Insider Alan Greenspan Warns of Explosive Inflation: “Tinderbox Looking For a Spark”

by | Mar 8, 2015 | Headline News | 169 comments

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    spark-thLast month it was revealed that former federal reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, the architect of U.S. monetary policy under four Presidents, is anticipating a significant market event as a result of the trillions of dollars that have been pumped into the system over the last several years. According to Greenspan, something big is coming.

    His comments were shared by well known resource analyst Brien Lundin, who joined Greenspan for private discussions at last year’s New Orleans Investment Conference. In his latest interview Lundin further clarifies Greenspan’s private thoughts on current economic and monetary policy and sheds light on the former Fed Chairman’s suggestion that ‘something big is coming.

    Greenspan made some good points to me… He was concerned about inflation… He was specifically concerned in relation to the outstanding, or excess, reserves which are close to three trillion dollars being held on the Fed balance sheet now… That money is just hanging over the U.S. economy like a big water balloon of liquidity and it’s just searching for a pin.

    In fact, Greenspan referred to it as a tinderbox of explosive inflation looking for a spark.

    Watch the full insider interview:

    (Watch The Full Interview at Future Money Trends)

    Greenspan believes that in five years gold will be “measurably higher” than current levels because of the excess liquidity that will eventually be released into the open market. Such an event will undoubtedly lead to riots across America as the general public, woefully unprepared for rapidly rising prices when the pin finally pops the dollar bubble, loses access to affordable critical supplies like food, gas and other resources.

    The collapse of the dollar, an inevitability suggested by Alan Greenspan, will be a game changer that results in the quadrupling of the cost of living for the average American.

    All the while, as the United States stands on the brink of the most important event of our lives and in a world of extreme monetary and economic instability, stock markets are at all time highs. What’s more, the very resource sectors that matter – energy, agriculture, gold and the precious metals mining companies that get it out of the ground – have been decimated recently:

    Most people [at the investment conference] seem to share my belief that we’re bouncing around the bottom… that we’ve not necessarily seen the absolute lowest prices in metals but that they can’t go much lower than this because we’re right around the all-in cost of production… Your downside risk is may be 20% but the upside risk for really good companies that have good projects is on the order of 300% to 400% once the market gets back into gear.

    As noted by Brian Lundin, with the demand from central banks and the global public, coupled with the obvious fundamental problems inherent within the system, the price of gold should have been rising but has been crushed instead. This, of course, bodes well for investors and those who intend to protect themselves from the collapse to come. The reality of the situation is we’re in trouble and Alan Greenspan, arguably one of the most informed insiders on the planet, has implied that it’s more than likely unstoppable:

    He [Greenspan] seemed to believe it was somewhat inevitable that the release of those reserves would create much higher inflation… the Fed just hopes they can get out of this alive… a normalized interest rate environment, which is what they say they seek over the longer term, is fiscally impossible for the U.S. at this point in time.

    This is a well known fact within Fed circles and those on the inside are positioning themselves with hard assets for what will ultimately end in a collapse of the U.S. dollar and the American way of life.


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      1. Greenspan is just trying to save his soul but he’ll burn in hell just like the rest of these greedy pricks.

        • Judge not, lest ye also be judged.

          • Jesus spoke these words to hypocrites… we should all take note of them..

            • Exactly. How rare it is that the full context is quoted:

              [1] Judge not, that you may not be judged, [2] For with what judgment you judge, you shall be judged: and with what measure you mete, it shall be measured to you again. [3] And why seest thou the mote that is in thy brother’ s eye; and seest not the beam that is in thy own eye? [4] Or how sayest thou to thy brother: Let me cast the mote out of thy eye; and behold a beam is in thy own eye? [5] Thou hypocrite, cast out first the beam in thy own eye, and then shalt thou see to cast out the mote out of thy brother’ s eye.
              Matthew 7:1-5

              • Kinda like the quote of money being the root of all evil. When it says the LOVE of money….

                • And it was the late Rev. Ike who said, “It isn’t the love of money that is the root of all evil, IT IS THE LACK OF MONEY that is the root of all evil !” So all of his loyal followers made certain that he didn’t lack money.

          • calling it as you them IS NOT judging, FACT is FACT. anyway you cut it, in my book that is NOT judging. just throwing my two cents in. lots of ways to discuss what is or is not judging.

            • When it comes to “judging” someone, it is quite different that “discerning” someone.

              Judging, in relation to the biblical interpretation, is making a statement about someone that is “pre-determining” their salvation or lack thereof.

              Preachers are mostly guilty of this when they say a person is going to hell. Now if they follow up by saying “If, they don’t repent, or receive salvation thru Jesus Christ”, then that statement, “you are going to hell” becomes a discerning statement/calling it like it is seen.

              Pre-judging anyone to hell is a very bad thing to do because that is interfering with God’s business.

              Spiritual discernment is a good thing. If one is a christian, then they must discern who they congregate with. If they don’t properly discern they may end up following false doctrines or be aligned with heathens that cause them to accept sin.

              A good example is relatively good people, that call themselves christian, that align with liberals and accept abortion and homosexuality as acceptable practices. By God’s own words, killers of innocents/babies, and homosexuals don’t make it into the Eternity, which means a blotting out of existence into the lake of Fire after they have been “judged” by Him, their Creator.

              Political Correctness and Modernization doesn’t make any difference in God’s eyes. He is the same today as when He created the Universe and the Word, aeons ago.

              • Excellent post.

                • For completeness, the sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance:

                  (1) Wilful murder – the blood of Abel, [Gen. 4:10]

                  (2) The sin of the Sodomites, [Gen. 18:20; 19:13]

                  (3) The cry of the people oppressed in Egypt (slavery), [Ex. 3:7-10], The cry of the foreigner, the widow and the orphan, [Ex. 20:20-22]

                  and, ahem!…

                  (4) Injustice to the wage earner. [Deut. 24:14-5; Jas. 5:4]

              • There was a church in my home town that broadcast their services on Sunday mornings. My father would listen when we didn’t go to church. On morning, the preacher listed about 100 denominations and said that every one of them was going to hell. My father turned off the radio and never listened to that preacher again. That was the most over-the-top judging I ever heard.

                That was back in the 1960s. I just checked the church website, and the old codger is still preaching there.

          • You will know them by their fruits…

            • Correction, You will know them because their fruits.

              • “they’re”

          • Judge to Criminal.

            “I don’t blame you for what you did. I blame you for getting caught.”

          • Do not confuse judgement with discernment 🙂

          • Stop with the nonsense, we are all going to be judged. What a completely ridiculous and off topic comment, go away troll.

            • Jeebus Schmeebus……… Everyone judges/discerns however they want. Opinions are like assholes – everyone has one and they all stink. Mind your own damn business, practice OPSEC, think what you will and prepare accordingly. Just try and cluster with like-minded individuals – you will all need each other and your skills in a SHTF situation. Any other bullshit about religion or anything else is just so much static. Your spiritual relationship is personal – it is between you and your Yahweh/God/Allah. Since it IS personal – keep it that way – TO YOURSELF AND YOUR GOD……….

        • So true VJ. I just read an interview on KWN that just dealt with this topic and how Lord Rothschild has done the same thing. These bastards will pay when they meet their maker. I say their maker is on the basement floor.

          • Here’s the interview if anyone wants to read it and don’t forget to remove spaces !

            http : // kingworldnews . com/witness-orchestrated-financial-destruction-social-unrest-beyond-imagination/

            • Greenie may be right on this one.
              He could hardly wait to pass the
              the baton (shitstick) into the
              hands of Berdonkey.

              • Bingo West
                We haven’t and won’t see anybody worth a hill of beans run for office or seek appointment by King Obama. Everyone with an IQ above their shoe size sees where this is headed and don’t want their head on the chopping block when it goes down.

      2. Inflation -normal across the board inflation which includes wage inflation- works in your favor if you are in debt since you have much more money to pay back what seems an increasingly small amount of debt and works against you if you are a creditor unless you make increasing numbers and amounts of loans to keep real loan asset values in an equivalency status.

        If there is no wage inflation to accompany inflation -basically what used to be called stagflation- anyone with significant debt gets crushed and those who are debt free profit from it. Cash is king in this scenario.

        • That is the longest run-on sentence I have ever seen.

          • And what have you contributed?

            • Are you asking yourself that?

              • Butt out! Gobshite.

          • Thanks for the critique, I get rushed sometimes and just do a stream of consciousness thing and hit submit too soon without rereading and editing it first.

            There is, as you must know, no way to edit a post for clarity or to correct grammar after it has been submitted.

            But if that is the longest you have ever seen I’d suspect you haven’t done much reading on serious subjects.

            So what do you have to say about this subject?

            I’m assuming you have read this article because you have some interest in it, which I hope would mean you have something of value to add.

            • SHARON-
              Just keep posting.
              Whats more important right now is that we use this free exchange of ideas and thoughts while we still can.
              Fuck the dictionary police.
              Soon , i think , we will be sencored.
              CARRY ON !

              • Sharon: “Cash is king in this scenario.”

                Someone here has been saying for YEARS that cash will be king when the balloon pops.

                The dollar haters and the hyperinflation freaks are not going to like that Sharon. 🙂

                • I agree, cash will be King, but only for a short while.

                  TPTB won’t let hoarders of stacks of Benjamins get off that easy. They will eventually come up with a NWO currency and allow dollars to be converted at a degraded rate. That’s just mtc worth.

                  Since the NSA has a profile on everyone, the goobment will do a little SS# scan and run a diagnostic computer program on a person’s lifetime of employment and income and determine if all those dollars were made/gained legally before they do a switch-er-roo.

                  When all is said and done, they will most likely have everyone agreeing to a cashless currency and stamped into a tracking/World ID, system.

                  Hence, no buying or selling without the mark/stamp of the UN/Nwo’s approved system.

                  Just how long for cash to become worthless is the million dollar question and answer.

                  We already know that with one failed swoop of the executive order of the pen, Gold and silver can be claimed as property of the goobment and useless as currency on a widescale. Although, still possibly useful as bartering currency in some circles, it won’t be widely accepted after a period of time, if time is permitted.

                  hence, the words that say they will throw their gold and silver into the streets.

                  I know all you folks that have been banking on stockpiles of gold and silver to bring security for your families don’t want to hear or believe it will happen that way. maybe it won’t, and for your sake I hope it doesn’t. But, I will keep putting my potential gold and silver assets into food reserves, just to be sure. More and better pm’s of the projectile types was already forked years ago. Done.

                  • @passinwiththewind…

                    The same government that can declare gold and silver to be property of the government can do the same with your stored food.

                    Food is just a lot harder to hide or transport.

                    What we DO know, is that all fiat currencies eventually are reduced to their intrinsic value (i.e. the paper on which they are printed). This is historical FACT. And no matter what DurangoKidd says, this time it’s NOT different.

                    The verse you are referencing (Ezk. 7:19) regarding people throwing their gold and silver into the streets, is speaking of gold and silver being of no value when it comes to protecting someone from the wrath of God on the Day of the Lord. I would submit that food, ammo and ANYTHING else you have won’t either.

                    If you read the verses surrounding that verse, you will see that the reason that the people throw their silver and gold into the street, is because they realize that they have been corrupted by it, and allowed it to become more important to them than God.

                    It is also speaking of a specific event of judgment on Israel. Read the entire chapter for context.

                    In a broader application of this, yes, there could be an occasion where silver or gold would be relatively worthless. But even still, it would be a situation where NOTHING will be of any real value. An example would be something like a huge natural disaster. I’m talking something of immense magnitude like an Asteroid striking the earth or a major volcanic eruption like Yellowstone. Something that is an extinction level event. Or even a nuclear attack.

                    Other than those scenarios, silver and gold and other precious metals will have value. They are the original money.

                    • Seashells. Got seashells? 🙂

                      Yes every fiat currency is eventually replaced:either by another fiat currency or gold and silver. The economy will crash, as it does every business cycle, but the dollar will not collapse. Not without nuclear war, EMP, or Yellowstone blowing its top and bottom.

                      Believe it or not there is a SHORTAGE of dollars in the world available to conduct commerce, the demand is so great. Yes all of you dollar haters can cringe, shudder, and gnash your teeth, but it is true.

                      The dollar will be replaced by a One World Currency when digital money is perfected by quantum computing which is probably five years away; maybe ten.

                      Be careful what you wish for. If the “dollar dies” it means the major banks are gone and you are probably dead; or lead will be the metal of choice.

                      Invest in gold, speculate with silver, and hoard your lead. They won’t be making any more of it after the Changes. 🙂

                    • The dollar is in demand because it is simply the best looking horse in the glue factory.

                      The next collapse will be global. And yes, the dollar will go down with every other fiat currency.

                      And while it may be replaced with yet another (possibly global) fiat currency, what will those dollars be worth to those holding them.

                      Just because the global elite have their wealth in dollar denominated assets now means nothing. Those assets will just be denominated by some other standard of value.

                      Dollars and U.S. Government debt instruments are supposed to be backed by the full faith and credit of the United States. And just exactly WHAT will that be worth when the economy implodes?

                      In order for the ponzi to continue, they have to continue to expand the money supply. The effect of that WILL be experienced at some point or another.

                      The dollar is a FIAT currency. And will at some point, revert to its intrinsic value. THAT is historical FACT.

                    • anon2: “Just because the global elite have their wealth in dollar denominated assets now means nothing. Those assets will just be denominated by some other standard of value.”

                      Nothing to YOU perhaps if you do not have many dollars.

                      Everything to them; and the Global Elite control the wealth of the world: with the top 25 corporations accounting for 40% of global GDP.

                      The top 150 corporations control 60% of global GDP. And that was LAST year. The divide between the haves and have not’s will continue this year until the markets pop; then the disparity will dramatically INCREASE.

                      Besides King Dollar IS the best looking horse in the glue factory as you say, so why change horses when the horse you are running, have been running for 75 years in the race, is doing so well …for you and its other elite owners?

                      To believe that the Global Elite are going to use another fiat currency when the dollar they control is working so well for them, is strictly a FANTASY.

                      I can hear the weeping and gnashing of teeth. 🙂

                  • anon2: “Dollars and U.S. Government debt instruments are supposed to be backed by the full faith and credit of the United States. And just exactly WHAT will that be worth when the economy implodes?”

                    The economy “implodes” at the end of every business cycle.

                    At the end of every business cycle the pigs who stayed at the market trough get slaughtered, their dollar wealth is destroyed, and the sheeple on main street who WORKED for those companies which the pigs had invested in have fewer dollars to use, while they are trying to survive on unemployment insurance and their savings.

                    Haven’t you ever been through a business cycle or two, or three before? 🙁

                • @ Durango Coot

                  You are plain delusional. Fiat currencies are NOT money. Never have been, never will be.

                  When currencies fail, people always go back to monry; hold and silver.

                  Your ideas and prognostications can ALWAYS b ed held I p (you proclaim your “wisdom”) because you’re so erratic and irrational that you proclaim to b ed on every side of EVERY discussion. You’re THE epitome of the Shotgun Effect in a discussion; throw enough crap and something might stick.

                  You’re a joke.

                  Haven’t you got some “hot” girl (that’s way beyond your league) to pick up from of the dating sites?

              • Hammerhead, whats sencored mean.

                • It means we have another spelling nazi in the room.

                  • Gobshite

            • Better than a “stream of unconsciousness,” Sharon, like some around here.

            • Just messin with ya man, shit. Couldn’t really understand it till I re read it. In my opinion, Greenspan knows his time is short and his statement can be translated to ” you are all worthless eaters and we will kill you all.” I honestly could care less what any of these piece of shit elitists think or say. Everyday its the same ol slow moving train wreck. The only headlines I’d be interested in would be ” Obama shot in face”, Yellowstone blows, millions feared dead” or ” atomic warhead detonates in DC.” I know he wants to see it all come together before he kicks off. Didn’t mean to offend.

              • Just say in, it IS in fact one hell of a run on sentence and I couldn’t understand it. I make sure all my posts are readable and make sense. Didn’t mean to get you all butthurt, it just didn’t make any sense to me! Guess I’m just ignorant and I Cant’s read good. You guys are right, I guess I’m just a moron.

              • Dunjin we got no time for funnin or joshin on this here site. Were deadly serious, and we’re stocking food and guns and ammo and we mean to shoot somebody and send them right on to hell. We mean business, so don’t be messin with me and my Cuz or anybody else around here, or we’ll feed you some lead nutrients.

                • Sorry sir.

            • The more I read it the more your ” stream of consciousness” makes absolutely no fukkin sense whatsoever. I was not mean, I didn’t resort to petty ass name calling. I just made a statement that I don’t know what the hell you’re trying to say. Some of the fukkin dimwits on this site. I swear. Jump all over me because you can’t type a legible sentence. Shows your character.

              • Amen.

          • EEEH, I think I have written longer ones 😛

        • Quite right. Though I’m sick ‘n’ tired of saying it.

          • A $5 bill buys a pond of ground beef today but only 4 oz of it under 400% inflation.

            A silver 50 cent piece beats the butt off of a paper one in that circumstance as it rises from roughly 5 dollars to 20 dollars in value.

            • pound….oops

          • Boy howdy, I hear that lol.

        • Sharon

          When prices rise 400% cash is not king. Even if your working wages will only rise in the event of a potential labor shortage. There are a lot of unemployed to soak up before wages rise significantly. In the 1970s (and I’m a veteran of that decade) inflation had risen above any pay increase and we had a manufacturing economy at that time. Under the above scenario wages might not go up at all, common people cannot purchase the amount of goods they could previously and we all use, “less of everything”.

          Some loose more than others but no one wins in the above.

          The goal has been to equalize as much as possible the standard of living in the developed and developing world (hence developing). Outsourcing, Free Trade and deindustrialization of the developed world laid the groundwork to facilitate this. Massive inflation will complete the task in one fell swoop.

          • K2: Prices will not rise 400%. Hyperinflation destroys the currency. The currency of the NWO PTB is the dollar. The NWO PTB hold their wealth in dollars. The NWO PTB are not going to destroy their wealth.

            They will destroy YOUR wealth, the wealth of the Great American Middle Class as they have already done, by transferring that wealth to their offshore corporations via FREE TRADE, high unemployment, low wage growth, and lack of participation in the economy by the masses.

            To believe, or even suggest, that the FED will allow all of those dollars squirreled away in the accounts of their member banks and upon its balance to make its way to the masses is totally irrational.

            For Greenspan to say so is total propaganda to make the Sheeple GRATEFUL when it doesn’t happen and happy that they are slaves of the NWO FED. Anyone who accepts anything that comes out of his mouth as anything other than a LIE is a fool.

            Greenspan is the foundation of the NWO FED and the first GB that should be hung after a just but speedy trial, while the others watch on close circuit TV. 🙂

            • DK

              They have been eroding the middle case standard of living. That 400% isn’t hyper. It might take 6-8 years as the increasing supply of money funds government and through this makes its way into the masses hands. QE by another method, or by another name will feed money to the banks which will be used to buy equities. As they raise the price of stocks and their sold more new money out of any relation to productivity makes it into the system. Oh yes that money makes its way in for sure.

              Beef prices of $20 lb in 2020 might be just about right with minimum wage at $12.50. A 400% increase in prices and a 50% increase in wages. Less purchasing power equals less demand equals less produced equals agenda 21.

              The goal is to dramatically reduce the standard of living in the developed world while simultaneously increasing it in the developing world. They’re right on course.

            • That’s why the wealthy are buying up tangibles in massive amounts. Real estate in huge blocks, farm ground, city buildings, etc…. not to mention trinkets, like yachts, cars, boats, and the like. They know they must divest, and they are….

          • A microcosm of what is coming can be seen in Europe. Real unemployment is very high and all new jobs pay a lot less than they did for the equivalent work prior to the crisis. But, and this is a big but, currencies have been devalued significantly vis-a-vis the dollar, taxes have been hiked, and all assets and property have gone up by up to 20 percent a year.

            To summarize, you are earning less, paying more in tax, being paid in a devalued currency, and seeing all assets going up every year by 20 percent. That is inflation. It is a pure Keynesian solution to high debt. Inflate it away.

            Governments will probably just accelerate this when they feel the control measures are solid and in place.

            Check back in five years and the standard of living, in say the UK, will be lower than in China. Most of the UK will be populated by people from the Middle East and Africa (in many urban areas this is already the case) and will be effectively a third world country. The problem is the UK put in place a policy to import cheap labor just as computing, automation and robotics were making cheap labor irrelevant. Now, the British will be stuck with a growing population of unemployable people from the third world who will be plotting acts of terrorism to keep themselves busy.

            • The Brits themselves will be facing wide spread unemployment and may feel betrayed by “The Crown”. High taxes without true representation and high unemployment were the fuel of Sin Fein.

              • The Muslim Majority will not have much use for the Crown. “Off with their heads!” will have a whole new meaning in a few years.

                I would say that the NWO has fucked the Queen pretty good, and that the Muslim Brotherhood co-founded by Obola and his half brother will be in power before the Scots decide that Independence is a pretty good idea. 🙂

        • Normal inflation ? I’m not sure there is such a thing, the NORMAL part to be clear. The only people that benefit are the bankers. Go read what Jefferson said about our fate should we ever allow a private bank to control the issuance of our money. He nailed it !

      3. I’m getting tired of all of the financial articles. I couldn’t care less if all of the high-stakes gamblers on Wall St. lose their asses in the stock market. Here is a couple of issues that I DO care about:

        ATF again under Republican fire (They’re talking about abolishing the ATF)—

        You have the right to bear arms, not “electrical” arms, court declares not illegal to ban stun guns for private citizens—

        • I’m getting tired of all of the financial articles. I couldn’t care less if all of the high-stakes gamblers on Wall St. lose their asses in the stock market. Here is a couple of issues that I DO care about:

          ATF again under Republican fire (They’re talking about abolishing the ATF)—

          ht tp://

          You have the right to bear arms, not “electrical” arms, court declares not illegal to ban stun guns for private citizens—

          ht tp://

          • The problem is that when the high stakes gamblers loose their tails they take everyone else with them (remember that most of our present problems are the lasting results of this happening back in 2008).

            Nothing can be done to prevent it, but awareness can lead you into what actions to tale toward protecting your own interests as well as you can.

        • They are not going to ban the ATF, or any other government agency.

          The Republicans talk, talk, talk, but never DO anything.

          Want evidence of that? Here’s just some recent stuff:

          1. Fast and furious: Has anything come out of that? Anybody
          go to jail? Anybody even prosecuted?

          2. Benghazi: See anyone get prosecuted or lose their job over

          3. IRS scandal: Think Lois Lerner or any of her cohorts will
          be prosecuted or go to jail over that?

          4. Sub-prime loan crash (2008 remember that?) Who got put in
          jail for that. Did they actually fix what caused it?

          That’s just four. I’m sure there are a lot more that others may be able to add to it. But these are just during this past administration.

          There have been committees and “investigations”, but nothing ever comes of it. And the guilty go on and in many cases are even promoted or re-assigned to other positions. Or at the very worst retire with cushy pensions.

          Many of these committees and investigations have been headed by Republicans. They have their hearings. They rant and rave. And NOTHING ever comes of it.

          So, don’t go expecting the BATFE to be done away with any time soon. It just ain’t gonna happen.

          And don’t even expect the Republicans to get this ammo ban reversed. (Although that would COULD happen as their way of tossing us a bone)

          The Republicans are just the other side of the same coin.

          • Republicans can be trusted.

            To talk about things that Democrats won’t talk about.

            Then do the things Democrats would do while pretending they are powerless to do anything else.

            It’s called a two party system.

            That means both sides attend the same parties at the same private functions.

            • 🙂

          • Anon2

            I have no respect for any of them in Washington.

            If they can not take care of those who violate the law now, what do you think they will do when TSHTF. Knowing that they are also highly confrontational with Russia, I am sure they will run to the bunkers. Have to save the Government, you know. Bunch of damn pussies.

          • Benghazi you say….What does it even matter anymore?

            Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

            • Anon 1970

              Congressional Meetings for Discovery.

              What A Farce. Never amounts
              to anything. So why have them. If they had any power they would cart the Bitches off to a jail cell and let them sit there for a few days. No special cell, General Population.

              “Contempt of Congress”, My Ass.

              • They have them so the low info voter (shh, right) is stupified into believing things are being appropriately handled. It’s like the first 5 minutes the low info is all up in arms for ‘justice’ and then it’s all….”Look, a puppy”!

                I really don’t even care to a large degree I am so fed up.

      4. duh! Where the hell has Greenspan been? apparently not at the supermarket,Walmart or hardware store. Everything has either been going up or having smaller packaging or not selling at all.

        • You see the same thing I do Jim. Madison Heights Wally world. Last summer Banquet Frozen Chicken $6.48.
          Last week, same box of chicken: $10.48.
          I notice the fear in other peoples eyes when I shop now.

      5. Wall Street and the FED knows the only way to keep the Ponzi system going is to add 2.5 million more to the population each and every year from now on, and add nearly all of them on to welfare entitlements, keep adding it all to the debt. When Spanish speaking people out number the English, you can bet the farm they will make a law proclaiming Spanish as the official national language and there will be no one with the balls to vote against it, as it will be racist to do so. Half of the states will secede from the USA and become Latino States. Your deeds will be worthless Gringo.

        • IG Audit: 6.5 Million People With Active Social Security Numbers Are 112 or Older

          “It is incredible that the Social Security Administration in 2015 does not have the technical sophistication to ensure that people they know to be deceased are actually noted as dead,”

          We also can assume they are all still VOTING…when needed.

          CNS NEWS dot com

          We also know Social Security numbers have also been “reused” to help certain politicians get elected.

      6. And I was gonna buy a big ticket item like a $45000 truck I was gonna finance it too for 6 years at $550 a month pffffff ya right. The prices are already inflated and the gonna get more. All I can say is I’m glad I thought about the future unlike Greenspam. I used to be concerned about all this economic doom now I don’t give a shit. I see it as a coming green light to war on the elites. It’s their fault why shouldn’t the public want their heads on a stick. Fuck the elites it goes down and it’s open season on them.

        • AH,
          I would not buy a new vehicle ever. You loose 5-10% driving it off the lot. The cost to find an old one (with a good body) and drop in a crate engine and tranny is 1/10th the new cost.

      7. The money printing was supposed to be loaned out by the banks to stimulate the economy. The money was held. If the Fed calls for the money to be returned will there still be inflation?

        • That’s what they told you. The real reason was to reinflate bank balance sheets, which were underwater due to the forced issuing of half a gazillion NINJA loans to clients of the democrat politicians.

          The common idea that the Fed had taken over the Government is bassackwards. What has happened is that the Government, (in the persons of Clinton/Cuomo/Reno/Frank, took over the Fed, and ever since have forced it to bankroll outrageous overspending on “social programs” (i.e. vote buying schemes.)

      8. Ho hum

      9. Everything that we have been peeping for is upon us, all we can do is wait for the pin to pop the bubble it’s game over everyone hoe to see you all on the other side

        • I love peeps. Hah!

          • I love humanity, it’s people I hate “Genius 2015” 😛

          • Wow, this is like comedy central. Sharon hopes they loose their tails, and Rocky is peeping for something, and my Cuz he agrees with everybody except Acid Etch the pervert and sometimes he even thinks AE even makes good points. I’m just wondering how he thinks he is going to get out of Memphis when the SHTF.

            • If all we did was focus on doom we’d be a boring bunch ya think? I at least try and have some fun and joke a little. Otherwise whats the point? I know what needs done and act accordingly BUT I won’t let it take the life out of my life. Do you have something worthwhile to say? Let’s hear it. Meanwhile I will just sit back and read and plan my next bout of fun. MMMMMM my new rifle range 😛

            • I’m not hoping they loose their tails. I’m pointing out that if they do the rest of us do as well.

              That’s what happened back in 2008 and it is still negatively affecting the real economy today.

              There do seem to be a good number here that do hope they collapse, for reasons I don’t really understand, as well as a number that realize it won’t be a good thing at all if (or when) it does.

            • Yeah, I was wondering how he thinks he is getting out of Memfrica in a SHTF event. I wouldnt want to be within 50 miles when it happens much less a few days after.
              I have a good friend who has several very profitable bussiness’ in Memphis and he thinks he is going to be able to stay In his mega home out east which is only 20 miles from the river as the crow flies. He would be way better off at his lake house at Sardis.
              Once the SHTF in Memfrica and any other major city you had better be on the run as soon as the hammer drops if not sooner.

      10. i’d post a comment , but apparently i’m full of sheeit,

        lol ;0)

        • Peckerwood, That never stops me lol…

          • We know.

      11. Greenspan aint sayin anything that shouldnt be obvious.
        Everytime the Fed talks about raising interest rates , the stock market tanks and the world goes nuts.
        The interest rate cant be zero forever !
        When the interest rate rises ,we will see money flow back into the US and this will cause inflation.
        You just cant remove capitol , have it leave , print more and then have it all come back without problems.
        Sooner or later there will be too much money in curculation.
        So i agree with greenbuttface .

      12. Just can’t fix stupid…….God, groceries and _uns….God have mercy on us all

      13. All of this needs to end.

      14. Why suddenly the low level Zionist banksters are so concerned? Invest in ropes even when the price is being inflated. May God brings the opportune moment very soon.

      15. Alan Greenspan. George Soros and Henry Kissinger. Who are we going to dig up next? That’s Right! Teddy Kennedy.
        Where is Benny Boy Bernacke? I’m sure he has something to say.

        I bet Al Sharpton has the inside scoop better than anyone.

      16. Isn’t former federal reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan the same zio-jew neocon corksucker who told us all by national zog media in 2010 that precious metals gold and silver bullion IS NOT REAL MONEY???

        Looks like he forgot to tell that to the Russian and Chinese Governments! Who will take over control of the international precious metals trade on March 20th 2015.


        And it was former federal reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan who allowed it to happen!

        • Peckerwood: Do you have a link for that? The Chinese will have a hard time getting that land from the States, if Utah is an example of things to come. 🙂

          • Hate to say it but the Mescans are pouring into our country unarmed and we can’t seem to muster up the courage to do anything about that. 20 million of them.

            • ht tp://

              • The link above…More evidence we’re going communist

                • I read the link. There’s a LOT of totally BS statistics there, such as:

                  “70% of GM cars are produced overseas”. They are also SOLD overseas. As has been the case for decades. They build cars in China now because of China’s import duties. I personally watched while crews dismantled an obsolete and worn-out foundry from St. Catharines, (Ontario) for shipment to China, to make castings for a plant to build obsolete Buicks there.

                  Years ago the paranoid fancy was that Japan was going to own the USA, because they were buying up commercial real estate as a record pace. We had the last laugh. They bought at the very top; RE prices dropped 50% after that, and they took it in the shorts.

                  We ARE going Communist, but it’s not because of the Chinese. It’s because our education system and our media have been mostly Communist since the 1930s, and have thus managed to sway voters into electing Communists to many positions of power in both Federal and state governments. Joe Welch foresaw it all, but couldn’t get the word out.

          • hey dk

            info links attached…

            just waiting on the shtfplan moderator

            • A. yes China is getting worried that they will be stuck holding worthless dollars as the private “federal reserve” goes around with the federal government inflating the daylights out of their dollars.

              B. yes, hypothecation of property goes on, and YES it is very dangerous, but it’s way too late. The international bankers obtained legal title to most of this continent in 1933 when F.D.R. committed high treason and declared the federal corporation bankrupt and insolvent, which caused it to go into receivership.

              The so called “new deal” was merely a reorganization of the federal corporation in favor of the creditors (i.e. the international bankers).

              Now, those globalist bankers have full effective control over what calls itself the “u.s. government.”

              This is why we are marching so quickly towards regional government with these evil treaties such as NAFTA/GATT/CAFTA/TPP and more to come.


              • peckerwood, you are correct. Better get a chinese rossetta stone if you want a good job. Or open a chinese restaruant.

              • This goes way back .
                Many of our national parks are designated “world heritage sites ” .
                Basically are held in trust by the UN .
                Heres a list:
                ht tp://

                Please note the dates that these first became UNESCO sites, YEP , Thats right Jimmy Carter .
                Bleeding heart liberals just make me puke.

                • I heard those rumors before. I am not buying the internet meme of “re-hypothecation of American Land without real proof.

                  The Federal Government does not have legal authority to make such a pledge and the CCP is not so stupid as to believe it does.

                  World Heritage sites are just that: a DESIGNATED unique, cultural icon. There is NO ownership of these sites by the UN.

                  More fear mongering. 🙁

                    • PW: I am aware of the info in the link and also that Utah has declared ownership of the Federal Lands within its boundaries, which I applaud. I hope Arizona follows suite quickly.

                      No where do I see a link that shows a “lien” on Taxpayer land by China; or ownership data transferring such land to China.

                      Not happening. Fear porn. 🙁

                    • PW: I am aware of this “transfer” of the Wrangell Islands some years ago, too. Whether it is legal or not, or has been consummated or not, I don’t know.

                      I do know that there is probably significant oil & gas reserves under these islands; and the USA should have maintained its claim to them for that reason alone.

                      Personally I do not believe they have any real strategic value. The islands have been vacant and never used by the US to my knowledge. I don’t lose any sleep over it.

                      Not the same thing as saying that the US government has re-hypothecated its land to China to secure its bonds. Not at all. 🙁

      17. My old boss used to go to the casino to make payroll. This is what someone in management told me. I said no shit really. Yup liked to play poker. I don’t give a shit have my envelope on Friday or I’m not gonna come in Monday. My contractor always had the payroll. Another contractor always was short $ guys would run to the bank as soon as they got their check the last few to the bank would come up insufficient funds. I’m not kidding. This was back in late 90s funny I remember these things. Was a fun job made ok$. Had three hour lunches company vehicle go down to the beaches in the summer. Blow up a fatty. Those were good old days to me. Do what you gotta do then take it easy for a while then work another hour and go home. I was young didn’t have kids all$ for me. Had a styling ride. Banged a lot of girls. Went to the gym 4 days a week had great physique. I had a lot of fun probably more than I should have but couldn’t see myself being an old man doing this. Now make more $ get drug tested drive pickup truck wife has minivan don’t work out have three kids own house. Boy how things change. Haha

      18. Hey what’s going on with the site my shit is in moderation for a long time and there is no thumbs on here is it my device or what HELP

        • We pulled the Thumbing system because we are unable to secure it unless we force users to login to ‘thumb’. This feature should be available once we allow for user logins, private messaging, etc.

          Thanks and apologies for the inconvenience.


          • Cool Mac, PM’s. Live chat would be cool too 🙂

      19. “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself.” 
John Adams 2nd President of the United States

        “The Republican is the only form of government which is not eternally at open or secret war with the rights of mankind.”
        Thomas Jefferson 3rd President of the United States

        “If Americans ever allow banks to control the issue of their currency (Federal Reserve, central bank, IMF) , first by inflation and then by deflation (Economic bubbles), the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless in the streets.”
         Thomas Jefferson

        Some of you may wish to give children a sleeping bag and a tent for Christmas this year.

      20. im still trying to understand, please inform me if you can…our dollar is not based in anyway on gold. thats long gone, aint it? so then why are people treating the gold/dollar relationship like theyre intertwined? guess thats the george carlin in me. humor through an eyes open view of a brain-fucked society. people, dont watch gold, at all. our american (and most other govs) dropped that restriction a long while ago. these ships are steered by the fuel of unbound fiat paper currency. the only rules we play by is the ones that “they” (oh God, not THEM!) agree to. the trick is, in this card game, prepping, having a back up plan…the ace up our collective sleeve. if your food/water runs out, youre not gonna squeeze a drip of life saving ANYTHING out of an ounce of gold…or silver…or any other rock. in my honest opinon, take care of living first. then you can re-acquaint yourself to the slavery a money based system provides. best wishes yall

        • i might add, the word “precious”, is entirely relative. its value is only what you feel it is, especially in the case of “precious metals”…to me , that reeks of bovine fecal matter. imagine yourself at a garage sale….is that “hall and oates” record really worth seven dollars? america, i rest my case

      21. Another attempt!

        • Justice is a ghost? I thought I saw Justice but I know better, there is NO justice anymore. Maybe try Just Us instead 🙂

          • Genius, I keep trying to make contact from the beyond…

            If you guys don’t hear from me again, know that I am with you in spirit!

        • Sorry, my posts seem to disappear. It is so frustrating to write a long response, only to see it not post.

          • Try adding an email address in the reply box. It can be a made up one it doesn’t matter but it will get your post up asap unless you include a link to something.

          • Justice, of course your posts disappear, your trying to make contact from the beyond, what do you expect. Your on another plane, few of us can even see your comments.

      22. I kinda liked the thumb thing . It was nice seeing acid get thumbed down 50 times on comments hahaha. Oh well just glad I can still post. Good looking out Mac. Well people the only way the dollar dies is if businesses won’t take it as legal tender. I don’t see that happening but what a buck will get you has gone down this can and does happen. The dollar has declined for sure but if you been anywhere else on the planet they will take US dollars. They are worth more than most other countries $. The whole worlds economies are in decline.

        • Ass, thats not entirely true. The constitution defines what a dollar is. It is a measure of gold or silver which has held up a lot better than fed notes. Fed notes are fake dollars (paper satans) I call them lol. A gold dollar is about 1/20 oz. of gold which in fed notes is 60 fake dollars. Even though the so called dollar has declined by 98% or so the gold dollar is still way better off…

          • There are two basic types of money.

            Gold and silver or any other commodity based money requires that labor be performed in advance and stored as actual physical product to give it value.

            Debt based money -as in unbacked bank notes representing loans- requires promissory future labor performance to give it value.

            Either way money is labor, the real output of past labor or the promised performance future labor.

      23. Some say the gov’t will control hyper inflation, it won’t happen. Well, when Foldier’s coffee sold for $6 a can 2 years ago is now $9.98 a can, it is hyperinflation. When I used 200kw of electric power 2 years ago costing me $48 NOW costs me $74, what is it called?

        Hyperinflation is actually higher than normal rates of inflation. With this rate we are seeing now, coffee is going up 30% every year and my electricity is going up about 32% a year. We are warned every year it is going up now.

        In 8 more years I expect 1 can of coffee to cost $62.So over

        • Con’t
          So over that 10 year period of time, will wages go up 10.33 times more to compensate? $72.50 for minimum wage?………..I doubt it! The median household income has fallen while inflation hyper-inflates itself, destroying the middle class every year and put the lower income people to desperate measures to survive.

          • Woogie, sounds like you need solar and canned green coffee beans. Thats one beautiful thing about buying long term food now, you will save a ton on food in the years to come! Maybe grow a garden or build an aquaponics setup. Learn to can food. There is always a way to save fed notes on supplies if you put your mind to it. Beans and wheat are still fairly cheap. A 1 Kw grid tie solar system is about 1300 bux. Look on craigslist for people selling preps. Hell I got 1/2 ton of wheat in 50lb, long term bags for 100 bux on craigslist. Learn to save seeds. Grow barter items like tobacco. Learn to make wine. Now get to work soldier! 🙂

            • Learn to make moonshine, a quart of good stuff is 30 bux. Stock up on sugar and yeast you will need it. Just remember to use distilled water as iron adds bad taste. Sell your skills (auto repair, electrical, etc.). Look for deals on craigslist for things that are way underpriced in a town at least 100 miles away and resell it on local craigslist for a good profit ( I have made thousands doing this). Go on and buy bulk items and resell them for a great profit. Offer free junk removal or car removal and sell the metal for scrap. Go to the range and collect brass and reload it and sell it. I could go on for days but hopefully you get the picture.

              • You sir, are a genious. Thought I was the only one to do these things.

            • Already done, sir, except the solar system to get this summer when I get back to work this month. I am a survivalist for over 30 years, living on the edge of the wilderness near 20 pristine lakes for 13 years.

            • Genius, you have me motivated. I don’t have a lot of advice to add to this site but I do read the comments and appreciate suggestions, ideas, wisdom. I’ve grown my preps so much this last year and have grown even more in knowledge.

        • Agree: inflation is very high and the government just lies about it. Most of the population is dumb as dirt and the government knows this. But, I keep a record of my expenses and have done so since the early 1990s. And that record shows the truth. I paid $44 to heat my home in December 2002; in December 2012 it was $104. My electricity bill in April 2002 was $19.83; in April 2014 it was $146. Same size place, same number of appliances. “Now thatsa inflation!!” as Dean Martin would say.

          • In 2001 I fed my family of 5 on $60 a week. I was very frugal, more than I am now but it wasn’t terribly difficult to do. Now that I garden and have chickens I spend much more than what I spent in 2001.

            That being said we are considering a cow. I can’t believe it, but we do spend a lot on raw milk. My family can’t drink the homogenized, pasteurized milk. A huge chunk of my grocery money goes to that. I also just ordered 30 more chickens. this year I will be expanding my garden which intimidates me as a novice gardener. But, I need to cut back somewhere.

        • Wait till we have a late freeze and then extended drought,
          Add to that implementation of the FSMA

          • Kula: I agree they will and are doing everything in their power to prevent people from becoming self depended and not needing anything from them. Home grown food will soon be out-lawed (for the children no less).

      24. This is the year of shemitah. The seventh year. September the big one?

        • Yes and next year is the year of Jubilee the really big one. Just hold on the ride maybe unbelievable.

        • September 13, 2015.

      25. Greenspan was one of the biggest critics of the Federal Reserve. He stopped being critical when he was appointed to head them up.

      26. Enemy of the State says:
        Comment ID: 3345059
        March 9, 2015 at 7:51 am

        RE Martial Law
        they got all the time they want

        one at a time is how they are already doing it to us..they have already started the war, were still sitting on our hands

        “My friend at the USMS tells me that they have clear pictures of every swingin’ Richard that entered the plaza carrying a weapon, and that arrests pursuant to 18 U.S.C ss 900 will be made in the near future on an individual basis to protect the public and the arresting officers. Sounds like a sensible plan to me.”

        see the above quote.. this is how they are playing.. set us all up one at a time and take us down,, if we dont all band together on these issues NOW were done, more then half your brotherhood will be in jail or have their weapons removed by these BS laws

      27. “When the law does not apply to the lawmakers and law-enforcers, you are not being governed: You are being ruled. And we are ruled by criminals.”

      28. I’ve junked a lot of metals car batteries good stuff aluminum copper brass. I made a few bucks but I have thought if I held on to it it’s value would increase. Still do a truckload or two a year people give me the junk so I take it. It’s definetly an easy way to make $ for preps. You won’t make a lot but it does help. I have a nice house and don’t want to have too much junk laying around but everybody has their little junk spot. Mines behind shed where no one sees it. I haven’t been in craigslist in a while. Sold a few things on there though. People that want to buy things on there never have any $ it seems or they are not serious buyers. You end up practically giving shit away. I have a camper it’s a 2005 jayco sport nice tag along not a cheesy tent camper. This thing can be pulled easily with minivan or small truck SUV. I was using my ranger. Well I put it up for sale cause my family grew and I don’t have the time to go camping. There is not one thing wrong with it it’s clean never smoked it like brand new. It was worth about $6500 at the time I listed it for $4000 willing to take $3000 that was my rock bottom I’m not giving it away. Put it on craigslist people come down and look at it and they either don’t put a number out there or they want it for like $1500 are they crazy this thing is in mint condition I’ve taken care of it bought it from a guy he was only owner. Hitch goes with it all kinds of extras too. I still have it in the back yard it’s been sitting for 3 winters now. I’m just gonna let it rot back there I’m not mad about it oh well. Probably junk it eventually haven’t been taking care of it one tire is flat. Told wife we should have sold it on rv trader or something like that. Craigslist buyers want thing for nothing. I though about using it as a bugout vehicle but I’m not going anywhere with three little kids. I’m going out in a blaze of glory here at home. Look at the price of hitches for towing campers they are $350 on the low end. That was included thing has tv air conditioning bathroom with shower holding tanks micro wave outside shower with hot water spare tire and a tote to dump tank in for when your site don’t have a sewer. If they went to rv dealer he’s getting $6500 for it I realize he will give warranty that’s why I was selling it for less. If your selling things don’t use craigslist it’s good for some things like curb alerts.

        • Ass, It depends on what kind of people live around you. I have great luck getting my asking prices around here. RV’s are always a hard sell, there are tons of them. Maybe you can take your camper to a dealer and sell it on consignment. Most of the stuff I sell is solar related and theres not a lot of it around.

          Yard sales are GREAT for bargains. I once bought a 10-22 like new for 60 bux at one. Sell stuff you buy at yard sales on craigslist. lets you sell gunns and ammo and is a good place to sell stuff like that. Look for places that are doing a solar upgrade and see if you can buy their used panels cheap. Resell them at a 30-40% markup, they sell very well here.

      29. The economy is a train heading over a cliff and all austerity does is throw poor people off the train before it gets there.

      30. ht tp://

        he didnt take his own life, it was taken for him to keep his mouth shut..wont get the money you were promised for your dirty deed , because you trusted the true killer with your life

        idiots ,, born every minuet and working for government thinking they will get to skate , and be rich like them..

        you dont become an asset to them by doing their dirty work,, you become a liability

      31. Venezuela’s supermarkets are to install fingerprint scanners at the tills to stop food hoarding and panic-buying, in the latest sign that the hard-line socialist country is heading for economic ruin and further isolation from the West.

        At the inauguration of a large supermarket on Saturday, President Nicolas Maduro-successor to revolutionary leader Hugo Chavez-announced that thousands of fingerprint scanners would be installed in food providers across the country in a bid to ration food.

      32. The reason nobody nukes Washington D.C., is because they’re destroying America faster than any invading army could. Our freedoms weren’t taken by Rooskies or Arab terrorists. Our freedoms were taken by our own criminal politicians. When someone tells me the military is protecting my freedom, I respond, are they laying siege to D.C.? Until then, my friends, until then.

      33. I heard yesterday on the news that they are Demanding Congress to RAISE THE DEFICIT CEILING. That’s DEMANDING!
        This has to be done by the end of the month.

        Just maybe it will all come crashing down this spring. That would work for me. It would be easier to survive into the winter months with the stuff you have prepped with. This would also give you time to add to your preps over the spring, summer, and fall.

        I can see four fuses.
        #1 Deficit ceiling not being raised, or maybe raising it.
        #2 No treaty with Iran nukes.
        #3No money for Homeland Sect. (Only the paper pusher wouldn’t be working)
        #4 Russia moves in on other counties than Ukraine.
        Just my humble opinion.

      34. Picked up more precious metals this weekend, six 250 foot roll of Reynolds Wrap foil from Sam’s Club, $15 for a twin pack.

        Next is twenty 12-count boxes of Ziploc Quart size vacuum seal bags, got the gallon size last week.

        • AOWG, good on you! Baggies and foil are often overlooked in preps. Tupperware is good too.

          • I have saved some foil candy wrappers. They don’t take up much room. You can use them to custom make low voltage paper capacitors. That might come in handy. Measuring instruments and engineering books make that possible.

            That’s in addition to all the electronic parts I have for repairs and construction of new gadgets. There’s no telling how many radios I could build from scratch with the stockpile I have. Some of it was closeouts from Radio Shack many years ago, and some of it came from estate auctions. I also have a lot of nonworking electronics I can cannibalize.

            Never throw anything away. Everything can be reused.

      35. Want to know who is responsible for and how the world became in such a mess? Read “The Incredible Evil of the Khazarian Mafia” at, this reveals history and the plan that is smoothly moving forward. This is very good.

      36. Enemy is it true that Venezuela is restricting food hoarding that’s a pretty desperate move for a gov to take crazy. This sounds outrageous. The fear mongering is at epic proportions nowadays first it’s if you don’t prep your finished next they are gonna go door to door taking everything food , guns , gold and silver , water. Somehow the gov is gonna redistribute all this shit. The gov can’t manage a paper route. I mean I know hitler did this shit but I think he was a lot smarter than the us gov. Food rationing is not happening here ever I just can’t see it happening. If this ever happens we will have to exterminate the useless eaters. I’m not working and being under draconian rule to let the useless rob food from my kids. They are growing and can not afford a shortage of calories. It will get ugly fast if this happens . I said this before my kids better not lose a crumb out of his mouth because of the elites or the welfares. I would rather have civil unrest. There are always winners and losers in a fight . This thing about nobody wins in war is a lie perhaps one of the biggest. If you look at war this way you’ve lost without a fight you might as well turn in your guns and live on a prayer. The elites are calling the bluff on us they know their social indoctrination programs work the anti gun idiots are a testament to this. They tried to push when I was a kid these lies. My kid is going through it in school technology is good and liberal ideas. Guns and national pride and Jesus bad. I tell him the latter is why you have innovation. The American forces didn’t crush saddam right sure. There is winning in war it’s just how much do you want to sacrafice . All the years I was growing up they always said we had the most powerful military on earth. But we can’t defeat a bunch of camel jockeys in pickup trucks with RPGS and aks are you kidding me all that defense spending for nothing lies which is it. It sound a to me guerrilla fighters that have people fighting for their cause worldwide are more powerful than the bomb itself. If this is the case how come the gov don’t have a resistance fighters. Seems like us war doctrine is a conventional military troops fighting a clearly identified enemy nation. So america is not all that mighty only if you play by their rules. Well I don’t know about you but if I’m in a fight there are no rules only winning. Israhell knows this that’s why they have a strong offensive stance. They should considering they are threatened with being wiped off the face of the earth. If I was a us general I’d quit due to no confidence in the commander and chief. Any body that works in gov should quit do not help this clown destroy the country.

        • The federal government has computers. Hitler only had slips of paper in shoe boxes.

      37. Today is the first day in months that the weather has been good enough to work outside. It’s been raining, sleeting, or snowing almost every day for weeks. The entire yard is mushy. Local potato farmers are hoping for drier weather. It’s supposed to rain every day this week except today and Thursday. I don’t know when the fields are going to get dry enough to plant.

        I finally got outside to prune the Scuppernong grape vines. I hope I wasn’t too late, as the sap is already rising. Some of the vines touching the ground had rooted. I cut those loose and gave them to a neighbor. He’s planting more and more in his back yard.

        Next comes redoing the square-foot garden raised beds. The wood I had used years ago is starting to rot, so I’m going to use hardy planking. It’s a cement board that doesn’t rot, and it’s cheap, about $7 for a 12-foot x 8-inch plank. I’ll use treated stakes at the corners to screw the planks to.

        • Your yard is mushy.

          My yard is still covered with a couple feet of snow and it was 11 degrees last night. I’m still a month away from mushy.

        • It’s 68 degrees now, expecting 75 on Wednesday. I think we may not get any more freezing weather this winter. Of course we have had snow in April in the past.

      38. this is very cool

        Large Alaskan Wolverine is Handled by a Man

        And the Honey Badger is not the worlds most ferocious. The Wolverine is more fierce. Wolverine can weigh over 40 pounds (and live 25 years). Mr Steve Kroschel is not operating a zoo. He runs an animal wildlife center for unfortunate creatures.


        • You have to admit that the honey badger video is funny as can be.

          • Honey badger video:

            ht tps://

      39. The collapse of the dollar, an inevitability suggested by Alan Greenspan, will be a game changer that results in the quadrupling of the cost of living for the average American.

        That’s simply not possible. Any more than $1 million houses are possible.

        I mean… no one would survive it. Like maybe 5% of the entire population would survive that.

        An economy is a socially based thing. I mean ok, try that. Try to price toilet paper at $10,000 a roll and see who buys it.

        I mean I’m not saying it couldn’t slam in that direction for a short time but come on. It can’t stay that way, it’s simply not possible. Anything over 1.5-2x is ludicrous.

        • We survived candy bars going from 5 cents to over a dollar. That’s over 20x. And they’re not going down in price. I remember Cokes for 10 cents, bread for 10 cents, and cigarettes for 25 cents. A pack of cigarettes costs more now than a whole carton did a few years ago.

          And I see people looking at million-dollar houses every day on the HGTV channel. Prices can go up by large multiples. My childhood home cost my parents $2,500. Just the land is worth 10 times that easily.

          Things can be divided up if the prices go up. During the depression, multiple families lived in single-family houses as boarders. Stores would break packs of cigarettes and sell singles for 1 cent each.

          I think $10,000 toilet paper is a bad example. But if toilet paper does go up significantly, people will go back to buying single rolls like we used to. Bulk packs didn’t exist when I was younger. The biggest package had two rolls in it. And I remember life before paper towels in my home.

          If prices were to suddenly quadruple, I know some bills that would suddenly become unimportant to me. I would continue to eat regardless.

      40. Real money is inflation proof. If the Crooks errr.. Goverment were to claim right to our gold and silver, some other physical commodity would take it’s place on the street market. I tell everyone I can if you don’t trust gold or silver, buy corn. Just buy somthing of material value to help protect yourself from the demons in charge right now.

      41. The End Is Near! Or Maybe This Is The End!

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