Is The Fed Ready To Cut America’s Fiat Life Support?

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death of dollar

It is undeniable that America is thoroughly addicted to fiat stimulus. Every aspect of our economy, from stocks, to bonds, to banks, and by indirect extension main street, is now utterly dependent on the continued 24/7 currency creation bonanza. The stock market no longer rallies to the tune of increased retail sales, growing export markets or improved employment expectations.  In fact, “good” economic news today is met with panic and market sell-offs! Why? Because investors and banks still playing equities understand full well that any sign of fiscal improvement might mean the end of the private Federal Reserve’s QE pajama party. They know that without the Fed’s opiate-laced lifeline, the economy dies a fast and painful death.

All mainstream economic news currently revolves around the Fed, as pundits clamor to divine whether the latest signals mean the free money will flow, trickle, or dry up.

Most expect the central bank to make an announcement today on the details of its reduction in stimulus initiatives. Generally, the Fed does not have a tendency to slip information to the media on the possibility of a policy change unless they plan to follow through. Every bailout and QE announcement over the course of the past five years has been preceded by weeks and even months of “rumors” acclimating the mainstream and the markets to the idea of each action long before it was ever implemented. If the Fed avoids clarity on the taper in the coming week, I expect that they will still assert stimulus cuts before the end of this year.

Certain developments, though, are giving false hope to the markets that the stimulus fantasy will go on forever. The resignation of Larry Summers from the “running” for Fed Chairman (as if Obama isn’t being told exactly who he is to pick for the position) has so far put a dash of cheer into the Dow Jones. Strangely, investors seem to believe that without Summers, continued quantitative easing is assured. The reality is that the decision to cut stimulus has likely already been long established and the face of the new chairman will have little relevance.

The idea of the Fed being divided by “hawks” and “doves” is absurd propaganda designed to give the public a false impression that central bank decisions follow some kind of democratic course. Central banks are highly centralized and highly coordinated corporate entities, not governmental councils prone to “debate.” And like any corporation, it is certain that decisions are handed down from the top of the pyramid in totalitarian fashion.

Who is at the top of the pyramid when it comes to the Fed? Only a FULL audit would reveal the truth, and a full audit has never been enforced in the 100-year history of the bank (the only meaningful partial audit ever conducted examined the TARP bailouts, uncovering over $16 trillion in crazed currency printing in that program alone). The point is, the Fed is not a public institution (nor “quasi-public”), it is private, and this private bank is now dominating every miniscule fluctuation in the health of our financial system, openly.

Two questions loom like a black cloud over the stock exchange picnic:

1) Will the Fed cut stimulus soon, and if so, by how much?

2) If the Fed continues stimulus, how long can it last before the dollar’s value is decimated?

As I have been saying since the bailouts began in 2008, the Fed has conjured a perfect Catch-22 scenario for the U.S. economy. If the Fed cuts QE while conditions remain tenuous, the stark reality that we have been living on borrowed time will be revealed. If the Fed continues stimulus the catastrophe will take longer to unfold. But eventually, foreign creditors will finish their strategy of dumping the dollar in bilateral trade and our economy takes a dive anyway. Cancel stimulus and we croak. Continue stimulus and we croak.

Obviously, given the total dependency the investment world has shown towards QE, the markets will plummet without stimulus. Some predict a “manageable” break in stocks, while others predict freefall. In any case, those who think QE reductions are already priced into the markets are fooling themselves. Keep in mind that before QE3 was announced in September of last year, the Dow was struggling due to a lack of any credible recovery signals within the system. Nothing has changed since. There are no new developments that give clear indication that our economy is any better off than it was a year ago, let alone five years ago.

One thing I have learned in my time as an analyst is to never underestimate the power of blind human optimism. With a QE taper announcement this week, it could take months before the general public and the investment sector finally grasp the fact that the carpet has been pulled out from under them.  The slide of the Dow would be slow, but cumulative.

There are many people out there who actually believe the recovery hype being promoted in the mainstream, and I have to say, things are getting a little schizophrenic. Some pundits are focusing on negative data because they think it will influence the Fed to keep QE alive.  Other organizations appear to have a different agenda. Ratings and analytic firm Moody’s, for instance, has recently released a report claiming that all risk of returning recession has been essentially eliminated in the U.S.

This is, of course, news to most of us in the field of alternative economics, being that according to the fundamentals, we NEVER LEFT the original recession which officially began at the end of 2007. I would also point out that Moody’s was one of the same agencies that played a considerable role in the derivatives collapse. Would you trust a company that stamped every toxic derivative it examined a few years back with a AAA rating to tell you what shape our financial structure is in today?

Now, maybe it’s the “conspiracy theorist” in me, but I find the release of this Moody’s report rather suspicious, just as I have found the majority of the Labor Department’s overly optimistic (skewed) unemployment reports suspicious. It is highly likely that these fabricated numbers hailing green-shoots recovery are being released in order to give the Fed false precedent to begin cutting stimulus while distancing themselves from blame over the eventual catastrophic results. In fact, I guarantee that the Fed will cite reports like those produced by Moody’s in order to vindicate taper actions.

So, why would the Fed use erroneous data to justify QE cuts today (or the next few months), knowing that our system is addicted to fiat and will shrivel like a raisin in the sun without it? Here’s the thing: The world is changing rapidly, and the course of the next decade (if not the next century) may be decided before this year is out.

The Syrian crisis is far from over. In fact, Russian diplomatic measures have only raised the stakes. Russia’s overt involvement proves beyond a doubt that any military action on the part of the U.S. will create escalation.  Both the U.S. and Israeli governments have stated openly and unequivocally that their goal is not just chemical disarmament, but the toppling of Assad.  Russia has recently position three more ships to their fleet near Syria, to double the amount of U.S. ships in the region. The conflict is no longer only about President Barack Obama vs. Bashar Assad. Now, it is the U.S. vs. Russia, Syria, Iran, China, etc. If diplomacy fails (the White House and Israel appear intent to ensure it fails), the dire results will be clear to the majority before this winter is over.

Even more disturbing is the build up towards the final debate on the U.S. debt ceiling.  Barack Obama has now stated that he will NOT negotiate with Republicans on the terms of an increase in the level of allowable national debt, meaning, it’s his way or the highway.  Republicans have responded with the threat of government shutdown.  Perhaps this is yet another coincidence, but the Fed’s possible decision to taper QE perfectly parallels with the government debate over increased federal spending.  Of course, if the government reaches an impasse over debt, the call for a considerable portion of Fed stimulus ends.  On top of that, the uneducated public will be utterly confused as to who is actually responsible for the gridlock, the fed or the politicians (hint – they are BOTH responsible).

There are many who believe that neither the government nor the Fed will ever willingly stand in the way of endless fiat creation.  However, if the goal is to kill the dollar’s world reserve status quickly, or to manipulate the masses into demanding further Fed action, a taper of QE makes perfect sense in the mid-to-long-term.

SEC regulators have called for the institution of “exchange kill switches”, which will be finalized over the course of this winter. A recent Nasdaq shutdown caused by what regulators label a “software glitch” is being used as the excuse for this centralized kill option which will remain in the hands of… nobody knows yet. I would note though that a streamlined kill switch option for stocks would be useful in the event that a market crisis occurs and the establishment wishes to control how much value in equities is lost from day to day.

China has recently announced that a “second economic revolution” will be set in motion this coming November. While the details of this policy shift are not yet certain, the Chinese have established that they plan to move away from export reliance and place more energy into consumer growth. This means FAR less interest in the U.S. consumer and the U.S. dollar as a world reserve currency.

Ben Bernanke’s term as Fed Chairman is set to end in January of 2014, and it is my observation that detrimental policy changes commonly take place while the responsible organizations are in transition, or just past transition. Any debilitating consequences of QE cuts can be placed at the feet of Ben Bernanke, while the Federal Reserve as a whole remains shielded from reproach. And why should he care? Old Ben will be sitting on a beach in the Caymans sipping mojitos while the rest of us are suffering through dollar devaluation and market chaos.  Also, a very important question is being wholeheartedly ignored lately; who, exactly, will take the Fed’s place as the world biggest buyer of U.S. debt (and U.S. stocks) once the Fed reduces or cuts QE?  The fact is, there is no foreign buyer that will fill this void.  In the end, the “taper”, regardless of how quickly it is implemented, will eventually lead to financial tragedy within our nation.

In the meantime, the Syrian crisis continues to quietly grow, and the U.S. may be in the midst of global economic war, or a shooting war in the near future, drawing all attention away from the central banks as the culprits behind America’s fiscal demise.

Ultimately, QE cuts will be detrimental because they are MEANT to be detrimental, and this is in pursuit of one of only two possible goals: Either the Fed is seeking to deliberately undermine the U.S. economy in order to set in motion a final collapse, or, the Fed wants to create just enough desperation in order to force the American people to beg for more stimulus, and thus force us to accept partial responsibility for the eventual inflationary demise of the dollar. In either case, the Fed’s tactics serves one purpose – to secure the globalization of America by any means necessary. A wounded America is more liable to embrace centralization and abandon sovereignty than a strong America. I’ll let George Soros explain one more time just to drive the point home:

The process of globalized economic and political governance has been a long and carefully planned one, and the existence of a prosperous U.S. is not a part of the program. There have been many events over the past several decades that we can look back on objectively and understand the role they played in the destruction of the U.S. as a sovereign nation. At the edge of the Federal Reserve’s 100th anniversary, it is vital that we see the current developments for what they really are – history changing, in a fashion so violent they are apt to scar America forever.

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    1. InsanityISContagious

      QEI,II,III never helped anybody but the too-big-to-get-whats-really-coming-to-em fat cats already controlling the stock market (i.e., the bankers, foreigners, senators, and congressmen). Guess it’s time for them to take their obscene amounts of Federal Reserve play money and run…what a coinkidink that it is in the Sept-Oct time frame that the money production spigot finally is beginning to run dry.

      • Be informed

        It has to do with the petro dollar, the gas pipelines, Israel, future control of the last cheap to obtain oil fields, and Russia and China being both boxed in. Just like that movie Stardust in which each of the princes killed each other to be the next in line for king, these f’en elitists and the hierarchy CANNOT get along. They will kill and do anything to get to the top of the pyramid.

        I have heard these ideas that suggest Putin is in with BO, and the leaders of other countries such as China are all in agreement to some new structed world order in which all the elitists get along so well together. Horsesh$% there ever would. The Russian and Chinese are allied for one purpose, to destroy the west. The U.S. would dump Engalnd, Canada, France, and anyone in NATO for their benefit. These super secret rulers of control of finance, power, and whatever else know that they cannot trust each other, and why the New World Order is a pipe dream of these elitists. The common elitist has the worst case of LUST for power that there is, coupled with absolute greed. They won’t compromise just like these little tin horn dictators.

        This is why there is not some complete global control of everything, and why there are these disputes between each nation and the so called leaders. In that reverse universe in one of the original Star Trek episodes, each person killed their superior officer to gain one rank higher. This is no different with the elitists. They are too sick with power to to even get along with each other. Everyone is always watching their back for the dagger.

        What does this mean for all the people at the bottom? WAR. Each and every time the monetary system fails to operate like THEY want it to, fall back to the military. For all these so called peacemakers of the world, there is per capita arms level of purchasing going on right now that is at the highest levels of the cold war, or WW2. Anyone that thinks that all these countries are just going to sit on that stockpile of weapons is not well read individual of history. Build up of arms means someone is going to fight, someone is going to war.

        During the 1990’s and early 2000’s the Russians did little to expand much of their military, mainly because they did not have the money to because the price of oil was so low. Ever since 2005, the Russians have been in high gear modernizes their conventional army, but more importantly to see, their nuclear forces. Just look at all the recent ICBM tests that are meant to elude anti-missile shields. Look at all the renewed long range strategic bomber aircraft practice runs. Look at the renewed submarine ballastic nuclear missile tests.

        Let’s talk China. Art of war, boast when your army is weak, keep you mouth shut when your army is strong and don’t let your enemy know how strong your army is. China is VASTLY underestimating their amount of money spent on their military for at least the past 6 years. This was admitted by the NSA and CIA. China has the 2nd highest GDP in the world, to overtake the U.S. by 2015, estimated. China puts far more money into hardware than the U.S. that spends huge amounts of money stated on salaries. The ridiculous numbers given on Chinese nuclear arms of a couple hundred nukes only an idiot would believe. China had at least 300 nukes back in the 1980’s. Try several thousand along with several hundred ICBM’s that can easily reach the U.S.

        Simply stated without going into a long explanation, that whom holds the energy resources of the world, holds the key to military victory. This was proven all too well with Germany and Japan in WW2, and why Germany attacked Russia, and why Japan was so desperate for Indonesia, fuel.

        The U.S. must have something to back up the U.S. dollar, and without countries using that dollar to purchase oil, good bye to the U.S. dollar and credit to help hold it up. The natural gas pipelines by Qatar and Saudi Arabia means trillions in revenue if Syria falls into western friendly hands. The ONLY reason both these countries are supporting the rebels in Syria. That pipeline would destroy Russia’s stranglehold of Europe’s need for natural gas to prevent freezing each winter. Russia would lose hundreds of billions of revenue the first year or two and political clout with Europe. No wonder they have both of their navy there. Another southern pipeline of natural gas would go through Israel through Syria to Turkey, further undermining Russia. Only other pipeline from Qatar would have to go through Iraq, and Iraq doesn’t want this, plus it is very mountainous in eastern Turkey.

        Natural gas is very expensive to ship via ship, and very small amounts in comparison to how much a pipeline can transport. Qatar has the third or fourth largest natural gas deposits in the world depending on which source states this. Europe needs natural gas desperately, and other than France and a couple of nuclear power plant happy countries, this is also a major source of generating power for electricity. Russia has shown just how much influence in other issues with Europe it has with the threat of shutting down the spigot. Those two pipelines, or even one would destroy Russia’s ace in the hole. Syria falls to NATO and Russia loses massive money and power.

        The U.S. can slow down the demise of other countries using a basket currency to sell oil IF they can find a false pretext to attack Iran, the country that started the whole thing with selling oil for other money. Countries are finding that it is far safer to use a mixture of money, including precious metals to back up their product. False flag, Iran is building nukes to attack the U.S. Yeah right, that is why the missile shield is placed in Poland, at the exact center point of the western borders of Russia, rather than closer to Iran in some country like Italy or Greece. The missile path of an ICBM fired from Iran to the U.S. would actually fly over Sweden and Norway further to the north.

        Israel is a tiny nation, and right now there is a tremendous build up of CONVENTIONAL weapons in the form of missiles and drones that carry explosives. Israel has to do something, and they WILL. They are a wild card in all this, and each 5 day period before and after a new moon when the sky is dark enough for an air attack on Syria, Iran, and Lebanon where hezbollah is must be watched as the start of all of this.

        The whole point of all of this is exactly what Brandon says above, we are all being freaken lied to. This is why I personally seek the truth about this. It only takes some basic research to discover just how much manure everyone is being fed. The example of the missile shield and why Russia was so pissed can be seen on a globe, not on a flat map. The Russians are not stupid enough to believe that a missile shield placed at exactly the center point between their northern most border and southern most border is not for them to stop their deterrent of ICBM’s. Yes that missile shield can reduce a lot of ICBM’s coming from Russia, ESPECIALLY if those missiles coming from Russia are the remaining ICBM’s from many other taken out from a surprise attack against Russia. Remember Russia no longer has thousands of miles of buffer land to protect their strategic forces like in the cold war. Just like will are being lied to about how many nukes China has.

        Sorry for such a long comment, but it irritates me so much all the stinken deception and bare ass lies that the MSM and the government tells everyone. Again and again the truth is hidden, and the masses believe these fairy tales. There are factors now that were never there before during anytime in the nuclear age. The main factor is power and money, a lot of power and money. That will lead to a world war faster than all the other issues of the past put together. That is the catastrophic boiling pot over there right now.

        • Proftel

          Be informed :

          Well-informed diplomatic source told As-Safir newspaper that

          ( … ) The U.S. war against Syria began and ended at the instant that those were fired two ballistic missiles , nobody knew what they were, because Israel refused and Russia confirmed until an official statement came from the Israelis , who said they would have been fired in the context of a joint military exercise US- Israel , and that the missile fell into the sea and that had nothing to do with the Syrian crisis .

          The source also told the Lebanese daily that

          ( … ) The U.S. fired the two missiles from a NATO base in Spain . The missiles were instantly detected by radars and Russians were repelled by Russian defense systems : one was destroyed in flight and the other was diverted toward the sea.

          In this context , the source said , is what did the statement released by the Russian Ministry of Defense . The statement talked about the detection of two ballistic missiles fired toward the Middle East, but neither said anything about where the missiles were fired missiles , or that had been slaughtered . Why?

          Because the moment that the military operation was being launched , the head of the Intelligence Service of Russia called the U.S. intelligence and said :

          ( … ) Attack means attacking Damascus Moscow. We omitted in our official statement the expression ” the two missiles were shot down ,” to preserve bilateral relations and to prevent any escalation . Therefore , it is imperative that the U.S. reconsider its policies , approaches , movements and intentions on the Syrian crisis , because the U.S. can now be sure that they can not eliminate our [ the Russians ] presence in the Mediterranean .

          The same source continued :

          ( … ) This direct confrontation between Moscow and Washington , which has not been disclosed , further increased the confusion reigning in the Obama administration and the certainty that the Russian side will insist alignment alongside the Syrians . And also, the evidence that the U.S. has had no other way out , if not for the initiative of the Russians , who ” saved ” the U.S. image .

          From this point of view , the same diplomatic source explained that :

          ( … ) To avoid confusion even greater in the U.S. , and after Israel denied knowing the firing of two missiles ( which is true ) , Washington urged Tel Aviv to assume that it would have fired the missiles , not to hurt the U.S. image before the international community , especially because those two missiles were the first movement of the U.S. attack on Syria and the announcement of the start of military operations . The original plan was that after the attack , President Obama ‘s trip to the G-20 meeting in Russia to negotiate the fate of Syrian President Bashr Al – Assad . In fact , as it turned out, Obama had to go to Russia to negotiate an end to the impasse that became locked .

          The same source also said that :

          ( … ) After this showdown US-Russia , Moscow has been working to increase the number of military experts , and has expanded its presence is war units and destroyers in the Mediterranean . The Russians also decided to score after the G- 20 announcement of its initiative to curb aggression against Syria , after creating an environment of contacts on the banks of that meeting , and after two successive visits of the foreign ministers of Iran and Syria , in which it agreed details of an agreement with the Russians , which included the announcement by Syria, which accepted to put its chemical weapons under international supervision and preparing Syria to sign the treaty on non-proliferation of chemical weapons .

          Finally , one diplomatic source said that:

          ( … ) One of the first results of the US-Russia military confrontation was rejected in the House of Commons , of any involvement in the war against Syria . Then came the European positions , all in the same direction , the most significant of which was the German Chancellor Angela Merkel .

          [ * ] Daoud Rammal is a Lebanese journalist based in Beitute . Usually writes in the press in the Middle East ( Al Manar , Al Monitor and other publications in paper or electronic ) . Sometimes his works are published in electronic media as West Rebellion of Spain at the site , eg .

          • Proftel

            Be informed:

            BRICS (and then you put Venezuela, Iran, Argentina and all (Merosul), North Korea, among other African countries in a matter of five years shall not use another $ in business transactions.

            There will be (indeed, there already), a Hemisphere “North” fucked and financially exhausted and a “Southern Hemisphere” well settled socially, financially, since the North’s nuclear option is not adopted.

            It’s a matter of short time soybean producers in Brazil send the shit Chicago Stock Exchange or the producers of other commodities prices dictate their own way, so far do not understand how gold is so far below the cost of production.

            There is too much methane in the atmosphere, any spark detonate World War III.

            Or each “closes” within their territories and “lets eat cock” or, this business of being the “guardian of democracy” will shit.

            For my part, I believe that the U.S. should “shove the viola in the bag” and go home, leave to intervene and close the lot of bases that has around the world.

            The world no longer take it anymore so Americans raping and killing people in their homes.

            I’m sorry if this outburst the Brazilian with Google translation.


            • Be informed

              @ Proftel. Here is the thing. The U.S. is basing everything on greed. The U.S. can completely shut off the rest of the world and do quite well. There is way more than enough arable land, enough natural gas for energy for decades, enough oil if only used for other purposes like plastics, enough rare Earth minerals, enough of everything else to make it work well. So why is the U.S. supporting the rest of the world and killing the country one day at a time? Because these treasonist politicians have sold off America based on one word, GREED. IF it was America first, the rest of the world would be purchasing U.S. goods and the lives in this country would be excellent. Instead the country is in the death throes. Makes a lot of sense especially since these f’ers in washington swore to uphold the Constitution and the security of the country. Yet they sell out THEIR country to China, India,…………

              • Proftel

                Be informed:

                I have always admired for the Constitution that U.S. citizens have, Brazil has had several constitutions, I would like the Emperor D. Pedro II returned to assert (was very similar to the U.S.) but then, Republicans came here and fucked up, unfortunately.

                Envision a big shit happening in the world:

                1 – World War III;
                2 – World War III;
                3 – What God has for everyone.


              • DRD5508

                BI, your statement ‘…worst case of LUST for power that there is..’ is so accurate and simple yet so true. Whatever does happen, we know the basic fact is: we’ll be lied to and I don’t trust the media to be forth right.

              • SugarHoneyIceTea

                Well stated BI. Bravo

            • Kulafarmer

              Is nice to get a take on this stuff from outside folks, thank you.
              Our “government” is screwing things up and screwing us ALL over,
              not really sure why or how come more people cant see it but i guess it is like the frog in the pot analogy.
              It is sad, so many have given so much to just have it all wiped out by a bunch of bureaucrats and their appointed “officials”
              Damn the lot, we dont need ANY of them,
              But when will the rest of the people awaken?
              Maybe after obamacare destroys the health care industry?
              Maybe when the EBT cards stop working?
              Who knows!

              • Reynaldo

                People outside the US know more about what’s going on here than most Americans do. Americans have been enticed by materialism into fixating on the trivial while ignoring the important. That’s why most high school graduates are experts in pop culture and nothing else. We’re a society of dumbed-down gluttonous sloths who think we’re the greatest country in the world so we don’t have to really care about anything except obtaining more disposable stuff until next year’s new stuff comes out.

            • durango kidd

              Proftel: “There is too much methane in the atmosphere, any spark detonate World War III.”

              LMAO!!! WTF are you smoking? 🙂

          • Be informed

            @ Proftel. ONLY a delay for everyone to re-position themselves. I am going to be watching so closely Sept.29 to Oct.9 when the moon is dark enough for Israel to strike. BO said today that as long as Iran promises to not make nuclear weapons, everything will just be fine. At one point Israel is just going to say screw it and strike and let the U.S. come to their rescue if they need the help. There is a very humorous picture on Rense of Putin riding a bear and BO riding a pony with all sorts of colorful fairyland pictures in the background, with the caption this is how the world sees these two.

            Simply put, Syria is as economically important to Russia as Texas is to the U.S. Syria is the only real gateway to Turkey and importing vast amounts of natural gas to Europe that would drive the price of Russian natural gas to Europe into the toilet. Water blocks all the other pathways to get the pipelines to Europe from Qatar other than Iraq, and such a pipeline through Iraq would not last too long from sabotage IF the Iraqis even allowed it. Then the mountainous terrain in eastern Turkey would make that even more a problem. Underwater natural gas pipelines are extremely expensive and time consuming to build, and there is a high risk of seismic activity off the coast of Turkey. Only real access point is through Syria.

            Russia is not protecting Syria because they like Assad, they are protecting it for their own self interest and their economic survival. This is what makes this whole situation over there even more dangerous. The U.S. would be doing the same thing based on the Monroe Doctrine if China for example was trying to undermine trillions of dollars of revenue that the U.S. had in the Gulf of Mexico region.

            • Proftel

              Be informed:

              The biggest technological development of the U.S. was between Independence and the first World War, there was an assimilation of technology mainly in steel until the beginning of the second war.

              After this (war), more technology was assimilated in Germany and also the doctrine bellicose German.

              I know well from history.

              Patton wanted to “return” the Russians back home, Douglas MacArthur almost threw three bombs in Korea.


              If you end a war, but to come home, your neighbor will create a way to fuck you.

              I live next to an airbase where d’, 42 Mirage on December 31, 2013 will be disabled.

              Because of the privacy invasions NSA, the Super Hornet of you will not come (in, give thanks to God), Brazil is higher than in the U.S. territory, what we need here is even airplanes Russian fighters with great autonomy .)

              Do not get me wrong, I frequent several places where you talk, I have nothing against Americans by the way, I am a “prepper” here in Goiás (and many think I’m weird).

              At the bottom, I do not deserve the politicians we have, that’s all.

              Informed, believe, consider you a nice guy Pacas.



            • Proftel

              Be informed:

              Implicações geopolíticas eu conheço, sou Geógrafo e ex-militar, tenho 51 anos de vida.

              Gostei de conversar com você, aqui são quase 04:00am, preciso dormir.


              • ChickenLittle

                You’re 51, ex-military, geographer, and tired?

            • pissinwiththewind

              Thanks BI,

              You have said everything i wanted to say about the subject. It is all based on greed and being in control of said ONE World System.

              There is no coming out on top for “any” country/government. The USA is no longer seen as the world’s superpower and is seen as “ripe” for the taking by the atheistic/evil dictators of the world.

              The situation USA is in is because of “THE”, people being asleep at the wheel, while the greedy elites run the train off the rails. Hang on or get TF off while you still can.

              • JayJay

                See, this is the one statement or idea I can never get my head around– ‘while the greedy elites run the train off the rails.’
                What do they know we don’t?? Is there another planet inhabitable we know nothing of?

          • Wolf359


            That’s no where close to being true. Consider the source.

            Also spain is close to 3000 miles from syria.

            Cruise missiles unless icbm’s which reach space then re enter the atmosphere could not reach syria. We do not have that reach of capability.

            Secondly, a 2 cruise missile strike in and of itself nevermind all the way from spain is illogical and no military brass would conceive of such a ridiculous attempt.

            • Patriot

              erroneous on the distance , closer to 1500 nautical miles from Spain to Syria
              agree with you on your second point.

              • Wolf359

                I found 3162 miles. I don’t know how that translates to nautical miles.

                To the best of my knowledge the furthest a cruise missile unless entering space and re entering the atmosphere on an icbm is tops 2200-2500 miles.

                Now any missile or rocket launched that left the atmosphere would have been picked up by every country thinking it was a nuc launch.

                About 15 yrs ago norway launched a rocket with a satlite. Russia had just depleted its military after the end of the cold war and the warning sent to them stating
                it was only a satelitte got mishandled. So russia thought it was a first strike. Luckily they deduced a single launch would not have been a first strike and much more likely a satellite.

                Lastly conventional munitions would not be wasted on an icbm and cruise missiles are capable of of traveling 3200 miles with out leaving the atmosphere.

                • Wolf359

                  *are not

        • Man on the inside

          BI: Excellent points. I have been warning people of QE 1 and 2 for years along with BRICS. When we end as the reserve currency we have to back our 17 trill in debt with tangible assets. There are 300 million middle class in China now (10,000-35,000 per year salary). Bear in mind it is a lower cost of living in China. The same for India (the problem plaguing India is power generation and infrastructure). By 2015 they overtake the U.S as the number one economic power. (That is 15 months from NOW). By 2020 they will have 475-750 million middle class and very little debt. The kings of the east are rising. Adjusted for their cost verses our cost, they are now spending half of what we do on their military and this will only increase. America is dying and it is our own doing. Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, … BRICS. 24 months from now they WILL be the economic power house and we WILL be broke. Our manufacturing is overseas, we have lost two generations of manufacture trained personal, American students ranked 25th in math, 17th in science and 14th in reading worldwide, (The United States has fallen to “average” in international education rankings released by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, according to the America has received scores around 500 on a scale that goes up to 1,000: 487 in math, 500 in reading and 502 in science.), We have 1/3 of our population on some kind of government assistance, WE HAVE COMPLETELY TURNED OUR BACK ON GOD,….. this is not going to end well….you have about 20 months… PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS.

          P.S. as of this writing old Ben is going to keep pumping and the DOW rallied 1%…. if it was not so sad this would be hysterical…

        • Night breaker

          Sometimes I feel I am living in 1939 not 2013 it’s almost a carbon copy of that era just the actor countries names have changed . My best guess ? the MSM BS factor is going off the charts recently . this October or January 2014 most likely, we will probably wake up one cold morning and wonder why the power is out .



          Semper Fi 8541

          • Kulafarmer

            @ Nightbreaker
            Well wake up and no power, no internet, and dead silence on radio, with exception of hams but even that will be spotty since TPTB will be trying to scramble and interfere with that as well,
            THAT will be the day the SWHTF!

        • Humanity


          • Pissed Off Granny

            Sure enough, Humanity…..The anti-Christ. But for only a while…..

        • tired of ny bs

          B.I. off topic question ,suppose a c3.x flare with cme was directly headed for earth 1) what damage would be done ,and 2)would just the side facing the cme be affected,or would the magnetosphere carry in world wide?

          • Sgt. Dale

            From what I understand just the side of the earth it hits.

            • Shootit

              Who is the troll red flagging everything. Food Stamp employee?

        • Kevin2

          Be Informed

          Your spot on.

          I use the word ostensible to describe everything coming out of government. There is a mad rush to control the worlds resources specifically and just as important to keep other nations dependent on the current system and suppliers. I think fracking has also thrown a “monkey wrench” into plan. If nations no longer need imported oil / gas they no longer need USDs to purchase same. No demand for the USD? Look out!

        • two2wisper

          Be Informed That is what it is,and why WE THE PEOPLE cant figure this out is beyond me. People are so ignorant to what is happening.

      • Shootit

        I am off to spend a few hours printing my own currency. Today I will be printing .357 mag 158 gr HP for my savings account.

        • Sgt. Dale

          I’m going to join you! I’m going to first print out some 223, the go to a larger bill 6.8SPC. then when I’m done with them I think I will go back to printing some 9mm. or 38’s. Great for making change. LOL

          • Shootit

            Money making therapy for thy soul. Every time the press is actuated I hear this little voice in the background saying f u and t h y r i o.

            • Sgt. Dale

              I have a great wife. She just told me some big bills 308, 45 ACPs, and 357. She said she was hearing B.O. you suck, Benny go to hell, Congress you turds, Fed. scum buckets. Shootit take care my friend.

              • Shootit

                Got a call and had to do double duty today loading some 40 SW for a friend. You take care and God bless you and your family.

        • Kulafarmer

          Im with you guys,
          Going to print up a few more boxes of 175g SMKs for my investment insturments.
          After that will spend a few minutes swaging the next generation of derivitives from lake city

          • Sgt. Dale

            Kula & Shootit.
            Have a couple of the guys coming out to work in precious metals in many types investment forms. They look like silver but weight like gold.

      • jp

        And then as reported in the German Newspaper “Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten : BIS: The most powerful bank in the world announces the crash.
        The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is the current situation on the financial markets as worse than before the Lehman bankruptcy. The warning of the BIS could be the reason why the U.S. Federal Reserve decided to continue indefinitely to print money: Central banks have lost control of the debt-tide and give up.

        The decision by the U.S. Federal Reserve to continue indefinitely to print money (here ) might have fallen on ”orders from above”.
        Apparently, the central banks dawns that it is tight.
        Very narrow.
        The most powerful bank in the world, the Bank for International Settlements(BIS) has published a few days ago in its quarterly report for the possible end of the flood of money directly addressed – and at the same time described the situation on the debt markets as extremely critical. The “extraordinary measures by central banks” – aka the unrestrained printing – had awakened in the markets the illusionthat the massive liquidity pumped into the market could solve the fundamental problems (more on the huge rise in debt – here ).
        This clear words may have meant that Ben Bernanke and the Federal Open Market Committee, the Fed got cold feet. Instead, as expected, which is now formally announcing the end of the flood of money, the Fed has decided to just carry on as before. If one is to the BIS experts believe that no single problem is solved. All problems are only increasing.
        Because the BIS but apparently does not know how they get the genie back in the bottle, it pays to listen to those who were part of the system – but now have no official functions and therefore more able to find clear words. The former chief economist of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), William White, was also reported to be parallel to the BIS word. His statements are nothing more and nothing less than an announcement of the big crash.

        This is posted from Before It’s news.

    2. Hedge

      Will the Fed ever stop the money flow to corrupt banks? Sure, after the whole fuckin’ thing explodes. But it won’t be until they’ve taken the last nickel from the last muppet.

    3. smokey

      They will never stop the printing presses, no matter what. If they stop, they die.

      • TnAndy

        Agreed. If they stop printing now, the economy collapses now. If they continue to print, it collapses down the road. Down the road is always better for these guys.

        • Unreconstructed Southron

          Agree also. They only have two choices. So they’ll just keep kicking the can down the road, till the road ends.

          See y’all on the other side.

          • PenCRNA

            A couple of days ago someone was talking about a worldwide reset. A clean slate for everyone. I don’t think that will happen, however, it would prevent revolutionary regime change and chaos when the bread and circuses ends. Whatdayall think?

            • Ordinary Average Guy

              I think the winds of change are beginning to blow…the little breeze will eventually be a hurricane that may indeed wipe everything clean,but it wont be a free ride. It will be start from scratch with what you can gather from the debris….just my opinion

              • TxSF

                Ordinary Average Guy;

                Nice quote from Scorpions. The winds of chage have been blowing for awhile now, it just a matter of time for the hurricane to hit.

              • Them Guys

                PenCRNA: That sounds like My Post the other day. I wasn’t saying that I believe such will occure. I was simply pointing out that it seems Every article by Every “economy” writer be they “experts” or not, always base it all on the fed can print cash Only till mass hyper inflation occures etc.
                (unless the fed res burns in the furnace alot more dollar bills if say china sends a trillion back to usa, cause unless and untill reg avg people get alot of those dollars to Spend you cannot get “hyper-inflation like wiemer germany had).

                And Thats always based on the Many “expert” economist Books they have read. Like misses(sp?) et al.

                Those books all are opposite Keynes policies.

                Yet None has ever been tried yet have they? I am no money “expert” so I do not know if they have or not. I am fairly certain they have not due to Keynes policy is all usa had since 1913 right?

                But One issue none of these many writers ever seem to consider is perhaps there IS a “Third” or different way things could go. Maybe Two other ways.

                #1 where is it writ in stone that the Fed res cannot wipe debt slates clean and start all Over again debt free every nation? And maybe even Private persons debt free re start also. If they want to do so they sure can, who will reject that?

                And #2-It seems most writers of money issues are either atheists or agnostics. And it causes them all to not even for a moment consider Anything the Bible says on money or especially End time events. Weather or not This is end times? God alone knows for now anyways. But I for one do believe some generation Will live at end times(much points to Our time now I think).

                So most every writer rejects fully all talk of cashless society NWO One world Money system with a chip implant being the mark aka 666 number that all bible readers are aware of.

                I am NOT knocking atheists if they choose to be one. But it does seem to me that most writers are unbelievers. That causes them to totally reject any bible related talk etc.(also most if not All of the Famous economic books are written by jewish guys, so if they believe in anything it sure aint the new testement books, and I do not think their talmud books has anything like “666-mark of beast etc” in it so those famous books like msisses et al would Never consider what I write of here).

                So they base it all on Two basic ways. Fed keeps printing till Hyper infaltion hammers it all, or abrupt end to print more dollars and same occures yet faster and all crashes.

                Then what? All the so called eliets and banksters shut down every govnt in 200 nations the world over and go ride around in private Jets, or Yahts? Where do They gas-Up if entire world is shut down crashed beyond repair?

                Do all eliets remain in underground bunkers forever?

                Perhaps there Is a Different game plan that to date ZERO “experts” and non expert writers alike have just never though of?…Like what I said IE Clean Slate of debts. Or some Cashless one world money system and be it implant chips or some Other we are not yet aware of…Whats to stop That if fed banksters desires it?

                And of course to bible believers type folk That last method does make alot of sense.

                I have thought about this issue, the 666 mark etc for 40+ yrs now. Ever since I first read it in the bible book of Revelation. My main question has Always been…

                How? in what exact way will it ever be possible to do that? IE: No persons can Buy nor sell ANYTHING unless he or she First accepts the “Mark or Number or Name”

                Ok so How or what is possible to effect such a system?

                Obviously you Must have a NWO with ONE central Money center or Bank that has 100% Total worldwide control of all money. Regradless if its dollars, cashless, Gold, gold-backed etc.

                Now again it is obvious CASH Must be done away with elsewise how can anybody “Control” all buying and selling by all 7 billion people in world.

                In Fact you’d need do away with ALL such forms be it Cash or gold or silver etc etc. Otherwise How can they control it all or stop folks fromm buying and selling no matter if its against the law or whatever right.

                Cashless IS the Only method I am able to see as a true workable system. That was Never before remotely posible Untill Computers were invented, then so widely Owned by most everybody today…I saw some TV Rain Forest Documentary a few yrs ago…Even Brazillian jungle Pygmie tribes folks had Laptops!…They still Hunt with a spear or Blowgun…Yet have Laptop computers!

                And the advent aprox 20 yrs ago of Pay utility bills Online with computerized Cashless methods. Well it seems to me what I first predicted to folks since 40 yrs ago that I think the Only possible way they can do the “666 mark” like the bible speaks of…Is Cashless, with computers, and “Some” form of type personal “ID” to Lock in folks worldwide, into a system thats exact same for ALL 7 billion people and zero Other means(except barter but Barter with whom? if you cannot access gasoline and Buy Lic Plates etc etc…Barter will be ONLY within Walking distances. I can’t walk from Mich to NY or Kalif to barter trade My can of soup for Your two .22 bullets).

                So I do think of a couple different ways or systems, besides what all the experts and writers promote or consider is the future of money and will or wont usa ceash etc. They ALL say usa will crash. I say Maybe Not. Maybe a whole entire Different method most writers never consider or do not accept due to their beliefs or maybe Lack of belief.

                I believe something must create or cause some form system that allows for 666/Mark events to occure. I am also Open to other suggestions other than Cashless and ID implants etc. After 40 yrs I can’t think of any other Viable actual system that would opeate so swell for TPTB and banksters. Can You?

                Oh, One more small issue…Consider that in Old testement of bible one of the Levitical moses Laws, that tribes of israel Must do(back then) was a thing called “A Year of Jubalee”…If I recall right there Two such law issues. One for every 7th yr Slaves get set Free…

                But the real important levitical mosaic law was “Every 50th year…ALL Debts were Wiped Out fully as if not owed…AND All Lands Owned by anybody, went BACK to Original owner of lands”

                I may not have quoted nor described that as written exactly…But it is very close to the bibles words etc.

                Now there is NO denying the Fact that a Vast Majority of Fed res-banksters-all related to those issues-Are in Fact…Jewish folks..Some are zionists some “Just” jewish.

                But all the Levitical moses laws I described of a 50th year jubalee, all debts ended as not owed any longer etc were, and still are,the religious belief for “some” jewish religious types.

                What if something like those Levitical law practices is brewing on the proverbial back burner at the HQ of Fed Res and Banksters for Their PTB plans?

                Only TPTB knows their own plans for Certain correct?

                Well untill everybody gets to know it I say most every economy or money issues writers, just May be Missing or Rejecting, several Other ways or methods it can all go down so to speak. These are my points regarding it all.

                • Shootit

                  I do believe scripture and we are headed to a cashless society, but it is all about Satan and his control of the hearts and minds of men. Satan=control, greed, self, etc. It will be start of Satan’s last stand against his Creator.

                  The coming crash will be like a bad movie with no happy ending. I will be watching from a distance with a warm bag of butter popcorn.

                • BackSpace

                  Re: Jubilee

                  Very thought provoking, indeed… Rabbit hole…

                  Sept 2015 is the beginning of the next 49th year of Jubilee. Hmm, we’ve heard this 2015 date before.

                  We should also know that these OT feasts are a “Shadow of things to come” Col 1.17… a shadow of Gods intention, by his hand… Just as the sacrifices; sheep, bulls, goats…was a shadow of _______________. For the whole world.

                  So every 7 years just the slaves are set free, but at 49 years (7×7), slaves set free And all debts cancelled and Land is retuned…

                  Who has lost land since 1966..??? (2015-49=)

                  Now I do not think gubermints/tptb will just cancel debt, but what if, by the hand of God or nature gone wild… CME/EMP fries all data world wide? That would certainly free the slave/us, no more data files on each of us… no verifiable debt… anywhere…nowhere…

                  Think I better file this next to “hi ho silver, away”

                  Ooo, bad monkey..


                • JayJay

                  Take 3 generations of welfare moochers with NOT ONE OUNCE of personal responsibility in their physical/mental make-up and let them know their debts will be wiped clean every 7 years(as I read in the Bible)????.
                  I can see how that would work out real well for all…puh–leeze.

                • JayJay

                  However, it was not appropriate to charge one another interest, and debts would be wiped
                  clean after seven years (Deuteronomy 15:1, Nehemiah 5:7, Proverbs 28:8).

                  Deuteronomy 15:1-2 says: “At the end of every seven years you must cancel debts. This is how it is to be done: Every creditor shall cancel the loan he has made to his fellow Israelite.”

                • KY Mom

                  Them Guys,

                  Re: based on the Lord’s calendar

                  The Lord spoke to Moses saying:… “These are the feasts of the Lord, holy convocations, which you shall proclaim at their appointed times.” Leviticus 23:4

                  Elul 29 occurs every seven years on the Hebrew calendar. It is a time when debts are to be forgiven and the land, in the agricultural communities of ancient Israel was to be given a rest.

                  Elul 29 – Sept. 17, 2001, was the beginning of the economic calamity associated with 9/11 and the lowering of interest rates by the Fed resulting in the collapse of the stock market.

                  Elul 29 – Sept. 29, 2008, marked the next big crash.

                  The next Elul 29 will be on September 13, 2015. This the eve of the Feast of Trumpets or Rosh Hashana at sundown. An unusual astronomical phenomenon, a blood red moon – or tetrad – is forecast to occur that evening, according to NASA.

                  Note: A cluster of tetrads is forecast to occur in 2014 and 2015 – all of them on Hebrew high holidays.

                  “New York’s Ground Zero actually represents more than the former financial center of the country. It represents the EXACT PLACE where America was first consecrated to God in prayer by the country’s new leaders.

                  In 1789, newly inaugurated President George Washington gave a prophetic warning at Federal Hall in New York City. He declared that America’s prosperity and protection were dependent upon its adherence to God.

                  Later, the political leaders of the young nation gathered at St. Paul’s Chapel to commit the nation’s future to God’s purposes. That chapel is located at Ground Zero and miraculously survived 9/11 virtually unscathed. But the foundation of Federal Hall was ominously cracked.”

                  The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn

            • Canadian Vet

              Unless there is a major paradigm shift that will keep them away from fractional banking and they stick to an economy backed by tangible assets, then a reset would only be a Band-Aid solution and we will be right back where we are now sooner or later.

              Besides, the people whose wealth is based on fiat currencies and fractional banking would never allow themselves to be ruined this way.

              • sixpack

                Only we’ll be much poorer and weaker after the fall. The climb up will be much steeper for us, after they turn the dirt into mud.

            • Kevin2

              They will continue to delay the inevitable and acquire as much real wealth as possible before it all goes to hell. As long as they keep the military in their pocket they will remain in power.

            • SilverSax

              I think a “worldwide reset” is exactly what they want. Every nation is printing fiat currency. In my opinion, when it all collapses we’ll see the NWO one-world-government – and then the Antichrist.

            • Paranoid

              It’s not the debt. It’s the spending. 50 M on food stamps, 11 M Disabled, Soc Sec, EPA. and all the rest that produce no product. Ridiculous trade rules. The debt is only a result, not a cause. Treat the cause or no debt canc will do anything

              • Gold Leader

                Ok, sure spending is off the charts, BUT the whole thing does, in fact, come back to DEBT. ALL CURRENCIES ON EARTH ARE LOANED INTO EXISTENCE, based on nothing. And due to interest, there is ALWAYS more debt than there is cash in circulation to pay it back. Every nation, except Iran, N Korea, and Cuba (and formerly Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan…no pattern there!) also have their cash loaned in from the same banking cartel.

                Debt-based currency is the cancerous dragon that must be slain. It’s world monopoly and we’re their vehicle.

                Gold Leader standing by.

                • Paranoid

                  Sorry, but it’s all spending, spend no more than you make it does not matter, spend more and you go under. The debt is just a scorecard of what you are doing. Does not cause anything.

              • Kulafarmer

                DHS, TSA, NSA, EPA, CIA
                See a pattern there? I think the biggest problem is TOO BIG GOVERNMENT
                Do you want to be the ones on the hook for 17 gagillion dollars?

              • Gold Leader

                Paranoid….while yes, it’s very accurate to say ‘spend more than you make and you go under’, and I FULLY agree spending is WAY beyond control, you need to realize that the very money itself IS the debt. The US nat’l debt is $17 trillion…not just because they’ve borrowed that to pay too many expenses, but that’s is money BORROWED to increase the money supply…that’s what ‘quantitative easing’ is.

                The US Gov BORROWS every dollar it spends (with interest attached) from the PRIVATE Federal Reserve bank. EVERY penny in your pocket, your bank account, your house equity, your community, our country…has been LOANED into existence, and is OWED by someone to someone else. The gov could create the most balanced budget ever, but the national debt, state debts, and personal debts and all other unfunded liabilities will NEVER get fully paid back….ever.

                If all debts were to be paid off, there wouldn’t one penny in circulation, and there’d still be extra debt….that to pay off they’d need to BORROW MORE again!

                I think you best do some research before saying something simple and abrupt like ‘yep, just stop spending and we’d be fine.’ The money itself is NOT fine and is a myth, a cancer that needs to be extracted. Clearly, you’re still stuck in the matrix. I hope the lights turn on upstairs.

                Gold Leader standing by.

            • TnAndy

              A clean slate for everyone ?

              My slate has nothing on it.

              Let’s say we did clean the slate….reward those who have lived well beyond their means, and tell those that lived below theirs and saved for a rainy day how stupid they were……

              WHAT’S the message ?

              That stupid shouldn’t hurt, or have ANY consequences ?

              Is that REALLY the way to improve the human condition ?

              • Them Guys

                TnAndy: Improve human condition has nothing to do with it. Nor does “Fairness” to All. The main issue was is perhaps there another way or system or method planned that we do know of yet? And that to Date no articles writers ever seem to consider, other than the “usual” standby of either fed keeps printing till a slow crash or hyper inflation occures, or will fed abruptly halt printing and do a fast total crash?

                For a deeper explaination scroll Up a few comments to my Prior post where I replied to PenCNA above.

                • TnAndy

                  Yeah. Read it. Lot of rambling with no point made.

              • M

                Without the petrofiat dollar accords. Backed up by overt and covert violence , america would have been a banana republic some time in the mid 70’s. Compared to the rest of the world , the west has lived far beyond its means for decades . Is this any way to improve the human condition ?

              • JayJay

                Thanks TnAndy for expressing what most of us realize.
                Purging debt(wiping clean) for idiots just encourages more idiots!!!

                • JayJay

                  Only if the ‘wiping’ part is equal would this ‘evah’ work.
                  You assumed a $500,000 mortgage you couldn’t afford, while I assumed the $100,000 I could make pmts. on within my reach.
                  Now, you want to talk cleaning the slate?
                  Nope—just clear $100,000 of that debt for both us?
                  Oh, but wait, there is a mortgagee that owes only $1000 and he’s gonna be clear of his debt he’s been paying for 30 years.
                  How does he like the fact that MR.BIG gets a 4000 sq ft house to live in and he has a 1000 sq ft he sweated for for 30 years??
                  NOT GONNA WORK– no matter how you write it..never fair.

            • Barn Cat

              They don’t want a clean reset for everybody. They want a big enough disaster to bring about a one world government. They also want to bring down the earth’s population to a sustainable level of 500 million. It’s part of the UN’s Agenda 21. Also because Satan will shortly rule the earth through the world leader that he will possess.

              • M

                So if satan’s rules earth , then jesus rules heaven.
                Why do you want to stay on earth again ?

          • Anonymous

            If the the question is – are we totally screwed?
            The answer is – is a frog’s ass water tight?

          • Be informed

            @ Unreconstructed Southron. These characters can continue to kick the economic can down the road all they want, and continue to downsize everything that people purchase at the market to fool everyone into thinking that inflation is under control. Eventually the ugly plague of inflation will hit, and when it does that little 2 oz can of “economic sized” tuna that is 89 cents goes up to $8 a can, people MIGHT catch on that all is not too well in the land of rainbows. I am waiting for the butt wipes in the sugar industry to come out with the new easy to handle 3 pound bag of sugar instead of the now “too heavy for some” 4 pound bag that use to be 5 pounds. But after all the price of a sugar bag has not gone up.

            Reminds me of some saloon that the price of a drink has remained the same for years as the owner has watered down the booze more each year. Like a slowly boiled frog, few notice that it now takes double the drinks to feel anything. Don’t even want to talk about the fast food restaurants that have replaced any meat with some concoction of minced up refuse or some lab generated GMO frankenstein “meat”. No inflation here, same size burgers, same price.

            There is a breaking point though in which even sawdust “bread” buns, rat-cockroach burgers has to raise in price. Keep printing up money you baboon helicopter ben, inflation HAS TO one day rear its viper head. Get out the wheel barrels to carry your fiat bills to go to store, that is IF martial law has not been totally declared by then.

            • Pissed Off Granny

              Be Informed:

              You might add this to your “American Menu”:

              Snopes dot com Cochineal food coloring from bugs….

              “The red coloring of strawberry milkshakes comes from a tropical beetle ground up for its red coloring.”

              It is listed as carmine dye on the ingredients on Dannon Yogurt. Look for it on other pink colored processed foods that we all like!

            • Unreconstructed Southron

              Yep. That’s when “The Road Ends.”

        • Anonymous

          More time for us to prepare by their kicking the can as well. I’m much more comfortable in my preparations this year than last year and I hope for another year. There is always gold, silver, ammo, and food to store. Time buys supplies.

        • possee

          We “croak” either way.

          Everything is by design

          Nothing is by accident

          The collapse of 07/08 will pale to the ongoing collapse when the final derivatives markets come home to roost..

          All those who warned then are crying the alarm bells with hundreds more joining the chorus..

          I will and have taken heed..

          and not in p.m.s but in durable goods..

          Forget all these charlatans promoting them..they are predators as the snake oil charmers from the past..

          Invest in life sustaining precious,land,water.lead, and canned goods..


          • sixpack

            Fortunately for me, I don’t fall prey to advertisers. I make my own decisions, based on what I expect to need/use. In fact, the more pervasive the ad, the less likely I am to purchase it—just on principle alone.

            …hound me and I’ll bite your head off instead…

        • braveheart

          I agree it’s better for the collapse to come later than now. The more time we have, the more supplies we can get for ourselves, and the better our chances of long-term survival will be. braveheart

          • Barn Cat

            I’d rather have the collapse happen late this fall. I’m seeing weather predictions of a cold and snowy winter. I’d rather that people freeze to death than starve. All that cold and snow will kill off the unprepared faster and make us safer in the north than if we have a collapse that happens in the spring. I’d feel a lot safer if the power went out when we were getting two feet of snow and that was followed by below zero temps.

            • M

              What happens if winter does not stop ?

              maunder minimum
              younger dryas

              little things like that

          • Urban brave dog troll roll

            I would think that you would be well prepared BRAVE. 40+ years of prepping and you aren’t ready?

            • braveheart

              Urban dogshit, who yanked on your chain. FYI, yeah, i’m well-prepared but it never hurts to add on some extra items as your resources allow. You’d be surprised how much you can accomplish for yourself when you’re debt-free.

              • Urban dog brave troll rolling

                Brave. You always talk about your BOL and being well prepared. How if shtf, you would be living the good life. How you have guns and preps. Then, when you have a feeling or don’t see many crows ( yes birds and yes you said it) the end is near. Any day now and by golly brave is ready. Then… say to stock up and get more preps. I am not parsing words, fact is you are ready or your not. If you are a hyper prepping brave guy, there should be no last minute. You also said you have prepped for 40+ years. How much time do you need. If the end is near and you know it, why do you have even one worthless dollar? If you believe printed money is or why be worthless, why are you not immediately converting the paper into preps? In short, there should not be a last minute. Everyday for the last 40 years has been your last minute.

        • John W.

          Actually what they are doing is money laundering. They are taking electronic ones and zeros which are translated/converted into fiat money by the Federal Reserve and they are buying real assets with them mainly stocks. When they sell these they then have real money from the sale of the stock. The public is left with the debt. Billions of dollars a day are receiving this treatment partly to keep the people with real clout happy as they could cause real problems unless they get in on the scam.

      • Canadian Vet

        Not to mention these presses are how they justify heir existence. No way they’ll write themselves out of a job.

        Even if here is a reset, without a major paradigm shift we will be back in that same boat doe. The road.

      • Rodster

        This article confirms what I have believed for quite sometime and that is that this is all being down on PURPOSE to bring about a One World Govt with a One World Currency and the UN being in charge. America is the final piece to the puzzle.

        • sixpack

          I rather think they are trying to use US to get what THEY want, which is, the rest of the world to fall in line…their line that is. Since “jihad” literally means “exerted effort”, I think the entire world needs to have a “jihad” against the NWO…and America, as the NWO primary tool, needs to lead it to freedom.

          • Them Guys

            I think what most preachers has so many convinced of is wrong. I think if one reads the bible withOUT phony preachers agenda or bias and just Read with new Open minds, they will see that perhaps it Is america thats the nation called the “New Land withOUT walls and dwells in Safety etc etc” and Not the israel of mid east lands spoken of.

            HINT: God says he will save israel. Means People of, NOT any lands in mid east or any other location. Land is Just land. People is what Matters. God says “I will regather the scattered House of Israel”, thats 10 Northern tribes, and “Bring Them INTO a NEW Land to dewll in safety! and Never again be rooted out of!” Thats NOT todays state israel. He says NEW land not land of forefathers etc.

            Furthermore every Day it Is america and Us folks who are being hated and Surrounded/invaded, by enemys and “nations” aka biblically nations means “ethnos” as in Ethnic as in Other “races”.

            And just Maybe it is Us and america thats spoken of that God is going to Act to Save because just perhaps since its a fact that the Khazar Imposters now ocupying state of israel mid east, are who Jesus spoke of as “Imposters” and the synagogue of Satan(rev 2 vs 9).

            Therefore if They are Imposters,(and yes they are) then somebody ELSE Must be the TRUE modern day decendants of the Tribes of ancient israel(specifically the 10 Northern tribes who Kept the name of “israel”).

            And maybe that NEW Lands withOUT walls, living in Saftey, full of Cattle, Vast streams, lakes, waterways, mountains, massive sized new lands with the best agricultural lands worldwide, land of Milk and Honey, etc etc and where the prophecy in Ezekial of the “Two Sticks” one stick names “Judah” and other stick named “Israel” really speaks of the 10 Northern tribes of Israel AND the Other two tribes of judah and benjamim’s modern day decendants that God says in last days he shall Combine the Two sticks in His hand as ONE stick, which Represents the RE Gathering of decendants of ALL 12 tribes, which have been seperated into Two nations since 1000 yrs before Christ was yet born.

            Because once you Read those prophecys, withOUT prior taught Falshoods from unqualified or ignoorant of truth preachers, you can Only agree that wherever That “NEW land” is actually located in the world…

            It sure Cannot be what Today is called the State of israel in mid east. That israel in mid east HAS many security Walls! None there dwell in Safety!..ZERO vast streams or rivers or lakes or waterways exist there!

            And even if “some” folks now In israel the “state of”. are true decendants of judah?(if yes its at most 2% of them are not Khazars and are true israelites).

            Then Where are the OTHER 11 tribes decendants?!!

            ONLY One nation worldwide today or at Any time since 4000 yrs ago, comes even Close to fullfilling all those written things I Listed above, and also Has a good possibility of containing folks that actually Are decendants of ALL 12 Israel Tribes today…Thats America.

            Gods country, founded On Christianity and untll recent times, a God Blessed nation was Never questioned by Anyone!

            Re Read those biblical books and prophecys AFTER clearing Your head of ALL past teachings from various preachers or falshoods you were taught…Use YOUR own Mind and pray for holy spirit Guidence to understand the real true meanings of who are israel today? Where Are they located today? and All 12 tribes…Not just One Imposter Khazar ‘tribe” who calls themselves jews.

            NOTE: Those prophecys and verses speak of Gods promices And Covenant with ISRAEL as in all 12 tribes. NO mentions are ever made of “jews” or “Jewish” anythings.

            I aint bashing jewish folks. I am Simply Pointing out what Your bibles really say or state.

            The actual word “jew” was not even written in the Old testement untill 2nd book of Kings, chapter 16!! That is aprox 500 Pages After Page One genesis IE “In the Beginning God….”

            Ever wonder Why no mention or word of “jew” untill after 500 pages later is written? If not…maybe its TIME You Did wonder eh! Then Learn what you should have been taught.

            PS If this is basically Correct what I stated…Then America no matter how bad it gets etc is Never going to be done away with! Unless God forgets His promices!

            Promices Never uttered or made with any “Imposters” regardless What name they go by!

        • John W.

          Bush Senior told us about the NWO plan way back on 1989. Too bad we did not listen.

      • wormdirt

        Want to be among the elite who ride this disaster out comfortably?

        1. Invest in the yuan.
        2. Learn to speak Chinese.

        Seriously, we need a reset NOW. The longer we wait, the worse it will be. Of course, that could be their strategy since the longer they put it off the larger the class gap will grow until ‘the day’ finally arrives.

        • BackSpace

          or the ruble and Russian…?

          • M

            Nah I think the universal language will be engrish.
            Nationalism and arrogance along with a dash of common sense. Will keep people from learning bric languages

    4. The

      Uh, read the news today?

    5. Gregory8

      When the FED delays tapering yet again, you know we’re in really big trouble. We’re not talking about cessation (cold turkey), just a tapering off, like methadone for heroin addicts to easy the pain. The FED sees what would happen and they can’t even slow down/tapper without causing a serious collapse. We are so screwed!

      • sign_me_up

        I think you should look at it on a more basic, society and psychology viewpoint: if you had a money printing machine, would you turn it off? They won’t either. Its too easy.

      • John W.

        The country spends a trillion and a half dollars a year that it does not have. Visualize a fourth of the consumer economy disappearing.

    6. markinaz

      spend the $100.00 bills now or hang on?

      • sixpack

        “smoke ’em if ya got ’em”.

      • braveheart

        Spend those hundreds on supplies now while they’ll still get anything.

      • Barn Cat

        Buy silver now if you have the money and you’re already fully prepared.

      • sign_me_up

        The new $20’s have $100 printed on them. So, not sure what will be the new $100. Is there a $1000 bill?

        • sign_me_up

          I find it VERY ridiculous I have two down votes on this. Are you people BRAIN DEAD. Do you have any flipping clue how the financial system works?

          Central Bank cartel creates money out of nothing. They then “loan” that nothing to the US Government for IOU’s. The Government squanders that money on stupid programs and kickbacks. Moreover, THEN the Central Bank CARTEL loans out 9x * 9x on that money to the people and leverages into STOCKS. The result is the unethical people in Central Bank, Bank members, and Government have endless money.

          Moreover, the result is prices continue to rise. In a non-manipulated economy, prices would FALL as engineering and business became more efficient. The $12 box fan at Wal-Mart is now $16 to $26. In just a few years. The design has not changed.

          The ONLY change has been DEBT PRINTING.

          I can only assume 1/2 the readers on this site have spent zero time learning how the world REALLY works.

          • sign_me_up

            Its actually really even worse that this. once you study you will learn the debt can NEVER be repaid. The ONLY result is either slavery or WAR. The down voters can go back into dreamland or join the minority in AWAKE land.

          • Anonymous

            Brave. Please don’t comment on financial matters. You have been a failure. You need to stick to your gathering advice.

            • Chimera

              It’s a free country pal and BraveHeart can comment on whatever so stfu.

              • braveheart

                Chimera, thank you. just another troll.

            • braveheart

              Anonymous, f#$% you!

          • John W.

            Were it not for the fact that most Americans are broke inflation would have long ago hit double digits.

    7. TejasTigre

      George Soros, creature from the underworld.

      • Them Guys

        George Soros: His TRUE Identity!!!!

        Revelation, 2 vs 9 and John 8 vs 44…..

        Then Add/Include aprox 13 Million of geroges soros’s tribal relatives for the Full Piture.

    8. PenCRNA

      I was reading on zero hedge how gold jumped 3 minutes before the Fed minutes were released. Someone had Inside info on that report. Not that it surprises me. They are Leading the sheeple to the slaughter. Trying to stay balanced between preps and everyday life. If I’m not careful I tend to get a little obsessive about things…..though I hear the clock ticking.

      • lower40

        its been a real challenge for me to strike that balance ,if i thought that what was coming was just a maybe it would be easier ,but with the math there in front of you ,it is a given at what the outcome will be ,so im stuck trying to live in this world that wont be here, and the world that isnt yet here , so it makes it impossible to completly live in either ,i find myself thinking that some of my projects are futile ,and my time could be better spent getting ready for whats coming ,needless to say its a real mind screw

      • sixpack

        I know you’re right about the system being rigged. Obsession can be your friend, if you don’t let it take the wheel…just let it point the way.

      • JayJay

        Pen, there are times in our lives when obsession is good.

    9. Eisenkreuz


      • braveheart

        Eisen, I don’t care who Janet Yellen is. stick with the topic or go away.

        • Eisenkreuz


          • Sgt. Dale

            Take it easy on the profanity! Some people just don’t keep up with this as well as you do, or you are just one step ahead of Braveheart. I had no idea who this twit/scum bag was until I heard about her on Alex Jones’s show today. Yes she is a BIG PROBLEM. I don’t think she will be confirmed. I pray she isn’t!!! If she is just grab your backside, and run for the hills, because SHTF will be in full force.

          • braveheart

            Eisen, OK, I didn’t know she was another “useful idiot” for the globalists. I’ve never been real big on economic issues, so like Sgt. Dale said, settle your ass down!

          • braveheart

            Eisen, you ought to stop showing your ass or I’ll consider you a troll. You sound like one of the krauts my grandpa was killing in WW2.

            • Mojo

              Oooooooooooooooo, the great tearfactory speaks! All tremble before he drowns us in his tears!

        • Peterson

          What, like KFC does there buddy?

        • jp

          Janet Yellen is the frontrunner for the Fed chair, so it does have to do with the topic!

        • Braveheart STFU

          Brave heart PLEEEZE stfu,……can we have a forum without your “IM ALMOST DONE PREPPING BULLSHIT” ?

          • Anonymous

            And if that isn’t bad enough, now we have his idiot brother sgt. dale to bore the living shit out of everybody!

            • Anonymous

              Thanks for the compliment. I have no idea who Braveheart is. If I bore you don’t read my blogs. You have the right to disagree with me. You will find that I will not call you a names because you don’t agree with me. If you made a good blog and I agreed with it I would do so. Stay safe, and may God watch over you and yours. If you don’t believe in God, well stay safe.
              Sgt. Dale

            • braveheart

              Anonymous. f#$% you! back off from Sgt. Dale. That man has been giving us some interesting conversation. Take your trolling ass to the MSM sites.

              • Mojo

                Hey brave, didja send another email to mac slavo again to make sure all the responses to you get censored again? What a pussy…..

          • braveheart

            Whoever this is posting under MY name and adding STFU, maybe you need to STFU, you stupid troll. plus, I never say, “I’m almost done prepping.” No true prepper is ever REALLY finished prepping and won’t be until the balloon goes up. Enjoy that government check while you can. It won’t last forever.

      • lower40

        ill bite ,what religion is she

      • Barn Cat

        Anybody that Obama wants is bad. Obama isn’t Jewish. Neither are most of the people involved in the NWO.

        • Them Guys

          But all evidence so far says hobammys Mommy is jewish barncat. Under their rules or laws That makes him one.

          What are You smoking if you think most nwo people are not jewish? Wake Up! Do we meed Re list all the names Again before you finally admit its true.

          • Barn Cat

            I deal in reality. I’m not blinded by hatred.

            • jp

              No Barn Cat….you don’t deal in reality. You have a very warped view of the world and Them Guys is telling the truth in his above statement and it’s not based on hatred, just the truth!

          • Barn Cat

            You’re not Jewish because you have one distant Jewish ancestor. Any more than a black person is white because they have one white ancestor. Being Jewish is being part of the ethnic group, the culture, or the religion.

        • Pissed Off Granny


          Sorry. You haven’t dug deep enough yet. Go through the Bildebergers, the Club of the Isles, The “City of London”, the Rothschilds down through the years with their intermarriages, The Black Nobility, the true meaning of the “real” Worldwide Wildlife, the appointees of the administrations back to(I don’t even know where to begin, the international bankers, and then come back and stand by your statement here.

          • Pissed Off Granny

            It should read the real World Wildlife Fund.

            • Them Guys

              JP: Warped view sure describes Barn cats ideas. Hes stuck in Rapturist-bless jews amd israel to go to heaven mode.

              I and Several Others has prior posted More evidence, proofs, links, videos etc than a single person can live long enough to read and view it all. Yet like many other folks here or who come here to red thumb replies, Barn Cat always rejects ANYTHING thats not confined within his worldview or beliefs. Beliefs that Obviously were instilled from a lifetime of adhereing to Falshood pastors. Aka wolves in sheep clothes types.

              Look at his other posting, barncats, “oh All I care about is I Got Mine so screw all oters as long as I do swell and MY silver retains its worth”

              That sure sounds like a well rouneded Cristian healthy View eh! Rejects Love and Help neighbor, Jesus’ Own command, yet thinks as long as he “blesses jews” regardless what wrongs they do is THE Master Plan for Rapture salvation! Im gonna Fly away to safety Before things get too bad!

              So Barncat, how come Hundreds of Millions of christians from russia, 12-15 Other nearby eastern euro nations, china, North Korea, Africa, etc Have been Mass Exterminated Just during the Last century, 1900-2000 era and THEY were never Raptured Out before it got so bad?

              Lemme guess barncat! You will say “The repture only will save American christians!”…Cause Passdaloot Pastor Gimmedatcashola bubba, says so. Wake up Fool.

          • Shootit

            Okay… I just read today that the Rothschilds are Jews and only married Jews. At one time this century one of the Rothschilds married a Catholic that was his third cousin. Are they inbred for a reason? Are the Rothschilds bad because they are Jews or are they bad because they worship Satan? Let us cut the crap about race and start judging someone by their character. I am not female because I was born of a women or am married to one. The R’s seem to be evil because of their greed.

        • John W.

          I would bet that Yellen is a die hard atheist as are most of Obamas people with the exception of all his MB pals.

    10. Tactical

      When I see the face of George Soros, I see evil. When I see the face of Ben Bernanke, I see evil. When I see the face of CEO of Goldman Sachs – lloyd Blankfein , I see evil, When I see the face of Jamie Dimon (CEO of Chase) , I see evil.

      To me it doesn’t matter the Dollar continues to be printed or not since the above evils will control it and we all know evil breads evil.

      • Them Guys

        Tactical: As is written, the Eyes Are the doorway to the SOUL!…I agree 100% what you posted of. Their Eyes, every last one of them, are Black as Coals, and when you Peer deeply Into their eyes, no matter How deep you strain to look into them, they all have one thing in common. None has the proverbial Light! Not even a light at the End of the tunnel so to speak!

        Just Black as Coal Eyes, filled with their souls contents which as a doorway their eyes reveal. Nothing else but Pure EVILNESS!….Ever open an old shed or garage door and be shocked to see a Rat looking up at You?!

        Now tell me that Their Black as coal evil eyes do not look exactly the Same as that Rats black Beedy eyes you were suprised to see.

        • Tactical


        • JayJay

          Them Guys –you beat me to that comment.
          Their eyes have no light–it’s like looking into a dead person’s eyes.
          Sort of robotic??

        • John W.

          Someone has black eyes so they are evil? I hear DHS is hiring. You and Nappy could have been a team but she moved on. She called people terrorists on just about as stupid a standard as you use.

    11. wildman

      The fed aint going to quit printing till 2014 so that whoever takes over the senate gets all of the blame.So get your ducks in order. its gonna be here before long and its gonna be a doozy this time! The next fed chair is a real winner also. the woman cant even spell deficit let alone know how to get rid of it. so all i can say is keep your powder dry, wood dry and your firearms cleaned, oiled, ready for action. According to what i have been reading, seeing ,The msm expect this to last 10 years. I got news for em! This aint gonna last 2 years before it all falls apart! All i can say is watch em real close cause they sure as hell are sneaky! wildman out

    12. Wolf359

      Choice 1. If they stop now under their own volition the economy is dead.

      Choice 2. Or they can continue to print until our creditors have had enough and the world decides to dump the usd and the economy dies.

      Here’s the catch, choice 2 gives them a way out of culpability. Before choice 2 can be fully implemented a war or conflict can be created and if Americans are killed by anybody holding our debt, the gov will stoke the fires of nationalism, declare all us debt force majeure and then start all over.

      It’s an insidiously brilliant plan…

    13. InsanityISContagious

      Whoops…looks like the federal reserve weasels blinked.

      • Barn Cat

        No, they didn’t blink. They’re creating money out of thin air to buy up real estate. By the time the dollar is dead they’ll own most of the country. They already know they can collapse the whole economy whenever they want to.

        • John W.

          Money laundering using computer generated ones and zeroes that represent money. Used to buy real assets for the connected.

    14. Ugly

      The fiat game is toasted. We are making them rich by playing the rich man’s game of fiat currency and printing. Then they sell and leave everyone else hanging.

      When they decide to sell, confiscation is around the corner.

      A day’s wage for a quart of wheat, but save the oil and wine (rev. paraphrase). In other words, the few rich will get very much richer and the rest of us will work for food, but barely a daily need.

      Prepare now. I guarantee the otherside (NWO) is preparing.

      • KY Mom

        Marc Faber Warns “The Endgame Is A Total Collapse – But From A Higher Diving Board Now”

        “He believes we are now in QE-unlimited and the people at the Fed “never worked a single-day in the business of ordinary people,” adding that “they don’t understand that if you print money, it benefits basically a handful of people.”

        Following today’s action, Faber is waiting to seeing if there is any follow-through but notes that “Feds have already lost control of the bond market. The question is when will it lose control of the stock market.”

        The Fed, he warns, has boxed themselves in and “the endgame is a total collapse, but from a higher diving board.”


        • sixpack

          “they don’t understand that if you print money, it benefits basically a handful of people.” —OH, YES THEY DO.

          • sign_me_up


        • YH

          Thanks KY Mom.

        • Anonymous

          So true KY Mom and we ain’t among the handful.

          • Them Guys

            We should take a POLL…The Question can be

            Which Guy Changes his advise or Outlook more often?

            A-Financial “Experts” like Faber or

            B-Prophecy “Expert” Preachers who keep re writing prophecy books every time they got it all Wrong!

            NEXT Poll Question can be: How Many of You folks Still Trust EITHER “Expert”? Financial gurus or Preachers.

        • possee

          KY MOM..

          Every time the likes of Faber,Willie,Sinclair,Sprott,Rogers,Schiff,Celente etc etc etc announce impending collapse..

          the fed turns around with another hat always..

          It is time to ignore the pundits and keep on preparing..because despite ALL the warnings, the cabal is always one step ahead of everyone!

          Personally I am tired of years and years of “the sky is falling” scenario..every time the pundits state gold and silver to skyrocket..they crush the p.m.s to new lows.

          Every time they set a collapse date..nothing occurs.

          Wash rinse repeat ad nauseum.

          It is best to concern ourselves with the task of living each day..embrace our loved ones and prepare accordingly for the eventual whenever it may unfold..


          • Gonetoolong

            This is all true, but what you and I and all the people on this board know, is that eventually they will run out of tricks or will trip themselves up. You cannot circumvent natural laws forever. It all goes back to WHEN. That is the trillion or 17trillion dollar question.

          • KY Mom


            I agree with you. There have been MANY warnings and then (due to fed hat tricks) it doesn’t come to pass. Hopefully, with each ‘warning’, more are waking up and preparing.

            We should not become complacent. Just as when there is a storm warning – hurricane, blizzard, etc. Yes, it may pass us by. When we hear the warning, we should double check our preparations and ‘batten down the hatches’.

            We are living on ‘borrowed time’. Each day is a gift.

            • John W.

              There is still a lot of wealth/assets left to steal. When there is nothing left worth stealing the collapse will come.

    15. me

      Strange world we live in?

    16. lastmanstanding

      i enjoy every day…we work hard, help others, share, live and eat as well as anyone on the earth.

      My plan is simple…continue doing this until everyone of the bastards responsible for destroying this country is burning in hell.

      No one lives forever…I will live my life being free and when the time comes, God will do as he wishes with me…I am not living in fear, just preparing to stand with him during this epic battle that is coming.

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

      “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

      • Hammerun

        Nice, to the point statement. Sounds like good words to live by.
        I just hope the right persons get what’s coming to them.
        As far as the people, I don’t think anything will be thrown in front of us that we can’t handle one way or the other. Americans by nature are resourceful, industrious, caring, compassionate and will kill and die for the idea. The problem in the wind is, we are a people that have tasted and have known freedom.
        Taking it from us might be difficult. Check that, “will be difficult”.

      • Sgt. Dale

        I’ll stand will you. I would be proud to do so!!!!

    17. SilverSax

      No way America can pay off $17T in debt. There has to be a reset coming. It’s already happening, with nation after nation turning away from the dollar. When confidence in the dollar collapses, that’s when the S will HTF.

    18. Horse'sass

      I think the entire world is in a sort of Nash equilibrium: each person knows what the other is going to do, which is to maintain the status quo, because if he doesn’t, then the whole thing implodes as everyone rushes for the exit. Thus, in a Nash equilibrium, no one changes his behavior as long as he perceives that the other person is not going to change his behavior either.

      • sign_me_up

        Yep, except every “agent” is working on accumulating their “forces” for the inevitable. PREPPING!

        • sign_me_up

          Let me be more clear. In a Nash Equilibrium, the responses are predictable as they are the same. In reality, Preppers are making the responses expected by the stazi but are actually preparing for the inevitable. A casual observer will see a Nash Equilibrium, but people on this site know it is not. its a stalemate on the line but massive troop movements by the commies and meager preparing by the citizenry. Make no mistake, the commies have declared WAR on Americans. They are ACTIVELY ratcheting in ALL FREEDOMS. The only questions are how bad it will get before the debt printing causes a massive revolt. With the current “free money” programs, many people will join The Party. Just as holding a debt printing bucket under the housing collapse did not fix the core problem but made it worse, the current QE infinity only expands the risk.

          The FED can NOT stop printing. 101 M Americans and 1/2 the system leaves on the teat now. So, there’s your NASH EQUILIBRIUM. The FED is STUCK. Fine for them as the only cost to them is a little political angst and the windfalls to them and their compatriots are beyond the imaginations of working folks. (When’s the last time you bought a yacht or an island! Or manipulated a commodity!!!)

          Screw the Nash Equilibrium. Prepare now for the Change!!!

    19. Ted Kennedy

      I’ve got a can of peas but his family will not eat it.

      • slingshot

        Must be Goober Peas.

      • PO'd Patriot

        I’ll take ’em TK. What’s the date on ’em?

    20. flabbergasted

      this article is correct in all respects , just a little late considering what was announced today,9-18-13. unless they plan on pulling back totally unannounced to the public, somehow. all scenarios must be considered, at this point ANYTHING can happen.

      • Jenn

        Just what I was thinking, flabbergasted. A day late and a dollar short.

    21. Darkstar

      I like Ron Paul when asked today on CNBC who he liked for the next Fed Chairman. “NOTA….none of the above”

    22. California Resident

      They will keep printing inflation until a Conservative gets elected (yeah, right) because they know if the Conservative shuts down the Federal Reserve that the economy and the stock market will collapse overnight – thus placing blame on Republicans………when in reality it was the Democrat / Libtard faction that caused it.

      Pretty smart, if you ask me.


      • Them Guys

        Conservative repubs Did get elected. When GW Bush was Prez and for the First time in 63 years the PREZ-Senate and us house were ALL owned and run by Repubs. 1st time in 63 yrs! AND even with at least 6 full years of total control…NOT a One single Gun law, abortion law, Faggot agendas, affirative action Reverse racisim against Whites policies, and an entire Host of Other bad dem lib issues and Laws…..NONE were repealed, fixed, changed period.

        All they Did do was Create TWO assinie False Flag phony Wars. That Bankrupted america worse than what libs did the Last 50 yrs did.(IE: 2 Wars For AIPIAC/Israel benifit)

        And did more to Destroy us const and Bill of Rights, ie: patriot act 1&2, etc etc, than all the only before Dreamed of crap dem libs chomped at the bit to do for the last 50 yrs dems tried.

        Oh Yeah they never did anything to end the fed either!

        Like Reagan promiced to End dept of education at fed level. once elected, he Doubled costs and Size of dept of ed!

        Cannot Wait for a repub run usa again! At least dems Tell us they plan to screw us up front. Repubs wait till after elected to screw us.

        • Anonymous

          Why the fuck do conservatives have to repeal the stupid libtard fucksticks homo minority bullshit? Can’t a goddamned liberal democrat ever get their heads out of their asses long enough to see doing the right thing once every 50 years?

        • California Resident

          @ Them Guys

          Go back and re-read what I wrote. Pay special attention to the part where I say “until a Conservative gets elected”.

          Also note the context of how I said “Republicans will be blamed”.

          See, there’s a difference between Conservatives and Republicans (in my mind) since most “Republicans” are now more like liberals.

          I don’t automatically associate Conservatives with Republicans, but I digress.

          Besides, we all know it is all the fault of the JOOZ / Mossad, right?

          • Anonymous

            Don’t hold your breath waiting for a reply on this one from them guys. He’s not the sharpest tool in the shed and retreats easily when confronted with a logical argument.

    23. Buzzfix

      The one thing they can’t control is there own deaths. Its going to catch them sooner or later whether its a public execution or being sealed to death in a bunker somewhere. Justice preveils through different means.

    24. Anonymous

      I usually like all the stuff Brandon Smith writes. Today, not so much. How he can think The Fed is not “quasi-public” is beyond me.

      I could post many links showing otherwise, especially from the Nixon tapes, but what’s the point, people have made up their minds already.

      Go Krugman, go! Eh?


    25. slingshot

      Print more Money. Print more Money.
      Thank God Almighty.
      Print more Money.

      Wall Street Bankers at the NYSE.

    26. clark

      I usually like everything Brandon Smith writes. But to suggest The Fed is not, “quasi-public” is very Krugman-like.
      I expected better of Brandon Smith.

      I could show many links that prove otherwise, especially stuff from the Nixon tapes. But what’s the point? People have made up their minds and believe what they want to believe.

      • PO'd Patriot

        I heard about this NP about three weeks ago. My daughter is a school teacher in this region. I also live in this region. I’m watching this and if my daughter has to start handing out these three day kits to her students, I’ll know about it and report back to those here. Take care and thanks.

        • sign_me_up

          I with the forum had some way to flag posts like this. “Ears on the Ground” type posts. Stuff we really like to know and get the facts. These could be much more important once stuff starts to fly. Especially given the mind-control of news outlets.

        • Norse Prepper


          Thanks. Any lead time any of us can give to this community is much appreciated.

          God Bless,

      • VRF

        maybe a FF on DC?

        you know they want a better to gain the support

        they will say our capitol is under attack to gain public support..just a thought

      • Pissed Off Granny


        That is one scary link! Thanks

    27. jim in Va.

      There is no economic recovery. No jobs,lotsa debt,inflation,war,disfunctional government. Starvation will be next.

    28. Peter

      Ha, they cannot even withdraw a little for FEAR the economy cannot take the hit. So much for the Obama economy, what a phucking joke. They need to pull the life support and let what will die, die, and let thrive what will thrive but that will never happen so hold on baby, its gonna be a hell of a ride.

      • RickInOregon

        It can’t fall apart yet, I’m working on learning cheese making and I need to build up my stock of base cheese making components for hard cheeses. The first batch will need to age at least six months, I’d like to be able to taste it.

        I do agree that this economy is a lie, broken and is upside down. Bad news makes the market go up, good news makes it drop and the masses are being kept in the dark by the lies that are coming out of the MSM.

    29. Tenet

      Central banks are highly centralized and highly coordinated corporate entities, not governmental councils prone to “debate.” And like any corporation, it is certain that decisions are handed down from the top of the pyramid in totalitarian fashion.

      This is what someone writes who has no career and no business experience. The decision-making process in a corporation involves the lower divisions at all times. A corporation is far more attentive to all levels than a government bureaucracy. A monopoly, like a government bureaucracy, has less incentive to be attentive to all levels, if it creates more work. A bureaucracy especially doesn’t want to hear input that counters the Political Correctness in its field.

    30. RickInOregon

      A sound economy needs to be a value added economy. A value added economy is one in which you mine or harvest raw material and process it into something of value and then sell it. It will employ people from the miner to the retailer and engineers, accountants, journeymen and blue collar employees in between. I’m hard to convince about many shtf scenarios with the exception that no economy can survive and thrive as a borrowed value economy. I firmly believe that there will be a time in which this foolishness that’s been the USA economy for the past 20 plus years is going to have a reality check. We will have a “DEBTpression” that will make a depression look like the good old days. How we as a society handle it is beyond my magic eight ball.

    31. Suzanne

      Soros is a liar.
      The IMF has no gold… no money. SDR is just another fiat but not one from a country. Anything the IMF will do is just going to be like going to a loan shark… and we’ve seen what happens when the loan sharks send in the leg-breakers like in Greece.

      • Pissed Off Granny

        But Suzanne, TPTB behind the IMF have all the money and gold needed to bring the world to its knees. Soros is a horrid snake; but his comments here are the truth.

    32. Frank Williams

      They will never taper and they will never stop. The reason? Because it works very well at shoveling money into the pockets of the rich and the elite. They can then use this cash to continue to grab assets, which then inflate in value.

      This is driven by politics and it is the economic equivalent of a ‘whore’s bath’: top and tails. For political reasons and social stability, the Fed needs to keep the elite very happy and the lower orders placated. Thus, it is free money for the elite, and food stamps, housing subsidies etc. for the lower orders. This approach works like a dream.

    33. visitor

      We are Fucked!

    34. PO'd Patriot

      Well the cats out of the bag now. The manufacturing of money and the buying of debt will never cease. This will go on for quite awhile and will take even longer to unravel. Even though the wheels are wobbling the vehicle still moves down the road. It’s going to be a little longer folks, so make good use of this time and gather all you can into your stores. I wish you all well.

    35. M

      If the parasites want too pull the rug out from under the peons. The dead of winter would be the time , lots of potential problem people . Would be transformed into sheepsicles.

    36. eeder

      As I said a few weeks back, there would be no taper and will be no taper. And there was no taper. Expect the stimulus to be increased at the next fed decision.

    37. VRF

      we should cut the Fed from our lifes

    38. Barn Cat

      The day that OPEC stops selling oil in dollars will be the end of America as we know it today. All the dollars held in foreign banks to buy oil will hit our economy like a tsunami. The dollar could lose 90% of its value overnight. Panic selling of the dollar will lead to an increased velocity of the dollar. That alone will cause hyperinflation from the trillions that the Fed has created.

    39. JRS

      Reset? I don’t think so…at least not in any way beneficial to the common man.

      NWO? It is already here. It’s called central banking and they already control 95% of the world…and yes if you live in the USA and use their scrip, you are already “NWO’d”.

      Hmmm…there should be a name for them.

      Klepto…yep, that’s it…Kleptomaniacs.

      Hang some bankers.

    40. waiting

      the end is here

    41. JRS

      Off Topic, but John McCain’s op-ed piece in Pravda is the height of hypocrisy.

      I snarfed my coffee all over myself when I read that shit.

      He should stick to online poker where he can be a loser in private instead of being the laughing stock of the world in public…

      • VRF

        JRS I posted before I saw your comment, I believe what is in moderation (my comment has a link) to what you mentioned

        NY times article

        the Hypocrisy is astounding

        hopefully Mac will let my comment thru soon

    42. Gonetoolong

      The fact that the Fed did not start to pull back the printing has only to do with the currnent debt ceiling/obamacare funding as it is tied in with public sentiment. If they had pulled printing, there is a good chance the stock market would have dropped 1500 points over the next week. This means pissed off Americans with retirement accounts. This means Obama has less chance of public support of his Obamacare argument. Therefore, they keep printing, boost the market and he at least does not have to worry about the people with their pitchforks. Actually seems to be working so far, but it does not change the fact that the US is in for some serious doo doo soon. The most important statement in the above article to me is when Brandon asks “who” is going to take the place in the debt purchasing that the Fed is now responsible for? I don’t foresee anyone stepping up to the plate for that.

      • Pissed Off Granny


        Here is a little excerpt from the link that you posted.

        McCain supposedly speaking to the Russian people…..

        “They (the Russian Government) don’t respect your dignity or accept your authority over them. They punish dissent and imprison opponents. They rig your elections, they control your media. They harass, threaten and banish organizations that defend your right to self governance. To perpetuate their power they foster rampant corruption in your courts and your economy and terrorize and even assassinate journalists who try to expose their corruption.”

        McCain and his siamese twin, Leiberman the dual israeli citizen, must be part of the Russian government or our government must be taking a page out of the Russian governments play book. Everything that this vile hoomanbeing(yes, I meant to spell it that way) had to say in this article, he and the rest of the thugs in DC are perpetrating on the citizens of America.

        The powers that be ran this lame b#$@!%d against Obama in that election, knowing that if the Geico gecko had been on the ticket instead of Obama, the gecko would have won.

        I, for one, hope I live long enough to see his puffed out face turn purple from his neck hanging in a noose. The sooner the better!

        I am amazed at the info on the links that patriots on this site find. None of us have time to find it all so sharing it is great. Thanks VRF

        • Satori

          apparently McSame was looking in the mirror when he made those comments
          what a complete and total IDIOT

          Alzheimers took him out a long time ago

          • Them Guys

            McStain is Projecting His and usa fed govnt wrongs onto russias govnt and peoples!

            McCain Proves My Mother correct when she always warned me “Carefull Who you associate with, them guys, as you are apt to Become the Same as they are, and if They are evil so to will You become evil”

            Well one look at McCains Beedy Black Souless Rat eyes, Proves My mom correct…He has become the same as Lieberman and Tribe, And His eyes look as deep evil rat black as Their eyes does!…Because hes like Them. And They are evil like he is.

            That should be a true wake up call to “some” deluded christian folk. Once you sell your Soul to Satan, and Your services to His “seed” aka Khazars…Its all down hill till you bottom out in Hell. McCain proves it in spades.

        • SmokinOkie

          Thanks for the link VRF and thanks, Granny. Well said.

    43. Anonymous

      Look, no one is addressing the nasty little secrets:

      1. There are more people than there are jobs, not just here, but worldwide. It has been that way for the past 30 years, it is worse now, and it is only going to get worse.
      2. American childrens’ ability to learn has been systematically destroyed through day care, video/TV watching, and the attendant damage done to their ability to focus for longer than 15 seconds. American children are being, and have been, conditioned to develop passive rather than active brains. Don’t believe me? Watch Saturday morning cartoons and count the seconds between image changes on the screen — it’s 5 seconds or less. How many new family vehicles now have built-in video screens for DVD viewing by backseat (child) passengers? How many American parents have bought into the notion that this vehicle video screen feature is a great idea?
      3. Childrens’ ability to focus on school expectations has been systematically destroyed through pre-school-age emphasis on entertaining children in order to get them to learn or perform any type of task.
      4. Young adults going into the workforce are now conditioned to expect entertainment to be incorporated with their work. Who would have ever heard of games being included on a computer used for work a generation ago?
      5. Elementary and high schools now emphasize sports to such a degree over academics that it is commonplace for after-school sports practices to take upwards of 3 1/2 hours every school night, plus Saturday mornings. It is humanly impossible for a grade/high school student to learn enough during such shortened study time to be prepared for any, and I mean any, substantive college-level work.
      6. College sports are far and away above all academic importance and values at virtually every U.S. college. And the student body is expected to support college sports entertainment programs with both excessive amounts of time and excessive amounts of money — all to the detriment of what was supposed to be their true purpose in spending the obscene amounts necessary to enroll in a college, which is to learn and train for a productive life with a marketable degree. Check the dorms and library for occupancy and usage during a college football home game — in all likelihood, you will find only Asian students studying and foregoing attendance at the game. As the result, they are eating American students’ lunches both during and after college. Why? Because they don’t want to return to their wildly overpopulated third world pit and live at an exponentially lower standard of living. Because they know what it is like to have nothing and not to get enough to eat. Because they made it out of that pit and have strong motivation to stay out of it.
      7. The American family unit has been so damaged through mothers not staying home with their children, that dangerously high, and increasing, numbers of young people are turning out angry, unfocused, disrespectful and very aware of their own inability to succeed at much of anything.
      8. The explosion of unwed mothers is a national security problem. This society must, for the good of the illegitimate children themselves, cut off the government spigot for simply getting pregnant with no resources to provide for the resulting child.

      Until and unless these fundamental issues are resolved and until we return to the basic values and re-strengthen the family unit, this country will continue to degrade and deteriorate. It can be done, but it will require courage on the part of political leaders to enact the changes necessary to policy and to be prepared to deal with the resulting aftermath of protest and reaction. If we don’t reverse the course we are on, this country is lost, and lost far sooner than many of us anticipate.

      Prepare, yes. But pressure legislators to clean up this mess and do it fast.

      • slingshot


        Bravo. Bravo.
        Tell it like it is. The problem is nobody wants to listen and I am fed up with the whole mess. I sure envy you as you can put it clearly into print. Plus a few others here. As Kulafamer said, “There are too many pots being stirred” and very few give a shit about anything except what they can get away with or what is free for the taking. Young adults are not FREE THINKERS. They follow trends. This Nation is done for the most part and Only by the hand of God, by some major tribulation, that it has any chance of being what it once was. I am not a very religious man and I don’t need a bunch of preaching about, scripture, Book of Revelation or the Jews. I feel it in my heart.
        They control the Money.
        They control the Government.
        They control Education.
        They control the New Media.

        They mean to destroy the Constitution and every God Given Right.
        They mean to make us a number to destroy the INDIVIDUAL. Drones to serve an upper class.

        I mean to tell all those politicians and those who think their shit don’t stink, holier than thow and I know what’s best for you, that they have another thing coming to them.

        Woe be it to them that tries to stand in my way to bring this country back, once it starts.

      • Horse'sass

        Here in the deep South ( southern Mississippi) the attention focused on cheerleading (my wife and I call them the pom-pom girls) and sports is unbelieveable! How things have changed from my upbringing in Western NY.

        Here in MS, my daughter is the only one in her 5th grade class who is NOT a cheerleader. Cheerleading is indoctrinated in the 1st grade here.

        Back in my day, the major distraction was the TV, but my father forbade us to have one. Thing is, in order to watch it, you had to be at home. Nowdays, the cell phone and the iPad have multiplied the curse many times over, because one can take these things EVERYWHERE!

        • Anonymous

          In my opinion, no clean cut American parent should allow their daughter to be a cheerleader, regardless of the peer pressure or the school’s pressure. At base, they are displaying their bodies in immodest ways to an audience largely comprised of males who ogle and leer at them. Cheerleading has become, in my view, degrading to a girl’s self-respect. Additionally, the routines taught to cheerleaders these days have become far too provocative and sexually suggestive. It is at the point now where it might be tough to find a high school cheerleader who is not on the pill and proud of it.

          It needs to be cleaned up for the sake of our country’s future young ladies.

          It would be interesting to learn who has been behind the shift toward increasingly more sexually suggestive cheer routines and their motivation for doing so.

          As the old adage goes, little yes’es lead to big yes’es. Little immoralities lead to ever bigger immoralities.

      • JayJay

        ***But pressure legislators to clean up this mess and do it fast.**

        Why on earth would these progressives want to clean up a mess they made?? This was all intentional, the breaking down of family values and the family unit.

    44. Be informed

      There is some ideas floating around on the internet about the Cumber Vieja volcano in the Canary Islands erupting. Even if it does, which the activity on the Mid Atlantic Ridge could indicate, IT WILL NOT PRODUCE a mega tsuanami for the east coast. Don’t let the myths about this mega wave fool anyone out there destroying the east coast of the U.S. There is NO WAY enough kinetic energy to travel 3500 miles across the ocean to produce anything larger than a few inches to 2 and 1/2 foot wave.

      Also there is an increase of earthquake activity in southern California. This shows from 3 precursor quakes; one on Sept. 4 on the area that affects the New Madrid and lead to the world series quake of 1989. The second on the central east Pacific rise that lead to 25 days later the 7.3 east of LA in 1992. The third was the east African plate that lead to a 6.5 in northern California in 2009. So California is in the crosshairs, and these smaller quakes are showing the tension is rising in the region. IF there is another precursor quake that in the past has lead to a major quake in California, then it is likely California will be hit within a couple of weeks. I especially waiting for earthquakes in the Drake passage region, southwest of Tasmania, and the area in which the Asia and Pacific plates border each other up by the Bering Sea region as stronger indications of an imepnding California quake coming.

      • Ghost Rider


        Technically according to the map I’m in region II, but awfully close to region III.

        • VRF

          We are a few states apart..Im in NE quad of 5..yeah sucks to be me

          • Ghost Rider

            VRF: its all good

    45. Shane Vandrell

      WOW! Syria, Gun grabs, Race War, Natural Disasters, Unemployment, Food Stamps, The Economy, Solar Flares, H1NWhatever…Red Dawn or even Jericho!?!? When does it all end? Oh and just off topic, but I gotta know. It can’t just be me. Does anyone else notice this attitude that everyone seems to have? At work, at the store, anywhere you go. Seems like people just think they can say and do whatever the hell they want whenever the hell they wanna do it! And what sux is 99% of the time, they get away with it! Major or minor, criminal act or not. And even worse. If it effects me and I try to stand up for myself…I am wrong. I am the bad guy. I GET SHIT ON! Well when The Shit Finally does hit the fan. Good, Bad, I’m the guy with the gun!

      • sign_me_up

        Correct. Big 3 Auto and other MNC’s got $10B’s scamming. Banksters got $100B’s. So, people just see the pattern. Working ain’t no way to make a living.

      • Mark

        I’ve noticed that people have been snippier, more confrontational, and more likely to yell, honk, or try to run over pedestrians in their cars. This has been my experience since last October. It happens in the gas station, at WalMart, on the bus, driving in traffic, walking across the road, and in the grocery store.
        While most people are as good as they ever were, there have definitely been more ugly, rude, screaming, sour-pusses lately.

    46. Patriot One

      They can’t stop printing money, yesterday was just a signal to the rest of the central bankers to crank up their presses too.

      Either way we collapse sooner or later. Does it really matter if we have a hyper inflationary or deflationary collapse???

      What makes this year different is no one is buying our treasuries, except us.

    47. Satori

      *****MERS CoV UPDATE*****

      Countries Cases (Deaths)
      France 2 (1)
      Italy 3 (0)
      Jordan 2 (2)
      Qatar 5 (2)
      Saudi Arabia 90 (44)
      Tunisia 3 (1)
      United Kingdom (UK) 3 (2)
      United Arab Emirates (UAE) 6 (2)
      Total 114 (54)

      and this is of significance

      Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) – update

      18 new cases now being reported on top of the above figures

      and this may very well figure in

      Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca starts in October
      perfect chance to spread MERS around the globe

    48. maudy fricket

      This is what happens when reality is just propaganda. Now we know how the people in the Soviet Union felt. The feds say they created 900,000 new jobs this year. That number is inadequate, plus 700,000 of those jobs were just part-time. The feds and the MSM say this is a recovery. Then the feds claim 165,000 new jobs in the last available data for the last month. But what they didn’t say was that the private sector lost 250,000 jobs. The increase of 165,000 was government summer hires. Work force participation rates are at the lowest % ever recorded. So, if they kill us off there will be fewer unemployed, and wouldn’t that be a heck of a recovery for the MSM to report?

    49. Indio

      Everything is first conceived in spirit. God is light, and in him there is no darkness. God sent his son down from above to be the light of the world, and men rejected him, they fled the light and chose darkness. Because there they could live in their sin and did not feel condemned for their actions. Men are doing the same things now that they have always done. Nothing new in this world everything that was is now and will be again, nothing new. It’s been done before. The only truth now is that we are living on borrowed time, the hand of the creator is holding back judgement on the world with his very hand. He is gracious enough to let us have a little more time to get ready both physically and spiritually. The end of America should not sadden you or make you angry it is what it is and it is in the creators hands. He alone will judge every single individual in the world. This old world will be renewed again and a new earth and heaven will exist. Everything that you hold dear will eventually fade away like an old memory not meaning anything. The only thing that will count will be your relationship with the son and the father. Trust in God.

      • cabinfever

        Absolutely Indio, absolutely!!!

      • Horse'sass

        I dunno. Maybe we should ask Al Gore!

    50. JRS

      “…no one is buying our treasuries, except us.”

      And the funniest thing about that is they don’t even have to waste any paper or ink anymore. Just some ones and zeros moved from one account to another in a computer. Add a few basis points for usury and sit back and collect.

      Truly adding value for the people./sarc/

      Worthless fucks and their accounting games. It’s all a scam to steal your labor.

      • sign_me_up

        Wish I could thumbs up this comment 1000 times. “steal your labor”!!! I know so many blue collar workers who have lost their family business etc. Those dudes W-O-R-K. Meanwhile, and milk-handed twirp in banking or Washington pulls in the “average American” $250K PLUS has great benefits and great retirement. It just is NOT right.

    51. Satori

      things that make ya go

      Children in Syria chemical attack video ‘moved between locations’ before ‘staged’ filming

      it is an RT piece so take with a grain of salt ???

      I watched all those films myself
      and didn’t find them credible either

    52. Satori

      Druckenmiller Blasts “The Biggest Redistribution Of Wealth From The Poor To The Rich Ever”

      The Greatest Financial Conspiracy In American History

      as confusing as this financial implosion is
      one thing we know for sure

      there is a MASSIVE flow of wealth to the top

      the bottom 99% are losing what little they do have

    53. Pissed Off Granny

      The “total” truth of what is being done to us came out of Soros’ mouth. Any reset of any kind will come from the International Monetary Fund and will be planned by the scum pushing the One World Order.

      The Rothschild scheme is right on target.

      Any of us holding our breath for forgiveness of debt, etc. are going to turn blue and die before that happens. The powers that be set up the credit system so when the money systems in the US and the world fail and you cannot pay off your obligations they will own them.

      Once they get the guns from the citizens of this country then you can look for all the rest of their scheme to come to fruition. Make no mistake about it, TPTB have worked for at least a century to own your government, your money system, and your freedoms. All that is left is patriots with guns; and I wonder if that is enough to keep them at bay for any length of time.

      • Mcdave

        I understand the “tptb” concept, but any names, locations, pictures? Who are they?

        • Pissed Off Granny


          Go back to some of the older subjects on SHTF. The information you are seeking is ALL there.

        • Archivist

          George Soros is very likely one of them. His home address is 136 Cantitoe Street, Katonah, NY 10536-3804.

          David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Princess Beatrix, and many others are in that level of control, either financial or political. I don’t know if there is one person at the top. There are a number of known groups, such as Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, and Council on Foreign Relations, and a lot of people belong to two or more of those groups.

          George Soros and Henry Kissinger are of Jewish descent, but Rockefeller is not. Princess Beatrix (formerly Queen of the Netherlands until her abdication early this year) is not Jewish. Her father was in German royalty.

          Obama might think he’s part of the elites because he went to a Bilderberger meeting once, but as far as I can find, the elites are all as white as they can be.

          You can use startpage to find lists of names and find a little family history on each one. You can use ancestry (dot) com to trace the ancestry on each name. I don’t have time to trace all of them right now, because I’m working on other projects.

    54. maudy fricket

      Back in the Carter Administration, He and several other World “Leaders” signed a document called the “Declaration Of Interdependance”. This called for the interlocking of all world economic activity, so as to make it too expensive for anyone to go to war against the NWO. We got stuck with the bill. And it didn’t work. I want my money back. With interest.

    55. KY Mom

      Field Trip to Mosque; Students Given Qurans

      “A Tennessee high school has decided to revise its field trip policy after a group of freshmen were taken to an Islamic mosque where they were given copies of the Koran and while a student who opted out of the trip was given a worksheet that alleged Muslims treated their conquered people better than the United States treated minorities.”

      Fox News

      • VRF

        The parents of the kids given the Qurans should have burned them on the front lawn of the school

        problem is..cant get enough Americans these days to stand up for whats right or even stand up for their own kids against a corrupt school admin.

        Myself if my kid went to a public school that pulled this shit, I would have taken the book back and made sure it landed on the principals desk.

        I don’t have to worry about that, my kid don’t go to a government run and brainwashed public school

        Try this with a Bible!, and watch your ass get thrown out

        • laura m.

          VRF: I wrote on another post on a similar subject of the corrupt gov schools: people that send their kids to gov schools aren’t patriots, but socialist geldings, wimps and cowards and phony Christians/hypocrites, the dregs of society, etc. Folks get your kids out of these gov brainwashing centers now; see latest post on:the common sense show (Dave Hodges)about schools trashing the 2d amendment.

    56. Satori

      Senator Bernie Sanders: ‘Do You Want to Know Why People Are Angry?

      The Census Bureau also reported that:

      – The typical middle class family has seen its income go down by more than $5,000 since 1999 after adjusting for inflation.

      – Average male workers made $283 less last year than they did 44 years ago.

      – Average female workers earned $1,775 less last year than they did in 2007.

      – A record breaking 46.5 million Americans lived in poverty last year.

      – 16 million children in America (21.8% of all kids in America) lived in poverty last year.

      – A higher percentage of American kids lived in poverty last year than in 1965.

      – A higher percentage of African Americans lived in poverty last year than 15 years ago.

      – 9.1% of seniors lived in poverty last year, higher than in 2009.

      – More American seniors were living in poverty last year than in 1972.

      – 48 million Americans are uninsured, 3 million more than in 2008.

      If I could nominate Bernie Sanders for sainthood, I would do it.

      death of the middle class
      and we’re having to pay for our own funeral

    57. Horse'sass

      Collision of the two big forces:inflation v deflation

      On one side, the rest of the world that manufactures what we used to make for ourselves, is no longer going to accept our confetti fiat as payment. Thus, every day goods will start to increase in price.

      On the other hand, with no payment for things they make for us, the rest of the world will go into a slow down, making some of these things scarce, also driving the price up. Hello inflation.

      Theoretically used things that have already “landed” here in the US, from homes to cars, from stereo systems to outdoor grills will decline in value, i.e., things we own, but do not need. “Real” jobs which traditionally were defined as valued added jobs, will decrease, and so will purchasing power. This is a huge deflationary force.

      A real clash of tectonic proportions of the forces of inflation and deflation.

      Who can make sense of it all?

      In short, if you have stuff lying around that you don’t need, sell it quickly as it will decline in value. (Food and energy, clean water exceptions).

      If you need something that is only made abroad, you might consider getting it now before your fiat is worthless/no longer accepted.

    58. SmokinOkie

      CSI: Council Bluffs
      Starring: Meg Ryan as Captain Swish, the tough, street smart, still beautiful at 40-something Lead Investigator.
      And starring: Steve Martin as Sgt. Slush, the washed-out drunk crime scene photographer. With Tom Hanks as Detective Jason Rainbow, flamboyantly gay and a brilliant investigator. Special Guest Star: Leonard Nimoy as District Attorney Poindexter Pincushion. Doesn’t say a lot, just sits there looking wise and introspective.
      (roll opening theme music) (Camera pans out to reveal crime scene- a Pilot truck stop on the outskirts of the city, lights flash from multiple squad cars, ambulances and a fire truck)(Cpt Swish approaches a patrol officer as he cuffs a middle-aged truck driver, a nondescript okie of some kind)
      Swish: What have you got officer?
      Bluecoat: Looks like a simple case of assault with a deadly weapon. Obviously our perp here (he nods at okie) got frustrated with another customer and hit him with a bag of peanut M&Ms. Nearly took the guys head off. There’s blood all over the place in there.
      Sgt Slush: Did you shay blood!? Maybe I better get shum pictures…. anybody sheen my camera? (he staggers away)
      Swish (walks into store, toppled display racks and scattered candy bars litter the floor): Man, what a mess! Worst thing I’ve seen since the triple homicide last July.
      Detective Rainbow: (he’s wearing a name tag that says ‘We put the Gay in InvestiGAYte’): Triple homicide? I don’t remember that case?
      Swish: Oh that one was personal. It was never reported. Just a little scene my ex caused at the family reunion. Never mind…. Now, what do you make of this, Rainbow? Rainbow (winks at camera, then says):It looks like a bunch of hand-printed flyers mixed in with the blood and the M&Ms.
      Swish (picks up a flyer, brushes away chocolate crumbs and reads): Join us for the national truckers strike October 11th thru 13th…
      Slush (staggers toward beer case in back of store): I better (hic) gesh shum piktures back here toooo…
      Rainbow (studies scene carefully and says): Yeah… putting all the pieces together like a puzzle…I can see it all. The perp got angry when the victim wouldn’t support the strike. So they had an altercation, it escalated and finally, he levels the guy with the big bag of candy.
      Swish (swings hips seductively as she walks from the scene): Sounds exactly right to me. Let’s get this case to Poindexter.
      (scene shifts to DA Poindexter Pincushions office. He sits at his desk, looking introspective. Swish and Rainbow stand, waiting his decision on whether he’ll prosecute. Sgt Slush is passed out in the corner. The suspect stands behind them, cuffed, next to a bluecoat)
      Swish: It’s an open and shut case, Pincushion. You HAVE to try this as a FELONY. The evidence demands it.
      Pincushion: Hmmm
      Perp (wrestling away from officer to stand before the DA): How can you possibly call this a felony!!? I just lost my cool and tossed a bag of M&Ms at the guy! The hospital says he’ll make a full recovery! And besides, they melt in your mouth, not in your hand. There’s not a scratch on either one of his hands…
      Swish: This is Assault With A Deadly Weapon if ever I’ve seen it! (nods toward perp) This okie truck driver should be locked up! He could have killed the guy!
      Pincushion (looks over evidence folder on his desk, then looks at okie): I’m afraid the Investigator is right. This obviously rises to the Class 1 Felony level.
      Perp: But how!?
      Pincushion (holds up a crumpled candy package) :Just look at the ingredient list! BHA, BHT, food preservatives… Red Dye number 40! This stuff could kill you!

    59. RICH99

      I would be far more concerned with the trucker strike on October 11-13 that anything the fed is doing ….let’s take a look at something I have just put together that is quite concerning …..
      1 – we have been warned by the retired south Dakota senator about FEMA region 3 and all these supplies that need to be in place by October 1st along with training by the various alphabet agencies , etc… get the point
      2- now we have this trucker strike set for October 11-13
      And now we have the final piece of my puzzle

      3- the was confirmation a couple weeks ago of nukes being transfered to south Carolina WITHOUT paperwork and then to be picked up by another group and where it goes from there nobody knows BUT with everything else going on in region 3 , my bets are that they are headed there .
      Is this all a setup to place blame elsewhere …..we shall see

      • Kulafarmer

        And curious if there is any sort of tie in with the stories of Russian drivers disappearing?

      • yental

        Rich99 makes statements/promises that are apparently as believable as Obama/Congress!

        September 1: SIXPACK that IS a promise !!! by days end I will be gone . enjoy

        September 1: I said when I was finished with my comments on this article….I will no longer look at any new articles on this site….after im finished on this article answering comments …then you will no longer see me posting.

        Rich99, YOU are the obvious one with no HONOR or MEANING to your frivolous rhetoric….you can stick your “count down clock” up your LYING ASS!

        While I still maintain my “forecast”, it has nothing to do with “the one sided (I bet something, you didn’t) bet with you!” If YOU can’t HONOR your word…YOU have zero credibility holding ANYONE ELSE ACCOUNTABLE!

        • RICH99

          You have about 70 days left ….

          • yental

            September 1: SIXPACK that IS a promise !!! by days end I will be gone . enjoy

            YOU are already at NEGATIVE 19 days! What a JOKE!!!! I know “your game”, and won’t be participating in the future!! Enjoy “talking to yourself”. :D!

      • Shootit

        He met them at the Hanoi Hilton and was rescued by JFKerry who served in Vietnam.

        • NMBC

          @ Shootit,

          You are obviously lying. and you make yourself look worse than our senile McDumb

          Everybody know that Kerry has always been OVERATTED. 🙁

          His father, Admiral McCain who saved his own son (John McCain), not an unknown soldier (John Kerry).

          And stealing someone else’s work is not cool 🙁

          • NMBC

            John McCain’s father was an Admiral in the U.S. navy. He was the one who got his son released, not an unknown Joe like John Kerry as you claimed, your FALSE hero. 🙁

            Most people say John Kerry has always been overrated, and it’s very true. But the main(ex)stream media outlets and Trolls love him (Kerry).

            Shootit also said, “He met them at the Hanoi Hilton and was rescued by JFKerry who served in Vietnam”

            1. So false. One is in Asia, the Vietnamese fighting against the Socialist French INVADERS, so they could regain their independence from these cruel creatures who occupied Vietnam for more than 200 or 300 years. 🙁

            2. And the others are the Sunni Muslims in Middle East who have been invading oil rich countries and their natural resources. 🙁

            Well, can you tell the different now?

            • Shootit

              It was a joke. The only truth to my statement is that they served in Vietnam, embraced Communism, and spent their free time killing babies. Now they want to force us to embrace their twisted view of reality. NO Thanks.

              • NMBC

                @Shootit, sure, but only after you got caught then you said “It was a joke.” 🙂

                Not even the main(ex)stream media dares to say our soldiers “spent their free time killing babies.” as you said. I thought I read it from trolls in the past, and it’s purely bad propaganda.

                You remind me that the media’ve mentioned about more than one million Syrian children who fled from Syria TO TURKEY. 🙁
                so where are they now, and what happened to them?
                Where is the Red Cross?

                Turkey, Kerry or Lavrov did not mention about the Syrian children’s status.

    60. Satori

      Earth’s Biggest Deep Earthquake Still a Mystery

      “It’s confirmed: The largest deep earthquake ever recorded happened in May off the coast of Russia. But this massive temblor is still a mystery to scientists.

      The magnitude-8.3 earthquake occurred on May 24, 2013, in the Sea of Okhotsk, deep within the Earth’s mantle. The earthquake, described today (Sept. 19) in the journal Science, is perplexing because seismologists don’t understand how massive earthquakes can happen at such depths.

      “It’s the biggest event we’ve ever seen,” said study co-author Thorne Lay, a seismologist at the University of California, Santa Cruz. “It looks so similar to shallow events, even though it’s got 600 kilometers of rock on top of it. It’s hard to understand how such an earthquake occurs at all under such huge pressure.”

    61. NMBC

      People are still missing George Soros’ statements. His words in the video talk about his plans, his intentions and what he has been doing are very clear. 🙁

      Soros is still bitching about China’s leaders. They obviously look after their citizens’ interest and are loyal to their country. 🙂

      But Soros refuses to see that politicians are not just paid for doing their jobs, they are not out to loot or to conquer the world for themselves and are HELD to the highest standards.

      George Soros’ is still bitching about China; howevere, their leaders are not only smart and refuse to deal with the NOW. And they would not allow these usurers to manipulate, threaten and blackmail them like other creatures.


      People’s comments about George Soros’ looks and his demeanor are funny.

      Soros might have his people make ANTI-BULLY LAWS AGAINST YOU GUYS. Some Troll Writers are already trying and mislead the masses for their own protection. The Great Patriot War (aka WW2) and the Patriot Act make alot of people angry as people have seen the results.


      Again Dis-info Trolls are still Dis-info Trolls. 🙁

      Can you see the warnings on the walls?
      Link to follow:

      • NMBC

        The Next OMG Events!!!!! 🙁

        Sabotage: Special Forces To Target U.S. Economy, Infrastructure, Railways, Power Plants, Waterworks, and Refineries In the Event of Mid East Conflict

        The Game Changer: Syria Will Strike Israel Should U.S. Attack

        • NMBC

          Folks, Read and Weep. Here’s prez Obama’s the greatest patriotic speech to Congress regarding how dangerous it would be to our national security, destroying our economy and our children’s future.

          Democrat politicians and Obama pledged their commitment and opposed raising the debt ceiling in 2006.


          “The fact that we’re here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. Leadership means ‘The buck stops here.’ Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better. I therefore intend to oppose the effort to increase America’s debt limit.” dealing with the debt ceiling.” — Sen. BARACK OBAMA, D-Ill., Senate Floor Speech on Public Debt, March 16, 2006

    62. Got Factories?

      I can solve all this.

      #1. Ban all cargo incoming to the US for the next decade in the name of economic national security.

      #2. This will spark domestic growth. Ease all the commie inflicted red tape and let business thrive.

      #3. View and treat all Dems as they are invading commies… FUCKING SECOND CLASS CITIZENS. Don’t hire them, don’t go easy on them. All dems are really socialist/commie pricks.

      I’d go on..but who would care.
      It’s all over and we’re severely fucked.

      I just hope this bs holds together until I die in 25 year or so.


    63. NMBC

      Watson’s article: Governments Hire Web Trolls to Sway Public Opinion

      “Hiring paid shills to propagandize for the establishment is a common practice. It’s an admitted fact that governments around the world hire armies of shills to troll comment sections of news websites & social media with pro-establishment propaganda in an attempt to sway public opinion.” — Paul Joseph Watson

      No wonder sometimes they come out like a swarm of locusts.


      I agree with the part that the (Western) Governments have paid Web Trolls to sell propaganda and disinfo news.

      But they do not defend the U.S. or the western nations; it’s that they always post negative comments about the U.S. and our soldiers. 🙁

      The mainstream media outlets and trolls have the same motives & agenda.

      Their goal is to conquer all, and they don’t hire anyone.


      Trolls have said the U.S. deserves what will be coming to them from Russia (Kommies) and China (which will be doing the dirty work). 🙁

      I pray none of this will happen. 🙂

      And we all know the American people have always rejected what politicians have done. 🙂

    64. NMBC

      This article puts George Soros back in the spotlight. It came out a few days before his wedding.

      What a coincident.

      Soros is not explaining the so-called “complicated currency system”, as they want you to believe. But what he is doing is pushing his hidden agenda for a NEW WORLD CURRENCY under the NWO’s control (aka IMF as he stated in the video).

      There will be no money to run the system, and your $$$$$ will be worthless. 🙁

      I see the DEPOPULATION in the near future as the NWO have complained about the overpopulation of the world.


    65. NMBC

      No one has seen or has ever audited the FED’s book during the last century.

      The lender has not decided what the REAL number is, YET!!!

      So the private lender, the FED keeps the records, and tells America whatever number they feel it should be at that moment. 🙁

      “While the timing of the Treasury Department’s report is designed to instill fear in the American public, understand that RAISING the debt ceiling will do absolutely NOTHING to resolve the underlying issues we face and the consequences that will eventually be realized.” — Mac Slavo

      In reality, no one’s ever seen the actual debt record. We’re only told by Trolls and the main(ex)stream media that what we owe, and the FED expects us to just accept it.

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