Islamic State Terrorists Ready To Strike American Soil: Took Credit For Chattanooga Shooting Before Shooter ID’d As Muslim

by | Jul 16, 2015 | Headline News | 222 comments

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    It appears that ISIS operatives on American soil are coordinating with an extended network and are preparing direct attacks on soft targets. With school starting for millions of kids across the nation next month and anti-gun proponents working to dismantle any ability for Americans to defend themselves in high-value terrorist target zones, parents should be concerned about what next year will bring.

    This morning an extremist made good on Islamic State threats to attack military personnel within the borders of the United States by killing four people at two separate installations. Though the government has yet to confirm Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez’s ties with the middle east terror group, Infowars reports that just minutes after reports of the shooting began to surface and before law enforcement officials confirmed the identity of the shooter, a Twitter account created within the last 48 hours took credit for the shooting, specifically noting Chattanooga as the target.

    A Twitter account claiming to be associated with ISIS terrorists appeared to take responsibility for the Chattanooga shooting Thursday, which took the lives of four Marines outside of a Tennessee Navy and Marine Reserve Center.

    The Twitter account, created just yesterday, appears to have sent out a tweet before Muhammad Youssef Abulazeez was identified as the shooter. The tweet stated that “American dogs” would see “wonders” with hashtags including Chattanooga, USA and ISIS.

    The account also sent out several other tweets mentioning the “blood” of Americans while warning of their impending “fate.”

    Islamic State threats against America are nothing new, but this is the first time that the organization has publicly linked itself to an attack against Americans with respect to a specific target. That they insinuated Islamic State involvement with their original Tweet only to have the shooter confirmed as an Islamic extermist is further evidence that there operators from within this organization are actively preparing attacks on American soil.

    Earlier this year we reported several instances of security threats along the southern border with Mexico, but the Obama administration refuses to confirm that they are credible. Last year a border patrol agent confirmed that the department had intercepted scores of individuals with ties to mid-east terrorist organization attempting to cross the border.

    A border patrol agent told the Examiner Wednesday evening that he knew of at least four ISIS insurgents that have been captured this past week.

    “There could be more,” he said. “All I know is we (the border patrol agents) know what we see and do, even if the Feds don’t want to acknowledge it.”

    “We have stepped up our searches on vehicles, under, over and all-around because we believe they may be trying to bring in explosive bombs and devices,” the agent said.

    “Why would we be so cautious if the possibility was not there?”

    “We all know who we have captured,” he continued. “As much as they want it quiet, you can’t keep this kind of information a secret very long. We have families here.”

    Full report

    While the argument about illegal immigration rages on, the Other-Than-Mexican border security threat remains unaddressed.

    In his book Day Of Wrath, author William Forstchen paints a frightening tale of exactly how Islamic terrorists can cross over the border, compartmentalize their operations, and launch deadly attacks across the country on soft targets such as elementary schools and highways. Though such a blow wouldn’t be as physically devastating as an attack on our power grid with an electro magnetic pulse weapon, the panic and psychological damage it would cause would be unfathomable.

    Moreover, it was recently reported that nuclear material was stolen on multiple occasions by Mexican cartel members. The purpose is not clear, but given that Islamic State members are reportedly within 50 miles of the U.S. southern border, and that Mexican cartel members could care less about killing thousands of people, is it possible that some of this material could make its way into the United States in the form of a dirty bomb?

    So when a terrorist group like the Islamic State says we “will see wonders,” we’re going to take them seriously.

    The problem of course is the notion put forth by a vocal minority of Americans who favor disarmament of the people as a means of resolving gun crime and domestic terrorist threats. Karl Denninger explains how such an idea is completely asinine:

    If you remember just recently ISIS said they were going to do exactly this — start attacking people here, in particular military installations and personnel.  Well?

    The gunman was killed but here’s the point: A Jackass (like this guy) who wants a gun is going to get one, and he is going to attempt whatever he intends.  The cops (and military) cannot be everywhere with armed security all the time.  But we can be, we collectively are, and we have a 2nd Amendment designed for exactly this sort of situation — both as a deterrent and, if that fails, as a means of defending oneself.

    The Second Amendment is both brief and clear — it states that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

    In light of the fact that ISIS said they were going to come here, they appear to have made good on that threat and we are too politically correct to do anything preemptive about this (nor will we even entertain the debate over whether we should!) we are all left with, as Americans exactly one option:

    We must all, now, demand that the Second Amendment be honored as written.  No damned permits.  No bull****.  No kidding.  Right now, right here, today.

    If you’re not willing to stand and demand this, right here, right now, today then renounce your citizenship at the nearest consulate and get out.

    The murder of Kathryn Steinle earlier this month in San Francisco by a five-time deported illegal immigrant was tragic. It also underscores the importance of securing our border. It should be a wake up call to our Federal government to stop playing games with American lives in the name of politics.

    If there really are multiple Islamic State cells operating in America, then the death of these four marines today is only the beginning. The next attack could be coordinated across 20 elementary schools with all of them, naturally, located in gun-free zones.

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      1. Great,you mean the folks our govt. put together to rid the sandbox of saad,who is still in power.Seems we might have done this before with folks,hm…..,perhaps afghan land?!I know,if we all turn in our firearms and ask the feds to help all will be fine!

        • Ban the Confederate battle flag United States of America; it is offensive to Americans Muslims.

          • AMERICA BURNING! Race Hatred, Bloody Riots,
            An Emerging Police State —All According to Plan – Part I

            download and listen at

          • time to close down their antiAmerican mosques.

            • It is way past time to close down the mosques. But Saudi Arabia has just put up $64 billion to build more mosques in America. This is just the beginning of their full onslaught of America. Fort Hood was a warning which was ignored. obama knew what it was but he is a jihadist sympathizer and these are his brother muslims. And he is “transforming” America into a communist muslim country so this pushes his plans along. We are being attacked from within and obama has tied everyone’s hands. This will cause the beginning of WWIII right here on our home ground.

        • Just be prepared to gun down the islamic savages that would kill our families and also look out for traitors amongst us that are helping them within our own government. Kill them more slowly.

          • One thing these Turds don’t realize, is that here in TN, you can have your CCW in your car when you drop your kids off at school. Just don’t bring it in when you go talk to a teacher or escort your kid. There WILL be armed parents dropping their kids off.

        • “It appears that ISIS operatives on American soil are coordinating with an extended network and are preparing direct attacks on soft targets.”

          This has a name: Blowback!

          Blowback is unintended consequences of a covert/overt operation that are suffered by the aggressor.

          You reap what you sow.

          • What we have sown is tolerance of Islam.

            To the point of suppressing and stamping out any opposition to it.

            I doubt we’ll be reaping any tolerance in return.

            Most likely the opposite.

            • NO TOLERANCE!!!

              I will not tolerate muslims, niggers, liberals, faggots, or tyranny, period.

              • That’s interesting. Where is it you’ll go where there will not be any?

              • Dude. Yer gonna be living with santa. Unless you got something against elves.

                • That’s funny. He can’t answer either of you, he’s like so many here, old, tired, and upset about the way the world is today. Lacking any ability to do anything, he lashes out like a child, like so many here on this site, looking for scapegoats to blame while spewing up spittle during the daily ravings about how he’ll ” fight ’em to the end, dammit!” when he knows is a joke, like all the rest of them, but words are all they have now, and play with them like the children they’ve reverted to in their old age.

            • we have NOT sown this tolerance of islamofascists–the political whoredom has forced them upon us
              and what you see as tolerance remains THEIR PROTECTED SPECIES STATUS enacted by the same political whores.

              • ISIS, ISIL, Al-Qaeda, or whatever terrorist du jour you can come up with has a tag that reads: “Made In The USA.”

                Apparently it’s the only thing we produce anymore.

      2. Obola invited them in. There are thousands more. 🙁

        • DK, the feds have been letting in Muslims ever since 9/11. So much for the ‘war on terror’ which is really a war against we the people. 9/11 was planned during the Clinton era. The plans for the creation of the Dept. of Homeland Security were drawn up in Slick Willie’s 2nd term BEFORE Y2K. The Project For A New American Century was drawn up during the 2000 elections. The turds we came to know as neocons were really communists disguised as patriots. There are Muslim training facilities spread out all over the US and DHS has told ALL law enforcement, even other federal agencies, HANDS OFF, CANNOT BE TOUCHED. Muslims are in a number of high-level govt. positions that are supposedly also immune. Let the Muslim dogs bring it on. I won’t have any problem taking them out.

          • Brave

            So they say I am a dog. I must be a pit. This dog bites. To the Muslem pukes I have a sign for you.

            ” Beware of Dogs “

            • Scum muslims are bad enough, but there are also traitor american sttooges that are even more of a danger to us all.

              • Zero..Do you mean AIPAC?

                • Anyone backing the NWO. They come from all faiths, mainly fucking devil worshipers that just claim to be something else.

                  • Hey Zero, do you vote?

            • Mike,dogs are loyal/loving/protective.A dog lives in the moment,will fight/eat/play/fuck at the drop of a hat!I am proud to be called a dog!Dogs are not the greatest preppers though,bury bones and then can’t find em and dig up the yard in frustration!As Robert Lewis Stevenson once said,”You think dogs won’t be in heaven,they will be there long before us!”.

              • Warchild

                Your post is dead on. Sometimes it is a shame that certain people are not as loyal as a dog. I have a wonderful pit and a black and tan. I lost the best dog I ever had which I called my 3rd son about 6 months ago. He was half pit and half chow. Smartest animal I have ever seen. He really was my 3rd son. I miss him so.

                • Bummer about your dog,I get it,pets are family!

            • Mike, I hear you loud and clear. I also have a sign for the muzzies and everyone else. “Beware Of A Patriot Who Will At In Self-Defense Of Himself And His Loved Ones.”

          • If you look at the illegal immigration numbers during the Clinton Admin there were only about 6 mil illegals living in the US. Under GW Bush that number doubled to 12 Mil. So what does that say about Bush protecting America, as he ignored the 9-11 commission report. I dont think the fucker can even read.

          • Good post, Braveheart. 60 million commies voted for their commie muslim hero, twice.

            .gov is filled with commies and muslims.

            Be armed at all times.

            f ’em.

            • Goodin, welcome aboard, and thanks for that. You’re in the right place.

          • NO they’ve been importing them since the early 80s dumping somali first up in Maine of all places, then over to Minnesota then the egyptian shyte over to the various established ETHNIC areas of nyc.
            By the 90s these areas were now islamO ghettos plus sanctuary zipcodes and at the present REMAIN THE SAME.
            these groups had no intention of ever assimilating and are antiAmerican and hostile to the ideas of a free society BUT VOTE the diMprogressives line and keep it that way as well.
            THEIR kids get excused from sex ed etc and THEY GET A PASS for their religious observances on and on.

            tipping point WILL COME.

          • The problem, trusting that our government will protect us, they won’t, can’t and are politically condemned to do so. The answer, it’s up to us. Until the bad guys, all of them, the cartels,the muzzies, the outlaw border crossers are scared shitless of what will happen to them if caught by Joe citizen, they will keep coming.
            The consequences must be greater than the benefit.
            There is no nice way of saying this, The beatings will continue until attitudes improve.

        • DK: I have a theory on the whys of the Iran deal…please tell me what you think.

          IF you believe that:
          1. Obama is a Muslim, the Sunni version (as was his father), Obama being raised in Sunni-led Indonesia.
          2. Muslims are currently engaged in a religious war. [ISIS consists of Sunnis who are waging war against non-Sunni-led countries (Iran, Iraq, Syria, etc.), Christians, and anybody who aren’t Sunnis. They are the Arab version of Hitler.]
          3. As a Sunni Muslim, Obama hates Israel and wants to see it destroyed.
          4. Meanwhile, V. Jarrett thinks Obama is helping the land where she was born and raised (IRAN), actually, Obama hates Iran because they are Shiites, the “enemy.”
          5. Israel will never allow Iran to go nuclear because of Iran’s “death to Israel” chants, etc., which mimics the total Arab world’s thought processes, and its close proximity to Israel.

          A simple conclusion could be: If Obama allows Iran to go nuclear, the ensuing Israeli “shit storm” against Iran, and then the resulting boomerang Muslim world backlash against Israeli, could provide the means to eradicate both Israel and Iran….which would only serve to benefit the Sunnis (Saudi Arabia) as the “last Muslims standing.”

          Your thoughts???

          • Oh, did I mention: Saudi Arabia HATES Iran.

            • It’s all controlled opposition. For example the British and French have controlled Iran for many years.

              • No, they have hated each other since Muhammed died. When he died, they had a problem with succession of leadership. The dissenters eventually split into two factions: The Sunnis, who believed the most able and pious should be his caliph, and the Shiites, who believed in a blood line succession.

                From Pierre Tristam, a Middle East expert:

                “Sunnis form the overwhelming majority in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Yemen, Pakistan, Indonesia, Turkey, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.”

                “Shiites form the majority only in Iran, Iraq, Bahrain, and Azerbaijan, but they constitute sizable minorities in Afghanistan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Yemen.”

                “At heart, Sunnis and Shiites are like Catholics and Protestants in the commonality of some fundamental beliefs. But their differences, especially in nations where the Sunni-Shiite split is exacerbated by each other’s proximity (as in Iraq and Lebanon), run so deep that intolerance and violence shadow the two groups, making coexistence difficult.”

                • Once again it is all controlled opposition. The religions were all created by the same slave master’s who control humans still today. And the game is perpetual war and control. It is all possible with deception. Deception is the main tool of The dark side. Nothing is as it seems. If you only believe what you see you will only experience what is presented to you. And what is presented to you is always deception.

            • Preach

              There is a problem here. I have said all along that Saudi Arabia has us by the nuts. If they chose not to use the petrodollar then the American reserve currency is done. This all does not make sense unless our fearful leader is a Muslim.

              • The slavemasters who call the shots are not of any religion. They are not even human. Don’t fall for what is presented to you.

            • This was probably another ZOG Falseflag attack to instill fear and sell more aexurity products. The ZOG imports these patsy shills, give them new names and identity papers, set them up in the US to attack. This keeps their funding rolling in from Uncle Sam. Want the teuth behind the Boston bombing. Guess who was hired by the ZOG DHS to run security in Boston? Yep an Israeli Security Co. Yeah for a US sports event on US soil. A foreign Jew company. Americans should be outraged about that one. Wake up America!!!!!

              • Congraulations, WWTI, you are the first poster on this article about a Muslim terrorist in the US to claim it was a Jewish plot.

                Idiot. Moron. Ignorant, stupid, fool.

                “Wake up, America?” You can’t be stupid enough to be serious. Look in the mirror and recognize yourself for one of the sheeple who let others drive them to hatred.

                Hatred that’s not even based on reality.

                Tool. Useful fool.

            • The question is, Who in the world likes Israel?

              Every look at the UN Voting? Its basically this over and over again.. The US, Israel and some tiny pacific Island you never heard of against the entire rest of the world votes 200+. Why does our Government always choose the wrong side if history repeatedly!! Its certainly not in the interest of the American people to be hated world wide. So which tribe is creating this chaos? Pftttt. Wake up Amerrikkka.

          • I think it is the plan of those waaaay above buttboy obamas level. He is just a puppet like the rest of the governments turds.

            • What is the end game is actually providing Saudi Arabia with nuclear weapons? Can he provide them to Iran without also providing them to Saudi Arabia, otherwise you risk seriously pissing off your main oil supplier.

              • As long as the US continues to suck off the teet of the Foreign Oil Cow, and iccupies tgwir homeland fie rhia dependency, expect conflict, wars and attacks. The propped up petro dollar is dying anyway. Thats reality folks.

                • Our domestic production now is as much as our needs, we even have enough to export on top of it.

                  At least until the left manages to kill it off and reestablishes our foreign dependency.

              • Saudi Arabia is controlled by Israel. A very plausible case can be made that the Saudi royals are Jew. Israel and the west control the middle east. All the world players are in this game together. China, Russia and NATO are controlled opposition. They are all working together to manipulate humans into an even deeper level of total enslavement. Do not be deceived by what is presented to you. It is a mind control system that keeps you looking at the surface while they manipulate humans into their cage.

            • This attack is called “Blowback” for the years of illegal occupation and genocide in the sand box. No surprise here. Think about how many terrorists the US created with their F-up pro-ZOG foreign policy.

            • I hear this a lot.

              BarryO is a guilty political asshole…worthy of scorn and hate.

              He is there because he agrees with the plans.

          • PWY: I believe your items 1-4 are correct, but I am not so sure that Obola is a “Sunni” Muslim. He is just a Muslim.

            As a Black, Gay, Muslim, Obama hates White Christian America and wants to see it destroyed. Most gays are not Christian; but some are, despite the fact that Christianity labels Gays as evil and perverts. Of course Islam does too and believes they should be executed, but Obola somehow rationalizes that away.

            Personally my position on gays have changed and I am more accepting of them, (although swishy men make me uncomfortable) as I have come to recognize that judging their “gayness” with respect to their humanity and even with Christianity, is above my pay grade.

            While this Agreement is a bad deal and will not survive Iran eventually cheating, I am for it as it does allow the US to extricate itself from the role of “policeman of last resort” between the Major Middle East antagonists.

            Let Saudi Arabia and Israel carry their own water and do their own dirty work. Israel is quite capable of eliminating the Iranian nuclear program with Saudi approval.

            And it will. 🙁

            • Thanks for the input!!…it is like trying to do the puzzle when the box cover is missing.

            • DK i agree with above the pay grade statment ,i got the penny i was promised for working in the vinyard ,what ever deal is struck with the other guy whether i think its fair or not is none of my concern ,i was given what i was promised

              • Uh Oh….Just in…. Walmart now accepts the Chinese Yuan, besides the US Dollar and credit cards for instore payment…
                Just kidding,…but thats a possible sign its SHTF Time.

                • WalMart DOES accept the Chinese Yuan …. in China. 🙂

                • You scared the shit out of me! “Walmart excepts Yuan”

            • Two things that will not ever change.

              The Obominable One is deep in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood which is Sunni and using ISIS as their “radical tool” to fight against everything and everyone else, especially Iran/Shiites.

              There are no “moderate muslims”. They all support the Quran, that is based on lies from a demonically led individual.
              When it comes down to support, they will turn on the country that has given them everything.

              As far as christian gays and supporting them…that is like saying I support all muslims and we all go to Heaven, but just have different routes of getting there.
              It does not work that way and you are delusional to think there is such a thing as a christian faggot.

              Only twisted and demonically controlled minds follow their own religions that aren’t following the doctrines and teachings of Jesus Christ. God’s own words say homosexuality is an abomination and those are not permitted into Heaven. A supporter of those carrying out those abominations unto God, is also guilty by association and support.

              Muslims and queers will not enter Heaven…period..according to the Creator.

              Who’s side are you on? You cannot be on both, on these issues dk. So, I guess you had best do some more soul searching, cause the straddlers and lukewarm, self-proclaimed christians that follow the pc agenda ain’t going where true christians go, for eternity. That is what my Creator says and that is not judging, it is just stating the facts.

              Accepting queer marriage just because the scotus, flotus and potus say it is correct, doesn’t free you from guilt by association.

              • Pissin in the wind: Agree w/ you, if they don’t repent (and this incl greedy apostate clergy and laity, thieves, queers, all LGBT’s, adulterers, cheats, dopers, etc) they- reprobates be cast out. Liberal money grabbing 501c3 churches will go along w/gay couples saying “they won’t judge”. They are too stupid to see the Bible sets standards, not man. Yep, the fence walkers, luke warm folks who condone anything, will be told to “depart I never knew you”. This is why this country is so trashed, too many middle of the road folks who are neutralized and stand for nothing.

                • It’s good to know whom, like myself, have separated ourselves from the goats.

                  I had a whole lot rather separate myself now, than be separated by our Saviour, on the Lord’s Day.

                  Mat 7:19
                  Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.

                  Mat 7:20
                  Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

                  Thanks Laura m.

                • morning Laura, that’s “passin” not pissin 🙂

                  Agree with both of you. As Christians, I believe we are not judging gays, but we as followers of Jesus MUST have some

                  spiritual discernment

                  in order to present the love of God thru Christ to anyone who is under bondage of open and continually practiced sin, gay or otherwise.

              • All members of any religion are delusional. Your christian God is just as much a product of delusion as any other God. Google

                • There is only one God, charles k.

                  And before you blink, too many more times, you will get to meet Him, as you face him from a kneeling position.

                  Bet granny’s hand basket you won’t be so smart aleck about it then.

                  • There are no God’s. It’s all in your mind a controlled mind.

                    • And then there was zeus. He married his sister and f ‘ed anything that breathed.

                    • Charles,

                      If ther is no God then there are now laws of gad and that means no good or evil or right or wrong.

                      That means anything and everything equally acceptable, mother Theresa, Jeffrey Dahmer and the Isis JV team – they all are equally acceptable in their actions and end up in the same place.

                      However, I think your views would change if your family -or maybe you- were being eaten by a cannibal or beheaded by an Islamist and you would somehow suddenly think they are doing wrong.

        • We can blame obama all we want, but george w. destroyed the country. obama is just directing the funeral. Remember please, george signed the North American Union, not obama. We were screwed by a white president and will be aborted by a black one. Wonder who they will sell our organs too?

          • However, NOT blaming Obama equally is like not blaming equally both guys who robbed the pizza joint, after the first guy (George W.) knocked you out and tied you up, so the second guy (Obama) gave you the double tap.

            Both would be equally guilty of armed robbery, murder during commission, etc.

            Obama will be signing the TransPacific Partnership Treaty (at least 40% of the global economy is involved), which will do to us what the EU did to Greece: strip America’s sovereignty. Greece was just “their” dry run to work out the kinks.

        • At least their target are the oppressers and not the American people. I guess if you are a whore prostitute and join the US Military to slaughter 3rd world people to steal their resources for the fascist state, your lunch gets served back, on occasion. I shed no tears. There is no honor or heros in todays US Military. Just whores and prostitutes. As they say in the sandbox. An eye for an eye. The fear porn is they say if they could attack a school. The hidded agenda is some fence or security co that now gets a big fat Grabberment contract to protect schools which will look like prisons, razor wire and all.

          • WWTI, you are an idiot.

            Since you’re so oppressed by life here, why don’t you go die on a barricade somewhere?

            Did you give your place back to the Indians yet? You stole it from them, time to make amends for your guilt.

            • The most easily controlled slave is the slave who doesn’t know he is a slave. If you think you are free in the USA you are under some deep mind control.

              • charles king. Bravo.

              • Tell us all how everyone you don’t agree with is a slave. Inquiring minds want to know.

        • @DK
          Correct. And UNTIL WE THE PEOPLE GROW A PAIR OF BALLS and DEMAND that Obama and EVERY OTHER government offical who has failed to secure our borders (including congress, Cabinet officials, DHS/ DOJ heads And ALL state and local officials who have blocked measures to secure the borders)BE ARRESTED AND TRIED as accomplices in EVERY single crime committed by ANYONE who crosses our borders illegally (Mexican or Muslim or WHOMEVER) This will continue and probably inccrease in frequency and severity. TO HELL WITH POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and LiBERAL-GLOBALIST BULLSHIT, IT IS KILLING OUR NATION!!!!!

          • Spud: That’s why I say support Trump. No other candidate for office is willing to take a stand against the New World Order.

            He is the Great White Hope. 🙂

            • Don’t be taken in by trump. He is no different than all the others. Don’t be taken in by the election process. Its a rigged game. Your vote is worthless. We will never vote our way out of this. Way too late for that. One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome.

              • Charles King is absolutely correct –

                [Trump] is there to give “hope” to those who are loyalist to the Republican Party.

                [Sanders] is there to give “hope” to those who are loyalist to the Democrat Party.

                Both of these candidates will eventually be put on the back burner —- as in getting [Ron Paul’ed]

                The Finalist will be [Clinton & Bush]

                The Dynasty between these two families must continue.

                I am getting beyond wanting to do anything with this country called America. It has become one gigantic Insane Asylum and I want nothing more to do with it.

                FTW – F’America – & F’ the NWO – I want my isolated, habitable ISLAND!

        • DK, etc: all political activity is useless, we all must be in a survival mode with family and close friends. Nation has been hijacked, muslims in Obozo’s cabinet and other positions like local and state gov. Mosques being built. Real men must lead the patriots if there is any left.

      3. I live 1.2 miles from our county school trio (elementary, middle, high school). Very scary thought indeed, even though I’m a licensed CCW Holder, the law clearly states not allowed in school zones. It’s a sad state of affairs that the good guys have to stand on the sidelines looking in, not saying give up, but it’s just sad that following the rules can cost you more than breaking them.

        Be safe out there folks, keep your head on a swivel.

        • “Day of Rage” by William Forstchen

          a sobering (quick) read.

        • In the event of a mass shooting, if you were nearby, and took your pistol in the school to hunt the killer of children, nothing would happen to you legally.

          Unless you shot a kid, were shot by the cops, or were shot by the killer, of course.

      4. Something must be wrong, so far not a single post about ZOG and false flag attacks.

        • Smokey, I smell a false flag on this one. How’s that?

          • Certainly it was a ff. Done for no other reason than to take the media attention off of the Iranian Nuke Deal. That’s all it is and there will be more to come to declare a state of emergency followed by Martial law, followed by gun, food, and property confiscations. Kerry gets a nobel peace prize, and we just get surprized.

          • Braveheart, on what basis to you smell this? He is a muslim male, radicalized, posted his intent to the internet before his rampage, and was shot at the scene.

            Tell us why you think this individual may not be who he appears to be. Do you have information that we don’t have?

            • smokey, do you always believe what the zionist owed media tells you? My question is how do you react or even accept if by act of God one day one of these long beard mossies actually be part of the Mossad cells. Don’t get brain washed easily.

              • I don’t allow myself to be brainwashed by anyone. When a muslim attacks a site, from a family of known islamist fanatics, with absolutely no evidence of involvement by anyone other than muslims, it’s a pretty simple thing ‘to believe what the Zionist media tells you”.

                Tell you what, go and get the direct evidence to support your belief that Abdulazeez was controlled by Mossad, making sure it’s something other than internet bullshit or a series of unconnected ‘truths’, and post it here. Let’s see the objective basis for your irrational belief.

            • Funny how these kind of guys just go crazy and kill a few then die. If you want to damage your enemy there are much better targets and ways to go about it. Those who die are most always at the bottom of the pyramid. When they start taking out the top of the pyramid and destroy the tops more precious property then we can consider something other than false flag. But even then it will likely be controlled opposition.

            • A muslim male. I thought I smelled goat shit.

        • Smokey, right? I think that guy is the same guy with like three email accounts. If you get bored, he can be entertaining to think the guy actually thinks we are listening…….

          Keep your powder dry

          • You got it right. You don’t listen. It’s called a closed mind.

            • Or maybe you are not closed minded but are paid to deflect light shining on the Jew.

        • Zionist Jew Kid:

          Hey dad, can I have $50 Dollar’s?

          Zionist Jew Dad:

          WHAT! $25 Dollar’s!

          Why on earth do you want $20 Dollar’s for?

          $15 Dollar’s is a lot to ask for.

          Well alright, I’d be happy to give you that $10 Dollar’s.

          Here, have $4.99!

          ;0p pssszzt

        • Smokey- ” so far not a single post about ZOG and false flag attacks”

          I too wondered when than might come up.

      5. Freedom, which today is about as substantial as a cloud of gas, is risky. An armed and yep, militant population is the answer to whatever threat to life and liberty, but those who wish to gain greater power over the serfs, peasants, and slaves will doubtless steer the public to disarm and abdicate personal responsibility to a government which CANNNOT EVEN PROTECT ITS OWN SOLDIERS.Keep up the good work, Mr. Slavo.

      6. ANYONE who is promoting via million dollar campaign under such names as gun control and proposing to disarm the law abiding Americans in order to prevent them from being able to defend selves and loved ones are more dangerous than the so called ISIS savages.


        Bloomberg, Feinstein, Pelosi, Shummer, Rotenburg and many more of these scumbags.

      7. Here’s what I posted on yahoo:

        “”This is a very, very terrible situation,” he told reporters. “I’m very concerned about what’s going on. We need to figure out how to handle it.””


        Stop combing through data looking for leverage to blackmail people in positions of authority. Perhaps if you focused on TERRORISTS, you might actually STOP ONE BEFORE THEY MURDER YET MORE INNOCENT AMERICANS!!!

        “His father had been investigated several years ago for “possible ties to a foreign terrorist organization” and added to the U.S. terrorist watch list, according to a report in the New York Times, but that probe did not surface information about Abdulazeez, the paper said.”

        YOU KNEW about his family predispositions, BUT YOU DID NOTHING. You had the information, yet you couldn’t get off my facebook page long enough to act on it. You were too busy illegally handing information over to the IRS, to prosecute people opposed to the obama regime. What a sorry bunch you are, NSA, CIA, FBI, DHS.

        WHY DID YOUR ‘PROBE’ NOT COME UP WITH ANY INFO? Or did it, but you were too busy to deal with it?


        Every one of you should be held legally and criminally responsible for each death that results from your stupidity. Your globalist masters will not save you from the people.

        You can’t work for the cabal AND do your job to protect the American people at the same time…you need to choose.


        • Sixpack, I couldn’t have said it any better. I think I could fall in love with you.

          • I see where the shooter’s daddy was on the Terrorist Watch List, and then by some miracle got taken off.

            Just sayin’. Draw your own conclusions.

        • That sounds reasonable.

          • I agree sixpack but obammy doesn’t do anything without permission from his masters. I hold the fed reserve bankers and their crew responsible. After all, obama was SELECTED not ELECTED just like many presidents. Start at the top of the power chain and work your way down. Only then will anything change…

            • Genius,hope this gets to you before you are back to working on the little house on the prairie!As I do not know species of wood and am unsure whether already had a coating be careful with deck finish,some coating do not play well with each other(kinda like me in grade school!).I would definetly experiment with a tiny patch,realise you said boards were grooved for traction but may need to be carefully stripped,not positive but just can’t see what you are dealing with,say Hi to Laura for me out there!

          Perfectly stated and Correct. And UNTIL WE THE PEOPLE GROW A PAIR OF BALLS and DEMAND that Obama and EVERY OTHER government offical who has failed to secure our borders (including congress, Cabinet officials, DHS/ DOJ heads And ALL state and local officials who have blocked measures to secure the borders)BE ARRESTED AND TRIED as accomplices in EVERY single crime committed by ANYONE who crosses our borders illegally (Mexican or Muslim or WHOMEVER) This will continue and probably inccrease in frequency and severity. TO HELL WITH POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and LiBERAL-GLOBALIST BULLSHIT, IT IS KILLING OUR NATION!!!!!

          • Yeah. PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY…what a concept, huh?

      8. Smokey, I’ve been ranting about it getting hot this summer with false flags, stagged events, and provacateurs running around. But don’t you worry, summer ain’t over yet.

        • August is coming up, for certain.

          I’m in the camp that says we don’t have to have staged events and false flags, it’s bad enough as it is.

          I guess I don’t get it. What is so surreal about reality that we invent mythology to explain it?

          A muslim goes lone wolf and folks claim he’s a Jewish plot. Arabs fly hijacked planes into skyscrapers, on camera, and folks says it’s not possible. A bomb goes off in Boston on camera, and folks say the injuries are faked. A nutjob kills two dozen kids at a school and folks say it didn’t happen.

          Why is reality so difficult to deal with that we allow such fantasies to gain credence inside our heads? What Pavlovian conditioning did we submit to?

          • Smokey you must get paid to say that shot.

          • Smokey,

            We just pay too much attention to what lunatics post, most people don’t fall into the whack job conspiracy theory category.

            • Anon and Smokey paid shills and your tactics are very common psyop and really lame. Note to your handlers: take these guys off the payroll. They have no psyop talent at all.

              • Smokey is a fit name for a psyop agent. Smoke, fog and cloud is what psyop do.

                • You’re on a roll there, Chuck.

                  Sorry to burst your little bubble of bullshit, but I’m neither Jewish, being paid by anyone to post here or anywhere else, or even married to a Jewess, as someone here was absolutely certain of a few days ago.

                  I don’t suffer self-radicalized fools gladly, either muslims, jews, or WASPs.

              • Charles.

                You are an idiot, and that is being kind.

                No one here is a paid shill, except perhaps yourself.

                • Anon you are in the wrong business. Your psyop talent wouldn’t work on a grade schooler.

                  • neither does yours, charles

                  • It certainly worked on you, Charles, us so-called psyop agents have got free rent inside your head.

          • Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

            • And hammer sometimes it’s not.

      9. Silence is the power they wish they controlled, with people looking at all the influx of NEWS, I am confident that we as a whole will make the correct decision at the right time and control what is ours, thus making it almost impossible for TPTB to change the course. Keep up with the inputs and knowledge (greaty appreciate by the way), and stay focused.

      10. Zog False-Flag Misdirection

        I hope you All realize this is just simple Zionist Propaganda Misdirection!

        The Zionist J’s are using Muslim ISIS Mossad Agents (AL-CIA-DUH) not only in the Middle East and other Zionist area’s of interest around the world , but also right here in Zog Amerika!

        Simply to give you all someone else to focus your rage at for the Fall of Amerika other than the Zionist Banker’s running the whole NWO Zog ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT take over of the global Goyim population through Zog Military Backed Central Banking Institutions!

        That’s all this is a simple misdirection by the Zog!

        ~Israehell Zionist Mossad Motto


      11. Always carry wherever I go, like SGT I’m a 45 type of guy.

        No point in getting in an argument with a 380 and having to put in an extra magazine, in my opinion .

        Looks like war is coming whether you bury your head in the sand…or not…

        • 1911A1 with the classic 230 grain ball ammo. Time tested and battle proven.
          I qualified as Marksman with it the first time I shot one in Boot Camp. That was many moons ago and lots of ammo has been expended honing my skill.

          Cocked and locked; there is a round ready for anyone who thinks they are going to have their way with my freedom.

          It doesn’t matter if it’s a Hodji, a Jose, or a Juwan.

      12. Whats a Zog?

        • ZOG = Zionist (Jew) Occupied Government

            • Now there is a video even an idiot can understand. Good post Aqua.

              • Even a idiot can understand?I will give you a translation then when necc.!

      13. Just went from carrying one knife to two with this story.

        Highly unlikely I ever need them but we do have Muslims in the department

        • just a suggestion…

          give yourself some options so you can use the proper level of force necessary to defend yourself or others and not be jailed 25 years for murder(manslaughter).

          wasp spray
          cattle prod
          roofing hammer
          3 d-cell Mag Flashlight
          lead filled sap/ billy club
          baseball bat
          oak axe handle
          solid oak fighting cane

          .38cal revolver with rubber bullet’s or Snakeloads

          12gauge shotgun with rock salt or birdshot

          a few pairs of handcuff’s and/or electric wire for their hands and feet.


          *suggestion: “never bring a knife to a gun fight!”
          get yourself a very dependable 9mm Glock Semi-Auto Pistol ($450.) and a Ruger LCR .38 Cal Revolver ($350.) as backup.

          • Screw that, when it goes down Im going off the res for good

          • 12 ga. Saiga with 20 round drum loaded with 00 buck and keep shooting till the terrorist has disappeared. Just a thought!!!

          • Thanks

            I already have most of those – yazer mace baseball bat and guns but most of those are hard to carry discreetly

            Knives are mistaken for car keys easily in your pocket

            • Couldn’t carry inside the office, so I kept a couple of old axes under my desk, just in case.

              • Smokey you are full of it.

          • rubber bullets or snakeloads in a pistol is for ground dwelling serpents only.

            I follow the the old saying…

            “If you pull a handgun on someone, you had damn well best be prepared to kill with it.”

            Otherwise, take your knife to the gunfight.

            Having said that, i do believe there is a time for using a shotgun to ward off potentials at long distance range.

            I have loads of rock salt for 100 yard defense of property borders. Hot powder charges of rock salt, peppered amongst flesh bodies, should deter average trespassers.

            Next, if the threat continues to come closer, a good dusting with #9 birdshot at 50 yards will cause pain and light bleeding.

            Next, if the threat continues to come closer, a heavy powdering with # 5, 6, or, 7 shot will cripple and maim at 25 yards, but not necessarily kill unless directed to the head or heart.

            Next, if the threat continues to come closer, it’s a good bet that they intend to do harm and will kill and destroy if given the chance. So, it’s lights out with the double and triple ought buck shot from the 12 gauge short barrel pump riot gun, or a well placed shot from the magnum pistola.

            shoot,shovel, and shut up.

            • Rock salt at 100 yards?

              Don’t be an idiot, even 000 buckshot is losing most of its effectiveness at that distance and the pattern would be big enough to walk a buffalo through untouched even if a few pieces make it that far.

              As for 5,6,7 shot – go out and actually try shooting something with it at that range and see how great you think it is. You might kill a piece of paper -I stress “might”- but you unlikely to do more than make someone really, really mad at 25 yards with it.

              I know shotguns in combat, I carried one for two years in VietNam, usually with 00 loads, and know exactly how effective they are and at what ranges so don’t doubt what I say here.

            • That’s right preacher, God says he likes the 12 gauge also, he said anything a hillbilly truck driver with missing teeth likes can’t be wrong, and btw, God did say this was Mac Slavos website and not yours, and he said to get a life outside of here for a while because you’re really making an ass of yourself, remember, that’s God talking, not me.

            • Do you know anything about shotguns and shotgun ammo / ballistics. man you are gonna get yourself or others killed with your lack of knowledge. How about get of the computer, get your shotgun and go to the range. Try this… #00 buck for up to 40 meters or so. slugs for 40 meters up to 100 meters or so. Hickcock45 has a video shooting slugs out to 230 meters or so. But that’s Hickcock45, not me or you without alot of practice…ALOT… Then there are those segmented slugs. Birdshot, ok maybe in some situations. but not me. I do not want to shoot anyone. but if I have to defend myself and fire my weapon. I want that other sob to know without a doubt , they been shot. Try some of those Remington slugger slugs. all kinds of fun there.

              Rock salt. 100 meters. there are alot of people here silently laughing there ass off about that comment.
              good luck with that rock salt. Lmmfao…
              Seriously rock salt. maybe you should just use a pellet gun…. HERE’S YOUR SIGN. I think your name on here suits you. Dang dude, really…. lmao

        • Smokey you are full of it.

          • You’re repeating yourself, Charles.

        • Lena you are a hoot.

      14. zionist owned government

      15. If anyone can find a photo of that no guns allowed sign on at least one of the buildings it would be nice if it was posted.

      16. Gun used by the illegal that killed the young lady in San Francisco was a gun registered to a federal agent. Shooter that shot up church members was an admitted drug abuser and was not stopped by the federal background check from purchasing the gun used in the shooting. Rag head whose father was on a watch list uses a semi auto weapon to shoot up military personnel in a “no gun zone”. Am I just a conspiracy theorist or does it seem that the feds are setting us up for a “domestic type” operation fast and furious hoping the sheeple will beg the government to save us from those evil guns? As we like to say in Texas, Come an Take It.

        • YES! There is a common thread in all cases you cited—THE FEDERAL GOVT. Imagine THAT.

        • If all three weapons were Glock 17’s, would that make it another common thread giving proof of corporate culpability?

          Pretty long reach for the conspiracy there.

      17. Look at the sociology of a genocide and you always see common factors: 1. Serious problems in a country. 2. An easily identified scape goat. 3. About a decade where every societal problem is blamed on a group to the point the only logical solution is to rid yourself of that problem.

        Now look at the U.S., where the actual problems are being ignored and patriots are labelled “the problem”. How far into the decade are we?

        • I think it takes a century or so of low-level animosity to start out with, but we’ve already got that here, anyway.

          We’re not far behind the South African curve on this. It’s being pushed there, and the beginnings of what looks like the push is happening here.

          Hate to say it, but it looks like in the next civil war in this country, your uniform will be your skin. There are too many people begging for it to happen to presume it won’t.

        • 1. Federal government causes serious problems…
          2. Federal government is easily identified…
          3. Every problem we have can be traced back to the federal government.

          Perhaps it is time to rid ourselves of that problem.

          States’ Rights Baby!!!

      18. Gee, I wonder why carry a 45!:-}
        S.T.S.F.P N. Reb

      19. Zog Bribed Amerikan Marxist Trained White Female Public School Teacher tells student(a white boy)…

        “No Body is White!”




      20. O sodomites of allah
        You suck muhammed
        Bring it you douche bags

      21. We all know who the real enemies are. Tick tock…tick tock….tick tock

      22. what’s the best for concealed carry,Glock 43 or S&W Shield?

        • The Glock 43 9mm $450. – 5out5 stars 5 reviews.

          The SW Shield 9mm $390. – 5out5 stars 3 reviews.

          * according to bud’s

          * you get what you paid for.
          go with the glock it’s more dependable.

            • The guy pictured in the video is representative of 80 per cent of the prepper community, old, fat, and as helpless as a turtle turned upside down without their gun. If he really wants to do something to help he’ll be first in line for the soylent green factory.

        • Any weapon can malfunction and at the time it doesn’t need to.
          I would, regardless of weapon of choice,have a round in the pipe
          and if there was a malfunction, make the first round count.

          People need to train, be trained how to clear a weapons malfunction. Perhaps not you, but I think there are thousands that have purchased a pistol and believe its going to be their savior and it misfeeds a round would not know what to do.

        • The one you choose is the best. Pick one and start.

          I’m a Colt 1911 guy, myself, so won’t tell you which Wonder Nine to carry.

          Just make sure you carry, and practice. You should be putting 250 rounds through your carry piece between now and Christmas, then 500 rounds a year starting next year.

          Buy a case of ammo, and another one every Christmas, that will give you the year’s ammo supply for less money, and 500 rounds in reserve as a prep.

          • I carry two. A SIG p220 on my hip and a SIG P938 on my ankle. Always chambered. An unchambered weapon is an unloaded weapon.

        • Southside;
          Springfield XDS 45 ACP. or 9mm.
          Glock 43 9mm
          S&W shield 9mm
          All good, get what fit you and the one you like and PRACTICE!!!!!!
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

      23. AquaMan,I thank you.

        • ;0) welcome.

          * if you dig deep web for more info you’ll find some quality control complaints on the SW Shield and failure to feed/ stovepipes.

          • South,the best gun,in this case pistol is the one that starts off by fitting well in your hand.Go to a rental range and try a variety of semi’s and wheel guns,find what seems a good fit for you.Though loved by millions,I personally hate glocks,just do not fit well for me,my buddies HK .40 though a great gun,again,does not fit me well.My personal favorite is a Colt 70 series and really like the fit/function of Sigs,that though is personal and does not make it right or wrong for others,good luck in your searches.

          • I think the stovepiping is more due to “limp wristing” the weapon. My choice is the 1911A1 primary and XDS .40 for a backup. Never have had a problem with either one.

          • I think the stovepiping is more due to “limp wristing” the weapon. My choice is the 1911A1 primary and XDS .40 for a backup. Never have had a problem with either one.

      24. Calling all bible thumpers. Calling all bible thumpers. And you science lovers too. Google

        • Ah, NO !

        • I will pray for you Charles.

          • Please dont

      25. I agree that the current immigration policy is undoubtedly not sustainable, our country cannot support the continued unabated influx of immigrants crossing the border. I recognize that and believe it or not many, many other Hispanics like myself believe that also. But to say that ALL of the people who came here “illegally” are bad people is BS! Yes there are bad apples in EVERY barrel, or lest you forget the white guy that just killed all of those black people in that church, or Timothy McVeigh, or the guy that killed all of those school children a few years ago. I could go on but I won’t. Believe me, we Hispanics are NOT your enemy. We live here alongside you, we have the same religious beliefs (for the most part), we go to the same schools, we work alongside you (and in many cases for you!). We have the same goals and ambitions that you do, and it is in all of our best interest that our country and communities not be harmed. With that said, why is it that most everyone here thinks that terrorists are coming, or have come from Mexico? Open your eyes, terrorists don’t have to cross illegally, our government welcomes them with open arms, come here they tell them so that we can educate you and make you into better terrorists. Lets recall but just a few. The guy that just killed 4 Marines was from Kuwait, the guy that tried to blow up Times Square but failed (a few years ago) was middle easterner, the psychiatrist that killed all of those people in a military base a few years ago was of Pakistani descent, the two brothers that were responsible for the Boston bombing were eastern European/Russian muslims. There’s more but I don’t want to write a novel here, point is, all of these people I just mentioned came here “legally”. None of them had to cross a river or jump a fence across Mexico!!!

        • It’s not that all the illegals are bad people, it’s that all the illegals are illegal. Time to go home.

          We’ve deported our illegal population before, it’s not impossible. Historically, most choose to leave on their own once they find out they have the option of being deported with only the shirt on their back, or they can pack up their goods, sell their stuff if they want, and leave with their family.

          • Deport all invaders.

        • Fed up. Probably everyone of those examples was a psyop. And the hate toward Mexicans is mostly generated by psyops as is most of the hate toward all the minorities. It is the old divide and conquer tactic. The Mexican gangs and cartels might be unleashed on us(they are controlled) but the Mexican people in general would be good allies in the revolution if the american people don’t fall for the divide and conquer tactic.

          • Mexican people in general would be good allies in the revolution if the american people don’t fall for the divide and conquer tactic.

            I agree to you post for the most part, but the phrase above will never work either. Simply put, these Mexicans have had some propaganda spewed into their direction as well.
            As in,

            “this was/is your land, reconquer it.”

            “the white man stole your land, reclaim it.”

            Most if not all have had just these two propaganda division lines thrown at them. When the SHTF in America, the division tactics have already been put into place, most notably from this current Staff of Office.

            Everyday there is something pinning others on Religion, Race, sexual orientation, Politics, Poor vs rich….etc.

            I do not see people in general “bonding” together when the time comes. People in general will “bond” within their own secular group(s). This country has become more divided than ever since the days of the first mass immigration in the 1800’s.

            I do not pick or choose sides, because I do not affiliate myself in those types of secular groups – I choose to do what is right and avoid of doing wrong. That’s how I live my life on a day to day basis.

          • We’re not going to have any allies in the next civil war.

      26. Any shooting is terrible. Let’s put it into perspective. One shooter. Muslim. Predictable in light of America’s 65 year history of aggression in the Middle East. Nothing in comparison to the average week on the streets in Chicago. The more the media (all of it) tries to make bucks with the story, the more the crooks in DC will use it to their evil end.

        The only thing that America can do to lessen the chance of these incidents is to stop playing world empire.

        • GOOD analysis SteveR

          virtually every weekend a half dozen or more are gunned down in Chicago

          week after week
          month after month
          year after year

          and rarely does it make the news unless a dozen or so are killed

        • So, scum killing scum in Chicago is somehow comparable to scum killing INNOCENT people in Chattanooga? Such tortured logic.

          • It’s a little bit less than logic. Conflation is the term to use, trying to force an apple to look like an orange.




      28. The Italians are Getting P.O.’d at the EU FORCED African Muslim Invasion DIVERSIFICATION of Illegal Alien African Blacks into their Villages!

        Whole blocks of Italian apartments are being turned into Illegal African Asylum Centers. Free to the Illegal African Immigrants while their Italian Neighbors are Forced to pay for their own Rent and Utilities.

        It will be interesting to see what the Italians do when the brutal Black on White Rapes start and other Immigrant Violent Crimes infest the Villages.


        • Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society says we may have to admit 200,000 Syrian refugees

          Jewish community’s efforts to resolve the Syrian refugee crisis include high-level advocacy aimed at helping more Syrians resettle here.

          Traditionally, the United States has taken it upon itself to admit half the refugees worldwide who are identified by UNHCR as being in need of immediate resettlement. In the Syrian case, this translates into about 65,000 out of the 135,000 total. But so far, UNHCR, slowed by its own vetting process, has referred only 12,000 requests to the United States.


      29. I may feel sorry for the lives lost but I don’t have the sympathy for the nation. This country has made its bed (still doing it) and must sleep in it. The Goody Two Shoes will call for more Gun Control and the Pussification of the nation continues on without a hitch.
        We save everybody’s else ass by bringing them here and soon not be able to save our own. With this new added layer of crime comes a layer of FEAR. These guys are not playing games. They mean to kill us.

        Gun Free Zones. What a laugh. If a person wants to do harm, he doesn’t care what zone he is in.

        • NBA

          Excellent article.

          Those that come here want to change this country into the one where they were persecuted. If you do not like THEIR CUSTUMS then you are a Racist. They use our own laws against us.

          Get ready for ISLAMAPHOBIA. The new rage. They will demand to build a Mosque on the White House Lawn.

          • No need for the mosque on the lawn, Ramadan and other Islamic practices are already a part of White House routine and have been since Bush.

        • Good article.

      30. How does the New Black Panther Party figure in with a New Brotherhood of Muslims running around?

        • You can figure that out from articles here: ht tp://

      31. Writing from Chattanooga about 2 miles from the incident now and yesterday when it happened. This is no surprise. I am from this area, and while there are very few Muslims in the area, Chattanooga is a major crossing ground for all kinds of freight and people- not a lot of people live here in comparison to other major urban areas, but a lot goes through here. It is the linkage point between Knoxville north to Detroit, Atlanta to FL and south, Birmingham to New Orleans, Huntsville, and Nashville to Memphis and points west.

        Which brings me to the Chattanooga Mosque (Islamic Society of Greater Chattanooga). This center sits at what the locals call “the Split”. This is where I-75 “splits” (N to Knoxville/East Coast/KY and MI; S to Atlanta and FL) with I-24 (West to I-59 and Birmingham, W on US-72 to Huntsville, or just W to Nashville and I-40) and TN-153 (which forms a big arc that goes around the city of Chattanooga like a ring towards US-27, which goes back south to I-24). This is a MAJOR freight corridor- and the mosque is built right at the center.

        I have never been inside the mosque myself, but I have been a lay missionary among Muslims for 17 years, written several books about Islam, and been interviewed as a “authority” on it (you may have read my books or articles). I have been told by several reputable sources (going back at least 5 years) that the mosque in Chattanooga was running guns and other contraband between Detroit and Atlanta, with the mosque being used as a storage place (In addition, I have two friends, one who is a nurse at Erlanger and also lives in the area, who actually came to me concerned because he has SEEN vans loading AK-type rifles into the mosque in the early hours of morning).

        Since I drive by the mosque daily because it is on the way to my workplace, and because I often work very early morning shifts, there is definately activity at that place at times when most of the world is sleeping. It is a HUGE place and well-guarded- they have their own security force and very intricate monitoring system over the property.

        I also know that Imam Yasir Qadhi of Memphis, TN, has been a regular at that mosque. He has called openly for the execution of non-Muslims (look him up) in his speeches. I have personally met Yasir (because of my work), and in my opinion, he is just like Anjem Chaudary, but much more eloquent and better at taqiyya.

        The ISGC has been running radio ads saying that it is here to “Promote interfaith understanding and peace on earth.” Anybody with an ounce of sense knows that this is a lie, and I am surprised it took this long for something to happen in that city.

        • Interesting Nickajack. Thanks.

        • i hope the fbi reads this , and comes at you for questioning

          • Rest assured the fib knows about it and likely some arm of the fib is involved in putting it in place. Or do you think those responsible for our protection just happen to miss all these things.

          • The FBI won’t get involved, because they already know the CIA is running it.

      32. Illinois to legalize sound suppressors soon.

        • Washington did that a few years ago. Not a single murder using a silencer, much to the chagrin of the gun haters. They promised us that wannabe hit men would be out in the streets if the governor signed it.

          Prices didn’t come down much, though, still several hundred bucks, if you’ll pardon the expression, a pop.

          • Smokey,can be made with good quality at home,of course,after you filed with atf and paid 200 dollars and get your approved paperwork!

            • oh, yeah, filing that paperwork now. 😉

      33. It is sad, but our government is controlled by ruthless criminals. The U.S. government created, trained, funded, and supported ISIS with guns and hardware (look it up while you can). So should ISIS strike America,it will be at the command of our Government which controls ISIS. ISIS being the “boogeyman” to the people of America. You can bet these ISIS “false Flag” events will be used by our so-called Government as an excuse to kill our people and our liberty altogether. Our Government will then use the Jade-Helm placed assets and our military to take down and assume absolute power over the people in America. They will claim they are “protecting the people”. This has always been the excuse with dictators, like Hitler, who used false-flag events to gain complete power over it’s people. Unfortunately, most of you believe government controlled media and chose to ignore the reality of events unfolding “right in front of you”. Open your eyes people – you are about to lose your Constitution/Bill-of-Rights under “Martial Law” and never get it back. I weep for the future of our people in the United States of America.

        • Charles. You can talk false flag and controlled opposition all you want but the paid shills will bring it right back to the dumbass level and continue on as if you hadn’t made any sense. This site is full blown psyop.

          • Yes – but time is running out. We need to wake people up.

        • That is exactly why I hold the entire U.S. govt and alphabet soup agencies responsible for all such attacks on Americans on our soil.

      34. It’s funny how the weaponized media is pretending to not know why this Muslim carried out jihad. Even a 5 year old could figure it out, but the propaganda media pretends they have no clue. It’s just proof that our media has been hijacked by leftist, hateful, PC communists.

        • love that clip of msnbc reporter trying to suggest during an interview that he ight be a hunter

          • It’s a little bit less than logic. Conflation is the term to use, trying to force an apple to look like an orange.

      35. Muslims do these things to fulfill one of the ways to get to heaven (little H) – by dying for allah. Threatening to kill them is of no consequence whatsoever.

        If the gov’t wanted to stop this nonsense tomorrow, all it would have to do is wrap the dead muslim up in a fresh killed pigskin. If they blow themselves up, collect the bits that remain and get out the pigskin. Do it very publicly and do it every time. This shit would stop instantly.

        • Better would be to grind them up and make dog food from their remains.

          • I wouldn’t feed those POS mussies to my dog. He’s better than them. I WOULD drop their remains into a pig wallow though. Having the swine live on his remains would be fitting end for a Hadji.

      36. Are all military personnel allowed to carry a side arm at all times? If they aren’t, somebody better change that policy right now. They are sitting ducks.

        • No.

          Other than a military police while on duty or gate guards at secured facilities, a soldier of any kind is generally forbidden from carrying a gun of any kind in any military facility on or off post.

          Military posts are one of the least likely places to find someone with a legitimately carried gun, gun free zones on steroids as such.

      37. How much death can you handle?

        Warning: Probably drank too many beers already.

        Not looking for sympathy or condolences but want to bring it to the forefront of what may happen.

        First I want to say those that have past on where not a part of my physical family but of my extended family. Twenty plus years of interaction between us has made us one reguardless of genetic signature. Even though I am not a part of the genetic line, I am still family. Adoption I will accept and be proud of it.
        In the pass couple of weeks there has been two Mothers, young cousin and an uncle that has past on to the other side. All within the family. I consider them family. I will add that there has been good friends of the family that are gone in a short time frame..
        Those that have large families that reach out over generations will have to deal with this misfortune.
        I want to stand fast with my brothers and sisters even if they are not blood.
        The point I want to make is just how strong is it between you with family and friends.
        If there is no true sorrow for the loss, there is no bond.

      38. When Obama has had the borders wide open with little or no screening, what is to be expected?! “The curse causeless shall not come.”

      39. I am often amazed how smartly stupid these terrorist wanna be’s are!

        This kid had a freaking electrical engineering degree. Had he applied his knowledge he could have been a real threat.

        Every time one of these shootings goes down I’m astounded that had there not been a gun free zone this guy might have hurt no one.

        Thank God these Muslim terrorists are some villages missing idiot running a fools errand!

        I’m seeing Americans with CC permits standing guard outside recruiting offices now. An American militia uniting in defense of those who have been hamstrung by poorly thought out laws in the face of Muslim terror attacks looks to me like a resounding failure for the terrorists and progressives!

        • Some deep mind control going on probably even deeper than just religion.

        • That’s the beauty of the 2nd Amendment. They have no way to stop us and every time they try, it get’s worse for them. They are in the middle of a huge conundrum where their opinions are superceded by our RIGHTS. Poor little libtards with a puny little god (obama)can do nothing but whine.
          We are the majority and all their wishing can’t change that math.

        • Sometimes they use pressure cookers, or simply mow people down in a crowd with cars.

          But for some reason only the guns seem to be discussed much and brought to mind first when remembered.

      40. Enough of this USAA fear monger propaganda on ISIS, ISIL, Iran, etc.

        Think about this:
        911= Saudi Arabia implicated, Iran Not
        ISIS= Saudi funding ISIS, Iran fighting ISIS
        Saudi Arabia= US friend and ally
        Iran= US enemy

        WAKE UP!

      41. Does SHTF have a clue??? Doesn’t this rag know that ISIS is created by the U.S. govt., mosaad and others?? That it’s a total False Flag group….meant to frighten the American public into WAR?? I mean, give me a break here?? SHTF is a total govt. Scam and SHILL….if they don’t know this basic stuff. I think they’re just trying to sell their online newsletter. Any attack on elementary schools is a govt. false flag..and the U.S. and the CIA must be held accountable, shut down, ended…etc.. Elementary schools do NOT have security..I know this..I teach. IF these districts can wake up and protect their students..great!! If you are a parent..and use these govt., public, indoctrination centers..GET YOUR CHILD OUT NOW!! Homeschool!! It’s the only way in the long run….but those people are NOT reading these articles and warnings….

      42. Thank you Tandalayo for your accurate post.

        All school shootings are fake.
        Oklahoma bombing was a false flag.
        NASA most certainly did not go to the moon.
        Boston Bombing is a joke of a false flag.
        9/11 – noone died and there were no planes used.
        mh370 is mh17.

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