Is North Korea On “Death Ground” With No Recourse But To Fight Or Die?

by | Oct 13, 2017 | Headline News | 49 comments

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    Fox News reported this on October 11, 2017, in the article North Korea says Trump ‘Lit the Wick of War,’ vows a hail of fire:

    On Wednesday, the U.S. and South Korea flew two strategic bombers over the Korean peninsula in a joint military exercise — another show of force against Pyongyang amid the mounting tensions. The bombers also conducted firing exercises over the East Sea and Yellow Sea, according to the BBC. Japan’s air force also joined the drill.  This is the second time since Trump’s fiery U.N. General Assembly speech that North Korea vocally accused the U.S. of declaring war on its country. Trump lambasted “little rocket man” Kim Jong Un for going on a “suicide mission for himself and his regime” in the speech last month. He vowed to “totally destroy” the country if it did not halt its nuclear program.”

    Additionally, this information was released in the article North Korea Hackers Reportedly Stole US, South Korea War Plans, by Fox News on October 10, 2017:

    “A plan to assassinate Kim Jong Un and preparations for a potential nuclear showdown with North Korea were among the trove of South Korean military documents reportedly stolen by Hermit Kingdom hackers.  South Korea’s Defense Ministry did not comment on the alleged hack, which reportedly occurred in September 2016 but was only revealed Tuesday. Rhee Cheol-hee, a lawmaker in South Korea, confirmed the data breach to the BBC. The hack consisted of 235 gigabytes of military documents and about 80 percent of what was stolen hasn’t been identified.

    Pentagon spokesman Army Col. Rob Manning told reporters on Tuesday: “I can assure you that we are confident in the security of our operations plans and our ability to deal with any threat from North Korea.”  Manning would not confirm the hack.  Pyongyang is suspected of having expert hackers attack South Korean government websites and facilities for years. North Korea has accused its neighbor of “fabricating” the claims, the BBC reported.”

    There was also an incident pursuant to the UN sanctions (initiated by the US) on North Korea, as reported by Reuters on October 11:

    “The United Nations Security Council has banned four ships from ports globally for carrying coal from North Korea, including one vessel that also had ammunition, but the United States postponed a bid to blacklist four others pending further investigation.  The vessels are the first to be designated under stepped-up sanctions imposed on North Korea by the 15-member council in August and September over Pyongyang’s sixth and largest nuclear test and two long-range ballistic missile launches.  The Security Council North Korea sanctions committee, which operates by consensus, agreed at the request of the United States, to blacklist the ships on Oct. 3 for “transporting prohibited items from the DPRK” (North Korea), according to documents seen by Reuters on Tuesday.”

    As mentioned in the articles, the U.S. just flew (and has been flying) bomber missions…ostensibly for “combat readiness,” but realistically to torment North Korea.  Along with the hacked into battle plans, it has been reported that an assassination plan against Kim Jong Un was also among the plans.  Now the UN (at the request of the U.S.) is interfering with North Korea’s ability to ship materials abroad.

    The U.S. is rapidly approaching the point of placing North Korea on the “Death Ground,” characterized in Sun Tzu’s “Art of War.”  This “Death Ground” is an untenable position where an enemy has no recourse but to fight or die, as honorable withdrawal is not permitted.

    We have a president who is not acting in the manner of a statesman with the name-calling and insults…actions that are unbecoming for a man who is the Commander-in-Chief and leader of the United States of America.  Diplomatic channels are not being properly pursued.  China and Russia have each stated that North Korea will not back down, and that diplomacy needs to be placed in clearer focus and sought after.

    The United States is deliberately trying to goad North Korea into taking an action (not necessarily an attack) that will justify a response in force.  Un knows what happened to Iraq’s Saddam Hussein and Libya’s Muhammar Khaddaffi…two nations that did not have nuclear weapons.  The North Koreans know that to disarm is to capitulate.  They also know that the U.S. will not strike first without irradiating South Korea, China, or Russia, and such will elicit repercussions from China and Russia.

    North Korea does have the capability to strike the United States, and the United States is backing it into a corner with provocative actions militarily and unstatesmanlike banter that does not befit or dignify representatives of the country.  North Korea has been backing up into a corner for some time.  There will come a point when it can back up no longer, and will be forced to come out swinging.  It is undoubtedly all part of a larger plan.  The cost, however, will not be borne by the politicians, but by the civilian populations.  The price remains to be seen.

    The next world war will be initiated by an EMP device detonated over the continental United States, followed by a nuclear exchange and fighting with conventional forces.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. So, what do we do? Wait until Li’l Kim has a full arsenal of nukes? Do we gamble on things like Stuxnet kicking the can down the road further, but still with a day or reckoning? What do we do if, even for INTERNAL reasons, the Kim regime starts to go down? MAD may be possible, but when a regime is dying – even from the inside – who knows WHAT they might do. Of course, the USSR is a positive case in point, but they had already gone down the path of liberalization. On the other hand, do we sacrifice Seoul and/or Seattle for what is “merely” a threat?

        I don’t know the answer to these questions. But I do know I pray for the peace of Korea almost every day, and need to make as many precautions to help myself, my family, and neighbors who are elderly, ill, children, mentally retarded, etc.

        • Wow Geri, you sound sympathetic to the Norks. Are you sad cause that emp thingy ain’t gonna happen? What do you expect when Humpty Dumptydong keeps threatening the US? Mebbe you and Dennis Rodman can have a sit down with kimmy and plan a response. Mebbe it’s time you give up your part time job at the dollar store and get a real one so you can move out of mommies trailer. You’re a fraud

          • maybe we need to send korean abdul jabar over there?

        • Give him something to lose, that’s what. I mean short of releasing Weaponized super gonorrhea / flesh eating ebolapox inside his borders, your other play is to give him something to lose.

          Dunno? Like some… kind of… shrug… place in the international community that’s completely contingent on permanent UN inspectors living there forever?

          Just throwing money at him clearly doesn’t work so…

        • I mean the entire point of globalization (aside from the horrific economic consequences… sigh)… was to make it such that a nuclear attack on any nation was a nuclear attack on your own economy. That was pretty much the entire point.

          So whatever about that… that worked? Do… that.

          Recall the Soviets were like very very close to this insane back in the day. I mean hell you wanna go back to the 60’s they were arguably more insane.

        • Cracks me up to read in articles like this one that “diplomacy is not properly being applied” to North Korea. How does the author know this? And do the past 20+ years of NOTHING BUT diplomacy not count? After all, we already HAD an agreement with NK. One that they broke directly. So while I don’t want a war to break out, I think it’s worth trying the stick on this one. We’ve had more than two DECADES of “carrot.”

          Plus, does anyone really think that China would strike at the US Military just over North Korea? They know they’d lose that confrontation and lose big time. At least as long as it stayed conventional, which there would be no reason for it NOT to be. They’ve already directly sent their troops against the US in the past. They know what will happen. Millions of dead Chinese. Not much else.

          At any rate, we have a crisis now with NK that previous presidents have setup. They’ve done the same with Iran- it’s just not directly in crisis yet. These are indeed “interesting times.”

        • He does NOT need a “full arsenal”. 1 EMP and we are OVER.

          Why do you think Trump is blustering?

          Li’l Kim has the USA’s balls in a vice.

          • Eli – Li’l Kim does not have the USA’s balls in a vice. We have things like THAAD that will blast his missiles out of the sky before they reach our shores. Our Navy will never let them get close enough to the USA to launch a submarine-based missile or a missile from a freighter. North Korea hasn’t even tested a missile capable of re-entry into the atmosphere at this point. If you ask me NOW is the time to take out fat boy’s regime, his military, and his whole nuke and missile program.

            • you SURE about all that?

      2. EMP is my nightmare scenario and should be every one else’s also. God Bless, James

        • EMP is a myth.

          No one has ever conducted a successful EMP attack outside of fictional movies.

          • Attack? No. But the USA did it by accident. Get your facts straight.

        • Electricity is a luxury, not a necessity. EMP is the LEAST of my worries!

          • You have not thought this through. A power outage that lasts more than 4 days will cause all stored nuclear fuel to escape containment and permanently muck up everyone’s day. You are not ready — no one is.

          • Phoenix – are you kidding. An EMP is not the least of your worries – it’s the thing nightmares are made of. All fuel deliveries stop. All farming stops. All hospital care, transportation, etc. comes to a grinding halt. Riots and roving criminals killing people for a Tootsie Roll. And this is the least of your worries? You must have some very serious problems if this is the least of your worries.

      3. With No Recourse But To Fight Or Die?
        Either way they will die. I just pray that no one on the this side dies.

        Someone has to pay the Piper for the dance.


        • All NK has to do is quit building hydrogen bombs and ICBM’s and quit threatening to use them on anyone and everyone it has decided it doesn’t like and they have no fear of war.

          They could even go farther and peacefully join the modern world and they would be welcomed to it. I imagine SK and even Japan would be more than willing to help them do it.

          Any war they are facing is a problem of their own making, no one actually cares enough about them to start a war with them.

        • There is no such thing as a conflict where you take no losses. That’s in the movies.

          You lose an arm they lose their head. That sort of thing.

          If it starts don’t think for a second you’ll be keeping that arm.

      4. What would you have the USA do Jeremiah Johnson? Give North Korea more food and aid that goes to the military and the people still starve? They have been threatening and saber rattling for years and always sanctions are lifted and food aid provided to stop them-until the next time.
        Finally we have a President who will stand up to North Korea. For that I am grateful.

        • TX: Great point my friend. Enough is really enough here.

        • True, TX, but there are a LOT of unknowns. This one really has no perfect, or even good, answer. Communism murdered 100 MILLION last century, per the Black Book of Communism, Harvard Press. Wonder if they will beat total this century?

          For those of you that pray, do pray for Korea, as well as wisdom, for the president. WWII was decided by a LOT of chance events. E.g., to cite just one, a navigational error during the Battle of Britain led to the “accidental” bombing of a British town, e.g., not a military target. The Nazis (National *Socialists) had been arguably winning by taking out the Brit’s airfields and air force on the ground.

          After the town was bombed, the Brits retaliated by bombing German cities. The infuriated Goering, who diverted his bombers from attacks on the air fields to British cities. Many authorities think this allowed the Brits time to recover, re-build their air force/planes/pilots, and thus turned the course of the war.

          Chance? I guess you could argue that. Some will. But I don’t.

          History and God’s providence is a difficult issue. But in WWII, there were other events, such as the events at Midway, the sinking of the Bismark, etc., all “lucky chance” events. I call it Providence events.

        • I’ve written it before – why is it that with all our military and logistical capability we cannot determine just where the principals are, or are to be, and take them out in a surgical strike? For instance, Fat-boy Un is almost always present at the launches, at the parades….. is it so damned difficult to know the when’s and where’s and just take him and the entire cadre of military officers out? Evaporate the entire reviewing stand. You cut off a snake’s head and the body is going to die. Sure, there’s some sort of ‘dead-man’s ‘ switch and some attack or response will be forth-coming; but, without the control and leadership …. it’d fall silent relatively quickly.

      5. This is a very bad and dangerous situation. “SOMETHING” has to be done, but again the Billion dollar question is what? FAT gay boy has been a clown, trouble maker for well over 20 years. Do we sit back and do nothing until he has more and more nukes and can defecate nuclear poison over all of our cities? Trump is NOT willing to continue to be held hostage by this asshole with a fat face and whomever cuts that ‘mop’ of his deserves to hang…my god man. I personally do not see this ending too well for anyone but especially not for FAT man.

        • CC, I think you’re giving NK too much credit. Although they can probably damage some of our assets and disrupt things if they did, they’re like a spoiled child throwing a tantrum. So, the solution is to give that child a good ass beating. Texans comment was spot on. I really believe Trump would rather not have to do this but at some point, enough is enough. That little piss stain just doesn’t know when to stop and he doesn’t care how many innocent people may lose their lives because of. I always thought JJ was a Nork sympathizer and now I have no doubt. Some green beret, actually supports a little tonka toy over his own fucking country. If you read into his stuff and know what to look for, you’d understand why I think, why I know, he’s a fucking fraud.

      6. That is true. I don’t know if I’ve interpreted Sun Tzu correctly but my use of it in personal conflicts has in the past been adequate… usually you’re supposed to give an opponent somewhere to flee to. It just so happens to be where you want them to flee to but yeah they have to have an escape hatch unless you’re… going to do something rather… um. Put it this way as a PERSON this is not an option for you, it’s… clearly over the top. As a nation well. That’s different…

        • Sun Tzu’s example of Death Ground was applied to 2 armies in contact. This situation allows for some NorK generals who love their families/country more than they love their Dear Leader to over-throw the little whack-job, declare open boarders, and work with the rest of the world to step back from the current insanity. jat

      7. And I hope we level the place before he acts. Then level Iran before they do something stupid.

      8. Give tactical nukes to South Korea and Japan and get out of Korea. Let the local neighborhood duke it out!

        • Interesting point, but, it would not be good policy for US to lose control of the nukes! Just saying,

          Louisiana Eagle

      9. Drain the swamp never went anywhere, wiped off the map. Extend the swamp by leaps and bounds, now that’s the winning ticket. Now pass tax cuts for the actual swamp beasts and repeat the lie of a drip down benefit of jobs and better wages for the unclean masses. Open the floodgates wider to allow more illegals to pour in liberally sprinkled with terrorists to keep the once free people terrorized. Ding ding we have a tried and proven system to continue the ripoff. The plan seeps into the slowly awakening public and then it’s too late to reverse. The food prices continue to be jacked up where 3 to 5 dollars gets you 3 or 4 ounces of many foods worth eating. And people vote for these criminals.

      10. Concerned-Citizen: Thanks for the kudos. You made good points also. This North Korea situation has moved way past the limits of diplomacy especially since we know that regime are liars.

      11. I still say let China or Russia handle NK. We need to back off and get out of there.

        • Deplorable Bravefart why don’t you get the f%&k outta here. Go shoot crows and bang goats at the BOL you dirty old perv.

      12. My concern is that the US is forcing NK into a no win situation where the only “honorable” way for Kim to go (he knowing that he is a dead man) is to “take as many with him before he is killed” meaning launching an all out attack on South Korea with conventional weapons where he may have the most predictable chance of “success” meaning making the US and SK pay as dearly as possible. (Scorched earth policy like Saddam setting fire to all the Kuwait oil fields as he retreated.)
        A missle launch against US to achieve an EMP paralysis against the US has a high risk of total failure at NK’s current level of development of its missile delivery systems and would certainly invite a “convenient” justification for an all out response by the US.

        Having said that, I would not be surprised if the CIA is secretly aiding NK to “develop” the nuclear missle technology in a new twist, like creation of of ISIS, but this time an ICBM system as a false flag – stringing NK along just enough, getting them so close to development that the US will have a justification for launching a pre emptive strike. Yes, the treachery and deception by the US run that deep.

        • LMAO… problem with Jesus. No problem with giants coming. No problem with fear stopping men’s hearts. Big problem with thinking that we should throw out Noah’s preps. Big problem with dismissing Joseph and Paul who brought supplies to bring relief to the saint’s in a drought.

          I heard the same thing before Y2K. I find that most people that adhere to this line of thinking is either 1) to lazy to prep and use this as an excuse. OR 2) some preacher that wants your money as opposed to spending it on preps (mostly pre-trib folks).

          So, we prep, for anything and everything that we can think of; from loss of job to nuclear mutated zombies. Still maintain that Jesus is the number one prep item for eternity. But He did give us a brain.

        • The Bible predicts birthpangs / uprisings of nation against nation.

          In the Albert Pike prediction, if you believe that, competing worldviews try eachother, to the point financial and moral exhaustion, probably, before the Externalization of the Hierarchy.

          Prepping is for the world as we know it, not the end of the world.

      13. It is the Korean women I worry about. They are some of the most beautiful women in the world. We have a world ballooning its ignorant populations of gimme dats, ugly monkeys, low-IQ Muslim dip shits swimming their way to the West and yet we are going to have a war killing off some of the most beautiful women in the world. It is is beyond sad …

      14. I wonder if the bottom line on North Korea is . If you don’t like it they won’t let you leave?

      15. Enough is enough indeed. It’s time this website banned the skulking vet forever. His words approach treason. I doubt he ever fought anywhere and besides all wars have been corporate wars since Korea. You enlist you service big corporations, not America. Being a vet is meaningless these days. I salute the service of WW2 vets. They were truly the greatest generation (not necessarily their political generals, like Ike). Long live Patton! The skulking, hiding “vet” can go back to grooming his cats.

      16. It will not be only NK ,but Russia and China as well.

      17. The solution to this is well known to anyone who has followed the history of the crisis going back to the ’80’s.

        It would be difficult but not impossible for the US to negotiate with NK on a basis of withdrawing US troops from South Korea, agreeing to a non-aggression pact, and providing fuel and light water reactors in exchange for the North shuttering its nuclear weapons program – which they HAVE said they would do once the US threat was removed and which they did TWICE in the ’80’s – and rejoining the NPT and being subject to IAEA inspections.

        This deal was negotiated in the Clinton administration and was subsequently reneged on by both Clinton and Bush. There is no reason it can not be renegotiated – except for the fact that Trump has now decided to revoke the Iran Deal, which proves the US can not be trusted to adhere to its agreements.

        There is an excellent chance that once the war with NK starts that the US and SK will LOSE that war. At the very least, expect that China will intervene and even if it doesn’t and the US/SK win the conventional war that there will be an NK insurgency against US forces that will make the Iraq insurgency look like a tea party.

        Trump is a moron under the control of generals who are looking for a big payday from the military-industrial complex. This is, as usual, all about the MONEY certain people expect to profit from war.

        • I was about to give up reading the comments here. Just saw yours before I did. Glad I did too! Finally a fact based, reasonable and genuinely right summation of this situation. After trudging through ALL the above “comments”. I felt such a level of disbelief in what Others were posting. Such utter disregard of and a consciously race tinged disrespect for Other Human Beings.
          As is if They truly believe the Nuclear Fallout won’t impact or affect them . As if They are Invincible to Radioactivity. Have any Talked to ANY Navy Folks who helped Japan. During the Fukushima fiasco? Or follow whats going around Chernobyl? Better yet, up in Washington State at the Hanford Nuke. Check the birth rates,(something They are always ranting about. It’s below death rate or something?) around the Nuke.
          Anyways, Your Post above WAS/IS the ONLY ONE THAT MAKES ANY SENSE! THX!

        • I wish I could say the war is not going to happen but it is programmed to happen I am afraid. Once the computers are locked on a particular geopolitical objective no general or president can stop the trajectory.

          How things play out on the ground is another matter. Clearly, the US can deploy overwhelming force in the first phase. But for that first phase to be successful it would require: a) Russia and China to stay out, b) that most troop and weapon sites are taken out, c) this is done before a massive strike on South Korea. Now, if the first phase does not take out the majority of troop and weapon sites, and there is a strike on South Korea, then all bets are off. At that point, apart from the overwhelming international alarm at the turn of events, it would be tough to prevent China from going for-it and pushing South into North Korea to grab territory. That would lead to conflict with US troops coming up from the South as both countries fight over who gets the Korean penninsula. Any scenario where troops are bogged down in North Korea fighting a guerilla force would be very bloody. These aren’t rag heads and low-IQ skinnies: these would be well-trained NK troops able to use a honey comb network of hides and weapons dumps. While much of the munitions is old-skool they do have access to modern weapons too and I would presume they would get upgrades from somebody.

          Geopoliticlly, such a conflict would be highly damaging to the US. It would also be hoping the NKs do not attack the mainland US. I just do not see a good side to conflict even if the US cake-walks it in a month or so (ultimate best-case scenario).

          • In a dragged out conventional war, a lot of Rocket Man’s troops surrender for food.

      18. Wow, JJ must a be KJU sympathizer. So, you’d rather have KJU/NOKO have something to blast you (and unfortunately, a whole of us here in the U.S) out of this world? So long as we have a real president, it will NOT happen. I support it 100%. However, there’s no wrong in you and Rodman convincing KJU to do otherwise.

      19. I don’t know a lot. What I do know is that North Korea has nuclear weapons. How many of what kind is a mystery except maybe to the Pentagon. To me the only question is NK willing to use them. If we can rationally determine that they are then our course of actions seem limited. We can either shut up and try and live with it or we can try and take them out before they can use them. Neither course is very palatable. To ignore them will allow them to increase their arsenal and sophistication to the point at some future date(again in dispute of how long) they become an existential threat to our very survival. If we try to take them out, South Korea is toast, millions dead, Japan probably attacked with millions more at risk.America gets flamed for all the deaths by the globalists and the left in the biggest political shitstorm of all time, plus we run the risk of of the possibility of one or 2 reaching our shores. If even one hydrogen bonb is detonated on American soil we are done as a Democracy. Stock market would crash, dollar would crash, ecomony in shambles, riots when the chimps don’t get there gov checks because there is no money. IMO martial law would be declared within first 48 hours. Congress would pass laws that would make the Patriot act look libertarian. So Your Trump, what do you do. My guess is that he will do nothing and go with option one. If we do go with option 2 we damn we’ll better hit these bastards with EVERYTHING we have, something we haven’t done in a war in 62 years. I doubt we have the stones for that so pursuing this option will probably lead to disaster. Hell maybe that’s what some of these sociopaths running things want anyway. Keep your nose to the wind and your eye along the skyline my friends

      20. they know who is trying to hack the pentagon let them in (with difficulty) so it looks like they did it on their own. let them have plans that will make china and Russia shake in their boots. let the plans say that we have a dozen subs with numbers only and each having a dozen warheads. they have been moved into place in the pacific and at the ready. the president is ready to move if China doesn’t disarm N Korea we will occupy N Korea and be their new neighbor we have the missals ready to ship and assemble on the border. If questioned by China deny it all that such plans are fake. just what we would do if leaked. then let them worry.

      21. Unlike the belief and philosophy that existed in earlier and saner times — the one that said how nuclear conflict could only result in total annihilation and doomsday — today, the authorities believe that nuclear war is not only survivable, but winnable.

        I say let’s press the button and find out.

        Russia is up for it. So is China. Israel most certainly is up for a nuclear exchange with Iran. North Korea can hardly wait.

        If the U.S. can find a reason to nuke somebody, then all these other knuckleheads can too.

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