It Begins: Legislators To Introduce Bill That Would Nullify Obamacare in Georgia

by | Dec 12, 2013 | Headline News | 173 comments

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    Originally published at The Daily Sheeple

    Four state representatives announced today that they are introducing legislation to block Obamacare in Georgia.

    State representative Jason Spencer (R-Woodbine), with three other representatives, will hold a press conference on Monday, Dec. 16 to discuss the proposal.

    In a press release, Rep. Spencer explained the bill’s goal:

    “The bill’s main thrust is to prohibit state agencies, officers and employees of the state from implementing any provisions of the Affordable Care Act, leaving implementation entirely in the hands of the federal government, which lacks the resources or personnel to carry out the programs it mandates.”

    Michael Boldin of the Tenth Amendment Center explained the legal grounds for state nullification of Obamacare, and the possibility of other states following suit:

    Based on the long-standing legal principle, the anti-commandeering doctrine, the legislation is on strong legal grounds. In four major cases from 1842 to 2012, the Supreme Court has consistently held that the federal government cannot “commandeer” states, requiring them to enforce or expend resources to participate in federal law or regulatory programs.

    Tenth Amendment Center (TAC) national communications director Mike Maharrey suggested that a large-scale effort would be coming in 2014. “Kudos goes out to all the people in South Carolina who have worked the past year to get things this far.  And kudos to Jason Spencer for stepping up to support their effort. Our contacts here at the Center tell us to expect at least ten other states considering similar legislation in 2014, but it’s going to require people getting on the phone with their state reps and senators to make that happen.”

    Maharrey said that TAC’s state-plan to nullify Obamacare includes four key parts. The main part, as bills in South Carolina and Georgia are proposing, would ban the state from enforcing or providing material support for the enforcement of the Affordable Care Act. The plan also includes a rejection of the Medicaid expansion, steps to reduce the impact and enforcement of the mandate tax, and press for an ongoing challenge to the taxes themselves.

    “Each piece might seem like a small piece of thread,” said Maharrey. “But when you tie all kinds of threads together you have a strong piece of rope.  By refusing to comply in multiple states and various areas, we’re going to pull the rug right out from under Obamacare.”

    South Carolina fast-tracked a bill entitled “South Carolina Freedom of Health Care Protection Act” (H.3101), the basis of which is the anti-commandeering doctrine:

    “Congress can pass laws, but it cannot compel the states to utilize either their treasury or personnel to implement those federal laws,” explained state Sen. Tom Davis.

    The Tenth Amendment Center has outlined the steps to follow to nullify the Affordable Care Act at the state level. Several other states have introduced legislation to nullify the law, and perhaps South Carolina and Georgia will inspire more to do the same.

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    Lily Dane is a staff writer for The Daily Sheeple – Wake the Flock Up!


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      1. Good! I hope my state does this too!

        • Alright! I live in Georgia!

          (Although – I have to say it – I’m from Tennessee!)

          • Go Big Orange!

            • From little acorns
              mighty oaks will grow.

              • And Obama has sent letters to several of the governors threatening them with treason charges. Pot vs kettle…

                • Here’s a link..

                  http:REMOVE THIS//

                  • GC-

                    Thanks for the link, pal.

                    +1 to ya!

                  • Lets see here, Georgia is clearly invoking states rights. HMMMMMMMMM, just maybe the South is Going to Rise Again.

                  • How about a bill to fire BO and the rest of congress. How about a nationwide loss of confidence vote for the government. Oh well, wait until the next election. Oh, that’s right the same fools get voted back into office. Lots of talk. People hate congress, 87-90% disapproval ratings yet those that are so throughly disgusted and disapprove still vote the 97-90% right back in. Is it just me or is humanity on a course right into a minefield?

                  • Small men use intimidation as their tool.

                    A copy of olittleboy’s threat should be put up on the States website posted alongside the US Presidents job description followed by a little note asking for a public retraction and apology.

                • This is a bit off topic. Have you guys seen the stories about murals of obama to promote obama care? The murals of obama remind me of Iraq under sadam usain.. This is what communists and dictators do. They put murals of themselves all over the place. Soon ovomit will be putting up statues of himself too.

                  • I have had the same thought lately, all this talk of Obama being a Messiah and other ridiculous, blasphemous titles, reminding how all these two bit dictators have giant pictures and painting of themselves plastered everywhere. Worshiping human being, utter foolishness. Like Chris Matthews going bonkers over Obama, “He came amongst us.” Such shallowness leads nowhere but into deeper darkness.

                  • I hope nobody adds a Hitlerian moustache to those murals. That would not be hilarious at all.

                  • “I get this giant tingle in my leg” I can hardly wait for Obttfkr pictures everywhere.

                • Good luck trying to stop the show. They are going to go ahead with their program, whether it is un-Constitutional, or whether anyone likes it or not.

                  There is an article on Veterans Today, that fema camps are opening in South Carolina, and people without homes are being sent there. It would be nice to hear from someone in South Carolina, to find out if this is true.

                  • Several cities are sending the homeless to FEMA Camps to get them off their streets. A lot of cities have made it illegeial to feed the homeless.

                • “And Obama has sent letters to several of the governors threatening them with treason charges.”

                  GC, and the governors should sent obullshit a letter right back, threatening him with the same.

                • Article was written in 2010….not this year.

                • We have a better Treason case against him!

                • Ya he can try that but if he does he proved us right about being a tyrant. This country for not work by having the govt real us how to live

              • Way to go South Carolina and Georgia!!!!

                Now lets keep this ball rolling.

              • “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from
                time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
                It is its natural manure.” Thomas Jefferson

          • Welcome to Georgia. Glad my state is not giving up the fight vs the Socialist in the Oval Office. Thus country is SICK & needs a major cure…..& that is to STOP taking my money & other hard working peoples to give to a bunch of lazy, slackers who get a free freaking cell phone, house, tv & food while MOST people work for it. Get a job or eat leaves leaches!

            • Even better Gorilla stop the government from stealing your hard earned money to support career moochers, by terminating the moochers and their need to mooch!

            • You do know that the bulk of welfare payments go to people who work?

              Turns out that every wallmart store requires north of a million dollars per year in taxpayer subsidies (welfare payments) to their workforce to make up for their sub-standard wages.

              That’s right, we’re paying (via our taxes) to increase the Walton family’s inheritance. These people aren’t Sam Walton who built the business, they are his children who simply got lucky off of daddy’s success.

        • Yeah, the states always take up for the people and the Constitution…UNTIL the Fed offers enough money. Then, everything changes.

          • I pray this is only the first of MANY states to nullify Obamacare.

            Obamacare was passed on lies and if not stopped…will be the FINAL NAIL IN THE COFFIN FOR THE MIDDLE CLASS.

            • There’s no chance of Oregon following the path of Georgia and South Carolina. Although Oregon’s sign up is so screwed up it may be years before it’s even workable. The web site is in worst shape than Obama’s web site. Here in Oregon they are having people sign up on paper then they have data entry people transferring it computer. In an office of 60 data entry personnel, they only have one printer and they have to stop work about two hours early in order to let the printer catch up with the shifts printing que. They can’t let their work overlap onto the next shift. In order to keep their sanity the temp staff keeps reminding each other “Remember, we’re getting paid by the hour”.

              • Same here, the state was making a big deal about how many people signed up, the majority were all for medicaid,,, our donkey governor is a washington insider who kisses obummers ass every chance he gets,,and i think all but 2 of our legislators are democrap, not that it matters,,
                Not a hope in hell of any relief, hell, Oahu county just passed a law raising tax rates on all homes valued over 1 mil,,, they are over 165 million in the red, not including any of their unfunded liabilities, ie retirement plans and retiree medical benefits, that is in the 2 billion region,,, our county is also 2 billion in unfunded liabilities but somehow they manage to balance the budget, of course they raised all the fees and taxes for the last three years,,,
                Buncha stupid fucking assholes

                • Kulafarmer.

                  I don’t feel so bad cause I have only have stupid fuckers to contend with. Add 10 pts. for the Buncha.


              • Remember the “good old days” before computers. Large office pools of mostly gals typing away. Clackity,clackty, clack,clack……… You get the image.
                Then these things called “word processers” and computers were invented, and those days were gone. We thought. Obamy Care is a jobs program . Yeah. Put all these gals back to work as data input engineers/ community outreach specialist/ democrat signer uppers.
                I wonder if they have Motor Voter at these shops. Gov.efficiency, kill two birds with one stone. Signed up 198 dems today, 2 independents and no republican!
                Hey…hey, I thought you had to have some kinda licencse or sump tin to sign peeps up on surance??? Any agents want to chime in?

                Shoulda got Jeff Bezos to put this thing together. Dumbasses. Amazon’s wet dream is .govs nightmare!

                My logical conclusion: chalky will dump it all in the trash, by ,say May14, and Medicare for all! Going to the doc will be like the post office or MVA. ( in fairness, here in commie land, er, Maryland.. MVA has gotten amazingly better. Add a Starbucks or dunkin donuts….)

                Have to say though, ACA is like the gift that keeps on giving. Did the FSA and their leaders go a little to far this time? Wait until somebody’s loved one, kid or wife, dies as a result of this, and dad decides someone’s gone to pay……he he he. Stop a dude willing to die. We know how that works out, eh?

                • …..just heard this exchange on the tube…. And it never occurred to me.

                  ” so what if this whole thing evolves into something like Medicare for everybody. Doctors are shying away from Medicare patients now because of low reimbursement rates. How do you force a private business to treat people?
                  We know there are no private businesses anymore ( chuckle), Doctors are licencsed by the state……..

                  You can see where this goes.

                  • I saw that too. I didn’t think I heard it right. but that’s what he said.
                    I like to think my business is still private, but I’m probably just fooling myself. (Lic, taxes, fees, permits)

            • Really?

              • From a couple days ago…

                Anonymous says:
                Comment ID: 2873556
                December 11, 2013 at 11:18 am

                You are constantly complaining about this site. Why don’t you start your own website?

                Since you have already told us that Peterson has LOTS of good information to share. (You must know him QUITE WELL PERSONALLY to be able to say that.) You could highlight all of Peter$hit’s articles.

                He could write about…
                How to troll websites
                How to continually offer useless comments
                How he lives with low IQ and other setbacks
                How he knows Obama really loves us all and ONLY wants the best for us
                …plus lots more USELESS drivel


                Since Facebook has revealed she is expecting and KNOWS PETERSON VERY WELL. Is the world soon to have a little Facebook-Peterson?


                Here are some other topics Peterson should research:
                How even idiots can learn and use manners
                How to know when it is time to LEAVE a website.

                Please feel free to add further suggestions below for their new website.

                • @ KY Mom…..How about ‘How to argue with someone on a website without a CLUE of what you are talking about ‘!!……mm

                • @KY Mom

                  LOL, that made my day and I really appreciate your info. You are a asset to our community

                • @KY Mom,

                  Why repost an opinion of what Anonymous thinks about Facebook Page and what he might think about Peterson possibly being impregnated just because Peterson responded with a one word comment of “really”? I could understand if he was attacking you again. Was his “really” comment an attack on someone and I’m just not getting it? It wouldn’t be the first time…

                  • “It wouldn’t be the first time.”

                    No. He has been spewing $hit and hate for a while now.

                    Just read Peter$hits comments from the past 10 articles and you should understand.

                • How to bully others.
                  That seems to be the only thing he knows about.

          • Anon you be right. That was the reason the Feds came up with block grants. And it’s worked real well for them. Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum!

          • Basically correct, more often however it is the treat of withdrawing funding from whatever federal program is already in place. It is less messy for them that way. If they pull funding, someone in DC gets to say, boy look how much money we just saved. And the state gets cut off. Extortion anyone?

        • With all due respect, don’t tell me “it begins” until someone starts throwing hot lead down range or starts the process of dangling the 535 from woven hemp.

          Until that happens, nothing will “change”.

        • Bring that shit to Florida. I’ll sign the petition and FedEx back on my dime !

          • Gov. Scott is not going along with Obamacare and Florida Democrats are pissed off.
            Corrine Brown damn near flipped her wig.

        • yeah, it begins… but it will end. On TV, all they talk about is gun control. TPTB are ruthless, persistent and resolved.

          • The best defense is a good offense, to defend Obamacare the pukes are on the offense with gun control.

          • They may be “ruthless, persistent and resolved”, but it’s starting to look like they’re losing control. This internet thingie Al Gore invented has turned out to be a real nightmare for them.

        • Don’t get too excited. This law prohibits the state from participating however it does not prohibit state citizens from participating. YOU are still liable for Obamacare penalties for non-participation. Your health insurance costs and benefits are still a product of DC know-it-alls. It is a good start but make no mistake, it is only a start.

        • I hope every state does it, just to show that prick who’s boss

          We the people

          • Agreed!

        • You backwoods Americans are even dumber than most other folks actually think you are. Having lived and worked here in America for many decades I have an understanding of how your government works. The federal government is superior to state government, per the Constitution, and can force the state to comply through the federal courts. I know, in your childish fits of anger, you will say that the feds will have to come down and make you do this once the courts have ruled against you. That’s easy enough. Since the federal government holds the big purse strings, it will simply withhold badly needed funds for other state projects, which in turn will cause a great hardship to the local businesses and communities counting on those funds until the state complies with the court’s order. And the beauty of this all is that pressure will from these very same citizens and businesses of the states effected that try this sort of ‘temper-tantrum’. This is just so much political grandstanding by some local bumpkin, whom will no doubt, be running for higher office in the next election. He’ll soon find that this has backfired badly because people always vote their wallets.

          • Professor Higgins.

            You are wrong. Yes, in the ‘old’ days we voted with our wallets because we had something in our wallets. Back then, it was called cash. Today, it is called Credit Cards….

            Today’s votes are more ‘what is in it for me’…..

            Also, you are wrong on finances. When the dollar goes, it will hit harder at the Federal Level, then the State Level, and then the Town Level, and then Personal Level. Thus, if you rely on Feds like most Professors do, then you will be hit first. The poor sheepherder will probably feel it last.

            Good luck.

            Ugly, PhD.

            • Ugly: I thought I had “dumbed-down” my point, but you still don’t seem to get it. It’s really simple: If Georgia does pass a state law against the Affordable Care Act (federal law) the federal government will take them to federal court and force them to comply. The Constitution puts the federal government in a superior position to the states. Are you with me so far my toothless friend? Should Georgia still refuse to obey the federal government will simply withhold 10’s, perhaps, 100’s of millions, of dollars slated for numerous projects in Georgia. This will have an immediate and devastating effect on businesses and communities who would have benefitted from the federal funds. These very same businesses and communities will then become very angry and demand that the state comply in order to get these funds back. It’s called “the squeeze”. The feds squeeze the state until it does what the feds want. It happens all the time on a smaller scale. The last time I can remember that this happened on a national level is when the feds wanted every state to reduce the speed limit to 55 mph in order to save fuel. Those states that refused were immediately cut off from federal funds for further road construction projects. They all complied when it hit the wallets of local businesses and citizens. Your point about “when” the dollars falls in irrelevant to this argument because the dollar is still working for the time being and businesses and people still need and use them. I hope I’ve simplified this enough that even you can comprehend it my poor inbred half-witted friend.

              • And you, Higgins, sound like you are quite in favor of this tyrannical setup.

      2. I wish my state of Texas would do something like this. I was disappointed at how many good bills died in committee this past session.

        • Because your gov is a fucking nwo pussy. He is one of their bitches.

      3. Good luck trying to repeal the ACA Obamacare.
        It has been declared constitutional by the USSC.
        The only way out is for no participation.

        • This is nothing more then Kabuki Theater.

          All has to do ( and will do) is tie complience to the disbursement of Federal funds

          And the state will buckle


          • Twisted Titan: You said it much more succinctly that I just did, but then again I was responding to an adult with the IQ of a young adolescent. States always want it both ways; they want federal funds but they also want to do what they want with the least interference. Some states, such as Georgia, are much like the teenager who gets angry at his parents because he wants all the privileges of adulthood but none of the responsibilities. That’s being immature and hypocritical.

        • With those justices in USSC, who gives a F$#$$@ what they think or what law they enforce. That’s another entity destroying the USA.

          Mr. Conservative Chief Justice Roberts actually liked the ACA.

          • Obamacare – the things they forgot to tell us…

            Blueprint for Obamacare lies revealed
            “Through segmented focus groups and a national telephone survey in 2006, we identified a set of values that drive these swing voters’ perceptions of reform,” wrote Lake and Crittenden.

            They asserted that “values” and “perceptions” are more important than “facts” when selling health-care reform.

            Second wave of health plan cancellations looms
            “A new and independent analysis of ObamaCare warns of a ticking time bomb, predicting a second wave of 50 million to 100 million insurance policy cancellations next fall — right before the mid-term elections.”

            No security was ever built into the Obamacare site
            “…risk of “high exposures” of personal information on the federal Obamacare online exchange.”

          • Good evening, Tactical, and my sentiments are exactly the same. I believe the only way to kill Obamacare is NO PARTICIPATION, and I, for one, AM NOT PARTICIPATING, REGARDLESS OF WHAT ANYONE SAYS. MOLON LABE braveheart

            • braveheart….I think this justifies what you have stated:

              “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey, he is obligated to do so.” – Thomas Jefferson

            • Matters not whether anyone signs up or not. There is no way to pay the premiums. This is all by design as next year Obama will use that failure as justification for single payer collected by the IRS. It will not be any measly one percent of income either. Look for fifteen to twenty percent in addition to regular income taxes. Roberts already gave it the green light by calling it a tax. These fuckers are smarter than most of you give them credit for.

              • You got it John W. It was designed that way. These SOB’s are the masters at long term planning.

            • braveheart; Oh goody, does that mean you’re willing to have your wages, bank accounts, and all other private property seized, and possibly go to prison; or will you gently bend over, remove you wallet, and simply pay the annual penalty for non-compliance. If you’re just going to pay the penalty, that’s hardly an act of defiance worthy of such a ‘warrior’ as yourself. I know you fancy yourself as the reincarnation of the founders of this great nation, but are you willing to do as they did and pledge you life, your fortune, and your sacred honor in this battle? I, for one, have you pegged as what many of your fellow Americans call a fellow ‘who’s all talk and no walk’. I could be wrong, but you’re probably just another ‘Keyboard Kommando’ and will tell everyone that you have never signed up but leave out the fact that you’ve sheepishly paid the penalty yet again when the IRS bill comes.

          • Tactical:
            Hello my friend. People keep calling Obullshit Care a law. It is not. It is a TAX. Not a law.

            • P.S I gave you a Thumbs UP. I agree with you.

            • Sgt. Dale

              More than anything, it is an ox yoke
              on the necks of the people of this
              country to stifle our rights and freedoms.

              Nothing less, and perhaps a whole lot more.

              • It is a yoke to force working productive people pay for ghetto scum who want free health care along with their, EBT, AFDC, Section 8 Housing, SSI disability checks,TANF, SNAP,……………..

            • Hello Sarge. Hope all is well with you and yours. Thanks for the correction and you are 100% correct. As you have stated Obullshit Care is only a tax tool to produce revenue and has nothing to do with the health care.

              Stay Safe and thanks again for correcting me.

          • Tactical

            I care. I like the Heller and McDonald decisions. They also have challenged the Interstate Commerce Clause in at least one of its more egregious reaches.

            • Kevin2… I would like to care as well and I did for majority of my life but sadly by each passing day I lose my trust. Perhaps I shouldn’t use the word “care” since we all do care about the country and our lives. My trust is destroyed by these SOB’s in power since they are playing a tactical games with us. Your example Heller / McDonald indeed had a great outcome for us as pro 2nd amendment and gun owners but when I compare justice Scalia’s thought on 2nd amendment later during his interview and the current anti gun attitudes even in pro 2nd amendment states then my trust follows the fuzzy logic. Would it be possible for the USSC to cosmetically come up with their decisions to calm the public down and then the PTB in charge stick it to us via different methods in the future?

              Look at the Marine in Texas who was carrying an AR15 and was arrested by the police for no good reason. He was exercising his rights but the court did find him guilty as well.

              You see brother…these SOB’s in charge are and have damaged our trusts. I hope we do find the needed trust on our Government and each other since without it we are simply done.

              • Tactical

                We’re on the same team but I see a lot of opportunity still available on the political front specifically in Congressional Primaries and certainly State Governments. In the end their elected by us. TPTB just facilitate the election of people favorable to them.

                More or less I explain the 100 + years of encroachment upon our rights by the line in the movie Animal House when Otter says to Flounder, “Face it, you fu#&ed up, you trusted us”. Every combination of Republican / Democrat control has been tried to no avail. TPTB are frightened that the body politic out of necessity are waking up. What hasn’t been employed in masse is the primaries.

                • The primaries don’t help me, because by the time my state has the presidential primary, there’s only one person to vote for. The primaries won’t help until all states hold their primaries on the same day.

                • The primaries won’t help until all the states hold their primaries simultaneously. By the time my state has primaries, there’s only one name to vote for. I don’t get a choice at all.

                  • Archivist

                    I’m not speaking about the Presidential Race. Hope is lost there because both horses are bought in that two horse race. The House of Representatives is where to make the primaries work. When that is accomplished you go after Senate in their respective primaries; likewise in the State Government.

                    Running the country requires the participation of the electorate. More of less they don’t know and worse yet don’t care to know.

                • Stalin referred to the vote counters as being the important ones, NOT the vote counters. I am not sure when the last HONEST election was held.

                  At this point in the game it’s only mass non-participation that stands a cats in hell’s chance of working.

                  (It partially worked in the UK when Margaret Thatcher introduced the poll-tax – google it).

                  It’s not flashy or headline grabbing but it is the only way.

                  • Lonolunmum? You mean the not the voters?

      4. That’s awesome. I live Virginia so I reckon there’s not a chance this will happen in my state.

        • Virginia is in limbo right now but rest assured there is interest in the same bill not only in Va but in some other states as well…funny thing is they all seem to be former rebel states…they will rise again!

          • Who did you just elect as governor? McAuliff. You are screwed and deserve to be. Almost as stupid as the jerks out here in Calif.

            • That so?…Im not in Va but a lot of good people are and they don’t deserve to be ridiculed or slandered by someone from cali of all places….wow

      5. Good!

      6. Just say NO to this shit… If everyone said no, these Scumbags could not make our lives hell…

        • evryone did say no…..and they passed it anyways

        • De Oppresso-

          Reference 2.0 level.

          -(two point Oh upgrade/rev level, then see..)-

          ..-Ex Gladio Libertas!!!

          Reference the Q-course & then run with it……………….!

          • If the rally point is Pineland I am a long way out

        • There is only one way to stop this and it is not going to happen. We all better get used to our chains.

      7. Fortunately the 10th Amendment is pretty clear in its intent. Unfortunately they have successfully used the Interstate Commerce Clause going back to FDR to circumvent it often with a ridiculous justification.

        I think the 10th is the new legal battle ground as the 2nd was in the past decade.

      8. sgt laughter,

        My understanding is that Obamacare in its original form as “health insurance” was deemed unconstitutional by the USSC which is why the government changed its strategy in mid-argument and insisted it was instead a tax and could be administered by the IRS.

        The USSC agreed that Obamacare was in fact a tax and could be implemented as a tax and not a health insurance premium. This is why I have long argued that Obamacare has little to do with healthcare and everything to do with generating tax revenue for the government which is broke. The government must have the revenues that Obamacare promises to deliver.

        >>”The only way out is for no participation.”<<

        100% correct. The problem here is not civil disobedience, it's civil obedience. Someone recently posted that very enlightened observation on this blog. I'll give credit where credit is due. Folks need to engage in some disobedience to kill Obamacare in its tracks.

        • YH….Your comment “Folks need to engage in some disobedience to kill Obamacare in its tracks”. 100% correct. It really is the only way.

          Today Speaker Of The House boldly stated: Team Party is not a factor and he really doesn’t care what they think. With such double agents in high places, people are the only power left. I don’t trust the states either. Feds can tell the states in secret, do it or else…….and 10 out of 10 will comply to their masters in DC.

          We don’t live in a Republic any more. This is purely a Corporate Fascist State.

          • Tactical,

            I am reminded of JFK’s warning in 1962,

            “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

            Hopefully it doesn’t come to violence, but the traitorous progressives sure are pushing it to the limit.

            • Indeed YH. Well said.

          • Tactical. They work for the corps and the bankers.

            They(senators and reps) do not work for us.

        • Bingo YH, couldn’t have said it better myself. Justice Roberts thought he was doing everyone a favor by educating the public that it was a tax. No that I trust anyone in a power position. He probably was blackmailed by the halfrician

          • I agree Indy. Roberts was playing a game of checkers when he was up against traitors playing grand master chess. Roberts should have ruled the entire Obamacare plan offensive to the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights right from the get go. No if, ands, or buts about it. It should have died in the Supreme Court, but it didn’t. Now the fight is on drive a stake through its heart.

        • Yes and that’s the basis for yet another lawsuit against Kenyan care…it is a tax therefore it must originate in the HOUSE this this was born in the SENATE…non-compliance is not only the duty of the people but of the several states also…just say no!

          • REB,

            >>”non-compliance is not only the duty of the people but of the several states also…just say no!”<<

            I couldn't agree more!

        • The IRS will just send a demand for with holding to all employers. For that most likely there will not be any decent care offered. With the deductibles that are being offered all this is just a scheme to collect money disguised as premiums.

          • John W.,

            If you’re forced to pay it, it’s not a premium, it’s a tax. What are you getting for this tax? Potentially nothing since the government will ultimately decide whether or not you need that medical procedure or medicine. Taxation with nothing to show for it is how I see it. I can’t think of another tax that exists that I must involuntarily pay. It’s Marxism at its very core.

      9. It’s not all doom and gloom.

        A VERY British military protest lol!

        It seems more and more, all over the world people are rising up according to their aptitudes and abilities.

        Hopefully the Icelandic Solution will be the ultimate one, & not SHTF.

        • lonelonmum….Amen to the Iceland and its people. They were very courages to have a normal solution to end the barbaric attack of the savage banksters in their country. However the banksters in the US and in conjunction with their puppet masters in the UK are different monsters. I personally like to see them to do a rope dance.

      10. hope CA will do same.

      11. Only because election year is coming up. Then back to business as usual.

      12. I say, just say NO. I may be only one person, but I will not comply. If enough people don’t comply it will fail. Obama lied and white people will die.

      13. I will not comply!

      14. “The cause for which we fought will rise again in
        another time, and another place.” – Jefferson Davis

      15. Oh yea…
        I’m just feeling all warm a fuzzy inside as state after state takes this issue on….I feel like…alright I’ll post the link…

        • This rebellion will die because the states rely on federal money to survive. It’s sad but true. I don’t see this being much more that a last gasp before going under water for good.

          I don’t believe there will be a turn around and this country will continue to get more evil because they reject all wisdom that is biblically sound. Remember JESUS said, Satan is the prince of this world and he offered it to JESUS when he was tempted in the wilderness.

          • With most things I would agree…but this has a different taste…
            Just pray it’s not the seasoning…or I do anyway…

            There has to be an issue that the majority of states can take the feds on and win. In this instance this affects people directly and most are aware…I have hope for this…

      16. Ooooo, I smell a whopper of an Executive Order coming up the pipe…

        • BlackDog, you are right and this one may be communicated by the Sign Language Specialist in South Africa.

          • I only know one sign in sign language and I raise it to the kenyan with both hands (for clarity of course… 🙂

            • I can’t believe you boys are making such fun of the South African Jay Carney.

      17. Damn!! I live in the Soviet Socialist Republic of Illinois. If Obullshit would stop. Our leaders in this state would break their necks when they shove their heads up his ASS.
        Only a Southern State would have the BALLS to do this! GOD BLESS THE SOUTH!!!

        • Move down & help us rise!

          • G:
            Its in the works coming down to Tenn. to look at some land. on 01/10/14.
            Wish Me and my lovely Lady some luck.

            • Sgt. Dale. Just to let you know, you might want to look at the sales tax. 9.2 cents on the dollar (including food). I don’t think they have a state income tax however and the gas tax is cheaper than most states. Knoxville county has a higher property tax than most as well as higher land prices. Union county next door has cheaper land prices but is a poorer county. Anyway, I’m sure you’ll look at everything you need to. Good luck in your search.

              • Patrioit:
                I’m not worried about the sales tax. Here In the USSI we have a 7.5% sales tax and a state income tax. so our taxes her around 15%+. The answer is not to buy a lot of stuff you don’t need.
                Hunt,Farm and Fish for what you want to eat.
                I’m more interested with the climate. Yes I know it gets to 100 in the summer but so dose USSI, but right know we are looking at about 25 day below freezing here.

                We are looking for about 20 Ac. in the woods, would like a pond or a stream. nearest neighbor about 1/8 to 1/4 mile away. South, East, or West of Nashville about 50 miles. With a Church of Christ near by.
                We are looking to be in an area with Good God fearing PATRIOTS!!!!
                You know I’m on this site so you know what I’m about. The only draw back is that I will be out of the loop when it comes to INFO form the FEDS to the P.D. Someone else with have to pick up the ball.
                AIM SMALL MISS SMALL

        • Good evening, Sgt. Dale, and yes, THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN!!!! We have more reasons to rise up now than we did in 1861. MOLON LABE braveheart

          • braveheart

            If the South rises again,
            I believe it will get some
            help from the North this time
            around. Oooo-Rah!

            • Gunner, I acknowledge there are plenty of Northerners unhappy with the chimp in the White House. I, for one, am ready and willing to accept any and all offers of help from Northerners. It’s not North VS. South this time around.

              • Gunner, please disregard the name I posted that last comment under. I was playing a joke on Peterson back in the last article.

            • Wont be rebs vs yanks this time around…itll be lovers of liberty vs the tyrants…this time the lovers win! 😉

      18. Bravo. PTL. At SOMEBODY is looking out for the people. Or at least for the local health insurance companies and providers. As I’m sure you all know, the Obamacare is nothing more than a power grab by the “in” health insurance companies. Similar to what happened in banking and is still happening (# banks cut in 1/2 in last decade…)

      19. Florida won’t accept the ACA or its federal funds either. I am 100 percent against this evil plot pushed by healthcare thieves and their puppet Obama. Access to healthcare is lacking and too expensive to tens of millions of ailing Americans. The greedy bastards want more of everyone’s money. This debacle of a joke means less care that is grossly inflated in cost. My concern is that if it is repealed, what will replace it, because something must be done to expand coverage and lower costs.

        • First thing that needs to be done is tort reform. That will never happen as trial lawyers are the biggest bribe givers to our masters who also happen to mostly be lawyers. Without tort reform there is no way to get costs down as malpractice insurance and awards have to be covered.

      20. Now if we could nullify “o”…

        • & the Democratic party

          • and the entire federal monstrosity…and their kin!

        • eppe
          AMEN to that!!!

      21. Time for states to fight,as for holding back fed monies,well,have states hold back fed taxes in state,as it should be,let locals decide their needs and services and what they are willing to pay for such needs/services,this is the kinda thing that actually might set off a SHTF scenario,well….,so be it!

        • Warchild:
          The SH##$ has already hit the fan. But the shots haven’t ben fired yet. Its coming.

          • I totally agree with you Sgt & best wishes & prayers for yoi & yoir family on finding land with good soil & a good water source.

      22. I hope since both Ga and SC butt up against NC, that it will rub off on us. Too many durn ocarpetheadites in Asheville.

        • many of us here(Asheville area)are ready to get this damn mess over with and hopefully be able to start over. It would be a good start by having the mountain counties secede from Raleigh!

      23. The day may come when all true Americans may need to denounce US citizenship and become an illegal immigrant. I forsee the day when true Americans will need to speak Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and English–yes in that order.


        Ugly Fuentes Yuan Igor

        • Ugly, the only thing we Southrons would have to do is start flying Confederate instead of US flags and keeping speaking our SOUTHERN-STYLE English all we please. we don’t need any other languages. MOLON LABE braveheart

      24. The south shall rise again!

        • Oh if only that would happen… 🙂

          • Finally some good news…

          • Gal:
            Let us all get down on our knees and PRAY to the All Mighty for that day, and may it come SOON!!!!

      25. The ACA requires EACH American to be implanted with a “Class 2 Implantable Medical Device”, an RFID chip, which is the MARK OF THE BEAST.

        Download the PDF and read it for yourself.

        The Mark (that is, such a chip) will disable your free will, you will hear voices, and you will be powerless to resist what those voices command you to do.

        Tim McVey was chipped, so was the September Naval Yard shooter and many others.

        Wake up, America. This IS the End Time!

        In the meantime, the ISON Comet is SOON to arrive and following that, comes The Warning!

      26. I don’t know who that moron is holding up the sign
        “We the people say no to government health care”

        but he’s a TOTAL idiot

        “government”health care accounts for 50% or better of the health
        care provided in this country

        you don’t want “government” health care ???


        good by VA
        good by Medicare
        good by Medicaid
        and a slew of other state and federal programs

        and who’s gonna pay grannies hospital bill
        for her multiple hospitalizations every year ???

        the family ???
        the church???
        out of her savings ???

        I’m busting a gut laughing

        the MAJORITY of hospitals in this country would close their doors
        tomorrow if “government” health care stopped

        millions of old people would die for lack of care

        people need to get a freaking clue

        good God

        ya can’t fix stupid

        some years ago I was outside a patients room
        and heard a slew of family members blathering on
        about government health care
        and how bad it was
        blah blah blah
        they made some of the stupidest remarks I have ever heard

        and you know what the kicker was ???

        wait for it…
        wait for it……

        the granny they were visiting
        was on Medicare
        her $40,000 hospital bill wasn’t paid for by
        these idiots
        HELL NO

        it was paid for by “government” health care

        dumb asses

        • Except for the V.A. most of that is not “Government Healthcare”, it is government funded private health care. What people are speaking out against is the Federal Government having so much control over the healthcare industry that it can essentially mandate all terms and conditions.
          And thanks for the insults, they are better than a resume’ in letting us know about you.

          • sorry but thats not what the sign says is it??

            you want government out of health care??


            YOU pay the bills

            let me know how that works for ya

            • Have you figured out what your Obamacare insurance deductible is going to be yet? Or are you hoping to get some free $$$ from the gubbermint to cover that cost.

            • …already do,works fine…so whats your point?

            • If I keep MY money that is now going to “Government Healthcare” I will be wealthier than I have ever been,and if we get the government OUT of healthcare it will be cheaper without the cost of compliance with pointless regulations (market dynamics will keep the quality up-think Angie’s List for health care)because I will be able to choose what I want from a much wider menu(no limitation due to worry over what is or is not covered), I will have the money to pay for my own healthcare decisions. I think that will work just fine, thank you.

        • You are correct, sir.
          Do I have to provide all those services?
          In the case of Veterans, we made a contract with these people, and I will honor it and them.
          But medicare and medicaid are two giant programs that I get to pay for but will probably never have access to due to my age/sex/race. I was born to be the workhorse and have provided for many people and programs that I can’t have.
          Do I believe I will ever see a social security check?
          Not very likely.

          If I cant have it, I don’t want to pay for it. (period)
          If I don’t pay for it, You can’t have it. (period)
          I’ll pay for mine. (period)
          You pay for yours. Period
          Thank you

        • and where is the downside? Granny is old & sickly. Her productive days are long gone. Something will eventually kill her anyway. Let granny and any other oxygen thieves go ahead and meet their maker. We cant save every life. In fact we cant save any lifes. All we do is prolong a few lives at a great expenditure. Every person eventually dies. No person excaped death. I cant see any downside to doing away with Government health care.

          • . Granny is old & sickly. Her productive days are long gone. Something will eventually kill her anyway. Let granny and any other oxygen thieves go ahead and meet their maker.

            –I think you and I disagree only over the definition of oxygen thief. Granny is a lot more use in an extended family than many people realize- a professional welfare recipient, however- not so much. Even so it should be a private family cost, not a public society expense. More productive families and more stable family structures would “out compete” others and have more influence on society.

            . We cant save every life. In fact we cant save any lifes. All we do is prolong a few lives at a great expenditure.

            –Absolutely true. Let’s put the decision back in the hands of those who pay for them and must live with the consequences.

            • As it naturally should be.

              • “Even so it should be a private family cost, not a public society expense. More productive families and more stable family structures would “out compete” others and have more influence on society.”

                As it “naturally” should be.

          • So murder is okay with you I guess.

      27. Lets say there are 7 billion folks living on the NWO earth.

        Lets say that each folk represents an average family of 2.7 people (7bill/2.7) = 2.59 billion human units.

        Lets say 2.59 billion human units require $35,000 per year for economic survival or assistance. That total comes to:

        (2.59B x $35,000/yr) = $90.7 trillion.

        Yes dudes, $70.7T

        So can you see why WWIII is around the corner and that Agenda21 is coming. Financially, all Countries are in trouble.

        Therefore, the elitist must rid of Patriots and Peasants.

        Never take the Chip. Never give away your soul as they have done….

        • I plan on being a total pain in their ass right up until my card is punched,
          Atlas will shrug

        • Dont eat the cheese.

          • There is always free cheese in the mousetrap

        • MY ANGLE: How dare you post something like this about the chosen tribe? Just wait for the red thumbs calling you the anti Semite.

          p.s. I share your frustration but he is not the only parasite. Their colony is HQ’ed in the Wall Street.

        • I grew up in rural Mid-West, knew people with this opinion and more than a few Klanners. I’m not trying to change your mind, I really want to know and never have gotten an answer that satisfies me. What difference does it make what you call a thief (or murderer/child molester/politician)? What does their tribe or race or language matter? If someone is trying to hurt me I will try to stop them. I am not going to waste time checking their pedigree. Actions speak louder than- well, actually, pretty much anything. A rabid dog versus a rabid skunk- both are rabid; the only difference is the technique with which you kill them.

        • kula… won’t get floor time but it becomes reality soon just like the below selection.

          It is a TWISTED PRETZEL.

          New Vice Chair of the US Federal Reserve is selected: Stanley Fisher

          Former #2 at the Globalist Sharking Operation aka: IMF

          Former head of the Israel’s Federal Reserve.

          Still not clear his real nationality but looks like as Zambian-American-Israeli.

          Former MIT economics prof who tutored Ben Bernanke and former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers.

          • Gee…you don’t really think he knew somebody on the inside……..NAW.

        • What’s interesting is back in the 1950s the top tax rate was 90%. I don’t know what the relationship of middle class opportunity to upper class taxes but the 1950s afforded the bulk of the people a lot upward mobility.

          Call me nuts but I’m pro Henry Ford and pro Walter Reuther. The system worked well back then.

      28. Relax, Nathan will fold. Nice guy, sweet wife. No spine.

        (For those of you who live elsewhere, Nathan Deal is the Governor.)

        • I agree, Nathan is a RINO.

      29. Obamacare…………..hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

      30. I’m movin to Georgia!

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