ISIS Magazine Tells Muslims To Lure and Kill Unsuspecting People With False Advertisements for Jobs and Apartments

by | May 8, 2017 | Headline News | 43 comments

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    Without a doubt, ISIS has changed the terrorism game. They’ve leveraged technology to initiate attacks in places that they cannot physically reach. In the past, a terrorist organization in the Middle East would have to recruit, indoctrinate, and train members in the their locale, and then try to sneak them into whatever country they wished to target.

    Now with social media and the internet, they can provide propaganda and training materials to millions of people who are already living in Western nations, and convince at least some of them to conduct attacks on their behalf. This way is much safer, easier, and more efficient for terrorist organizations.

    And it’s opened the door to a wide variety of terrorist attacks that no one would have considered 20 years ago. Where once terrorist organizations were focused on grand gestures, like hijacking airplanes and blowing up buildings, now they can simply brainwash some dupe over the internet, and he’ll go out and shoot up a nightclub. But that’s just the beginning. The kinds of attacks that these people are pushing now look a lot less like 9/11, and more like the behaviour of a serial killer.

    For instance, the latest issue of Rumiyah, an online magazine published by ISIS, is urging Muslims in Western nations to target civilians in a way that has never been discussed before. ISIS is telling them to lure and kill unsuspecting people through false advertisements for jobs and apartments. Several chilling quotes from Rumiyah were recently brought to light by the Middle East Media Research Institute:

    As an example, one might advertise a job va­cancy that Muslims would not seek, or that may only appeal to men. After garnering a significant amount of applicants, one can then arrange the ‘job inter­view’ location and times, spacing out the applicants’ appointment times so as to give oneself time to subdue classified sections, or by means of online sites for clas­sified advertising, or by simply writing or printing out ‘For Rent’ advertisement posters which can be stuck on walls, lampposts, or in local store windows with­in the vicinity of the property in question, leaving a contact number that one can be reached on…

    Whoever wrote this, put a frightening amount of forethought and planing into this new terror method.

    …In order for the advertisement not to attract large families – thus making it difficult to initiate an attack, especially if one is alone in his operation – the advertisement should be for a small single room or studio apartment. This will help ensure that the viewer comes alone. It might even help to include in the ad that the apart­ment is ‘ideal for students…’

    …Having a room specifically reserved for the disposal of the bodies of the targets is also important for the obvious reason of not alerting those intended victims entering the property after them. One must space out the arrival times of one’s victims, thus granting him the ability to initiate his attack while they are alone. One should not initiate his attack until the tar­get has fully entered the property and is comfortable, so as to avoid any struggle and prevent the chance of him fleeing…

    …One should ensure that if there are any screams from his victim, they do not result in the operation being compromised. This can be resolved by simply having a background noise that drowns out any oth­er sounds, such as raising the volume of the televi­sion, radio, etc…

    The article suggests that websites like Craigslist, Gumtree, Loot, and Ebay could also be used to post these ads. The author recommends that terrorists shouldn’t advertise items like cars, which wouldn’t “require the victim to enter one’s property,” and he suggests that the ads shouldn’t low-ball prices, “as this can at­tract the attention of authorities searching for stolen goods or possibly attract other suspicions.”

    As the Islamic State crumbles, these lunatics are clearly doubling down on strategies that will allow their remnants to attack the West in ways that we really can’t defend against.  In just goes to show that no matter what happens to ISIS, they’re leaving behind a world where terrorism is lurking behind every corner of society, and the battlefield is literally everywhere. Surely, that will make it even easier for the government to take away our freedoms down the road.


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      1. Just more proof that the land of the sand dwellers needs to be turned to glass .

        • If you are looking at an apartment and some weirdo asks you to get on your knees and inspect the toilet- just say no

        • It is time to send the muslim trash to hell where they all belong. To be with their baby-raping pedo prophet, muhammed.

          • Now I know why ham is in mohamed

        • Gosh! There goes that zany old “religion of peace”! Again…

          The average muzzie already has a low IQ. The only difference between “moderate muslims”, and “radical muslims”, is that “moderate muslims” want “radical muslims” to decapitate you, not them.

          They have always relied on the generic psychotics among their followers to do the suicide missions, it is not really a surprise they want them to use serial killer tactics too.

          Let’s all give the parasites and their marxist lackies a great big round of thanks and applause, for turning our civilization into a nightmare.

        • The US is arming ISIS and uses them to overthrow nations out of favor with the globalist elite. Don’t take my word for it. The “War On Terrorism” is a sham.

          US Congresswoman / Army Major / Iraq Vet Tulsi Gabbard | Stop Arming Terrorists Act, End Regime Change And War In Syria

          h ttps://

          • Yes K2, and it may not be a bad idea. Give them small arms and then bomb the shit out of them for using them. It decimates the real population of Arab men dramatically over time and cuts off the next generation of enemies to Israel.

            Think about the many hundreds of thousands of Arab / Muslim men who have died since the First Gulf War; and how many millions of little Jihadists were never conceived.

            Its definitely the PLAN of the MOSSAD, conceived long before the destruction of the WTC. BTW did you notice that ISIS recently APOLOGIZED to Israel for an errant attack along the border with Jordan ???

            LMFAO !!! The Jews have outsmarted Islam … again, and getting the USA to do its dirty work in the name of world peace !!! 🙂

        • ” … Tells Muslims To Lure and Kill Unsuspecting People With False Advertisements for Jobs and Apartments. ”

          That’s a tactic that cuts both ways, and Mosques are target rich environments that stick out like a sore thumb. In a civil, religious, war between Christians and Jihadis, there are a lot more of US than there is of them.

          The NWO can be eliminated overnight and at 500 yards. So too can Islamic Militants seeking “Paradise”. Show them the way and send them off with a raw pork chop in their mouth.

          Seems only fitting. 🙂

          • Jimmy Dean would be pleased. 🙂

        • Ya know, i don’t care if the government is reading these posts…but i fken HATE those muslims!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. The answer here is a concealed carry permit. It can turn the tables in an instant.

        • The second Amendment is my permit. My sidearm is only there to fight my way back to my rifle.

          • People who actually practice that particular philosophy end up heavily fined or in prison all the time, usually losing their right to own firearms at the same time.

            Or sometimes just dead.

            Get a permit, it’s the wise thing to do.

            • You go right ahead, beg and pay for your God given rights.

              • Anonymous is a coward

                • So go out and prove you’re not.

                  I’ll be looking for the reports of your arrest in the paper.

                  What I am is a law abiding citizen that prefers a law abiding life without all kinds of legal problems to a criminal life of defying the laws and ending up in jail for it.

            • Even states with constitutional carry, may still issue permits to carry.

              1. While interacting with law enforcement, the permit often paves the way to safe interactions with law enforcement, who see a permit holders as trained responsible and less of a threat.
              2. It is valid in other states with reciprocal permit regs.
              3. Permit regulations often require training courses be completed. I like my fellow gun owners to be trained.

              Under the current permit based carry laws, gun ownership has exploded, while firearms accidents have actually decreased. I can live with that.

              The second makes reference to the militia being well regulated. In this context it does not refer to regulations. “Well regulated” is a military term that refers to citizens being properly equipped and well practiced, i.e. trained.

              • Damn it is amazing how many people have been brainwashed to beg for permission and pay money to a corrupt government for a right that our creator gave us. Amazing!and sad.

                • Menzoberranzan

                  While I admire you principled stand you do realize that if you use that weapon, or get caught sans permit outside the home you will:

                  1. Pay a fortune in legal fees.
                  2. Quite potentially go to jail.
                  3. Receive a felony record.
                  4. Completely fight the system and be killed for failure to comply with 1,2 & 3 above.

                  Its foolish if a permit is available.

                  Once again I do admire your principled position. My family economic well being in and of itself precludes me from taking such a stand for zero gain. If I’m going to lose my life, freedom and wealth its going to be over something far greater than avoiding paperwork.

                  • I thought the second amendment was part of the constitution and that was the law of the land. I wonder how many people had a CCW back in the 1700’s up to the early 1900’s. Did George Washington have a CCW?

                  • that’s how they make you give up your rights and comply even though the Constitution says the opposite.

                    • The reality is prior gun laws went to far and CCW’s that have become available in just the last few years.

                      CCW permit system has been an astounding American success and given back a lot of freedom lost. The next step is constitutional carry, in the mean time, CCW it is the only game in town.

                      To go all Rambo now is exactly the behavior that can stop the movement for Constitutional carry.

                      Why do so many have to be such dicks on the subject. In Venezualia they are in the depths of despair, hitting bottom, and Guns are still illegal for citizens. In crazy gun states like MA, NY, CT, MD, Del etc have thousands of macho Americans who though they had rights. They are rotting in prisons for simply possessing legally purchased firearms, or ammunition and committed no crime against anyone.

                      I watch the news for law enforcement going after preppers, and find it terribly sad that people made poor choices that either got them prison or dead. Preppers live under a microscope. The powers that shouldn’t be are watching. Why would anyone say such stupid things on line, unless they were a shill trying to draw in unsuspecting preppers. Very sad.

            • “Get a permit, it’s the wise thing to do”

              This is wise if possible. I fled the Socialist Republic Of NJ almost three decades ago and that place has only got worse. There is a zero chance of getting a carry permit there or Maryland, NY, RI, California.

              • Why would anyone live in any of those socialist countries?

            • I live in an open carry state. That doesn’t mean you can’t cover up your holster with your shirt.

        • Nlightened take your permit and shove it

        • Dallas Texas
          Several members of the “protected entitled” class thought it was a good idea to rob a hardworking pizza delivery man.
          At least one member of this “special protected” class was retired from robbing-stealing-and shooting at hardworking people.
          As this member is no longer with us. He is now retired even though young.
          He was shot dead by CCL pizza man potential victim.

          Texans don’t play with robbers-looters-car jackers.
          Texans carry. Texans practice shooting from an early age.

          Criminals should go to NYC-Chicago-LA. There criminals are sought to be “understood” by the politicians who TAKE citizens guns away.
          Criminals in Texas often end up just as the pizza delivery driver’s robber.

          Crime don’t pay. Get a job. And when you get that job. Carry your gun while delivering those pizza’s. So when a thug tries to rob you. They are retired from criminal activity. That is how thugs are best “understood” in Texas.

          Come and Take It. Side shooter meets ten ring shooter. Pizza man wins.

          Crime don’t pay. Unless you wear a suit and are in politics or banking.

          • “retired” is a harsh word….i prefer to call him “reformed”.

      3. Thats what happens when you let the enemy in your country.

      4. How exactly does ISIS actually print/distribute a “Magazine”? Are there mail boxes at these ISIS camps in Syria/Iraq? Seems like more CIA work here. However most Americans are too fcking stupid to even question what they read/hear.

        • You didn’t read the article, did you?

          What part of “online magazine” don’t you get?

          Anyone can publish online. I publish articles online all the time.

      5. Maybe its them that keeps calling with some BS Crap causing me to hang up! I have quit answering my phone totally check messages when I think about it and return calls, that’s it.

        Let’s see:
        Don’t fly, enter large buildings, shop at malls, drink at bars, need an apartment,no craig’s list or anything similar. So I am good until they are ALLOWED to go so far as to create conditions for government intervention designed to take more rights.

        Heck, how many do we have left now??? TWO?

      6. Ah yes… Islam, the religon of pieces. HUMAN pieces, that is.

        All these IDIOT front lawn signs welcoming illegal refugees, such as We Are Not Afraid. Hint to the non-Einsteins: Du kommer att vara rädd – väldigt rädd – när din lilla vänstra burb blir till Goteborg or Malmo, Sweden (you will come to be afraid, very afraid, your your pretty little burb becomes Malmo or Goteborg). Or the Muslims start practicing FGM (female genital mutilation, of which WHO said there are almost a quarter BILLION worldwide) on YOUR daughter (or just sexually assault her – which just happened in Australia, and they let the guy go because they said he wasn’t used to seeing so much skin on the beach).

        Islam has no place in N. America, or the West, as ***their understanding of man’s nature* is diametrically opposed to the West and its understanding

      7. 2nd comment.

        Why do we keep calling them ISIS when everyone who knows anything knows the whole ISIS thing is BS!

        What is most surprising is that the charade has gone on longer than the Nazi’s and any other supposed terror group.

        BS on the entire thing!

      8. Everything planned is moving forward with no way to slow it down. So we wait. You think the Muslims would be a threat if the US wasn’t over there killing them. I guess the deep state fixed Trump’s echoed lock her up BS. He now is against releasing the Clinton emails. Figures as much.

        • Lawsuits are the answer to this.

          Really serious ones, like the Muslims and the ACLU and sch like to bring to force the schools to cater to their wants and desires instead of law and common sense.

          But they never seem to happen from our side, we always just sort of give up before they happen.

      9. Play the same game as ISIS…with no rules. Don’t give them any reason to come here. Make them fear coming here as we fear going to places in the middle east.

      10. How many pampered, anti racist girls have they already lured?

      11. Read ‘Day of Wrath’. Then go buy all the ammo you can afford

      12. Nov 20, 2015 The One Thing You Need to Know About ISIS America please wake up!

      13. If you answer an apartment vacancy ad off of Dregslist, do not go to the meeting alone especially if you are a female. Bring a male friend or relative with you, preferably someone with a CCW permit if you yourself don’t have one. Better yet, if you know a cop arrange to have him/her meet you at the location. If the person showing the place is a muzzie it’s probably best to pass on the place and “see something, say something.”

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