Roger Stone: “Trump Diplomacy Is Working… It’s Really Working”

by | Apr 16, 2017 | Headline News | 78 comments

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    President Trump has taken a lot of flack recently, first for his direct strike on a Syrian airfield using 59 Tomahawk missiles, then for responding to North Korean rhetoric and nuclear testing by deploying a Naval Strike Fleet to the region, and finally for dropping the world’s largest non-nuclear Mother Of All Bombs on a cave complex housing as many as 800 Islamic State fighters.

    For many, it appears on the surface that Donald Trump, the military industrial complex and Deep State operatives behind the scenes have war on their minds.

    The criticisms leveled at the President are certainly the result of real concern from his constituents, especially since as a candidate he promised to change the system and root out its corrupt and warlike culture, only to turn around and take three significant military actions within his first 100 days in office. Even if those who have railed against the President are wrong, at the very least one could argue that the criticisms are necessary in order to maintain a cross-check on the actions of the Executive Branch.

    But political insider Roger Stone, who at one point was head of Trump’s campaign, says that the President’s recent decisions prove he is a man of action who is very much uprooting the strategies, tactics and geo-political machinations of the old guard.

    According to Stone, who joined host Alex Jones in an interview over the weekend, President Trump is moving to permanently resolve the world’s most pressing conflicts, some of which have spanned decades:

    Obviously you have a group in the White House who think they are puppeteers… and they’d like to have Trump be their puppet… Donald Trump is no man’s puppet… he works for the American people…

    Whenever Donald trump has all the information he will almost invariably make the right decision… This is what’s happened here.. He elected to do a limited Syrian strike… His advisors immediately saw an opening to propose a full Vietnam-style ground war… 150,000 troops… The defense contractors were licking their chops they were so happy… the bad news for them was that so many Libertarians, so many non-interventionists, so many patriots, so many Trump supporters expressed their opposition or concern both publicly and privately that Trump now had the correct focus,.. Over the objections of his Defense Secretary Mattis… Over the objections of [National Security Advisor]  McMaster he has elected not to expand the war… to move on.

    In the same breath, the President’s critics tried to say ‘oh, he’s flip-flopping on China… he didn’t break their arm about currency manipulation and our trade relationships… he’s obviously abandoned those things’. 

    No, he hasn’t abandoned those things at all… all he’s doing is prioritizing them… getting the nukes out of the hands of a maniac in North Korea and getting China’s help to do that, which appears to be happening, is a higher priority for the President right now than currency manipulation or trade… Believe me, the Chinese are going to hear about that from Trump but right now there’s a lot of good signs… If confirmed, this rejection of these enormous shipments of coal from North Korea and the replacement of these orders to purchase coal from U.S. companies by the Chinese is highly symbolic… The Chinese are trying to tell the North Koreans, ‘quit screwing around or we’re going to have to join the coalition to take you out.’

    This is all Trump diplomacy… It’s working… It’s really working.

    I think the Chinese have now agreed to work with us in a partnership to slow the North Koreans down and get them out of the nuclear business… That alone would be a major breakthrough because as you point out, in the past they have been unwilling to get involved.

    As far as the MOAB bombing in Afghanistan… Donald Trump was very forthright in his campaign that he was going to crush ISIS. 

    ISIS is a loose end created by the foreign policy of the globalists, George Bush, George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton, and Barrack Obama.

    Trump doesn’t have the option of doing nothing… but with a non-interventionist foreign policy going forward we won’t be creating any new organizations like ISIS.

    As both Jones and Stone suggest, Trump’s latest moves are actually a step in the right direction, as they are cleaning out the mess created by his predecessors.

    Watch the full interview with Roger Stone:

    What do you think?

    Is President Donald Trump doing the bidding of the Deep State?

    Or are his latest military actions a long-term strategy designed to finally and completely eliminate the decades’ long threats America has faced under previous globalist leaders?


    Professor Who Predicted Trump Win Says He’ll Be Impeached By 2018: “The President’s Own Party Will Turn On Him”

    Brandon Smith: The Next World War “Will Be Economic… Not Nuclear”

    This Is What Has Kept More Tomahawks From Falling On Syria: “The Russians Appear to Be Using Leverage That May Damage The President”


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      1. If what stone says about Trump’s actions is true, there may still be some hope for us. But Trump needs to go further; like, getting rid of the CFR scum that are both of his national security advisors, keep Steve Bannon in the WH, send his daughter and son-in-law back to NY, continue purging all of the Obama/Hillary crowd, to name a few. Oh, the BIGGEST move he can make is taking out George Soros and his family. Those moves are the ONLY way he’ll get MY support back.

          • Good article although biased. Thanks for the link. Your succinct assessment is correct.

        • Braveheart……you nailed it.

          • Anonymous5, I’m dead serious. It’s possible we may have been had AGAIN. No surprises there. Soros answers to the Bank Of International Settlements, i.e. the ROTHSCHILDS, whose original name was BAUER. Kushner is just a useful idiot for Soros and the Rothschilds. If Trump is taking orders from Soros/Rothschilds, all bets are off.

        • Braveheart1776, you covered everything beautifully which is in my heart. All of the items you mentioned are vital for the survival of the Republic! Read Braveheart1776, again, copy it and spread the word. Most of us have not become this old without acquiring some sense.

      2. yes, Trump does not have the option of doing nothing; but Syria and so far North Korea have been poorly thought out.

        Syria is now a bigger mess and has Russia looking to take action on any further attacks rather than help and one wrong move this weekend would have started war in Korea.

        Brilliant !

        • I don’t even get my hopes up anymore that a politician will ever do the right thing. If even Ron Paul couldn’t fix congress it can’t be fixed. Plan accordingly.

          • The problem for any normal upright person trying to fix things in Washington is that the deep state is too big and got its tentacles wrapped around every agency of the country not to mention foreign governments as well. No one person could possibly conquer this monster of the deep single handedly. America has to support our President and do our part to remove the swamp vermin in our own districts if we want our nation back.We’ve been neglecting our duty for too long, now we’re reaping the consequences.

      3. For those fearing a long, dragged out war with North Korea. One word. Starvation.

      4. “As a first step, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) may suspend its nuclear and missile activities in exchange for the suspension of large-scale U.S.-Republic of Korea (ROK) military exercises,” Wang told a press conference on the sidelines of the annual session of the National People’s Congress.

        Now consider what the U.S. media don’t tell you about Korea…

        Or: “All three parties, North Korea, South Korea and the US, have direct responsibility ­- the US in particular – for its recent military drills and aircraft carrier deployment” off Pyongyang’s coastline.

        Or: His comments were the bluntest this week from China, which has been trying to steer between the Trump administration’s demands for it to do more to stop North Korea’s nuclear weapons program and its longstanding reluctance to risk a rupture with the North, its neighbor and longtime partner. In a phone conversation with Mr. Trump on Wednesday, China’s president, Xi Jinping, also called for restraint.

        It is amusing in America, how it is “fake news” … until it’s not?

        Don’t think for a moment that Trump wasting 59 Cruise Missiles in Syria and dropping a GBU-43/B on Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. I mean the Taliban in Afghanistan. Drats! I MEAN on ISIS in Afghanistan, cause Xi and Putin to shat their pants.

      5. I don’t know if Trump has frightened North Korea but he has frightened me.

        h ttp://

        • Ditto. I hate to agree with the looney left, especially as a veteran and conservative; but Trump can’t put the hammer down after decades of landmines put down by Obama, bush and Clinton. His actions has proven they are right, at minimum; he doesn’t have the temperament and insight.

          I have basically put a bet down by shorting the stock market; that Trump is going to have the USA in some sort of serious military action by years end.

          • Lena, I also feel we’ll be at war by this year’s end but I’m still thinking war right here at home. And I’m not about to agree with the left on anything.

            • agree.

              clashes between trumpers and others have continued and the democrats have continued “community organizing” marches and protests.

              unless the usa economny does a 180 and jobs start opening up at alarming rates and wage increases start jump at 10% or better; this summer is likely to be full of protests, marches and street violence.

              I hope to watch it from the side of a mountain where my only concerns are hungry bears.

              • Lena, I’m also looking for the left to really be ‘acting up’ this summer. First week of May I’m headed back to the BOL for a week of R&R and ‘training exercises’ with the family. If I have to bugout, I can make it there in only a few hours with what’s already loaded in the truck. There’s a reason most of my supplies are already there.

            • Braveheart1776

              Korea is an annoyance, Russia is armageddon. If we have a war with the latter by years end many of us won’t see the following year. Just the credible threat of this will be that black swan event that crushes the world economy. That in and of itself has been a catalyst for war.

              • Kevin2, I agree. I don’t want war with Russia or China either, but the damn neocons are certainly pushing for it. Trump’s son-in-law has business ties to George Soros, who in turn answers to the Bank of International Settlements aka THE ROTHSCHILDS. Jared Kushner is just the useful idiot for Soros/Rothschilds. If Trump is taking orders from Soros then all bets are off.

                • The NWO Globalists are like a liquid, they fill any cracks or openings that is found and create a few if an opening is unavailable. They permeate the bureaucracy, intelligence agencies, academia and it goes without saying politics and lots of the military; In the civilian sector business and media.

                  With the above in mind the idea that government can investigate itself is utterable laughable.

        • TRUMPS temperament is PERFECT for the situation. Weeks ago, China was obstructing TRUMP. Today they are threatening to bomb N Korea, their surrogate since 1950.

          Refugees from Syria are a threat to Western Europe. Safe spaces must be created in Syria with a peaceful, negotiated settlement …. and honored by ASSAD.

          That can only be accomplished if he understands that HE could become a target if he refuses to cooperate and allow those Syrian Snowflakes a safe place to live…. in Syria.


          • Safe spaces = no fly zones. Ain’t gonna happen without further escalation.

            Unless Putin blinks and agrees to let Syria go bye bye. Which he should know he can’t do because the globalist plans dont end with Syria.

            If it was really about stabalizing Syria, we’d be working with Assad and Putin to finish off ISIS.

            But it’s about the pipeline which is about the petrol dollar. Everyone but the sheeple knows this, but no one dare talk about it above a whisper.

            • In a negotiated settlement, ASSAD would be confined to a small reservation in Western Syria, Russia would retain its strategic port access, and the rest of Syria would be “compartmentalized”; not unlike the Kurds in Iraq.

              Under such an arrangement, ASSAD would be targeted for airstrikes across the new “borders”. When he realizes that remaining on the reservation is the best that he is going to get and keep his family alive … he will capitulate.

              For a dictator who would rather rule in hell than live in heaven, its ALL about personal survival. 🙂

              • “In a negotiated settlement, ASSAD would be confined to a small reservation in Western Syria”

                In a negotiated settlement the Qatar Natural Gas Pipeline would go through. That small “reservation” would be just so conveniently tucked away to facilitate the previous.

                That DICTATOR protects Christians. The forces the US backs beheads them. That DICTATOR isn’t fighting a civil war as many, possibly most of the combatants he faces aren’t from Syria. How can supporting ISIS / Islamic Fundamentalists put the US on the right side?

                How are the responders decontaminating the “victims” immune from nerve gas?

                • “The forces the US backs beheads them.”

                  This was true under Obama, the Muslim-In-Chief. It is NOT true under TRUMP. TRUMP ATTACKED ASSAD Forces after the chemical attack, and after a deliberate attack on civilians at the hospital bombed.

                  “How are the responders decontaminating the “victims” immune from nerve gas?”

                  The chemical attack may have been some form of C-4; rather than as reported. Either way, an attack on civilians is a violation of the Geneva Convention which describes how “civilized war” is to be fought.

                  “In a negotiated settlement the Qatar Natural Gas Pipeline would go through. That small “reservation” would be just so conveniently tucked away to facilitate the previous.”

                  Qatar doesn’t need that pipeline through Syria. The pipeline Qatar needs and is building cuts across Saudi Arabia to the Arabian Gulf, AWAY from Iran. Qatar has been very successful shipping its oil to Europe by tanker. Tanker rates are dirt cheap.

                  The pipeline through Syria benefits Israel. It is Israel who wants ASSAD removed. TRUMP just wants him on a leash to stop the flow of refugees. 🙂

                  • DK

                    Are you claiming that US support for the groups fighting Assad has stopped? GTFOOH. You switch from this to Assad. The US and its allies arm ISIS. ISIS is a terrorist group.

                    “The chemical attack may have been some form of C-4; rather than as reported’

                    And as I have been stating the official narrative is falling apart. ” rather than as reported” A lot of that going around with Uncle Sam’s stories.

                    “an attack on civilians is a violation of the Geneva Convention’

                    So is arming groups to overthrow sovereign nations but the US violates it all the time and the UN nations, under the thumb of the globalist bankers say nothing. Thats a fact. This brings the entire narrative of a Syrian civil war into question because a large amount of the anti Assad forces are imported in. Its not a “Civil War” but rather a foreign invasion in civilian disguise. Think of Mexicans, Cubans, Germans, French and British in the Confederacy funded and armed by Great Britain. Thats the equivalency of what you got in Syria today.

                    “Qatar doesn’t need that pipeline through Syria.” “Qatar has been very successful shipping its oil to Europe by tanker. ”

                    Oil? Someone say oil? Its NATURAL GAS, METHANE, C1, for sale to Europe. That must transverse Syria to get from Qatar to Europe. Which cuts into Russian sales. Which is why Russia backs Syria (plus 2 bases).

                    The US is systematically attempting to sever Russia’s natural gas sales to Europe. The Ukraine wasn’t just random. Its Russia’s main manifold to Europe.

                    “TRUMP just wants him on a leash to stop the flow of refugees. ”

                    This very easy to accomplish. Quit funding, arming and facilitating transport of those attacking Assad.

                    Once again. The groups the US backs are terrorists that kill Christians.

                    • DK

                      Think this Congresswoman is wrong? Think its a falsehood?

                      Tulsi Gabbard | Stop Arming Terrorists Act, End Regime Change And War In Syria

                      h ttps://

                    • Natural gas, to be competitively priced needs to move only by pipeline as liquefaction is too energy intensive.

                      Qatar’s natural gas can’t travel by ship and Syria is the only land route for them.

                      “The pipeline Qatar needs and is building cuts across Saudi Arabia to the Arabian Gulf, AWAY from Iran. ”

                      One More Time……..NATURAL GAS TO EUROPE. Not oil to the world.

          • Trump the dealmaker may be making deals with people and governments that don’t own up
            to their end of the deal. Negotiated settlements can be broken at will. If an agreement stands the test of time ( i.e. generations ) then we can all declare brilliance.

        • Kevin2
          I am scared to death!
          This type of behaviour (dropping bombs) will culminate in only one way, full scale WW3.
          In my opinion, the next bombing will be the THE FINAL WARNING…!!!
          I will be expecting “THE UNEXPECTED” soon after.

          • The line is drawn. If the US hits Syrian forces again the Russians will militarily respond. At that point a rapid escalation is unavoidable.

            The globalists are willing to gamble the world to obtain a monopoly on energy. That is madness.

      6. General disapproval for War, a uniting of the people along both right and left, male and female, gay and normal, cracker and knee-grows; that’s just too much harmony for the deep state to deal with; something’s got to give!

        Yes, I believe President Trump can not help but be moved by the reaction of his supporters.

        Happy Easter, it is Easter Sunday, isn’t it? ?


        • Christ IS risen !!! Saw him myself !!! 🙂

          • My dick is risen too.

            • Nice.

              Maybe you are an atheist that thinks believers are all delusional fools, but you could still have a little class.

              • “Class” rhymes with “Ass” which almost rhymes with “Zeus” or whatever name that psycho hides behind at the moment.

                Can anyone say “SYBIL”???

                • He’s going by “Hermes” now. I think he fancies himself a greek god. More likely, he just likes it “GREEK” !!! 🙂

      7. ” No Cash ” signs hang across ATM’s across India. The Times Of India reports that more
        than 90% of the ATM’s in the northern region do not have cash. In the southern regions as many as 65% of the ATM’s have run dry. Lets get wise, folks. This smells like an IMF test
        run on turning us into a cashless society. India is the test case with more to follow.
        The headline should read,” Got Gold? Got Silver? Got Cash? ” They want us all in the
        digital fold so they can control us. If they can change the habits of billions in India they will
        be sure to try it in a place with only 325 million people. Every which way you look, a shit
        storm is brewing.

        • The massive population of India knows how to barter, and to use gold, silver, platinum as forms of exchange. So, they will figure it out. The India Banks are desperate, thus, this crazy move on their part. The citizens of India do not need the elites banks.
          And this will be demonstrated shortly.

          The person that actually writes the checks or gives out the pay, to the govt employees, is really in charge. If trump gets one of his people into the office that writes the checks and mails them out, and that person will do as trump requests, well, who was the US President that stopped those govt judges that acted inappropriately??? Yes that president stopped those judges from getting their pay check. The result was in favor of that president. I am still trying to figure out how Susan Rice has
          assets of over 50 million US dollars, when she only made $175,000.00 annually, and only for 4 plus years. Obama is now a multi-millionaire, I suspect it is our tax payer dollars, and it all needs to be returned.

      8. B from CA, it is Easter Sunday. BTW I forgot, Happy Easter everyone.

      9. The tell of the tale will be if freedom of navigation exercises resume in the South China Sea. If Korea blows again after the dust settles what remains will not resemble present day South Korea. A pretty rough broom to use to clean up with. Bombing nuclear facilities doesn’t seem to register on my scale of intelligence. The risk of reprisal in kind is too great. The money and human effort would better be used to stop the Fukushima sizzle. Their priorities are misplaced and always have been.

      10. This guy can put lipstick on a pig, doesn’t change that Trump is a warmongering pig. More of the same, another god damned liar. Strange how the “enemy” in Afghanistan is now referred to as ISIS. Shuffling around the terrorists on the US payroll. GTFO of Afghanistan! You greedy F’n bastards.

      11. The Taliban must be selling their poppys in the open markets in Kabul.
        They went corporate on us. CIA had to rebrand something as “enemy” in the ‘stan.
        They have to keep it going you know?

      12. And once again, Alex Jones firmly plants his tongue in between Donald Trumps ass cheeks.
        I don’t know what shit tastes like, but I can only imagine that is the reason for the perpetually pained expression on Jones’s face. It’s gotta taste pretty bad.
        Still trying to sell Trump to the public and failing miserably.
        It’s like a used car salesman try to sell me a used car with no motor in it, but he says I should buy it anyway because it runs really good.

        • Agree a Jones full of shit,he must was his face pretty well but still talks shit ,stopped watching him a year ago,fake news I think .

      13. Read Nixon’s book. The President needs to be unpredictable. We need men of action, not buttercups or snowflakes.

      14. WW3 is still on the books. We all know it, everyone worldwide thought Trump would be the best thing for the US and the likes of aussies, canadians et al.

        How wrong we all were.

        Keep prepping. Keep stacking & packing. Its coming, that is a sure bet. Bankers gotta have their wars, while everyone else is mere cannon fodder

      15. Lets see where we’re at by the next talk Trump gives Congress in January before we go hardball. Are you telling me things would be any better with Hillary running the show? He is just cleaning up and correcting Obama’s mess from the last 8 years and with little help from Congress. If he screws up royally I’ll lead the charge buts its too early to go off the rails. Don’t let the MSM lead you to think their way.

        • actually, north korea is Clinton’s mess; but getting it to the point that Russia and China start moving troops on a possible war breaking out on the missile failure north korea does every year was a bad idea.

      16. I was quite pleased trump became pres however it now seems someone above him has got him by the ba**s ,we know over here you can’t let rogue nations do what they want so you have too do something.well let’s looks at history the British were rogue,s for years and probably still are, same as the romans were, but modern warfare changed a few things. You can now kill millions in a day and you don’t have to have nuclear weapons ,but. Its good if your allies do,anyway it now seems trump and his bosses want a bigger slice of the pie,flexing its muscles which I agree with in a way ,but today’s world is bordering on a complete state of destruction ,its only going to take one crazy to press the button and were all doomed , the days have gone when people can change the way government s act. We here are a nuclear power but still hide under the us umbrella ,like many others do,let’s just pray when it all kicks off all the assholes running are world take a major hits,,, shitting it here in uk

      17. More bullshit

      18. if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it’s a duck

        • “Officer Long asks this court to consider the fact that he is a police officer only when it is to his advantage.”.. so he IS a Pig!

          and possibly a Pedophile too .. looking down all those boys pants? ..dude yer messed up.. and over a few dollars?

          no excuse for this other than sick and twisted , what ever the judgement was , it wasn’t enough.. and chances are he used his COP privileges to pay his way on his crimes against our Constitution and every innocent kid he inflicted his rape toward

        • In addition, the fact that Officer Long stopped requesting the students to drop their pants when he started searching them in pairs adds further support to this court’s conclusion that Officer Long was not focused on using the least intrusive means of finding the missing money. ,, he was more interested in seeing naked boys 1 at a time not in pairs

          • Yeah the courts are controlled by perverts too

      19. I really can’t believe the song-n-dance with these people talking up Trump.

        How’s that swamp-draining going? Filed any charges yet from Anthony Weiner’s life insurance files? Brought down one single pedophile in congress or the pentagon yet? Yea …. I didn’t think so. How did that repeal Obamacare work? Uh-huh.

        All this a**hole is doing is committing acts of terror against a sovereign government and threatening another sovereign government.

      20. Glad to hear Trumps diplomacy is working. His war planning better be working.
        One NK sub launching an EMP to detonate over Kansas, and we are in the dark forever.
        325 million refugees heading north to Canada and south to Mexico. On foot. Or bicycle.
        People in Mexico will be chanting BUILD THAT WALL in Spanish.
        Don’t laugh. It could happen.

      21. I’m not much into holidays but it is comforting to know–
        The Lord Is Risen!
        Who’d have thought, 2000 years ago, that an empty tomb could create such a stir?! Such debate, such division! And yet, Jesus himself said, “I come not to bring peace, but a sword.”
        That kinda explains the animosity toward believers don’t it?

        ***End of sermonette, non believers may now rejoin the audience***
        About the article-
        I still hold out hope that, even if Trump can’t drain the swamp, he can at least lower the water level some. The DC elite and their Mil/Ind Complex cohorts are still having trouble controlling him… and that’s a good thing.
        .And, yes, he now has the FULL attention of Assad. And Fat-Boy Kim (sounds like a rap star doesn’t it?)

        • Amen SmokinOkie! Thanks for the sermonette. My hope and faith is in Jesus only, not man.

        • He is Risen indeed.

        • you are the definition of a low information voter, sad there a re millions just like you tuned into fox and msnbc so you end up believing and spewing just what they want, pathetic

          • “belief. (noun) A conviction or idea an individual or group accepts as real or true, regardless of the lack of verifiable evidence.”

            – Sociology dictionary.

            Let’s break that down:

            Religion, from religio meaning “taboo, restraint.” Which comes from two words “re” and “ligare”. “Re” a prefix meaning “return,” and ligare means “to bind;” Therefore, “return to bondage”.

            -Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary per Tentmaker.

            Therefore, Religious belief is to bind someone to something as being true without fact or evidence.

            I’m sorry. The gate to truth will never be hung on the fence named “religion”.

            Here ends the lesson.

      22. Myself,I don’t agree with all Trump has done so far!That said,were watching a chess game and bitchin after a few moves!The game has just started!
        Happy Easter everyone!
        Maniac –out

        • This “game” is killing people. Maybe you’re so isolated from the killing that it had dulled your senses.

          What will you do when this “game” is playing out in your neighborhood?

      23. 100 days. What have any of you done in the last 100 days? Supported the weed and Beer industries probably. After living in the DC area for 60 years I can say without reservation that Trump has accomplished more than anyone in politics toward cleaning up the cesspool. DC is corrupt absolutely and DC absolutely corrupts everyone who goes there. People like Ron Paul, Maxine Waters, and John McCain need to go home and shut up. New blood of extreme ability is all that will BEGIN to get the turds out of the punch bowl. Trump has opened the eyes of everybody and is making his point with H.E. 100 days is 7% of his term, give me a break. Most of you comment writers couldn’t hit yourselves in the a$$ with a scoop shovel if you were standing on a mirror but you know all about managing the most significant nation in the world.Give Trump the time to attempt to undo the mess he got from the past Governments.

        • Thomas P, you make some good points EXCEPT about Ron Paul. Ron Paul was NOTHING like McCain or the others. Ron Paul retired right after the 2012 elections.

          • I included Ron Paul because he just won’t shut up.

      24. Trump —-has done nothing but good since election, Great job Trump!!! The only people who disagree are the Koosers in the Demo/Marxist party. SHUT_UP and GO HOME!!!!!!

      25. It is common knowledge that EVERY PRESIDENT is tested by foreign adversaries.
        The blame America First, Apologizer in Chief, was not so chalenged, he already signaled capitulation in advance…..
        Now fireign despots will risk retaliation by screwing with a superpower, vs one of their third world neighbors..

      26. jeeze, sorry for the typos, no autocorrect, delays…ouch!!

      27. One of our boys is home from Kuwait… because we have a new grandaughter, born on good Friday. 5 pounds. Tiny. You know, it’s a wonder we ever survive at all. Happy Easter.

      28. And most college students think this is ok?

        Wellesley College Student Newspaper Endorses Violence Against Unpopular Speech

        “Wellesley College made news last month when professors declared “speakers with ‘objectionable’ views are not only offensive to students, but actually diminish their liberty.”

        Now, the student newspaper at the elite private college has taken it a step further – justifying violence against anyone who “either continue to speak hate speech or refuse to adapt their beliefs” to accepted progressive norms, saying “then hostility may be warranted.”

        ht tp://

      29. Liberals rebranded and are often called “Progressives”…

        How Liberalism Took Over America
        “The Left learned some lessons from the radicalism of the 1960s when their political agenda failed to accomplish their stated goals. Their radical agenda was shot down politically because the majority of Americans still retained a remnant of the older Christian worldview.

        The Left knew it would be necessary to capture those institutions that shape and mold children who will one day become leaders. Once the heart and mind are captured, everything else follows, including politics. This is a major tactical maneuver that most on the Right did not understand.”

        “Antonio Gramsci’s philosophy for cultural and social change was the model for the new Leftists. Gramsci (1891–1937) considered Christianity to be the ‘force binding all the classes’…”

        ‘Perceptively, Gramsci realized that in the long run what people did not ultimately believe in they would not fight for. …

        “To change the culture, Gramsci argued, “would require a ‘long march through the institutions’ — the arts, cinema, theater, schools, colleges, seminaries, newspapers, magazines, and the new electronic medium [of the time], radio. Gramsci supplied the road map, and liberals, I mean, “Progressives,” followed it to the letter.
        ht tp://

      30. Maybe, just maybe, the Constitution did matter after all. Remember the Constitution?

        Now might be a good time for a dose of reality. Remember Reality?

        I urge you to Google ‘Hiroshima+victims+images’. Then take action to protect your love ones. Don’t depend on Roger Stone.

        What can a family do? I’d recommend that they PRINT THIS FREE .pdf file. It is a great plan with one exception: Gather Supplies (Item #7) NOW! Do not wait until nuclear attack is imminent!

      31. Roger stone is a pathological liar, and he tells us Trump diplomacy is working and of course it is, that’s why I am busy busting my ass every weekend getting the dam BOL ready. I am not buying a damn thing that Stone is saying, because I know better. What economist V said in 2014 is the real deal, the truth, its not changed. Micheal Flynn, said in exact words that Iran broke the UN resolution on Nuclear plolifiration, and its obvious that Trump is working with the UN. Flynn outed that fact, so he was quickly removed, and Trump almost got caught and almost shit his pants, since the American people just caught what was going on. Obviously protecting the Saudis, these pedofiles rapist and murderors who send in the jihadist to destroy the women in Syria. And from what I heard is that Trump has businesses, oil in Saudia Arabia, has real estate all over Europe, is partners in the keystone pipeline, and guns were pointed into the face of veterans and patriots and American Indians. When the American white man killed out the Indians, that was a bad thing, when the American white man is standing next to and American indian and they are both looking down the barrel of and AR15 and they are getting arrested together, then you have to ask yourself, what the hell is wrong with this picture.? When the American Indians ancestors graves have been decimated and destroyed, and the current president has them arrested and dis respects them, what is wrong with this picture? I have to be honest with myself, I cannot lie to myself and fool myself, because the only person I am fooling is me.

        Did Trump remove the 350,000 chi-coms and take back the chi-com base in cali, not he did not.

        Did he remove the UN vehicles and the UN soliders to make the American people feel protected and safer, no he did not.

        Did he shut down the concentration camps, not he did not

        Did he restore the constitution, no he did not, he eroded it and is doing the bidding of the Zionist bankers. Not happening, no he did not.

        The list is endless. I will be investing in preps and more long term provisions. And for all the preppers who quit prepping, You all are really stupid.


        People, we are in a lot of trouble. Revolutionary war is coming.

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