Investors Scramble to “Safety” Amid Global Meltdown

by | Sep 22, 2011 | Headline News | 106 comments

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    Just yesterday, a few hours prior to the stock markets coming unhinged, we opined that “uncertainty” would be the critical factor that leads investors around the world to panic as a result of fearing the unknown. Twenty four hours later, we see how quickly we can go from stability to chaos. As you’ve no doubt already seen, global stock markets are getting pounded in what can only be described as a meltdown:

    “People are finding it really isn’t gold. It isn’t precious metals. It’s not currencies. U.S. Treasurys are where people are flocking to at a time of extreme concern about risk, and we continue to see Treasurys continue to get bid up,” said Zane Brown, fixed income strategist at Lord Abbett.

    Source: CNBC

    Back in January of 2010 we put forth a scenario that almost perfectly describes what is happening around the world today as investors unload anything and everything that isn’t nailed down – for the exception of the US dollar:

    For traders (not investors) looking to make short term profits, precious metals are just as dangerous as the stock market right now. If you are a long-term precious metals investor, turn off the news and stop watching daily price movement in precious metals, you should be fine when gold does finally decouple from other assets and becomes a safety asset, not because of inflationary fears, but because instability in the public (government) sector.

    When this will happen is anybody’s guess, but there should be a floor for gold, because as the price collapses, it will become attractive for large buyers, especially central banks in China, India and Russia. So, there really is no need to run out and sell all your gold bullion to Cash4Gold at 60% less than it is worth. The longer trend for gold is still entact.

    The dollar seems to be the beneficiary of recent market mini-panics, as evidenced by corrections in US markets last year, Dubai and now the shift in capital out of Chinese assets.

    How can this be, you ask? Isn’t the dollar supposed to be on an unstoppable collapse to a value of exactly zero? Well, yes, it is on a collapse trajectory, but it is important to note that this will not happen in one fell swoop. There are gyrations in the markets, and since the US Dollar remains the world’s reserve currency, regardless of talk from Russia and China, this is where the money will go when everything else is collapsing. We strongly believe that this trend will eventually end and the ultimate safety asset class will become precious metals, but in a paper world, when the SHTF, capital flees to the safest paper around, which ironically, is the US Dollar.

    Considering that the US Treasury needs to fund roughly $1.5 Trillion in new debt via Treasury sales in 2010, a global stock market collapse could be the US government’s saving grace

    The majority of investors around the world operate in a world of paper assets. They don’t run their own companies, they buy stocks. They don’t store their own food, they buy commodities on the Comex. And they don’t hold real assets of value, they hold paper currencies. Thus, it makes sense that when panic hits financial markets, the only place most investors know to go is into the safety of US dollars, either directly in the form of the currency by selling their equities and commodities, or indirectly by investing in US Treasury funds.

    This is what we are seeing today, but as we pointed out back in 2010, confidence will eventually be lost in the US dollar as a safe haven asset as well (that’s already happening, as evidenced by the recent US debt downgrade and rhetoric from China, but during a panic people tend to ignore events that are less than even six weeks old). Right now we’re seeing a lemming mentality, and for all we know, tomorrow will be a record breaking up day in stock markets. But one thing is for sure, if stock markets do meltdown, whether it is now or later, the lemmings will do what everyone else is doing.

    First, they’ll get crushed in the stock markets, and then as price inflation on essential goods continues, their purchasing power will be destroyed by currency debasement.

    Eventually, some, but not most, will realize that paper in any form will be worthless. This is when the shift into physical precious metals will take hold. It will only take a small percentage of the population to drive this, and we believe it will start with central bank buying of gold in the BRIC and periphery countries, with a floor in the price of gold in the $1200 – $1400 area. Once central banks start buying up gold, we will likely see the long awaited decoupling, where gold separates from the broader stock and commodities indexes, much like at the tail end of 1931 and into 1932:

    One item of critical importance that cannot be ignored is that at anytime the wheels could come flying off of the entire system. We really don’t know what is happening behind the scenes,what plans the elites have, and where China and the rest of our creditors stand.

    In the midst of these sorts of crashes (if this is turns out to be a crash), it is important to keep your eyes and ears open, because as Troy Grice described in his book Indivisible and James Rawles in Patriots, for all we know the Chinese pulled the plug and we are seeing the beginnings of an all out system collapse. We really wouldn’t know until it was too late. Our view is that because the dollar is still rising and capital continues to flow to it for safety (similar to 2008), we are not seeing a collapse initiated by our creditors (maybe, however, it is coordinated by our own Treasury, Fed and Government-owned banking institutions as a way to fund our debt).

    Whatever the case, trillions of dollars of wealth are being wiped right now, so the situation is serious and should not be underestimated.


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      1. $ 1.76 for one tomato at Walmart today, but don’t worry everythings gonna be fine, really. Bull@#%*!

        • @ C.O.

          I agree, have you noticed or anyone else for that matter the people with E.B.T. that have been having difficulties lately with their cards?? I watched a (black & not stereo typing)woman trying to buy roughly 450 dollars worth of meat and boxed dinners and canned goods( my first thought was a prepper looking at her 3 baskets of items) and her card was denied, she just walked away leaving the stuff. I had milk, eggs and an extra case of water and some rice and got raped $14.31 cash in less then 2 minutes and as I went out to my jeep and she was driving away in a Purple Gangster Hummer…

          Whats that all about??? With the E.B.T. that is?? Anyone know??

          • Could’ve been a stolen card.. that happens..

            • Crackheads have been known to trade their cards and pins for dope, the dealer probably got a dead card.

          • Maybe end the month and not checking balance? Or as other said – like how you write, very clever and humorous. HeeHee

          • It’s called “You work.” and “They are lazy,freeloader Marxists.”

        • That’s a lot of money Copout.
          We just returned from the grocery store, and for you to have a clue:

          1 kilo of tomatoes 0,83 euro, or 1,12 dollars.

          1 kilo of peaches 1,75 euro, or 2,35 dollars.

          Both producrs counted around 5 pieces per kilo. I think someone must talk to the walmart manager. 1,76 for 1 tomato, what kind of tomato whas that?

          • A big fat red one, LoL, and no I didn’t buy it, I spent it on thunderbolt .22 long rifle 1.87 for 50.

            • copout and manos…northeast mississippi-birthplace of elvis presly..tomatoes have been costing 1.79 and up for the past six mos. we had one week where our local grocer got some tomatoes in from missouri and the price went down to 1.39 lb…that did not last long though. the prices on summer squash..which if you grew your own you know how fast it multiplies….anyway, exorbitant prices for summer squash. other produce is very high. last week beef and chicken doubled in price as well.

            • Could have been organic. That label usually carries a premimum. Quite expensive to eat healthy if you can’t grow your own.

        • The news yesterday said that beef just went up by 32%.

          • Beef will keep climbing….ranchers are selling off their cattle because of high grain cost….but the demand for beef isnt going down… fewer cattle higher the price.

            • True. Plus earlier this year almost entire herds in Texas were sent to the slaughterhouse early due to the drought. Even if demand stays the same, the supply will be lower. Hence the price increase – basic principals of supply & demand at work.

            • CAB: I don’t follow you. If ranchers are selling off their herds because of high grain prices, then the supply should exceed demand even if demand remains strong.

              Fewer cattle, higher prices, shouldn’t manifest until next year.

              Can you elaborate?

            • Durango. Here’s how I understand it. Over the last 4-5 months the cows have been sent to the slaughterhouse early (due to drought, lack of grain, etc.). This has kept beef from being subject to the same inflation that other meat has suffered from (i.e. chicken). There was plenty of supply.

              NOW, the herds are smaller and there are less cows going to slaughter, therefore, less supply which equals higher prices.

              The other factor at work here is that you will see the price of meat like chicken go up in price sooner because it only takes a few months to raise a chicken. So, when grain goes up in price, so does the meat, very quickly. Cows take longer (a year and a half I guess) so they show the grain inflated prices later. That is just now hitting the market I guess because 32% is the increase that is coming soon to a retail store near you.

              I think they know its coming because the price of pre-slaughter cows must be up 32% at auction.

            • Beef? I get venison for free! Well, not really free.

              1, 240g Cast Bullet = 1c (I cast them myself)
              1, CCI Large Pistol Magnum Primer = 4c
              9g, Unique Gunpowder = 2c
              $10 – Meat Prep Supplies.
              1 hour of skinning, gutting and hanging.
              2 hours of sawing and wrapping.

              See. Not free but VERY tasty! …and eating the butt roast of the beast that ate your wife’s roses? PRICELESS!

              When I went to take the first bite, I said, “Hey Teen! Remember I told you last spring that eating those roses would end up biting him in the ass? Well, here you go!”

              We all got a big laugh out of that last year.

              Essentially, the price of beef will skyrocket next year. The numbers are way down and it will take a while to bring them back up.

          • Hearing that makes me really thankful that my husband just won a quarter side of beef in a church raffle. Yay!

          • I ordered ground beef and minute/cube steaks last Saturday from a processing establishment and tried to pre-pay—no way…and when I picked up the beef, it was up .10 per lb from quoted price week before..

          • Mr.B Thanks for the clarification. So I should be out in the National Forest rounding up calves instead of collecting firewood, right? 🙂

        • Buy a canner and make your own stuff, after buying the produce from your local farmers. I just canned 14 quarts of salsa for $17.00 (and that includes the price of the produce and the new jars (which is a one-time purchase except for lids)). Eggs can also be bought from Amish farmers — they are delicious — for a relatively inexpensive price.

        • Hey, Copout….I noticed on Craigslist someone had green tomatoes for $.50 a lb…let’s buy those and set them in our windows..LOL…LOL…not funny, I know…perhaps that off-season for foods is coming to an end??

          • Check with Grey Fox Green. Her tomatoes are HUGE. Maybe We can get OUR hands on them!

      2. Yikes. Food, water, lead. Go get it.

      3. Silver was down 10% at one point today. That is over sold to me. It’s a manipulated metal by the big fish, but the best option for us poor folk

      4. Time to double up on pitchforks and gasoline! Methinks the bottom feeders are about to get roudy! Didn’t Celente say October was when things will speed up? WHERES MUSHROOM AND HIS #10 CANS???

        • Don’t worry about the bottom feeders, the welfare checks are due out next week. They’ll hold it together until then.

      5. Do not have much in the bank today, but I am getting it out (most of it, even if its not but a few hundred dollars) and putting it in the safe place with the rest of my savings.

      6. I bailed on paper metals a short time ago, moving to fiat. Today, I have started moving some fiat back to paper metals. No way I would sell my physical PM, but since I need to maintain something in fiat to take care of “normal” living while “normal” living is possible.. I’d prefer to make extra fiat so that I can buy more real assets.

        • in short.. when panicked heads are screaming SELL, especially things like PM, oil and food commodities; cooler heads quietly say “buy”.

          • Stock Futures: The Bubble may just pop!!! Tomorrow doesn’t look good 🙁

            Stock Futures @ 11:30
            DJIA INDEX 10,570.00 -437.00
            S&P 500 1,112.20 -43.60 1,152.20
            NASDAQ 100 2,156.00 -89.50 2,251.00
            S&P/TSX 60 649.70 -21.40 658.90 665.80 647.10
            MEX BOLSA 32,415.00 -1,593.00
            BOVESPA 53,350.00 -2,807.00

            DJ EURO STOXX 50 1,966.00 -122.00 2,025.00 2,039.00 1,965.00 13:57
            FTSE 100 4,991.50 -254.50 5,165.00 5,170.00 4,985.00 13:56
            CAC 40 10 EURO 2,756.00 -189.50 2,861.50 2,884.00 2,752.50 13:57
            DAX 5,144.50 -299.00 5,288.00 5,312.50 5,136.50 13:57
            IBEX 35 7,795.50 -360.00 7,965.00 8,003.00 7,731.00 11:35
            FTSE MIB 13,473.00 -600.00 13,680.00 13,810.00 13,395.00 12:21
            AMSTERDAM 261.95 -13.75 269.20 270.50 261.65 13:57
            OMXS30 865.00 -40.75 884.00 888.75 862.25 11:43
            SWISS MARKET 5,236.00 -223.00 5,360.00 5,398.00 5,228.00 14:12
            NIKKEI 225 8,340.00 -150.00 8,490.00 8,490.00 8,310.00 13:51
            HANG SENG 17,831.00 -895.00 18,188.00 18,263.00 17,763.00 04:15
            SPI 200 3,863.00 -103.00 3,967.00 3,971.00 3,863.00 14:01

            • Are you fucking real guy ??? If you SERIOUSLY think the markets are going to pop then you spend way too much time on these sites and believing this crap also !

            • Hey! Its RedLine Rich. All Aboard!!!

            • Hey Rich, one of my chickens just got flatten by a piece of sky….what will I ever do? I know! Make chicken soup! nyuk, nyuk nyuk.

      7. Mooooo, baaaa, cock-a-doodle-do said the farm animals. And the duck says Aflac. Pull the string one more time.

      8. Brother May-nard, consult the book of armaments and bring out the holy hand greanade!
        This is getting interesting. Dow is down about 480 at the moment. And the other markets are squirming like they been kicked in the kneecap. I’ll bet that hurts.
        Of course, poor people like me have no paper assets to lose, so our only consolation is to enjoy the pain of wall street. Somehow though, it just aint as much fun as I thought it would be.
        And, for the record, I never went near the baby sitter. Besides, she SAID she was 18. How was I to know?

        • I could tell you but….. I’ll have one double lemonade.

        • Yeah, I know. You were just trying to help the sheep that was stuck in the fence!

          • What do you think hip boots are for?

        • and the holy number shall be 3. not 2;not 1; it shall be three

          • While we’re at it…..

            “It’s only a flesh wound!”

      9. Corn futures are down almost 6%.. WHY ? did someone discover a butt load of hidden corn or is this panic selling ? Will people not need to buy food tomorrow ? Or is this panic selling ?

        I’ve made my decision.. right or wrong.

        • We’re not talking candy corn for Halloween now are we…

        • Sam…know what I read??
          The corn used for fuel for one full tank of one regular sized truck would feed a child for one year.

          Tell me this isn’t true…does it mean after made into cornmeal???

          • I don’t know if it is true or not; but I do know it takes one heck of a lot of grain to distill alcohol. Just check out the huge vats at a local micro brewery.. lots of grain and LOTS of water..

            Personally, I think it is positiviely un Godly to use a primary source of food to make fuel to burn in our cars. We do not have a shortage of oil; we have shortage of the will to get the oil.

            • SnS: Nascar promotes the heck out of ethanol, sad the amount of water used to produce, as someone stated the children that could be fed, how truly evil man can be?

            • SNS: What We have is a failure to develop OUR amazing energy sources of ALL kinds, to keep US focused on the middle east by the Dual Citizens who have infiltrated the American government.

              Corn ethanol is demonic.

            • I remember hearing that one point USA was using 1/3 of our corn crop to make ethanol.

          • Takes about 26 lbs of corn per gallon of ethanol. My truck has a 30 gallon tank, so about 750 lbs of corn. Read there’s about 460 calories per pound of corn, so about 360,000 calories.Don’t know exact calorie needs of child, but at 1000 per day, that’s about a years worth, maybe shy a few days. Lot of corn though.

      10. Sorry for all the posts.. but just who the HELL would put their money into US Treasuries ??? Yet, that is what all the so-called smart money is doing and what all the so-called smart advisors are advising..

        Chart your own course. If you hit a rock, at least you did it yourself..

        • I was thinking the EXACT same thing. I wouldn’t give 10 cents to a dollar for one.

          • Me neither.. I think that is why the latest QE3 was moving money from ST Treasuries into LT Treasuries.. it has nothing to do with bringing down LT interest rates.. it has to do with the collapse of sufficient buyers of LT Treasuries.. at least IMHO..

        • We call people sheep because of how they tend to act similarly and in the case of panic(which sheep are prone to do)they will all run off a cliff together as they flee their persuer(real or imagined)…another analogy might be like a drowning person…they latch on to ANYTHING that looks like it might save them…a stick…a floating bowl…a hunk of wood…US Treasuries?
          People see the markets burning and rush to put their money into anything they think will work….did someone say US Treasuries..?quick Ill buy some….I could be wrong but I work around sheep alot and I observe both the two legged and four legged ones…somehow they are very similar.

      11. It’s kinda interesting to watch and see what all the folks with money are doing.

        Since I don’t really HAVE any money, I’ll just hang out with my food and my silver. Maybe I’ll have some popcorn – looks like it’s going to be a heck of a show on Wall Street.

        • A show! Thats right. As I always tell my buddy, Neil, who got me into Scottrade and fooling around with this stuff: I like this a lot more than baseball!

          You doing OK Daisy? Ever since your story you keep popping into my head, you and the kids. Hope all is well.

          • Thanks, NR. We are good! My kids love school, we have a roof over our heads, I’m still employed and we’ve gota a metric crapton of preps. All we have left to do is enjoy life and look for opportunities to lend a hand when we can.

      12. If only our grandparents had taken the advice of Steven Earl Salmony, which he so eloquently articulates, and refused to reproduce the human species, then we wouldn’t be in this mess. Bless his heart, Steven seems to think the answer to every problem is simply to have fewer people on the earth. I guess the ultimate good for the planet would be our extinction. Then everything would be just peachy! That is, if his plan allows for the continuation of the peach species. I’m not sure. All I know for sure is two things: One, human greed causes these market manipulations, and the boom and bust cycles that accompany them. Lots of people get hurt, but the greedy ones don’t care. Also, it only takes a world population of TWO for one to be screwing with the resources and posessions of another. The problem is human nature, not human numbers.
        The second thing I know for sure is that anybody who writes that humans are, and I quote: “…recklessly extirpating global biodiversity…” has far too much time on their hands and one hell of a dictionary! I don’t even know what that means. And I don’t care. I’m gonna fire up the chain saw and go recklessly extirpate some global biodiversity along the back fence row…
        If the economy crashes, at least I’ll have a nice view of it with all that brush cleared out of the way.

        • Well said SmokinOkie.
          I also believe that this planet can feed us all.
          If it was not for the greed of the few.

      13. Just visited the Home Depot. Thought I’d report. I bought 3 LED flashlights (AA models with batteries) for $9.99. Never have enough flashlights around right. The place was stocked to the brim on lots of things I could imagine needing in a crisis (garbage cans / bags make great last minute fill them up full of water items), cleaning supplies so prominent they were heavily discounted, HTC for pools (water treatment), seeds every where and discounted to .99 a pack….looks just like it did a year ago.

        • Good way to get people to spend a lot of uneccesary money isn’t it ? I did the same thing in 2008 ….don’t be fooled because if this thing does collapse it will be 10 or more years ! Think about it though…….what a great scam to get people to spend money ….make them afraid !

          • So, Rich, what if you’re not afraid and just prepared? What if that sudden disaster come upon you: tornado, flood, earthquake, hurricane and you’re not prepared? No extra food. No extra water. No guns. No fuel. What do you do? Just sit and wait for NetRanger to bail you out?

            Now, I’m not saying that people don’t over spend and make mistakes, but, since I’ve been prepping I’ve actually cut my grocery bill and saved a ton of money. Various reasons for that.

            If you ever have to go without, think about this: I’ve got enough to ensure my survival. You had your chance. I’m laughing at your feeble but undaunted attempts to turn people around. Whats your game? Does it pain you when someone buys an extra can of spam? …or an extra box of ammo? …or a few extra trash bags for some purpose they weren’t designed for?

            It is getting quite comical, actually, how people are starting to ignore you. Maybe you’re Mushroom, reborn.

            • dude you could NEVER bail me out .,……..hahahahahahahah….you have got to be kidding me !! you think im some newby at this ? i dont make these comments because i am some american idol watching fool ! i have seen whats been going on and the constant nonstop red alerts every damn month or so from this one or that one and i am not even going to go into it because obviously you dont see the constant pattern !
              by the way , i am very very well prepared but i am also skeptical of the doom agenda !

            • If you buy too much food you can just EAT your mistake.

            • Why do you waste type on these people? He just stole 5 minutes of your life. 🙂


      14. I posted on another story here yesterday, I was behind a lady with a cellphone in her ear who’s ebt card didnt work either..she didnt have much and paid cash for it. IS this a sign of things to come? I think if the ebt/snap/whatever cards were not going to work they would not tell the masses because there would be a rush to the stores.

      15. Any time the government gets involved the law of supply/demand goes out the white house coloring book of executive laws.

      16. We don’t know what’s going to happen after Greece defaults. If Greek bond holders are forced to lose 50% of their investment the same thing will probably happen to holders of bonds from Italy, Portugal, Ireland, and Spain. That will make European banks insolvent. I expect the Federal Reserve to print $3 trillion or $5 trillion or $10 trillion if that’s what’s necessary to stabilize the world banking system. Then investors will dump the dollar and rally to the Euro. That might be when TSHTF in America.

        • Bill S: The European banks are capable of printing their own money using the Bernanke Doctrine. They don’t need Uncle Ben to print more money.

          The total for all the PIIGS is what? $500 billion? Thats a drop in the bucket for the euro economy.

          The German banks have already moved to enhance their balance sheets ala the Bernanke Doctrine in advance of a Greek default. The other euro member banks are probably doing that right now as we post.

          • Try 3 trillion Euros. That’s substantially more than a ‘drop in the bucket’.

      17. Learn to dance at SO’s School of Modern and Classical Dancing and Other Spasmodic Bodily Gyrations!
        Today’s lesson: The ‘Investor Scramble’
        Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Watch the markings on the floor. Turn left foot 45 degrees outward. Raise your arms. Bring both hands down smoothly and place them in the pockets of your dance partner. Remove all his pocket change. Now place both hands in your own pockets and release grip on the change. Twist 180 degrees. Face new partner and repeat first five steps….When all money from all partners is taken, then turn again, and run for the dance studio exit! Try not to get tripped by the students learning the steps of the Greedy Dog Shakedown Smackdown Boogie in the studio next door…
        See you next week for the Wall Street Waltz, and, for the advanced students, the Unindicted Co-conspirators Line Dance.
        Isn’t dancing fun?!

        • How do you think of these things??? As I LMASO 😀

          Also, understand the National Inquirer will visiting you about the babysitter thing? I’ve always tell my guys here to ask for ID and take a picture or at least the ID number until they see hair over the lip or stretch marks. One is wearing an ankle bracelet just for that reason. Thinking with the little head again.

          • Make way, make a hole. He’s not a rock star hero. He’s married and he loves his wife and likes country. Hommer has sale on after hurricane energizers.

          • LH: I think that “magic mushrooms” are the secret to his creativity.

        • SO, you are too funny! I love your posts. It’s so nice to laugh during these crazy times. Thanks.

        • May I have this dance?

          LMAO! Thats a hoot Okie!

      18. Sounds like the Okie Poky dance. Get clamp on skates and skate key. Wait for windy day that will favor exit. Put cardboard box flattened out by exit door.

        • BTW – I heard that the man who invented the Hokey Pokey died last week. He was 87 years old. There was quite a stir at the funeral home. They had a problem trying to keep his body in the casket. They’d put his left foot in and…well, you know…

          • I know someone who actually broke their leg doing the hokey pokey. He stepped off a curb.

      19. Everything is going according to plan.

      20. As one poster said, 1.76 for a tomato at walmart, 3.58 gal gas, 9.99 for a box of 10 frozen white castle burgers,
        1.99 for a liter of Coke…yeah i say were screwed,
        yup, real screwed.

        • WSBT: Life is good! Twinkies and hostess cup cakes are still only $2.50 a box at China Mart!

          • What’s the expiration half life of those anyway… No Ding Dongs? Debbie doesn’t do it for me anymore.

            • Dont ferget the 99¢ menu at most fast foods, just.boycot the tomatoes!

            • Back in the 80s, my borough tore down an old movie theater from the 50s. The theater also served as a fallout shelter. Some of the food storage contained Hostess Twinkies still in the shrink wrap. There was no mold on them and they appeared to be edible. One of the workers opened one up and popped it into his mouth. He suffered no ill effects.
              I do not believe there is a TRUE expiration date on a Twinkie. Makes you wonder, though. If bacteria and mold don’t want to eat it, why should a human want to? MMmmmmmmmm… cream filling…


      21. Just bought 100 Canadian Silver Maple Leafs for $3.15 less/ea than they cost yesterday.

        Thanks Europe!

        PS: I saw Ron Paul won the California GOP straw poll a couple days ago, by a WIDE margin, and still not a peep from the controlled media. You know, that little state out West that either party pretty much needs to win in order to win the general election? Must be pretty insignificant, eh? I did see a headline that read, “Perry a strong 2nd in California straw poll.” Apparantly the establishment and bankers are so threatened by Paul that they overlook the fact that people might wonder who won.

        PPS: Problem is, even if Paul wins the election, there will be such vote counting fraud we will never know it.

        • The fraud would more likely occur in the Primary. Not every Primary but “just enough”. Removing him from the ballot guarantees that he would not be elected. The Primary is not as watched. Less eyes, less problem.

      22. Farmers settling their cattle .. just like Ukraine circa 30s. The Ukrainian farmers didn’t like Stalin’s new tractors, and they killed all their cattle and ate. Stalin just let the farmers starve.

        • Actually, Lazar Kaganovitch (NKVD), removed all food from the Ukranians 1931-32. 7 million died. No Holocaust Museum for them.

      23. D Kidd

        The increase in beef price today is a result of feed prices being high for the farmers over the past year. Our imputs have double, corn was 160.00 per ton now over 300.00 ton, cottonseed was 180 now 400, it usef to cost about 12 to 15 dollars to produce 100lbs of milk now it is 20 to 25 dollars to produce 100lbs. Hedge funds have been driving up the price of commodities, also about 50% of the corn grown in the USA is being used for ethenol which is only about 15% effcient.

        So this combined with all the cattle leaving ,Texas will have even a greater effect over tje next couple years. It will take about four years to replace all the cattle that left Texas this year. Ranchers in some areas had to make an appointment two weeks in advance to bring their cattle to slaughter. You could not even get a csttle truck in some places, I never saw anything this before

      24. I heard something on the radio—appropriate if you take it as intended..for Mr B, especially for sharing all those prepping tips:

        Stop ranting and raving about those chains you’re locked in; look closely; you have the key.

      25. It sounds like the market needs some more hope and change!!!


      26. It’s AMAZING ……..every time the market drops we see the dozens of profit reports about global meltdown and then when things rebound they DISAPPEAR ! It’s like a magic show .I used to scramble when I read these reports like my most memorable moment back in September 2008 when I spent $1200 on food and supplies because of several DOOM FOR PROFIT reports . Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me !

        • Ah! Now I see your game. You were a suddenly reformed lemming, went out and wasted $1200 on some kind of stupid stuff, doom never happened and now you’re jilted because disaster never came.

          I got you! I say a fool and his money are easily parted. I’ve got a ton of food that I eat and rotate through. Its a savings account that the government cannot devalue. Just because you wanted to do it the easy way and got take, don’t give us the sour grape attitude. Wise up. Too bad you didn’t do it before you blew your $1200 bucks. I hardly even noticed my increase. Just a few extra bucks each store visit. Suddenly, I’ve gotta buy more shelves!

          Get a clue. Not everyone is going to be stupid like you were. I saw this same thing with generators right after the Y2 non-disaster. I preach now what I preached then: Don’t do anything to prepare that isn’t a good idea anyway. I picked up some really cheap generators when Y2K was “over” and people realised they’d not need them. Of course I’ve used mine dozens of times in the 10 years for power outages and portable power.

          Swallow your pride Rich. Not everybody blew 1200 panic dollars for supplies that haven’t been used. You may yet need what you bought, if you didn’t dump it already. That would be foolx2.

          • i didnt blow through any of my supplies i bought back in 2008 or the continual stocking up until this year but what i am saying is that whatever these people are saying is getting ready to happen….WONT !!! mark my words on this , write it in a book so in a year or 2 years or 3 years you can reflect on how RICH was right about the great DOOM SCAM ! what is the main thing you see on every doom website ? i will leave it at that !

          • Hey, look at it this way,
            this year I’ve spent $2,300 for auto insurance, $900 for home insurance, $11,000 for health insurance and $6,000 for business insurance. Thats over $20,000 and I havn’t gotten any of it back -will pay the same year after year.
            Spent about $3,000 for all my preps,freezer and so on. Prepping’s a hell of a lot cheaper and it never goes to waste.

            • $900 for home insurance??? You must not live in Florida…

          • NR, I also wondered how he lost money buying food. Did he just throw away any extra?

          • You just wasted another 10 minutes.


        • Once again..Rich, please listen…I don’t know a derivative from a treasury bond and don’t care …I’m a former educator..I see the disasters in the nation and around the world affecting food. I store food.
          I see prices of EVERYTHING rising. I see valuable crops of corn being processed for gasoline. I store galoline.
          I ordered beef last Saturday; by the next Saturday, the price quoted per lb. was up $.10.(couldn’t prepay)I have a freezer full of meat and vegetables.
          I read every week of water shortages and new water use regulations. I store water.
          My prepay price for propane was so ridiculous, I changed companies to get the ‘new customer’ price first fill up.(saved $200)Propane is my first heat–a wood burning stove is my back up.
          What you see as DOOM FOR PROFIT reports, I see as reality.
          Oh, and I never even knew Y2K was happening…I’ve come a long way baby!!

      27. Reminds me of the time I was sitting in this gin mill and in walks a booster and he says, “steaks, half price, how many do you want?”. He took some orders from the guys at the bar and returned in about a half hour with their orders. Absolutley priceless. The underground economy 101. He never worried about being arrested. He had no car to lose. If they locked him up, it would only be for a day or two.

      28. Nothing to worry, at least not YET.
        This deep downturn is widely expected, therefore nothing bad will happen.
        Everybody who is in stock trading business knows this.
        The roller-coaster is expected only in 2016… that is when the real S.H.T.F. will start.

        • Oh now we pushing it to 2016, you preppers make us bankers laugh!

      29. They can scramble all they want. This thing is coming to a head. One day soon you will be looking for a way out.
        So Good luck.

        OsiXs (Revolution 2.0 – The Smart Revolution)

      30. I learned awhile ago to not let the day to day of the markets and the news affect me…how? just refuse to pay attention to every little thing every self important know it all is espousing at the moment on whatever media type/hype of the moment….we are all gonna know when it HTF…within a very short time span we will all know it…until then all we can do is keep on keepin on…get as ready as you can for whatever you can and realize you can never foresee every possible variation in the variables that may happen and just be at peace with yourself over it…I am as ready as anyone can be and yet I am not ready for(fill in the blank)in fact Ive never heard of (blank) so how could I prepare for it?…I cant…thats where I end and God takes over so to speak…if he doesnt then Im screwed eh? but I am not going to fret myself sick trying to outfox the unoutfoxable(???) nor should you,do what you know to do then do a bit more but after that enjoy what you have and who you have…this ride is over fast whether you hit a brick wall…run out of gas or just stall…enjoy it! 🙂

      31. NetRanger is right on. I read a book written some time ago titled “A Penny Saved Is Worth Two Pennies Earned.” One example that the author gives is buying tuna by the case. He suggested throwing a table cloth over the stuff and making it into a table! Hey, if it worked during low inflation, it surely would today.

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