Live Streams: Crowds Mass In Major Cities: “95% Chance Of Widespread Violence”

by | Nov 9, 2016 | Headline News | 210 comments

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    (Live Streams Available Below)


    Anti-Trump protesters are massing all over the country at this moment.

    Protesters claim they are there to reject Donald’s Trump racist policies and some say they fear mass deportations under a Trump Presidency.

    The anxiety began to build on social media as scores of people called for protests, revolution and open threats to kill President Elect Donald Trump.

    In the build up to November 8th we warned that the situation post-election, regardless of who wins, could quickly escalate into open warfare and Mike Adams of Natural News warned of a 95% chance of  widespread post-election violence.

    With large-scale protests now brewing in major cities across the country, we believe it is only a matter of time before some or all of these forecasts could come to fruition. Should things turn violent, though not confirmed by official sources, the Obama administration is prepared to respond. An insider leak last month indicated that the Federal government, including the military and the Department of Homeland Security, would be holding drills before and after the election in which they anticipate “no rule of law.” Such drills, should it be necessary, could very quickly go real-world.

    In such a scenario a lock-down of major cities following widespread rioting would be the likely course of action.

    There is a strong possibility that protests will be ongoing and that they may escalate. We encourage readers to take preventative measures by preparing for breakdown with a an easy to implement preparedness plan and necessary emergency stockpiles that may include food, water, self defense and protective breathing masks (for those who find themselves too close to the action for comfort) .

    Live Streams (Some of these streams may become unavailable as the night progresses):


    The Prepper’s Blueprint: A Step-By-Step Guide To Prepare For Any Disaster

    Tactical Gas Masks and Filters

    Riots, Flag Burning And Open “Threats to Kill Trump” Follow Hillary’s Election Loss

    “This Quickly Escalates Into Open Warfare” – Why The Government Is Preparing For Post-Election Chaos

    Unrest and Martial Law? Leaked Military Drill Anticipates “No Rule of Law” After Election Results

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      1. Democrats don’t Have guns I am not worried

        • All these crazy conspiracy theories coming true right before our eyes.

          • 71 days, but who’s counting!

            • Perhaps we can deal with these people who want to get rid of Trump. I voted for him, but would be willing to let the whiners hang him, if We get to hang Hillery? I’m sure the new VP (Whatever his name is) would be willing to take over. win win.

              • The Art of the Deal

              • NOT A WIN WIN, Hillary is a murdering , pedaphile, scumbag! Trump is just a business man who in the world of finance you do lots of things that are not very nice, but HE is NOTHING LIKE the Hillary, so NO it would NOT be a win win, hang hillary? YES YES, let Trump try to save America! YES YES

                • True, but Trump can be replaced, and the chance to hang HC is no to be passed up

            • A lot will happen in those 71 days. But I do not see the violence getting out of hand. So far it is not a very big deal, mostly peaceful protest with a few violent acts in hot beds like Oakland and other negro run cities. Lots of crying and wimping.Phck em, let them suffer and don’t rebuild diddly squat! Take away all freebies to those that destroy shit and make an example of them with the law that we are about to see return to this whacked country. Just Imagine Rudy as AG and trey Gowdy a FBI director. Wouldn’t take long to drain the swamp and get some order in place muy pronto. I am also about to publish some excellent ideas how to fight back legally to these maniacs and illegal aliens. Realize when the new crew is in place the law will be on your side for a change and things will be very different indeed ! So some payback is due and it will be sweet to the bone and completely legal, phcking awesome ! My gramma used to say ” Stevie there ain’t no road so long it ain’t got a crook in it ” and we are at that crook !

              But you will still have to get off the couch if you can and grow a pair. I have been waiting for this time for 10 years or more and i will not be denied. Thank you Donald Trump.

              • What you view as peaceful protest … ISIS views as recruitment opportunities.

              • Yes, I feel their pain. I felt the same way in Nov 2008 & Nov 2012.

          • George Soros is funding these protests. Billionaire George Soros uses his money and influence to ‘manipulate’ politics, markets and the media.

            I wonder how many protesters were brought in on buses, paid by activist groups funded by George Soros.

            Anti-Trump Protests Continue Across The US Overnight: Burn American Flags, Smash Windows

            Remember this…
            Who Is Behind The Riots? Charlotte Police Says 70% Of Arrested Protesters Had Out Of State IDs – 9/22/16

            Soros funded the Ferguson riots and advocated violence against police during the Baltimore riots.
            Operation “Summer of Chaos” exposed – funded by George Soros

            George Soros funds Ferguson protests, hopes to spur civil action
            “In all, Mr. Soros gave at least $33 MILLION in ONE YEAR to support already-established (activist) groups.”

            Soros funded activist groups plan mass civil disobedience movement – “Democracy Spring”
            The stated GOAL of this movement is to “SPARK A FIRE” in America.

            Anti-American George Soros trying to Control US Media
            “Every month, reporters, writers and bloggers at the many outlets he funds easily reach more than 330 million people around the globe.”

            “Soros denies he has a media empire, despite spending easily more than $48 million on that empire and having top journalists from more than 30 major news organizations serving on the boards of groups he funds.

            Clinton And Soros Are Behind Violent Riots At Trump Rallies

            • Taxpayers are the ones supporting the protesters. We work and pay taxes to fund their lifestyle giving them entitlement payouts (EBT, food stamps, WIC, Obolaphones, etc.). Cut all that off, make them get jobs, otherwise this will never get better.

            • How about we just snuff ALL liberals NOW !!!

              • AMEN Larry

              • Lets Roll

              • What HE said…. ^^^

            • To use a quote from Hillary, “can’t we just drone” Soros? Seems to me that would solve a lot of problems.

            • thanks, mom! you’re the BEST!

          • Little bitches and wusses. Nothing of any significance at this point and doubt it ever will be. A few cars here and there. Whoopie. Wait until a little winter weather settles in on these stupid fucks. Good riddance.

        • They said they would leave the country if the D won. Am I the only one who remembers an old saying that starts: “Don’t let the door ===”

          • hit you where the good lord SPLIT you?

        • James please, don’t be so flippant.

          People/Soros money, is systematically arming gangs all across the US and politicizing/radicalizing them.

          We (conservatives) won the election, that doesn’t mean the left has given up. It means they are getting desperate.

          Damn, I was in such a happy place after the election, now it looks
          Ike the leftists want blood, and are being financed to go there. Notice the professionally printed signs at supposedly spontaneous anti Trump demonstrations.

          A preppers work is never done. The vacation lasted but one day! These demonstrations are well financed and well organized. Expect violence, watch your back.

          • As we celebrate this great victory, we still have to remember this is only a beginning. It is the new beginning we have so passionately prayed and worked for, but it is still just the beginning.

            As Winston Churchill said, “This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

            Soros and his minions are not going away without a last ditch effort to bring America down. Like an alligator that knows its adversary has won, the nwo globalist thugs will inflict as much damage as they possibly can before they finally retreat.

            Be wise, stay alert, and listen for Divine Guidance in this very dangerous time of transition to the Restoration of our Republic.

            • Churchill also said if you are not a liberal in your 20’s you have no heart,if you are not a conservative in your 40’s you have no brain!

              • it’s a shame…hillary could have been one of the finest minds of the twelfth century.

                • BC? Or what?

                  We’ve all gotten quite an amazing LOT stupider since then. Myself included. It’s pretty much been all downhill since the mid to late 19th century…

                  • i don’t know that we’ve ALL gotten stupider. but i’m so stupid, i step out of the shower to take a piss…..wait…..maaaybeee we ARE all stupider.

                • butthead– we are in 2016 not the 1200 century. Maybe you need to learn how to spell!?

                  • thanks, spellchick!…couldn’t help but notice YOU couldn’t spell it EITHER????

            • sarge, how long did it take to stop the Kent state riots?

          • PTPO, so the left wants blood? They would LOSE blood if they attack me.

          • Do we look worried? Letem’ come , we’ve been ready for years…

          • like i said, cut the head off the snake and the crap will stop!! Soros is financing MOST of this!! soooooooo?


          • Soros is about to find out, the USA is NOT the Ukraine….

          • Their media makes them feel cornered, like a wild animal. They will be unpredictable and violent.

        • When obama-hillary seemed civil at Trump win.
          I knew it was a front, A Put On for public display.
          I Knew the scum bags, obama-hillary, were up to “No good.” Plotting.
          A Civil face to the public. While in private they Plot Evil as DEADLY Vipers.

          God help us if obama starts WW III before he is out the door. obama could?
          Maybe the joint chiefs would stop it and arrest obama?

          President Trump Needs to Watch Out for these scum bags: BE CAREFUL
          -I would NOT eat or drink Anything offered up by obama. Don’t do it.
          -Take your own Lunch-drink-glass-dinner ware. Be safe.
          -Don’t shake their hand or let them touch you. Avoid physical contact.
          -I would have my OWN SECURITY detail of Long Time LOYAL people.
          -Trump should Trust NO ONE. Use his own plane and own flight-security crew.
          -Have professionals with metering equipment to detect microwave, radiation, and directed energy weapons. These are real threats.
          -Have professionals to look out for other attack vectors that are unfamiliar to most people
          -obma-hillary are extreme Dangerous criminals. Treat them as such. Be Careful. Stay Away from them. ***Don’t be alone with them. NEVER.*** Have your Security Detail on Rapt Alert in their presence. obama is evil and deadly. DANGEROUS.

          Do NOT accept obama’s invitation to White House.
          Better to be called Paranoid but to stay Alive. Make it into office healthy.

          ***These obama-hillary criminals are capable of ANY and ALL crimes that you and I can NOT even imagine in fiction. I believe they are truly Evil Incarnate and should be treated as Deadly Vindictive Venomous rattle snakes.
          NEVER give them an opportunity to strike. ***Stay out of strike range.

          I have picked up and handled many rattle snakes in my youth. Yet I would Never shake the hand of hillary or obama. Snakes are Less Deadly. Look at the clinton Murder List. They keep killing and get away with it. Why?

          BTW: In my old age I stay the Hell Away from ALL deadly snakes. That is how I got to be an old man. I learned Not to be as Stupid-Foolish-Macho, as I was in my youth.
          Things you did when young seem REAL STUPID when you are older.

          PS–Please forgive me for comparing deadly snakes such as rattlers to obama-hillary. I don’t mean to disparage Innocent snakes. Or present snakes in a bad light. Snakes are God’s creatures and deserve life and respect.

          obama-hillary deserve nothing but arrest and jail. TREASON. National Security threats. Dangers to world Peace. War mongers out to start and provoke Nuclear war. obama-hillary are Evil-Criminal-Insane. Normal people do not and would not operate as they have. Besides anyone else would have been Jailed. For some reason these politicians like obama-hillary are above ALL laws and common sense.

          Pray for President Trump’s Safety-Security-Good Judgement-Good Health.
          To make World Peace. No Sane person wants war.
          May God Protect -Bless America and finally an American President-Trump.
          Has been a LONG time since America had an American President.
          Hope it works out. Always hope. Pray.

          • Mr., President- elect TRUMP, is already taking all those safety precautions ! he is smart, and so are his men.

            • I noticed something about the secret service today.
              Whether they are protecting the Obama’s or Clinton’s they never smile, today I noticed agents on Trump’s detail actually smiling.

            • Maybe. But you were made today.
              You should have just knocked on the door and flashed your card.
              Direct approach often best. You are among friends here and in the State.
              Neighbors also contacted me about your rather obvious presence.

              The tall thin well dressed girl-cab was an easy read. Always remember your LOCAL environment. She was too polished-tall-thin, for local area. I started to say “hello”. But decided to let her think she was doing her thing. Can point out others in private that I noticed to you.

              I could use some work. Any chance of a job? You know where to find me.

              Wish you the best.
              Send Regards from myself, family, friends.

        • Block my path on the road and meet the business end of my bull bar. If that doesn’t work I will shoot them.

          • Hey Menzo: Educate my ass and tell me what a “bull bar” is? You mean the brush-guard on our Jeep, truck or Dodge PowerWagon (I’d kill for an older one of those about now).

            A Bull Bar is? : A:____________

            • Its a slightly modified brush bar as you call it. It prevents damage to the whole of the front of my truck.

              • It would knock a bull off the road.

                • Should name it a thug bar.

                  • That’s perfect!

          • Whoda thunk it that the “Living Dead” would be prophetic…?

        • Democrats don’t have LEGAL guns…(you have forgotten to take the “urban youth” segment into account).

          • Yeah but they can’t shoot worth a shit, and besides they use them mostly to shoot each other.

            • An excellent use don’t you agree?

        • You should be worried.
          James Holmes, Jared Loughner, Adam and Nancy Lanza,
          Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold (Columbine Killers) were ALL Democrats or Liberals (so-called “Progressives”) with guns. Matter of fact all “mass shootings” in the last 35 years were perpetrated by LOONIE LEFTISTS.
          Liberalism is a mental disease…Add a gun and you have a recipe for disaster.
          I’d keep a close eye on this. These butt-hurt morons simply do not know the facts based on government indoctrination and mass media disinformation. They DON’T Know that Democrat party is the party of the KKK, wrote the Jim Crow Laws and were AGAINST all of the Civil Rights Laws that were written by Republicans.
          Matter of fact, The Clintons were great friends with Senator Robert Byrd…the Grand Wizard of the KU KLUX KLAN.
          These are the FACTS and they are irrefutable

          • In 1863 a Democrat shot and killed Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States.
            · In 1881 a left wing radical Democrat shot James Garfield, President of the United States, who later died from the wound.
            · In 1963 a radical left wing socialist shot and killed John F. Kennedy, President of the United States.
            · In 1975 a left wing radical Democrat fired shots at Gerald Ford, President of the United States.
            · In 1983 a registered Democrat shot and wounded Ronald Reagan, President of the United States.
            · In 1984 James Huberty, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 22 people in a McDonalds restaurant.
            · In 1986 Patrick Sherrill, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 15 people in an Oklahoma post office.
            · In 1990 James Pough, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 10 people at a GMAC office.
            · In 1991 George Hennard, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 23 people in a Luby’s cafeteria.
            · In 1995 James Daniel Simpson, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 5 coworkers in a Texas laboratory.
            · In 1999 Larry Asbrook, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 8 people at a church service.
            · In 2001 a left wing radical Democrat fired shots at the White House in a failed attempt to kill George W. Bush, President of the US.
            · In 2003 Douglas Williams, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 7 people at a Lockheed Martin plant.
            · In 2007 a leftist named Seung – Hui Cho, shot and killed 32 people in Virginia Tech.
            · In 2010 a mentally ill registered Democrat named Jared Lee Loughner, shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and killed 6 others.
            · In 2011 a registered Democrat named James Holmes, went into a movie theater and shot and killed 12 people.
            · In 2012 Andrew Engeldinger, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 7 people in Minneapolis.
            · In 2013 a registered Democrat named Adam Lanza, shot and killed 26 people in a school.
            One could go on, but you get the point, even if the media does not. Clearly, there is a problem with Democrats and guns.


        • James and SHTFplan faithful
          Don’t get too comfortable or settled.
          Remember civics/government class in high school?

          No Matter What Happens, We Won’t Know Who The Next President Will Be Until December 19th
          ht tp://

          Not over until the Fat Lady Sings.
          You NEVER have a Fish UNTIL it is not only in the pan but on your plate cooked,
          ANYTHING can happen. I get happy when I’m actually eating a fish.
          NOT when he is caught.
          -Many get away. In between fish on hook in the water and into the boat is a sketchy time. Water boat transition requires a good net/gaff. Or you loose fish.
          -Cleaning can be sketchy.
          -Cooking is always sketchy. I can fish well. My cooking is a damn mess. Especially on open fire.
          SO when my Fish is on Plate Properly cooked. THEN I am happy. I NEVER leave my plate of food unattended.

          But I’m sure all will be OK. Pray for Good Things. God is the ONLY hope of humanity.

        • This story reminds me of the the stories that are played out every day in homes across the country when mommie’s little precious doesn’t get their way.

        • Agreed and they are all talk no action.

        • All americans need to know their government is corrupt to the core. The NSA, DHS, CIA and other agencies are using mind control, directed energy weapons, and gang stalking on innocent americans. The psychiatry is a cover for this and allows it to continue. People are not delusional and schizophrenic their bodies are being violated with technology. This holocaust needs to be exposed and ended now.

          • Now that Trump has won should we still prep for SHTF?

            I don’t know what to do now so would appreciate help and advice. Trump might not be able to stop an economic collapse.


        • James, demonrats and anarchist have guns. They just don’t want YOU to have guns. Communist are capitalist. They just want YOU to pay for their projects. John Lennon, Lucille Ball, Charlie Chaplin didn’t give away their money, they kept it. They were communist, the best part is “past tense”. Communist are hypocrites. Socialist professors in college, IF they believed their own propaganda, would brainwash for free ! They don’t. They are hypocrats, demoncrites and many are RINOs. All need to be exiled from a newly free country. They are a disease. It has already spread from California to other states. The illness is fatal, only one cure.

        • Don’t worry. Democrats run the big cities. They will control the violence.

      2. this shows how many STUPID people now reside in America!! the MSM has been brainwashing for years and it is time to take our country back from the MSM to the white house!!! time to purge out the scumbags

      3. Well the people voted. Suck it up and deal with it folks.

      4. Not seeing much tolerance, only hate. Hippocrit much?!? How about this. You want socialism, you won’t get that by voting in a democracy. And we are supposed to be the stupid ones!?!?

        • I’m watching CNN and they are hard covering this soros financed anarchist movement, they are feeding the violence.

          Watch your six people., this is just getting started.

          • AGREED, they are instigating chaos.

            • BTW, chainsaw, i will ALWAYS hate liars, cheaters, bullies, and MANY others….ALWAYS!

        • Chainsaw…we DON’T live in a Democracy. We live in a Constitutional Republic. I agree wholeheartedly with your statement otherwise, but please do not feed the beast of disinformation. It is important to remind people that this IS NOT a Democracy…because in a Democracy, “Mob-Rules”…..that is exactly what these morons hope to accomplish is a Mob-Rules scenario

          • Maybe that’s the textbook definition but in reality we live in an Oligarchy.

      5. More “spontaneous” protests by Soros/move on?

        • To quote Obama ” we won now get over it. “

        • I switched to MSNBC, they are actively promoting demonstrations.

          This is going to require a suitable application of tear gas.

          • Wait till they multiply the situation by turning off EBT cards.

            • I’d love to see that, no mo EBT, and the moochers having to find work…Can you imagine the boo hooing, I gotses to gets a job!

        • … hit you in the ass on the way out !!!”

          American Patriots have their first Champion in the Oval Office since Ronald Reagan. Time to take the country back while WE have a new burst of FREEDOM available to US.

          Democrats who have violated the US Constitution and committed crimes against the American people must be indicted, convicted, imprisoned, and for those treasonous crimes grievous enough, EXECUTED.

          Those here who have voiced the idea that your vote does not matter, were either stupid, or trying to suppress your participation to elect Crooked Hillary.

          Life is plastic. Patriots just put their stamp on it. The real work begins now. Get involved where you live to extend tracks for the TRUMP TRAIN into every nook and cranny of the USA to root out illegals, socialists, commies, crony capitalists, and the New World Order.

          All politics are local. Make a list. Check it twice. Know who has been naughty and who has been nice. Its time to apply the US Constitution in no uncertain terms, while momentum is with US. Do your part.

          Target the liberals. Boycott Hollywood is one example. 🙂

      6. How utterly disgusting. I was a liberal once but we were trying to stop the govt. from sending young young men to southeast asia to be killed and disfigured for nothing. These fucks want free tuition for college. They don’t give a shit about their peers being killed in the middle east. Big fucking difference. This country has just received a huge opportunity and these fucks are wanting their baksheesh. Their degrees in community organizing will net them a job flipping burgers.

        • I used to be a liberal back in those days, too. Learned all about the Big Lie concept, the rhetoric that sounds good but means something else, and that the leaders were venal and corrupt people who were programming a cult for their own ends.

      7. Nashville, TN seeing some minor protests that closed 6th and Charlotte Ave.

        NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Dozens of students walked out of class and took to the streets across the city of Nashville Wednesday afternoon to protest the election of Donald Trump.

        The march then continued back to the state’s Capitol before heading down Charlotte Avenue, shutting down portions of the road as police remained close to halt nearby drivers.

        “After we found out who won our presidency, we were very outraged because this person is a bigot, he’s a racist, Islamaphobic, and his plans for our future are just going to tear this country apart,” said Shaina Foster, a student at Fisk (University).

        and so it goes~~~

        • Being a Nashville area resident, I can definitively tell you that the vast majority of people who live in this area (not in Nashville proper, but in surrounding counties) could give a shit less about this little sore loser tantrum. It’s also truly laughable that a Fisk University student, which is an all black college in Nashville that is a breeding ground for black racists, would be calling Trump a racist and a bigot. You got your 15 seconds of fame, princess, now grow the f*** up and shut your ignorant pie hole.

          • Amen! That’ll preach!( waving my white hanky here) college kids need to understand they have to WORK for what they have,including their college education. If they won’t pay for it, at least I part, they should get out and work and pay their way thru. My daughter did. And this was only a few years ago.

          • All clear here in Chatham county.

        • Best get your butt back in school, or loose what you have been investing in. You have not gave Trump a day to find out what he is going to do for us all. I guess your to far brain dead, or washed. GROW UP OR GET OUT WE THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN. Obama said Deal with it. peace

        • Does FDE gunz matter?

          • Guns of all colors shall be treated equally.

            • I feel better now.

              • Yea, i got that warm fuzzy feelin

          • FDE is my favorite color. Baby Glock 27 looks really cool in FDE as well as any other serious toys.

            • As Warchild says”If you like your rifle,you can keep your rifle!’

              • All guns matter.

              • Dude, now your scaring me, last thing i was told i could keep like that ended up costing me about double the average mortgage payment in the PNW

        • So, do high cap mags matter or will we have to abort Black Gun babies now for kinder gentler 10 rd. mags.
          I say let them live all gun and mag lives matter. I am partial to the chubby babies my self (90 RD. Drum). A little on the heavy side but once you get them rolling they don’t stop. Then we have the tall but skinny Glock babies 9mm/33rd and .45/28rd I like them too! oh let us not forget the ugly babies High Point mags damn they are some ugly ones, but I still love them just the same. so now that Trump is in we can keep our guns babies no matter how big and ugly they are, right.

          100 lbs. of humor meant

      8. Major cites are liberal bastions. Let them consol each other. Not like they have to wake up and go to work in the morning.

      9. These little faggy snowflakes got their panties in a bunch- let ’em blow off a little steam. It’s gonna be a long 8 years for them rape!

      10. liberals love free speech, as long as they agree with it.

      11. Kill em all

        • Nailbanger, Yeaaaaah man. I’ve got your six with no doubts we are on the same damned page. If they are THAT F’ing stupid, what could they possibly be contributing to America? (wtf would they want Hillary for knowing she’d lead us into a Nuke war with Russia and generally kept America miserable)? Do these people ever read? No. They believe what they are “fed” by the TV, just as in my younger years I would sit and watch Walter Cronkite every evening, never once thinking that someday I would learn that every night he was misleading the nation into one calamity after the other.

          I’m glad to have our Republic back in Republican hands, and intend to keep her that way and WELD THE 2ND AMENDMENT to prevent future “games” (should be dead by then from old age anyway). 🙂

          • Well, thats basicly what they are advocating against us,
            Personally i am a reasonable and civilized guy, can debate a point of view, look at the facts and perhaps come to a compromise and agreement, then shake hands and walk away, but when someone throws a tantrum and gets in my face and basicly says i and my kind need to be eradicated, they may feel a sudden stabbing pain rising up just under their sternum as my spider goes through their pumper. I am peaceful till pushed, may not be the biggest, or fastest, or most fit but i am fast enough and angry enough when that rage takes over to cause some serious problems for just about anyone, thats the funny thing about adrenaline, it tends to cause overrides in your system.

      12. These commies need to be shipped to Uganda. It all started in the 60s. The only good thing to come from it was music and widespread use of grass. My parents were born in the early 30s all my Aunts and Uncles had morals and none were dopers. I was born in 1962 my generation was f/kd and it has gotten progessivly worse since then. These Millennials etc are the bottom of the barrel. They are why we are going to be judged by God almighty. Bank on that. Start cracking heads pigs.

      13. The cops let the Blacks protest in the 60s until they had their fill and started killing them. These paid protesters better watch out. When Soros (Rothschild) is done using you, you get shot during that civil unrest. Remember, you got paid a bribe to commit a crime. Your a witness. Wouldn’t want to be you.


        • Good point today.

        • The act of protesting tis not a crime but the American way,they break law/get violent then you arrest em or if your life in danger,defend yourself.

          We stop peaceful(i.e. not breaking laws)protest we become the monster we fight.

          On a side note,they burn down a Starbucks tis a public service and not violence!

      14. more than likely at least 5-10% of the protesters have been hired to be there!

        • The NY protest was funded and planned by a socialist organization.

        • I can say with certainty that if at this point, after concession speeches and official grand stand moments by the POTUS if anything other than what we have been told or seen at this point comes from them they will all be considered dead men walking, you can google who your state electoral reps are, for me doesnt matter because i live in a commy state but for the rest o you, id look it up JIC

          • The left is already working on the ‘faithless elector’ concept.

            These riots are the pretense.


        • GOOD POINT!! liberals have been brainwashed to “believe” instead of thinking for themselves!! plain and simple time to re-make college professors they are some of the problem! they teach liberalism to the kids

      16. Choppers with mini guns can quell such disturbances quickly and effectively, lets bring them in.

        • Great Zap,become the monster we fought,more democide,just great.

          • In the old days commie sympathisers were not welcome,,,,
            I miss the good old days

          • WARCHILD, you know as well as everyone else that in any war the winner has to – at some point – either fight “dirty” or lose. While I don’t look forward with pleasure at killing a bunch of misguided fools, I have no interest in letting them kill me or mine.
            That said, it’s probably good that I don’t know how to fly a helicopter nor do I own a mingun?.

        • If you want to live get in the chopper!

          Add Arnold accent at you discretion.

        • This “little” uprising has the potential to become an overwhelming uprising, assuming most every Democrat was behind it, yet that isn’t true.

          What IS possible is that The Democrats, (in case of loss), are implementing plan C, which means these things (if they escalate), will no doubt put us into “lockdown” and a state of martial law (but under a different name).

          This is a great opportunity to “DIVIDE WE THE PEOPLE” (and cause a damned Civil War Democrats versus Republicans/Constitutionalists). Now, something like that would be allowed to continue on and on, with the federal government, still under Obama, bring out some pretty nasty weaponry to take out the “Deplorables”; et al.

          Knowing Obama’s Agenda, I can only assume it to be a viable area worthy of consideration, since it’s highly possible. (After all, The NWO, UN and all “enemy allies” (the terrorism peoples are who Obama is attempting to bring into The USA).

          Why not have ourselves kill each other off leaving less for them to have to mess with?

          As Preppers we are all basically on the same page and most definitely are well-armed and our minds are “balanced”. We’ll be fine.

          Keep one in the chamber; no exceptions when carrying

      17. Wait until there isn’t any food. Then you will see rioting. a herd of 400 pound Dindu Sheboon or a herd of 400 pound Wigger land Wales on a Rampage!!! That will be quite a sight to witness. Of course we don’t understand what the present fuss is all about. You cant apply logic to the actions and thinking of mentally compromised commie liberals. Martial Law or not. Trump will take office. Obummer can leave on his own. Or he will be kicked to the curb. But he must realize he is gonna be out of there.

        • I agree that he’s going to have to swallow it whole and realize his ass is grass and he’s outta here, and all the demented intentions they have in place are now worthless.

          But, are we going to be forced to “war” within our own country before we succeed in taking our nation back?

          It is starting to appear that way, and common-sense tells me when the cops start becoming overwhelmed, then in will come the troops and that right there marks a new beginning of Obama’s relentless “pounding” of America.

          Am I “out there” or is a good possibility this is being “forced” as even the news MSNBC is actually ENCOURAGING IT!!!! You have to be kidding me! (They actually ARE encouraging everyone to march again Trump, kill Trump, kill people with guns (good luck with that one Democrats)…

      18. “crowds”?

        I’ve seen more people in line at McDonalds.

        How scary – woooooooo!

        • Bullshit.

      19. They are rioting in the cities? Well, dumb asses, the cities were the ones that voted for Hillary. Every place else in the country voted for Trump. Stupid zombies. Deport them all.

        • Could all of the news agencies be in cahoots in trying to incite a nationwide riot? They’ll not get away with it. No way.

        • Dont need to deport anyone, let them riot,
          And cordon off the city, no one in or out,
          Turn off the water and power,
          Nobody in or out, too dangerous, cant take the chance,,,,
          Wonder how long that would last

        • LOL….I like it!

      20. Let the rats riot . And let’s thin the herd. The Tares must burn. It is written . It must be done.

        • I hear we are going to be able to get a Liberal Stamp for our small game license.

      21. It’s Tares burning time. What is the alternative? Evil must be destroyed? What is the alternative?

        • OK OK let’s go take out some tares, if they ever get out out the cities (and as afaik this entire county voted Trump; hands down. So there is little to no chance of any problems in “Smalltown, USA” (I should think – that does NOT apply to West Coast small towns) or other “Blue States”.

      22. I read where the protesters were saying, “No KKK, no racist USA.”
        Have you seen the Grand Wizard, the Illustrious Potentate, or even the Sergeant at Arms in their Dress Whites causing a problem. I haven’t.
        I saw a black man on CNN saying for the past 8 years he had told his children they could be anything because America was the land of the free; now, he said, he’ll have to tell his children to be afraid because they are black.
        Excuse me, but I can’t figure it out, so I have to ask: Where the fuck do they get these ideas? And, who, who are these fucking idiots?
        Oh well, got to get back to work, there’s a Democrat with chest pain.

        • You have low info voters, and you have low intelligence voters,

      23. i am at work, while these cry babies are out getting used by the elites for their own gains. I feel sorry for the brainwashed little sh***.I have to go into a hostile environment (city) shortly but i go with the knowledge of having a weapon a gas mask and the knowledge to use these items because i trained and prepared;which by the way, i had been royally blasted by the uninformed for doing.May GOD protect all of you and good luck

      24. Oh yeah i forgot to mention i have my level 4 body armor vest with me also lol

        • SASQUATCH

          Nothing like, Stand Alone Capability.

      25. I’m surprised Baltimore hasn’t cooked off yet. Don’t take much to get them jitterbugs out in the streets.

      26. They better not go anywhere near a suburb,they might not make it back. Grow up children life only gets harder and Canada won’t be any easier either.

      27. I fully encourage these idiots to loot, burn. and destroy all the large cities where THEY live that they want. Drive the people out of them and back out to the real world where people have some common sense.

        This is not a race war as they would like to think, this is a rural vs urban war. Producers vs takers.

        As long as they keep it on their turf there will be no problems. If they ever attempt to bring it to the rural areas, that is where it will be met and stopped quickly and effectively. They know this so I have no worries of that happening.

        • Level 4 Armor. Not for me. IIIa is heavy enough to contend with, not to mention the heat (but at least the outside weather is favorable for “war” if they just MUST get their asses shot off, because we can wear everything and not die of heat inside of your Battle Unigram. (That’s what we used to call “a fully loaded BDU”).

          • Equorial

            The cooler temps favors us. Level 4 BA is heavy but I do not envision running the 50 yard dash. Movement within the home is what I planned to use it for.

      28. drop their asses in the streets, and be done with it

      29. so remember , tuesday is for soylent black liberals

      30. what if everything your being told about this was a lie?

        hey, you’ve been lied to before .. why believe it now?

      31. Big fucking babies!

        • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! the dejected emotion being displayed is so savory, and those tears of sorrow are oh so sweet! In the immortal words of Hanibal Lecter “ffffffffffffftttttttttt!” I wish I could have been in the room when Hellery started crying uncontrollably.

      32. Let them protest.. I don’t give a rats ass.. what a bunch of ignorant dumbasses..Trump just cancelled and flatlined soros’s ass… saw a video the other day with some asshole muslim taking to his idiot people taking crap about removal of elections and implementing Islam, yea right .

        Fear that his people said that they are really scared to death of Trump winning.. well this is a good thing..they need to be scared..the cops need to mass arrest the idiotic protesters and clean up the streets..


        • They need to be so scared they pack up and leave the country.

          Kind of funny how the left and the muslims are both talking about getting rid of the electoral process we’ve used for the last 250 years, isn’t it? Wonder if they’re both using the same play book, or something.

      33. People protesting,good!I say they break laws they get arrested,beyond that,let em protest,tis what makes this country great!

        I disagree with them but if peaceful,no matter how much I disagree tis freedom and the American way.I am actually glad though their point of view wrong in me book that folks actually give a shit enuff to protest!

        How many here including Warchild said we would not accept billary as potus?!She won would be tripling down on prepping as much as possible but felt ready as can be for most part,freedom,let it ride!

        • WD

          I would not have accepted Hillary as President but I would not go out and riot. There are ways to direct your anger towards the right objectives. Those objectives being if Hillary loaded the supreme court and anti gun laws were implemented and come for our guns. Then you go after those who made the laws and not destroy public property.
          Drudge has a story with pictures of thugs pulling a older man from a car and beating him because he voted for Trump. Would I have done that to a Clinton voter if she won the election? NO! I would not have, but would be angry at the stupidity of his or her voting choice.
          There is no doubt that we will be in a state of agitation for some time to come.

          Let them come. I’m ready.

          • Dammit!Please note I am saying protesters,not violent rioters!

            To protest is part of our heritage/culture,let em protest(& burn starbucks!).

            The adults have a lot of work ahead of us,we get things going in right direction will bring more to our way of thinking.

            I will not support violent protest unless govt. turns on the people,that said,will disagree but not only enjoy but encourage protests,let freedom ring!

            • WD

              I agree with that. Peaceful protests and other demonstrations. This is getting out of hand though. Hell they riot over sport games.

              I’m still a little bent after listening to screeching Hillary for a year and a half. Have to DETOX.

        • I am one that openly stated I would not accept Hillary as a POTUS, because it would have been a “stolen” election if she had won.

          Just saying… Anyway, let them protest, but if any BS comes of it with any “hint” of underhandedness, it may be a good move on to TWEET THREATS if they don’t go home and hush up?

          I don’t even bother with that social channel bs or facebook, etc. I don’t need to live the Soap Opera lifestyle that shit brings on.

      34. Trump was a battle we won. The war is far from over!…

      35. Restraint! Any body remember our last civil war? You know, the bloodiest war this Nation has ever fought. And it was fought here, in our yard, in our streets, on our farms. Don’t let these bastards do that to us again!

        • Bodysontheground

          They have not encountered strong resistance yet. The police have not used lethal force in mass. No real counter protests. I will tell you that these people will not understand anything but brute force to stop them. They think it is a game until they see death. Then they run and cry.
          I mean to bring the brunt and full force against them should they enter my neighborhood to destroy my somewhat peaceful domain by physical threats to my life and property.

          • I have to admit that I possess the same assumed insight into this mess. It is truth that “they” are not going to listen to reason or to the police until something very serious “gets lit”.

            That could go TWO directions. For now all we can do is watch, since they are not endangering OUR lives …yet.

            Braveheart1776; where you be today bro?

          • Anon, by all means, stand your ground. Own the square foot your standing on, and then some. But I think this little cupcake revolution will burn out. Like a kindling fire, without log wood. Hot and fast, but not for very long.

            • And if it doesnt then their rights, beliefs etc do not exceed tose of anyone else, at this point they are advocating that they have more of a say in this process than the rest of us, that they matter more than you or i, they want it to be their way or no way,,,
              They better be careful what they ask for because im cool with the NO WAY option. I know im not alone.

            • That is one of many outstanding GOOD features of the gun laws in NC. Here, if anyone is attempting to gain entry into your house (frigging with the door with a crowbar or whatever), you have every right to shoot them THROUGH the door, to death, no questions will be asked. The evidence will and has withstood the test).

              Bodysontheground: Aye-aye. They are akin to Alder wood, the burn is super hot and very fast. Worthless as firewood (even as kindling). These rioting ingrates are not much above the quality of Alder …worthless it would appear, by their actions as of late?

          • I am large, fit, and look it. No, they do not understand brute force. SJW’s do not stick to soft targets and will play the part, to the very last.

            Mexican building projects are getting cantankerous in Greater San Bernardino area.

          • Let a few of these”protesters” get gut shot and we shall see how quickly the sound of feet slapping the pavement will occur!
            I understand in Germany after WW I that Germans shot many communists who were trying to establish a new soviet style government in some cities.

      36. What was being passed off as ‘progressivism’ in the US was anything but. Endless culture wars is not progress; putting millions and millions every year on welfare and EBT cards is not progress; letting cities and infrastructure decay into third world ruin is not progress; flooding the country with illegals, angry Muslims and diseased Africans is not progress; encouraging young women to live sad lives where they will never settle down and form a family is not progress; sending off the country’s best young men and women to die for decaying Muslim oligarchies and dictatorships is not progress.

        Welfare is not progress. It is failure.

        People can riot for this mess but they should realize they will eventually hit up against an immovable object of far tougher people than they are. The London kneegrows found that out during the riots of 2011.

        • Mr. Thoughts: You have a great and valid argument. I have to agree that many sectors of our nation are already at a 3rd World Level (how many have been to have a look at or seen pics of Southern Detroit)? The blacks (and whites) have completely destroyed the entire south-side. Electrical wires (miles and miles of it), has been stolen and sold for scrap metals, same goes for city plumbing (no fire-hydrants to be found, all stolen), EVERY HOME is vacant and all of them have busted out windows, or nothing but holes for windows and doors. And after not having been plowed each winter, the remaining streets are just big cracks and potholes, and all utilities and wells have been welded shut and sealed so that nobody might access them.

          The rest of our larger cities aren’t too danged far behind, and in the even of a food shortage or “extensive rioting”, our very own ignorant people could easily render The USA into a 3rd World Status.

          We need to get the “sitting” POTUS to hell out of there NOW, and watch it all die down and blow away …even Soros will have to concede he spent billions on nothing at all. (Fuck him and the horse he first rode in on). He’ll now be dead before there is any chance of him invoking political change, barring invasion-which is very doubtful).

      37. When this monkey in the WH makes his next unconstitutional and traitorous move, the military needs to break the doors down to the oval office, and arrest the entire cabinet……..because, the monkey might just start WWIII. It still has over 2 months to destroy the world. Like a psychotic spoiled child that got his toys taken away, he will go into a temper tantrum. It’s congratulation speech when Trump won was a smokescreen. I could see the evil in its eyes. This is the most dangerous time America has faced. Be prepared .!!!!

      38. The answer is not to put them in jail….they get 3 meals that way…let’s just tell everyone of them that if you are arrested protesting in a violent manner, all government benefits received by you or your family will be cancelled for 1 year. Let’s see then if they can live without their EBT, Fafsa, housing benefits……

      39. This is not a “cupcake revolution”. These are communist/globalist agitators financed by George Soros. They are not going away. This is just the beginning. They are trying to delegitimize the Trump victory. Expect this and worse for the next 4 years.

        • I can tell you one thing for sure, they are going against the will of the people, they wouldnt have any problem if the candidates outcome was reversed, the US government will be tasked with reining these people in, so now, the force they are fighting is the government, AND us, anyone in the government who comes out FOR these boneheads is hands down guilty of being an enemy,
          When it does finally all come to a head these leftist will get mowed down like so much spring wheat, and will be discarded as the chaff. THESE PEOPLE DO NOT ENJOY MORE RIGHTS THAN I AND I WILL NOT STAND BY AND BE INTIMIDATED BY ANYONE, GOT THAT?

          • Nailbanger

            I have wrestled with the thought of fire my first shot in defense of life and property. It’s a Big Deal. The arguments of whether it would be correct and not breaking the law, as I would see it in the moment. As to possible legal ramifications afterward or even second guessing my deadly action.

            What is confirmed is after the first kill shot it would not matter how many more are injured. One or a hundred it is all the same.

            I know we all talk bad at times, but guilt has a way of working on people.

            • Agreed,
              I too have put a lot of hours of introspective consideration into this subject,
              The conclusion i reached was that it would be an all or nothing position for myself, this will not be the same as being a combatant in war as a soldier for country,
              That said, it is a heavy subject, and most likely would also be the beginning of the eventual end. After the first, whats a hundred more?

              • Nailbanger

                I agree.

        • Nah, when the weather turns shity, and the cocaine and hot chocolate run out, they’ll be right back in the dorms.

          • I agree. They are soft and coddled in every sense of the word. Cold weather will drive them indoors. By April, there will be a plan in place to circumvent the rabble rousers.

        • These communists should disappear into the night and fog.

        • And there should not be a cupcake response to their revolution either.

      40. I’m in the UK. From this outsiders perspective I’m becoming more & more convinced these protests are by some centralised nasty little backroom design. Someone, somewhere is paying “community organisers” to start crap. The psychology of large groups tells you that sadly most humans follow the herd in line with their peers. Given that applied behavioural psychologists are employed by most of the large global corporations, I hope you guys can see where I’m going with this?

        I’m convinced too that had the other side won, we’d have seem something designed to serve the same purpose, instigated among those right wing communities that are conveniently located for TV crews.

        I’m now asking myself – who benefits most from Civil Disorder in America? How do they benefit? What purpose does the entrenchment of divisions created by events such as these disgraceful riots serve? Never forget the elites control the right and the left hands of the establishment. Don’t forget either that the US is a nation, where Presidents who fail to do the bidding of their masters, have historically been assassinated 🙁

        We know the petro-dollar is in trouble, we know that the debts created in the 2008 crash haven’t gone away and that the financial can has been kicked down the road longer than anyone expected would be possible?

        Who benefits from a Trump presidency when the banking chickens come home to roost? What advantage or opportunity will it give them that they might not otherwise have enjoyed had the other side won?? (not the advantage could be simply relative anonymity from the public gaze).

        There are questions we should all be asking right now. It’s not the time to let our guard down and assume things are gonna turn out fine. Here in the UK Mayhem is clueless and even the most slow-witted are starting to notice and plan accordingly. Brexit? There is no plan, apart from perhaps a hope that the EU will implode before the UK does and in doing so give the UK a chance to compete within the new global order.

        We need to remember that we are encouraged to see no further than the end of our noses and not to plan past our current fiscal year. Our enemies however plan ahead play a very long game, with their forward plans spanning future generations. They tweak and make adjustments as they go but the end goal – that of creating a global plantation never changes. They would also rather employ a scorched earth policy before permitting the common man to have true self-determination over his own destiny.

        Another economic Tsunami is on its way and the global geo-political situation is fragile. Stay alert.

        • Lonelon- i understand your concerns and thoughts about this violence, and I know you are confused about the players and the puppet masters.

          Firstly- eight years ago when Obama was elected, we (the silent majority) sucked it up and tried to make the best of a bad situation. From the standpoint of morality, this presidency has unleashed a torrent of filth into our popular culture. Nowhere on the streets did you hear conservatives screaming, “F*** Obama”. We may have been thinking it though. But after eight years of Miley Cyrus’ butt wiggling in our faces… shining rainbow flags on the white house… disgusting Baphomet statues being unveiled in the heartland… constant attempts to undermine the second ammendment… having more than half our livelihood sucked away in taxes to provide for illegal alien’s healthcare and education… we are DONE. Sure… after eight years of gloating about the rise of perversity and the destruction of the middle class, “they” are angry, sore losers. But, like Popeye of cartoon fame… we just ate our spinach. And there are many of us from the 60s generation who aren’t fazed by protests since we grew up in them. Katy Perry is nobody’s Joan of Arc.

          I just pray for the safety of Mr. Trump right now.

      41. Prepping,,,

        I gotta tell you, i really like having a deep pantry, ran out of pancake mix, just went down to my basement and dug out anothe big bag of mix,,, now them flapjacks are cookin,,,

        Life is good

        • Nail,did ya’s enjoy those flapjacks?!Good,now that your are satisfied with your meal,get out and restock the damn pantry with more flap jack materials!

      42. This is a continuation of George Soros/Obama’s (Gyorgy Schwartz the Godfather of World Socialism) implementation of their plan known as Open Society/Borderless Society. These actors/agitators/anarchists are George Soros’ hired (useful idiots/rent a mob) goons, just as they were in Ferguson, Baltimore, etc. Gyorgy boy tried to control the outcome of this election by way of his Smartmatic electronic (& programmable) voting machines but failed, so he’s doing it the old fashioned way, by fomenting revolution..

      43. Anybody been to Costco or Walmart, this morning?

        • Yesterday. Staff was in a very strange mood. They called a pow wow on the food aisle. I think racial tensions are running high amongst the employees. Wierd vibe towards me too from an older minority woman.

      44. Here is what I posted 13 days ago:
        “This violence will NOT stop after the elections..Emboldened by the LACK of ANY kind of law enforcement efforts to prevent or prosecute these crimes, Hillary’s supporters will continue this activity even after they win by rigged results…This is how the N@ZI brownshirts morphed into the N@zi SS after the Enabling Act in Germany.. History REPEATS itself UNLESS REAL PATRIOTS STAND UP AND FIGHT BACK NOVEMBER 9th!!!

        DO NOT LIE DOWN COWARDLY LIKE to appease them, these animals will just get bolder and more brutal. You MUST face them and beat them down when they ATTACK YOU FIRST. SELF DEFENSE PATRIOTS, NO SURRENDER.”

        Here is what I posted 10 days ago…. A BLIND man could see what was coming.:

        “America has already turned a corner TOO fast with CORRUPTION at the wheel. What Americans CAN’T SEE already is how that result is going to turn out, the roll over disaster is in progress and time has just gone into slo – mode.

        People are holding their breath to see how all the dynamics of the hatred the candidates pushed, is going to play out, the corruption and its actions play out, and who gets ejected without seat belts and crushed in the train wreck as it unfolds…FACT.

        America is turning a corner, this is the Second “1776” moment where America chooses to go a LAWFUL CONSTITUTIONAL (NATIONALIST) path to right, the wrongs of 8 years of egregious naked blatant painful corruption or if America succumbs instead to blatant criminality (MULTICULTURAL LAW IGNORING PROGRESSIVE H3LL) coming chaos as that reality manifests.

        One FACT for sure, the America we become will be NOTHING like you THINK it will be, and you aren’t READY FOR IT.”

        G0d I hate it when I am right.

      45. Look,these protesters are shouting”Not My President”,well,they obviously do not like obama!

        Some though,are real lost,shouting the same thing but carrying Mexican flags,damn,they are in the wrong freakin country!

      46. So the losers want to protest and destroy etc… How about we just mow them all down with bullets, right where they protest. Take this opportunity to help rid the world of liberals, COMPLETELY !

      47. it proves Trump can still draw big crowds. do they really want to go up against the people who were for Trump? This is just another excuse to riot and loot. They better get it out of their system now because it wont be tolerated after he is in office.

      48. This will not stand. If these idiots keep this up martial law could be invoked.We the people don’t have to live in violence.

      49. I’ve heard that all red states are going to issue a Liberal Stamp to attach to your small game license. NO DAILY LIMIT.

      50. The only people that should be fearing deportation, rightly so, are those here illegally. For the country’s sake, the best thing to do is to cut off their food stamps, welfare checks for them and their offspring.. And then you will see those that are truly here to work, and those here to be parasites. Deport the parasites- family and all… Personally, I’d deport any that broke the law coming here- and tell them to fill out the paperwork and wait for it to be approved — or not …

        Welfare programs should not be handouts- those programs should be workfare. I, like the rest of the working taxpayers, work to pay taxes; if they get money from the government, they should be put to work for every dime of it. Can’t work– go home…

      51. I just love how the liberals, Democrats, and such are celebrating diversity and inclusiveness.

      52. Well, it looks like all of those FEMA camps won’t go to waste. There’s plenty of room for leftist DREGS!

      53. We are raising a generation of babies.

      54. exactly as o’bama/soros planned so o’bama can have an excuse to declare Martial Law and prevent Trump from taking over.

      55. ~And The Madness Continues~

      56. There are many like me, watching… waiting. The liberals will have their day soon.

      57. Pretty sure I have more bullets than there are these people in these “organized mobs”. Care to find out?

      58. These self righteous progressive, inclusive and diversity loving believers in peace are supporting a neocon that advocates a no fly zone over Syria. This no fly zone would require US air dominance, which would according to General Dunford the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Of Staff, put the US in direct conflict with Russia. In the Google age of instant information, the ignorance of such knowledge about your chosen candidate is not the product of intellectual laziness, but rather the need of having social political peer bonding over rational thought. They are quite intentionally not thinking.

        • These marchers are an insult to the 1960s Vietnam War / Civil Rights protestors that they are superficially emulating. Likewise Hillary and John Kerry, who both were part of the 1960s anti war movement and are now more hawkish than the leaders they loathed,

      59. The powers behind these “protests” want to take away our Constitutional Rights and our freedom of speech, which these “protesters” just love to wave in our faces … even though they don’t understand either. These sheep are too stupid to understand what’s going on and won’t realize it until it’s too late.

      60. When Trump and his wife met Obummer today,Trump used his own jet to fly from N.Y. to Washington, DC. He also banned reporters from being with him. – I hope Trump has a long memory regarding his enemies. – He also knows how to Schmooze, which is good.

      61. Just shoot the first 7 or 8 the rest will go home, they’re not that committed…..

      62. Just found one of the Commies U.S. Websites. Utterly disgusting.

        • Just found one of the Commies U.S. Websites. These socialists mean business. Read some of the literature. It matches up nicely with current events/tactics. Utterly disgusting.

          ht tp://

        • Those communists need to disappear into the night and fog, and your right communists are disgusting.

      63. Now , I live out in the sticks
        So I don’t see crap like this around me

        Can anyone from here actually verify this crap is going on to this degree?, or is this footage staged, or manufactured ?

        Come on they gave us 9/11,SandyHoax , etc …


        • Where we live, the entire state, NOTHING
          No protests, sure the democrats are disappointed and lots of the younger or transplants are all butthurt, but no riots or protests

          • my belief is, Soros funded. or the like

            camera goes only to those acting up, because they are paid to

            in reality none of this is taking place , only where its staged to take place.

            if any real protests are happening its very small and in little hell holes in this country anyways ( where bullshit gets played on a daily basis anyhow all they need is an “excuse” and off they go

            • EOTS

              Nothing happening in Florida that I know of. Figured it would go hot with all the minorities, College and Universities.

      64. I still believe in the american people.
        Real americans do not loot, kill, and destroy.
        Only the small ignorante social rejects that seem to get all the attention.

        Let’s be calm everyone, but keep one eye open, and something near by.

      65. This will die when the reality of their futility sets in.

      66. The protesters want anarchy and division. It’s the same story divide and conquer.

      67. Maybe I’m stating the obvious here but y’all do understand these “protests” are for one reason and one reason only: an excuse for obola to declare Martial Law. And once he as done that he does not have to leave office. If you have been paying attention during his 8 years in office he has slipped up and made reference to his third term, and then backtracked to cover himself. I believe that was a hint of what is to come, just like when he said he would “fundamentally transform America”.
        These are not spontaneous protests by disgruntled Hillary minions (although the minions may think it is). This was thought out and planned long ago.


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