Is Greta Thunberg A Putin Puppet? German Politician Demands Answers

by | Oct 16, 2019 | Headline News | 17 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin may have openly shamed 16-year-old environmental activist Greta Thunberg in early October for selectively guilting everyone except China over pollution, but one German politician has suggested the Kremlin may have actually “financed and steered” her eco-movement.

    In a letter to the European Commission, Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) MEP Jörg Meuthen questioned the measures Europe has taken to “avert hybrid threats” that may “influence decision-making, to weaken societies and undermine unity.”

    Meuthen then points to several campaigns, such as Thunberg’s “Fridays for Future” school protest movement, along with those by Greenpeace and NGO rescue boats in the Mediterranean. He then inquires whether the EU has investigated said campaigns and if so, he would like to know what they have concluded.

    And lastly, he asks if the Commission can “rule out the possibility that these campaigns are being financed and steered by Russia.

    Shirley, you must be joking…

    If Thunberg is a Putin puppet, he must have clearly been drumming up sympathy for the autistic eco-avenger. After she shamed the UN earlier this month for “ruining her childhood,” Putin shamed her back – saying “Sure, Greta is kind, but emotions should not control this issue.”


    Go and explain to developing countries why they should continue living in poverty and not be like Sweden,” he added, before saying that it was deplorable how some groups are using Thunberg to achieve their own goals.

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      1. It’s not spelled “Greta Thunberg,” it’s spelled “Donald Trump.”

        • How my dictate lat nite bich?

      2. This is just the beginning of using children as spokespeople and heroes.

        • FUCK YOU GRETTA….

      3. Normally I get rough on leftists but this time I’m not. This girl is simply another product of socialist brainwashing. I can believe that someone is using her to achieve their own agenda and they’ll throw her away when they’re finished with her. BTW everyone, the city I just left in July has now been listed by the FBI as the third most violent city in the US. Over the past 2 years black-on-black shootings have been on the rise. There’s been 30 more only since I relocated. The cities are doomed.

        • Are you saying that naggers killing themselves off is bad? WTF…

      4. Creepy kid looks like she belongs in that cheesy old movie, Children of the Corn.

      5. Holy shit this is the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard in my life. She’s a little girl, you f*kin psychos.

      6. Whenever someone complains about infinite economic growth, they never mean for themselves.

        Also, it’s not possible.

        I should be rationing you.

      7. This is nonsense,she is backed by the non-profit industrial complex, go to the Art of Annihilation web site,Cory Morningstar has all the dirt on her backers, no Russians in sight,just the usual suspects

      8. She is clearly mentally unwell. It is sad the moment in her life that should be filled with joy, health and optimism is being wasted on shilling for disgusting global bureaucrats such as the UN (check out how much money the UN spends on travel and printing stuff).

        There is something weird about portraying her as a girl. She is a young woman and legal to have sex and marry in most of the world. Maybe she just needs a boyfriend to get all the nervous energy out of her?

      9. Greta is a tool, nothing more.

        She is like the children recycled along the Mexico border, or the young girls used by Epstein to provide sexual favors to Bill And Hillary Clinton.

        Those children all ended up shark bait around Epstein Island.

        I took a grandson on a once in a lifetime fishing trip in the caribian. He caught a four foot tarpon in the bait bay. I learned that on the island point where the currents collide and the fishing was best, you pulled in a fish caught as quick as you could, or the Sharks took it before you could pull it in. I caught an eight foot shark and fought it for over twenty minutes. Another shark freaking bit it in half. This is US politics in a nutshell.

      10. Of course Putin did it. Russia always does it. What ever it is.
        And Trump colluded. Trump is responsible. Trump did it.
        And Whites did it. Whites did everything wrong in history.
        And Men did it. Men do all evil and women are perfect.
        Married men and women did it. Of course straight people are evil. Every queer knows that. Those people with children are the worse.
        And Christians did it. Of Course Christians do everything wrong.
        And NRA gunowners did it. Bad bad bad gun owners. If only there were more “laws”.

        Aren’t YOU paying Attention to your Anti-American, Anti-Family, Anti-God, Anti-common sense Mass Media TV controlled Internet by Google programming? Your “changed” culture.

        If you were paying attention to your “programming” then you’d know who did it. They do everything.

        But really it is YOUR FAULT. You keep buying from Anti-American commies that attack free speech and the 2nd.
        Why haven’t you cancelled ALL your Social Media and Google accounts?
        Why haven’t you cancelled your Cable TV?
        Why haven’t you pulled your children out of public school?
        Why haven’t you formed a neighborhood/church protection group to FIGHT Back against ANYONE that Beto Odork sends for your guns? There are more of us than these Dangerous Radical Anti-American Free speech banning 2nd taking COMMUNIST.

        This is America. Not China. Respect our election. Respect the President elected by the people. Coup will NOT be ALLOWED. Marines will STAND. Will Americans stand? I think so.

        Stand. Speak up. Resist. America Matters.

        censorship will not be the future IF YOU STAND NOW.

      11. The port of Elizibeth NJ had a rabid environmental group suing them constantly for decades to prevent dredging of the harbor.

        Turns out the rabid environmental group was financed directly by a competing corporation in Norfolk VA. They managed for a half decade to exploit green laws to stop dredging in Newark bay to attack their competition.

        Millions were lost by corporations that had to ship goods to Norfolk and then truck them to NY.

        This story was finally broken by an honest reporter, the bay was dredged that year and opened to ships.

        My point, the environmental movement has been repeatedly used forever to just stop competitors. Just criminal the people using this poor foolish child, including her parents.

      12. (Response has apparently been held in moderation for more than 48 hrs.)

      13. Clearly she and parents are Antifa-Soros useful idiots.

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