Insider Report: Obama Administration Intends to Unionize U.S. Military with Executive Order

by | Sep 12, 2011 | Headline News | 160 comments

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    The Ulsterman Report, known for their White House insider reports, has published an interview from a Wall Street insider that, if accurate, threatens to fundamentally change the make up and loyalties of the United States Military. According to a Wall Street insider with first-hand knowledge of the goings on in the Obama administration, there are interests within the White House – perhaps going as high as President Obama himself – that are positioning to unionize the entire military. According to the insider interview, the motive for the move is to ensure that U.S. military personnel are “justly represented.”

    With Mr. Obama spending much of his time over the last three years placating unions, it is not that far of a stretch to consider this report as a real possibility. As is pointed out in the interview, this is an extremely grave and dangerous situation. A unionized military would become beholden not to the US Constitution or the American people, but rather, to the union bosses in charge of the new military “workers’ parties” that will undoubtedly spring up as a result.

    Ulsterman: Stop right there.  Did you just say that the Obama administration wants to unionize the American military?

    Wall Street: Oh my – look at you now!  That’s got you a bit riled does it?

    Ulsterman: Are you being serious?

    Wall Street: Oh yes.  Absolutely serious.  A bit over a year…perhaps a year-and-a-half ago.  A younger gentleman who was said to be with the administration – affiliated with the DOJ actually – these people were crawling all over everything at that time.  That situation itself was enough to sour many of us on the Obama White House.  They would walk in as if they owned you.  Wall Street had become a plantation.  Ironic, isn’t it?  But that’s how it felt.  It’s improved somewhat, but not enough.  Not nearly enough…

    Ulsterman: Stick to what you said about the military please.  Unionizing the military.  What was that about?  What did that person say?

    Wall Street: It wasn’t this office mind you.  But a close associate.  And it has been repeated by a few others, so I consider it quite likely it was in fact said.  Now how high up in the administration it actually goes…that is more uncertain…

    Ulsterman: What was said please – please just focus on that.

    Wall Street: As I did say – the administration wants to unionize the American military.  All of it.  They apparently, if what this gentleman said is to be believed,…they wish to see the soldiers “justly represented”.  That was the term that was repeated to me by more than one source.  It had…the conversation had originated as one about unionizing Wall Street workers and then the information about the military – the actual plan for unionizing the military came out.

    Ulsterman: And this person – they were from the Department of Justice?

    Wall Street: Yes…an affiliation of the DOJ, yes.

    Ulsterman: Could you be more specific?

    Wall Street: No.  I am surprised you were not told of this already.  I shared it with our acquaintance some time ago.  Can you imagine some 2 million more union members in this country?  With a stroke of the pen – an executive order.  Can you imagine the cost?  The dysfunction?  How much we could be weakened, put at risk by such a thing?  The implications are…well, they are just too horrific to consider.  The last I had heard of this was…perhaps the 1970s.  And never coming from such a level within the government.

    Ulsterman: Do you believe it?  That President Obama wants to unionize the military?

    Wall Street: I believe some – someone in that administration not only wants, but intends to do so, yes.

    Ulsterman: But not Obama?  President Obama?

    Wall Street: That I don’t know – I just don’t get the sense this president is entirely aware of what is going on around him.  In his own administration.  What I saw at that meeting…he seems less than interested in the details if you will.  Much like an absentee CEO.  Your own stories seem to support that.  Very much so.

    Ulsterman: Do you think he – President Obama…do you think he could pull it off?  The move to unionize the military?

    Wall Street: Yes.  Not him so much – but those around him.  Yes.  They would form the plan – the implementation plan, the DOJ would prepare the legal groundwork, and the president would be given the script.

    Ulsterman: What “highest levels” are you talking about here?  Who?  And how do you know this? Did it come from the DOJ guy?

    Wall Street: No, not him.  His input had me concerned.  The military…it impacts both my professional and personal livelihood.  The possibility of it being made into another union…I find that…objectionable.  Dangerous.  Very dangerous.  Unions have destroyed American industry.  Almost every significant failing of private industry in this country can be linked to the influence of unions.  The auto bailout is just such an example.  Imagine the damage done to the military?  And to the industries supporting the military?

    Ulsterman: Speak about the plan please.  The implementation of this scenario that you say has been discussed at the highest levels.  How do you know of this?

    Wall Street: As I said, when I heard of what the gentleman from the DOJ had shared, had repeated to others, I became concerned.  I reached out to certain…contacts I have. Longstanding acquaintances with direct ties to the Pentagon.  Yes, the military is big money. Very-very big money, but I want to make it clear to you – that was not my primary motivation here.

    Ulsterman: Fine – keep talking.

    Wall Street:Basically what came back to me from these sources was confirmation of what I had heard earlier – the DOJ information.  And the confirmation was solid.  Discussions had taken place.  Communication had come directly from the highest levels of both the Department of Justice and the Obama White House that indicated the legal means of unionizing the United States Military.  Word then reached the contractors, and people were beginning to get…the concern was significant.  We had just seen what had been done with healthcare – how that had been pushed through.  What had been done with the auto unions.  Organized labor owns this White House.  The possibility of them doing to the military what they had so successfully done elsewhere appeared at that time to be very serious.

    Ulsterman: Contractors?

    Wall Street: Military contractors.  The companies who provide the hardware.  Billions – trillions of dollars at stake.  They were not pleased by this scenario.  If you were to get access to materials likely available within an ongoing legal case, I do believe you would get confirmation of this – of the move to unionize the military.

    Full Interview

    There can be no doubt that the coming election will see a whole new level of class warfare and we can be certain unions and their leadership will be leading the way. The movement is already building and union leaders in recent months have called on President Obama to essentially start a fight with non-unionized America. From the perspective of the White House, the strategy of unionizing the military may seem sound. By unionizing, they will add hundreds of thousands of new democratic voters to the party, while at the same time shifting the loyalties of military personnel to politically align with the expansion of socialist principles across America. No longer will it be about love of country. Insofar as national defense is concerned, this would certainly be a security threat on a number of different levels, namely that a unionized force may be easier to sway in the event of necessary military deployments in U.S. cities.

    If you have unions rioting in the streets, perhaps violently revolting and targeting non-union related individuals or organizations, what are the odds that a unionized military will step into help those who are non-union? This is just one of many dangers we can perceive with such a scenario.

    Before you outright dismiss such possibilities as impossible, we need only direct your attention to Russia’s Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 which, though a different situation than what we have in America today, was organized by millions of “workers” who felt they were not being treated fairly – certainly a situation we are facing here in America today. Those workers rebelled, chaos reigned, and what came out the other end was the iron fist of communism that was responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of people in the 20th century.

    Sounds impossible – we know. But up until a couple of years ago so did mandated nationalized healthcare and government ownership of private sector institutions.

    Given what the Wall Street insider has reported about coming economic chaos, it would only make sense that this administration would want as much political loyalty (even if indirectly by working through union leadership) from the US military as they can muster, because bad things are headed our way:

    Wall Street: We are on this day a more centralized economy than at any other point in our history.  Fiscal contagion can spread from nation to nation with a single click.  Trillions upon trillions in value has been wiped out of the market by the printing of money with lessening value.  When you wonder why Wall Street has succeeded under President Obama while Main Street continues to struggle is simply because Main Street still exists in some semblance of a free market economy.  That relationship between the value of money and the cost of borrowing that value still exists.  Wall Street has been allowed to exist outside of that reality.  The Fed has made it so, and the result…we are nearing just the beginnings of that result – will be outright economic disaster.  2008?  Nothing.  1929?  Yes – that is where we are going here.  And with that kind of economic chaos – what is soon to follow?  Read you history.  War. Famine.  A total shock to the system, except this time, we have a proliferation of nuclear weapons, countries such as Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, they will be directly involved in this chaos.  And of course there is China…the time I could spend on China…

    President Obama, yet again, seems to be living up to his promise that he intends to “fundamentally transform the United States of America.”


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      1. In order to destroy it, unionize it. Worked for the auto makers, US Shipping, et al. I like unions, they are needed to protect people, but when they destroy the entity they serve it’s just cancer.

        • WTF? – unions killed industry? – and not – you know: corporations taking the work to anywhere that is cheaper to manufacture? – and totally disregarding the fact that Germany with some of the strongest unions on the planet still has a manufacturing industry!

          • You are correct. The number one reason manufacturing has left the US is due to excessive regulation.

            Of course when union members become thugs and engage in violent, felonious behavior that doesn’t help sway the decision making process.

            • bull. manufacturing left for pure greed. the american working man had highest wages in 1973 and down hill since reagan. corporate greed /free trade with china , slave labor, is why america is down hill!

          • Yes, unions killed industry. Not corporations. THis is basic economics, just not Keynesian economics (which is supported by neither evidence nor logic, by the way). The big U.S. car makers are a prime example. There is no way GM could continue to pay the current salaries and pensions and stay in business. The salaries and pensions were great for the workers, but they killed the corporation. Corporations exist to make profit; they will set up shop wherever they have the best chance of that. It does not boil down to which workers work for the least pay, either. American workers produce more each hour than do many foreign workers who work for less pay. But the production has to balance out the pay; when the pay is far higher than the production, the corporation must seek a better balance between pay and worker productivity. The unions priced themselves out of the market. Japanese car makers produce cars more economically in U.S. production plants than they can do overseas; due to higher worker productivity. But they are not unionized. And the U.S. workers in those plants routinely vote against unionization.

            • I work in the auto industry and yes Unions kill industries. The amount of pay and benefits a GM worker receives compared to a Toyota or Honda worker is about $25 bucks more per hour. And we all know much of that income is stolen by the greedy Unions bosses to fund the Democrat party which in turn destroy industries with extreme regulations, environmental regulations and taxation/fees/fines, etc. which all drive up the cost of doing business.

              Another thing that did GM in was the fact that about 50% of their sales were coming from trucks and SUVs. When Democrat’s energy policy of no new drilling since the 70s creates artificial scarcity, hence price of gas goes up to say $4 like it did in 2007, you aren’t going to be selling very many trucks and SUVs. GM dealerships couldn’t even sell these things at a loss.

              Unions can serve a purpose if it’s truly market driven. But when greedy, corrupt and murdering Unions are in the tank with a political party whose policies destroy in the long run, you can bet in time destruction will prevail i.e. jobs go overseas, bailouts, etc.

              We need Right To Work legislation passed. Forced unionization is wrong and unconstitutional.

          • I think you said it correctly, “corporations taking the work to anywhere that is cheaper to manufacture”……like cheaper labor…..don’t Unions help to drive up labor costs

          • right on anonymous1 do you know why germany still has unions and is still the most powerful per capita first world country? because they still pay thier workers good, therefore when well paid worker go to the store they can afford to buy things because they have money in thier pocket and the cycle continues. here we send the money overseas for labor so the working man has less and less to spend. at first it works good for coporations but in time all thier customers are broke and cant afford to buy the products they make over seas because they dont have a job, or they have a low paying job.

        • well, i have been concerned about this very situation arsing for decades. i am a right leaning conservative. but the wealthy have always fought and fought dirty to the point of murder for decades now against workers unionizing. i do believe in unions but those that arent corrupted by organized crime (do we have any)? but the greed of the wealthy it astounds me. they would rather exit the U.S. than to give a decent wage to the worker, and they are facing a huge group of disgruntled unemployed and employed people that are sick of seeing these greedy bastards chase the cheapest country of wage which matters not to them if the worker in that country is a child or if they can even buy 2 meals a day or one. they are stuck with the mentality that fefthdom and serdom should reign. if you are not the nobility or the king himself consider yourself a slave to that regions master (and im not black lol, if you get sick tough if you are dying tough. they want it all and cannot poosibly see that if they were to share just a bit more of there wealth (by the way, it is wealth they could never spend in 10 lifetimes), they would have a much more happy and less malicious worker. i see the disparity of the classes eroding daily, and i hear the wealthy getting more and more uncomfortable with there few places to hide and still be able to steal the wealth of the world. share more of what you have and feel better inside yourself and sleep better knowing a much smaller percentage of the workers are disgruntled about your thieving practices. i really am for a capitalist society, but we have moved far from that arena, this is a corptocracy, leaning strongly toward facism. all anyone seems to be interested in is money, all the while knowing that greed is truly the root of all evil, unequivically.

      2. Hey, Obama may as well unionize the military. Then, when he wants to start another idiotic war, the soldiers can go on strike. Then, Barry can round up the disobeying, striking soldiers and put them in the FEMA camps! Great days ahead, boys! This country is now swirling around as the toilet flushes!

        • A lot of countries have military unions (Canada is one). They cannot go on strike, especially in times of war or declared emergency. The union just represents them to ensure fairnesss in promotions, pay raises, etc. Most of our lower ranked military now are eligible for Food Stamps. Can we afford to give them all pay raises? We can never pay them enough for the work they do, but we also can’t afford the government that’s in place now. Obama’s connection to unions is how he got elected, so its makes sense that he wants more of them to get re-elected. He and his cronies have helped turn this country into a ghetto.

          • They have sucked every last penny out of this country via wars based on bold face lies and at the same time exhausted our military. Totally rendered us defenseless and vulnerable. It is all so surreal. The show has been hi-jacked by a bunch of crooks that make Mr. Gotti look like a choirboy. And now they want to let unions exploit the hell out of our military personnel. Better representation my ass! The only thing that will happen to their pay is now they will get a fat monkey on their backs and be forced to feed it with dues. Let us not forget, One can’t just quit the military like a private sector worker can quit his/her job if they are disgruntled.

            On the bright side, possibly a union could prevent soldiers from having to ship off to wars that are based on deceptions conjured up by our traitorous civic, yet to be indicted and punished leaders and the lobbyist that purchase their positions for them. After all, look what we have to show for our last ten years of war efforts chasing that liar, Warren Terror. A THRIVING WORLD WIDE HEROIN TRADE AND TENS OF THOUSANDS DEAD AND WAR TORN AMERICAN SOLDIERS. HOW CAN ANY OF US EVEN ASK FORGIVENESS FOR THE HELL WE HAVE TURNED IRAQ AND AFGHANASTAN ( I know I misspelled it)INTO? I have said enough.

      3. Sounds like a Valerie Jarrett idea.

        • bingo 🙂

          • this can’t be true. what would happen to the contractors mac? would they continue to work or be part of the system, any clues on that boss? Mac do you really believe this country is going to be in chaos soon? riots etc? being honest here.

            • Eric, I am leaning that way… otherwise I wouldn’t have thousands of pounds of food, ammo, guns, supplies, bug out locations and a family and friends who think i am crazy 🙂

            • I think you are crazy, I am too.

            • its the self proclaimed “sane” ones we have to watch out for.

            • These days…I think being being called “crazy” by family and friends is a compliment…it means I’m doing all I can to prepare for SHTF!

            • My family calls me the “nut up North”. I call them zombies.

            • The “new” normal is being “crazy”! I am crazy too!

            • I actually fantasize about the day my obnoxious in-laws show up on my doorstep begging for help because they not only didn’t listen to me, but mocked me. Still not sure if I am going to make them my slaves or just turn them away…….he he

            • “Any excuse will serve a tyrant”. And rioting in the streets, plus economic collapse, plus depletion of food sources, would be perfect for the gov’t to implement MARTIAL LAW, which as you know means ALL OF OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS WILL BE SUSPENDED INDEF. (or forever). Hmmmmmm. Y’all better goggle martial law to see what will happen and commence to prepare, and don’t forget to HIDE your stash, just like they were doing in the Nat Geo “Doomsday Preppers” show. You need to start writing letters of complaint about what gov’t is doing NOW to your representatives. I’m sure there are laws against this kind of potentially harmful act by a sitting pres.Doesn’t it have to go by Congress first? Stop watching TV, going to games and engaging in mindless activities while USA is falling apart. Don’t just sit there, DO SOMETHING! Log on to (Alan Keyes), http://www.citizensfor,, I;m glad George Washington and our other Founders didn’t just sit around and put up with this nonesense. Ridiculous!!! Oh, and by the way, George Soros, the billionaire Commie/marxist who is a bud of BHO, is currently, right now, buying up farmland and grain silos all across our fruited plains.
              What will YOU tell your children and grandchildren about how the WEST was lost?! Too many people died to give us this wonderful country, and now, it’s slipping away, under attack by an IMPOSTER, as Trump said, “OBAMA A COMPLETE FRAUD”, and there are 51 reasons why Obama should be impeached, fired, arrested and thrown in a mental ward for pathological lying, and for treason! Now, where are the men who will challange this IMPOSTER? All of you need to go to You-tube and (or org) and search for “Obama a Fraud”, it’s all there, the Donald did his share paying top dollar to dig up the truth, now, it’s our turn.

              uh, Rev. Lawrence, perhaps you could meet Mr BHO for lunch at The Russian Tea Room, in NYC for a pulled pork sandwich, called “The Oinker”, which by the way, is sooooo delicious, topped with cole slaw, maybe some bbq sauce, served up with fries, or more coleslaw, and a glass of sweetened ice tea. He should be feeling quite contented after devouring this simple yet nourishing meal, and hopefully more prone to answering honestly to any concerns troubling the American citizens. Present him with a 300 pg list of these “concerns”, and offer him some Gas-X before he needs it. He may want to rush home for a Harris Flush while looking over the list as he enjoys the new Japanese Toilet with turbo bidet spray and whisper quiet evacuation, installed for just such vignettes in his hectic public life. Refreshed and relaxed will hopefully encourage a positive reponse.

              (Mac, I’m same. My husband thinks I crazy too). I just read in todays am paper about the supermarkets here in San Diego going on strike soon. Well, I have to go feed my dog. And then rush to stores to stock up on more “must haves”. TTFN

              (yes, I really am serious)but not about the RTR.

            • I ride on the ladder truck everyday. Now if they would just let me sit up front and drive instead of the Tonka Toy steering wheel in the back of the fire truck. I’m an excellent driver when Judge Wapner is not on.

        • Your very right about Miss Jarrett…She is one of the top mouth peices in the White House, that tells Obama what to do…

      4. If they are union thugs they will be more loyal to the government when martial law is enacted.

        • Right. They will get a great taste of the power and loyalty to the source of that power (the hitler in chief). They will be more likely to murder their family members to maintain their new “family”, who is the person who signs their pay check.


          • For those that actually read the health Care Bill, in it was contained the ‘rebirth’ of the “Ready Reserve”. This will be MANDATORY service when called upon. Also contained with the Bill was a provision allowing Barry to appoint an Officers Corps WITHOUT the approval of Congress. The size was 2.5 time that of the existing Officer Corps. The exclusively Presidentially appointed Corps will the be able to assimilate into all branches of the service.
            Not a bad way to assume total control over the military, an entire Officer Loyal; on to the President! Can you say SS!

            • PS- $500 Billion was allocated in the HC Bill for Americorps. Is this the beginning of the “Civilian National Security Force. As well funded, trained and equipped as the military?”

      5. Well, although I can believe that our Glorious Leader would WANT to do something like this, I don’t believe this reported “interview”. Sorry.

        The idea is utterly ridiculas on it’s face.. again, although I think this WH would like nothing more; this simply can not be done with an EO.

        It would instantly and completely destroy the chain of command for the military. Sorry, no offence, but I think this interview is made up. Never trust someone named “Wallstreet”.. sheesh. If it was someone named “Pentagon”, you’d have my attention.

        • I agree, I like the information but exactly we need proof not claims but a ghost. I love this website but I need proof.

        • Sam, Eric — I totally agree on the questions regarding credibility.. It is, after all, an anonymous source. However, Ulsterman has been solid on previous “White House” insider reports, namely surrounding the arms deals through ATF and Mexico.. he essentially broke those stories open, along with other excellent info over the last 12 – 18 months.

          Based on his past interviews and reports, I consider this to be at least a decent source of information. I believe Ulsterman did the interview with someone in the higher echelons of Wall Street who has access to the WH and staff — whether what he [insider] says is true or not is a different matter.

          • I appreciate your bringing such things forward, regardless of my opinion of their accuracy. I have “people” very high up in the Military.. in time, I’ll find out if there is any legs to this.

            • Please get back to us on that, to the safest outcome for you, of course. Don’t risk the black helicopters for our info. However, if you get some confirmation or refutation (is that a word?), I think we’d all like to know.

            • I will. I have short list only to be discussed in person; I’ll add this to that list.

          • thanks for getting back that means a lot. I always read these posts daily and do stock up on ammo and a moderate amount of food. no need to reply but good luck to all that are into this.

        • That unions are in government jobs at all is the result of a Kennedy EO. This is too ridiculous to fly, unless you have a populace with no sense whatsoever.

          Ok, it’s possible! 🙂

          • The populace has no sense whatsoever…..a populace of sheeple… it’s TOTALLY possible!

            • AMEN TO THAT ONE ANONYMOUS! Your spelling of “anonymous” proves that….LOL…..just kidding…..but yeah, the general populace has no sense or idea of anything that’s really going on in this country, or the world for that matter. God help us all!

      6. What difference does it make other than to relieve the troops of the treason charges they should all face for not protecting the Constitution from the obvious domestic threats.

        The military has never been there to protect the people anyway. It’s very existence is unconstitutional (against the Peoples law). If it is unionized, it will only serve to prove that is it a private entity like the rest of the corp it serves.

        It’s a shame so few in the military realize what has happened, and those that do refuse to act on behalf of the people and Law they claim to protect.

        The military will be no worse if unionized than it is now. It stands against the Law and People either way.

        • You really are a moron.

          • Thanks Anon.. The US Military is just about the only branch left that I have a great deal of faith in; and that faith is NOT misplaced. I personally know far to many military people to be persuaded otherwise. To steal a phrase from MIB.. they are the best, of the best, of the best, SIR.. with Honors. ( bad example, since in MIB it was intended as derogatory; but I KNOW that they are in fact our very best.. with great Honor ).

          • While that may or may not be the case, in this particular instance, he is quite on point.

          • GC, I can tell long ago that you have NEVER served 1 day and have had the opportunity to look in from the outside and judge with “treason/all”. FooK YOU and the mule you kissed under the tail. You have that right. You shame yourself & have no honor.

        • What GC isn’t communicating to you is that 95% of the people in the military have highly honorable desires and traits. Its exactly what the other 5% bank on. They are misused tools. Like a scalpel thats misused to murder or a medicine thats misused to poison. GC is not insulting the military man. He, as well as I, realize they are good, sharp, hardened tools of good quality. When they are used by psychopaths and warmongers, they do damage. …and at the present time, thats all we have at the top.

          The military are simply the tools by which the military industrial complex use to make their profit and political opponents are persuaded to and fro…

          You can flame me all you want but only the ignorant sheep don’t realize this.

          Unionizing them will be the way they get them away from “The Oath” and are able to turn them against the people they are supposed to protect. Anyone can see whats happening. Just remember, they can usurp all of the constitution but the 2nd Amendment still stands. Were it not for that, we’d already be in chains so tight it would be difficult to breath.

          • You are a misused dull tool.

          • This will remain the home of the free as long as it stays the home of the brave.

            • of the free as long as it stays the home of the brave!!!

          • Net and GC, so many preppers are still partially asleep sheeple 🙁

          • Right Net,

            It depends on whether or not you believe that Good Men can serve evil purposes and still be considered Good Men.

            If I followed the orders of a bank robber by going into the bank and shooting up the customers before the money stealers went in, I am far worse than the robbers themselves. That we are dealing with countries rather than banks makes no difference.

            The 95% of the good intentioned Men and Women are serving the exact opposite of what they believe they are serving. That is why I can not support it, and I can not call them the best we have to offer.

            If they were in fact the best we have, they would be fully awakened to the facts and act accordingly. they would not be in foreign lands killing innocent people when the real danger lurks at home.

            Are they willing to turn the guns on the people they are supposed to protect? If you ask them now, they will likely tell you no. But when the time comes and they have been fully propagandized, they will do it and be proud of it.

            That’s the problem with the “best we have to offer”. They serve your enemy.

            • I know many young men and women who serve this country, unfortunately many of them haven’t had enough time to learn and understand just how corrupt our political and banking leaders are and what the ramifications of their actions are doing to this country. Our government & military are banking on this lack of knowledge to exploit them into doing their bidding, no matter how evil it may be.

              A unionized military, is wrong on so many levels, and yet because of the underhanded way politics work, short of open rebellion and civil war, there is probably little we can do to stop it.

              All we can do is continue to make our preparations for the day the SHTF and hope that in the decade that follows, we are able to recover some sense humanity and can rebuild our communities, without the corrupt world governments that have brought us to the brink of destruction.

              And to all who plan on being a survivor, I can only hope that you remember your humanity, while chaos and destruction is all around you and that if you ever have to pick up a weapon, that you only use it only in self-defense, for if you use it to take food or other resources from others, then you are no better that any other criminal and your path to destruction assured.

              For me, any person who shows up at my compound, unarmed, regardless if they called me crazy (I am, for I have seen a possible future that scares the livin sh!t out of me), I will gladly share my food/water/shelter, provided they are willing to make a covenant and contract with me and our community to dedicated themselves to the survival of the community.

              As the reality of what could happen comes to pass, how many people do you think you need in your community, to grow the massive quantities of food you will need to survive after there are no more grocery stores and your food stores are depleted. What about energy when all gas, diesel, propane, natural gas are gone, who’s going to produce your energy. We can’t live without water and yet, unless you have a creek or other surface water to access, who or what will provide the energy needed to get that water. And when something breaks down, who’s going to fix it. I doubt anyone person can do all these things without the help of others. I know I can’t.

              Even though current events have us on the path of destruction and as you prepare for this unfortunate future, never forget your humanity, it just might be the one skill we all have, that can truly save us from our own destruction.

            • Excellent post BannerCap

        • What was the website that you posted that had that had the story about the 1871 municipal government creation?

      7. If you knew what has already been done to the military, you might not be so sceptical that someone suggested the idea of unions in the military. Some European armies are already unionized (no surprise). The demographic composition of the US military would surprise many. Now they must accept openly Gay people. Political Correctness is rampant. Affirmative Action is rampant. Some years ago I read that the NAACP was allowed to open an office on a military base in the East in order to help the Army handle discrimination cases. Standards were lowered at some Special Forces schools so the feds could “brown it up”. And it goes on and on. Whose military is it? Illegals aliens are allowed to join as a path to citizenship. Street gangs have a noticeable presence in the military. You may want to rethink the idea that the military is our military. Remember when the Muslim terrorist attacked Fort Hood? The Commander of the Post came right out and gave the most disgusting politically correct staement I ever heard about how great the Muslim soldiers are and basically saying the dead and wounded weren’t victims of Islam. He’s commands “our troops”. Prior to the shootings, the Muslim Major who did the shootings was allowed to stay in his job as a shrink, because no one could remove him because of PC. Death by a thousand cuts.

        • A once-great organization that is overwhelmed with progressivism…..I was in the military(as an officer) and witnessed this far too many times for my liking. I still think the men and women who wear our uniform are the best of the best, but when you are lead by the worst of the worst, the bleed-over can be cancerous.

          • In this case a whole orchard of bad apples…..

      8. The idea is utterly ridiculas on it’s face.. ~ Look at the rest of the crazy crap this regime/the Kenyan Fraud has gotten away with. Yes, its ridiculous but they just might pull it off.

      9. The German military is unionized and as such is a COMPLETELY inefficient waste of resources…most money goes to salaries, and they have junk equipment…and not enough of it.

        How many wrongs can our .gov commit before we name it intentional, and treasonous?

      10. I call BS!!! How many of these stories are out there? Look at how many were published when W was in office… The friend of a friend crap gets old…. I know someone who knows someone….. Give me a break. There is “conspiracy theory” and then there is this kind of crap.

      11. The beach must be taken, the Army is ordered to storm the beach. The Army calls the committeeman & complains that this is the Marines job description.

        The Navy is sailing with in the 200 mile border of the US, a ship is sinking, and they start to steam towards the distressed vessel. The Quartermaster yells for his committee man, complains this is not in the Navy’s job description that it is the Coast guards job.

        • That’s good stuff……………

        • plus 1

        • EXACTLY what I envision. SEIU

        • Yup. Kinda like the Dutch Army. Union rules allow for facial hair. Gas masks do NOT seal with a beard. They will be allowed to DIE when gassed.

          The difference between genius and stupid is that genius has limits.

      12. I just can’t see this happening. And the biggest reason are the men and women in uniform. I cannot imagine them voting to join a union (and I am somewhat in favor of unions.) Their loyalties are to their comrades and their country. I’m not saying I agree with blind loyalty but even I, who’ve never served in the military, know that there is such a special bond among troops that any attempt at unionization will ultimately fail. Don’t be misled or stampeded by quasi-factual, conjecturing articles. We have enough real problems to worry about without dragging in sensational stories.

      13. until there is an outright press release that unions will be part of the military thie is all hearsay. no facts and the term (white house insider) is subject top term. I find most articles with the term “Insider” usually turns out to be false.

        • Actually Rachel most of the time they use “insider” to float something and see how it goes over. For example within 3 months of being sworn in Obama hired an “economic” advisor that wrote a paper on taxing retirement accounts (IRA’s, 401ks, etc) with like a 10% tax every 10 years. It was like a property tax. She wrote the document and when they hired her they mentioned how she wrote this – not because it was news but because they wanted to see if the idea would generate significant opposition. You know they want to soak up some of those retirement funds people are squiriling away outside the hands of government (for now).

          This is just another trial balloon. How much opposition, will anyone care, and will anyone even realize the ramifications (sorry we need a union vote before we take that hill Captain). If no outrage then why not generate 2 million dues paying members to the DNC (oops I mean union).

          • Never get it past the generals. Never.

            • DK, look at who some of the Generals are. By the time they get past field grade they are already hand picked yes men. Remember Gen. Honore from Hurricane Katrina? Affirmative action promotions all the way. The guy hid in an all Colored college in Louisiana, studying Farming for 5 years during Viet Nam. He was an infantry officer for 35 years with no combat infantry badge until the end of his career. And even that award is suspect.

            • HS: I don’t agree with your assessment of all of the Generals, and in particular, I was thinking more like the Commandant of the Marine Corp.

              I am sure you know that the only reason GWB didn’t attack Iran is because the generals said “No”.

              You had Bush, Cheney, and 25 to 30 Dual Citizens in Defense and National Security (the same group that signed a petition for the Invasion of Iraq) wanting to invade Iran, but the Generals said, “No”.

              I just don’t think unionization of the military is going to happen. Right now the gangster banksters have a volunteer army they control to spread managed trade by conquest if necessary.

              Why change it? Not a big issue for me.

      14. The community organizer will stop at nothing to destroy this nation. I can’t stand him.

        • I love your allusions to the Alinski Method, which our Kenyan-in-chief and his backdoor babe, Hillary, are quite accomplished at! In certain circles, they’re famous for it.

        • If we pray that God sends a 168 grain match point up his Kenyan ass at 3000fps would the SS think that specific prayer is a threat, LOL?

          • They might. The thought police are pretty powerful.

      15. Class warfare in Germany WWII.

      16. It actually makes sense! In order for BHO to declare himself permanent king, he would have to have the backing of the military. If he signs the EO, then all military leadership would be fired, and replaced with Union bosses. When BHO wants to pull the trigger on America, the military bosses would issue the orders, and the troops would have to obey or be fired or incarcerated for insubordination. This would be the last step to total tyranny, forget about the 2012 elections, hello martial law.

        • But wouldn’t the unionization totally negate all provisions of military law??

          They’d have to rewrite all laws??

        • He would be impeached immediately.

      17. URP – “The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimated Monday that a surplus of 672 million bushels of corn will be left over at the end of next summer. The estimated surplus is down from last month’s forecast and well below levels that are considered healthy.” .

        They are projecting a 19 day supply, down from 30 days.

        19 days. Corn prices has declined lately, but still double what they were a year ago.. I repeat my suggestion from several posts.. take some fiat out of PM and put it to work in the AG sector..

        • Will the military be forced to harvest corn and accept it as pay…

          • Hard to harvest what isn’t there. We’ve had pretty major crop failures due to weather etc. That is a sad fact of the times and will only increase, IMHO.

        • 19 days sounds like plenty.

          I said that out loud to see how stupid it sounds.

        • Dont expect too much…they were way off last year too!

      18. I don’t believe it. I’ve never heard anything about it anywhere before. I doubt that Obama would have the authority to do that by executive order.

      19. Personally, I think this is bullcrap, but if they did unionize the military, just imagine the huge influx of union dues to those scumbags!

      20. police and fire are union and that didnt stop them from doing their jobs on 9/11 and today, they take an oath just like the military.this is all BS will never happen anyway.

      21. The cat union has voted to only run from small brown dogs. And only on Tuesdays from 7:30 to 8:45 am. Not to worry though. The dog union has voted to only chase large gray cats. And only on Thursdays from 4 to 5:15 pm. All is now peace and light in the canine/feline struggle.
        The celebration may be premature, however. The veterinarians union is refusing to vaccinate or treat any animals, except on Mondays (9 to 10:30 am only). And then only llamas and goldfish. Let’s hope ‘Scruffy’ doesn’t get a thorn in his paw and it gets infected.
        The good news is, I have a friend who knows somebody, who knows somebody who has a friend in the Bomster administration. They claim there is serious discussion of implementing universal pet care. It’ll be completely paid for by eliminating waste in the rabies vaccine program, so it won’t really cost us anything!

        • Very good! But I heard that the cats could not come to an agreement about other matters; the Siamese were holding out for the good sleeping spots, the tabbies want the fancy food and the Persians want everything. And my inside sources (gerbils are very gabby when given the right treats) tell me that the dogs will only chase the gray cats for now but in a few years when the collective bargaining agreement expires they’re going to start going after kittens.

          • poor kittens. Don’t they have a union to protect them from the unions?

            • Hopefully the vets will help them unless their meowpractice insurance starts running too high.

            • They rely on their cuteness to get them out of most situations. That wears off after a while and reality sets in. Just ask Palin and Bachmann.

      22. Can’t have armed services personnel take an oath to uphold unions and constitution. They will love one and hate the other.

        • “No man can serve two masters.”

      23. Never say never. When you’re talking about the government, anything can happen. Has everyone forgotten forced busing, forced integration, forced Obamacare, refusal of both parties to secure the borders, legalized discrimination against white males (affirmative action), redistribution of your wealth to someone else,etc. etc. Never say never. The list is too long to put here. Soon, maybe forced relocations to fill those foreclosed homes?

        • You do have a point there..

        • True. Never is a looooong time.

      24. There was talk of this back when I served, 76-80 under Carter. It didn’t go far, but then again we are in different times.

      25. Come one, this is worse than tin-foil hat stuff.

      26. I dont know which is more hilarious, that people believe this nonsense, or your panic stricken responses to it. Its the military, you clowns. Unionised troops? Its oxymoronic. Never happen, and if it did, it might just be the best thing that ever happened. A disfunctional military would weaken the PTB considerably.
        Fortune favours the prepared mind. Mindless nonsense like this suggests an absense of mind. And you claim to be preparing? You ain’t.

        • It’s not panic. We’ve seen this stuff before. I can remember everyone saying those same words you used (this is nonsense). They can’t take away our right to sell to who we chose. They can’t make us live with those we chose not to. They can’t make me hire someone who’s not qualified. They can’t take away my individual rights. Then “they” passed the communist 1964 “civil rights act”. Eliminating all personal property rights and more. For 50 years I kept hearing those words “they can’t do anything like that”. Yet time after time “they” do.

          • Friends of my parents were in the landlord business. Not big real estate – just a small 6-apartment complex in a lovely old section of town. Each apt. had hardwood floors, ornate woodwork, built-in china cabinets, wrought iron balcony railings, etc. They told me they used to advertise “clean respectable persons only need apply” and had no problem at all filling those apts. Well, guess what? In the mid-1960s they were told they couldn’t word their newspaper ad like that anymore – it was “discriminatory.” A year later they sold. Broke their hearts. You should see the place now – sickening.

      27. Hey everybody! Get a clue! If the military is unionized then they’ll be just like the union workers that work for other huge corporations. The main reason for this is to pull their loyalties away from The Constitution and the military’s commitment to Civil Law. Yes, you heard me right.

        Damn! I never though of this in my SHTFPlan. I really do think, though, that if you do this, you’ll trigger revolt. The military will know this is a takeover.

        OBAMA: Military Union Boss

        Thats just not a pretty picture.

      28. I don’t believe this. No one in their right mind would allow this to happen.

        • Well can you honestly say that anyone in their right mind would’ve voted for the Kenyan squatter? He flippin told us that he was going to destroy the country and people cast their vote for him anyway. Of course NOW they claim they “didn’t know.”


      29. I wonder if the young people serving in our military understand what is happening if this unverified source is correct.

        • No flame intended, but….

          For God’s sake, look around. With little exception, the moronic “young people” you see walking around you everyday are the same kind of “young people” serving in our military. I LOVE our armed forces. I respect everything they do… BUT… God’s Creation HAS a point; the GUBMINT really IS a giant corporation, and unionizing our military is, sadly, an obvious next step. Maybe it was too obvious to think of. Until this report, I would have never conceived of the idea of unionizing the military.

          Kinda makes me think maybe I’m one of the moronic “young people”…

      30. actually, during carters years, and while i was stationed with the navy in washington d.c./congressional inquiries department at bupers, unionizing the military was being discussed alot….in other words, the idea was being run up the flagpole…all of a sudden there was a hush regarding the subject…so hearing this tidbit now is really no surprise considering we have someone in the oval office who is doing his damnedest to outdo someone during his term…looks like obama is succeeding…he is definetly worse than carter ever was.

        • “he is definetly worse than carter ever was”

          That is true and that is saying something. I elected to leave the military rather than serve under that lying bastard from Georgia. He is still scum of the earth and this bisexual Kenyan drug addict is far worse than the anti-semite peanut farmer.

          God help us.

          • God Bless you Sir! And in case no one told you yet,
            Thank you for your Service to this great Republic!

      31. I certainly hope this will not go any further than “just talk”. If it does and this comes to fruition, than I will certainly perceive those who are involved, in a very different light.

      32. Who cares? People need jobs, not more distractions.

        OsiXs (Revolution 2.0)

      33. This is a load of bull crap. Really unionize the military?!! Fox News and the Republican would have a fields day with this. Second the hue and cry will be so high that it would almost lead to a call for arms.

        Seriously you guys give the government too much credit. You guys think the feds are an unstoppable force.We have friends in high places in the military,LEO(local,state and even federal). When the time comes you will see how much clout we have. My girlfriend’s uncle was an FBI agent in South Carolina during the 90s. Around this time it was at the height of the militia movement. I asked him questions and we talked about the OKC and the militia movement. He made a comment that the reason the feds have not and will not go all out against the militias was because the fear in Washington was that these militias had and still have sympathizers from the military,LEO,moderate gun owners,libertarians,conservatives. If the went all out the nation would have been in Civil War. He said that 95% of the militias are reactive and they only go after the radical militias that want violence(Hutaree)but moderate militias like the Michigan militia will never be touched because the feds know they are legal,and they have a large silent support. He said the report “Project Megiddo,” in 1999 was written because the government knew it was impossible to stop them if there was a SHTF scenario(the report talks a of a Y2K apocalypse). He said the report even states the militia could successfully overthrow the government. I read the report and it is surprising that it could happen.

        The whole point is the government fears the milita,gun owners,and veterans because these guys all share one thing in common. That is if you try to take our guns we will push back very,very, hard. My girlfriend’s uncle said even guys in the FBI are disgusted with the Federal government.So we have a lot of support and the Feds fear the milita because if they try to wipe out the militia. There would be literally million joining their side.

        • The more I think about this, the more I think this is like a “made for TV movie” only its a “made for the internet story”.

          I can see that the subject has probably been discussed but probably not seriously. Though, given this marxist bastard’s background, it would not surprise me.

          These worthless pieces of trash that are at the top at the moment cannot surprise me at the depths of all of their audacity, dishonesty and capacity for corruption. So, pretty much anything I hear is believable. But, this? I don’t know. I think there would be too much opposition ESPECIALLY if it was done by executive order.

          • Hey…instead of the military, how about unionizing all of us self-employed people so we can get one heck of a group rate on health insurance??? 🙂

            • AMEN.. don’t that just suck ? As the “vaunted” creator of all jobs in the US, if my business goes belly up, I can’t file un-employment, I can’t get job retraining, I am not counted as unemployed. If I apply for a loan, even a personal one, I am scrutinized to no end because I am “self employed”. I’m not the President of a multi million dollar corporation, no, I am “one of those”.. SIGH. At least I can set my own hours.. generally, from “awake” to “asleep”.

            • +1 WVF since “they” talk about how important small business is while increasing BIG Gov.

        • The problem is, even assuming you’re right about the silent support, they (gov’t) will not come outright and pass a law banning militias or taking guns. They will do it incrementally, and only against small groups. They will propagandize the events so much that the rest of the people will believe they acted in the right, and silently and slowly, by time they come for your guns, there will be no one to stand beside you. When it said and done, you will be just another kook that did something crazy or stupid when you stand up for your rights.

          In other words, there is no line in the sand. If you think there is, where is it? Where would you stand up next to your fellow citizen? When the government comes to their doorstep to disarm them? Then you missed the boat. Katrina survivors were one by one, house by house, disarmed by local police. They were disarmed when they needed their weapons most, to protect their houses against the looters…

          All the silent support is just that, silent. The war will never pop off, so the silent support will never turn from being silent. Meanwhile, we’ll incrementally be turned around until there is no chance of any real resistance.

      34. Jim is right its a trial balloon. They (and We know who they are) throw shit against the wall all the time just to see if it will stick.

        It won’t.

        The DHS Cyber Squad that monitors this site is probably laughing its ass off, because WE are actually discussing it. And Ike is probably rolling over in his grave.

        Never happen. Discipline would break down.

        • “The DHS Cyber Squad that monitors this site is probably laughing its ass off, because WE are actually discussing it.”

          Monitoring internet discussions about the Kenyan’s whacked out ideas would be a really bad job. I suppose the next step up is fondling little girls as they try to board an airplane?

          • POA: Well the pay is 50% above the private sector, the benefits are really good, and there’s all the coffee you can drink to keep you awake….

            Things look good from Chantilly VA.

      35. Actually this would be a pretty slick idea for Obi. The military and the secondary military industrial complex being predominately republican could switch sides significantly to alter the status quo. For ever demoncrat gained there would be a republican lost and since Obi cant play the hope and change theme this time around to pickup fence sitters/independents/less enthusiastic democratics he has to find a block that will propel him to victory. Playing the military union card would be more successful in switching primary republicans to the democrat camp than anything the republicans could possibly do to entice union members to switch sides. Even if the disgust of voting Obi for an enliste prevents them from doing so, Obi just crapped in the republicans back yard and they will have to spend time dealing with it. Besides the reds care more about lockheid martin vaporware raptor 22s than providing ground troops with armored humvees leaving the door open for a blue union high jack at some point. Also with a draw down of troops a bit of vacuum will be created that may aid Obi’s intentions.

        Now if only Obi would put as much creativity into actually creating jobs as he does into getting reelected then things may actually improve. But if fixing the main problems were actually a concern he would have focused on them from the beginning instead of some basterdized helth care bill.

      36. I wonder how many Constitutionalist Generals (if there are any), on O’s watch have considered or are considering a Coup d’etat? I’d love to see the look on the face of Congress/Senate/President when they arrive at work and a few hundred M1 Abrams are parked in their private stalls.

        • Well if the Kenyan truly is not authorized under Article two, Section one………

          My questions:

          Will any news source, other than WND, examine the LFBC that was released this spring to determine whether or not it is forged?

          If he truly is not authorized will every “official” in the US pretend that they cannot see this and hope that it goes away?

        • Make no mistake!………It’s coming!

      37. A joke for you to laugh a bit:

        There are three construction workers on the top of a building, having their lunch break.
        The German opens his lunch-box, and says: Oh not again, sausage. If she cooks sausage tommorow, i will kill myself.
        The Italian opens his box and says: Oh no, not spagheti again. If she cooks spagheti tommorow, i will kill myself.
        Finally the Chinese opens his box and says: Oh no, not snake again. If i find snake tommorow, i will kill myself.

        So the next day they sit again for lunch break.
        The German opens the box, and voila: sausage. So he jumps.
        The Italian opens the box, and here it is, spagheti. So he jumps also.
        And the Chinese finally opens his box, and he finds a snake. so he jumps too.

        At the funerals a couple of days later:

        The German wife: Why Wofgang? You could tell me, and i would cook something else.
        The Italian wife: Why Pietro? You could tell me and i would cook something else.
        The chinese wife: Why Tsin Tson? You cooked your own meal.

      38. It would just end up like all the other unions,, the dicks at the top would fuck the worker out of every increase in wadges, mis appropreate the retirement funds and benifit funds and before you know it, the pension plans would be raided..thats when all hell would break loose, It would be fun to watch them all in high places shiver with fear when what they thought they had was a standing army against their own people , turn into an army against the estabilshemt.
        I guess i would sit back with my beer and popcorn and watch the screwing begin, and when the dust settles a bit, jump in and help the armed forces finish the job of ridding this earth of all these scumbags

        Look at whats going on in the police unions, fire, and city workers..if any grunt or fly boy cant see the reaming that would be coming his way, than he would deserve every bit of what they get

        Sign up for this foolishment and its game on, in my opinion

        • WELL SAID SIR !

      39. utter stupidity… lunacy… idiocy… produced by rabid socialists… may God help and deliver us from such…

      40. not happening,all B.S.

      41. I believe this would “fix” a few problems.

        There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty:
        soap, ballot, jury, and ammo.
        Please use in that order.

        Bill Cosby has a great way of “distilling” things.
        Looks like he’s done it again!



        (1). Any use of the phrase: ‘Press 1 for English’ is immediately BANNED!!! English is the official language; speak it or wait outside of our borders until you can.

        (2). We will immediately go into a two year isolationist attitude in order to straighten out the greedy big business posture in this country. America will allow NO imports, and we’ll do no exports. We will use the ‘Wal-Mart ‘s policy,
        ‘If we ain’t got it, you don’t need it.’ We ‘ll make it here and sell it here!

        (3). When imports are allowed, there will be a 100% import tax on it coming in here.

        (4). All retired military personnel will be required to man one of the many observation towers located on the southern border of the United States (six month tour). They will be under strict orders not to fire on SOUTH BOUND aliens.

        (5). Social Security will immediately return to its original state. If you didn’t put nuttin in, you AIN’T getting nuttin out. Neither the President nor any other politician will be able to touch it.

        (6). Welfare. — Checks will be handed out on Fridays, at the end of the 40 hour school week, the successful completion of a urinalysis test for drugs, and passing grades.

        (7). Professional Athletes — Steroids? The FIRST time you check positive you’re banned from sports … for life.

        (8). Crime — We will adopt the Turkish method, i.e., the first time you steal, you lose your right hand. There is no more ‘life sentences’. If convicted of murder, you will be put to death by the same method you chose for the victim you killed: gun, knife, strangulation, etc.

        (9). One export of ours will be allowed: wheat; because the world needs to eat. However, a bushel of wheat will be the EXACT price of a barrel of oil.

        (10). All foreign aid, using American taxpayer money, will immediately cease and the saved money will help to pay off the national debt and, ultimately, lower taxes. When disasters occur around the world, we’ll ask The American People if they want to donate to a disaster fund, and each citizen can make the decision as to whether, or not, it’s a worthy cause.

        (11). The Pledge of Allegiance will be said EVERY day at school and every day in CONGRESS.

        (12). The National Anthem will be played at all appropriate ceremonies, sporting events, outings, etc.


        Sincerely, Bill Cosby

        • I KNEW I liked that man – I just didn’t know how much!

        • These are all excellent ideas, however, I seriously doubt a Liberal like Bill Cosby said them!

      42. I quit reading after “…not sure who said it, or how
        high up it goes….” I’m into interesting, factual
        articles, this is a ‘he said, she said’ rumor-mill
        conspiracy-theory article.


      43. I don’t think such a thing is possible. And that interview seemed a lot like a movie script (not real).

        • Anything is possible with a Marxist Muslim in charge of our Country!

      44. The formation of Unions was once a noble and necessary cause as the Robber-barons preyed upon the desperation of the poverty-stricken masses. But that was light years ago. “No my job, man,” is the pathetic mantra of the unionized worker. “Don’t touch that screw!” is the warning call of the overpaid, underachieving assembly line unionized worker protecting his/her vocational domain. “No matter how poorly or unprofessionally I do my job, I can never be fired,” is the prideful boast of the unionized schoolteacher. “We are sanitation workers in New York, pay us 100k per year with a benefits package fit for a king or else we’ll go on strike and you will live in your own garbage,” is the attitude of the non-competitive, lazy, underachieving union “worker” holding the tax payer hostage for his/her sub-par services. And what’s with millionaire ballplayers and Hollyweird stars belonging to unions? Do they really need the help? Yes, a big part of the problem is the parasitic proclivities of the Left’s ruling class including the slimy slug union thug bosses. But a more disturbing facet is the general all-around laziness and apathy of the people – from the ghetto to the trailer park and even in suburbia. We have become a nation of wimps, backsliders, procrastinators, excuse-makers, and pleasure-seekers. As long as the Executive branch controlled Fed and the Treasury can print digital money on a whim, America is doomed, unions or no unions. Sound money, border security, English as the required language, the national purging of all things reeking of fundamental Islam, and the accountability of all (both worker and employer) is the answer. Unionize the already homosexualized military, Game Over. Prepare for the worst, pray for the best.

      45. As a military man who served proudly in 2 wars, why, in God’s name would I want some union thug to collect dues for the purpose of representating me to bigger thugs in Washington, D.C.? No thank you! I am perfectly capable of representing myself.

        • Wake up! You will NOT have a choice!

          • carter did not get the military unionized in the his years as pres. but he did really screw up some other things with the military. i can remember walking down the halls of bupers and marine headquarters one afternoon and seeing five sailors…all of them wearing different uniforms and one with a damn ponytail…the ponytail was a guy, and the uniforms being worn were to be considered that year for a permanent uniform disign change…and that year was also the year that all military personnel had to take a class on race relations too. and that was the same year that my office phone kept ringing with sailors and marines asking me to look out my office window and please tell them how long the long was at the service station for gas. they did not unionize the military got hushed up and put o the back burner. i think obama must have gotten ahold of past presidential notes and is going through them cause he cant come up with his own ideas..he is certainly making the mistakes of past presidents.

            • that was also the year it was decided that some women would be trained for shipboard duty…was not long after all this that i got the heck outta there.

      46. Typical! Find an unnamed source. Publish it. Speculate all day about possible disasters if the “source’s” information is true.

      47. The so called Wall Street Insider has no credibility. He claims that Obama has been anti-Wall Street, but every move Obama has made has been for the benefit of Wall Street.

      48. This is bogus.

        I am retired AF and 10 U.S.C. § 976 : US Code – Section 976, PROHIBITS ANY Unionization or organizing of the military. Obama would have to bypass this law…and even then Congress could defund them. ALL funding and support MUST first be approved by Congress.

        • Thanks for the facts (and for your service).

        • Since when does Obama listen to the Congress? He would use an Executive order, and then declare Martial Law to retain his job!

      49. ROFLMBO!!! 🙂
        I cannot imagine ANY Admiral or General sitting down with the likes of Trumpka and Hoffa to “negotiate”, or reducing themselves to become union scum lords.

      50. No longer The United States Military. Now it would be the Mercenary Army of the American Corporations! All for sale!


      52. Well,Well,Well! The word chaos has come across my sight
        here in one of the comments and perhaps it is karma at
        work,for as memory serves former Senator Daniel Patrick
        Moynihan stated (and rather authoritatively If I might add!)that communities that tolerate women led households with no proper male authority will experience well de-
        served ‘chaos’! Accordingly, a nation fashioning itself
        as a modern democracy with the term not even present in
        its own constitution, whose first president in full military dress smashed a tax revolt in 1794 and whose
        staff offered to seize control of the government and make him emperor of America (completly ingnored in American Histroy texts!), who tolerates a racial/social pecking order,lies and distortions and invalidation of
        significant historical events,the creation of an empire
        surpassing Rome at its height while in the depts of un-
        imaginable debt, will without doubt experience ‘chaos’
        the likes of which have yet to be seen on this planet.
        And as the former senator said:

        IT SHALL BE WELL DESERVED! And upon that you can rely.

        Chicago, Illinois

      53. That order when given would certainly be a marching order for direct armed insurection against the Governnment. That’s my opinion.

      54. Obama is an idiot – i cant see how or why or if a army can be unionized -or for what purpose but thats all the fool knows so thats all the fool dos – what a disaster and failure of leadership – if its not failure then it has to be subterfuge – can any one remember such a power hungry president who is simultaneously so lazy – i hate to say it – but i wish bill was back – at least it was said that he worked long into the night tiring to make things work – i didn’t like his politics but at least you knew what his politics were – is Obama a liberal -socialist- communist -i hope he looses the next election – i don’t think the economy will hold till the next election but if he wins -we are screwed.

      55. When I served in the United States Navy form 1969 through -75 my oath was to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.
        Any attempt to unionize the Armed Forces of the United States must be viewed as an attempt to overthrow the Constitution of the United States and any person taking any action towards that end must be viewed as committing an act of treason and dealt with as such.

      56. Ya know after thinking about this it may be a good thing…think about it…would you rather have to face oath defending soldiers or union soldiers?
        After a few years of the typical union lifestyle the military would be…ah…french!?
        Theyd have quotas on how many hours they could fight,how many rounds they would have to fire before overtime pay kicked in and of course thered be the issue of breaktimes and whose job it is to load the gun to point the gun and then to fire the gun…seems to me we could defeat the entire military in about a week if we hit them real hard at quitting time or on holidays..just sayin! 😉

      57. I think of a guy in a decent union as a man with two pieces of bread and the non union guy with just one piece of bread….The fat corporation owner with the whole bakery has set the media (which he owns as well) to push the idea that its the bad old unions fault things are so expensive..if the union worker got just one slice of bread like the non union worker, everything would be better for all….but the truth is now they are both poor and the fat corporation is even fatter….funny how they ( the bought and sold media )never think to get both workers two pieces of bread…does anyone think for one second they would give the worker more when they make more profits?…corporations profits are higher then they have ever been and their taxes are less then they have ever been…in some cases they now pay no taxes….but they don’t ever trickle down to the workers…its a nice theory but just doesn’t happen…oh and by the way when they are done raping the union guy..and the workers are all poorer with no voice…then they will start on your pensions…then SSI….you’ll see…

      58. Obama’s Military Comes Out

        Since Obama dumped “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”,
        The Marines have been going through Hell
        Because imagine what comes to mind
        When you hear “We don’t leave our Marines behind”
        And “looking for a few good men” now rings a different bell!

        Yet the Navy didn’t have the same kind of trouble.
        They made their changes “Aye, Aye, and on the double”!
        The song “Anchors Away”
        Got changed to “Y.M.C.A.”,
        And the Lave soap has been replaced with “Mr. Bubble”!

        The Army wants to avoid this slippery slope,
        Developing strategies to help the soldiers cope
        For the cadre to be effectual
        They must become more metrosexual
        And new recruits have to be issued soap on a rope!

        For some Republican troops, these changes will be scary
        But there’s some truths that even grave diggers can’t bury
        Very soon a candidate will flout
        His flaming desire to come out
        After he wins election, and gets sworn as President Perry!
        Charles Ulysses Feney

      59. As a enlistee who made it through the ranks- E-1 to O-4- who landed Marines in Lebanon in ’58 and with two tours in RVN, it becomes obvious that this is but another diversionary ploy to keep one’s eye off target. The “insider” is AG Holder or some other Obama dog-washer in DOJ who is attempting to create mischief and irritate true patriots. Less there be a misfire, it is full speed ahead and cut the devil- PrezBO- in two.

      60. Given that both the Constitution and US law forbid the use of the military on US soil in domestic matters, I, for one, would feel pretty darned proud if the military was faced with policing union activity in the US and refused. It might be the only time the military has EVER done the morally right and legal thing, and good for them, finally! Now, if they’d just get eager about the rest of the Constitution and refuse other illegal orders they’ve been given, as the Constitution and international law both require, THEN we’d have a real good country, wouldn’t we?

        • Sorry, my mistake: it’s only US law that requires that, and US law doesn’t have the value of toilet paper these days when it comes to what the political elites want.

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