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    This article was contributed by James Davis at Future Money Trends. 

    We are on our way to potentially hitting $2,400 gold, a POTENTIAL 50% MOVE from today’s price, and $27 silver, a nearly 100% gain, all within LESS THAN two years.

    Because of everything that’s happened and is STILL occurring, many have lost sight of the fact that the Federal Reserve, Congress, and Treasury department have just PUT THEIR JOCKSTRAPS ON and defended the system from swirling into a hyper-deflation default free fall that could have taken the system DOWN for good.

    As you know, I’m not exaggerating. The Federal Reserve has embarked upon operations that make Bernanke look like a believer in limited government compared to Jerome Powell’s EMERGENCY measures. Not only did he slash rates to next to ZERO, but he is also implementing INFINITY QE, open-ended swap lines with Europe (to keep their banking system alive), $1T DAILY repo lending, and is buying corporate debt, stocks, bonds, mortgage-backed securities, making small-business loans, and BLANKETING the global economy with UNRIVALED liquidity.

    I’ve never been more certain that precious metals and mining stocks are going to stage a STUPENDOUS rally that might be the LAST bull market under the dollar system!


    As you can see, the Federal Reserve is on a SUREFIRE trajectory to double the size of its balance sheet because the U.S. Government has funding requirements that are too large to be met by normal lenders (foreign countries and domestic investors).

    In the next 2-4 years, the Federal Reserve will be buying between $3T-$5T worth of bonds, and that will make the NATIONAL DEBT rise quickly towards the $30T range.

    NO ONE on this planet wants the dollar to become weaker more than the people in Washington, and this is the only time I believe politicians when they say they will debase it.

    What I’m telling you is that since we’re not on a gold standard and since China is hoarding gold, Washington’s best weapon is to reprice gold through some legal procedure.

    When they do it, every foreign country that owns gold has just lost 50% of its DOLLAR PURCHASING POWER!

    This was done by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in a sense, and I believe it is one way to lighten the burden of debt without defaulting.


    In our last HYPER-DEFLATION meltdown and rush to cash, which happened in 2008, it soared over 100% from its bottom to its top. Silver JUMPED by close to 500%, making both incredible candidates for the reflation.

    The mining shares, though, were far more lucrative.

    This is a great time to consider taking profits on our FANTASTIC numismatic trade from last August and to assume a CASH-RICH balance, as we get ready to begin nibbling at the juniors.

    I’m working feverishly to put together the ULTIMATE SHOPPING LIST, and it will be completed shortly.

    What’s already been done can’t be put back in the box.

    The fiat monetary system is predictable once it HITS extremes. Right now, we saw a $12T LIQUIDITY SQUEEZE in the dollar. That cash needs to go back into equities. Is it a safe bet to predict that with bonds at ZERO RATES, no matter which country you look at, GOLD is far more attractive than ever before? And with mines GETTING SHUT DOWN, are the junior miners like MINI-ROCKETS on their way to new heights?


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      1. You can still get physical silver on ebay by paying a premium, but it will be worth it to have real money instead of the fake shit the fed prints.

        • Maybe you can buy some silver with “BUTTCOIN” (toilet paper) lol. Looks like buttcoin will be the new currency for a while. Like people have predicted in the past, the dollar will become toilet paper!

          • I heard a Silver Dealer say Silver could drop back to about $4.50 a Oz. For industrial uses only.

            I played this Silver Trapping for 5 years waiting for $28 and I sold most of my Silver in Jan and Feb on the Highs of $18. Glad I did. I may pick up more when it drops under $12.

            Throw out all the rules, its all fixed, the markets are fixed, and Its time to strategically default on unsecured credit and stop paying the bank loans and stop paying All Taxes. Starve the Beast. Don’t be a sheep. Credit scores don’t mean sh!t any more. Its all rigger and the Government pick winners and losers, and we are their losers who get a 1200 check and their fascist cronies get Billions. Airlines are not Essential business. 20% of America will die in April. Its part of the grand culling scheme. SO go max out your credit cards and stop paying the bill. F-em’!

      2. I predicted last december that silver would hit somewhere in that range. This crash shit messed it up but ya, it will be around 30 in another month or so. Try buying any (if you can find it) anywhere near spot. Aint gonna happen chief….4 days ago all I could find were specialty coins for 22 bux. I told you to buy back then, I hope you did…..

        • Huh, I’ve been stacking silver and gold since back in 1996, when you could buy Morgans for 8FRN each, and silver rounds were 6FRN. Don’t you wish that you had bought them at that price back then? So I bought as many Morgans as I could afford, and a few rounds also! When I showed one to my idiot dad, he said “Eah, you’ll get a dollar for that!” He didn’t know the first thing about what money really is and why it cost one FRN to buy an ounce of silver in 1964, but in 1965, it took MORE than one FRN to buy that same ounce of silver! I tried to explain it to him, but he just couldn’t accept information from any of his children, even though a few of us were way smarter than him. Maybe that was why?

        • Oh and hey, thanks for censoring all my other posts….

      3. The cited origin (‘Future Money Trends’) does not seem to be available:
        This page can’t be displayed

        Turn on TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, and TLS 1.2 in Advanced settings and try connecting to again. If this error persists, it is possible that this site uses an unsupported protocol or cipher suite such as RC4 (link for the details), which is not considered secure. Please contact your site administrator.

      4. The price of anything, be it silver or any other non essential commodity, depends on both demand for it and the amount of money freely available to buy it.

        You cannot sell something to someone for more money than they have available to pay for it no matter how much they may want it.

        A downturn in the financial conditions of the average silver purchaser will result in either large institutions and buyers with lots of free money being the only ones able to afford it or the price falling, if those with plenty of money losing interest in it, to the point a larger number of people can afford it with their discretionary money (money more than needed to pay the cost of living their lives that can be spent freely on other things).

      5. Good time to sell it. Silver is a worthless investment, always has been.

        • I’ll wager you’re looking forward to getting the covid19 vaccine too.

        • Food.
          Garden Seed.
          Building supplies.
          Medical supplies.
          Com gear.
          Plane to fly yourself out of a problem area.
          Backup location out of the city. Away from crazy- fearful -hungry -out of work -pissed off, people.

          Do you think those items might be more useful? Or a pile of silver coins? It is up to you. What do you find useful? Toilet paper?

          • When you already have all that you need a form of currency for trading. Silver is perfect. Now buy me a beer and slap yourself as hard as you can 🙂

            • thanks for saying it before me, genius. when you got all the bases covered, and then some, you BETTER have some gold and silver…….which has NEVER been “worthless”.

          • “Medical Supplies” — Unless we find ourselves in a ‘Mad Max’ situation, any semblance of civilization will continue to attempt maintaining a system of medical care.

            Silver is a natural and potent antibiotic. It can be used in water filtration; in silver colloidal formulae; and even special bedsheets with silver threads woven amongst the other fibers. These sheets have proven effective at reducing bedsore infections.

            While silver coins have the advantage of containing a known quantity of silver in a familiar and easily-recognized form, .999 bars and rounds have the advantage of providing near-pure silver that can more readily be utilized to help save lives.

            “Do you think those items might be more useful?” is a misleading question. Any one of those items might be crucial for your survival, depending on your circumstances at a given moment. For that unlucky chap in Jack London’s ‘To Build A Fire’, a cigarette lighter or highway flare would have been more valuable than fifty tons of ammo or gold.

            I try to not be dismissive of any category of supplies. None of us know which item(s) that currently seem trivial, might be the very key to survival in later days.

        • NEVER has been…..”silver is a worthless investment,” NEVER has been….there, i fixed it for yuh.

          • Silver kills every known virus, yep thats worthless. Your buttcoin can’t do that lol.

        • Silver is not an investment. It is a store of some of your wealth, for when, not if, the dollar dies. The time is coming when manufactures of things such as bread, will not take a debit card or $100 FRN. But they may take a silver eagle for 20 loaves.

      6. The TROLL wants you to all go broke and hates Americans don’t listen to anything this loser states. He will switch hi name up and has been doing this trolling for years. His favorite sites to troll were info wars and others like that. It’s all the same person ….

        • – Youtube bans free speech. Bans accounts.
          – Twatter bans free speech. Bans accounts.
          – FarceBook bans free speech. Bans accounts.
          – Internet site like this one censor comments.
          – Often you will never see your post.
          You sometimes recieve a 404, 408. or 451 error message. This means you are being officially censored.
          – The other tactic is to shame someone for Free speech that the “theys” don’t like. Call them a “troll”, “paranoid”, etc. How about your own family? With current ChiCom Hoax False Narrative situation, are you now still considered “paranoid” for your years or decades of preperation?

          You are in a “False Reality”-“False Narrative”, controlled by AntiAmerican Pro globalist that want world wide communism, the Beast System control grid, and 5G weapon system deployed. 5G will track trace surveill snitch snoop KILL you.
          They want to shut up any and All Opposition to the evil 5g Beast System.
          * Prepare for the Beast System NOW.
          * Never go to a FEMA camp/Aid station.
          * Never take a vaccine. These will have microchips to imbed you with. Track -Trace -Catalog your movements and associations.

          Tyrants FEAR free speech.
          Tyrants FEAR the people coming together to end the TYRANNY. Is that why they want to isolate you?
          Non Compliance is a great Tool for you to consider.
          You have been told. You have been warned.
          Now do as you please.
          Do you trust Politicians?
          Do you trust Media?
          Or do you Trust in Jesus Christ?
          The choice has always been yours.

          Freedom Matters

      7. Silver is currently – SILVER $14.66($0.12)! They will NEVER let it go higher so what on earth are you talking about. The elites want their precious stocks to soar not metals.

        • I guess you need a genius to explain it to you huh. It doesn’t matter what price they set you will never get any for that price or anywhere near it. Case in point silver is higher than it was 2 months ago, 1oz. if you can find it anywhere is 22 bucks. The price for the real deal is set by supply and demand (supply is almost non existent and demand is extreme). There I fixed it for ya….

        • Try acquiring Silver at anywhere near the published commodity price as you’ve stated. Ain’t happenin’. You’ll be paying around a $10.00 premium over the commodity price because the paper silver investors drove the price up and the silver dealers paid way more than the current commodity price for the stock they have.

          They aren’t in business to lose money.

          Currrently JMB is charging $23.53 in 100 quantity for 2020 Silver Eagles. Lesser qunatities are MORE. Older years are MORE.

      8. Have some silver put back. Mostly focused on garden and food, but nice to know the silver is there.

      9. I am up to my eye balls in gold and silver mining stocks. Looks like pm mining stocks are inversely proportional to gold and silver. I am loosing big time .

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