In Desperation, New York Stoops To Punishment To Achieve 100% Vaccination Rate

by | Dec 16, 2021 | Headline News | 20 comments

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    The rulers are becoming desperate, and when that happens, more tyranny rolls our way. In fact, in New York, the ruling class has resorted to punishing those who continue to defy their commands to take the injection for something that has been shown to be akin to the common cold or the flu.

    The masters need 100% compliance, not 60% or 85% and they continue to move the goalposts to try to get there. Fifteen out of 16 adult New Yorkers have gotten the jab, but that’s not enough to keep the government from fining businesses and excluding kids for the crime of disobeying their orders.

    Beginning Monday, at the order of Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul, every business in the state was required by law to have every employee and customer show proof of full COVID-19 vaccination, or make everyone inside their doors over the age of 2 wear a mask. But a mask isn’t going to be enough either.

    Six months ago, then governor Andrew Cuomo lifted most of the COVID restrictions because 70% of the population received two doses of the shot. “What does 70 percent mean?” Cuomo said then. “That means that we can now return to life as we know it.” Except even with an 81% vaccination rate, people are still coming down with the COVID. The real question, is why do they keep getting the shots? It’s clear there have been massive lies about this from the beginning.

    The CDC ADMITS: PCR Tests CANNOT Differentiate Between Coronaviruses!

    It is already pretty apparent that even a 100% vaccination rate won’t stop the spread of this scamdemic. The “winter surge” across the northeast (which currently has the highest rates of vaccination and coronavirus cases in the United States) is already in full swing. Middlebury College in Vermont, for example, canceled in-person instruction last week after an outbreak of 50 cases on a campus whose vaccination rate is 99 percent.

    But what happens after the two-shot vaccination rate goes from 81 percent to 90 percent, maybe even 95 percent, and yet the cold weather and latest variant still increases case rates? How much government force will Democrats be willing to exert to achieve full compliance on minority communities that have lost trust in authoritative institutions? I guess we’re about to find out. –Reason

    The goal is obviously, a 100% vaccination rate. It sure looks like they must get everyone to take these shots. The reason is still speculative, but the pressure to get injected is mounting and that’s incredibly clear.


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      1. So when they achieve 100% vaccination and Covid still persists -or gets worse- what will they be doing and saying then?

        FWIW. I wonder where the pressure being put on them to do this vaccination thing comes from (I doubt it originated with them)? Who’s really at the top of the heap and giving the orders pushing it?

        • Try lighting the candles on your minora and maybe you will see.

      2. At the rate they are going have of NY / NYC will have moved to FL

      3. Time for recalls of complicit politicians. They are not doctors but are afraid to admit any mistakes.

        • They’re stuck in the “Ego gets me in a bad situation and pride keeps me there” loop.

      4. What the hell is that
        Covid curve made of?
        Not flattened yet huh?
        Maybe next year or the year
        after that or the year…??

      5. Those who can’t stop this nazi agenda, get out of NY.

        If you let them give you the deception of a safe death jab and you follow the lawless one in what he says to do, then “For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie.”
        “and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.”
        2 Thessalonians 2:11-12

      6. Within 20 days after the new year, 2022 – expect blue states to implement similar policies to get vaxx mandates going again. First they may use fines, then second – round-ups….
        We all need to get closer to God now that we know evil lives amongst us.

      7. An “order” from a governor is not “law.” It remains an order until it is passed in NY legislature. Then it becomes law. They have dumbed us down to the point we are ignorant of our own rights.

        • If they make a “Covid Law” its Roman numerals add up to 666: C100 + V5 + I1 + D500 + L50 + V5 + V5 (W=VV). The same in Latin for “Lex Covid” = 666.

          • What system of numerology is that?

            I’m not familiar with it.

      8. NYC is run by a communistic a-hole and HE should be removed!

      9. It’s amazing so few see the real agenda. The ones that manage to survive the poison will be hooked up to Sky Net.

      10. Why is NY and CA always the test tun for the rest of the country it seems? I don’t care what court or authority tells me about being injected with experimental mrna drugs because I will never comply! Every state needs a VAX bill of rights, tell your state reps now! A free man decides and a slave obeys!

      11. 100% vaxxed; still not clear what the point would be other than ego gratification of tyrants.

        Remove the control group? Millions of unvaxxed Africans, Asians, and central Europeans.

        Cull the herd? Vax injuries and deaths aren’t that bad yet. Then who’s going to work for a living in support of elite wealth and power then?

        Organ harvesting? Can’t need that many fresh organs at once, and many would be ruined by vax injury.

        Permanent vax-induced Pharma dependence by universal VAIDS? They can’t fix the vax-injured, never mind raise the dead. Same problem as ‘cull the herd’.

        Globalist Socialism is long on ambition and short on sense.

      12. WEF, Rottenchild oligarchy and their Ilk are behind this nightmare, remember that for the rest of your days!

      13. I’m not a citizen of New York state, but I read and watch things and I was hoping that the new governor would turn things around for those people that are forced to live there or want to live there, but sadly it is just more of the same Bull S—

      14. They don’t want a control group (people who didn’t get the shot not coming down with blood clot disorders, heart inflammation, heart attacks, strokes, and neurological problems) –

        And also, they’re trying to kill off as many people as possible.

        These two reasons are why they’ll keep ratcheting up mandates, punishments, more and more lies about variants, etc.

        Plus the fact that all the politicians pushing these things are complete and total harlots, for the billionaire globalist class who are eugenicists, want to enslave whoever doesn’t die, and worship the devil (literally).

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