Imminent Emergency? FEMA Makes “Urgent Requirement” Request for Five Million Bottles Of Water

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    This article was written by Daisy Luther and originally published on The Organic Prepper.

    Editor’s Comment: While we don’t know what the emergency is here, and there is no way of knowing if any sinister motives are involved in a simple request for water, it is evident enough that society is at its breaking point, and literally dozens of factors could send the system into collapse at virtually a moment’s notice.

    What is happening? What may happen that would necessitate FEMA’s intervention? Just to start the conversation, there is: severe weather, including record floods in Louisiana; tension of the presidential elections; riots and protests designed to clash with police and escalate racial tensions; the fragile economy, with its storm clouds threatening to drench the entire globe in crisis.

    Maybe nothing will happening, but there is a very real chance that something bigger is headed down the pipe. What do you think?

    Why Did FEMA Just Put a Rush Order on 5 Million Bottles Of Water?

    by Daisy Luther

    Sometimes, we can get a hint of things that are to come by watching what the government is doing to prepare. After all, their intel is way better than ours, and they do have a tendency to keep secrets.  Of special interest to anyone who like to don the tinfoil and try to figure out what may be coming down the pipe are the actions of FEMA, the agency which is in charge of “managing” emergencies here in the US.

    So when they place a large order for something that they want absolutely immediately, I pay attention.

    A few days ago, FEMA put out a solicitation for 5 million bottles of water, to be delivered within 2 days. It said they had an “urgent requirement” for this water.

    From Fedbizopps:

    Bottled Water
    Solicitation Number: HSFE70-16-Q-0034
    Agency: Department of Homeland Security
    Office: Federal Emergency Management Agency
    Location: Response Branch
    Solicitation Number:
    Notice Type:
    Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
    Added: Aug 24, 2016 8:16 pm

    FEMA has an Urgent requirement for bottled water.

    Quantity up to 5,000,000

    Bottled Water must be delivered in 1/2 or 1 liter bottles only

    All Trailers are required to be dropped at delivery location for up to 30 days

    All bottled water must be received by Friday, August 26, 2016
    Delivery Hours 1300 – 2000

    Delivery Location

    ISB Maxwell AFB
    55 Lemay Plaza
    Montgomery, AL 36112

    That sounds like a heck of an emergency, and one that might be approaching quite rapidly. Soliciting a supplier to deliver 5 million bottles of water with 48 hours notice doesn’t seem to be the normal way of doing business for FEMA, does it?

    And why are the trucks to be left there for 30 days? That’s another thing that strikes me as interesting.

    One possibility is that they are getting ready for the potential hurricanes headed for parts of the United States, but whether the pending emergency is that or something more sinister, we’d all do well to make sure our own water preparedness is up to speed.

    What can we learn from this?

    Water. You need water.

    If you aren’t already well-supplied, stop what you’re doing and stock up on water. All sorts of water. Hand washing water, drinking water, water for pets. If you’re a prepper, you know the drill. You may already have everything you need on hand. Take a moment to check that you have everything you need.

    We aren’t always lucky enough to get a warning that a water emergency could be approaching, so when you actually do get one, you’d be foolish not to heed it and get prepared for your family.

    If you want to learn more about preparing for a water emergency, you can check out my book, The Prepper’s Water Survival Guide. If you aren’t prepared yet and you really want to be, check out my 10-week class, which begins on Sept. 11.

    Whatever route you take to getting prepped, don’t delay. If FEMA wanted to be ready within 48 hours, that could mean that we have even less time.

    This article was written by Daisy Luther and originally published on The Organic Prepper.


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      1. As always, great article Daisy. Thanks!

        I do think however, that it’s not so much that their “intel” is better than ours — it’s more of a matter of they are the ones behind the evildoing.

        • Fri 9AM – Silver just Jumped up to $19.24 on the dismal Jobs report news. Keep going Baby!!


            • Dave Hodges is s fear mongering attention getting fool.
              He writes of Guillotines that he has not documentation on ,only documentation is “someone saw them” He hss the credibility of piss ant.

              • Agreed! I used to read his articles until I realized that they were all too short to prove anything and nearly all of them repeated the same subject matter: the Russians and Chinese will invade when the system collapses and we’re all doomed. It’s easy to get bored of reading the same crap repeatedly.

              • Seen em…
                And yes they were ordered by govt….allegedly

        • A large order of bottled water doesn’t bother me at all. It’s their large orders of body bags and hollow-point ammunition that are much more troubling.

      2. Hurricane season?
        Seems logical.

        • If they start ordering pizza by the truck load, THEN I will start to worry. This is probably just enough to fill the fridge in the underground bases.

          Nothing to see here. Move along. 🙂

        • Thank you for stating the obvious.
          SHTF is becoming a source of sensational info.

          • Pretty easy to explain the water request at this time. There is enough to worry about without borrowing trouble. No need to worry this time.

        • Stop and think about it. 5 million bottles is not a lot of water. They pass it out by the case. My wife says there is 28 bottles to a case. That equals only 178,571 cases to pass out. Most definitely for a hurricane. WWTI will be in line tomorrow. I think it is in his area now. We are down here getting all the rain. Little wind. Some street flooding. Will be gone tomorrow.

          Nothing here. These are not the signs you are looking for. Move along. Move along.

        • Florida Update weather map, ht tp://

          As of Friday night 10 PM EST, the Tropical Storm Hermine, has been upgraded to a Hurricane. 80 MPH winds and massive storm surges are slamming the beaches of the Gulf coast by the Big Bend. They expect storm surges as high as 11 feet above High tide. High winds can push a lot of Gulf water up into the coastal areas. High Tide comes Sat AM. The usual tide in Florida is about 3-4 feet swings up and down. It will be a wet mess for a while. Lots of coastal areas are built at about 5 to 10 feet above sea level, so there will be a lot of damage. Besides the massive rain dumped like 10+ inches on top of it all.

          I used to live by the Bay in Tampa, where my house was just 8 ft above sea level, and was a major reason I moved out of there. I was getting tired of paying for pricey flood insurance. I moved to more North FL, to high ground about 45 Ft above sea level. BTW/ If there were a 30 Ft sea level rise in Florida, the entire lower half of Florida would be under water south of the Orlando area.

          So something to think about when you want to go live the dream, on the beach in paradise watching sunsets. It comes with danger.


          • Florida Hurricane Update Friday AM. The Gulf Coast area on the south end of this had about 4 Ft Storm surge above high tide. Coastal area flooding. Local radio says Tens of thousands without power, and may be some time before they go into the flooding area to restore power. We got whipsawed at 3AM Friday for a hour, with the outlying tail spin, and lots of highs winds 60 mph and rain. My rain gage reads just 4 inches over the 2 days. I have power being off the Grid. I will check in with my neighbors to see ho they fared. Only has a few small branches fall.. It sounded a lot worse than it was here. I also have a portable handheld ham radio that gets the local NOAA weather channel. A great must have prepper item.

            ~WWTI… This was the first hurricane Florida got in 11 years. And good practice, Cat1 for the real deal like a Cat 4-5.

            • WWTI, good luck down there. I’ll grant you that north central FL is a better area for survival than the rest of the state. I lived in Miami 1975-1982, but it was more than hurricanes that drove me away.

              • Yeah Brave, I do not care much of that eastern part of So FL area like Ft Laud to Miami. Once you can get past that place, and on to the Keys its all better again. I like the middle FL Keys of all the FL Keys, Very pretty and real. Key West is a circus for a fun weekend to party, but I would not want to live there.

                This hurricane is doing some damage to GA and the east coast as well. Its not over yet. We are still getting rain where I am at in FL.

                Weather map: ht tp://


                • WWTI, I had my honeymoon at Key West. The Keys were a real paradise back in the 70s and 80s. I was last down in FL in 97′ and the Keys had gone downhill even then. That was my first and last trip to FL since I moved from there in 82′. That one trip alone was really difficult for me to make. Too many bad memories for me.

        • Lots of flooding, compromised water systems, it’s good that FEMA is looking ahead .

      3. Its all going to Jewish organizations. Look whos in charge.

        -WWTI… I stocked up heavy on bottled water early this week. I buy cases of bottled water everytime I food shop. Also pick up the 2.5 gal containers with the spicket. Works good for hand washing and doing dishes. Have at least 10 cases, 32 bottles per case, and at least a dozen spicket containers per person in your group at all times. Prepare today to thrive tomorrow. Only use your filters as a backup to bottled water. Just sayin…

        • WWTI : How is the weather up there? Are you holding down the fort OK or is the fort washing away? I guess this will be a good little test for you. I hope you don’t have trees going down. Good luck.

          • fishandmud,… Looks like my area will only get about 4-5 inches over 2 days here. It is a calm steady drizzle, then we get these burst of rain band madness and 30 mph winds for about 30 mins then dies back down. I am doing fine up here. I m 45 Ft above sea level, high ground here. Its all north of me that is getting hammered. 11 Ft storm surges predicted by the Big Bend area. Lot of damage up there. I posted an update, that will pop up tomorrow.

            ~WWTI… I also used to live in the Ft Myers area on the Gulf in the late 90’s, evacuated there a few times to higher ground. Its mostly worrying about storm surges from the Gulf, than rain or wind, Securing the boats in the marinas, was nerve racking. I think you are down there by Naples, Bonita or by the Everglades? Lots of low areas down there too. Remember Hurricane Wilma? You guys got hammered on that one. Almost all the trees were destroyed on Sanibel Island and Punta Gorda. I was living in Tampa by the bay in 2004 when we got 4 hurricanes in a month. That’s the worst ever. I was boarded up for 3 weeks as they rolled in one every weekend. And evacuated twice.. Very stressful. I lost so much vegetation as all the leaves were blown off my lemon and orange trees and they died as well as pineapple plants. Take care..

          • Good News we are back in a Silver Rally. It jumped back up over $19 tonight (Thurs Nt). We need to get back to $21 and up to $25 by the end of the month.

            ~WWTI… Other Great News today. The Space-X rocket Ship Blew up today at Cape Canaveral. It was said that the Payload was all Israeli Based. Now I just heard that it was also Facebook, with a satellite that was to be launched over Africa. Good I am glad it blew up, Screw the Zionists. Karma’s a bitch. The nose blew up and fell off of the rocket, landed on the ground and burst into a flaming fireball. Burn bitch!!!! Burn you friggin Fascists basturds!! “1 dancing Patriot here”

      4. 5 Million bottles of water may seem like a lot but it is actually a tiny quantity on the scale of things.
        Think about it, as it amounts to just the lunch time allocation to just the people of one large city.
        The reason for the order? – Well, it is possible that someone allowed the dates to pass on one batch and needed to replace the water asap before the normal replenishment cycle.
        If the order was for 500 million bottles asap, then there may be trouble ahead, but 5 million, I would not be overly concerned, unless someone has info that the bottles have gone into a government bunker complex………

      5. I remember when this website would easily get 300-400 comments per article. Now it seems like a struggle to get 100 comments on an article. Wonder what changed?…

        • Outlaw

          Times are changing.

        • @Outlaw

          nothing ever happens,that’s why.burn out syndrome.

          • Knowitall

            Older guys are tired of beating the brush to get people on board and then you have disagreements on the board that don’t help.
            Most are waiting for the election to be a cut off point in time. We are not anywhere close to be effective as a group. There have been leads to manuals for information but I doubt seriously that it has been retained.
            Some is better than none.
            Prep for War.

        • Outlaw : It is hard to keep up with 5, 6, 7, 8 articles a day. You can’t get a good conversation going.

          • Maybe there are now fewer comments because HCKS or the man behind the curtain “Mac” have banned so many. Trekker Out

        • Outlaw, it only takes a few bad apples to ruin the bushel.

        • Outlaw. The answer is easy, and that is Mac used to post one article a day, and the fish would chew on it for days. News moves faster these days and now Mac Posts 5 articles or more sometimes per day, as chum for the fish. We move on faster from article to article. I barely read every article now. So the conversations back and forth now are lost, to rack up more posts per article. Posting is diluted. You will see more posts added over a weekend per article than usually during the week.

          So, If you added up all the posts, for all the articles posted on each calendar day, you would see 300 posts. Do the math.

          ~WWTI… You sound like that other bigger than life liar dope here who used to ask that same stupid question, he used to post babble nonsense all day long, not even in relation to anything but himself. Good to see that 5th grade mentality gone, and more on topic comments related to the articles. Unless of curse you changed your handle snailboy to Outlaw? lol

          • i don’t post or read as much because they got rid of the thumbs up and thumbs down vote for comments…. Chip

            • Same here Chip.

          • Outlaw has been here way longer than you.
            The real reason the site has less comments is because of the hateful comments of wwti.
            Lets take a vote.
            Would posters rather read wwti or eppe’s comments???

            Posting gets one a first post cookie…

            • Now we will get a book written by wwti.

              No one cares…

        • Actually Outlaw, Mac posted 7 articles for the 1st, so add all those posts up and you got the 300-400 in a day.

        • Many like myself are trying to lower their “online footprint”, especially as the election bears down on us. Going dark as it were.

        • It doesn’t measure popular opinion anymore with the thumbs is a big reason to me. Not everyone wants to comment, but can show support or disapproval with the thumbs.

          • Menzo

            The Thumbs were a good thing.

            • But weren’t trolls skewing the thumbs up/down numbers?

              • This site is not like the Childish Facebook to see how many other dopey friends you can have with a stupid click. In fact Facebook now tracks your IP address and sets up “friendships likes” from other FB users in the same IP area. These people did not even click your likes button..but FB set you up… Its to make stupid dopes think other people like them. It an ego BS FB falsehood. Just read an article about that, pretty creepy about FB. So none of that is pure. Kids like to vote and click. By doing away with that lazy click thumbs button, it is a prompt to get you off your ass and gets you to participate and actually use your brain to actually form a sentence and a thought in writing to respond. But lots of lazy childish dopes like clicking buttons. Stupid is. Yeah besides the click function was being hacked and exagerated.


        • The articles have become more and more non-relevant. They ordered water cuz a hurricane is coming… big secret government inside job voodoo conspiracy.

        • Outlaw, long time no hear from. How’ve you been?

        • Outlaw,
          I believe comments are being scrubbed by site admin or FEDS.
          Web/Internet really is scrubbed of comments regularly by FEDS.
          US Army has specialist that do nothing but attack those that display any anti war sentiment. This is FACT.
          Maybe a redirect is happening? Post comments are not seeing light of day.
          Maybe FEDS have rounded people up with the POLICE?

          I know I had problems after posting here.
          Police car staked out within wifi sniff range. Never happened before my post.
          Shortly after posting, police put up light poles in my neighbor hood. Watched them being installed. Mole was used to install data lines.
          AT&T was running data lines to these poles. Light poles likely have audio-video-proximity sensors to snoop. There is a product called IntelliStreets.

          ht tp://

          Or maybe people think it prudent and smart to keep comments to themselves and think they can hide from FEDS. Trying to stay off of the round up list.

          FEDS are collecting meta data now so as it can be used to TARGET and eliminate Americans at a later date. In case of civil war?
          FEDS are building a list to Target those potentially naughty who love America.

          Only anti Americans TRAITORS like Obama and Clinton are protected by FBI.
          Only the Traitors receive protection.

          I belief Patriotic Americans are currently being rounded up or killed with “accidents”.
          I have a friend in Law Enforcement that supposedly committed suicide. But he would NEVER have done such a thing. I believe he was MURDERED by FEDS or maybe ex girlfriends boyfriend? He would not have killed himself.
          His Father supposedly committed suicide a year later. I doubt it.

          I Post because I could GAFL. I’ve seen combat. I can give as good as is put out.
          I Love America. I Love Freedom. I Love Accountability and Justice. I Love the God of Jesus Christ.

          I will not hide. I will NOT BE SILENCED BY FEAR OR FED induced Paranoia.
          Their attempt at a chilling effect just pisses me off.

          “Liberty or Death. Don’t Tread on Me”.

          I doubt this post will be seen. My other posts never come up.
          But there you are about some of the why possibilities.

      6. I dunno… hurricanes maybe?

      7. This is not an actual purchase, this is only a requirement for suppliers to be on call to make emergency deliveries when asked.

        This is why we as individuals must already have our supply on hand, because you can’t compete with a government that will wipe out and hoard the nations supply at a moments notice.

        The government is here to help itself, not you or I.

      8. Recently read an article. Apparently, Israel is at war over an aquaphor, a sandstone filled with water. It’s a food giant who wants the water to produce food. They stand to make billions. Called, The Water Wars, some people would kill for water. That’s how important water is.


        • The joooooooooos have started wars over far less important matters than water. Joooooooos and mohamidians will kill at the drop of a hat

          Sorry for the double post. Damned moderation

        • Why do they need all that water if they are going to be dead? Maybe they just don’t know it yet….

          • New batch of Jihadist Refugees moving in courtesy of Barack Hussein Obola. 🙁

          • We need to ship the Black Lives Matter thugs over to Israel since they love them so much and donate hundreds of million to their cause. Jews love watching basket ball, and 50% of NBA Teams are owned by Jews, even though there is only 1 Jewish NBA payer in the entire league. The blacks could assimilate into Israel’s society and date their white women and use same sex bathrooms and showers. Sounds like a great thing, unless they are Raycists…?? Which is it? Even Sammy Davis Jr was a Black Jew..


        • B from CA
          An Ex-Mossad Agent Chief says that Israeli’s biggest threat is internal Civil War, not from a threat from any other nation. The Zionists are losing control of their scam. Implosion is what needs to happen.

          1 Dancing Patriot here on that..


      9. If an anything happens and I mean ANYTHING , I blame fully the piece of cat shit “leaders”


        I built a homemade forge out of a weed burner and some fire bricks I got at basin builders and a cheap anvil from the pawn shop. I live in oilfield country in Utah and have a primo length of 1″ pony rod / sucker rod that I forged into a bowie knife. The hardest damned steel I’ve ever worked with in my entire life. It took 2 days to flatten the round into 1/8″ and the bench grinder will barely touch the steel. I am trying to increase my useful skills daily. Blacksmithing is fun so far

        • Captain,a good anvil has a great ring to it when struck.I have a 2′ pedal powered grinding wheel,looking meself to make a small forge with some kinf of home made bellows,will say on back burner as have a lot of work and as always more prepping/deer season in 7 weeks for bow ect.

          • Awesome !!!!!

            Hey that’s cool , my deer hunt starts the 22nd Oct. Tabby Mt UT buck deer rifle. Gonna get a big one!!!

        • Captain Crunch. Welcome back. 5 million bottles of water? Lock and load.

          • Hey thanks !!!!!

            Amen – ready here as always

        • Capt Crunch: Yes blacking IS ‘the ultimate’ workout don’t ya think? I was just jumping in real quick to see if you are going to add several layers to your knife? The more, the absolute better; in every way.

          Another interesting trick is to turn the opposite side of the blade into “teeth” (like for sawing wood). Comes in handy and makes for a very nasty mess on an opponent.

          And, FOR EVERYONE: I went to The VA two weeks ago, and today I got a letter for my next appointment. NOT FOR A YEAR? I called and sure ’nuff: one year.

          That’s bizzare as “their rules” keep you coming every 3 to 6 months, or ‘bylaws’. This is also “a first” in near 20yrs of screwing with them, and it has me concerned. So, I’m going to find a civilian doc and most likely never set foot on VA ground again. “Something is up” with The VA too …and I not going to make myself a target for those sobs…

          • ARGH! What I was meaning to say is “why would The VA suddenly “flip” to a 12-month “Follow Up” (that’s a first and is cause for concern, imho).

            It’s like they know they’ll be no VA in a year.

          • That’s lame about the va bunch of a holes

            Yes its an awesome workout!!

            No more layers I’m afraid till I can find the funds for a lower trip hammer!!!! My anvil has a musical ring for a cheapie. Not sure that the pawn shop knew what they were selling! I scored a 125lb anvil for 100$

            • Power Trip hammer

            • Capt Crunch. You scored Bigtime on that Anvil. I seen a 220 Lb listed for $600 on C-List. A few others 60 Lb for $400.. Good JOB. I like to see people score on these items. Start collecting the rest of the Hammer tools etc.. I used to go to a lot of estate sales, and score on so much stuff pennies on the dollar. Those people just wanted to clear out there houses.

              ~WWTI… I’d like to find a good leather bellow for camp fire stating. Also need a good fire place kit with the fire poker and log mover.

        • Using sucker rods to make knive, pretty cool captain. Never thought of that. Growing up in oilfield with dad we have used those things for a lot of things. Get all of those babies that you can. Million uses for them and you got good idea

          • Yes sir , I was a pumper / roustabout for 6 years till recently .
            I have a ton of full rods and broken rod ends. The alloy matrix of this k grade 1″ pony rod is unreal. Molybdenum and about 30 other trace metals make it gnarly strong. This steel is designed to withstand massive shock loads. Any engineers or metallurgists on here at shtf? I would love some feedback on metals

        • Utah?
          Too close to Yellowstone.
          Three feet of ash if it blows up!

      10. Most likely hurricane preps, not everything they do is nefarious, though often they’re day late, dollar short.

        During Katrina FEMA called inquiring about our MRE stock, with us being closest SOPAKCO distributor next door in Texas, and said they’d get back to me. I told them my phone was ringing off the hook and I wasn’t going to hold anything back waiting for them, would sell to whomever pulled trigger first. They were not happy about that and even less so when they called back to buy it all a couple hours later and they heard then I’d since sold half of our 180,000 MRE’s to MEMA, the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency. FEMA scooped up the rest, grumbling.

        Point is, like the water now, for many things they don’t have much stocked up or where it it’ll be needed quickly and then just set up phone banks frantically calling around trying to play catch-up.

        • Problem is the government/FEMA is notorious for sucking up all the regional supplies, then staging them to city X where they think they’ll be needed, while city Y gets hit, and the supplies just sit in city X in trucks.

      11. Eat a bag of dicks fema

        • Dipped in obamas asshole…

      12. Hermine Hurricane Barrels Towards Florida

        h ttp://

        FEMA just doing it’s job

        ‘Prepper’ Obama: Says nation is on its own, preparing is your ‘duty’

        ht tp://

        and we all know only about 3% or so of the country could be classified as preppers

      13. They pass that stuff out by the case where hurricane has been .

      14. Assuming a gallon per day per person and each bottle being a pint that is enough for 100,000 people for 6 days. Thats not a lot.

        • Sounds like replenishment from Louisiana. A good non-story.

      15. Ooooh! Imminent.

      16. Smartest thing any prepared person can have is a hand truck one with large hard rubber wheels not air tires. You can put 5cases of water on it and move it easily. You’d be worn out carrying one case quickly. You can go up stairs with it too. Water is heavy. There are carts and other wheeled carriages but the hand truck is easy for one person and can be tossed in the trunk of a car easily. There is a reason that they are in warehouses and delivery trucks. They are that useful.

      17. Space x rocket exploded on the launch pad today with a Israeli gov satellite on board at Kennedy space center. Why was it carrying an Israel satellite. The satellite costs millions and it’s destroyed. This gov has a rabbi that pleads with American Christians on tv to send $ to help needy Jews yet their gov can afford to lose millions on a destroyed satellite while their citizens starve. This fucked up gov cares more spying on their enemies than its people eating.

        • OK Good, we now have 2 Dancing Patriots, about the Zionist space ship blowing up. lol I love it!! Karma baby!!


      18. Dang… I only wanted ONE bottle… sheesh..

      19. Seems kind of likely that this is a form of contract fraud. Hurricanes in september are not really news. Why i could have told you in january that we might have one. If i was a fema rat and had a buddy with a water bottleing plant i could give him a heads up about an emergency bottled water tender with some very particular requirements. He could be all ready to go when the contract was put out. With little time to prepare most of the competitors would not be able to bid. Buddy wins the contract with a nicely padded bill. Thanks uncle sam!

        • interesting…

        • Tb, my theory from the moment I read this yesterday.
          Just another government theft. Nothing to see here!

      20. could be for whittling down the Trump voters – Hellery can’t make a giant Jonestown kool-aide punch bowl so she’s doing the next best thing ….

      21. your right
        stupid CANNOT be fixed

        Japan Will Reactivate The Fukushima Nuclear Reactor

        h ttp://

        clean up costs were originally estimated at 58 billion
        now they’re talking more like 500 billion
        and counting

        • betcha da’ israehell joo’s will once again be the owners of the fuku security contracting company for it too.

      22. Warm up everyone things will be here soon enough.
        So do not rush it, everyone will have a turn to deal with it.
        ARE YOU READY ??????

      23. yeh storm season but also a huge caronal hole is pointed at us and NASA said could trigger a big quake by friday or this weekend 80% likely to… Dont bother though if yah dont have God on your side you wont make it member the ‘ol sayin “aint no athiests in a foxhole” When this one does hit dont matter what it is the NWO is gonna take over and only the true living God and His Son will protect us…. Just sayin better get right with the BIG GUY… Pease

      24. I have worked as a private contractor for the forest service and female. Female has a stock yard in Alabama there is always water mre’s and even ice stored there year around.

      25. Haha autocorrect changed FEMA to female

      26. Hello, there is a Hurricane hitting land in Florida right now.

      27. Some economist said on the radio yesterday that they need to start phasing out cash in large bills like 50s and 100s his reasoning was its too easy for people to hide large sums of $. If you withdraw more than$9,999 it gets reported to the gov. My thinking on this is they are afraid of $ going to organizations and terror groups against tptb. If you withdraw the $9,999 the bank makes a phone call due to suspicion. I said once before I saw a documentary that said a small team of physics students and their professor could develop a nuke in a garage anywhere in America for around $12,000 if they could get the nuclear material which would come from Bulgaria most likely. Bottom line is everyone is a potential enemy of the state because tptb doesn’t have the ability or tools to know who is a real threat. This is why we are all kept poor and our $ controlled as much as they can. Tptb is afraid I form my conclusions from a lot of sources.

        • Asshat,be careful,talked to my banker.The number is now 5k,especially if they see a. Pattern.Personally I stick with 3 at a time.Don’t trust banks,emptied the safety dep box last year .They can save their sorry ass with someone else’s money!
          Maniac –out

      28. Good Morning!

        Another great Shit Hits The Fan Plan Day.

        Hope those in Florida made it through the storm O.K.

        The same goes for the East Coast as the storm moves North.

        Had small tree debris in yard. Nothing serious. The waiting for the storm to hit was the worst. BORING!
        Chainsaw and Generator was ready. I placed a few Chem Lights around the house before going to bed. I am sure things would have been different if the storm was stronger. Then you have to board up, maybe sandbag and pull more preps out.

        Prep Tip. Wait till after Halloween when they go on sale. The Green ones last the longest.

        Some is better than none.
        Prep for War.

        • Green Chem Lights that is.

      29. An emergency? As in the HURRICANE barrelling through Florida and the East Coast of the US as I type this? Common sense is a rare commodity don’t tell me the ppl that run this website have lost it?

      30. Logistically speaking that would be approximately 56 full semi truck loads of 500ml water very doable for one day production at most any Nestle bottling plant. Which are located all around the continent. Not to mention the other competing companies. The real problem is supplying the trailers to store it. many companies will charge up to $200 a day for the use of the trailers as a wheeled wharehouse. While some bottling companies have preferred logistics groups not many actually own trailers. I would think that this order is more a contingency order than anything too drastic. After all if they were really concerned about drinking water for themselves even allowing for government waste I would think that they would be buying up all the water filters available for long term problems. That would get my attention.

      31. Hurricane Hermine hitting FL and moving up through Ga, SC and NC……

      32. The scientist told me awhile back that October 2016-2017 is when the laughing stops.. what I got was troll attacks from the agencies calling me a liar, saying that nothing my friend told me would happen, has happened. Then there assholes was asking me on this site, the name of this scientist, his location and employer, that they need to check him out to see if he is legit, then called me a liar, saying that Nibiru didn’t happen, while it’s causing flooding and environmental changes right in the US, and affecting the continents planet wide, as civil and revolutionary war is about to start with ww3 and Turkey enters Syria.. a then two fighter jets did a moch bomb attack attack over his house several months back, and yes you agency ass clowns. He is not lying because other witnesses did see the jests go down low over that area, too low..So does this surprise me. Look at what just happens in Louisiana and ask yourself what’s next l.. California is next, I can see that something is about to happen. We have a bad time coming up. And i accept his information as real because their is enough evidence backing up what he is saying from other internet sources.
        What’s going on in Venezuela, did they just cut off the media and pull be blocking info coming from that area. You will or may have noticed that we haven’t heard anything or seen anything lately, it’s getting extremely bad.. that beta testing ground is brutal. They knew that they people had no outside info on prepping and wer literally caught off guard with no support other than Garbage dumpsters, dogs, cats and zoo animals..and other proper to eat.. I feel sorry for them.. they are phucked.


        • HCKS, I asked what happened with your predictions a year ago or so because I was genuinely concerned with them, especially because of where I live. You were if I recall, absolutely correct in your and the scientist’s dates of destruction of most of the western hemisphere(April, this year)
          Anywhere north of Colorado was going to be safe.
          I’ve never called you a liar and I’m not sure if anyone did. But the predictions were wrong.
          You know what people have been saying about predictions since time began. If you’re wrong, take ownership of it.

          I appreciate your updates; I just take them with a grain of salt.
          And good luck on your improving BOL preps.
          Regards to you, too!

      33. There is a big protest against the government in Venezuela in the news.

      34. Hanjin Shipping filed for bankruptcy yesterday. It’s the largest shipping company in the world. Nothing to see here. Move along.

      35. Any thoughts on the ATF ban of nitrocellulose and how it affects ammo. Not sure if I understand how it impacts ammo sales.

      36. From what I’ve read Hanjin is number 7 .Their ships are sitting off the coast all over the world,ports afraid of not getting paid fees.It’s happened before if their loaded with food,lots of loses for companies.could cause a snowball effect!
        Maniac — out

        • I heard they’re number one in shipping and number 10 in containers. See they’re modular stuff all over.

      37. If FEMA really wanted to protect us they would pour the water in a basin and drown themselves.

      38. Big deal> They knew there was a hurricane comming. The stuffs going to that area, why is that a suprise?

      39. It doesn’t matter if predictions come true or not. Something will happen sooner or later because the world is inching towards turmoil.

        All of the conjecture and conversation keeps us on our toes and constantly thinking. Just because I am not posting doesn’t mean I am not reading. Keep it up. I appreciate that others care enough to share.

      40. 5 million bottle of water. We are over 300 milion, so it is not for us. Learn to find it or make your own

      41. offf the subject….. we have a government that is trying to strip us of our culture….for control purposes . they will succeed unless we say no

      42. Do some math.. 5 million liters, 2liters/person/day, 10 days , only provides for 250,000 people. Not a very big event at all…

      43. Five million bottles of water isn’t very much.

      44. It’s likely in preparation for the multiple storms that were forecast to hit the coats. Here’s the actual request for quote on the acquisition website:


      45. I’m with you guys 100% most of the time. The only reason I don’t worry about this is because I’m studying for my masters in safety and have been assigned a FEMA course. Actually FEMA is now required to solicit competitive bids for procurement and non-competitive bids for procurement for emergencies. Non competitive bids have to be sent to congress in writing as an explanation why no bids were taken. It has to be written by the director and non competitive contracts can only be used in emergency situations ( presidential major or emergency disasters) for 150 days. The reason for this was due to hurricane Katrina where non competitive bids from outside companies were awarded most of the cleanup work.
        This article can be found under the “Congressional Research Service Report for Congress”. A summary of statutory provisions,2006. Read it all the way to the end where it discusses what will be done with firearm owners who wish to be rescued.

        It’s all free info out there if you know where to look.

      46. Surprised so many missed it = Hillary and dehydration.

        That was an easy one!

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