapse of the system as we have come to know it.

    We are on the tail end of a paradigm built upon debt and false promises. The numbers are now so incredibly large that the trajectory is irreversible.

    Our banking system, monetary dominance and geo-political influence are at a breaking point and those who want to come out the other side of the coming disaster need to be making final preparations.

    The U.S. government has war-gamed and simulated these very scenarios. They know a massive economic collapse is not only on the horizon – it’s happening right now. They also know that as more people lose their jobs, homes and ability to put food on the table they’re going to come looking for someone to blame. There will be panic and violence. There will be bloodshed and war.

    This is the future that awaits.



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      1. The government can spend money it doesn’t have. But you, the individual consumer with a family, you can’t do that. No, no.

        And don’t even think about being on welfare, like some folks. Just suck it up.

        Life ain’t fair. Pay taxes and die.

        • If bank robbing became as easy as the government
          steals our money, I would become Jesse James.

          • Remember, JJ only did what he did because the railroad tried to take his parents property…
            What would you do in JJ’s situation???
            I would do worse than him…

            • Hate to shake you but Jesse James like Kennedy , Roosevelt. Lincoln and Columbus Gets good press and history distorts the real truth. Jesse James was a no good thief and killer there was no justification to his heinous acts.

              • Please fill us in on your version of what REALLY happened…

                • epee….don’t bother with old guy….he has a mental disorder named: ZOGBOLA.

                  • I call things as I see them. Even if the Rail Road had taken the James farm. That still dosent justify Jesse & Frank James and the Youngers crime spree. Two wrongs never make a right. My Square Head Swede ancestors where justified. It was their hard earned & saved money in the Northfield Bank. Ha Ha Ha a shotgun blast blew Cole Youngers bottom jaw nearly clean off. And Like the Coward He was Jesse left the wounded behind and ran away. And after that fiasco all he could muster for a gang was chicken shit back shooters like the Ford Brothers. Yes indeed Square Head Dumb Swedes with Shotguns where the Demise of the James gang.


                  • Not going to argue with Old Guy, but if you knew the real reason why JJ did what he did, and not what wiki says, YOU WOULD THINK DIFFERENT…

                    Jessie James robbed a train he said I’m going to rob all the men and rape all the women!
                    One man stood up and said you can rob us, shoot us or whatever but you leave the women alone
                    Soon thereafter an old lady stood up and said shut up and sit down Jessie knows what he’s doin!!!

                  • I agree with Bardhardt.

                    In real analysis money is a proxy for the hours of our lives, hours that once spent can never be returned.

                    When they loot our money, they are stealing hours of our lives.

                    Economic crimes against humanity must be seen as capital crimes.

                    Prosecute the guilty. Leave the innocent alone.

                  • @ FreeSlave,

                    This article from Ann Barnhardt looks kinda familiar to me….. 😉


                  • From Forbes, on quarantines:

                    The critical reckoning over forced quarantines is still to come.
                    Consider this scenario.
                    Sometime in January or February – as the Ebola epidemic explodes out of West Africa – we’ll start experiencing larger, more frequent outbreaks in American cities. With the flu as a background to confound suspected cases of Ebola, public health departments will be hard pressed to “track and trace” all of the potential “contacts” when perhaps dozens of Ebola cases pop up in their cities.
                    Unable to pinpoint who might have come in close contact with Ebola, and be at risk of contracting the virus, they will reach for their most absolute tool – forced quarantine – as a way to mitigate threat amidst uncertainty. The number of people who will be placed into forced quarantines could easily number in the hundreds.
                    If this scenario sounds far fetched, take a closer look at the accelerating epidemic in West Africa. If the rate of spread doesn’t start to subside soon (there are some encouraging signs of deceleration in Liberia, but spread is accelerating in Guinea and Sierra Leone) it’s just a matter of time before Ebola breaks out to a region with closer connections to the U.S. — like Latin America. Once it goes to such a market, and becomes epidemic, the U.S. would be importing far more than the sporadic case.
                    This begs the question, how will state and federal governments exercise their authority to quarantine people in such a scenario. As we have seen from recent events, that legal power is sweeping, poorly defined, and absolute.


                    And ponder what you’re going to do if you haven’t planned ahead, or moved outside the likely corral before the barricades go up. Think hard, and plan early.

                    Remember the words of the Sage of Gainesville:
                    You Don’t Have To Live Like A Refugee

                  • There you go with that ‘insider’ name calling and dismissive attitude to someone you do not agree with.
                    If you were able, I am certain that you would have a knowing smile as you winked at and elbowed your compatriots.
                    The same folks doing the same stuff.
                    No logic. I am surprised that KY Mom has not posted a comment on ebola with three or four links of someone else’s thoughts.

                • Eppe I gave you a thumbs up for the joke!

                • Please learn how to spell.

                  I taught you better than that, round head.

                • FROM RACONTEUR REPORT–

                  “Thanks, Tom Frieden, and welcome back to the limelight. it’s been almost a week since you’ve been caught stepping on your dick in public, so we were wondering where you’d gotten and what you were up to. Now we know”.


                  • I am certainly no legal expert but, it seems to me that this nurse just debunked the use of FEMA camps for people exposed to Ebola. The precedent set can be used to protect us from being sent to a FEMA camp.

                  • So now those who are infected can walk around and infect others. What a plan.

                  • What, you think courts will be in session on THAT day?

                  • They want people screaming for her arrest and detention, obviously.

                    Does she really even have it I wonder.

                  • Why has there never been an article on Thomas Frieden and his background here at SHTF?

                    Seems to me that he is an important player in our lives at the present. Here is some info from Tom Frieden activist facts dot com.

                    CDC director, Jew Tom Frieden fondly recalls his time as a COMMUNITY ORGANIZER.

                    If you are searching for a powerful public official driven by unbridled activist zealotry look no further than Frieden.

                    Was NYC healrh czar.

                    Famously told Financial Times “when anyone dies at an early age from a preventable cause in NYC, it’s my fault”!

                    NY Post says Frieden’s reign is “a nanny state on steroids”.

                    He commissioned – with tax dollars – NY themed condoms featuring a map of Manhattan.

                    He SPAWNED a publicity bonanza in January 2007 when he announced the Department of Health scientists had uncovered a HIV “supervirus”, a drug resistant strain of the deadly disease that can lead to full blown aids in less than 3 months. But Frieden’s proclamation – and the media hysteria – turned out to be premature. Upon further testing the strain did respond to treatment, AND WAS CONFINED TO A SINGLE PERSON.

                    Do you begin to understand why this community organizer has risen to head the CDC in Obama’s administration? Might help to explain the hysteria of Ebola?

                    Keeping the population terrified and in compliance is part of the communist manifesto.

                    Welcome, Dr. Frieden, you are doing an excellent job for America’s enemies!

                    Read more on him at the website I provided.

                • They sound just like a certain so called religion that is the favorite of our wonderful resident.

                • FROM ZERO HEDGE:

                  “The Story Changes: Ebola Is Now “Aerostable” And Can Remain On Surfaces For 50 Days”

                • Meanwhile, The French Are Revolting…
                  Submitted by Tyler Durden on 10/31/2014 – 19:35
                  Amid record unemployment, even recorder youth unemployment, and politicians willingly breaking EU treaties (with apparently no consequences), it appears – just as in the US – police brutality in France was the straw that broke ‘Le Camel’s back. As RT reports, another anti-police brutality protest turned violent in the French city of Rennes, with masked youths and police engaging in running street battles. The unrest follows the death of a young environmental activist earlier this week. Overnight Thursday, protesters in the northwestern city lobbed flairs at police and flipped over cars, some of which they set ablaze. Police responded by firing tear gas. We hear guillotines are still cheap on ebay.

                • So much of history is ignored. Like it or not. People are finding lots of gold and silver stashed by the younger/james gang set aside for this purpose:

                • Natty, thank you, this just confirms what I was saying. I knew about this long time ago, but was not even going to mention it. Period. All it would do to promote the ripping some do here without knowing the truth.
                  And that just promotes hate and discontent, but thanks again.

              • Old Guy, eppe was referring to the real JJ and not your tribal hero Lloyd Blankfein.

                • Born
                  Jesse Woodson James
                  September 5, 1847
                  Kearney, Missouri, U.S.

                  April 3, 1882 (aged 34)
                  St. Joseph, Missouri, U.S.
                  39.757813°N 94.844087°W

                  United States/Confederate States


                  Known for

                  Zerelda Mimms

                  Jesse E. James, Mary James Barr

                  Robert S. James, Zerelda Cole James

                  Jesse Woodson James (September 5, 1847 – April 3, 1882) was an American outlaw, gang leader, bank robber, train robber, and murderer from the state of Missouri and the most famous member of the James-Younger Gang. Already a celebrity when he was alive, he became a legendary figure of the Wild West after his death. Some recent scholars place him in the context of regional insurgencies of ex-Confederates following the American Civil War rather than a manifestation of frontier lawlessness or alleged economic justice.[1]

                  Jesse and his brother Frank James were Confederate guerrillas, or Bushwhackers, during the Civil War. They were accused of participating in atrocities committed against Union soldiers, including the Centralia Massacre. After the war, as members of various gangs of outlaws, they robbed banks, stagecoaches, and trains. Despite popular portrayals of James as an embodiment of Robin Hood, robbing from the rich and giving to the poor, there is no evidence that he and his gang shared their loot from the robberies they committed.

                  The James brothers were most active with their gang from about 1866 until 1876, when their attempted robbery of a bank in Northfield, Minnesota resulted in the capture or deaths of several gang members. They continued in crime for several years, recruiting new members, but were under increasing pressure from law enforcement. On April 3, 1882, Jesse James was killed by a member of his own gang, Robert Ford, who hoped to collect a reward on James’ head.

                  • JJ was a great man

                  • Bj, if more of us patriots were like JJ, well we could reclaim this once great nation. I did a thesis on JJ in my senior year, before internet. Since I am a 5th cousin, well it was a no brainer. History is written by the winners. JJ took control to get back at the North, who won because of Sherman, who committed suicide afterwards. I read a letter written by a 4th cousin, who sheltered JJ many times, and got the first hand account of what REALLY happened. If he and family had not been messed with, well he would be nothing in history. Why do you think he is the only ‘outlaw’ to have a museum dedicated to his memory? If your half sister was killed, and your mother maimed for a firebombing, what would you do? What this country needs is a new JJ to take control. many will red paint me, but I have the guts to do such, yes, maybe one day I will lead the reveloution, someone will be a John Conner, and I am a mean enough of a MF to do such. Been prepping for 18 years, ready for the shit to unfold and round up the surviviors to take control. May not ever happen, but I always hope for the best, prep for the worst. May the reds flow. I don’t care, but gimme a chance, and we could flip this nation around, just wish I could give a brain aneurism by thinking it, what could be done???

                  • Eppe, you and I are related 🙂

                  • BJ, we could be, my father’s mother’s mother’s mother is in that family tree. Please read Natty’s post above. I knew about this before the internet was invented.

                • @Anonymous-Apparently Old Guy did not get your reference (went right over his head). Blankfein is a vile piece of excrement. He is a far bigger criminal than anyone currently incarcerated.

                  • SC… ZOGBOLA virus does magic to the brian cells. I hope someone comes up with a vaccine very soon so we can save the humanity. ThemGuys, POG, JQP , Condor and many other highly intelligent historical scientists have written many fine article as how to defeat this virus but still many non tribal members can’t get cured until we cure them forcefully.

                  • Eppe your full of it. Yes the James home was firebombed. Because they where aiding & abetting the same asyour 4th cousin.. By the pinkertons years After Jesse had started robbing trains. The pinkerstons where ruthless mercendarys. Yes it was wrong for the pinkertons to commit those acts. However that don’t justify robbing a bank in minnesota. The Bank in Minnesota He tried to rob. Those folks where Mostly Homesteaders who immigrated after the war was over. they had never done anything that directly effected the south. They where hard working farmers and Jesse had no right or justifacation to try and steal their money. Jesse was never a enlisted confederate soldier. He was a gurella night riding trouble raiser and thief. And just what good did his train & bank robbing do? You know many folks thing bonnie & clyde ,pretty boy Floyd & john Dillinger where heros also. I don’t have any use for a thief no matter what the circumstance.

              • n December of 1869 Frank and Jesse attempted to avenge the killing of the leader of their guerilla unit, by murdering the man they believed had tracked him down, now a bank manager in Gallatin, Missouri. Their daylight raid yielded no money and they killed the wrong man. But they got their names in the paper for the first time, affiliated, albeit loosely, with a Confederate cause.

                A bitter, drunken editor and former Confederate, John Newman Edwards, championed the Jameses as dashing, latter-day Robin Hoods, a mantle the brothers and their gang readily accepted and even promoted. Edwards portrayed them as kind, Christian, daring men who had challenged the carpetbaggers and Republicans who had overtaken Missouri and much of the South. The Jameses were joined by another desperate set of brothers, the Youngers, and various other rotating members.

                Throughout the 1870s the James-Younger gang was aided and abetted by their Confederate neighbors across the South. They gave them safe harbor and provisions, making them nearly untouchable. Meanwhile Jesse had married his cousin, Zee, and she gave him a son, Jesse Jr.

                The railroads and express companies engaged Allan Pinkerton’s detective agency to track down the gang. After the first agent who paid a call to the James’s homestead ended up dead Pinkerton sent a raiding party to the house. The Pinkerton agents later stated that they threw a mere smoke bomb into the house but the device exploded, killing Frank and Jesse’s disabled, younger half-brother and blowing their mother’s right arm off. Frank and Jesse were nowhere to be found. Public support swung over to their side even more.

                Though they were offered potential amnesty by the governor of Missouri Jesse was far from through. He took the gang nearly 500 miles to the north to Northfield, Minnesota to take the bank there. But the townsfolk quickly routed the gang, killing two of them. Lost in the Minnesota woods the Younger brothers surrendered. Only Frank and Jesse escaped, somehow eluding capture.

            • I want to read the daily Diary of the Guy up in PA that eluded the LEO’s for 45 days, and eventually found hiding in an abandoned air plane hanger 30 miles from the shooting. Get into that dudes head and understand his thought process. He should have had a better plan to plant clues of existence, but have gotten far away quickly. For sure a lone wolf, who did not have a support system for a ride or escape route. No doubt they make a movie about it. Of course the shooter cannot profit off of it.

              • Wwti, it would be some interesting reading, makes one wonder if it was a spur of the moment killing, or if it was a planned event. If planned, he did not plan far enough ahead, if spur, well 45 days, he did pretty good. I guess we will know the truth. Have a great weekend…

                • eppe, seems to me one of the earliest TV reports right after the shooting happened, someone said that the one Cop (Dead one) was having an affair or seeing the shooters ex wife or girlfriend. But of course they Media and Cops cover up that fact when they eventually control the story and hijack the media, and then make this guy into a monster. That was a TV News report, but I doubt that any info on that has been scrubbed.

                  One thing about that and I am sure Sgt could verify, is that any domestic issue/ love triangles are the most vicious deadly incidents out there ans will cause people to do anything. We were always warned about this when on the fire dept. So hasn’t been the fist time somebody got killed over bleeding broken heart passions.

                  All I want is the real truth of the story. How can we learn anything from this unless we have the truth. And avoid Love Triangles.

                  • Went to Walmart today, The Ammo Shelves were actually semi-packed with Ammo. No Limits on how many boxes you want to buy except for the .22 Ammo which none was on the shelf. Picked up some 9mm Target Ammo but no 9mm+P Hollow points. So now I can get back to the range without dipping too deep into my personal reserve Mins. Prices are up, but cheaper when you buy online, but after you add the cost of shipping,it would come out to about the same. I prefer to pay in person w/ cash, no tracking like an Internet CC purchase.

                • Well, eppe, I don’t know the truth…here’s the local buzz.

                  Eric Frein did not have a hard on for cops in general. If he did he could have gone to a barracks near to his house. Instead he went 20 miles to the barracks where he killed one trooper and wounded another.

                  His brother’s wife was doing the trooper that was wounded. His brother lived less than a half mile from trooper Douglas. Since the incident his wife has not been seen. Gone.

                  The first person taken into custody was Eric Frein’s brother Michael…handcuffed and taken in for questioning. He was released but if they took him in to custody that quick you know they knew the reason.

                  Eric Frein’s father was a retired Army Ranger that taught him to shoot. He told the investigators “my son does not miss”.

                  The first trooper coming out of the barracks at shift change was killed with one shot. The next one, trooper Douglas was shot in the “pelvis”. No miss there…just shot his nuts off.

              • His mistake was hanging around in the mountians, just waiting for capture. If he had any sense, 3 days after the shooting, he would have been panhandling in NYC.

              • They showed a close up of this guy’s broken nose– someone almost knocked his nose off!!! broken really bad!!! but cops said he had fall in the woods and got scratched up… yeah, right! they obviously beat the sh– out of him.

              • WWTI:

                Ever wonder how he managed to carry around pencil and paper while out running the law? Think he left home saying I’m going to keep a log of my high adventure?

                I call bs on the diary. But some tribe member will convince us that happened and make millions off a movie.

            • I hope everyone had a great Halloween, we had 350 treaters, now have 12 teens having a party at my place. Great kids. I am blessed that my girls have homeschooled and theatrical friends that can come here and have a great time together. May everyone be blessed with great friends, that you can count on. They are far and few between. If you have 5 true friends, consider yourself lucky. most all my friends have died in the last 3 years. I consider myself a survivor. May everyone have a great weekend.
              If you ain’t prepping, well you are just inepting….

              • I told the kids they had to give half the candy they got to kids who were too lazy to go trick or treating. That way they learn what it’s like to be an American taxpayer.

                • Amen CW, we are so spoiled in the USA, and all it takes is to go to a 3rd nation to appreciate where we are now. But we seem to be losing that now. We need to regain this nation, whatever it takes

                  • Too late eppe. Obama and the stooped party are plotting to bring in almost forty million third world immigrants into the country in the next two years. We have no future. I feel for the young people.

                  • There is only one way to ever regain this nation, eppe;
                    and that is with a lot of prayers from the true believers.

                    As I have said before, there are too many of them, evil liberals that accept pc over the one true answer, JC. And, too few of us.

                    We will see how this all starts comming home to roost, by this time next year.

                    The great shaking will begin within a year and all those that have been casting stones at folks for being on God’s side, and all the while upholding the baby killers and faggots will see their world start falling apart at the seams. It is time for the reckoning.

                    I think you are blessed to have such a big family, but as you know it does come with a big burden in educating them to the truth.

                    i pray you have much success with that, jawja man.

                    Meanwhile, keep ’em laughing. It is a good healer.


                  • Can’t reply directly to Passinwiththewind but I agree 100%. Excellent post

              • We don’t ever have trick-or-treaters on the road I live on. We buy candy that we like and then eat it ourselves.

            • Eppe. Jesse must have had something going for him. Wasn’t he married to Sandra Bullock for a few years?
              There are worse situations…..

            • This talk about Jessie James takes me back to the summer of 76, I was in Myrtle beach sc and met his great great granddaughter. This gal was one of the finest women I have ever met, I spent a week with her and boy, did I fall hard. She would be Mrs. HSL but she was too elusive for me. I made many long drives to Tenn. to see this womam, ahh, what a looker.

              To the one who got away.

            • Since Most Debt is Tied to the Dollar, Just wipe the Dollar out and The united states Start printing out own money monetary system that the ZOG Corporation that calls itself the federal Reserve Loan Sharks. John F Kennedy tried to End the Federal Reserve with June 4th 1963 Executive Order EO-11110- Basically ending the pricey Fed charging loan shark rates. Well the Zog Tribe did not like this and Why I think the Joos Killed Kennedy. Right after Kennedy was killed, Pres Johnson returned the dollar back to the worthless Fiat money based on “Thin Air” and “In God We Trust” instead of Silver. Remember the Silver Certificate Dollar and Silver Pre 1964 Silver coins.



              The Story Changes: Ebola Is Now “Aerostable” And Can Remain On Surfaces For 50 Days
              Submitted by Tyler Durden on 10/31/2014 – 22:01
              When it comes to Ebola, the story that the government is telling us just keeps on changing. At first, government officials were claiming that it was very difficult to spread the Ebola virus. Some of them were even comparing it to HIV. We were given the impression that we had to have “direct contact” with someone else’s body fluids in order to have any chance of catching the virus. But of course that is not true at all. Now authorities are admitting that Ebola is “aerostable”, that it can be “spread through droplets”, and that it can remain on surfaces for up to 50 days. That is far different information than we have been getting up until this point.

              • Why is it that so far litterally EVERY economic “Expert” be they alternate online sites or from MSM and wall street TV ‘experts”…ALL always seem to know of most every so called prior expert book or money text writers of famous names from Both sides of the money arguments.

                And all parrot from one side or the other reagrding money, its good issues or its bad issues etc…YET..NOT one single so called expert that I ever heard speak on TV shows like cnbc stock channel shows, or Online like this article women Ann Barnhardt…Ever writes nor speaks of the ONLY one time and one group of folks that DID challange and Change the entire monetary systems that were then, 1930 the exact same as Todays usa system and exact Same banksters group affiliation?

                ONLY One single group actually booted out banksters, Ended usury-intrest-debt created cash, Ended the “FED Res” and did so for the very First time in history going Back historically at least 800-1000 YEARS ago when it was Last done.

                AND Lo and Behold! They did it the Same way as ANN says money should get Rated by! IE: by Labor Hours worked with a Set Hourly wage price per hour worked, and wages set based upon TYPE of Job/Labor done…Where a carpenter hourly wage was greater than say a burger flipper, but Less compared to skilled doctors etc…

                THEN..Besides valuing money based on wage hrs worked as ANN stated…These folks in 1930 also Included the values of PRODUCTS Labor workers Made for Sale to their fellow countrymen and to sell to Other Nations and peoples abroad…

                They Combined the wage rate worked hrs of LABOR..WITH..Products made and included services performed by labor work done to repair stuff yet it don’t actually produce stuff to sell..Yet service has its Own dollar based Value also so it too was included…Are You following this so far?

                So basically the Main process to return a nations, ANY/ALL nations, monetary systems and net value of the national cash printed, BACK to a very workable and FAIR cash system, where folks and their Nation/fed govnt can print cash based upon Total Value of the combined wealth of labor and products labor makes to sell…

                AND Both individuals and Fed Govnt can Borrow cash as needed with NO intrest ever owed and NO national debt to be repaid as long as the original Principal IS repaid back in a timely or monthly payment method..

                ALL they did was FIRST to BOOT OUT jewish Banksters, END intrest scams and debt swindles and told those bankster jews to get screwed as we aint owing You a dime and aint going to repay none of it period…Because after a Hundred or more years of jewish bankster Usury/Intrest scams everybody agreed that them jewish bankster swindlers already stole quite enough Cash from their usury intrest scams……

                That Nation and people who did so and the ONLY folks to do so in past 1000 yrs was Germany and germans.

                NOTE: This as done by germans WAS the Main Only True reason that in 1933 Every global newspaper here and abroad carried huge massive Headlines that stated..”International Jewry declares WAR on germany!” Thats correct as library newspaper archives and library of us congress old copies proves…WWWII was First Declared BY jews against germany, and Precicely for This monetary bankster boot out and changed policy that is “Good for german folks”. Since a nation exists because of and FOR the people who people That nation, and every such We the Peoples Nation has a right to create its OWN banks, its Own form cash, and each…a Nation and Its banks only exist to SERVE its Own peoples primarily first and foremost. Most all folks agrees of course…Except jewish folks due to Rothchilds and fellow traveler jewish swindlers which benifits MOST of worlds jewry one way or another…This is Number ONE real reason WWII began and why it began against germany…1933- weeks after hitler got elected and NOT yet any single jews hairs was harmed…yet jews declared WAR! That proves jewish banking is Fraudulent and a huge swindle folks..They Crave FREE money so bad their willing to go to WAR over banks remain owned by fellow jews. Germans said NO more!..and Paid an awful price for being correct.

                BUT it was usa who did most dammages by entering WWII…Today if jewry whines or crys foul when WE Retake usa banks and Monetary systems Back into Goyim Hands again…TOO bad since there NO more americas to assist evil banksters if real patriotic citizenery stands against WAR against Itself right. Yes that Is right. Armys can’t exist unless citizens say Okay I shall bet is JOIN to RE-Take OUR banks Back and boot banksters jews and goyim types Out..Or Hang them is good too!

                And Despite being Eyeball Deep into an Ongoing Great depression era of wiemere republic even far Worse than the USA’s great depression era was…germans were able by doing that to not only RETAKE Back their german nations banks and Money, not only boot out the worlds greatest scam swindler group of jew banksters…

                But Germans were also able to FIX most every monetary problem, end inflation totally, return work labor Force from what was as high as 35% Unemployed folks nationwide there…To a new LOW of LESS than 2% unemployed…

                They did all of That stuff in LESS than 5 years! and did it WITHOUT shedding one single drop of human Blood..No blood shed of ANY group, germans or otherwise…WithOUT harm to a single jews one single Hair on his crafty swindlers Head…ZERO violence, ZERO blood shed…

                Just a Proper return to what a Nation and ITS banks are Supposed to represent…IE: a nations banks are to be OWNED by That nation and that Nation is to be OWNED by It’s Peoples OF that nation…And when the ONLY evil and wrong based part of the entire equasion is ELIMINATED by Said BOOT Out…That would be crooked usury dependant jewish bankster frauds….NOTHING Bad elsewise needs occure for a great sucesfull monetary system where Cash And JOBS are aplenty for all…And Nobody ever needs pay back Intrest on ANY forms Borrowed cash for Car loan, Home mortgage loan etc ever again…

                Best of ALL is the Nation and It’s fed govnt NEVER ends up owing a single cent to Anybody else period…For when intrest debt created jewish banking scams gets eliminated entirely….That Nation Now never goes into debt nor has an outstanding owed massive Trillions of debt still owed to jewish banksters…Like the USA does and Has for the past 100+ yrs since jews gained/swindled banks conrol in 1913…with much quite secret help from crook demacRATS of cource…Prez Wilson and Crew…

                if Germany could do that in LESS than 5 years time frame during the worst ever great depression AND mass hyper inflation era with at least 35% Unemployed?

                WHY don’t ANY so called or self claimed “Experts” of today like ANN and all Other experts never ever mention these FACTS?…After All…All of this took place Just aprox 75 years ago…Ann and all experts monetary wise all seem to have a Vivid recall and massive info on the Fed Reserve act that happened more than 100 years ago, an even greater distance in time compared to germanys great ‘comeback event”…

                Personally I believe at least some of these money experts, especially them whats Online experts like Ann and many moneywise website experts all KNOWS of this factoid of germanys historic return to Normal by retaking Back all national banks and controls of banks to do it all.

                BUT due to WWII stigmas, falsified phony evils done by germans that have been over the years Proven to be falsified and outright LIES…With More than enough Proof to validate a total RE-think of still bashing germany based upon false “History accounts” written by the winners of WWII…Which of course of the Four Major allied nations…England-usa-France-Russia all or at Least THREE of them allies were run by and headed by a jewish leader/prez/Ruler…Is the reason we still see a Huge Tabboo of that elusive “J” word being spoken even in distant whispers..Thats why ANN and any other exoerts never mentions these facts and the ONLY proven Method to FIX current/Past monetary troubles for good. Either this is the reason, OR these “experts” are same as Beck and Hannity Et Al, Controlled Paid off Opposition.

                But with such severe cash national troubles america Now today faces…Maybe its Now high time to toss away every falsified claim, every whinney jewish cry, phony stats like false “six million” numbers proven as false now..

                AND just maybe these experts need brush Up and learn what and How germans did Their grand FIX before their entire country and all its german peoples DIED or went flat broke and Then died off..if they can do a fix in just Under Five years time that way and NO humans harmed..

                America also Can do same…Somebody Else can be whom invents a good solid plan to convince 50 million deluded jewdeo-christian folks in usa to NOT use their human bodies as a jewish Shield to surround Wall Street and jewyork banksters before we can actually begin that bankster Boot Out…After All..Once them deluded 50 million defenders of all issues jewish see how swell They can do in such a Intrest Free and country/Nation Debt FREE system who knows…maybe they too shall lose their Thick eye scales for good too eh!

                Kinda a Double bonus for us all!..ZERO Debt-ZERO Intrest chagred and ZERO still massively deluded 50 Million souls that are also of american stock and heritage…

                maybe then they will begin to DEFEND us fellow american folk instead of constant rebukeing Us simply for we do speak truth.

                This, what some has labeled the Great German Miricle…Is Fully available to research several locations online…Its How I found it out…You can too!

                BOTTOM Line is: Why do none of these experts folks ever discuss or even make mention of all of these Facts?

                Do they secretly desire vast civil war bloodshed in usa or what?…I sure do NOT!…Aint germanys method far better a system to FIX usa monetary troubles like they did prior?..I say YES well worth a try and Very likly to succeed as germans did…

                PS disclaimer: I aint endorsing any other german systems nor methods…Only what germans did to fix their banks and other related monetary troubles fairly, squarely, and outright Fast…This aint germany it Is america so we citizens has every right to do it and do so as we see fit if changes need be made to some things germans did? Fine do that…Just COPY the Main tenents outlined above is all I am promoting for a proper GOOD Fair to ALL fix. And Yes I already am aware that jewish banksters in usa and all other devious locations they perch their nefarious selves at will never agree it is FAIR to ALL!

                Maybe them banksters should have Thunk that out prior to screwing every usa citizen the past 100+ yrs eh…

                Whoever wears Largest Size work BOOT?…YOU get to do that BOOT OUT! a Very Honorable thing too I may add!

                You can later tell grandkids stories of How grandPa Booted them evil jewish banksters OUT of the USA! Just in Time too!

                • Great post, Condor.

                  • PO’D Granny: Thank you very much. it seems the more Pissed off I get, and the longer this goes on, the more my mind functions with more thoughts than I can write or speak…I usually in Person when i speak out on such issues am told I Scare folks!…Due to I speak Fast, non stop and sound and probobly Look Very ANGRY!

                    well I guess yes I am very Angry…Not at the regular dumbed down folks per se…A bit pissed at them for remaining clueless of course…I just do not see How anyone whos wized up can Not be very angry once they Know what really happened all our lives, all our Parents lives and by WHOM is most responsible.

                    Especially when every usa citizens been taught over and over that them edomite khazars are some form of worlds Onliest Victims and only They matter…Them edomites tribe eats that crap for breakfast!

                    Then use it against all the Goyims like a Weapon!…well I have HAD it and aint worried nor care any longer what we or I myself get threatened with any more…Some of us has zero or close to zero to Lose now…Wait untill they screw with that type guy or attempt doing a monky Chimp Out on that type eh…All they be seeing is a huge Bright Flash of Light!…From barrel of my S&W model 29, 44 Mag Cannon blast!

                    Between us all we likely has enough ammo now to deal with every usa problem AND if necessary also conquer a few south american nations if They screw with us.

                    I recall as a small kid on TV I heard many times various Men in america interviewed by some MSM talker head, and them TRUE patriot Men warn white folks of the REAL Two twin major troubles for usa and for white folks futures..

                    Blacks & jews…Most are Kommie Marxists…Well say what anyone will…NO sane folk can deny NOW that all they warned us of and warned Our parents of back 50 yrs ago HAS happened as they said it will and BY them Twin trouble national Curses upon whiteys and our nation the usa….Instead of pay atten Most our parents back then instead said “Oh..Just GIVE them Colored Folks whatever They Want! and maybe Then they will Leave Us whites alone finally”….How Swell has That worked out folks?

                    And whenever it came to discussing that all time largest ever huge TABOO bunch (Khazar fake jews) oh me oh My! Lordy Lordy! don’t Nobody never ever speak that forbidden “J” word…Not even in the quietest hushed whispers!….How has Hideing That groups true intentions and works, worked out so far eh?

                    Even worse than that give colored what They want so maybe they leave us whites alone did eh…

                    America Has been under at least a 50 Year Long Double whammy Curse…So where are all those fabulous Blessings we suppoed to get rained down upon Us all for so swell blessing that tribes evils like so many pastors claims is to occure eh?….Them pastors was wrong…Liars…Scam swindler Shaboz Goyims(gentiles who sell Out to jews etc and do jewry dirty work against their Own Kind see usa Polititions, judges, Cops, Professors, and 50 Million mostly white jewdeo-christian zionists for more info on shaboz goys)…Granny…I guess very Soon now all time for talk or writing will End…Then time for ACTIONS!

                    Make em ALL remember for eternity just whom they fucked Over This time folks!….And Remember…Zionisim is the POLITICAL wing/arm of Talmudic jewry.

                    Talmudism is switched to Communism wherever Goyims are to be under talmudic Kontrols…Got it?

                    Zionisim + Talmudism + Marxist kommie= SAME basic things..So if Kommies is evil bad(Yes it is) then where does That leave the Other Two?

                    Deny or reject at Your and Your kids future risk’s. You shall see whos correct…you Will see then eh.

            • Most of everyone here could care less, but here goes…

              ht tp://

              ht tp://

              ht tp://

              ht tp://

          • Obama’s War on the Middle Class

            “One of the hallmarks of all socialist countries is the is the absence of an independent middle class. From the Bolshevik experiment in Russia to socialist Venezuela today, it is necessary for communist leaders to eliminate that class of citizens who are not dependent on government for their welfare.

            Political theorists from Aristotle to Locke understood that a truly INDEPENDENT AND PROSPEROUS MIDDLE CLASS WAS ESSENTIAL TO THE COLLECTIVE WELL-BEING OF ANY SOCIETY. The middle class has always, in every society, been characterized by qualities of social restraint and economic realism — a shrewd and skeptical conservatism that serves to restrain the grandiose plans of utopian revolutionaries and embittered reactionaries alike.”

            “It is an ominous sign that the political left, with the loyal support of more than a third of our population, is intent on its destruction.”

            One-fifth of U.S. workers were laid off in past five years
            “One in five U.S. workers was laid off in the past five years and about 22% of those who lost their jobs still haven’t found another one, according to a new survey that showed the extent Americans have struggled in the sluggish labor market…”

            “Nearly 40% said it took more than seven months to find employment and about one in five of laid-off workers said all they could find was a temporary position.

            Almost half — 46% — of the estimated 30 million layoff victims who found new jobs said they paid less than their old ones, according to the survey of 1,153 U.S adults done over the summer.”

            New Middle Class Data Reveals True Story of American Economy
            “Today, there are nearly 2 million FEWER jobs in mid- and higher-wage industries than there were before the recession took hold, while there are 1.85 million more jobs in lower-wage industries…”

            “That means many of the people who fell out of the middle class during the recession won’t be getting back into it. What’s even more disturbing is that America’s middle class is worse off than those in many other countries.”

            Income gap widens as American factories shut down
            “A loss of manufacturing has contributed to the decline of the middle class…”

            “People who are displaced from high-paying manufacturing jobs spend a long time unemployed, and when they take other jobs, those jobs generally pay substantially less.”

            Yet, despite the sluggish labor market and many thousands still unemployed, Obama promises executive amnesty for illegals before the end of the year.

            WH: Obama will ‘make good’ on exec amnesty pledge…

            New Record: Foreign-Born Job-Holders Break 25 Million
            “The number of foreign-born individuals holding jobs in the United States hit a record high of 25,019,000 in September, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).”

            “The Center for Immigration Studies reports employment growth in the U.S. since 2000 went to immigrants.

            On a population adjusted basis, the numbers look horrific. Population-wise, native US citizens account for two-thirds of the working-age population growth, yet FEWER work today.

            Here’s the harsh reality: 17 million working-age native US citizens were NOT working in the first quarter of 2014 than in 2000.”

            • Obama’s War on the Middle Class

              #1. KY Mom, excellent post.

              #2. Impeach Obola.

              #3. Obola is a NWO Lib. Damn Libs!

              • I don’t know which I like the sound of better:

                Impeaching the bastard, then hanging him as an EX-president,


                Forget about impeaching him, and hang him as a sitting president.

                I guess it doesn’t much matter to me, as long as his neck gets stretched…

                • Yeah, sixpack, but there are MANY who are guilty– not just one person!

                  • Ya gotta start somewhere.

                  • Then why start with the low hanging fruit nobodies?? They will just be replaced with others just like them.

                    You wanna start somewhere and make a difference, start at the top….burn the banksters, or as TJ called them….the international money lenders.

                • God says “our enemies will become our footstools”.

                  So, we are to wait on His timing and that will happen. You can then stretch>>>>>> his neck and put your heel on it.

                  • “But this man (Jesus), after he had offered one sacrifice for sins for ever, sat down on the right hand of God;
                    From henceforth expecting Waiting) till His enemies be made His footstool. Hebrews 10:12-13 KJV
                    Now, who is waiting on who?
                    It appears to me that ‘action’ is required of us. What action I, like everyone else, do not know. But when the time comes, I an sure the Spirit will show us.
                    In the mean time, keep prepping and praying.

              • great post ky mom but I think impeachment would add an air of legitimacy that actually is NOT there and all laws or EO he passed would then have to be repealed one at a time as opposed to that they are all illegal and should be thrown out as an entire package lol ,Dangerous times we live in , or interesting as the Chinese might articulate it !

              • One must remember that the Free Trade Agreements with the developing world which de-industralized the US was supported by both party’s. The same holds true for the abandonment of Glass-Segall which facilitated the on going thievery in the Finance Industry making what was formerally illegal now just unethical.

                The rah, rah Republican v Democrat chant is as productive as a dog chasing his tail.

            • Spot on post

            • It must be strange to be one of the brainwashed parasites who come along and give you a thumb down for posting the truth. It rains on their wet dreams, I guess.

              I read somewhere: “Truth: It’s the new Hatespeech”

              • Join the club and it takes 6 hours to get a comment approved to be published. So so much for a debate. Posted 8 pm.Friday.

            • I’ve been trying to hire some of those 17 million working age US citizens for the longest time. They must not be in the neck of the woods I’m at. So I go with the next best thing. Yes, illegals, right from Home Depot parking lots. We had a storm just recently that left roofs and homes destroyed. I had to get my people to drive out of town to several other locations to go pick them up off the street corner. I pay them 12 hr. without experience. With experience a lot more, with their own tools and truck even more. With their own crew, I make contracts with them and keep them on my roster for weekly work. I have tried hiring high school kids and have gone to the State Workforce Department to interview and try and get people. The ones that do come to work for me, only last a week or so. They get their first check and move on. I have problems with them taking smoke breaks every five minutes and they want hour lunches. They show up late and want to leave early. I am fed up with them, I would rather hire starving people, that want to make money. They make the best employees. I would put them first on my list to work for me, than some sweetheart that spends all day complaining about not having work and it being taken away by the illegals, when he won’t even go do the work himself. For those of you who work for a living, congratulations, my hat off to you! I wish I would have met you a long time ago. The rest of you who live on the dam government dough, can go fuck yourselves.

              • Did it ever occur to you that YOU may be the reason no one wants to work for You? YOU find it acceptable to hire illegals because “you say” YOU can’t find good help? Take a good, long look in the mirror and you may understand why no one EXCEPT illegals would want to work for YOU. And I bet You pay them in cash and write them off as “contract labor”. You break the law and have the nerve to brag about it? Shame on you. If you were wealthy, your company would be “making” your product in china…..and your profits would be rolling in….and the people making 50 cents an hour would be cursing you in their heads….
                May God Bless You and May your Dreams NOT become nightmares…..
                disgusting to say the very least….

              • Lucille, I agree with your points. It’s a shame you had to depend on illegals, but when you need people, you gotta do what you gotta do. I run into such two-faced people all the time. On one hand, they complain they can’t find any work because of the illegals. The on the other hand, when they do find work, it’s just like you said, they come in late and want to leave early, take 1-hour long lunch breaks, and it’s a miracle if they stay with you for more than a week. On hiring homeless people, sometimes that can work but a lot of times it doesn’t. It just depends on who you’re dealing with.

              • FOB, IRS says cash is OK for construction and farm. Right there in the Tax Guide for Small Business or whatever you call it. So, IRS built that system.
                I do computer programming and have the exact same problem. I basically have to beg people to do side work from their day jobs because I cannot find people. I posted a job from $60k (new BS) to $120K (experienced) at a major university two weeks ago and only response I got was a dude from Pakistan! I already work with a team in Pakistan in fact. Ironic how Americans DO NOT WANT TO WORK. I had two Americans I TRIED to ramp up last year. Spent about 4 months on one and 6 months on the other. They ended up being a waste of time and the worst one caused me to lose a six-figure contract. Long story short. GOOD LUCK finding anyone willing to work. I think I’ll make an app to help people get on welfare (80+ programs) as that’s what Americans really want. Had some guy walk past me in the WMT parking lot complaining that someone else took his handicapped spot. he was fit and walking fine. But I guess mentally handicapped!

            • You are right. You see the RICH depend on the Government as much as the POOR. The Middle Class does not depend on the Government. That is why the Government is at War with the MIDDLE CLASS.

          • OW … Bank exec’s are way ahead of you. They’ve perfected the art of theft without having to resort to violence or even using a visible weapon.

            As Ms. Barnhardt contends, this theft will only stop when all of the guilty are introduced to the wrong end of a rope.

            • You misspelled “right” end of a rope.

            • NV, You misspelled “right” [end of a rope.]

            • A short drop with a sudden stop!

              • What do you call a Mexican walking?

                • OK Imagine this. What do you call 3 Mexicans, a Chinese and 4 Black Guys?
                  Answer: A Big Ass Golf Course Sprinkler head. Spic..Spic..Spic… Chink……Niger Niger Niger Niger.

                  Yeah what ever……

                • Gotta give it to ya wwti, that was a good one, pc bad, but funny…

            • Greenspunz says buy gold. Lol! This stuff writes itself. Negative interest coming to a bank near you.

              • I just bought another oz of silver for my emergency fund, and spent another $100 on my emergency food stores, paid my one bill and rent. I’ve shot my wad for this month.

                • I just laid my banksters……….Shot my load for the month.

                • Six. 2 can live cheaper than one. Mosey on down for a visit. Lol.

                • Sixpack

                  Got your post about hunting. I am not a true bow hunter. I cheat and use a crossbow. This year I did not get to go because of knee surgery. You can use my crossbow anytime you like.
                  Muzzle loading season starts tomorrow. I am supposed to be getting a brace. I will go whenever they get it to me. Hunting and Fishing is where I learned the most about life, being a man, women, money, morals, ethics, and most importantly God. Sometimes my dad and I would walk slowly down logging roads late in the evening. It was more spending time and talking softly to each other. He would open up and say things to me out there that he would not have said in the house around mom. God I miss them both so much. Hunting and Fishing was so much more to me than killing or catching the big one. It still is today but not quite the same without my dad.

                  • Crossbows are bow hunting. With all the tech such as trigger releases all those guys who insist that real hunters use bows are full of it as far as I am concerned. I bought a crossbow and after trying it a few times I decided that I did not need my old long bow anymore. Accurate, lightweight, and quiet.
                    I bought a re-curve cross bow because I was worried about restringing a compound one. Besides with all the people jumping on the bandwagon and buying a long bow over the past few years I cannot figure out why anybody is paying the prices for arrows that I see.
                    If you go the bow rout remember once yet start getting good a large supply of fletches and a fletching guide are handy.
                    I still like aluminum shafts too.

                  • Mike in VA, it was the tranquility of being “out there” that attracted me to the bow in the first place. I’m a quiet person by nature, and I tend to stay away from loud, obnoxious people as a rule. To me, the soft swish of a bow doesn’t breech the peace the way a rifle does.

                    I now have a rather powerful crossbow, because I’m not as mobile as I used to be. I’m hoping to get “out there” again, before I get too old.

                    To me, it really is a spiritual experience, so I know what you’re saying. Hunting or fishing, it’s about peace…not power.

              • @AZ Climber-Germany just instituted a negative savings rate. Imagine being a German getting ready to retire and the bank just begins stealing your savings.

                • SC….in such cases ,we need to go after the banksters and their families. This is very similar to the God given rights of the self defense. You destroy me and my family, I’ll destroy you and yours. As they said, there is a time to love and to kill…with the tribal SOB’s time to love is expired so the new phase must get started.

                  • A Kentucky Senate candidate is spelling out why we need to hold these tribal SOBs to account for their actions:


                    Kentuckians write-in Robert Ransdell as their choice for Senator in the 2014 election they will support his plan to fix America by pursuing the following:

                    1. We take back the media through government action from the Jews who currently wield it in a hostile manner toward the nation, especially Whites in America.

                    2. We improve the economy by attacking without mercy the concept of globalism, eliminating all foreign aid to non-White third world nations, all nations controlled by Zionist interests, and first and foremost eliminate all aid to Israel, also end all domestic aid and handouts to non-Whites, and finally disband and dissolve the Jewish-run Federal Reserve and overhaul the American stock market and the way that has worked for decades.

                    3. We eliminate the Muslim terror threat by first eliminating all support for Israel and then by additionally deporting all Muslims out of the American nation back to the Arab world.

                    4. We deal with the problem of Black-on-White crime by putting a halt to the status quo which is to just highlight the problem on the Internet and complain about hypocrisy and by taking action to put an end to the problem itself. Ultimately we need a Whites-only America and living space so the savage nature of Blacks is no longer a threat to the safety of our people and the order of our society. However in the short term we need to fashion a way to protect our people until the time has come for that White nation, and to that end I have proposed the formation of the White Guard in every city in this nation where there is an ongoing problem with regard to Black-on-White crime, non-White-on-White crime in general actually. We need disciplined and courageous young White men on the streets to see to it that our people are kept safe when in areas the system has flooded with Blacks, the system’s half measures and excuses are no longer to be tolerated, the time has come for White men to stand for their people in the streets.

                    5. We deal with illegals flooding our borders by adopting a shoot on sight policy. Non-White immigration into the country is to be halted and a program of annihilating the effects of integration is to be pursued. I am open to diplomatic solutions with regard to this but will not compromise on the need for a Whites only nation in America, a vote for me will forever end multiculturalism and racial diversity in America.

                    6. We deal with the drug problem in this country by giving our people a reason to live again, by giving them good jobs and not allowing those jobs to be sent to another country, by not promoting drugs and excess in the media, by giving them hope by delivering an honest and honorable government that gives them hope for the future. We attack the source of why they even looked to drugs in the first place by pursuing this policy.

                    7. We improve health care by pursuing cures and not simply treatments, by no longer putting first the profits of health care corporations and putting the welfare of the White citizen first. We take care to improve the food supply. We encourage healthy living in our citizens. We end all aid and assistance to non-Whites who take out much more out of the system than they put in, and with the new health care law will in even more increasing numbers if radical change is not taken to make America a White America.

                • This is an intentional policy of their government to force savings out of banks into the stock markets and money market funds where its even easier to steal the principle.

                  It’s the same ploy that will be used here in the USA to force savers into either the stock market or into Barry Obolo’s government backed 401K or annuity or whatever that scam is that Obolo came up with.

                  Investing your money there will result in some kind of annuity being paid out, however the principle will be forever unrecoverable by you or your heirs and will revert to the government upon your death. While I don’t believe that what I’ve written in this paragraph is the actual current law and policy, it is where, I believe, it will end up. Ever tried to get anything of value back from the government once either you surrender it or they take it?

                  As to the negative interest rate on savings accounts here, coming soon to your bank and for the same reason that I outlined in the first paragraph..

                  • Funny you should say that:

                    1. Military pay and benefits were paid in full, on time, every time for 10 years.

                    2. GI Bill benefits where paid in full, on time, for 3 years.

                    3. Disability payments have arrived in full and on time for the last 11 years.

                    4. Unlike stocks, commercial bonds, gold, silver, and other investments, my T-Bills are better than gold. They have a
                    known value and are as liquid as cash due to their quality. Why do you think that at the height of the 2008 crisis the world was clamoring to buy T-Bills at negative yields (yields were negative because the demand grossly outstripped supply)? Because the buyers knew exactly what they would loose, unlike anywhere else they could have parked their money.

                    So you were saying what?

                  • “T-Bills are better than gold”

                    Golds value varies but its climbed roughly 120% in the last decade from $500 oz to a lout $1200 oz today. Germany can’t even get theirs back.

            • That’s why all awaken Americans should invest on miles of heavy duty rope. If I run out of rope I’ll steal yours to have the honor of doing my job to repay these SOB’s.

              • Just a swangin’
                A noose around their neck and just a swangin’
                Their eyeballs bulging out and just a swangin’……..

            • Crisis Governance Covers Collapsing Currency

              “The world is bound up in a paper money/credit explosion that can only end badly. What it really means is impoverishment for millions of people, most of whom are totally oblivious to the roaring undercurrent.

              There is little wisdom in announcing an economic crash after the fact. Yet some people get upset that I continue with ongoing warnings of a coming financial “pandemic.” Seeing the probabilities before they happen is the only prediction that is worthwhile. Afterwards is merely reporting the obvious.”

              “…the process of currency destruction is getting faster and faster. This always happens in the final stages.”

              “As a nation, we are suffering from something akin to attention deficit disorder and living in a world where fantasy is more real than reality. We are goaded on by none other than our illustrious Federal Reserve, the banksters, the moneyed elites, the political class and the purveyors of their propaganda, the mainstream media.”

              Personal Liberty dot com

            • The wording was intentional, as in the wrong end from their perspective.

            • A rope?

              Way too boring, you lack imagination and adventure. They don’t deserve something so quick and easy.

              Things that come to my mind are pliers, heat, drills, the pear of anguish, electricity, very bright lights, loud noise, no food or water, darkness and time, lots of time.

              Of course my fantasies are in regards to the elite, the banksters or international money lenders. The rope would be fine for the low hanging fruit i.e. politicians, bureaucrats, media and so forth.

          • good point! Money is just money… but your labor and sweat and your life?! really sucks!

            you people should refuse to pay taxes as they are stealing your life!

          • The real theft comes when the Federal Reserve prints money from thin air and then uses it to pay down the interest on our debt.

            Try doing that with your credit cards and see how long before you’re in jail……

          • “Give a man a gun, he can rob a bank, but give a man a bank, and he can rob the world” – Unknown

            Ann Barnhardt, if only more American women were as smart and courageous as her. Well, maybe if only more, ahem, “men”, were as smart and courageous as her…

            Modern Americans, White people especially, will lose everything at the hands of the lackies of parasites, because they have become to weak and stupid to face reality… The marxists, and their owners now know, there really is a free lunch.

            Today’s National Debt Clock:

            Yeah, I heard this is sustainable, car sales are up, or something…

          • Would they take a check?

            • i wonder if they’d take a second-party post-dated check, from out of town…..written by a minister……the guy SWEARS it’s good!

              • With no ID……! After all, you wouldn’t want to discriminate…..

          • “An uneducated man robs a train”. “An educated man steals the railroad”.

            TR Roosevelt

            It pays to have an education.

          • Ron Paul called it, along with a few others.

        • Yeah, what ever…. Just get ready for the collapse everybody. I just bought about another 3 to 4 months of food and paid off my vehicle today. Get out of debt people. Heading off to restock up on 60 Gal of fresh gas. $2.81/ gal. here… And btw/ Silver dropped to $16. Lookout below. Ammo at an all time low again. Stock up heavy.

          • WWTI, completely stocked up and no debt with the following exception… As my final prep I just bought a new truck with minimal down. I have the funds to pay it off whenever, but damn I’d feel like a sucker if I paid in full and then a few days, weeks, months etc… everything went to hell.
            I am tempted to go full retard on silver, that $16/oz could get my cost avg back down to around $14/oz. I’ll sit on this feeling over the weekend.

            • Like you say, sit on that feeling for a few days. Silver hasn’t stopped dropping.

            • Good Job AZ. I think the P2B are trying to suppress Precious Metals to keep everybody flush in their worthless fiat money. Manipulation going on everywhere. That is why I’ve been trading money for food. I can always eat the food for years at today’s prices. They could crash the dollar anytime if they wanted. We will not be given any notice. I would say that if they crash the dollar or replace it, bit silver and gold will skyrocket. So PM cost averaging can be a worthy strategy.

          • Added another month of food again today. They had these cans of Manwich BBQ beef for a buck each. Bought 20 cans. Have not tried it since I was a kid. But considering anything protein will be a good prep, and expires in Dec 2016. So 2 years is pretty good. Imagine what food prices will be in 2 more years. 1 Lb of butter here in FL is $6. F-n Rape. Also I have been buying bread 2 for one and can keep in in the freezer, and it keeps pretty good. Also bought 10 packs of Tuna for $10. Cornbread in the box $.52 each. Better tasting than cornmeal from scratch. Also since expiration dates can fade or wash off I use a black permanent Sharpie Marker and rewrite the expiration dates in larger bolder writing. Makes it easier to organize by expiration dates and when the lights go out, the larger writing will be easy to read. Prepper Food Hints.

            • wwti
              I believe you have to add your own beef to manwich bbq. might want to pop open a can and find out. may not be the protein punch you were expecting.
              good tip on the bold marker though, i’ll use that.

              • Yep opened up one can of Manwhich, heated up and tasted like shit. Took back 19 cans back to the store for a full refund. LoL

        • The common man has very little if any concept of large numbers. This is made worse by the fact in the press these numbers are abbreviated. Mac himself made it 16.394 Trillion instead of typing it out 16,394,000,000,000.00

          To get common people to understand the magnitude of these numbers you have to put it in to numbers they understand. People understand the number 75 as it relates to lifespan. They know people who have lived 75 years and they know people who have died younger and lived longer but as a whole 75 years is a concept they can grasp. They understand numbers down in the hundred thousands and possibly into the millions. 16.394T / 75 = 218.587B / 365 = 598.867M / 24 = 24.952M / 60 = 415,880 / 60 = 6,931

          If we get it down into the thousands they can then see how much is added each second of each day of each year for 75 years they can grasp the magnitude of these numbers. I realize the article is discussing debt and trying to put it into better numbers but even at that they are still dealing with numbers in the millions. You can’t discuss the size of the debt if people have no point of reference. You have to get into numbers smaller than a million.

          • Hi Jake and Everybody

            That is some mighty fine analysis there. Absolutely awesome.

            One thing I believe that is necessary is to repudiate the debt. After all, according to what little research I know about the subject, the debt has not been used to We The People’s benefit and is thus invalid and not payable by us.

            Do I think that will happen or be allowed to even be discussed seriously? Ha ha ha, don’t get me started, ROTFLMFAO. No way.

            So, as mentioned in a prior post and on other blogs, we need to act now, before it’s truly too late. And, when I say too late, I mean too late even once the “festivities” to take back control of our currently out of control public servants.

            Now I don’t want a civil war, but it sure looks like we’re headed that way. I keep proposing escalating day long national strikes (no working, no buying for 24 hours, a week later 48 hours, a week later 3 days and so on and so forth) until we either get their attention and restore sanity, liberty and constutionality… OR, we will have forced their hand (by their forceful reaction to our strike) in such a way that WE would be entirely JUSTIFIED shooting back.

            Sadly, not even on this great website is there much enthusiasm for such a last ditch effort…

            Oh well, we do indeed seem to get both the governement we deserve and the best one that money can buy judging by our actions. And that’s a bit scary really.

            Old Libertarian

            • ooops, should read “…once the ‘festivties’ begin…
              Sorry to all grammar nazis, LOL

            • @Old Libertarian- I like your idea of a national strike to send a message, but that tactic will not work for a multitude of reasons:

              1-The situation has spiraled so far out of control that even a strike will not return what has already been taken from us.
              2-The American populace, by and large, is incredibly ignorant and will do whatever Gov’t says.
              3-The bastards that perpetrated this upon us will not suffer from a strike.

              Business and regular people would suffer, but the bastards that run the show will still be in charge. War is unfortunately the only way.

              • Howdy Smooth,

                Hmmm…. I’m not so sure I agree with your points 1 and 3, and point 2 is likely the reason it fails to generate interest.

                Here’s the thing though: Are you familiar with the petrol haulier’s strike in the UK, early 2001? It was very much like what I propose. It was about to work, but then just as they were about to get the victory they deserved, the hauliers caved. They caved because they didn’t want to be responsible for the loss of a single life. (As if that mattered to the powers that [shouldn’t] be.)

                I think that between insisting that debt repudiation take place and an escalating general strike we could starve the beast enough to remind it that we are the power they depend upon, and that the bastards who took our collective good will too far are far less important to us than we are to them. Provided of course that unlike the Brits, we don’t cave in at the first sign of difficulty, a little hardship or some loss of life, it would work IMHO.

                It would take an excellent PR campaign and some serious public educating. Admittedly it would not be easy.

                But really, what other choice is there? Presently voting, talking, ignoring, demonstrating, boycotting, tolerating, putting up with, going along to get along is NOT working.

                And, worse, it seems to me anyway, that the uprising will arrive too late for it to be effective, no matter how much keyboard bravado and personal firepower exists. Not only that, the resulting protracted civil war using guerialla tacticts against serious military force would largely tear this nation to pieces not entirely unlike what has happened over in the middle east due to US adventurism and regime change.

                Oh well, I’m not so young that it matter much to me but for the sake of my children I have hopes and dreams. Don’t we all?

                Old Libertarian

                • IMO the only strike that would work would be a tax strike. If enough people all claimed 99 on their taxes through their payroll department for the whole year and then did not file their taxes the next year. You would still pay SS tax, state tax and medicare….but no federal tax and I think if enough people did that for a whole year, it would work.

                  • BJ: That wouldn’t work. Income taxes are automatically deducted from those who receive salary or wages. 50% of American do not pay taxes now. major corporations pay little or no taxes.

                    QE is the evidence that the PTB do not need your taxes. Income taxes are only designed to suppress your quality of life and keep you economically enslaved.

                    Think again. 🙂

                  • you, as usual don’t know what you are talking about. I claim 99 all year and 0 fed taxes, as I already stated, come out of my paycheck.

                  • No it won’t. The IRS will make them go back to what you claimed previously. They will have no choice as not doing so will result in jail time and forfeiture for the employers should they not comply.

                  • If they instituted QE at a time with a normal velocity of money high inflation would result. QE money made it into the economy though government spending as QE was a significant source and the major banks buying stocks with their share of it. Inflation was somewhat held down because consumer spending was dropping that offset this increase in M1.

                    Its all smoke and mirrors and its not sustainable. “Too many dollars chasing too few goods (and services)” is still a valid concept.

                  • @John W
                    They cannot without changing the law. And tell me just how they are going ton round up millions to put in what jails? And how would the court system handle that kind of load?

                    It would work, or at least be the spark that is needed to get it all going.

                • @old lib-I do recall the hauler’s strike in the UK, but you will never get that type of traction here in the US. Our people are simply too dumbed down and under the illusion things are going on just fine. As long as beer, football, and the Kartrashians are on tv no one cares. Also all forms of print media, tv, and even the internet to an extent are all controlled by those in power. You will have no platform.

                  Here is my big issue-If you did manage to get a strike movement going and TPTB saw it as a threat, it would immediately be co-opted by COINTELPRO agents and the movement would be squashed.

                  “Oh well, I’m not so young that it matter much to me but for the sake of my children I have hopes and dreams.”

                  I’m a younger guy so I’ll be sure to give the bastards hell for you if you aren’t around.

                  • Hmmm…
                    Been expat too long then. You’re probably right. 🙁

                    Old Libertarian

                  • Oh, and by the way, I promised myself to return the moment We The People begin to take it back in a serious way. Something happened last I was in the “heimgemacht”, sorry homeland (how I hate that word for the land the free) which made it too dangerous for me to return before then. And I’ve been looking forward to that, very much indeed.

                    Old Libertarian

            • One more consideration, they may absolutely love the idea of all of us going on strike. What better reason to make use of the 34 MILLION green cards, and work permits for the illegal aliens they are about to grant amnesty to…

            • ya repudiate debt is good ,I don’t believe after looking at all the voting states, that the 16th amendment was ever ratified and only purpose of income tax is to control people ,I mean if fed reserve can print up 23 trillion dollars out of thin air to prop up banks , um why again do they need my income? or labor ? except control . think good info from the book the creature from Jekyll island

            • old libertarian, you mis-spelled “public SERPENTS”.

              • BCOD,
                ROTFLMFAO at that one. May I borrow it? Probably would do, even if you said no, please don’t because it’s that good.

                Old Libertarian

                • hell, ALL this stuff on here is recycled, aint it? LMFAO!

            • I think it was Diocletian who repudiated his nation’s debt. He also instituted wage and price controls. I don’t know how I feel about repudiating the debt. Sounds great but our population of gimmedats and socialist politicians would have it back up in no time.

              Maybe we just need to water the Liberty Tree. I don’t look forward to the fight but won’t shy away either. Civil war and unrest at this point would be like an enema.

        • the politicians, bankers, wall street, stole the wealth of america and left the debt hanging over the people, and you are still dumb enough to vote for them???


            I find religions rather repulsive, mostly because the concept of religion suggests that people must look up to some scriptures as a point of reference. Irrespective of how good or perfect they might be if one has not imbibed the concepts as one’s own, one will fail to decide on what is the right course of action in life’s rather everyday complex events, which require weighing many ideas.

            If “beliefs” and “faith” are inculcated early in life as the way to process the world, they kill children’s capacity—irreparably—to reason and to understand the world through evidence. If they are taught mystical stories that are not rooted in the way the universe works, they can no longer see what the objective-reality tells them, even after they have grown up.

            At best, a book can teach isolated principles, but if it makes it incumbent upon its adherents to follow it rigidly it will destroy their thinking-power, individuality and morality.

            The rest here (take out the space) h ttps:// some reality 🙂

            • Is that yours or was it from “Might makes Right” by anonymous? I don’t mean to insult you , Genius, it just sounds like something I’ve read. I only disagree to a point because it’s good but who said there were no atheists in foxholes?

              • Overwatch, it is from the article I linked. Its a pretty good read and food for thought. I am not an athiest I do believe in creation and universal law. It’s all religions that I think are bullshit mind control/ population control psudo governments. We are here to learn and experience this life and move on to new things, not beholden to what some man or men say to control you. People are so easily duped it makes me sick. My god is the real god, hes better than your god, your going to hell if you don’t follow my god. What a blatant crock of shit!

                • Genius,
                  I’ll read that article later today. Sorry I missed the link. Brain fart from being up most of the previous night with my little son. He’s autistic and sees no reason why his best buddy (yours truly) should be asleep while he’s having so much fun. 2:00 am be damned.

                  Some years ago I read a book which was purportedly written by Jack London as “Anonymous”.
                  Like you, I believe in God but find religion to be an institution of Mankind and therefore, imperfect.

            • Yessir. Religion has degraded the point where institutional religion is a practice of worshiping power and practicing politics.

              Found on a Facebuk page somewhere”
              “Religion is just a fight over who has the better imaginary friend..”

              Got a dual analogy goin there BTW. See if ya can figure it out. There is a god, but many don’t have a clue who he is.

              • rednek101, Ya I know there is a slight conflict in what I said. I explain why we are here which is like saying my belief is right. That is my opinion although not a religion. I do not follow any book or person only what I feel and logic. The answers people seek are already answered in themselves and from universal intelligence. I cannot ever believe we evolved from anything. The millions of forms of totally different life HAD to be created by universal intelligence (god) if you will. And the law of nature (do unto others as you would have them do unto you) and the law of karma are universal in my opinion. Life here on earth is not the end all, be all. Heaven is a bullshit story to make you obedient. We are all on our cosmic spiritual journey to evolve and learn and when you present negative karma you are rewarded with the same on a different life or level. This of course in my own thoughts and feelings so take it for what its worth.

                • Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful. Lucius Annaeus Seneca

                  Rulers push out the “If you don’t follow the commandments you’ll burn in a lake of fire”. Pretty persuasive argument. It’s how you get uneducated and ignorant to stay in line. AKA follow the rules. “Rules” provide order and are the foundation of any society. So our ignorant chimps, for fear of burning, follow the laws of the land and of the bible. Like the night following the day, their lives now have order and stability. They prosper.
                  From this group of chimps comes the sociopathic religious leaders. The imbalance of education and religion creates a lopsided belief structure in a person. Religion is the only “education” they have and they fully believe it is the only thing that makes them successful. They become vehement in their belief and they become militaristic doing neat things like conjuring up schemes to fly planes into buildings, spread obola across America and on and on.

                  “Having a war about religion is like having a fight over who’s got the best imaginary friend” Yassar Arrafat. You see, even the leaders of the “other side” see the same thing.

                  Funny, all religions have the “Great Flood” story en-trained into their repertiore. Given we have multiple religions all rooted from the same religion here in America, it would be safe to say that all religion came from the same place. Allah, Budda, God…. all the same. At this point any chimps reading this have done the see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil routine. “Blasphemy I tell you, blasphemy.” /sarcasm off

                  Is there a God? Yes. God is order. God is all things and all things are God.

                  Evil is chaos. So as we descend into the latest evolution of chaotic human history, i.e. what going on in the world today, we can only surmise that evil is present and making waves. Our own little version of the “Planet of the Apes”. Analogy = Chimps/Apes

                  Well, I best go chamber a round just in case one of those Musky chimps figures out who wrote this and decides to lop off my head:).

                  Sunday morning rant by the Rednek

          • if VOTING made a difference, they WOULDN’T LET US DO IT! mark twain

        • I can’t think of a better reason for a reset

          • RESET TO WHAT ????????????

            • Very Good Point!

              Until evil/liberalism/crooks/politicians/greed is removed; there will be just more of the same thing repeating itself, in no time at all.

              TPTB think that a reset within their agenda means a NWO.
              For that to come about they have to wipe out all debt and park a new gov owned GM auto in every garage.
              Don’t forget the chicken in every pot on every new range supplied by……GE.

              Collapsing the dollar won’t do it because there must be some form of currency, even if it is all electronic, so therefore there must ba some sort of “exchange rate”.

              There is only two ways to get there thru elimination of the 18 trillion debt:

              One…put the debt against all “asset” holding Americans…”proportionately” and have mass hysteria, or…

              Two….eliminate the debt entirely, by eliminating the “debt holders”.

              UuuuMmmmmm??? Which to do?

        • I am a BIG fan of Ann Barnhardt as anyone here knows who has been here for any length of time at all, but …..

          Ann appears to have been insolvent with unpaid income taxes when she closed her firm and returned her customer’s money: which was the honest, principled thing to do.

          Just saying, for whatever reason, I don’t believe her company was profitable. 🙁

          • I’ve read Ann for a couple or three years, but I have to bring up a glaring fallacy in her argument that the debt has to be measured in man-hours.

            The value of a man-hour of labor is not a constant. We have a concept in economics called productivity, which factors in the ability of a worker to produce more, due to better tools, better organization, better health, etc.

            One of the hidden reasons for our unemployment miasma is that automation is improving the productivity of workers in almost every sector by leaps and bounds. Been there, done that. I saw the manhours required to produce major Ford/GM powertrain parts drop by probably half from 1994 to 2009, when I retired. Put the other way, the parts produced per worker doubled.

            The UAW hated us. (From the safe distance of my BOL, I flip them the bird.)

            That concludes today’s lecture in Remedial Economics. We now return you to your regular paranoid fantasies.

            • Good point Coach. There are many issues that could be raised with respect to the article but I just don’t have the time to address them all.

              But Ann is a great Patriot. 🙂

              BTW, have you noticed that within a week after EVERY “buy silver” propaganda video by Future Money Trends, the price of silver makes a significant drop? FMT is as good an indicator for the price of silver as Gartman is for the markets.

              EVERY TIME. 🙂

              • Yes, Ann is a patriot, as well as a devout Roman Catholic. I forgive her for the second.

                Don’t watch PM markets at all, but I believe you.

                Anyone who believes that today’s PM markets are anything but a carnival con is a fool, IMHO.

                My PMs are, to use the now worn-out phrase, lead and brass.
                Also 4140 steel for machining new gun parts, and I save copper waterpipe for someday making a solar water heater.

            • I’m thumbing you down on your lecture.

              Productivity is meaningless in the argument given. If wages are $20 an hour, it will take the number of hours of labor given to pay off the debt. Barnhardt is correct in that assertion. If you want to raise the theoretical wage with theoretical gains in productivity, go right ahead, but anything less than a 20% gain in the wage rate still means the entire GDP of the US for one year is equal to the national debt, given 110 million employed adults.

              Barnhardt’s analogy is flawed in only one sense : the tax rate is not 100%. It’s 39.6%, maximum, and averages about 20%. So to earn enough to pay the taxes to pay off the debt will take at least 5 times longer than the several billion hours stated. That’s presuming all deficit spending were to stop immediately, until the debt was paid, which won’t happen, so add a few more billion hours.

              The debt can be measured in any way you choose : number of $100 bills laid end to end to the moon and back, nine billion hours at $20 an hour, 100 quadrillion pop bottles redeemed at 2 cents apiece, whatever. The method of measurement has nothing to do with the argument about the debt being out of control and unredeemable in our lifetimes.

          • are you seriously saying paying income taxes is principled?there is a very narrow definition under irs guidelines as too what income actually is ,vast ,vast majority of people earning a wage ie trading work for income DO NOT OWE AN INCOME TAX! altho she may have actually owed under capitol gains or one of the few other actual taxes under irs guidelines which are not based on the constitution btw,I admire her greatly for not bowing down

            • No I am saying that giving her investor’s their money back before folding was the honest and principled thing to do, rather than declaring bankruptcy and tying up her clients cash.

              Read much???? 🙂

        • So wanna know how the stock market reacts to all this mind-blowing debt?

          It reaches an all-time high of 17,390 for the Dow!!

          So here we have an article about the country being in astronomical debt; it’s Soooooo bad that it’s going to take billions of man-years to pay it back.

          You’d think there’d be hyper-inflation and a horrible stock market crash. You’d be wrong. So damn wrong.

          Here’s the practical effect of quantitative easing heroin: The sheeple don’t give a flying diarrhea as long as the stock market is going up.

          “Kick the can for today we play. You alarmist doom-sayer, suck on an all-time stock market high, willya? Let the sheet hit your mouth, doomsday prepper.”

          I have no idea what the heck’s going on. Down is up. Party good. Prepping stupid. It’s just so crazy.

        • Right you are..and then some.

          Problem what?

          We’ve been in servitude to the money masters for several thousand years..

          Revolutions,insurrections and wars have been fought over this

          and here we are now


          supposedly our forefathers started a revolution over a damned tea tax..


          we’re taxed every which way but Sunday and all is but quiet on the western front..

          nearly a whisper

          guess we’re all comfortably numb


        • ALERT. – ALERT

          The party in power may resort to ethnic civil unrest as a deterant to voting or as a payback to losing the election , current MSM reporting and agitprop trends indicate this may be a reality in the near future .


          This is a plausible scenario , use your own common sense and intelligence gathering.
          Prepare , improvise , adapt , overcome .


          Semper Fi 8541

        • Here’s how it goes…
          The Arabs have the oil.
          We need it.
          So we print money and they get the paper.
          In exchange we do NOT invade.
          They they buy our tbills and bonds to keep us floating.
          Lately they have been buying gold.

          They will be able to keep this going for a couple more years…
          Maybe a decade or so.

          But at some point…inflation will need to kick up.

          I really don’t worry about shit anymore.
          I worry more about the blacks thinking they can fuck up the white folks.
          Mostly the youth.

          Feels like we are living in the fall of rome.

          • RT News economy show yesterday reports that usa oil production is closer than ever to set an all time record for total usa Oil Production in all of usa history.

            Even with much iraq oil being suppressed or sold to china by isis thugs the world still has a Huge GLUT of Oil..of the four men guest oil experts only one fron casy research(?) that online guy shtf promotes often, disagreed with “some” of the other three guys stats.

            Basically the price per barrel will Remain Low like now or go even lower, and so far all who stated that anything Less than $100-150 per barrel oil is going to Fast Halt usa fracking of oil has Now been proved wrong. as fracked oil is still roaring along with prices of $80 or less currently.

            They ALL agreed we are likly to see oil and gas prices remain Low or even go lower yet at gas pumps for at least another Year or longer.

            If correct that should cause other prices to go down also since many like foods went up due to high diesiel or gas prices for so long.

            The Dollar index several days ago was also Up at just Over .85+ while Canadas usa dollar value dropped to around .87-.88 cents Per usa dollar…

            “IF” so many dollar collapse folks are correct?..Why do we see for first time in couple decades canadas dollars way lower than usa dollars?

            us dollar at .85+ sure aint sounding like collapse eh..

            Maybe Most “Experts”…AINT experts. Per those crying daily of collapse and/or selling gold and silver…

            I am still awaiting an answer, a Good answer as to why do every seller of gold and silver tell you to Buy Now and Buy BIG before us dollar fully collapses…yet so far every metals seller I ever heard of sells for…US Dollars!

            Are they ALL simply kindly, careing, wonderfull guys that are soooo concerned for Our well being they are willing to trade Our soon worthless us dollars FOR Their valuable gold or silver?….Why Else would they be so quick to accept failing soon cash dolars?

            It sure makes no sense.

            Unless gold and silver is just mainly another massive swindle.

            oh yeah why aint SHTF posting up Daily new articles by experts claims that Gold and silver is very soon going to rocket to the MOON Alice! to da Moon alice…?

            Is it due to they ALL been 100% Wrong for going on two years now?

            How many folks Here Bought Gold at highs of over $1800 per OZ?…And Silver when price was close to $50 per OZ?

            and what are they valued at Today? Seems them what bought into Buy Buy Buy gold and silver will go to $10,000 and $500 ASAP any day once dollars collapse…Have LOST aprox 2/3rd value on silver and aprox 35% on that Gold right?

            And Still sellers insist you buy their valuable gold for worthless us dollars right?

            I smell a rat!…A Dead Rat!

            Seems every advice same guys said of remain OUT of stock market since 2008 or 2007, were also very wrong since so many folks who ignored them made a fortune so far.

            If it were a baseball game played, these so called monetary experts and metals seller guys would be on the team that is Loseing by a huge margin right.

            Maybe its why they stopped doing daily articles..or went to deep hideing after close to 100% wrong for close to a full Decade now!

            I better stick to being a jewized up expert of sorts I think…Thats needed more today anyways as not enough wized up experts yet exist in dumbed down usa.

            If I start a legit Company?…I think I shall call it

            “Wakey Wakey dumb Whitey Folks”!…Their cat like curious nature will be enticed to find out what they are so damn dumbed down stupid on eh…Then I shall rake in the Profits!

            I can charge $50 per Hr for the Monky wizering up course…

            And Double that to $100 per hr to get ya jewized up and do so very Fast!…I may need change my name to..Dr. Condor Day:4 eh!

            If that all fails?…I am going to Montanya to become another Dental Floss Tycoon! Whats good for Zappa is ok by me.

        • Why waste ANY more time on the absolutely rudimentary equations of politics/economics? There is SO much more to consider than the blind leading those they’ve blinded….and little time by which to do it.

          But, Do it you must.

          Good Journies

      2. Sure is sad to see this once great nation being run into the ground.
        Hope to see the Ga. Guidestones tomorrow…

        • Hate to say it, but we will pay the debt off….with pounds of flesh…and blood.

          • US, don’t you mean the ELITISTS will pay the debt with THEIR flesh and blood?

            • Braveheart,

              The NWO Lib Elitists have a lot of firepower and lot of ammo and a zero mercy and conscience with which to gun down and kill prepper rebels like you. They will deploy goose-stepping storm troopers to put the rebellion down with extreme prejudice.

              • FreeSlave, I and a great many others will be armed and ready for those stormtroopers when they come. Surrender to the NWO is NOT an option! So they better bring plenty of body bags for THEMSELVES.

                • FreeSlave, BTW, I forgot to mention with 100,000,000 gun owners in possession of around 250,000,000 firearms in this country, the NWO doesn’t a chance.

                  • The NWO Libs did a trial balloon with Cliven Bundy. They want to see what kind of resistance they can expect to receive and what they need to put it down, hard and fast.

                    The best chance is for the low-info storm troopers to rebel against their NWO lib commanders. Otherwise, it’s gonna be a helluva bloodbath.

                  • That should have read “doesn’t stand a chance.” My mistake.

                  • Keep telling yourself that. Everyone needs a fantasy. They will crush us like the bugs the consider us to be. Seen any pushback except for Bundy? Now they have sealed off over a million and a half additional acres as a result of Bundy. I also have a bad feeling that the stoopid party has thrown the election and our pain is just beginning.

                  • You know I saw a Canadian firearms license this past week, it was serialized as 12 800 000. It struck me as interesting, as the new licenses have only been around for 15 years or so. The RCMP in a press release that was put out to dampen any idea of firearms ownership in Canada as being important in July said that there was only 3 500 000 fire arms owners in Canada owning 7 million firearms collectively. Now I may not be the smartest guy in the room but if you have almost 13 million licenses in a country that has 33 million people that is a big number. (like every good soldier always turns in his ammo, do you really think that all the gun owners were licensed?)
                    Also I am sure that at least one or two of them have more than a single .22 that belonged to their Grandpa.
                    That being said, unless there is a disproportionate ratio of bad guys to Canadians than there will be down south we should at the very least be able to give a good showing too.

                  • @FreeSlave….

                    It is folly to attack strength.

                    There are many who will not confront the beast head-on. Instead…they will operate in the shadows and quietly decimate their numbers.

                    The elite will have no safe haven when it all goes down.

                • @braveheart-Same here. Lock and load.

                  • John W., even with Obama’s ‘private army’, UN peacekeepers, etc., they won’t have anywhere near the kind of manpower required to take on we the people. let them make the attempt and it will end badly for them.

              • Well the NWO has quite a conundrune here. If the kill us who’s gonna pay off the debt? Its just paper debt. And the Chinese will take the pound of flesh out of King Obamas ass. Or watch this big Federal mass land grab and sell it to the Chinese like Harry Reid is trying to do with the Bundy Ranch for some solar project.

            • It doesn’t work that way. You can guillotine all the lords and ladies you like, that’s what the French did, they still had to deflate their currency to worthlessness to pay off the debt and fund their new welfare programs.

          • “Hate to say it, but we will pay the debt off…with pounds of flesh…and blood.”

            Actually, probably not. If we can just manage to collapse the system, these debt-holders will have to eat that debt themselves. Which of course is why they are panicking, pulling out all the stops, to prevent a meltdown. Being at the top of the tower, their velocity on impact will be far higher than us plebes already on the ground. Not that we won’t suffer. They’ll try to use our bodies (or bank accounts) to cushion their fall, and for some that will be disastrous. But for the well prepared, it will be time to break out the popcorn.

            • The Asians are “not” just going to roll over and forget their trillions of investments in the USSAG debt.

              If the debt is considered to be “wiped out” by some events by gov; you can rest assured the Asians will be planning retaliation and recompense.

              What would a Russian/Gog led federation of armies look like and where would it come from???
              Come to take a spoil?
              The Putin led, Ukraine invasion, was just a test run.
              Who stood up against the Bear? Uh?..nobody.

              When i suggested the Ezekiel 38/39 war would be in Alaska,some time ago, many threw stones at me.

              Doesn’t really seem all that farfetched now does it?
              No worries mate, God doesn’t need our help on this one.
              He will show a corrupt and immoral world what happens to atheists, with the rain of 120 lb. blocks of ice upon the Gog/Zog armies. There is not a 10,000th % chance that it “will not” happen.

              When, is the question. When, is when the financial/economics of ussag is in ruins, starting next year.

              Keep the vaseline handy, cause the royal reaming is coming. If you have the right color of PMs, you might be able to trade for some.

            • After seeing that bunch get booted out from 109 nations in about the past 2000 yrs, and for a Grand total bootouts of aprox 250 Times(england did a boot out 5 times! Frnace 4 times! many othr nations 2-3 times! like cockroaches or Rats they Keep returning to re-infest)

              it has now become more understandable as to just why did some folks several years ago begin discussing a “Final Solution”….I guess they too noted that when all that gets done is to Boot em Out, they whom is booted simply invade another unsuspecting nation of whites and prosperity, and the entire Fiasco begins anew.

              I suspect if america became the 110th nation to follow suit and do the big Boot out…That bunch will just also do their same tactic and reinvade some other white prosperous nation, and then they shall suffer greatly the worlds main major burden….Yes it all seems very more clear now as to just why some folk spoke of final solutions….only thing needed be added to that is to Only prosecute the guilty and leave the rest alone.

              I met a guy in Northern Mich he has a small 12 room motel, says hes willing to Donate All 12 rooms if needed to temporarily house all of them non guilty ones till the smoke clears…generous to a Fault no!

        • eppe … have a good trip. Are you planning on posting an “after action report”?

      3. I heard that “lone wolf terrorists” will be carrying around ebola infected needles and pricking people.

        think about it.. youre a sheep, in the city, in the subway, and you feel a pinch. assume its a nerve? keep walking.

        • Hmmm. I use “pen” style injectors for my insulin. The needles are so fine that you don’t even feel them.

          And didn’t the KGB use that method to kill some dissident in London ten or fifteen years ago?

          • Coach, it was a cane/umbrella with ricin tip. Same plant castor oil is made from. Seed are okay, rest of plant highly poisonous, I grow it for my hollow point .22’s.
            Wicked stuff. Rhubard leaf too. Plus granddaddy spider guts. And other things, but look it up, and use organics, hard to trace…

            • Grandaddy spider guts?

            • Actually….the seeds themselves are highly poisonous.

              • Yes they are….the plants are great for keeping moles out of the garden and yard

          • They will just wipe the ebola virus on subway railings, door knobs and grocery push cart handles. Something everbody touches. Elevator up and down buttons. Woulnt take much effort if they wanted to kill the populace.

        • Just piss on the floor around public urinals. The infection will be spread on the shoes of those that stop for the pause that refreshes.

        • Even if the needle jab didnt infect me I’m pretty sure my fist in theyre mouth would 🙂

      4. The global economic system is predicated upon the USD being the world reserve currency. The US requires an expansion of that currency so it needs more and more nations to use the USD in international transaction and to continue those already in the system using it. Its therefore in the globalists interests to develop the world under their control and increase that USD usage. If that entails shipping all manufacturing (except) top end weapons manufacture outside of the US to facilitate global development so be it.

        You don’t have to like it but one must understand it.

        • In essence the debt is absorbed by the expansion of the empire. As debt increases the empire must expand to increase demand for the increase in money supply. This is a perverted example of the classic definition of inflation on a global scale, “Too many dollars chasing too few goods” becomes “Too many dollars and too few nations to dilute them into”.

        • The US Dollar is a fiat currency printed by the Rothchild NWO tribe. So I say crash the phony Dollar and have the US start printing our own currency by the United States. So if you want to know what tribe is behind all of these perpetual proxy wars to prop us the Us petro dollar then there is your answer. And why we need to crash the dollar. And silver hit the $16 dollar mark an Gold just hit a $10 year low so THE P2B are working overtime manipulating many markets to keep the phony dollar propped up.

          • Meat to say gold hit a 10 year low yesterday.

        • You are a loon. The USD and the US are on borrowed time.

      5. We are all screwed. All we can do is damage control.

        • I don’t know, Kevin, old Putin is pulling hard in the other direction (true leader)… and he has nukes. Of course, if he has his way, and it looks like he will, then it means the end of the dollar and our goose will be cooked…

          • Removing the USD from reserve currency status threatens the empire more than Pearl Harbor and the US response to Pearl Harbor wasn’t pretty for the perpetrators. The question is, “What would the Powers That Be do to maintain control”? The most likely answer is anything and everything.

            The probability of this ending well is slim.

          • You need to understand Putin is fighting the NWO unlike our Shoeshine boy and Pres aka boot licker. Putin is on the American peoples side more that puppet Obama. Dont buy into all the NSM Propaganda sponsored by the Joo Tribe string pullers. Understand what we are dealing here with. The enemy is already on our shores running our government. Feinstein Schumer, McCain Graham are all NWO bootlickers. The FedReserve is the Joo Tribe. Wake up America smell the Bagles.

        • TO LATE

      6. Anne is right (and hot I think): but people are viewing this the wrong way. It is true the US people will never pay off this debt and cannot. The math does not work. But that was the plan: create a nut-vice on the US population so tight they have no choice but to support expansionary policies in order to widen the reach of the economy and bring the possibility of supporting the debt payments within reach. This is why the US military has undertaken a massive global expansions since 2001: hundreds and hundreds of new bases. The same goes for the State Department, which has massive new facilities all over the place (they are something to see: level after level of state-of-the-art medical facilities just for the State Department officials). I bet that makes you feel good sitting there in Detroit.

        “You got ta grow it, to control it”. That is what they are doing with the US economy. The hypothecated debt means it is all they can do because the system would blow up if they didn’t.

        • Frank … That expansion only works until one or several countries refuse to keep fueling the expansion by buying U.S. Treasuries, the groundwork for which is being laid as we speak by the BRICS. In the short term a delicate balance will be maintained by their gradual desertion of the established international trade mechanisms. Once that is fully up and running and other countries see that they are no longer dependent upon the U.S Dollar to conduct trade and settlement, our economy will be toast.

          • And the U.S. arrogantly handing out financial sanctions like halloween candy, is only fueling the disconnect from the dollar. The world is getting tired of western bullies, and rightfully so.

            • Bingo Sixpack. The best thing we can do is pay off all debt with the phony fiat dollard and get rid of all US Currency before it becomes worthless. I went out yesterday and bought another 3 to 4 months of canned food good for 2 to 5 years. Toilet paper for 6 mths. Echange the dollars for hard assets. Gt prepared for the dollar crash. l

      7. Fuk it
        I’m going trick er treating.
        At least I’ll have my sugar buzz going as I watch the sun go down on the republic.

      8. all the debt of the roman empire

        became completely irrelevant

        the day after rome fell………….

        romans,that for generations

        had received the “free” government corn dole

        gathered at the same location

        for days……….before they understood

        no more.

      9. Why anyone even thinks the intention is to pay the ZOG debt? The ZOG goal is WAR. That’s how parasites survive. Banking Cartels are the host. You want to destroy the virus, kill the host.

        • We don’t need or want the virus OR the host, so kill them both and be done with it.

        • The debt bomb was not created by the banking industry to start with. It was created by Congress and the Clinton administration, building on the policies laid down by FDR and Lyndon Johnson. None of whom were/are Jewish.

          It is fair to say that, once the monster was let loose, bankers have ridden it for all it’s worth. “Credit default swaps”, for example, were expanded exponentially to protect banks from liability for the masses of bad home loans that they were forced to make by Andrew Cuomo’s HUD, under Clinton. Once the sharks discovered that CDS were going to be totally unregulated, they began to exploit them without mercy. But the decision to leave CDS markets unregulated was ultimately made by Congress. People we elected.

          BTW you “dollar collapse” guys don’t seem to realize that the rest of the developed world (EU, China, Japan, Russia) is even worse off than we are. It is still the case that any hiccup in Europe or Asia sends the easily-frightened money racing into dollars. (Which seems to be happening again right now, BTW). And the USA is poised to become the world’s largest oil/gas producer, if we are not there already.

          • Old Coach…. OMG.

          • man I guess none of those had duel citizenships? I think you have not ,on a historical basis, peeled that onion even remotely far enough . lol learn more please sir your ignorance ,which a good definition is lack of knowledge,is absolutely appalling. or else your a troll defending jewish interests? which is fine ,if that’s your choice . and largest oil/gas producer? very small merit there sir , critical info is called EROEI .yes its an acronym ,learn it please . and those peeps you say we elected? interesting actually ,would advise researching that also , its a fraud upon fraud from one group that HAS ONE GOAL and it aint pretty ,they got their hands in everything to manipulate it to one end . hmm wonder what that is ?

            • Al:

              The first sentence in Old Coach’s post is a bald face lie.

              Just a small amount of research and it would not take long to see who the congressmen and bankers were behind the banking laws that have turned America upside down.

              We could begin with the ownership of the non federal reserve. All jewish families. What is your motive, Old Coach, to continue to post things that are not true.


              • I’ve really got you IslamoNazi azzkizzers stirred up, haven’t I? All you can do is rave and rant and call me a liar, and post links to your own tortured web sites for “authority”. I love it. Baiting trolls is FUN!

                I’ve now read something over 70 books on 20th century history alone. Not little thin “Idiot’s Guides”, but real books, written independently over a period of about 100 years, by real historians, vetted by editors and subsequently picked over by peers. NOT ONE can I name that supports your fantasy that there’s a world-wide Jewish conspiracy, in banking or anything else.

                Leaving out medical people who have treated me at one time or another, in my 55 adult years I have known socially maybe a hundred Jewish men and women to say hello to, twenty or thirty to have dinner with. In the ’70s I worked for a Jewish-owned company long enough to say that I knew the owner and his family very well. He was an MIT graduate with two masters’ degrees, BTW. From that family I learned the following inside joke:

                If there are two Jewish families in a town, there’s one synagogue. If a third moves in, there’ll be two. Why, because pretty quick two families will form an alliance, start a new synagogue, and boycott the other. (It’s funnier when they tell it.)

                My point being that Jews compete among themselves with as much or more intensity than they compete with outsiders. The idea of them organizing a giant world wide conspiracy is laughable. Who would lead it? They have no Pope, no central authority of any kind. Never have had. Disagreement and (civil) argument is part and parcel of the religion. Competition among themselves is probably why they are (statistically) the smartest race on the planet. Lots smarter than you hatemongers. Maybe you are jealous? Is that it?


                • Old Coach:

                  Ever bothered yourself to read the Book of Books, the Bible?

                  If you bother, Jesus Christ will tell you who your enemies are. Trumps any and all book learning you brag about.

                  Jealous of even Jesus’ enemies, I think not.

                  • BTW OLD Coach:

                    Please, a list of those “tortured” websites? Would like posters to see what you claim as tortured.

                    Also, do you claim those authors of the books you read to be smarter than Jesus Christs words and warnings about our enemies?

                    Some people read Karl Marx and believe what he has written to be truth. So a list to us about what/who you read might shine a light on what you believe.

                  • The only I could find that hasn’t been taken down:


                    Yes, I read it cover to cover when I was in my early teens. That was 1959 or ’60, so refresh my memory – where was it that Jesus said the all Jews are the enemy?

              • That’s exactly right granny; and, he forgot to mention the banking d-regs by Reaganonomicx admin.

                • All of which had to do with Savings and Loans, not the debt and default-swap casino which is still going on.

                  And we had pretty much paid for the S&L crisis by the time Clinton came to office.

                  One source I checked to refresh my memory on dates claims that Garn-St.Germaine was a Reagan initiative. Fernand St. Germaine was my Congressman in 1982, and I remember him claiming sole authorship when he was running for office in later years.

          • Old Coach been eating too many bagles. Our National debt was because of borrowing from the Zogs banks To fight the enemy of the Zogs. Its mostly war cost debt. It all banker tribe wars. Most anybody can figure that out. Its not my debt.

      10. It would be interesting to compare the amount of USA debt, with the debt owed by Germany before its economic collapse that led to Hitler.

      11. I hope the BRICS does become the downfall of the dollar. However im not holding my breath. I thought the Aids would get rid of the blacks, queers and butt fucking closed fags. and that fizzled. Them along came Ebola an I thought great lets get rid of the Africans and all those undesirables who live in unsanitary third world squalor and that dream has fizzled also. Oh well at least my hope of a continued magnetic pole shift and all the clatyclismic events it causes is right on track.I giddy with anticipation of the Cascadia , San Andreas and new Madrid earthquakes happening before I die. That would be some adventure!

        • I hope Ebola gets you first, old man… if anyone deserves it, its you…

          and that little crybaby nurse up north who has no regard for anyone but her stupid, selfish self..

          • Anonymous, that ‘cry baby nurse’ as you call her was NEVER even diagnosed with Ebola, so there was no legitimate basis for any kind of quarantine. She had NO symptoms, period.

            • 13% of Ebola victims don’t show any symptoms.

        • Old coach will die of old age, bunch of worthless old people sucking the Medicare and Social security system dry. Wothless eaters get rid of old tired wothless people first. LoL

      12. The debt can never be repayed and the system will eventually totally collapse. It won’t be nice when it does. Keep prepping and get everything you can now.

      13. A senior Navy intelligence official and a California race-car mechanic were convicted in federal court for their roles in pushing through a secret Navy contract to build hundreds of untraceable rifle silencers for an unspecified, classified program.

        but Im sorry thats not the story

        WTF is our government doing awarding a classified program to build silencers for?

        what do the military need silencers for?

        I do believe i know, and I dont like it

        • “Untraceable” at that.. why would they need them, and why would they be “Untraceable”


          • The defense suggested that the silencers couldn’t be bought on the open market because of the secretive nature of the program, and that having regular silencers with serial numbers that could be traced back to U.S. manufacturers would have defeated the purpose.

            ht tp://

          • You can make your own silencer out of a screw on oil filter. Just drill a big enough hole in the end for the round to exit out of. Just don’t get caught with it. . I made one then freaked out and threw I away. I don’t need those kind of problems. But I know what is now possible in WROL. Cars have mufflers and guns should all have silencers and many states are allowing it for hunting.

      14. Wait a minute people! Who is OWED that debt, huh? Stop and think about it. This debt is owed to US. That’s right. Oh, the Fed has a balance sheet of x trillion in the red. Too fucking bad. Right it off. Boom. Its gone. Now its not a debt. Likewise with these other debts, we owe OURSELVES! The government has been taking money out of one pocket and putting it in the other pocket. Lets stop this. No more borrowing, period.

        Now we aren’t too bad off. Oh, you say we owe China this and somebody else we owe that….too bad, we default. Sue us.

        Next problem: ALL government freebies are SHUT DOWN on (date) say 3 months from now. The only government assistance is EARNED via veteran, retiree, disabled, etc. Just because you are a lazy sonofabitch and think the rest of us are supporting you, get ready for reality. You want help, good, get a job there are plenty available, no application, no problem. Report to your local transportation department. They will take you out to clean roadways and other menial labor and you will be paid enough to get meals for that day. See how this is going people. Pretty soon things will be looking up. The average Joe/Jo will be EAGER to work because without it, they won’t eat!

        Another problem: Since is so much fraud in our VA SOCSEC Healthcare areas, a watchdog group be formed to aggressively weed out cheaters. Employees will be fired, no administrative leave, and criminally charged. Those caught in defrauding government, will be criminally prosecuted, and if possible, repay funds.

        I could go on, but you see the template. All we as Americans need to do is next week get rid of the Democratic hold on the Senate. Then get rid of Obozo, then shake up this country and roll up our sleeves and fix the obvious problems. God Bless you all!

        • I’m not sure you fully appreciate the circumstances here. It is the corporation AKA USG that owes a debt to another corporation known as the Federal Reserve Bank. It is a privately owned corporation, no more a government entity than Federal Express. Strictly Commercial (apologies to Frank).

          I never consented to this supposed debt in any way that resulted in a debt being owed by me (or we collectively). I am not aware of any contract that exists of this nature. The trust that was formed by the Constitution for the United States of America is strictly there ensure that my rights are upheld, common defense of the people is maintained, etc. If I did not benefit from foreign aid, for example, why am I on the hook for that ‘debt’? Also, why would I owe any debt I never consented to contract for in the first place? I don’t. It is the corp that will go bankrupt and if any creditors want to collect by invasion or whathaveyou, they will be met with resistance by the People whom this country belongs to. This country is our birthright and the Trust created in 1776 is meant to ensure that birthright is maintained for us and our progeny.

          Since these are all just numbers in a computer anyway, the question that needs to be asked is, if there is X trillion worth of debt created from paper bonds issued to the Fed as guarantees for the bank loans, who profited from the interest on these loans and where did the money (credits) go? Who were they paid to? Let’s get names and do a full audit.

          The remedy is to go back to constitutional money minted by the US Treasury, not outsourced to a private corporation and sold back to us with compound interest. Usury is a crime in some societies. It would be nice to ‘kick the money changers out of our temples’ so-to-speak and get back to a more sensible and less fraudulent monetary system.

          We got sold out generations ago circa 1913. Then Bretton Woods and 1972 Nixon came along. This subject is another rabbit hole that goes deeper than most know.

          • @sheepdawg-Great post!

          • “who profited from the interest on these loans and where did the money (credits) go? Who were they paid to? Let’s get names and do a full audit.”

            Just let us know how to get that info.
            Great idea , but how can we follow the money trail ?

            • Aprox: 1900 a.d. : Jews control Hollywood…

              1913 Prez wilson signs fed res AND new IRS into Law Now jews Own Banks and can charge usury intrest to Loan fed govnt its OWN Cash At Huge Intrest! IRS Forces citizenery to PAY that Intrest usury fee TO jew bank owners aka fed res.

              1922 or so: Jew banksters Now filthy rich from usury paid to them, along with already filthy rich CFR members like Rockefeller et al, BUYS Every Major important Newspaper nationwide! Those papers who refuse to Sell?…No problemo Jew banksters and CFR Shaboz Goy Pals aka cohorts of evil BRIBES them newspaper owners to allow jews and CFR member shaboz goys to place Their Own Editors into positions at such papers to EDIT Daily every piece of info usa Public citizenery is going to RELY on for “Knowledge” of whats important etc.

              Soon After Newspapers become Jewspapers…Radio is invented as next better info source…jew banksters and CFR shaboz Goyim Pals BUYS up Radio station rights to again further control all source vital infos public cunsumes.

              SOON After Radio, TV(talmud viion) invented…Jew banksters and cfr shaboz Goy Pals BUYS total TV stations controls, wash-rinse-repeat again.(see jewspapers and radio and hollywood above)…

              THEN with full control of MONEY and ALL forms media Infos, Jewry and CFR shaboz Goy pals Controls ALL political Partys and politions…”MOST? anyways, still a small FEW patriotic Polititions left back then…Many get Murdered by jew banksters and CFR Shaboz Goy Pals, then every murder is covered up BY… yep You guessed it!

              Fast Fwd to WWII jew banksters again fund WAR, same as did for WWI and prior jewdeo soviet kommie revolt against Russian and ukrain and poland et al eastern eruo nations ALL/Every of of them in east euro zones!…

              WWII jew banksters swindle american soldiers into WWII, to HALT the ONLY threat or mennace to Bolshevisim and Kommies ever…The Germans! Germany had be stopped or kommiesm would DIE away Fast!

              USA Led Allies KEEP soviet jew kommism strong, active and Prosperous so to SPREAD across entire Globe…ALL while pretending to be Against kommie reds!!!!!

              Fast Fwd to 2014 Today…Kommie jewry has 50 Million ape monky blacks, and God alone knows how many tens of Millions similar ape like 3rd world monkys who speak Spanish(mestizo mex’s) imported here to ASSIST the jewry’s New “RED Army”mass Killer squads…

              Again God alone Knows just what exact date the second soviet jew revolution against whites and christianity is going to start Here to Finsih what kommie jewry began 100 yrs ago In Russia..

              How many die this time?…Every white! “IF” that blood thirsty revenge minded kommie tribe has its talmudic ways.

              Meanwhile like old Coach, Most whiteys and usa folks in general remain stuck in Vast Denial of real truth, Facts based History, and keep blameing anybody BUT the TRUE Kommie satanic evil.

              They even believe that it is Mooooslims whos controling all the important above Infos etc! Oy VEY!

              Ask this question: What Are the TWO major MOST Important things needed for any pols to get Elected today and for the Past long while?

              I shall Tell You what!…MONEY! Lots of it! and the number two thing is GOOD Press! IE: Good promotions thru Jewspapers, magazines, Hollywood and TV MSM News shows is the TWO vital things needed to get elected…

              Ask one More question:…WHO Owns and Controls Money & MSM etc Today and for past 100 years in USA and now globally?…if You got this far reading You outta Know these easy answers folks…Try convincing Old Coach too eh…oh and Good Luck with that last task!

          • AND………….

            1913 Creature from Jekyll Island would of never happened had February 1871 never happened, That is deep enough and if enough people understood and knew that there wouldn’t be as many arguments on this site about law….true law.

            Probably be less boot lickers too 🙂

            • Feb 1871 is when the JD Rockerfeller interests had the legal definition of a Corporation changed if my memory serves me correctly. Prior to that time if you applied for incorporation you had to show that it was in the publics best interest to be allowed to do so.

              “We The People” just got put to the back of the bus on that day.

              • T. Roosevelt, Woody Wilson and FDR set the table. LBJ and Ted Kennedy served the shit sandwiches of mass third world immigration and the not so Great Society. Throw in the Vietnam War and the radicalization it enabled and the country was doomed.

                • Your timeline is way off, your definitely behind the curve.

            • “Act of 1871″…The district of Columbia was incorporated.

              A corporation, by definition, is required to show a profit for the shareholders.

              All .gov is now incorporated from top on down…check out your locals for incorporation.

              Who are these “shareholders”? Not you, not me…bankers that domicile in the “Square Mile” are the shareholders.

              • Yes, one who understands, where as most here don’t.

              • Yep, the square mile of London.

          • Hey Dog, gave you a thumbs up since I think we are saying essentially the same thing. At least we have the same end result in mind.

            Thanks for your input!

        • Debt repudiation is the answer. Research it. We The People did not in the main benefit from the money. Thus we are not obliged to repay the debt incurred by those who abused their positions in government to incur it.

          Old Libertarian

          • Interesting OL, I’ll have to look into that specific term. I touched on that a bit in my post, but your term is more specific in scope. I still maintain that I never signed a contract or agreed to be held accountable for any debt other than the contracts I have signed and agreed upon(car loans, mortgage etc). Anything that is implied consent (SS#, Drivers License, 1040 form or whatever)was not fully informed consent and therefore void upon inception. Had the terms of the contract been made available, I could have opted in or out based on the information provided. To hide (failing to disclose the terms of) any agreement for repayment of government debt in any implied contract is fraud and therefore nullified. No signature, no agreement. Besides, the corporation (listed as a corp at Dunn and Bradstreet) owes this money, I, a living breathing in-the-flesh man do not.

            • Blacks law dictionary , buy it read it legalese is hidden language unlocked by this tome. altho ,it will indeed upset the status quo . use this tome on anything you sign, agree to etc words that we pleebs think mean one thing , actually mean something completely different under the so called law and thus we have no actual standing in most cases due to ignorance of what THEY define it to mean

              • Hi Al,

                The more I learn about that change of meanings, the more
                bizarre it is. And I don’t even have the book, I just use the online resources I can find.

                In the final analysis though, I find it incredibly dishonest and dishonourable that anyone can be held to account for that which they were not fully informed about.

                One of these days I will have to get myself an actual hard cover copy of that resource.

                Old Libertarian

          • Yupper. That’s what will happen in the end. Argentina is already doing it, but their economy is so small that it’s hardly a blip on the radar. Iceland ditto.

      15. New home sales have plunged to 1995 levels. Part time workers don’t buy homes. Simple. Another real estate bubble in progress.

        • The FICO score you have to have these days has a lot to do with that too. And scores are lower now because they changed after the 2008 credit bubble on how you are graded and get your score. SO it is a double edged sword…..harder to get a higher score and a higher score for a mortgage is required now than in the past.

          If this weren’t true, I would own land and be building a home in Moyie Springs ID

      16. Pay off the debt? There was NEVER any intention of doing so. People (or countries) that are in debt ARE SLAVES! That’s exactly what they want, make no mistake about it.

        Oh, they also want us all dead. Forgot that one little detail.

      17. “Socialism (lit. gouvernement in French) is the great fiction, whereby everybody endeavours to live off of everybody else.”
        – Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850

        And, why yes, you are correct! Leftists STILL have no clue why this has never worked, will never work, and *can* never work. (That’s because, as Solshynitsyn noted, they have a basic misunderstanding of human nature, but that is another story)

        • Liberals still have no inkling of what Ayn Rand meant when she said “You can ignore reality, but you cannot escape the consequences if ignoring reality.”

        • Thumbs down means “Yes, I really do think I we can all live off of each other.”

          Obviously, the leftist shills posting from mommy’s basement out out in droves on this site….

        • Are you all aware that since Student Loan Debt backed by the Government can never be erased or discharged through bankruptcy that the Government will take 15% out of your Social Security benefit payments when you start collecting. Oh yeah I know a lady that is getting screwed big time for fradulent Student loans applied for under identity theft by the school and thieves in the student loan dept. They cashed the checks and it took years for her to even discover the fraud and not the Dept of Ed won’t dismiss the bogus loans. So watch out the fraud going on especially for the young kids out there taking out school loans. This ruined this ladies life.

      18. Keep in mind, every time a democrat tells you that there’s just nothing to cut from the budget, that this level of debt is no danger, they mean to enslave you. democrat slavery now and forever.

      19. A few more notes on/about leftist ignorance:

        “[I]f industry and labour are left to take their own course, they will generally be directed to those objects which are the most productive, and this in a more certain and direct manner than the wisdom of the most enlightened legislature could point out.”
        –James Madison, speech to Congress, 1789

        “The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.”
        -– Vladimir Lenin (no, not Hilary or Obama, but very, very close)

        “I am for doing good to the poor, but I differ in opinion of the means. I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it.” –Benjamin Franklin, On the Price of Corn and Management of the Poor, 1766

      20. Illinois news. DuPage County gun show this Sunday 8 AM. Wheaton Illinois. Crown Point Indiana gun show 9 AM. Lake County Fairgrounds on Saturday and Sunday.

        • Illinois Gun Show. What can they sell? BB gun with a red plastic tip. My Cuz may want to go.

          • NGIC, I wouldn’t go to IL for anything.

            • What?

              You and the Sarge can’t go on forever Skysexping!

            • Cuz, I love you man! Come on home to Georgia! You might even see eppe.

              • WTF .. Gays call each other Cuz. Its a hint to say hey Im gay Cuz. I had a Fed Ex Faggot delivery guy saying that shit to me and I told him to go fuckoff.

                • WWTI, thanks for the tip. if that’s true, then I’ll just ignore NGIC from now on. sounds like another acid.

      21. Today I went to the grocery and ONE pound of kidney beans was two dollars and thirty nine cents, a year ago only eighty nine cents, stock up what you can while you can!

        • I’m getting as much seasonal foods like pumpkin and yams as I can. The canned stuff will keep for a long time. A nice pumpkin pie will taste real nice after SHTF, and I can’t afford one anymore. 🙂

          • sixpack … mmmmm, my favorite. maybe I’ll make one this weekend.

            • This is me being jealous… 🙂

          • Pumpkins and sweet potatoes are easy to grow.

            Just as a FYI, what you buy in the grocery stores are sweet potatoes, not yams. The yam is a completely different vegetable found in Africa. The sweet potato is the state vegetable of my state of NC, which produces more sweet potatoes by far than any other state.

            • sweet potato pie is still fine by me…

        • I was at the grocery store today also. Don’t go there much anymore since I started couponing a few years ago..I only buy the deep sales and produce. Anything else comes from SAMs club.

          I’ve been out of state for a month, so I walked aisle by aisle just to e what was what. Campbell’s chunky soup…..previous sales $1.25-1.50… sale price $3.09….wtf? 3 months ago it was $2.79 regular price, now $3.29 regular price. Pasta was its lowest price of the year $.69 a box, so loaded up. Got my milk and left.

          People better be waking up.

          • Sam’s Club and Costco charge you what, $60.00 to “join”? How much to you have to buy at 10% less than regular grocery store prices before you break even? Do you burn another $20 in gas to get to Costco every time?

            • Its $35 last i renewed, and I save more than the membership fee in just one trip. and I make more than one trip a month. Butter is $2/lb cheaper, Milk is $2 a gallon cheaper, and I buy 2 gallons every 2 weeks. Gas is much cheaper, TP is a heck of a lot cheaper, and I have a years supply. Every spring sugar goes to $10/25# and i buy 75# for canning. Meats are cheaper than grocery store, $2/lb cheaper on 93% ground, $6/lb cheaper on rib eye and much higher quality than most grocery stores around here. I make a trip every 3 months just to buy $2-300 in meats to freeze and can.
              I am a well-informed shopper, and know what my family’s needs cost across the stores in the immediate area and shop accordingly, most specifically during sales. I laugh at their $35 fee, you just have be smart about it—you definitely can’t buy everything there, or you cancel out your savings.

              • Just taking milk as an example – if milk were $2 a gallon cheaper than my local small-town grocery chain, it that would make it about 98 cents a gallon. Can this be?

      22. what happens if we just say no to this madness…

        all 140 +/- million who pay the bills… NO… no more.

      23. The real problem lies in ………AND WE ARE STILL STANDING YEAR AFTER YEAR AFTER YEAR ….So nobody knows what’s going on or where or when !!!!

      24. going to be a lot of people looking for nonexistent money,food,housing….you name it. That’s when the shooting starts. People will come looking for your stuff and you need to protect it.

        • Soylent greens are a buck three eighty this year. It’s outta control!

        • Agreed JIM , I live near a state game area of open to public hunting.
          I dont think anyone is workin anymore , i have never seen so many out in those woods during the day.
          And everyone of the pissheads that turns around on my dead end road is rubberneckin and lookin for somthing to come back for later.
          I just say to myself , “i hope ya dont do somthing stupid that makes me shoot ya” , as they drive away.

      25. the government has NO intention of ever paying off this “debt”
        nor of even trying to

        we have a debt,fraud based economy in the western world
        thats just how it is

        take out the debt and the fraud
        and it all collapses

        you didn’t see Bush going after Wall Street
        and Obama certainly hasn’t,there is a reason why

        vote for who ever you like
        neither major political party has any intention of changing things

        don’t lose any sleep over the debt being paid off or not

        it is NEVER going to happen

        • …at least not until after many more banksters get free flying lessons…


          • Maybe that’s why in modern financial skyscrapers you can’t open the windows anymore?

      26. To suggest that the debt can be paid off, even in millions or billion of man years is disingenuous. In an economy where money is created by fiat debt can never be paid off without extinguishing the money supply. Never. Not in millions of man years or billions or man years or trillions of man years. If the debt is ever paid off nobody would have a dollar in their pocket. Fractional reserve banking and fiat currency has virtually assured that debt will never be paid.

        • I think I agree with you there. Debt is money, so long as people believe it is. So it matters not how big the debt is UNTIL people lose faith.

          The real overhang is the unfunded liabilities that the FedGov has committed to. And keeps increasing every year to buy votes.

          I suspect that a loss of faith in the value of debt-money will come first. War, natural disaster, epidemic disease….all the other black swans that could pop the “faith bubble”. Loss of faith is a million times more infectious than Ebola.

      27. How do we define the sizes of economies? In dollars? Nope. These systems should be measured in terms of a transcendent, invariant unit. Currencies are, by definition, variant, because they are constantly changing relative to one another.


        One of the major problems I had with Econ 101.

        Another: substitution. Even with staple items, they assume demand inelasticity up to a point. It is however quite possible to go to the moon with demand inelasticity. *Cough* water… yes the example of water assumes monopolistic despotism.

        That never happens in human history *sarcasm*.

        Their system breaks under these assumptions.

        There was a third problem I had with it. It escapes me at the moment.

      28. “it will take roughly 139 million Americans working non-stop for 45 years just to cover the government’s unfunded liabilities at their current levels.”

        Well, maybe we should just tell the jew bankers that we are not going to pay it. Fiat currency and fractional reserve banking have destroyed this once great nation.

        • “we are not going to pay it”

          Well there goes the Pension, Social Security, goods in the store, you name it.

          We have enough indigenous wealth in food and energy for a tad more than a substance living. Thanks to the last two decades of deindustrialization we no longer manufacture most of what we use. Gold? We have about 2 cents on every dollar.

          We collectively slept while they scammed. It reminds me of the line in the movie “Animal House” where Otter says to Founder, “Face it you fucked up, you trusted us”.

        • interesting, jew bankers . I talk to regular employees at banks , after a small period of time ,they invariably quit. why? they understand that they are tools for something that is diametrically opposed to their interests.on an individual level ,why cant someone put aside $20 and give their heirs 50 years from now $20 ?it aint called FIAT currency for nothing lol ,you gotta have some faith a pretty piece of paper is worth more than it actually is .give me multiple $20 gold pieces from 100 years ago and I will gladly pay a paper FIAT $20 bill issued by a non federal non reserve bank that is located somewhere else? lol

      29. “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered.” -Thomas Jefferson

        We are getting pretty damned close to that moment.

      30. Yeah but having been in debt, I know how this thought process goes.

        To put that into perspective, it will take roughly 139 million Americans working non-stop for 45 years just to cover the government’s unfunded liabilities at their current levels.

        Eh. That’s not… TOTALLY untenable… spread it over 3 generations… at a 70% employment rate… 150 years… eh… you… could… do… it… just deflate it out real slow…

        The problem is, it never *&%$#ing works like that.

        No one, and I do mean no one, ever wants to reduce their standard of living while working more. No one. Not voluntarily.

        In fact, they always want to expand and work less. Just getting them to be reasonable and break even (same work, same lifestyle) forever? It’s like trying to chop down a sequoia tree with a herring.

        So this will do the hot spot / cold spot game (special interests at the expense of everyone else) until someone in charge really looks at the balance sheet and sh*ts his pants.

        Then it will go: token BS thing that is all staged getting money just to make it look like we’re rich and you have some kind of a chance / cold spot (everywhere).

        And when the BS poster-staged thing gets old, that’s when the thrashing about / temper tantrums / “fun” really starts.

        Add to this real energy reserves are decreasing. That would be what would happen if everything energy-wise was steady state in terms of throughput. It’s very definitely not.

        This is going to end in war sooner or later.

        I hope someone has a plan for what to do with all the spent reactor rods. Kinda right now would be good actually. But they won’t because their existence is the best hostage situation they could ever hope for.

        It’s got a wonderful defense mechanism. You don’t dare kill it.

        • They have a plan for spent nuclear reactor rods. They make powerful conventional warheads out of them. 🙁

      31. Napoleon said every nation is only 3 missed meals away from a revolution.


          WHEN HE SAID THAT ?

        • That was when people only ate once a day. And I think the quote is nine meals. 🙁

      32. It’s all part of the plan.

        1. Remove artificial inflation dampeners, the U.S. economy experiences a 50% inflation rate to what it is today.

        2. Wages go up 100%. i.e. if you make 30,000 now, you’ll be making $60,000.00.

        3. Taxes collected on the increased wages.

        4. China, Japan paid their 1.6 trillion respectively. Note that they get paid on the rates currently in place today.

        5. Federal Reserve gets their 20 trillion.

        6. Federal Reserve starts removing money from the money supply thereby causing deflation / depression.

        7. Workers go back to making nothing.

        8. The shareholders of the privately held federal reserve have 20 trillion dollars of purchasing power, we the people go back to zero.

        It’s all part of the plan.

        • the fed did seemed panicked over the possibility of no inflation…………

        • Ye Gods, do I have to explain this again?

          The yawning abyss facing the world is not inflation, it’s DEflation. Trillions of dollars worth of bad loans, supported by bad credit default swaps, and-and-and. These are all money in a fiat world, but only so long as people believe that they are. If the faith evaporates, the “money” supply implodes with a whump you will hear on Jupiter. Central bankers are scared shitless that this will happen, which is why they keep feeding more money in to fool the rubes, (and the politicians they elect.) They can manage mild inflation very easily. They have no financial tools whatever to manage a deflation, once it starts. And it WILL start one day.

        • Daily Kos. About the same as reading Joseph Goebbels Der Sturmer, only more ignorant

        • “classy lady” in the link is all I needed to not read it. She has zero class or sense for that matter.

        • The winner of the Internets for today was the blogger who suggested that Kaci Whoosis is planning to run for Congress in two years. Following the example of Sandra Fluck. (Who is, by the way, apparently on fire and going down with one wing gone.)

        • I respect her position on this and the judges decision. But her personally I am not sure, something seems fishy or off??

          And the fact that she was trained as an intelligence officer for the govt cdc, makes me awful suspicious, even more than I already was to this whole ebola thing.

        • Hardly lifted the quarantine, she is ordered to refrain from all social activities, except for walking or biking out of doors, and must remain one meter from any person.

          She’s lucky the judge didn’t clamp down on her.

      33. 3rd try – Hope this will post

        Making Raised-Bed Greenhouses from Recycled Materials

        Low cost and usable.
        Directions and numerous pictures.

        survivethecomingcollapse dot com/1431/raised-bed-gardening-from-recycled-materials/

        • I saw a bunch of raised beds in this guys yard that were all big earthmover tires with one sidewall cut off, kinda cool, he had them all sorta dug into a hillside and filled with the dirt from the hill too,
          Bunch of scalloped terraces is what it looks like, he added some compost and a few tons of horse and chicken shit to it and was growing veggies in it,

          • We tried that using truck tires years ago. We did not cut the side out but stacked them and filled with rocks and wood blocks then we top dressed with soil. We had started to build cold frames for over top but they worked so good in the colder area where we lived that we used the cold frames on the regular garden to protect the plants.
            For tomatoes, peppers, and things that need more heat or a longer growing season this worked great. It is not as good as a green house by any stretch but it is lots better than nothing.
            One other thing you can try is a garage kit.
            Sounds dumb but find one that has the opaque white covering or clear if you are lucky. We looked at a variety of green houses and had a large one years ago but when the local lumber yard had a sale we bought a couple of the garage packs for $180 bucks a piece. Cheap, 20 x 16 stand alone and the plants grew very well.
            We even had watermelon which most of you think so what, but where we live we cannot grow them.

            • I used some discarded rear tires from my old Ford 8N tractor. Perfect. Wish I could find more. In just one bed I grow spinach faster than I can eat it.

              Also am using a discarded “feed bunk”. (Rubbermaid, if will you believe it.) Not as good – the soil depth is too shallow. Worms from the ground cannot get up into it naturally, so I have to inoculate it every spring. And it dries out very fast it there’s no rain. But it grows onions and cabbage pretty well.

              Earthmover tires I see at auctions around here occasionally. The big ones are heavy and hard to move, but I’ll give it a try next year.

      34. if the CDC is trying to deliberately discredit itself
        job well done

        WHO urges sneeze protection while CDC retreats…-cdc-retreats/

      35. Hingham golf club owner found dead at the course
        By O’Ryan Johnson
        Saturday, May 26, 2007

        The part owner of a Hingham golf club was found dead on his 18-hole course yesterday in an apparent s
        steamroller mishap, the Plymouth District Attorney’s Office said.

        John D. Mineck, 54, of Cohasset told employees he was planning to do some repair work to the course at the Boston Golf Club around 2:30 p.m., then no one heard from him.

        A call came into the Hingham police station about 5:51 p.m. when Mineck’s body was discovered in a wooded area of the golf course, authorities said.

        Bridgett Norton Middleton, a spokeswoman for the district attorney’s office, said the medical examiner determined the cause of death was head trauma. The death was ruled accidental.

        • Actually this chicken choking mother f***ing one is much better.

          ht tps://

      36. Ok Now here is a true story about a steam roller. Back almost 50 years ago I had a job on a road construction. It was driving one of those big giant steam rollers. it had a noisy 4-71 Detroit diesel engine two huge steel wheels on back about 6 ft high and three feet wide. and a smaller diameter single wheel on the front as wide as the machine. I stood on a platform at the back between the two wheels and it had a tiller that controlled the steering and a forward reverse lever. it was slow and boring back & forth for a couple of miles. you only needed to move the tiller a small amount at lengthy intervals. it would travel ok without much need for the operator. One day I was going along just bored to death and just looking down unzipped my pants and took out my pecker and took a long drawn out piss. just as I was getting ready to put back my We We a car horn honked. It was a woman who lived on the road and her good looking teen daughter. And boy where they ever laughing. They passed me and the daughter had her window down and yelled Pecker head. I guess they had followed me the whole time? The next day I was steamrolling along. The school bus came by in the afternoon. Every kid on the bus yelled Pecker Head. All summer long I was called pecker head. Someone even spray painted pecker head on the steam roller.

      37. Uncle Remus got his finger run over by a steamroller the other day.

        Unfortunately he was picking his nose at the time. They buried him between two barn doors!

      38. This is why I just dont care anymore.
        I just hope everything comes unglued while i can still put up a fight.

        • This was me, keep losing my Id on my phone, most likely barrys bandits screwing with my hardware

      39. The country will never go broke because they can print an unlimited supply of money said Alan Greenspan. The problem is that money printing causes inflation.

      40. The important thing to keep in mind is that we are at war. The government can do whatever is necessary to maintain the US’s premier position as global hegemon. This includes ballooning the credit sheet to hyper-grow the economy’s global reach – all backed up by the US military. Thus the bases, thus the lovely State Department buildings with all the antennae. Most Americans are stuck at home watching the football and are clueless as to what is going on.

        • If discussing anything like this just for a test mention the Oil Peg or Bretton Woods to someone. If they give you a blank stare don’t bother to waste your breath. Just nod your head to whatever they say and laugh about it later.

          Menza Morto

          “Brain Dead” in Italian.

      41. Get out of personal debt. Stay out of Debt. Put something away for a rainy day. Keep prepping.

        Off topic.

        Put together a civil rescue kit and added a grappling hook and line. Need practice to hit the spot.

        on Topic.

        How about all personal debt. If you have a good credit score you can a loan on anything. There again think credit cards. We must start in our own backyards and clean up the mess.

        • I have to ask because well, you know…

          Have you ever used a grap to ascend or descend? Rapping (rappelling) and jugging up the rope are the most dangerous aspects of climbing. The hazards are non-exhaustive even when using bomb-proof anchors. I.E. Equalized, redundant, inspected and safe geometry. A hook is in no way an anchor, this will kill you. This is coming from someone who tied a bite of his rope into a monkey ball and wedged it into a crack as a last ditch piece of pro 1000 ft off the deck. You’d be better off trying to launch the rope up, around something, and back down so you had both rope ends to work with. Or… Get yourself a lead climber 😉

          I love slingshots by the way, everyone should own one and a big jug of small bearings. Better start the little ones with as they can view the effects of drop, wind, all that good stuff of their projectile. And they’re oh so friggin awesome anywhere you take them.

          • AZClimber.

            The grappling hook would be used to quikly latch on to obstructions to move or out of reach stabilization. Not to climb. Retrieve items from a pond or river below the surface.

            • I’m relieved. I was going to go into a pitch on proper uses of hooks but figured I’d spare everyone. And it seems you already know.
              Don’t forget your extended robot arm stocking stuffer as a back up 🙂 I kid…

        • I should probably go out and pick up a cheap rescue harness. Unconscious people usually don’t hold the rope well.

          • Add a 3:1 Pulley system to that along with a solid anchor and you’ll be good to go.

      42. If the money (FRN) is fiat (fake) then why is there so much debt, is it not also fake to? So if the world buys our debt of fake dollars (backed by nothing) they are buying nothing? Tough SH~T when they come to collect they bought nothing so they get nothing. This was related to me by someone of the now generation (24yrs old), there is absolutely no explaining to them, our future leaders; our schools have taught them well. It’s over, R.I.P. America.


        • Copperhead

          The problem is those US dollars get dumped on the market and the price of goods goes up quite possibly 10x and no one in the world that manufactures anything (and they more or less manufacture everything) wants your money. You go to the store and nothing is there and the little remaining costs more than you could earn in a year.

          The high tech can’t change the oil or a tire generation is in for a surprise.

          • Kevin2

            “The high tech can’t change the oil or a tire generation is in for a surprise.”

            Man I was just thinking that also. Strange!

            • Call it “great minds think alike”

              I seen a couple of teens changing a tire and they came over to ask me for help a decade and a half ago. Both of these strong guys could not loosen the lug, they wanted a third hand on the lug wrench. I looked around, got a can of CRC, sprayed it and seen a “Bull Pipe”. I slipped it over the wrench and as the man said a few thousand years ago, “Give me a large enough lever and I’ll move the world”. These two guys were astonished.

              What the hell are they taught today? When I bicycle broke in my day you fixed it. Today the old man buys you a new one.

              Gomer Pyle said it, “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise”. The learning curve is going to be ugly.

        • fiat means ruffly by decree its only good as long as so and so say it is hedge accordingly please

      43. Just file for being BANK ERUPT.

        Hang a FOR CLOSER SIGN on all our PORTS OF ENTREE.

        Put a FOR SALE SIGN on the COUNTRY.

        The way we are giving money away sell it to the HIGHEST BINDER.

        I am tired



      44. DUH!! How can you pay a debt that increases each year by trillions?? Answer: You can’t. You never will.
        And the world is getting wise.

      45. I owe $35,000 student loan. I’ll wait for the collapse and pay it off with cheap dollars. Make sense?

        • After the collapse it wont matter, you wont be the only one thumbing your nose at them, it will take a decade or more to see any sort of recovery, if ever in our lifetimes,
          I wouldnt worry about that, just staying alive will be of bigger importance.

        • they bailed the banks and the auto makers, they should the student debt as well.

          • BJ:

            Put me in line to have them pay off my mortgage. Thanks!

            • LoL 🙂

        • A $35000 dollar student loan don’t make sense. Good grief those who tout education are in the education business. They must keep recruiting students to keep their parasite jobs. A college degree is as common as tree leaves. The promised pot of gold at the end of the education rainbow is empty. A high school diploma was worth more than a college degree is today. Gullible young folks go to college and all they wind up with is a almost worthless scrap of paper and a student loan to repay. Now having stated that. Its your debt. You never had a gun to your head forcing you to borrow the money. Now you get to work and pay it back. Only deadbeats try to scheme and weasel out on their debts.

          • A college degree is fantastic providing someone will pay you for that increased knowledge. Sometimes if the core courses are science and math one can obtain a BS in something they find interesting and with a few added courses move on to something employable. A friends son did just that and ended up as a Physician.

            Want to make a living? Get educated hands. You need a skill that requires your presence in the US. If you never leave your office it will probably end up in India with someone making 20% or less of your wages. Don’t rule our skilled trades and go to where the work is, its doesn’t come to you.

            • If someone wanted to be self employed a automotive Upostery shop would be the ticket. They would be covered up with work and could name their price.

      46. ummm yeah,

        this is where i stop prepping for a ‘z.o.g. banker controlled market crash’ and start researching prepping to…



        • where you going to escape to?????

      47. I just read somewhere that a Mexican judge has ordered the immediate release of Sgt. Andrew Tamorrissi! It is about damn time!

        • Why is it time to let the marine go, there are civilians in mexican jails on trumped up charges and no one ever says a word about them. thanks

      48. Debt? I don’t need no stinking debt!

      49. I would like to thank PISSED OFF GRANNY,JOHN Q. PUBLIC,THEM GUYS, NINA, and a few others who are trying to tell you people the truth on here. When are you people going to wake the fuck up and realize it’s the EDOMITE JEWS behind all this bullshit worldwide?? Any one of you can do some basic research and find out easily who runs hollywood, msm, the school system,the courts, the goverment, the banks,etc.

        BARN CAT…they are telling you the truth…these people are NOT the israelites from the bible…they are the fake jews jesus himself warned us about in revelation 2:9 and 3:9.

        • revelation 2:9

          I know your afflictions and your poverty–yet you are rich! I know about the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.


        • Revelation 3:9

          Behold, I will make those of the synagogue of Satan who say that they are Jews and are not, but lie—behold, I will make them come and bow down before your feet, and they will learn that I have loved you.



        • Badpuppydog:

          Seen on another blog….

          Poster #1:
          “The world is further awakening to the racist, genocidal maniacs that make up the Rothschild mafia aka Zionism.”

          Poster #2:
          “Why cant I meet people like you who know wtf is going on?”

          Poster #3:
          “I ask myself that same question all the time although I am meeting more and more people who are starting to get it. Those of us who are awake are only going to multiply because, once awake, like learning the world is no longer flat, there is almost no going back. YOU CANNOT UNKNOW THESE FACTS.”

          • pissed off granny…you are SO right….It was you granny…YOU are the one that made me look into this… now have one more added to the ranks ( btw remember..i’m the one who send you the smiley face email a long time ago) :>)

            • I remember very vividly BPD. Still want to be email buddies?

              Go to [email protected] and leave your middle initial. Leave it here and I will come back to see if it matches. I will then answer your email.

              Glad to know you are still on board with what is wrong with America. Would that more Americans could wake up to the truth; and fast!

              • BadPuppyDog:

                I have a comment in moderation for you. I included an email address. Forgot that would put me in moderation.

              • I went ahead and just gave you my Email adress granny..i trust you.
                at the gmail account

        • Badpuppydog:

          Wish I knew 1/2 as much as JQP. He is just the brightest. Follow his links for a great education.

          • yes…JQP is very informed about this stuff as are you

            • You both are most appreciated, but you are too kind.

              I got lucky in my reading… and I tossed out H✡llyw✡✡d and the talmudvision.

              Incidentally, I am really looking forward to this movie, one definitely not from H✡llyw✡✡d:


              Satan’s cosmology is going down!

                • BPD,POG,JQP,Nina;We should not forget,AM orThem Guys?He was the original poster on information that got me involved way back.But i haven’t seen any thing from him for some time?Maybe he was tired of the rebuttal, of the sheeple? i’m just glad he started me on that path of enlightenment,and trying to get the “Truth” out before its to late.
                  Remember to be a conscience observer and not the reactive self.Eh?

                  • BPD,POG,JQP,Nina;We should not forget,AM orThem Guys?He was the original poster on information that got me involved way back.But i haven’t seen any thing from him for some time?Maybe he was tired of the rebuttal, of the sheeple? i’m just glad he started me on that path of enlightenment,and trying to get the “Truth” out before its to late.
                    Remember to be a conscience observer and not the reactive self.Eh? Oh and by the way JQP? They sure touched a nerve on that movie,what a controversy! I guess will see for ourselves someday??

                    • Hey THINKER!! Condor Day:4 is also former Them Guys…As well as former angelo M…All three is just Me.

                      I changed from them guys to condor due to every post I submitted recently simply Disapeared to thin air…NO 401 error messg, NO gone to moderators messg…just Disapeared totally never to be located again..Got tired of spent lots hrs writeing and see it gone for good that way…so began to post with New condor name..

                      PS Very glad to see you too wide awake and the fact I had anything at all to do with that awakening process causes me Much satisfaction indeed!…Thank you very much for the kind compliment Thinker, and Yes i do now recall awhile Back when you then stated that you did the proper research and discovered that WE who get bashed alot for telling real truths are actually telling Truths!

                      I guess real true truth equates to massive FEAR in Most folks eh..Even awake prepper folks like at Here are!

                      I believe the TWO Most difficult Truths to discover are truth of stuff about WWII events we were all lied to on, and of course all issues related to jews and state of israel..NONE are more difficult to accept for most folks it seems no?…Perhaps that is the best reasons of all to learn such things eh!…Take Care Thinker…Thanks again.

                  • @ Thinker

                    Right you are!

                    It is sadly amusing that the cosmologists keep trying to explain away their observational results. In order to shoehorn their findings into their favorite anti-Creation theory, they have had to invent fudge factors like “dark matter” and “dark energy.” Laughably, their fudge factors exceed the observed amount of actual matter and actual energy. You’d think that scientists would start questioning their theories, but these days “science” is even more “faith based” than religion. Incidentally, the actual observations are completely consistent with geocentrism (earth at the center of the universe) without invoking any fudge factors.

                    Same phenomenon with macro-evolutionists. Searching since the 19th century, the evolutionists have NO evidence of one species evolving into another species. Sure there is evidence of micro-evolution, a single species selecting for different populations of the same species, but NOTHING showing evolution of new species.

                    These days much of “science” is just anti-God religion.

        • Badpuppy Dog: Thanks from Condor day:4 aka “Them Guys”(had to change screen name due to all a sudden everytime I posted when I hit submit it simply disapeared gone forever to thin air.Never did get any 401 error messg nor any gone to moderator screen etc so I had to change names here).

          Glad to see another jewized up person eh!…You are 100% correct on jews=edomites and thats Khazars which I several times now have posted the latest DNA Proof solid Evidence of…Evidevce by the way that is FROM a jew man scientist, jewish Hebrew univ IN Israel state! Plus as Published after 2+ yrs vetting and documenting process before John Hopkins published his DNA findings in the VERY Prestigious John Hopkins Hosp Journal magazine for Professional scientists and doctors etc!

          Yet instead of doing their Own reading and research to Think or, RE-Think it all on their Own by use of their Own Minds as christians are supposed to do and act like those Berians(sp?) of Paul’s new testement early church era Did to Prove what they got told Was Truth.

          most all we see here and everywheres is folks that post up Facts or Truths like them you named here get slammed and bashed and called vile names such as antisemite or evil nazi hater etc!

          Why do the fools NEVER call them jew scientists such names eh?…They rather fantasize of a never going to happen “escape” in a PRE trib rapture event…Wait till they see for real that rapture event happens at the very END game scenario eh….Then these clowns be looking for real truths and we wont be there then…Oh well remain deluded and suffer it see how many khazar ziojews aids you Then!…as one rabbi book writer said and named title of his book…”YOU Goyims”!…Try That book for insights galore foolsih ones….

          Thanks again for waking Up and for the compliment…

          • Condor Day: 4…. I’ve enjoyed your posts. How could anybody not know ThemGuys was you, eh?

      50. Time for our daily dose of Eek-bola fear porn.
        Don’t say you weren’t warned…

        The Story Changes: Ebola Is Now “Aerostable” And Can Remain On Surfaces For 50 Days

        Submitted by Michael Snyder of The End of the American Dream blog,

        When it comes to Ebola, the story that the government is telling us just keeps on changing. At first, government officials were claiming that it was very difficult to spread the Ebola virus. Some of them were even comparing it to HIV. We were given the impression that we had to have “direct contact” with someone else’s body fluids in order to have any chance of catching the virus. But of course that is not true at all. Now authorities are admitting that Ebola is “aerostable”, that it can be “spread through droplets”, and that it can remain on surfaces for up to 50 days. That is far different information than we have been getting up until this point. So that means when they were so confidently declaring that they know exactly how Ebola spreads they were lying to us.

        On October 24th, a 33 page document was released by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, and in that document it is admitted that Ebola is “aerostable”. WND was one of the first news outlets to report on this…

        The information was contained in a 33-page report released Oct. 24 by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, the Department of Defense’s Combat Support Agency for countering weapons of mass destruction.

        The agency report states “preliminary studies indicate that Ebola is aerostable in an enclosed controlled system in the dark and can survive for long periods in different liquid media and can also be recovered from plastic and glass surfaces at low temperatures for over 3 weeks.”

        The report says the government is seeking technologies for the “rapid disinfection” of Ebola, including an aerosol version of the virus.

        “The technology must prove effective against viral contamination either deposited as an aerosol or heavy contaminated combined with body fluids,” reads the solicitation document.

        You can view the document for yourself right here.

        So is there any difference between “aerostable” and “airborne”?

        That is a very good question.

        Meanwhile, the CDC has finally come out and publicly admitted that Ebola “is spread through droplets”.

        In other words, it can be spread by a cough or a sneeze.

        • I still can’t see how our economy collapses anytime soon .That it wil eventually IS inevitable . We are STILL the worlds reserve currency.Have you guys seen what is happening with the dollari I the last few weeks, flying high as world investors from even more unstable economies than ours are flocking to it. The BRIC countries economies are in shambles, and in no position to challenge the dollar anytime soon. China, their main bank is nearly insolvent. Russia, their economy is teetering to the point that Putin is threatening nuclear war. Brazil please. As long as we can print unlimited supplies of not just money,but THE money ,our Byzantian house of cards will remain solvent. The effects on our citizenry however will continue to worsen. I fear what happens to our GOVERNMENT much more than our economy. There is barely more people producing than there are dependent on that production and the governments theft and redistribution of it. Add the MILLIONs of illegal mostly dependent people that will be made citizens by our POTUS next month and we reach a tipping point. More of them than there are us.Our Communist Congress will finally have an unbeatable majority and it will no longer matter what we do or say, we will be out voted by the defendant class. I can’ t help but wonder what happens then.

          • Yes, the Russian economy is teetering on the brink and Putin is threatening Nuclear War. Do you not think Nuclear War would destroy the economy? No offense.

        • Socrates:

          Please read my post on Frieden and then do your own research. You will soon find out what that scroundrels agenda really is…..

          Another jew community organizer foisted on us by the inept (i.e. controlled) Obama administration.

      51. I have wanted to say this for a while but I never felt it was that important. How many here actually raise livestock?
        Have you seen the prices that are being paid for live animals?
        A couple of weeks back we sold three steers and they got average $ 4 per pound of live weight. They were only 350 lbs average size and red angus. (before you think wow he’s doing great all of our costs have risen so high that that money was gone the next day trying to stay afloat) A couple years ago we would have gotten at the livestock auction the same amount of money for a 1200 lb steer as we did for each of them. These prices are going to filter through in the next 6 months to your pocket books. Cattle buyers are paying these prices because the national herds of our countries are depleted.
        Get food sourced NOW.

        • Excellent comeback on food prices. Respectfully, the problem is, people will read it and continue on as usual. You are so very, very correct and that is why we started weaning ourselves off of meat last year. We raise fish on our small patio in town and they satisfy the meat craving at a fraction of the cost. Sad news is that vegetbles are going through the roof too. Sorry your expenses have gone up so much but it doesn’t surprise me. Last month I went with a friend and a ranch owner to help put up fence and the prices of fencing, posts, gates, feed, and related items…well let’s say the man’s bill looked almost like the national debt itself. thanks

          • The cost of feed is why I reduced my herd. With only two head I wont have to feed as much hay and can sell my surplus. The garden is done for this year we had a killing frost this morning. I need to dig the remander of my sweet potatoes. I ready for cooler weather ive got a 300 pound hog to kill & process. It takes colder weather to cure the hams & bacon. We need to render some lard also. My wife used up our last bit. She made a apple pie from the apples from our Arkansas black tree. used the lard making pie crust.

        • @sctv….interesting that you should mention that. You are correct. Farm and Dairy is a newsletter geared toward agriculture. It is available online too. It will list the auction prices of livestock. I have noticed that the selling price of live animals is going hockey stick.

          • About a month ago at the Koskonog Mo goat sale. I seen a very old longhorned Kiko Billy goat sell for $700. His teeth where worn to the gums. His horns where probably close to 7 feet from tip to tip. spiral horns he was something different.

        • Yes I raise livestock. I sold the bulk of my cattle herd. The prices they brought where unblieveable. We kept two crossbreed milk cows. What I think will happen the retail price of beef will become priced out of reach for many folks, They in turn will turn to other meats. They will get out of the habit of buying beef. and since the price is high and the numbers low cattlemen will increase their herds. in a few years the increased herds and lessened demand will cause cattle prices to plumment. I eat very little beef anyway. Rabbitt , pork, goats & deer make up 95% of the meat we eat. occasionally I kill squirrel and catch some fish.

          • A friend of mine owns a fast food restaurant in the suburbs of Chicago. His supplier of beef was paying $4 a pound over a month ago! The restaurant was paying the supplier more than $4. Italian beef sandwich is $7 now. A lot of his customers are paying with EBT cards. If not for that, he would be out of business. And if they increase the minimum wage you can see a lot of fast food businesses closing up.

        • I sold my dads small herd of 11 cattle for almost $20k. The 250 bull calf brought $4 the Tuesday after Labor Day. I plan to head to SAMs this week, get a lot of beef and can it. Prices can only go up at the store.

      52. 6.25 billion years? I’m happy to say that I won’t live that long. But I will live long enough to see the end of tyranny through debt. I may even have a shot to fire when the time comes.

      53. No, the deficit and the budget are not that hard to correct and can be paid off a heck of lot quicker than most people think. But, you and I both know this is not going to happen. The deficit mentality doesn’t start with Washington, it starts at home. This fine Saturday morning in my hometown School Busses at TAXPAYER EXPENSE are starting up at every school to take students to bowl, archery lessons, hunting lessons, FFA events, 4H events, and probably a dozen more that I don’t even know about. Next week there will be busses running for basketball, football, baseball and any other sport you can think of. When I contest this nonsense with the city council they always lament, “Oh, these events are to keep our kids off of drugs”. Yet, our jails, like yours, are filled with TAXPAYER FUNDED criminals so they can eat, sleep, play sports, and watch television while never making a contribution to society then post bail and continue their crimes. The local level would be just as far in debt as the Federal Government if they could print their own money, but they can’t, so they raise taxes which benefits no-one except to train more kids to be nothing but ball chasing zombies or allow criminals to continue consuming more hard earned TAX PAYER’S money. Couple all this COUNTERPRODUCTIVE BS nonsense with the programs at the State and Federal level and yes it is indeed hopeless unless we abolish these programs. The unfunded liabilites are not a problem because we should simply not worry about funding them. Let them go unfunded and the retired Federal, State, County, and City employees wil be forced to do the unthinkable; get a job to support themselves. That is a bitter pill for them to swallow, but it works for us and it will work for them. The same goes for able bodies veterans drawing ptsd money. None of you ever stop to think that once a veteran is granted ptsd money they can never, never be reevaluated. It, this TAXPAYER FUNDED FRAUD is their’s forever, and you pay the tab. We are currently still paying survivors benefits to Civil War Veteran’s relatives. This is not a joke, we really are. The best estimate is that if we fought no more wars ever, it would take until 2199 just to finish paying benefits and survivor’s benefits to our welfare mentality veteransand their families. I’m a veteran and have never asked this country for anything but a job application. We are paying people not to work, rather it be veterans, single mothers, deadbeat dads, politicians, or whomever or whatever it is not substainable. Welfare in all forms crosses all partylines, church denominational boundaries, both genders, and has so permeated our buy now, pay later, pass it on to our kids psyche until we have consumed the equity our grandparents passed on to us. And this will not change, it will only worsen until the roof caves in on us. We never lost this country: We gave it away, TO OURSELVES, just to have one big continous party. So sad.

      54. The end result will be civil war!

      55. It would take two seconds to pay off the debt – the Treasury has the power to create money, all it would take is an executive order and a President willing to risk assassination attempts.

        • Benjamin: You’re right about printing and paying but why bother. The FED is nothing but an enigma brought into existence by paperwork. If the FED wants its money then tell them to print their own money, pay the debt, and have a good day. It’s not OUR DEBT, it is the FED’s debt so let them worry about it. Then, as you said, the treasury should print United States Dollars and loan them out without interest just as it was intended to be. thanks

          • Aaah, they already print their own money. Pull a bill out of your wallet. Does it say Federal Reserve Note at the top, Gomer?

            And yes, the Federal Debt is our debt. Thank you Lyndon Johnson, for getting that ball rolling. We have borrowed trillions from the Fed, and in theory we are supposed to pay it back. In practice, maybe not. And when we default, the SHTF for real.

          • It doesn’t much matter. We (collectively speaking as a nation) live far above our wealth creation. Think of it as making $1000 a week and continuously spending $3000. Remove that additional $2000 and your standard of living drops like a rock.

            Wealth creation is value adding manufacturing. In its absence we’re employed grooming dogs, doing nails and preparing / serving each other meals. Its all financed with the globalist scam that has us (as in US) print money thats accepted as having value when basic math of 1 + 1 = 2 says it just ain’t so. It helps when the Capone principal is employed globally, “You get a lot further with a kind word and a gun (aircraft carrier, nuclear weapon, tank, special ops, CIA) than just a kind word”.

            When you re-approprate (steal) your friends (Germany) gold, invade or otherwise overthrow sovereign nations (Iraq, Libya) that no longer desire to use your currency its a no brainer that your desperately holding on to power substituting brute force and its threat in place of sound economic policy. Its also obvious that this method of geo-governance / global economics cannot be indefinitely sustained.

            One better hope the can continues to be kicked down the road because when it stops the entire world is going to become one ugly place both international and domestic. Great empires don’t fall well.

      56. “It Will Take 6.25 BILLION “Man Years” To Pay Off Federal Government Liabilities” – I’m wondering who is this liability owed to? Who? The whole idea is ludicrous – the economic system is a man made creation of control and nothing more.

      57. We have a lot of pigeons around here. They taste just like chicken. Use a sling shot.

        • pigeons don’t taste like chicken. like a duck or goose the only good part is the breast. and since its the muscle that pulls the wing its tough. you have to dice it up and add seasoning its rather bland.

      58. Enjoy today for this is close to heaven. Even though it isn’t all that good right now. When the balloon blows up it will be pure HELL. Make sure you tell the people you love that you love them, and tell your friends how much you think of them. For tomorrow it will be too late.
        There is nothing we can do about it. We know it is coming, and knowledge is half the battle.


      59. It’s another great day at SHTF. Figured I would get around on some post hunting news. Had a good time but got a bad case of the chiggers with all that broom sage grass and moss I was just asking for it.

        How about those little nasties that come in on you and you don’t see them. Think fleas, bedbugs (On the Rise) Chiggers, fire ant bites, lice, and for you adventurous men chasing Ladies of the night, CRABS!

        Adjust your SHTF medical kits accordingly. Hahahaha!

        • CRABS aint nuthin. Wait till you get some Saber tooth crotch crickets!

          • SS and OG
            Thanks for the laughs. Needed it today going to work at 3.
            Just to let you guys all know a lot of heavy military trucks moving back and forth to the guard ground. Can’t tell what they are hauling. One was Plak-card with AMMO.
            Now going back to the hunting SS. Any luck. I’ve been out 3 times haven’t seen anything I want to shoot yet. Small does and button bucks. Those guys eat better but I’ll wait.

            • SGT Dale.

              Black Powder had a doe about 75 pounds come in and took a shot. Doe Tags. Missed with hang fire. Always have to factor in humidity. Deer where I am at do not get much weight to them. Did have an 8 point off about 125 yards but did not come in range. I use open sights on a CVA Bobcat. They have cleared most of the trees so the deer are not using the regular trails. (Tree Farm) Waiting for the weather to get colder to force the Bucks into rut. The other club killed a few 4 pts. but their necks were not swollen.

            • Ive likely killed more Illinois deer than any hunter. I used to run up hwy 45 & hwy 1 at nite. Ran over so many deer I lost count. sometines would kill several at a time. We put one of those cow catcher bumpers on the truck to minimize the damage. I seen the biggesr deer Of my life just north of lawerenenceville Ill. had a huge rack with drop tines. Just standing alongside the Hwy.

              • In my state if you kill it with your truck, you can keep it, legally. Makes me want to mount some hydraulic spears on my old F150, LOL!

                • I drove that semi truck 60 MPH after hitting a deer there wouldn’t be hardly and meat worth anything. Im Arkansas its leaal to take road kill deer. However I can kill a deer anytime I want with a gun. I would never hit a deer with a vehicle on purpose.

      60. You Americans are so screwed. Obama and crew had better start a war soon, because this system is ready to crash and they need a sucker nation to blame things on, they will not accept responsibility for any of this.

        Oh, and thanks for taking the rest of us down with you.

        • Don’t know where you are from AnneMarie; but if ‘your’ ship is gong to sink along with Americas; are you not as much to blame for allowing your countries entanglements with the Zionists as much as most unawake, unaware, sheep in America are to blame.

          Trusting that ‘so-called’ leaders had our country and countrymens real interests at heart has led us to our demise. That happened to you, too?

          • Hello, from one “Pissed Off Granny” to another:

            Of course other countries have debt issues, but the USA (my home country, by the way) is the major cause. The USA wants to be the world leader in everything, now they’ll be the leader in the collapse as well even though they’ll shift the blame.

            Guess it doesn’t really matter, we just need to be prepared and get ready for the coming catastrophe.

            All the best.

            • AnneMarie:

              Thanks for your response. I assumed you were not an American so misread your post.

              The PTB WILL play the blame game. Thy are pros at passing blame; and so far they have done an excellent job of it. When you own all the media you are able to cover your tracks with little effort.

        • If we are so screwed what is the rest of the world going to be?
          Yes we did and will bring you down with us, because your and other nation are dependent on the USA. With out us the would still be in the early 1900’s.
          By the way Welcome.
          Good to have someone to debate with.

          • “We” what “We”? “We” certainly don’t make the foreign policy or geo-political decisions.

            What are these nations now dependent upon the US for? Protection? Think someone is going to invade France with 300 nuclear warheads? Maybe they need us to protect their gold? We protected Germany’s so well even they can’t get to it. Feed the world? Used to, no more. We are self sufficient on food but the rest of the world has caught up, Argentina is the largest beef producer.

            We certainly will bring the world down. We strong-armed and scammed them into continuing to use the US Dollar W/O backing after the demise of the Bretton Woods Agreement with its gold backing in August 1971 with the creation of the Oil Peg and are quite willing to use military force to maintain it. Protection? The mafia has a similar racket.

            • Kevin 2:

              “We” have allowed AIPAC to usurp our government. Might not have been called AIPAC when the fed reserve was set up or the Bretton Woods agreement was approved but it was the same tribe involved in it all.

              You might be interested to look up the mafia members in the US. I was always under the impression they were mostly Italians. Another lie that has been foisted on us.

              • Italians sadly to say were at the core of Organized Crime. My grandfather was a very close friend of Marco Reginelli. My father question’s his fathers finances and behavior. Regardless they were petty crook opportunists next to those in the system that are now called great financiers.

            • Sorry, as of 2014 Argentina isn’t even in the top ten. Thank Ms. Kirchner and her brood.

              Brazil and Australia, INDIA and the USA swap positions in the top five now.

              • Oops…sorry. Thanks for the correction. I confused Argentina with Brazil. Should have known better as Argentina is an economic basket case.

      61. Anne Marie

        You’re Welcome.

      62. Quail and Chukar season opens today in the Southern Sierra. I went out this morning, but I only saw another hunter. We shared his half-pint of Old Crow in the rain. Made me feel like one. He mentioned we might be soon hunting something other than birds. When a gent in his late 70’s tells me that, I know America is waking up.

      63. Simple to solve but hard to endure. Hyper inflate the dollar like Weimar Germany. $20,000,000,000 to mail a letter. Pay off the debt dollar for dollar then Tabula Raza. Reinstated a new dollar and be more careful.

      64. “I had a dream,” that WDC (WASHINGTON DC CORPORATION)receives deportation paperwork today….one-way to Pluto.

        • 1984 was ment to be a novel not a templet for society.

      65. its better to make these thugs survive on a small fixed income, barely able to afford rent in a two bit apartment, struggleing to decide what not to eat this week because the funds aint there. also: one trillion dollars is 1 million dollars a day back to the time of Jesus.

      66. The sun will not remain stable on the Main Sequence for 6.25 billion years more. By then it will be a red giant and will have engulfed the inner planets!

      67. Maybe its time we start auditing political figures

        all of them..

        how do state reps and senators become so rich when they are to be serving the citizens on a politics wages?

        All of them need to be audited before we send in another dime of our tax dollars

        Independent citizen audit of the politico’s

        lets get that on the ballot!

      68. Just read a great new book by Steve Forbes “Money” last night. Its probably in your local library, it just came out.

        Amazing insights include:

        1. Inflation from Government printing causes crime to increase, he documents that.

        2. Inflation from printing press Fed causes trust problems in society as both borrowers and sellers lose

        3. Financial growth only occurs if money supply is stable, Fed money printing GUARANTEES economic chaos and high unemployment.

        He advocates a gold backed standard and either abolish or restrict the Fed. Says time is running out for USA. Rome, Britain other empires declined when debased their currency. Agreement on that from Lenin to Keynes.

        I do not normally read economic treatises, this was well written and interesting.

        • Kiss his chance of ever getting a nomination for office from either political party good by. Mention “I don’t think the Federal Reserve operates in our best interest” and your put in a seat in as far back of the bus that they can. Forbes being rich might get a few rows up from Ron Paul but way too far back for any real consideration.

      69. This would never occur under a Biblical government that, among other things, condemns usury.

        For more on how Yahweh’s immutable triune law (His commandments, statutes, and judgments) applies and should be implemented, see free online book “Law and Kingdom: Their Relevance Under the New Covenant” at

        Then find out how much you REALLY know about the Constitution as compared to the Bible. Take our Constitution Survey in the right-hand sidebar and receive a complimentary copy of a book that EXAMINES the Constitution by the Bible.

      70. Mac Salvo fails to examine the role of how the National Debt has been created. Forget the unfunded debt.

        Each “dollar” of National Debt has been the result of a Treasury security being issued to the Federal Reserve. The debt instrument (Treasury security) thereby creates the principal of the “loan.” Actually, there is NO loan. If consideration (money incoming from a loan) it would be the same as if money from taxes were incoming; i.e., there would therefor not be any increase in the amount of money in circulation.

        But back to the original point. Each dollar of National Debt thereby is the principal of the loan. The understood obligation is to pay back the principal PLUS the interest. The interest has never been created. The contract is impossible to culminate. The National Debt can never be paid off. A contract that is impossible to culminate is a matter of fraud and therefor void from its inception.

        The only way to pay the interest on the national debt is to create more debt and use part of the newly created principal to pay the interest on the old debt. This is the essence of a Ponzi scheme. All Ponzi schemes end in the same catastrophic manner when new debt cannot be sold.

        Some observers would say commercial banks can create unlimited money using the fractional reserve scheme. They fail to realize that after the system reaches stability, the only way to increase reserves is by the U.S. government issuing additional national debt. Any action that reduces the national debt also reduces the reserves of commercial banks and collapses money in circulation by the same multiple of fractional reserve.

        The national economy is built on a Ponzi scheme. The national debt can never be paid off.

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