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Israel Begins Testing Of New World Order Centralized Digital Currency

Mac Slavo
June 22nd, 2021
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We are down to the wire. The digital dollar is here and is now being tested in a pilot program in Israel.  If we, as a society, are not yet aware enough to reject this obvious enslavement, we are all in big trouble.

Andrew Abir, the Deputy Governor of the Bank of Israel, has started to issue digital shekels as the first step of an internal pilot program. The idea of the digital shekel has been kicked around since 2017 but, Israel decided to put the development of its central bank digital currency (CBDC) into high gear. As reported by The Jerusalem Post and published in a report by Yahoo News, the pilot test was announced by Abir at a conference of the Fair Value Forum of IDC Herzliya.

We all know by now that a fully controlled and centralized digital dollar is one of the keys to the total enslavement of mankind.  If we want any chance at all in the future or even care about humanity, people will need to reject this as what it is: your slave marker. The central banks will essentially own you.

The digital dollar/shekel/euro etc. will be controlled by the central banks and turned off as the rulers see fit.  They will ensure that you are taxed immediately and will stop transactions on a whim.  You will be allowed to only do what you are told and obey. If you choose to dissent, you will be cut off from any of the funds that you earned. We had better start to unite and stand up for each other against this or they will continue to divide and conquer:

During his speech, Abir stated that the Bank of Israel had already run a digital currency pilot, much to the surprise of everyone in attendance. The report suggests that this was an unintentional reveal by the bank’s Deputy Governor when discussing the need for a digital shekel and its possible effects on the financial sector. –Yahoo News

This isn’t new. This is a part of the Great Reset into a totalitarian slave dystopia.

The Central Bank Digital Dollar Is Coming: Prepare For Totalitarian Domination

Control Agenda Moves Forward: Federal Reserve Is Pushing HARD For A Digital Dollar

Abir did say that he was feeling more optimistic than he was before, with his estimate on the chances of a digital shekel going up from less than 20% in the next 5 years. Since the previous year due to other countries moving forward with the New World Order one-world digital currency, he states that “still there is less than a 50% chance” of the elitists and rulers actually forcing a digital currency on humanity.  What would lessen that chance, even more, is people waking up to what’s really going on.

Sweden has already conducted a number of testing phases on its digital currency, the e-krona. Tests were conducted to determine how real-world payments would incorporate the CBDC. The currency testing phase concerns commercial banks and is set to evaluate how the e-krona could be utilized for both retail and commercial payments. –Yahoo News

The time to prepare was yesterday.  This is going to come quickly. When the ruling class decides, the slaves will know. We will be expected to obey and comply with our enslavement without complaint.  Things are going to get interesting in the latter part of this year.  Anything could be coming (I have heard others  speculate that a grid down situation could happen, and you will only be allowed to reconnect if you accept the CBDC or central bank digital currency.)

Stay alert and aware. Know what’s going on and use your discernment and critical thinking. No one makes a rightful master and no one makes a rightful slave. We had better ditch the division and figure out the real enemy (hint: it’s anyone who claims they have any power over you, as a free human being, regardless of the letter behind their name or position).

President Trump is Breaking Down the Neck of the Federal Reserve!

He wants zero rates and QE4!

You must prepare for the financial reset

We are running out of time

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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Date: June 22nd, 2021

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    1. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Obviously an admission by Central Banks that they have failed. Definite sign of bank failure. Who in the hell do they think that they are fooling?! Throw the bums in prison for financial fraud and theft!

      Andrea Iravani

    2. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Yemeni Children Condemn the Monsters of the World in a Scathing Letter to the United Nations:

      “We condemn the UN’s submission to the pressures of arrogant countries,” it added.

      The Yemeni children continued: “We emphasize that the United Nations has made itself the enemy of the Yemeni children and that all the UN-affiliated institutions are involved in all the crimes committed against us in the shadow of their silence.”

      “We children know for sure who the killer is and he is trying to fight us and kill us and surround us and keep us hungry. Secretary-General of the United Nations! You are the main partner and one of the most important role-players who have imposed such sufferings on us.”

      Andrea Iravani

    3. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Google, Fire Ruth Porot! She Destroyed Google!

      Ruth Porot, The Wall Street Veteran That Destroyed Google

      AlJazeera Reports:
      “Although Page and Brin pledged to never focus on short-term profit, Google eventually hired a respected Wall Street veteran, Ruth Porat, as its chief financial officer in 2015. Google began reining in its spending and even created a new holding company, Alphabet, to oversee some of its unprofitable projects, such as internet-beaming balloons and self-driving cars.”

      Under Ruth Porot’s Financial Destruction of Google, Google Suffered It’s First Loss!

      Google under the advice of Ruth Porot decided to feature searches of those who paid to play the most, which is why Google suffered a financial set back. People got sick of a search engine not yoelding search results and started looking for alternatives and even cut back on internet use.

      The Scamdemic did not affect Google. Nobody was banned from using the internet because of the mythological Covid-19. In fact, internet usage increased drastically under the Scamdemic, as everyone knows.

      AlJazeera Reports:

      “Before the pandemic, Google had never suffered a decline in quarterly revenue from the previous year — an extraordinary performance that has helped propel a stock that serves as a key component in the compensation for the over 127,000 employees of Google and Alphabet. Google’s moneymaking machine has boosted its annual revenue from $1.5bn in 2003 to $161bn last year while increasing its market value from $25bn to more than $1 trillion.”

      Andrea Iravani

    4. Chris Avalon says:

      Buy Ammunition now regardless of the cost

    5. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Yet another out of whack thing is happening in my out of whack hood filled with serial criminal psychopathic organized community stalkers and spies from the InfraGard organized crime ring, a guy that appears to be a body builder has been riding around going door to door all day. The odd thing is that he is obviously in top physical condition and is riding an electric scooter, the type that has a flat board and two large wheels and a retractable handle. It is shaped like a dali for moving boxes and cases in retail. Most of the lots are only a quarter acre, so it is a very short distance between homes. 

      Andrea Iravani

    6. Hi Mac
      Sorry to disappoint you but digital currency IS a natural evolution of currency.
      Only thing elites are not suspecting is that this new form of money will be decentralized and not a monopoly.
      This last part is also an evolutionary necessity.

    7. Christian Soldier says:

      I say bring it on….the sooner the better for if anyone has read the word of God…this all must take place before the return of Christ….oh btw the Lord Jesus Christ is a Jew…decedent of the tribe of Judah…

      Oh and if you think you can stop this, get back to me when it is completed….

      Read on if you dare…

      What we are seeing is the rise and revival of the Roman empire as spoken of in the word of God….its only going to grow worse for the world must have one leader come on the scene to commit utter wickedness…once his reign is complete then the Lord Jesus Christ will crush him and setup His kingdom…

      The Antichrist

      Now for those who care to take a deep dive in the spiritual and Divine world of the Lord God Almighty….I would point you to the book below.

      AW Pink – The Antichrist

      For those who know the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior, let this be a comfort to you knowing your Lord is standing at the door…

      For those who do not know Christ as Lord and Savior…know this, He is Lord of all and it is only if you have a saving faith by His blood and have been born again that you will be in glory. Otherwise you will perish and be cast in the lake of fire for eternal punishment.

      Proverbs 18:10-12

      10 The name of the Lord is a strong tower and the righteous run into it and are safe
      11- A rich man’s wealth is his strong city, And like a high wall in his own imagination.
      12- Before destruction the heart of man is haughty, But humility [goes] before honor.

      • Anonymous says:

        Times are short, many living today will see the fulfillment of the prophecies come to pass.

        That doesn’t mean it will be an easy or pleasant process to live through, most will fall away from the faith because of the difficulties they must endure during its progression.

        But those who endure to the end will see a truly glorious new world emerge, one where the strife of today’s world is put away and Christ rules over us.

        • The Truth says:

          You two above Christian Soldier and ANONYMOUS don’t seem to understand that GOD is only there when you are in his dimension meaning DEAD! Get a grip and do something as NO supernatural thing is going to happen!

        • The Truth says:

          Also, in your story of Jesus coming back. … I thought that story book said that Jesus said when they asked him about the end of a time … Jesus said “if you hear a man say I am hear or there …. do not believe it as I am NOT” All your rhetoric BS is a bad as the MSM fake news. Telling lies and giving false hopes when people need the truth to set them free. To tell people to sit back and let some story book tale happen is just pure insanity and brainwashing and against what GOD is. GOD helps THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES …. it is your test to see what you understand and do.

          • Anonymous says:

            Why do you refer to only a a small part of a scripture and ignore the rest of it?

            Are you ignorant of the whole scripture because someone has deceived you or does it suit your purpose to do so to avoid what it actually reveals?

            The Bible is readily available both online and in print, it isn’t difficult to research it to understand the truths presented in it if you are interested in what it really says.

    8. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Juneteenth day is God damned fucking joke! Who in the hell do these God damned fucking low-lifes think that they are fooling?! The surveillance state is slavery! Nothing more! In case everyone hasn’t noticed, crime has increased with increases in surveillance, which is not a coincidence, it is the plan! The surveillance state invades people’s lives against the will of the surveilled, the spies become a part of the spied upon’s lives, without having earned the privelage of becoming a part of the person’s life that they are spying on, which can only be granted by the person whose life that the spies want to become a part of, and not by forced consent either, which is not consent at all.

      Death to the scumbags in the Surveillance State! MAGA!

      Andrea Iravani

    9. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Association of American Physicians Survey reports that nearly 
      60% of physicians are not fully vaccinated and 48% reported that they believe that the shots risks exceed the risk of the virus! They should have surveyed and asked what percentage of them were injecting people with bio-weapons and advising their patients not to get the bioweapon injection!

      Andrea Iravani

    10. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      The Injustices Escalate at the DOJ, with them seizing 33 Iranian websites including state run Press TV.

      “If it wasn’t for double standards, America wouldn’t have any standards at all” -Anonymous source

      Biden and Blinken sure as hell are acting a lot like Trump! Maybe Trump is controlling them remotely with mind control! Sure as hell seems that way! I really don’t see much of a difference other than the Biden Blinken hate crimes against white American hetero-sexual Christians, which is certainly a lot to be upset about, in and of it self! Obviously, Kamala Harris must be contolling that section of Biden’s brain, since Biden happens to be a hetero-sexual white American Christian himself, as far as everyone knows anyways, what else could explain it? Obama maybe, he did say that he would like to sit in his basement in sweat pants and act as a secret defacto president.

      Andrea Iravani

    11. Vera says:

      Dear Mac, read the Word of God, read the last book of the Bible. And then prepare, cause the LORD Jesus is coming SOON!
      Greetings from Spain!

    12. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      I couldn’t help but notice that in about 2015 the U.S. political scene unfolded into something kind of like a reality gong show.

      Biden Blinken gave Juan Guaido control over $342 million in Venezuelan assets held in a U.S. central bank and told Maduro that he would have to negotiate with Juan Guaido who is now touring Europe after being givn control over the stash of cash. This is outrageous! They refuse to recognize Maduro as president! I doubt that it will be long before China bombs the living daylights out of this country at the rate that things are going.

      Andrea Iravani

    13. Only 25% of transactions are cash and most of those are less than $100. The rest are already digital and tracked.

      Besides, “If you’re not doing anything wrong…etc. etc.”

    14. I hope the Fed doesn’t eliminate cash for a while. I buried some FRNs last week to grow my very own money tree.

      Does anybody know how long it takes for a money tree to bear fruit?

      • The Truth says:

        Yes I do. Give the money tree a lot of shit. Shit in a bucket and keep feeding the tree. You will get back what you put in! Soon the tree will be Full of Shit like everything is …..

    15. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      The most evil states in America are New York, Texas, and California. Those state in particular have set the policies that are the most anti-American and have destroyed liberty and justice and turned America into a lawless banana republic.

      New York is America’s financial center, responsible for the gross mismanagement of assets which have resulted in continuous boom bust cycles and bail put for billionaires and dinasoar companies that really have no right to exist and are kept on life support which has sacrificed the honest, the capable, and the competent, for the benefit of the corrupt, the incapable, and the incompetent.

      Texas is America’s energy head quarters and has sent us into war after war for oil for the benefit of the oil companies, in addition to the extreme foreign policy disasters and crimes against Iran and Venezuela. Texas has also thought that it should be able to seize private property that runs from the border with Canada all the way down to Texas through civil asset forfeiture, including Indian land for pipelines, in addition to the environmental destruction that goes along with it.

      California is America’s head-quarters for technology, which has turned America into a surveillance/slave state run by a den of serial killers, thieves, perverts, and retards and has totally destroyed all national security.

      We as a nation need to stop those states from destroying our country even further. 

      If it were not for those three states, 9/11, the scamdemic, the forever wars, and the continuous bail-outs would not have happened! 

      They are rogue states. 

      Andrea Iravani

    16. The Truth says:

      ALSO, ONE big thing about this digital Currency …. once the people of GOD and true patriots want to end it is when the Power grid goes down. Without power DIGITAL DON’T WORK! Hhahahahahaha so the people must keep their notes gold and silver to continue without the beast! They know when the lights go out so do the NWO Idiots of Satan.

    17. Tzvi says:

      A real Sheqel is 11.33 to 11.5 grams of pure silver, a bit more if alloyed.

      Digital currency (no matter what the name) will allow easy revaluations, no need to turn in old cash…zero’s can be added or lopped off in real time…