Is The Islamic State Planning To Strike The United States With Chemical Weapons Of Mass Destruction?

by | May 22, 2017 | Headline News | 42 comments

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    From its inception, ISIS was well on its way to becoming another dark chapter in human history. However, as their self-proclaimed caliphate is chipped away by Kurdish, Iraqi, and Syrian forces, some of their darkest secrets are being revealed to the entire world. And those secrets tell us even more about just how evil this organization is.

    In Mosul for instance, where Iraqi military units have nearly finished rooting out every ISIS element in the city, security forces have uncovered chilling documents left behind by the terror organization. These documents reveal that ISIS has been using human guinea pigs to test chemical weapons, which experts fear may be used to spike food supplies in the West.

    The experiments were recorded in a stash of papers found hidden in Mosul University after Iraqi special forces recaptured the city from IS fighters.

    They reveal one victim was fed thallium sulphate – a colourless, tasteless salt that can be dissolved in water – and began to suffer fever, nausea, and swelling of the stomach and brain before dying in agony ten days later.

    Isis described the chemical as an “ideal lethal poison” and claimed to be in “possession of an ample amount of the solution to fill demands”, according to the documents, which were verified by British and US forces and later obtained by The Times.

    Terrorists also injected a nicotine-based compound, said to have no antidote, into another victim who passed out within seconds and died hours later.

    Ingredients for the poison are contained in cigarettes and vaping supplies, while thallium sulphate is available for sale in many countries including the US.

    News of these horrific experiments was unveiled a week after the media reported that ISIS is currently organizing a new chemical weapons research unit.

    The Islamic State militant group (ISIS), on the back foot in Iraq and Syria, is bringing together its top chemical weapons experts in the border area between the two countries with the aim of creating an elite “chemical weapons cell,” U.S. intelligence believes.

    The cell, according to a U.S. official speaking to CNN, consists of the jihadi group’s most senior specialists from the territory it controls in Iraq and Syria.

    These stories support a new narrative being pushed by the media and our government. They’ve been saying the same thing for several weeks now: As the Islamic State crumbles, ISIS is morphing back into an underground organization that will focus less on holding territory, and more on conducting insidious terror attacks in the West.

    When you examine these stories together, and consider the fact that our government has been secretly helping ISIS and Al-Qaeda in Syria for years, we have to ask ourselves a very important question. Is the mainstream media priming the public for a major chemical weapons attack on the West; an attack that our government may be complicit in? Because it sure looks like they’re telling us to expect a chemical attack in the near future.

    ISIS is clearly a creation of the deep state, who are also desperately trying to co-opt President Trump’s administration. They want him to drag our country into yet another major war in the Middle East. And if their ISIS puppets pull off this kind of attack, they might just convince him to follow the warpath that they have laid out for him.

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      1. The US Government & FDA and Fascist Corporations like Monsanto have beat ISIS to the punch and laced Foods on the store shelves with toxic poisons and GMS’s already for years. So would this be any more of a threat to the health of our nations people. Or just another false flag operation to cut off food supplies to Americans. Control the food and you control the people.

        Got your 2 years supply of food now? Or are you just 9 meals away from all out BatShit Crazy Cannibalism?

          • Ya, well from what i can tell, evolution sorta slowed way the fook down in afRiCa, those people seem stuck in la la land and cant quite get it together

          • Don’t know about this, but I never bought the “Out of Africa” theory. The only thing about it that makes sense is the inescapable conclusion that the indigenous population of Africa are the descendants of early humans who didn’t have the sense to walk out of there.

        • Is no one gonna mention the Reptilian aspect in all of this?

      2. Why should ISIS attack its masters and creators / planners?

        • Anonymous

          Its highly doubtful that ISIS has a strong chain of command outside of where its useful to TPTB. The ISIS cannon fodder has no idea who their real masters are. There is no doubt that this relatively lose configuration has splinters, philosophical Islamic crazies, self appointed cells that report to no one. Vetting such people would be quite difficult. These people are the collateral damage that can even be problematic for TPTB that are pushing for increasing their immigration. This knife has two edges.

          • Very Intelligence analysis Kevin2.

        • They will only attack USA if it fits a purpose of the deep state apparatus. And one purpose would be to undermine Trump !

          Although these kinds of attacks are far more difficult to carry out and be effective with, than say an attack on our grid or a massive cyber attack on commerce or any combination of cyber/grid. It seems quite plausible that there are enough jihadis inside USA already to accomplish some serious attacks. Maybe 10 cells of just 6 people each could do a bunch of damage to our grid that would take a very long time to repair. And they may have far more numbers and capabilities here already ? We do know they are here, but we do not fully know what they are capable of via WMDs, Nuke or even Bio. This poisoning scenario is very unlikely for lots of reasons, but that does not mean they do not have other methods to cause chaos. At this juncture if anything major did happen, how would we even know if our own deep state apparatus shadow government was involved ? As it stands I do not trust any of them at all for many reasons as they have shown us that they are completely untrustworthy.

          It seems to me a cyber attack or something major on our grid would be far easier and much more effective. And we would never know for sure what really happened or why. It would also be the perfect time to RESET the economy and roll out a new currency and instantly erase the massive debt. And again it would be done to get rid of Trump and crew. It would also kill off quite few people with no effort from the control freaks.

      3. Ingestion, inhaled, and on the skin are the ways thallium sulfate can cause death to humans. Now how to figure out the possible ways it might be introduced. I know one thing the borders to the USA need to be closed now indefinitely. Then you are waiting to deal with the radical Islamic terrorist who are already here. This is maybe what Bill Gates might have been alluding to in his statements on bio-terrorism killing more people than a nuclear war. Nicotine is a well known poison that can be tolerated in some degrees. Children are most susceptible to nicotine poisoning. I suspect they both could be introduced in food, water, or perhaps vaccinations. There are many ways to introduce these poisons. I only hope the Clintons and her cronies will be the first to come in contact with these poisons.

      4. Several explosions rock concert in Britain. Confirmed casualties. Must be Santa’s elves at it again cause the word “Muslim Terrorists” is not being mentioned.

        • Mozlem terrorists are Satan’s slaves.

        • Ya, the left seems to have a mental block against certain words and phrases,,,
          They are pretty fucking stupid as they have been defending letting these people in, here in the states the places most likely to be hit are places that have tons of the lefts peeps,

        • i thought norad shot santa down ,they sad he was in a no fly zone,transporting goods.

        • Damn Amish thugs at it again!

      5. We’ve already experienced this so no biggy. It was allowed to happen when the world trade centers went down to justify the Mideast war which got a lot of young men killed and didn’t solve a fucking thing.

        • If any sandapes appear in my rifle scope…..

      6. I told you, smoking will shorten your life. And that’s not the worst part. Smoking causes ugly skin over time. Your skin wrinkles and turns a disgusting shade of yellow if you are white. And it makes your breath stink. People who smoke nicotine cigarettes are inhaling many other chemicals. Some of these chemicals cause asthma, bronchitis, emphysema (choke slowly), and other diseases including Cancer.

        Omg. The terrorists have already landed. They are here and they are killing us. Omg omg.


        • Thank God for cigars!

      7. The CIA never quits trying with the false flags to rally the sheep. I’ll bet the ISIS payroll
        checks have a Virginia address somewhere on them. Wake up Walmart shoppers and DQ
        eaters. The ladies on Fox News might look good with all the lip gloss and waxed legs but
        they spout alot of the same dumb s–t as CNN.

        • FOX is the managed opposition. When it comes to war they all line up from left to supposed right and in Goebbels style repeat the official narrative. Their are limits in control the intelligence agencies have over even more rogue groups that by their nature are fragmented. I look at the end result of any action and see how it furthers, dampens or does nothing to further the globalist agenda to ascertain if its a false flag to just a totally rogue element. Remember the Maine, Pearl Harbor, 911 certainly all were sufficient in magnitude to drive the US towards war. Certainly a US WMD mass casualty attack would accomplish the same. The media spin post attack is also indicative of, is it real or a false flag. The greater the magnitude of the “event” and coordination requited in its execution tends to point to false flag.

      8. Saudi Arabia is working hand in glove with the you know who. Some believe the Saudi Royal family is not actually genetically the same DNA as the actual native inhabitants. In other words, like Esther fooled the King in days gone bye. The royals are those people. The ones that moderate. The ones that own all the T.V. Networks.

        Apparently, Hi Sis, is infiltrated. The rapes in Europe are getting on the nerves of some Muslims. The Saudi are building mosques throughout Europe. The Muslims are complaining of the radical nature of the so called Muslims who are the leaders. Me thinks me getten paid, I mean played.


      9. It dosent seem that it would be that difficult for Kim Jung to mix up some bio toxin put it in a 5 gallon gas can and dump it out the window of a sky scraper. Or maybe that’s the real threat we aren’t being told about?

      10. I can see a chemical attack at a large unorganized gathering such as a protest where thousands are in close proximity. Are we being set up for a false flag?

      11. They want us all dead, the US leads the charge. Nothing has changed, Right vs left national politics shown to be a farce. The youth don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. Trump sucks! More than clearly evident. Where is the united response? Americans have proven to be long suffering blindly to their demise.

      12. It would be impossible to remove the capability or completely guard and prevent the acquisition of materials that are or can be without extreme effort transformed into a domestic WMD and still have the US economically function. So if you can’t remove the means then you can only work on limiting the intent. This gives credibility to the Presidents call for vetting and denying legal entry into the US of suspected individuals with terrorist leanings while simultaneously increasing security on illegal entry. The third alternative is to just do nothing.

      13. Off subject kind of? Bought some RG Radway green or royal guard 9 mm. 95 gr. Soft point. Some say it was developed as a low penetration round ? To keep the Geneva convention happy? Saw a test shooting into water . The copper jacket completely separated into uniform pieces. The lead core flattened out square. Seems maybe better then conventional hollow points? The copper slivers create multiple wound Chanel’s and the tough lead core gets through? Have heard bad press about this round. But maybe many bullet manufacturers are gelous?

      14. So many soft targets here. Almost impossible to stop anybody from trying to kill lots of people in so many different ways. Stop people from coming in across our southern border,through customs that we know are suspicious. We won’t stop them all but can put a dent in them.

        • Jim in Va

          Agree. Block illegal entry to the greatest extent possible and vet legal entry as thoroughly as possible. Guard potential mass casualty producing potential sources where possible. They don’t have to reinvent the wheel as Israel has been dealing with this for decades.

      15. Is it time to go play ‘cowboys and muzzies’ yet?

      16. If they succeed at using WMDs, can we finally agree these terd world savages have to go? I’m tired of them getting excused for only killing a dozen here or a score there as if it were some aberration or accident. The day we close their stupid mosques and send them packing will be a great day for freedom.

      17. When you have hundreds of soft targets to choose from, the defenders have to defend them all. The attackers can focus on one at a time. The resources are spread thin. The costs of providing acceptable protection are too great. Permitting mass muslim immigration provides cover for the terrorists. Islam has, at its core, the idea of a final war between muslims and non-muslims where sharia law emerges triumphant. All non-believers (even Christians and Jews) must convert or die. The final war begins with the arrival of a messianic figure and a muslim Jesus figure. The great division of Islam is not Sunni versus Shiite but between active and inactive jihadists.

      18. MONSANTO and criminal psychopaths like CIA Mike “Monsanto” Pompeo in our criminal treasonous New Babylonian US Government from the inner bowels of the pits of hell in Washington DC have been using a chemical weapon of mass destruction on the disease ridden, obese, dumbed down, depressed, insane, Big Pharma pill popping, addicted to everything New Babylonian toxic dump cowards for DECADES and it is called GLYPHOSATE and other EDC toxic hell, so get tested for it New Babylonian toxic dump COWARDS, and see for yourself how you are being murdered by your own treasonous psychopath controlled criminal evil New Babylonian US Government approved toxic GMO glyphosate and EDC filled horror.

      19. Water filters will not work, use Water Distiller instead.

      20. Sure chemical weapons are deadly. But what’s to stop ISIS from importing a sample of EBOLA to the USA or Europe from Africa where it has reared its ugly head once again.

        This plague would spread like wildfire killing thousands if not millions with little if any advanced technology needed. A simple means of transmission would be to contaminate the food served in a buffet like cold salads for instance. If done in say Las Vegas the tourists would board planes and spread the contagion to each and every city all before the disease could be confirmed. Secondary infections would multiply the death toll.

        To get Ebola, you have to directly get infected body fluids (blood, diarrhea, sweat, vomit,
        urine, semen, breast milk) in your mouth, nose, eyes or through a break in your skin or through sexual contact. That can happen by being splashed with droplets, or through other direct contact, like touching infected body fluids.
        Healthcare providers caring for Ebola patients and the family and friends in close contact with Ebola patients are at the highest risk of getting sick when they touch or are splashed by infected blood or body fluids from a sick patient.

      21. All true enough and it is far worse than you commented. How many millions have been dumbed down for decades with fluoride as well and the many vaccinations that undermine our immune system.

        Most Americans have no idea how weak and puny they are. They simply think all is well as long as they have their “stuff”. They rarely stop to realize that their health is by far the most important asset of their lives. Without that you cannot help anybody else and you are screwed. Also many still go to the doctor and let them destroy their health because they have those initials behind their name and that makes them smarter than you ? That is the worse possible mistake anybody can make and when all is said and done it is all caused by laziness to take responsibility for your own health. Simple as that. 73% of Americans are fat or obese and that is 100% self induced ! It is always a choice we make. What I always find dumb is that the many benefits of being fit and healthy are instantly enjoyable everyday, no matter what happens. So there are no negatives, only positives.

        • You are 100% correct. Health is everything: without it you are done. You will be flayed by medical bills and by the medical profession.

          I overheard a telling conversation between a professor of medicine and a medical student. He stopped the young, naive, clever young lady as she said nice things about wanting to make people better etc. He said simply you are there to add to the greater body of scientific knowledge. To gather the data and case notes. You are not there to make that person better, or to snuggle kittens and slide down rainbows. You diagnose what is wrong, you peddle pills or a procedure, see if it works, document it, and move on.

          Become the master of your body and your health. Doctors will not do it for you.

      22. Meaning is Mossad/CIA going to run a false flag to blame on ‘ISIS’? Gotta keep the action/adventure TV series known as ISIS fresh & new.

      23. When America gets bombarded with Chemical and/or Biological weapons you can be sure that it will not come from any opposing forces but by our own system through the use of Chemtrails.
        I have warned for years about the dangers of allowing these Chemtrails because at any time, all that needs to be done to attack Americans with Chemical or Biological weapons is to change the delivery substance from the typical heavy metals to these deadly weapons and they could kill millions who would never know what hit them because they have gotten so used to these chemtrails that it would be just another day but with deadly results and could easily be blamed on any nation because they clearly have the plausible deniability they need to blame it on whoever they wish.

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