IMF Reveals That Cryptocurrency Is The New World Order End Game

by | Nov 26, 2018 | Headline News | 25 comments

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at

    There are two kinds of globalist schemes: First, there are the schemes they spring on the public out of nowhere haphazardly in the hopes that the speed of the event along with some shock and awe will confuse the masses and make them psychologically pliable. This strategy loses effectiveness quickly, though; the longer the plan takes to implement, the more time the people have to reconsider what is actually happening and why.

    Second, there are schemes they slowly implant in the collective psyche of the citizenry over many years, much like subliminal messaging or hypnosis. This strategy is designed to make the public embrace certain destructive ideologies or ideas as if these ideas were their own.

    The cryptocurrency scam is of the second variety.

    I have been suspicious of the cryptocurrency narrative of a “decentralized and anonymous monetary revolution” since 2009, when I was first approached by people claiming to be “representatives” of bitcoin and asked to become a promoter of the technology. After posing a few very simple questions and receiving no satisfactory answers, I declined to join the bandwagon or act as a frontman.

    The “currency” was backed by nothing tangible (and no, math is not a tangible resource). Anyone could create a cryptocurrency out of thin air that had attributes identical to bitcoin, therefore there was no intrinsic value to the technology and nothing stopping the creation of thousands of similar currency systems, eventually making bitcoin worthless. The scarcity argument for crypto was fraudulent. And, in the event of a grid down or an internet lock-down scenario (as has occurred in the past in nations under crisis), crypto was useless because the blockchain ledger was no longer accessible.

    Trading with private wallets made little sense; how many people were you likely to run into in your community with a bitcoin wallet? The amount of time and energy required to accumulate these digital nothings seemed counterproductive to me in light of the fact that they might not be there when you actually needed them.

    The only attributes that truly made bitcoin valuable were its branding and the amount of hype that was generated around it. But branding and hype are not enough to sustain a currency revolution. There was one other valuable characteristic — the supposed anonymity. In 2009, it was not clear whether this was legitimate. Today we now know that ANY cryptocurrency that is based on a blockchain ledger is highly traceable. There are no anonymous digital transactions no matter how savvy a person thinks they are.

    I was also suspicious of the behavior of some bitcoin proponents in web forums. Anyone presenting concrete criticism of the technology was met with aggressive Alinsky-style attacks. They were accused of being “ignorant barbaric gold stackers” that were too stupid to understand the “genius” of the blockchain and how it works. Disinformation was rampant. Claims of anonymity that had long been debunked were brought up over and over again. The value of bitcoin was faunted as an end-all-be-all argument as to why the critics were wrong. Bitcoin’s price was skyrocketing; therefore, bitcoin was legit.

    These were the kinds of tactics I had seen used by disinfo agents in the past; people arguing in favor of the Federal Reserve or globalism in general, or the people claiming that man-made global warming was “self-evident”. This was not the behavior I had come to expect from liberty movement activists, who at that time were focused on facts and evidence to win the information war, rather than dishonest mind games and lies.

    Conclusion — there was a concerted campaign to push liberty activists through “peer pressure” to adopt a pro-crypto stance. But who actually benefits from this?

    Some investors in crypto made a considerable profit on bitcoin and other digital assets for a time, but today many of them are losing their shirts as bitcoin and most coins tumble in value. It is perhaps no coincidence that cryptocurrencies act as though they are anchored to the tech bubble in stock markets. As tech stocks flail and plummet, so too are crypto assets, because cyrptocurrencies are traded like equities in a bubble, not monetary mechanisms. Many of us who were averse to the bitcoin hype train often used the Dutch tulip analogy for why crypto valuations were absurd, and obviously that analogy was not far from the mark.

    I wonder sometimes about the people who used to argue that bitcoin’s high value made its legitimacy self-evident; would they now concede with bitcoin’s plunging value that its legitimacy was in question? I’m guessing they probably won’t.

    Crypto was also an effective distraction from people trying to build precious metals based alternatives to the the current economic environment. Bitcoin siphoned up activist energy and redirected it into something useless rather than a system that might truly threaten the central banking establishment.

    Beyond that, the entire crypto-storm over the past decade has done one thing very well — it made the idea of cryptocurrencies a household discussion, and I believe this was the goal all along. Once I found growing evidence that international and central banks were deeply involved in building the infrastructure needed to make blockchain technology go global and universal, it became obvious that bitcoin and other coins were merely a pregame test for the introduction of something rather sinister.

    In my article “The Globalist One World Currency Will Look A Lot Like Bitcoin”, published in July 2017, and in my article “The Virtual Economy Is The End Of Freedom,” published in December 2017, I outlined the questionable nature of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain and why the banking elites seem to be so interested in them.

    It was odd that bitcoin was built around the SHA-256 hash function created by the National Security Agency, and that the entire concept was remarkably similar to what was described in an NSA paper published in 1996 titled ‘How To Make A Mint: The Cryptography Of Anonymous Electronic Cash.’

    Then, there were globalist institutions like Goldman Sachs coming out publicly in praise of crypto and blockchain tech. And, finally, central banks began entertaining the notion of moving into crypto, but they made it sound like they were approaching the idea half-heartedly, like it was a potential hobby.

    So what ties the entire crytpo-scheme together? The International Monetary Fund has now openly revealed their affinity with crypto technology, and thus revealed the new world order end game.

    In a paper published last week by IMF head Christine Lagarde titled “Winds Of Change: The Case For New Digital Currency”, the IMF builds its argument for why central banks including the IMF should embrace crypto as the future of monetary policy.

    As I warned last year, the shift into crypto was not at all a “revolution” against the globalists, but a con designed by the globalists in part to get liberty proponents to become unwitting salesmen for the next phase of the economic control grid. But how do they intend this end game to play out?

    In 1988, The Economist, a globalist publication, “predicted” (or rather, announced) that a global currency system would be launched in the year 2018.  It is now clear that crypto and the blockchain are that system. This system would eventually use the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights basket as a kind of bridge to a one world currency, which they referred to as the “Phoenix”. Though some people claim that the SDR itself is not a currency, globalists apparently disagree.

    Mohamed El-Erian, former CEO of PIMCO, praised the idea of using the SDR as a world currency mechanism and as a means to counter “populism,” reiterating the plan outlined in The Economistin 1988.

    In The Economist article, it is also hinted that the role of the U.S. as an economic center for the world and the role of the dollar as world reserve currency will have to be diminished in order to clear a path for the new world order system. We see this already taking place now, as we verge on an economic crisis which could easily collapse equity markets, bond markets, as well as the reserve status of the dollar itself.

    Lagarde’s latest piece is written like a sales pitch, selling the idea of central bank crypto not to central bankers, but to the financial media. The media will undoubtedly run with the talking points Lagarde suggests and regurgitate them in a blaze of articles as to why global crypto controlled by the IMF is the solution to all our fiscal problems.

    The very core of the movement toward global crypto, I believe, is the destruction of anonymity in trade through a “cashless society”. When all trade is watched, all trade can be controlled. Beyond this, by monitoring trade transactions on a macro-scale, globalists can also, in a way, monitor mass psychology and predict public behavior to a point.

    Lagarde notes specifically in her article that anonymity from government oversight is unacceptable. She argues that any central bank cryptocurrency will have to ensure that private exchange is limited, and that centralized surveillance of transactions is warranted and necessary. What she of course fails to mention is that blockchain technology is already set up for government surveillance. It always has been. Not only this, but the very fabric of the blockchain requires that transactions are added to the ledger in order for the system to function. There is a built-in excuse for surveillance.

    The only question is how exactly the IMF plans to attach the SDR basket to a crypto framework. This is not specifically described in Lagarde’s paper. I expect that this will not be a process of slow adaptations. Instead, it will be introduced swiftly in the midst of public panic.

    The “everything bubble” created by central banks over the past decade is ready to pop. The Federal Reserve in particular has been enthusiastic about cutting off all stimulus measures, dumping assets from their balance sheet and raising interest rates into economic weakness during the worst corporate and consumer debt environment since 2008.

    I suggest that the IMF already has a cryptocurrency mechanism ready to replace the dollar as world reserve, and that it will be infused into the SDR basket at the height of the coming crash. The fact that the IMF has been introducing central bank crypto talking points over the past year indicates to me that the crash is imminent.


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      1. Shouldn’t surprise anyone.

        It’s the only thing that is totally traceable for every transaction in it’s history and will require a universal and personally identifiable unique number to be attached to each of those transactions.

        This would put an end to every type of crime from street sales of drugs and stolen merchandise to political bribes and payoffs, and illegal campaign contributions. After it is initialized no one will have any choice except to be fully honest and transparent in everything they do that involves money (which is everything).

        Some people may be unhappy about it.

        • And you also likely approve of a universal and personally identifiable chip imbedded on veryone’s hand or forehead, right? I guess I’m feeding the Leftist Globalist here, but lots of people with guns will be unhappy about it. The left will have to eliminate/liquidate one third of the population to implement this scheme.

          And even if global warming was right, my freedom is not for sale, the progressive may not have it in exchange for their promised ‘solutions’. That’s why freedom is not free without the first and second amendments. BTW, the Democrat Party 2016 Plank included a proposal to get rid of the first amendment.

          • Lots of people with guns were also around when our money was switched from gold and silver to silver only and then further switched from silver to paper backed only by itself.

            Don’t recall them doing anything of particular note, nothing at all other than just go along with it.

            BTW, exactly what in my post leads you to think I am approving of anything one way or the other?

            If I see a steam roller heading down the road and mention that it is heading down the road does that somehow imply I am approving of it? One things certain though, standing in front of it and waving my fist at it isn’t going to stop it and no one will even notice my demise if I try.

          • The leftists, worldwide and throughout time, were chronically concerned about a parallel society or state-within-a-state, yet most of us conservatives have never considered how to independently make what we find useful.

            Loaves, fish, pots of oil, water from the stone, water to wine, manna, quail, meat from ravens, Bible believers had better pray for a miracle, like they really believe it.

            In the meantime, any constructive pastime or apolitical life, in general, is their Kryptonite. If you can do it without them, they will know how to do it ‘better than you’ and by force.

        • Silver is taking a Pounding. The current Silver to Gold Price ratio is: 86.12 to 1. This Ratio has not been this high since Sept of 1993. That’s 25 years ago.. WTF???

          Silver should be double at $28 right now, not $14.25. And it all being manipulated by New York and London exchanges. Its being dragged into these currency wars. If a Country say like the UK, owes someone Gold back that they had in their vault for safe keeping say like Venezuela has in the UK, it is easier to replace the Gold at a cheaper rate half price than what it should be at. If you don’t hold it you don’t own it.

          Bank of England refuses to hand over Venezuela’s gold
          Posted by EU Times on Nov 9th, 2018

          The Bank of England (BoE) is refusing to release around $550 million in gold owned by Venezuela back to the country over the UK regulator’s claim of growing uncertainty about Caracas’s intentions for the 14 tons of gold bars.

          British officials are insisting that measures aimed at preventing money-laundering are taken, The Times reports. The Venezuelan government is reportedly expected to provide a clarification about its plans for the gold.

          “There are concerns that Mr. Maduro may seize the gold, which is owned by the state, and sell it for personal gain,” the media reports citing unnamed sources.

          Reports emerged earlier this week that the Venezuelan government had been trying to reach the gold belonging to the country for two months. The talks had reportedly come to a standstill due to increased difficulties in obtaining insurance for the shipping that is necessary to move a large gold cargo.

          Last week, Venezuelan gold exports became subject of another round of US sanctions against the Latin American country. The latest penalties target both US individuals and corporations involved with gold sales in Venezuela.

          Over the past several years, Washington introduced a wide range of punitive measures against the Bolivarian Republic, hitting its finances, debt issuance and business activity of state oil company PDVSA. US authorities accuse Venezuela’s current government and its leader Nicolas Maduro of violating human rights and undermining democracy.

          Venezuela, which is currently in the throes of a severe economic crisis, has recently made attempts to eliminate reliance on US-controlled financial institutions and instruments, including the US dollar. Last month, the country committed to trading in euros, yuan and ‘other convertible currencies’ amid US penalties.

          Over the past three years, Venezuela has been using its gold as collateral to get billions in loans from international lenders. However, swap agreements became difficult for Venezuela in 2017 after Washington banned US financial institutions from financing operations there.

      2. Global warming IS self evident.. but even if you have not been able to observe the obvious change in the climate, at least you can read books about it and decide for your self.

        It IS obvious if you read the books! I started reading about it several years ago– the first book written by a geologist– and oil man. Its called “Carbon Wars” by Jeremy Leggett. Some of its boring (he’s a geologist!!)but he makes excellent points. Since then, I’ve read numerous books on the subject, done tons of research on it and even did a term paper on it. It IS self evident if you read books on it and research the stuff!

          • right on….

        • And so sure of it you are that you BOLDLY proclaimed it by ……. remaking anonymous….


        • A term paper? Oh my!

      3. The simplest way to have actual US money instead of worthless currency, is for every natural resource and grown resource be sold to the government in exchange for dollars. At that point, you have money. Then the government sells these to the consumers largely in industry and in corporations.

        It means every natural resource would be guarateed to be sold, thus stabilizing the price and passing on the savings with a slight profit to pay for the cost of government.

        By the same process, the federal government could refuse to sell these resources until the offered price OUTSIDE THE COUNTRY met the desired price.

        This would give the federal enormous power to control trade.

        No tariffs are needed. Imagine the reduction in haggling.

        Cryptocurrency is not needed.

      4. I invest in land, tools, water, food, and myself.
        I use cash wherever possible, plastic if cash won’t work. Regardless of whether it is the world currency or not it works for what I buy locally. PMs or crypto currencies have little
        meaning in my communities.

      5. In the late 1980s, De Beers owned nearly 90% of the diamond market. That meant they practically set the price.

        If the USA bought every soybean, lump of coal, and petroleum within America, then federal government would release these domestically for a reasonable price. But meanwhile, any excess would be stockpiled until a high enough international price was achieved.

        This would totally eliminate common world prices on commodities. It totally encourages domestic production and totally discourages international sales especially of dwindling natural resources.

        Does it make any sense to sell valuable petroleum internationally when your own citizens need it? Would you ever sell raw land within the USA to foreign investors so your own citizens won’t have it for homes and businesses?

        • How much land in the U.S. is currently owned by foreign investors, including raw land. So, on the question of selling land to foreign investors, the answer would be yes.

        • That puts the State as the supreme owner of everything.

          Too close to Marxist thought for my taste.

          • Nope, it’s capitalism. Even better, the federal government then sells domestically for domestic businesses to benefit the citizens, but sets the price internationally as an economic weapon. All of which makes the federal government a profitable capitalist BUSINESS.

            It’s way better than tariffs. No foreigners and no foreign corporations should own any raw land or business in America. In effect, their ownership is a weapon against Americans.

            The farmer sells soybeans to the federal government but in turn the federal government sells them to domestic food companies at a small profit. Then they make products to sell to citizens. There is nothing Marxist about that.

            Any foreign corporation needing American natural resources or grown resources would pay through the nose, thus makes them compete with American businesses on a more even footing.

            A multinational corporation who moved jobs to China would be SEVERELY penalized and be totally unable to buy American resources.

      6. XRP

      7. Nuts to the IMF.

        The IMF sells loans to these Third World countries, loans that everybody knows they can never pay back, and when they default, the IMF just got itself another country.

        The IMF are Globalist scumbags serving the NWO in their goal of Total World Domination.

        Cryptocurrency is just another Communist tool to track and control all of us because “Only criminals carry cash.”

        End the FED. Destroy the Central Banks. Ban the IMF.

      8. I have a better idea.

        Kick out the illegals and then give every legitimate American citizen one million dollars in gold at a value of $100.00 an ounce. Then reset.


      9. When the globalists have taken over everything, eliminated the useless eaters, and garnered all valuables for themselves, will they be trading in crypto or poker chips? Seems like one is worth more than the other.

      10. I knew this as well, anything that removes cash or physical assists like gold is Satanic in power.

      11. Excellent article. I also read the IMF white paper by Lagarde (click on link in article). They make it clear. They plan on staying in control.

      12. Crypto currency has been around for hundreds of years. Crypto is just the electronically transmitted form of an illegal form of ledger money.

        Some say crypto is just a vaporware coupon, some say it is a ponzi, some say it is counterfeiting.

        BitCoin et al will go down to their true value = 0.

        You idiots haven’t learned that everything that is for sale on the market can/will/is manipulated by those that can control the most of it?

        0 is what you get

      13. I would agree 100% with this article. The hammer is due to drop soon and they have the e-cash architecture ready to go. I have followed this since the mid-1990s when the first experiments took place.

        Recently, while at a meeting at a central bank, the dude convening the meeting arched his eye brow and cum-hitherly mentioned how convenient it all would be if we had everything digital. They aren’t hiding where this is going.

        I suspect the architecture will be in part run out of Scandinavia, Sweden in particular. They are very advanced in this field. The Chinese are also ready to go for Asia. Even the Africans, those perennial f-ups, are well ahead of the US when it comes to e-cash.

        Lagaarde sometimes turns up in my darker sexual fantasies. She has a rock-solid swimmers body and I love that French tea-bag tan she has going. She can ‘shock therapy’ me any day.

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