It Starts: Seattle Fire Will Go Door To Door To “Adult Family” Homes Administer COVID-19 Vaccines

by | Jan 18, 2021 | Headline News | 47 comments

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    The government is about to bring the vaccine to your door. Seattle Fire Department paramedics will be going door to door starting Thursday to vaccinate “residents of adult family homes throughout the city.” They will start by going to “adult family homes.”

    The city of Seattle was approved late last week as a distributor of COVID-19 vaccines, Mayor Jenny Durkan announced. “The City” refers to anyone employed and currently accepting a paycheck from the city government of Seattle.  Durkan framed the new push as the first in what will eventually be a major city effort to distribute the vaccine from sites spread throughout the city.

    The Propaganda Is Non-Stop For The Beast System: No Travel Without The Vaccine

    And just what, exactly, do you think will happen if you refuse the vaccine from a paramedic? An armed police officer will likely be there next to “follow the orders” of the mayor.  It’s begun.  “We have to get these shots out of refrigerators and into people’s arms,” the mayor said. “We hope that if we get steady supplies, we will stand up mass vaccination sites side by side with our testing sites.”

    The city has, for months, operated four free drive-up coronavirus testing sites that, city officials said, have conducted more than 556,000 tests.

    They are rolling out this vaccine almost as fast as troops piled up in Washington D.C. Wake up, folks.  It’s about to real and ugly. The Seattle mayor has also discussed setting up vaccine sites at schools.

    “It will really have to be an all-hands-on-deck approach,” she said according to a report by EMS1. The mayor stressed that to reach the 70% vaccination rate of its adult population, King County will have to vaccinate 1.3 million people, giving out 2.6 million shots. “It is an undertaking that our country has never done before, not on this scale.”

    Seattle Fire plans to complete the first round of vaccinations by Jan. 24 and the second dose by Feb. 21.

    Since receiving vaccines in mid-December, the state has struggled to quickly vaccinate the most vulnerable people: long-term care residents and health care workers. CVS and Walgreens, which have been contracted to set up vaccine clinics at long-term care facilities, have fumbled scheduling vaccine clinics, after waiting weeks for state approval.

    The Washington State Department of Health on Saturday approved Seattle Fire as a vaccine distributor. –EMS1

    Vaccine Push Moves Forward As Tyranny Advances In America


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      1. I am quite sure BLM and Antifa homes will welcome those Fireman with hospitality, just like they did all summer.

      2. Wow!!Just Wow!!! ??Death delivered to your front door????!!!!

      3. Those fuckers knock on the wrong persons door and they may not make it back alive to their own homes!!!?

      4. Yeah,since hardly anyone at all wants that toxic shit, they are now bringing it to them.A vaccine so good you have to be coerced and threatened to take it.What’s wrong with this picture? Is there still any sane person left who still thinks?any of this shit is about a virus or our health!?!?

        • It is the ‘mark of the beast’ read numerous prophetic warnings from Jesus at vaccinefromhell com

      5. The governors and the mayors of each state should most definitely be the first doors they knock on. I mean,it’s very important to keep our so called leaders “healthy” and “protected”??

      6. Giving out 2.6 million shots going door to door? How do I put this? NOT HAPPENING!!

        • Sadly it is totally going to happen according to the ones in power, government, global corporations that run the world and the health department which is our new government… they have been changing laws at the federal state and local level for decades in preparation for this and they have been practicing the scenario actively as well. They state through their own documents how we have got to this point. TheY say for USA, that they can have the majority of the country vaccinated within 48 hours

      7. The.Worst.Delivery.Ever.☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

      8. “We’re not home”!!!???

      9. Approved Seattle Fire as a vaccine distributor. Imagine the future conversations.”Hey where were you guys last week when my house was burning down?! Well,we were handing out vaccines.?

        • Was thinking along the lines of “we’d love to put your house fire out but you didn’t take the vaccine when we came”. This is certainly showing us who the order followers are in our society and there’s too damn many.

      10. I’m not radical left or right, but I will tell you this…the day I take the vaccine is not going to be a good day for the one trying to make me take it. End of story.

        • I am 130% with you on that Kerrie

      11. It’s against the Nuremberg laws that no one can force medical treatments or surgeries on another human being. It’s literally by law a crime against humanity.

        • Nuremberg code means nothing to the globalists, they will have their agenda carried out no matter what, and no matter how many people die in the process.

      12. You can be sure that all these politicians pushing these jabs are getting financial kickbacks for getting all these doses out. NY and other “blue” states and cities also are pushing it hard. It’s all a criminal enterprise for them to profit from your misery or death. Refuse to allow it. Fight if necessary.

      13. “The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a little longer” Henry KISS MY ASSinger.

      14. Shoot the Bastards. My Body My Choice.

      15. Shot to the arm, shot to the head, either way you end up dead……….’they’ will get the ‘first’ shot

      16. “…the state has struggled to quickly vaccinate the most vulnerable people…”

        It’s a form of budget reconciliation, imho.

        I have no inside line. Just saying —

        You cull economic, dead weight, get a new subsidy.

      17. lets look at what 1776 did bring us. Declaration of Independence, That whenever any Form of Gov. becomes destructive, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, it is their right , it is their duty, to throw off such Gov. How is this done, What do we do? What is the proper Order?
        Go back to the basics, Teach.!! Preamble, Grand Jury, Common Law = 7th Amen,
        We the People of the U.S,in Order(order is in the middle of the sentence the O is capitalized) to form a more perfect Union,establish Justice,(stop right there for a second or two).
        Common Law is mention twice in the 7th Amen, I believe two different definitions are required for these U. S . States.
        The United States of America is a Constitutional Republic, A representative form of gov. with a three vote rule, a common Law(7 Amend.) , & barter type of system. (Article1, sect.10),Those that are under oath to preserve & defend, are under contract.

      18. Well, I keep hearing they don’t even have enough of their poison Bill Gates shots left to give their victims their second required shot, so where are they gonna get it for door-to-door?

      19. CVHOAX.COM
        Take  Off  Your  Mask  And  Get  Off  Your  Knees  !    COVID-19 IS FAKE  !
        Unquestioning Gullibility And Obedient Compliance
        Are Unbecoming Of A Patriot  !

        FACT :   Thousands of highly credible and qualified doctors and scientists from around the world are adamantly insisting that Covid-19 is either completely fake or practically harmless and are being deliberately and systematically censored by the Mainstream media and governments.        ( Numbers Correspond To Links In CVHOAX.COM )                                                                2,3,7,8,9,11,14,17,33,34,35,36,40,44,55,59,60,61,62,63,69,76,80,82.83,86,90,104,147,157.

        FACT :   Covid-19 has never been scientifically proven to exist as it has not met any of the four criteria of Koch’s Postulate which is known as the Gold Standard of proof of a virus’s existence. The scientific study of germs is known as Germ Theory because it’s a THEORY !  Germs have never been proven to exist yet have been used to sell vaccines for over a hundred years.  Exosome Theory is far more plausible.  If you don’t know what Koch’s Postulate and Exosomes are then you’re not as smart or as well informed as you thought you were. This is an opportune time to drop your know it all attitude and open your ears.

        FACT :   The creator of the PCR Test used to detect Covid-19 said it was never intended to detect any virus.  Every Covid-19 death was caused by something else and falsely attributed to Covid-19. Do you believe hospitals would be tempted to claim that a patient who died of the Flu had instead died of Covid-19 if the Government gave them $50,000.00 to say so ?   Dr. Genevieve Briand, Assistant Director for MS in Applied Economics at Johns Hopkins University, has proven the alleged Covid 19 has resulted in no excess deaths.       ( 157 ! )      12,23,24,29,40,94,103,120,122,130,135.    9,10,16,17,27,56,88,89,96,117,118,129,143.       21,25,30,67,68,72,84,150,151.      37. FACT :   Wearing a mask is utterly ineffective at blocking a virus. A virus can pass through a mask as easily as swimming under the Golden Gate Bridge. Prolonged mask wearing causes brain damage and respiratory illnesses. The first step to overcoming your mask fetish is to admit you have one. Do you wear your mask in your vehicle or outdoors when no one is near you ?  Until recently it was common knowledge that hand sanitizing inhibits one’s immune system while exposure to dirt and filth strengthens one’s immune system.  “ Mask Mouth ”.  If the Mainstream Media  and Government could convince you to do the Hokey Pokey they most certainly would. 40,57,59,70,71,78,79,87,95,101,102,132,139.140.
        FACT :   The Covid-19 ‘pandemic’ was planned years in advance and has been surreptitiously introduced into the public consciousness through popular culture. Many news articles reporting on Covid-19 are bizarrely coded with strange numbers.   19,20,38,42,46,47,48,52,53,54,56,77,121.         22,39,47,48,52,156.
        FACT :   Unconstitutional and criminal lockdown laws are destroying your freedom and your economic livelihood and your future.  Unconstitutional and criminal lockdown laws are causing the starvation deaths of millions of people in poor countries and soon in formerly wealthy countries. Is it wise to inject yourself with a drug falsely labeled as a vaccine, designed to alter your DNA and sterilize you, to prevent a virus that has never been scientifically proven to exist ? Is it wise for the U.S. Military personnel to be injected with this ‘vaccine’ ?  A perfect analogy to comprehend the social dynamic surrounding the public’s enthusiastic willingness to embrace the Covid-19 narrative
        without question can be seen in the video Titled “Key & Peele, Pegasus Sighting”.  Simply change the word “Pegasus” to “Covid-19”.  Orson Welles’ War Of The Worlds broadcast also comes to mind. Throughout history rulers have used human being’s deep desire to feel like they’re contributing to the greater good to manipulate the public to act against their own best interests.  “A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon.” – Napoleon Bonaparte.   The Emperor wears no clothes.                         Educate yourself or perish.           105,126,127,146,149,154,155.    18,50,51,65,74,75,85,92,100,106,107,108,113,114,119,128,134,149,152,153,158,159,160,161.
        FACT :   Lawsuits are currently being pursued against governments and other players that deceived the public to accept unconstitutional and criminal lockdown laws based on a fraudulent test to detect the nonexistent Covid-19.    58,59,64,91,124,131,141.
        FACT :  Four out of five Stanley Milgrams surveyed recommend critical thinking for their patients who want to live in reality and not blindly follow orders from whomever they consider to be an authority.   157,162.
        FACT :   Decades of thorough documentation of placebos and nocebos conclusively and irrefutably prove that human beings can both heal and sicken themselves with their thoughts and feelings alone.   Ray Charles.   Thalidomide.   Catherine Austin Fitts:
        Planet Lockdown, the missing 21 Trillion Dollars and FASAB 56.                      (163).


        You can lead a horse to water. You cannot cast pearls before swine.

      20. What happened to my body my choice?

      21. Nothing that can’t be solved with a baseball bat.

      22. They cant force anyone to do anything. They may pressure or coerce, but they cant force. That’s against Nuremberg and the Helsinki Declaration, besides its not a vaccine, but a operating system….”Our Operating System
        Recognizing the broad potential of mRNA science, we set out to create an mRNA technology platform that functions very much like an operating system on a computer. It is designed so that it can plug and play interchangeably with different programs. In our case, the “program” or “app” is our mRNA drug – the unique mRNA sequence that codes for a protein.”

      23. So everything is on the table eh? How about this then; “All guns are also on the table”. IE: If you try and force us to take a vaccine you may be met with bullets instead of a thank you !

      24. SHOT in the arm,shot in the head,either way your dead,AND NOW THE HERO’S OF AMERICA are proving once again,THEIR DEVILS NOT HERO;S,stop watching TV, you’ve been brainwashed ,THE POLICE GANGS MURDER WOMEN AND CHILDREN,THE FIRE DEPARTMENT MURDER WOMEN AND CHILDREN,THE MILITARY MURDERS WOMEN AND CHILDREN,THE FEDERAL AGENCIES MURDER WOMEN AND CHILDREN…are you waiting till its your turn to be murdered by all the government devils???WHATS the scarest words anyone from the government can say..””HELLO,WERE FROM THE GOVERNMENT ..AND WERE HERE TO HELP YOU””..IS THERE SOME PART OF THAT STATEMENT YOU FAIL TO UNDERSTAND????

      25. Episode17-RemovingTheCorruptOfficialFromOffice123Gone
        TalkShoe, Inc.
        Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative
        By: David Clarence: All Liberties Expressly Reserved.
        Uploaded by countynotary on March 29, 2010 Note: This file is a rough transcription of an audio file that is over 10 years old. Some of the text may no longer be valid. The legal information has probably become partly obsolete.

        Good evening folks. This is David Clarence, expressly reserving all liberties. Host of and notary in the barfly infested land. Tonight, I am discussing removing the corrupt official from office -1,2,3 gone.

        Tonight, the context of the subject is the bond of the corrupt official and accepting the oath of office and performing the correct procedures whereby you can make a claim upon that bond.
        Now, in researching back into the old case file, if you are familiar with doing legal research, you find the barfly cases in your state are published in volumes they call State Reporter and you also find volumes for individual county courts and such. In researching the court reporters at the state library, you find they have all of them.
        In going back into the old reporters, I found at the county court level. it was a normal business for an attorney to sue the bond of the errant official. In the corporate counties, lawyers were suing the bond, often the Sherif, for land seizures, foreclosure, or false arrest. This regularly happened till about 1950 ish and then abruptly stopped. And not because officials were getting honest.
        Barflys got together and decided if they keep removing corrupt officials from office, it’s not serving their long term interest. The bar decided to sue the official or the county and stop going after the bond. If the official lost, the lawyer would get paid by the liability insurance. Aside from that, it is unknown why they stopped suing bonds.
        The reason the official has to have the bond is because they are a corporate critter and always have been. Even the officials of Europe and Russia are corporate animals. Those officials are not acting in the capacity of a living, breathing man or woman. The officials are, in fact, a legal fiction acting as an agent for the corporation. The official has to indemnify any living, breathing parties that they happen to injure. That would be you and me, the sovereigns on the land. The official has to get the bond of a surety.
        We are entitled to a remedy at law when a fiction, who is not a sovereign, and can not occupy the land or stand on it, would injure us when we are on our state or county. So, they build in a process where the sovereign man or woman can obtain redress for an injury by a fiction, and they do that with the tool or device known as the bond of a surety.
        When an official takes an oath of office, they are now acknowledging that a debt exists. The oath of office creates a duty. It is a non-discretionary duty. The duty is to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, or the Constitution of the Corporate State where they are serving, or both. They also uphold the corporate state constitution as well. This is because all the states are subsidiaries of the United States. Whatever effects the parents also effects the subsidiaries.
        Article 6 of the Constitution establishes debts to the Articles of Confederation. The Articles being a treaty and law of the land that has never been repealed, they are then bound to protect and recognize what became 13 sovereign and autonomous nations and now 50. an irrefutable claim. You want to lock the official into their oath of office.
        So, how does this tie into the individual who is claiming a violation, claiming that the oath is somehow injuring them? Well, they can’t, not legally, because they are not on the oath of office because their name doesn’t appear there, so they’re not a party to it. But the oath is an open contract, a blind open contract actually, because it’s to a document to which there are 50 sovereign nation states and the sovereigns there of, that have an interest and a written protection whereby it’s the declaration of rights that attaches to the corporate state constitution. So it interlocks them and you are, in fact, a party of interest to the legal contract. That’s the terminology. You have to accept their oath of office.
        We figured out that the oath of office ia a blind, open contract and if we wanted to become a party to it, whereby it would actually protect us personally, individually, our selves, we had to accept it. So whenever we have an incident whereby we are engaged by one of these officials, or an attorney, or even a corporate business man, we accept their oath of office. And this is what we say to them: “In recognition of your service to the community, I accept your oath of office. We now have a private contract between us whereby I require you to remain on the backside of the Bill of Rights preceeding and attaching to the Constitution of the State of Illinois” (or whatever it may be) and get a copy of that declaration of rights. In there is written down specific issues whereby the government may not trespass on those issues and injure you in any shape or form.
        In a state constitution on ams, there is an important semi-colon. “The peoples right to keep and bare arms in defense of themselves and their nation shall not be questioned.” It says “shall”. That is an absolute estoppel for any firearm statutes.
        If the official sees this and refuses to contract with you, what they have done is resigned. It does not matter who they are, they have refuted their oath of office and refused to be bound by it and that’s a resignation period. You need some evidence. You can do it with a blind accusation by yourself with just an affidavit, but it would be nice to have video, audio, or other witnesses. In any case, this is what we’re interested in and nailing these officials down, you see, is their Achilles Heal.
        Their oath of office is their head resting on a chopping block. Once they take that oath, they become severely disabled and they actually pledge all of their worldly possessions at that time, or ever will have, to the performance of that oath. That’s what they are doing.
        Thats why they get a surety company to indemnify them and put up a bond. That doesn’t necessarily mean that thats the only thing you can collect because there is other liability insurance involved, but the bond has to be there because they’re disabled. Bonds have to be there before they can enter into and perform the duties of the office.
        Now, we’re seeing more and more that the corporate states are making funding pools and the cities and counties are paying into funds to indemnify their employees. The officials may make it seem that they have an individual bond, but if you go to your local clerk and get a copy of that blanket bonding pool, it’s probably originating from the corporate state. You will find a section in there for dishonesty and violations of their oath of office. Everyone has one who is in civil service. They must take an oath of office and be bonded, police especially. All the government employees must be bonded, including barfly lawyers and district judges that are impersonating the judiciary. But, I doubt you will find a bond for them, but there will be a surety company somewhere covering them, and even if not, their property, land, real estate, or bank accounts are the bond. Whatever the official owns is what they are pledging.
        So, the procedure by which we want to do this is we first accept the oath of office of the official. You can do it verbally or in writing. If you have police pull you over and ask for your travel papers, the first thing you say to them is: “In recognition of your srevice to the community, I hereby accept your oath of office. We now have a private contract between us and what I require you to do is stay on your side, which is the backside of the declaration of rights or Bill of Rights preceeding and attaching to the corporate state constitution and stay in your constitution” and don’t come around to the front side and get into my affairs,which are specifically named on the front side of that document. Those are exceptions to the contract, declarations of rights and express reservations.
        Whenever I put my name on things, I always expressly reserve my rights or all liberties. Those documents, with those rights enumerated on them, is an express reservation of those liberties. And their not for the government. The document doesn’t benefit the government. The government does not get any rights or protections in those documents. The governments rights come from the constitution, their corporate charter, their corporate fictions, being commercial critters. That’s where they dwell. And the problems that everyone is having with these corrupt and out of control officials is that they didn’t stay within the confines of the constitution. And their destroying our rights and liberties. The liberties we have as sovereigns. The constitution does not give us all of our rights, just some of them.
        The written liberties were put there because the corporate government might reach out beyond the authority of their corporate charter and infringe upon the liberties of the sovereign in those areas.
        Who was it who said “When you fear the government, you have tyranny. But when the government fears you, you have liberty.” That’s exactly the case and the IRS is an example of people fearing the government. We would have our rights if the government feared us, but it does not.
        Everyone’s complaint about the government is not the government’s fault. It’s our fault. Whatever it is that’s being complained about, the fault for it happening and going on is ours because we have not been doing our duty. Voters elect psychopaths and the most successful politician is a psychopath. They steal your labor with taxes, pass outrageous budgets, and expand the size of government. The rich have fancy accounting firms to make sure they don’t have to pay the taxes, and what taxes they do pay, they write off.
        So, number 1 is you accept the oath of office of the corrupt official or employee, or barfly lawyer. You ask them for their card. Most people have one, even police officers. You ask them for their card. That’s their bond. That card is irrefutable evidence of the existence of a bond. They better have a bond because they are in a government office. And the same with a lawyer. He’s got to have a bond. The business card is proof of that bond.
        Now, how about the corporate official of a company like AT&T. or General Motors? They are also bonded and they also have an oath of office. Do you know why that is? Because the attorney general of the corporate state where they were incorporated is the head of that corporation. He has absolute control over that corporation as to what it can and can not do and it is his duty to actually police it. Well, he has an oath of office and that trickles down to the corporate official, even the little corporate guy that has a garage or a donut shop. And that employee ringing up your bag of donuts or your groceries at Walmart all have an oath of office. They are covered under the umbrella of the attorney general. A bank official or employee, same way. Ask for the card and read the name. “Well Herbit Walker, in recognition of your service…..” Do you know what? He can’t require anything from you. There is nothing in his oath of office or his commission to require you to do anything.
        It’s all one sided and all to your benefit, all of it, 100%. Now, most people don’t know this, except the lawyers, bankers, and judges. The banks know because all of them are chartered or come into the banking regulation of your corporate state banking commission. Go get a copy of these regulations (codes, rules, and regulations are not laws) read them over and check them out. Then you know what they can and can’t do. Go get the oath of office of the official and find out what they agreed to do. They promise to uphold all the codes, rules, and regulations of the corporate state and do it equally.
        Then what you want to do is draw up a document. Once the official has violated the oath of office of either their own or the attorney general or the secretary of the corporate state, you want to document the violation of the oath of office and show how it somehow injures you or your property and write it down.
        When police stop you for anything, that is an arrest. They have arrested your travel. Your freedom to travel and everyone has it. And if you are doing nothing wrong, it is a violation of their oath. This injures you and you are entitled to receive restitution for your time if nothing else. That is your labor. They didn’t ask you to work for them so they could do their revenue collection activity. You are entitled to be compensated for your time. Their interest is to collect revenue from you. That’s income to them, so they are employing you. It’s involuntary servitude to you unless they compensate you. So what are you compensated by? The bond!
        The amount in bonds can vary over a large range. Document the instance of the injury that they are to compensate you for. What, when, where, who, how, get witnesses, recordings, make a listing. Expect the officials to all operate by deception.
        Make a list of the violations with the incident and you are going to draft a document describing the incident as briefly as possible. Then you put a heading on the document – Affidavit – and have it notarized. If there is video or witnesses, make out another affidavit that you recorded the incident and indicate where the evidence is on that video. Have that notarized as well. All witnesses will have their own notarized affidavits.
        You take all these affidavits and make at least 4 copies, put them all together and attach them to a document that you are going to call “Claim Upon Official Bond” and on that 1 page document put your name as Claimant, the corrupt official as bondee, and the bonding company.
        How do you find out who the bonding company is? Go to your local government administrator and ask to see the bonds, the oath of office, the commission, and the bond. And every county have a recorder and they should have a commission book where the commission, oath of office, and bonds of all the elected officials of the county and the city and noter republics are all recorded.
        Your county administrator will have a copy of the oaths of office of all the minions, like the clerks and such. The county administrator is a hireling and the supervisors all have an oath of office and you can get a certified copy of that. You can get a copy of the bond of get information about what surety companies covering them for liability. Get names and addresses.
        If it’s a bonding company, every bonding company will appoint a barfly lawyer at the state capital with power of attorney to represent that bonding company in that corporate state and he has authority to issue and sign bonds, to pay claims, and accept claims. He is the agent to accept claims. Insurance companies will have a barfly attorney at the state capital and they are always located at some lawyers office at the state capital because that is where the insurance commissioner or the banking commission is located. So, their located there. They are the agent for that insurance company to accept or be served with claims and pay claims. That’s what they do.
        So, now you have a detailed incident of the claim and what it involves, turned into an affidavit and you have an affidavit of any other evidence or witness that you have and now you have the identity of the bonding or liability insurance company that covers the errant, corrupt official and you can look in the phone book for your corporate state capital; you’ll find a listing there under the the insurance company for the lawyer that has the power of attorney or you can contact the secretary of the state to find out who is that attorney who has power of attorney because they are registered with them as having power of attorney.
        Otherwise, a corporation’s insurance company and surety companies can’t operate in the state. And foreign banks, out of state banks, mortgage companies, credit card companies, and such can’t operate in the state unless they appoint some barfly lawyer at the local corporate state capital as giving them power of attorney. In other words, they can’t conduct any business. And if you find any instance where they are doing that, like if you get some mortgage company from some other state and they gave you a mortgage on your home, you don’t have to pay the mortgage cause they are not authorized to loan the money. And that’s an absolute claim, an absolute out for paying a mortgage and we actually did that for someone back around 1993. They were trying to foreclose and we figured it out.
        In any case, you’re creating a claim upon an official bond. It doesn’t matter if it’s a government official, a bank official, or a corporate official, it’s still named the same thing.
        , “Claim Upon An Official Bond.” and if you find the bond, surety policy, or the liability insurance policy. Now you’ve got a policy number or a bond number. You want to put that bond or policy number on this claim form as the claim number. You write “Claim Number” on there and put the bond number on there, the insurance policy, or the surity policy number on it. And you write on there that such and such bonded or insured party injured you and did such and such to you as documented in the attached affidavit.
        And then, you have that claim notarized and you get multiple copies of it and you serve it on the official by registered mail and don’t use anything but stamps on the envelope. No meter strips and no ink prints. You must use stamps. And you serve an original, wet ink signature copy of that to the official and another one to the attorney that has the power of attorney to operate in that corporate state. And if you can’t find the attorney, the insurance company will tell you who he is. In either case, serve it on the bonding or insurance company headquarters, wherever they are located and your corporate state insurance commissioner can tell you where that is located because they have to be registered with them to do business there.
        And that starts the claim process once they receive that. You must absolutely use stamps and if the postal clerk objects to that because it’s a pain in the but and they have to inventory them, what you tell them is meter strips and imprints have no intrinsic value. Nobody collects meter strips, so you must have stamps and that will ring a bell with them and they will stop arguing with you.
        Now, once the insurance or bonding company receives the claim, the official has 21 calender days to serve you with a written rebuttal, point for point for everything in your affidavit that you said they did to you and they must do that with another affidavit. They have to respond and deny every instance, every particular of your claim. And you should number all the different things such as intimidation, threats, violating their oath, and such. If they went on their way after injuring you, that shows their intentions were not valid. They have to respond to each specific claim by affidavit and serve you with it in 21 days. After 21 days, the claim has matured and you are entitled to the bond, liability, or insurance. After 21 days, you notify the bond company that you want to be paid.
        Once you take the bond of the official, they are out of office. The police officer, you can get a claim against their bond, whether they have an actual bond or not, if it’s just a pool, a liability policy, they are done. They are not a police officer any more until they can get rebonded. Ever heard that a clerk stole money and the bonding company had to pay? Do you know the chances of that clerk ever getting a bond again? None. 0. No chance. Same thing applies to a corrupt official, lawyer, banker, or whoever. That’s how you get rid of them.
        1, 2, 3, Gone.

        • How many times have you successfully done this, and how can I retrace your steps, in the record?

      26. How can Americans take these people — and this disease — seriously when those who are making the rules a) aren’t losing any money themselves; and b) don’t seem to take it serious themselves?”
        Culling the Population
        Took out the Very Elderly on Social Security in the Nursing Homes; 70 -80 Percent of Plandemic Deaths.
        They Are Trying to Save Their Side of the Balance Sheet by Getting Rid of the People They Call – ‘Useless Eaters’…!!!!!

      27. Time to Break Up the Too Big Too Fail/Jail Corporations.!!!!!
        Three (3) Economic Collapses in Two (2) Decades.
        2000 – Dot Com Tech Bubble Collapse.
        2008 – Bankster Mortgage Bubble Collapse.
        2019 – Everything Bubble Collapse.
        Where in the Summer 2019 the FED Got Caught Bailing Out the Banksters in the Repo Market & Had to
        Immediately Reverse Course from Raising Interest Rates to Immediately Lowering Them to Almost Zero.
        Five – Six Months Later Comes the CoronaVirus Plandemic as the Scapegoat.
        The FED used the Filthy Rich Politicians & Billionaires to Shut Down the Economy to Crush the Small
        Business’s, Mom N Pop Stores & Church’s as Non-Essential – But They Saved the Too Big Too Fail/Jail
        Corporations & Banksters Where They Have All Their Investments with Trillions in Taxpayer Bailouts (Again).
        No AUDITS Once Again…

      28. I checked the article source and nowhere it says that the vaccination will be mandatory. It is up to us to take it or not and it is still against the Constitution to force the person vaccinate himself/herself. But that can soon change.


        This is the organization to align with, for real world on the ground and in the halls of government activism to push back against vaccine mandates. We give to them yearly.

      30. piss off plug heads

      31. I’ll sick my pitbull after those psychos, but they’d probably vaccinate him to.

      32. The linked article ( qualifies “adult family homes” as those which “serve both older adults and people with disabilities in a residential setting”.

      33. This will get people shot in the face, you are welcome to come to my home and ask if i would like one but when i say no thank you, you better come back with an army.

      34. Anyone coming to my door to attempt to injure/softkill my family with vaccine will be faced with ARMED RESISTANCE!!!

      35. from:

        Just say “no” to the quaccine.

        Article 7
        No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. In particular, no one shall be subjected without his free consent to medical or scientific experimentation.

        mRNA ‘vaccines’ have NEVER been used before and the protocols for animal, then human, tests and studies have been abandoned. The CDC itself has published the numbers of reported reactions – 2.8% as of mid December. These people could not “perform daily tasks” (their words) and required care. Many have died after their spleens were attacked by their own immune system. That’s not the worst of it, though. IF you happen to catch the ‘natural’ virus (which nobody has isolated and characterized on any valid, published studies yet), the animal studies that WERE done on the precursor to this ‘virus’ – several YEARS ago – resulted in essentially a 100% fatality rate.

        What’s even worse is the new technology contained in this ‘vaccine’. They aren’t revealing what it is, but it will CHANGE your DNA, expressing in ways nobody will go on record about but is suspected of suppressing the VMAT-2 gene. Look it up.

      36. Who remembers the TV mini-series Amerika from about 1985 or 86? It starts out saying the the USA had been overthrown by the USSR, period. Didn’t show any reason. Well, the USA has been OVERTHROWN! And NO COMBAT, just like Khrushchev said in 1960 “We will overthrow you without firing a shot! You will fall into our hands like a ripe grapefruit!” That seems to have happened here, right? haha. Yep, appears to be. The same Bolsheviks from Russia are HERE NOW in the US Congress masquerading as Demonrats! Begin looking for the reappearance of The CHEKA, the most murdering, bloodthirsty, torturing, maniac Bolsheviks the world has ever seen! Some Bolshevik has already called for a SECRET POLICE to spy on Trumpsters! Folks, 1917 Russia isn’t far off! Read up on The CHEKA and see what I’m talking about.

      37. And they will kill you, thinking they are doing a good thing.

        You’ve probably read that somewhere before.

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