In Final Days, Obama Uses “Unilateral Actions Designed To Box Trump” And Block His Agenda

by | Dec 30, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 28 comments

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    Who said anything about a smooth transition? Somebody is turning over the tables, and jamming the doorways, anything to impede the next occupant.

    A “bitter” President Obama is apparently trying to block as many actions of the next president as possible before he leaves office, setting up regulatory roadblocks and executive actions across the board that are apparently designed to impede President-elect Trump’s agenda before it even gets started.

    From Russian espionage, to oil drilling policies, Muslim immigration and Israel, the sharp differences between President Obama and President-elect Trump are lending towards a tense transition, rather than a “smooth” and cooperative one.

    It reveals a deeply divided country, with many people desperately supporting Trump as a means of undoing two terms of what many see as an anti-American influx of foreign populations and influence.

    via The Hill:

    President Obama has taken a number of unilateral actions in the waning days of his tenure that appear designed to box in President-elect Donald Trump.

    Obama’s decision Thursday to sanction Russian entities for election-related hacking is just the latest obstacle he has placed in Trump’s way.

    Days before… the Obama administration allowed the U.N. Security Council to condemn Israeli settlement activity

    Obama has also permanently banned oil and gas drilling across large swaths of the Atlantic and Arctic oceans, closed off 1.6 million acres of Western land to development and scrapped the last vestiges of a registration system used largely on Muslim immigrants.


    Should Trump seek to scrap the sanctions on Russia next year, it could trigger a fight with congressional Republicans, who mostly praised the retaliatory steps… Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) called the sanctions “overdue.”


    Meanwhile, by dismantling the dormant National Security Entry-Exit Registration System, Obama could slow any possible effort Trump makes to set up a registry for Muslims in the U.S. The system could have served as a foundation for a new Trump program.

    It remains unclear whether or not any of these efforts will in fact get in the way of the overall tone and actions of Trump’s presidency, but it is certainly indicative of the bitter divisions held by the major political factions in the country.

    Trump has responded via Twitter, attacking President Obama for his attempt to undermine his future authority.

    Classic proof of why any president should not have unilateral power, or the ability to simply decree things into law under the cover of darkness, a lack of debate and general media silence.

    It continues to be a sharp rebuke against people who elected Trump on the basis of their opposition to the current regime and the increasing totalitarian nature of Democratic operatives that would have taken power under Hillary.

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      1. Mr. TRUMP: Indict & Execute them all for treason.!!!!!!

        • And leave the swamp as it is. It will be needed to toss their carcasses into. Let the critters dine on them.

          • J and PO

            Better yet. Lets us tie them to a stump in the swamp and let the critters have them then!

            What do you think about that????


            • Sgt, PO’d and J,

              BIG YES !!! and THEN ALL those Obutthead recruited need to be reviewed for treason and other crimes and given the appropriate sentence as well, get the GATORS FAT from lots of food or the scum will KILL the gators!! LOL

        • I second that!

      2. I don’t think Trump has a single worry about Repubs like Ryan, Lindsay Graham or insane John McCain.

        Trump will bury them, and may have them arrested for corruption. Trump can also initiate term limits as he said he would like to do. It is a swamp he needs to drain. And will take them all out one by one.

        Trump when investigating Hillary tie Obama into the corruption and could hold him accountable. Obama may want to get as far away from Washington as possible. like go back to his roots in Kenya.

        We have not even see Trump unleashed yet. He is just setting the table to run it. Patience as Obama just makes himself look like a fool.

        • Zeus, agreed. The ape-in-chief is showing his sorry black-muslim-commie ass every way he can think of. He needs to have his bags packed and be ready to go on Jan. 20th. The obamas need to go find a country that works for them, just to paraphrase what Trump said about that moron kapernick.

      3. It ain’t just Obango – the cowardly sniveling wreck of a man Paul Ryan is aiding and abetting. As are many many many others.

        What? Has the USA run out of rope and lightpoles? Surely enough for all those in Washington D.C. and the nation’s lawyers to boot.

        • Yup “Pauline Whinin” no better than the scoundrel he replaced “Boo-Hoo Boehner”. Both need to be held accountable for their treason.

      4. A small hateful man with a very bad case of sour grapes.

      5. If the Republicans can’t show a united front with President Trump and back him in his champagne promises to the American people, then how can the American people trust their representatives ? How can this country ever be united in any endeavor? We’re tired of the Kenyan’s lies and treason, and the sooner he’s gone the better. He’s acting like the child that didn’t get his way and will now get even for his imagined right to do so. Obumer is just another arrogant Muslim trying to destroy this country. With every action the Kenyan takes he only proves this fact over and over again. And the republicans like Paul Ryan, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham are only fighting President Trump’s agenda because they are really democrats, and promote the NWO. Again our representatives are trying to tell us they know what’s best for us. It’s time they understand we can make that decision for ourselves, and we made that decision when we voted for Trump to be POTUS. Now carry out the people’s wishes, and show some respect for the voters. If you choose otherwise then you are traitors.

      6. I wonder how many pedophiles “Bath House Barry” will pardon?

      7. When u think about it, there are 100s of thousands of traitors in this country (mayors/city council of sanctuary cities, immigration attorneys, ACLU, senators, Congressman, Reps, Newspaper & main stream media producers/editors, banksters, etc…). If Mr. T can start at the top and indict just a few hundred of them for treason or aiding/abetting, the rest of them would go back under the rocks they crawled out from under; understanding that they narrowly escaped the noose. They would all certainly change their ways, knowing that they could be next. Remember, the fish rots from the head down. But really, all I want for NewYears is to see Obama indicted for treason and on death row @ Ft. Levinworth w/ Major Nadal Hasan.!!!!

      8. This is just the start. The bureaucracy will slow walk him, the CIA, enough said. The main stream media, globalist business and finance, all of them. Its the people and the President with barbed wire and mine fields in-between. President Trump is in for the most difficult time that any President has experienced from a governing perspective.

        • K2
          I agree with you 100%. So when he ask for our help! We had better be there for Him.

          Now if Trump crosses the line when it comes to the Constitution. That will be another story.


      9. “A “bitter” President Obama is apparently trying to block as many actions of the next president as possible before he leaves office, setting up regulatory roadblocks and executive actions across the board that are apparently designed to impede President-elect Trump’s agenda before it even gets started.”

        Frankly I am disappointed in all of you so far.

        Not one of you has raised the US Constitution to which contract every single person – elected, hired, contracted, etc who serves within our governments – state and general (federal) – is bound; it defines our governments, assigns the different authorities/powers to the different branches and to the offices within a branch; and requires an Oath from them all binding them more fully lawfully and making those that serve PERSONALLY responsible for their actions.

        All who lawfully serve as US Presidents are REQUIRED by that Oath to “Preserve, Protect, and Defend” the US Constitution. All else is held to a bit lesser standard of “supporting and defending” the US Constitution.

        All Trump has to do to “drain the swamp” is to PRESERVE, PROTECT, and DEFEND the US Constitution as is required of the position he will occupy.

        He (Trump) needs nothing else but the US Constitution itself as the contract he is Oath bound to, and as the supreme LAW of this nation. To drain the “swamp” he only needs to keep his Oath.


      10. All of the Obullshit has put into place will be removed and he is doing everything to F#$K with Trump.

        I hope that when Trump takes over he Slams this POS so hard his African Grandmother feels it.

        If TPTB didn’t see it they lost. Keep it up and they will loose even more!!!!


      11. One of the biggest problems for white European people like Trump, is altruism. Trump must come to understand that it is not in the nature of white people to be vengeful. Other groups are not like us. White people are culturally and biologically, through thousands of years of isolation during the ice age in fridged Northern Eutope; drawn to cooperation and reconciliation. White people fought between tribes but these wars were followed by times of peace and good will.

        Most of the problems facing white Christian Countries like the USA is our inability to imagine the depth of envy and maliciousness of others. The first Black president is a disgrace. The Goldman Sachs Boys who put him in office and all the CFR members who surround him are certainly promoting this agenda of blocking Trump. The Trilateral Commission Satanic Globalists and Rothschilds are nasty, mean, brutal people who make life miserable for everybody. 666


      12. In censorship moderation. I guess I stepped out of line. A thousand apologies won’t help. In the end. First freedom of speech goes.

        Did you know that since the USA incorporated, our God given rights are considered privileges by Government, who think they have the right to give or withhold. What power!! These people are a legend in their own minds!!! It is going to be a difficult job, but we will triumph!!!!!!


      13. Perhaps Trump should make a phone call to Obama,
        “Knock it off or you will spend the next
        4 years being investigated by IRS, FBI, DOJ
        and just one secret service guy assigned to
        protect you 24/7”.

        • One very old (some poor senior who has cataracts), very shaky (ala Don Knotts), drunk, addicted to crack and under-the-bridge hookers (Michelle/Michael), right-handed right hand amputee, HIV positive (so no [R]Love for Obumma) Secret Service agent, that is.

      14. What do you expect from a scumbag like Obama.
        The country was crazy enough to vote him into office TWICE. Then barely sane enough to keep the Crazy Bit@h out of office.

        If they are going after Trump then All I have to say is.

        Crash the Markets and Cut Off EBT and all that stupid funding. Bring on a Civil War. Nothing going to change until blood is spilled, cause you can’t reason with the fuckers.

      15. The only legacy Obama has is that he will be regarded as the WORST President in U.S. History.

        Even Jimmy Carter is smiling.

      16. Man, I tell you, I am really concerned about what may happen before this election. If the black hats strike, its revolutionary war all over again. I am all for it, just concerned about it if it happens, I would probably crap my drawers. The local cop preppers are gearing up and so should everyone else, and now I keep hearing about sales with prep comps at and all time low. Diplomats are being expelled right before the election and executive orders are being signed, this tells me that Trump will not, or may not be going in or will be going in. Something is about to happen, and I hope that Trump gets in so that I am proven wrong. My area of town has a lot of standing ponds, water, cattle, deer, raccoons, snakes, cayotee and spiders, birds, and all kinds of critters and loaded with none prepper dumbfucks who live of grocery stores, and other sorts of shit to eat. At least there is plenty of food. Anyway, happy new Year my SHT-EFFERS.


        2017-2020, what ever happens, happens.

      17. HCKS, Happy New Year to you also. I’ve also got the same feeling. Keeping all my options open and my powder dry.

      18. HCKS

        Happy New Year.

      19. Obama said that he would take it personally if black people didn’t turn out and vote for Hillary. He has taken it personally with all Americans that Hillary lost. All the last minute moves and the antagonism of Putin and Russia has shown that. Where are the T-shirts that say “We Survived Obama….Barely!” We could make signs for the Inauguration Day Parades.

      20. Obama….OUT TO DESTROY America!

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