Insanity: Mainstream Media Triggered Over Trump Sovereignty Talk, Claims America First Idea Is Russian Propaganda

by | Sep 21, 2017 | Headline News | 24 comments

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    In yet another example of obvious disinformation being pushed by the establishment media, noted liar and MSNBC host Brian Williams took to the airwaves Wednesday to complain about the presidents use of the word “sovereignty” before interviewing a former CIA operative who declared that the literal idea of putting ones country first somehow “plays into Putin’s playbook”.

    Responding to President Trump’s repeated use of the word sovereign and sovereignty during his recent United Nations speech, Williams worried if this was a dog whistle signal to the liberal world order that the United States was no longer looking to world governing bodies for guidance.

    “Back to this use of the sovereign and sovereignty,” Williams said as he spoke to mainstream media reporter Anita Kumar. “Did you hear a buzzword or a dog whistle in his repeated use of that world?”

    (Watch at Youtube)

    “You know it caused me to go back through and count how many times and so he used that word sovereign or sovereignty 21 times,” a clearly triggered Kumar stated. “It was definitely the word.”

    Pretending not to know what the word sovereignty means, Williams than asked his guest who in turn was only to happy to take shots at the entire idea of putting ones own country first.

    “It just means what he was talking about from the beginning which is America first, we’re going to go it alone,” Kumar laughably claimed before moving into the heart of the real reason that the establishment doesn’t want America put first. (Hint: They actually care more about the United Nations than America itself)

    “That really undermines to me the UN which is where he was today, NATO, EU places like that. International bodies he was really saying, don’t matter as much anymore,” Kumar continued.

    Apparently in leftist insanity land Trump is the bad guy because he is directly going up against the very international bodies that the American people voted against in the 2016 election.

    Amazingly, this wasn’t the only open propaganda during the segment, as Williams also turned to former Chief of State for the DOD and the CIA under the Obama administration Jeremy Bash who openly declared that the entire idea of economic nationalism was a Russian ideology that plays into “Putins playbook”.

    You truly can’t make this nonsense up. Deep state operatives are now telling the American people that making their OWN country stronger helps the Russians. This has taken the level of Trump derangement syndrome to an all-time high.

    The segment also makes clear the transparent fact that the large majority of mainstream media talking heads are globalists first and Americans second (or third in some cases).

    As Steve Watson so rightfully noted, “To these unabashed globalists, even hearing the President use the word ‘sovereign’ is a trigger.”


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      1. I have only one thing to say about these people.

        SHIT HEADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No disrespect to shit!!!!!!

      2. I suppose these shit head wants to every other nation first in front of the USA. If you do? GET THE HELL OUT OF THE USE. Scum bags (No disrespect to scum)

      3. Well, if it had been Obummer he would have mentioned himself 21 times.

      4. People are tired of listening to the main stream media. Look at at ESPN,TV in general,newspapers….ratings are way down….

        • Jim, most people don’t know this but the concept of “America First” started back in the early 1930s with the America First Committee. Their chief spokesman was Charles Lindbergh, who made the first transatlantic flight in an airplane. He was considered a hero until he started making public statements in favor of keeping America out of foreign conflicts. That was the main part of the platform of the America First Committee; staying out of other people’s wars and taking care of our own people and nation. That movement was the forerunner to today’s populist movement that supported Donald Trump for POTUS. This just shows the libturds are still all hung up on Russia interfering in the election last year. I don’t think it ever happened and even if it did, to this day no one has offered one shred of evidence to support the allegation.

      5. Sweet Christ, a pathological liar talking to some ugly-ass woman with a name like ‘cum-more’ upset about supporting, protecting and preserving the country they are spouting off in and protected by law to be able voice their drivel. To them I ask, “is it too late for your mothers to have a post-partum abortion?”.

      6. 1 in 5 Students Endorse Violence To ‘Prevent’ Controversial Speakers

        “I find the numbers in the above table to be highly concerning, because they show that a very significant fraction of students, across all categories, believe it is acceptable to silence (by shouting) a speaker they find offensive…”

        ht tp://

      7. Hey that’s an idea, a shoutathon. A knock down drag out war of words. Whichever side goes hoarse first loses. It won’t take long to declare a winner.

      8. It all starts in the classroom. Keep hiring disfunctional, anti-American, anti-family, anti-Christian,
        anti-white culture, anti-business, and anti-everything they are not. They are anti-establishment.

        I have heard a saying many times….” when you can’t do anything else you can always teach.” My bookkeeping teacher was an excellent teacher (very business like and I liked her).
        Some others were so-so, some weren’t worth the gas it took for them to get to work. They were babysitters, showing up for the job.
        In my school days if anyone behaved like they do now in schools…it would mean reform school.
        But, now-days the teachers seem to be the biggest problems!
        They would have been fired for teaching Communism.

        • Today, being a cultural Marxist is virtually a prerequisite for becoming a public school teacher. The universities ensure that education majors are thoroughly indoctrinated in the ways of the commie.

        • Ahem:

          “. . .Keep hiring disfunctional. . .”

          One of those three words is misspelled.

      9. Pathetic…..low info folks will take this propaganda and run with it….?

      10. Aljamo, those snowflakes need to be careful what they wish for. If they want to tackle me they will get hurt BIG TIME.

        • Oh, here we go (again)! General Keyboard-Kommando telling the world he’s a hard man. Give us a break. We all know that you can crack nuts between your ass cheeks.

          • You dumb cocksucker, everytime he makes a post, you have to show how.much of a faggot you are by commenting.

            Eat shit and die, fry cook.

        • The reason you like Trump so much is because you’re an immature boaster just like him. Birds of a feather….

      11. I don’t like the UN. Putting America first is a great idea. Now starting war with North Korea isn’t putting America First. That’s putting wealthy Jxx friends who want those north Korean minerals and ores to not undermine their monopoly on the metals markets.

      12. It seems the Chinese and Russians are worried that north koreas underground testing is causing some bad side effects like earthquakes. Maby the Koreans will nuke themselves off the face of the earth. give them enough rope.

      13. “A country without [secure] borders can make no claims of sovereignty.”

        I don’t know which white, racist, slave owning, Confederate linked, Founding Father said this, but there it is. [sarcasm]

        This country has not had an immigration policy for decades. Which is just the way the Democrats, Libtards, and people like Hillary Clinton, want it. H*ll, the wholly-owned, MSM, propaganda refuses to even say it, much less acknowledge it.

        Once again, the Russians did it.

        Even President Trump who says it and acknowledges it won’t do what is truly necessary — shut all immigration down until this government and this country gets its house in order. Deny social services to the illegals and the undocumented. He won’t fine businesses that employ illegals and the undocumented.

        Want to see what the Democrats want this country to look like in the future with their one-world globalistic crap? Look at Puerto Rico, Mexico, any North African country, Syria, Iraq, India, etc.

      14. fuk the media and the left wing liberal extremest terrorist group, Trump should drain those swamps too.

      15. Trump aint gonna do anything. No wall no draining any swamp. He is a puppet just like Obummer. Bush spent more than all of his predecessors combines keeping things afloat. Obummer had to do the same and spend twice as much to keep it barely treading water. Trump will need to spend as much in 4 years as obummer did in 8 years to maintain the same stagnant pace. Only thing Trump will do is become richer.

      16. Trump isn’t going to keep most of his promises. Some yes, most no. He hates Obummer so much that all he wants to do is try to outshine him, have higher ratings and brag about it and then stick it in Obummer’s face. I wish he would grow up and act like a leader instead of a petulant child one-upping a man he despises. Enough is enough.

        Aside from padding his bank accounts by working deals, and abusing his power to line his pockets he wants to prove he is better than Obummer because he hates him so insanely.

        I hate the guy too, never voted for him. He did nothing for this country. But my point is that Trump wanted to be in the WH for the wrong reasons (to enrich himself and prove he’s better than Obummer) and we’re going to end up paying for it. Dearly. Time to grow up.

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