Iran Vows ‘Severe Consequences’ If US Backs Out Of Nuclear Deal

by | Apr 24, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 21 comments

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    Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told a cheering crowd of thousands Tuesday that if any country decides to betray the 2015 nuclear deal, there will be “severe consequences.”  Although Rouhani didn’t specifically name the United States, he did say that Tehran is “prepared for all possible situations.”

    The New York Times reported that Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel will work to convince Donald Trump to stay in the agreement at a meeting later this week.  And in the meantime, French president Emmanuel Macron is diligently working on swaying Trump’s mind on the issue as well.  Both European leaders want the US to stick to the 2015 nuclear deal put in place by Barack Obama.

    Wendy R. Sherman, the former top official at the State Department who negotiated the deal for then-President Obama, told the paper that Trump and Macron are likely having a “very difficult conversation,” reported Fox News“I’m sure that Macron will say how important staying in the deal is to a strong trans-Atlantic relationship in all things, particularly security,” she said.

    The White House on Monday appeared to show little change in Trump’s opinion on the deal. “He thinks it’s a bad deal…that certainly has not changed,” Sarah Sanders said alluding to the possibility of rejecting the deal entirely. Trump hasn’t hidden his disdain for Obama’s 2015 nuclear deal with Iran.

    Trump’s tweet alone shed some light on his feelings about how things are going with Iran.  Tensions seem high, but they may go even higher on the heels of Iran’s vow of severe consequences. According to USA Today, Iran cannot be trusted to uphold their end of the nuclear agreement, however.

    The key reason that President Trump must not only not recertify the Iran nuclear deal but outright abrogate it is because Tehran is explicitly and demonstrably out of compliance with the agreement on numerous specific counts. Further, after the Iranian regime was caught in 2002 operating a clandestine weapons program in violation of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty — conduct underway for at least 14 years — and has never come clean about that program, it cannot be trusted to adhere to any other agreement. –USA Today

    It appears that even some in the mainstream media are siding with Trump and asking him to withdraw from the weapons accord.  Even after inception of the agreement in 2015, the regime has been confronted with credible information that it is operating more advanced centrifuges than permitted, exceeding limits on production of heavy water and, according to Fox News, covertly procuring nuclear and missile technology outside of approved channels: These are all material breaches of the deal.




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      1. I’ll admit that I need to study up or two on this nuclear deal but just offhand, if Merkel, Macron, Obama and Iran are all in favor of it, I’m starting off a little skeptical.

        • True, those who favor it give a good insight into what it is.

        • Fritzy: “a little skeptical” – my friend, we should ALL be extremely SKEPTICAL to say the least. All parties involved in that debacle back then truly deserve to HANG!!

          • CC: Sometimes I like to understate a point in order to make it but that’s just old me. Thanks for adding some clarity. Best wishes.

      2. Toronto terror attack? 10 dead. Offenders name sounds Armenian. Store fronts in the area of the attack appeared to have Arabic writing. The US government is stirring stuff up in Armenia. The Armenian President just stepped down. Russia backs Armenia and the US backs Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is mostly Muslim. Armenia is mostly Christian. They have both been arming up for war. They have a hotly contested border region. Is this all connected? Or is the offender just crazy?

        • Correction. I said the US is causing trouble in Armenia. I should have said the Globalist Empire is starting trouble. They use the US State Dept. and the US military as their main tools. NWO.

        • Him: It’s simple: That buffoon is nothing but a typical, rat bastard, piece of pure filth Muslim! they are ALL the same – burn them at the stake and call it a day – enough is so more than enough.

      3. let me say if for all of us – okay? “screw you Rouhani”. “Go ahead, try something. We’re sick and friggin’ tired of your goat-humping bullsh*t”. “you’re asking for a quick trip to meet Allah and you can forget about any virgins dude…. unless you really do prefer livestock”.

      4. if his idea of revenge is to try some BS with the US military stationed in the Middle East – particularly in Syria – he better look twice at how Israel and the US is positioned …

        Israel is ready for some Iran BS already with the US ready to back them up – only a matter of flipping the switch the other direction and Mission Iran Massacre kicks in …

      5. But, but, Iran is feuding with Saudi Arabia, the guys that attacked us on 9/11. There are no good guys. Only victims. The State Dept. has chosen the Sunni’s over the Shia. They all suck.

      6. We don’t need to do anything in the Middle East.
        America first.
        American lives matter.


      7. See, these Sand-Apes think they can act up since their brother, Barry Hussein O’Banana, the vile, no good, deviant Muslim that is married to a fruit-looped, gator bait- gave them those pallets full of crisp, brand-new Ben $$Franklins and kissed their asses and further promoted the sneaky, inner-destruction of these United States. We should of turned Iran into a large piece of Glass 40 years ago but as usual US fashion, we let things go and allow these donkey fuckers to continue to harass us and murder and blow up our soldiers literally and on and on…US so called foreign policy is utter shit. Maybe the Trumpster will have the balls to do what all of the other limp-wristed’, politically correct fags would Not do for the betterment of not only the U.S. but the world for that matter.

        • Great. Let’s send your children and grandchildren over there.
          Nothing like another 7 trillion on a war we don’t need.

      8. Promises, treaties, etc with non-Muslims can be broken without shame;it is the agreements with other Muslims(especially if they are the same version as you) that are binding. What’s fair for the goose is fair for the gander. When non-Muslims renege on treaties with Muslims, they should understand this.

      9. Iran is evil, but Saudi Arabia is good? Only if we believe the propaganda machine. The boob tube. One is Shia and the other is Sunni. I don’t see the good on either side.

      10. Turn Iran into a nuclear wasteland! Evil needs to be destroyed, and Iran is the place to start, KAAAAH-BOOOOOM

        • Shouldn’t we nuke Saudi Arabia first? After all, they attacked us on 9/11.

          • Simple solution – nuke ’em all. And let’s not leave out ANY Middle Eastern country – Israel included. They’re all out only for themselves, think themselves superior (or let me use the right phrase “the Chosen People”) and wouldn’t p*ss on us if we were on fire. I’m sick of all their religious righteous indignation and dragging us into their insanity. We don’t need their friggin’ oil, we don’t need them. Let’s stir ’em up like a bunch of mutually antagonistic hornet’s nests and then spray those who survive their own killing off of each other with some world-class nuclear RAID.

      11. Man !A LOT of angry people here ! Shame to say I agree with ALL OF YOU!

      12. A few W80’s delivered to Mecca, Medina, Tehran would solve the problem. Then we could just get out and deal with our main problems,
        American Democrats.

      13. Yadda. Yadda. Yadda. Talk. Talk. Talk.

        Wait. Do I hear Israeli warplanes flying over Tehran?

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