“In Virtually Every Single Case the Citizens Who Were Ultimately Murdered Never Saw It Coming”

by | Jul 31, 2013 | Headline News | 173 comments


While the NSA, FBI and other intelligence agencies mine and collect trillions of domestic electronic interactions of every American citizen, a large portion of the population simply assumes that nothing will ever come of it. “If I’m not doing anything wrong,” they say, “then who cares?”

True. Today you can go out, join a protest, scream to your heart’s content at Occupy and Tea Party assemblies, and under the First Amendment you are free to go about your business once done. You can insult politicians. You can discuss ‘conspiracy theories’ with your friends. You can post to forums, blogs and social networks and be totally immune from state-sponsored persecution and prosecution based on your beliefs and ideologies.

All the while, the government is cataloging your every interaction – who you’ve spoken with, where you’ve been, you’re political inclinations, religious beliefs, and your purchasing habits.

The data, for all intents and purposes, isn’t being used for any real overt purpose right here and now.

But as we’ve seen throughout history, governments change, as do the legalities of certain activities.

This week the U.S. Fifth Circuit court issued a ruling allowing the government to capture cell phone data without a warrant.

Ruling 2 to 1, the court said a warrantless search was “not per se unconstitutional” because location data was “clearly a business record” and therefore not protected by the Fourth Amendment.

At first glance, this may seem like no big deal, but as Karl Denninger explains, it may have serious life altering implications – not today, or tomorrow, but perhaps five years or a decade down the road.

That is, exactly what the NSA is grabbing from all cell carriers in bulk without a warrant.

“In bulk” means for everyone.

All the time.

The root of the problem here is not that it might lead to you “right now.”  It’s that the data, once acquired is never erased and thus becomes a record that can be used at any time in the future if it becomes politically (or otherwise) expedient to use in order to implicate you in something.

The usual argument on the other side is something along the lines of “I’m not doing anything wrong so I don’t care.”  Uh huh.

You’re a rather trusting sort, you know.  After all, there is no evidence that the government would ever turn into something evil at any time in your lifetime and then use that data to ex-post-facto link you to something they don’t like — right?

There’s no history of governments doing things like this, is there?  Oh wait — there is.  There are in fact dozens of such instances through history, and in virtually every single case the citizens who were ultimately murdered as a consequence never saw it coming 5, 10 or 20 years down the road because at the time they “consented” the evil thing wasn’t happening — yet.

The most-obvious of course is the Jews in Nazi Germany, but by no means the only example.  Indeed, the history when it comes to privately-owned arms is that material and serious constraints on their personal ownership tend to come 10 or 20 years before the citizens are murdered by their very own government.

This is much-more-insideous in that these “records” can be — and will be — used to link you to a political protest (e.g. “you were at the Washington Mall during the time that xxxx happened”) and while today that’s considered a protected activity who says it will be tomorrow?

The real error here is that “business records” are not accorded 4th Amendment protections.  Why not?  I give the cell company access to my location not because I want them to have it but because it is necessary for their systems to know where I am for the service I am contracting for to work.

The very premise under which the court ruled is incorrect — if you and I agree that you may have some piece of information for the purpose of providing me a service or good that does not mean that I am giving you license to use it for whatever other purpose you may cook up later on.

If we cannot get our government to respect the fact that private citizens and private companies have the right to allocate information for specific purposes and that doing so does not give a general level of permission to either entity to then use that data outside of the specific purpose for which it was negotiated then we need a new government that does respect that fact.


Via Market Ticker

Why do you think they’re collecting this data and investing hundreds of billions of dollars into massive NSA data centers where they can store, process and cross reference this data? These aren’t just shovel-ready Obama jobs to boost the economy.

There is a plan in place, and one day all of this data will be utilized by the government. And as we know, it’s never for the benefit of the people.

Everything you do right now is being monitored, and one day soon they’re going to use that data against you.

Let’s just hope the penalties for future violations based on past transgressions don’t come in the form of being lined up against a wall.


Of course, such things can’t possibly happen in the “modern” world, so we have nothing to worry about.

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    1. 7 3/4 tinfoil hat

      damn, that was depressing….so many stupid people, so little time left…God help us all.

      • Mclovin

        “In a closed society where everybody’s guilty, the only crime is getting caught. In a world of thieves, the only final sin is stupidity.”

        Hunter S. Thompson

        • Yuri

          “The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.” — Ayn Rand

          • Yuri

            Oh, and:
            “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.” – George Orwell

            • durango kidd

              WE don’t have to wait for it to happen. We have the understanding of history that ought to encourage US to do something about it now, while We still have the US Constitution as a weapon against the NWO Globalists.

              Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote. If We do not become politically active We will become cannon fodder for UN thugs. Their are two kinds of people: predators and prey. Which one will YOU be?

              100 million American gun owners hold the future of this nation in their hands. Engage!!! 🙂

              • RedRex

                Good point Kidd, but i’m afraid it’s already to late. It’s the Flintstones against the Jetsons,,,,, how can you organize a revolution without communications? By collecting this kind of data they know exactly who’s communications to cut. Doesn’t matter if you got a zillion guns,, individually there pretty much useless…. these are depressing times,,,,,one good hope is that God is on our side !!

                • Ken Anton

                  Good points Kidd and Rex but it’s never too late. Look at the courage of the founding fathers standing up against the well-armed British troops who already occupied and controlled the thirteen states at that time. It will take organization, resourcefulness and one hell of alot of courage. Also look at Tice, Manning, Snowden, Oath Keepers and many other insiders who support the cause. Popsicle Man offers a realistic scenario of citizens standing up in unison to confront the looming police state.

                • Tomcat

                  Let’s just hope for an EMP or one HUGE solar flare to take out the satellites and computers…..even the playing field a bit,,,,Ha hahahahahahahhhahahhahahhah.. “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it ANYMORE!!”

                • Tomcat

                  “one good hope is that God is on our side !!”
                  If there were ANY type of a worthy god that cared for his “children” at all these evil scumbags wouldn’t exist to perform their acts. They’d have been eliminated long ago

                • derzahc

                  Gold is for the mistress — silver for the maid —
                  Copper for the craftsman cunning at his trade.
                  “Good!” said the Baron, sitting in his hall,
                  “But Iron — Cold Iron — is master of them all.”

              • lower40

                52% of the American voting block who are on the dole hold the future of this nation in there hands

              • jerrytbg

                Say DK, didn’t we briefly discuss this the other day…

                Nice catch Mac… these courts and their rulings are just pure evil… I’m so ashamed this is happening…
                Where have all the good men gone…

          • cjmartel

            And that Yuri, is where we are today. In January 2013 40,000 new rules, regs, and laws went into effect nationwide, forty thousand new shackles put on our civil liberties.

          • arizona

            AMERICA is falling by her own hand,the law abiding citizens will not allow anyone to save them,and will do everything in their power to prevent anyone from succeeding in winning a war against the invading armies coming to destroy america,THE LORD says worry about you and your own family cause everyone will be against you,even members of your own family who are to brainwashed to see whats coming,will turn you in to collect the reward being offered for you,THINKING THEIR DOING GODS WILL,get ready ,the lord says this WAR will last 1 year,and 3 months,SO GET READY,your out of time………

      • LSB

        Depressing yes, I believe thats part of NanaO’s problem. He appears to be so well-read, that he is having, in my opinion, what appears to be PTSD. In time, perhaps some of you will also be hyper-reacting to what your senses are taking in.

    2. joebob

      Well if that is the case “I LOVE Obama!!” “I love Obamacare!!”” “I love what the gov is doing to and for this country!” Maybe that will buy me a couple extra days so I can hide more stuff!!!

      • Anonymous

        Does’nt matter what you say now its what you said and did last week. Thats the jist of the article. No one is making a line with guns in front of me. OOPS….busted.

      • lena

        i have a “texans for obama” shirt and $150 on record as donation to the obama campaign and $0 on record for any republican, just in case.

        neal boortz basically convinced me that the “moochers” are the majority now and the elites are pleased as punch that they can control enough people to win elections and not need traditional americans anymore.

        i was convinced in 2012, that election was a lost cause and i was right.

        • durango kidd

          Only 129 million votes were cast in the last election, including dead voters in the Blue states. White Americans stayed home, as the percentage of black voters (blacks represent 12% of the US pop) who could vote, that did; exceeded the percentage of white voters (white voters still represent more than 50% of the US pop)who could vote, that did.

          If you are going to stay home, or “drop out” and play the victim smug in your assertion that “your vote doesn’t count”: rest assured, it doesn’t. You are a fucking loser. Pissers, moaners, whiners, and cryers will be the first ones on the FEMA Bus.

          Victory belongs to the strong; men and women who refuse to accept the status quo and the erosion of OUR rights and personal liberties. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

          Patriots are engaged. If you are a Patriot, you should be too! 🙂

          • Man on the inside

            So a few articles ago I mentioned “prep, plan, pray, vote”… and you would have thought I raped the Pope. I completely agree with you Durango. Don’t sit your ass at home and not vote and bitch about the results. Start at your county level and find conservative, constitutional people and help them win… or run yourself. Then move to the state level and then the federal level. How in the hell do you think these moochers did it and they are stupid and suck. We are way smarter. The Tea Party showed this could be done and they were not even that organized. If you live some were hopeless (San Francisco, Chicago, Memphis, ect.) …. MOVE!!!. Vote with your feet. Texas for the most part is on the right track. So is Idaho and Arizona… (no not perfect but on the right track). I moved from the train wreck that is Memphis. It cost me dearly but what I gained was much better. Small town, conservative, solvent, good sheriff. Stop talking war with the FEDS. They are going to start one anyways (which is why they are scumbags). Move to a conservative state and help make it even better. When the crap ass states run out of cash they will then be at our mercy as will the FEDs. Plan Pray Prep Build teams and vote…. Or move to were your vote will count with like minded people and then let the rest of the country go to hell. When they get hungry and desperate we will then run the show..

            • Man on the inside

              Oh…. and were is John Galt….

        • arizona

          THE BIGGEST PROBLEM in america is,THE PEOPLE can’t read,they should have read their bible and they would have know the elections would be rigged,DANIEL 8:11/8:12 layed it out whats coming,two hundred groups,traveled around america and poled all the VOTERS,OBAMA had 15% of the vote,rommey,had 25% of the vote,and RON PAUL had 50% of the vote,WHO WON,RON PAUL,hes the new president,NOT OBAMA,the problem is,DANIEL also said that obama will take the country by force when they try to throw him out,THATS COMING NOW,get ready ,YOU GOT A “WAR” on your hands,surprise ATTACK,”RED DAWN” is coming and there will be NO WARNING……………

      • cjmartel

        Nice try JoeBob, big brother knows EVERYTHING!!

    3. JoeRepublic

      I will never be the guy in the bottom photo. I may die, but it will be in defense of my life. Even if I am somehow caught off guard, I would rather die in the process of charging at them with every intent to do harm than to stand there and just let them fire away.

      As for not seeing it coming, most won’t. As for me, I’ve seen this coming for decades.

      • Rodster

        Very true !

        I refuse to live in a George Orwell 1984 or Hunger Games type of world. I love my freedom, they can suck it. That’s right NSA fuck off thanks to Snowden and you have my IP address.

        • LSB

          This already is a type of hunger game. I believe that they are watching all of our reactions, who can freak out over what…

          • Gravlore

            I freak out when I drop a sandwich on the floor. 😉

            • Man on the inside

              Grilled cheese or PBJ…

        • lower40

          Hey ,what if they own all these channels

      • Mclovin

        “I was making love to a woman. You know… murdering some ass.”

        Horrible Bosses

        • Tomcat

          come on…that was a funny movie!! Why all the red thumbs??? are we all too uptight to laugh.

      • Faith of the fallen

        I would die a thousand deaths fighting tooth and nail rather than live a thousand lifes a coward. The day may come when storm troopers try to gather me up, but I guarantee one thing. They better pack a lunch and bring plenty of friends cause in the words of billy bob Thornton ” I’m a biter!”

        • lower40

          Cowards die many times before their deaths
          The valiant never taste death but once

          “Julius Caesar”

      • Estrella


        The guy in that picture almost certainly killed a German soldier, perhaps several. Judging by the number of guys on the firing squad, they REALLY wanted him dead. I will bet that in truth he was one of the bravest guy who has ever walked the face of this planet.

        But his legs and arms are bound and that is all it takes.

        • JoeRepublic

          If that’s the case, getting captured was his mistake. As for what I think his circumstances are and while neither of us will ever know that, judging by his appearance, he was probably a German practicing Judaism and in hiding I suspect. Or maybe he was aiding Jews that were hiding. Or maybe he said the wrong shit about Der Fuhrer at the local pub. Whatever his exact story, nobody can know now.


          There is no passive resistance with me. I will not cower nor will I beg for mercy. Even if captured and put against the wall, I would roll away from the wall at them as I attempt to bring my arms over my legs. Futile as it may be, I will scrap until the end. Got it now?

          • Justice

            Wow, you have the capability to look at an individual and determine what religion they practice? What a gift !

          • John W.

            You are quite the hero. Most guys like you wet their pants and freeze.

        • mccabin

          At least he’s smiling…

      • durango kidd

        America doesn’t need men who will die in self defense. America needs men who will die, if necessary, for the ideals of self determination, personal liberty, and collective freedom. Women too!

        Better yet, make the other guy die for his. the NWO can be eliminated overnight and at 1000 yards. When that moment comes…..

        WE are all Seal Team America. If you don’t collect at least three blue helmets, you are not doing your fair share.

        Engage!!! 🙂

        • JoeRepublic

          This coming from the genius that thinks voting will make a difference. Obviously, you don’t understand the meaning of my point. When there is now way out, I will not surrender. That clear enough for you little man?

          • durango kidd

            Voting does make a difference but that is not enough. Not anymore. Not in these SHTF times. If you want Freedom to continue to ring in America, YOU must be adding your voice and your energy to the efforts of other Patriots across the Republic, Joe.

            You must get involved. Join the Tea Party. They are taking over the Retards. Or join America First, The Patriot Party, or The Constitution Party. Historically Americans formed new political parties when the PTB failed to hear the voice of the American People.

            ACORN (Action Now) got involved at the local level all over the nation and got the Kenyan elected POTUS. If these morons can elect a Kenyan POTUS, what can YOU do? 🙂

            • ENFP

              DK, The ACORN morons had the powers that be behind them. That is how they elected the pre-selected choice.

        • Man on the inside

          ….Insulting folks like Durango for speaking his free mind proves that some folks are not ready for what is really coming. This must be fought on all fronts. When it comes to it many of us may end up dead like our forefathers for what we believe. But we must fight it at all fronts. Go pull a handle in the booth for the right person. At the same time prep, plan and pray. Buy a box of ammo every time you can. Fill up the pantry. Learn skills. If anything else VOTING will slow down the train wreck coming. It will give us more time. This is what our forefathers did. At 17 trillion and counting (not counting unfunded liabilities and the derivative A-bomb) tough times are a coming regardless but don’t ever give up… and it should be 5 blue helmets or you’re not pulling your load. I have seen them shoot and they suck. And I have a friend on our team who is a “little man”….. and a martial arts expert who can also bench 320 and out shoot anyone I have ever seen….

    4. Be informed

      Those of the idiot masses probably will never have to worry about much because they are boring brain dead cows. Any “intelligence” agency would right the life of Joe Saturday and June Sunday as torment to watch, like watching paint dry or the landing patterns of a horse fly. Now the people such as the ones here that have brains and free will and think all by themselves, they, us have to worry about being watched. The people here have personalities, such as Smokie Okie and OutWest and many others that are entertaining to watch. If not being watched for some jacked up false security reason, they are watching everyone here because they are not boring.

      Let’s face it, this is a fun site to watch, and the people here are true characters of wit and make others think. These NSA characters would blow their brains out eventually if they had to watch the activities of the common ape of the masses. The truly invisible person is someone to painful to watch because they have nothing to them at all. Yes, the people here are under a microscope because they are the real deal and the government cannot control people like this. You are the ones that are constantly watched, you can bet on it.

      • California Resident

        @ Be Informed:

        Fix bayonets, and CHARGE !!!

        Coming to this site shows them that I am willing to execute my life ON MY TERMS, not theirs.

        • John W.

          You be the bravest no doubt about it. What a joke.

      • OutWest

        Be informed— lol

        Your analogies are unsurpassed and above peer, Sir.
        I can concur with just about everything you say.

        An “Alien Brain Sucker” would starve to death in this
        country. In fact, if they were looking for intelligent
        life in our solar system, they wouldn’t even slow
        down for us.

        Seriously though BI, keep up the good work, your
        input is invaluable to me and others here.

        • Burrow Owl

          RE: Alien Brain Suckers:

          This is one… OK…the main reason- why I could never buy into all of those ‘aliens are amongst us’ stories we all are familiar with.
          I just can’t believe that any civilization smart enough to escape the confines of their own solar system would be dumb enough to mix it up with the batshit insane inhabitants of our own sorry planet.
          If there really are any other civilizations ‘out there’ who are aware of our existence, I’m pretty sure that the location of planet Earth is marked on their navigation charts with whatever the intergalactic equivalent is for:

          “Here be trolls. Land at your own peril.”

      • Anonymous

        Howdy, BI, and once again you’re right on target [pun intended this time]. I’ve said this many times here before and it bears repeating: the day is fast approaching when we will be at war with this evil regime. They make it known through words and deeds every day what their true intentions are toward the people. Anyone who can’t or won’t see it coming will be in for the biggest shock of their lives. A holocaust of unimaginable proportions is coming to this land. As Joe Republic rightfully stated earlier, I won’t be the person depicted in that picture. I will die resisting the NWO. My life will end only on my terms. We’re all being forced into a nightmare scenario none of us ever wanted. I’ve been away the last couple of days burying a relative who was murdered in cold blood. I’m not going into details except to say she died standing up fighting evil. That is how I will go out of this world. I’ve become more sensitive since the 2 break-in attempts at my home back in May. Let anyone approach me now and say what they want to do to me and I say. “Bring it on if you think you have what it takes and let’s see what the consequences will be for you.” I’m sick of all the evil. I’m sick of all the POS politicians, banksters, bureaucrats, celebrities, etc. working to destroy our nation. I’m sick of all the whiners with their false complaints about our country. I’m sick to death of anyone and everyone who wants to destroy us. I say to them, “Bring it on, f#$%ers!” There have been times when I wish all this BS would come to an end; looks like it amy happen soon. I’m ready. Let the bastards come on if they think they’re so bad! NOMI CATIMF WOLVERINES braveheart

      • Jeff

        BI, True but they can murder you only once, and we all have to die someday. I do expect that TPTB will soon hunt down and murder all those deemed to be enemies of the state.
        Therefore to all the .gov enforcers: Obama is an antichrist! All those who support, defend him and help him are evil. The end game will be a total worship of the state as god. It will be the God of the Bible or the state. If I am to die because I believe that Jesus is the Messiah, and that he died on the cross to pay for my sins, so that I may be restored to my Heavenly Father then so be it. Being a martyr does work both ways. The Messiah is coming again and my ultimate loyality is to him and him alone. If that makes me an enemy of the state, then I consider that to be a high honor. Hier stehe ich, ich kann nicht anders.

      • Man on the inside

        Awesome and true… LMAO

    5. Infidels-r-us

      In my lifetime the government has gone from wtf to shocking to scary. 9-11 convinced me that we don’t have a real government anymore. It has been replaced with a mob-like banker directed military-industrial machine that is milking the life out of the USA. The horse is just about ridden down to the ground now and then they will walk away with their ill-gotten gains. Hopefully there will be enough patriots to put it all back together again.
      molon labe

      • Forrest

        You’re right, Infidels. According to Paul Craig Roberts, last week president Jimmy Carter said we no longer have a functioning democracy. Did anyone in the MSM mention his statement? Of course not– they work for the Non Functioning Democratic Government Which Dominates and Controls Us.

      • t-zulu

        molon labe

    6. ed

      Yep get off the grid now. Or at least limit your exposure to it.

      • Ted

        Yes that’s right get off the grid right now! It’s hot and you may get burned…..

      • Man on the inside

        Ed I have done this and let me tell you it is a cleansing experience. Only the internet comes here and it is by a wireless feed. Makin your own power, growing your own food… priceless.

    7. Ted Kennedy

      I have never used my ABC Fine Wine & Spirits Discount Card…

      • slingshot

        Ted Kennedy

        Your Father must have put away a hell of a stash.

      • Dave

        I always liked Ted Kennedy ‘s campaign slogan ” A blonde in every pond”

        • slingshot

          We’ll cross that bridge when we get there!

          Oh, Teddy.

    8. Steve

      To the sheeple who say “I don’t care if the government monitors my phone or Internet because I’m not doing anything wrong; why don’t you remove all the window shades from your house and publish all your passwords? Just saying.

      • Sally

        Yah they say that! but it’s funny that emailing is less, posts on fb are less, general conversations aren’t happening with people especially about anything government related since the NSA/Snowden info got out, yet they’ve been monitoring for years. But those people will be sure to tell you they are not concerned about it and it’s really not an issue. Conspiracy theorists are trying to manipulate the situation. I am sure they are dying for the new fall tv schedule lineup so they can checkout again fast.

        • ENFP

          Though I knew about the monitoring before the Snowden revelation, I am actually posting more political things on facebook and talking more about it. I figure I am already on their list so I best inform as many as I can while it is still possible.

    9. Justice

      The American working class individual has become a commodity to be used by the Government as it’s source of income. Yet we who provide the tax base will not remain necessay as the Government continues to print currency that has absolutely no value. Regretfully I am 100% convinced that the American economy will collapse. Then everyone will become equally destitute and penniless. Dependent upon the “Government” for existance, many will be forced to make decisions they otherwise would not even consider today as a viable option. We will be reduced to the same level as the disease ridden filth sneaking across our borders everyday. That is if we don’t prepare !
      This was an excellent article. My advise, stock up with as much of everything you can, keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth shut. Form alliances with like minded individuals. Remember to have OPSEC as your # 1 priority. Things are going to get Dinky Dow. You can either dig in or didi out. Keep you head low and don’t present an easy target!

      • Anonymous

        Roger on that. Prep now or pay later.

        Good Luck and Good Night.

      • TheGuy

        You know what’s truly weird about all this.

        I was convinced we’d collapse due to resource depletion, specifically oil. When the shale thing happened I was a bit more hopeful, although I realize it’s an economic bitch to extract it.

        Then all of a sudden… bam… Australia. Outback. More oil than Saudi Arabia. As of very recently this was found.

        And China doing thorium reactors by 2020.

        So… despite what the very convincing data said about known and proven reserves, we just got a major extension with new finds.



        Now, what… we’re going to collapse solely due to our monetary policy and the rest of the world is going to be rich and awash in energy???

        …sure looks like it.

        So… my question is this. Why did we build all those ICBM’s back in the day?

        I mean… you can’t chuck us back to 4th world status. Why can’t we just ally with Australia, bring the reactor research tech home, produce all our own stuff, point our nukes at everyone like the 80’s and say “I’m defaulting… if you want it, come and get it”?

        I mean… we’d HAVE the resources at that point… what’s the problem?

        • Forrest

          Even if they got a big chunk of oil in their back yard, it won’t amount to a hill of beans… everytime someone finds more oil it doesn’t amount to much at all in respect to global oil demands. For example, you remember the Exxon explosion off the coast of La. awhile back that turned all the sea birds to gobs of oil? That huge environmental disaster that cost billions of dollars to try to rectify? The oil– if they had succeeded in getting from the depths of the ocean would have amounted millions barrels of oil BUT WOULD HAVE ONLY AMOUNTED TO ABOUT ONE DAY OF OIL FOR THE WORLD@!! That’s the point– global oil supplies have peaked just like US oil supplies peaked back in the 70’s and things will never be the same– and that’s just how things are.

          • John W.

            Kinda misinformed are you? Soon there will be a glut of oil. Too bad the rest of the economy will collapse.

        • Lowtolerance

          Because that ain’t in the global plan, naturally.

          This “we” you speak of? No such animal. Sheep and rebels, that’s all you got.

          • yental

            This country could have been energy independent decades ago. So, why is this not the case?

            Because that land/resources are the only collateral allowing this “bubble” to continue to grow. Does anyone honestly believe that the other primary economies/powers of the world would continue to “value” the dollar if “something of REAL value” was not backing the dollar at the end of the day?


            The theatrical “slight-of-hand” would be amusing, IF THE END RESULTS WERE NOT SO BLATANTLY OBVIOUS/SERIOUS.

            As always, JUST MY OPINION!

            • jerrytbg

              spot on!

    10. anonymous

      Probably 15 of his closest friends and their leader.

      Remember Ramon, aim for the heart.

      • Abitdodgie

        Dont aim for the heart you will waste ammo on plates and 111A level always go for “head or hips”

    11. Hank

      Kruschev said the Bolsheviks in Russia killed TWENTY MILLION Russian Christians. The Bolsheviks were OVERWHELMINGLY Jewish led. Just like America is today. The SAME people, even LITERALLY DESCENDED from those Bolsheviks who murdered the Czar and his family as well as MILLIONS of other good Russian Christians.

      Rham Israel Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago, former White House Chief of Staff, David Axelrod, Bloomberg, go down the list, we have 33% of the Supreme Court Jewish, and NO Protestant White members. Supposedly Jews make up only 2% of the US population, yet they OWN Hollywood and almost every single mainstream media outlet.

      We hear about the Nazis, who were annihilated in 1945, to this day. Yet we NEVER hear about the Jewish led slaughter of TWENTY MILLION Christians in Russia or about Holmodor in the Ukra
      You have to ask yourself: WHY?

      The END GAME in the USA is the GENOCIDE of Whites ESPECIALLY White Christians, anyone who can’t see that is NOT PAYING ATTENTION.

      God bless Mac for all his efforts to wake up the average American.

      • Anonymous

        Hank: you better not let these morons who post here know you have tagged the Jews for most of the worlds problems. They will pillory you…did you ever notice how the Jews get their nose into everything, even the most innocuous articles. Them poor damn German Jews who never saw it coming! They were screwing the world and Christians nations for 2000 years and those poor Talmudic, Cabalistic, Pharisaical Jews…who never repent and maintain their parasitical nature never building nations but tearing them down. I for one do not have any empathy for them or the Zionist Christians who have sold out to death and hell and shore up the bottomless pit with their Luciferian lies and deception.

      • Road Runner

        Hank: you better not let these morons who post here know you have tagged the Jews for most of the worlds problems. They will pillory you…did you ever notice how the Jews get their nose into everything, even the most innocuous articles. Them poor damn German Jews who never saw it coming! They were screwing the world and Christians nations for 2000 years and those poor Talmudic, Cabalistic, Pharisaical Jews…who never repent and maintain their parasitical nature never building nations but tearing them down. I for one do not have any empathy for them or the Zionist Christians who have sold out to death and hell and shore up the bottomless pit with their Luciferian lies and deception.

        • Mountain Trekker

          WOW an Anonymous Road Runner, Cool you guys had the exact same idea at the exact same time. Like they say, like minds think alike. Trekker Out. Two For The Price Of One!

          • Smokey

            Looks like neither one of them can think for himself…

      • Road Runner

        Hank: who is behind all this data collection…Google…Israel…dual citizen shits shhhhh Someone might hear you. Now maybe some of these piss-for-brains morons will understand why the Internet was really created and why the Microsoft cartel was so strong…and now why this asshole Bill shithead Gates has moved on to another Cartel (drugs and vaccinations) to sow more death and destruction for his mother ship Israel, who have covenanted with death and hell.

        • Shootit

          We are all part of the “Human Race”. It boils down to the content of your “Character”. We have tyrants from all “Races” and can not type cast someone’s “Character” by their “Race”.

          • yental

            ZIONISM is not at all about race!!! IT IS ABOUT AGENDA AND ACTIONS TO ADVANCE “THAT AGENDA”.

            Not all “Jews” are ZIONIST…and not all “Zionist” are Jews. When will this simple TRUTH pass from “any reference to Zionism is anti-semitic” and all “such talk” must be condemned by the “politically correct” sheeple herd?

            I am not interested in “Israel firsters”, I am interested in AMERICA FIRSTERS! Bring any argument that “suits you”, the TWO are NOT compatible!

            • Shootit

              There you go! Race doesn’t equal Religion or Character. I am a human who thinks God given rights are first, Constitution second, and those/the rest(Smartest people in the world) will see each other in hell. Not judgmental, just wish I could be a better Missionary. It would be great if we would all see the light(Jesus Christ). If all relied on Jesus Christ this site would be moot, see you later, amen.

            • Road Runner

              Yental: The Jewish Oligarchy (inbred assholes) does not treat anything derogatory said about Jews or Zionist differently…it all considered antisemetism and has to be attacked as a ‘lie’. Jews are chained to Zionism whether they admit it or not. It is like a Catholic, until they leave Catholicism and become ‘Christians’ and drop the Catholic descriptor they remain Catholic. So to Jews must come to drop the description ‘Jew’ if they are to escape the lies their religion is built upon. One cannot drop nationality in the same way. We are what we are, but religion is a different horse. Saying all Jews are not Zionists is confusion. Zionism is like the Sanhedrin of Judaism. You cannot split them up. Just as you cannot split up Dominicans or Jesuits from Catholicism. If the Jesuits rule behind the scenes and Catholics detest them but remain in their midst they suffer their judgment and partake with their sins. What I am saying is men cannot remain part and parcel with lies and deception. Christ said we must separate from them. It is the same with Jews who do not like Zionism, it is bogus…they have to get out of Judaism and fight it from another venue outside…Truth. Otherwise the blind are leading the blind and they both fall into a ditch. The Jews who followed the Sanhedrin at the time of Christ perished when the Romans came…but most Christians heeded the warning a got out of Dodge before the fight at the OK Coral started. Paul said grievous wolves would enter the church not sparing them…so we must not join the crowd if they are stupid and blind and must get outside. Anyone who wants to play patty cake with NSA, FBI, CIA or Federal Gov’t beast, is in deep shit…they have and will be compromised, again will partake of their sins against God and humanity. Thus we Jesus’ warning in these last days, come out and I will receive you.

            • lonelonmum

              hear hear Yental

          • Road Runner

            Shootit: Zionism, Judaism and the word Jew is NOT a race. It is Babylonian Religious way of life. All who support it and are in it are guilty and partake with HER and HER sins…you are kicking against the prick!

        • Road Runner

          This is a re-post: for those who missed it. Most do not realize how accurate John’s Revelation is!

          The mass apostasy is not caused by the Church learning about false teachers and preachers. We are in the midst of it right now. The Church already has apostatized, fallen away from truth and is captured by the beast from the bottomless pit (responsible for reviving the Roman beast) because of the false prophet with 2 horns. Only a few will escape, the masses are already apostatized ready for the final act in the play. We are well into the trumpets of Revelation and the Church has no idea how late the hour truly is. Incidentally the false prophet two (2) horn (horns are powers and nations) are Israel and the Vatican. Two independent nation/states. That is a horn, a nation nothing else, it must be religious in connotation; it is Jewish (old) Christian (new); both apostasies walking in lock step. So now that we are at the place of the ‘great apostasy or falling away from Truth’ the man of sin, the son of perdition can be fully revealed. The Christians who have left Judaism, Catholicism and Protestantism in the Modern Era (come out of her my people) are the true body of Christ… what REMAINS is the Whore of Babylon who will be burnt with fire. The beast is comprised of Capitalism/England/Lion; Communism/Russia/Bear; and Fascism/Germany/Leopard; these are the body of beast and the USA has incorporated all 3 and this beast is what is treading down the world. If you take the map of the Roman Empire and superimpose it over the Map of the EU + the Mediterranean League (Moslem countries being conquered by the beast (NATO and US; North Africa, Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Syria) you have almost an exact copy of the Old Roman Empire boundaries. This is the beast whose deadly wound revives. The wound is revived by the false prophet and the whore. Chew on it, think about it. The beast described above, all its character and makeup are defined in the the nation of Zionist Israel…thus…Israel is the Image of the Beast. Israel or Zionism and its makeup; built, constructed brought forth Capitalism, Communism and Fascism all working for one common goal the destruction of the Body of Christ or True Christianity in Europe, in Russia, in Germany and in the USA and finally the entire face of the earth…hope you can grasp this…preping seems an insignificant thing when it is put along side of absolute truth…The beast from the bottomless pit is (Zionism/Cabalism) the Ancient Religion as exhibited by todays Judeo-Zionist-Pharisaical-Cabalistic-Babylonian pile of shit. What you do with this info is up to you! You have been told!

          • The Truth

            Road Runner, Them Guys, and the rest of you uneducated, moronic, hateful, pathetic, loser trash. Hear this. Few will bother to reply to your idiotic posts. I can understand why. I will briefly try to educate you pieces of garbage. Christ, who you love to refer to, WAS A JEW!!! Got it morons. Anyway, this Jewboy was killed by cruel, savage Romans. These Romans crucified over 100,000 HUMAN BEINGS, JEWS AND NONJEWS. Christ, the Jewboy, was just one human killed by theses horrible Roman pieces of shit. Countless suffered horribly at the Romans hands. Understand The Truth from the beginning and you might BEGIN to educate yourselves!!!

      • SSGT

        Yes most Bolsheviks were Jewish, but most Jews were not Bolsheviks. Rham Israel Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago, former White House Chief of Staff, David Axelrod, Bloomberg, etc are also all white, that doesn’t mean there is a consipracy of all whites trying to ‘take over’.

        • sixpack

          Rahm Israel Emanuel is not white.

          • Them Guys

            SSGT:Better Re check your bolshevik info. Sorry to burst any bubbles, but yes most jews in 1918 etc joined with or supported bolsheviks and red army kommies. And in every eastern european nation and area the Red Army came into, the folks them kommies got to assist the red kommie army, and Remain in that nation or city or village as the case may be, were the Jewish folks of that village etc.

            It was the Jews in Ukraine-Poland-Hungry and every other area who got put into Top key positions and offices. Like Mayor or milita leader etc and those jews is who enslaved all of the White Christians in those areas.

            Of course them jews when assisting the red army bolsheviks as well as the top inner kommie circle or Soviet(council in english) which Yes as you stated were 95+% jewish rulers. Only enslaved or sent to Gulags work camps in Siberia(50 below zero temps) those white christian folks who the jew helpers and red army didn’t kill off first. Be it Murdering masses of innocents, or enslaveing at gulags the same innocents it Was Jews in every village or area Kommies overtook, who helped do the “Dirty” work…Although obviously to those jewish helpers or enablers it didnt seem like Dirty work at all…More like Right Up Their Ally! As 3000 yrs history Proves. Existing in Human Blood Knee Deep to them jew kommies is akin to their rabbis knee deep in Animal Blood daily doing temple sacrafices of hundres of animals they killed.

            Them Rabbis of the Temple era were Forced to Cut square Holes into the lower temple wall area faceing the river or waterway, and install or Cut in the stone pavement Ruts or Gutters so the animal Blood can flow Out of the Temple as it really began to rise to rabbis Knees!

            Non stop animals sacraficed will cause lots of Blood eh.

            So does lots of Dead murdered Humans…And what does their Talmud call Non jew gentile humans?…GOYIM…Whats a Goyim mean in English?…Goyim= Herd Cattle animals!

            So in all honesty the russian bolshevik Jewsih mass genocidal murderers of a Couple Hundred million innocent “gentile Goyims” to those Jews was the same as Temple rabbis killing Cattle or Goats or Sparrows etc…Animals Is animals to the jew right…Gentiles=animals get it.

            Most true christian folks instead of worshiping jews or israel would know and Call such mass murdering killers of goyim gentiles as the russian jews were, something more like Luciferian Satanic Devil Worshipers…Not Gods people!

            • Road Runner

              Them Guys: I like to check out the fruit in the basket, the Jews are a basket of rotten figs. They also have a bare fig tree, a dead fig tree, and they run with serpents and scorpions.

      • W69

        Why? Because we will not lay down and take it, ever. We are in their way.
        They need to exterminate us because we value freedom and are WILLING to fight to our deaths for it.
        How?Because they are Pure evil, Luciferians. Killing is what they do best.

        I, like most of you are just waiting for the next false flag….what will it be?…some “killer” virus, real or government sponsored? Where they will force everyone to take the “vaccine ” and quarantine those who refuse to take it?
        Another mass shooting?

        Either way, it is obviously accelerating, ……..

        Revelation 12:12 ……………Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.

        • Road Runner

          W69: suddenly it will come, great destruction without any warning. Those who are blind will suffer terribly. Those who have not sought after Him nor inquired of Him will perish. Blind men stumble in darkness and there are none so blind as them that cannot see. I see men grabbing hold of their loins because they are undone. Remember, birth pains get closer together and more intense the closer to the birth we come. The Wrath of the Lamb is coming! The vision will tarry for no man. The wicked he will give the sword and the angels are the harvesters. Fear not them that can destroy only the body but fear God who can destroy body and soul in hell. Yea fear him. Put them in remembrance!

          • W69

            Road runner I think most of us will suffer heavy in one form or another .

            Revelation 6:5 And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand. 6:6 And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine. 6:7 And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see. 6:8 And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth. 6:9 And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held: 6:10 And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?

            • Road Runner

              W69: it is all well and good that you can reproduce bible scriptures but I have a bible. We now have 2000 years of history so that the scriptures can now be explained with understanding. Quoting a scripture is OK to make a point. But just copying them does not help anybody. With all thy getting dude get understanding, expound them!

              • W69

                I kinda like to let God’s word speak for itself in most cases. These passages I posted from the book of Revelation pretty much do well enough on their own, I think. I tried not to get too theological about stuff, and so many teachers as you even said have their heads up their arses, interjecting their opinions into it and twisting it all up. I too have a bible. Many, in fact. I have studied them for years. For the sake of the discussion at hand I thought it was pertinent. Peace 🙂

        • Road Runner

          W69: you are right the Satan has come down and he is pissed because his time is SHORT. What happened in Russian, Germany, England (they conquered the English people and made them slaves, they colonized the world for their own selfish fleshly desires) will happen here in the USA unless Almighty God helps us and intervenes, the satanic arm of flesh is getting ready to kill all who resist in America and that is a fact! There is only one arc of safety Jesus Christ and only God can rain down judgment on these men who are turning our country into a hell hole. The trumpets are sounding but who can hear? We all know for sure the asshole priests and preachers have their heads up their ass? We are in a spiritual paradigm now (Holy Spirit) and all things must be understood from spiritual Truth. In the Old Testament it was more outward than inward truth. The prophets had inward truth.

      • The Truth

        Hank, Anonymous, and the rest of you foul mouthed,moronic,
        filthy white trash, uneducated idiots, racist, repulsive pieces of garbage-and I’m being nice. You probably could take your brain matter, and it would NOT fit on the top of a pin. Listen up and LEARN!!! Remember, Jesus, the circumcised JEWBOY, would be disappointed listening to your moronic ranting. Secondly, only a few hundred Jewish people were Bolsheviks. They didn’t kill anybody!!! Stalin, then Lennon killed untold MILLIONS OF PEOPLE!!! Neither were Jewish- GET IT!! Stalin stole land from the farmers and gave it to his cronies. Because his cronies didn’t know how to farm, MILLIONS DIED. Stop your horrible, idiotic, racist ways, or you will end up in HELL!! I promise you that. Jesus, the circumcised Jewboy won’t be able to help you!!!!!!

    12. mikeincanada

      one of the best things you can do online or not do is to get off facebook. Never has an account, never will no matter how many people give me grief about it. of course I never did believe I had privacy online so not awfully shocked or even a bit suprised when Snowden made it common knowledge. Be wise on your posts,

      Stay vigilant and always in a state of prayer.
      God bless ya’ll and keep your heads up.

      • sixpack

        On my FB account they watch me play bejeweled blitz and turn down friend requests…pretty boring, actually. When they outlaw online games, they can then use my FB account to arrest me. Until then, fuck the NSA.

    13. Indy Colts

      If they want you convicted or dead they don’t need your phone conversations or emails to make it happen. I’ve come to believe no one in the government can be trusted.

      BTW Did any catch the story about the guy the DEA locked up and forgot about? My co worker said he was in a cell for 4 days with no food and water. Apparently he was supposed to be released because he was just there to be questioned. She said he’s getting like 4 million for his pain and suffering. I’m surprised they didn’t just knock him off.

      Thanks to Mac and SHTF for a place where we can come and not be judged because I simply don’t meantion prepping to anyone I know anymore because they think I’m crazy.

      One thing I was thinking about the other day. I fear those in my neighborhood who have weapons and don’t prep. I know the guy to my right has a few guns but he never mentions prepping. I hate to think someone is that close to me and I’m going to have to engage after they are out of provision in 72 hours. We’ll have to see what happens.

      • sixpack

        Being aware of your surroundings is part of the battle.

        • OutWest


          How right you are— perhaps most of the battle.
          Whenever I went deer hunting back in Michigan,
          nearly a million hunters went out in pursuit of
          a million strong Whitetail deer population.
          At the end of the season, three quarters of the
          herd had outwitted the wily hunters again.
          Why? Total familiarity with their surroundings
          allowed them to escape and evade and live to be
          smarter the next year.

          • Shootit

            Just remember the CORP will cheat just like some deer hunters and use feeders to draw you out. Don’t take the bait.

    14. VRF

      I know its O/T but what the hell

      Anthony Weiner has a new campaign Manager.
      He has appointed his Penis to the position. He
      determined that it was making all of his decisions
      anyway. You just can’t make this stuff up………..
      The Clinton’s are outraged that the Weiner’s have
      compared themselves to them. Seems like a
      logical position to me….

      • Navy Vet

        Ya, the Weiner’s and the Clinton’s, what a bunch of dicks.

        • yental

          @ Navy Vet, PERFECTION!

      • Shootit

        News Flash….

        New audio of Monica and Bill has just been released.

        Wonder if it came from the NSA?

        • OutWest

          Shootit— was it anything more than a slurping sound?

          • Shootit

            You suck!

          • Shootit


          • Shootit

            Just heard a verbal repeat of the written copy. Copy? Sorry about my crass reply’s, but I am sick of that crowd. To bad that we have to deal with all the wieners of the world.

            It would be nice if you and I could hang out without buying a license.

      • M

        You mean the weiners have a body count going all the way back too mena arkansas too ?

        Frankly I give the guy credit , gotta have some balls to not change last name weiner into something manly like SAVAGE .

        I’d vote for him , I know for sure he is not a homo )

      • Wink

        Yeah, Tony “Tiny” Weiner shure has a small problem.

    15. Ted Kennedy

      I will never purchase the Bourne Theory album.
      I will never put my passport through granny’s wringer.
      I will never pull my cell sim/battery.
      I will never purchase a weapon from a 3rd party.
      I will never want a can for a hand gun that has an external twist.
      I will never refuse to be radiated at airport.
      I will never request to pay cash for an airline ticket.
      I will never destroy the 2nd hidden serial # on my dinghy.
      I will never watch Gilligan’s Island more than 3 hrs. long.
      I will never read the nutrition labels on booze.

      • Ted Kennedy

        I will never stare at “her” for more than 15 seconds at the upper right.

      • TheGuy

        Dude how can you NOT watch Gilligan’s Island for more than 3 hours?

        Man I dunno if I could do that… HAHA

    16. Grandma

      So it seems, you still have some rights its just if you use them, you may have set yourself up to be whacked out. What a wonderful world.

    17. TheGuy

      Obamaphone makes a tad more sense all of a sudden.

      • sixpack

        I remember in a video, a young lady said she alone had “dozens of obamaphones”…perhaps the NSA will see that data and think it’s a “terrorist cell” meeting to plot against them.

        Might be a short raid though…one suspect in custody.

        • sixpack

          …and if the NSA doesn’t look at obamaphone users as potential “terrorists”, perhaps we should start looking for an obamaphone for ourselves…consider it “cloaked communications” devices.

    18. Ga Doc

      Saw this on-line. With cameras like this scattered around and used to “collect data” Big Brother will be able to see you clearly. Impressive picture detail. You can zoom
      in and read the t-shirts from blocks away


      • sixpack

        made it a lot easier to spot the undercover agents too. I found 3 in the foreground alone.

    19. Gonetoolong

      Off subject, I don’t know if this is common knowledge around here or not, but I just purchased 12 rolls/commercial toilet paper (12,000 ft) off ebay for $45 shipped. Seems reasonable to me. Just passing along.

      • sixpack

        12 rolls for $45? I just got 24 for less than $10 at Winco. Maybe you need to rethink your shopping methods…

        • Anonymous

          A normal/common roll has 54ft of paper. These rolls are 1000ft each. Maybe that helps.

      • A Christian man


    20. Watchman

      For winter meals when you need to pack as many calories into
      your meals as possible, make up a soup that positively brims
      with delicious nutrients. As well as containing plenty of
      vitamins, carbohydrates, fats, and protein, Super Soup has the
      advantage of using up the odds and ends of dried vegetables that
      you have left over from making more refined recipes. And a very
      tasty soup it is, too! Dumplings make it a complete meal. Note:
      milk does not boil well – it froths and boils over and makes a
      general nuisance of itself, so add it only in the last few
      minutes of cooking.

      Super Soup
      1/3 cup barley
      1/3 cup lentils
      1/3 cup Potato Buds, or 1/4 cup
      instant potato powder
      2 beef bouillon cubes
      1 cup dried sliced vegetables
      1 tablespoon dried meat
      A pinch each of thyme and marjoram
      1/2 cup dry milk
      3 tablespoons butter or margarine
      1/4 cup grated or cut cheese
      (optional) 1 cup biscuit mix packed
      in its own bag for dumplings

      Put into one bag everything except the milk – butter or marga¬
      rine – and grated cheese. Trail directions: 1. Put the soup
      into a pot with 4 1/2 cups water. Bring to boil, then simmer
      for 1/2 hour. 1. During the last five minutes, stir in 1/2 cup
      dry milk and 3 tablespoons butter or margarine. Add cut or
      grated cheese. 3. To make dumplings add 1/4 cup water to 1 cup
      biscuit mix and make a stiff batter. Form into balls about the
      size of ping-pong balls, and float them on top of the soup.
      Cover so they steam and cook until done, during the last 20
      minutes’ cooking time.

      Keep the FAITH

    21. Barn Cat

      They didn’t care about the Occupy idiots. They were just Marxist tools of their college professors. Once Obama saw that they weren’t popular the movement was quickly shut down.

      The rest of us are categorized by our credit card and debit card purchases, web searches and web activity, email, religious and political activity, Facebook, and traffic cams. The FBI is currently building a billion dollar surveillance network to make America a police state. Nobody will be able to hide.

    22. Uzziel

      Why aren’t we wasting these f***s and their Twenty First-Century hessians, yet?

      • A Christian man


        Satori is just misleading all the Sheepe on here!

    23. buzzfix

      The real foe is, people like us. People that know and speak the truth and will not comply. I believe Henry Kissinger made a statement to that effect that a terrorist will be anyone that doesn’t comply with the New World Order system. People that won’t give up personal freedom, privacy, property and, weapons. When I say property I mean homes and farms etc…

    24. Forrest

      Excepts from Interview with Paul Craig Roberts on Alex Jones Show– titled, “THE TOTAL DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA FROM WITHIN”—

      No statutory laws… we’re now ruled by executive branch. Congress and the House are irrelevant. Executive branch no longer accountable; is above the law. as long as there is a “war on terror” .. we now have a Caesar. Police State. Police stealing from the people on highways– if see cash in car, will confiscate it. US defined by Constitution. Since Bush, government un-restrained by Constitution. So we no longer have rights. Any suspicious person can be picked up– no jury, don’t have to tell friends or family…or the government could just murder them with drones. And is not accountable. Anyone who tries to expose this is called a Conspiracy Theorist.

      Economy is no good. Cities are collapsing (Detroit, Cleveland, St. Louis, Chicago). Manufacturing jobs gone. Jobs (good jobs) are gone– shipped overseas.

      A lot of people are awake. (Cops waving to Alex Jones as he passes by, “hi, Alex, we’re awake; we know what’s happening!”) Alex asks, “so what do we do?”

      Dr. Paul replies, ” Collapse. We have 3 bubbles: derivatives, the currency (dollar), and the stock market bubble. (The government) is trying to get the rest of the world to intervene…support the dollar. They’re now trying to finish these Free Trade Packs. One is with Asia, one is with Europe. And the real purpose is to draw the world into dollar structured trade relationships. (Support the dollar, so as to keep everything afloat).

      If second downturn of current Great Recession occurs this fall/winter, they have no remedy. Unemployment will rise further, which puts more pressure on the budget (becomes larger)– could be a Big Collapse.

      Coup d’ etat has occurred over our government. If we try to organize anything, they’d pick us up because they’d know as soon as we began. Only way out is collapse…or rest of the world saying they’re not going to go along anymore with all this (crap). We (U.S.) don’t have a lot to offer other countries anymore– our exports are drying up–our income drying up.

      All our civil liberties have been… what they’re substituting is gay rights, voting rights, and abortion rights. and though these may be important to some people, they are not on the level of habeas corpus. They can murder you and no trial, no due process. No discussion of this in the media! Shows success of the Police State… and substituting nebulous… for Constitution. We’ve lost Habeaus Corpus. We lost right to life. Worst problem is the American People– Most are still asleep.

      They’ve stolen the rights of the American People (by lies) and they are not accountable by law– and that means (when they are not accountable to law) you have a police state…. The Elites thought they could control Hitler (long time ago). The German business elites, including the upper class, thought they could use him for their own purposes, but what elites always overlook is that they end up being in (same situation as rest of population).

    25. El

      And yet… I don’t see a lot of folks willing to give up their cell phones. How strange is that?

      • Gonetoolong

        The new Iphones will require fingerprint ID from what I understand. Send the print online and guess who has access. Damn near anybody now.

    26. Forrest

      From Collapsenet.com–
      “What Happens When the Oil Runs Out?”

      “…is is not so readily done in practice, because oil is a particular and unique substance, having both a high energy content, and that it is readily refined into liquid fuels – effectively by distillation – to provide the petrol and diesel that runs practically all of the world’s transportation. Moreover, everything we depend upon – literally everything: food, materials, clothes, computers, mobile phones, pharmaceuticals etc. – for our daily existence is underpinned by a plentiful supply of cheap crude oil. So, the loss of this provision is going to have a profound, and shattering effect on human civilization.

      In the “good old days”, e.g. the Humphrey Jones “Giant Gusher” drilled in Texas in 1922, it was necessary only to drill a hole in the ground to get oil. An oil well contains not only oil, but gas at high pressure, meaning that once the cap-rock that holds it all in place is broken, the oil is forced out in that familiar jet of black gold. The good old days indeed, because then it was necessary only to expend an amount of energy equal to that contained in one barrel of oil to recover a hundred barrels, which is like investing a pound and getting a return of a hundred pounds – a very good net profit. In 2013, the return is maybe twenty pounds or just three for extra-heavy oil, or for “oil” derived from tar sands, once it has been upgraded into liquid fuel.”

    27. 2nd

      Yep…all the unarmed dems could get wacked by the nwo un russian commies.

      ah…go ahead!

    28. Forrest

      “There is no right wing/left wing, only the aristocracy and the serfs. (A verticle paradigm). To know this is to be like a fish who has broken the surface of water, realizing he was in water the whole time.

      What we have, in what passes for U.S. Democracy in 2013, is a Kabuki play that Cicero put to papyrus 1948 years earlier. All historical empires and war aggressors have used propaganda to claim their looting and police state were for the welfare of the people.”

      • t-zulu

        if you can pick off 3 before they hit ur porch ur golden

    29. PassingThru

      Y’know what, if you are the kind of person who gives a #### about anything, you are going to end up on some would-be-dictators ####-list. I’m old and getting crippled. If someone wants to whack me, well let’s dance that final dance. My whole family has been very ill. Nothing matters anymore anyway.

      • t-zulu

        sorry prev comment meant for passing thru

      • t-zulu

        sorry prev comment meant for passing thru

    30. Ricardo

      Always a picture of nazis, but never one of bolsheviks, or americans, I wonder why? Maybe it is that shtfplan is owned by zionist jews?

    31. sunshine

      Here is a great speech by Ron Paul in the House of Representatives, June 29, 2006…note the date..the title was: “Why Are Americans so angry”….(look how mad they are now, 7 years later) This speech gives such an overview of things…the website I will give has it..the videos are no longer available…but print out this speech, and learn from it..he says, amongst many things, “A dollar crisis will make borrowing 2.5 billion dollars per day from China and Japan impossible or at affordable interest rates”…so, here is the website: http://www.todaysamericandream.com/rp_whyamericansangry.html (hope I have the website correct..you can always google : ron pauls speech, “why are americans so angry”..)

    32. jimbo

      the time is almost if not here where we the people will need to start taking out all surveillance equipment like camera’s and drones that are stealing our rights of privacy. i refuse to live in george orwells 1984. think if americans started destroying all camera’s illegally watching us all over america. it would be the start of the resistance or 2nd revolution against tyranny. i don’t mean camera’s in business to catch crooks. no they have their place but to watch every move free americans take is going way too far. maybe it is high time free men and women did their part in saying hell no you will not take my freedom or my childrens. we cannot keep waiting for spineless congress to do their jobs.

    33. Stez

      There has been only two real serious attemtp at getting rid of the NWO: The American revolution, and Nazi Germany.

      Both approaches were diametrically opposed. The Americans kicked the english bankers out be left unharmed and ready for another fight. We know what happened, they were back at it in no time, and have been the real governement since the days of Woodrow Wilson. The revolution was ultimately a failure.

      The Nazis were NOT tyrannical to their own people. Those who oppose NWO and swallow Hollywood BS on the subject need to visit a psychiatrist. We’ve been lied to shamelessly on the subject of what life was under Nazi Germany before the sacrifices of war. It was full employment, barely any crime, and life was good as it could be considering the misery they had just experienced following the Versaille treaty.

      Then they took the bankers head-on, and if it wasn’t for their ability to draw most public opinion in our so-called democracies in favor of the war, they just might have gotten us rid of the blood suckers running us now. But that was a failure too.

      So what do we have left? Keyboard commandos posting Nazi pictures. Wow. Are we in deep xxxx or what?

    34. Achilles Heel

      “It cannot but happen that those individuals whose functions are most out of equilibrium with the modified aggregate of external forces, will be those to die; and that those will survive whose functions happen to be most nearly in equilibrium with the modified aggregate of external forces.
      But this survival of the fittest, implies multiplication of the fittest.”
      -Herbert Spencer, Principles of Biology (1864)

      It appears Spencer was only partly right. The human species has been allowed to overpopulate, and overpopulate with those least fit to survive. The agricultural revolution and explosion of the use of petro-energy has enabled this. This error is now circling toward its inevitable and much-needed end.

      All other species follow the “law of the jungle,” in that only the strongest, the ones most able to adapt to changing environments carry on. And because of this “brutal” practice, they know no war, no avarice, no want. They are in harmony with nature.

      Since we refuse to align with nature, nature will now re-align us. Disappearing resources, climate change, natural disasters and biological pestilence are the opening salvos. The Earth will spin on just fine without a drop of oil. A million years, hell, 10 million years is nothing at all for it to spend to shake of it’s latest apex organism to allow something more harmonious to thrive.

      I prepare simply to survive the death rattle. To listen to the thunderous final roar of hunger, desperation, anger and despair of the weak, un-prepared and ill-fit to survive. I want to see the dawn of new humanity.

      -Heel out

      • Stez

        Good stuff

      • Them Guys

        Darwin new ager Pycho Babble at its finest.Mixed in with global warming and Peak Oil fables too!

    35. maudy fricket

      Soon, my friends, very soon. We aren’t given an option. The choice is not ours. We must defeat the Great Satan or perish for all Eternity. I’m not even religous and I can see it.

    36. Ricardo

      @Staz: You are right, but the only serious attempt at getting rid of zionism was made by Nazi Germany, the american revolution was entirely led by freemasons like George Washington, the same people that managed the Reign of Terror of Robespierre and the bolshevik revolution, it was all a charade.

      Long Live nazi germany.

      • Stez

        I don’t quite agree on this. the American revolution sought to free the sheeple, sorry, the people from any collective duty and central authority. The idea was and is still noble. The problem is, and if you’re any sport fan you already know that: teamwork will beat individual play everytime.

        National Socialism requires commitment and duty from individuals for a greater cause: the good of your extended familly (race). One may think whatever he wants about racial collectivism, but one thing is for sure, it is not with negative propaganda on the American revolution our masters have been feeding us for the last 100 years. They thrive in this devided system of false-democracy where everyone is entitled their own idea of what reality should be like. Should we ever be allowed to rise and assemble again into a united force, just watch them jump off their chairs!

        • t-zulu

          make sure you note that in the beginning only “property owners had a right to vote” cuz they are the only ones with skin in the “game”

          • Stez

            It is in the nature of a republic to have only those who are considered most fit at choosing the governement to have a right to vote. Now we can argue about the value of the “owning” criteria, myself do not think it is a valid one. But then democracy enables the stupidest elements to cancel the votes of the brightest. Not a good system, as we can witness right now.

      • Kevin2

        My Uncle walked through a death camp. It was no charade. My two Great Aunts Polish Catholics were taken for slave labor and did not survive the war.

        The NAZI’s were evil statists that believed in the collective over the individual. The difference between them and communists for the masses; six inches and half a foot.

        • Stez

          Did he walked through Dresden after the bombings too? Oh you never heard of that one?

          Those camps were labor camps. People died horribly of malnutrition and diseases… and sometimes from gunshots too. But then who said war was a clean business? Some American soldiers have horror stories on their conscience too, believe me. It’s just that you don’t hear them on the part of the winner in any conflict.

      • Wasp

        Ricardo, whether you hate jews or like jews, it makes no difference. But don’t try and sell none of that bullshit about Nazi’s or Hitler. They were totally inhumane and God has and will take care of all that were involved. Long Live Freedom.WASP

    37. Texas

      So do you really think that even today you can criticize politicians and federal govenrment institutions without risk of beign targeted for say an audit by the IRS.

      • Kevin2


        Its getting to a point that an IRS audit in retaliation for political expression may be the least of you concerns especially if your view gains popularity and a following. The NSA will have a tally of your supporters well before you do.

    38. Kevin2

      Oops its your concerns not you concerns (think too fast and type too slow).

    39. Anon66

      “If I’m not doing anything wrong……..”

      Hey stupid, it is not you who determines what is “wrong”. It is TPTB.

    40. Ricardo

      Wasp, what about the communist, you are brainwashed as nearly all americans.

    41. Tucker

      I just listened to two sound bites from the Gun Owners of America’s radio podcast, ‘Lock and Load’, and I cannot tell you how depressed I got from listening to Larry Pratt display what has to be a record setting level of blind stupidity and criminal level of ignorance with regards to the real history of WW2. To make matters even worse, Pratt was even arrogant and belligerent in his embarrassing display of his ignorance.

      The sound bites were two different callers, each of whom brought up the ‘forbidden’ topic of the identity of the #1 most dangerous enemy of all mankind, or at least the #1 enemy of anyone who loves freedom and liberty and who hates and despises tyranny and totalitarianism. After hearing Pratt’s responses to those callers – I have to conclude that the former level of respect and confidence I once had in this guy’s ability to be a leader in the fight to preserve our Second Amendment and First Amendment rights has now totally evaporated.

      Pratt seems to have consumed massive gallons of the disinformation kool-aid that has been pumped out by the likes of Alex Judas Jones – and instead of acknowledging the identity of the real enemy who is openly and aggressively trying to disarm law abiding White Americans, Pratt pulls out his Alex Judas Jones cue card and starts blowing out a pile of rancid manure about the ‘evil Nazis’ and parroting the same sort of bald-faced bull crap about gun control in Nazi Germany that we constantly hear out of Jones and his crew of paid disinfo agents.

      I have rule of thumb that I go by and it has never failed me. If anyone who claims to be inside the so-called ‘patriot’ movement constantly harps on Nazis and tries to insinuate that ‘Nazis’ are behind all of the efforts to impose totalitarianism upon Americans – then that individual is working for the real enemy and is helping them to distract our attention away from the identity of our real enemy.

      Here is the ‘real’ enemy, folks. And, guess what? It turns out to be the exact same tribe who the Nazi’s were fighting and it also turns out to be the exact same tribe who seized control of Russia in 1917 and disarmed their population, imposed Bolshevik Communism on them and then slaughtered over 66 million of their people.

      Who’s behind gun control and disaramanent agendas?


      Who invented Bolshevik Communism and imposed it on Russia and half of Europe and who wanted to impose it upon Germany, until mean old Hitler came along to stop them?


      The Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution
      and Russia’s Early Soviet Regime
      Assessing the Grim Legacy of Soviet Communism

      by Mark Weber

      What to know what is behind this ‘bash and shift the blame to the Nazi’s’ template?


      “Adolf Hitler pointed this out in one of his first speeches. He was completely aware of the Jewish ways, only the Jews would complain about being thrown out of the Garden of Eden and made ‘to work by the sweat of their brow’. The Germans loved to work and were tired of the middle men, the financiers, stripping the working class of their efforts. The Nazis blamed all Jews, they punished an entire group for the crimes of a few. There is a reason for this, all practicing Jews are psychically supporting the tribe so in a sense they are connected. The Germans saw this connection up close, German nationalists could see first hand in the cities that Jews did not assimilate into the German culture, they saw that Jews were undermining the German traditions, Jews wore traditional garb, they did not look German. Hitler and Goebbels lamented repeatedly in speeches and writings about Jewish subversion of their culture. This is happening again in America, now that America is in rapid decline many voices are pointing out Jewish subversion of American values. Jewish politicians are attacking home schooling, gun ownership, allowing tens of millions of immigrants to stream in unchecked that is subverting the base culture. It has happened again, the cause is from the same tribe because that is what they do.”

      And, Larry Pratt seems to think we can fight and defeat this enemy without ever identifying them by name and by tribe?

      I cannot think of a more nauseating example of limp wristed cowardice than that.

      This is why, as the title of this article clearly states, in virtually every single case the citizens who were ultimately murdered never saw it coming – because of weak kneed, gutless, spineless, cowardly little sissies like Larry Pratt – who are and were too terrified of the enemy to courageously name and expose them.

      News Flash to the patriot community: We have to stop chasing long dead and decomposed Nazis and stop letting bullshit artists like Jones and Pratt misdirect us into believing they are our enemies. They’re all dead, folks. They are not the problem.

      Our problem is the same problem that the Germans were fighting and the hard facts prove this to be true.

      • The Truth

        Hey Tuck, you are a DUMB FUCK! Another uneducated white trash, filthy, moronic, inbred, stupid, lying piece of SHIT!!! I’ve never seen a more pathetic group of losers in my life, that I find on this site. BLAME the JEWS for everything bad that happens, including the Bolshevik Revolution. YEA Genius, 750 some odd Jews killed 66 million people???!!! How stupid can one be??? Just as an aside, I’m a PROUD JEW, who happens to hate government and politicians more than anyone of the moronic swine on this site. HAVING SAID THAT, I propose a government agency be created. Their job- gather up all the white trash uneducated inbred filthy swine on this site, and make them go back to school, and AT LEAST graduate past 3rd grade. Think you can handle that, Tuck??? Maybe then you’ll blame the 66 million killed on JESUS,THE CIRCUMCISED JEWBOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Tucker

          I tend to find it to be pretty comical that anyone who is very likely a paid troll and Son of Israel would have the chutzpah to choose a posting name like ‘The Truth’.

          Didn’t the Jesus dude have something to say about this topic in the Book of John? In discussing who He knew was the Father of jews, he said: “He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there was not truth in him”?

          Secondly, I am to believe that I am a ‘dumb’ [expletive deleted] for merely being industrious enough to do my research on the history of the last 100 or so years, and harvest what amounts to a enormously substantial boat load of quotes that came directly from members of this Son of Israel tribe whereby they, themselves, not only admit to their role in creating Bolshevik Communism, but also whereby they boast about it and declare how proud they are of themselves for doing so? Where they arrogantly boast that they intend to impose this same totalitarianism and savage, murderous tyranny on every nation of this world?

          “The Bolshevist Revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish brains, Jewish dissatisfaction, and Jewish planning, whose goal is to create a new order in
          the world. What was performed in so excellent a way in Russia, thanks to Jewish brains, and because of Jewish dissatisfaction, and by Jewish planning, shall also, through the same Jewish mental and physical forces, become a reality all over the world.”
          American Hebrew, September 8, 1920.

          Or, hey, maybe The Truthstein dude also thinks Alexanader Solzhenitisyn is a ‘dumb’ [expletive deleted], as well?

          “The Gulag Archipelago, ‘he informed an incredulous
          world that the blood-maddened Jewish terrorists had murdered sixty-six million victims in Russia from 1918 to 1957! Solzhenitsyn cited Cheka Order No. 10, issued on January 8, 1921: ‘To intensify the repression of the bourgeoisie.'”
          (Alexander Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago)

          Or, hey, maybe The Jewish Chronicle newspaper back in 1918 had a employment policy that dictated that they would only hire ‘dumb’ [expletive deleted], uneducated, white trash, and filthy, moronic, inbred, stupid, lying pieces of [expletive deleted] losers to work on their writing staff, and who were probably responsible for writing this:

          “…there is much in the fact of Bolshevism itself. In
          the fact that so many Jews are Bolsheviks. In the fact that the ideals of Bolshevism are consonant with the finest ideals of Judaism.” (The Jewish Chronicle, April 4, 1918)

          Conclusion: You just got smoked, Truthstein. Next time you decide to pick a fight with someone who is ‘awake’ and who is wise to the identity & evil machinations of the world’s #1 enemy, you might want to avoid denying the historical facts for which there is an overwhelming amount of substantiation available.

          • The Truth

            Awake?? You must be kidding. Twisting words, facts and history, to support a hateful agenda is not the definition of being awake. It’s the definition of a sick, sick, puppy. Rewrite history and attempt to blame an entire race or nationality for the worlds various problems? Millions have fled the Soviet Union, Jews included, to avoid the repression of a morally bankrupt country. A New World Order? How does one possibly believe such garbage? Take a look at Israel today. A beacon of democracy surrounded by countries ruled by madmen and lunatics. Finally, millions of Arabs have decided that enough is enough. Saddam Hussein, Hasaf Assad, Mohamar Gadafi, and their ilk will no longer control their lives.Good for them.
            Dumb? No Tuck, dumb does not even begin to describe someone like yourself. We are all G-d’s children. We are blessed to have been born into this world- even with all its problems.God judges us by how we treat our fellow man. How we try to make our world a better, more peaceful place. I have ALWAYS felt we are ALL born in G-d’s image, and in our heart know the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, and common decency. Spewing evil, lies, and hatred by mouth, or in writing, is NOT what G-d intended when he put us on earth. Of that I am sure. G-d sees and knows all. Those who live their lives with love and goodness in their hearts, and compassion for their fellow man are truly G-d’s children, and are doing G-d’s work.

            • The Truth

              I would like to ad that I sincerely apologize for the hateful language I used in previous posts. I just get so infuriated when I read others blame all the worlds ills on Jews,blacks, Muslims, or any race or nationality of people. There are good and bad people within all races. G-d wants us ALL to love one another and make HIS earth a place of peace and tranquility. For CENTURIES, we have let G-d down. Big Time. Oppression,mass murders, slavery, ethnic cleansing, Wars… The list goes on and on and on.How terribly sad. How WRONG. There’s only one answer. Find the love, goodness, and decency that G-d has placed in ALL of our hearts and minds. Use that goodness and kindness with your fellow man, regardless of race, religion, or nationality. Only then will we lead a good,pure life. Only then will G-d smile down on us.

    42. maudy fricket

      With the new Amnesty that will be passed, your kids won’t be able to get a job in IT or engineering. They won’t be able to pay off those expensive school loans. Been to Seattle lately? Looks like Hong Kong. Been to San Jose lately? looks like Mumbai. Notice how many British accents on the news and the business channels lately? That’s so you get accustomed to foreigners every where. The Globalists are hand in hand with the Marxists. They don’t like you. They don’t need you. What ever shall they do with you? Hmmmm.

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