Is It War? The First 2 Of 12 F-35 Fighter Jets Have Arrived In Japan

by | Nov 1, 2017 | Headline News | 35 comments

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    The first two of 12 US Air Force F-35 Joint Strike Fighter jets arrived in Okinawa on Monday.  The aircraft will soon begin a six-month deployment in Japan as part of Pacific Command’s “theater security” program.

    Is this a red flag for war with North Korea? Suspicions run high as tensions in the area continue to stiffen. The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the most expensive and one of the most controversial weapons systems in United States history, is dubbed “the cornerstone” of US defense in the Pacific. But what exactly are we “defending” against?

    The Marines deployed their version of this fighter jet to a US base in Iwakuni, Japan in January.

    According to CNN, approximately 300 airmen from Hill Air Force Base, Utah’s 34th Fighter Squadron will accompany the fifth-generation fighters to Kadena Air Base, Japan. The remaining 10 jets are expected to arrive in Okinawa this week, according to Air Force spokesperson Victoria Hight.

    This deployment marks the first time that the Air Force’s version of the F-35 has been sent to the region and is meant “to demonstrate the continuing US commitment to stability and security,” according to the service. “The F-35A gives the joint warfighter unprecedented global precision attack capability against current and emerging threats while complementing our air superiority fleet,” said Gen. Terrence J. O’Shaughnessy, Pacific Air Forces commander, earlier this month. “The airframe is ideally suited to meet our command’s obligations, and we look forward to integrating it into our training and operations.”

    While the Air Force said its F-35 deployment has been “long-planned,” their arrival comes as President Donald Trump prepares for his first official visit to Japan and amid simmering tensions with North Korea.  The coincidences are just a bit much to miss this time.

    Perhaps this means a war is imminent, or at the very least, tensions will certainly increase between the US and Pyongyang.



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      1. Oh hell,bring in the B52s. That’ll make chills run up and down NK back.

        • Because Congress has abrogated its responsibility to declare war to the Deep State war has become perpetual. To hope this one will be a constitutional declared war and knowing it won’t be is what sends chills up my spine.

          • We have a ceasefire with North Korea. There is no need to go to Congress and declare war. We have been and still are technically at war with North Korea.

            The armistice is still the only safeguard for peace on the Korean peninsula.

            The agreement provided for:

            A suspension of open hostilities

            A fixed demarcation line with a 4km (2.4 miles) buffer zone – the so-called demilitarisation zone

            A mechanism for the transfer of prisoners of war

            • Thanks for the info natty but I’m still feeling a chill over this one. They have had over 64 years to make peace and fix this mess. Making it obvious that NK cannot make peace while USA Inc will not make peace under any terms other than theirs. This is one source for the perpetuity of a war mentality. It is the difference between will not and can not that can be confusing at times. That is not a good enough reason to tinker with Armageddon in my book.

            • I don’t recall that a law,
              a declaration of war was made
              against North Korea.
              It was a “Police” action.
              Sanctioned by the United Nations
              Cabal. I’d withdraw all Americans
              from Korea. We still have to have
              South Korea’s back, we should give
              them some tactical
              nukes, but it is
              up to them to obliterate
              their problem.

              • Right, give the south the chance to say to the north “See, no bullshit, this is what freedom can do. And then let the chips fall where they may. My bet would be a more unified Korea will result after Kim is removed. It is apparent all sides would breathe easier after his removal. But it is going to be dicey getting to that point.

            • Congress wouldn’t declare war on a country that blew up Washington DC. Not with an approval rating this low. Let the Executive branch over-reach and take the heat for it. Added bonus: they can say “they’re not like THAT guy” when THEY run for President.

              • F-35??? ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…. Tell us another funny one.

                F-35??? The half-trillion (((dollar))) boondoggle that can’t fly safely in Instrument Meterological Conditions (cloudy weather).

                F-35??? ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha….

                • That’s what I was thinking. They should have kept the F22 line open and passed on the 35.

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      2. Just bomb the shit out of these gook Chink bastards once and for all.

        • i think they will need more than just 12 planes.

      3. I only hope there are no backdoor Chinese hacks into the F-35 systems ala the 2007/12 cyber intrusions. This is a battle-untested system. Has had one heck of a rocky road to get on the front-lines. We cannot afford to lose a single one.

      4. Message to China – screw North Korea – nothing is getting thru to those people …

        After NK is taken care of it’s on to the China expansion problem – that atoll airbase they established illegally gets addressed by Trump next …

        South Korea, Japan and Guam is going to be the front lines for years to come …

      5. Nope!!!
        Just means they are upgrading the Forces.


      6. Our military cannot even beat Afghan goat herders. We have been there 16 years now. WHAT exactly have we accomplished??
        The F-35 has proved to be a piece of expensive crap.

        They celebrate everything gay and transgender now.
        I’m NOT feeling very confident in our country’s ability to back up successfully, their perpetual warmongering!

        China has stated that they will not allow us to preemptively attack N.Korea. They will stay out of it if N.Korea attacks first, they will intervene if we attack first. Is this really worth WW3? Keep in mind that we can’t beat the Taliban after 16 yrs of trying!

        • NK attacked first last time and China still intervened to help them.I have a feeling China will help no matter what.

        • It won’t matter, USA Inc’s bluff has been called. Our only peaceful alternatives are to “take one for the team” or pull out of Korea and trust Kim not to attack. Neither of those options are about to happen. First to the strike gets annihilated this time.

        • You’re right that we have not beaten the muslim terrorists after all this time. But why? Because we are NOT fighting a war like say WW2. We need to once and for all realize that war is one nation against another. Man, woman, child, old, young, handicapped or fit. Both sides. “IF” we fought like WW2 – reducing cities to rubble, taking physical control of the population and territory (and holding it firmly in our grasp with no quarter given), ‘splainin’ that we will brook no argument, give no ground or compromise one bit…. that we are the victors and all that was their’s is now our’s….. then and only then can we win against our foes. Old school, as in Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar…. conquer and all that means.

          • you are exactly correct sadly our reps do not want to win.

        • Nor could we defeat the NK,s back in the 50’s.

      7. No. It is a deployment.

      8. Excellent article! The recent hurricanes, fires and storms have “awakened” more people for the NEED to have a plan and be prepared.

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        • The last time i looked at the silver plan it had a $5000 deductible, making it practically useless. Imagine you have to have surgery, with this shit insurance you could easily owe $8-9000.
          This scam uses your insurance payments to help fund the bums who get free insurance (Medicaid), their surgery would be free!
          Also, EVERY refugee receives Medicaid day one.
          Im all for helping the truly sick and disabled but not the bums who dont want to work and live off the taxpayers!

      10. Perhaps it means Trump doesn’t feel like eating a hydrogen bomb in a decapitation strike. I mean if he’s gotta go to Japan anyway… maybe these are his bodyguards.

        I mean face it we KNOW Japan is in range. They SAY lots but we KNOW that one.

      11. This is the most posturing I have seen in a long time. Looks like something will happen soon. I’m afraid it will involve all the world.

      12. The F-35 has been riddled with one set of problems after another. I really hope that they have worked them all out. With the attention of the world on them, it is no time to have them crash on their own.

      13. No plane works with electronics shut down. And the possibility of an emp from Iran, North Korea or our own govt as a false flag, scares the hell out of me. Not to mention, a very dear and important person to me flies for a living.

        • Doesnt NK have 2 satellites that orbit over America and Russia helped with the launch? What if they have a nuke on board and can be used for an emp?

      14. America is like a guy who can’t keep his dcik in his own pants, and they are looking for someone to cut it off. The intention is to destroy you. Get out of these continuous wars. Hold your president to his promises he is not keeping !

      15. A distraction to keep eyes off the Boer murders in South Africa.

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