Impact? Asteroid With Destructive “Power of 3 Billion Nukes” Narrowly Misses Earth

by | Sep 20, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 49 comments

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    Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 5.12.20 PM

    This is the power, hurtling from space, that could wipe us out like the dinosaurs. Or so they say.

    It could be a close call, with the potential to collide with Earth. Still, it’s an incredibly minute chance.

    Asteroids and meteors regularly pass by the planet, and not infrequently there are episodic peltings from space rock that hit random areas across the globe. Sometimes people are killed, and buildings are destroyed.

    But the next one headed this way will be brushing by pretty closely, and could bring with it the power of billions of atomic bombs, enough reign down destruction across the planet.

    via AOL News:

    Experts are saying a huge meteor is rocketing close to Earth with the power of THREE BILLION ATOMIC BOMBS, AHHHHHH.

    China’s Purple Mountain Laboratory discovered the massive asteroid using Asia’s largest telescope, determining the meteor was passing our planet with a range of 18.8 times the distance between the Earth and the moon — aka, WAY too close for comfort.


    But scientists are keeping a close eye on 2009ES as just a minor change in its flight path could have catastrophic consequences for the human race, due to its sheer mass.

    But what about the chances of a truly ‘deep impact’ that could destroy all life on earth?

    Well, of course, the chances are very, very slim. But how many times can we dodge a bullet simply due to improbability?

    These things could happen. Let us hope they do not.

    Both the Pentagon and Russia’s defense have been working on asteroid and meteor destruction system, including plans to shoot down incoming space rocks, as well as a plan to capture asteroids in a giant orbiting catch basket. That, and whatever else they cooked up from late night viewings of Hollywood disaster films.

    But scientists are actually not just hoping to avert disaster; they have set a goal to capture one, and actually find the devastating prospect of an asteroid headed for earth somewhat attractive.

    Researchers are strategizing about how to ‘capture’ an asteroid or meteor and force it into orbit – in order to study, explore and exploit it. Naturally, they could then take advantage of any resources it could offer (including near-Earth living space for some future colony project).

    Via Wikipedia:

    NASA has proposed the Asteroid Redirect Mission (or Asteroid Initiative), an unmanned robotic mission, to “retrieve” a near-Earth asteroid with a size of about 8.2 metres (27 ft) and a mass of around 500 tons (comparable in mass to the ISS). The asteroid would be moved into a high lunar orbit or orbit around EML2 (halo orbit, Lissajous orbit) for research and exploration purposes.[3][4] Under consideration for moving the asteroid are grabbing the asteroid and using solarelectric propulsion to “directly” move it, as well as gravity tractor technology.

    The mission could provide a relatively low-cost route to satisfying Barack Obama‘s goal of sending astronauts to a near-Earth asteroid by 2025,[6] and help develop knowledge and skills useful for future asteroid impact avoidance, in-situ resource utilization (including water for astronauts and for producing fuel, and material for bulk shielding against cosmic rays, for use there or elsewhere in space) and other asteroid mining (as well as providing a first target for the latter two).

    The whole things seems a bit disaster prone, without much room for error. Nonetheless, perhaps it could shield the planet, and yield some lemonade afterwards, too.

    Asteroid Capture. Image source: Wikimedia commons

    Will any of it work? I guess we’ll find out after several billion more in military spending gets sucked into the great black hole of the secret space agenda.

    Every day above ground is a good one.

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    The US Government Is Prepping For Unlikely Events Like War, Catastrophic Collapse of Society, and Even Asteroids – Are You?


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      1. Well, if it hit we wouldn’t have Hillary as a president for sure. Bright side to even death.

      2. This will happen. The New Madrid, the San andreas and the Atlantic faults will go by the end of the year! you will never get food again paet the 1st of November. This is a warning to my brothers and sisters in Christ get out of the major citys and 20 moles away from the coast lines and 25 miles away from the mississippi river or New Madrid. God Bless everyone.

        • shut the fuck up god botherer.

      3. Using gravity, they will detour an asteroid simply by putting some thing near it. They can do these things now. The money is not a problem to me when genuine research takes place. It’s when thieves get their hands on tax payers money, that is the problem. Trust me. The cowards don’t want to leave planet earth. Outer space is dangerous. Astronauts were originally pilots who worked the risky job of testing new planes. Test pilots and astronauts are our modern day heroes. They don’t get nearly enough gratitude.


        • Oh yeah, catch an asteroid.. Like catching a bullet in your teeth. You miss you die.


          • What do you know about it, jackass?

      4. ARM mission is heavily criticized both by scientists:

        and by Congress as well:

        so a new senators’ bill is calling for a hard look at the project:

        As some commenters say, “So far, all we can make out is that Congress is unenthusiastic about ARM, but is also unenthusiastic about paying the extra money that any conceivable alternative BEO mission would require. All they’re definitely still enthusiastic about is keeping SLS and Orion, and the jobs they provide, in the development pipeline… In short, we exchange putzing around doing marginal science on a permanently manned platform in LEO for putzing around doing marginal science in a sporadically man-tended platform in cislunar space. And that’s pretty much it for the 2020’s.”

        Capitalism cannot provide the enormous resources needed to accomplish such achievements, both state capitalism and free enterprise, because crisis and capitals shortage always loom in the horizon; moreover, as first big space accidents will occur, they will push backward space exploration by decades, since expectation of profits will vaporize and insurance costs will inflate. And wait for next military conflicts between superpowers, they ‘ll make a carnage of civil space programs. Mankind needs a new production system way more advanced than capitalism.

        • “The only time Capitalism works is when it is tried.”

      5. Remember if they can redirect an asteroid away from earth . They could also direct one to a pesky country that we owe trillions to. And say whoops we didn’t see it coming.

        • I would much prefer that the USA needs to develop a tractor beam that could latch onto an asteroid and then steer it down to Earth and have it fall on Tel Aviv.

          Imagine what America could do with the trillions of dollars that the vampire state of Israel sucks out of our tax payer’s wallets every year?

      6. When they start talking about asteroids hitting earth they are planning nuke war. They need to say asteroids to avoid responsibility when everything is melted and you cannot live above ground. When they start talking aliens and asteroids look out. ?

      7. Wait!!! Wait!!! That’s the Sweet Meteor of Death!!!! The Presidential candidate. It’s on its way to the debates and is under Secret Service protection. Let’s not have any of this ‘hate’ speech ya’ll. What is everyone meteorophobic or something? Just think – it will be a truly neutral candidate – treats everyone equally. No biases, no hidden agenda, no braggadocio, no health issues….

      8. Impact? Asteroid With Destructive “Power of 3 Billion Nukes” Narrowly Misses Earth

        That wasn’t an Asteroid … that was HCKS Nibiru that went on by. Nothing to worry about anymore about Planet X … it passed us by … we can all sleep better at night …

        I just wish HCKS Scientist Friend would of given us an accurate path of Nibiru pressence – he made it sound like it was gonna collide with us …. [sarcasm off]

        • Linkie promise? (A cyber pinkie promise sealed with links of proof.. I just made that up but let’s make it a thing!!)

      9. Life is a crap shoot.
        If you are a atheist your 80+
        or so years are all you get.
        If you are a Moslem you need
        to kill innocent people to get to heaven
        and have sex with little girls.
        The rest of us, do this love and
        worship thing, and what ever happens,
        happens. I’m being flippant on purpose.
        I’m not a preacher man.
        Having pissed off most all readers here,
        the Earth will be obliterated some day.
        Whether it is our sun, a big frigging rock,
        or the supreme being, like us, the Earth will die.
        Hopefully I have enough Spam, rice, and beans
        to watch it all.

        • And some chap stick for that self-ass kissing moment.

        • Correction,,,
          If your mooslum you need to kill innocent people to have sex with little boys,,,
          They are a buncha stupid fucking camel humpers

          • If your mooslum you need to kill innocent people to have sex with little boys

            Catholic Priest agree, but … don’t go out of their way to kill their parents. They rather take their monies, than to eradicate the hand that feeds them.

            Different Religion … Same God … Pope Benedict says so!

            • 101 reasons why i think organized religion sucks,,,,

            • Notice no one will admit what Muslims do is just old fashioned human sacrifice.

              Like tossing a virgin into a volcano to appease the volcano god. Muslims can proclaim Jihad and murder innocent non Muslim men, women and children like paying a toll to get into the Moon god’s heaven.

              As long as Muslims believe Allah can be bought like a cheap whore with a human blood sacrafice to make him give you a reward in heaven, Muslims will be an incredibly dangerous force in the world.

              There is no preventing terrorism as long as people believe this rubbish. Problem is the Koran and Hadith teach it, so any Muslim trying to be more like Mohamed will always choose terrorism.

              There is no such thing as radicalization, there is only Muslims emulating their prophet. Watching the news the last couple days make me scream, because the liberal press is searching for why oh why and how this terrorist was radicalized. What flaming ignorance.

              • Mohammad did not kill women and children . The terrorists bullshit is a brainwashing technique for uneducated losers who can’t work hard and pick an easy way out . Another thing , watch whom your kids talk to while they’re playing some interactive ps4 combat games. My kid was invited to some group of ppl to play some shooting game And he noticed they speak either Arabic or Farsi. They started asking him questions if he had anyone in the military and if they were ever deployed to the Middle East . My kid isn’t stupid . So when they realized there’s no way to radicalize him or obtain any info on former and active military personal, they kicked him out of the group. But it was weird big time. So guys watch out for anything those people can use to get you on board with Isis . Report any suspicious activities to our law enforcement . Remember, to election it’s just over a month to go. They’re desperate now. Russians and us coalition are bombing them like there’s no tomorrow . They need more idiots to fight and die for their cause. They will try to radicalize anyone they can. There’s a very sofisticated group of ppl that do nothing but recruiting on the web, in Meccas , on the street, in a group of friends to make you go and swear the oath to some Isis general you never even heard of or seen . Their generals will never go to any battle with you if you decide to make a dumb decision and join those animals. You’ll be thrown against Syrian army or other forces to Die and no one remembers your name by tomorrow morning if you die today. Even your family might never get the news . You’ll be buried in some desert surrounded by a dozen of jihadi scum bodies.

            • FTW now I got a good laugh out of that. Truer words have never been printed.

        • Spam n rice,
          Add some oyster sauce and some fresh veggies from the weed plot and we got something, my x used to make won tons with spam instead of ground pork,,, good stuff

          • Get a book on edible wild plants, turns out one of the most invasive weeds in my vegetable garden is edible. I’ve been pulling and tossing them for years.

            • and that weed would be…? it might be in my garden 🙂

              Spent an hour yesterday at the state park near my small town USA. Harvested a sack full of chestnuts while 30 something runners and walkers wandered by. Only one old couple seemed to know what I was about.

              And yes I got permission from my neighbor/ranger. As long as I use it for personal consumption.

              Check out the rules for your state parks. You may be able to harvest wild edibles there.

      10. That certainly would have solved a lot of our problems…..

      11. Yah, What he said.

      12. Shucks,,,,

      13. Perhaps the prayers and sacrifices of a faithful few on Planet Earth to Almighty God resulted in this intervention.

        Considering our own nation’s abortions that kill GOD’s children (www dot number of abortions dot com), considering drug dealers including our government’s dealing that also kills millions, considering the human trafficking taking place which the Benghazi Ambassador had knowledge of (which is why Clinton and Obama refused to send in a nearby team to rescue him), considering the zillions made by weapons merchants who foment wars and then make money selling to both sides, considering the corporations that kill through genetically modified food and through vaccines that cause autism, other diseases, even death, God the Father had EVERY reason to chastise and punish humans whose arrogance is the product of cooperating with Satan with this Asteroid.

        Instead, He intervened.

        A word to the wise is sufficient: get right with God every day which includes fidelity to His Ten Commandments.

        God don’t play. When we do not seek out His justice and forgiveness at least monthly let alone daily, our collective and individual behavior will be met with His Justice.

        One extremely hot Sunday this past August a minister asked his congregation, “Do you realize how hot it is outside?” He knew, of course, that they already knew. After a brief pause, he simply said, “Remember, Hell is hotter.”

        Enough said.

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • Yea … God has done a bang up wonderful job … I know … I know … the reason the World is full of shit … is because there are too many non-believers …. and thus is the reason the world is chaotic. [sarcasm off]

          Want to change the world for the better? … Gonna have to grow up and stop believing fairy tales, that God is going to rescue you. … Not gonna happen … change comes from within … our whole life has been about doing things for ourselves … can’t pray yourself out of what is about to take place.

          Your conscience may feel peace … but the rest of you won’t.

          Man/Woman Up … your life depends on it!

          • And where is your proof?

            • 24 “‘Make an altar of earth for me and sacrifice on it your burnt offerings and fellowship offerings, your sheep and goats and your cattle. Wherever I cause my name to be honored, I will come to you and bless you.

              25 If you make an altar of stones for me, do not build it with dressed stones, for you will defile it if you use a tool on it.

              26 And do not go up to my altar on steps, or your private parts may be exposed.’

              Really this is gibberish comes straight from god? Since most christians only know the verses they hear on Sunday’s these are some interesting ones that strike me as being just folklore and superstition.

        • “Perhaps the prayers and sacrifices of a faithful few on Planet Earth to Almighty God resulted in this intervention.”

          You can’t have free will as christians claim if you believe that god intervenes in any of the affairs of men here on earth.

          “One extremely hot Sunday this past August a minister asked his congregation, “Do you realize how hot it is outside?” He knew, of course, that they already knew. After a brief pause, he simply said, “Remember, Hell is hotter.”

          Hell does not exist it is a lie told by the church to keep people in line. If there was no “hell” and no eternity in the after life in the bible then what would be the attraction be to even consider christianity?

          My favorite commandment is the one lumping women in the same category as personal property.

          Not to mention all the blood required of god in the old testament. No one has bothered to count the amount of animals required to be sacrificed to god. The sheer quantity alone should make anyone doubt that this was an order that came from god rather than the minds of men.

          A supreme being would not need to require so much blood and death to appease him. It is ridiculous.

          • You know RJ, a few of us “Bible Thumpers” gave you answers to these same questions many articles ago. You’re not paying attention or just trying to start a fight.

            Christians don’t live by the sacrifices of the Old Test. That was done away with.

            Read Hebrews 10:1-18 if you really are interested in an answer to your questions.

            Jesus Christ, the Final Sacrifice.

            “…so much blood and death to appease him”. Appeasement is not the issue. Never was. It’s about a Right relationship with your Creator. You, the Creation, are at war (enmity) with your Creator. You and I never deserved Jesus. It was done in Love by the Creator Himself.

            2Corinthians 6:2b …behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.

            • “Christians don’t live by the sacrifices of the Old Test. That was done away with.”

              If that’s the case then pastors should never preach from the old testament since it does not apply. Yet it does show the character of the “god” you worship. And that is a fruit of the spirit is it not?

              Not to mention why would god (aka jesus) have to sacrifice himself to appease himself? Seems a bit redundant, but hey what do I know.

      14. Aster’ROID (noun)”

        What Lorne Greene, of Battlestar Galactica as well as Bonanza fame, thought one got from sitting the the saddle too long.

      15. 18.8 times the distance of the earth to the moon is not a near miss. It is a shame this web page has to use sensationalism to get readers.

      16. Monkeying around with Nature is what will cause the very catastrophe they think and claim they’ll “avert”. Man can’t kick the fatal habit of trying to play god. This kind of sorcery (“sin”) is surmised as being what was done in antediluvian times–leading to some of the Biblical catastrophes (including that “dinosaur” one–though we’re told we’d better believe that people “never” hobnobbed with dragons, and hence were not buried with them!). After all, those are the “fables” that smart-alecks assume they’ll brainwash the people into bleating “never happened”–though we see those “wise” ones (who we are supposed to obey) lapping up their same vomit as usual by doing the same stuff their antediluvian predecessors wrecked the world with back then.

      17. You know where habitable planets are now.

        You are THIS close to knowing how to make artificial wombs. Fund that shit…

        And then make a whole BUNCH of Von Neumann probes. NOW would be good. Because fuck you, extinction.

        Yeah yeah it’ll take a million and a half years I don’t care. Any insurance policy is better than the NONE you got right now.

      18. So much for prepping…………

      19. What is needed is perspective. I only worry about the things I could possibly prep for or prevent. Things beyond my control are a waste of time. Im not gonna give them free rent in my head. But If a space rock hit DC when all the politicians where there. And obliterated it. I would consider it Divine Intervention!

      20. I call bullshit. In order for this to have a yield anywhere NEER “3 BILLION ATOMIC BOMBS!!!!” that chunk of rock would have to be made of NiFe. Would have been MILES wide moving at +30 miles a Sec. The AOL wright up omitted ALL reference to -SPEED- MASS – SIZE and anything else that might have given this fear mongering BS the slightest ring of truth. AND FYI IF the SMOD ever does come, no prep on earth will save you.

      21. Who cares?
        If a giant world-killing rock hits, we’re dead. So not an issue.
        If it comes by within a few million miles and misses, we’re not dead. So not an issue.
        If we can hone our skills and technology to capture these rocks, move them to a graveyard orbit for exploitation, and successfully exploit them, we win as a species. Major issue.
        There’s no reason to get worked up about an extinction level event. We’ll all be dead, or worse, mostly dead with nothing to look forward to but impending death.
        Let’s watch TV…

      22. Have to thank the Russian for diverting the asteroid with the secret weapon. Spasiba Comrades

      23. READER


        • You don’t really need me to answer that, do you?
          Some things aren’t worth prepping for.

          Would you prep for a our sun going supernova?

          Would you prep for an extinction level event, like mile-wide rock hitting Earth?

          Would you prep for the final cataclysmic battle between vampires and werewolves?

          Set your sites a little lower, like prepping for a winter storm, bank failure, urban riots, etc, that’s all.
          For the rest, go down to the pub, have a pint, and pull a paper bag over your head. (Hitchhiker’s Guide)

      24. I’ve often thought a great survival tool is a good umbrella . Kind of like a quick set up tent that you can walk with . Expecialy in the desert sun. Won’t stop an asteroid though.

      25. I would have no objection to say a one mile (10 mile impact crater) diameter asteroid hitting Tel Aviv dead center.

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