Vaccine Push Moves Forward As Tyranny Advances In America

by | Jan 13, 2021 | Headline News | 9 comments

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    The push to get people injected with the newly approved COVID-19 vaccines is gaining speed once again.  The ruling class is not content with how many shots have been given yet, and until we are all vaccinated, they probably won’t be.

    In order to push this vaccine on as many people as possible, Operation Warp Speed chiefs said states should expand access to Covid-19 vaccines to everyone 65 and older. They should also give them to any adult with an underlying health condition that might raise the risk for complications of Covid-19.

    The guidelines are intended to prompt faster distribution of the vaccines by making more people immediately eligible for vaccination, as well as expanding the potential locations where people can receive it. Of the more than 25 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine that have been delivered nationwide, just under 9 million shots had been put into Americans’ arms as of Tuesday, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. –NBC News

    “Every vaccine dose that is sitting in a warehouse rather than going into an arm could mean one more life lost,” Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said during a media briefing Tuesday, where he and other administration officials announced the recommendations. Say what?

    Portuguese Nurse Dies Suddenly After Receiving COVID Vaccine

    Last week, Joe Biden announced his administration is planning to release all available doses of coronavirus vaccines to the states for distribution immediately. Additionally, according to a report by NBC News, Dr. Leana Wen, an emergency physician and former health commissioner for Baltimore, praised the new efforts. “These are exactly the right steps that we need at this point to better align supply and demand,” Wen said.

    the momentary distraction of last week’s Capitol hill riot didn’t slow the rollout of this vaccine, it only stalled the media’s reporting on it. There is a desperate push by the ruling class and the mainstream media to get people to willingly submit to having this thing injected into their bodies. Use your discernment. Things will only get more chaotic as these agendas advance.


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      1. Inject more sheep.Kill more sheep.Rinse.Repeat.???

      2. The vaccines are not really approved,they circumvented the normal testing procedures because they want to vaccinate as many as possible as quickly as possible. Its a kill shot. After so many are vaccinated a wild corona type virus will be released that is super virulent,it will be basically harmless to someone who did not receive the covid 19 vaccine. But the poor ignorant masses that took the “jab” will be deader than a hammer. They say they want 70% or more to be vaccinated,actually 70% or more dead. Then the Chinese will move in an have houses,commercial buildings etc. And America will be their garden,their breadbasket to feed their people. All the dead vaccinated sheeple will become agricultural supplements,fertilizer if you will.

      3. Aren’t they thoughtful to now vaccinate everyone over 65 so as to eliminate,er, I mean “protect” more of us.?

      4. Would you trust a vaccine after a virus was created to exterminate humanity?? Robert F Kennedy Jr

      5. To any mask wearing sheep afraid of their own shadows:Life itself is a disease with a very poor prognosis,it lingers on for years and invariably ends in death” Carl Jung

      6. The tyrannical bastards can shove their “vaccines” right up their commie asses!!?

      7. Here’s a thought; if these masks that everyone seems to think do any good; then explanin to me why the scientist in the wahan lab and elsewhere, put on space type suits with oxygen piped in to keep them safe, but everyone else is just fine placing a face diaper over your nose and mouth. Doesn’t anyone do any research anymore? They just gleefully accept what the news(that poisoned your thoughts) says and goes along to get along. What a joke; only it’s not one bit funny; and it’s dangerous…especially to children. Stop compling, stand up and say…”I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore.”

      8. It’s amazing how often this succubus Leana Wen comes up as the quoted “expert” in these MSM articles. Knowing the head of Planned Parenthood wants me to get stuck is all I need to know about the vaccine.

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